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Stop posting stuff Demonbane destroyed all the multiverses. It's over. No more Jump Chain.

>> No.47423539

Leave old drama in the old thread.

>> No.47423542

What is there to worry about in dinitopia?

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So why is there no Half Kender race in the DragonLance jump? They're the best race for Paladine's sake.

>> No.47423559

What makes half-kender good and not abominations?

>> No.47423566

Just dinosaurs.

>> No.47423567

This isn't old drama it's for everyones own good to know they start out dead.

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>I told my friend who only pops up occasionally that we have a Dragonlance jump because he always liked the books.
>His first response is literally just "Can I get a kender waifu?"

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See >>47423539

>> No.47423598

You should punch him in the nuts and "borrow" his wallet and carkeys. It equals to about the same thing.

>> No.47423607

They are taller Kender with patchy beards. What more could you want?

>> No.47423608

Where is the JoJo's jump stand supplement?

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What is wrong with him?

>> No.47423630

>Old IP
You're doing this on purpose.

>> No.47423637

Doesn't exist.
Never will.
Jumpmaker gone.
No, you can't make one.

That covers everything, right?

Sorry if come across as an asshole, but it feels like people ask this every other thread.

>> No.47423643

There isn't one, the creator left for good before completing it.

Also we should probably leave a note in the drive about that thing, sort out the people repeating this question for the purposes of starting drama from the genuinely inquisitive

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They sound like white trash.

>> No.47423653

See >>47423630
This isn't their first post in the thread. If I had to guess, it's the same guy dragging back the demonbane nonsense.

>> No.47423665

He says his justification is that his goal is to collect a harem containing all sapient species that aren't furry, so that includes Kender.

>> No.47423669 [DELETED] 

Reminder that the only reason anyone cares about Demonbane is power wanking and pedophilia. If someone talking about Demonbane claims they're not power wanking, report them to the police before they hurt an innocent child.

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So, uh, question about the Megaman jump. If I recall correctly, Light Numbers in canon all have the Three Laws, where as Wily Numbers have programs in their head to keep then loyal to Wily.

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How do I kill Darkseid?

>> No.47423685

Nothing in Demonbane is illegal in the US, third worlder.

>> No.47423696

Cripes, uh, my question was if we have that as a Light or Wily number, my bad.

>> No.47423698

So, Jumpers. We all derail and wreck canon as a hobby, but have you ever sat back and let an MC finish something on their own? If so, why?

Boktai is coming along nicely. Smith capstone lets you make tech or magitech solar powered. At least, that's the plan.

>> No.47423700 [DELETED] 

It's only so long before you move on from your Chinese cartoons to real life, kid-diddler.

>> No.47423701

C'mon dude, just stop while you're ahead. You already used up your rusing initiative after your second attempt.

I don't think Reploid ever made that distinction, and plenty of folks assumed they can just do whatever without any programming dictating them and he didn't say anything so I think it's a non issue?

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You just hate fun and childlike innocence. No one with a good alignment could dislike Kender, the books say so. I bet you have a evil alignment.

>> No.47423707

First you have to pod an endbringer. Then make them fight.

>> No.47423711

They've studied that and disproven it, actually.

I'd honestly guess that no, you don't.

>> No.47423725

The fuck are you talking about I just got here.

>> No.47423729

Sure they have. Well, hide behind your "studies" all you want, we all know you're a monster.

>> No.47423738

My alignment is neutral.

>> No.47423753

>He said, in the thread founded by pokefuckers, furries, and some asexuals.
>On the website founded by lolicons

>> No.47423760

I let main characters finish stuff on their own whenever I can't be bothered to do it myself.

Obviously this happens as often as I feel lazy.

>> No.47423763

Oh, okay, thanks. I just don't like my free will getting messed with.

>> No.47423767

Avatar, the first one. Aang does alright.

>> No.47423770

I don't hear a denial.

>> No.47423773

But I want to have my own multiverse erasing robot!

>> No.47423784

>no one with a good alignment could dislike people that steal your shit all the time because they have no fucking concept of ownership
The book is retarded.

>> No.47423790

You are required to abide by all programming. It was asked before you should look through the archive before asking questions.

>> No.47423792

I'm telling you that you're on the wrong thread and website to whine about people have weird fetishes, especially when the fetish you hate was pretty fucking big here. Nobody here is a monster for their fantasies

You're probably just baiting, though.

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Pretty much whenever there's no easy opportunity to clean things up neatly. If I can't just change one or two things to stop the bad guy before things spiral out of control, I tend to just let things play out as they would have while I stay on the sidelines trying to minimize collateral damage.

I'm going to make a robot that screams!

>> No.47423816

On a slight tangent, /jc/.

Do any of your Companions know about your, um, less common interests? If so, which ones, and what are their thoughts on the matter?

I understand if it's an awkward question.

>> No.47423818 [DELETED] 

Yeah, pretty much. Demonbane is a terrible series and I hate it with a passionate fury, so I want to shit on anyone who professes to like it.

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>> No.47423822

I bind my mind and soul to all my companions, so yes. We have no secrets.

>> No.47423837

What about lolicons that hate Demonbane with a passionate fury?

>> No.47423848

you're trying to trick me into saying something lewd aren't you....

>> No.47423852

Well, you're still horrible, but your hatred for Demonbane will incline me towards leniency.

>> No.47423854

You mean passionate furry.

>> No.47423868

Pls no.

>> No.47423884

Does summoning one with the Samurai Jack thing also work?

>> No.47423887

If I jump to Super Robot Wars, can I get into the Demonbane universe?

>> No.47423889

don't worry this is one time I am not falling for bait, I'm sick of folks screaming at me

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>> No.47423906

I need a way to get a chunk of that super dense wndbringer core material. Any ideas how to do it?

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>> No.47423919

>Pod an Endbringer

They're robots. No need to pod them, you silly.

>> No.47423936

What? Madness! New Doom and Quicksilver's seeming return? Awesome.

>> No.47423959

If I build an AI and put it in a deathstar will it need a pod?

>> No.47423966

I know people probably don't want to hear this, but Worm. It was early enough in my chain that I couldn't do a whole lot if I tried a head-on attack, and things *kind of* worked out in the end, so I mostly had my own adventures and hid in the warehouse when things got really bad.

Also, potential silly suggestion for Boktai for those of us with overly fair skin, a 50 CP perk that lets you tan really well instead of burning in sunlight.

>> No.47423970

>Sunday: Epicureanon returns with Dragonlance
>Tuesday: Quicksilver returns of Doom 2016
. . . i-is this the end times? Someone hold me.

>> No.47423971

Scrape it out of an Endbringer with Sting.

>> No.47423978

>he lives

>> No.47423985

Depends on whether or not the AI is sapient. But probably, yes.

>> No.47423994

He's not back.
He never left.
He just doesn't namefag usually, unless he's mocking us.
He goes anonymous most of the time.

But the jump is a new thing, though.

>> No.47423996

I like that bird.

>> No.47424004

How would you even fit in into the Warehouse?

Where would you find a big enough door?

>> No.47424007

Dublicious Jump is dublicious.

So, how fucked is a jumper with HUGE GUTS?

>> No.47424016

dark matter ,Final Fantasy IX has dark matter as an ending reward, now unlike Cannon dark matter this can be saved into a knife that can cut through "the space between spaces" which I imagine allows it to cut things that can't just be cut with normal sharpness alone then there is the problem of weight, you'll need a way to teleport it from whatever it is on to the space you're going to be working on , I'd recommend a series of eliatrope portals moving it from wherever it has landed to the worksite.
Also what >>47423971 said.

>> No.47424024

If it's a companion it doesn't need warehouse.

>> No.47424035

By also building a Door Star, of course. Come on, Anon. This is like Jumper Megastructures 101.

>> No.47424036

Will consider. There will be a wild west aesthetic perk and a title perk as freebies, so I might toss that in with them.

Also since the game is Konami, there will be a drawback that makes things like MGS. Complete with overly long monologues and unskippable cutscenes.

>> No.47424039

Well my penchant for narcotics of all shapes and sizes is a source of contention for a few of them.

But considering this occurs simultaneously with occasional bouts of drawback-induced insanity, with the results being hundred of very obtuse and narrowly specific academic treatises, they kind of got use to it.

I've been told that my "Socioeconomic Development of the Norwegian Bee People" was a compelling (if somewhat questionably accurate) read.

>> No.47424044

>Liking a borb

>> No.47424051

Calling it: This Summer SoAnon will also make her return.

>> No.47424055

It's 800cp, anon.

He probably put that in there for the jumpers who are so masochistic they want to kill themselves in the most metal way possible. Which to be fair, dying in a mountain of demon bodies and pools of blood as heavy metal music blares around them as the very air of Hell shudders with the sea of death is pretty fucking metal.

>> No.47424066

>More demonic perks

Just what I needed.

>> No.47424101

Man, that last thread was fucking awful, and this one is already worse.

>> No.47424126

Scroll down bro

>> No.47424127

At least nobody wants to rebirth dio.

>> No.47424129

The only post worth anything was the one by Quicksilver.

>> No.47424147

Sororitas adventures in Hell?

Sororitas adventures in Hell.

Readan an buildan. Postan latur.

Thanks for the jump, broseph.

>> No.47424149

He probably only posted because he figured the thread couldn't get worse.

>> No.47424151

see >>47424129
Just because good things happened doesn't make all the bad things go away.

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>> No.47424182

A few people bait, most people carry on having conversations like normal, I don't get the 'oh no it's worse than normal terrible end of the world' attitude or thinking.

>> No.47424192

This is like a summer vacation, huh?

>> No.47424222

Yes. after all, good relationships are founded in trust and openness.
That being said, some they indulged, some they didn't. Some of theirs I indulged, some I didn't.
No, I'm not sticking my dick in a boat. Not even if we are married.

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>> No.47424275

Pffft. Best date ever. I bet the guy who waifu'd Jibril will be loving this.

>> No.47424282

Meh, I'm going for it.
Combat Training
If You Want A Job Done Right (700)
Hell Devours the Indolent (600)
Praetorian (300)
Mythos Lore (200)
Iron Mind (0)
Hellfire (-100)
Rune Magic (-700)
Prophecy of the Seraphim (-1000)

Crate of Guns

Locks and Locks and Locks... (-800)


>> No.47424293

> Not reenacting the Titanic with you as the iceberg.

>> No.47424311

>Implying it's just one guy that waifu'd Jibril.
Anon, I don't think you've been keeping

>> No.47424332

Fair enough. The point stands, though. This is another good place to take her :p

Yes, that way too.

>> No.47424350

Flamio, my good hotman.
I love you.

>> No.47424353

Titanic a shit.
Olympic a best.

>> No.47424418

>not fucking the boat
>not having sexual relations wit your wives
>not seducing and fucking literally everything in the universe including abstract concepts

Look at this, this facade of a man, of a human being.

Look at this waste of skin and laugh.

>> No.47424468

What are the upper limits for Omega Self-Molecular Manipulation from Xmen CU?

Could generate a small fusion reactor within yourself?

>> No.47424509

I... guess I can understand that.

But they're literally just Hobbits with less impulse control.
Why not just get a Hobbit waifu?

Wait, CAN you get a Hobbit waifu? Are there companion options in any of the jumps with Halflings in them?

>> No.47424522

Eh, not really. Physically they're more like short D&D elves than they are hobbits or halflings.

>> No.47424527

Forgotten Realms has one but it's kinda dumb.

>> No.47424556

103: Doom 2016
+600(1600)Ultra Nightmare
+200(1800)Too Late
+200(2000)Locks and Locks and Locks...
-0(2000)Mythos Lore
-0(2000)The Doom Wiki
-100(1900)Iron Mind
-200(1700)Argent Power
-600(1100)Rune Magic
-400(700)Empowered by the Well
-0(400)Hologram Grenade
-400(0)Import x8: Usagi, Serena, Daenerys, Satsuki, Esdeath, Korra, Yoko, Naru

So, I wanted to go Demonic for this, but my companions really wouldn't stand for me being an outright monster demon. Didn't mean I couldn't buy from their trees though. Grabbed the demonic rune magic and well empowerment, and with the knowledge of how to work argent energy into my technology as well, this will synergize excellently with other magitech engineering.

Thanks to those drawbacks, I'm up against quite the horde. Fortunately, I have ways of dealing with them. Like various implements of mass destruction + the Carnivores perk that renders any attack I make non-lethal + a mass of befriending perks. Who has a demon army? Jumper has a demon army!

>> No.47424575

I think he should have to kidnap his kender waifu. Just for irony's sake.

>> No.47424592

Goddamnit, read it in his voice.

>> No.47424619


>> No.47424683

Quick question for KOTORAnon if their around:
Could I, in any way, shape, or form fanwank my companions into being transformed into other species not offered in the race option?

The species I had in mind were:
- Zeltron
- Miraluka
- Kiffar
Especially since they are all apparently branched from humans.

Also, does any one have a copy of the latest Dragonlance Jump? My net derped last night.

>> No.47424770

>Quick question for KOTORAnon if their around:
Did I just?
>Quick question of KOTORAnon if THEY'RE around:

>> No.47424801

Since when could you ever order off the menu in jumps?

>> No.47424830

Eh, figures. Forget about it then.

>> No.47424834

Isn't that what jumps are?

>> No.47424860

Jumps are menus.

>> No.47424925

Is dragonlance done?

>> No.47424934

I did this for the majority of Bleach, though I interfered in some more minor ways. I let Ichigo do all the major thing; get his initial Shinigami powers from Rukia, go rescue her from Soul Society, etc. etc.

I only interfered in the sense that I mentored him a little throughout the series, got him a bit more in-touch with his powers and capabilities, helped him with his Hollow, helped him in dealing with losing his powers during the timeskip, during which I mostly acted as his major connection to the supernatural, befriending him, up until he got his powers back, after which I came out with the fact that I was the new Arrancar king of Hueco Mundo. Was pretty fun.

Of course, I did plenty of plot-related stuff when he wasn't around, like assisting Soul Society fight against Aizen with my Arrancar insiders, saving Gin and Tousen, and generally forging an alliance between the Arrancar and Shinigami and working on becoming equals with Old Man Genocide. Ichigo just never knew about any of it before he got his powers back. Was a nice little surprise.

Afterwords, I pretty much made him my apprentice and offered podding him, though he refused, since he was pretty content with his life by the end of it all.

>> No.47424948

Yes, but he's going to do all kinds of updates

>> No.47424971

Goodness, this was unexpected. Guess this Doom game must be a pretty big deal, huh?

Also you may want to clarify how Lord of Hell works if you take it without any other demon perks or the background.

Drawback: Ultra Nightmare, Too Late (1800)

Rolled Hell: Kadinger Sanctum

UAC Researcher

Mythos Lore (Free)
Cult Occult (1600)
Rise of Lazarus (1300)
The Doom Wiki (Free)
Argent Cybernetics (1000)
Prophecy of the Seraphim (700)
Pistol (Free)
Hologram Grenade (Free)
Argent Power (500)
Management (300)
BFG-9000 (0)
Research Tools (0)

So, here we are in Hell. Hi, demons. We go by many titles, but the most relevant one here is King of Bel. And we are here to ask you a question: Is a demon not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

"No" says the man in the church, "god save us all"

"No" says the man in the UAC, "that's bad for employee morale"


Which brings us to the point-isn't it tiresome, failed invasion after failed invasion? You've got a pretty solid empire here, maybe do things with it that don't involve constantly dying to a legendary enemy who seemingly won't stay dead? Just think about what you could do if you shaped up and formed an actual civilisation, monopolised Argent energy and make humans pay through the nose in deals with you! Vote for us to attain rulership of all demonkind, and together we can MAKE HELL GREAT AGAIN!

...okay yeah, this is going to be a hard sell ending but hey-a campaign of war's practically the same thing as a campaign for votes in most demon societies.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with acknowledging your limitations and suiting your priorities to them.

>> No.47424994

...why is research tools there.

Pretend it's not there.

Fuck, get through FIVE of those damn disappearing captchas and one typo sticks through all the way. Anyone else getting a disproportionate amount of incredibly difficult rhythem game-captchas?

>> No.47425013

Pym particles, son!

>> No.47425016

The fucking disapear captchas never work anyway, once you pass them it says you typed it in wrong.

>> No.47425030

Those things make no sense whatsoever.

>> No.47425051

Shrunk things keep their strength right? Because I was planning on using pym particles to make a mega swarm of giant robots into nanobots.

>> No.47425077

What was your weirdest musical number?


>> No.47425086

Fuck you in A minor.

>> No.47425094

Yes, and just make a mega swarm of micro deathstars.

>> No.47425098

Demonbane pls go.

>> No.47425108

And no matter what happens.

We're never getting JoJo back.

>> No.47425123

Deathstar didnt really do much other than shoot. I want mine to sever stuff and build stuff from inside a creature or thing. Enough of them together and maybe I can make my enemies into living furniture!

Thanks Red for this opportunity!

>> No.47425134

DOOM! Lets do this!

>Drop In - DOOM GUY
>Great Steppe - BRING IT ON

Combat Training - Back to basics
Reload? - No time for reloading
Fortune and Glory - CANDY
Job Done Right - Huge Guts!
Pathfinder - Sneaky, sneaky
Indolent - Gotta go fast or die
Compensation - Speaking of dying, would dumb to die from a fall
Praetorian - RIP AND TEAR
Imposing - Rip and tear with my bare hands!
Prophecy - Cause I need my fucking Praetorian Armor and to even more dead killy!

Pistol - Freebie!
Box o Guns - Whats not to love?
Super Shotgun - Killing in style!
Chaingun - Cause why the hell not?

Stingy - Club and kick the small ones to death. Save ammo for the big ones.
Ultra Nightmare - Cause I got to make it interesting.

Fairly simple build. Honestly, might drop Impact Compensation to bring in a couple companions. Its a toss up. I like not dying from falls and junk.

I have no idea what I'm doing. I wake up strap to a stone alter, bust out, put on the free armor and weapons laying around, and lay way to demons. No need to make this complicated.

>> No.47425138

Don't forget this summer is when Mommy said they were coming back.

>> No.47425186 [DELETED] 

>inb4 "lol can't take pym particles out" or an 'update' nerfs them into the ground

>> No.47425188

Please stop anon. Don't say that name.

>> No.47425229

She isnt that bad anon.

>> No.47425230

>inb4 some anon posts as Mommy just to stir shit

>> No.47425239



>> No.47425249

Anon. Anti-red.

>> No.47425264

MoS is fun.
Have another Doot.

>> No.47425269 [DELETED] 

Half of her notes in jumps lately is complaining and saying what we can't take out, or how limited our perks really are, or closing off creative combos that destroy limits.

She's that bad.

>> No.47425283


>> No.47425315

Oh shit, quick JC have you ever had a mentor that had a lasting impact on you throughout your chain?

>> No.47425325

Bancho. He taught me what not to do.

>> No.47425328

Got a few questions, if you're still about. How does Praetorian + Prophecy interact with the Armor item? Would you say the Praetorian armor counts as an item or a perk for the purposes of drawbacks in other Jumps? How hard would it be to convert it/integrate it into a cybernetic body?

Also, what can Hellfire do besides be thrown at things? You mention you can learn other uses, but I'm not sure what those are.

Finally, how bad a nasty can the Chainsaw take down?

Also, can I just say I'm glad to see you back and making Jumps, and love you for making this?

>> No.47425332

Why do you persist? Can't you tell that all you've achieved is to set everyone against your opinion?

>> No.47425337

Please stop responding to him. Everyone else has learned.

>> No.47425340


Stop feeding him.

>> No.47425352

What does your victory dance look like?

>> No.47425363

Ha ha ha.

>> No.47425377

Guess it depends on what you mean by mentor.

Aslan kept teaching me lessons and chasing me around in Narnia. Shot the first lion I saw after Narnia right in the face. Went to the zoo in They Live. I partially blame the influence of the Alien memories.

Guess it depends on what you mean by a lasting impact as well. Kept my dislike of lions for 50 years or so, it lasted for as long as it did.

>> No.47425387 [DELETED] 

Well just wait, her butt-buddy QS has opted to stop shitposting and start trying to control /jc/ some more. It's going to get worse.

>> No.47425394


>> No.47425406


>> No.47425419

Rolled 102 (1d582)

>> No.47425424

I have to wonder-how many times has he actually been reported by now? Why hasn't he been banned if, theoretically, everyone knows by now to report and ignore?

>> No.47425431


Exquisite taste.

>> No.47425433

Because mods don't enforce Global Rule 3.

>> No.47425442


>> No.47425445 [DELETED] 

Now, I hate you and like Red, but at the same time I do think that if QS starts trying to control things, it'll go to shit for sure. I do not like him, his jumpmaking style, most of his rulings, or his attitude about how to enforce those.

>> No.47425464


>> No.47425471 [DELETED] 

Has he said one remote thing about anything after dropping Doom?

No. You're being an absolute fuck.

>> No.47425475 [DELETED] 

Dude just made us an awesome new jump. Mind not shitting on him for a little while?

>> No.47425478 [DELETED] 

I said if.

>> No.47425489 [DELETED] 


Too much to ask, clearly.

>> No.47425515


>> No.47425518


I'm usually not a lizard, but it works.

>> No.47425527

>> No.47425550

We need to get WebMD on the case!

Yep, it's cancer.

>> No.47425552

Who is this even directed at?

>> No.47425560

All of us, I think.

>> No.47425570

Oh for fucks sake. Have any of you gone out of your way to make a setting happier in your chain? Make life in general peaceful and pleasant for the average person?

>> No.47425571

Why would you show this to me. What the hell did I ever do to you, Toriko. Did I kill your firstborn? Did I doubledip?

>> No.47425572

Does it matter at this point? Everyone's cancer if you ask everyone. We hate jumpmakers, we hate jumpers, we hate jumps, we hate limits, we hate power, we hate creativity, we hate blandness...

We're the tumor. It's all of us.

>> No.47425596

I was just hoping someone would complete the meme.

>> No.47425602

Here’s the deal on anti-Red: he’s phone-posted, replied to himself, and engaged in the usual bits of trollery that some of us are familiar with in one way or another.
While I cannot guess his actual opinions of Red, in all likelihood he doesn’t give a shit about her. He’s shown himself willing to shit on ASA, OAA, Red, and now QS. So he’s a troll, which is obvious, but I honestly think he’s stirring shit and trolling because he hates jumpchain. There are people on /tg/ that hate this thread, and make a point of talking shit about it. Given how long he’s been at it, and as stated his willingness to attack more than just Red, I think that’s the long and short of it.

So replying to him does not help at all, will never hep at all. You’re not going to convince him that Red, OAA, or anyone else he attacks isn’t what he’s claiming they are. He doesn’t care. He just wants the thread broken and gone. So stop replying to him. It serves no purpose at all.

>> No.47425618 [SPOILER] 


Yes, actually.
Since getting Energy Absorption from Xmen CU, whenever I go to places that are toxic, like Fallout, I chow down on all that tasty, tasty radiation.
Cancer levels drop, I get a meal, everybody's happy.

>> No.47425621

I try damn near constantly.

Sometimes it doesn't work out.
Like with Pulsific Rim...

>> No.47425622

You sound a lot like my clinically depressed friend. You want a hug?
I have exactly three, and one of them is already taken.

>> No.47425626

>inb4 boogieman

>> No.47425627

It's such a simple desire but it fell so short.

For what it's worth I'm sorry.

>> No.47425638

Not really.

While I recognize that there are many individuals in the myriad worlds who suffer needlessly, I also understand that it's better to let them find happiness in their own way. If I go in acting like I know what's best for them, all that'll do is invite resentment, which breeds resistance and conflict, and then I have to clean all that up. Folks don't like being told they don't know how to run their lives - and regardless of how powerful I grow throughout the Chain, it's honestly not worth the hassle of going through the in-universe channels and introducing changes in a slow and sustainable manner.

tl;dr unlike some people with moral compunctions against taking over the world, I'm just kinda lazy.

>> No.47425643

Story time?

>> No.47425670

This. The most I'll ever really do is help enable people to find their happiness through improving technology and science, nothing on a grand scale.

>> No.47425684

I have long since stopped caring about what others think. If a setting is bad enough I do what I always do, set up shop and wait for someone to ask me for help.

Then I may try to fix the problem.

>> No.47425694

>Have any of you gone out of your way to make a setting happier in your chain? Make life in general peaceful and pleasant for the average person?
I introduced warp gate technology to Dune. That allowed FTL without the Spacing Guild, and with the Spacing Guild less relevant that made Spice less necessary. Rather than being space petrol that shaped the economy, and thus gave space desert far too much political power, it turned it into a novelty for the wealthy. So while Arakkis still had power, they didn't end up running shit.

After that, I slowly introduced a few other bits and bobs that made things in that 'verse better. There isn't a ton broken there, so its an easy fix.

>> No.47425701

Rolled 8 (1d582)

Huh. That was relaxing. Nice. Too nice.

...what diabolical plots are you cooking, Dice Gods?

>> No.47425708

I blew Arrakis up. I probably should have done this though, it'd certainly have cut down the bodycount, which runs into potentially millions of worlds.

>> No.47425714


You know what this means?

It's time for another episode in

Jump 2 - Ouran High School Host Club

Banana Peels(50)
Bishie Sparkles(100)
Unnerving Presence(200)
Make Them Swoon(200)
Princely Bearing(200)
Little Devil(200)

Water Gun(50)

After years in Undertale of being chill with Napstablook, and just generally unnerving the fuck out of pretty much everyone that we met due to nobody being able to tell if we were actually alive or not

Time for Table-kun's latest mishap...
High school romance!
People are all wondering about that new arrival in Ouran High school...
With such sexy legs and a broad surface
His mischevious nature, tossing banana peels around in the halls where people pass him...
Already the girls are clamoring around for that sweet sweet mahogany
What will table-kun do about this stunning new development?
and will he ever admit his ~deepest feelings~ to Haruhi-san?
Find out, on the next adventure of!
TABLE-KUN! World's most lovable inanimate object!

>> No.47425727

Several times.
For example KoTOR is one of my earlier jumps. I'm not touching the Revan/Malak conflict with a 10-ft pole. Seriously, those guys are WAY too strong for me at that point.

They all knew my secrets, and their opinions greatly differ. I have a LOT of companions, a good number of them not even Waifus contrary to popular belief.

>Justice is going to Hell
>Mostly to punch demons in the face and/or dick

>Looks at Jump-chan herself
Also my Martial Arts Master in Wuxia.

That's kind of my thing.

>> No.47425743

>Forgot my name
Note to self:Do not post when you just woke up at your usual time, after staying up late.

>> No.47425746

>I blew Arrakis up.
I get that, but that's the wrong play for two reasons. First off, Arrakis-born are supposed to be pretty hot, so let's keep that in mind.

Secondly, the planets need each other for trade and sustainability so you need some way of keeping them interconnected. They need some kind of FTL, and they need to be free from the Spacing Guild.

Hardest part was building the damn gates, though once people figured out the advantage, which was fairly quickly mind you, they started building their own.

>> No.47425773


>> No.47425782

At that point in my chain it literally was the only option I had. I know they eventually develop ftl in the setting, I just didn't have an alternative to give people right then.

>> No.47425786

It seems like the Spacing Guild would want to protect their interests, lest they lose their profits. Did you do anything to protect the gates from- er, 'corporate interference'?

>> No.47425793

Why bother?

I can't take them with me.

If I do make everything better like some kind of extra-dimensional Deus ex Machina, then I'm also going to integrate them into my post-human singularity gestalt collective conscientiousness so that I can take the with me, at which point, nothing about the setting matters anymore, or really ever mattered, because the result is so divorced from everything that lead up to it.

The end result is entirely depended on something out of context arriving one day and suddenly nothing else matters, all the problems are instantly solved basically forever.

>> No.47425796

Are we talking minor victory dance or major Victory Dance?

>> No.47425808

Wrong post?

>> No.47425833

Happier? Oh indeed! I make it a point to light up everyone's hearts. I tell tales and sing songs give everyone warm and fuzzy feelings.
More peaceful? HA HA HA HA HA!
I also hand out sick burns and hot new pranks. It's nice to chill every once in a while, but I need to fuel my Benefactor's interest somehow.
I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to some trouble to start.
And I do so enjoy trouble.

>> No.47425843

And people actually wonder why jumpers are commonly seen as monsters

>> No.47425861

Hello there. Glad to see you.

UAC Researcher: Everything is fire. Now, to clean up the mess. Bah.

Mythos Lore: Now, I am not saying you are COMPLETELY stupid... But here we are.
100 - Iron Mind: More mental defenses? Why, thank you.
200 - Cult Occult: I solemnly swear to not lie to people.
300 - Rise of Lazarus: Hey, more uses for the inevitable body count.
The Doom Wiki: Science. Yay!
200 - Management: And MORE demonic obedience perks. Geez, the resulting stack must be causing the poor things to destroy their knees genuflecting.
100 - Demonic Form: I suppose an accident took place. Things happen, you know?
200 - Imposing: Middle level, no more!
600 - Lord of Hell: Time to look... Hm. Doom demons are ugly as sin, but looking good would cause problems... Let's take over! NOW there's no problem, right?
300 - Prophecy of the Seraphim: I swear, capstone boosters are right up there with sliced bread.

Pistol: Not the best weapon ever my buttocks.
Hologram Grenade: Hm. Let's see what happens if I... Oh dear.

400 - Stingy: Ah. I do believe the words are RIP AND TEAR, no?
600 - Ultra Nightmare: Ah, the welcome challenge! Now, where did I put my "Consume flesh for healing" perks...


>"Hm, I wonder if befriending the crazy doom guy and helping him kill everyone is an option...?"


My sincerest thanks. The jump is wonderful, and your presence somehow soothes, to quote a certain someone.

>> No.47425863

Mah nigga!

>> No.47425864

I don't want to roast you, but you should have bean more cafful.

>> No.47425878

So Jumpers, how many canon relationships have you "oopsed"? Whether because you've personally pursued a waifu/husbando, or just torpedod the plot and caused butterflies?

>> No.47425880

H'oh boy, where to start.

So. Nechronica.
I'd just finished the battle with the Necromancer in the dead plains of the Sahara don't go to Africa, it's infested with dragons. I set about trying to "resurrect" the world - get the atmosphere cleaned, replenish the oceans, ensure the Dolls that I couldn't resurrect into new bodies at least didn't have as hard a time of it as before, etc.

I used Bismarck's Blessing - from FF13-1 - to try and replenish the planet's plantlife & oceans. Now, for those of you who have that perk, the water produced by Bismarck's Blessing increases the growth of plantlife around it by a metric fuckload. I also sprinkled seeds of the Bulb of Hope - from FF13-2 - which also contribute the same.

We started trying to repopulate the planet with new forms of life, starting with a few of my Companions spawning in Microchu, from ANOTHER perk in FF13-1.

as the jumpmaker of SRW deigned to tell me, Microchu are in fact a plant-based organism. That grow into giant toothy frog-like Ochu.

And they grow to kaiju-sizes we now refer to as Gigochu. I set about trying to fix this problem in my usual panicking manner, that I sicked my orks from Day at the Races on one wandering Gigochu.

I forgot that Orks were ALSO a plant-like organism, and this being so soon after LoT I hadn't edited out their sporing behavior.

With massive Gigochu and Kaiju-Orks and Mon-Squigs warring on the horizon, I sequestered as many of the Dolls on board my LoT as possible, and those I couldn't save because of the Nechronica companion-Doll issues.

I gave them giant robots to protect themselves, and set them up in cities that the kaiju couldn't reach.

>> No.47425890

Yeah, but that doesn't really make Dune any better in my opinion, only worse.

To fix Dune, what you need to do is eradicate humanity, or at least mostly eradicate them while completely displacing the power-structure, and replace them with a better one. With sentient robots.

>> No.47425894

Fair enough. Mid-chain jumps are hard, because you know how to fix them but you just don't have the tools for them.

Automated defenses with scaled lethality. Mostly just point defense and the like, but there were heavier weapons installed on it. All ships were scanned at a stand-off distance, and armed ships and or warships could only travel through certain gates at certain times.

Getting people to be okay with automated defenses was a bit of a hurdle, especially since they were AI that had to not look like AI, but greased palms go a long way to winning support.

>> No.47425910

Well I can't espresso how much I enjoyed that. I really need all these puns to get through the day.

>> No.47425939

I decoupled Washu from Tenchi's harem, and added her and Tokimi as companions. Officially it's because I'm taking Tenchi as my end jump, and I want some build up before I completely break the Chousin Experiment.

Unofficially I've had a thing for Washu since forever, and Tokimi a cute too.

>> No.47425942


Reason I took a big Jamaican guy as my companion rather than a waifu.

Why bring a packed lunch to a tour of every restaurant in the omniverse?

Admittedly still haven't really worked out how I'm going to smooth it all over post-spark but that's a worry for another time.

>> No.47425963

These puns don't java with me.

>> No.47425976

How the fuck did you do that with your gif?

>> No.47425986

Why the fuck is the thumbnail of a mech on a desk, but when I look at it its a cat with trippy glasses.

I am not pleased with this dark magick.

I felt the Demon King from Demon King and Hero could do better than the hero. So, I more or less handled that in the most expeditious but least appropriate manner possible.

>> No.47426002

Also, have a build.

Location: Hell - Great Steppe
Demon of Hell [Free] Yesss
Age: ???
Iron Mind [200] Always know if something tries to influence me? Gold.
The Doom Wiki [100] Tech is Fun!
Argent Power [400] And incorporating this in what I can already do seems good.
Hellfire [Free] BURN! Mwahahaha
Management [100] Oh, yes. Obey me. Stacking the demon command all up in here.
Rune Magic [300] Now this seems useful.
Demonic Form [Free] Here I am.
Imposing [100] Large...
Empowered by the Well [200] ...Powerful...
Lord of Hell [300] ...And In Charge. Also, looking good as a demon king is important.
Prophecy of the Seraphim [300] Shiny upgrades.
Pistol [Free] Shootings?
Testament [Free] Fancy reading material.
Stingy [+400] No ammo? Better rip, and tear, and burn everything in my path with radioactive fire then.
Ultra Nightmare [+600] And my enemies are strong.

So, I'm gonna conquer Hell. This... is actually pretty standard practise at this point.

Between being Overlord of Bel, some different kinds of demonic kings, and wearing a crown of demonic command forged from green-tinged white fire, it's only natural. Isn't it?

Anyway, glorious demon emperor time. Probably duel the Doom Guy sometime, slaughter my rivals, and take my throne.

>> No.47426003

Pretty sure it's the 1st frame shenanigans.

>> No.47426015

It's just a cat in both views for me. It's a fairly common glitch, I'm told.

>> No.47426054

Perhaps you have mental problems.

Or 4chan is borking it up.

Or I'm a magical man.

Or all three.

>> No.47426085

I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe if I percolated on them a bit more, they wouldn't be in such pour form.
I can't let a bad run make me bitter.

>> No.47426098

At that point, why bother jumping? you arent growing or learning or doing anything new, it's just the exact same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over with people wearing sliiiiiiightly different hats each jump.

>> No.47426125

What the fuck is up with that image?

thumbnailed it's some sort of warhams 40k robot model, I click it and it's a cat tripping the fuck out on lsd

>> No.47426134

All of Harry Potter, excepting the adult Weasleys.
I broke up the Malfoys (both generations). Well technically one of my companions caused the split in the elders, and I personally removed the ferret's head from his shoulders so that counts.
Hermione shacked up with Fleur to absolutely everyone's surprise.
Ron hooked up with Lavender for a while, before eventually settling down with both Susan Bones and Hannah Abbot.
Once I removed the stick from his ass, Percy dropped his squeeze and found a nice muggle girl.
The littlest Weasley became a spinster, but not before trying to hop on my dick. Turns out that she was Harry and Jumper-sexual. Dunno how the latter bit came about.
Potter himself hooked up with Tonks, which I'm sure was interesting.

>> No.47426158

What about Voldemort?

>> No.47426160

>That gif
Buh... But... But...

I thought cool cats don't trip, though...?

>> No.47426177

Doom Universe-
Rolled for Anywhere on Mars, I choose the Research Complex. I want the BFG
Drop-in- I might like other perks more, but the appeal of being Doom Guy is too much.
Free Combat Training
Free Pathfinder
Discount What Do You Mean "Reload"?
Discount Hell Devours the Indolent
Discount Fortune and Glory
Discount Impact Compensation
Discount If You Want a Job Done Right
Discount Praetorian
Prophecy of the Seraphim
400 Point Group Hire
Free Pistol
Free Crate of Guns
Discount Super Shotgun

Too Late+200

I'm going to Punch, Stab, And/Or Shoot ALL THE DEMONS.

>> No.47426185

Probably more times than I know, but the biggest offenses are in Twilight(more of me just giving a stern talking to about not getting involved with vampires and not encouraging stalker behavior), Cave Story(If Curly and Quote are meant to be a couple, I mean, I companion'd her for a few jumps before she deigned it necessary to leave)
Erfworld(Any of the MC ships because I made it very very clear I was the the winnest in that setting and if that meant getting Jillian into my grasp outside of Wanda's psycho-ass manipulation, that's what's gonna happen), Possibly FE:A depending on how thirsty I was feeling that time. I was definitely the self-insert Robin but I have no idea if Robin getting into the pants of most of his army would've been acceptable or not, and even if it was I can't quite say if it'd make it impossible for the future-kids to appear if all the possible mothers are enamored with him above the possible fathers
I might've also screwed things up in Negima or Rosario but I have no idea about the state of their waifus to say if my jumper's harem power overtook the MC's
Negi looks like a good dude though so I imagine encroaching wouldn't have happened

>> No.47426192


>> No.47426211

Rolled 426 (1d582)


>> No.47426219


>> No.47426222

>companion'd her for a few jumps before she deigned it necessary to leave
>Steal someone's waifu
>Don't even have the decency to keep her around

>> No.47426224

Whats your favorite item jumpers?

>> No.47426240

The fork.

>> No.47426248

Lots, I grabbed Ranma, Jibril, Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell etc. I also stole Usagi Tsukino, But that was under the influence of a drawback, That was also when I learned how much of a scary fucker a Jumper can become when love over rules sense and restraint.

>> No.47426258

I'm married, so I don't go after the girls.
But those plot torpedoes tend to hit the dumber Shonen and Harem protags without much effort.
I do try to help pick up the pieces if the poor bastards seem to be really bad off, though.

>> No.47426271

Goblin horn from overlord. It summons a large goblin army of elite well trained and equipt and over all competant goblin soldiers.

>> No.47426322

Infinite pizza.

>> No.47426324

A question, for the honorable denizens of this thread:

If in dragonlance I import my companions as centaurs, will that make them Adeptas Centauritas or Centaura Sororitas? This is an important distinction I need help parsing.

>> No.47426326

>scary fucker
Which reminds me,

Jumpers, how often do you exploit the fear someone like you is sure to inspire, someone who comes out of nowhere, is inexplicably powerful in ways barely understood, has vague motives and seems to have only a passing interest in the plot?

>> No.47426349


They become the Choir of Righteous Hoovesies.

>> No.47426352

Quit horsing around.

>> No.47426356

Adepta centaura or adepta sororitauros

>> No.47426358

What happens if I teach a Lamia karate?

>> No.47426364

She didn't enjoy the direction I was taking in one of the jumps, and I don't force companions to stay if they don't want to
I was a shady, pragmatic, kinda outright selfish asshole in that arc and I don't blame her for not wanting to deal with that
She returned to Cave Story afterwards

>> No.47426370

You get snekfu.

>> No.47426376

She'll be able to give her enemies a snakedown.

>> No.47426386

That's not his mane problem.

If they become the xeno, and they must purge the xeno, will they smite themselves?

>> No.47426388

Praetorian Armor.
I have a short attention.

>> No.47426392

Depends on their job
The Battle Focuses Adeptas are Adeptas Centauritas
The Healers are Centaura Sororitas

Both together make up >>47426349

>> No.47426396

My God-Spear. It is forged from the heart of a supernova and my own cosmic fire. It is all of the shiny.

Alternatively, my hat. It's a very fancy, distinctive one.

Or maybe the Barrels of cursed Jusenkyo water I got from Ranma... Those are always good for some chaos. Especially combining the waters of girl and cat to curse whatever into catgirls.

>> No.47426407

Peace is mandatory. Happiness is not.

Take Doom up there, for example. Once we turn all the other candidates for the throne of Hell into pillars of salt and/or cast them into a lake of fire, we have every intention of appointing angelic enforcers in their stead in order to start browbeating demonkind into an industrial revolution, converting Hell into a celestial bureaucracy defined by a re-education programme.

We do have some measure of mercy, though. The last day of the month is Purge Day. Citizens of merit may acquire more Purge Day points for personal use through proportionate contributions to society. Misbehaved citizens will have their Purge Day privileges revoked entirely.

Once Hell is civilised enough for the rank and file to take training in BFGs, this will incidentally give us the diplomatic and military leverage to twist the UAC's arm into implementing better health and safety regulations if they want to continue gathering argent energy safely.. Especially when it comes to things like tapping extradimensional properties.

All the while shining radiantly into peoples' souls, such that they feel their sins crawling on their back.

Because sometimes the only way to stop a war for good is to completely break everyone involved's spirits until they lack the will to ever fight again.

Not quite an "oops" or canon but...we kinda wingman'd Solaire of Astoria and Dusk of Oolacile. Hey, they were cute together and he was the one who actually carried her out of Manus' den while we were busy sniping him.

Also after a prolonged campaign of humiliating Maximilien by revealing him for the sociopathic brat he ultimately was, Selvaria personally kneed him in the nuts hard enough to shatter his pelvis.

Scott Pilgrim, mainly because we didn't really have anything against Gideon personally

Avatar and Wakfu, because we weren't the right man for the job.

>> No.47426410

All the damn time. I have ALL of the fear/intimidation perks.

Exploiting fear is kinda what I do.

>> No.47426412

>Adeptas Centauritas
That gets my vote.

I may steal this idea.

Also, dragonlance has centaurs? Who knew?

>> No.47426548

Cauldron Vials from Worm.

>> No.47426563

When I really get into it...? It's a full on musical number.
With backup dancers!

What do you think the armies are for?!
Robots have specifically programmed subroutines! Goats know how to work lighting and the groove! All Waddle Dees can do the Kirby Dance!

This shit is MANDATORY. All minions must be able to assist with musical numbers or stay the fuck out of my way! You think I call myself the villain so I can go on a power trip?


>> No.47426596

>Implying Quote is gonna want her after you've used her up
>Implying she could be satisfied after spending decades with a godling lover

>> No.47426626

Does anyone have the latest version of the Dragonlance Jump? My 'net was out yesterday before I could download it, and I've got no idea where it would be in the Drive.

>> No.47426651

I let them think that I'm the kind of demon that is bound to fairly obvious rules.
It's entertaining when they realize that I'm not.

>> No.47426662

You know that you need certain jobs to use that function, right?

>> No.47426704

Should be in the uploads folder

>> No.47426730

>Befriending Doomguy

>> No.47426731

Yes. Enbi only has like 12 levels of general/commander.

>> No.47426745

If I had the Like Riding a Bike perk from Sword Art Online and then go to Overlord as a Magic Caster and use the 「Perfect Warrior」 spell, would I keep the skills that it gives me even after I dispel it?

>> No.47426784

Perfect warrior doesn't give you any skills as a warrior, it just rearranges your stats to those of a warrior and allows you to equip warrior armor with no penalty.

>> No.47426802

And weapons, don't forget removing any penalty for equipping weapons.

>> No.47426828

Just like every time this comes up, temporary buffs do not stay when you have like riding a bike.

>> No.47426848

Who here killed Bruce Wayne's parents?

Martha's pearls look nice on the trophy room, and did any Jumpanons replaced the perps to recreate canon history?

>> No.47426885

I've always been bothered by the fact that I pretty much have to torpedo the canon pairing to have Usagi, until I realized a workaround.

I just had to jump Generic Magical Girl as one iteration of Sailor Moon, and set myself up in place of Mamoru. In THAT world I don't cockblock him, I exist in his stead. And I'm way less of a jerk than he is most of the time.

>> No.47426889

No, but I did resurrect them. They had very choice words for their son about his nocturnal activities.

>> No.47426895

>Who here killed Bruce Wayne's parents?
I don't think there are enough "screw fate" perks in the chain to save them. Same with Uncle Ben.

>> No.47426905

For those of you who read Biomega, does anyone if it would be possible to mix biology, or at least create biological constructs with the Reverse Phase Imaging Polymer? Starro tech I thought might help, nanomachines with my conciousness constantly keeping it in check. I just dont want to have accidently create a Hellstar Remina I have no control over or create pic related

>> No.47426906


>> No.47426938

If I gave Doomguy a Light of Terra(made by my ACU) as a present, how do you think he'd react?
How would the demons?

>> No.47426950

Man, I want a KoF jump, but at the same time, I kinda don't.

>> No.47426980


Resurrection is a good idea, normally I revive dead heroes for a black ops team to help behind the shadows. They get new names to live somewhere on a farm later on.


Some things just happen, but at least you can keep an Uncle Ben in the trophy room. Might give good life advice.

>> No.47426983


>> No.47426985


Can't find info on this guy and what exactly he can do. What I could expect if I go into nechronica with intention to fuck up BBEG's day?

>> No.47426999

Why wouldn't you?

>> No.47427000


>> No.47427004

You'd probably have a harder time finding him than actually killing him.

>> No.47427027


wood fight with wrestling, as in lay and pray to get that decision victory.

>> No.47427030


>> No.47427040

Unless I'm mistaken, demons don't really have reactions besides rabid hate and violence. They are not really capable of complexity beyond rip and tear.

So they'd probably just try to invade the thing. But it would make a hell of a Doom level.

>> No.47427048


I was going to say something but this conversation made me go check my build and I realized the reason I dropped Curly was because I didn't have enough pods for her, Ryuko, Satsuki and Minette
then i realized that i changed my build early on and got Minette with the canon companion option in Skullgirls
I actually by all means should still have Curly around but I'm not sure if changing that would be scummy or not
I regret my words and deeds

>> No.47427050

I noticed. Add "Where the fuck he is likely to be" to the question.

>> No.47427051

Because Vanessa's already married.

>> No.47427052

You won't find any info because there IS no info. Necromancers are made by the DM. A sample one however is a psychotic robot who made a bunch of doll "clones" of his daughter.

>> No.47427074

So, how awesome is Praetor Armor anyway?

>> No.47427081

I would argue you retcon, because that's not a mistake you would make in-story

>> No.47427084

Pretty sure what at least higher-level demons are capable of fear and somewhat like wary respect and -very- twisted righteousness.

>> No.47427086

They're the people that ruined the world, immortal spellcasters who destroyed all life and left nothing but the undead monsters under their control. They got bored, so they started holding competitions and (if your canon has multiple) little turf wars. Eventually they decided what'd be most fun in the world would be to endlessly revive little girls and put them through terrible suffering and combat until they mentally breakdown and become monsters, or willingly side with the necromancer, or get torn to bits (which doesn't even kill them, so the Necromancer can just rebuild them and start over).

Or the Necromancer IS the DM.

>> No.47427104

It can be upgraded by killing things. . .

>> No.47427136

Here's a good way to describe Nechronica Necromacers: they did it. They destroyed the world! Everything is dead! THEY WON! ...now what?
And that's why Nechronica is a sequel.

>> No.47427139

There is no better taste than yours.

>> No.47427158

Okay... That's nice, yes. But how far?

>> No.47427159

Rolled 170 (1d582)


>> No.47427170

That could be "fixed".

>> No.47427185

It is, lands down, the Mailbox from Legend of Mana. It lets me put down roots, despite my nomadic adventure.
The choral is eggsactly place to raise pets, and the garden is colorful fellow.
And the workshops are a banging place!
The golem laboratory and the concert hall are great places to make friends, and the forge is my favorite place to pound my wife. I love putting things inside her...
It's a warm and comfortable place that follows you around, so it makes me happy.
It also doesn't hurt that LoM is one of the first games I truely obsessed over.

>> No.47427186

Fluff-wise is pretty much indestructible; UAC were unable to damage it at all during destructive testing.

When Doomguy wears it and in general gameplay... Not too impressive. Helps with great falls, tanks some fire-plasma-claws stuff, but you probably shouldn't face-tank too much. On max diffuculty it is made of wet tissue paper and falls apart in roughly three imp-fireballs.

Truth is likely somewhere in the middle. Or maybe it is just shit at actually protecting the wearer inside of it, despite it's durability.

>> No.47427198


>> No.47427227

Roughly twice of basic health, armor and three times the ammo reserve.

Outside of gameplay only god knows. Fanwank something.

>> No.47427235

Your puns...they burn!

>> No.47427244

I'm on fire, baby!

>> No.47427247

Not the anon. But holy shit, thats all kinds of fucked up. I wonder how well they'll take to being turned into an abstract form of art by me and my companions. Whats the base powerlevel of them? Are they immune to pain of somesort?

>> No.47427251

Tough question...
But I have to say the Odd Ring from Swords and Sorcery.
It's gorgeous, useful and flavorful in all the right ways.
Either that or my poncho...Not for any practical reasons, just because I like big flowy garments, like capes and scarves

>> No.47427286

Alright, interesting. Thank you.

Fair enough. Thanks anyway.

Think I'll just go with demon powers then, those look shiny too.

>> No.47427290

Varied. The sample one is basically a even tankier terminator with magic, but it can go from a nobody to nightmare type to full on Great Old Ones. As for pain? Very few of them are actually alive, so...

>> No.47427302

I'd assume that second one. Indestructible armor doesn't make you indestructible, after all. It could still transmit force and heat and other forms of energy to what's inside, until it's a perfectly intact suit of armor surrounding a pouch of chunky salsa.

>> No.47427307

We have no idea. The two main ways of handling it are that they are the DM, in which case you can't do shit, or a character that can be literally anything up to the DM's discretion, the only requirement being that they can revive the dead.

>> No.47427316

The thought of befriending Doomguy, and throughout your wonderful times together, strengthening his armor through use of whatever tech you have, and possibly Iterative Improvement from worm, to the point where his armor might as well be city busting, sounds really, really....Metal.

>> No.47427322 [DELETED] 

Vanessa being middle-aged and married with kids is fucking unbelievable to me.

Look at this, look at this and tell me this is a middle-aged woman who's given birth.

The KoF devs are fuckin' liars!

I swear they only gave her that backstory to make her seem even more perfect while simultaneously making you feel guilty for feeling that way.

>> No.47427336

I didn't know she had invisibility powers.

>> No.47427347

Vanessa being middle-aged and married with kids is fucking unbelievable to me.

Look at this, look at this and tell me this is a middle-aged woman who's given birth.

The KoF devs are fuckin' liars!

I swear they only gave her that backstory to make her seem even more perfect while simultaneously making you feel guilty for feeling that way.

>> No.47427355

>Middle aged

>> No.47427372 [SPOILER] 

There are many with important life lessons they each imparted on me.

Negi Springfield showed me that age is no barrier when it comes to wooing older maidens.

Furinji Hayato taught me how to be a cool but unreasonable old man, and showed me 108 neat techniques that let you be absent for 50 chapters from the plot.

Momonga demonstrated that with enough charisma, they won't care about alignment or a pulse.

Alucard was an excellent role model of what to avoid in order to not be a creepy shapeshifter.

Arturia's ideal autism showed me that taking it to extremes is never healthy physically or mentally and will likely impact everyone badly in a big way.

Kamina the ever inspirational made it clear that where there's a drill there's a will, even if all that's left of you is your own will.

Maou from maoyuu who lives her lesson that breasts are life, ass is hometown. And something about economics was in there but it's hazy.

Ajimu Najimi demonstrated how the more powerful you become the more idiotic you get.

The benefactor showed me perhaps the most useful of all these lessons. Sometimes all you need to do to succeed is to send some loser on a road trip with powers and see what happens.

>> No.47427402

>not being a creepy shapeshifter

>> No.47427403

Maria Kang

>> No.47427414 [SPOILER] 

Hmm. Well if I cant experiment with them till their weak amorphous blobs, maybe I can use my "throw this mind into something else" perk to throw them into a sluglike body that only knows pain and agony, who's perception of time is skewed. Maybe now they'll what it feels like in their victims shoes, for eternity.

>> No.47427430

The armor in it's base state is pretty much indestructible to anything available to the UAC, significantly less effective against the supernatural stuff the Demons have but even then it is the best protection you will be able to get your hands on.

>> No.47427434

>Not learning from Alucard that taking a cute girl form once will make all men want to fuck you, no matter how creepy, crazy, violent, and male you are otherwise

>> No.47427460

It's possible, but keep in mind not all Necromacers are pure evil. In fact, if I recall correctly the wiki even says that the dolls might have been made because there's still something of the innocent child the Necromancer was before he/she became the monster they are today in there.
Some of them deserve a mercy kill. Speaking of deserving, make sure to keep the dolls AWAY from the Necromancers. The evil ones are VERY good at mind rape and despair speeches.

>> No.47427463

He never even changed his voice.

and i'm ok with that

>> No.47427464

You say those like they are barriers to the male sex drive.
You can not hinder an unstoppable force.

>> No.47427472

>Not learning from Kumagawa Misogi that even if you lose at everything, you can still be the coolest character in any source of media.

>> No.47427482

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuQZfwWyTWY this but with more fire

>> No.47427486

So, surviving the Doomguy as a Demon, no drawbacks.

Traps apparently works, and work pretty goddamn well. So do most of the "Drop a mountain on him" variants. Post-doom you also can jerk him around via transdimensional teleportation tech.

Anything else?

>> No.47427492

Haha, if I were a middle-aged woman I'd probably be as salty as the folks involved in that dresden files multiverse debate if you were to tell me this counts as middle-aged

>> No.47427493

I feel like you should work some irony into there, too. Like, I don't know, "If you like playing with little girls so much, now you can play with them forever" and turning them into a cute pet that will get loved and hugged and petted. But you've reworked their nervous system so not only does such treatment cause them pain, their responses to pain look like just a happy little animal frolicking.

>> No.47427517

It's entirely up to anon, really. If he wants vulnerable necromancers who are pure evil, he can have that.

>> No.47427566

True, true. Just saying.

>> No.47427587

Run. Like. A. Bitch. It is seriously your only chance, the entire legions of hell have tried for eons to put him down for good your only chance is to not fight him.

>> No.47427606

Holy crap, THIS so much.

And vice versa, of course.


The most comfortabl couch in the HURK-


Our sonic module weirding screwdriver is very sensitive about being second fiddle to other items.

So uh. That.

>> No.47427613

... We are going to need a Pokemon Sun and moon Jump or I am going to have to retcon a lot of stuff (no it wasn't a Trevenant I got in pokemon 120 jumps ago it was a Borb). I want a Borb companion.

>> No.47427621

I know right, being told that she's middle aged and a mother with a body like that only makes it more appealing.

>> No.47427648


>> No.47427650

Assuming that Savescumming isn't canon in-universe then Doomguy perfectly beats every level of every game on his first try, so no Traps don't really work.
He's fucking terrifying.

>> No.47427667

why was dragonlance shunted into WIP instead of complete with images?

>> No.47427668

Well. QS is "back" in some sense of the word.

I doubt he'd be interested in updating Pokémon however.

>> No.47427682

Because there are apparently more updates planned.

>> No.47427685

ah. okay.

>> No.47427725

Yeah, no.

Dishonored got fucked up enough with his influence.

>> No.47427732

The Praetor Armor has gotten me thinking. . . what are the best jumps with options for importing such an armor to upgrade it?

>> No.47427737

Macross has Power Armor imports.

inb4 shitposter

>> No.47427743

[Citation needed]

>> No.47427746

Marvel is a good starting for upgrading anything vaguely metallic.

>> No.47427750

But it's good though

>> No.47427761

Macross has a power armor customization section that you can import to, and there are some purchases in Light of Terra (mostly in DLC 4 if I remember correctly) that give your armor some nice upgrades. Those are the first two that come to mind.

>> No.47427763

Can we not? Are you fucks incapable of not shitting on anyone for one minute?

>> No.47427770

Yeah I am not holding my breath on an update or a new jump... which could only happen after the game was released. Hopefully at least the new game will have some megas for some of the pokemon I already have (Still hoping for that Mega Ninetales)

>> No.47427777


Those aren't imports, those are just custom armors.

Although the Spyrer Armors are fucking awesome, in agreement there.

>> No.47427779

>breaking the deadlight after DOOM
Ha ha ha ha ha!
This pleases me!

>> No.47427782


>> No.47427798

No, there are some options in DLC 4 that are armor upgrade kits. They apply new tech to pre-existing armors, not give you new armor outright.

>> No.47427801

Antired has found a new target.

>> No.47427831

>Mega Ninetales
I've got a fever.
And the only cure is more hot tails.
Sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

>> No.47427838


Halo Gauntlet has forerunner Armor which can be dope if fused with Praetor.

>> No.47427840

I must've missed them then, my bad.

I still say cannibalize the Spyrer Armor to incorporate it into the Praetor.

>> No.47427847

He's just a salty potato.
Remember not to put him in your mouth.

>> No.47427851

>Mega Ninetails is both extremely masculine AND extremely ugly

>> No.47427855

So, reading about the new Doom game, apparently Doom guy is now some kind of alien being? Also, he apparently got even angrier somehow when this Samuel guy told him they were using Hell's power for the greater good while looking at the mangled corpse of a UAC worker. Which is...nice, actually.

>> No.47427862

Ice cold...

>> No.47427875


>> No.47427880

Nah, he's not an alien. He's more like a demon than normal human. Human:Demon::Demon:Doomguy

>> No.47427885

Yeah, those demons killed his rabbit.
They've earned everything that's coming to them.

>> No.47427902

Oh you fucking got it. The evilest ones will look like little cute pets...if said pets had pain receptors weaved across a battle field where cute lifelike robotic squirrels frolicked, they would experience the phantom feeling of drowing in the miasma that is a little pond with cute duckys. They wont be called what they were. Only something like "Sweets-chan" or something like that. They'll have tea with their "Big Sister Fran", which is of course a boil creating acidic solution crafted by Fran herself. They'll experience the tragedy that is life, lost without a mouth in a shell that cannot die due to the crazy self repairing nanoswarm/healing factor I've given then.

>> No.47427909

>yfw you remember that potato chips were invented because someone got salty about his french fries

>> No.47427943

In Wakfu, can I choose both a special Race and a regular Race or am I limited to one ? I'm not familiar with the setting at all. Is there anyway I could take both eliatrope and osamodas' whip?

>> No.47427944

So not only do you deliver a karmic punishment on the Necromancer(s), you also make the dolls themselves really happy. Noice.

>> No.47427959

One, and only one. There's no hybrids a la half-orcs or half-dwarves.

>> No.47428000

There actually ARE very, very, VERY rare individuals who end up being like a 'hybrid'. Usually they're people who were born into one clan (so as a Cra or something), decided to switch to something else right before the cut off point of puberty, and for some reason were aligned enough to both gods and somehow end up getting both race's abilities.

>> No.47428003

Absolutely do work, that is the reason why needed to be busted out of his coffin at the start and in the endgame he got jerked around by Hayden via portal-tech. Do not leave convenient exists or weak spots in your traps, and you are set.

...Actually running should work pretty well, too. Doomguy is very hard to stop but he isn't exactly that great at getting to places quickly. Just keep moving and do not stay in the same place for too long.

>> No.47428004

Ah okay . This is going to be a tough choice then. Would Animorph work on the various Races ? Oh and I remember picking up a Perk involving me being able to gain the powers of those i eat , would I be able to use that to gain some more racial Powers in this world ?

>> No.47428013

oh yes.
ohhhhhh yes.

Before I post build, does Huge Guts take away the 'unremarkable' guns from doomjump.txt?

I'm mainly talking about the pump shotgun.

Alternatively, If I take HUGE GUTS and Intel Integrated HD Graphics 3000, Will the guns take the appearance of the classic weapons?

>> No.47428038

>Shak Shaka

That guy has his own problems.

>> No.47428040

Crafting perks. That's pretty much it. Otherwise, you do not have too many options.

IIRC we have a somewhat shitty Metroid WIP if you are that thirsty for upgradable armor.

>> No.47428057

You know, you could always import the Twelve to Percy Jackson and then be a demigod of the one you didn't take in Wakfu.

>> No.47428065

Another question about Wakfu , do the astrub knight, Virulent treacherose and protoflex count as companions ?

>> No.47428074

The races are... really, kind've more "faith" based than genetic-based. They choose which God they follow while in the womb and can swap before puberty, which means you can have a Cra becoming an Osamodas.

>> No.47428086

Fucking insane scientist, I ganked Kagato and then she became interested in me because of that (and leading the rescue to the ship).
Never did I regret it more before then, because she drew me to the plot. (and I had guilt over Tenchi getting a case of ded).

>> No.47428089

>They choose which God they follow while in the womb
That's kinda funny.

>> No.47428091

I'm going to chime in to say yes. Yes they do.

>> No.47428108

>race mixing
À Dieu ne plaise!

>> No.47428125

Not really.
>I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.

>> No.47428139

Technically they chose the God before they were conceived, since Souls reincarnate, and they choose before the soul inhabits its' new body.

>> No.47428149

Well what I was mostly thinking of items that say you can choose an existing item to obtain the traits of what you are buying instead of getting something new.

>> No.47428164

Well I me tioned it before but Iterative Improvement from worm is the way to go for improving specific pieces of armor. Everyday you charge, gifting it some minor power, though I'm a bit unsure what would count as a "minor power". But the canon character with a weaker form of this is Dauntless, who after his 400th charge was having his item go into a breaker form and slicing through the front half of buildings. Your charges get stronger with time and more plentiful, and you have centuries to upgrade your armor.

>> No.47428182

Yeah, I hate race rolls in general, but this is the only one I hate because of fluff.

>> No.47428186

You could also git gud with alchemy and just start fusing and combining different pieces of armor together.

>> No.47428197

What would you sacrifice your own soul for, /jc/?

>> No.47428204

I wouldn't try it personally. Most of the "life" on the Reconstructor is actually cybernetic, suggesting it's not an organic material at all. Risk of Hellstar/Reconstructor is too damn high for me to try it, but if that sounds like your sunday afternoon experiement, go for it.

>> No.47428250

>impying Jump-chan doesn't already own it

>> No.47428255

I wouldn't.

Reminder that the planeswalker spark is just a soul upgrade, so without a soul there's no spark to be had.

>> No.47428261

Which one?
Much like offering things to people for their souls, this is a trick question!
Soul exchange is always a bad idea if you actually have to go through with it. At least, for the person losing the soul...

>> No.47428262

The only thing we ever want.

More cp.

>> No.47428284

Oh hell no, I'm not that stupid fuck that Remina bullshit. I'll probably instead just create a nanoswarm to to autograft biological components via energy to mass tech. I already know my own subatomic makeup, so crafting organics from those as reference should help.

>> No.47428294

Iterative Improvement is actually a fair bit better than Dauntless's powers. He has no control over what abilities his charges grant, and they tend to default to just making the item tougher. You have perfect control over what that energy is used for, if you want your gear to have a power you can give it. My assumption is that Iterative Improvement can't do literally anything, but it starts with the equivalent of several wide-ranging Tinker specialties to customize equipment with and learns more with every new jump and new phenomenon you expose it to, so it's still pretty all-encompassing.

>> No.47428384

this post is going to trigger so many of the murder-everyone-and-wank-about-it superevil edgelords

>> No.47428395

I have a fuckton of them, so my standards are pretty low. Maybe a few bucks?

>> No.47428398

I don't see how you get that from that post.

>> No.47428403

Why? Black Mana is proof your soul can be rotten to the core and still be a Walker.

>> No.47428416

So DOOM Earth is ruled by an empire/corporation powered by Hell itself, right?
That means it's entire proper and acceptable to exterminatus it, correct?

>> No.47428417

Nothing. I mean really, not only is having a soul kind of important to me, and I only have one, but there isn't really anything that would equal my Page of Heart powers in sheer potential that someone could offer me, and those kind of rely on having a soul.

>> No.47428425

Makes sense.

>> No.47428475

Eh you could always make a new one out of an amalgamation of chaos and the souls of your enemies.

Also >>47428403 has a point. Just look at leliana vess. Or bolas.

>> No.47428500

Uh, my soul's kinda my body... And I'm sure I tied it into my mind somewhere too. So, I can't really sacrifice it without also sacrificing everything else.

So. Nothing, I suppose?

I mean, I sacrifice and burn portions of it. But those regrow so eh.

>> No.47428505

Speaking of which, what's everyone's plan for Bolas and other planeswalking assholes?

>> No.47428549

Be way more powerful by dent of a superior spark and more experience.

>> No.47428550

I hope to never ever meet him, and if I do my plan is to flee as quickly as possible and never stop running until I have proof that his attention is elsewhere.

>> No.47428553

my family, and you best believe they're going to come after you and get it back. Or failing that make me a new one.

>> No.47428558

Antimagic, and then RIP AND TEAR.

They're really not that impressive compared to some of the stuff in the chain. Hell, Bolas got taken out by a mortal asshole with a fireball and a sword once.

>> No.47428580

But did he STAY dead?

Also, I'm not messing with anyone capable of both breaking the 4th wall and bullying his own creators into letting him write an article on their website.

>> No.47428622

a mix of immunity to magic ,fire and, time shenanigans combined with power copying, (bookmaker+ toggle from young justice), my companions backing me up and being a much bigger Dragon.

>> No.47428634

What, you're saying you don't have immortal permadeath weapons and dudepeel powers?
It's like you're /not/ a devart tier donut steel.

>> No.47428650

>devart tier donut steel
A what now.
Do...Do I even WANT to know?

>> No.47428670

Not really.

>> No.47428680

Deviantart Tier "Do Not Steal". Anon means a shitty fanart Mary Sue.

>> No.47428688

Devart is probably Deviant Art. Donut Steel is a joke name for terrible OCs, based on people saying "this is my OC, do not steal". Do not steal = donut steel.

>> No.47428691

AKA a Jumper.

>> No.47428695

Not really no. They purify Hell energies into a nice blue human-friendly demon-killing (Source; Megahealth powerup) energy. At the moment of the game's start they were doing to for decades.

They are, however a classic giant immoral super-corporation and the base on the Mars itself harbors a secret demonic cult which fucked up everything shortly before the game's start.

>> No.47428704

Heh heh heh.
As long as we know it, I'm ok with it.

>> No.47428708

Most of us don't get fanarts.

>> No.47428713

Oh, sure. He got better after several powerless centuries. Mostly because his spirit managed to hang on to his meditation plane.

If anyone actually set out to perma-kill him, instead of assuming he already was, he'd have been screwed. And without the whole situation with the rifts, he wouldn't have been able to revive himself. No chance of that happening again.

He literally got lucky. A bog-standard lich is harder to keep dead.

Besides, there's loads of characters messing with the 4th wall and some that bully creators. It says nothing on actual ability.

>> No.47428730

But anon, what if cheap tragedy is my fetish?

>> No.47428755


>> No.47428770

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

>> No.47428803

Well, at least looking up fan art got me exactly what I needed for the Okami jump...

>> No.47428808

Everyone but Bolas will be a Neowalker, guys who can get punked by fucking WEREWOLVES. They're not going to be more than particularly meddlesome ants. Bolas himself is technically a neowalker too, but he did some funky shit that let him seize some of his old power so he might be able to put up some fight, and his thing is more about intelligence and plots anyway.

>> No.47428830

How do you get the Argent energy to power the weapons and cybernetics you can learn to make in Doom 2016?

Powering cybernetics on hell energy sounds like it could have very bad effects on the host, does it?

Does the Ultra Nightmare drawback scale with you?

Does Empowered by the Well boost other forms of magic or just Doom magic?

All told this looks quite good QS, and it is nice to see you again.

>> No.47428838

Jumpers, have you ever suffered under the effect of DESIRE?

>> No.47428846

Surprised this isn't one of the most used images in the chain, you fluffy bastards.

>> No.47428893

Here, have a cute non-fluffy.

>> No.47428897

Hey, wait a sec...

>Empowered By The Well

>if purchased here the link cannot be severed and will persist across worlds, a shallow echo of the Well following you

Sounds to me like a power source that'd follow you even to LoT...

>> No.47428910

So, I'm a little bit late here, but someone actually translated some of the rulebooo's lore a few months ago, and it turns out the whole setting actually runs on nanomachines and mind uploading, no magic involved.

The Necromancers themselves are just people who know how the process works, be they an old-world AI, a scientist who turned themselves undead, or even a Doll who survived long enough to pearn at the feet of her creator.

Similarly, they are just as varied in personality. Some are sadistic little shits, some are completely round the bend, and some are actually trying to revive humanity as Dolls.

And while they certainly played a role, the world actually died in nuclear fire after roughly a century of increasingly desperate resource wars.

Of course, it's your Chain, and the Jump itself was made well before any of this was found out, so if you want to run with your own lore (whatever that may be), then that's perfectly fine too.

>> No.47428921

I wish snakes were smart enough to bond with masters, because they're adorable.

At least monitor lizards are, I guess, but snakes are unfortunately below the cutoff.

>> No.47428936

Sure, but you'll just have the power source, not the powers to fuel with it. It's like having a battery but nothing to put it in, not exactly useful.

>> No.47428938

Drawbacks override perks, and for all its fancy presentation the Deadlight is a drawback.

>> No.47428941

It's a perk.
LoT is a gauntlet.
In a gauntlet, you lose access to all perks unless otherwise stated.

This should be easy, anon. Think about for a second. Just think about it.

>> No.47428949

...What a twist. Psionic powers are still a thing, or it is Blame! esque nanobullshit/localised artificial alterations of nature's law or something like that?

>> No.47428964 [SPOILER] 

>the effect of DESIRE
Assuming you mean normal one, then how about falling in love with your mentor...only to know that you might need to leave them behind.

And then it starts.
If you stay is it fine? What if you could get your precious person to be safe and happy with enough power.
But you hate it. Hate leaving behind a person you knew and fell in love for so long.
And slowly your resolve is grinded down as you desire to be with that person. And you think about being with them, mostly out of fear of failing the chain and to never see them again.

Yet slowly you know it. You yourself know it, that you will end up breaking their heart and then.
What then? Was it worth it? What you lost just to make someone else happy, even if you had to make yourself miserable and them when you came back.

I find myself asking that often, for Regret and Fear was always my own bread and butter.

>> No.47428974


>> No.47428989

That sounds really shitty and stupid. Actual necromatic magic and undead are way better than, what, nanomachine colonies trying to upload minds to rotten meat? Full fucking retard.

>> No.47429004

>by M. Necro Shamalamadingdong
The real twist in that situation is Shampoo having put effort into entertaining people.

>> No.47429016

I don't agree with you, and I'm ok with that.

>> No.47429033

I don't agree with you, I have difficulty understanding how you can possibly enjoy that stupidity, and I don't like people disagreeing with opinions just to post that they feel differently without any actual hooks for discussion or debate, but at its core I don't mind that you feel different on this issue, that opinion in and of itself doesn't bother me.

>> No.47429044

I think nanomachine zombies are fine so long as you start out with them. That can be a cool idea, if you're being honest about it. But nobody likes the "it was really all just super-advanced technology, not magic" twist. I have never seen that pulled off satisfyingly.

>> No.47429061

That's never been how gauntlets work.

>> No.47429074


>> No.47429097

I'm sorry you feel that way, anon.
I don't want to hurt you.
I... I love you.

>> No.47429107

Uh huh.

>> No.47429131

Anon, the setting with my favorite aesthetics that combines pretty much everything I like, body customization, wound systems, lolis, cyborgs, body horror, zombies, psychological horror, undead abominations, regular horror, and horror, and also tiny bits of hope shining through, just turned out to actually be about none of that and be complete shit and moronic as all fucking hell. I'm not in a bantering mood.

>> No.47429152

Eh considering the enhanced learning rate that most jumpers have and the immense time spent training even a jumper without their perks should be a horrifying beast.
If I ever took light of terra I am building a junkjet from fallout and killing everything with garden gnomes... just because I can.

>> No.47429153

Yeah, psychicnpowers are still a thing (they are an actual character class, afterall). Given that the explanation for the mind uploading technology involves a parallel plane/dimension/whatever called the Ego Dimension, they probably have something to do with that.

I did say you were free to take it or leave it as you wish, for exactly the reason that some people would find it stupid.

>> No.47429154

De gustibus non est disputandum. If you just don't like something there's not much anyone can say besides "OK."

>> No.47429159

Not any anon, but I have no idea what that other anon was talking about. I'm looking at the wiki, and I find no mention of nanomachinesson anywhere in it.

>> No.47429164

I'm going to assume you're being sassy about dying in Deadlight Unbroken LoT still counting for chain end and it thus not being beholden to the usual rules, even if you KNOW that's not how it works.

>> No.47429190

So is he lying? I hope to all the various assorted pantheons he is.

People can actually discuss why they don't and do like things to come to an understanding.

>> No.47429197

>I did say you were free to take it or leave it as you wish
That's not how it works. Canon is canon, no matter if you like it or not. I cannot 'take it or leave it', I am either dead wrong or I'm right, and according to you I am dead wrong.

Also, still no proof.

>> No.47429215

Again, not sure. The wiki is sparse in of itself, but I see no mention of nano anything in it. It DOES have an example scenario with a robot Necromancer, so it is entirely possible there was simply some mistake.

>> No.47429243

Well, there's exactly the thing.
We pretty much made that setting up, and thus that setting is entirely different from the one that bastard nip retard shat out./humorous_hyperbole
The setting within your heart can never be taken away, and already has a jump made for it. I love that setting too.
But I'm also an absolutely enormous SciFi horror faggot, and the concept of nanozombies jives right with that. The Dolls are all at least partial amnesiacs, and the horror upon realizing that this hell is entirely man made appeals to me. I don't feel any particular urge to defend my tastes, though. I just see the two as separate things.
Just my opinion, Captain. No need to be spreading it around the ship.

>> No.47429261

Maybe anon is mixing up a sample campaign's lore with solid setting lore? It wouldn't be unprecedented for a smaller game like this to have a freeform setting by default where it's up to the DM equivalent to decide the actual details of how it works, and it just so happens that the sample setting used nanomachines and such, without it being the hard canon explanation for how it must work if your Nechronica game.

The 'setting in your heart' is meaningless if it's not the actual game's setting. I'm still waiting on proof from that guy anyway.

>> No.47429308

I am fine with either explanation!
Have a lich for ants!
Ha ha!

>> No.47429317

Why does this even matter? Why are you shitposting about how because a setting works according to certain principals apparently that now its all ruined and now you have to throw a fucking fit and cry about it? Fuck you, stop whining, stop bitching, get out of jump chain, you fucking entitled cunt.

>> No.47429325

He's so blurry!
What manner of madness is this?!

>> No.47429327

What's incredibly frustrating is that it takes so long to translate everything. The wiki's been up for years, and despite that...well, let me put it this way. The wiki has only a couple pages AT MOST more information than the jump itself. Doesn't help that it goes dead every now and then(the last time it was updated was in February), which causes it to take EVEN LONGER. So finding out whether he was wrong or right is difficult.

>> No.47429338

Didn't we have a Muvluv jump at one point?

>> No.47429340

To be fair, this was right in the beginning of the book, people just decided to translate the game mechanics first and that lead to mistaken impressions

But, it's still about all that? Except maybe the aesthetics if you consider magic a part of that, but it doesn't actually change the rest of what you mentioned.

Sadly, it was never posted to the wiki, and the thread it was posted on didn't get archived, so all prpof is lost to the ages anyway, which is the other half of why you're free to run with your own interpretation.

Also fuck capcha

>> No.47429356


Maybe you don't...
Maybe a bit outdated because this was my last chain but it still stands.

>> No.47429362

You first, then. Why don't you like it?

>> No.47429377

Didn't we already discuss this kind of thing?

Why are people not allowed to discuss things? Settings? Lore? Their tastes about such? Apparently not allowed. And holy shit, no way am I shitposting compared to the arguments YOU people usually get up to. So far nobody has been insulted, only the setting. I may be a salty butthole, but I'm not shitstorming here.

I guess just because /tg/ isn't really a center for people who know Japanese. If it was something anime related it'd probably get translated way faster. Hell this is the place I see complain most about things just for being Japanese outside of shitposting capitols like /v/.

>But, it's still about all that?
No it isn't. It's about retarded computers glitching. Who the fuck cares? It's just more generic Senator Armstrong nanomachine wank. I don't care about the struggles of a broken nanomachine. None of these girls are undead, or cyborgs, this isn't body horror anymore because it's not even their body.

Oh, and still no proof from you.

>> No.47429380

He actually did, and thus earned a real response from me.
It's all good.

>> No.47429447

We had one that was almost finished, but then the author disappeared, for reasons that were either never explained or that I just can't remember right now.

>> No.47429452

Probably general community hostility that made him get bored and tired of it here. He was one of the pariahs, people thread and IRC both generally disliked.

>> No.47429463

So speaking of Nechronica, I've got news. Apparently, the Psychedelic class was from an expansion called Dance of Distortion. Unfortunately, the wiki itself only has the class(as stated by some other anon, the translators were focused on mechanics rather than story.). So, it's very possible there was an entirely new storyline or whatever set up. Nanomachines anon, you mentioned something about an Ego Dimension, and it explaining the psychic abilities. Is it possible that what was translated was from the EXPANSION, not the original?

>> No.47429490

>None of these girls are undead, or cyborgs, this isn't body horror anymore because it's not even their body.

Ah, that's where our assumptions differ.
I do consider the nanomachine laden flesh of their corporeal forms to be, "theirs." Which lets me still see it as a girl in a supremely shitty situation, rather than a robot I guess?
I'm not going to shove transhuman rights garbage down your throat, I just wanted to know where the fork happened.

>> No.47429497

Eh, they all seem capable of fear. It's noted that as the UAC expedition got closer to the Doom Marine's tomb, the demon's began fighting fiercer and fiercer to keep them away.

>> No.47429511

You don't think being trapped in a body that's not even yours as it perpetually rots only to be held together by malfunctioning machinery isn't body horror?

>> No.47429519

Like I said, it's no longer really about zombies, necromancy, or any of the other themes I like. They're just broken computers. I can find that engaging, I don't want you to think I'm innately hostile to scifi horror or anything, but when I was promised some fucking undead necromatic lolis and I get enamored with their setting, I'm going to absolutely hate it when that premise pulls the rug out from under me and turns it into a completely different thing that isn't about any of it.

Yeah, this and the whole 'lore exclusive to the sample, not the game's default setting' are both very possible explanations. The guy might be misremembering, considering he can't even get his hands on the original source to clarify.

I can be receptive of transhumanism, but like I go into above, when the rug is being pulled out from under me in regards to elements I like, I'm going to be extremely hostile to the completely different themes and mechanics replacing them.

No, because it's a nanomachine glitching. The machinery is the actual organism in this case, the body is a meat puppet for it.

>> No.47429578

Well I can say for sure it's not the nanomachines, if they exist, expressing it. That would make the fetters pointless. There's also a section devoted to memories of their past lives. Unless the nanomachines are advanced enough to scan the girls mind, replicate everything she was before burying the data behind some wall to mimic amnesia, and then trick itself into believing it's the girl, it has to be the girl.

>> No.47429607

It's stupid nanomachine wank, would you really put it passed that, if they exist? You all played Metal Gear.

>> No.47429608

>I'm going to be extremely hostile to the completely different themes and mechanics replacing them.

Part of the reason I can like it is imagining the Dolls going through exactly that.
What do you mean I'm not real?! NO! IT ISN'T RIGHT!

>> No.47429638

>No, because it's a nanomachine glitching. The machinery is the actual organism in this case, the body is a meat puppet for it.
I get that, I just don't think that makes it less horrific. A big theme in body horror is the flesh turning against you. The realization that your consciousness is just one tiny part of a huge interconnected system of chemical reactions that can malfunction or disobey. In that way, being a nanomachine colony living in the flesh works perfectly for body horror. They have to come to terms with the fact that the meat they're jacketed in and think of as their selves isn't them. They have to watch as the body their perspective is tied to falls apart, decaying and twisting, all the while their minds not leaving. And they have to find themselves wondering "What am I? What horrible thing has happened that this flesh I wear is not who I am?" I think that makes for great body horror.

>> No.47429652

Bah, it just seems ridiculous. I mean, it's not some grand keikaku or whatever. It's a bored Necromancer/group of Necromancers wanting something to entertain them or suit their ego. Unless they have a complexity addiction big enough to make James Bond villains tell them they need to see rehab, it just seems like way too much effort to program them so well.

>> No.47429663

It's a bit different between a person attracted to themes and setting elements, and the person in the situation.

That is completely different thematically, mechanically, and flavor wise from what it was, though. I've gone over that afew times, it's not that you can't do a setting like this, it's that it's COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

>Japanese nanomachines

>> No.47429671

Nah, the Ego Dimension was directly explained as being part of how the mind uploadng worked. (Which supposedly came right from the corebook as part of the backstory explanation.

Basically, it doesn't matter how good a copy you create of someone's mind, without some nebulous connection this Ego Dimension, it'll just be a really well programed VI. It basically serves as a stand-in for the soul. Sort of. You can totally copy someone's mind a bunch of times, give them all connections, and have them all start out as the same person.

Connecting that concept to the Psychedelic class was just an idle guess on my part, they aren't explained in any translated material that I know of.

>> No.47429700

You said it wasn't body horror, not that it wasn't the sort of body horror you wanted.

>> No.47429726

Always remember that no matter how tough you are, it only takes slight skin contact with nerve gas to turn you into a seizing suffocating soon-to-be-corpse.

Also remember that this applies for any creature with a nervous system.

>> No.47429740

WAIT A SECOND, HOLD IT! You all remember how I mentioned memories before, right? Well one of them is someone dying in front of the girl and then being immediately brought back to life, ala the Walking Dead. Unless these nanomachines were already inside the populace, or they were spread via air, there's no way it could work like that! Even nanomachine wank can only go so far.

>> No.47429760

> Undertale Monsters, Eva Angels, and Skeletons are all immune to nerve gas.
Good to know.

>> No.47429777

Continuing on this, another memory is of briefly going to the afterlife before being dragged back. So it has to be the actual girl being brought back!

>> No.47429785

Where am I supposed to pick up some sick dance moves?

>> No.47429795

Well, anything with a nervous system derived from terrestrial biochemistry. The majority of nerve agents work by blocking the function of the acetylcholinesterase enzyme, so either use a different enzyme to break down acetylcholine or don't use acetylcholine as a neurotransmitter at all.

>> No.47429804

I cannot even begin to understand why this guy is so anal about the mechanics behind little girl undeath in a hellscape setting. What does it even fucking matter if its nano-machines or fucking magic holding the setting together, there's no fucking difference.

That's like realizing Etrian Odyssey takes place on a post apocalyptic earth and deciding that this new backstory completely changes and ruins the fact that your fighting horrible monsters in fantasy land with magic. It doesn't.

>> No.47429805


If nothing else, just the dance.

>> No.47429807

Oh no! It's different from the setting we completely made up, with nothing but the mechanics translated.
That ruins the setting we made.
Systems are completely unable to run multiple settings. Guess we'll just have to delete that old jump, rather than make the nip version a +0 drawback or something.

Or we could just wait till the translation is finished, and if this is even true, just call our setting the English setting.
It's a good setting, for something a community just came up with.
Design by committee actually turning out fun...
Whoa, that doesn't happen very often. *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

>> No.47429812

>having a nervous system.
laughing eldritch jumpers.

>> No.47429821


bruh, I get that you mad, the mechanics are literally the only things that aren't even remotely affected.

Besides, it's it's a fucking tabletop rpg, and one that isn't even a third translated at that. Telling an interesting story is more important than what is and isn't canon, especially since what is there encourages you to do just that anyway.

>> No.47429825

Fungi and plants don't have a nervous system even.

>> No.47429830

Non-Euclidean kek.

>> No.47429854

How do I become the eldritch abomination?

>> No.47429891

>tfw you're shapeshifting honey-blood inhabiting a metal cyber-body shell

>> No.47429892

The dance is just Shake It Off and the characters are from Overwatch.

>> No.47429896

>Design by committee actually turning out fun...
>Whoa, that doesn't happen very often. >*wink wink* *nudge nudge*

>> No.47429903

Excuse me, if CleanupAnon is here, what would a Heir of Light or Heart have in terms of god tier powers? Feel free to take your time if you are busy.

>> No.47429919

How could I go about turning into a plant man or fungi man?

>> No.47429921


>> No.47429931

What am I looking at here.

>> No.47429934


It doesn't take much...Just get certain options and suddenly it just..happens
Depends on how far you wana go though
If it's just physical then you don't need a lot
if you wanna have the metaphysical weight inherent in the term eldritch abomination?

>> No.47429949

Would Lord of Light from Young Justice help against 40K Chaos? I'm not expecting it to 'solve'it or anything, but if you ward a place against chaos would the forces of Chaos have to tear the ward down before they can get in?

>> No.47429961

A fan of diary products.

>> No.47429962

I have head a lot about how Ravenloft is extremely dangerous but how dangerous is it really?

>> No.47429981

I love how that went from cute to cosmic horror back to cute again.

>> No.47430012

I need some advice /jc/, The text file I keep my builds and plans on has grown to 272 pages and is no longer stable and starting to lag my eight-year-old PC. How would I go about breaking it up or condensing it?

>> No.47430025

I too wish to know.

>> No.47430026

I want one. How do I get one?

>> No.47430032

Jumps 1-100. Jumps 101-200.

>> No.47430035

Why the hell does the WoW jump have me roll for timeline when almost the entire timeline fits in 10 years.

>> No.47430040

It's not DANGEROUS, per se
It just has a nasty side effect of forcing evil people to be trapped there forever, no matter the power level

>> No.47430042

I meant mechanically in the sense of 'this is how being undead works'.

Not for jumpchain, where no OC is allowed, though. Not like you can get anywhere near as much mileage out of 'homebrew' as official material either.

>> No.47430048

If you are evil, capital P-Powers will try to force you to stay inside of the jump, and unless you are min-maxed Endgame jumper you are likely to be able to do nothing about it.

Otherwise, standart darkfantasy fare with lots of magic and magical gribblies.

>> No.47430049

The more morally extreme you are, the more you draw the attention of the local seemingly omnipotent beings.
They're never really shown, but they literally steal the BBEGs from other settings to use as toys.
So, high mid-level danger if you don't give a shit.
Difficulty ramps up exponentially the more you do things.

>> No.47430050

Breaking it up seems like it would be a good idea, maybe cut the bottom half of it, past it into a second file, and then keep going on a third one.

>> No.47430055


I keep it all on fucking notepad and even hundreds of jumps are less than a gb.

>> No.47430068

Those can be interpreted in literally any way. Not solid proof of anything.

>> No.47430070

Haven't the foggiest.
I just found them on /tg/.
I want one too...

>> No.47430076

Start a new chain.

>> No.47430079

What's the best way to induce a chosen emotion in a huge group from a distance?

>> No.47430088

Couldn't this 'ego dimension' be the afterlife?

>> No.47430117

If it's nanomachines, they're not even zombies, anon. It's a nanomachine colony piloting a flesh mecha.

Remember how stupid people thought it was when it turned out Liquid Ocelot was just the product of nanomachines and hypno therapy? Imagine that, but applied to an entire setting. That's how I'm feeling right now.

>> No.47430118

Keeping a singe GB text file (holy shit by the way) open would take up a full GB of RAM, if his PC is eight years old it may have less than four GBs of RAM to begin with slowing down everything else that his PC does.

>> No.47430124

I...suppose so? But if that's the case, why call it the Ego Dimension? Why not simply call it the afterlife?

>> No.47430138

I thought it was cool...

>> No.47430148

I use OpenOffice Writer because it has the features I need but it's pretty resource intensive, plus my PC is pretty worn out and I can't really afford to replace it. also I paste the images in titles as the titles to the jumps.
I probably should at this point, but I've grown too attached.
so I would have two windows open with the builds when I needed to reference earlier jumps? I can't see that as being much better.
pretty much yeah

>> No.47430149

Anons, i have a question.
in the Code Geass Jump, what´s the difference bettween the Commander geass and the Order one? can i use Order and order to be my slave? or obey all my commands?

>> No.47430159


>> No.47430173

>Guess we'll just have to delete that old jump,
If it actually is entirely OC, then we definitely should. That's not tolerated here.

But again, the guy can't actually prove any of this, so no action should be taken until then.

I thought it was dumb. At least they backpedalled a bit in the lore DLC they had and explained that it was first magic, then nanomachines when the real magic became too much of an ass. It was still stupid how MGS 4 made everything NANOMACHINES.

It's from a lewd Lovecraft themed VN being developed.

>> No.47430174


Probably that thing where scientists in fiction find something blatantly supernatural, and then make up a pseudo-sceintific sounding terms while going "Nope this is totally not supernatural at all".

>> No.47430191


>> No.47430201

It's easy.

Do one more jump.

You choke on Ramen Noodles and get sent home.

New chain, new file.
and you didn't have a choice in the matter

>> No.47430204

Not the maker, but if the "Order" one is Lelouch's, yes
You can just straight up go "Obey everything I say"
and it's pretty much just straight up mindraping into a slave

>> No.47430210

Order is only one time, where as Commander lets you do it as many times as you want because you know their name. Well, Lelouch did those, so yes?
Ah yes, I had forgotten about that. Never mind, then.

>> No.47430212

What is this guy even talking about?

>> No.47430225

Thanks for the answer, i rolled the Order one (i think it´s Leoluch one) but i didn´t know if that worked

>> No.47430226

>If it actually is entirely OC, then we definitely should.
Right then. Opinion discarded.

>> No.47430236

OC is the worst though, there's a reason we don't allow that shit here.

>> No.47430240

He's mad at me for hating the lore an unsourced anon is claiming is the true lore of Nechronica so he's ranting.

He's never had the rug pulled out form under him in regards to a series and its themes he liked, obviously. MGS 4 is a good example, lots of people were mad about that.

Every single time OC settings come up, people completely reject them. If this is an OC setting, why would it be an exception? It wouldn't be real Nechronica in that case.

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