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Previously, on Nerv Bridge Simulator : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nerv%20Bridge%20Simulator
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After a long day, the Major brings both Eileens back home.

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I hope you have better movies than this, Major. Giant ants seemed awesome at first, but the actual flick was terrible!

Good thing we had beer for this. What are we watching next? Didn't you say you brought one, Florence?

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Yes, I brought this one. I got it for free last year!

This is a Nerv-Vancouver movie about safety procedures when dealing with ID cards and security checkpoints in the city.

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>Nerv-Vancouver movie about safety procedures when dealing with ID cards and security checkpoints in the city

...I'm almost intressets in seeing how bad it is

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"More beer anyone?"

>> No.47425838

I don't.

Why? You and Rachel are drunk enough as it is! I didn't come here to drive you both to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

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Have any suggestions Sophie? There's a lot more to my collection besides just monster movies.

Come on now, you know I can take a drink.

>> No.47426128

If its anything like that infamous Windows 95 movie then it is so worth watching.

>> No.47426239

Err...I think we'll live without seeing that one Florence, though thank you for the suggestion.

I'm fine Sophie, a couple of drinks won't kill me or Rachel. Though, I think we should let you guys pick what we watch next. You are my guests after all.

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Just be reasonable, Major. You don't need to be drunk to have a good time with friends, you know?

You know, I'm kinda interested in this safety procedure video too! Maybe it will be funny?

Oh, by the way, weren't you supposed to have both Eileens? I only saw one tonight.

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>Oh, by the way, weren't you supposed to have both Eileens? I only saw one tonight.
She was in a bad mood earlier, so we just let her be for a while. Hey, you mind keeping this Eileen occupied for a minute while I go check on the other one?

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>Oh, by the way, weren't you supposed to have both Eileens? I only saw one tonight.

I think one of them tries to reinvent herself as a cynical misantrope. And it bothers me.

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Oh, maybe it's just a phase? You know how it is with girls their age.

Sure, go ahead. This one is sleeping anyway,

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[After knocking, you enter Eileen's room to find her sitting on her bed. She seems to have some kind of headache.]

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Oh boy! The most exciting time of the week has finally arrived!

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>You know how it is with girls their age.
I actually don't. I have no idea how this whole surrogate parenting thing works being an unmarried single man... maybe one of the other voices has a better understanding.

You feeling alright?

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How you feeling Eileen? Hope we weren't too noisy with movie night.

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Hey Eileen, you alright there? You've been a little out of it today, were you having a headache on the way back as well?

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No that's okay. Even if Rachel was loud sometimes, I didn't hear much.

I've been getting these headaches ever since we came back from the medical ward. [She rubs her forehead.] I guess that's why I've been grumpy today. Sorry, Major.

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Is that what it was? Oh Eileen, you should have said something.

How often do these happen? Want me to drive you to medical to get yourself checked out?

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I-I don't- Ahg [She holds her head]

Major! What's-

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This is no ordinary headache.

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If we're conscious: check on the others, call HQ, demand status report.

If not: suffer.

>> No.47427237

But this is NBS, we always suffer

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>...What about your son, sir?

>> No.47427258

Oh this is gonna be great. I can already tell.

>> No.47427285

After those marks in the last midterms, I have no son!

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OOC:I may have an idea as to who this is

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Florence's original?

>> No.47427375

>it's Ophelia

>> No.47427378

W-what? Who...?

>> No.47427394

My what!? Oh gawd this is one of the other voices doing isn't it? FFFFuu-uhhh I'll pick him up next weekend at 2?

>> No.47427426


The command frigate is the safest place he can be.

[The man turns toward you]
Mark are you alright? I need you here with me, this is not the damn time for one of your black-out for christ's sake.

>> No.47427435

Oh Jesus, we're at second impact aren't we.

Don't worry, I'm here. Give me a SITREP.

>> No.47427436

So the 'M.' on our ID doesn't stand for 'Major'?

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I'm not alright, there's a bunch of voices in my head and also everyone's gonna die like almost right now.

>> No.47427459

Despite what our ID badge says, our first name is not Major.

>> No.47427471

Oh god

>> No.47427480

Sorry, Sir. What's the situation again?

>> No.47427501

S-sorry must have had a bit too much to drink.
Let me get my footing and I'll get to you.

>> No.47427505

Really should have brought my medicine, huh?
Don't worry, I'm not gonna fall apart on you just yet.

>> No.47427510

Why did "we" black out when Eileen was the one with the headache?

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We are both the angel

>> No.47427580

Dr. Hughes' team is preparing the contact procedure as we speak. If they're right on schedule they should've finished setting up the Crocea Mors.

We haven't got much time if we want to stop this.

>> No.47427624

It cannot be bargained with. It cannot be reasoned with. Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

>> No.47427641

Let's hurry then. We don't want to keep the world waiting.

>> No.47427893

But what is happening? where am I?

>> No.47427915

Care to debrief me on whats the situation right now?

>> No.47427937

Passive observation man. Don't clue them in.

>> No.47427956

Hopefully as bad as the infamous German Forklift Safety video.

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Well, there goes my theory explaining why one Eileen was nice and the other grumpy...

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Get a grip, Mark.

Okay here's the situation.

We'll enter the complex through the Main Excavation Site, here. It should be lightly guarded, so we may be able to pass unnoticed. Still, I hope you're prepared to shoot, Mark. Our ID cards should still work, but we're supposed to be off-base, our colleagues will get suspicious if they catch us in there.

Our objective is the Super Solenoid Research Laboratories here. Once we're there Ophelia will be able to cause a cascading Anti A.T. Field reaction inside one of the prototype stored there. I hope it will be enough to destroy the egg.

>It will, Dr. Wilson. There won't be anything left of this complex.

Let's hope so.

But this means we'll have to go through the Containment Chamber, where Hughes' team is currently working on the Contact Experiment. There is probably two full security team stationed there.

Have you got any idea on how to approach this? There's only three of us versus 25 to 40 armed guards

>> No.47428211

Ahh jeez, I'm getting Kiryu Kai flashbacks here. What about the airstrip? Any way we can get in through there?

If we can't bypass the containment chamber then the best option is probably evading them, taking a lesser-trafficked route. Maintenance tunnels are great for this, observation catwalks too.

>> No.47428228

Storage should have spare hazmats. We put them on, grab random boxes and walk through Containment. If anybody asks we're fetching supplies for the lab.
There's the thing with our IDs, but nobody checks hazmat guys for ID.

>> No.47428265

If the HAZMAT idea doesn't pan out then we could combine [Disguise] with [Evade]. Snag some grey jumpsuits and toolboxes and pretend to be the maint crew or janitors. Either way, I don't fancy our odds if we're even in the same room as 40-odd security goons.

>> No.47428267

We need to establish a hit and run tactic here. There's no way that we can take down that many.

We can run interference through the main entrance to the containment chamber. Once we clear out any resitance in the West storage, Ophelia can take a subtle route to the containment chamber once we take the attention of the guards into the main excavation site.

We can then fall back into one of the facility rooms, and lock whatever teams we led out from entering the facility. This should buy us enough time to engage whatever forces remain inside, as well as letting Ophelia reach the main objective.

It's risky, but I don't think we have many options here.

>> No.47428285

Lets try this route.

We'll go through the west storage facility and enter the containment chamber from the side and travel along its outskirts. This will let us quickly slip through in the background and end up in the central computing facility. It's a bit out of our way, but it gets us out of the containment chamber faster. From there, we just head on over to the lab.

We're basically taking the long way around, but I think it might be safer since it gets us through the containment chamber faster.

>> No.47428326

I like it.

>> No.47428334

Does the facility have any advantageous air ducts or crawl spaces that we can enter and exit through?

I feel like this could make the sneaking approach easier. Also, what armaments are we taking with us?

>> No.47428474

This route together with HAZMAT disguise seems like the best option.

Offtopic: after seeing Ophelia normal looking here >>47427580, remembering what she looked like in the hospital makes me really sad.

>> No.47428536

We always could. There's surely less guards there since they've been moved to the Containment Chamber. It would obviously give us less time to act though.

Good thinking. We'll have to get a big toolbox for our weapons. HAZMATs crew don't carry SMGs. We could also use the disguise to scare people into believing there's been a breach somewhere and the complex is being contaminated by something.

I agree, causing a distraction might be our best chance at succeeding this. Though I'm worried that letting Ophelia go by herself might be too big a risk.

Let's take this route. Passing by the west storage will let us borrow some HAZMAT suits and avoid passing through the centre of the Containment Chamber.

We have one SMG each. This is all I could get.

And yeah, there's many air ducts and maintenance tunnels, but I don't know them that well.

Alright, this is it. Let's go.

>> No.47428728

We can regroup at the far side of the containment chamber and proceed with the time we have onwards.

Anyways, let's not waste anymore time. Lock and load people.

>> No.47428840


We have to do this, Mark. There's no going back now.

There's two guys there. I can't see if they're guards or research personnel.

Your call, Mark. What should we do?

>> No.47428875

Lob a rock way over their heads as a classic distraction. If they turn around we can hold them up or take them out at our discretion.

>> No.47428883

"Let's take them out quietly, if we can't sneak by. No guns, not yet."

>> No.47428886

Sneak. Don't start shooting unless we have to.

>> No.47428901

CQC guys, nothing loud.

Potato chip their necks.

>> No.47428978


Okay, Mark. We need a quiet 1d10 roll.

>> No.47428996

Rolled 6 (1d10)

H-H-Here we go!

>> No.47429005

Rolled 8 (1d10)

H-here I go!

>> No.47429038

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.47429104

Rolled 5 (1d10)

Let's try a reroll.

>> No.47429145

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Sneaky Snek, Snaps Surveillance Specialists.

>> No.47429175


[You quickly (and quietly) dispatch those two researchers. They never saw you coming]

This is where they excavated the Crocea Mors. It seems it's already been moved to the Containment Chamber, we must hurry.

[Dr. Wilson]
If we follow the orange cables we should end up in the West Storage Access Corridor. Let's stay on our toes.

>> No.47429203

"Remind me again, Ophelia. When we found the sword, was it attached to anything? I don't think I got enough sleep last night, so I can't remember."

>> No.47429241

Why are they posting so much security and research over a sword? I don't understand why they would do that.

>> No.47429269


>> No.47429296

The Crocea Mors was Caesar's sword. It remains to be seen whether or not it's just some kind of code-word.

>> No.47429307

I think it might be this universe's Lance of Longinus.

>> No.47429372

The main piece had lots of fossilized pattern-blue residue. At least the samples they sent us at the computing facility were covered in them.

This was in the report our division director made. The one that was ignored and explicitly warned the U.N. to postpone any contact experiment. But then our whole division gets obligatory leave and people start disappearing.

Did they told you anything? I mean, you were one of the guard assigned to the computing facility.

>> No.47429426

"Honestly, I didn't want anything to do with it. I just tried to stay away. Level with me here, how bad is this? What I mean is, how expendable is the crew here? I'm willing to do whatever it takes, but I'd prefer not to kill any non-combatants unless this is really hairy."

>> No.47429491

...No one is getting out of this alive, Mark. You know this.

Shut it, you two. I'm hearing voices up ahead.

Shit. They must've kept guards patrolling the West Storage Area.

>> No.47429503

Have we had these flashbacks before?

>> No.47429518


>> No.47429527

There's no cover and nowhere to hide. This is going to get ugly.

>> No.47429530

Did we know that we were present at second impact?

>> No.47429538

I'm not so sure this is us.

>> No.47429553

Who else could it possibly be?

>> No.47429556

Damnit, we should have picked up one of their uniforms out there.

Let's hope we can engage quickly, and fast enough to do this.

>> No.47429567

I don't know, but why would we be called Mark here if we were always Anon before. I think we're viewing this from someone else's perspective.

>> No.47429576

...get him into...no time to...status of Fourth Child?

...fighting, goddammit!

One, at the beginning of the third thread.

>> No.47429592

Isn't Anon our last name?

Oh shit, we're needed!

>> No.47429596

Welp, sounds like we're pretty fucked up.

>> No.47429644

>Ophelia was once a person that we knew but have apparently forgotten
>the Ophelia supercomputer has a strange attachment to Major Anon and has been helping us out
>Florence has a very suspicious resemblance to human Ophelia and is hinted at having been artificially created
>Florence is either related to human Ophelia, or is a clone of human Ophelia
>the Major is similarly a clone of Mark

I just wanted to fight Angels and save the world. This is getting too heavy for me.

>> No.47429654

I think we may be Mark or Wilson's son. Take a look at the 3rd thread's flashback. Does that guy look like Wilson?

>> No.47429746


Doctor...is that you?

>> No.47429791


>> No.47429816


>> No.47429843

Mark! Stay with me! We should've got you your fucking meds. If only we had the time.

There's a bunch of workers ahead. I also spotted 4 guards patrolling.

The HAZMAT suits will be harder to get than we thought. What do you think, Mark? Should we try to get them anyway or should we go straight to the Containment Chamber?

>> No.47429872

No wonder the Major's fucked up. Wait are we Mark himself or Wilson's son?

>> No.47429886

Christ, my head...

Err..we should try to acquire one of those suits.

If we can engage those guards well enough from a side, we can spray down anyone that doesn't cooperate to our demands.

We have to be quick though, otherwise this could turn ugly really quickly.

>> No.47429907

>our name is mark
>your trip is marcus

>> No.47429920

"I have an idea, but you're not gonna like it and it may not even be feasible. Why make a fake hazard scare, when we could make a real one? No one's coming out alive anyway. We can grab the suits if we have time, but otherwise we can use the distraction to get where we need to go."

>> No.47429929

>It was always Marcus.

>> No.47429939

Let's grab those hazard suits. My gut tells me we're gonna need 'em.

Also this. If we can push over some barrels of Bad Stuff it'll make a decent distraction.

>> No.47430060

Alright. You go first, we'll follow you.

Just make a 1d10 roll.

>> No.47430064

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Let's do this

>> No.47430069

Rolled 9 (1d10)

Wish me luck.

>> No.47430071

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.47430083

Rolled 9 (1d10)

Lert's do this.

>> No.47430092

aight good, and now we stop rolling

>> No.47430100

>three Off By Ones in a row

>> No.47430127


>Not three 1s in a row

>> No.47430157

Only David could and did achieve such a thing.

>> No.47430237


[You easily sneak by the busy workers and where the HAZMAT suits are stored.]

>> No.47430296

This is it.

We only need to pass through the Containment Chamber and we'll be able to put an end to this. The Central Computing Facility should be only outfitted with a skeleton crew.

>> No.47430347

Let's hope so..

>> No.47430376

Let's get moving. We need to focus even more as get further in.

>> No.47430424


Whatever happens, thanks for being here with us. Wish there was some other way.

>> No.47430565

Mark, Ophelia, we're about to enter the most heavily guarded area of this complex.

This is where it counts. Once we're past the Containment Chamber we'll be okay.

>> No.47430599

and then we wake up in infirmary.

>> No.47430607

with sophie sleeping beside us.

>> No.47430649


Is this...

Yes. This is the Crocea Mors. I can't believe they've put it back together.

If it's still here it means that they're late on their schedule though. This is good.

Hey! you three!

>> No.47430672

>keep your heads low


>> No.47430709

This is the work of an angel.

>> No.47430838

Which team are you with? Every other HAZMAT team is already in the main chamber.

You scientist are all the same. No punctuality. This is no surprise that we're late.

>> No.47430889

Sorry sir we had to go to one of the farther storage rooms to get a replacement suit for our coworker here. His other suit a break in the seal.

>> No.47430891

Sorry, we'll be on our way.

>> No.47431102

Snowstorms aren't particularly nice this time of the year. In fact, we would be there already if you didn't hold us up with questions, guard.

>> No.47431271

Sex drive No.
No being attracted to the fictional pixels on the /tg/ in the "everything goes horribly wrong" quest.
SEX DRIVE NO. She won't actualy take your financial reports! She's not real!

>> No.47431314

I think we'd better end this here for tonight.

Thank you for playing, /tg/!

>> No.47431330

but why

thanks for running though

>> No.47431353

I have a bad feeling about the flashbacks. Are we actually influencing them or are they already preset Ceg?

Also, our not-lance of Longinus is a sword is Julius Ceasar's sword? That's a little odd if you ask me.

Anyways, nice thread as always if a little strange with the narrative.

>> No.47431411

I fucking guarantee there's a secret in here.

>> No.47431482

Yes and no. The Second impact will still happen but we're determining what happened.

Good luck.

>> No.47431930

Throwing up every hours have its own advantage. It wake me up regularly enough to follow this Thread. Nice one I was expecting this flash back for a long time and IIm not disapointed.

>> No.47434854

I hope we weren't married.

>> No.47435534

In the painful future of evangelion, there is only tumbling.

>> No.47438267

Since this thread is still up and we are no where near bump limit, what do you say we finally do the funding allocation? We're two fights behind now.

I'll post the Damage Assessment Reports and the Upgrades Document.

>> No.47438733

Alright, not sure if there's anyone else here but whatevs.

>> No.47440397

Here's the Unit Damage Report,

>> No.47440411

This is for the Districts,

>> No.47440486

Eva 02: Full repair, 9 FUs
Ace: Full repair, 3 FUs
Chariot: Full repair, 2 FUs
Districts: Repair all fully, 5 FUs

As far as the Major knows, is Eva 08 and its pilot going to be under our command now? If so, I think we should also give it a full repair for 3 FUs.

22 spent so far. I think we should leave the geofront layers as they are and focus on more R&D. If there's anything left over in the budget, then we can start repairing armored layers with the surplus.

How many points do we get total this time anyway?

>> No.47440515

And here is the Upgrades document. You have 45 Funding Units since the U.N. kept a bunch for Vancouver's cleanup.

Yes, 08 will be under your command from now on.

>> No.47440592

It says we have 45 armor layers in the PDF, but the districts image says we only have 30. Which one is the correct one?

Also how do the long term research projects work again?

>> No.47440609

Good choice
Will we R&D space Eva suit?

>> No.47440631

Im thinking AT Projectors would be pretty great. Maybe more armor plating, because thats always good.

>> No.47440772

Could be helpful. We would have to invest in the Chariot's shuttle launch ability too though wouldn't we? Plus I'm not sure if we're even going to need it. Could have come in handy for an orbital interception when we had that one angel in space, but we already killed that one.

I think this would also be pretty cool, especially for Florence. Other than successfully tanking hits to the AT field she's been jobbing pretty hard when it comes to dealing damage.

I also think the Spinal Signal Buffers would be good to look into. It'll help with maintaining morale and cohesion when the kids start taking damage. Our battle plans tend to fall apart pretty easily when the pilots get hurt and start panicking, and our morphine solution has proven to be pretty ineffective as a long term fix during battles.

I vote AT Projector and Spinal Signal Buffers for priority R&D. Though I forget how the system works for this so we might have to pick one over the other?

>> No.47441067

More eva upgrades ya?
True that the children's morale are pretty low but wouldnt it be wise to invest in weapons too? Most of our eva weaponry barely does damage and N2 mines are usually deployed

>> No.47441436

AT Projector and Spinal Signal Buffers are already unlocked. We just have to buy them. They are now like any other piece of equipement.

We have two R&D lab, we must tell them on which field we want them too focus on. We can pick two research theme to unlock more tech (plug suit tech, space tech, magi tech, positron tech, etc.)

Would be nice to have an AT projector for Florence since she's the most AT-field capable and the most hand to hand combat pilot we have.

>> No.47441524

>Would be nice to have an AT projector for Florence
Come to think of it, we don't even have a designated Eva for her. What unit would we even install that on? I guess we could always put it onto 02 since Anna is decent with AT fields. I'd still rather Florence have access to it.

What's the plan for Eva 03 anyway? We going to keep Florence in it or try the Eileens again? I think I would rather just keep Florence in it.

>> No.47441840

Eva 08 was Florence's unit, so I think we should equip the AT projector on it and have Florence pilot it. Tanking hard and hitting hard.

And we must totally get teamwork exercises between the two Eileens for flippin double combo attacks.

>> No.47441889

>Eva 08 was Florence's unit
Then who was Carl?

We've got too many kids and not enough Evas.

>> No.47442309

It's always good to have reserve pilots.

You're right, this is an error on my part.

The pdf should read 50, not 45. So out of 50, you have 30 intact ones.

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