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A reminder that if you support the rebellion you are supporting a terrorist group. The Galactic Empire is the true path to balance if the Sith weren't in control.

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What kind of treasure would you leave in your dungeon/fortress specifically for adventures to find?

Fancy clothes!

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One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and all that jazz.

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1. Terrorism is the voice of the politically voiceless
2. How do you intend to get the Sith out of power if you don't fight them?

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but really traps, traps and mimics pretending to be traps. If they pass it all I'll give gold and one piece of advance tech. They can only pick one.

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Vote them out. You voted them in.

>> No.47439217

worthless but hard to counterfeit tokens redeemable in the dungeon towns for out of context loot like engineering and science textbooks, chocolate, cocaine, penicillin etc.

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Reminder that if you are supporting the Galactic Empire you are supporting an illegitimate government which unlawfully supplanted the Galactic Republic.

>> No.47439233

Friendship written in Draconic
Also, will thread last 4/4:30 hours for me to get back and post Generic Dungeon Builder 0.2 WIP?

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All kinds of stuff. Interesting adventurers get the better, personally crafted stuff of course.

...Okay, I'm gonna be honest. There's going to be a whole lot of fancy magic hats. And probably corsets for female adventurers.

Any adventurers leaving my dungeon-fortress is going to look fucking awesome. I have a reputation to uphold.

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The republic created the empire by voting palpatine legal emperor.

>> No.47439270

Technology and magical devices and knowledge that I wanted disseminated to the world. I'll make them think they stole the knowledge from me, and that using it will be the only way to gain advantage over me. By the time they've developed a utopia it will already be too late.

>> No.47439274

do you seriously think the Empire is still a actual democracy and not at best a false democracy perpetuated by total rat scum cancer fucks?

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Does Rank up in Bartimaeus Sequence just make you the rank above Djinn? When you're a spirit that is.

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It might, it might not.

I woundn't count on it as we will prolly have the next thread up by then.

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Good... Goood.

>> No.47439302

The Senate was dissolved around the time of a New Hope.

>> No.47439304

It is far better than whatever your diseased mind could come up with.

>> No.47439316

so the idea of a universal direct democracy is really that hated?

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Since Im just getting started on dungeon keeper I was planning on making the backgrounds be drop in, hero, keeper, and disembodied voice.

Drop in will likely be a call out to another dingeon series that is about dungeoneering unless I get a better idea though.

Voice have a physical body unless in a host body in which case host is their body.

Anything anyone wants to see in it?

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Because it's not a violation of the Galactic Constitution if a politician does it, right?

>> No.47439342

I think its fair to say any thing you like is hated.

>> No.47439343

And if not what does it do?

>> No.47439347

which other dungeon series?

>> No.47439362

I don't think they did vote him in, I thoght he was given emergency powers during the Clone Wars, and at the end he was all, " Fuck you all I'm the Emperor now."

Granted it's been awhile so I could be mistaken,

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Blame jarjar anon. Palps got legally elected on his vote.

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Was thinking lazy dungeon master. Not everything just a few things for drop in since they usually get more meta powers.

>> No.47439404

What would Disembodied Voice even do? I guess it could serve as an advisor?

Anyway, I'd say make a Keeper background, a Monster/Hero background, an Imp/Worker background, and an Avatar background. Keeper and Avatar can be summoned for this purpose, or established in the setting.

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If you can't make a dungeon keeper jump based only on that game, don't make it because we're already getting a generic jump and don't need another jump based on multiple of the games in the genre.

You can be meta without putting in other games.

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I think I found Jumpchan.

He created New 52 universe as an experiment.

>> No.47439415

Greetings brave adventurers and welcome to Aperture Dungeons. You all got to know each other on the quest over so let me introduce myself. I am Jumper, the Dungeon King and you are here because the old sage of the caves told you how to find your destiny. Now lets light up our torches, and find spelunk for some science.

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This is pathetic Many. Even you can put more effort in then that.

>> No.47439444

Voice is the advisor, lets say he plays a big part in the new dungeon keeper game. The dirty bastard.

>> No.47439447

Aside from tears and pain?
Whacky, fanciful, magic food.
Toriko still makes me homesick.

>> No.47439452

Sexy clothes and silly hats.

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I'd put Voice as just a disembodied voice confined to the dungeon, but if you think it works better with hosts...

Not all that familiar with Dungeon Keeper specifically, through the ability to get minions into other jumps...

Perk to be a decent boss, for Keeper?

Something with converting heroes to work for you?

>> No.47439472

>I'd put Voice as just a disembodied voice confined to the dungeon, but if you think it works better with hosts...
>Not all that familiar with Dungeon Keeper specifically, through the ability to get minions into other jumps...
>Perk to be a decent boss, for Keeper?
>Something with converting heroes to work for you?

You're including the hand as an alternate form right?

>> No.47439476

I was talking something inspired by it not flat out copies of something else besides I was only going to use a couple spells the mc uses like create golems. Something that doesnt exist in DK.

>> No.47439488

Really? Or are you trolling? If that is true then what the fuck DC.

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>> No.47439511

Ok. Well, maybe then Keeper, Voice, Monster, and Imp and/or Hero? I dunno, I don't see any reason to do a separate Drop-In when the player starts the game as a brand new Keeper.

>> No.47439517

Again, you are making a jump about Dungeon Keeper. You shouldn't be inspired by other settings, you should be using the setting you have. If you're making a jump about more then Dungeon Keeper, stop, because we already have someone doing it.

Come on man, you have 2 games to draw from. Jumps have been made from a single movie or some pen and paper rpg that's only got 10% translated. You don't need to rely on other settings.

>> No.47439556

Drawback: Dungeon Kepper Mobile.

>> No.47439559

Toys and trinkets.
Tiny animated people and animals, amulets and rings that bestow some small ability (stronger senses, light healing, etc.), Harry Potter style chessboards, storybooks that read themselves to you, wooden swords for children that will actually defend the child in real emergencies.

Holy shit I'm Santa Claus.

>> No.47439572

Fucking hell how did I miss that!
Is your dungeon a dungeon for kids?

>> No.47439576

Santa Claus jump is calling your name, Anon.

>> No.47439583

A dungeon for ants.

>> No.47439586

I might get shit for this, but there's a really good Dungeon Keeper CYOA that exists that you could draw a lot of inspiration from.

>> No.47439593

From all these posts im getting the vibe i should add a loot customization section.
Sugestión appreciated as always.

>> No.47439607

I want to be coy, and post a picture of poop.
But I'm lazy, and that would be a shitty joke.

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>tfw I went to Supreme Commander first, and joined in the Clone Wars as a third faction, forcing both the Separatists and Republic to unite against me

Came in from the edge of the galaxy. Assassinated Palpatine to stop any keikaku-ing. Separatists were on the Rim, closer to the front lines, and were forced to rejoin the republic, but the war lasted long enough to strengthen the overall unity of the Republic.
Wasn't pretty, but it stopped the Clone Wars.
And in the end, don't the results justify the means?

>> No.47439619

I guess it's a dungeon that's also a Toys R Us?
I don't even know, man, that's just the stuff that was off the top of my head.
That's the shit I would really leave in a dungeon.
I guess I could leave some pistols lying around or something, but I don't really feel like it.
I just like making toys and trinkets.

>> No.47439621

>I just like making toys and trinkets.
Santa Claus would be proud anon.

>> No.47439632

Does breaking the Dungeon Heart kill you? If so that is a really horrible weakness to have.

>> No.47439634

Maybe something to send a specific piece of loot to adventurers? Like, I'm watching an adventurer go through, and want to drop a particulary ironic piece of equipment because they're annoying, or something really awesome because I like them?

>> No.47439643

Which is why you have a champion, with a horde of monsters and a shitload of traps to defend it.

>> No.47439654

Yeah, going to be skipping this one if that is true.

>> No.47439666

It is more than 2 games, it has 3 and a mobile abortion and I know what you are saying but nobody is going to want to play as an imp.

>> No.47439675

Only if it's core.
Adventurers dont destroy the heart, they steal power from it.

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>> No.47439690

okay ability to import a technology /magic system for enchanting and have things you can make as loot but you and your allies cannot use it themselves/your self?

Chest full of generic gold and gems that respawn regularly?

The advanced version would be thematically appropriate loot for the section of dungeon the chest is on wouldn't it?

A perk that automatically scales the amount/quality of loot to the floor you find it on?

You definitely need a way to customize loot to the theme of the dungeon, like have symbionts with acid glands or hard shells that latch onto your arm for the flesh dungeon and such.

>> No.47439692

Someone torture this imp he's hasn't been punished in a while.

>> No.47439693

Oh, alright then. Golden Heart or Prototype Heart here I come.

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>> No.47439711

That's your prerogative. I don't.

>> No.47439747

No champion is going to be strong enough to justify putting your life in their hands.

>> No.47439759

I don't think he's the jumpmaker see >>47439675

>> No.47439788

Well, there's the proof. So that means you've justified its removal from the drive for being an OC setting and not actually Nechronica at all. We should tell Toriko.

It's really depressing that the setting is something completely different now. Like they shot my puppy and tried to replace it with a hamster.

Also, the lore and justifications for it are far, far more retarded than I ever could have predicted. They ruined the setting in a desperate bid to not make it magic with fucking 'slime mold nanomachines'. Even worse than Metal Gear.

Someone is going to get mad at me too for bringing this up again, but I don't think someone trying to use our argument for drama means we should have to keep quiet about an important issue.

>> No.47439798

Then you are lost.

>> No.47439811 [DELETED] 

>> No.47439815

Who are you calling a troll, exactly?

>> No.47439820

I suggest you wait until next build. A certain ítem might change your mind.
Also, that's what True Final Boss is for.

>> No.47439842

There's absolutely nothing that could justify it. A jumper's life is more precious than the infinite jewels of the multiverse, because if you lose even once, you lose out on that multiverse forever. Putting something that precious in the hands of a mook is never an intelligent decision.

>> No.47439853

>I'm salty
>Let's get rid of it because I'm salty

>> No.47439866

Don't talk to him. Let it rot.

>> No.47439870

Congratulations. You've now convinced me that OC jumps are good ideas.

>> No.47439879

Because it's not actually Nechronica, apparently. Because it's a completely OC setting which everyone and their grandma hates (I know someone used hyperbole to inflate my view and shitpost with it, and I confronted him over it, but that doesn't render my position invalid by default). If it's not Nechronica, why should it even be called the Nechronica jump?

It's pretty upsetting to me that you're calling me a troll for presenting my reasoned position, not trying to be the voice of the thread, not insulting anyone. Just because someone used an anti-OC position to shitpost doesn't mean that everyone that feels that way is him.

If you can get wider support, then that'll mean something.

>> No.47439880

Yeah, you're right.

>> No.47439892

Some jumpers like to gamble.

>> No.47439899

See >>47439866 and >>47439811

>> No.47439927

See >>47439879

I'll give you something that's not entirely relevant to this discussion but'll disprove, in one stroke, that I'm the shitposter you people were insulting.

For one, this is the post where I confronted him over using my opinion to shitpost >>47430755

For two, I'll tell you that if you people actually will support OC jumps being on the drive, then I'll retract my desire for it to be removed. I do not personally have an issue with OC, but everyone else seems to hate it, so what am I supposed to do? That I loved something doesn't mean it shouldn't have to follow the rules. It would still probably have to be renamed something from Nechronica though.

That kind of makes it not an intelligent decision

>> No.47439928

Better delete the DBZ jump.
It has content from TFS, and if something being vague in a way you don't like counts as OC, clearly that does too.

Cool your tits, the jump is fine.

>> No.47439948

See >>47439927 for my musings on it and OC.

Also thank you for believing in me enough to discuss this rather than dismissing and insulting me like those other anons, even if you don't agree with me.

Anyway, to address DBZ, it has a drawback for TFS stuff, the main jump is still in the DBZ canon and all. That's a bit different.

>> No.47439954

So Jumpers post your waifu(s) and/or husbando(s) who you got?

>> No.47439969


>> No.47439974

A life without risk is a life unlived.

>> No.47439975

>Because it's a completely OC setting which everyone and their grandma hates

>It's pretty upsetting to me that you're calling me a troll for presenting my reasoned position

Pick one. You don't get to hold both when people clearly like it. Even if you don't agree, they are part of "everyone and their grandma."

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>> No.47439987


>> No.47439991

you can't fool me that easily

>> No.47439993


>> No.47439998

I guess, but there's a risky gamble and there's 'my entire life depends on this goblin defeating the heroes'.

Also, having a friendly conversation with someone should be another bit of proof to you guys that I'm not the dramahound. He NEVER talks to people like this.

>> No.47440003 [DELETED] 


>> No.47440019

Anon, he said he'll support OC if you guys do. He's being a lot more calm and a lot less arrogant. It's pretty obvious he's not the shitposter you're ranting like he is.

This kind of paranoia is bad for us.

>> No.47440022

Fuuuuck. Yeah.
You are still right. No matter how much he whines, he has no power over the drive.

>> No.47440030


>> No.47440040

Well like I said, if you guys now support OC then I retract my desire for it to be removed. And this is a general "OC if fine" position, not a "I think this guy is the shitposter from last thread so I'm going to be an asshole to him for that." position.

Would still need to be called something other than Nechronica though.

>> No.47440045


>> No.47440047

Well, I doubt it's /him/. It's probably just a guy that cares too much, and is having a bad day. It happens.

>> No.47440051

Have you read the last two threads? they want to get rid of old jumps even the generic ones, it is just a subtle troll let it rot.

>> No.47440060

Yeah, and you guys treating people like that like they're the shitposter is pretty unfair, don't you think?

Have you read his post >>47439927 where he denies he's the same person and goes into a bunch of opinions the shitposter from last thread specifically didn't have and ranted about hating?

>> No.47440066

Well anon, for the sake of a conversation that's more than just "it's OC therefore it sucks and should be purged", let me remind you that the jump was made a good year and a half ago. Almost two years? Not a lot was translated out lorewise by then, and the jumpmaker was working with what he had.

So things got changed. Does that mean it should be purged? No, the jumpmaker is still fucking around. Instead of complaining and demanding it's burned, why not just ask the guy to bloody update the thing? It's like bitching that MCU should be deleted from the drive because we found out Hive is a member of Hydra and has been fucking shit up for a while now.

Just calm your tits and see if the jumpmaker will update it instead of going on a witch hunt.

>> No.47440069

I don't get it. What's wrong with Nechronia now?

>> No.47440094

Apparently the setting is entirely OC according to some translator.

That's also a viable position, but it'd be a completely different setting and jump now that it turns out the girls are just slime mold nanomachines with a connection to the Warp aping humanity.

For me, that's about the same. The setting and jump I liked would be dead and replaced with... that stupidity. But yes, an update is also possible. That's why I'll link him back to the pastebins whenever I see him.

>> No.47440095

What origin did you take in the new Doom jump jc?

>> No.47440099

These are going to have all new connotations after dungeon keeper gets finished.

>> No.47440101

It's just a blanket treatment for temper tantrums. This isn't a hug box, nor should it be.

Nothing, the guy just doesn't like the new translations.

>> No.47440113

>This isn't a hug box, nor should it be
And you don't think ignoring and shaming all opinions you don't like make this more of a hug box? Holy shit dude.

>> No.47440122

So, Nechronica was made by this guy in Japan, right? And then it was translated by some weeaboos and brought over here.
Only they translated the mechanics first, because that's what you need to actually play, and then seeing the mechanics, made up a story based on their interpretation.

Only recently someone went ahead and translated the actual fluff of the setting, and it turns out that all the stuff about magic is actually nanomachines, so now some anon has been pitching a fit and saying it invalidates the jump that was based on the prior interpretation.

>> No.47440125

>The resident shitposter can now discredit anyone's opinion by pretending to agree with them and eating up half a thread with his usual bait tactics.
What a powerful ability.

>> No.47440127

Drop-in. I favor it /heavily/, and that it's based on Doom Guy brings a tear to my guts.

I mean, eye...

I mean guts.

>> No.47440130

It's part the "REBIRTH" where they basically go back to before New 52. While having everything happened in New 52 as canon as well.

>> No.47440137

They're not actually traditional nanomachines. They're slime mold 'nanomachines' that are connected to the Warp equivalent.

>> No.47440144

And now he is killing this thread. Fun, fun...

>> No.47440145

Oh. That's stupid. Add a +0 CP drawback that makes all the magic shit into nanomachines and call it a day.

>> No.47440152

That sounds pretty cool, I don't really see the problem.

>> No.47440159

I know, right? But nah, we gotta shit up two or three thread about it, because everything has to have a federal case made out of it.

>> No.47440165

So wait for the jumpmaker, just hand him the pastebins and see what he makes of it. There was no reason for you to go on and on in multiple threads about how a nearly two-year-old jump pisses you off because it doesn't magically reflect the little pieces of translation that weren't available at the time.

There was no reason whatsoever to shit on the jumpmaker, or the jump. You could have ended it in last thread, but you decided to drag it in here and make demands. You say you're being polite, but the sum of the message was "this outdated jump offends me, therefore the jumpmaker sucks and the jump should be burned" instead of, you know, just asking if the guy was around and could do something with it.

>> No.47440166

Magic intelligent slime molds are cool? I can't stand it. It's really stupid. Plus it goes back to what I said before, they're not actual zombies or anything, they're the nanomachines. Which are slime molds. So they're slime mold people trying to pretend to be human.

>> No.47440169

It's already been suggested, he doesn't care.

>> No.47440185

>actual zombies

>> No.47440211

When it get's to this point, it's called a temper tantrum. It's not really worth acknowledging.

>> No.47440235

The default setting is the nanomachine one. So that would be what the jump should be molded after (pun intended).

I was responding to a post by an anon who was responding to me. I think I have a right to reply to someone who was talking to me with my opinion and reaction. Everything else? Is me scrambling to disprove that I'm that troll you guys are accusing me of being, and you people flinging accusations and insults like caltrops all around the thread.

>Shit on the jumpmaker or the jump
See >>47430905

I am the exact OPPOSITE of a person shitting on either of them. I threw as much support as I could his way and have been doing so since. Don't even dare to say I'm just 'shitting' on either of them.

>Ended it last thread
How many times do I have to express, I wasn't the ranting shitposter you people were arguing with?

I don't get it.

>> No.47440258

>Meanwhile, at Jumper's house...

>> No.47440271

If it wasnt you ranting then stop ranting now and let the shit drop you cockmongling idiot.

>> No.47440277

Comparing him to that guy last thread, I don't know how you can even consider it a temper tantrum. You seem to be the one tantruming, about the guy having an opinion to me.

>> No.47440300

Stop accusing me of being the shitposter. That's most of what this entire thing is.

>> No.47440309

>The default setting is the nanomachine one. So that would be what the jump should be molded after
Visa-versa is also valid.

>I don't get it.
He's probably pointing out that zombies are a work of fiction, and banana machines are just as valid as viruses, voodoo, and fungal infection. I get that it isn't to your taste. Not everyone shares that.

>> No.47440318

Everything is on fire, as per usual. Something about children getting their hands on the Warehouse Key.

>> No.47440329


>> No.47440335

Since when is it normal for the OC to be the default setting for a jump, anon?

My thing with the bananas is that, in this case the actual intelligence, memory, and being of the creature are housed in the slime mold. So they're not a walking corpse, they're a slime mold that is piloting a dead body for kicks.

>> No.47440341

>zombies are a work of fiction
On the nose!

>> No.47440353

About a bajillion half-finished projects, ranging from tiny clockwork dolls to deathrays.

>> No.47440365

When the jump is baser off of one not the other.

>> No.47440374

People I am sure Toriko is doing something about this can we all stop yelling? Why not wait for a response from him on this and be done with it.
Jumpers do you have people you trust in while jumping? Do you have companions you could trust making sure you don't die or do not trust anyone not even yourself?

>> No.47440375

Well, that just circles around to what I said before. If you all generally support OC jumps it's not a problem, just, it shouldn't be called Nechronica anymore.

>> No.47440376

Merge them into clockwork deathray dolls?

>> No.47440394

Then go make your own with nanomachines faggot or do you just want to piss and moan?

>> No.47440403

Do you get angry about endless blue then?

>> No.47440408

No, I'm telling you to flip it so that OC is the 0cp thing.

And if the slime mold thinks it's a Doll, which it clearly does, then does it really matter?
You're clearly very passionate about this, and I can respect that, but this really sounds like a personal problem.

>> No.47440410 [DELETED] 

He is either a troll or autistic, it really doesn't matter which, you are wasting thread space. LET HIM ROT.

>> No.47440441

We're having a discussion. If you think it's just 'pissing and moaning', why are you goading me into responding to you and thus dragging it out?

I don't know what Endless Blue is. Can you tell me?

Alright, that circles back to what I said earlier, that's also a viable thing to do.

>does it really matter
As far as whether or not I'd consider it a zombie and all the themes of the setting and the game, yes. Personal problem to most of you I guess, but I did use 'I' and 'my' there.

It feels like a lot of people are yelling at me to yell and haven't read past posts where I agreed with their ultimate point, because I keep circling back around to saying 'okay that would be fine if it's done' to them.

>> No.47440452

I trust most of my core companions to make sure I don't die and help me out. But that's about as far as I can trust most of them, because between Jibril, Morrigan, Abridged Alucard, Lady Gromgard, and Esdeath... it's not exactly gonna go well for the current jump if I leave them on their own.

More than them, I trust White Mage to do the right thing, I trust Gaea to help me out, and I trust the Deer Lord to punch my shit in when I do something stupid.

I trust the little sisters to be cute.

>> No.47440454

Wow it sure is great you put the time and effort into making one based on your nanomachine slime mold version isn't it?

Fuck Off.

In the amount of time you have wasted being a whiney bitch you could have written a completely new jump titled Nechronica Original. But instead you want to have a shitfit because the zombies aren't the right kind of zombies. Seriously dude why do you even bother?

>> No.47440455

CATastrophy must really get him angry.

>> No.47440457

>wasting thread space
We can make an infinite number of these. There's no such thing.

Also, aren't content-less posts whining about other posters even more wasteful to 'thread space'?

>> No.47440462

Yooooo! I got home from work, sat down and saw my name coming up a lot.

Been doing a lot of back reading. Would it put peoples minds at ease if I said that I never intended Nechronica to be OC? Someone already said it but I made the Nechronica Jump nearly 2 years ago. I think it was my 2nd Jump ever?

I was working with what I had and at the time it wasn't much so I just filled in a lot of the gaps, slapped on a Drop In origin and let it loose to the masses cause I loved running the game for friends. Why not share it with you all?

I'm glad to see its actually enjoyed by so many people.

How about we stop the needless shit tossing? No need to argue. Just tell me what the problem seems to be in a neat and concise way, suggest options for fixing said problem, and then I can get to work fixing said problem?

Honestly, I should probably go back and fix Dwarf Fortress too while I'm in the process of updating Toriko and Nechronica.

>> No.47440466

I, for one, prefer the jump as it is rather than memetal gear nanomachines.
If by "goblins" you mean "several floors of powerful monsters".
I think i said it before though. Adventurers dont destroy your Heart. They steal power from it, sort of like a "clearing reward".
Someone would only destroy the heart if they explicitly wanted to kill YOU. Which, if you arent the Final Boss, might not even know you exist.
Again, this is only a problem for Core heart, which gets pretty good discounts and abilities.

>> No.47440472

Endless blue is Catastrophe.

>> No.47440474

Komatsu's face is not a face of mercy. It's a face of nightmares.

>> No.47440475

An eldritch abomination is flirting with a religious zealot, and a space pirate whilst playing a drinking game and lounging on an incredibly comfortable looking couch. A god and an atheist are settling a philosophical debate in a war-plane pocket dimension. A dog-cat. . . thing is dictating its memoir to a self-evolving digital intelligence. Somewhere a band plays the color blue, and a million pastel haired magical dynamos sigh in content.

Away from it all, though, two old friends sit in a room that only they ever visit and talk about the last decade and the decade to come.

>> No.47440500

I don't even like the nanomachine explanation, dude. Have you read anything I've said?

Well, apparently, everything is actually just a slime mold connected to the warp pretending to operate dead girls.

So the main ways of handling it would be:

1. Everyone accepting that OC jumps are fine. So nothing on your end.

2. Deleting the jump because OC is not fine.

3. Updating it and completely ripping out everything I personally loved about Nechronica for the slime mold update.

It's a completed setting and system made by /tg/. Not the same as an OC setting for a game.

>> No.47440519

>several floors of powerful monsters
Unless those are Outer Gods, they're not really scaled for importance.

>> No.47440536

There's no problem. You based the Jump off of the fan-translated setting. The official setting is totally different. Just add a +0 CP drawback letting people use the official setting and call it a day.

>> No.47440537

>I, for one, prefer the jump as it is rather than memetal gear nanomachines.
That's just the thing. They're (game)mechanically, and superficially identical. The jump it's self doesn't change.
The jump doesn't change in any way, other than a fluff shift between technomancy and nechromancy, and no one in this repetitive back and forth is saying everyone needs to pick one.

>> No.47440538


>> No.47440543

Those aren't suggestions, anon. He asked for suggestions and you pretty much told him "no suggestions because it's fucked no matter what"

If you really care about the setting then sit the fuck down and try to suggest ways to salvage it instead of pissing in his face.

>> No.47440550

I have made CORN!

>> No.47440568

No problem. Anon is a pissy little bitch who thinks there is a right and wrong kind of zombie thats all. They also think zombies are real apparently.

>> No.47440574

But, those are suggestions on how to handle it. There are three main paths to go, and we have to decide on which to take. After that, it's pretty clear. The only one that requires him to fix anything would be the third, and that's simply going over the jump, replacing drop-in with mold magician, ripping out all references to magic, making the Dolls weak to fungicide, completely rewriting all the lore and several of the perks.... It's not an easy fix, but that's the only one that can be 'fixed', and it's basically ripping the whole thing apart.

>> No.47440579

I think the problem is that you don't understand what OC Jumps are. OC Jumps are Jumps made by the Jumpmaker from whole cloth. Jumps based off of an established media are not OC, even if that media is /tg/'s work. So no, this is not an OC Jump, it's a /tg/ jump, and we're fine with those.

>> No.47440588

See >>47440536 that fixes it right up, ignore the autistic guy.

>> No.47440591

>I want to help so shut the fuck up and delete your jump!

Oh fuck off I didn't have a problem with you till now but you really are a worthless cunt.

>> No.47440593

Could an anon theoretically invent their own DnD setting, then make that a jump?

>> No.47440602

exactly what is challenging you that you need elder gods to defend you.
The setting for the jump is a generic medieval, not even high fantasy.
I really dont get why you have such a problem with only one of the origins. You also have the perk that allows you to defend it yourself.
If you dont want to have a gigantic dungeon sieged by adventurers, where both they and you can eventually have fun or where just you have fun watching them fail, you are missing the poitn of the jump.
Or you could buy a 300cp Effect tablet and rule that "if an adventurer attacks the heart, it counts as a loss condition for the adventurer" and he is kicked out.

>> No.47440611

Legit, this. 0CP drawback. The easiest patch in the world.

>> No.47440615

See >>47440574

I'm laying out the three possible ways to handle it. I'm not pushing him towards any of them.

>> No.47440623


>> No.47440629

No, he said:
>Just tell me what the problem seems to be in a neat and concise way, suggest options for fixing said problem, and then I can get to work fixing said problem?

And you said "no your only options are killing it or butchering it because it sucks" which isn't a suggestion, it's telling him to not bother because he can never satisfy you. Just gather some sensible options and list them down instead of complaining endlessly. You're not as bad as the shitposter but this whole ignoring of everyone's views but yours is not helping your argument.

>> No.47440640


>> No.47440644


>> No.47440658

>because it sucks
You people are extremely angry at me, to the point where you ignored how many times I said I loved it.

>No your only options are killing or butchering it!

I suggested he could do nothing if anons accept OC, that he could delete it, and that he could change it to fit the canon mild explanation. Only one of those is as you say.

Then in >>47440574 I laid out several things he would have to do in an update.

So what's the problem, in that case?

>> No.47440661

As long as it's established media, then I don't see why not. Of course, something they just play with their friends and family isn't fine; they'd need to establish it well enough to make it into a /tg/ project, and make it sufficiently interesting that it's not just a carbon copy of an existing D&D Jump.

>> No.47440672

I don't think fan assumptions about something are an established setting.

>> No.47440681

... if it gets accepted and popularized by /tg/, and not merely /jumpchain/ as a whole? Yeah.
That'd probably take nearly a year minimum of work, though. You have to create the ruleset, the setting, show it to other anons outside of this thread, get critique, playtest it a few times, and basically have it not be considered complete shit by enough of a following of /tg/ that it can support threads by its own virtue, having nothing to do with jumpchain.

Better get cracking, friend.

>> No.47440682


>> No.47440700

>Then in 47440574 I laid out several passive aggressively worded things he would have to do to disappoint me.


>> No.47440703

I´ve ran games in it. I know a few other people who have too.

>> No.47440710

When in doubt, +0 drawback.

And we really need our glorious nipponese overlords to find a way to harness all the salt from /jc/. We could power the world with our stupid fucking arguments.

>> No.47440717

You do not see how stupid your ideas are?

Its like a family taking their kid to the doctor for a cold and the doctor.saying "I can cut off his legs, kill him, or I might let him live if you get 1000 signatures on this piece of paper."

>> No.47440730

It is when it's the only English language version for five years and people have based their understanding of the game on it.

>> No.47440734

You aren't even bothering to justify yourself now. First you say I told him he had to delete it, then I pointed out I did not and did not hate it, now you're just screaming get out.

You can misinterpret them as passive aggressive, but when your accusation was that I told him he had to delete it, then that STILL proves the accusation wrong.

And no, the first one, where people accept OC, wouldn't disappoint me. And the third one, while it makes me unhappy, would be a necessity in that case and that's all there is to it.

No, tell me anon. Tell me how it would be stupid to accept the jump as-is or update it to reflect the canon. Tell me how those options are stupid.

>> No.47440755

>/jc/ salt power
You fool, you've doomed us all!!!

>> No.47440761

See >>47440579. Did Toriko make this setting? No? Not OC.

>> No.47440777

> 3. Updating it and completely ripping out everything I personally loved about Nechronica for the slime mold update.
If these are the only options, I hope it's this one, just because I hate you.

Because it literally makes no difference to me which is canon, but it seems to put a bug up your ass, so that's the one I want.

+0 drawback master race.

>> No.47440779

>You aren't even bothering
I'm a new poster in this, and my opinion is piss off.

>> No.47440789

The problem with setting shifts based on +0 drawbacks is you don't really have room to highlight the relevant differences and how that'd effect you and all the perks.

>> No.47440809

>your accusation

>> No.47440816

The mechanics are sound, though. There's literally no difference except whether or not it's horrible technomagic or horrible nanoscience.

>> No.47440818

The only people who would care about the relevant differences are those who know the new setting well enough to figure out the perk changes and stuff on their own. C'mon Anon, it's easy.

>> No.47440824

If the settings are so different and you know so much then make a new jump and stop shitting up the thread and trying to rape a good jump.

>> No.47440832


Let's talk fighting styles for a hot minute. How do you do combat? CQC? Dakka? Campi-err, sniping? Explosives? What's your go to for kicking ass and forgetting names?

Mine happens to be:
> pic related
Only with whatever weapons I want or none at all for especially irritating opponents. Hell, I've even just realized I also have a Cloth.

It started as my Armed Device: Zephyr, which was just a pair of gauntlets and boots with a barrier jacket. Then I added Life Fibers (50% max at the moment), Nanomaterials, a Union Core, Aurorium, a Dust Chamber (to the Cartridge system), and Striker Tech for extra sensitive link to my magic.

On the lookout for more stuff I can add to Zephyr, having way too much fun building up my magitech armour to pretty sweet levels.

>> No.47440850

Wasn't there recently a fighting game for that series? Also is that series any good or no?

>> No.47440859


>> No.47440864

For my main build, I tend not to use melee combat much. For the other, I'm trying to design a martial art with CQC as the groundwork. It's... difficult to come up with stuff.

>> No.47440869

Mechanics outside of the game. /jc/ stuff. For example, if you're slime mold, you now have a weakness to fungicides, can be completely destroyed (Without hurting the tissue) and can also be killed by severing your connection to the Warp. But you're immune to anti-magic. On the other hand, a regular necromatic zombie is only weak to anti-magic, and is otherwise far hardier and not forced to exist in the Warp.

Plus I imagine a lot of you are clever enough to make combos specifically aimed around being a sapient slime mold.

I don't like the slime molds.

>> No.47440881

I use beamspam. Or throw rocks, scaling in size from fist to mountain.

>> No.47440888

I tend to spam magic until whatever I'm dealing with stops being an issue. Typically favor AoE, since it's harder to dodge, although I do like to open with a stored Overcast Magic Missile on individual targets.

>> No.47440891

So Toriko adds a notes section to the jump. What a tragedy.

>> No.47440907

It was one of the big ones of my childhood, loved it to bits. Not sure how much it has aged so not sure if it any good now, but do yourself a favour and if you do watch it, avoid the english dubs, the censoring was hilaribad.

>fighting game
Yeah, heard about it, but never really tried it.

>> No.47440908

A note section completely detailing how being slime mold changes all the perks and backgrounds? I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's harder than you say.

>> No.47440910

So you do not want it to change but you piss and moan for hours to change it? Good god get a damn life or eat a bullet you piece of shit because you are literally worse than bancho.

>> No.47440911

Congratulations, you just explained the differences in one paragraph, neatly countering your own argument.

>> No.47440917

He will not be satisfied with that, just ignore him.

>> No.47440927

I would be. I'm only talking about how it's harder than anon said. You guys are the ones blowing that up into another fight.

>> No.47440934

It's far easier than scrapping the whole fucking thing. There. Solution to the whole thing found. Someone give me my Anti Salt Anon award.

>> No.47440941

Combination of CQC, energy blasts, thrown explosives/traps, and robots to watch my back.

>> No.47440943

+0 you are no longer magic you are a nanobot slime mold.

Oh so difficult.

>> No.47440944

Still have to see if that's what Toriko wants to go with.

>> No.47440970

a mix of mid range gunplay and sword and board thanks to a chain sword which is also a gauss flayer and a fountain shield from Lord of light which has had several light sabers added to it so it functions as a lantern shield.

>> No.47440972

If Sam was a smokin' hot blond kitsune, that can go all Cheshire Monsoon, while thinking with portals, and wielding her wife, who happens to be a cloud of shapeshifting weapons, that'd be about right.
Mostly, I just like to taunt people. If I have to go maximum effort, I'll just start singing the song of...


>> No.47441006

How ridiculous did that anime get anyway? I heard it got over planet buster level or some shit?

>> No.47441011

> Let's talk fighting styles for a hot minute. How do you do combat?
Ummm... well? I guess it depends.
Because I don't have just one. Because I try to blend into the setting a lot? And as a consequence, that often means adapting fighting styles to seem at least somewhat plausible, given the setting.

In magical settings, I tend to go for Frieza tactics; so, extremely large attacks that destroy a significant amount of the surrounding terrain. Giant fireballs, energy blasts, and the like.
If I'm"playing, I also tend to do Touhou spam, like, just shitloads of fire.
Even when I don't do huge area attacks, they tend to be WAY overpowered. I actually rely on non-lethal perks to not just completely vaporize people pretty regularly, like the one from Elona. If I shoot a lightning bolt there's a pretty good chance it's gonna rip through a god damn wall at the least.
Collateral damage is fun as hell, y'know?

If we're doing martial arts I tend for dodgy, fluid styles. Drunken Fist is my favorite. I'm also pretty decent at chi styles, like Ranma's Cat Fist style.
If we're doing melee weapons, I like swords, knives (touhou style!), and I'm pretty good with spears. I have been known to do purposeful clothing damage on my opponents because it's funny to me.
If we're doing guns... I'm not super into guns, but I tend to use really high calibre shots like railguns and sniper rifles and shit. I like being able to shoot through walls. Yeah, wallhacking's a bitch, ain't it, Cloud?!

>> No.47441018

It depends on the level of my opponent. I typically fight with my bare hands using a personal fighting style that incorporates components from thousands of different styles of martial arts. I rarely ever use weapons although I'm proficient with pretty much everything that can reasonably be used to kill people. I tend to scale my strength down to just above my enemy since there's usually no reason for me to overwhelm people. If I intend to kill them then that's what happens, typically within the first few seconds of combat. I very rarely have to overwhelm them with raw power; the difference in skill usually means instant death for them if I have lethal intent.

If I'm fighting somebody moderately challenging (country to continent level) then I'm likely to break out the magic, usually spells and attacks designed to kill or incapacitate instantaneously and are hard or impossible to dodge or block through normal means. In combat I very rarely hold back; my intention is to achieve the objective of either killing or incapacitating my opponent as fast as possible. I don't particularly take pleasure in combat since I've participated in so many fights and have become so powerful that I don't really get thrills from it anymore. Combat is more of an ugly necessity that I'm sometimes forced to participate in than an enjoyable pastime.

>> No.47441021

Not going to link EVERY comment about the topic. Just the most recent.

Okay, been following along. I'm a little shaky on what all this slime mold stuff is about but I think I've found an English translation of the rules that seem to have the whole backstory. Reading it now.

Will get back to you all in a few minutes.

>> No.47441047

Rule 1 is to fight to win. I stick to ranged, particularly sniping, to accomplish this.

If I get into a melee, I usually do a mix of all the different arts I pick up, though CQC is the most prominent. For weaponry, I go for a combo of short sword and shield, always light enough to maintain movement freedom.

And of course I only fight fair if I know I'm going to win. Better to leave nothing to chance.

>> No.47441051

There's this pastebin http://pastebin.com/hWwEjwBY if it's not what you have.

>> No.47441077

Come on Anon, what kinda magic? All of it? Some of it? Or just yes? And how?

Which CQC if I may ask? Metal Gear's?

Modern combat is pretty hard to figure a theme for, but you could check out the Jumps that are based on fighting games.

I started with Krav Maga in Teen Titans, then added Aikido and Shared Heritage in DoA:
> Shared Heritage: Either by practicing a root art that others inherit from, or by being the result of a recombinant process, you share styles with a half dozen fighters or more. In combat, you intuitively begin to mimic opposing styles, and can with sufficient time and experience, dissect and disrupt those same techniques while patching the holes in your own.

From there with a whole load more adaptability, copy, and reflexes perks later, I realized that I kinda became the fighter you should never fight twice 'cause I would have not only figured out your fighting style, but I would copied and perfected it, then added it to my own. That's kinda what the Saints do, in that universe you never, ever fight a Saint more than once.

So see how your perks related to your combat style snowballed and then you can figure out the rest.

The classics amirite?

>thrown explosives/traps
Traps in the middle of a fight? I can respect that.

>> No.47441100

>The classics amirite?
You can't go wrong with 'em.

>> No.47441110

Don't remember the specifics, but I think the destructive power behind their attacks reached and exceeded that level, but didn't actually destroy that much due to the force behind their attacks being concentrated at the atomic level.

Or something like that, I don't know.

>> No.47441117

>Come on Anon, what kinda magic?
>And how?
With intense enthusiasm.

>> No.47441124

That shouldn't make sense to me, but it do.

>> No.47441160

We don't support either, though. They're both letdowns.

An empty room with a note that the female heir to the adventurer's nation is in a separate fortress.

Holy shit, it's real? I asked here a few threads ago after being told by /co/ but yeesh.

Has he met Galactus yet?


It's going to be a cold, lonely foreseeable couple of centuries.

UAC researcher. We're still not sure how we ended up in Hell.

Jumper sits alone, staring at absolutely nothing hanging on the back wall of his warehouse because nobody, certainly not his ex-wife, has joined the many companions portrayed in a cheerful group photo. He is not depressed, thinking about the the people he's physically left behind and the people to whom he is a neurotic husk of his former self like Elodie-who have recently been slowly encouraing behavior in him he's not comfortable with. Or who ultimately rejected his companionship because he could not-no, would not share their values like the Sisters in Imperium jump.

He takes another swig from his endless supply of alcohol, only to realise he's finished all of it and also that his perks have prevented him from getting drunk.

His corporeal self starts to melt, though definitely not from lack of self esteem dissolving his physical form.

In spite of all we've done we go out of our way to support and accommodate them.

Some of them are reliably unreliable, rejecting our methods and ideals but sticking by us when it counts.

Some of them are malefic in nature, but moderated by our influence. Unfortunately, THOSE ones tend to get a little...obsessive.

And some of them are just mellow, chill guys and gals along for the ride.


We fought like you SO SIMILARLY long ago, it's crazy. Only difference was we tended to go for an energy sword in the style of a German longsword as our melee offense.

Sword and board and CQC and sniping is best style.

>> No.47441184

Yeah, it was MGS CQC. Thanks for the advice anon, you the real MVP.

>> No.47441189

Sword, primarily. Be a buzzsaw, then use the Lantern ring for 3d combat or nonlethal takedowns. Slayers magic for artillery, Paradiso angels and Court demons for better numbers, and then my ultimate weapon: A partridge in a pear tree.

>> No.47441196

Jebus man!

See above.

Uuuuhhh...well, the easiest way to explain it, the top characters of the series can easily match everything going in DBZ. It gets hectic because at some point you an entire class of warriors who can walk at lightspeed, kill by poking someone, and one fucker in particular can manipulate your Dharma and reincarnate you into some thing else.

They were getting their asses kicked so hard their goddess, a pacifist at the time, had to step in with her personal guard to help them.

Make of that what you will, I gave up a long time ago.

I like you two!

>> No.47441248

>walk at lightspeed

>> No.47441285

I try to avoid most open combat, but sometimes your best efforts just don't cut it.
I know it's a bit edgy, but if I have to fight, I enjoy looking sharp.

Things got weird after I married a sword.
I like weird.

>> No.47441298

Tell me Jumpers How you balance the powers in your eyes?
and how powerful is the geass in other settings?

>> No.47441311

I just realized I can't actually entertain my benefactor for most of Ace Combat, because all the wars last for about a year and there's only three. Do I get a free pass?

>> No.47441329

You know if we have a problem with OC jumps now, we may as well dump the Van Helsing jump.

>> No.47441330

Play with planes.

>> No.47441335

I think that means you need to start seven new wars.

>> No.47441341

Well yeah but not if the means are unnecessarily complicated and insane.

>> No.47441346

yeah that's just the general methods, the actual fighting style is a mix of Sinanju, Quicksilver, trickster and Royal guard styles from DMC, eliatrope portal combat, along with déjà-Fu and the personal molecular manipulation style from X-Men cinematic, I usually describe it as dropping acid and getting in a fight with Gumby only with more lasers.

>> No.47441376


>Nerfed starting location 2: Silvanost. The home of the Silvanesti elves is now surrounded by lush forests, not lust forests.
>Added the following prestige classes: Kraken Legion Mariner, Ogre Slaver, Warmage, Golden Hammer

If there are any comments, if you find something that needs tweaking or clarification, please post in the thread and I’ll look at it. However, if there are no real objections, and if we are more or less happy with where this is now I’ll call this done and get to work on the various modules and adventures.

Also, as I add in modules, how would you like to see them added? Do you want them added to this document proper or would you prefer them in a separate document? Let me know and I’ll format and release accordingly.

>> No.47441382

>The home of the Silvanesti elves is now surrounded by lush forests, not lust forests.



>> No.47441386

I want you to use your autistic little brain, take a good look at how that conversation went, take another look at Toriko's reply and take a look at how the current conversation is going.

Maybe then you'll notice absolutely nobody wants to talk about this anymore.

>lust forests


That sounds like something out of Oglaf

>> No.47441393

The dream is dead anon. The dream is dead.

>> No.47441397

>The home of the Silvanesti elves is now surrounded by lush forests, not lust forests.

>> No.47441404

I dunno, trees are awfully phallic. They probably would've waifud you.

>> No.47441406


>> No.47441410


She lets you buy all sorts of stuff with CP that requires downtime to take advantage of, so it's not like she expects you to do exciting stuff 24/7.

She probably just fucks off for some 12-dimensional coffee or something whenever you run out of plot to get involved with/derail.

>> No.47441411

>How you balance the powers in your eyes?
My eyes are ridiculous shifting kaleidoscopes of color and power. So... I wear sunglasses.

>and how powerful is the geass in other settings?
Assuming you mean the Code Geas ones, it's pretty ridiculous, I think. I'm not sure what would defend against it.

>> No.47441419

> The home of the Silvanesti elves is now surrounded by lush forests, not lust forests.

>> No.47441425

>waifu trees
Too OP

>>lust forests
>That sounds like something out of Oglaf
Someone caught one of my typos a thread or three ago, and I wanted to toss them a thanks for that.

Glad you laughed, I had fun with it.

>> No.47441428

Do you get to use Wakestones on yourself, or are they limited to others?
You can grab Wakestones from post-game Everfall instead of being an idiot, rushing the plot, and spending 9 years as the king of nothing, right?

>> No.47441433

So I'm new to Dragonlance but what the fuck is a Kinder? Are they like the chocolate eggs?

>> No.47441438

Man, trees are huge sluts.
They get a bazillion genitals of both types, and fuck literally everything that is anywhere around them.
Especially the bees.

>> No.47441445

As for the modules - honestly? Setting them up as DLC leaflets like sorry for the comparison LoT's would actually be kinda neat - have them run tangentially, story-wise, to the jump's timeline proper.

>> No.47441451

In the document.

>> No.47441470

Draconians don't have any racial prestige or even access to a class prestige. Is this intentional?

>> No.47441471

>So I'm new to Dragonlance but what the fuck is a Kinder?
Think of something that looks like a Hobbit humped an Elf. Now try to make it adorably chaotic. Fail miserably at that, and then add in clepto sensibilities and tons of plot armor.

>> No.47441498


>> No.47441511

> http://saintseiya.wikia.com/wiki/Gold_Saints
Dude, I wish I was kidding. The Gold Saints are made of bullshit alright?

They have a team attack that summons an Artefact (note the Capital A) of their goddess which releases the Power of the Big Bang, as in yes, it will explode and create a new universe. They consider it a dishonourable thing because Gold Saints should never ever gang up on one opponent.

And their weapons (yes they have them) are so powerful they can destroy stars, and it's the job of one of them, Libra, to keep them until a time they are needed.

I too have waifu'd my swords (dual jian).

>> No.47441515

So... thieves who you aren't allowed to be mad at for thieving?

>> No.47441518


>> No.47441522

Still worth going draconian for the freebies.

>> No.47441538

I'm, well, not pragmatic, but I follow a whatever works philosophy. Like, if I were to kill Coil from Worm I'd just plant a micro-bomb in his tea and wait until the next day to blow him up, since he likely didn't tear out his intestines in either "universe" and has probably used his power multiple times in the interim. I bashed a psyker's skull in with the Deadlight. If I had to take out a president, I'd just use some super-sniping and seeing through walls. If I'm going to lose a fight, I'll cheat.

The most obvious solution is never to fight at all, though. A fight has never been my goal.

More or less. They just don't know any better, because they're horrifically brain-damaged as a species.

>> No.47441546

They get /so many/ freebies. It's awesome.

>> No.47441551

Isn't Gemini Saga the most bullshit of all the Saints?

>> No.47441552

That's... really stupid. How do they even get along with anything else?

>> No.47441554

They get access to War Mage now, but that's about it. I couldn't find prestige classes for Draconians, Irda, or Centaurs. Admittedly, I'm OCD enough that that irritates me but I don't want to homebrew the core of this jump.

If it causes enough of a fracas I'll try to address it with in-jump freebies and pricing.

>> No.47441555

Potions, coins, and adorable tamable monsters.

>> No.47441556

I'm way too damn late with this, but I really don't like that Drop-In just has companion options instead of real perks.

As someone who at times chooses to go Drop-In only for the novelty of it, and stays away from companions in non-evil chains due to finding caring for them a hassle, you may understand why I hold this stance.

I am aware that one person's opinion is no reason to overhaul an entire perk tree, but I merely wished to state it.

>> No.47441586

And I stay away from evil perks but half of all drop-in lines are the evil lines. Sometimes a background just isn't for you and you can't do anything about it. That's life.

>> No.47441593

I feel like this anon needs that Kinder image

>> No.47441601

Allow the Emperor of Mankind to explain.

>> No.47441607

>Liking worst gem.

>> No.47441623

Damnit man I keep screwing this up

If there's enough Modules it could work as its own document. Also noticed Warmage is available to everyone in general. I guess it's better than nothing and it balances mage heavy characters.

Good point as well. I can live with few prestige because of the freebies [and side discounts on top of that because of it]. Just a shame I don't get any lore appropriate stuff as the others. I'm just being jelly is all.

I intend to go drop-in because as a companion heavy jumper [and dragon rider] I'm totally going all in. My possee of Draconian bro's are a go!

It's alright. Perhaps one or two more general prestige options would be nice. But other than that it isn't really needed especially if you couldn't find anything for them. I think you made the races tempting enough with their freebies and inherent perks.

You have any more neat items planned for the jump or the items section mostly finished?

>> No.47441624

That they shouldn't is a gripe around here. A racial inability to understand property rights outside of "they'll hit me if I admit to taking it" should see a lot of them killed or something. It just doesn't happen.

>> No.47441630

That's where the plot armor comes in.
The author for them wrote that only evil races can dislike them, and good folk find their antics endearing.

Which literally no one listens to, because thats retarded.

>> No.47441640

>"Can we keep it?"
>"No, Gaia, you don't know where it's been and I don't have any Pods."
>"Awwww, are you sure?"
>"If I could keep living things besides you guys in here, you'd already HAVE one of these."

>> No.47441652

Personally, I don't think so.

Virgo Shaka is so much more bullshit.

However, according to the creator:
> A struggle among fans has always been up around comunities to establish who is the strongest among the Gold Saints, more than for any other class of characters of similar and high strength, typically arguing that for this or that reason a particular Gold Saint should be considered the strongest or among the strongest. The two more common candidates are usually Gemini Saga and Virgo Shaka because of their feats, but also some others are included. This question has been made to Kurumada himself who answered laughing that he has created the Gold Saints to be all incredibly powerful, but some of them stand above the others. This means that probably both Saga's and Shaka's fans are equally right.

He's like "You both have a point."

>> No.47441654

Anon please Gaia shouldn't be kidnapping children because they are cute.

>> No.47441657

The Mystery Dungeon perk was free, shut up.

>> No.47441666


So wait, you mean..
>"At last, I've finished my cure for terminal cancer! Now I can cure my ailing mother, and the rest of my city!"

">I took it lol"

>"You fiend! My mother needs that to live!"

>"wow you meanie you're evil"

[Dropped to CE]

>> No.47441671


>> No.47441676

Yeah, essentially.

>> No.47441680

Yes exactly.

>> No.47441702


>> No.47441703

Man, that's... who thought this was a good idea?

>> No.47441710

Lapis > Space Dorito > All those ugly body pride mascots

>> No.47441713

Indeed, Satan. That was how they were written.
I intend to curse them in such a way that it ruins their ability to commit larceny.
All of them.
Because I am to cruel for genocide.

>> No.47441721

Okay so I read through the Cannon setting stuff and can't believe how off I was. Also, I want to say that its fucking amazing stuff.

Multiple nuclear wars, undead soldiers, earthquake weapons, genetically modified insects, download brains, and technological arms races! This stuff is pure gold!

Also it seems that its not actually a Slime Mold. Just nano-machines based on slime molds. The slime mold is what gave humanity enough insight to make the leap in thought to figure out how to make a tiny super computer thats mobile.

So no actual magic. Just super technology. Some Psy-tech at most with tapping into the collective unconscious of man kind of deal. Probably where the Psycho gets her psychic powers.

I'm heading to bed soon (I work grave shift) but if any of you have interest in a Newchronica Jump then I might just go ahead and make it.

May not respond after this post but will read thread when I wake up. May not get a chance to reply till tomorrow.

>> No.47441726

Don't tell me what I can't do.
Fuck you, dad.

>> No.47441750

If I can find good Divine and Rogue prestige classes likely draconians, centaurs, and irda would have access to them as well. Likely as not, though, I’ll start working the modules before I start working through the DL manuals for additional classes.

As for items, unless someone makes a good case for including something I’m done with it.

I understand this critique, and I’m sorry the Drop In line doesn’t appeal to you.

Modules will not be as exhaustive as LoT DLCs. In formatting they’ll look more like drawbacks, but read like story and adventure prompts. You’ll be given narrative and thematic information, some goals to achieve and things to avoid, and rewards for completing the adventure. I love the LoT DLCs, but it’s not my intent to go that in depth on what I’m creating. I’m not suggesting that you were trying to nudge me in that direction, but I wanted to clarify that right out.

>> No.47441751

>a curse that means any Kender attempting to steal something immediately fails

Bravo anon. Let the bastard race rot in prisons for their antics.

>> No.47441757

Flamio, my good hotman.
Have a good evenorning.

>> No.47441770

I cannot disagree more on your love of slime molds or technology over magic

>Just nanomachines based on slime molds
From what I read, they're slime molds altered to function like nanomachines.

Anyway, the crux of the issue is how you're going to handle it. What's going to happen to the current Nechronica jump? Would you be making the slime mold setting into its own jump and leaving the current one alone? If so, that should be made clear to end these arguments for good.

>> No.47441773

I'd recommend making Hedgemage and Tower Trained mutually exclusive, or at least making it so you only get a discount on one of them. Right now it's 150 CP cheaper to get both Capstones as a Mage than any other class.

>> No.47441796

>please please please just replace the current one with the one that pisses me off so I can bitch about it endlessly in the thread, and if you don't, I'm just going to keep bitching at you about how the setting in the jump drive isn't the real one an is OC because I'm a fucking autist

>> No.47441803

What do you have against slime molds? Look at this precious little thing.

>> No.47441804

see >>47441796
for what you fucking sound like.

>> No.47441816

My post actually just asked him for clarity in what he intends to do. I'm not going to complain either way. You also missed all those times I said that if you people are fine with OC then I'm fine with an OC jump.

Not as cool as zombies to me. Wouldn't want to be a slime mold either frankly.

See above, you post is entirely fiction and upset with no basis in reality that seems to only exist to stir up more drama where none was needed.

>> No.47441823

Not even immediately.
They all just get a brightly glowing, loudly singing, incorporeal follower to narrate their life.
It will answer any questions directed to it, to the best of it's ability, and is singularly devoted to recording the kender's life in objective detail.
When the Kender dies, it's entity returns to my domain and transcribes the events it witnessed into the TOME OF SCHAUDENFREUD.

I will enjoy this...

>> No.47441825

I've thought about that and I got back and forth on it. If there's enough interest in it I'll give it a hard look.

>> No.47441832

>fucking amazing stuff.

That was my first thought when I went through those paste links.


I'd be all for this, yeah. Maybe you could add a +0CP drawback to go to a version of the setting that runs off of magic instead of moldtech, for people who can't into slimezombie daughterus.

>> No.47441838

Please don't. I like them how they are right now...

>> No.47441845

Hey, couple things. Any way we could get scrolls or spellbooks added to the magic items? Second, you should probably make it clear you can't take Epic Embargo and No OCs together. Lastly, any way we could get Raistlin's weird eye shit as a drawback?

>> No.47441846

>I cannot disagree more on your love of slime molds or technology over magic
That has been made /abundantly/ clear.

>> No.47441847

Oh, I'm not saying I love one more then the other. I just love a good story and this one is fascinating to me. Actually very similar to a setting I once played in which whats got me all excited.

We could just be reading it differently. I'd have to put some research and effort into it.

And yes, the jist of it would be the current Nechronica Jump will stand for now I guess? I'll see if I can't catch Brutus and ask him if he minds if I have 2 Nechronica Jumps. One the original for those who wish to grandfather it and one for the newly released information.

Honestly, not much changes mechanically. On one hand its either all tech or its magi-tech. At the bare minimum I'd go back and make some alterations to explain the situation of the world being infested with genetically alter plants and animals that feast on the undead. Make note of areas hit by nuclear strikes and such.

Also we now know a bit about Necromancers so I can give them a "Real Face" as it were. Which would still be up to the Jumper but gives them an idea of what they could be facing.

>> No.47441886

Hello JC! How are you this evening?

I am working on a plan but I am not sure how to go about it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to shrink a creature made of magic?

Barring that does anyone have any ideas on how to make a living spell in dnd tiny?

>> No.47441899

Well, see >>47440869 for how it changes a ton about how undead works, and especially how it would work for jumpers.

As far as what'd make me most happy, it'd be keeping the old one as it is and just making the new one for mold. People seem to be okay with that, either legitimately or out of spite for me because they thought I hated OC, so whatever. Maybe that'll be for the best? But it's up to you, unlike what they imagine I'm not going to complain with whatever you go with.

>> No.47441901

They look like candy...or grapes.
Damn and knowing what they really are is making me shiver.

>> No.47441915

+0 drawbacks that completely alter the setting are satisfactory because they don't explain all the actual differences, and there is a wide gulf there.

>> No.47441927

> Where: Plains of Dust [Rolled11] (5/6)
> When: The Graygem & The War of Chaos, 381 AC [Rolled13] (6/7)
> Class: Rogue [-50CP]
> Race: Gnome [-50CP]
> Alignment Choice: Chaotic Neutral KEHEHEHEHEHEHEH
> Tall Enough [Get a Freebie!]
> Artifactory [-400CP]
> Hireling: Kuolema [-100CP]
> Footpad [Get a Freebie!]
> Lucky In Loot [-300CP]
> Gnomish Tinker [-200CP]
> Parts, Parts, & More Parts [-100CP]
> Prologue Peril (x4) [Rolled3] [+200CP] KEK

Graygem, huh...? I̧͡ ̷wa̷ņt́͝҉ ̕͜i͟͝t͜͡҉.҉
SO I LANDED IN A DESERT. This sounds as good a place as any to build a giant mechanical fortress filled with robots or some shit. Right in the middle of the fucking desert.
Maybe I'll grow some trees or a massive oasis or something just to flip the bird at nature.

Other than that, I don't really have plans. Send minions out to find loot, perform horrifying experiments on Kender I wonder what would happen if I used Via Corruptio on a Kender? LET'S FIND OUT., perform technologic and magical experiments, and engage in a ridiculous villain's plot to acquire the soul of Chaos.
Should be fun! Let's do that.

>> No.47441932

I suppose you could use Crimson Saint from Maoyu to make your spell living technology then use the Miniaturization and Efficiency Shard from Worm to refine it. Once that's done, you can then Crimson Saint it back to magic.

But that only works if you're making the spell. If you want to shrink a pre-existing one, I got nothing.

>> No.47441935

You talking shit about my daughterus?/humor

>> No.47441945

> Name: Koulema of the Obsidian Pit, Collector of Charred Bone, Scourge of Life, Scribe of the Rotting Tome
> Class: Arcane [-50CP]
> Race: "Human"
> Arcane Adept [Get a Freebie!]
> Hedgemage [Get a Freebie!]
> Acolyte [-100CP]
> Corporeal Undead: Skeleton [-400CP]
> Texts (Self-help Books) [-50CP]

As far as liches go, Koulema is personable. He can hold a conversation about mundane topics, doesn't "immediately" go for the fireball on unexpected visitors, and does enjoy occasional downtime.
He is dramatic, but extremely pragmatic.
... perhaps think, "Dr Orpheus with some Ainz Ooal Gown thrown in."
He does 'The Voice' nigh constantly, enjoys playing up the role of villain, and does not have any time for his Jumper's "failure can be a form of victory too" bullshit.

He enjoys learning of all types, acquiring power particularly through swift and non-reckless means, and music.

Once quite the coward before his tenure as companion, he's become literally unkillable as long as his Jumper survives, and has since run out of fucks to give.
Pointedly, this means he will aggressively protect the jumper and the chain, if only to protect his own interests.

He is, in short, probably a better Jumper than Konatanon.


He is still a lich, however.
Probably don't push him.

>> No.47441952

I'll talk shit about your daughterus especially since your taste in daughterus is shit and should be in the trash.

>> No.47441971


Is this.

is this a chance to finally help Nechronica in such a manner that it WON'T end in Pulsific Rim?

... I'll take it.

>> No.47441974


>> No.47441982

>... perhaps think, "Dr Orpheus with some Ainz Ooal Gown thrown in."

I like this guy already.

>better Jumper than Konatanon
Not that hard, sloth thy name is Konatanon

>> No.47441986

Motherfucker you say that but polished shit is still shit.

>> No.47441989

You still got your original human form or did you reject your humanity in favor of cheese?
I ended with two humanoid forms and rabbit ears on the original.

>> No.47441998

I intended the child to represent her reaction to small animals.

It appears I have chosen poorly.

>> No.47441999


>> No.47442002

Not the fridge?

>> No.47442007

Mind you thats if its actually a mold. The way I'm reading it, its just nano-machines working together similiarly to a slime mold. Not an actual mold so fungicides and such won't effect it.

Again, I'll have to research it. As for the Warp, that only seems to be for Non-Dolls. For Jumpers, this really doesn't matter much one way or another. I'd leave the option to be a living person so they'd just be altered by nano machines.

As for happiness and such, seriously, please keep in mind I made this 2 years ago and what I put in was what was available as info. So at the time it wasn't OC but shitty translations and such.

So far I'm thinking a separate Magic and Tech Nechronica is the way to go. We'll see.

>> No.47442009


>> No.47442023

Well you weren't specific.
Look within yourself anon you know it to be true.

>> No.47442046

The bit about them not being effected by anti-magic but suddenly be weak to EMPs and other anti-tech things and being cut off from the Warp equivalent still holds, though, for nanomachines. It's a much different paradigm than magic regardless.

I'm not against OC. Not if everyone else isn't.

Would the 'magic' jump just be the current one left alone, in that case?

>> No.47442056

>Any way we could get scrolls or spellbooks added to the magic items?
>Lastly, any way we could get Raistlin's weird eye shit as a drawback?
Both easy additions. No problem.

>Second, you should probably make it clear you can't take Epic Embargo and No OCs together.
Good catch. On your next turn, you may summon 4 Kender and steal thee cards from your opponents deck for every clepto elf that makes it through his defenses.

Well done, blue.

>> No.47442068

Yeah, and I only say magic cause it was a bunch of vague mumbo jumbo at the time which was pretty cool.

Was it magic? Was it science? Was it all a horrible dream? WHO KNOWS!''

And that said. I really need to head to bed. I've got a big night ahead of me.

Gnight yall. Will check thread later.

>> No.47442075

You're bitching about it to the extent that you might as fucking well be the worst goddamn enemy of Nechronica to exist, OC or not.

>> No.47442084

Does "Give me Deus Ex" from the Deus Ex: Human Revolution jump eventually give you the full suite of the purchasable augmentations?

>> No.47442091

Having a discussion with the jumpmaker. A discussion that would have ended with the post above yours if you didn't feel the overwhelming need to spew more spite at me now.

>> No.47442097

So wait, the Dolls are basically revived corpses of girls controlled by nano machines with the original girl's consciousness, or the remnants of it, which are taken from the local equivalent of the Warp? Does that mean that the Necromancers are the local equivalent of Chaos cultists? Oh God, is there a local equivalent for the Chaos God? Is THAT what the Dance of Distortion expansion was about?
That's both awesome and horrifying. I approve!

>> No.47442110

Essentially, yes, it's basically the suite Jensen has access to in the game itself.

>> No.47442118

>Rolled a 4 for starting location
>Rolled an 8 for starting era
How fucked am I?

>> No.47442122

So, with all the hate around...

How do I create SCP tier memetic weapons/anomalies? Preferably without actually going to SCP?

>> No.47442127

How much lube do you have on you Anon?

>> No.47442145

I rolled an 8 for starting era too. It made me extraordinarily happy to be able to stop the gods.

>> No.47442169

>>Rolled a 4 for starting location
>>Rolled an 8 for starting era
>How fucked am I?

>> No.47442206

This is an early Jump, anon. I doubt I can even stop the Kingpriest.

That's what I was afraid of. New Chain Time?

>> No.47442220

>Corruptors (100 CP):
>If an average Terran were to describe a corruptor to you, the image is almost comical: A giant, floating brain with tentacles dangling from it's rear end and a gnashing beak. Far more deadly than their appearance indicates, the zerg corruptors can seemingly spew an endless stream of caustic fluid, or a plasteel-piercing parasite spore that wreaks havoc on airborne foes. Their method of flight is... quite unique, as well - the organism regulating the growth of cancerous tumors in it's sinuous rear-tentacles that consume it's flesh (which regenerates just as quickly as it's consumed), and in doing so produces a powerful electromagnetic field. This field warps the gravity around the creature, granting it flight.

>Their method of flight is... quite unique, as well - the organism regulating the growth of cancerous tumors in it's sinuous rear-tentacles that consume it's flesh (which regenerates just as quickly as it's consumed), and in doing so produces a powerful electromagnetic field. This field warps the gravity around the creature, granting it flight.

>cancerous tumors in it's sinuous rear-tentacles that consume it's flesh (which regenerates just as quickly as it's consumed), and in doing so produces a powerful electromagnetic field.
>This field warps the gravity around the creature, granting it flight.

I'm sorry, what?

>> No.47442228

There is a reason you can pay2choose.

>> No.47442238

Space cancer gives you ass-tumors that have Magneto's powers, what's there to understand?

>> No.47442239

Anon listen to this guy >>47442228

>> No.47442245


I didn't come up with that explanation.
That shit is canonical. Blizzard approved.

Anti-Gravity Cancer.

>> No.47442253

Space magic.

>> No.47442254

>That's what I was afraid of. New Chain Time?
I wouldn't say that, it honestly depends on your jumper in terms of personality and power. Making it out of Istar increases your survivability by quite a bit. If its me in that scenario, and I don't have a way to counter the mages, I run.

Istar during the tail end of the last Kingpriests reign is arguably distopian fantasy.

>> No.47442272

Anon this is why you give her children so she doesn't kidnap other's children.

>> No.47442292

But anon, I can't do that yet.

>> No.47442297

Not with that attitude.

>> No.47442300

I am furry trash, and people react to that as people do. The initial freak-out, the calming down, the decision on what to do with a sapient and friendly alien creature. Usually it works out pretty well, honestly. It's hard to be threatened when the monster breaks out into song and dance and compulsively offers you food at every opportunity. Then again, quite a few people have a crisis for whatever reason.

>"What are you?"
>Alien. From another universe. I used to watch you guys on TV. What are you?
>"What, so we're just some reality TV show for flying space rats?"
>A cartoon.
>"Is everything I know a lie?"
>Yes. So's everything I know. We're all creatures of exceptionally limited perception. You want some pancakes?
>"I need a minute."
>They take time to cook.

>> No.47442322

But that's forbidden love!

>> No.47442324

>the calming down
Ha, you mean the attempted murder right?

>> No.47442327

A Benevolent Dictatorship is the best method of Government. The Empire by NO means benevolent. Therefore it should not be supported.

A Pin-up Poster. Of Me. No, actually, make that a Calendar of Pin-ups. Of Me.

They DID actually Vote him in. Jarjar was the first to vote for it, blame him.

No, no they do not.

Alice, Mera, Trisha, Luna Lovegood, Elsa, Some girls from Strike Witches,
My Ship Girls(I have yet to name these two groups OOC), Mizore, Sarah Kerrigan,
Akitsu, Yashima, Kocho, Juvia, Maybe Erza, Azula, Zhang Jiao, My Divinity bride,
Nonon , My Qunari Ally, The Choir of Righteous Fury, Elizabeth, Yuriko,
Hopefully Death of the Endless, Hopefully Lady Death, Neliel, Maybe Harribel,
My Jaeger Partner, Female Form Hastur, Raven, Serana, Kara Zor'el and all Alternative versions of her, Light of Terra in Human form,

Drop-in. My Favorite Perk Tree, AND I get to be Doomguy. What's not to love?

Some people watching Multiverse-TV, Some people reading books, some people playing games, etc. My house is large, and has room for any number of hobbies. I spent a large amount of my time in my Magic/Technology Workshop, just tinkering.

A sword when I fight normally. Hand to Hand when I get serious. The Sword when I'm well and truly pissed off, or Need it.
In the CQC I mix in my Magical abilities as needed, particularly my extensive list of Laser based powers.

Is this Done enough to make a build yet Epic?

>> No.47442337

Look anon, if our scientists can combine two egg cells to make a baby, then your ass is perfectly capable.

>> No.47442339

>His corporeal self starts to melt, though definitely not from lack of self esteem dissolving his physical form.

And echoed the sound of silence.

I have an interest in Newchronica. Looking forward to it if you make it into separate jumps, along with new content. Rest well.

>> No.47442361

>Is this Done enough to make a build yet Epic?
Yes with the caveat that some of modules will give CP as rewards. Which is to say that you can build now, but you may have more CP to play with later.

There's a few small updates I'll make that were suggested in thread but I won't release those until I've got the modules mostly done.

Next release should be in a week or so.

>> No.47442379

Fair enough, I'll build now and modify as needed later thanks.

>> No.47442385

If a girl jumper can have babies with a girl sword, you can have babies with a girl planet!
I believe in you!
You just need to jump her, jumper!
She's a fertility goddess, it can't be that hard!

>> No.47442388

That's what makes it all the more sweeter.

>> No.47442393



>> No.47442448

I usually keep a 8 or 9 layers of illusion up until I'm comfortable with someone, honestly. Then it's less, "Ahh, a monster" and more "So, Noble's an alien. That adds up." In settings with lots of aliens and mythic creatures already I don't usually bother, though. Superhero and high fantasy jumps are just used to weird shit happening.

I did only last a minute and change during the Dead Rising Gauntlet, due to a survivor shooting me repeatedly.

>> No.47442500

Yeah that's about my reaction too.

Especially at the end of Legacy of the Void, where we they drop ALL of the plot threads and end it with Giant Golden Nekkid Kerrigan God-Waifu.

Literally, worse than Mass Effect 3.

>> No.47442520

And the words of the prophets are written in the tenement halls!
And subway walls.
Fitting, no? Well, what does an old fox like me know of will and volition...

>> No.47442524

So, uh, questions that might be stupid time.

Can the scythe from Lightning Returns be reused to fuse companions from future jumps together?

Next question is absolutely stupid but please don't burn me for it: how limited is mcguffin from Generic Dungeon?

>> No.47442526

>That spoiler
No that can't be true.
I don't believe you, where's your proof?! LIES!

>> No.47442580

Huh, I'd just stopped paying attention to the BIZzard.

This is stupid.
Saved to my softcore fapfolder, but stupid.

>> No.47442600


I apologize in advance for this guy's kinda iffy gameplay, but these are the three 'epilogue' missions.

Yes. The end of the series is a fucking epilogue. When it should be a climax.


>> No.47442614

I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

>> No.47442623

And to top it all off.

Their ending sequence. For 'after the end.'


>> No.47442641

More cp? Nice. I've been trying to cram Artifactory in there without losing the hilarity of my build. It didn't work.

So that sounds excellent. And more things to get with these modules sounds even better.

I dunno... something about this jump just calls to me, despite knowing little of the specific world, aside from general D&D-ness. LIZARD GHOOOOSTS!

>> No.47442648 [SPOILER] 

Well, you are entitled to your own opinion. Unless you like Yellow Diamond.

>> No.47442654

See this >>47442393. That anon's reaction is the perfect one for this.
I-I think I'm going to go make some spaghetti so I don't get upsetti. Just..why.

>> No.47442671

I don't speak for the jumpmaker, but it seems as if the intent behind it is to give you the means to deal with any situation or achieve any objective, with the limitation being that you still need to actually do those things yourself. Which is... literally what the jump says, and likely not helpful at all.

Just don't try to become omnipotent with it or plain cheat Benefactor fiat (minus drawbacks, as the jump itself notes to be possible 'if used creatively') and whatever you intend for it should be fine.

>> No.47442674

I am so damn happy I sided with Anon in ZergQuest jump.

Let's ruin this broken world together.

>> No.47442679

Surprisingly less fuckable than the spacebug version.

>> No.47442696


>> No.47442741

Do types of keeper as the backgrounds - red, blue, yellow and base them around the AI Bullfrog added in the game. Red was aggressive so gets fighty perks and discounts on 'em, blue was defensive and yellow was minion heavy and an expander.

>> No.47442760

Well, I find anything that's femine to be fuckable, so there's that.
But damn, bugcubus mode is tough competition in my magical realm.

>> No.47442788

I will say, though, that for all of Starcrat II's dumb retcons, I actually quite like the idea that "Xel'Naga" is a state of being and not a specific species. I don't like Kerrigan becoming Xel'Naga, but I think the idea of the ancient progenitor gods that uplift civilizations having themselves been the product of uplifting (and the uplifters before them being uplifted, and the uplifters before them, and so on as far as anyone can see back) is a neat one.

>> No.47442805

I said less, bro, not unfuckable.

>> No.47442824

Jewelry and Gems of all shapes and sizes. Despite my love of technology I still have Dragon's obsession with shiny pebbles.

Through a variety of charisma, team building, and social management perks (as well as nearly ten Jumps hanging onto a Harem "Drawback"), I've managed to waifu my entire roster of Companions. Tak (Invader Zim), Alita [Brain Chip version] (GUNNM), Hooligan Tuesday and The Choir of Righteous Fury (LoT), Lenore (FTL), Seras (Hellsing), Sweets and DC (Pokemon).

I'm very thankful for the number of endurance perks I've picked up.

It's strangely quiet inside. Normally the house would be bustling with activity, people cheerfully bantering or pursuing their varied hobbies. Instead, a disused air oppresses the atmosphere. All but three of the dozen chairs around the dinner table are coated in a layer of dust a decade old. A form stalks the shadows, darkness far more prevalent than light in the vacant halls. She stops and presses one eye to the crack of a barely open door which issues a strange, blue light. Inside a man is furiously scribbling in a notebook. Crumpled pages lay here, there, nearly coating the floor completely. Every so often he stands and walks over to one wall of the room, snatching up a black marker before drawing an arcane symbol that joins the hundreds of others in a design that the eyes seem to refuse to look at.

After a few repetition, he realizes he's being watched. A baleful eye glares towards the door. It slams shut with a sound far louder than a few inches would justify. The shadow, frowning, stalks back off into the shadows to consult with two old friends and a new one.

Every combat is different and each requires a unique application of force, be it magical, technological, or something in between. Personally though, I've grown rather fond of mixing melee fighting and single-handed blasting spells of various elements. Rage Mage is pretty accurate.

>> No.47442897

Alright, I’ll be logging in a bit for a bit so here’s my wrap up.

To Add:

>Clarify: Epic Embargo / No OC mutual exclusivity
>Clarify: Companions are not allowed to take drawbacks.
>Add: Drawbacks for Raistlin eyes
>Add: Scrolls and books in the item section

>Additional prestige classes (low priority)

Seems like people are leaning toward having the modules in the doc, which I’m okay with. One final question to kick around if you will. People don’t seem particularly interested in the items, outside of the buildings, so is there any interest in me adding a 600pt tier to the magic item section? If I did, it’d follow the convention of the lower tiers and maybe add something extra because it’d deal with higher end effects and spells.

Let me know if you want something like that and I can add it. If no one is interested in that, though, I will leave it as-is.

>> No.47442963

>Raistlin eyes


By the way, a question about Epiphany: Would SMT's magic system be something you can transmit with it since the primary exponents are angels, demons and misc. pagan gods?

>> No.47442977

Items always have an uphill battle really.

>> No.47443072

Dragonlance Universe-
Rolled for Tarsis
Rolled for The Dwarfgate War
Free Lawful Good
Free Tall Enough
Free Hireling
Discount Party
Discount Dragon Rider-Import Argetvindr
Divine Favor
Knight of the Sword

Turn Based+200
Pernicious Patronage+300

>> No.47443123

The new game they just came out with had multiple keepers in it too all with different personalities. I'm gonna brainstorm on it some and see if I can vome up with something I like. If I make any progress I will post in the thread.

If I don't get back to you guys here I am perfectly fine with someone who thinks they can make it actually making it. I aint gonna hold any claims over any bodies head.

>> No.47443142

What I really want are copies of Dragonlance's unique artifacts. A +5 Axe is boring - I want a Frostreaver.

>> No.47443158

I wish more makers would be like that. Good luck!

>> No.47443171

New game? you mean that shitty mobile thing?

>> No.47443211

Not him but there is a completely new game on steam. Dungeon keeper war for the overworld.

>> No.47443244

Wasn't gonna cheat with it. Just using it to cover weaknesses. Though I do wish I could be equals with Jumpchan and Demonbane and have nice adventures together. But this is all about being Jumpchan's pet or whatever she sees us as.

>> No.47443248

Well, i was going to wait for the next thread, but i´ll just repost it in the new one.
Here´s wip 2

>> No.47443259

Most of the problem with the items in my opinion is that it seems a bit generic... Like, aside from the upgradeable structures that follow you, everything isn't all that unique.

The lower tier stuff is mostly things that don't seem hard to get (money for a week? a normal mount/horse?), or things that seem almost assumed with your background (Like, robes and staff are pretty standard for any wizard, but who spends cp on them?), through I /do/ really like the Gem.

The magic items are nice, but also something you could just enchant on your own.

>> No.47443293

Enchanting in DnD gives you brain damage.

>> No.47443311

Very minor "brain damage", and that's only the mechanics.

Besides, there's a bunch of work-arounds for that.

>> No.47443323

Is it any good?

>> No.47443335

Less brain damage and more brain blockage. You can't lose any functionality from it (XP costs can never drop you down a level), so it's just that you need to spend more time to get better than you currently are.

>> No.47443370

I actually like it. Its kinda short right now but they have updates coming out.

The current ending is a bit of a letdown wtf at the moment though and Im hoping the new updates will add more to it.

>> No.47443377

More Boktai progress will be made tonight. Also, my self-imposed high school arc has led to Worm. Anyone want writefaggotry of it down the vine?

>> No.47443378


Someone stop me.
Someone stop me THE WALL should not try to subsume and become the dungeon.

He is already more miles long than the Great Wall of China.

>> No.47443388


>> No.47443392

Tell us of your Wormings. I wish to know.

>> No.47443397

But WallAnon.

You can't go through it.

You can't knock it down.

>> No.47443452

You will be able to become the Dungeon as a drawback.

>> No.47443462

For a minute there I thought you meant you were going to make the walls of your dungeon the Wall of the Faithless. That would have made you a fairly horrible person.

>> No.47443467

Oh god, all these puzzle options to fuck with Adventurers. Combined with the eldritch maze combos of Variable Gravity, Non-Euclidian, and True Maze.

>Tablet of LAW

>The Earth Remembers
This is going to be the best we get in terms of keeping our dungeon progress between jumps?

>> No.47443489

Especially not after Overlord.


>> No.47443490

Unless someone can suggest a more balanced option than this... I´m trying to balance "Having a fuckhuge dungeon" and "Derailing everything with a fuckhuge dungeon at day one". And it´s harder than i thought.

>> No.47443545

What derails if we have a fuckhuge dungeon in other jumps?

>> No.47443559

I dunno, I was just going to add it to my house. I know that's not everyone's goal, but it is mine, and I like it.
I should actually read the update to check how directly I can do that.
Worst comes to worst, every door connects to at least part of my house.

>> No.47443563

Look at Overlord.

That's a pretty good guesstimation, even if it didn't derail right off the bat.

>> No.47443596

You´re going to have a really really big house, unless you just keep saving up the power instead of building floors.
Then agin, you could use the power to have your house defended by hordes of monsters...

>> No.47443629

Fair. But Overlord's npc's could leave Nazarick, right? These wouldn't be able to.

>> No.47443633

Can I build floors horizontally instead of vertically, so as to expand existing ones?

>> No.47443657

Nazarick wasn´t probably able to be seen from space. Or passively attracted adventurers.
I mean,it only takes someone finding a massive dungeon filled with loot to have EVERYONE want to get in on the deal, really.
If you have Proto Heart and "The Earth Remembers" you get 20 floors up per year. Meaning it takes 5 years to get 100 floors (which is huge).

I might make a way to have it grow faster, if people want it.

>> No.47443664

You know I thought Jon had better taste honestly. However I suppose this does mean the DC jump is now also the watchmen jump if you want to go troll Ozymandias by foiling his plan then saving the world on your own.

>> No.47443694

Maybe let us turn the Dungeon into a Warehouse attachment, to let it have the full size immediately but not be accessible from the outside?

>> No.47443705

So, if I take my dungeon forward with me through different jumps, do companions who are living and working in my dungeon count toward my companion limit for those jumps if they don't leave the dungeon?

>> No.47443713

Trust me, I need a large house.
An enormous, confusing, complex, and somewhat dangerous house, for entertaining guests.
It doesn't even need to be linear, or Euclidean if you take the right perks.

>> No.47443729

>Pink Tide: The Dungeon

>> No.47443732

i´m not giving anyone a 1000 floor warehouse.
Yes, and you may build it in every direction if you use Jumpervania.
If they could leave the dungeon, they would be basically free companions.

>> No.47443822

The hell is the Pink tide?

>> No.47443827

What about >>47443705

>> No.47443828

I guess... Personally feel like making it something like a pocket dimension would take care of the size issue.

I'm not sure how badly a massive dungeon filled with loot would screw up stuff, since presumably the shininess still scales to difficulty, which means the first part wouldn't be that interesting...So people in worlds where dungeons aren't already a thing, wouldn't really have a reason to think going in further keep getting better.

Just make the dungeon appearing optional, and it'll probably be fine? Jumpers have tons of ways to screw with plots and derail shit.

Mostly, my concern is that waiting for it to grow back up every time would get annoying fast. My jumper would decouple it after a jump or two, just because he's too lazy to manage something that doesn't really grow, just recreate what was already there. Almost as bad as resetting, but now he's actually going to do it until he doesn't get to design new things.. the second jump after this, at this growth rate.

Maybe have it grow back to the full size it had at the end of last jump in five years?

>If they could leave the dungeon, they would be basically free companions.
Which is what I said? But yes, they shouldn't be allowed to leave.

>> No.47443837

>i´m not giving anyone a 1000 floor warehouse.
Well, I was assuming it would be the usual "You can't leave things in Warehouse attachments without them getting kicked out once you exit them" rule.

>> No.47443870

As long as they are bound exclusively by Boss rules, they dont count towards companion limit.
Pocket dimension Dungeon will be a perk.
In regards to that... probably should have something say it grows faster every jump, but your idea is good too. I´ll see what i can do

>> No.47443884

>As long as they are bound exclusively by Boss rules, they dont count towards companion limit.
Could we get a mass import option to allow non-Boss companions to live and work in the safe zone towns?

>> No.47443915

Didn't someone suggest dealing with that like Shivers' infinite space museum? Stuff goes in but if you leave it when you switch jumps it's stuck there until you spark?

>> No.47443937

>Pocket dimension Dungeon will be a perk.
How about an additional perk to make the dungeon non-lethal, and teleport out adventurers if they "die"?

>> No.47443943

Query: When will you meatbags understand that being completely mechanical is better than having such squishy organic parts?

>> No.47443944

Interesting... How would the Pocket Dimension perk work? Could you literally carry it around, or would it be more like just an entrance standing somewhere without other signs of it?

That... is already in there?

>> No.47443948

You can already do that with the Consequence Tablet.

>> No.47443949

I would tell you to read the jump entirely.
>Consequence Tablet (200CP):You can control what happens to defeated adventurers in a dungeon, such as making them unable to die in the dungeon but kicking them out without their gear. You cannot make them do anything impossible or mind-control them, though.
But i´m nicer than that.
Also, new Earth Remembers perk.
The Earth Remembers (500CP): Instead of having to redesing your Dungeon each jump, it quickly grows to the size and same specifications of the one you had at the end of the previous jump over the course of a year. This will consume lots of power from the Dungeon Heart, and it will generate new floors at half the rate it usually does after this jump.

>> No.47443961

pure energy being>robot>meatbag

>> No.47443966

I've known that since I was seven, I just haven't been able to implement my solution yet. I'm working on it, HK-50, just give me some time.

>> No.47443975

How about >>47443884

>> No.47443981

Looks good. Thanks!

>> No.47443983

Squishy is ok, but who the hell is still carbon based?

>> No.47443984

So slowed growth in return for no upper limit. Works for me.

>> No.47444009

Sure, you can import non-used companions as shopkeepers and inhabitants of Dungeon Towns.
>Towny Companion Import(200cp, requires Dungeon Towns): This allows you to mass import companions as inhabitants of your Dungeon Towns, and they dont count towards Companion Limit. They are bound by all the rules of inhabitants of your Dungeon, and cannot fight adventurers.

>> No.47444018

Sarcastic answer: When you clankers don't die the moment someone brings a big enough magnet within your line of sight.

Taunting additional interjection: Oh, wait!

>> No.47444020

Speaking of Assassin Droids
Jumps do any of you have one or do you believe that such robots are too dangerous to have around you? What is your reasoning on having or not having one?

>> No.47444024

Oh, could we choose /not/ to drop your dungeon down in specific jumps? Or when and where we'd like to set it up? Like, open the doors two years into the jump, on the moon, to give a example.

>> No.47444027

Would a supernatural demon (or angel if it somehow got permission) be able to possess a Necron?

>> No.47444046

Well, yes, you certainly can do that. You have to place your Dungeon Heart for the dungeon to grow, and it wont grow until then.
Of course if you place it on the moon you will only get astronaut adventurers, fewer people and thus less power gain= Less floors and monsters.

>> No.47444063

I have specialized robots to help with stuff, and do various tasks, including assassination? Not really something like an Assassin Droid following me around through, since if I need one, I would be in enough trouble that it wouldn't be powerful enough to help.

>> No.47444076

Ah, okay. Thanks.

Astronaut adventurers sounds hilarious through.

>> No.47444086

Has anyone heard from the guy who South passed the Metroid jump to?

>> No.47444098

Doubtful considering how daemons fair against them.

>> No.47444131

When will machines realize that there are some forces that are greater than any technology?
And who said anything about being squishy?

This guy gets it.

>> No.47444193

Any thought as to building attachments / importing buildings as levels / Safe Zone constructs?

I really have too many buildings following me from jump to jump, and something like this would be amazingly helpful for consolidating them. I understand if you don't want to touch something as meta as that though.

>> No.47444225

Are there any perks out there for keeping your equipment from being damaged by your powers?

>> No.47444333

If It Ain’t Broke from Dragon's Dogma, maybe?

>> No.47444376


> Dungeon Heart: Prototype Heart [-100CP]
> Dungeon Theme(s):
> + Industrial [Get a Freebie!]
> Advanced Theme(s):
> Variable Gravity [Get a Freebie!]
> Monsters:
> + Companion Boss: Koulema [-100CP]
> + Floormasters DX [-100CP]
> Tech Integration [-100CP]
> Magic Integration [-100CP]
> House of Leaves [-500CP]
> + Jumper Party [-100CP] ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfFqXmwkMJE
> + Teleporting Maze [-100CP] WHERE ARE WE NOW OH IT'S A PUZZLE
> Glitchy [+100CP]
> Unpopular [+200CP]
> Adventurer's Guild [+200CP]

I'm gonna be totally honest. I don't care a whit about murdering adventurers. Not a single fuck. Instead, this location is mostly utilized for experimentation, research, and industry.
"Glitchy" will be kept in later jumps, so the anomalies can be studied, or at the very least integrated into the puzzDUNGEON. Integrated into the dungeon. Yes.

I'll be using the full might of my magic and science to make my dungeon truly shine!
Not to mention -- we can even use the walls and ceilings as floors!


>> No.47444415

Are you sure it's in there? I'm not seeing it.

>> No.47444456

There's nothing there to possess

>> No.47444471

Oh fuck, sorry. I'm retarded. It's in Dragon's Crown.

>> No.47444502

>Welcome to Aperture Dungeons
Dont worry, your build wont change much for next update from the looks of it. Themes and Advanced themes getting a small rework for more versatility, at higher prices. I´ll probably add some more puzzle options if i can.

>> No.47444517

>Dragon's Crown
It amazes me that the creator didn't put in a perk to spend all your CP on improving your tits and ass. Mainly your tits, though. Dat Sorc is outta control.

>> No.47444527

Question for the SBurb Jump.

The 'Heroic Death' rule for God Tier applies post-spark?

>> No.47444536

I mean, there's the free perk... But yeah, it's not enough.

>> No.47444556

I wasn't super impressed by that jump either.

>> No.47444604

If you're a God Tier, then Post-Spark you'll resurrect automatically if your death isn't Heroic or Just, yes.

If you just fail the Chain by dying, then you'll also get the resurrection if you get killed /after/ being send home.

The only time you don't get resurrected is while the Chain is still going on, and that's because JumpChan will send you home for failing before it would kick in.

>> No.47444690

Questions for the Captain Planet Jump:
A) Would Light be a Valid Alternate Element for Eco Villains, Given Light Pollution?
B) If you take Heart as your Multi-Talented as a Drop in or Eco Villain, can you take Heart is an awesome power! as a Drawback?
C) If you combine Iron Fist and Power ring, does the multiplier become times 10?

>> No.47444721

Would being an electric conduit fry you if you have cybernetics?

>> No.47444736

I like this.

Speaking of dying and resurrecting, aside for Mario and Rust, are there any other perks for resurrecting in-chain?

>> No.47444755

Kesseler was an electric Conduit and he had cybernetics, so no

>> No.47444792

The Sims 3 has a flower, Overlord (LN) has a Armband which resurrects you once per Jump, and Tower of Naraka from Asura's Wrath lets you claw your way back to life, but that takes about 10 years at minimum, so it might be better for longer jumps.

>> No.47444796

I think Light would be more appropriate as a neutral element, if anything. It can be used for good or ill. It is not inherently bad.

Generally the villain elements are all stuff that is just bad regardless, and you have to step back a bit to get the good out of it (Toxins stepping back to Pesticides, Noise going to Acoustics, that kind of thing). You have to work backwards.
Light is already pretty stepped back. If you wanted to have it as a villain power you'd have to crank it up a ridiculous amount.

Captain Planet villains don't really do subtle.

>> No.47444816

There's also Mediumcore from Terraria.

>> No.47444844

Man, I'm glad my evil chain's CP Villain element is Cancer.

Utterly unique and no way in hell anybody can derive a positive use from it.

>> No.47444864

Dubs confirmed. Anon is, in fact, the cancer in this thread.

>> No.47444893

You can get a nerfed Godhand NP in Fate.

And while they're not outright ressurection, there's 'Survive mortal wound" perks, which are much more common.

>> No.47444895

The companion section seems rather bare. Any plans to expand that?

>> No.47444918

I used to try to be as bright and distracting as possible with Neon powers and duplication like I was trying to give you epileptic seizure.

Now I kinda see personal fighting as a failure and prefer more subtle means. Won't stop me from making everything glow though if I have too.

>> No.47444950

Cancer... Cell Mutation... Cell Division... Bioengineering... Genetics... Healing...

Just depends on how far back you go, Anon.

>> No.47444986

Scifi biotech could theoretically tame cancer to obtain biological immortality.
Depends on how cuh-razy you like your saturday morning enviromentalist cartoons.

>> No.47444989

WIP3 for the moment. Can someone please post this in the next thread?

>> No.47445003


>> No.47445022


>> No.47445063

Yeah, isn't Deadpool's regeneration from super cancer? It makes him ugly as fuck but also immortal.

>> No.47445064


Damnit you weren't supposed to do that.

>> No.47445065

Please tell me the Destroyer series is being opted into a Chain.

Please please please PLEASE!!!

>> No.47445163

I am now imagining a villain responding to the wrench in his plans that way.

It entertains me.

>> No.47445180

you have seven locations just make the eighth one free choice and that section is done.

Golden Heart says you don't start with any floors, does that mean you're heart is at ground level? Also you still haven't responded to my question about infinite money exploits.

Can the special qualities be combined? I.e. poisonous ghosts

Jumper ́s Theme makes it too easy to wank as
giving the bonuses of other themes since other jumps can basically be centered on those themes, its limitations should be made more explicit.

Still need some kind of loot generation perk to keep your dungeon stocked.

Dungeon Chests! Is the kind of thing that is usually given out as a freebie since it's just a normal chest, maybe make it a chest generation ability or somehow better than a normal chest?
unfortunately not

>> No.47445188

>no drawback limit

YHVH bless you, because if I want to recreate the dungeon I made in the old Domain Master CYOA I NEEEEEEEEEED THEM.

Also plz more drawbacks. Pleaaase please more drawbacks.

>> No.47445199

No deadpools powers come from a knockoff version of wolverines healing factor and a curse from thanks the makes him unable to die because he loves death the lady.

>> No.47445205


Those lockpicks from Dark Cloud.

The lockpicks that turn a chest I've looted into a Mimic.

Guess where I found the best use for them.

>> No.47445207

Seconding this. Need more drawbacks. I just tried to make a preliminary build... and maxed out the standard 1000cp before even getting to Perks.

>> No.47445211


>> No.47445218



>> No.47445222

Just become NOT!Tyson Chicken.
Sell your cancer shmeet for lodsemonie.

Tyson Chicken; Keeping it real.

>> No.47445225


>> No.47445233



And that enemy import?

Who's ready to face the Anor Londo Archers again.

>> No.47445249

The curse was a one time thing, dingus.

Deadpool's healing factor is an even mix of knock-off Wolverine HF and his cancer (which has its own separate healing factor).

Just the cancer kills a person because it's fucking super cancer what are you expecting.

Just the healing factor kills a person because they start generating more and more flesh until they explode.

You gotta get both and balance them out to get DP's thing.

>> No.47445254

Wait, if all the treasure chests are mimics, wouldn't they expect them to be mimics after a while?

>> No.47445263


>> No.47445268

Um no it isnt? His curse is what keeps him from dieing even when he is a puddle.

>> No.47445270

Ah but that's just it.

not all of the chests are going to be Mimics.

Mimics will also be music boxes. And armoires. And drawer units. And any other feasible container which has hinges.

>> No.47445284

You sick bastard!

>> No.47445292

>Just the healing factor kills a person because they start generating more and more flesh until they explode.

What retarded bullshit did you get this from? Healing factors of varying powers are one of the most common powers in marvel.

>> No.47445335

Yes...yes... feed me your cp
More drawbacks will be added tomorrow when its not 1 AM
Money doesnt give power to the Heart. The Heart only generates money for you to feed and pay your minions.
You. I like you.

>> No.47445353

You can take animals with you. It's only sapience that makes things need pods.

>> No.47445382

This is specific to Deadpool's case, the particular type of Wolverine-knockoff regenerative therapy they used on him was really flawed.

>> No.47445387

what I'm saying is with an infinite amount of money you can hire an infinite amount of skeletons for 10 years then use the Earth remembers to re-create your fuck huge dungeon again and again.

>> No.47445418

Not the same anon, but I think that he doesn't has the curse in the actual continuity. In fact, I think he only had it in a few comics.

I don't remember him being super Inmortal in Deadpool or Deadpool & Cable.

>> No.47445422

>Implying you can get infinite skeletons
>Implying you can MANAGE a infinite number of SENTIENT skeleton workers to build the Dungeon.
>Implying it'd only take 10 years to build by hand, when you have to obtain the materials.
>Implying buying the materials wouldn't crash the economy as you dump absurd ammounts of magical gold into it.

>> No.47445425

Dragon's Dogma has Wakestones, I think.

>> No.47445437

Well. Ofcourse I'm going feed you all my cp, you damn vampire.

The chance to make a maze that's aver-shifting, non-euclidean, with gravity that switches direction and intensity at a random intervals in random places, Moon-Logic'd puzzles of every kind literally everywhere, teleporters everywhere, spinning right round baby all the damn time, constant psychedelic music, smart monsters that phase through the walls, no light but what they make themselves... and then there's my own tech and magic, constant nanobuilder-swarms setting up traps on every single surface, magical illusions covering idiotic amount of the dungeon and everything in it... Good god, how is anyone expected to make it though the /first/ fucking hallway?

How could I resist?

>> No.47445462

Yeah, so? We're literally told the Skrulls who got his HF during Secret Invasion kept exploding due to not having his cancer to balance it out.

>> No.47445471

Not him but even without buying anything from the new jump (which is looking great) I have enough necromancy that I could make a nonspecific extremely large amount of skeletons.

But then again necromancy is my thing.

>> No.47445497

Don't you still need the actual skeletons to reanimate, or do you just create them wholesale?

>> No.47445509

1. Hire foreman skeletons
2. Supreme commander /Star Trek the next generation
3. Yes and? That does is make me shift the loot in my dungeons to things that people would want to buy but cannot.

>> No.47445514

So who here would actually follow The Adventures Of Unnamed Zergling #9929398393393?

>> No.47445532

Well there is the thing some of my spells need skeletons and some do not. I also have spells to conjure skeletons to necro up as well. Also since skeletons arent alive nor sapient I carry a LOT of them with me in fuinjutsu scrolls from every jump.

>> No.47445537

>Unnamed Zergling #9929398393393
As the jumper? Sign me up.

>> No.47445554

Ah, fair enough. That does make it a lot easier then.

>> No.47445569

I was going to attempts to refute these, but then I realized you were responding to Bancho and completely gave up.

>> No.47445633



Why don't people think about the poor defenseless zerglings?


>> No.47445653

That's just how Terrans do.

>> No.47445752

Those monsters!
They stampede through the stars, with no regard to life other than their own! Swarming over planets, consuming all of their resources, and leaving them as barren husks! And don't get me started on the freaky way they can just know everything one of them knows, like they can communicate over vast distances despite their weird "individuality".
It's unnatural.

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