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Which size do you think suits elves the most?

Taller than humans?
As tall as humans?
Smaller than humans?
Depends on the sub-race?

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Smug elves: as tall or taller on average than humans
Cute elves: as tall or shorter than humans on average

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I prefer taller

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A full head shorter than humans.
Rather than elves being short, humans are just tall. Humans are supposed to be scary, so they have to be big to be intimidating

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this, i always liked the idea.

elves get agility
dwarfs get endurance
humans are basically the giants
halflings, impossible to track

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>Humans are supposed to be scary
First time I hear that.

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Somewhat taller. About as tall as taller than average man; notably enough to stand out but not particularly unusual looking. Although elves have less sexual dimorphism when it comes to size and strenght (both male and female elves are tall but lightly built), so female elves would seem extremely tall compared to average woman.

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I think of them as taller, usually.
But I prefer them to be shorter.

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noticeably shorter children, slightly taller adults plus another centimeter due to ears[

The sub-races that are REALLY tall would be absolute stick people, closer to those crazy aliens in XCOM than humans.

A midget elf would just look like a smaller scale human without a midget's blockier proportion.

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I like mine exotic in both mindset and social structure.

YFW you realize an elven curve blade is just a katana.

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>blade so flexible it gets a +2 circumstance bonus on CMD

This is the exact opposite of a katana.

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True, but I'm still thinking that was the designer intent.

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Slightly shorter, but I am okay with scary tall uncanny valley elves.

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I like them being the same height, just more slender and delicate than the average human.

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I like to hear anons homebrew elves, but I'm often disappointed that they spend so much time explaining their origins, where they live or how they look, but not how it is to talk with those elves, if they communicate in a different, or if they have a strange kind of humor. If their long lifespan changes their psychology and way of thinking. And of course if they have a different kind of society, please not just a 'kingdom' that only has some kind of monarch while the rest is strangely egalitarian.

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taller and thinner

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Same here. I enjoyed Raymond Feist's elves from The Riftwar Saga, especially his take on the differences btween Drk Elves and the Light Elves (i.e. almost none outside of hair color and minor complexion differences). All elves were bred by the Dragonlords to serve - the light elves their gardeners and caretakers of the forests, the dark elves as beautiful pleasure slaves and house servants. the dark elves wanted their masters back, while the light elves feared them.

The elves in my settings tend to be literal communists, with an anarchist bent yet having a certain sense of duty towards one another and their communities. The few cities they have have been built over generations, and are maintained by those who choose to live their as part of the self-given responsibilities. Children are raised in creches, and taught by those who wish to teach, and develop slowly. Most community-leaning elves tend to be middle aged, while adventurers tend to be youthful or old, and the oldest elves become exceedingly strange, almost fey or acting like genius loci in outlook and mentality.

Being a half elf in my sitting is very difficult and often requires a human parent to raise them (being raised among elves can be very strange and somewhat traumatic to half-elves).

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I think it does depend on the subrace. I'd say itshould be as follows:

>High elves
Taller than humans, slender

>Wood elves
Shorter, more nimble, toned

>Brown elves
Taller, muscular, fetish bait

"Mutt" elves (a mixture of high and wood) should be around the same size as humans and of comparable build.

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>Which size do you think suits elves the most?

Almost as short as Dwarves- perhaps only being marginally taller than them if at all.

Elves get taller the closer they get to the sky:
-Elves that live on the moon (high elves) are the lankiest, longest, tallest and most terrifying. They have transcended the sky.
-Elves that live in the woods and jungles are the in-between shortest, brownest, and not quite tallest.
-Elves that live underground with the dwarves are the shortest, thick-thighiest, purplest and red-eyeist. They have abandoned the sky.

All Elves are cute.
All Elves are very difficult to discern which is male or female- even if they are naked.
All Elves bake cookies because they love sweets.

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Elves are supposed to be majestic, ethereal magical fey beings that are intimidating by their mere presence.
Being some short fucker won't do.

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You sicken me.

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If those are horrible fetishes, then you need to leave /tg/, quickly.

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>All Elves are very difficult to discern which is male or female- even if they are naked

This is fucking stupid and you should feel bad about it.

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>a lack of sexual dimorphism is bad

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When I have D&D/Tolkien/generic-pot-boiler-fantasy style elves, it's pretty much always depends on sub-race. For my own amusement, there's also a notch around human average height too. Tribes come in average taller than human or average shorter than human, never the same average height.

And of course, they're always slight of build.

My favorite twist in an attempt at uniqueness for elves is that the "tribal" features are not genetic. "Forest elves" look the way they do (brown skin, long and pointed ears, shorter) because they live in the forest. If one decided to, say move to a human city, over the next 5-20 years their ears would change shape, their skin and hair lose color, and they'd be a "high elf". (These are human/common words for them of course, a close elvish translation would be wanderer and silver tribes respectively. "Tribe" also isn't correct, but there's simply no comparable Common word. Cultivar might almost be correct, now that I think of it though.)

Another weird aspect to elves is that elven language changes only a little more slowly than human ones do. But it's the same changes, to the same language, everywhere in the world. (This does make it a fairly useful trade and academic language, but humans usually dominate local international trade, and so a human language ends up being the lingua fracas on that scale. And there's something about the elven language, just like the elven religion, that's slightly uncomfortable to the minds of the likes of humans or dwarves.)

Elves originally came from the Other Lands. The primal, mythological spirit plane that came before the prime material. One tribe is the group that moved back to there, currently called First Elves, though most elven scholars acknowledge that they're nearly certainly reimmigrants.

I feel like a fool that my moon elves only worship the moon, never live on it. Rectifying immediately.

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Because this is a commonly applied fetish born from the elves are gay and feminine meme. There's nothing wrong with the idea on paper but what this usually means in practice is the females being obviously female and the males being ultra femboys or traps. It's why most are wary of hermaphrodites. Instead of being a truly confusing blend of male and female with maybe one boob it's just an attractive girl with a /d/ick grafted on.

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It just confuses people.

I'm a fan of excluding it but it's to allow ladies to become Huge instead of making lady boys. With weaker folks just looking like normal humans.

I wonder why I never get accused of magical realming when mentioning this when other folks get the accusation for doing the opposite.

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I like that idea.

I had a similar one back when I tried to homebrew a fantasy setting. The basic gist with Elves was that they take after the traits of the region they live in, because they are intrinsically bound to the elemental magics of the land and nature that surround them. Thus, Elves living in the woods would eventually become more and more like the woods themselves, turning into dryads as they age, whereas Elves in the mountains would slowly become hard in both mentality, as well as body, the oldest among them being basically living stone statues. In fact, the Elves living in the mountains were the Dwarf equivalents of the idea I had.

The most "traditional" elves were the ones who lived within the proximity of humans civilizations, as the nature of humans and cities etc influenced the Elves, causing them to resemble humans a bit more, instead of the near feral, magical beings their "wild" counterparts are.

Because of that, while the Elves are extremely long lived, and ancient beings beyond the scale of mankind's understanding, who basically live and breathe magic, Elven civilization, is actually about the age of Human civilization. The Elves are very slow to actively change themselves, as instead they are changed by their environment.

Some may migrate from region to region, following enigmatic patterns and cycles only they understand, that can last for hundreds of human generations, and change according to the land and nature, but their fundamental magical nature remains the same.

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Short enough so my Half-Orc can clock in them in the face. Fuck elves.

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Because reverse traps and cuntmen are nowhere near as popular.

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Did you mean, "First time I have heard that?" Because you wrote 1/2 a sentence.
And humans are warlike compared to a lot of races in many settings, and the successor race that will replace the elder races in many more.

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I saw a thread on that on /aco/. Shit's creepy.

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>never seen Buck Angel

How do you browse 4chan and still remain so sheltered?

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High Elves = Taller
> 5'5"-6'5"
Dark Elves = Equal height
Wood Elves = Shorter
> 4'5"-5'5"

-in the context of Medieval height averages

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By avoiding and hiding threads that such things may appear in, assuming this Buck Angel even appears on /tg/. Also I avoid /d/ completely.

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Dude, stop hating on the cookies.

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You guys know this adaptive morphology is part of the fluff in Pathfinder elves, right?

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I wouldn't be surprised that they already know it's a part of Pathfinder, they just want people to think they're original.

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Smaller than human
unless high elves, then taller than humans

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I like subraces, but when thinking about elves I go with the tall and slim archetype, the small type I associate more with other fey beings

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Small enough to live in trees or at largest comparable to Dwarfs who are also only as tall as a man's knee.

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I used to like the shorties but the tall ones really grew on me

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>never seen Buck Angel
Well this is literally the first time I heard about this guy, but now I'm going to correct this error.

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I like taller. Any place between Altmer and Athasian elf is good. I can go as tall as 8 or more feet if we are talking high fae elves.

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Shoo back to pol

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How is that /pol/ related? I though you lot were talking about a man with a bagina.

You should tell him to go back to /d/.

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Elves should be treated as Aliens.

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"Man with abagina" is /d/.
Irresistible urge to shitpost that picrelated is not a man because he has a bagina is /pol/.

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I was unaware of that. I don't know anything about pathfinder.

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Calling a spade a spade isn't /pol/, keep your delusions in /lgbt/ please.

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> Elves' bodies slowly change over time, taking on a physical representation of their mental and spiritual states, and those who dwell in a region for a long period of time find themselves physically adapting to match their surroundings, most noticeably taking on coloration that reflects the local environment.

Core book.

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Ohhh, ok.

I thought Buck Angel was fictional.

Sorry for the mix-up.

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But she isn't, she just roleplays one very well.

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no that's your posting, she's not xy she's not a guy

>> No.47522121

Well, he did pick a name that's more fitting of a porn screen name rather a regular life name.

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High Elves are tall and sleek. Etherial and slightly off-putting simply because their features are the most perfect and 'elven'. They're straddling the uncanny valley area in terms of fuckability.

Wood Elves are about our height and generally have the most human proportions. They're a lot more wild and instinct driven however, and despite the elven beauty I like to think of them as 'wood orcs'. They're a great lay, but nothing to take home to the family.

'Dark Elves' are the short ones. However they've changed from their lighter skinned cousins it left a mark, and they rarely get to be as tall as humans. Their societies are rather close knit however, and despite some backwards social practices they're the easiest to get along with. Either get a milf or be satisfied with people thinking you're a pedophile.

I like this 'humans are tall and scary' idea if only because it makes us more like orcs or goblins in the eyes of other races. We're civilized and can make peace, but we breed like rabbits and expand so fast we can win wars with our numbers.

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Oh, ok.

My main inspiration for the idea came from Finnish folk lore, where Elves are akin to elemental spirits that possess the traits of whatever the thing they inhabit has. Like elves of fire being hot to touch, and constantly angry for example.

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Pathfinder probably drew on the same inspiration.

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In every way that matters, He's guy.

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I prefer shorter, but I am okay with tall elves. It depends on the setting too.

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The only problem I have with this is that we humans have A LOT of endurance. I'd do this:

>elves have agility
>dwarfs get intelligence
>humans get endurance/charisma
>halflings get wisdom, luck, hard to track...
>orcs & half-orcs get strength

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Female elves when eating to much as in getting fat. End looking like a busty Russian girl.

Picture related.

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Leave this place phone poster. You posted this once and it's still stupid.

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slightly taller.

Females have bloated breasts and wide hips

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tiny elfs!
cute elfs!
Useless elfs!

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Humans aren't warlike. Orcs are warlike. Hobgoblins are warlike.

Humans are explorers, inventors and builders.

Why are you faggots trying to turn humans into some evil race bent on world domination.

This isn't queerhammer 40gay.

>> No.47523247

The spirit of HFY still lingers on...

>> No.47523267

>Did you mean, "First time I have heard that?" Because you wrote 1/2 a sentence.
Or the reason why I hate English.

>> No.47523338

Significantly taller or shorter than humans. Either is fine I just like the them to be visually distinct.

>> No.47523829

>read: human + 1

>> No.47523899

>ethereal magical fey beings
>human + 1

>> No.47523913

>Useless elfs!
I think you made a gaff here friendo, you typed the same thing twice

>> No.47523931

backin the days of AD&D and 2nd Edition D&D, "+1" translated to to "doesn't wear down, unbreakable by mundane means" so it's pretty accurate

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Not big on elves in general, but here's what I think:

-High Elves are a bit taller than humans, but are slender throughout their body and are a bit lanky, their hands reaching slightly past their knees.
-Dark Elves or Drow are about as tall as humans, but again, they're skinnier and more lanky, though not as much as High Elves. Females have slightly bigger breasts than other Elves because Magical Realm.
-Wood Elves are shorter than Dark Elves and Humans by a foot or less, and are slender but only slightly lanky. From the waist down, Wood Elves tend to be a bit chubbier because Magical Realm.

>> No.47525366

In muh settan, high elves are about the same size, wood elves are taller, drow are shorter.

>> No.47525390

"First time I have heard that" is just as much a half sentence as "First time I hear that"

>> No.47526256

>Breed like rabbits
>Prone to violence
>easily abuse resources of the world
>tamper with foul magics
>steals other races women for fetish fuel
>conquers all lands
>shit taste in food and drink
humans are the true villains

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It's more like a no-dachi than a katana, since it requires two hands to use. Actual katanas also only do d8 instead of d10 damage. And neither of them are better than greatswords.

>> No.47526452

I'd assume the other hairless bipedal critters with opposable thumbs would be about as capable of endurance running and dexterity as humans.

But I suppose you could invent some sort of evolutionary past to justify it:

Elves are much closer to monkeys than great apes or even true hominids, only recently have come down from the trees of the forests and jungles they inhabit. They still do build homes in trees and are quite the skilled acrobats.

Dwarves are near-troglodytes. They developed acute senses, great memories and spatial reasoning to make way in the darkness of their underground worlds.

Orcs are horribly mutated humans, with broader frames and greater muscle mass. Their growth is explosive but unbalanced: they appear malformed and don't have shorter life expectancy. Still, they are strong and intimidating enough that they can extort and raid other races for what they need. They are more familiar with pain and death than most, and thus make great warriors.

>> No.47526475

>and don't have shorter life expectancy
do have

>> No.47526495

As much as I hate puck's role as comic relief, you can't deny that he's actually really useful. For a start, helping guts out of that black swordsman sump and teaching him the virtue of other people, and on the less gay side, his elf dust shit is the only thing keeping guts alive.

>> No.47526618

For my setting humans are pretty insignificant in the grand scale of things due to their short lifespans and constant fighting among each other

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>with opposable thumbs

>> No.47526732

Shorter. Makes them more adorable even when they're haughty.

>> No.47526783


Since Elves (as well as Orcs) have their foundation in human physiology they are nearly comparable save for the built in differences such as the Orcs greater level of endurance, pain tolerance and overall upper levels of strength while Elves have more keen senses of touch and hearing as well as not having to sleep (when they rest, the two sides of their brains go into rest mode allowing them to stay alert)

>> No.47526820

Elves were created by wizards to be the perfect sex slaves, so they should be shorter than humans.

>> No.47526830

Shorter than humans
Taller than dwarves
Females average 5'0-5'4 (152-162cm)
Males average 5'2-5'6 (157-167cm)
As for sub-races the only difference is thickness. All are thinner than humans on average but High Elves are thinner than Wild Elves which are thinner than Dark Elves.

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I prefer High Elves to be super lithe, but also taller. Basically stick figures.

Wood Elves should be shorter, with Drow being between the two.

>> No.47527146

What about cute smug elves?

>> No.47527162

Put a bullet in your brain.

>> No.47527219

Not him, but it just doesn't make much sense.

Even in Elves are fairly androgynous, if they interact with outside cultures, they should probably pick up on the idea of letting other races discern their gender by dressing appropriately rather than inviting misunderstandings. And that's assuming they don't have their own cultural expectations about how men and women should act/dress.

While naked is even dumber, because at that point you have complete access to any reproductive organs. It goes to far for the silly idea of 'lol elves are all girly'

If you want elves to be feminine looking that's fine, but they really should distinguish themselves from one another in some way.

>> No.47527258

I like them 12' shorter than humans

>> No.47527275


I'm so sick and tired of you fetish faggots ruining my hobby.

Please kill yourselves you fucking degenerate virgin autists. Go jack off to your brain rotting hentai and GTFO my /tg/

>> No.47527323

You like your elves negative height?

>> No.47527405 [SPOILER] 
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I like them 6 feet under

>> No.47527499

>Armies of Drow are massing a mere 6' underground

How terrifying

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File: 1.40 MB, 776x1097, 1439874492828.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A short smug is inherently cute, anime has built an industry on this.
A tall cute is a bit of a grey area though.

>> No.47527564

>sex doesn't matter

>> No.47527580

I don't understand what you're trying to say.

>> No.47527760

That's fine. I don't think he did either

>> No.47527786

Tall, muscular and chocolate.

>> No.47527813

I like my Elves how I like my women.

Big titties

>> No.47528464

Height doesn't matter as long as she has fat cow tits. Each boob needs to be somewhere between the size if an average human's to the size of an average human.

>> No.47528490

Should read between the size of an average human's head to the size...

>> No.47528522

Nah man, the original is way more hilarious

>> No.47528574

Okay, what setting?

>> No.47528627

Unless, you know, they don't reproduce the same way. Just a thought.

>> No.47528631

>wanted to do a joke
>state that I like elves short
>with pic of elf amputee
>Google search comes up empty

Dear god someone help me out

>> No.47528903

In which case calling them 'male' or 'female' is pointless if they're all plants or whatever.

If you want to make Elves an androgynous mono-gender race that reproduces by budding, go for it, but as soon as you call them male or female I'd expect some identifiable traits to distinguish the two.

>> No.47532109


Go away, virt.

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