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spoilers are all out now so let's have one final thread for discussion.


previous thread

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OP is a crybaby edition

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Holy shit they printed that at rare?! Some player might even draft two or three of them. This should be mythic at least although it would probably be better not to print it at all.

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> lightning bolt
> rare

What the fuck.

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Relax anon. It's fake.

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>Oricish Oriflamme
>strictly better version printed in origins

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It'll be bumped to rare for Eternal Masters II. Chain Lightning will be mythic.

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see >>47473879

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I know we got a couple of bad reprints guys but hot damn some of this artwork is gorgeous.

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There's a lot of good art but the bad reprints and changing of flavor text and the rarity upshifts just bother me endlessly

that being said, i'm still probably going to buy a couple packs and cry about the garbage I pull instead of a friend and I splitting a box

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That's not even new artwork though.

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well i'd never seen it before now, it's fucking gorgeous

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But it is better text ink.

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already told u that i fixed the set number dud

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Restocking SCG's supply of expensive, in-demand commons and uncommons: the set.

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This looks like a really fun set to draft. Definitely looking forward to opening some boxes with my draft group.

What looks like the best/most fin archetype to you all? BR aristocrats? UR flashback? What the heck is WB supposed to be, weinies?

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Magic will never again be affordable for competitive play, will it?

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Nope, jew's onto pauper too

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No. No, it really won't.

Just stick to pauper cubes and block sealed.

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I hate this art compared to the old ixidor one, looks like a one of those 3 wolves howling at a moon tier t-shirt arts.

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>Gaming group quit Warhammer a couple years back because it was getting prohibitively expensive
>Started playing MtG instead because "it was cheaper"
>tfw I've probably spent 10 times as much money on pieces of cardboard than I ever did on plastic aliens

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god fucking damnit wizards
you motherfucking jews

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this is why I dropped mtg in favor of warma.

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What card are you talking about?

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Wasn't there one red card a while ago that had an effect like "T: exchange ownership of this card and a card an opponent owns in his or her graveyard. This ownership change is permanent. The opponent may concede the game to counter this effect".

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whats wrong?

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The Chinaman is getting close to virtually undistinguishable counterfeits. Trust in the Chinaman.

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Chinaman is free market.
WotC is communism.

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Yeah, for pre m15 card style.

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I never thought I'd say this but Games Workshop is better than Wotc now

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Nothing printed since the frame change has been worth playing in legacy outside of jace.

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Give them time. Have faith in based chinaman counterfeiter.

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Chinaman will destroy Magic and make the game cheap and available.

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I heard the new Eldrazi are tier 1 in legacy (idk).
And there are and will still be cards printed now and then that see play in modern. Maybe not tier 1, but tier 2/fun.

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Are MtG Counterfeits the new 3D Printers?
>We are getting close, boys!
>It'll make the hobby cheap and affordable!

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To be fair, you only have yourself to blame if you thought a fucking CCG would be cheap.
If you want to play cheap games, play Historicals, LCGs, Boardgames or hunt around manufacturers and build cheap armies from different sources.

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I bought some last year and many are extremely faithful reproductions. I mean, they are 99% indistinguishable from the real thing. Only about 1/4 of my order was comprised of total duds with glaring flaws.

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1/4 is a FOURTH, man.

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>tfw no new Rishadan Ports
>soon 180 tickets on mtgo again

Fucking hell.

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Just play RPGs with free PDFs and the only money you'll spend is the coke and hookers for your group.

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I've played in GPs with counterfeits and gotten deckchecked. They are more prevalent than what most think.

I've played Legacy casually with neckbeard oldfags, and no one noticed my duals.

They are getting pretty good

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Most fakes I've ever seen looked either extremely shitty, or barely passable if your opponent doesn't pay attention and you double sleeve.

>> No.47474843


Well I only paid about $200 for extremely faithful reproductions of cards like the Power 9, 40 Revised dual lands, Top, Jitte, etc., etc.

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>everyone this mad over the spoiled cards

holy fuck, i can pick things up finally.

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Yeah but it could be much much better. We gotta give chinaman more resources,

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>Have 12 Damnations back from when i played Planar Chaos
>Friend for ages has wanted one but refuses to trade his valuable stuff for it
>Spends all week hyping that it will be reprinted

Maybe you'll actually trade that Mox Diamond you're not using you asshat

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Buying it after you've played for a couple of sessions or months and decided wether you like it or not is still nice. Help the people that write that shit stay in business.

Buying RPGs blind is retarded though.

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We are not mad over the value that got spoiled, we are mad about the value that didn't, you idiot.

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How do you know you have not been playing against fakes and not notice them?

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how high are you

>> No.47474951

like what?

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Unless there are some super-secret Darknet sources you need to use a North Korean VPN for to get your children's collectible card counterfeits, I've seen cards from most sources and they are mostly shit.

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There were only a few major issues with a handful of cards. I'll take some pictures for the next proxy thread.

The real standouts were cards like Flusterstorm, Stoneforge, Vampiric Tutor, Exploration, Glimpse of Nature, Crucible of Worlds, True Name Nemesis, Wasteland, City of Traitors among others.

Cards like Liliana of the Veil, Fulminator Mage, Goblin Guide, and Dark Confidant all had major errors with their expansion symbols, power/toughness or font style.

Just trying to be honest here. Some were total duds, most were fucking excellent.

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You are only aware that the fakea you detected were pretty obvious. But there is a chance you have actually played against someone using fakes and you did not spot them. Thus, you might have a misplaced sense of security that "no fakes goes by me"

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You are the kind of moron that I love using fakes against

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If you manage to use fakes online, I'm honestly impressed.

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>liliana of the veil (card worth x1.5 the price of a JtMS, despite only being played in 11% of both modern and legacy decks)
>inqusition of Kozilek (hard to reprint elsewhere and in dire need of a reprint)
>Rishadan port (hugely expensive in both paper and online magic)
>Damnation (it's been needing a reprint since MMA1 and has somehow avoided the list 3 times now)

Just off the top of my head those cards are far more attractive than the likes of rorix bladewing and visara the dreadful.

But because Wizards don't actually care about reprints and only do this as a facade of wanting to make eternal formats affordable we'll have to wait until next time for those, but then they'll be lumped in with stuff like Kamahl pit fighter and blind seer.

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And in doing so, people will pay both for EMA1 and EMA2. Wizards has been playing the long con for years

>> No.47475151


not every magic player considers inquisition of kozilek or rishadan port to be more attractive than rorix bladewing or visara the dreadful

turbo-casuals are a big part of the mtg customer base

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Inqusition of Kozilek couldn't be reprinted for flavor fail.
R&D regrets not reprinting it in MM2, cause they thought they'd do it in BFZ. Source: Maro

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whoops, sorry friend i forgot to save it.

shopfag here, decided to try and ease the pain a bit by downshifting another card for you guys.

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>Inqusition of Kozilek couldn't be reprinted for flavor fail.
>flavor fail in a masters set

What crack have you been smoking?

>not every magic player considers inquisition of kozilek or rishadan port to be more attractive than rorix bladewing or visara the dreadful
>turbo-casuals are a big part of the mtg customer base

Turbo casuals aren't going to buy a $14 booster pack though are they?

>> No.47475186

Yeah, that sounds likely.

>> No.47475204

>Turbo casuals aren't going to buy a $14 booster pack though are they?
Depends. If you tell them about all the amazing and powerful cards from MtG's history, they'll buy them alright.

>> No.47475228

And when they do reach perfection they'll sell them as real.
Don't you know crime fucktard?

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IoK SHOULD HAVE been printed in the newer Zendikar set.

ESPECIALLY in the set where Kozi appeared in.

ESPECIALLY as another tool to counter fucking CoCo decks.

>> No.47475235

>Depends. If you tell them about all the amazing and powerful cards from MtG's history, they'll buy them alright.

No, they wont. Quit making up shit to defend them filling this set with core set tier filler.

>> No.47475256

>casuals matter

Why do cards drop after rotation or bannings? If casuals were such a fucking important customer base, they should affect the secondary market

>> No.47475263


eternal masters is perfect for turbo casualls what are you talking about?

it has a bunch of cards theyve heard of but never wanted to splurge on (the tutors, sylvan library, etc) and some awesome fatties to grab like rorix bladewing

i expect turbo casuals to be the main purchasers of sealed EMA, actual legacy and vintage players have no use for EMA but its great for EDH or turbo casuals

>> No.47475278

I'm not defending filling a set with horseshit, I'm just telling you that turbocasuals can and will buy this if you market it right.

>Did you know you can get old card worth hundreds of dollars in this thing? The value is amazing!

>> No.47475285


you realize that turbocasuals like core sets too, right?

that "core-set tier filler" you hate so much makes up the collections of casual players, and they are happy to have those cards

>> No.47475313


>turbo casuals who love stuff like fucking tree monkey are going to spend $14 per booster.

These fucking delusional retards, fuck off back to MTGS you giant shills.

This set is garbage.

>> No.47475325

That's when we'll get Supermodern, the format where you can only play cards with the new new border.
And the older formats devolve into a horrendous shitpit where pretty much everything is fake and no one can be sure not to get ripped off.
Apart from Vintage of course, because you need to pay a few thousand bucks for the membership anyway and use duals as coasters, so why would you bother with fakes?

>> No.47475344

Casuals don't buy singles, they buy boosters and precons you fucking moron.

>> No.47475362


you caught me, wotc pays me to find 4chan threads and argue with people about the new sets

the set is obviously not garbage, its just not everything you hoped and dreamed it would be

im certainly going to buy a few packs and i wont make my money back but ill be happy with what i pull, i guarantee it

>> No.47475456

War Horn

>> No.47475608


They already exist. I've been trading them off at events. I got two batches, one that had an obvious slick sheen on the front of the card and one that was indistinguishable to the naked eye, and felt like a real card. Only way to tell was a loupe.

They came in 3 kinds of cardstock, white, blue, and black core. Obviously blue is the color used in real magic cards, so I thought blue was the way to go. Black core turned out to be far closer to the real thing. It's not an exact copy obv, the core is different, and you can still tell by looking at the dot matrix, but the texture and coloring were exactly the same as real cards.

I don't even bother sleeving them. I've traded away more than 10 fake show and tells.

>> No.47475616

Oh, I was looking at the enchantments.

>> No.47475681

id argue toxic is much better than damnation, but rishadan is meh at best and inquisition are plenty available to find.

>> No.47475704

>inquisition are plenty available to find.
>For an uncommon

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>didn't check the lands yet
>they actually reprinted the gainlands from Tarkir
Oh god what the fuck?

>> No.47475773

Just don't let the fucking Sherlocks of the mtg community hear you. They can detect a fake from a mile away.

There is a reason why Wizards decided to start using the holofoil. Which, by the way, is pretty easy to reproduce. The black core Chinaman is already working on it.

>> No.47475777

oh shit, friend probably stripped the foils for proxies he makes. but i know weve got at least 9 of those laying around in the collective pile my friends and i have

>> No.47475806

What other fixing could they have printed in that slot?

>> No.47475812

He fucked up.

>> No.47475825

To avoid sherlocks you get a dredge buddy, and sit next to him, his natural anti-jewish aura will keep them away.

That and the fact he might be a necrophiliac and just fucked someone's corpse because he reeks.

>> No.47475867

The price gougers and hoarders will look up and shout "muh investment!"... and Chinaman will look down and whisper "不想".

>> No.47475990

Hey friendo where are you buying these from, I'm sick of paying BIGCA$H for paper and Google only gets me articles telling me why I'm a bad person for not throwing away my money on GENUINE PAPER.

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I actually played with fakes against a Sherlock while he was bragging how he could detect any and all fakes, cause they are shit.

>> No.47476024

They will rub their hands and do background on anyone buying an expensive card and deck

>> No.47476028

The paper crane nests in the youtube.
villa zheng is her master.
The sun sets slowly.

>> No.47476064

Eldrazi is "tier 1" simply because it's the cheapest stompy list (which by its nature has good matchups vs various popular tier decks eg. Miracles) you can put together in Legacy, it costs about the same as Belcher, ergo it's the most popular one.

>> No.47476124

Tempest Efreet, maybe? Ante cards are banned in basically everything though and are typically ignored anyway.

>> No.47476205



>> No.47476234

Well golly gee, maybe a set called Eternal Masters shouldn't be focused on drafting then.

>> No.47476261

UW Flyers looks powerful as fuck.

>> No.47476274

Why would you make a product sold in boosters that can't be drafted? Boosters are only good for draft.

They'll make more money releasing Rishadan Port in FTV Realms 2.

>> No.47476289

They should have printed exhume at common then there would be a viable reanimator archetype in draft.

>> No.47476394

Not sure where you're getting RB arsitocrats. Torrent of Souls is reanimate and aggro. Other than Blood artist there isn't any reason to sac.
WB is supposed to be tokens, I think, to make use of the Intangible Virtue.

>> No.47476423

Four uncommon reanimation and one rare doesn't seem too bad for an archetype.

>> No.47476441

There's still victimize. Even without straight up reanimation there's tons of loot spells and return from bin effects so you can still store stuff in the bin to return to hand later. If you happen to get Animate+Worldgorger you can cast your whole hand.

>> No.47476490

As usual, archetypes overlap. Rw is tokens, BR is sac.

Victimize, Braids, Cabal Therapy, Wake of Vultures, Carrion Feeder, Innocent Blood, Ashnod's. This combined with creatures with echo or dies triggers is how the archetype appears to be laid out.

>> No.47476503

I thought WR was supposed to be tokens tho

>> No.47476562

WR appears to be just aggro actually, not necessarily tokens.

>> No.47476575

WB is ETB and blink effects

>> No.47476618

>Why do cards drop after rotation or bannings?
Because they lose a large portion of their demand?
>If casuals were such a fucking important customer base, they should affect the secondary market
They do? You seem to be angry that wizards is fucking you over, but unable to admit that it fucking you over is in it's best monetary interest (faith in the free market?), it's a bit pathetic that you do nothing but appeal to the same values of those you're against desu senpai.

>> No.47476684

As a Painter player, I encourage everyone to play Eldrazi. I could use the free wins.

>> No.47476698

Because every other booster is revolved around draft, including more draft exclusives with the success of Conspiracy. Why does every booster need to be balanced for limited? Why can't we have just fucking one booster not be for limited?

>> No.47476749

>faith in the free market
100%, that's why I exclusively I buy proxies.

>> No.47476757

Rav bouncelands?

>> No.47476761


the point is, why even have a booster, why sell cards in the format of lots of random cards, with inequal probabilities, if you arent going to make those boosters fun to draft with

draft is the only reason boosters exist in my mind, otherwise wotc could just make one of those living card games or whatever like netrunner where you buy the entire set of cards and get a couple of each new card they design

>> No.47476774

>Piece of shit "collector" being this assblasted over his precious "investment" getting shit on.

It is a children's card game, NOT a 401K/IRA/ something to retire on.

>> No.47476794

People would buy more boosters if they think they could get equal money back. Make one set where the rares are rare and mythics are mythics because of their power levels in constructed formats and I firmly believe that it would sell just as good if not better.

>> No.47476809

>draft is the only reason boosters exist in my mind

The obvious example of the opening boosters for cards skinner box didn't occur to you? LCGs don't make money the way TCGs do precisely because LCGs don't have artificial scarcity. TCGs are bad for players but good for business, and wotc made their choice a long time ago.

>> No.47476822

Every card over $15 I have, is a fake. Go lecture someone else, Mark.

>> No.47476825

People would buy a supplementary standard set, standard block is too small as it is.

>> No.47476843

Is there a zheng Imperial Recruiter yet? I was going to try to open one, but apparently they're ok at $150 a pop

>> No.47476860

Mirage Fetchlands and Tempest Painlands.
They're not valuable but at least they're fun, the Fetches make top and brainstorm good in limited and you can always sell them for a dollar to poor edh kids who can't afford real fetches.

>> No.47476866

See tarqueer

>> No.47476870

God DAMN these cryptic riddles...

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>mfw black border turd apes with non shit art

>> No.47476892

Demon Stompy here, please play more Eldrazi.

>> No.47476898

I don't understand why you people are so upset about this, it's not there'd be any reason for wizards or vendors to suddenly decide to be really nice just because it isn't balanced for limited or something.
Any positive benefits that will come from gearing a set towards non-drafters will be negated due to drafters not (comparatively) flooding the market with singles. There would be no reason for wizards to make the set otherwise.

>> No.47476913

I want this meme to die, it has been going on for way too long.

>> No.47476924

Yes, he does. Go to his youtube channel.

>> No.47476940

Mark Toiletwater is a god among men, all hail Emporer M.

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File: 391 KB, 468x640, Dredge nazies fighting the eldrazi menace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dredge here, the ovens are still half-empty.

>> No.47476975

If you owned expensive cards, you would understand why suddenly having your collection be worthless is a bad thing

>> No.47476982

All Hail the Chinaman, who delivers the pure light of LCGs.

>> No.47477003

If you had been more careful, you would have not invested in cardboard with funny pictures.

>> No.47477005

Angel Stompy here. Play more fetchlands.

Also why didn't the Jacetice league just build a moat? Eldrazi can't beat a moat.

>> No.47477018

"Invested" isn't the right word. More like "traded to play a game I enjoy".

>> No.47477020

If you played with your cards instead of treating them as an investment you would understand why high prices driving people away from eternal formats is a bad thing.

>> No.47477042
File: 912 KB, 900x619, 1429405861909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only correct way to play

>> No.47477054

Why would the value of the cards affect your enjoyment of the game, you fucking Christ killer?

>> No.47477084

Waow senpai. I bough anima: tactics miniatures which nobody plays anymore and I'm not mad over my "collection" getting "devaluated" now that nobody plays. I'm mad at the same reason I don't play magic irl anymore. Nobody plays, that actually makes me kinda mad.

But you're (roll d4)
1. A collector
2. A shill
3. A troll
4. A retard

>> No.47477086

The nose is strong in this one

>> No.47477100

Right now I can trade for whatever I want. If modern ever stops sucking, I can trade into it. When you have a card collection, you'll understand.

>> No.47477113

"Someone disagrees with me. They must be trolling!"

>> No.47477164

I don't need a card collection. The Chinaman takes care of me.

>> No.47477169

Same reason why they didn't just dredge and zombies their shit up.

>Implying badwrong fun league of * Stompy (Who changes on each issue), Storm(Who always was the most contrived plan that's explained at the end of the issue), Dredge(Who is just a horde of horrors and nazi-zombies), Hard control(Who's the know-it-all and an unapologetic asshole) wouldn't be better than jacetice league

Imagine, their quest to end aggro and midrange forever.

>> No.47477176

Or inherently greedy, blind, stupid, or zealous to some degree or another, but yeah one of those

>> No.47477189

My collection is irrelevant because no one in my area plays eternal, I have no one to play or trade with. If getting into legacy was cheaper this may not be the case.

>> No.47477225

I've been having some trouble with either Leyline + Chalice for 1 or just Thorn on the play followed by t2 TKS/Reality Smasher, pro tips?

>> No.47477244


>> No.47477279

Haven't played on paper in a while, been trying out Joseph Moreno's latest online.
4 Golgari Grave-Troll
4 Golgari Thug
4 Ichorid
4 Narcomoeba
4 Stinkweed Imp
3 Street Wraith
Creature ( 23)

4 Cephalid Coliseum
2 City Of Brass
3 Gemstone Mine
4 Mana Confluence
Land ( 13)

3 Breakthrough
4 Bridge from Below
4 Cabal Therapy
4 Careful Study
1 Dread Return
4 Faithless Looting
4 Lion's Eye Diamond
Other ( 24)
qty: 60

2 Ancient Grudge
1 Ashen Rider
1 Blazing Archon
1 Breakthrough
1 Dread Return
1 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite
1 Iona, Shield of Emeria
3 Lotus Petal
1 Memory's Journey
3 Nature's Claim

>> No.47477347
File: 272 KB, 312x445, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only way(s?) to deal with t1 leyline into chalice at 1 is wispmare or some contrived shit that's barely viable.
The other way is hardluck since they need 1/4 1/4 and 1/8(or 1/4(mox) 1/4(any land that taps for 1 mana)) in first hand, which is kinda unlikely.

Which is criminally underrated with chewer in legacy. Stop doing that. If you see tons of lines just use mare. Also she's great for some extra oomph vs aggro/midrange, since you can actually grind them out (seeing you go comboless).

>> No.47477364

Board in petals, claim and Breakthrough. I don't think it's worth trying to kill chalice, you need to play with no fear

>> No.47477452

What do you board out in the all-in matchups? I usually take out 1-2 Ichorids, 1-2 Street Wraiths and/or Thugs (I can never make up my mind would I rather have consistency of dredges or extra free draws) and 1-2 lands for the petals, breakthrough and DR package.

>> No.47477465

Oh boy, elves is a theme, i can't wait to draft this set at least. That'll be fun.

>Checks list
>Imperious perfect and heritage druid are both rare

Yeah fuck you to wizards.

>> No.47477527

Depends on the matchup and person.

Namely think of it like dimishing returns, eventually it's more worth just to keep the extra oomph and go full face than try to deal with hate at all since it's either too weak (a single tormod's should be 1-2 anti hate tops) or too fucking strong (various RiPs and counters to defend them in a deck that can power them up out ASAP, then I just keep the combo main and hope to t1 them or t2 them since dealing with RiP is nearly never worth it or easy).

I do normally play combo main or grindout in vintage, so there is that.

>> No.47477540

Wanna share your list?

>> No.47477608

4 Golgari Grave-Troll
3 Golgari Thug
4 Ichorid
4 Narcomoeba
4 Stinkweed Imp
1 Flame-kin Zealot
Creature ( 20)

4 Cephalid Coliseum
4 City Of Brass
4 Mana Confluence
Land ( 14)

4 Breakthrough
4 Bridge from Below
4 Cabal Therapy
4 Careful Study
2 Dread Return
4 Faithless Looting
4 Lion's Eye Diamond
Other ( 26)

Was this, it's pretty old tho, scene died a few years ago. I did sometimes take out 1 ichorid for Iona/Elesh main (people used to play TONS of merfolk/Gobos/Zoo around here).

>> No.47477701
File: 894 KB, 245x200, hvu04lY.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno. At least this meme has crossover and double meaning with wrestling terminology.

>> No.47478198

Yeah, that's it.

>> No.47478558

I own a house as my investment, something i can pass on to my kids, i play magic because its something i enjoy with my friends that ive been enjoying since highschool, i stopped being a child years ago, i play now as an adult was never an investment, i enjoy watching my kids play with cards i was playing with in the 90's. Good luck with your "investment" however if thats what makes you happy by all means

>> No.47479137
File: 14 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you stop being a responsible adult and give us your money already?

>> No.47479242
File: 266 KB, 905x881, 1458485290117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MFW Eternal Masters won't even budge the prices of the cards or, at worst, make it more expensive

no collusion with the secondary market my ass

>> No.47479370

Hey at least we get new cards for pauper and in foil!

>> No.47479576
File: 176 KB, 265x370, en_qQaHPqyjyC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On the plus side, colourless spirit tokens! At least it has that going for it...

>> No.47479579

>Enlightened Tutor
>Mystical Tutor
>Vampiric Tutor
>no Worldly Tutor

>> No.47479642

Green Sun's Zenith

>> No.47479665

Not the same for, say Summoning Trap (also an instant)

>> No.47479726

This art is fucking shit, are you high?

>> No.47479749

Hope you don't play anything other than Cygnar because Mark 3 is fucking your shit up otherwise

>> No.47479775

Misdirection is like $2, bro. They reprinted it in Conspiracy.

>> No.47479794

Motherfucker, the whole reason that Wizards justifies charging so much is to keep this shit out of the hands of turbo casuals. You can't have your cake and eat it too

>> No.47480114
File: 12 KB, 190x265, images(4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Foil Visara-waifu going straight in my (mono)Blacklivesmatters EDH deck :^)

>> No.47480149

>the whole reason that Wizards justifies charging so much is to keep this shit out of the hands of turbo casuals

wasn't the usually excuse for excluding cards is always "it's too powerful for Limited/Standard' ?

>> No.47480211

>wizards say certain cards can't be reprinted because they're "too good for limited/standard"
>wizards makes reprint sets adhere to limited, giving them an out to avoid printing certain card that would upset the "muh investment" crowd
Fucking genius.

>> No.47480246

>In other news Eternal Masters has been properly renamed to Edh&Pauper masters because its not worth getting of you expected to be able to play other formats with the contents
>players everywhere are cancelling their preorders expecting they would be able to start playing legacy with the set, wizards spokepersons replied
"lolfags, if you had been playing the last 20 years you would have alreadt had the cards and would know we do this shit all the time "

>at lgs's everywhere 10 year olds are being talked into buying $15 inflated "minimal print run" boosters because "hey you might get a foil FoW"

More news at 11

>> No.47480248

I just remember when they announced that MM1 packs would be $7 that was the reason they told everyone they chose for the price hike. Naturally 4 years later here we are and the price of the packs has gone up even further

>> No.47480293

I made someone in a sealed 6xSOI draft salty because I killed him with a goldnight castigator + uncaged fury....the turn after he got his Nahiri out.

Was the salt warranted in this situation? He was bragging pretty hardcore about his Narhiri....then I told him GG and killed him.

Felt pretty good.

>> No.47480294


you honestly think 10 yr olds are going to be disappointed with the contents of EMA?

you are delusional as fuck, the only people unhappy with EMA are the delusional subhumans who thought they could buy into a format where half the price of decks are RESERVED LIST DUAL LANDS because of reprints

you will NEVER play legacy, and legacy doesnt want subhumans like you

>> No.47480551

Look them up on google

>> No.47480633

This subhuman here plays with chinese fakes. Do you feel bad for being defeated with
>i m p e r i a l r e c r u i t e r
>s t o n f o r g e m y s t i c

>> No.47480669

I play mono red legacy burn, my landbase cost me $1 and now i have reprints if chain lightning and price of progress its going to be even cheaper, you mad senpai?

>> No.47480747
File: 18 KB, 384x384, images(5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Why cant i understand what people are typing
>why cant i read anything into something i dont understand
>why do you poo poo on things i like

>> No.47480871

It's not about feeling bad about getting beaten. A games a game.

I don't want to have to spend the 50 minutes sitting across from you. I don't want to have to deal with acidic individuals. I want to play with people who have interests outside of magic

>> No.47481002

You think 10 years olds are going to be able to afford EMA?

>> No.47481316

Eldrazi is way more powerful than other Stompy variants because it's

a) more consistent and
b) has a significant higher power level.

Yes, it loses to a bunch of other crap like Painter, heavy mana denial (Blood Moon, repeated Wastelands, etc) and some other fringe stuff, but that's still okay when it assrapes the rest of the meta.

>> No.47481428

>tips fedora
M'lady i play legacy please touch my penis

>> No.47481444

I think we're past the point where no one is preparing for Eldrazi and at the point where I don't think it has any matchups over 50% except for storm

>> No.47481453

>50min games
Wew lad, edh threads are that way --》

>> No.47481457

Holy shit an Ad Hominem argument on 4chan? Gadzooks!

>> No.47481474

In MTGO it's pricey because Conspiracy was paper only.

>> No.47481570

Still rocking 72.9% win percentage against the field after 144 competitive MTGO matches with Eldrazi.

Preparation can only do so much for the other decks, just like Eldrazi is going to lose like a bitch to Lands most of the time.

>> No.47481677

I've got about a 60% matchup against it as Grixis Delver, 73% as BUG Delver, small sample size but 100% win rate as Aluren. Storm is pretty low, Miracles is only slightly above 50%.

Frankly, the game's I've lost against Eldrazi usually come down to Chalice for 1 turn 1. Once I started building decks around not losing to Chalice, I have dropped very few matches against it. Maindecking Decay in grixis was pretty big, as was leaving in Daze and Force postboard. I keep seeing people say that they board out Daze and Force, which is why I think some people have trouble with the MU.

>> No.47481883

Eldrazi can't really beat Aluren, agreed.

My Delver match-ups were pretty shitty before I sat down with a Delver player to figure out where the problem lies. Turns out I approached the match-ups completely wrong, e.g. boarding out Mimics due to Pyromancer instead of keeping them in for maximum aggro. Since I went for the balls to the walls aggro plan, my Delver match-ups improved significantly.

I don't doubt your numbers, though. Lots of Eldrazi players don't know what they're doing.

>> No.47482036

Buying my playsets of hydro and pyroblast in the modern frame, well played wizards you will be getting my $4 this time around, great set

>> No.47482545

Why are you still playing a format that can posts this much? If this were a video game people would have quit in disgust and WotC would have been a failed business years ago.

>> No.47482615

>mfw just made every top tier deck in Pauper with two playmats and nice double sleeves and cases for all of them for half the price of a Modern deck

I sure have a lot of fun and always have matches due to the amount of meta I have in the case. Why are you guys still supporting WotC and reseller practices? You are literally the reason the game is so expensive.

>> No.47482738

Is it fun playing pauper against yourself?

>> No.47482779

My entire family plays, the local scene also has 2 nights a week because it's so popular, and any time I walk into the shop I have people wanting to play. I also have a night a week my friends come over and my wife and I make pizzas after putting our son to bed. Then we drink and eat and play Pauper.

How sad are you right now?

>> No.47482840

lol why the fuck didnt they reprint dark depths??
i need 2 more for my edh decks

>> No.47482864

too powerful for limited

>> No.47482871

Sounds like you should see a doctor about your hallucinations

>> No.47482909

So it's "better than other Stompy variants" but loses to the gameplan behind Big Red, Demon Stompy and Angel Stompy?
Beating MUD and Palinchron isn't being more powerful than other Stompy variants.

>> No.47482914


>> No.47482923

I've played against Eldrazi 5 times with Dredge and 2 with Burn.
I've lost one round to it with Burn just to assrape them back once I side in Smash,

>> No.47483011

I think its easier to build than other stompy decks, but certainly not better. If the same number of people that play Eldrazi were playing Dragon Stompy, we'd see the same amount of penetration.

The only lock piece in the deck is Chalice, so it just gets run over by decks that don't care about Chalice. In my opinion, a second angle of attack like Blood Moon gives Stompy much more even matchups. Dragon Stompy vs Land's is one sided in the other direction.

Seriously, Dragon Stompy or Goblin Stompy are so much scarier than just Chalice Stompy.

>> No.47483077
File: 161 KB, 265x370, en_1FuuWTyx2n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Something tells me if the genders were reversed in this art, leddit would be on fire. Just look at that objectifying flavor text!

>> No.47483144
File: 133 KB, 223x311, Image.ashx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that Victor, the Enthralling?

>> No.47483151


that dude is fucking yoked

im feeling the weight of unrealistic beauty standards on my shoulders right now

>> No.47483185

We should all send e-mails about how triggered we are by this

>> No.47483204

Anyone who uses Chinese fakes or "proxies" should be pricked with HIV-infected needles. I think about how to accomplish this on a wide scale all the time.

>> No.47483226


actually no people with that opinion are the ones who deserve aids

>> No.47483230
File: 20 KB, 449x328, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Lilliana without zombies is simply Garruk's rape meat"

>> No.47483231
File: 85 KB, 930x679, 160285_-_Enthralling_Victor-1024x748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This card was always intended to be total beefcake.
>The card description asked for the character to look like this:
>“He is impressive along every vector: buff, confident, battle-hardened but gorgeous, and carries it with a leading-man’s ease.”
>They specified bare chested, barbarian style costume, and said the goblins should be mostly oblivious… “…Except for one. One male goblin has turned partially around in honest awe and star-struck admiration of this guy.” For the mood they said: “sometimes there is no recourse but to give in and stare at the sun,” and while this is a humorous concept they wanted it painted in a serious way; not too over-the-top silly.
I wish more art requests were published.

>being an edgy psychopath

>> No.47483274

why did they make this set with limited in mind??
why not just reprint cards to lower its cost?

>> No.47483300

>tfw Garruk is never going to be the premiere Green Planeswalker again

>> No.47483309

>waaah he's not shelling out as much money as I am to play

Check yourself

>> No.47483330

Elves sell better to the market audience over violent revenge fantasy rapists, the market audience can do that in their own time

>> No.47483339
File: 21 KB, 412x351, 14550982576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw ill never be an elf so i have to settle for being a violent revenge fantasy rapist

>> No.47483395
File: 22 KB, 220x263, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw casual single buyer
I'm hyped for the 50 cent jank rares from EM

>> No.47483420

your stories would suck if you were an elf. just be human, your mtg stories will only be average instead.

>> No.47483439

You mean your wife's son*

>> No.47483538

same here, I'm too cheap to buy Rancor and Young Pyromancer. Going to buy them if they hit bulk status.

>> No.47483666

I own 2 different Legacy decks, Miracles and Elves. I see this as nothing but a good thing because maybe my store will generate enough interest to play Legacy more than once a month now.

Way i see it is you decided to "invest" in something that has a HORRIBLE return margin (seriously 4000-8000K over 12 fucking years is AWFUL in terms of actually investing) and can literally be reprinted and lose all of its value in a heartbeat. Literally any stock broker/investment guide will tell you that this is a stupid waste of your time and/or something to do on the side, NOT A RETIREMENT PLAN. Use your money more wisely, invest in something that generates revenue sometime this century.

>> No.47483862

Step 1: make up ridiculous argument
Step 2: show how ridiculous the argument you made up is
Step 3: ???

I'm not following

>> No.47483972

Well then let me put it this way. You apparently consider your legacy/vintage stuff an investment. What is the purpose of an investment? To eventually make you as much money as possible right? To retire on and live the good life off of right? Or at the least assist you in doing as such.

Well since you are mad as all fuck over your collection getting devalued, you seem to have lost a significant amount of your value to this reprint. Which SHOULD go to show you why having a children's card game as an "investment" is such a bad idea. It can literally lose all of its value to something as simple as someone upstairs at WOTC saying "Tiem for reprints".

So how is my argument ridiculous again? If anything you are ridiculous for getting assblasted over this.

>> No.47484008

I want to buy cards, and be able to trade them for other cards without needing to worry about my cards suddenly tanking. Apparently you read that as "I intend to buy a house with a pile of volcs"

>> No.47484022

>not even the refuges


>> No.47484046

>I want to buy cards.
Then them being straight up fucking cheaper should ONLY be a good thing.

>and be able to trade them for other cards without needing to worry about my cards suddenly tanking.
If all of the cards are fucking cheaper then it should not matter.

>Apparently you read that as "I intend to buy a house with a pile of volcs"
Its because you are acting like you wanted to. Seriously only "SUPER CEREAL, IM SO CEREAL I EAT CEREAL FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!" "investors" think like that.

>> No.47484140

I don't own any models because m friends own them all and I live in dickfuck nowhere, so I can't move around much
Was going to start CoC.

>> No.47484160

I play dredge since ravnika 1.
I have on job.
I hunt, kill and genocide kikes and true subhumans.
IE you.

>> No.47484183

Colorless Spirit tokens already exist. Though those new ones are pretty awesome.

>> No.47484384

Thanks, man. Now I can proxy up a Vintage deck.

>> No.47484459

Because proxies are allowed in Vintage?

>> No.47484499

You mean like MM1, where the average pack value was double the MSRP?

>> No.47484584

Shardless FUG :DDDD

>> No.47484616

turbo-casuals don't buy premium products
There are a shitload of kitchen table and casual EDH players at my store. Not a single one of them has ever bought an MM pack. The only product they buy are whatever standard set is newest and maybe intro decks, duel decks, or prebuilt commander decks.

>> No.47484669

> happy about it being half the price of a modern deck
>I only got half jewed guys!

>> No.47484691

Nahiri is fucking awful in standard, good job beating a retard.

>> No.47484752

You just described ralzarek, jace, garruk and liliana anon.

>> No.47484766


They buy shit like conspiracy and plane chase

Also modern masters is obviously designed completely differently relative to the casual player than eternal masters

>> No.47484829

This sounds like it could be fun. Instead of every red spell having a dumb Chandra quote we get Wu Hong, Prison Warden talking about making people cry on the flavor text of tangle wire.

"Kill a man and the game is over. Give him one small ray of hope, then slowly keep stomping it out until nothing remains, and you destroy him."

I think a condescending storm player character would be pretty fun. The flavor text on Tendrils should just be "That was cute, now you're dead"

Still a farsight better than Burngirl, Counterman, Nature Chick and White Bread

>> No.47484831
File: 59 KB, 312x445, 15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not FTV

>> No.47484877 [DELETED] 

Just crack a pack of Coldsnap, that's his I got mine.

>> No.47484904

Just crack a pack of Coldsnap, that's how I got mine.

>> No.47485003

Weak bait.

>> No.47485306


Casual players are pretty cheap on their money, seeing a booster at 10 euro means that it should have x3 the amount of cards, because normal booster is 3 euro

>> No.47485389

>Nahiri is fucking awful in standard
>exiles ormendahl
>kills always watching
>fetches atarka

>> No.47485395

>no Crucible of Worlds
>hasn't been reprinted since 10th edition
Seriously? That and Sylvan Library were all I wanted from this set. At least I got one of the two.

>> No.47485409
File: 35 KB, 628x599, green lex luthor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i just sold my crucibles because i have no intention of playing anything that isn't death & taxes

hey wait..
fuck off to your containment thread edh scum

>> No.47485431
File: 407 KB, 250x250, 1415282520274.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stop liking what I don't like!!

>> No.47485472

>trading fakes
McFucking kill yourself you shithead.

>> No.47485480

caveat emptor, fucko. time to start carrying a loupe.

>> No.47485510

>generating boxes online
>over and over again

it hurts
it hurts so much

so much kindle
so many bullshit inclusions

so many Rorix and Argothians
the chaff kills anything of value in this set

>> No.47485515

Yeah, fuck you man.

>> No.47485518

How is it that they haven't figured out how to make the text on Animate dead less obtuse?

>> No.47485536

You're fucking stupid. As long as they aren't trying to sell/trade them, then who the fuck cares? I actually feel worse when people drop $1000+ for a deck then if someone bought Chinese proxies for $20. No one cares. In fact, I should just build the $500+ Affinity deck out of $30 worth of proxies just to spite you.

>> No.47485540
File: 49 KB, 265x370, orcishoriflamme.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at this shit. Yeah, junk common, whatever, who gives a fuck - no, this is interesting, because it showcases Wizards' habit of missing the point. OO isn't a random inclusion. EMA includes a lot of cube cards and OO shows up in a lot of cubes, so WotC obviously saw that and went "Huh, people seem to like that piece of shit. Let's put it in", giving no further thought to the matter.


The reason OO shows up in cubes at all is because there is a version of it that's misprinted with a mana cost of 1R instead of 3R (beta or unlimited or something like that), and anybody who includes it in their cube includes it because of that misprint, and has houseruled that the misprinted cost is the real cost. Because the card is just obvious shit at four mana, but potentially fun at two. There is no point in printing it with the correct mana cost.

>> No.47485578

>How is it that they haven't figured out how to make the text on Animate dead less obtuse?

Because WotC has this problem, not just in Magic but in things like 4th edition D&D too, where they love to write out their rules in pseudocode instead of normal human sentences. It makes it easier to code the rule for computer versions of the thing, but it makes it unwieldy in the paper version. Animate Dead's card type used to be "enchant dead creature" and text was something to the effect of "enchanted creature is in play and has -1/-0" and that worked out fine because people understood the intended effect. Only when they decided to type out every little bit of it in pseudocode it blew up to 12 lines.

>> No.47485583

Because then people would quit olaying Magic again at tournaments. And Wizards would go through the same crisis they did during Mirrodin-Kamigawa. Literally everyone would be playing Tier 1 versions of Affinity, Red Deck Wins, Reanimator, and Jund. And people would get sick of each format and just quit.

Stop being fucking dumb.

>> No.47485600

And how would you write it?

>> No.47485623

>And how would you write it?

I just said it.

"Enchantment - Aura
Enchant a creature card in a graveyard. Enchanted creature is on the battlefield under your control and has -1/-0." You don't need to spell out every technical detail of the reanimation process.

>> No.47485632

Then it would fall off because it is no longer enchanting a creature card in your graveyard. And you sac your creature.

>> No.47485643

And where is the sac part?

>> No.47485650

Also, it says "it is". There is nothing telling you to put it onto the battlefield. So, either it never actually enters the battlefield and doesn't trigger entering the battlefield effects... Or you are keeping it in your graveyard and just counts as being on the battlefield.

>> No.47485658

>And where is the sac part?

Sac part is included because it doesn't say "enters the battlefield", it says IS on the battlefield. It's a continuous effect of AD that's keeping it on the battlefield, and it ends as soon as AD falls off.

>> No.47485687

Actual programmer here.

Enchant dead creature
Put dead creature on the field under your control.
Animate dead becomes enchant creature.
Enchanted creature gets -1/-0.
If animate dead leaves the field, sacrifice enchanted creature.

>Waow, so hard
fucking lib art degree mogrels.

>> No.47485710

>generating boxes online

How can you do that, anon?

>> No.47485712

No. It doesn't. This isn't "you control enchanted creature". If that were the case, then it's simply die and you can regenerate it. Again, where are your enter the battlefield effects that take place?

Your wording is seriously flawed.

>> No.47485739

> dead
I get your feel on this. But, then you'd have to have a reminder text on what "dead" means.

> field
Not happening.

> still no turns into enchant creature put on the battlefield with animate dead
And we still have another issue. You could just transfer Animate Dead to a creature you don't control. And now you have problems.

>> No.47485750

Everybody played affinity during those blocks because it was light years ahead of any other deck in a shit tier standard.

Vintage has all the fucking cards available and the metagame is more diverse than standard, so no, having access to all the cards does not lead to people quitting. Quite the contrary. Look at LCGs. Try to think for yourself, and not blindly repeat the company line.

>> No.47485753

Faggots don't know how to play magic.

>> No.47485783

Field short for battlefield senpai.
Also dead short for "Enchant creature card in a graveyard", also stop assuming all players are mongoloids, that helps too.

the switch part is correct.

>> No.47485786


>thinks set is bad because no Jitte, Damnation, etc.
>still wants to buy
>cries about high prices

Are you by any chance female or just retarded?

>> No.47485817

>U-u still want to BEEEEII EEETTTTT GOIIIII!!!!
Nope, get gas'd kike.

>> No.47485824

They point is... This is about what is actually printed on the card. Not, "you know what I mean". This doesn't work for the actual rules of the game.

If you were to print this shit on a card, I could Aura Graft it to one of your creatures with indestructible, hexproof, shroud, or protection. Then your creature would die when it leaves the battlefield with a simple erase or having it fall off from protection.

>> No.47485849

>30 mana creature that dies to Manowar
>too powerful for limited

Only way Depths is even usable is if there's a way to cheat the counters off of it in the format.

>> No.47485850

Yeah on a second deeper reading the only options to lose verbosity is
A) have it be a keyword (only 2 or so cards use it)
B) Use logic

A) is the cleanest option, but still stupid to make a keyword out of it
B) is stupid on a competitive game

There is also C.

C) is calling out wizards doing all this code-like card rulings but still having a bug prone software from the 90's to play online.

>> No.47485885

Like Hexmage Vampire for only 2 mana?

> play land
> play Hexmage for 2B
> Merit Lage in play

>> No.47485891


Worldly Tutor is the weakest of the lot and played in zero decks. Leaving it out and putting GSZ in is one of the few actual good moves Wizards made here.

>> No.47485903

You literally can't change the card's text to make it less words.

>> No.47485942

>Be shill
>Can't read

>> No.47486002

You saying Hexmage Vampire is banned? I don't remember it banned. >_>

Or are you talking about it in limited?

>> No.47486023

Alright mr. Kikewater.
Some reading lessons
>Only way Depths is even usable is if there's a way to cheat the counters off of it in the format.
>Dark Depths is only usable if you can cheat the counters off
>We're talking about limited
>Without a way to cheat them off

>> No.47486079

I don't see Vampire Hexmage in the spoiler, anon, do you?

>> No.47486083

Was Depths reprinted? I didn't see that. Is there new artwork?

>> No.47486108


Is Hexmage in EMA?

And if so, why the fuck? It's a 25 cent card. Print Depths and leave Hexmage out. Problem solved.

>> No.47486112

You might be clinically retarded.
But again you're a shill, so you're.

>> No.47486121


Also Hexmage's mana cost is BB, not 2B.

>> No.47486133

I meant two B with that comment. I'm tired.

>> No.47486185

>If you were to print this shit on a card, I could Aura Graft it to one of your creatures with indestructible, hexproof, shroud, or protection. Then your creature would die when it leaves the battlefield with a simple erase or having it fall off from protection.

That is seriously not a problem at all. If it happens, let it happen. Animate Dead, an EXTREMELY SIMPLE CARD IN CONCEPT, having 10 lines of text - that's a serious problem. Especially since they seem to be just making it more and more unwieldy over the years.

And when I say Animate Dead is simple, I mean it. It really is. All it is, and has ever been, is an enchant creature that targets a creature in a graveyard instead of one in play, and puts that creature into play as long as it stays in play itself. That's it. A five-year-old would understand that concept if you just used human words instead of this circuituous bullshit.

>> No.47486187

one more fuck up like that anon and theyre gunna revoke your shit posting liscence.

>> No.47486203

There is a problem force saccing literally any creature for 2-3 mana. Are you kidding me? Every deck in existence would run this.

>> No.47486220

It's not a serious problem to be worded correctly. A serious problem is Jace the Mind Sculpter in standard.

A serious problem is Affinity in standard.

A serious problem is Braids as a commander.

A serious problem is the Power Nine not banned or restricted.

Get the fuck outta here thinking wording is a serious problem. You cannot simplify it without making things worse. Period.

>> No.47486245

>A serious problem is the Power Nine not banned or restricted.
I must storm.
And guns are too slow.

>> No.47486257
File: 2.26 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol, Here you go buddy.

>> No.47486318

audible kek
Thank you my friend

>> No.47487161

>more of a problem than "{1}{B}: Return a creature from a graveyard to the battlefield. Target creature's controller sacrifices it."
Behold, autism.

>> No.47487210

>Post mentioned Sealed play

>> No.47487301


>> No.47487447

I just generated some pools at magicdraftingcom

but it is depressing

don't do it anon

just now I generated a new pool and got Rorix and Serendib Efreet

it hurts

>> No.47487480

All I wanted was a foil High Tide. But I'll settle for foil Gamble.

>> No.47487541


I'd feel bad if it wasn't just cardboard.

>> No.47487562

>Prices are literally dropping across the board
You fucking retarded?

>> No.47487579


The problem is having to retain the aura type at all times. If it was just an enchantment then it could function like lightform or something, but that would make the card functionally different.

>> No.47487592

>Playing mtgo
Found your problem

>> No.47487704

It's actually a pretty good simulation. I saw 3 Worldgorger Dragons before it gave me a FoW. I think they have the real distribution and not the bullshit one they feed us.

>> No.47487746

I can't see EM at http://www.magicdrafting.com/

>> No.47487846
File: 99 KB, 700x450, cardart_AleshaWhoSmilesAtDeath.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Red got the first really gay card
>And the first Trans legendary
>And shares the first confirmed autistic character
>And a clearly crippled planeswalker
Wizards might be turning Red into the Minority™ color At least this betters the chance of me getting my goblin husbando.

>> No.47487868

desu if you're going to push liberal agenda, red is the deranged and missfit sentimentalist retards.

So it fits.

>> No.47487921

is that jhoria?

>> No.47487923
File: 419 KB, 1920x1120, EN_Daretti_Header.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Including minorities doesn't seem like a push of liberal agendas to me, it seems more like they are just trying to make characters that stand out more in ways they haven't tried yet.
They spend little time on the subject. If they devoted several articles on these characters about their minority status I'd be agreeing with you.

>> No.47487941

>autistic walker
>crippled walker

>> No.47487949

Based Daretti

>> No.47487959

Well I was going to tell you but the other anon beat me to it.

>> No.47487961

I thought you meant Narset, but as a walker, she isn't red.

>> No.47487971
File: 136 KB, 223x311, nar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is clearly R to some degree, even if her walker card lacks it.

>> No.47487998

I would love to see enthralling victors art on zealous conscripts function. How did wotc fuck up so bad, like how could a woman inspire anyone?

>> No.47488001

But we don't have a red autistic planeswalker, and arguably, red is the opposite of autism.

>> No.47488014

colorless is the only color with touched tips
She gains the autism when she loses the red

>> No.47488080

Degeneracy wise:
Slutting around in general (think fathering like 6 bastards and having like 8 children)

>> No.47488107

">And shares the first confirmed autistic character"
Just because a character gets printed missing one of their colors doesn't mean their past ones are now moot when it comes to their character.

>> No.47488114

>no red hair
>no ponytail
>nothing at all like her costume

>> No.47488148

Yeah this is pretty spot on. White has the issue of caring about the system more then the people. A good example is the lore of the Kamigawa block.

>> No.47488174

When their races history was wiped the fuck out and their affinity for red magic was MAGICALLY severed then yes it does. Ojutai literally removed red from the jeskai.

>> No.47488204

Holy shit, I didn't think other people actually watched that garbage. Thanks for making my day, anon.

>> No.47488215

Development killed in for balance reasons - flavor fail was something they were trying to work around when that happened. Source: Maro

>> No.47488384

Autism is generally sensory overloads and flying imagination so vivid it blocks out the real world. It's more red than any other color. I get the feeling you don't know even the most basic things about autism,

>> No.47488456

Come and shill

>> No.47488533

I have never wanted any alters until I saw these. Where can I get some?

>> No.47488562
File: 148 KB, 400x551, survival_of_the_domo_by_yawgmothdisciple-d3j53j1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit, thought this was the Modern General tab.

Some guy on Deviantart. It's in the filename.

>> No.47488648

No it wouldnt.

>> No.47488657


Also does anyone remember a year ago when alterbro was making funny alters (Things like Slam Jam RDW)

>> No.47488665

Unless it's all psy-ops "I technically win because I DQ you for [buzzword]".

>> No.47488848

try typing it manually

>> No.47488921

Saw it.
Opened a fat pack 0 valuable shit.

>> No.47488983

>crack a box
>SIX (6) Inkwell Leviathans
Not doing that in real life.

>> No.47489377

Yes, I've definitely seen them buy Conspiracy (and not play it limited) and Planechase. So I totally agree with you there.

>> No.47489739

Yeah... about that site. How should I say it... It's shit. All the pools it has given me ever since I first tried it during Theros were way too consistent and that never happened to me when I actually went to prereleases and the sort. It's a terrible simulator that will give you multiple playsets which is nigh impossible IRL.

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