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Answer the posts Manyfist. Don't be a pussy as well as autistic.

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>you'd have to jump through a fair number of challenging hoops to accomplish it
See, that's the thing: A jumper wouldn't. A Suul'ka's "ascension" is literal ascension. As in, they're going up, into space, out of the gravity well that threatens to crush them if they get any bigger so that they can grow without limit. That's all it takes, the reason they rush their species through the singularity to get the tech they need is just because getting a kilometer-long whale into orbit and keeping it alive up there is a serious engineering feat. But for a jumper who has perks to let them fly and survive in space, they could make the ascension with no problem. As a jumper, you could just wait, and eventually you'd get to that level of power.

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Okay, do we really need to start threads like this?
Why can't people just like, chill out, man?

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If you're going to ask questions, do be civil about it.

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This is why ya wait a little before making the thread, so the people can't drag old drama back in like a dead rat.

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New thread, time to drop all the things.

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To be fair, people did ask questions last thread and got ignored. Some people were even quite polite. Not saying it justifies being an asshole but you know, it's at least not without reason.

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I'm sorry
I thought I was helping
Forgive meee!

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What's the worst thing you've ever dropped, jumpers?

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You're not a bad anon, nothing against you at all. It's just some advice. So let's talk.

How are you doing today? Do you have any interesting jumper stories to tell?

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My grandfather's ashes. That was one uncomfortable Yom Kippur.

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I almost tripped and dropped by grandad's casket, I know that feel.

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A toss-up between the Deadlight, and that time I accidently a colony drop.

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this bait is so obvious even I'm not biting it.
as a jumper? My grandson on his head when he was a baby, followed by a priceless prehuman heat gun in the Valley of the dinosaurs.

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How does one accidently colony drop?

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A yandere into a manhole, it was a bad idea in retrospect but the opportunity presented itself and I thought it would be funny.

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I'm going to guess they seriously screwed up a transfer orbit.

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Even if we were to limit it the Speed Force of the Arrowverse is a heck of a speed boost. Of things I have seen in the Flash (TV Series) her are a few examples.
Fast enough to time travel, twice that I know of. Fast enough to create whirlwinds with your arms, hit a man of steel (A Collosus Expy not Superman), Fast enough to Heal at an accelerated rate, and Fast enough to Phase through solid matter.
These are pretty solid feats,
A special experimental magical talisman that stored a Dragon Slave I, a DMC Doppelganger really, had spent nine years charging with the Abyss of Magic trait from Overlord (LN/M/A). The detonation deleted the planet I was on and I was forced to use D&D magic to survive my own stupidity. Not a good day.

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The Deadlight. I discovered that if you don't break it at the start you can't break it at all. That lead to some bad times.

Does anyone know a jump (other than 40K jumps) that might help you ward against Chaos? I'm fine with most of the jump but when my super medical tech and magic doesn't work on chaos mutations it leads to my people having a bad time for reasons that have nothing to do with them, and I'd like to alleviate that if possible by adding a jump or two before LoT.

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Who is this girl?

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He Ho, no!

God motherfucking son of a bitch, Thread died just as I hit post.

Anyhoo, I'm the sort to run away, so if I'm one hundred percent invested in a fight, it's cause I'm Pissed with a capital P.


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Could you please answer some of the questions and responses you got last thread? Some people did actually give reasoned responses and it's pretty skeevy of you to ignore them like this.

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But OP, how is that possible?

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I'm doing well, and Jumper stories, well, I'm doing the nintendogs jump now.
My companion wanted to take a break, and Jump-chan thought it'd be funny to turn us into dogs, so....

Homura Akemi, from PMMM. Before the time loops and trauma.

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Are we dragging this forward?

Since people that are fine with the staus quo generally don't speak up, I'll throw my voice in and say that I'm fine with the jump as it is.
I saw some fan calculations a while back suggesting that Barry was running mach 15ish, and that's only two seasons in. He's definitely going to get faster as the show moves on. Plus there was a mentioning at one point of speedsters moving at "near FTL speeds" (which was very, very probably BS, to be honest). But yeah, going off of that, mach 40 doesn't sound too unreasonable at all. Give Barry a season or three and he'll be running at that.

Post-Spark... who cares man? Well, you obviously, I suppose. I at least don't. It's kind of fun to imagine, for me. At that point we're all arbitrarily powerful anyway.

But that's just me and what I think, not trying to convince you otherwise, or otherwise invalidate anyone else's opinion or whatever, just giving another view.

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The bass.

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>Post Spark who cares
Exactly the point several posts last thread were responding to, which were ignored, yet all had good points.

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Just don't do like I did in Nintendogs and become Kyubey. That was a dark decade.

>Homura looking cute and not crazy

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Aren't those perks just for defending yourself? I have a few perks like that, but nothing I know of that I can use to stop my followers being mutated by Chaos.

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Oh then no you're fucked.

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Seriously, does anyone know of perks I can use to protect my people from Chaos?

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Yeah, she was this awesomely awkward nerd before being shit hit the fan. Do we have a PMMM Jump or is Magical Girl Noir our only fallback on that front.
1. Not breaking the Deadlight pretty much makes you immune to most Warp anything, as the Chaos Gods now have no fucking control over anything.
2. Any perks that help you resist undesireable change should help.
3. Willpower perks will make it so you aren't enticed into any deals with the Chaos side. Also since the entire Warp is Thought-Plane you could argue that will enough Willpower you could just take over the entire thing, but since the main golden man hasn't done that I'll assume it take End-Jump Gurren Lagan levels of Will to do that.
4. Any anti-Corruption should work as a blanket safety net.

Do you need specific examples?

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go Angel in supernatural and carve some protective wards on their Bones.

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>Do we have a PMMM Jump or is Magical Girl Noir our only fallback on that front.
We do have a Madoka jump.

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You start PMMM before shit hits the fan. You can save Homerun-chan from her sins, and kill Walpurgisnacht before she ever comes to town.

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No, please answer the questions. They are valid questions and you've just ran away from them and tried to use a new thread as an excuse to not have to answer them. Please answer them.

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Might be having a dunce moment but I can't find the Madoka jump. Where is it?

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It doesn't even really matter, the in universe speed force is already capable of FTL, moving between dimensions, energy blasts, time travel, and all manner of other bullshit. This argument is really really pointless.

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Yeaaaah, kinda seeing their point when they call you out if you do shitty things like this. What're you so scared of? Are you just unable to answer the questions then?

>> No.47538530

Should be in the unimaged drive. Are you looking under Madoka instead of Puella etc etc?

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Then have the post spark version offer that, not the infinite speed, omnipresence or near total control over motion the comics version has shown.

>> No.47538550

I think it may have been lost in the last update. I can't find it.

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Infinite speed is also included in the Arrowverse version.

>> No.47538560

It is? Where? Let me remind you, comics Flash has outran people instantaneously teleporting before. Comics speedforce is faster then an instant teleport.

>> No.47538562

I'm seeing it at the bottom of the A-M folder along with MGNQ and Negima.

>> No.47538563

Sorry, just realised the confusion. Real me learned that you can't break the deadlight later after assuming I could and had thought I'd do so during the DLC. So I retconned me having dropped it, rather than changing my own thought processes. Now I have enough perks to be relatively sure of my own safety, but nothing to stop my followers being converted into chaos mutants.

... I am not going to Supernatural until all this BS is over, maybe not even then.

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What version of the speed force gives you omnipresence? Unlimited potential speed is pretty much a given in any version of the speed force but what is with those other two?

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Generally it's considered polite to not immediately continue shit from the last thread's shitstorm. If nothing else wait for autosage, even that's kinda scummy but means you're not going to be getting as much hatred for it. Currently dragging stuff here means regardless of what you're arguing most people are going to be pissed with you for starting stuff immediately in the new thread.
My thought is have growth be locked at an arbitrary point unless you take an expensive capstone for it. Allows the race to be offered and the other races would likely get a large scale strategic capstone in the place of that one.

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Well infinite speed as in there is lo limit to how fast he can go.

>> No.47538581

Generally it's considered polite to answer people when your talked to and yet here this cunt is>>47538574

>> No.47538591

*no limit

>> No.47538592

Comics Speedforce users have at one point moved fast enough to exist in all points in space and/or time (I forgot which one it was, pretty sure it was Zoom though).

>> No.47538604

Cue 300 post shitstorm between yet another pair of immovable objects.

>> No.47538609

So you're still ignoring my polite requests for you to respond to the people who reasonably asked questions of you? Doing my best to give you a fair chance and still get my say but you're making it really fucking hard to even bother trying.

>Expensive capstones
At which point, unless you have some truly incredible perks on offer elsewhere, it's going to be treated as if it's not limited at all because that's all most would buy.

>> No.47538630

Okay. I'll make some minor adjustments to the jump and post it here then. Gotta grab some lunch but I should be done in a few hours. From your responses so far, I doubt you'll refuse.

>> No.47538637

Since he won't explain it let me try. Your questions are unanswerable, the information doesn't exist. The only thing that can be done is provide arbitrary limits during your chain and then let you do whatever post spark. Which is exactly what he is doing.

He is still being an ass about it though. . .

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Ha, you think your posting is 'righteous fury', wait till you see what the thread's reaction to you is gonna be.

>> No.47538657

These people aren't very smart, are they?

>> No.47538660

Considering Many's actions, it's pretty easy to see that you can get away with anything as long as you ignore the thread until they get bored and go away. It's what always happens, someone does something bad, people scream, the person ignores them and everyone grudgingly accepts the new things. Nothing you or I can do to stop it. It'll be great 'fun' seeing yet another shit storm from these two idiots being unable to communicate but that's life.

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Ah, that's easy first things first Amulet's of Protection from Chaotic Evil/Chaotic Everything/All Alignments. Then we take all those lovely anti-corruption perks you have and Transplant/Ensoul/Golden Chain/etc. them into your friends, Easy enough and the Warehouse is outside of Chaos' reach so you can do so in the Operation Theater from Franken Fran. My preferred method of granting perks to my companions is to just buy them, however if I'm in a pinch I'll trot out the old Dreadfully Virulent (Generic Zombie) + Infectious Bite (SAO) + This is, in fact, my Final Form (SAO) + the Doctor line of perks (Franken Fran) = granting everything you have is possible but you can cherry pick it with the Doctor line of perks instead of making all your friends Jumper-San-Lite.

Also I have found the Madoka Jump so there's that.

>> No.47538669

Just a heads-up, more writefaggotry will be made during lull periods of my workday. I'll see if I can post more tonight, maybe make more progress on Boktai as well.

Thanks to all who enjoy either the jumps or short writing I make. I'm glad I can entertain you.

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What are the best bullshit science perks out there? I want to go full transhumanism.

For now I have the ones from Portal and Evangelion.

>> No.47538699

Don't mind me, just seeing if anything's changed in the WoW build.



Retribution (Free)
Dual Spec: Protection (850)
Zen Master: Fishing (600)
Canon Companion: Elune (300)

Huh. That's...somewhat awkward. We don't seem to have anything else really pressing to spend 300 CP on.

But otherwise it's pretty much the same old same old. Mostly gonna treat it as an extended beach vacation, be the medieval tech era equivalent of the wandering hobo riding the rails and playing his mouth organ for spare change and try to just take it easy for once.

Vestal Barrier from Bravely Default, though it needs something important to you

Also, Protection of the Count from SMT, the Saint perkline from ActRaiser and Holier Than Thou from Darkstalkers.

Theoretically Witch or Wizard from Discworld should also work considering such magic has abjured Death, the progress of time and sentient concepts before.

The Platonic ideal of Legos, right on our foot.

We were doing some magical experimentation at Unseen University to see if it was possible to create the perfect lego by throwing enough magic at the problem. And then we slipped on a banana the Librarian had eaten.

And that is the story of why we've finally given up walking forever and hover everywhere.

I'm guessing by pushing the wrong button at the wrong time? Bad case of the sniffles, being startled at the wrong moment, too much alcohol before manning the Kill Sun (original superweapon do not steal) etc.

Also don't mean to nag but >>47538353 has a point given someone pointed out post-Spark rewards don't give you stuff from outside of a setting's continuity. Didn't something like this come up during the Green lanturn jump? At the very least addressing the issue directly is less skeevy than pretending it doesn't exist, >>47538541 seems like a completely reasonable suggestion

>> No.47538702

Strong spark from Girl Genius. Make sure to also take Controlled Sparking to keep it from getting out of control though.

>> No.47538713

I here Geneforge and Lords of Light is good for the Transhuman thing, not sure though. Haven't done them.

>> No.47538719

chosen of death from Lord of light

>> No.47538723

Most superhero jumps have super science perks, which should help. Also if you go the cyborg route Supreme Commander has the entire Cybran faction.

>> No.47538768

Karmatron Dynamics, GUNNM
Newto Is Rolling In His Grave, Johnny Test
Jumper is a Genius!, Devil Survivor 1
Pre-Fall Science, Commoragh/Path of the Scholar, Eldar
Sohon, Legacy of the Aldenata
The Drop-In perkline but especially Prototyper, The Policty
The Maddest Science Yet, Tenchi Muyo
Song Science, Ar Tonelico
Chosen of Death, Lord of Light
Gift of Chao, Mahou Sensei Negima
Calamitytech, Bastion
Brilliant Inventor, Adventure Time
Master Builder, Lego
Net Sphere Engineer/Dismantler, Blame!
Quantum Computing, Code Lyoko/Brackman's Mind, Supreme Commander/Enlightenment, Assassin's Creed
Digital Sorcery, Fate/Extra
Anartist, SCP (potentially, depending on how you interpret your design process working)
Pagan Science, Symphogear

>> No.47538769

Symbiote could help. Although the greatest powers are post-chain locked .

>> No.47538773

Because I'm mercurial like this and because nothing has been set in stone. We're going with infinite speed.

>> No.47538786

Put a trip on so we can filter someone as rude and pathetically desperate as you.

>> No.47538804

At least make the limit C dude

>> No.47538818


Honestly, I find it funny that he's just alienating even more people to gang up on him the next time he fucks up. I can't wait to see the next time he messes up on the scale of WoW and actually gets a jump taken from him.

>> No.47538822

In setting limitless speed (including FTL) is already confirmed as possible.

>> No.47538827

Can you please do the same?

>> No.47538829

You can do that with Arrowverse Speedforce. That way you get what you want, the other person/people get what they want and we can all move on from this discussion.

>> No.47538832

Doesn't the guidelines for jump creation prohibit that kind of thing?

>> No.47538843

Where is it confirmed that they have limitless speed?

>> No.47538844

You do realise you can filter by names right? Select "tripcode" then it draws up some criteria for you to filter by, names is one of them. It's how I've kept Bancho filtered ever since he started changeing tripcodes.

>> No.47538845

Why is there an argument about a 1000 point perk with a hellish mandatory drawback being too powerful post spark?

>> No.47538852

Well, time to start breaking the fabric of existence.

Any of these include exotic materials and the such?

>> No.47538853

That is why you are limited to mach 40 pre spark.

>> No.47538859

You're a gem anon.

>> No.47538865

600, actually. And the drawback isn't so bad, given that the evil speedster will wait for the end of the Jump to actually try and kill you.

>> No.47538869

Just follow the jumpmaker and completely ignore the majority of the drawback's threat. It's easy peasy.

>> No.47538883

For me the issue isn't of power, but of something not from the original series' canon being included in a jump-which even the other most broken post-Spark rewards don't do.

>> No.47538890

Where does it say that?

The evil speedster is immune to your powers and devoted to making your life hell for "reasons", wanting to steal your speed is just one of the possible reasons for it that are listed.

>> No.47538906

To my understanding, he's immune to your out-of-jump powers. Some powered combat armor or a bit of Fist of the Pistol Shrimp will even the score pretty substantially.

>> No.47538917

But the Arrowverse speed force is the comic one, it even says lolspeedforce to explain everything! Zoom is bending the laws of physics over his knee in all manner of ways.

The bullshit is already there, using the comics just gives you lore that you can use to explain the bullshit.

>> No.47538931

He is also immune to what ever you have used to defeat the previous ones.

Oh yea, a new one shows up if you defeat him and will stick around to fuck with you along with the new one if he survives his defeat.

>> No.47538937

Except as the jumpmaker himself showed, you can just wait until the end of the jump to beat the first one and not need to deal with the other.

>> No.47538953

That sounds like bullshit.

>> No.47538956

Can he dimension hop? Can he travel from one galaxy to another?

If not, there is not even a need to fight him.

Or you could just use the vibe at the end and kill him as >>47538937 says.

>> No.47538957

I'm assuming something like every race having one big one, usually strategic scale, it's just that the one for that race would be more focused on personal power where the others would be more focused on getting what makes the faction great as something like a leadership perk. Though admittedly since a lot of jumpers go for personal power above all else and timescale is a joke there might still be issues.

>> No.47538959

Yup. But it's Many, he's showed over this and the last thread that he doesn't give a shit what others think of him.

>> No.47538960

I'll need a citation for confirming that it is EXACTLY the same as the comic version, so far as the other anon point out the only thing they have in common is infinite speed and other aspects like reality warping/life transference and so forth haven't been explicitly stated as canon.

Otherwise, drawing broad similarities together to prove complete equivolence is a shitty argument.

>> No.47538964

Zoom certainly can.

>> No.47538968

Eh, not really the case here. It's simpler by far to just hardcap it then try to offer options on the same scale as planet busting psychic strength and galaxy spanning mind control or whatever the exact feat was.

>> No.47538977

No, stop arguing about impossible to prove or disprove fictional bullshit. Bad /jc/.

>> No.47538991

Are you the kind of person who argues because "god" is a word used in different sorts of fiction, being a god in Okami=being the God of the Old Testament?

If so, I think we're done here and I don't want to communicate with you further other than to tell you I do not and will never agree with you.

>> No.47538993

Isn't Arrowverse evil flash just Reverse Flash? And a weaker version of him as well.

>> No.47538995

[Citation needed]

The almighty anon says it and so it shall be. How could anyone even dream of trying to use logic or actual arguments to deny him his infinite power?

>> No.47538998

That's why you go with the Tech or Magic capstones, or the Anansi totem. They're powerful and versatile enough to really give any Speedster a bad day.

>> No.47539007

I see you must be new here, because that's exactly the kind of argument that happens all. The. TIME in these parts

I'm not even invested in the issue you lot are debating, I'm just saying that you're asking for the impossible

>> No.47539011

Look, Many meant to write

"You are the protagonist of your own Speedster based adventures. There'll always be at least one Speedster after you for who knows what reason, and they can't be beaten by your out of jump powers and abilities. Once you beat one solidly enough to prove yourself superior - not just eeking out a victory but proving you have surpassed them - another one will show up who can't be beaten in the same way. This also happens if you manage to kill your current rival. Any surviving rivals will make periodic appearances but is no longer immune to out of jump powers."

That's what he thinks he wrote, that's the way he treated the drawback. Go with something like that and everything is fine.

>> No.47539019

Did you know that it is canon that the Speedforce is the same across all the various DC universes? It is one of the layers of the source wall.

>> No.47539027


Sorry anon, but Dr Manhattan's experiment is not cannon anymore.

>> No.47539029

Do we have to direct you back to the posts about DC and consistency? You think the makers of the Flash show have that chart on the wall and take it into account?

>> No.47539030

No it isn't but that is a good point, the speed force is a multiverse force that is shared across all the universes in DC

>> No.47539033

Pretty much this.

>> No.47539037

That's great.

Did you know "all the various DC universes" refer to the ones in the comics, not across all fiction ever? For that matter, did you know that.

Wait for it.

Did you know.

Hold on.

That outside the comics the Source Wall only exists as well in Justice League Unlimited?

It's not a good point because anon is confusing Watsonian points of view with Doyalist points of view

>> No.47539041

It doesn't matter if they took it into account or not.

>> No.47539045

It's funny that you only speak up when someone else argues for you. Still not responding to anyone with an actual question?

>> No.47539046

Then you consider rewording it to what anon typed? It seems a lot more clearly defined.

>> No.47539054

Feel free to copy that into the jump if you want. I'd be happy to have helped out.

>> No.47539063


Will do.

>> No.47539067

Okay, say I wanted to kill this annoying rodent in Madoka (let's leave MGN for another day...). Not just his individual bodies, but completely eliminate this particular Incubator from Earth.

How would one go about that?

>> No.47539073

Wish for it from him.

>> No.47539078

I just did.

>> No.47539079

Avada kadavara plus a the stuff you kill stays dead perk.

>> No.47539082

And all the people from earlier and from last thread?

>> No.47539083

>Dr Manhatten's experiment is not canon anymore

I'm genuinely unsure if I'm happy about this or not. On the one hand, it's fucking ridiculous. On the other hand, it's fucking ridiculous.

Also while you're taking advice I genuinely think putting a note like "For the purposes of any future discrepencies, the Speed Force you get access to post-Spark is the Speed Force depicted in the show, not the comics" to save a lot of these arguments.

Wait, JUST this particular incubator? You can just shoot him. Homura's killed off most of his past selves already.

>> No.47539090

This'd probably stop the arguments actually. The problem each side is having is what they interpret the speed force in the show as, being weaker then comics or being the same as comics right? Why not just say it works like the show and then leaving it up to the individual to decide what version they want?

>> No.47539097

It's a more interesting twist than Cap (probably not really) being a Hydra sleeper agent.

>> No.47539103

The speed force in mutiversal, it is the same every where.
>New 52 does not exist

>> No.47539105

You're technically not wrong but I presume you think you can kill off the entire race with that. It's incorrect because they're a hivemind so technically there's other bodies out there the magic doesn't effect. It's more like you cut off once of his toes

He probably would be "annoyed" though, since he eats his dead bodies and given his goals it's implied he's very keen on conserving resources.

I think it should be explicitly stated it only works as per the show because in the comics the Speed Force is capable of a lot more feats which are not demonstrated in the show, and which has different metaphysical implications which are not confirmed by the show.

>> No.47539117

Hmm, Wish, if ya got the D&D magic for it, aside from that AK the little bugger while using a ton of anti-get-back-up perks and the Sting power from Worm should do it. Heck that combo might just kill Zion himself.

>> No.47539124

Yeah, and Superman as of Final Crisis is supposedly incapable of ever losing to evil. Yet he dies and is defeated all the time across the wider DC multiverse.

Either get some better justification and stop relying on the DC multiverse being consistent or get out.

>> No.47539131

I dunno, I'm under the impression that there are actually countless Kuybeys in some kind of hive mind and hitting one with an Avada or a 30 mike-mike is as much good as clipping someone's hair.
I mean, Homura's killed thousands of 'him'.

...I can't believe I never considered that.

>> No.47539139

I'm waiting for the twist that he's actually a double sleeper agent, tricking HYDRA into thinking he's loyal to help 'murrica spy on HYDRA's workings.

Because c'mon, it's Cap. It'd be like making Superman the villain in his main continuity rather than one of those whacky alternate histories.

I think you've misquoted me.

That said, the issue is it's multiversal IN THE DC COMICS' CONTINUITY, but not necessarily in the separate CONTINUITIES in DIFFERENT SHOWS AND MOVIES which do NOT necessarily follow the COMIC's canon.

>> No.47539148

Oh, just thought of another one. The spell Familicide is a part of OOTS canon and can be found somewhere out there.

>> No.47539149

No, I completely agree-that's what I meant by "killing this particular Incubator"

You'd kill him alright, it just wouldn't change anything meaningfully when another one shows up out of nowhere and tries to look for anything left to eat.

>> No.47539157

This idea is a good one, especially since the show is already using the speedforce bullshit from the comics.

>Did you know that if you move fast enough you can generate an ark of lightning to throw like a spear?
>Yea, did you know that if you move even faster you can catch that lightning with your bare hands?

>It's speed force fuck you.

This is from the show. . .

>> No.47539176

It is all the same multiverse.

>> No.47539179

I think assuming the Incubators count as "blood relatives" is too broad an assumption

I was also pretty sure the spell is limited to one plane of existence (and Kruubey was only owned after Homura attained Madoka's power, and Madoka was multiversal in scope), and that it was said it can't cause an extinction.

I'm tired of sounding like a broken tape recorder, but just because something has some shallow similarities in the form of comic book physics doesn't mean it's automatically equivocal in capacity as the force that can make you omnipresent and apparently conducts life energy IIRC in the comics

>> No.47539184

That would work. Hell, if you can cast it you might be able to take out the Entities in Worm, not just Scion. Why save a multiverse of Earths when you can save a multiverse of universes?

>> No.47539185

So, I want to turn a companion into a double-ended trident in Soul Eater. What would I need to buy?

>> No.47539193

>tries to look for anything left to eat.
Actually has anyone ever poisoned the corpses of the Incubators? And also, was it ever explained why the bodies ate a dead one?

>> No.47539195

1. That's wrong.

2. If I turn out to be wrong, the onus is on you to prove that the multiverse is the same BETWEEN DIFFERENT MEDEA via statements by the creators and proof that the creators of the show are the same creators of the comics, or similar degrees of proof instead of making me take your word for it.


>limited to one plane of existence

>> No.47539197

Can companions go as items in Undertale?

>> No.47539201

I don't think so. I think Homura would have tried it though.

It never was, but I always assumed it had to do with being super anal about conserving resources since they're trying to save the universe from entropy.

>> No.47539206

Oh. Thought I remembered it hitting dragons in other planes.

>> No.47539207

Fuck off, batter witch.

>> No.47539208

Tch, just need Sting to make it work on the multiverse level.

>> No.47539209

Reverse Flash is a title in the comics. It's given to every evil speedster that opposes the Flash. Eobard Thawne during his peak was as fast as Flash of 2020s. He was fast enough to create speed mirages, which even Zoom couldn't do.

Everything about Arrowverse is lower key than the comics. New 52 at the beginning would've been a good measuring point, at this point Flash wasn't very fast. Turns out that Doctor Mahattan manipulated the energies casted off during Flashpoint to create New 52 Universe, stealing 10 years of time. Only Wally West who was stuck in the Speed Force was able to remember anything. Owlman & Metron used the Chair of Knowledge to find out "secrets of the universe". Then Owlman was like "HE'S ARRIVED! OH GOD!" Then both of them were ash.

Then Pandora who was suppose to be an immortal with vast knowledge of stuff. She was killed by Mahattan.

>> No.47539210

>faster-than-thought engines

>> No.47539214

I guess? Don't see what that has to do with Soul Eater.

>> No.47539216

The comics usually can't do that either.

The one thing that is universally consistent for the speed force across all its incarnations is this.

>The speed force can always do what ever the writer needs it to at the time and loses that ability when the writer needs it to not be able to do that.

It doesn't matter whether that writer is for a tv show, animated series, or comic book this trait remains constant.

>> No.47539225

That...doesn't make sense, since the decomposing bodies would kinda, sorta return energy to the Universe...kinda.

>> No.47539228

Alright. That's reasonable.

>> No.47539232 [SPOILER] 

Since it's been out almost a month now...

Jumpers, whos side are you on?

Yes, I know most people would probably just ensure it doesn't happen, but still.

>> No.47539237

If they're already a weapon you can just import them into Soul Eater can't you?

>> No.47539241

Team Captain America. Although Black Panther was cool, but Bucky did nothing wrong.

>> No.47539243 [SPOILER] 

The side of justice
The side of liberty

>> No.47539247

Unorthodox weapon form I guess?

>> No.47539248

Bucky did nothing wrong.

>> No.47539252

Cap's side. Tony's usual hypocrisy and the fact that, despite being partially or entirely responsible for many of the threats in the MCU, he never once acknowledges it till now make all of his arguments completely lose weight in my eyes. Also Cap is way, way hotter. Did you see that helicopter curling? God damn.

>> No.47539255

The Prime Material Plane is a single plane of existence.

>> No.47539265

Does the MCU jump actually go that far? I thought it ended before Ant-man. If we are there: Cap's side. And Tony's side. I use my 'give gay ass speech' skill to get them on the same side.

>> No.47539266

The side of diplomacy and working out the root cause of your problems instead of fighting about horseshit.

>> No.47539270

Team Cap.
If only because the alternative would be putting them under the guidance of the UN.

The same UN that couldn't find their asshole with directions written in in thirty seven languages and a telepath

>> No.47539273

I'm pretty sure Sting only works on solid objects, though feel free to doublecheck with Worm Anon.


Also this makes you sound like a whiny teenager being told Batman can't beat Superman. Just saying.

Well I'm a weaboo, not a physicist. Like I said, there's no confirmed answer either way.

Glad to hear. I know I can't appeal to you based on enlightened self-interest, but I really wish I could convince you to be more concise and responsive and less, well, mercurial in the future to keep things chill in the thread.

>it doesn't matter

It matters if you are trying to argue something rationally and coherently rather than taking broad similarities and using them to posit conjecture as absolute fact. Again, that's like saying an Okami god=the Biblical god. Or even a no-bullshit mythological Japanese deity.

Also known as making up bullshit.

>> No.47539274

Thor's side, since every part of that was dumb.

...Through, technically, you could count me on Cap's side, since I stole some lots of Stark's tech.

>> No.47539275

Checked the Madoka Jump, no drawback for Madoka lv. 9999, is sad can have ultimate befriending battle.

I'll have to side with what would reasonably be the legally stable side. Which is to say Captain America's side, seeing as 'Brainwashing by the Russians' is a rock solid argument for a sanity case.

>> No.47539277

That picture is post crisis. . . it even mentions the 52 monitors.

>> No.47539284

You are doing the exact same thing in the opposite direction!

>> No.47539288





Is this so hard for you to understand? Look, in the comics Ultron wasn't designed by Banner, but in the MCU he totally is.

Things don't have to work the same way they do in the comics when adapted to other medea anon. Fuck's sake, remember when Spider Man's web whooters were a kind of gadget rather than fully biological like in the Sam Raimi movies?

>> No.47539291

Actually, I've yet to Jump that. No idea, not sure if I'll even take part aside from helping out during the Chuutari (sp?) invasion.

Funny, because that's the reason why Tony was all for it. It was his way of taking responsibility for everything he did. Like his said during Age of Ultron, "....we're both monsters...."

At the same time, Cap's realized that it isn't enough to follow orders. Remember when Tony forced him to actually question Nick in the Avengers Movie?

They stood opposite to what they were about in the beginning.

>> No.47539302

Actually just fat-fingered the keys.
Sting works on physical objects, however I can craft spells into objects using a myriad of different abilities so...

>> No.47539306

You'll have to be more specific but if you're talking about the Speedforce thing, I'm simply asserting there isn't enough factual information to confirm or deny the issue one way or the other, and it's foolish to make assumptions until then.

And you're being a petulant child because you really want the Speedforce in the comics.

>> No.47539319

I'd be firmly on Captain America's side. Superheros under the guidance of the UN would never work. Besides, Tony's been responsible for a surprising amount of the MCU's problems so far. He loses a lot of credibility for the whole Ultron fiasco.

I really don't understand why no one throws that in his face a lot harder than they do.

>> No.47539323

Feferi or whatever the fuck her name is used 2x3-dent kind too.

Eh, I guess? Pretty satisfied with my Undertale build and don't want to change it.

Yeah, I would think that qualifies, but then I saw this other perk and it makes me wonder.

>Enhanced "Mundane" Weapon Form - You can now become special variants of pre-existing mundane weapons.

>> No.47539328


Wait, hold on. Did no one just prevent the whole thing by stopping or otherwise altering the events of Age of Ultron?

>> No.47539329

>I use my 'give gay ass speech' skill to get them on the same side.

Your side

So what's your opinion anon? Should we live in a surveillance state or not? I'm not letting you cop out of this.

>> No.47539340

Personally, I feel that it took far, far too long for Tony to reach that conclusion, to the point it feels very forced compared to Cap's pov. Everyone of the Iron Man movie villains were made as a result of Tony's actions or of his family's actions, and all of Avengers 2 as well. It's great that he does take responsibility, but only taking it after things get so bad that he is forced to by the UN? Smacks of him shoving things under the rug to me.

>> No.47539343

MCU being Earth-199999 in the marvel Multiverse is canon.

The Arrowverse being part of the DC multiverse is not yet confirmed but it is assumed to be by the majority of fans

>> No.47539345

see >>47539232
He asked what we'd do aside from that.

>> No.47539353

Of course we did. I just answered the question based on the assumption that I hadn't.

>> No.47539366

Whoops, first time this has happened to me..
That was meant for >>47539328

>> No.47539367

Fair enough, then. Would've been convenient if you set the full details of it out rather than expecting people to agree with you just by taking one or two and wanking you win automatically.

I would normally question at this point whether the assumption the spell will work with absolutely no diminished capacity when you are attempting to achieve a much more significant effect than it's ever demonstrated in canon by haphazardly using a single out-of-context ability to make it do something it wasn't designed to do, but at this point I'm frustrated as fuck that people have an absurd, egocentric obsession with cheesing Worm with a single perk wanked as powerful as possible instead of sitting down and working out a proper combo that takes metaphysics, OCPs and resource compatibility into account, so I've lost all motivation to continue this discussion.

>> No.47539370

If you stop all conflict from happening no one learns a damn thing.

This is the wisdom of the jumper.

>> No.47539374

Probably Cap. It's less from disagreeing with authority and more disagreeing with Tony. So the similar reasons with the other anons.

>> No.47539375

Why can't people just accept that the mechanics work differently in one Universe than another.

Look at Earth-1 and Earth-2, they both have Green Lanterns, one is part of an Intergalactic Corp., the other is powered by The Green of his world.

If you must have it your way, then simply Jump from Arrowverse into the Comicverse and bullshit about how through accessing the Speedforce from a different angle heightened your connection to it.

This is canon.

Quicksilver could access the Speedforce when he and some Marvel Characters were pulled into the DC Universe.

>> No.47539386

>is assumed to be by the majority of fans

Yes, because THE FANS are a reliable fucking resource for canon

So by your logic, every Naruto donut steel OC is canon.

And all the doctor who slashfics of the Master and the Doctor are canon

And there are no Matrix sequels.

>> No.47539388

You are insisting that they are different when there is no proof that is the case and the overall fan consensus is that the Arrowverse is part of the multiverse.

>> No.47539392

I feel like I should object to this on the basis that a lot of innocent people suffer.
But I can't, because it's so true.

>> No.47539398

You are insisting that overall fan consensus is substantial evidence for a statement of fact.

>> No.47539405

Ah I see, I was still running the along the same lines as up here >>47539117

>> No.47539413

I should have made that clearer: I made Cal's side the only side because all the heroes were on it.

>> No.47539415

Team "Scarlet Witch should be in prison not on the fucking Avengers"

Seriously, she was more of a villain than Ultron was. She set a berserk Hulk after civilians for lulz. She arguably caused Ultron by giving Tony magic-PTSD, and clearly knew what she was doing by the smile she gave while watching him grab the scepter.

I lost a lot of sympathy for Cap and Hawkeye when the former freaked out about her being under house arrest (literally the least she could possibly deserve) and the latter showed up like a jackass to break her out for no reason other than "We need a single person who can conceivably do anything to fucking Vision on Cap's team". I don't even care about the other stuff, but leave the psycho bitch on the Raft.

>> No.47539419

>innocent people suffer.
There is only one sure way to end suffering anon
And you can do it right this second.

>> No.47539434

Cap's side. Freaking autocorrect.

>> No.47539436

>Yeah, I would think that qualifies, but then I saw this other perk and it makes me wonder.
That works too, but only if take it with the Unorthodox Weapons Form. Tridents aren't all that orthodox as weapons.

He wasn't forced into it, he just jumped on to a chance to have his stuff to not be misused again. In a way, he was trying to shift the responsibilities to someone else, but at the same time, this is a man who has seen everything he had accomplished be perverted and used against by someone else with a chip on their shoulder. On top of the PTSD that he still hasn't dealt with from his capture, going to a 'big bad' organization like the UN seemed the safest thing to do.

After all, what if someone did the same with other members of the Avengers?

>> No.47539459

Yeah, alright. Thanks.

>> No.47539460

We did. We just nicked the Mind Stone right out of Loki's scepter during his arrival to Earth while nobody was looking and chucked in the warehouse.

If only because Ultron was a total embarrassment as a digital entity. Worst malevolent AI. Even the machines in the Matrix had more efficient ways of restricting freed humans' populations.

I'm just...kind of stearing clear of that argument because comics are weird and I'm not really interested in them, but that concept's oddly similar to something I think might happen to my Jumper in a certain future jump, albeit with less direct access to a superpower.

Hey, speak for yourself.

Conflict a shit, and a mistake.

>> No.47539477

>comics are weird
This is the most true statement about the comics I have ever read ever.

Thank you for writing this.

>> No.47539492

Yeah, but you're a pinko cuck Antispiral
You would sacrifice happiness for a reduction in suffering.
You're are not a friend of justice.

>> No.47539497

He didn't have the UN wanting to put the Avengers on a leash previously. The fact that he hadn't ever given more then the barest acknowledgement to his role, when he ceased weapons manufacturing (Despite continuing to make Iron Man suits, which would be used against him and others in every one of his own movies along with Avengers 2. You'd think a guy who wants to stop giving weapons out would get the hint after 4 movies of his personal weapons getting out), leads me to think that yes, the global situation getting to a point of the UN stepping in is forcing Tony to actually realise things.

>> No.47539501

Says the guy who restarted it and then left. . .

>> No.47539550

Alright here's the update as stated in the thread.

>> No.47539559

>And there are no Matrix sequels.

I'm ok with this

>> No.47539575

...I'm talking about the Familicide spell. Hence the term "Plane of Existence."

>> No.47539600

Because you make a damn good point let me put together the full thing.

Talimancer (Overlord [LN/M/A]) stores spells in physical objects + The Abyss of Magic (Overlord [LN/M/A]) makes any spell able to grow beyond its limits via time & effort + Sting (Worm) bypasses the dimensional limit + Magic Must Defeat Magic (Jackie Chan) makes it bypass any non-magical powers these things are using + Warring Warlock cancels/errodes their magical defenses + Familicide would allow the kill all of its relatives + If It Bleeds... (80's Movie) would create an attack that kills perma-dead

Hopefully this is enough, though I could take on some other bells and whistles this is the bare bones of a solid Genocide Wave power combo, though others could mostly do better than me.
As I said you make a good point so I tried to take all of your questions into account with what I have personally in my Jump-chain. I do hope we can continue discourse though, your ideas were delightfully pointed and good at making me mull over things.

>> No.47539623

I'm sure that was in reference to talismans, but I still thought this first.

>> No.47539635

>The Abyss of Magic

Ooh, that'd do it alright. Yep, that sounds pretty legit to me. Thanks for proving me wrong, anon. I won't say my faith in jumpchain's been fully restored, but it is no longer in the negative at least.

And apologies for the mixup.

>> No.47539637

He realized that in Age of Ultron, remember what he told Banner?

"You and I? We're both monsters."

He's never ever referred to himself like this ever. Until he realized what had done with Ultron. Furthermore, Wanda also mentioned something to Cap in the same movie.

Cap: "I trust him to do the right thing."
Wanda: "Yes, he will."

This means that his tendency to go to extremes while trying to fix his messes (the reason behind the Iron Man suits in the first place).

He had grown up ignoring authority, resenting it when he realized that it was that authority that ended up getting him kidnapped and three young soldiers killed. So he fought on his own, fought and fought, but every time, it ended up backfiring when someone else would take his stuff and use them against him and authority would knock on his door and tell him that his stuff isn't safe with him. Would the same happen to everyone else?

So now he tried something else, what he feels like is the right thing, only for it to backfire on him and everyone else.

TL:DR - He's recognized his screw-ups, but as is standard for Tony, he's gone to an extreme with this thanks to his unresolved issues.

>> No.47539644


Please learn from your mistakes

Don't be stubborn in the future if you don't have a legit reason beyond "because I said so"

>> No.47539646

>Abyss of Magic
That's not quite what it does. You can overcharge them with energy, time and effort but it's not a permanent buff by putting effort in over time.

>> No.47539659

That's what Talismancer is for actually as all the time and effort and magic you pour into the spell is held in the object until you unleash it.

>> No.47539662

Hahahahahahahahaha. Come now anon, you saw what people trying to ask nicely did. As always, just like I predicted all the way back at the start, we ended up having to have an entire thread (Roughly, split over two) scream at him before he got the hint.

>> No.47539682

Actually from what i can tell he didn't change his tune until people started to actually give him input on how to actually fix the problem. Instead of just screeching for him to 'Fix it'

>> No.47539709

True, there are a few anons who can't into criticism

>> No.47539723

And neither did he give anyone a chance to go further or even ask for how to fix it to people's liking. As usual, he just posted smug reaction pictures and ignored most posts.

>> No.47539736

This. People started off by yelling at him in the old thread, and he only started to even admit he'd fucked up after ASA repeated the most coherent argument against it in a concise way.

If nothing else this should really be a learning experience all round: If you want something changed, state your case as clearly and concisely as possible lest it be rendered incoherent by salt.

And yeah, he is difficult to work with. I'm just saying-flat out stating the problem gives him a lot less lattitude to bullshit around by pretending everyone's shitposting.

>> No.47539757

Welcome to non meme autism, with a splash of asshole.

>> No.47539762

People were calmly and politely asking for him to answer questions and several of the questions last thread were both calm and reasonable. I don't disagree that many posters went about this wrong, but I think that saying no one before ASA had tried is false.

>> No.47539778

And none of it mattered anyway since it is probably the same Speedforce anyway, go team!

>> No.47539792

No, I agree on that-what I think happened is at the same time there were also people yelling a whole bunch which I think might've confused the issue because of his autism, and he only seemed to start listening after the people continuing to yell wrote him off as a lost cause.

I don't mean any one person was responsible for him coming round, more that the yelling approach tends to overshadow the civil conversation approach when they're simultaneously used.

>> No.47539804

So this little thought process has me wondering.
What would the other Jumpers do if faced with this little problem. I mean mine is a bare bones Genocide, but can the other cover bases I can't/haven't?

>> No.47539806

I don't know whats reasonable about saying "hey I haven't seen the show or anything, but I don't like the speed force so you can't include it!"

>> No.47539832

To be fair many of them said that very politely.

>> No.47539851

Anon's point is that's not a reasonable argument, as opposed to "the version of the Speed Force allowed by the post-Spark reward shouldn't be the comic book version".

>> No.47539876

Ok I'll admit that. Just annoying when people openly admit they don't know anything about the thing they're arguing about.

>> No.47539878

And more then just that argument was raised. But since you seem like you either didn't read the last thread or did and are purposefully misrepresenting it for some reason, there's not much point to continuing.

>> No.47539907

That was almost none of the arguments, stop lying and misrepresenting people.

And yet all of the arguments and posts I repeatedly argued should have gotten a response up earlier in this thread were about that exact reason, not the ones just randomly complaining. It's extremely annoying when you lie to make the other side look bad anon.

>> No.47539946

Yea but it is still the comic book version, there is only one Speedforce and it is spread across all the universes in the DC multiverse.

Though I suppose that something might have changed and that since this universe hasn't been specifically confirmed to be part of that multiverse it might not be (despite every movie, tv series, cartoon, and comic book in DC always being part of the same multiverse).

>> No.47540000

Look, I didn't mean to say you guys didn't argue that-I was just arguing against >>47539832's assertion that >>47539806 is a reasonable argument but I'm well aware lots of people did have valid points.

Can we please not get into this? I dont have the hear to start another argument so soon after one's ended.

>> No.47540014

That was sarcasm, I wasn't asserting anything.

>> No.47540025

>there is only one Speedforce and it is spread across all the universes in the DC multiverse

Oh boy, this again.

For fuck's sake, just accept that this is ONLY TRUE IN THE COMICS not necessarily across all adaptions ever. Or are you going to cite "the fans" as a valid authority on what is or is not canon?

>(despite every movie, tv series, cartoon, and comic book in DC always being part of the same multiverse).

Citation needed. I didn't know Superman Returns, Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman are canon to the mainline comics now.

Not him but I don't understand people keep indulging in sarcasm when it's proven to not carry very well over the internet.

>> No.47540089

Things we've learned today:

1. Brevity and clarity of communication are virtues

2. Sometimes people are just dicks and yelling at them won't solve anything

3. Sarcasm was a mistake

Anyway, moving on. Summoning magic's all well and good, but what jumps are good for abjurations, exorcisms and the like?

>> No.47540131

That is the entire point of the multiverse! A movie, book, comic, tv series, or cartoon doesn't need to follow the main line canon be cause they are in a separate universe with in the larger multiverse.

>> No.47540137

40K is always good for those who want to give up their wicked ways and prostrate themselves before the Emperors divine will.

>> No.47540197

I gotta say, that poster would certainly make me think seriously about enlisting even though I'd probably die immediately.

>> No.47540227

As someone who couldn't give less of a fuck about what you were having a bitchfit over earlier, I kinda want him to revert it back to the previous version because you are acting like a dick.

>> No.47540249

>says the man who was being a total dick over Fate and Yakuza

>> No.47540276

Anyway, moving on to a different point, since DSAnon has returned, what are your plans for those upcoming jumps, DDS 2, Nocture, etc?

>> No.47540280

Huh, is Echo actually Yakuzanon?

>> No.47540297

Yes. Please restart this argument. We really, really need it to continue despite reaching a consensus you gigantic whiny cunt.

>> No.47540299

Yes, and? I admit I fucked up with Extra. I gave up Yakuza because I knew somebody else could do it better then me. You got anything else I need to address? Or can you stay relevant to the topic at hand?


>> No.47540322

Good to know. I can make sure you're blocked too.

>> No.47540330

>DDS 2

I watched a playthrough in anticipation and-wow. Shit gets really weird around the time they all go into the sun to look for God.

I'ma bring some some tan lotion, some popcorn and a spare door to duck back into the Warehouse and start drinking when everything goes all trippy like 2001: A Space Odyssey


Fuck, I'll settle for keeping my head low and surviving that shit. It's the one where SMT powerlevels first get crazy to the point Scion looks like a stray doormouse, after all.

>> No.47540385

Have you ever taken the role of 'benefactor' in a mid or low powered setting, granting someone powers and sending them into some kind of quest? What about being something akin to a symbiote or a shard (like the ones from Worm)?

>> No.47540464

You will join my court demon. Willing or not, it matters little to me.

>> No.47540499

But anon, the last boss of Nocturne is literally God

>> No.47540556

I thought the fight against God is only implied in the True Demon ending.

>> No.47540571

I managed to hammer through Macross Frontier and now I understand the power of song. My chain can't be Grim Dark anymore after that. And I'm not even mad
Who else simply fixes everything with songs now?

>> No.47540574

Almost sounds like you're implying we haven't had plenty of practise fighting God with the other SMT jumps.

>> No.47540587

But he is not the aspect I serve, it's Devil Survivor God, or gtfo.

>> No.47540592

I wonder if someone who did all the SMT jumps could beat Aslan and his father's ass without repercussions.

>> No.47540633

Fuck, now we are going to have that damn omnipotent argument again.

>> No.47540649

Later in my chain, I have every intention of taking a back seat to my kids' adventures. Still running around, causing mischief and mayhem, but also toning things down so my companions can take the spotlight.
The pantheon import options are quite nice for that option, considering my technical membership to the pantheons of Wakfu and Ar Tonelico.

>> No.47540654

In which jump is perk that let you train in your soul or your strength is bound to strength of your soul? That jump was made some time ago and was about demons.

>> No.47540671

How do you even "train" in your soul?

>> No.47540675

Tales of Demons and Gods?

>> No.47540681

Tales of Demons and Gods.

Pick up the Stairway to Heaven.

>> No.47540689

Do you hear the thunderous song of approaching armor General?

>> No.47540700

100 push-ups, 100 squats and run 10 km everyday.

>> No.47540710

one plz

>> No.47540717

Everything can be fixed with music and charisma, friend.

>> No.47540722

If by "fix everything" you mean "cause problems for my own entertainment", then yes.

>> No.47540816

Unfortunately I can fix everything with song now, which kinda makes things boring if I just have a 'i win' button I can press to deal with things peacefully.

The obvious solution was to go to Ar Tonelico and turn my songs to warlike purposes.

All Hail Viela.

>> No.47540870

Best goddess for causing entertaining problems.

>> No.47540909

> whos side are you on?
I was a hobo.

I may have actually been living in a sewer with some morlocks while that was going down.

Anyway, I didn't get dragged into it, because I wasn't a superhero. I was just a homeless 4th Wall Reliant schizophrenic with Mystique's powerset.

The closest I can recall offhand was Inuyasha, except I actually traveled with him. I was basically like a more proactive Totosai. Providing advice and upgrades for his own personal quest. Except with nine tails and a tendency to torch the holy loving shit out of monsters that messed with me.

I also cooked and acted like a big sister to Shippo.

>> No.47540972 [DELETED] 

>Jump 12: Underworld
>The Magician, reversed (Trickery, demagoguery, and artful deceptions.)
How... fitting.
>Age: 24
Is that really going to be accurate if I take Elder Vampire?
>Location: Hungary, 1890
>Identity: Vampire (-100)
>Drawbacks: Hunted (+200), I Love/Hate You, Vampire Dad (+300)
So not only am I going to have a love/hate relationship with the vampire who turned me, and if I'm an Elder Vampire, this means it's presumably Marcus, but also the Lycans will be out for my blood in particular. Yeah, I can deal with that.

>Anti-Monster Weaponry (1200)
Silver is not cheap. We need ways to make it stretch, and make it deadlier to werewolves, after all. Among other solutions.
>Social Manipulator (Free)
Everything is always so political... and now, so am I! Vote Crux 2016.
>Sun Resistance (1050, discount)
Never know when you might need to go out during the day. (Never mind that, thanks to being a Hellsing vampire, I can probably already do this with even less trouble.)
>Elder Vampire (750, discount)
So I suppose my sire would have to be Marcus, which makes things even more interesting... more to the point, I think we're going to see a lot of things go absolutely crazy when the coven sees that I exist, and that I don't necessarily want to be a part of their merry band.
>Blood Memory (450)
And now I can read memories via blood. How entertaining! What happens if I drink a scientist's blood, I wonder? Nah, better stick to reading published papers.
>Genetic Assimilation (50)
So now my blood is a useful thing to give people for transfusions, not to mention just splicing things in for fun. How entertaining.
>Silver Sword (50)
Well, I am hunting werewolves after all.

If I do my job right, I might be able to simply eradicate the werewolves entirely - they definitely want me dead. Then we can avoid the ridiculous scenario that came about later.

...nah, humanity will probably still erase them eventually. They can't hide forever.

>> No.47541024

Would almost certainly fall in with Cap, while using telepathy to help de program Bucky. Because Stark basically is asserting that because he messed up the entire team should be shackled to the UN. It's punishing the many for the failures of two, and even Scarlet Witch just made a bad split second decision instead of managing to constantly fuck up and give the villains what they want.

>> No.47541033

>I also cooked and acted like a big sister towards Shippo
>I also cooked... Shippo
That seems awfully cruel, especially after pretending to treat him like a sister.

>> No.47541039

Now with less ruined spoiler tags.

>Jump 12: Underworld
>The Magician, reversed (Trickery, demagoguery, and artful deceptions.)
How... fitting.
>Age: 24
Is that really going to be accurate if I take Elder Vampire?
>Location: Hungary, 1890
>Identity: Vampire (-100)
>Drawbacks: Hunted (+200), I Love/Hate You, Vampire Dad (+300)
So not only am I going to have a love/hate relationship with the vampire who turned me, which is Marcus, but also the Lycans will be out for my blood in particular. Yeah, I can deal with that.

>Anti-Monster Weaponry (1200)
Silver is not cheap. We need ways to make it stretch, and make it deadlier to werewolves, after all. Among other solutions.
>Social Manipulator (Free)
Everything is always so political... and now, so am I! Vote Crux 2016.
>Sun Resistance (1050, discount)
Never know when you might need to go out during the day. (Never mind that, thanks to being a Hellsing vampire, I can probably already do this with even less trouble.)
>Elder Vampire (750, discount)
So I suppose my sire would have to be Marcus, which makes things even more interesting... more to the point, I think we're going to see a lot of things go absolutely crazy when the coven sees that I exist, and that I don't necessarily want to be a part of their merry band.
>Blood Memory (450)
And now I can read memories via blood. How entertaining! What happens if I drink a scientist's blood, I wonder? Nah, better stick to reading published papers.
>Genetic Assimilation (50)
So now my blood is a useful thing to give people for transfusions, not to mention just splicing things in for fun. How entertaining.
>Silver Sword (50)
Well, I am hunting werewolves after all.

The plan: kill all the werewolves, let the vampires fall into decadence, and proceed to kill anyone who wants to found a new coven. Marcus would not be happy if he didn't have a coven, after all.

Oh, and Selene is getting her shit slapped for being a hypocrite.

>> No.47541073

I did, because the AI plot was absurdly dumb along with the preceding ones. I took the quickest routes to nipping the whole thing in the bud, and ran a multiversal food joint down on the corner. Pic closely related to my abrupt appearances at shield or wherever the plot was going down.

Probably won't do that but it sounds like a hilarious method to meet up with old faces from past jumps. Nice image, who is it?

The thing with talismancer is that the version Ainz uses in series was a series of sticks with names on them to summon and equip the other SB's equipment for Shaltear fight via breaking them to use the magic. Are you just using them as arrows.bullets that break on contact for this? Also where does familicide come from?

Nice image. Makes me wish we had images like this for the Choir.

Now and again when wandering around a setting I come across someone in need of it who catches my attention. I give them a shot. Otherwise, later on in chain after thousands of years I grew into the mentor role. I act as one frequently to others where possible, although not unless they need it. Unwanted and unnecessary help is a nuisance.

Combo it with voice of gold from viking saga, singing perks from aquaria, and path of the artisan from Eldar along with the pumping songs across the multiverse via the macross build a jet options. Use a tongues spell with permanency then throw in a large helping of charisma and communication/befriending perks. You have now achieved peace.

>> No.47541082

Jumpers! What are your favorite perks and where are they from?

>> No.47541124

Song of Curiosity from Aquaria. Free new form with new powers every time I see something breathtaking. In a Multiversal adventure. Fuck, why do people go for Autonomy again?

>> No.47541167

Synchronized Souls and Crush from PMD.

Though, if an origin counts as a perk, this >>47540870 is a close runner up.

>> No.47541176

Get Set from DMC for all the style points

>> No.47541193

I am so glad that was free for drop-ins.

>> No.47541198

> somethingsomething cannibalism?
You're weird.

I cooked actual food and served it to the group whenever Kagome wasn't serving up "ninja food" that everyone went inexplicably gonzo for (read: crappy instant meals from her home era).
My stuff mostly consisted of fish or whatever other wild game we could catch, along with rice.

I find that making food tends to be an easy "in" for heroes and sometimes villains. And I have a bunch of cooking perks, so it's not terribly complicated.

As for Shippo, his parents are dead and he has no other family, so as the only other Kitsune to appear in the show, he sortof adhered himself to me. It might be closer to say I was like his surrogate aunt?
Anyway, I didn't want him to pick up any bad habits, so I actually tried to be on my best behavior. I also didn't want his primary caretaker to end up being Kagome (as basically occurs in canon), so that involved stepping up to the task.

It was weird, watching him try to emulate me.

Impeccable Crossdresser, Ouran Highschool Host Club.

>> No.47541297

Can someone please explain what the Generic Dungeon Builder jumpchain is? I saw it a while ago, and I was curious, but there was no explination, and a lot of it was somewhat confusing.

I get your supposed to build a dungeon and all, but what is the whole thing about?

Help me Obi /TG/ Kenobi, your my only hope...

>> No.47541345

I was on Cap's side while watching it, because Tony was just sidling up to the government while Cap was trying to actually get to the bottom of things and stop a group of supersoldier assassins from being awoken. Tony just lets the long game get in the way of his short game.

I just stopped it in Universe. We skipped Ultron and just jumped straight to making Vision because I pointed out that "The unstable self-important asshole that is responsible for all his worst enemies is not who we should leave in charge of Earth's defense." At which point he tried to be charismatic and glib, because that's why people like him.

He acknowledges his fault, he just also blames every other superhero in existence for it, for some reason. Tony can't be trusted, so no hero can be trusted? Not even the guy whose super powers literally made him a better person?

Also, yes. Damn.

>> No.47541356

SAVE the World, Undertale.
From Crona to Sasuke to Shadow, it's very good at helping people with their issues. Combine it with Perfect Communication from Worm, and solving people's issues becomes a lot easier.

>> No.47541362

>Probably won't do that but it sounds like a hilarious method to meet up with old faces from past jumps. Nice image, who is it?
Oh, that's Nu52's Kara Zor-El in one of her rare imouto moments.

...well, before she got ruined utterly.

I have so much salt over it all.

>> No.47541367

I was wondering, if you were fighting someone who could “save state” like Flowey, and you started throwing around balefire, would the collateral damage still be there when he reloaded?

I just want to see the look on their face when they realize that they can't win, so they go back in time, only for all the craters and such to still be there.

>> No.47541369

>The thing with talismancer is that the version Ainz uses in series was a series of sticks
I haven't read the LN so I could be wrong but weren't those sticks paid items from the game store? I don't think that was talismancy.

>> No.47541380

Doubt it, he's rewinding time. That doesn't mean you can't kick his arse, like Sans, it just means that he can continue resetting.

>> No.47541381

I acutally thought those were Cash Shop Items, Ainz says something to that end during the fight, but I can assure you they aren't Talismans. To quote the Class Skill, Magic Caster; Talismonger...

Talismonger: This class bears a lot of similarities to classic oriental magical traditions in that you cast spells via the use of special talismans that you can create. You’re not quite as focused in the arcane side of things as an Arcane Caster, and not as good at divine magics as a Divine Caster, but you make up for it in dabbling in both at the same time and having a fair amount of exotic or otherwise unconventional magics you can call up. Where you really shine though is that you can prepare talismans with specific spells ahead of time, allowing you to effectively ‘cast’ those spells when you’re not in combat and then keep them in reserve until they’re actually needed.

In this fashion you can dramatically increase your combat endurance via intelligent preparation. Crafting these talismans takes you a bit of time, effort, and some resources and they’re only one use, but it’s dramatically easier and cheaper for you to do than anyone else could ever possibly hope to claim. You can create a talisman for any spell that you know, and in terms of ‘what spells do you know’ you’ve effectively got an even mix of both Arcane and Divine magic that’s not quite as potent as someone that focused on those areas, but you possess a much better talent than them for spells that curse or ‘debuff’ your foes, alongside spells intended to ward against such effects.

So, the abilities shown by Ainz during his battle aren't indicative of this as he is a Necromancy focused Magic Caster.

>> No.47541437

Would Super Spin be able to continue through rewinded time? It could do it through multiple universes, and in frozen time.

>> No.47541438

Silly anon, that's what pyre shards are for.

>> No.47541473

It's possible, but then again, Flowey would be traveling back BEFORE you used Super Spin. Maybe Observer could work with that?

>> No.47541491

Secundo Requires another Toss

>> No.47541508


>> No.47541515

Sure, why not. One Winter Man-Witch coming up.

>> No.47541522

This does not bode well.

>> No.47541523

Yeah, but Super Spin already breaks the rules by actually spinning in FROZEN time, so who's to say it can't mess with rewound time? I mean, from what we've seen of it, it seems like an absolute power that gives no shits about anything else. The target seems to be unable to break free without someone firing it at them again.

>> No.47541530

I hope he has an ice time.

>> No.47541537

Oh please, like anything Secundo does bodes wel.
Aaaaand I just realize I've been forgetting my trip. God damn it.

Nah he'll just chill out, maybe make some cool Creatures.

>> No.47541565

Yeah, but balefire removes something from existence retroactively. Everyone can still remember it, but it not only does it not exist anymore, it hasn't existed for some time now, depending on how much power you put into the spell.

It is not even about wining with me, I just want to troll and scare him, because I'm kinda a dick like that.

>> No.47541582

True, but the absolute power thing could be said about the RESET ability. From what we see in-game, it just sort of flips the entire universe off and says "No, screw you, we're going back/that didn't happen." It's basically time travel. So I'm not sure whether RESET trumps Super Spin or the other way around, given they've never interacted with a force like the other.

>> No.47541588

True, true. So, fanwank?

>> No.47541623

Then maybe? Depends on whether someone who has a SAVE file from before Gaster fell into the CORE could go back and thus bring him back. Gaster was spread throughout out time and space, and retgoned, which sounds similar to what Balefire does, but even more extreme given that he was erased from memory too.
Agreed. Man, time shenanigans, how do they even work?

>> No.47541670

You know, this makes me curious, can you make balefire only affect parts of a target, instead of the whole? Like, only erasing someone's hand, or their cybernetics or armour, rather than the entire person?

>> No.47541673

Narinia- Great. Jesus Lion. Fucking Perfect
Starborn, Rolled for 822
Rolled for Tashbaan, Calormen
I refuse the Freebie
Discount Narnian Time
Free The Great Dance
Discount Four Loves, Four Seasons(Winter)
Charts of the Uncharted
Endless Teax2

Not a Tame Lion+300- Fuck you ya fuckin furry.
Out of the Silent Planet+300- What
What Are They Teaching in These Schools+200- Kill them all.

>All three Trees started with what could be considered a Charisma Perk
That was annoying.

>> No.47541760

Steel Bladder, from Sims

Objectively the best power in all of /jc/

>> No.47541774

So someone familiar with the setting help me out here. How is Birds of a Feather from Sekirei a drawback? Or why is it, if it makes more sense to frame it that way.

>> No.47541810

Congratulation Many you caved on an issue that wasn't important any way Who gives a shit post spark

Plus the arrowverse speeedforce is still infinite speed,dimensional travel,time travel,phasing through solid matter,and all sorts of other bullshit

Jumpchain is a single player experience if people have a problem with Speedster or Arrowverse they can choos to ignore it we have about 500 other jumps to choose from

You should have stuck to your guns instead of letting people tell you that you weren't playing their game of make believe the right way

>> No.47541825

Don't start that again.

>> No.47541827

The one where they all universally love you unconditionally and chase after you? Including the one who only wants to keep her dead husband in her heart forever, the one who only wants to fight to the death, and the other many men and women not mentioned here? Because not only do you deny them their chance with the people they would have met and loved, they now must fight an elimination battle to see who can become the one true waifu/husbando. Then probably lose to # 01 who is the final boss fight for them, who is also in that list.

So all in all it's because you're giving a bad romance to 108 people.

>> No.47541844

Can't you just, I dunno, derail the plot and have them not fight?

>> No.47541848

192. Axe Cop
Origin: Drop-In
Perks: Wait That Doesn't Work, Super-Ultra Strength Apocalypse Repellent (-100), Schtick [Beach Towel] (-200)
Items: The Perfect Beach Towel (-400)
Assemble! (-300)

Chimmy: Drop-In, Wait That Doesn't Work, Schtick [Picnic Basket] (-200), The Perfect Picnic Basket (-400)
Falco: Drop-In, Wait That Doesn't Work, Schtick [Flippers] (-200), The Perfect Flippers (-400)
Roberta: Drop-In, Wait That Doesn't Work, Schtick [Inner Tube] (-200), The Perfect Inner Tube (-400)
Ko'el: Drop-In, Wait That Doesn't Work, Schtick [Umbrella] (-200), The Perfect Umbrella (-400)
SoB: Drop-In, Wait That Doesn't Work, Schtick [Beach Ball] (-200), The Perfect Beach Ball (-400)
Asriel: Drop-In, Wait That Doesn't Work, Schtick [Snorkel] (-200), The Perfect Snorkel (-400)
Isaac: Drop-In, Wait That Doesn't Work, Schtick [Pool Noodle] (-200), The Perfect Pool Noodle (-400)
Toby: Drop-In, Wait That Doesn't Work, Schtick [Sunscreen] (-200), The Perfect Sunscreen (-400)

1. The Light of Terra does have an Orange Julius and it's attached to a Dairy Queen. It's about 7 levels up from the the Cinnabon. There's also a franchise for Asriel's noodle place, and it turns out he's responsible for all these weird little mall food places being on the ship. We've also got a Bueno Nacho, Church's Chicken, and a Twister's.

2. I have found a perfect section of beach and will defend it until I leave this universe. I'm still going to explore the universe at large, in all it's ridiculous glory, but this is going to be my base. It has the Animal Crossing Town, the Kerykeion is right offshore, all my mobile locations are here, and there are absolutely no sharks.

The plot keeps trying to draw me in, but I mostly just run away. Running away from the plot while still trying to see the universe is pretty good entertainment for the Benefactor, since it turns moments that should be calm into frantic scrambles to evade zombie blood and other vectors of infection.

>> No.47541850

2/10, maybe try when the topic is relevant

>> No.47541872

That's more or less what I did. I mean, it's not as simple as telling them not to fight. It's a capstone drawback after all. Having said that, I think its one of the more survivable capstone drawbacks.

>> No.47541887

Picture a bunch of Super Powered Beings coming after you. Got it? Good.

Now at least two of those beings hate each other, and they have the power to wipe out the city that you're in. Another one wants to fight those two, and she grew to be just as powerful if not more thanks to Soul shenanigans. Another (at first at least) wishes to kill her destined one (you in this case) while another would, at first protect you, and then (maybe, just maybe) try to kill you to...and yes, they are also both very, very, very destructive. Then you have a little girl whose powers still are in flux and can accidentally forests, and her big brother, who can accidentally genocide by by just standing there. Oh, and you also might be dealing with Yanderes as well, but you'll be protected, but again, mass destruction.

MBI would prolly want to study you (without upsetting the Sekirei) and then you'll also have to contend with the rest of the World's armies. Yes, having those Sekirei would make you a world power unto yourself, so they're probably going to try to kill you as well.

Aaaaaand that's just off the top of my dome.

>> No.47541899

Balefire burns away their entire pattern, so I don't think it's possible to be that selective.

>> No.47541910


>> No.47541925

The topic is relevant 50 idiots screamed at the jump maker to change something because they felt it ruined their made up stories by making them too strong

Who fucking cares about post spark power Jumpers can steamroll 85% of jumps before double digits and when you hit triple nothing short of drawbacks can stop you

Manyfist made the jump and should have been able to do whatever the fuck he liked it was jumpchain compliant and perfectly jumpable

>> No.47541928

Let me be honest for a hot minute here.

I have no fucking idea what Cardfight! Vanguard is all about, and reading the wiki only makes me more confused. As far as I can tell, it looks like a shoujo version of Yugioh that suddenly went Shonen.

How does this all work?

>> No.47541951

I think Balefire would actually work.
Super Spin probably wouldn't, though. It's less that you're rewinding time and more that you're actually resetting it. Only things that could ignore a total dimensional rewrite could continue despite that. A Save State isn't just rewinding, it's more like a snapshot of a state of being, which replaces whatever timeline had been continuing from that point and is kindof way more horrifying, if you think about it.

But Balefire actually deletes everything about a thing, past or present, except for the memory of it. If Undertale is a game, you're essentially removing the data.

It's kind of arguable if Flowey himself would be effected, because of how Determination works, which seems to be able to operate outside of normal space/time. Determination effectively IS the reset button, it's the ability to restart the game and operate on a coding level, whereas Balefire is actually ripping out code.

Personally...? I think you'd end up "Gaster"izing things.
Balefire requires a target, and Determination, the mind, and memories are kindof a nebulous force in Undertale, so you might actually end up deleting everything except a broken fraction of what remains, but still might be "aware".

But that's just me.
Do whatever you want, it's another one of those "outside context problems" that has no answer.
Though I think the answer brings about more questions than anything. It's more a thought experiment than a solution, to me.

>> No.47541986

Is there a perk that lets you steal other's emotions?
I feel like it's my duty to hold all the universe's sadnessand angerespecially their anger

>> No.47541996

I would shrug, but I have no pictures of that on my phone.

>> No.47542006

I don't understand it either but what's done is done. Best not to stir things up.

>> No.47542022

Like I said, I just want to scare him with the permanent collateral damage, because I'm a dick like that.

>> No.47542049

Thief of Rage from Sburb should let you steal the negative emotions of others. There's also that Alchemy stuff from eXceed, though you have to actually understand that person and their issues to steal if from them. Maybe a few custom power perks could help you with that as well.

Alternatively, you could just steal their anger and sadness by taking revenge for them, or solving the issue while preventing emotional resolution. But that's more metaphorical than snagging part of a person's brain chemistry for you own.

>> No.47542055

You're right nothing will change and majority will rule for better or worse but it's the principle that gets me

It's the same thing you see all over /tg/ people telling you that you can't have fun your way and that if you do you're an idiot
Manyfist made the jump and it was just fine then he got bitched at and peer pressured into changing it for no other reason than badwrongfun

>> No.47542068

Well then, in my personal opinion, it'd totally work, and Flowey would figure out REALLY QUICK that you are not to be messed with.

Sounds hilarious. Have fun with it!

>> No.47542087


>> No.47542114

Basically it's like a generic jump based around games like Dungeon Keeper, Dungeonland, Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, etc. You build a dungeon, manage the creatures, fuck over the adventurers who come to raid it, ad nauseum.

>> No.47542138

Long story short:

There's a planet with tons of different monster-y factions and conflict.

On Earth, there's a new card-game where the cards are suspiciously based on the inhabitants of that far off planet.

Surprise surprise, card games on Earth actually correspond with wars on this other planet.

>> No.47542150

Yep, but like you said, majority will rule. No badwrongfun for anyone.

I do find the whole situation kind of humorous though. Since I distinctly remember the thread saying anything post spark doesn't matter.

>> No.47542159

So, wait, in other words, as I play, I influence my splat's (the deck) war efforts?

>> No.47542173


>> No.47542180

Jumpers, summers coming up. How do you and your companions handle a day at the pool/beach/etc.?

>> No.47542182


>> No.47542194

I'm told to stay out of the pool because my heat levels just evaporate all of the water immediately. Unless I'm power-bound a la the Necklace from Girl Genius, the Balance Bangle, and the Bracer from Digimon.

>> No.47542243

>Jumpers can steamroll 85% of jumps before double digits and when you hit triple nothing short of drawbacks can stop you
Why are Jumpers so boring? Why wouldn't Jump-chan just get completely sick of us?

>> No.47542261

I assume because its not the challenge of the jump that's interesting it's the amount of shit you fuck up during the jump

>> No.47542283

>Why are Jumpers so boring? Why wouldn't Jump-chan just get completely sick of us?
Because not everyone just pillages and rapes their way through the chain with no change in tactics? There's more to the chain than just being a big stupid brute who can only think in terms of power levels and e-peen.

>> No.47542301

>Jump-Chan Boredom clause


>> No.47542319

>How can I shitpost and stir things up in such a manner as to look like I'm not doing just that?
>Why do people have fun here, don't they understand it's not fun?
>I bet if I shitpost enough they'll be having as much notfun as I am.

>> No.47542326

Oh look, more badwrongfun.

>> No.47542327


That's why I assume she sends you to jumps in order of increasing challenge level and then an end jump before your chain gets too long. Prevents the whole "build is five million pages long" problem, too.

But >>47542261 is a valid interpretation too.

>> No.47542331

We're Jumpchan's OC fanfic.

She's just a shitty writer.

>> No.47542345

We all go to my island for some summer fun, like volleyball!

>> No.47542348

soda watermelon smashing, skimpy beach outfits, high dive competitions off of the LoT, bungalow building contests, pig roasts, visible from space level fireworks, fishing, swimming general beach episode stuff

>> No.47542378

It's about the adventure, not the battles? Watching someone grow, learn, and discover the stuff you like, or have them have different opinions on things, can be amazing. I mean, if she wanted non-stop fights she could just throw you into an arena, or animals into an arena, or multiple smaller arenas into an arena. Something she wants to see is clearly the human element and interaction. Or maybe the challenge just switches with how a powerful person interacts with a weak setting, and how that affects things.

Honestly, it feels like you aren't using your imagination if "How do I dominate this setting?" is the only way you can think of someone being entertained. Turning the settings into a calculation more than a world. Jump-chan knows all the infinite ways to dominate a setting, she handed them to you herself.

>> No.47542429

Sand castles and booze!

>> No.47542442

>>Jumpers can steamroll 85% of jumps before double digits and when you hit triple nothing short of drawbacks can stop you
>Why are Jumpers so boring? Why wouldn't Jump-chan just get completely sick of us?

>> No.47542457

>Strong jumper with a weak setting
For some reason, the video/vine where a mugger tries to rob two guys only to get slammed into the ground by one, who gets a shocked look from the other guy. Cue slam guy immediately going "Uh-OH NO, HE'S STRANGLING ME", holding the guy's arm/hand around his throat.

>> No.47542476

Shit, I meant to say I was reminded of that video/vine.

>> No.47542495

This. The Dishonored jump is big bro Outsider taking her notes and writing in it before she takes it back. She even takes his Mark power idea and gives it to you if you reject his offer.

>> No.47542513

Can we please change the subject?

>> No.47542529

You could have done that yourself, but I'll do it for you, cause I'm such a nice guy.


Do you perform random acts of charity?
What do they look like?

>> No.47542557

Fabulous clothing for everyone!
And magic alcohol!

>> No.47542560

Why yes, my young friend! I generously give the gift of my presence.
On a less egotistical note, I give toys to kids.

>> No.47542578

Anyone who has a really nice car and who paints it a horrible, HORRIBLE color gets a free paint job. Similarly, anyone who so so fucking deaf that they have to yell at their phone in public gets healed. Probably even get their hearing upgraded too.

>> No.47542602


Okay, that's actually a lie, I tend to offer jobs in my totally-not-MSF that I founded in Ace Combat AllHailBelka and bundles of lilies to anyone that happens to catch my eye. Although honestly, I think most people would be more interested in the promising benefits of the first.

There are so many fun ways to abuse military hardware.

>> No.47542604

What's that?

>> No.47542617

It's bait. Move along.

>> No.47542626

Your country is shit. SHIIIIIT!

>> No.47542630


>> No.47542637

The idea that if you're a boring Jumper, you eventually just get sent home.

It's supposed to be something to avoid the "lawl I sit in my Warehouse for ten years" to avoid most of a setting's drama. But as we can see, dumbasses like him don't like being told that.

First we accuse random people of being the Anti-Red Shitposter.

And now we accuse random people of being Red.

God damn this thread just went to shit. And after we had a decent one too.

>> No.47542643



>> No.47542655

Once every ten years, I set out to do as much good in a single day (or 24 hours). I send all of my companions out to do whatever they deem worthy as "good". I generally teleport from hospital to hospital healing the sick and what not. Some of my more kind hearted companions bring an end to droughts, help grow a bountiful harvest in areas of hunger. My more ...lets say hardened companions, deal with crime, terrorism, or just assholes who need to get shot.

>> No.47542660

I have a habit of making toys I picked up in the Santa jump that I never really dropped. I don't even know what to do with all the toys I build, so I just hand them out to kids as I walk down the street. Parents can get a little weirded out by that, but who cares?

I can quick grow plants and have been known to set up parks on empty lots, or fix someone's dying garden if the need arises. If I see someone who is sick or tired or whatever, I use a cure disease or restore stamina or healing spell from the Elder Scrolls jumps.

It's pretty much just opportunistic kindness, handling problems that are immediate and simple.

>> No.47542666

Tony was suffering from Potts withdrawal so can't be blamed for his mood swings and erratic behaviour.

>> No.47542674

Healing is typically the first thing I grab, so that gets passed around like candy whenever I can get away with it.

>> No.47542675


>> No.47542683

Is Tony a Pottshead?

>> No.47542694

Remember Star Trek 4? You know that scene where McCoy is walking through the hospital and he finds the woman with kidney failure waiting for dialysis and he comments about the dark ages, and then gives her a pill to regrow her kidneys?

I do that. Every now and again, I put on a lab coat and walk around handing our miracle cures. I never stick around, I just heal and leave.

>> No.47542714

>The idea that if you're a boring Jumper, you eventually just get sent home.
I can see the merit in ignoring that idea, but at that point couldn't you also ignore the idea that there's a Benefactor in the first place?

>> No.47542719



>> No.47542729

If Jumpchain finds you boring you get sent home, it was a clause put in so that you can't just sit in your warehouse to survive a dangerous jump. Which is fine I guess.

Most didn't care, some would claim a jumper was being sent home if they personally didn't find the idea of some things fun. Which got pretty annoying some times.

Personally I don't see how we could ever claim to know what an omnipotent deity/ whatever the fuck JC thinks is fun. But to each their own.

>> No.47542737

I might be representing the wrong Belka but...
Surprise Jump-Build!
Lyrical Nanoha Jump:
CP: 1000
Separated [+0]
King's Mantle [+0]
Befriended [+0]
The Ferret Talks? [+0]
I'm a What? [+0]
Material-LSD (Imported Whole; Stern, Levi, & Dearche) [+0]
Belka Reborn [+600]
Starting Area: Ancient Belka
Origin: Belkan [-100]
System: Mid-Childan & Modern Belkan
Cartridge Endurance [Free]
Ancient Knowledge [-200]
Blood of Kings (Sagebrecht) [-300]
Dual System [-300]
Mana Conversion Affinity (Light) [-100]
Device Type:
Storage Device (Ruby Ring) [Free]
Processor Racks (Standby: Utility) [Free]
Additional Form (Guardian Halo: Barriers) [-50]
Personal Intelligent Device (Sapphire Amulet) [-100]
Enhanced Language [Free]
Auto-guard [Free]
Armed Device (Wand) [-50]
Cartridge System [-50]
Additional Form (Sunlight Straight Sword) [Free]
Auto-guard [Free]
In-Force [Free]
Jump Extension [Free]
Companions [-400]:
Klein (Unadministered) [200]
System: Modern Belkan
Well Adjusted [Free]
Potential [-100]
Armed Device
Processor Racks (Melee) [-100]
Auto-guard [Free]
Sponsored by Pizza Hut [Free]
Luna (TSAB) [200]
System: Mid-Childan
Age is no Barrier [Free]
Mana Conversion Affinity (Light) [-100]
Storage Device
Processor Racks (Barriers & Utility) [-100]
Infinite Library Priority Access [Free]
Agatha (Belkan) [200]
System: Mid-Childan
Cartridge Endurance [Free]
Ancient Knowledge [-200]
Armed Device
Auto-guard [Free]
Cultural Artifacts [Free]
Rikku (Drop-In) [200]
System: Modern Belkan
Telepathy [Free]
Armed Device
Auto-guard [Free]
Stack of Cash [Free]
Waddle Dee (Belkan) [200]
System: Modern Belkan
Cartridge Endurance [Free]
Ancient Knowledge [-200]
Armed Device
Auto-guard [Free]
Cultural Artifacts [Free]

>> No.47542748

The only problem is people confuse "Interesting" for grandstanding and throwing around as much power as possible, zeroing in on the idea that they have to prove they are the top dog in each setting.

The Benefactor is an entity omnipotent on a level that a Jumper can never match, it has all the power it wants and could roflstomp whatever. It's watching you to see what paths you take, what choices you make, what you actually do when given the opportunity.

At least IMHO. The idea that combat and danger is the only thing that's "interesting" when you have blatant jumps and settings that aren't auto-geared for conflict is ridiculous.

>> No.47542759

Yeah if you really wanted to, not like it would mess up anything. The story is yours to write.

>> No.47542778

Story Tyme!

There are few choices I regret more than the time I chose to become Nachtkrapp. The reborn Saint-King suffered horrifying flashes of his ancestor's, as well as my own, past and often confused time periods or thought himself to be the Saint-King at times, but that didn't make him any less of a threat. Talented with magic and able to drain light into himself he maintained three Devices in active states throughout the restructuring of the Belkan Empire. It was he who was crowned, for none else could claim such clear signs of Saint-Kaiser's blood, and with him at the helm the great Empire once more rose to greatness. He actually 'discovered' some of my powers by accident during that turbulent time.
We arrived at Earth during the Dark Fragments Incident, and when the power of the Book ran rampant Nachtkrapp simply decimated the Dark Fragments casually, shutting the Book down as it activated an emergency maintenance process, before pushing Nanoha and her group; which included Fate, Klein, and Rikku to their limits. He was like a force of nature, shining with gross incandescence, and draining the light back into his reserves so he could maintain the three active Devices whilst fighting like a God of War. His mind partitioned and accelerated the entire time.
When all hope seemed lost for the group Nanoha managed to strike the Belkan Saint-King down with a supremely overpowered Starlight Breaker, which I have no idea if she even knew before that. The light swallowed him whole and the young girl, beyond her limits before even casting that grand spell, nearly died under the strain. The others thought they'd won until a roaring laugh resounded about the battlefield.
“Ephemeral, brilliant one.” He said whisper-soft as Nanoha fainted and he quite suddenly appeared to catch her. “Fall into mine embrace.”
Truly anything that makes me act like the King of Heroes is the worst thing ever.

>> No.47542780

Not really random, but-

Ever since I won that game of Monopoly, the resulting properties I've typically used them in have been to get people who've come into hard times back on their feet. The hotels become homeless shelters with programs designed to help them clean-up and find better work, the houses become various businesses.

The medical company from Resident Evil does their best to help improve the medical technology of the world, the two clothing companies frequently raise charity, the works.


>> No.47542783

>Not spending most of your 10 years just dicking around and Trolling the Protagonists and the Antagonists.

I talked openly about the Uzumaki Clan during the Chuunin exams, just to fuck with Naruto, and everyone who knew the Clan existed and never told him.

>> No.47542791


>> No.47542796

A lot of people do both those things. Jumpchain is single player, and interesting stories can come from traveling under your own power. The benefactor is really just there to incentivize people to actually do stuff and be the plot device holding it all together. She can be easily swapped out for anything that fulfills those needs, including you doing both yourself.

>> No.47542813

Well it's not like his mother was really all that connected to the Uzamaki clan. His father knew more about her clan than she did.

>> No.47542838

Doesn't change the fact that no one told the Orphan that he was related to a Clan that helped found the Village

Kind of a dick move on Sarutobi's part.

I get not saying he's the Yondaime's kid, but he gave him the name Uzamaki. He could at least tell him about the history of the Uzamaki.

>> No.47542847

...H-holy shit anon. I didn't even know builds for it could GET this long...

Also >Sagebrecht is an excellent choice, anon. You have good taste.


>taking the Yuke's asses
>literally taking the ass of a suit of armor

Shit taste confirmed.

>> No.47542856

why do you say that? I don't recall evidence to support your statement in the manga(never got that far into the anime)

>> No.47542875

Because Sarutobi was full of bright ideas.

Let's keep the kid with the demon fox in him, in the complete dark about the circumstances of his birth and the sacrifice his parents made for him. All the while he thinks the rest of the village despises him for no fucking reason. This can only end well.

>> No.47542892

I assume it's because Minato was awesome with Seals, which were an Uzamaki Specialty. Whereas we don't hear much of anything about Kushina using seals extensively.

Sarutobi was not a bright man. But the fact that NO ONE told Naruto about his Clan just irks me for some reason. Konoha carries their symbol on their backs for fuck sake.

>> No.47542911

After reading that .png I laughed long and hard. One of my friends took a look at what I was doing and joined in. Ah nothing better than a good laugh.


>> No.47542916

Maybe there was a lesson on the history of the village in Ninja school, and Naruto was to busy being a class clown that day. He was the lowest in his class.

>> No.47542921

not often we see people acknowledging what they're doing. good on you, anon. and stop doing that.

Just so even you can understand, I'm accusing you of being the actual shitposter.

>> No.47542933

>Lesson on the history of the village
Anon, Sakura the Book-worm didn't even know there were 5 Kages.

The Academy was shit.

>> No.47542950


The academy is focused around making child soldiers, not history lessons.

Of course it's shit.

>> No.47542959

Catra. I will never not wince at that word. Dear god why didn't he even know the name of the power that he used to fundamentally screw physics?

Where is this in the manga? If this is true that's almost definitive proof that Mizuki was sabotaging the Academy.

>> No.47542980

Anon. Sakura passed the Academy with NO practical skills. She was the top-female student of the year entirely on theory.

The Academy focused on theory, it was just shit at it.

When they are heading to Wave. Kakashi explains it to them, and Mizuki was only definitively sabotaging Naruto.

>> No.47543029

This post is funny to me, because his opposition were being stubborn cunts and shitposting for 600 posts to try and force their way.

>> No.47543033

I am a massive fan of adoption!

And the gift of perspective, given through a long and frustrating series of practical jokes.

>> No.47543051

As focused as the majority of the teachers were on sabotaging naruto(other than Iruka) other students were probably collateral damage. Personally I think it comes down to Danzo trying to sabotage konoha so he could take over.

>> No.47543052

The Academy is just shit in general. Aside from Iruka, it's doubtful that the teachers gave a shit about the students. Hell, the clans taught their kids more than the Academy did.

>> No.47543057

It's hilarious how shit they actually are at teaching anything there.

What do they even learn there at all? The three jutsu, and that's literally it?

>> No.47543074

>didn't even know there were 5 Kages.
To be fair, they are HIDDEN villages. /joke

>> No.47543084

What "perspective" can a jumper give to someone? That everyone is an NPC to them and their worlds the levels of an endless game for some superpowered dickhead?

>> No.47543087

Three jutsus and "trap making skills"
There is one bit where is a flash-back we see a Flower-pressing class for the girls. I'm not joking.

There are a lot of weird inconsistencies, even in Early Naruto.

Like Naruto being considered a hopeless Shinobi when he painted a fucking Mountain, and no one noticed until he was done.

>> No.47543089

My grandmother was a teacher, so I was told how it works only IRL so that colors my opinion a bit. Scholastic sabotage actually is very difficult to do exclusively. There are only so many excuses you can get away with before sending the orange wearing kid out isn't legit, you still have to seem like you're trying to make the student get it or they'll reassign your ass. So, the most likely result of this kind of sabotage is a general lack of development in the class, basically a lowered average.
Basically this.

>> No.47543095


>> No.47543119

Except we see that Iruka was basically the only adult outside of the Ramen People and Sarutobi who gave a damn.

Teachers could single him out, and treat him like a dumbass for asking a normal question and no one would care. It's not like his parents could complain about it.

Sabotaging a single student is hard normally. But the fact that absolutely no one gave a fuck about Naruto makes it MUCH easier.

>> No.47543120

"There's always a bigger dick." Anon stated, with an unreasonable look of smugness upon their face.

>> No.47543137

Well, to be fair I'm pretty sure a lot of people hated Naruto. It was no where near as bad as fanfiction portrays it(seriously, burning him alive? Crucifying him? What in the fuck?), but it was still pretty bad. While they wouldn't have outright harmed him, I'd bet a few people looked the other way for Mizuki.

>> No.47543151

It is my personal opinion that Danzo(with the other two old bats support). First dumbed down the acadamy curriculum after the war in order to weaken Sarutobi's position (also piling more paperwork onto him so he wouldn't notice all that they were getting away with) then they exacerbated things in order to sabotage Naruto(with Danzo having multiple goals here probably including the acquisition of Naruto for root. I doubt he would have turned down acquiring Sasuke either).

>> No.47543169

Where's my justthatninja.jpeg?
Point, though the argument for collateral is still valid.
Did you just go Eldrad on someone? Don't ever go Eldrad on someone. No one deserves that shit.
That would work within the canon as we understand it.

>> No.47543173

God knows it wasn't that bad. But it was Ignoring him, and talking shit about him when they "thought" he couldn't hear.

I could Buy the Shop-owners spiking their prices for him as well.

Anything else is insanity.

Danzo IS that stupid. "I'll weaken the village so I can take it over, for the good of the village" But I kind of doubt it.

Some collateral? Sure, but it shouldn't be THAT bad.

>> No.47543175

How would a Jumper make one turn away from chaos?

Assuming they're early, and not completely irredeemable.

>> No.47543177

My fellow of Belkan descent.
Demon Lord? More like Screamin' Lord.
Because he screamed like a little girl.
You know, when I killed him.

>> No.47543194

Anon I find that Fanfic writers tend to exaggerate any signs of Abuse. Like the numerous Harry Potter Fanfics that have the Dursleys fucking Branding Harry or some shit.

>> No.47543198

Yeah kinda like Harry Potter, Naruto is canonically shown to be abused and malnurished, but not shown to be nearly murdered on a regular basis(until the actual storyline starts in which case one is a ninja and its in his job description and the other has a megolomaniacal dark wizard who believes harry must die so he can live) Life is hard when you are the chosen one apparently.

>> No.47543201

This ninja school seems to make Hogwarts appear competently managed in comparison.

It's just one Jump to the left...

>> No.47543206

Calmly explain why the Chaos gods are bad for your long term health and how worshiping literally anything else is better. The charisma, oration, and teaching perks will help the message stick.

>> No.47543220


>> No.47543233

Being a Sagebrecht was fun, especially as someone smart enough to know how to leverage it. Meaning, becoming the church's Princess-Pope and using your personal power to help Nanoha and search for lost Belka.

>> No.47543234

>Bugs is Slaanesh
>Daffy is Khorne

>> No.47543240


>> No.47543241

There's also Naruto's attempt at passing the graduation test being his third. How is he still the same age as the other kids?

>> No.47543242

Oh my god, you are right. They do make Dumbles seem competent in comparison(its an illusion though, because Dumbles is fully as bad as if not worse than Sarutobi. However his school has more competent instructors even if they don't seem to remember they have responsibilities beyond instruction like being head of house or whatever.)

>> No.47543258

he tried for early graduation twice.

>> No.47543265

Speaking of Naruto, I have a question for the thread:
Is it wrong that I took the fanfiction drawback for Naruto to go to fics where Naruto/Sasuske/some other character and/or self insert is this self righteous Gary Stu and just slap their shit? Actually, that question applies to any jump where you can go to a fanfic.

>> No.47543268

>It didn't link to the right time.
GOD DAMN IT! 19:54 is the time for the video, for the response I wanted.

>> No.47543277

As in another Jumper of equal or less than Jumps that has begun to backslide down the slippery slope that is the path to Chaos?

If you still have Sailor Moon just let her do the whole cleansing thing she's got going. Generic Magical Girl Jump has some cleansing powers but none greater than Silver Princess nigh brianwashing beams.

The only major outliers for Harry are the Cupboard under the stairs, major neglect, and the one time Petunia tried to brain Harry with a frying pan. Other than that he grew up in a very strict household that prized normalcy.

>> No.47543285

You can try for early Graduation? Then why the fuck didn't Sasuke Try with his obsession about beating Itachi?

If Sasuke did try, why is only Naruto ridiculed for failing the Early Test?

>> No.47543291

That shit pisses me off.
Like, okay, the Dursleys obviously aren't saints. But even in canon, Potter is wayyyyy too much of a snarky, defiant little shit to have been abused that bad

>> No.47543302

>this can only end well
Well it kind of did

>> No.47543307

I think Naruto actually got in early and that his repeated failures had caught up with his age group Don't quote me on that though.

>> No.47543308

Evangelion has one, though I'm not sure if any crazy fanfic would be worth the opportunity cost of turning the canon version of Shinji into a proper happy, well-adjusted person.

>> No.47543314

>Did you just go Eldrad on someone?
To be honest, I use my jokes along with my keikaku powers and Impact Therapy, to nudge people towards being happier and more satisfied with their decisions.
I'm just a total asshole about the way I do it.

Unless they are dumb, like Voldemort. Then they get the full Eldrad, purely for my entertainment. Bwa ha ha!

>> No.47543316

Hogwarts did, at the very least, actually try to teach its students. Not very much of what they taught was relevant to the shit Harry was doing, but it was a decent generalized education.
Hermoine was pretty badass, and her main claim to fame was just "I actually pay attention in school."
They were just absolute shit at keeping their kids alive.

The Ninja School, on the other hand, was basically an extended daycare until they could shove the kids off on some jonin and start going on real, death-defying missions. Shoving toddlers in the deep end style.
Basically, if you weren't part of a clan, you better pray you get someone like Guy who'll take a shine to you.

>> No.47543321

To Be Fair. He doesn't start getting Snarky until like 4th year.
When he has the influence of Sirius.

But yeah, fanfic writers are fucking crazy.

Then why didn't he know Tenten or Rock Lee from the year above him? Shit. Makes. No. Sense.

>> No.47543323

Sasuke may not give a shit about graduating early, he wanted to beat Itachi and graduating early may actually do nothing to further that goal, as where naruto wanted to prove himself to other people and graduate early to try and earn respect.

>> No.47543326

Didn't Dudley and co have a vague 'chasing Harry" game where they harassed him and then bit him up? I think its implied at some point.

>> No.47543340

Didn't hermoine also have a watch that let her fuck with time so she could learn more? Could be thought of as cheating, could be thought of as the most wizard-ish thing a wizard could wizard.

>> No.47543356

Yes. Him and his Friends. It was called "Hunting Harry", because one of the nitwits is intelligent enough for alliteration.

Now, I know Sasuke isn't the brightest bulb around. But even he should realize Early Graduating means Learning Under A Jounin Sooner.

That was for one year, and for two classes she later dropped. Divination and Muggle Studies, which are completely useless.

But she DID buy non-school books and read the shit out of them.

>> No.47543361

In book one its stated that Dudley and his friends routinely chase Harry down and beat the shit out of him/shove his head in the toilet

Also the Dursleys lock him in the closet for like a week at one point

>> No.47543366

Shit man, I'd take it just so the pilots aren't doomed by the setting itself. I mean seriously, it seems like fate in the Eva world conspires to push everyone's shit in, but especially so with the pilots.

>> No.47543369

>graduating early may actually do nothing to further that goal
Graduating the academy and thus opening up the opportunity to learn more than just the basics wouldn't help him with his goal? Been a while but I'm also sure Sasuke was very much annoyed at his classmates, especially the lovestruck ones.

>> No.47543381

Excuse me?

>> No.47543383

Only in third year, and that's because she wanted to take all the extra courses like arithmancy and ancient runes, shit no one cares about.

>Potter is wayyyyy too much of a snarky, defiant little shit
1. He's a Brit,
2. He's got a Dark Lord that keeps trying to kill him, and
3. He's (from his pov) surrounded by incompetents who seem intent on letting the aforementioned Dark Lord do as much damage as possible.

>> No.47543386

Yes. But by all accounts, that's not Dudley being particular abusive towards Harry, but rather him being a fuckstick. See also: him beating up an eight year old when he was fifteen.

>> No.47543394

I'm pretty sure she only got that because she was the only student who both tried to take every fucking class -- which is impossible because some of them are taught at the same time -- and also had the grades necessary to maybe pull that off. Basically she's the star academic prodigy and so she got special considerations.
If one of Draco's henchmen would have tried to take all the classes they probably would have told him to fuck off.

Anyway, it ended up being too much for her and she dropped those classes anyway, returning the watch to the school in the process.

>> No.47543400

>Muggle Studies, which are completely useless

>> No.47543402

Harry Potter Divination is completely useless if you weren't born with "the sight".

>> No.47543408

Yeah, no, I got nothing. Wasn't defending the shoddy timeline anyway. Though I will have to map it out, and shove all the filler and movies in, when I get around to that Jump.

Yep that is a thing.

>> No.47543412

Centaurs are fucking experts at the shit, and they still get no straight answers from anything, ever.

>> No.47543418

True, but IIRC, he'd sneak out at night and steal food from the fridge.
That's NOT the behavior of someone who is routinely beaten to hear death as writers would have you believe.

>> No.47543423

>Arthur Weasley
>Muggle Expert
>Can't fucking pronounce electricity, the basis for all modern muggle civilization for the past 100+ years.


>> No.47543440

Pretty sure it was said that the MS curriculum is hilariously out of date.

>> No.47543443

>>Arthur Weasley
>>Muggle Expert
>>Can't fucking pronounce electricity

>somehow still makes a flying fucking car

>> No.47543452

He took an existing Car and enchanted it. He knows nothing about how it actually works.

>> No.47543459

Arthur is the biggest advertisement of how shit wizards are at understanding muggles. First years could muggleborns would do a much better job at teaching the class.

Because they didn't feed him enough. But I agree, the Dursleys have more in common with Roal Dahlesque villains than with real life abusers. Or the BDSM nazis some fanfics turn them into.

>> No.47543461

Divination in Harry Potter is a rare gift given by basically winning the genetic lottery. It's not even controllable, you just go into a trance and start yelling a prophecy.

The divinations teacher, although an actual seer (which is how she got the job), doesn't KNOW that she can do that -- she has no recollection of the prophecies she gives, or even that she gave one.
So her classes consist of things like reading tea leaves and palms, which have nothing to do with actual divination. You can ace her class by pretending to see dooms and portents in whatever you're reading that day, and she'll totally buy it, because she's an idiot.

So basically it's not a learned skill.

>> No.47543465

The way centaurs are written RE: future sight reminds me greatly of cold-readers and people who give annoyingly vague "prophecies" that can apply to damn near anything.

>> No.47543480

Not that anon, but it IS the behavior of someone who is regularly deprived of an appropriate amount food on the daily.

It's probably a conspiracy to keep the wizardfolk calm.

Can you imagine how bad wizards, pureblood-snobs especially, would freak out if they knew about nukes and shit?

>> No.47543485

I wonder if muggleborns and halfbloods take muggle studies to get an easy A (or O, I guess)?

>> No.47543492

That's basically what it is, but their society is built around it and they buy into their own hype

>> No.47543512

Anyone use the fanfiction drawback to get Naruto adopted by Tsunade? Her mother grandmother was a Uzamaki and a Jinchūriki for Kurama. So that would make Naruto a blood realitive to her's. Plus she could've gotten over Dan's death if she had Naruto, and instilling everything good about Dan into the young boy. Instead of letting him grow up without any parents, and shunned from rest of society.

Also having Sasuke be from a normal loving family, and Itachi being a good brother. So that he wouldn't develop into the jerk he became.

For kicks and giggles, Sakura was the orphaned one. She wasn't wanted by her parents. Karmic justice for a bland character.

>> No.47543517

Only if you're a massive hypocrite or have no sense of irony.

>> No.47543521

>Can you imagine how bad wizards, pureblood-snobs especially, would freak out if they knew about nukes and shit?
I imagine the ones that hear that respond by joking about WE WUZ ASTRONAUTS N SHITZ and then forget about it.

>> No.47543533

A is Acceptable, O would be the best grade yes.
And I would assume they do.

>A conspiracy
The shit is said to be at least a hundred years out of date, 50 Years more than needed to avoid the Nukes.
And you can just not mention the nukes, at all.

>Not using one of the 80 Billion fanfics where he's Tsunade's son instead.

I could see that actually.

>> No.47543544

Why does Hogwarts teach it then? Shouldn't other people be aware that Divination is an in-born skill even if Treliway doesn't?

>> No.47543550

I just take the one where Obito didn't become Tobi. Things usually pan out pretty well.

>> No.47543555

>First years could muggleborns would do a much better job at teaching the class.
You know, given that muggleborns and halfbloods exist, you've got to wonder whether it's just that no one is telling wizards about how muggles work, or if the knowledge is being actively suppressed. I could buy either explanation, honestly.

In my Harry Potter jump, I was a halfblood and decided that my wizard parent would be someone who got fed up and left wizard society, just because we don't see people choosing to live muggle lives in canon.

>> No.47543562

Now pondering the hilarity of doing all that I already plan to do in Naruto, Movies and Filler, as well as taking the Fanfiction drawback and choosing Written in Reverse whilst also being MC-Kun.

>> No.47543563

Because they are idiots. Wizards being complete and utter fucking Morons was established in the first book.

>> No.47543567

I think they take it trying to get an easy O. However, the grading is based on a wizard's understanding of muggles, which throws off the results. Probably aren't doing any better than the rest of the class.

>> No.47543571

I suspect that Dumbles realizes that it's useless to teach, but keeps it around so he has a reason to keep Twe-whatever her name is around.

Either that or he's just as senile as Rita makes him out to be.

>> No.47543573

I imagine it would piss them off more often than not, just do to how wrong and bullshit most of it would be.

>> No.47543592

Dumbledore was going to drop the class but then he heard Trelawney give an actual prophecy, and he decided he'd hire her. I suspect the reason why was something along the lines of he couldn't just hire her as a personal prophet, and instead had a class he could fill with her as a teacher.

>> No.47543598

>Written in Reverse

>> No.47543599

Pretty sure that's exactly what he was banking on.
That she would eventually fart out another prophecy, like an early warning system for wizard!Hitler.
And it kind of worked, actually.

>> No.47543600

It would certainly piss me off
>Evolution is when apes become man.
>ten points from Ravenclaw

>> No.47543604

I think only a couple of people, like McGonagall, are actually firmly sure that it's bullshit, and anyway it's possible you can tangentially learn about occult shit when taught by a competent teacher. Dumbledore kept Trelawney around on the one chance she got another vision, or maybe out of moral obligation after having heard the prophecy from her.

>> No.47543611

Centaurs are stated to know a lot more than they're letting on. Firenze's lessons were probably an attempt to disabuse them of a lot of the notions Trelawney had promoted. Plus centaurs think humans aren't good at it in general and they think it takes ages to learn anything important from the stars so trying to teach kids how to do it in a few years probably does seem a bit ridiculous to him which would probably explain the whole 'you don't know shit' lesson plan.

It's sort of implied in the first book that the centaurs knew Voldermort was going to kill Harry and that's why they were pissed with Firenze when he saved him. Not big on freedom of information or being certain about things though.

>> No.47543613

>Going to drop Divination
>Doesn't fire the FUCKING GHOST who is terrible at teaching History

Fucking. Wizards.

>> No.47543614

Nah, I just went Senju and palled around with Aunt Tsunade.

>> No.47543626

If I recall correctly, Dumbledore gave her the job specifically so that he'd have a seer around. So there was a reason, it just wasn't anything that benefited the students.
If it weren't for her, it likely would have been more like it was when the centaur took over, what's his face, which is basically just cold reading with some mysticism thrown in.

>> No.47543646

It's stated in the books that he only meets her for a courtesy because her grandmother was legit.

Then she makes an actual prophecy about Voldermort that Voldermort doesn't know and he realizes that if she doesn't stay at Hogwarts she's going to get her memories extracted and then murdered.

So he sort of has to hire her even though he knows it's an act the vast majority of the time.

>> No.47543649

The ghost isn't bad at teaching history, the ghost is bad at keeping the class awake. If you can pay attention the class works out much better, like it did for Hermoine. It's just hard to stay awake as a ghost lectures on and on about history in the most bland way possible.

>> No.47543650

To quote the forward...
Once the possibility of chakra migrating through time and space has been accepted, the soul is only a lunging step away. Two legendary lovers escape to the past in order to save themselves, each other, and maybe the world- if there's time. A story of transmigration, yandere tendencies, and far more spiritual incest than Naruto ever signed up for.

So yeah it's the kind of horror show that most people avoid and I personally think would be a decent drawback.

>> No.47543654

>Two legendary lovers escape to the past in order to save themselves, each other, and maybe the world- if there's time. A story of transmigration, yandere tendencies, and far more spiritual incest than Naruto ever signed up for. (Time Travel) (Naru/fem!Sasu) (AU)

Anon, you w0t?

>> No.47543673

Divination is basically always pointless though and Binns is an expert. Just a boring, boring expert.

Plus it's probably hard to fire a ghost.

>> No.47543680

Closest I got was considering taking Clanborn, Senju, and being Tsunade's kid, since she's one of the few surviving Senju and being a direct descendant of the first Hokage gives some justification to me also taking wood release. I'd probably also rule that I'm left by myself in the village a lot, so as not to throw the plot too off the rails.

Not sure if this is acceptable though, I'm unclear as to what we can do with Clanborn.

>> No.47543683

Replace "seer" with "spy" and you get Snape. Then there's Hagrid and Filch, two different flavors of terrible.

How do you even fire a ghost?

Let's be honest, wizard school would be hell for the average pedantic nerd.

>> No.47543688


>> No.47543697

Making the class so boring your students fall asleep, all of them except for the most dedicated ones, IS Bad Teaching.

But it's not like Binns is the only bad teacher.

Being an Expert in a Subject does not make you qualified to Teach it.

Move the class to a different room and hire and actual teacher? Binns will go to the old room and do what he does.

>> No.47543699

You can't fire the ghost, he's part the undead union. Plus he has tenure, more like centure. Not his fault that no one wants to listen to him.

>> No.47543702

Anyone want to take one of the "stay there for decades" challenges, and use your time there to become the Muggle Studies teacher and... Just actually teach them?

Then again, you'd probably get hauled in front of the Wizengamot for a disciplinary hearing.

>> No.47543705

You poor fool. I'll pray for your soul and sanity.

>> No.47543716

As I said it sounds like a decent drawback fanfic, yet was rated highly recommended on a forum I lurked on so I went and read it.

Well I might just do it just to see the Fool, Naruto's Wood/Nature Release Sage Mecha Armor. Yes that's what I think it looks like.

Thank you.

>> No.47543720

Filch isn't even a teacher though.
Hagrid is a fine teacher, he's just really bad at selecting appropriate subject matter. Give him the NEWT class and he should be fine.
Snape is...Snape. I could go into a rant about how much of a faggot he is, but I won't.

>> No.47543722

>undead union

>> No.47543729

Tsunade's like 50 or 60 and was out of the village by the time of the Nine Tails attack IIRC. I guess it's possible for you to be her kid if you take an older age and say she got knocked up by Dan before he died or something.

>> No.47543737

>Wealthy Pureblood for my Origin
>Getting hauled in front of the Wizengamot for anything

>he's just really bad at selecting appropriate subject matter.
That IS bad teaching. It's something he can learn to be better at yes, but it is bad teaching.

>> No.47543748

>Wood/Nature Release Sage Mecha Armor
That sounds cool. So why do I get the feeling it's going to be disappointing...

>> No.47543750

Minato being her kid is far more believable.

>> No.47543751

The only issue with becoming the muggle studies teacher is that you're starting from less than zero.

>> No.47543752

Ironically, things would probably have turned out better had he been gay.

>> No.47543755

>Implying Tsunade didn't sell herself just to pay one of her many many many debts
>Just like my Doujins

>> No.47543760

Just chalk it up to Chakra manipulation that makes her appear young, actually gives her a young person's reproductive organs.

>> No.47543770

Why do you say that?

>> No.47543775

>Being an Expert in a Subject does not make you qualified to Teach it.

I just can't take you seriously if you're going to impersonate Tera. Depending on the nature of the qualification that's not true, it might not make you good at it but it can be enough to qualify you potentially.

>> No.47543781

I doubt she is that desperate considering she is one of the sannin.

>> No.47543798

Anon is being a dumbass fetishist, just don't reply.

>> No.47543806

Dude what? Teaching is a specific skill. You need to be both an Expert on the subject, and Capable of Teaching to Teach something.

Do you REALLY think Teaching isn't a specific skill?

>> No.47543823

But that would only mean that his hateboner is replaced with an actual boner.

And that just isn't cricket.

>> No.47543831

Well, her wiki page says she was 51 in part I, which means she would have been about 40 if her kid would be the same age as everyone else, and google says the average age for the onset of menopause if 48-55, so her having a kid in that timeframe is technically possible.

>> No.47543846 [SPOILER] 

I fixed your gif.

>> No.47543882

Eh, its only got 10 chapters to its name but it was a decent read all said. Nothing groundbreaking aside from kicking around some plot bunnies in the form of the reincarnation cycle being fucked beyond all recognition and apparently a hidden AU in the first timeline that winds up with Kakashi dying to some Stone Ninja. It's got the elements of either a good plot or a fucking horrid clusterfuck, but has yet to play out fully.
Age lines up with her being around her really late teens to her early twenties, a point where accidental pregnancies are common. It would also coincide with the time she spent with her confirmed lover, Dan, so you wouldn't even have the whole 'whose the father' scenario. The only sticking point is the fact that Minato is a confirmed orphan and thus why I can't get behind it. It is, however, still much more likely than Naruto being Tsunade's son.

>> No.47543884

Who was your dad? Jiraya?

>> No.47543909

Have you been to university?

You can be considered qualified to teach without having done a teaching course. Being an expert is enough to earn a qualification in teaching something in certain circumstances (i.e. most lecturers).

As I said it might not be enough to make you good at teaching but it can at least qualify you to do so.

>> No.47543929

Justice is using 'qualified' to mean 'skilled; talented at', and you know it. Stop being an autist.

>> No.47543931

I honestly did not think it out that far, this is very much an early "this could be interesting" thing. I guess him being the father might work though, it could lead to an interesting family dynamic.

I'm actually not very familiar with Naruto, so I'm working off of guesses and half-remembered details of the little I have read.

>> No.47543954

That would still leave the problem of the father. She had it hard for Dan and was drinking herself to death because of him. The only reason she stopped was because Naruto reminded her of his little brother. It could have been a drunken one night thing I guess (though I feel like Shizune would've stopped her).

It's pretty much fanfic at this point so really whatever anon wants to happen does for his jump.

>> No.47543960

Fine, since you really feel like arguing semantics.

Until a person has proven they have the capability to teach. That is to say, imparting the knowledge in a way the student can understand it, choosing a curriculum appropriate for their level of understanding, keeping the class interesting enough to not bore them, and more besides depending on the specific subject. Until they have proven they are capable of that, they should not be considered Qualified to teach.

Thank you.

>> No.47543968

>Snape is...Snape.
Heh, I was a rich pureblood Slytherin who didn't like Potter and had out of jump genius perks. As far as I was concerned he was the best teacher ever. I got all the favoritism for being his personal Hermione and showing up Gryffindor.

Don't get me wrong he's an asshole, I just made out like bandit.

>> No.47543974

> That IS bad teaching.
True, but you could potentially learn a lot from him just the same. And besides, it's not like the other wizards are very good at age appropriate challenges.

Sure, let's use a fucking dragon in the tournament. That's acceptable. Why would anyone have a problem with that?

As messed up as it is to say, Hagrid never used things that could outright murder a kid on a whim, either. He never took the class on a field trip to meet his spider pals.
At worst you were looking at a possible maiming, and god knows none of the teachers gave a damn if that happened.

Honestly, I'd rather have a teacher like Hagrid than Trelawney or any of the shit Umbridge would have had.

>> No.47543991

At least Dumbledore knows that Binns isn't a Death Eater in disguise. More than he can say for everyone else.

>> No.47544000

sasuke got in to the acadamy at a later age than Itachi graduated if I recall correctly. Better to guaranteed finish than try and finish early when there is no way to win.

>> No.47544012

I 100% signed up for Hagrid's classes. Danger is my middle name.

>> No.47544013

No Mad Jack's Squig Shack? Dissapointing.

>> No.47544014

To use my own example. Snape is not qualified to teach.

He puts the instructions of the board, and doesn't explain anything else. He simply berates students if they fuck up.

He does not explain WHY string Clockwise or Counter-clockwise is important, or how the Ingredients interact. Something he is fully aware of if he was capable of improving Potions at 16 years old.

He is most certainly a Master of the art of Potion-making. But he should not be allowed to be a teacher.

True, Hagrid has excuses. And he can LEARN how to do better, he even makes the effort to do so. But he wasn't a good teacher, especially when he started.

>Not a death eater in disguise
>Hires actual death eater who would willingly have a child killed so he could fuck the mother
>Hires a Death Eater pretending to be a friend he's had for decades, doesn't notice the act.

>> No.47544029

Well the difference with Snape is that he KNOWS how he should teach. He just doesn't care, because he's an asshole.

>> No.47544053

But but muh spying!

>> No.47544061

Heh, Dumbledore is uniquely qualified that love and the Dark Side can fuck you over, maybe he saw a bit of himself in Snape.

>> No.47544066

CleanupAnon here, Kung Fury jump is almost finished. Will probably start layout tomorrow, after finishing up the last Drawback, writing the Intro, and maybe some more fluff.

So, here's the latest WIP, any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. In particular, more Drawback ideas would be nice. Kinda running dry on those.

Also, someone mentioned that the Cop 800cp capstone seemed weak compared to the others. Not sure if I should buff it, and how?


>> No.47544075

>He does not explain WHY string Clockwise or Counter-clockwise is important, or how the Ingredients interact.
To be fair, it doesn't seem like any professor actually teaches theory (I think McGonnagal mentions a few laws of Transfiguration once, but that's it). They teach you how to do magic, not how to understand magic. Which when you think about it, explains a lot about the society of Magical Britain.

>> No.47544097

Depending on how much you can change things, it could be interesting to unapologetically go to the most extreme end and delay or eliminate Dan's death. You'd throw the plot off the rails, but hey, that's what the fanfic drawback is for.

>> No.47544127

And society in the whole magical world. Dumbledore (a man from Magical Britain) was made head of the Wizard UN. Let that sink in.

The other countries are like Magical Britain but they don't even have a Dumbledore. Or a Voldermort.

>> No.47544147

>And society in the whole magical world. Dumbledore (a man from Magical Britain) was made head of the Wizard UN. Let that sink in.
How many fucking jobs does the guy have?

>> No.47544155

Daily reminder that American wizards are even more racist against Muggles than bong wizards are.

>> No.47544172

Three and one secret organisation.

>> No.47544173

All of them. All of the important positions, with the single exception of Minister of Magic.

>> No.47544177

So. With the kid making the Generic Dungeon Builder jump, a few questions for you:

-What're you theming your Dungeon after?
-What kind of monsters and bosses are you planning on designing?
-Environmental hazards?

>> No.47544182

Well, they have to share a country with American muggles.

>> No.47544191

Yeah because he worries the power would go tho his head...

>> No.47544195

You know it! I loved Hagrid.
He was always my favorite character, and I feel like you could learn a lot of stuff from him.

> tfw Dark Prophecy
> tfw Hagrid is extremely superstitious
It might have been a low blow, but I did play the put upon half-blood card.

> "Hagrid...? Are people ever mean to you about something you can't control...?"
He got REALLY protective after that.
Although he did also keep trying to impress upon me that I could be a good person if I tried, don't listen to what anyone says, yer a good person Konnie, and he was sure Dumbledore would agree.
It was actually kindof nice.
I love Hagrid.

>> No.47544202

I wouldn't call "no contact EVER" a good thing ever.

>> No.47544203

Yeah, but our favorite sport is Explosion-Ball, so your argument is invalid.

>> No.47544217

193. Binbougami ga
Origin: Priest, Age: 18
Perks: Hard to Say, Words Can't Say It (-200), All For You (-300), Temple of Thought (-300)
Items: Prayer Beads, Changing Ring (-100)
When We Stand Together (-200)
Drawbacks: Tiny (+100)

Chimmy: Drop-In, Eye of the Tiger, Known Survivor (-300)
Falco: Priest, Hard to Say, All For You (-300)
Roberta: Student, No Mountain High, Gettin' To You (-300)
Ko'el: Butler, Looking to the Sky, Signs of Life (-100), Make My Way Back Home (-200)
SoB: Student, No Mountain High, Gettin' To You (-300)
Asriel: Butler, Looking to the Sky, Learn to Fly High (-300)
Isaac: Drop-In, Eye of the Tiger, Temple of Thought (-300)
Toby: Student, No Mountain High, Gettin' to You (-300)

>Chimmy is the Rogue of Light
>Literally steals fortune and distributes it to the rest of the group

We were already the luckiest sons of bitches in all the universes, but now that translates to real power. If we can steal some, that is. We probably want targets that have an unfair amount of it already, though. Especially ones that are overconfident because of their fortunes.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just try to communicate with the gods, and help the people. Maybe see what's up with this world and if I can help with anything important. They seem like they could use some piety, so a great religious revival is now in order, I feel. I don't know what's going on, but it doesn't seem like I'll die.

>> No.47544222


>> No.47544241

Wizarding retardation at work. If he'd just own up to practically ruling the country already, it'd probably go better.

>> No.47544243

Yeah, anyone with that drawback can probably win Hagrid over just by being nice and interested in what he says. Which isn't hard when the guy will ramble about taking care of magical monsters if he's given an excuse.

>> No.47544256

Just don't eat any of his food.

>> No.47544257

I'm pretty sure his position is ceremonial, it never seems to give him any real resources to draw on. I mean, Ban Ki-moon doesn't have that much power as Secretary-General of the UN, why would Dumbledore as the Supreme Mugwump of the ICW?

>> No.47544262

Hey digger so a couple more questions 1. Is a set of 40 paragon research generators feeding into the universal adapter from stormhawks Quantum linked to a belt a reasonable power source for a driver to run on? 2. How bad an idea is it to give said belt to Akiko, because if she is going to be involved in this lifestyle she should have some way to protect herself.
3. As above but for Watcherman, Santa, Queen and Elizabeth.

>> No.47544287

Fucking Quirrell managed to fool him.

But then the series wouldn't have that superficial anti-establishment flavor.

>> No.47544324

Also, before I forget.

Thanks, Red, for all the amazing jumps.

>> No.47544335

Wait, does that even work? I don't ascribe to the dancing monkey setup but I always assumed that time you spend in the Warehouse simply doesn't count towards your ten years in a Jump, because that time is not being spent in the fucking Jump.

>> No.47544360

>tfw am at 1000+ lines in Pastebin
>and haven't even touched on bosses, and regular monsters & traps are only about halfway done

I'll let you know when I'm finished.

>> No.47544397

Build a sand castle.

Cry when the water inevitably washes it away.

>> No.47544406

Does the Crotchshot pistol work on things without a concept of pain? Because if so, I just found my new favorite way to say "fuck you" to a certain trio of barmaids and their boss.

>> No.47544417

Slaying marauding monsters for absolutely free.

>> No.47544438

I'm gonna say yes. It's pretty much written to do shit like that.

Also, I have no idea who you mean. Care to enlighten me?

>> No.47544455

Your warehouse may be in an extradimensional space but you're still opening it in a jump. It shouldn't have much of an effect on your adventures anyway - unless you write things down to the very second. A few minutes or hours or even days in the warehouse doing whatever is just a tiny drop in 10 years.

>> No.47544522

Don't encourage her. Let her leave with the rest of her limit-happy jumps.

>> No.47544543

Basically, I'm going to shoot the Drinkbringers in the dick. Except for Ziz, who doesn't have a dick, so I'll shoot her in the ovaries.

>> No.47544553

You know the drill, even if some of you prefer not to listen:

Ignore the troll.

>> No.47544558

Maybe if you were opening it within the context of a jump, but by its very nature the warehouse exists outside of the jump continuum. There's no other way for it to remain constant between jumps outside of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey handwavium.

Yeah, under conventional use the time spent inside is inconsequential, but running out the clock outside the Jump is foul play.

(Running out the clock INSIDE the Jump is just fine. I told KLK to fuck off and spent the next ten years stargazing from a Starfleet shuttle.)

>> No.47544577

Fix the problems that drive folks to Chaos in the first place.

You know, by fixing the Imperium.

What I wanna know is how you help someone who was born and raised in a Chaos cult.

>> No.47544598

Ah, of course. Carry on the good fight then, Anon.

>> No.47544609

Apply googly eyes to everything they worship until they can't take it seriously anymore.

>> No.47544620

Move them with their auntie and uncle in Bel-Air.

>> No.47544626

Wait, what? I still don't get who you mean?

>> No.47544630

Have you considered just not responding to him at all? He doesn't have to get a (you) to get his jollies.

>> No.47544651


>> No.47544678

Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden

Proto Neo New York
B Baller
It's Time to Slam Jam
PhD in B-Ball
Take it Into Overtime 300
Chaos Dunk 1100
Al Bhed 1000

Didn't know this was a thing. Also the jump gets the title wrong which is pretty much the first thing you shouldn't do. Still rest of it is pretty funny.

It's Time to Slam Jam gets me a remixed version of the Space Jam themetune that I can play at will so... yeah.

PhD in B-Ball does something. Guessing makes me good at B-Ball which in this setting I can't say I fully understand.

Take it Into Overtime makes me stronger, faster and more enduring when I have a minute left to do something. Circumstantially very useful and the boosts are written as pretty substantial.

Chaos Dunk is... I'm not entirely sure I can justify spending 800 CP on this but sometimes you just have to obliterate everything in a physical and metaphysical sense within a several mile wild radius with a basketball.

Drawback means I can't read without finding 26 things. May or may not bother depending on how inconvenient this proves to be. I figure this isn't a setting that's big on reading.

>> No.47544692

Ooooooooh. That makes much more sense. Kinda. Why are they barmaids?

>> No.47544744

Because of the old "Worm drinking game" meme, I'm guessing. Whenever they show up you take a shot.

>> No.47544774

Okay then. Sorry about asking about it so much

>> No.47544848

I fully approve of this course of action.
Please carry on.

>> No.47545043

So... there's no Metal Wolf Chaos jump? No one's secretly making one?

>> No.47545060

So, on another note.

What are you supposed to do in a world without monsters, demons, and villains to fight if you only really feel alive on the battlefield?

Pic unrelated.

>> No.47545065

>Along with the canceled NBC show Constantine, this television network adaptation of the DC fictional universe is dubbed 'Arrowverse'.

Woah. Didn't realise the Arrowverse was that horrible. No, I don't mean the quality of the canceled show, I never saw it, I mean what it generally implies for the cosmology of the Arrowverse if it was even vaguely like the comics. Because some seriously awful shit went down in the comics.

>> No.47545072

Not as far as I know.

Are you offering?

>> No.47545078

Fill the void in your sorry existence with booze and sex?

>> No.47545086


>> No.47545089

I pretty much have to. It can't not exist.

>> No.47545111

Do what I did on Commorragh
Burn that shit to the fucking ground

>> No.47545120

This is the only course of action in such situations

>> No.47545124

Clone yourself, and start a battle royale between you and all your clones?

>> No.47545128

Wait, shit. I misread. I thought you aid "with only" instead of "without"

I misread some times. Because I am a dumbass

>> No.47545135

...didn't the guy say "without" monsters, demons, or villains?

Why are you encouraging the razing of innocent worlds?

>> No.47545140

And the winner will be the new him?

>> No.47545144

We know that, but we love you anyway

>> No.47545152

Er, on the last part of that combo, the perk If It Bleeds requires a fair fight, up close and personal. Familicide is pretty much the opposite of that.

>> No.47545157

But of course. And then it probably starts all over again.

>> No.47545176

Because it's in the name of JUSTICE!

>> No.47545186

Then let it be known from this point onward: The METAL GEAR CHAOS SETTING IS CLAIMED AS A JUMP.

He could also do what I did after Light of Terra and spend dozens of years with highly paid therapists that earn their money via humoring the strange superhero in their lives, until he made peace with the fact that his life will be everchanging and he needs to be adaptable to all sorts of situations, mentally speaking.

But booze and sex sounds like the more reliable option. No one likes needing a therapist.

>> No.47545212

He could swap it out for Blessing of Strahvs from Banner Saga, that does the same thing without a need for a fair fight.

>> No.47545297

No man is innocent.

>> No.47545340

Oh don't start this shit again.

>> No.47545368

Inquisition please go and stay go.

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