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Yeah, THAT wasn't made with salt. At all. No sir.

You are aware there's a verb associated with the word trump, and not Donald, right?

I mean I'm not surprised in the slightest you support him, but just making sure.

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Probably should have let this sit for a while before remaking it.

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So if OAA is back, can we please get some updates on how all his jumps are going?

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After how last thread went?

Good fucking luck.

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Well I thought asking now would be better, because at least we now know the 'bad internet' excuse can't be used anymore. I thought maybe we could get an actual response and some info on how soon they are to completion.

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How about we don't want shitposters. Including him

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Build a wall around Cadia and make Chaos pay for it

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I just noticed that she's got a cross-draw.

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For someone complaining about salt you sure are venting your political salt.

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Maybe she's a lefty.

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Is elona anon around? I have some questions about Changeling. Or disney anon if I mixed them up again?

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That, good sir, would be Flynt Coal of Team FNKI, from the best episode of RWBY Volume 3.

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40k question, would it be possible to either free Isha or reform the fragments of Khaine into a whole?

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Is that RWBY?

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They're the same person. I can also help out.

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You mean a dirty sinistral?

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That shoots an upside down gun?
She ain't no son of death.

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>implying that the glorious avatar of FREEDOM and CHEESEBURGERS would be a goddamned mutant.
Sir, I do believe that you are a commie.

You on the other hand, are a fascist. But a cool fascist, like Mussolini

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My God, can we harness this incredible power as well?! I WILL BE ANON, DOOT DOOTER OF WORLDS!

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Belka is weak

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Isha is kept right next to Nurgle.

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That sounds dirty.

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Well he does feed her all his diseases.

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Yeah, no. He can stay gone.

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It is, anon. It is.

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>Anons talking about walls
>No one posts obvious gif
I am disappointed in you all.

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She's his waifu. He cooks for her, sings to her, snuggles her, and tells her bunch of jokes. However his younger brother-sister is a bit of a creeper so he keeps her locked up for her own good.

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Did you read the post last thread pointing out how you're the problem that makes jumpmakers want to leave, straight from their own mouths? go meditate on that. You hurt us more than the shitposter.

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Anon, don't make me post it again.
I will do it.

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Didn't you only start off the jump and he finished it? Alright then.

Does Changeling stuff (glamour, abilities etc) count as magic for magic perks?

Does the Curse you get go away pots jump?

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Of course he did, why do you think he's posting. This is a game for him.

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Make me bitch.

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Maybe she'll finally leave then.

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It's Wall's fault for not explaining himself before the fight began.

I know there is absolutely NO hints of it in canon at all.
But I like the idea that she loves him back. Even if it's Stockholm syndrome thing.

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I would think so.


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I just want more evidence that the guy attacking OAA is the same shitposter as the one that attacks Red. He was acting like someone upset about Guilty Gear as an excuse to attack OAA for spiting him for attacking Red.

Here's my confirmation. Now we know for sure that all our problems last thread are one faggot.

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Will posting planes at you make you?

Please say yes.

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Hey. Hey Belka.
Razgriz. Demon Lord of the Round Table. That is all.

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But Belka never flew that. They built it, but it never was deployed.

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I don't. Nurgle is an abomination that leads to die and I don't want Isha to be a corrupt monster that deserves to die too.

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>all these faggots and their bust ass atmo fighters
Step aside, Air-Space Superiority Variable Fighter Master Race coming through.

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>Posting the shitty Falken
Again Belka anon you have shit taste.

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>That plane design
>That cockpit
Say what you will about Belka, but GOOD GOD do they're super planes look good-
WOAH! What is THAT?!

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Q-quiet, anon. D-don't remind me of embarrassing things.


Your wound me with your words, anon.

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Here, have the soundtrack while you're at it.

The trumpet blasts? That's the actual sound it makes when he attacks. Meme Team best team.


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Eh, I think I'll wait for Elona then. Sorry but you're not exactly the most reliable judge, especially if you don't have final say on the jump. Just need to be sure on these questions.

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their* I can not into spelling, apparently.
Post more planes.

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>WOAH! What is THAT?!
That, friend, is the shipfu of the discerning gentleman, the VF-25S.

Want to see her from the back? You want to see her from the back.

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>implying implications
Cipher died like he lived: being a bitch.

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That is the VF-25 Messiah, wearing the Armor Pack for extra protection and firepower. It's from Macross, so it also turns into a giant robot. But why would you want to? It's perfect the way it is.

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I like the idea that even the greatest of Evils has at least a spark of Good that can allow them to be redeemed.

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>Not posting the Superior CFA-44
This is why I say you have shit taste Belka anon.

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Yet you murder them anyway if they annoy you.

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Well, it's called Smite Evil for a reason...

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Your taste is exquisite. Have a plane.

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I go Redemption most of the time actually.
But I'm not perfect. And there are people I subjectively feel that don't deserve redemption, or can't find it.
But it's completely subjective, and I'm not perfect.

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Oh my. From Macross, you say?

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B-but it was just because I only had one of the pics from the wiki...

I just didn't want to disappoint you, anon...

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Shoji Kawamori is very good at making cool-looking futuristic planes. He's been doing it for the past thirty years, he's gotten a lot of experience at it.

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Wow, that choreography got bad after...
I'm sad now.

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Macross is an amazing jump: waifus, shipfus, tech to plunder, and adventures to be had.

I love building for it, hate never having enough CP, and am always sad when it's over.

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Then you're not justice so stop claiming to be.

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Estovakia is strong.

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A justice that claims to be perfect is not true justice. Justice admits its flaws and mistakes.

Only injustice is so arrogant as to claim to make no errors.

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He's not, but he tries. He legit tries and that's why I don't get on him for it.

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Given how last thread went, you have no idea how tempted I am to ask "so who's your next namefag target."

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I can see that! You got any more of these designs?
>Amazing plane that turns into an amazing mech
Be still, my beating heart.

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He never did.
It was the Anons that gave him the title.
He never asked for it.

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>in the end, the only one The Nemesis does not target
>is Tera/Bancho

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Where were you when Tera revealed himself to be Mr. Glass?

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If we suddenly start liking Tera maybe he'll go after him.

Think about it. An unstoppable mass against an immovable target.

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No, not really. Justice is perfect, the people applying it are not.

But he doesn't try when it gets hard, which is the only time it matters. If he tried he'd wouldn't kill people he personally dislikes and he'd treat them as equal whether he hated them or not.

He's the one who continues using it.

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The actual Winds come from the Chaos Gate that's part of the setting, so unless you were going to the effort of recreating them I'd guess not.

The perk, post-jump in settings that don't have the Winds, allows you to use temporarily magic when it should be impossible (anti-magic field, dead zone, whatever).

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What if every shitpost you ever reacted to was orchestrated by a single person?

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm a terrible fucking person. I'm quick to anger and like hurting people far more than is healthy. But I want to be a better person, and put my all into it.I like to think that counts for something.

Thank you guys.

No, I totally took that name for myself. Before I namefaged I constantly talked about JUSTICE in all caps. I named myself Justiceanon because it made talking to people easier.
I got the trip because someone was impersonating namefags.

I'm not "justice" I'm "Justiceanon". As in "The anon who won't shut the fuck up about JUSTICE"

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Not all of them, but I wager a good chunk. I know from the angle of other people I'm probably a few.

I think it's just 'the Nemesis' getting bored and using you as a target really.

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>"The anon who won't shut the fuck up about JUSTICE"
That line made me think of Darkwing Duck for some reason.

>> No.47379980

I am surprised you aren't a kamen rider.

>> No.47379992

Hey, with all this nonsense going on, maybe you should be JUSTice anon instead. Eh? Eh?

>> No.47379995

D-don't call those other countries strong anon.

Aren't I enough for you?

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>Liking a country that nuked it's own cities

>> No.47380013

"I am the Jumper who waifus in the night."
"I am the anon who won't shut the fuck up about JUSTICE"

>> No.47380022

Nah. People poke at me pretty often when I'm actually here. It's all cool. For a while anything I said would be met with "THAT'S NOT JUSTICE". It was funny.

My personalized Power Armor is styled after OOO's Kamen Rider Armor.
I went to both Kamen Rider jumps as a Rider.


I don't get the joke, but I'm slow sometimes.

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The shitposter's quite literally just targeting everyone now.

Soon he's going to be griping about somefaggit or SpyroAnon next.

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>It was me, /jc/!

>> No.47380036

>I can see that! You got any more of these designs?
Sure thing. Have a link to a gallery (with design descriptions, for extra technology porn): http://www.macross2.net/m3/m3.html

>Amazing plane that turns into an amazing mech
>Be still, my beating heart.
It gets better. That's only one of TWO mecha forms it can take. Pic related is the other one. The humanoid form is for ground fighting, the plane form is for aerial, and the in-between mecha-plane (called GERWALK, for some obscure reason) is for ground-effect super speed boosts all over the place.

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I wish I knew enough about Darkwing Duck to make s Jump for it.

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I'm trying, A-anon! Those were d-difficult times and you know it!

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... Ugh. Don't remind me, anon.

Long ago, we had a guy claim it - only to relinquish his claim after a drunken relative set his house on fire with fireworks.

>> No.47380072

Give him time and he'll go full Ouroboros and he'll start screaming about how anon is a nerfwhoring faggot who is trying to drive anons out of jumpchain, and that anon should leave the thread so that anons can go back to jumping and making jumps.

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>I'm not in the shitpost list

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... ... I'm sorry.
Can you run that one by me again?

>> No.47380108

Ah, JUST is short for "Just fuck my shit up."
JUST a little pun. Eh? Eh?
Oh, nice-
>One of TWO mecha forms
>That pic
>That description
Where has this treasure been all my life?!
Wat, what.

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Is he the guy who keeps bitching about Fallout too?

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Yeah, me neither.
I'm alright with that.

>> No.47380130

Neither is Tera.
Not that these two things are related.

>> No.47380144

Well, Tubs the Magic Dragon did sit on, and summarily break, South America. So he does have some bullying owed to him.

>> No.47380147

Brought into the fold.

>> No.47380149

I'm completely serious right now. We had a guy who volunteered to make Darkwing Duck.

And then an incident of drunken fireworks later, he had to give it up due to having to find a new home.

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Underrated post we need more of these.

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Honestly has been my only tactic the past couple of threads.
It's gotten kind of out of hand.

>> No.47380171

I... what the fuck. Are we literally cursed? How many puppies did I murder in a past life to deserve this.

>> No.47380178

I haven't seen that in forever
I can totally see myself saying shit like this, even if just for a laugh.

Aww, it was the one time I was happy about being forgotten.

>> No.47380179

Point of order, Brutus is a Captain. He didn't go to the Ghost Pirate Archivist Academy to be called Mr. Brutus.

>> No.47380183

Did he record it?
Did the video have a Jesus counter?

>> No.47380186

Almost certainly yes.

>> No.47380190

It's like watching Shou Tucker work.

>> No.47380195

...I have no words.

>> No.47380199

A shitton.

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Spore jump series when

>> No.47380205

All that would do is make edition wars anon make it.

Jesus we have a lot of trolls. Unless we really do just have one.

>> No.47380219

Would it be possible for a late chain jumper to restore Nina?

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Here is a horrifying idea... it's perfectly possible for those two to meet in jumpchain and attempt to outdo each other if you take the right(wrong) drawbacks.

>> No.47380249

Digger, may I ask you a question? Do the Gaster Blasters, or heck, Undertale magic in general, bypass physical defense? What I mean is, if I hit a guy wearing armor, will the armor protect him? I know Frisk could wear a ballerina outfit and fight Undyne, but Undertale humans are pretty special. Speaking of which, since Madness Wavelengths are stronger if the user has a strong soul, how much would having a human SOUL boost it? Or, how much do you THINK it would boost it?

>> No.47380251

Or just pod one of them

>> No.47380254

>Wrong(right) drawbacks
ftfy desu senpai~

>> No.47380270

>Right(Right) drawbacks
Silly anon.

>> No.47380290

I was looking at doing one, but someone else claimed it. I haven't heard anything about it since. If you're here person-who-claimed-it please let me know, otherwise I'll start working on it.

>> No.47380297

You're right desu senpai.~
I was being silly desu senpai.~

>> No.47380330

Is there a chance for a Maid Guy jump?

>> No.47380347

Theoretically. Alchemy itself can't do it though.

>> No.47380352

Only if we can also get a Maid RPG jump.

>> No.47380354

I think it was KOTOR, wasn't it? Haven't seen him in a while.

>> No.47380360

No lewd jumps.

>> No.47380362

Nina and her dog were so close you could say they are inseparable now

>> No.47380380

Dog gone it, don't light my fuse with you puns! I'll be having nina that!

>> No.47380384

It's not a lewd RPG, bro. Not him, but I read it. There's nothing of the sort outside of what you'd maaaaybe get in a regular anime. Just normal anime maid hijinks.

>> No.47380391

Maid RPG isn't any more lewd than say d&d. That's to say it isn't unless you play it that way. The few games of it I played were comedy.

>> No.47380393


Undertale magic would bypass any non-spiritual or magical defenses, yeah. Attacking the soul directly and whatnot.
Granted, You may have to worry about the person in question having lots of HP...
HP was representative of your ability to hurt people without being hurt back, or i guess resilience to pain(from killing) if it's increase with LOVE indicates anything.
As for Madness Wavelength...
I don't know exactly. SOULS are definitely EXTREMELY powerful out of setting(you know, for a soul)
So...It'd probably boost it by a good margin.
Don't quote me on this, but at least 200% more than you would without a SOUL.
Again, don't quote me, I don't know enough about Soul Eater cosmology to say whether or not that's possible/viable...but that's my gut feeling on it.

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>> No.47380399

What this guy said. I know a guy who's done lewder games of D&D than any game of Maid I've played.

>> No.47380400

...Do you actually know what maid rpg is puritan anon?

>> No.47380472

Ok I'll bite, what is Maid RPG?

>> No.47380475

Thanks, Digger. As for cosmology, Madness was born from the eight Great Old Ones, the gods of each type of Madness, Shinigami=Order, Excalibur=Rage, Eibon=Knowledge, Book Demon=Power, and Asura=Fear. Any being can wield Madness, and it is possible to become a Kishin with enough innocent souls, which is either a step below a Great Old One, or IS a Great Old One.

>> No.47380479

Aren't there extensive rules for lewdness in the book, and aren't most examples of play based around one maid sexually terrorizing the other? Seems worse than some settings which are banned.

>> No.47380495

Don't Tucker yourself out. Let's combine our efforts. I'm sure if we put our heads together, we find a way a-hound the problem.

>> No.47380506


>> No.47380514

I would like to know this; would a jump for this let me become a maid, have a maid, or perhaps some convoluted way for both to be the case?

>> No.47380531

It's a RPG about becoming an anime battlemaid and getting into hijinks while trying to protect your master and his household while doing your duties. So you're cleaning, you're fending off alien invaders, you're trying to whoo master (if that's your thing.), that's all there is to it. It's one of those small Japanese ttrpgs that's based around one-shots or small campaigns and is meant to be humorous and fun.

>> No.47380543

Hmm, well, I have no problem with this Statement, and I'm Shoure by working together, we can find the solution! In fact, Alex the jumpmaker if they're around, and if they say we can't do it, well then puppycock!

>> No.47380557

You are a Maid, serving your Master.

That's it, that's all there is to it.

Well, except for the fact that there are Random Event Tables to roll and that it seems to run on Anime logic. It's the Nichijou of TTRPGs.


>> No.47380563

Long story short, the gist of Maid is just that you play a couple of characters who's main goal is to get the approval of the DMPC, aka the Master.
It depends on the group how good it is. It's pretty much a comedy game, and is good for simulating pretty much anything on the tier of what I mentioned. Mostly harem stuff, but it's funny if you just sorta do your own thing too.
It's not inherently lewd, it just has the passive lewdness that you get from shit like Mahou Sensei Negima or whatever.

>> No.47380573

You could be a Maid who has an apprentice Maid.

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>> No.47380582

Don't forget Madness of Boobs.

>> No.47380607

I can just see a jumper taking the madness of lust and having their aura warp their surroundings according to their fetishes.

>> No.47380619

Crona was a sick little shit, wasn't he?

>> No.47380630

Is it any surprise that best girl would have best Madness Wavelength?
Look, you anons can have different opinions, but have you SEEN those hips on Crona? I mean damn.
One word: Medusa.

>> No.47380642

Holy shit I though that was a joke but that is a real fucking thing!

>> No.47380674

Let's hope he doesn't collar a lost cause.
I'm always rooting for the underdog, so that would drive me howling mad.

It wouldn't fix everything, but a pod and an import to CATastrophy is a good bark up plan.

>> No.47380679

I just wanted someone to get up in arms to defend Crona. Crona's fucked in the head, but the boob thing is from seeing them as a symbol for affection and motherly love, so it's warped but not sick in the way that's usually used. I know this but I wanted to be called a shit.

>> No.47380681

So... Slaanesh? Slaanesh.

>> No.47380708

The Actual

I was be DOOOMED
Wait, are Witches Immune to Madness stuff? Because I'm a Man-Witch with Sorcerer

>> No.47380710

Spore is mine. I'm going to start working on it after I finish Star Wars: OT, however if I something happens I'll let everyone know that it's up for grabs.

>> No.47380719

underwater stage pls. Be the hero EA killed.

>> No.47380727

GERWALK best mode. MACROSS MISSILE MASSACRE and urban combat capabilities all in one.

>> No.47380732

Ok then. I'll leave it to you then.

>> No.47380738

>Immune to Madness
No. Lucky for you, Crona's just a sad little girl(or guy, depending on your interpretation), who needs someone to help. Well, that, and the Madness just makes people, guys and girls, REALLY like boobs.

>> No.47380743

I'd guess you'd prevent it from becoming a thing in the first place, took a lot to get Chrona to the point of having a unique Madness.
Madness is particularly fun for my jumpers because Soul Eater tends to be early for me. Last jumper ended up with Wisdom after some damn good rolls landed him an apprenticeship under Elbion (was a Sorcerer), but usually kept it mostly under control. Current run has ended up with Laziness and Power, Laziness as initial one formed by going full Black Blood, Power due to some shenanigans in the next jump involving an amnesiac clone, and is busy playing them off each other and delegating to secondary conciousnesses. My jumpers get silly at times.

>> No.47380747

Hey, could y'all help me with something? I'm really trying hard to make this perk not boil down to "you can create Gaia memories" but
It's coming off vague whenever I do so...It's one of the Inquisitive(Phillip/Ryubee Sonozaki/Kousei Kougami perkline) capstones, the other is meant to be Phillip's lookup ability(cause let's face it, Cosmic Google is pretty badass)
I have the current wording here but I have NO idea if it's at all fair or even understandable...
Please get me some feedback, I'm dying here

>> No.47380755

Stop the plot. Boob madness only happens if Crona has to seal Asura.

>> No.47380770

>Go to Spore
>Unleash my Ages worth of Genetic Knowledge and Genefore stuff
>He continues like this for some time.

So it won't Doom me? Thank god.

I'm all for helping people. And Crona needs help. What with their psychopath of a mother.

>> No.47380771

I already have that.

>> No.47380789

Crona will be fine in my plan, I intend to shove Medusa in a pod while she is still posing as a nurse.

>> No.47380793

What's Gaia memories?

>> No.47380804

On it boss!

>> No.47380806

Boob madness is entirely harmless. All it does is give everyone "infected" by it a love of boobs, both in the sexual and motherly way. For reference, the normally anti-lewd Maka allowed Blair to pull her into her breasts, and was actually comforted, calming down from a tsundere rage to simply contently thinking "Boobs", or breasts or whatever, and relaxing.
They you'll be just fine.

>> No.47380817

"A Gaia Memory is a mysterious device resembling a USB flash drive that contains all of the Earth's knowledge of what it represents. This enables its user to become a Dopant, or in some special cases a Kamen Rider. Every Gaia Memory is adorned with the first letter of its name, stylized to reflect the powers it imbues on its user. "
For example, this is the Violence gaia memory.
And this...

>> No.47380820

Fair enough. I was worried because I'm like >>47380771 and thought it might be magnified or something.

>> No.47380823

I wouldn't call it harmless. It probably ruins relationships.

>> No.47380826

> It had no effect.

>> No.47380837

I support the madness of boobs and will endeavor to bring it to prominence in the world.

>> No.47380850


Is the Violence Dopant.
"As the brutish Violence Dopant, the user's left arm is strong enough to destroy anything in its path, even enough to smash through cars. They can also compress their body into a wrecking ball-like form called the Violence Ball to cause more collateral damage."
It's essentially a transformation trinket derived from the totality of knowledge on a subject, only itself gotten from what is essentially the Akashic Records.

>> No.47380851

Looks fine to me, if I'm understanding it right. Condense knowledge into Gaia Memories, the better you understand something the better the Dopant form it provides, but even at complete understanding it still caps out at a powerful Kamen Rider villain. Simple, easily-understood, doesn't seem either over or under powered. I like it.

The perk's text explains it better, but Gaia Memories are the transformation devices (for both the Riders and the monsters) in Kamen Rider W. They look like USB Drives (some are also embossed with a design looking sort of like a ribcage) marked with the first letter in their name stylized into a symbol for their name. Like, the Violence memory has a clawed muscular arm flexing into a V. Each Gaia Memory contains the accumulated data on some subject, and when activated gives you superpowers. Use them with a Double, Lost or Accel Driver and you become a Kamen Rider. Use them with a Gaia Driver and you turn into a powerful monster and retain your sanity. Use them with a Living Connector (a sort of cheap, quickly-implanted bit of cybernetics whose external part looks kind of like a tattoo of a USB port) and you turn into a less powerful monster and start going insane. Use them without any extra equipment and you turn into a monster and rapidly go insane.

>> No.47380863


It looks and reads alright, nothing's quite pinging my 'what the-' sensors. Perhaps you shouldn't have an explanation of what Dopants are there though, it might read better if you put that part in a Notes section.

>> No.47380909

Sounds neat-
>Akashic Record
Jesus, what is it with villains and that thing?!

>> No.47380921


>> No.47380953

Well, the main antagonists of Double were trying to use Gaia Memories to force evolve humanity because they were worried about the next extinction. Entire family grew up around/in museums. The Sonozakis are both messed up and surprisingly relatable.

>> No.47380966

Maybe. But both sides of my relationship have boobs, so the only thing it's going to ruin there is our motivation for things that aren't boobs.

>> No.47380979

Something something Ultimate Power.
Something something Become God.
Something something kicked in the dick by teenagers.

>> No.47380987

>My reaction to Medusa/Rider from 5th Grail War

>> No.47380990

That Claydoll thing though....that was fucking crazy.

>> No.47380998

>Forced evolution in order to avoid extinction.
I...that sounds real familiar, but I don't know why...
Also, how difficult is it to gain a True Gaia memory? Is it outright impossible post-jump, or does it just take a lot of time and effort? Also, how strong is Utopia's telekinetic powers? What are its' feats?

>> No.47381015

That sums up so many anime plots really.

>> No.47381016

Oh, the whole later half with the Foundation fucking about with things they really didn't understand? Yeah, that was weird.

>> No.47381053

The True Gaia Memory is...uh.
The entirety of all knowledge on earth condensed into a single 'entity'
If you're Captain Planet then it might be easier, as well as if you can access anything similar to the Akashic Records
...that or L-Space, if you count that as the "reserve of all knowledge"
I don't know if any other worlds would HAVE a True Gaia memory.
I don't even know how I'd rule that.

>> No.47381063

That's been the case with a lot of Neo-Heisei Kamen Rider villains. They just want to make humanity into superhumans, their only real failing is that they don't care who gets hurt in the process. The only outright villainous ones are Maki and Banno. Even Fueki just wanted his daughter back, though I suppose being willing to kill half of Japan to do it still counts as evil. But the Sonozakis, Gamou and DJ Sagara were actually fairly decent people who just got way too obsessed with human evolution. I feel like half the plots of Kamen Rider could be solved by better highschool biology courses.

>> No.47381066

Couldn't tell you anon. Father Sonozaki was a decent man. FEAR (his Gaia Memory and thus also the name of the form he took using it) Was a fucking asshole who LITERALLY DRIPPED LIQUID FEAR. And no, not the yellow kind, but LITERAL LIQUID FEAR.

His wife basically went against him. His daughters are...well they are messed up, and they think they are doing the right thing, but god are they messed up.

>> No.47381079

"The Utopia Dopant is armed with a cane as its weapon. He also demonstrated releasing fire from his hands, with strength powerful enough to tear apart a street causing steam to erupt then disappear, summoning a tornado with a small thunderstorm, move at high speeds, stealing some of people's life force and adding it to his power, reverting transformed people into base or human forms, causing people or things to combust, and the ability to make people's faces disappear and putting them in a comatose state."
are his feats. The Utopia Dopant is a really bad example in hindsight because...if Dopants are Stands, Utopia is The World.

>> No.47381081

Am I the only one that was kind of disappointed that Medusa's ability to turn people to stone with a gaze wasn't much of a thing in Fate?
You would think that would be her noble phantasm but no... She summons a pegasus (Who was her son but still...).

>> No.47381085

Terror, not Fear. But yeah, he was scary. Ryubee used the Terror Memory so much that it got to the point he could use its powers even without transforming. He also had a dragon for a hat, which I thought was pretty cool. He could just take off his hat and BAM! You're being attacked by a dragon.

>> No.47381087

Oh, WHOOPS! My bad, I meant how long would it take to acquire a complete Gaia Memory, I got the two confused, I am SO sorry!
>The Gaia Memories are sentient
Ho boy.

>> No.47381094


I'll be honest, I love the Neos. Some of the newer stuff after Gaim is...alright but I'm having trouble getting into it.

>> No.47381104

Rolled 183 (1d582)

Keep rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin'...

>> No.47381108

Not sentient, just mind-affecting. There's a pretty obvious drug metaphor there, you inject them and turn into a "Dopant". He's not being possessed by the Terror Memory, he's just an asshole when he's high.

Oh, no, I like the Neo-Heisei stuff too. I'm just commenting on a pattern I've noticed.

>> No.47381119

Still doesn't beat Shotaro (Best Detective) blocking Utopia's Doom Blasts with a HAT.


Because Fuck you Utopia, you punk ass bitch.

>> No.47381122

Most of her opponents she fought had some serious magic resistance or ridiculous amounts of power. She just had the bad luck to be in a HGW filled with super high level spirits like Arturia, Heracles, Gilgamesh and so on.

>> No.47381128

...can we acquire it ourselves? Because I would love to be the Dio of a story. Bonus points if someone pulls a "Not so invincible after all" on me.
I see. How does Utopia affect the mind? Can these dopants be resisted?

>> No.47381136

Normally, it'd take probably years or extensive knowledge to create a complete Gaia Memory. I'm tempted to change that part into something like a psuedo-mako generator, just jam a machine intot he earth and have it sit to process all of the information on a single subject.
Can you imagine having every single relevant piece of information on the concept of Bird? That sounds highly improbable even with jumper powers.

>> No.47381142

Not entirely true. As per A To Z, Gaia Memories (Or maybe only the Gen 2 set, it's not confirmed of Gen 1) will do everything they can to end up in the hands of people THE MEMORY believes fits it best.

There's a reason why Shotaro is considered by many in the Neo-Rider world as a "Joker in the Deck"

>> No.47381152

Why not rule that as a time-limited thing? Like "The longer you are on this world, the more of its Memories you can access, just starting off, you have access only to the most common knowledge, stuff you can easily find in a public archive. Every year spent on the world increases your access to these memories until near the end of your Jump you can access everything"?

>> No.47381168

Fuck it I'm namefagging

The Easiest way to resist the influence of Gaia Memory is Drivers, though outside of Gaia Drivers and Gold Tipped Memories, Drivers will actually lower the amount of power you get from it. Shotaro and Phillip were playing against a stacked deck as they had Purified Memories (Weakened intentionally to avoid corruption) and a driver requiring two memories, perfect teamwork, and was basically a second generation prototype.

>> No.47381178

I think Utopia was a little too obsessed with building a better world by destroying The Museum. Don't quote me on that, it's been a while since I watched the movie.

>> No.47381200

And tripcoded

Sadly I have to head off because work early in the morning, but I'll definitely be into these threads more often.

Utopia was a Foundation Dopant who was basically the middle man. THe Foundation was funding Museum's research, and by the time he showed up Double was already taking out Museum piecemeal.

>> No.47381207

Probably would be best, I already have Precedent with the Drop-in Capstone essentially letting you make Switches under much of the same timelock.
If anything, it'd be funny if it was alphabetical order.

>> No.47381210

So you get all tech and magic knowledge and so on at the end of your jump automatically? That seems super broken.

>> No.47381213

There are some properties that are just cursed, like how Bastion had to be passed down like 3 times, the last being because the jumpmaker's laptop melted itself.

>> No.47381215

Gah, didn't want that code. ANYWAYS, goodnight anons.

>> No.47381220

See >>47381210
Giving out all knowledge in a jump by just spending ten years in it is insane.

>> No.47381246

Interesting, interesting! Say, would having the AR from the Devil Survivor 2 endgame option let you gain the True Gaia Memory?
So this dopant would make you obsessed with making a better world? I don't mind it, but the Mental Fortress reward from The World Ends with You says it blocks out ALL unwanted mental influences. I wonder...

>> No.47381291

I was just throwing out ideas anon.

Also the Gaia Lookup method doesn't quite work like that. When Digger said it's like Google, he wasn't kidding, you need keywords (the more specific the better) to find the section you're looking for and even then, you'll need to comb through that section to find the right reference.

>> No.47381308

Yeah, that was the bit that I was worried about. Maybe leaving it as-is is for the best, just the ability to MAKE memories is actually rare in that world.
They slowed down production after losing their Avatar of the True Gaia Memory(AKA Phillip)
So making even subpar memories regularly is pretty neat.

>> No.47381323

>You have to actively search for what you want
That's really, really not much of a limit.

>> No.47381331

>Avatar of the True Gaia Memory
Oh ho ho, now what's the story behind THAT?

>> No.47381339

Ah, another idea to keep it sane, have the link you established to a particular world not carry through to the next Jump.

Also, I already know what I'll be doing with that Capstone. Primordial Runes Memories to use with my Armed Device as the replacement to the Cartridge System.

>> No.47381357

Still doesn't fix the issue, you just record what you need/want at the end of one jump in some other form and keep it that way.

>> No.47381359

Fair enough.

>> No.47381383

Like I said, I was throwing around ideas. How about you help with ideas for limits on this then?

>> No.47381393

So, Phillip was once upon a time Raito Sonozaki, aka Ryubee(The bad guy, the Terror Dopant)'s son.
However, on a dig with his dad, he found a strange well deep underground and fell the fuck in
turns out, it was apparently a connection to the True Gaia Memory
Raito died, but was revived with the power to access the True Gaia Memory/The Gaia Library
Ryubee took this as a sign and had him hooked up to be the source of all the gaia memories produced by Museum(Ryubee's organization)
Shotaro with the help of his mentor Sokichi raided the place and got Raito out of there, however he apparently ended up locking away his memories of being a Sonozai and took on the name Phillip, because Shotaro was a fanboy of Phillip Marlowe

>> No.47381400

Sure. Don't include it or this function of it. There's plenty of precedence in just cutting things out till post spark if they are too much or too broken within the confines of Jumpchain.

>> No.47381437

>26 years of a shitty jump

I wonder when is this going to end.

>> No.47381445

And would it be possible to gain access to this Library through him as well? Preferably without hurting him? Also, would it be possible to make a Gaia Memory of DETERMINATION? If so, what would it do?

>> No.47381455

What are you whinging about now.

>> No.47381467

It was also super obvious that Phillip was Raito right from the beginning, though. I mean, he's the right half of Kamen Rider W, and the left half has a name that's a pun on "left" (Shotaro's last name is "Hidari", literally meaning left). Plus the amnesia specifically focused on absence of knowledge of his family, the fact that Museum was holding him in a special facility, Wakana's (in retrospect creepy and kind of incestuous) flirting with him because he felt so familiar and comfortable to be around. It was pretty damn obvious who he was.

>> No.47381508

Just ignore him, he's one of those my way or the highway types. Will shit all over your ideas but won't actually help with his own.

>> No.47381517

The guy at SB has updated the Diablo Jump.

>> No.47381534

And it can fucken well stay over there.

They have their own drive, and given how the Diablo jump was the first time around, that's fiiine and dandy.

>> No.47381535

Is it anywhere near good?

>> No.47381587

Yeah, I probably shouldn't give that out. It will synergize well with the Gaia Lookup capstone, probably(which I /might/ need to limit in some capacity, maybe just limit it to all written information rather than all information ever...which would still be powerful and basically make you the Archive from Dresden as far as I know but still)
...actually, it appears that's how his Gaia Lookup WORKS...which is still strong but not as strong as knowing everything ever.
You could! Just make sure you don't come off as opportunistic and it should be fine to get him to cooperate. You probably won't be able to access it as directly...
As for a Determination Dopant?
I wouldn't say it'd have Undertale-style determination powers, but you'd have something that basically keeps going no matter how damaged it is. Probably still destroyable, but it doesn't actually weaken with damage. It'd have to take one powerful shot to take it down if I had to guess.
That it was. However it's also kind of a kid's superhero show so they couldn't be too subtle with it

>> No.47381637

Okay, but what would the Determination Memory's symbol be? How can we stylize a D to represent determination? That's the real issue that keeps you from making one, I think. If you want good Gaia Memories, you should also grab graphic design skills.

>> No.47381646

Noice! To be honest, I'm actually really interested in the Gaia Memories because of SCIENCE, mostly. I mean, what if I could gain the memory of water, or air? Terraforming could be possible! Also, I remember Drop-In having a perk for making Necro Overs and Quarks. Could we become a Quark ourselves? Wiki says that Utopia's psychic abilities came from being a Quark, and were only enhanced by the Dopant. If I'm going to take the thing, might as well go all in! Erm, except for the evil part, of course.

>> No.47381668

Maybe a stylized humanoid holding a great burden?
I can do a little shitty mockup actually..

>> No.47381679

New Secundo Build.
For those not aware Secundo is a Secondary Chain I'm running, it's part RP, part Thought Experiment, and I have several rules running for it.
Some of them? I can't take companions(except in rare cases, like pokemon), and I can't take charisma perks. He wallows in loneliness and anger.

Shin Megami Tensei-As I've said before, the IRC hates Secundo
Mysterious Laboratory
Free Mimic
Free Kugutsu Magic
Discount Demonic Union
Ninth Circle Sorcery
Free Theme Music
Free Turdak
Discount Lich
Lord of Vermin-Oh this SO fits the Secundo build it's not even funny
Wisdom Ring

Sick Little Puppy+200-Yay, another drawback that makes everyone hate me.
The Trials of Masakado+300-Fuck You. Everyone might hate me, I might have no friends, but I'm not giving into you cunts.
Seven Hills Battle+300-Really, someone put money on Secundo's life? I never would have guessed

>> No.47381699

Oh, this is going to be interesting.

>> No.47381723

You do have the capability, I just can't guarantee you'll be compatible with Quark status. There's 'degrees' of compatibility it seems, and I don't think just taking that NEVER SAY NEVER perk would give you the compatibility to be a strong one.

>> No.47381750


imagine this, but competently done

>> No.47381776

I see. Say, the Inquisitive background can make Gaia Memories? And the Kamen Rider of this jump uses those, or the purified versions at least, right? Would it be possible to play support and provide them with these purified memories? I'd imagine the Determination memory could help them a lot with some of the deadlier enemies.

>> No.47381789

Oh, and it looks fine Digger, don't even worry about it.

>> No.47381802

>Pic Related

It was made and update by the same guy... so I don't understand?

On the other hand, why is the Diablo jump in the WIP folder, it look complete to me?

>> No.47381865

There's actually two riders this jump...er, 4 if you count the secondaries.
If you can get someone to make purified versions of what you toss out, they'd have some backup, yeah!
(One of the perks in another perkline lets you do this)
Both Accel and W use Gaia Memories, while OOO uses Core Medals and Birth uses Cell Medals.

>> No.47381877

I thought there was Fourze in there, too.

>> No.47381902

Fourze's guest starring at this point in time. He'll probably get his own jump or share one with Wizard at some point. It was just too cool not to offer the Power Dizer or Mashin Massingler.
Mooostly cause I think I'm already going into overload with the ground I'm covering and making this a full Fourze-covering jump would have to cover Meteor and the M-BUS and that alone would be a mess..

>> No.47381903

Because it's shit.

>> No.47381911

Gotcha! So, with that, I could at least help Accel and W, though I'll need to figure something out for OOO and Birth. Hmm, perhaps I can give them some Hamon training? That, combined with the Fighter capstone from Tales of Gods and Demons, should give them a boost against the forces of evil! That reminds me, are there any big apocalyptic level baddies here? I know Utopia is basically The World compared to other Dopants, but are there any other big threats I should prepare for?

>> No.47381920

Fair enough. I don't want you to burn out, after all.

>> No.47381947

So is Hellblazer. So are all of mib's jumps.

>> No.47381998

The Greeed. Just, the Greeed. Oh and Dr. Maki too.

Generally speaking, when you hear about Kamen Rider OOO appearing, just prepare your anus. I wish I was kidding.

The best thing you could probably do is get Dr. Maki some help so he doesn't create the Purple Medals that will fuck everything over.

>> No.47382041

Well, on OOO's side, you've got the Greeed (not a typo, the third e is intentional). They're ancient homunculi who were intentionally broken so that they'd be ever-incomplete and in their attempts to fill the void become avatars of hunger and raw desire. If they're not stopped, eventually one of them is going to try to eat the world. No guarantees on which one, because there's a mad scientist who'll use whichever one he has available. So just kill them all. Even the nice one, he agrees that he should be killed for the good of mankind. Well, eventually. He starts out as a dick, just one that understands commensal relationships instead of the predatory and parasitic ones the other Greeed use to harvest desire from humans.

Nah, he doesn't create the purple medals, he just unseals them. So you'll need to grab the medals and chuck them in your Warehouse before the container is opened. You can't destroy them, because ironically the only thing that can destroy Core Medals are the purple Core Medals themselves.

>> No.47382043

Ho boy. How bad are we talking about here, like the setting's equivalent of the Angels level bad? And what are these Purple Medals?

>> No.47382052

Luckily I love this jump, and I'm gonna try to stretch myself and do what I haven't done in other jumps here, I just haven't hit the level where I have my own 'thing' I do yet
A customization table or something would be cool but I have no idea if I can
so I'm gonna just offer a lot of neat flavorful things and cool gear

Hm...There is Dr. Maki, but he gets taken care of..ish.
Granted if you wanna save a LOT of lives, I'd kill him or at least detain him ASAP
He's obsessed with "endings" giving meaning to everything, on the same logic that you wouldn't want a story that meandered on forever, and that history isn't history until it's already over and done with
he extends this to life and the planet, using the Purple Medals(which are anti-greed) and results in creating a monster that turns everything into coins that are then sucked up into said monster
Has the ability to threaten the world
Also, the Movie Wars Megamax plot is canon here, which means a guy who's with Foundation X is gonna take The SOLU (as mentioned in the jump) switch and combine it with Medals from the future in order to become...nigh unstoppable, due to timestop powers and a mastery over Cosmic energy.
He gets defeated, but you may wanna prep for that.

>> No.47382087

This is gonna sound stupid, but..
I made all my choices for my first jump, Pokemon..now what?

>> No.47382093

>Eat the world
...oh. Oh. OH. THAT'S BAD, VERY VERY BAD! Screw the act of just being a scientist, time to call on full Level 100, RoH level magic!
>Timestop powers and mastery over Cosmic energy
Yeesh, good thing I have Quicksilver! Still, this is going to be a challenge.

>> No.47382103

Not Angels, unless they turn into their Mega Greeed Out of Control form (I love how OOO names things). But they are very destructive beings, who feed on humanity. And the purple Core Medals are the opposite of the normal Core Medals that make up the Greeed and power the OOO Driver (it's tradition for a Rider and his enemies to be powered by the same thing, you might have noticed that trend). Where the other Core Medals embody desire, the purple Medals embody apathy and despair. You can only use them if you're deeply depressed, which was one of the first real signs that there was something genuinely wrong with Eiji and he wasn't just kind of an aimless person. Turns out he had some serious PTSD from winding up in a civil war in an unnamed African nation when he was doing aid work there. His flashbacks are surprisingly dark for a kid's show.

>> No.47382107

Now you move on, my friend! Welcome to Jumpchain! Where do you want to go next?

>> No.47382113

>Nah, he doesn't create the purple medals, he just unseals them.
AH! I see, fuck that was a confusing point in the series.

That style has saved me from so much bullshit.

>> No.47382120

Post your build.
Make another build.

Any and/or all of these are acceptable options.

>> No.47382136

Did anybody go Morlock in Xmen CU?
What did you look like?

>> No.47382138

Thanks! That more or less answers my questions. I gotta figure out what happens toward the end of my adventure but then I'll go somewhere else. Thank you!

>> No.47382146

That's putting it lightly.

Remember that Yummy who could destroy the representations of people's desires? Then he tried to use it on Eiji?

That was some shit.

>> No.47382163

Another Secundo Build

Bloodborne-Oh yeah, they hate Secundo
Rolled for 31
Rolled for Free Pick(Thank God), Chose Oedon Chapel
Free Rally
Free Blood Bullets
Free Hunter
Free Good Blood
Discount Hematophagy
Discount Vileblood
Blood Saint
Bloodied Combat
Hunter's Intution-I need this to survive
Free Saw Cleaver and Hunter's Pistol
Free Bag of Quicksilver Bullets
Free Bag of Bloodvials
Free Old Hunter Bone
Discount Beast Roar
Vile Blood Scenario-Annalise denied me.
Misty Eastern Lands Scenario-Vileblood End

No Guard+200
The Hunt+500-God.Fucking.Damn.It.

The idea is a full Blood Magic build essentially.

>> No.47382176

No problem! Enjoy your trip throughout the multiverse, remember to keep the Benefactor entertained, and don't forget to say hi to your favorite characters!

>> No.47382253

Manyfist is as much responsible for the jump as I, at the least.
>I would think so.
You're free to interpret it that way. Feeding energy drawn from emotions to facets of reality in exchange for their assistance is at least a magic, which is good enough for most perks.
I did my best to fuck you only in the jump. Post-jump you're more limited, in that you can't go full True Fae, lose the negative affects of low clarity, and you need a perk to make new contracts in other worlds. Your free to ignore this one, though, if it makes your story more interesting to you.

I believe my commentary was [I'm a giant fucking rodent].

>> No.47382342

Hey, SMTanon, if you're around, I just noticed that eXceed jump you posted a few threads back. I actually considered making one in the past and gave up on the idea, so I'm really glad someone else is doing it.

So how are you planning to do this? I actually gave up because I had no idea how to cover all three games in the same jump. Like, I assume the first game and the second are alternate timelines? And I still can't tell whether the third game takes place in a different dimension after a timeskip, or is supposed to be a different continuity altogether. Honestly, there wasn't quite enough fluff that I felt comfortable trying to work the series into a jump.

Soundtrack perk please.

>> No.47382351

Thanks muchly.

>> No.47382490

Tenchi Muyo(Slice of Life Mode)-For the Lonely Misanthrope Build. It's like Catastrophe all over again, but worse.
Rolled for 406
Free Simple Scientific Solution
Discount Technobabel Fish
Discount The Maddest Science Yet
Free Jumper A and B
Discount Matter Conversion Apparatus
Discount Holographic Computer

No Friends, No Love, Maximum Mad Science.

I wonder what will happen if I combine Mad Science and my extremely Potent Blood.

>> No.47382499

>Rolling Tenchi while avoiding waifus
Trying to run from trees in the forest right there.

>> No.47382516

I don't roll for Secundo. I tell the IRC to toss me somewhere.

They want to make Secundo suffer. Even the person who tossed me realized "Tenchi was a bit mean"

>> No.47382830

Far as I know, the only connection between Jade Penetrate and the others are a title and Gilles' existence, so I'm quietly sweeping that under the rug for another day.

I'm still working on properly conveying the little lore there is without just using a big fat info dump in the notes, but I'm going on the assumption that Vampire Rex takes place in the same world as the first, even with the obvious inconsistencies (which can be reasonably explained by making it so only Sowel's ending would have led into it).

If you want something more concrete, I'm going to have perks for the stuff in the first game, then additional perks for the stuff in the second game with a mandatory drawback that has the jump start a bit later. Said drawback would detail information concerning Vampire REX that I may not have put into the rest of the jump. Having a big fat info dump in the drawback section is totally a hundred times better than slapping it into the notes, shut up.

Not really sure if the drawback should even be mandatory, considering how often jumps give out stuf that doesn't exist at the time the jump starts.

You really think I wouldn't? Get serious.

>> No.47382855

>after I finish Star Wars: OT

So never ever then, right?

>> No.47382986

Some people here have real lives that limit their leisure time.
I mean, I don't, but KOTOR might.

>> No.47383036

In theory, yes.

In practice, for the former you need a way to either outmaneuver a Chaos God in a way better than Cegorach could come up with or shunt aside his influence long enough to remove its' pfavorite hostage from its' personal part of Warp, for the latter you need a way to lock on to an arbitrary number of shattered god-pieces floating around the Warp and in both cases you need a means of scanning good enough to pick up on the equivalent of a grain of sand in an ocean, if that grain of sand was made of psychic energy and that ocean was the Warp.

Also don't forget that as they're psychic constructs, once you actually rescue them you'd need somewhere safe to store them that isn't the Warp. So either be prepared to give 'em physical form somehow or have your own psychic dream subspace prepared to quarantine them from further Warp contamination.

It's right up there with the evil sludge representing man's inhumanity to man and the superweapon used to devastate the natural world 1000 years' ago on Forbes' 2004 Top 50 Japanese Villain Must-Have Catalogue.

Diablo was uploaded onto the drive without passing any scrutinty on this site. It's only kept up on the principle that having a placeholder jump is better than having no jump at all, and for all intents and purposes is valid for someone to come replace later down the line.

>> No.47383056

4 M O N T H S

And that's only while I've been paying attention to it

>> No.47383067

Please, some of us have been waiting for shit longer than that.

I'd say what, but I don't want to be accused of shitposting. Even if I want it done.

>> No.47383105

Hey, speaking of 40K-opinions on reviving Khaine? Based on what we know of his backstory and attitude he doesn't seem to be worth it, unless there's something more to the team killing idiot we're missing.

Rescuing Isha, accelerating Ynnead's birth and giving both physical form seems much more productive for the purposes of making the Eldar great again.

>> No.47383112


Seriously though, what are you talking about?

>> No.47383137

Not him, I think he might be one of the anons pushing MonMu given how persistent supporters for it are despite like, 800 threads of people telling them no.

>> No.47383144

Worm update. It was suppose to encompass an obscene amount of powers. More so than what's already there even. I don't even know if it's still being worked on.

>> No.47383168

And this is exactly what I'm talking about. Couldn't give less of a shit over antispiral's human avatar's origin mang.

>> No.47383177

Worm said in a recent thread he occasionally looks at it or jots down notes, but most of his creative energy is going into S&S scenarios when he has time.

>> No.47383185

Oh cool. Didn't know that. Thanks.

>> No.47383196

Honestly I just feel bad now. I'm sorry about the misunderstanding.

>> No.47383233

Speaking of looking forward to jumps, what jumps and/or jump updates are you anons looking forward to? Myself, Sonic X, Nerf, Black Crusade, Ork, OT, the S&S scenarios, and the RWBY update!
Oh, and the Overlord update when shit goes down and the entire jump needs to be revised. Seriously, it's going to be RWBY volume 3 all over again, I can FEEL it.

>> No.47383241

Holy shit. You apologized? On an anonymous image board?

Fuck. Now I feel bad for bitching. Have Dora's Bizarre Adventure as an apology. We cool?

>> No.47383250

I'm looking forward to Pathfinder!

>> No.47383265

Not that anon, but I am claiming this image in the name of the Grimace.

>> No.47383267

We cool, mang.

Trust me, I'm no fan of the recently frequent shitstorms either.

Sunless Sea, Fallen London's update, Strange Journey, Worm and the new Kamen Rider thing.

Someone was working on Endless Space and someone else on Panty & Stocking on and off, but they seem to have stalled for several months now

>> No.47383284

>Strange Journey
Hold the phone, WHAT?! We're getting a SJ jump, who's making it?!

>> No.47383309

I'm looking forward to finishing the jump I am working on, namely Escaflowne. I only need another 4 perks(that I can not seem to come up with), to actually figure out how to word another two, then two or three more guymelefs for people to use with the guymelef customization section. And then some items because it's kind of sparse on items. Lastly I will need to edit and balance it, because it's pretty far from balanced at the moment.

>> No.47383318

Wild Card. Last I checked there's a perkline for occupations as well as separate perklines for Law/Chaos alignments, a unique Neutral perk, and each alignment has an 'apotheosis" perk that comes in effective-Spark and continue jumping flavors.

It's gonna be the second great CP drain, I'm telling you

>> No.47383325

Good luck, Escanflowne anon. Remind me, was that the one where Isaac Newton was the emperor of that one nation?

>> No.47383345

Between Overlord and SMT, I've been considering carrying garlic with all these cp vampires around...and now there's going to be ANOTHER one?! Great, great...

>> No.47383348

Yes, yes it was, well in one of the four versions of the story. Though it was never actually stated that he was Newton, they went all out with apple and gravity symbology, and they even drew him in such a way that he does actually look like Newton.

>> No.47383406

Alright! Did a write fag thing for my first jump. I'm actually really excited about it!

>> No.47383438

Looks interesting-
>Shot and killed a 7 year old on the first jump
...oh dear. This does not bode well.

>> No.47383478


Watching warmly until it is ready. Good luck working Ria's polarity-swapping, "absorb all the things" bullshit into a perk.

Also, man, I just remembered the sheer amount of bad ends and trauma that cast gets. Somebody go there and pod everyone, seriously.

By the way, have you played Hellsinker? It's great. That's another one I considered writing up, but I'm not sure it'd work well as a jump. I kind of doubt many people here have played it, anyway.

>> No.47383484

Im still working on her like real world backstory to kind of explain how she justified that in her head.

>> No.47383510

Well, I mean, it's your chain, and I'm not going to tell you how to run it, it's fine, it's just...wow, you know? Like, I get it, she would be upset about what he did, and she'd be justified, but KILLING him? It was just a big shock, and it kind of clashed with her whole "I'm for peace!" thing. That's just my opinion, and again, your chain. Plus, you probably have a good backstory/reason for it, so I should probably just shut up till I read that...

>> No.47383537

You're totally right. I realized that myself, and that was part of my reasoning for her kind of "well, i guess I don't care that much about this after all" in the end. I wanted it to be easy to see that it isn't hard for her to shift her moral viewpoint when it suits her. It's easy for her to, in the moment, justify things she knows are wrong.

>> No.47383573


I'm probably gonna do this awhile, so tripcode it is

>> No.47383586

> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oiG4h4OG0s

All of this.

>> No.47383592

I personally think that it's a hilarious idea! Also a horrible one, but mostly hilarious.

>> No.47383607

But are you going to rebuild the Webway?

And make the Daemons pay for it?

>> No.47383618

He could be useful for canon fodder?

>> No.47383654

So I have a lot of rocks and stone lying about (in digital storage) from my mining operations occurring autonomously in every jump, and I wondered what I could do with it other than converting it into useful matter.

The idea I came up with was stupid, silly, and far beyond my capabilities... or so I thought. I started to wonder how hard it would actually be; I had the materials, I have supercomputers that can do the maths to make it safe, it occurs countless times in nature, why would it be so impossible?

Tell me /JC/, what can I get from different jumps to help me make a moon.

>> No.47383675

Get a fuck load of matter, put it into space near a planet in one spot. Now you have a moon.

>> No.47383678

Khaine would probably have some serious PTSD issues and would probably be stuck on a path of self-destructive vengeance against Chaos if your brought him back.
Plus I don't think the craft worlds would be able to summon their Avatar anymore, which would put them in a weaker position.

>> No.47383709

That's what my plan is so far. I was wondering if there was anything that'd help. Skill making big things, skill making 'space stations' for that good ole' Death Star quote.

I may also need something to help reduce the tidal influence so I can ease it into place without killing everything. Other considerations are ways to control the dense possibly molten core while building it in space, and ways to move it around as I build it and when I slot it into position.

>> No.47383757

Looking at Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, the jump mentions that afterwards you "can use your Pokemon moves in human form, and get half the boosted strength, endurance, speed and agility". So.. How do you think intelligence would work? If I become an Alakazam, do I get to keep the whole 5000 IQ, perfect memory, smarter than a supercomputer, etc.? Is it at "half-strength"? Just not there at all in human form? Thoughts?

>> No.47383821

Hello Jumpchain, I have a question for you! Are there any perks that allow one to summon something of a "spirit guardian" or anything like that? I don't just mean some random "summon monster" spell--I mean a single entity with some connection to the Jumper, being called upon as a protector.

>> No.47383838

>If I become an Alakazam, do I get to keep the whole 5000 IQ, perfect memory, smarter than a supercomputer, etc.?
That's just hyperbole, you have to remember that Pokedex entries are written by children.
You might receive a boost to your psychic powers and maybe your magic powers to reflect the high Special Attack though.

>> No.47383844


>> No.47383885

Personas and Stands would be the goto.

>> No.47383964

... I'm sure there's a perk that does this. Was it one of OAA's jumps? There's a perk that is all about some sort of ancestral spirit or guardian. Damn I can't remember it.

Hold up, found it. Ancestral Guardian, Van Helsing. Gives you a ghostly protector that gets a little bit stronger from each of your unusual lineages, though it mainly acts as a guide and mentor.

Also, Captain Brutus, it is listed as Van Hellsing, but the jump spells it Helsing with only one 'L'.

>> No.47383967


Huh. Well, I feel like an idiot. Thanks for the answers!

>> No.47384101

I can understand it. First jump, two sets of memories and personalities that loved pokemon, and one is a feral hermit t(w)eenager who relates better to wild pokemon than to 'civilized' humans - and then some stranger abuses their pokemon after making it attack hers? Yeah. I can definitely see "bang" happening as an impulse response.

>> No.47384246

As long as you dont try and claim you are somehow doing the right thing by murdering kids and puppies most people wont jump on you.

But going hermit, living with your mon, then seeing it get attacked by someone is a bit like watching some asshole shank your brother. I can definately understand some overreacting in the moment.

Killings a bit harsh but we have seen much worse done for less here in jc.

Welcome to jumpchain, please ignore the shitstorms.

>> No.47384283

What are your favorite metamagics in the chain?

>> No.47384342

The S&S scenarios, Exalted, and Black Crusade jumps all have me pretty damn hyped, not gonna lie.

>> No.47384464

Dark Wisdom and Conjoined Conjures.

Hasty Hexxer and Thrifty Thaumaturge are also pretty OP. You can basically spam spells like Wish (D&D) and Wish Upon a Star (Overlord) with this four.

>> No.47384477

...well then.

Alright then, not worth it.

Way ahead of you-Endless Recycling, Genesis, High Energy Reaction, Titan's Blood-buffed Empathic Environment and Synchornicity Event-buffed Feel It Out: When being a Farseer who can also Bonesing isn't enough to make the Eldar empire great again.

And the Goddess Seal is just a massive fuck you to the Warp in general when the designated goddess is one of Chaos' own greater minions.

The Discworld magic system as a whole has been the best form of metamagic we've ever worked with, since it's one of the few out there which run on principles similar to quantum mechanics.

You can acquire a battle moon in Adventure Time, and Orb Design Plans from Swat Kats which perpetually gather resources to improve a technological device. Given enough time and sufficient mass-energy generation on the level of Minecraft, Supreme Commander or Biomega/Blame! you could pull it off.

Granted if you do use Biomega's stuff it'll probably be less Moon Cell and more Hellstar Remina

>> No.47384495

Well you get the ring of erlu from overlord you can cast wish daily for free but I really regret not being able to afford dark wisdom.

>> No.47384514

He'd probably be even more fragile after being smashed by Khorne, and the first time he fought the weakest Chaos God he got bulldozed. Seems like the Eldar pantheon can't compete with the Chaos Gods in raw power, but at least Isha and Cegorach have more esoteric domains they can aid the Eldar with.

>> No.47384540

What was the name of the perk that gives you a lot of pop-culture knowledge to constantly make references and come-backs?

>> No.47384550

I forget but it's from Buffy.

>> No.47384554

There's one in Buffy and one in Archer.

>> No.47384566


I should have guessed.

>> No.47384593

Aside from Toggle from Young Justice, is there any other perk that lets you turn off your powers?

>> No.47384612

The ring from Monster Hunter and the coat from Resident Evil both allow you to do this by wearing them.

>> No.47384626

There's a locket in Girl Genius that does that.

>> No.47384669


Seems like the Coat is the one that suits me the most.

It would be better with a perk, but that will have to do.

>> No.47384746

Well there's also a perk in Kid Radd that gives you a weaker form and then when you "die" you transform into your true form at half health.

>> No.47384827

I wonder how many perks there are that restore you to partial or full health on gratas.
Not healing spells, but full on "BAM! Power up!", at no cost to you.
That seems like it'd be really useful to have as a list.

>> No.47384927

The understanding I always had was Wakana was young enough when Raito/Phillip 'disappeared' into the facility that she didn't KNOW it was him until much later on during the shenanigans with the Utopia dopant, plus the fact that it was clear they were mostly keeping her out of the know to avoid her having the same issues her sister did, who DID know about using their brother for all this.

>> No.47384961

well let's see there is pain Split from Pokémon which heals you for the difference between your opponents health and yours and simultaneously damages them for that amount. Although that does run on energy pool so that might not be what you mean.

Life Shroom Deluxe from super Mario RPG which heals you completely. But if I'm reading the jump right you don't get another one so that will cost you something.

By going servant in one of the fate jumps you can get a knockoff of God Hand: Twelve Labors which restores your health back to full when you die by granting you an extra life, but it's only usable once per jump and only triggers when you die.

>> No.47384982

Nice writing. How are you deciding where to go next? Random roll, follow a theme, or just picking and choosing which ones you like?

>> No.47385033

There's an Infamous perk that let's you toggle your conduit powers, which would be redundant at the end of the jump. I ASSUME you could use it with your other powers. (There's probably a ruling here, but I've got no idea what it is.)

>> No.47385126

How easy/difficult would it be to seduce the benefactor? Would you be able to get some extra CP out of it?

>> No.47385127

Ignore it.

>> No.47385193

Whatever works for your chain, buddy

>> No.47385208

Alright, as I'm going to be doing my own build because why not, are the 1000 cp from the Pokemon jump the only Choice Points you get for the entire thing, or do you get specific amounts per jump?

>> No.47385220

Most jumps tell you you get 1000 CP at the start. It doesn't carry over so you use all the CP you've got in the jump you get it or it doesn't get used.

>> No.47385227

I find hard to seduce myself even more.

>> No.47385234

>seduce benefactor for more cp
...I'm all for fanwanking so hard your get a wrist strain, but that won't fly in thread.

You get 1000cp per jump, though this value may vary. Jumps with non-standard amounts will state so.
CP cannot carry over between jumps (eg: spending 900 in pokemon with the intention of having 1100 in InFamous), but cp may carry over between different stages of the same jump (eg: Light of Terra).

>> No.47385246

I can't say I'm not...

>> No.47385255

>...I'm all for fanwanking so hard your get a wrist strain, but that won't fly in thread.

Jesus it was a hypothetical, not like I'd actually do it, was just wondering how hard it would be (would the benefactor have some immunity) and what the logical consequences would be. Could be that she's an extreme yandere that would kill all your female companions.

>> No.47385262

Thanks much. I guess I'll do some rolling later on, as I don't want to start this, then have to go to work/game.

>> No.47385264

Worth noting Toggle's been recently clarified to only work on superpowers, like a good chunk of other perks in Young Justice (the superpowers bit, not the recent clarification). As for what counts, it's a bit random, but mostly just perks that give you abilities that aren't magical or utter fiat.

>> No.47385303

>implying the benefactor wouldn't kill the other ones too
You never know with Jumpers. They might have a secret relationship with that mildly eldritch tomato in the back of the Warehouse.

>> No.47385323

>mildly eldritch tomato

that's a pretty cool band name.

>> No.47385378

Rolled 1, 3 = 4 (2d8)

Fuck it. Rolling for pokejump

>> No.47385380

Pretty much any two or three word string makes a good band name, heck, I could see a band named Three Word String or something like that.

>> No.47385489

That book series Ninjanon is doing, not for the series, but because Ninjanon makes great jumps.

>> No.47385516

Looking forward to SWTOR, it should be fun and there are a lot of interesting things at that time period.

>> No.47385529

What's with the newfags tripping all of the sudden. Am I on drugs?

>> No.47385542

A sudden influx if new Jump Makers and Writefaggotry on the rise.

>> No.47385569

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Also what's a jumpchain?

>> No.47385578

Are /they/ on drugs?
Are drugs involved?
Can drugs be involved?

>> No.47385598


You need drugs? Cause I know a guy who just got a boat load...

>> No.47385652

Does it matter?

>> No.47385653

Those look painful to eat.

>> No.47385684

Yeah but they make you think you're god...up until you die.

>> No.47385690

oh man electric bananas foster was almost the desert on my full course menu, but they weren't very filling. I wound up thrown in Shokurin Temple where I learned food honor and the deliciousness of the pudding Camel which became the desert on my full course menu .

>> No.47385695

>glorious avatar
> all his diseases
> full Ouroboros
>quite enough fluff

Holy shit, you're right. This shit is easy.

>> No.47385760

Is there a way to substantially boost the power of one chaos god while weakening the others other than mass selective murder?

Is there a way to forcefully alter what a chaos god represents, or at least to forcibly make them less terribly evil, other than mass selective murder?

>> No.47385763

Could anyone explain God tier in Sburb to me? Or even Sburb in general?

>> No.47385774

I hate to tell you this but you're going to have to read homestuck Or at least the wiki for it. It explains everything http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/MS_Paint_Adventures_Wiki

>> No.47385792

Only in that noobs might not know exactly what they're getting into.
This shit's some potent stuff.
Though, knowing how to trip does imply that they have a general idea. It was simply novel enough to bear mention.
But mostly I just needed to make a cheap joke. Gotta get my fix, man.

>> No.47385803

1. Mass mind control.

2. Alter them is kind of pointless. They're neither alive or sentient.

>> No.47385816

Gotcha. I though you were one of those ANONYMOUS R LEEJUN. TRIPFAGS GET OUT guys, in which case I was going to call you a cockwaffle. But you're not, so carry on.

>> No.47385819

Galactic wide orgies, murder-inducing pheromones, hope-inducing pheromones or demoralisation campaigns. It would however only make everything worse. Remember what happened when Slaanesh was born?

2. Mass mind control and/or Instrumentality.

>> No.47385823

Mass, indiscriminate, sweety LEWD!!!

>> No.47385831

If it quacks like a duck and rapes like a duck, it's a fucking duck. If chaos gods aren't alive or sentient, then nether are anything else with a warp presence.

>> No.47385837

>Alter them is kind of pointless.
No it's not. You could alter them to not be total fucking ass hats.

>> No.47385848

Cool. So I can take them with my in my warehouse?

>> No.47385863

In Sburb, every player gets a Class and Aspect. These grant magic powers. The Class determines how they manifest, the Aspect determines what it is about.

God Tier is a good boost to those, making them much easier to use, and a bit stronger. It has other benefits too, like unassisted flight, respawing if your death wasn't Just or Heroic (only counts for this jump through), and a nice (or ridiculous sometimes) outfit.

You get it by dying on the Quest Bed, and wherupon your Dream Body is ascended into a God Tier.

What would you like to know about Sburb in general?

>> No.47385867

In the context of 40K this is only possible in a short frame of time by mass mind controlling all sentient lifeforms yourself, thereby replacing Chaos as the enemy to all life. Well, that or modify the souls to no longer be broadcast into the Warp so that they slowly starve to the point where they can't break in anymore.

>> No.47385902

I've started reading the series, so hopefully I can answer most of my own questions. Really, I want to know:

1. How dangerous is the jump?

and 2. What would Mind and Thief with God Tier let me do, exactly?

>> No.47385933

Is there anything that would help me hit phased or otherwise insubstantial enemies?

>> No.47385936

>Well, that or modify the souls to no longer be broadcast into the Warp so that they slowly starve to the point where they can't break in anymore.

Except that's simply not possible. Souls come from psychic presence and are the cause of sentience, doing what you mentioned is the same as just turning everyone into necrons or stargods.

As for the rest of your post about how 'this is only possible if you mind control all sentient life forms, and only in a short time frame', I feel like you're overestimating 40k and overestimating the goal, which is to influence a psychic gestalt presence in the warp by messing with its components outside the warp.

>> No.47385938

Well I know there are strange artifacts in the 40k setting that seem to calm the warp. Giant obelisks and stuff.

And WHFantasy has some stuff that calmed the Winds of Magic. Maybe start researching there? Strategic placement across the galaxy?

Its what I'm planning on doing when I hit the Eldar Jump. I have notes around here somewhere on what the damn things were called. I think they showed up in a Eisenhorn book.

>> No.47385946

1. Very basically you have to destroy things that threaten the universe so that you can genetically engineer a frog to be the new universe. I wish I was making this up but you will be facing universal level threats
2. Probably something along the lines of Mind control people mind by stealing their choices thoughts, become more logical by making other people less logical

>> No.47385953

Wuxia Jump. Ghost Cutter technique.

>> No.47385967

pick up the ghost touch enchantment in any of the DND jumps. Also sting from worm for that last part

>> No.47385974

>that's simply not possible

Yeah no, that's wrong. Look at the Necrons. Look at Eldar soulstones and the Infinity Circuit system. And that's only using in-universe methods.

>I feel like you're overestimating 40k and overestimating the goal, which is to influence a psychic gestalt presence in the warp by messing with its components outside the warp.

You're not wrong about the goal, but I feel like you're underestimating doing so in a positive way in a galaxy where every sentient species hates itself and each other, or in the case of 'nids and orks expresses primarily positive emotions directed at conflict-related goals.

>> No.47385983

....why did I type "look at Necrons" when i meant Tau? Fuck.

>> No.47385992

The power seems nice, but if it really is that dangerous I might put it off for a while, then. Thanks.

>> No.47385993

>Look at the Necrons
You literally didn't even read my fucking post before you responded.

>> No.47385995

If I stole the DNA from Toriko's monsters, what are my chances to replicate them with sufficient bioengineering perks and animorphs?

>> No.47386000

>1. How dangerous is the jump?
Pretty dangerous, but survivable as your first jump with no drawbacks. Assuming you don't fuck up and Prototype something stupid powerful. Word of advice: Don't pick the 600 or 800cp drawbacks, and you should be fine. Those amp the dificulty up real hard.

>2. What would Mind and Thief with God Tier let me do, exactly?
You'd be able to Steal Choices, Logic, and Reason for yourself. Probably something like Mind Control by removing Choice, making them do random stuff by removing Logic from them, and removing Reason entirely. All the while, you would get more logical, better at reasoning, and getting more and more choice in everything (through that might just be your new mindslaved thralls)

...Actually sounds like a pretty damn scary Class.

>> No.47386009

>universal level threats
>destroy things that threaten the universe

That's Homestuck, bancho. You aren't facing anything like that in the sburb jump.
The Denizens are supposed to be beatable by 13 year olds, dude. A late game jumper will wipe the floor with em.

>> No.47386014

Alright, thanks.

>> No.47386027

No, I typed something I didn't mean to.

Also, don't ignore the actually valid points of Soulstones/Infinity Circuits/Tau.

Probably not great unless you can also splice spiritual components.

>> No.47386046

don't take this as me being facetious but what is the difference? You're just going through the stuff that happens to the people in Homestuck with different people

>> No.47386049

I've that perk from NGE that gives me scientific knowledge about souls and manipulate them. Would that do?

>> No.47386067

Entirely possible. There is a perk in the Toriko Jump called Ingredient Revival:
Decades of cloning research and training are now yours to use. You have knowledge on a wide variety of techniques, technologies and miraculous plants, animals and materials that can be used in the revival or cloning of ingredients.

The more perks and such that you have related to the topic of bioengineering and cloning, the better your chances. Mind you the 8 Kings harbor anime bullshit energy and are ages old so you could probably get away with cloning their kids.

Animorphs is a bit harder to answer. Some critters? Sure. Something like Bambina? Its a sentient being so I'm not sure how that flies. Again, reminder that the 8 Kings are bullshit antagonist/Protagonists so just injecting yourself with their genetics won't do much for you immediately. You'll need to build up to their power.

>> No.47386081

Haha. Nope. That's Homestuck. Generic Sburb has the Denizens and Royalty as the final bosses. Nothing universe-level. Through the Frog is still an universe, it's bigger on the inside, so it's not that big in the Session.

...No. Homestuck's plot went hilariously, ridiculously off the rails of the game. It's not anywhere near a standard session.

>> No.47386086

The sburb jump is just a normal sburb cycle. It's dangerous and challenging, but it's still something that is meant to be completed.
Homestuck is the story of when that gets fucked, and everything go's to shit.

There is a Homestuck jump on the drive, but it's kind of garbage.

>> No.47386099

Also an eternal WIP. It's really old.

>> No.47386100

That fits the bill. Thanks. Don't suppose you know how easy it is meant to be to use Tsubame Gaeshi? Or how hard it would be to use it multiple times in a row?

>> No.47386106

And actually, now that we have the Sburb jump with Hamsteak as an endjump option?

We could remove that one from the WIP.

>> No.47386108

I have Esper/Magic powers that let me straight up alter perceptions, memories, and generally mess with peoples state of mind, just by fucking with the biochemistry/real soul bullshit feeding into those perceptions.

Mind control is possible this way but isn't necessary.

>> No.47386110

>You're just going through the stuff that happens to the people in Homestuck with different people
Once again, nope. The kids' session is very clearly called out as being unwinnable, given the presence of the Tumor in Skaia. Through weird time bullshit blah blah blah shit happens and you get the story.
In a "regular" game of Sburb you'd basically have acts 1 through 3 minus the trolls going on. Nothing nearly as bullshit as what the kids went through.

>> No.47386120

I don't want to become one of them. They have a lot of bullshit powers, but I think I'm fine without them with all that I have.

On the other hand, being able to create minions based on them, and if possible, mass produce them, it's a more attractive idea.

They just need to grow old to get stronger or do they need to add other factors for their growth? For the former I could use some time fuckery to get it done. The later would be trickier. I haven't been following the series too much.

>> No.47386134

now if I were to take aggressive genetic fusion, from invader Zim ,Strongest of All from Evo and then shoot up PAIR how strong would that make me?
okay I was wrong and misinterpreted that sorry.

>> No.47386139

Let's put it like this. Toriko's power levels and strength climbing ladder are based on eating and consuming other Gourmet-Cell beings.

>> No.47386140

Old rotting garbage.

Guess where garbage belongs?
I'll give you a hint.

>> No.47386149

The Beta kids from Homestuck shouldn't be used as an example of what the average SBURB session is like. Jack Noir getting the ring and initiating an early reckoning is unlikely to happen, you can avoid prototyping anything stupidly powerful to avoid an overpowered Black Queen/King, and as far as I know Lord English doesn't directly disturb sessions; mostly sticking to dream bubbles.

>> No.47386183

Would that still be possible in a controlled environment?

Collect as many samples as I can, grow them in a tube, start making them eat each other, put them again inside a tube, and repeat.

>> No.47386184

I like the Highlander cannibals.

>> No.47386189


>> No.47386252

>Tsubame Gaeshi
Sorry, Mate. Fate stuff isn't my cup of tea. I can't answer that one.

Ah, yes. The Minion Spam. A classic combat choice.

For strengthening, is basically a huge game of super fast evolution. Gourmet Cells let you eat stuff to grow stronger but also allow you to expose yourself to harm and grow defenses against it.

By having your minions expose themselves to harm (and survive mind you) and eat "compatible" food then they will grow.

As for the big 8. Apparently they ate some of the original super ingredients and have been growing in strength since then. Theoretically going and getting stuff like [PAIR], [ATOM], [AIR], ect would also get you some of this power but they've just had a long time to get strong.

Ah man...I'm assuming you're talking about Agressive Genetic Fusion with Bambina here. Strongest of All would put you at peak for their species...whatever that is. It would make you pretty damn strong but again it would come down to also exposing yourself to good food and harm to get STRONGER. Even if you are at peak for their species, Bambina has had time to build up resistances and strengths. [PAIR] just lets you talk to the dead, switch genders, and grants access to the [Back Channel] which is weird hyper space fuckery. Eating more then [PAIR] would be a good idea.

Oh yes. I'd totally endorse this. Conflict and such encourages growth and Flavor. Just be careful it doesn't backfire on you. I'd highly suggest going to EVO to pick up perks related to this topic for best effect.

PS: Maybe hit up Zoo Tycoon so you can purchase samples from previous Jumps. Its how I keep my garden and kitchen stocked.

>> No.47386260

Not him but we did something analagous to that, albeit as a starting point for a grander plan hijacked by that asshole Emps-a set of nanomachine augmentations to keep the soul safe from Warp interference. Metaphysical Biology is a good start but once you develop a means of containing and sealing off the soul you'll want more secure protections to keep them protected from astral interference. Things like

-Access to Lumen Sage magic and the Magic Monocle from Bayonetta, to figure out how to make more artifacts like it. It can seal away half of a god's soul.
-Cobra-La biotechnology from GI Joe for better quality augmentations
-A magitech perk like Banjo-Kazooie's to make sure spells don't interfere with the more delicate components
-The Anti-Demon Wavelength from Soul Eater and either Favor of Tashlan from Narnia or Temple of Thought from Binbougami-ga in order to reproduce a similar wavelength using LCL-based technology for madness prevention
-Spellmaker and Alter of Spellmaker from Elder Scrolls; the magic there can seal souls away in gems so those would be good for weaving a "lattice" of magics allowing the soul to stay impregnable
-Fuinjutsu from Naruto, as an OCP form of protection
-And Enochian sigils from Supernatural, which are surprisingly effective at warding away spiritual bodies of varying powerlevel-even Archangels-from an area.

The real problem is distribution across a galaxy. If you already have excellant mass-energy converter systems, production lines and a skilled workforce the Cruicible of Mass Effect 3 infamy is worth studying for its' Synthesis protocal, and Not A Stupid Grunt from the Mass Effect jump would help with that. And of course, you'd probably need the public support of Emps himself in order to actually fire the thing without the Imperium going up in arms at you, and you'll need to fire it a lot at target planets unless you can also build and calibrate a mass relay system in an appreciable amount of time.

>> No.47386271

So, how risky would Homestuck be as an early Jump, and is there anything I absolutely must/must not do or pick up?

>> No.47386303

Assuming you're talking about Homestuck proper, and not just Generic Sburb...

Really damn fucking risky, and also an End Jump scenario.

>> No.47386312

Homestuck, or sburb?
This is important.

>> No.47386328

>Just be careful it doesn't backfire on you

That's probably the bigger risk when making a ever-evolving weapon. But there wasn't a perk that prevented your creations to turn against you?

I know I have bought it, but I can't remember the name.

Another option is giving them demonic traits and use the perks from Beelzebub and Devil Survivor to make them follow you.

>> No.47386336

Which is better for necromancy Banner Saga, S&S, ars magika, Dresden, or Overlord?

>> No.47386347

SBURB. I don't want to spark Jump 1, or for Jump 1 either.

>> No.47386354


>> No.47386358

Overlord, the novel one that is.

>> No.47386374

Also judging by how False Assassin used it, it seems to require quite a bit of concentration to strike just right given it was used as a (attempted) one hit finishing move instead of spammed.

Depends, d'you value quality or quantity more? If quality, Dresden Files although it's also more inherently associated with shady corruptive interest gorups if you care about that. If quantity, Overlord-although Warhammer Fantasy is probably even better for quantity if you fully spec in necromancy

>> No.47386416

EVO has Shaper's Authority. Gain more control over those you alter and such.

The Hyperbolic Evolution Chamber and Simulated Biome would also help in running initial tests.

Then for a greater degree of safety I'd recommend something like the tiny worlds from Rick & Morty plus a spare world from Terraria. Just cause we've all seen enough sci-fi to know where genetic tinkering can lead.

>> No.47386419

Good good. Ok now one more question, is there a perk that anyone knows of that allows me to mix spells so that instead of summoning undead skeletons I can mix in something like fireball or lightningbolt or call rainbow for flaming, sparking, or lsd flavored skeletons?

>> No.47386450

Is it Kars? Does genetic tampering lead to Kars?

>> No.47386452

Alright. Then it's doable as Jump 1, assuming no drawbacks. It's somewhat risky, but certainly doable. There's a good amount of enemies to beat down, as well as the final bosses. But it's meant to be completed, and the jump purchases give you enough to tools to go through it.

It gets harder with drawbacks, but if you don't go crazy on those you should be fine. Don't take the 600 or 800 drawbacks, since those WILL kill you if it's your first jump.

The import thing to remember is not to Prototype anything too bad before you enter the session, so you don't give you enemies too much of an upgrade.

Don't give Jack Noir the Ring. And if you can help the Mayor with his rebellion, do that. The little guy is great.

>> No.47386480

Kars, Orks, Xenomorphs, Trolls, and more!

>> No.47386513

conjoined congeries from the one what with the magical girls and the cards what with the superpowers can mix magic systems but imaginal have to mix the spells yourself

>> No.47386540

Stop talking.

>> No.47386551

Dual Art from Castlevania.

>> No.47386594

I mean mix spells not mix systems. Thanks though!

>> No.47386607

Shaper's Authority I'd be somewhat leery of for that. It's a great perk but I'd be careful with self evolving or altering armies with it, might go rampant if you leave them alone for too long as they slowly lose the traces of your influence. And that's before getting into Appetite Demons, which are a problem for anything using the Gourmet Cells.

>> No.47386629

well I imagine if you can make your own spells it shouldn't be too much harder to make spells of a higher level that mix the effects.

>> No.47386653

But thats half the fun, right?

Honestly, I think it really depends on HOW you go about using them. You might want things to go wild, like unleashing a pack of wild beasts into an enemies territory. Or introducing invasive species to wreck countries.

Otherwise, I agree. Best to keep a smaller, more manageable army of high quality units. Leave meat shield units to summoning spells or something.

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