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Who is the biggest failure in all of the chain?

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Sure, Why not.

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Nice two threads.

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I'm not a character in a jump, silly man.

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So I've got a question, is your Jumper more of a character or just 'you'? Do you write it as if you were literally going through that yourself or do you create a character to guide your decisions, or maybe even just to establish a theme?

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This anon reads the writefagging. Your jumper appears to be a dick.

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This is now a "no yuri" thread.

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Just me. The way I've developed as a person through my experiences has produced a theme, however.

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Turian Ambassador, Mass Effect

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Imma do what I want.

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I guess we're moving over here. Can I get some ideas for some items for a Slender man jump? I've got money, a camera, the Marble Hornets student film, and the prettiest little knife you ever saw, but I cannot for the life of me think of any more.

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Welp, see you in the other thread.

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Just don't do any girls if you are one.

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Ah, yes, ""Biggest failure in the chain."

We've dismissed that claim.

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You can't stop me.

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Is there a 'game plan' to Worm or any other setting? Like, places to be and things to do at certain times to save particular people, things to account for in the timeline alterations, what you'd need to do all that effectively, etc.

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Creepy stalker girls who are obsessed with you and try and kill their friend over this obsession.

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Lost Property update tonight. As soon as I find out where 0.8 went. Has anyone seen it?

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Us Anon, all of us.

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Heh heh heh.

Will there also be a perk that gives you the courage to yell at Slenderman?

I honestly don't know, I never paid much attention to Slenderman stuff. Maybe a flashlight or a suit?

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Naw, I ain't seen it. Best of luck, though.

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More than just slender, get other urban legends in thee.

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Last version I saw was 0.7.

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Flashlight with unlimited battery power. Hand held cam with unlimited power and storage space.

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If you want to save the world, kill Jack Slash when he invades in June. Otherwise, you have to deal with the Slaughterhouse 9000, and Golden Morning.

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Also convince Scion to kill himself, it will be much easier than you think.

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If I jump overlord and take the 42nd supreme being does it take 300 off my race or just give me a 300 free? Could I buy demon for 200?

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Only item I can think of would be a vehicle that lets you nope the fuck out or a scooby van,

General suggestions: Expand it to the other Fear Mythos? Or at least put the option as a drawback. Also, a gauntlet mode would be 11/9.

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It's way too late for me but-after scouring the archives this is the absolute latest version I can find

I think the first would be alright as long as you can program AIs enough to fool other players

The second would almost definitely bust your ass for outright breaking the game though, since it's a much more blatent form of hacking based on what I remember talking to Digger about this place

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Yes, read the notes it explains this.

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Darn, I guess I lost it.

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Reads more as a free race and not free points.

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You would be too if you had the power of the mind and no one could stop you.

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What is this from?

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I was planning on including them as a drawback, but I don't know enough about them to make the jump about them.

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>That plan
It could work, I don't really see why it wouldn't. The one A.I. in the series actually did just hang out in a hole in the ground and operate through a character.

There's not much reason to though, there's really only one night where everything goes to shit and it had a remarkably high survival rate. The only avatars who died are the guy who thought attacking the killer dragon, which was designed as a raidboss before it got powered up, head on by himself was a good idea, and the girl who got shot in the back by her teammate because she was about to do something really stupid.

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I want to come out and say that metagaming Raildex isn't that important or valuable compared to having Yuriko exist and be my waifu, and I'm saying this as an anon that fucking love to metagame Raildex to ever living shit.

Granted, you'd still be able to fuck with the metaphysics, and if you intend make a splash in the indexverse, you probably already have enough power to hold your ground against the top tiers anyway.

Plus, how could you resist Yuriko?

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It is a free race of 300 points or less but if you want one that costs more you can take 300 points off the price and then apply the player discount to the remaining cost meaning that zombie that costs 400 would instead cost 50. This is all explained in the notes.

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Yes because your waifu is fucking garbage.

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There are a shit load of reality warpers in index, Meta gaming is needed to avoid them.

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Oh derp thanks.

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I took the two highest drawbacks which are Let Me In and Stay Alive Online. So you'd understand why I'd hide in a hole in the ground just as a precaution.

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How the fuck did you lose your own Jump?

>> No.47361173

See: >>47361143

>> No.47361184

I don't know anon. I'll let you know if I ever find an answer.

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It's Xed out, you can't actually take it.

Won't Touya keep everyone safe?

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So, Journey to the West as an early jump, yea or nay? How about if I don't load up on drawbacks and ignore the actual journey to the west? I'm sure there's plenty of stuff to do in a world like that for ten years, and 1000 CP means I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.

If I took the perk from Sburb that makes it so you have a habit of tripping over powerful magic artifacts, how much fun could I expect?

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Power of the mind? Does the Three Pounds Of Dreams perk from Psychonauts count?

And nope, I wouldn't. I mean, seriously, phenomenal cosmic power and you're stealing credit cards? Please tell me you were at least stealing them from dicks?

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It's a jump about losing stuff, we really should have expected this.

When I saw his first post, I thought he was actually just trying to set up a pun.

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It's early in the chain. Stealing credit cards is easy money.

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We talked about this in the last thread, apparently Reploid said its okay if people really wanted to, we're just spit balling why you should always go this route since we now know it's available to us.

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One of the biggest disappointments of Persona 2129 Quest is that the girl that Thorn uses Yuriko's art for is both someone else's waifu and not our protagonist's type even if she weren't. Damn it, Kanami, why must you be so cute.

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Wanna know how, anon?

0.8 doesn't exist. It was a setup for a pun.

I apologize to the anon who went digging for it. It was nice of them.

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Touma would protect the city as a whole but how would you be able to do anything if you couldn't meta the place? There are so many ridiculous threats that you need the LN to act as a guide for avoiding places of terror.

>> No.47361274

You're a monster.

>> No.47361288

That is pretty funny.

>> No.47361291

But he's an obvious monster, like an 80s slasher killer that shows up when the music starts playing.

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Oh well. Two points to the first year Slytherin for using a line from a classic song in their build (the Stamina perk).

>> No.47361309

It's also outright in the notes that he doesn't mind.

>> No.47361317

Most of them are on the magic side. You don't need to try to avoid them, you'd need to look for them if you wanted to meet them.

Granted that might all change if it all goes out the rails, but I'm actually comfortable with the idea of Raildex being a wild ride where I only know how the meta physics work.

Fuck, I'd run it full random several times for no additional benefit beyond a crazy time, because I like the setting that much.

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The answer is both.
I started the Chain as myself, and do base my decisions on what I would do, through the filter of bazillion years of slowly building super powers.
But at the same time, I've created a consistent support character that grows and changes with me, with a direct two way link to my thoughts and emotions.
So the answer is that I play as Me+1.

What an adorable child.

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>Ignoring the journey
Don't you want to reach enlightenment?

>> No.47361351

Ice cold...

>> No.47361359

Did you know that taking electrokinisis kills you if you enter water? I know you can toggle but did you ever forget or try to use you power in the shower? Because if you didn't take that into consideration you probably died that jump.

>> No.47361371

It's me. I imagine myself in those situations and try to puzzle out what I'd do with the tools I brought to the chain and the tools the chain has provided. Makes for a more fleshed out narrative.

>> No.47361380

All Conduit powers kill you if you enter water, no Conduit can swim. It's their Kryptonite.

>> No.47361389

Canon or silly gameplay mechanic?

>> No.47361391

Try and help panacea before she does some really stupid shit caused by her step sister partially. Maybe the dodgeball lesbian perk can help out? Also, help skitter out, the poor girl puts up with so much shit, even if you can argue she brought it upon herself. Also find some way to therapy no jutsu eidolon, because holy shit his shard is too strong and he is the cause of many problems.

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Before my foray into the Ecclesiarchy and Kancolle I kind of played off my prejump memories as a vivid dream. My character remembered them but didn't really do anything based off of them, so... kinda.

For the theme I took classic liberalism and gave it religious rhetoric. At the same time we've got the culture war going on, so I've adopted some of that rhetoric into my real life vernacular. It's dorky, I know, but fun.

Believe it or not, playing this daydreaming game has helped instill a strong sense of justice and democratic patriotism that I apply in my every day life.

>> No.47361404

You clearly lack confidence in your own abilities.

Just look at it like It's jumping Lovecraft all over again!

Moreover, Touma might not exist in the jump anymore because it's all of the rails. Can't count on anything but your own senses, paranoia, and genre savvyness.

>> No.47361424

For other types it might be a gameplay mechanic but electros shock themselves to death if they try to swim and blow themselves up if they try to drive.

>> No.47361434

Fuck off to another plane of existence it is.

>> No.47361435

That seems like a pretty sensible way to do it, yeah. What do you think has changed you the most over the chain? Drawbacks, origins, events, or maybe just getting powers?

I ended up going to Zerg route only twenty or so jumps in. The 500 years of memories ended up overwhelming my 200-odd years at that point.

How do you think that's affected you over time? With how you both can read each other, has any of their opinions or ideas ever leeched over to you?

>> No.47361441

Well, with electrokinesis it's canon, the plot references Cole's problems with water at several points. For the others it might just be a dumb game mechanic.

>> No.47361445

For killing the Endbringers before they literally kill countless people, have a teleportation ability that can plant something in their cores, be where they spawn, and be able to do it from a safe distance.

>> No.47361458

Jumpers does anyone know some good ways to make your own Liberty Prime? I want to make Soviet Prime.

>> No.47361476

The fun part is that if Manyfist did not take this into account he probably died in that jump, serves him right for stealing all those credit cards.

>> No.47361482

If you can access multi-planer/dimensional stuff, you don't need to worry super hard about basically anything Raildex has to throw at you, the strongest thing seen only has the ability to create and destroy our plane of existence as it pleases.

>> No.47361504

Every jumper has access to that, plan hide in warehouse is a go!

>> No.47361514

jump fallout with a gundam

>> No.47361522

You can't shut the door behind you though.

>> No.47361524 [SPOILER] 

Would you rather he stole cakes?

>> No.47361537

In Soviet Russia, robot makes YOU!

>> No.47361541

That depends, what's the tech behind this Liberty Prime thing? Is it some kind of ship, a giant robot, what is it? When was it made in-universe, and how? Did it have some special power source or armour that was used to make it? Going to need some information on this.

>> No.47361542

The fallout jump nerfs all of your stuff down to fallout level.

>> No.47361558

Exactly. Your Gundam will become Liberty Prime level.

>> No.47361560

Go to G-Gundam. Highly stereotypical national mecha are their bread and butter there.

And Liberty Prime is in Fallout, so if Soviet Prime matches it there won't be any change.

>> No.47361562

Force Field, yes I can.

>> No.47361569



>> No.47361571

>Not know what Liberty Prime is.
You fucking disappoint me.

>> No.47361602

> Anno Dominos 2016
> Not knowing the anti-communist juggernaut that protects our freedoms.

>> No.47361615

Liberty Prime is a giant patriotic mecha that fights against communism with eye lasers and nuclear footballs (literal ones, not the nickname for the launch computer the President has). There's nothing special about his tech, he's just super expensive to build and maintain so no one in the Wastes really wants to bother.

>> No.47361641

It's more like he's too advanced for anyone other than House and the Enclave to even begin building him from scratch.

>> No.47361651

What can I say? I never played Fallout.
Oh, okay, well in that case-
>nuclear footballs
What, did Senator Armstrong make this thing? Though then again, he was more of the giant spider mech/nanomachines type of guy.

>> No.47361659

Well, yeah, that's what I mean, more or less. I'm just abstracting it all to an economic analysis.

>> No.47361691

>So if Soviet Prime matches it

>Implying collectivists could ever beat capitalists in a competition of technology once the full attention of Liberty and Justice is brought to bear.

Liberty Prime is the feeling of Liberty and Justice that is in the heart of every man, woman and child made real. He is your friend. He fights for your freedom.

>> No.47361716

So, a Percy Jackson question:

Has anyone imported ASOIF's pantheon and taken R'hllor as their parent? If so, how did that go. I haven't done PJ yet and this idea amuses me.

>> No.47361741

Here he is showing off his skills against some (presumably socialist) cats.


>> No.47361743

The NCR is a shit.

>> No.47361747

>Liberty Prime is...
For some reason, I'm reminded of that Trooper companion from SWTOR, the ultra patriotic robot commando who would constantly talk about how awesome the Republic was, about freedom and justice and stuff.

>> No.47361767

Better than most of the alternatives.

>> No.47361788

House was the true path to making America great again.

>> No.47361810

House is only interested in improving Vegas and setting up a moon colony. This is a viable plan sure, but if you don't live in New Vegas, whatever House does isn't going to be relevant to you.

>> No.47361817

Well now we need to replace the commonwealth's cat population with cat girls.

>> No.47361840

Got a question. Assuming through Jumpers connections with important people like Tony Stark and other smart characters, mass amounts of technology/science perks, and technopathy, how farfetched is it to say you can mind control certain necrons? They dont have much purpose other than their one goal, they seem like perfect individuals to harvest weaponry from and maybe even technological secrets.

>> No.47361841

Crony Capitalism is the cancer of Classic Liberalism. You can even use the same treatments against it, IE bombarding it with radiation.

I actually agree with this. Though he wasn't big on political freedom, the fact that he was so big on economic and personal freedom kind of negated it.

I don't know how he'd react to legitimate competition though, but until that reared it's head House wouldn't be so bad to live under.

>> No.47361861

Are there any warehouse addons or something you can get for your companions instead of keeping them in stasis?
I have a lot of companions and I'd like to hang out with them. I don't need them to have their powers or anything. I just want to spend time with the friends I've picked up over the years.

>> No.47361871

What synergies with Darkstalkers Blood Magic other than TOME's variable form?

>> No.47361879

At least House isn't trying to take more land than he could hold like the NCR is.

>> No.47361896

Going Origin in Ar Tonelico gives you a superposition of the Tower of Rhaplanca in your warehouse.

>> No.47361900

In fairness, the NCR soldiers are decent folk, it's just their leadership that's corrupt.
Besides, House is...dubiously moral. I'd keep an eye on him if I were you.

>> No.47361905

Of course, the NCR is trying to expand too fast and too aggressively, rather than taking time to properly integrate new territories and diplomance tribes into joining, and despite being young it's already become corrupted and taken over by the rich far faster than America was, it's a rotten shithole. It's just better than, you know, being a tribal or a raider or a Legionnaire.

>> No.47361918

Very much a character. I'm really not interesting enough as a person to provide an interesting read, so I started it off as me and used origin choices and background memories to essentially destroy my own personality. The good thing is that it totally worked, and I've managed to create a really nice little cast of characters with a fair amount of writing.

The bad news is that I still happen to think it's shit most of the time.

>> No.47361931

Wretched Egg.

>> No.47361939

I really wonder how Bancho would answer this.

>> No.47361944

The best is probably to import the Light of Terra into Uncharted Waters. Your companions can hang out on your Uncharted Waters ship as much as they want so long as they don't leave, and the Light of Terra has tons of living space for them.

>> No.47361969

Be that as it may, they're still the last hope for literally everyone outside Vegas.

>> No.47361977

Who would ever take that.

>> No.47362023

True, that's my main point, that the NCR is terrible but it's way better than the alternative outside of Vegas.

Me. I'm a yandere and that's okay.

>> No.47362047

Well isn't there the Brotherhood?

>> No.47362059

Bloodborne. As in, everything in there.
Bloody Curse from Valkyrie Profile.
Life Gem from Skullgirls.

>> No.47362077

I was talking about precision radiation treatment.
The USA has the same problem, and while the solution is difficult, it is most certainly simple.

>> No.47362081

Raven House from Webmage, it's a mansion on a small tropical island; your companions can stay there and time still passes for them. Though I suppose it depends on what you mean by "a lot" of companions; you may have to rotate them. Also it's expensive - 600cp, no discount.

>> No.47362123

>doing anything good for anyone

Even the Eastern chapter went back to being jerks when Lyons died.

>> No.47362150

Would this be a good example of what a level 100 Drop-In build would look like in Overlord?

>> No.47362168

forgot image

>> No.47362185

The Brotherhood believes in hoarding technology for themselves because you're not responsible enough, and they also are pretty inbred and resistant to accepting anyone that wasn't born into their faction. They don't care about helping you either, or anyone else.

>> No.47362214

Dress is too poofy.

>> No.47362222

The Brotherhood you find in Vegas is both a shadow of its former self and have a massive stick up their asses now.

I mean, they always had a stick in their but, but it was more like a twig when dealing with them in 1 and 2. In New Vegas, that twig has grown up to be an oak tree.
Most of their members will kill you now if you try to leave them, they are far bigger hoarders of technology, and have generally become giant racist bigots.

They only Brotherhood that could be definitively good is the mid-west members from Fallout Tactics. However, not only did whether they're saviors or giant dicks depend on your character in that game, but Tactics is only semi-canon now.

>> No.47362226

You are right it needs more ribbons.

>> No.47362258

The stats of Overlord always fucking confused me. They're on a scale of 1 to 100 like levels are? but some characters have above that in one stat or another? Even mana and HP? For what purpose?

>> No.47362289

Time and powers, mostly. I have confidence that we can handle the Drawbacks we take, but Nechronica's (#40) High School of the Dead will be a delightfully challenging lifestyle change. The /very/ few times I've taken an Origin other than Drop-in have been ones that mesh well with myself. Vielia in Ar Tonelico, and Brush Goddess of Song in Okami. I am loud, and like taking care of people. Those will be later jumps though. #70 and #45, respectively.
I have the numerical builds laid out up to 250, but I'm still writing out the happenings, and I'm a slow phone user till I buy a new laptop early next month.
I'm up to #32, a vacation in Skyrim.
Touring the Word Walls. Meeting the locals. Learning puns in Thuum.

The double mind thing has some interesting effects. Our personalities remain surprisingly distinct, as instead of being homogeneous, we specialize in a complementary manner. Like a form of neuroplastic social dependence, in which we come to rely on eachother's mental presence. I become more gregarious and confident, she becomes more aware and contemplative.
Not that we don't also converge in places. I got a bit more willing to stab things, and she got more willing to hug things. She is a possessed sword, after all.

There are a couple of feedback loops that throw us for a hoop though.
Sometime our thought wheel keep turning into puns. Every time it comes a-round we just keep spinning out of control. It's driving us loopy!

>> No.47362312

You can do that. I'd swap out the poof with a split riding skirt for both style and utility.

>> No.47362404

It could be worse. Someone could have made a Danmachi jump, the stats system in that is so confusing. Your stats go from L01 to SSSS100, and every time you level up your stats reset but you actually retain your power since the stats are really just a measure of growth, not overall level (this means that someone who's already really strong before getting a Falna can have a 1 for all their stats but still be incredibly powerful), and when you level up you have a random chance of getting new skills based on what you did to gain the experience that leveled you up, and it's all sorts of confusing. I'm not sure a person's stat sheet actually gives you any useful information at all.

>> No.47362525

Getting powerful before acquiring a Falna just isn't something that happens in that setting, and the way your stats start having more to them without actually changing based on how high they were when you get a level up doesn't really matter due people dying before they get a high enough level for it to snowball, so it really isn't that confusing as long as you know to just look at a dude's level and guess everything else based on the norm (which will work most of the time).

>> No.47362537

I think it's to show that that character "breaks the scale". What I mean is, through building/being built in a certain way, they managed to break the game and surpass the limits they would normally get. You know how in most video games where stats are limited, applying a class or something that adds points to a stat to a stat that's maxed out wouldn't do anything? I think in this case, it DOES do something. Then again, that's just my interpretation.

>> No.47362575

No. I definitely knew about the Electrokinesis. Also I don't have to take a lot of showers, thanks to Everclean. I also toggle the power off until I need it, no point in having it on always when stepping in a puddle will kill you.

>> No.47362625

It might be some thing that only applies to HP and mana, because I've only seen it in those two cases, but in every other character besides these outliers, HP and mana are at equal scaling with fucking attack and defense stats, which doesn't make any goddamn sense in my mind

>> No.47362657

>a pun cycle
>pic related

>> No.47362678

Hmm, looking at Shalltear, is it possible that the HP/MP is a stat on it's own? What I mean is, could you have a hundred in everything else, but say a ten in HP, thus causing you to have very little health? Because given the stuff the characters survive/unleash, I doubt there HP/MP is actually a hundred or less.

>> No.47362705

Probably just different scaling for different stats. 100 Level HP is really 1,000 HP while 100 Level ATK is 100 ATK.

>> No.47362731

>Noone's noticed you

>> No.47362737

I'd say higher Agility. Might also possibly break the limit like Ainz's MP if you have Realm of Heroes.

>> No.47362767

I noticed, I was just distracted by the shitting and don't have much to say about it.

It's pretty and does a good job of setting up the premise, but I need to see more before I can offer any useful opinions.

>> No.47362771

i told you about those puns bro
i told you

>> No.47362785

No, I was pointing out a typo in Drop-in in a comical way.

>> No.47362819

Wouldn't adding Realm of Heroes just make you flat out broken? Pretty sure the only being tougher than a Jumper that's Level 100 with RoH would be Albedo's younger sister, the "strongest being", and that's not counting out of setting powers.

>> No.47362901

Does any jump have blood magic similar to Vlad from LoL?

>> No.47362941

Valkyrie Profile?

>> No.47362970

A collection of crudely drawn dairy pages. Attaching them to trees or streelight posts causes those in the area to become disoriented and unable to leave it, unless they figure out the pages are what is causing the effect. Might also summon a 'guardian' to prevent them from collecting the pages. I dunno.

Shalltear is probably a divine caster rather than a Drop-In. I think Aura, Pandora's Actor and Demiurge are better examples of Drop-Ins.

>> No.47363023

>Those ears
Fucking stealth elf

>> No.47363062

Series isn't over yet. There might still be some worthy opponents out there for you, Gilgamesh.

>> No.47363070

how is he level 100 when there is only 30 on his sheet? idgi

>> No.47363084

See that Others? That's how.

>> No.47363100

I think "Others" mean that there's more classes but it's probably too much to show

>> No.47363109

fair enough

>> No.47363114

I think that's actually a mistranslation of "Humanoid Race". She is actually an elf.

>> No.47363124

God damn it I've been fooled again.

>> No.47363151

Reverse traps best traps.

>> No.47363200

Apparently Bukubukuchagama though both kinds were best.

>> No.47363210

God that name is a mouthful. Seriously, what was she thinking?

>> No.47363221

Both kinds are definitely good so he had good taste.

>> No.47363246

It's pretty fun to say once you get the hang of it

>> No.47363248

Excellent taste.

>> No.47363261

Rolled 8, 8 = 16 (2d8)

New to this, rolling for region and age

>> No.47363264

What the fuck?

>> No.47363330

I would...

>> No.47363404

Here you all go. New 200 and 400 perks across the board for all 'human' origins, new drawbacks and a higher cap, The Maker is cheaper, and some other minor rewrites. Notably, the hard cap on Angelroids is now a soft cap. Science-based Jumpers now get a chance to push the upgrade process along.

There's other things and probably a shitton of typos for me to fix and perks to correct, but it should still be functional.

>> No.47363444

I want to go about creating 'prison boxes' that I can throw at something, and lock them inside with no way to escape until I want them out.
I don't plan on trapping anything too powerful or anything bigger than a whale.
I just want to bag test subjects without harming them, no muss, no fuss.

I'm thinking that I can manage it with 0-D for Dummies from Megas XLR and the stasis tech from Dead Space to 'pause' them, but I can't think of an adequate power source.

Anybody have any ideas?

>> No.47363531

Hey, HeavensAnon, before you disappear again, can I ask you some questions about that Boktai jump? Like, how do the vampires work, what is this Will of the Galaxy, etc.?

>> No.47363534

Damn, just as the ambion starts kicking in.
Well, I'll read it tomorrow.

See you tomorrow, bitches!

>> No.47363556

Anon don't you know sleep is for the weak?

>> No.47363604

Ah, you're probably the same anon who was asking about it before, right? Sorry I didn't get to you before, I was on my phone at work.

Anyways, Will of the Galaxy is this vague, nebulous force that created the immortals. I don't remember the exact details, but the short version is that apparently the planet's solution to too many humans is zombies and vampires.

As for how they work...wait until I'm awake or get back to work on the draft. It's pretty late where I am. They function MOSTLY like fiction vampires tend to.

>> No.47363701

If you're using dead space stasis tech on things no bigger than whales and 0-D tech, pretty much anything with enough juice will do. Fallout fusion reactor or a Stargate ZPM or even just a big old fission pile. After all with 0-D it doesn't really matter how big it is.

>> No.47363718

By the way, why are Angelroids so much weaker than canon?

>> No.47363748

>The planet's solution to humans is zombies and vampires
What the fuck. Anyway, thanks for the answer.

>> No.47363935

He did say it was the planet's solution to TOO MANY humans.

>> No.47363946

Male, 26yo
Brando Larrea
•Sentinel -> Scifi Mage & Techie? Awesome.
-Warp -> Slowly ripping my enemies apart at molecular level. Damn, just dayum. Best part, I can cause an explosion by chaining another Biotic ability.
-Throw -> Force Push by another name.
-Tech Armor -> Holographic armor? Aww yeah. Its sweet.
-Overload -> Pesky shields no more! Pesky robots? No more!
-Cryoblast -> FREEZE!
•Supportive Mindset (850cp) -> There's no I in Team. I should know because I'm squad leader. Which also doesn't have an I in it.
•Not A Stupid Grunt (550cp) -> Tech is my forte! Hack any poor sod's Omnitool or fix a Tantalus drive core. I'm basically a human male Tali.
•Squadmates (50cp) - > Elizabeth!
•Fearlessness (-250cp) -> KNOW NO FEAR!
•Loadout -> Basic gear, helpful but I plan on getting better stuff.
•Medi-Gel Kit (-300cp) -> Stem-cells in a handy gel form. Great for patching up wounds fast.
•Assistant VI (-400cp) -> EVA takes care of stuff that I'm too lazy to remember or care to deal with.
•Shepard's Flock (-300cp) -> My name is Shepard and this is my favorite Jumper.
•No Taker's (0cp) -> Romance? Who needs it right now.


>> No.47363957

I admittedly forgot to add that. But that was what I was thinking. I mean, vampires and zombies? What about earthquakes, diseases, volcanoes, that shit? Where do fucking vampires and zombies fit into this?! For that matter, since vampires are immortal compared to mortal humans, wouldn't that make the overpopulation problem WORSE?!

>> No.47363971

A reminder that everyone's waifu and daughterus are shit and should all belong in the trash where they belong.

>> No.47363975

I should probably point out one Hideo Kojima was the producer for this game.

>> No.47364026

I forget, what were the rules for the LoSS Supplement if you were a non-Dragon?

Specifically, if you were Human?

>> No.47364054

That they sort of work, just with a human body. Like, tough hide makes you impossible to delimb.
To be perfectly honest, I really don't know what that means.

>> No.47364058

Holy shit man, he already pussied out and made it so you get to their level in time, what more do you want? I bet you're the same guy as the one crying at SMT anon for more power constantly.

>> No.47364082

Because everyone knows a jump is useless unless it involves power. Fuck, I don't even want to make a jump anymore if it means this guy on my ass.

>> No.47364097

Neither of you start. Any shitposting, whether in my favor or against it, is annoying as all hell. Only reason I was motivated to update was to spite all the nonsense the past few days.

Do me a favor and drop it, unless you have a constructive bit to add. Please? Okay? Okay.

>> No.47364108

What jumps have you made/are making? I'm just curious, don't mean to be all "Hurumph, big talk!" or what ever.

>> No.47364128

Well I was going to try for the new Doom game or a Tron jump, but no. Fuck it. We've already seen DSanon driven off and other jumpmakers harassed because "m-muh power", I don't want to deal with that shit. I'm dropping them.

>> No.47364130

What were your past jumps?

>> No.47364143

Oh no, please don't! Look, I know there can be problems occasionally, with either people who thinks should be stronger or weaker, or other nonsense, but please don't give up because of that! A lot of us would love to see new jumps. I mean, if you really don't want to, I can't force you, but please at least reconsider?

>> No.47364146

No. If you care so much about this, then stop spreading lies that they guy himself has shot down. He has appeared several times and said that he just does not post with his name when it's not about his jump. Keep doing it and you are on the same level as any other shit stirrer.

>> No.47364150

If you've ever played or watched Metal Gear Solid, it's basically that. Boktai wasn't AS crazy, but it had weirdness here and there.

>> No.47364151

None. I wanted to try actually writing a jump for once, see if I could get some new material in. But the way these past threads are going? Nope. Not doing it. Someone else can deal with that guy.

>> No.47364157

Progress report!

>You can expect a WIP on the Age of Empires III Scenario sometime tomorrow. However, the Railroad/Revolution/Ruse sections for Part 3 aren't done (or even placeholder'd) yet. Yes, EACH route in Part 3 has its own subsystem. No, I don't have all the ideas yet.

>Besides the items that are already in, I forgot what I was going to do for Items in the Ninjago update.

>It's been a while since I posted a build, so I started up a new chain and things have been going great so far.

1. Pokemon Trainer

- Rolled Unova
- 10 years old (rolled)
- Gender [Female] [900 left]
- City Life (Nimbasa City) [850 left]
- Starter: In-Region, Common (Blitzle) [800 left]
- Freerunning [Free City Life]
- Psionics [Discount City Life] [500 left]
- Champ In The Making [200 left]
- Technician [Discount City Life] [50 left]
- Bicycle [0 left]
- Move On

The plan is that trained under Elesa some this time around. As in, the PLAN. I can't say 100% that that was actually a thing I got to do. Also I really hope I didn't get Technician mixed up with Mechanic.

>> No.47364160

As someone who hasn't read the novels, how strong is her sister? Considering Level 100 Heroes can apparently match mid-tier Level 100s even without armor, she seems like she would've been ridiculously broken in-game.

>> No.47364161

If that's really the way you feel I won't blame you, but IMHO the feeling of making a good jump is more than worth any pain that it might cause you. JC has its shitstorms and its fights, every place on the internet does, but it feels good to make something and watch other people have fun with it.

If you ever do decide to make them, just remember to focus on the good instead of the bad. It's easy to lose sight of what makes JC and Jumpmaking fun if you only focus on the negative parts of the place.

It's your choice, but either way I hope you don't let stuff like this ruin JC for you. If you ever change your mind don't be afraid to hop onto the IRC and pick our brains for help and whatnot.

>> No.47364162

Fair enough. Jump-making is a lot like sky-diving.

>> No.47364165

Oh well. No one has control over your or his actions so if that's your choice, that's that. Please don't continue this conversation and risk starting more arguments/shit/whatever.

>> No.47364183

Oh, okay. Uh, just a question, but how do you think the locals would react to a Hellsing Vampire?
Oh, and this is just a question to the thread in general while we're on the subject of vampires, but if I can gather the Triforce in the LoZ, could I wish to be a Pillar Man/have a Pillar Man alt-form, or is that wanking?
Supposedly, she's the strongest being period, bar none. It's been a while, but I seem to recall hearing that it would take an army of Level 100s to take her down.

>> No.47364202

Probably be terrified and either flee or fight. Sabata and eventually Django were accepted as allies, but their circumstances were a little bit special. You'd have to work for the locals to open up to you. Like showing you're not full of Dark Matter and Undeadening that could spread to them.

>> No.47364227

Oh, alright, thanks. It would probably be a bad idea to release any of the restrictions if I'm trying to make friends, right?

>> No.47364235

Worm. If I might make an observation.

Focusing on the good more than the bad is good and all, but unless you just flat-out mentally omit the bad, shit piles up and outweighs the good every once in a while. See: this moment right now with Angelroid-bitch, or trying to do anything with Type-Moon. Anon's basically decided if he wants to keep having fun - he's not going to make a jump due to having to deal with that shithead.

You're also forgetting that not everybody has the same tolerance for bullshit - and considering how thread's been lately, I don't doubt that many people's tolerance levels are drastically low.

>> No.47364259

Probably. Immortals have almost wiped out all humans, after all. Might even succeed if you interfere with Django's stuff any. That said, any Jumper worth their salt can turn the situation on its head either way. So you'll be fine as long as you use common sense.

>> No.47364271

Fair enough, but I didn't want him to walk away without somebody pointing out that it still might be worthwhile.

I still smile like a loon whenever I see people talking about stuff involving jumps I've made. It's a good feeling knowing that something you made is letting others have fun. Anon needs to do whats best for him but I still think it needs to be said.

>> No.47364278

Lately I've been reorganizing my jumps, which means that I end looking up old builds a lot, and then get distracted. Changes happen (I guess I have an airship now?).
Anyway, right now I'm going through the Final Fantasies, and I realized I never made a build for 14.
First time I saw it, it was 200+ pages, and I was all, "HAHA! Fuuuuck that." But then it turns out that the "actual" jump is "only" around 70 pages, which is more like something Babs would do, so this happened.
I skipped the scenarios because fuuuuuck that.

Final Fantasy XIV
> Age: 16 [Rolled4]
> Location: Gridania [Rolled2]
> Race: Miqo’te
> Discipline of Magic: Arcanist/Scholar
> Discipline of Magic: Arcanist/Summoner
> Discipline of the Hand: Machinist
> Keepers of the Moon [Get a Freebie!]
> Knowledge Drain [-100CP]
> Elemental Distribution [Get a Freebie!]
> [King] Autoturret [-300CP]
> Soft Echo [Get a Freebie!]
> Voidsender [-300CP]
> Estate [-50CP]
> + Aetheric Field [-50CP]
> + Crystal Foci [-50CP]
> + Observatory [-50CP]
> + Ancient Knowledge ~ Sharlayan [-100CP]

This is like that time in 13 where I grabbed like five levels of "summon trash mobs" and could summon all the things. Fighting for yourself is for SUCKERS.
Also, apparently I can just convert mana directly into machines now.
That's neaHAHAHAHAHAsorry.

I also got a totally kickass library that follows me between jumps! That's AWESOME.
Though, for this jump, that's probably near all I do, is hang out in this library and do scholarly things. Mm.

>> No.47364285

Scenarios are more CP though.

And have good stuff.

>> No.47364294

Just out of curiosity, I don't suppose anyone, vampire or human, would react well to an NGE Angel showing up? Would that alone be enough to turn the tide, or would I need to bring in the brood as well? Um, for reference, I combined Broodmother from SCP and the Angel form to create a small army of Angels.

>> No.47364322

I don't think ANYONE would react well to that. Also, this question sounds awfully familiar.

The problem is less about the Immortals winning a war and more from the fact most humans are being turned into Undead by Dark Matter, which is at least SOME form of contagious. Though magic and Solar Trees seem able to ward it off. It's not enough to wipe out the Immortals - you have to purify the planet and restore civilization.

Of course, if you just want to wreck some shit, you can totally ruin the Immortals entirely before their plans get underway and leave the recovery effort to the squishy humans.

>> No.47364332

So, anyone got a list of pure electricity power options? As in, those that focus solely on electricity and aren't packaged with fire or wind?

So far, Electric-type Pokemon, Electric Conduit, and electric powers from Spyro and City of Heroes are already covered.

Also, how many volts of electricity would one need to produce to act as the power source for their own Tau Battlesuit-sized mech?

>> No.47364356

They're like 100+ pages of backstory and I don't wanna do stuff.

I mean. Not to sound nasty, but I've never played FF14, or even 11, nor do I have any desire to. I don't really care about them at all.
So I doubly don't feel like reading a light novel so that I can go on magical adventures in the world thereof.

Besides, I just got a super cool library, I can summon critters, turn magic into robots, and... if I'm reading these Scholar perks correctly I can actually turn math into knowledge and elements, which considering the amount of math I'm capable of is pretty incredible.
All for basically nothing.

I think I'm good.

>> No.47364371

>Purify the planet
So, the planet itself has been corrupted? Ho boy. That makes this a lot more difficult.
>Dark matter is contagious, and turns people undead
Yikes. Going to have to figure out how to deal with that.
There's that perk from Darkstalkers, that not only gives you lightning powers, but makes electricity heal you, and the Rumble-Rumble fruit from One Piece allows you to wield 200 million volts, travel through lightning bolts, sense things by detecting electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere, and merge with certain conductive solid matter. How about that?

>> No.47364430

You can become a "god" of electricity in Lord of Light.

>> No.47364436

That depends. What's the magnitude of your charge? Volts are potential energy per unit charge, and I'd be surprised if it took less than 15 megajoules to run a battlesuit (that's roughly how much a tank's gas-turbine engine puts out).

>> No.47364445

Electricity Generation - Arrowverse
Energy Generation/Control - Generator Rex
Energy - Marvel
Miscellaneous Meta - PS238
Electrokinesis - Teen Titans
Elemental Power - X-men Cinematic Universe
Electricity Element of Technology - Captain Planet

There's also some stuff in Naruto, Fable, Morrowind&Skyrim and both Bioshock jumps, but they're all technically part of something larger (chakra, magic, plasmids).

The Marvel and PS238 options are sort of open-ended, so have fun with that.

>> No.47364446

I have no idea.

>> No.47364469


>> No.47364485

Anybody know where I can get powers that let me make large amounts of food easily?

I wanna be like Jesus.
I don't look a thing like him, though.

>> No.47364508

Well, the perks from Actraiser might allow you to pull Jesus-like shenanigans?
Also, fun fact: an alternative way to say Jesus' name is Joshua Bar Joseph AKA JoJo. Eh? Eh?

>> No.47364512

Just to be sure, are the things that you make using the Gadgeteer perk replicable using 'real' science? So, for example, if I make a gun that shrinks things could I publish the method for making it so it could be mass produced by regular people?

>> No.47364517

*Gadgeteer perk from Arrowverse

>> No.47364537

Rank 10 Magic from Overlord could probably do that, they say once that food can be conjured from nothing using <rank 6 but it tastes like garbage, so there's most likely a higher-rank improvement.

>> No.47364539

Chronicles of Narnia: Witchcraft, specialise in Creation (for ex nihilo "and then there was food") or Nature (for magically growing food) or Transmutation (for turning non-food into food).

PS238: Rainmaker Kid or Miscellaneous Meta.

Any D&D jump, become a Cleric or Druid, get spells like Create Food, Heroes Feast, etc.

>> No.47364586

Yeshua Bar Yosef, actually. Jewish names at the time didn't use hard J sounds. He'd be Yeyo.

>> No.47364600

Lord of Light - Aspect Cultivation. The perk explicitly parallels the whole "cutting bread, feeding an army" thing.

>> No.47364616

Eh, that's a fair point-
...isn't that also slang for cocaine? I remember hearing it in Scarface. That's kind of funny, actually.

>> No.47364618 [DELETED] 

Minecraft EE + Crimson Saint from Maoyu Hero and Demon King, or DND Magic.
Meta from Red vs Blue, ACTRAISER, Herald, Chosen of Raphael and Jesus Armor Set from SMT, The Judgment Arcana, The Preservation of Man and On Aslan's Side from Narnia, Jumping Sburb as an Endgame and taking Muse of Life, Heart or Hope as your class, or
Take him as a Servant in Fate/ Extra, and use the Kingeater Cookbooks from the upcoming Sunless Sea Jump.

19 And having taken bread, having given thanks, he brake and gave to them, saying, `This is my body, that for you is being given, this do ye -- to remembrance of me.'
20 In like manner, also, the cup after the supping, saying, `This cup [is] the new covenant in my blood, that for you is being poured forth.

>> No.47364636 [SPOILER] 

Minecraft EE + Crimson Saint from Maoyu Hero and Demon King, or DND Magic.
Meta from Red vs Blue, ACTRAISER, Herald, Chosen of Raphael and Jesus Armor Set from SMT, The Judgment Arcana, The Preservation of Man and On Aslan's Side from Narnia, Jumping Sburb as an Endgame and taking Muse of Life, Heart or Hope as your class, or Take him as a Servant in Fate/ Extra, and use the Kingeater Cookbooks from the upcoming Sunless Sea Jump.
19 And having taken bread, having given thanks, he brake and gave to them, saying, `This is my body, that for you is being given, this do ye -- to remembrance of me.'
20 In like manner, also, the cup after the supping, saying, `This cup [is] the new covenant in my blood, that for you is being poured forth.

>> No.47364642

>Taking Jesus as a servant
Erm, would that work? Isn't the Saviour class unavailable even in Extra? And there's no other class for Big J, he doesn't really fit the other archtypes. Then again, what do I know? I have no real knowledge of Fate besides the jump, and it's your(or his) chain, so...

>> No.47364644

I imagine that in the Arrowverse jump you totally could. All the science Ray Palmer, or Cisco or Harry are doing is just science, to them and in their universe.

Outside of the jump I guess it depends on how you imagine the physics of different universes interacting. Does technology from one jump automatically work in another? If not, do you have to tinker with it to get it up and running? Is it fiat powered? If technology works "natively" in a universe, I figure there's probably nothing stopping you from spreading it around.

But this is just coming from me - I'm not the jumpmaker, and I haven't seen any "rulings" about it.

>> No.47364690

Hey Worm how long can last Evo jump? Is waking that it last for 50 milion years is too much?

>> No.47364712

Clearly that is the more notable part of that statement. Also, I think he might be able to work as a Caster with either EX Charisma or a EX Noble Phantasm, but that might just be me.

>> No.47364726

Each Era involved traveling across basically all of the extant landmass (and at times a portion of the sea) to journey and deal with stuff. That naturally means that with just your feet or whatever that's going to take quite a long time, but 50 million years would be way out there. Taking that long would result in Evolution going screwball and you basically failing.

>> No.47364856

Yes. Ray's brother sold his tech to the military, in hundred years they were able to make Ray's ATOM suit into killer police robots (minus ability to shrink stuff because Ray 'died' while testing it, reality he just shrank and was presumed dead).

>> No.47364873

Hey /jc/ I need some help with a little something here.

Ideas for Persona. I'm a Hermit Arcana and I want to do something related to Knowledge, maybe something to the tune of, "Knowledge of Self", since I'm gonna be unpowered support to the Persona Team until I can kick my Shadow's ass.

I'm currently looking at really famous books in human history, mostly the War Manuals since most of them do spout something akin to "knowing what you can do and knowing what the other fucker can do before getting into a fight with 'em". Any titles you guys know of aside from the 'Art of War' and 'The Five Rings'?

Also, how about you guys? How did you figure out your persona and what were your personal rules for it? Also, how did it interact with your Stand? If you had one at the time that is.

>> No.47364886

The 36 Strategies, maybe? http://wengu.tartarie.com/wg/wengu.php?l=36ji&no=-1

>> No.47364932

Oh! I like this site. Thanks for the link anon!

>> No.47365169

Okay, so for that Persona, how does this look?

Ji - Based on 36 Strategies (sān shí liù jì)
Fa - Based on Art of War (sūn zǐ bīng fǎ)
Yi - Based of the I Ching - The Book of Change (yì jīng)

Now just need to get an idea of what form it will use. Or maybe should I use my Stand as a base?

>> No.47365170

Did any of you take the 0 cp Morlock drawback?
What did you choose?

>> No.47365173

Fuck, I'm stupid and tired, should've mentioned it was from X-men Cinematic Universe.

>> No.47365186

Er, aren't Persona based on people/monsters, not books?

>> No.47365201

The Latest Game has a character with the Persona Necronomicon.
> http://personacentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/P5-Famitsu-00076.jpg

>> No.47365223

Necronomicon is going to be a persona in 5, so technically...

>> No.47365225

Fuck, forgot to add:
I think it's not so much the beings as it is what they represent to entire cultures of humanity. After all, some of the most important ideas that have been introduced to humanity were entire books. So why wouldn't they be represented in Humanity's collective consciousness?

>> No.47365232

176. Green Lantern TAS
Ring: Blue, Location: Mogo
Species: Drop-In, Age: 33, Sex: M, Origin: Poozer
Perks: Indomitable Emotion 3 (-200), Basic Training, Boxing Glove Beats All (-300), Quip (-400)
Items: Lantern Ring and Battery, Hardtofindium
Lanterns Assemble (-400)
Drawbacks: Error 42 (+300)

Chimmy: Casanova, Indomitable Emotion 3 (-200), Basic Training, Bad Ass Occupation [MMA Fighter], Charmer (-100), Glue That Holds Everything Together (-200), Slap on the Wrist (-300), Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery
Falco: Rookie, Indomitable Emotion 3 (-200), Beginner's Luck, Thinking Outside the Box (-100), Quip (-200), That Should've Blown Your Arm Off! (-300), Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery
Roberta: Casanova, Indomitable Emotion 3 (-200), Basic Training, Bad Ass Occupation [CEO], Charmer (-100), Glue That Holds Everything Together (-200), Slap on the Wrist (-300), Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery
Ko'el: Rookie, Indomitable Emotion 3 (-200), Beginner's Luck, Thinking Outside the Box (-100), Quip (-200), That Should've Blown Your Arm Off! (-300), Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery
SoB: Rookie, Indomitable Emotion 3 (-200), Beginner's Luck, Thinking Outside the Box (-100), Quip (-200), That Should've Blown Your Arm Off! (-300), Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery
Asriel: Rookie, Indomitable Emotion 3 (-200), Beginner's Luck, Thinking Outside the Box (-100), Quip (-200), That Should've Blown Your Arm Off! (-300), Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery
Isaac: Rookie, Indomitable Emotion 3 (-200), Beginner's Luck, Thinking Outside the Box (-100), Quip (-200), That Should've Blown Your Arm Off! (-300), Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery
Toby: Casanova, Indomitable Emotion 3 (-200), Basic Training, Bad Ass Occupation [Captain], Charmer (-100), Glue That Holds Everything Together (-200), Slap on the Wrist (-300), Green Lantern Ring and Power Battery

Wow, this jump takes up nearly a whole post without including the story.

>> No.47365240

Is there a perk I can get that allows me to copy items like the one from minecraft but works faster?

>> No.47365332

Rust, but it doesn't seem to copy supernatural abilities, just the object itself. Best used for mundane purposes.

>> No.47365334

I'm just me, more or less. I only took indomitable emotions because I'm already one of the more hopeful people I've ever known. It's nearly everything else I lack.

I was a god. I was breath and motion and freedom and travel, and I can't for the life of me think of why I have to stop being these things at this juncture. It will just take a bit more effort, but I'll manage. There are thousands of worlds and cultures to explore, and I want to see as many of them as possible. Maybe I'll spread hope along the way, and I'll definitely interact with the Green Lanterns to try and find where my companions are hiding. I've fanwanked them back into their original bodies, since I'm in my bodymod. It'll be fun seeing how they react to being brought down to mortal. Well, mortal-esque. They still have do-anything rings and thousands of years experience improvising.

Saint Walker wants me to help build the Corps, so I guess I'll send a recruit his way, but that recruit will have to find the next one. Do corgis have a good sense of smell?

>> No.47365384

Exactly 20 Dollars.

>> No.47365401

-IF- you can set up the infrastructure for it, Dr. Amp’s Wondrous Pixel Transmogrifier from Kid Radd is really good.

Items are ascribed a value of "pixels", with magic or supernatural effects having exponentially more worth than normal items. The more complex the item, the more it's worth. You sacrifice/destroy items for "pixels" and then are able to recreate an item you scanned beforehand that is worth an equal or lesser amount of "pixels".
There is an upgrade that allows you to store pixels, but storing them grants only a small fraction of their pixel's worth, as opposed to just converting them directly.

There is no limit to how many times you can use this per day, but it obviously requires you to sacrifice items in exchange for whatever you're copying, and it won't work on anything bigger than a car (because it has to be able to fit in the machine).

I sortof fanwanked that, rather than pay for the upgrade, I set up a ridiculous pixel storage device next to its spot in the warehouse.
Cram as much useless trash as possible in the machine, convert it into a much more compact item worth roughly the same pixels. Repeat until you can fill the machine with compact items. Now do it all over again.
This probably took way too long to set up an automation for, and was ungodly tedious, and I likely wasted a couple jumps on it, but it was so, so worth it.

Kid Radd has a bunch of other cool stuff, too, you should check it out.

>> No.47365475


Thanks senpai


Not what I am looking for thanks anyway

>> No.47365485


One question will it keep it's super natural powers?

>> No.47365545

I don't see why it wouldn't. I mean, you're paying for the powers in pixels, after all, which again, are exponentially greater than a mundane item of similar design. It's specifically mentioned in the perk itself.

The only thing I would say isn't transferable is jumpchan fiat stuff like "this item respawns every day" or whathaveyou from a jump's purchase. But that's just how I would do it, because that might get stupid I mean just imagine having four thousand boxes of snack cakes that NEVER RUN OUT of snack cakes that would just be insane.

Other than that and remembering that moar pixels = harder and harder to mass produce, I don't think there's a lot you can't do with it.
Somethingsomething conservation of energy or something.
Do what feels right.

>> No.47365589

Nice. Time for some pretty substantial revisions:

Drawbacks: The Jumper in Synapse, Jumper MELAN, A Clockwork Jumper, A Flock of Seagulls, What Is Love? (1800)


Drop-In, Age 21

Unique Data Signature (Free)
An Eerie Feeling (Free)
Favor of Heaven (1700)
Listen To Me! (1500)
Falling Down (1200)
The Maker (600)
Heart Bell: Chaos (0)
School Uniform (Free)

Because what the hell, our companions deserve a vacation. And we deserve a vacation, when those damn supersonic undies aren't ruining the ambience anyway. And because it might be easier to talk shop with Ikaros outside the NEETsphere.

And because no vacation is complete without the existential terror of being chased by cyber-Adorjan
while Gilgamesh's hikki cousin unleashes his dread army of waifus.

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Ages ago I picked the Tower, had tor retcon that build, had to retcon a second build, agonised over what to pick because I got distracted by other perks and by the time I sorted that out I forgot about the actual Persona until now

I have absolutely no idea where to begin

Funny, never playing stuff is the exact reason why I like scenarios. Since sometimes I wanna do stuff, but I don't know what stuff there is to do.

...although sometimes I feel like someone built a mastercraft world of cardboard for me to play in that I keep smashing down the walls of beacuse it's funny. Only to feel bad when I look back and see how much work was put into crafting that cardboard.

>> No.47365624


>> No.47365996

>Bring Me My Gloves - 400 (Discount Drop-in)

>Most hunters use guns, and for good reason. When going up against a three ton animal there isn't any room for an honorable duel, or so it is for people other than you. When going up against anything bigger than yourself your speed, strength, and reflexes are increased x2 the normal level. Using this boost you could out maneuver and best some of the dangerous predators of this world without even breaking a sweat.

This perk is from Carnivores. Does it double your speed, strength, and reflexes from your normal level, or normal human level?

>> No.47366095

Your normal level obviously.
Mind you considering the alt-forms most jumpers get...this is often not that useful.
Still it essentially is making you a glass cannon as you attack and hit harder, but cannot take hits any better than before and few enemies are stronger than you and bigger.

>> No.47366102

>your speed, strength, and reflexes are increased x2 the normal level
>the normal level
So normal human speed, strength and reflexes x2

>> No.47366239

There is always the shrinking powers that can be used.

>> No.47366302

...crud. 200 CP short.

Adding Sakurai Why to the roster.

>> No.47366337

Name me three.

>> No.47366428

177. DC Comics
Location: Santa Prisca
Origin: Drop-In, Age: 28
Perks: Self-Sustenance (-300)
Items: Green Lantern Ring (-1000)
Drawbacks: Weakness [Nth Metal] (+300)

I think this is the last of my superhero jumps for awhile. I'm going to the DC Animated Movie Universe, which is based on the New 52, but I like it anyway. Them being movies takes a lot of the sting out of it, y'know? Which means two things: I am Hal Jordan's partner in patrolling the sector, and our first big opponent is Darkseid. Neither is ideal, but at least Isaac can reverse engineer bullshit comic book technology. My weakness to Nth metal means that Hawkgirl and Hawkman are going to show up, probably. It also means I can get some for Artificial Alloys, but that me getting it personally would be suicidal.

So, I should probably avoid Rann and Thanagar in either case. I already hung around with Adam Strange in Young Justice anyway. Luckily, they're both outside my Green Lantern Sector, so incursions should be rare. And I have no problem calling Hal or one of my companions for help if need be. Other threats include an Atlantean Invasion and Trigon, but mostly it's just everyone having nebulous superhero adventures while Bats deals with his family.

I'm gonna save the most people, though. Because people are good and I want to.

Shrink from DC
Shrinking from Young Justice
Cheat Mode - Ant Man from Sim Ant.
Probably the million shapeshifting or custom power perks elsewhere, or Spacial Warping from X-Men Movieverse, or perks that permanently make you shorter.

>> No.47366722


Just what I need anon thanks again

>> No.47366790

Have you ever directed a movie? What was it about?

>> No.47366791

Vampires and zombies are eternal. Once everyone is an Immortal, nobody dies, and nobody reproduces. The number is constant. The Will of the Galaxy considers this an improvement over humans constantly multiplying and spreading.

>> No.47366804

>Magic Must Defeat Magic
>Any Magical system
>Killing curse
>Magic Shield

Here, you're now invencible in Worm.

Just curse Scion and the Endbringers.

>> No.47366806

Which one is that?

>> No.47366822

I don't know which one of you is right! I need a tiebreaker over here.

>> No.47366827

Well, it says THE normal level, not YOUR normal level, so I'll go with the normal human one.

>> No.47366837

Same anon. Well, this all depends on what you want, so I'd say just flip a coin and see which one you want.

>> No.47366849

Directed a movie about directing a movie about directing movies.

>> No.47366869

I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry, and in this case that means assuming it is THE not YOUR. That is a shame, it seemed really awesome.

>> No.47366994

The only reason to go to carnivores though is to get dino dna and infinite steaks from everything you kill.

>> No.47367023

I was actually going for the park, the shrink ray, and the ability to make any gun or my fists act as tranquilizers at will.

>> No.47367033

Those perks are super strong

>> No.47367047

Hm... What settings have save-or-die effects except HP and D&D?

>> No.47367069

Overlord has really good ones if you specialize in necromancy and are undead

>> No.47367077

Umm, don't think that HP has a save-or-die spell. It just seems like a die-or-die spell, more than anything, since no-one has actually legit resisted it.

>> No.47367105

So, given all of Civilization and starting at autonomous intelligence units capable of indipendently reproducing a variety of Esper powers, what are my chances of making my own shards/becoming my own Entity?

>> No.47367129

That's not how magic must defeat magic works and you know it.

>> No.47367136

I suppose it would technically count as a reflex save.

>> No.47367141


>> No.47367159

Reasons why or are you just doing the "No wat r u doing" meme post again?

>> No.47367164

Why would you even want to be an Entity? They're the worst and no one likes them.

>> No.47367166

Most RPG settings have death spells. Final Fantasy, any of the SMT games, Master of Magic...

Don't overestimate it too much. Applying the No Limits Fallacy to Avada Kedavra is a good way to look like an idiot; we never see it used on anything that might resist it.

>> No.47367182

It takes one to kill one.

>> No.47367190

I would think that anyone with a hard or at least significant resistance to magic would be able to resist AV.

>> No.47367198

It doesn't take a fruit fly to kill a fruit fly, anon.

Use magically enhanced nukes instead.

>> No.47367216

Kill scion with the Fiend power? It might take a while but I could start painting/singing/dancing two years before Golden Morning canonically starts.

>> No.47367225

>Don't overestimate it too much. Applying the No Limits Fallacy to Avada Kedavra is a good way to look like an idiot; we never see it used on anything that might resist it.
Maybe, but that doesn't mean you can just arbitrarily decide that something does resist it. If it hits, it kills. That's all we know, and everything else depends on fanwank. Has Rowling actually given any in-depth information on it at any point? If not, then too bad, it's up to fanwank vs. fanwank.
Seeing as how trolls(or was it giants) in HP have a resistance to magic, and it doesn't seem to do jack shit, I'm of the opinion that it would have to be actual immunity to magic so that it wouldn't work.

>> No.47367226

It's basically a living planet that lives in multiple dimensions simultaneously though. Killing it would be really hard without at least similar abilities.

>> No.47367233

Well you had the word 'intelligence' in there, so maybe don't become an Entity? They're stupid. Becoming Entity-like wouldn't work with Esper powers. You need something to let you exist in multiple dimensions at once (I have no idea what) and a biomass absorbing form that has no size limits. Then you grow to cover an entire planet, reach out to another dimension, and grow to cover that version of the planet too, and so on and so forth until you've covered heaps of versions of the planet.

Making the Shards that can connect to people and grant powers is a hell of a lot harder. Connecting to people may be possible depending on how you're living in different dimensions, extend a bit of yourself into their brains so you can scan their thoughts and use the powers how they want to use them. Once that's done you just need to be able to use your powers through that extremity, which may be as simple as having the power and a way to sense the outside world, such as the hosts senses.

'Granting' people Telepathy and Telekinesis would be easy - have the strand of you be brain matter and be a massively powerful telepath/telekinetic yourself and, so long as you can split your focus that many ways, and with the sheer amount of brainpower available to you I'm sure you could, and you've 'given' people those powers. Others depend on you being able to use them with only the node of yourself in that dimension, which for some powers won't be a problem.

You might be able to fake more powers if you thread strands of yourself through the hosts, this could let you cast some spells such as Elder Scrolls spells through your threads while the host thinks they're creating fire or unlocking locks.

Strength, speed and durability might be harder to do properly, but if you can use tactile telekinesis then the threads may let you fake it pretty well. Other powers may also work off threads, such as if you're a Conduit or Esper.

>> No.47367234

Do we ever see a troll get hit by one?

>> No.47367242

I said SIGNIFICANT resistance, as in the majority of HP spells doing fuckall kind of resistance.

>> No.47367244

She's mentioned, I think even in canon material, that dragons and nundu's take more than one to take down. That implies there is some sort of limit, but whether that's size or magic or thick hides (maybe it acts like a rock thrown in the way) is completely guess work.

>> No.47367247

>dragons and nundu's take more than one to take down
Then that's A-ok. Thank for the info.

>> No.47367250

I believe it was giants. Hagrid specifically has a high spell resistance for being half-giant, and we see spells bounce off him in the books, but he's just as afraid of an AK as anyone else.

He's immune to it only by virtue of being a named character.

>> No.47367254

I'm going to be honest, the initial plan was to just have the psuedo-shards exist in the same universe as their wielder and to just have them carry it around if I couldn't figure out multi-dimensionality.

>> No.47367261

Could you possibly tell us where it was mentioned? Sounds like interesting stuff.

>> No.47367266

Zero because you don't have access to whatever nutrients the Entities on their home planet apparently had access to in order to become multidimensional fusterclucks.


This is bloody retarded. Skitter didn't even have access to an entire Entity to kill Scion with.

Nobody argues you HAVE to be an X to kill any other X in the chain. Use magic, it's a perfectly workable solution.

>> No.47367281

Ignoring >>47367244, saying "we never see anyone survive it, therefore nothing can" is insanity. We never see it used on a dragon, or a troll, or anything with significant magic resistance. We also never see it used on Hagrid - he might be afraid of it as stated in >>47367250, but that just means he's not stupid and doesn't want to test it out... Or get hit by multiple if he can tank one.

>> No.47367283

Hagrid's also stupid and raised as a wizard with all the wizard cultural stuff. Him being afraid of something isn't really proof of anything, other then that he's afraid of it.

Er...an argument could kind of be made that she did in a way. She at least had access to a ridiculous number of powers from that entity in the form of all those parahumans and could control them all at once without expending her own energy.

>> No.47367302

Then please enlighten me.

>Magic Must Defeat Magic: Your spells and supernatural abilities cannot be fought off by mundane methods. Only things that are supernatural in nature can stop them.

>> No.47367306

Or Dimensional Breach Controller + Light of Terra.

>> No.47367308

Setting aside how hilariously petty and paranoid doing horrific bioaugmentation to yourself to counter one specific opponent out of the entire chain who doesn't even hold a candle to beings from certain other settings like Galactus or God Doom, I'd also like to point out "canon" shards are apparently individually roughly planet-sized if Tattletale's estimations are correct, so you wouldn't be able to cart those out of the jump in your warehouse.

See, the difference here is anon was stating you HAVE to be Scion with all that entails in order to fight Scion meaningfully. Whereas Taylor used her wits, Shard and a lot of guts to exploit the disorganised resourecs of his cycle, turning his own advantages against him and aligning them with human ingenuity.

She did NOT become an Entity in her own right as anon seems to think is the only way to stop one, is my point.

>> No.47367317

Thank you.

See? Worm isn't anywhere near the most dangerous setting in the entire chain. That wouldn't have worked on a True Fae (not an Actor or Prop but well...the TRUE True Fae in its' natural habitat), for example.

>> No.47367324

You only need to kill the main body, though.

And the main body is more of a continent that an actual planet.

Full Entity is huger than Earth. Shards can be as big as mountains. The main body (collection of the most important shards, which includes an Eidolon-like ability and a Fairy Queen-like ability) is of the size of a continent.

>> No.47367330

Despite what Wildbow might claim Shards, Endbringers, and Entities are all supernatural and would therefore get through a magic barrier enhanced by Magic Must Defeat Magic.

>> No.47367338

It doesn't make a previously-unbreakable shield invincible. It just means nobody can get around it using superpowers or superscience or anything that isn't magic. Similarly, if you put a curse on someone, and the curse can be fought off with willpower, you won't suddenly gain an unbreakable curse - but people will no longer be able to use some sort of treknobabble to help your victim.

>> No.47367344

Yeah, but you need something that can reliably counter X if X happens to be something like multidimensional nonsense or time powers or something stupid like that.

Killing something like an entity, as in a real one that's huge and exists in multiple dimensions, which, let's be honest, has the power and resources to do some fucking bullshit, would be really hard without the plot armor awarded by Wildbro for being a canon character.

>> No.47367359

Sorry, it doesn't make a previously-breakable shield invincible. It's early here.

>> No.47367366

> We can't say Endbringer's aren't immune to Harry Potter magic because we've never seen it!
Well then man just make up whatever shit you want. We can only tell you what the books tell us.

I'm not having this same fucking argument again at 8AM on a Saturday.

>> No.47367367

That's why I said Esper powers, which don't require all that to provide superpowers.

>> No.47367382

Wow this is really sounding like the IB arguments now. You can be the guy who insists the perk is stupidly weak and the other guy can be tho one who unrealistically powerwanks it.

>> No.47367384

I'm surprised people don't bring up Warhammer Fantasy more, because the lores of Dhar and Shysh have some pretty good ones.

Arnzipal's Black Horror and the Purple Sun of Xereus respectively. The former tests Strength and the latter Iniative. Not quite sure how those translate from game mechanics into an actual fight, though.

But he explicitly said that's not true

There's a quote from him that says it's not

You're literally saying you're right and the author is wrong about his own story.

...why are you even worried about killing an actual entity? You'll never meet one in Worm jump. It's even highly unlikely you'll meet one if you leave the planet unless you travel REALY far and get REALLY unlucky since they leave trails of...something...in outer space to ward off other Enttities from combing over the same parts of the universe for resources

>> No.47367386

Exterminatus + Gellar Field covers a multitude of sins.

>> No.47367399

Right-a network of esper powers is more sensible. It's definintely not the same thing as what an Entity is but it is much more practical for any number of purposes.

>> No.47367403

You would likely spend a lot of jumps only working on that project.

I don't know if it is really worth it. Although thanks to magic/jumper shenanigans, you wouldn't have the problems that the Entity had to feed their shards.
>WoG and the series are stupid in my opinion, so I will use my own headcanon instead and force others to use it as well!

I never said that it was invencible. I just said that since the Entities and the Endbringers don't have any magical methods to resist it, they can be easily defeated with magic.

>> No.47367408

>...why are you even worried about killing an actual entity?
Because as that other anon said earlier, entities are the worst. They're terrible and no one likes them, not even me.

>> No.47367412

Isn't it just going to create Artificial Angels?

>> No.47367414

Actually, we've seen it used on stone statues, and it blows chunks in them but doesn't obliterate them. Therefore, it would probably act like an explosive against an Endbringer.

>> No.47367418

Not really, Artificial Angels are something that's hard to create on accident.

>> No.47367437

It's Jackie Chan. It's not supposed to let you solve all the world's problems on its own.

What you're saying is that a previously breakable shield is now invincible. That's not how it works. You can't create a paper-thin shield and claim nothing that isn't magic can break it. Well, you can, but you're wanking so hard your cock's going to fall off.

>> No.47367440

You idiots do know supernatural also refers to stuff beyond the laws of nature/physics right? Something the entities and shards routinely do in their assfucking of physics?

Besides, taking Wildbow at his word is for idiots. He's said that an attack like Saitama deflecting Boros' big ass laser at the end of OPM would kill an endbringer (That feat is MAYBE planet busting level at best, if not significantly lower depending on what you interpret Boros' words as), and then go on to say that they have the mass of a galaxy or some shit. Guy is as unreliable and inconsistent as Nasu.

>> No.47367443

The end goal; porting my mind inside a closed network of Esper powers on board a huge spaceship, probably looks more like an Entity than just the network itself. Although, it probably still won't look anything like an Entity.

>> No.47367449

Supernatural doesn't mean magic, it means super-natural as in things that go beyond what is possible in the natural world. Wildbow most likely meant not supernatural as in Clark-Tech rather than magic or fairy dust and Clark-Tech in all it's physics defying glory is pretty much always supernatural by necessity.

>> No.47367468

No it isn't supposed to solve everything and he is power wanking the shit out of it, but that doesn't mean you are right either.

>> No.47367469

He can't have his cake and eat it too. Either worm is a deterministic universe and there's no magic, or it's not.

>> No.47367487

Worm is a universe in which every power shown can be achieved through science, because that is how it's laws of physics work. Compared to our understanding of the way reality works... It's ridiculous.

>> No.47367489

The Clark Tech in Worm is Supernatural (though not magic) and therefore would ignore Magic Must Defeat Magic.

>> No.47367490

>I just said that since the Entities and the Endbringers don't have any magical methods to resist it, they can be easily defeated with magic.

Can...can we please just save and repost this whenver anyone asks about Worm ever?


Not if you use more science to prevent the AIM from clumping together into a burst, which isn't really an artificial angel anyway.

That's not the point though-you'll literally never MEET one. You're literally preparing to fight something you literally have less chances of meeting than chances of meeting your best friend's alternative universe counterpart!

You're literally subjugating yourself to monstrous surgical trauma for something less likely to happen than a zombie apocalypse in real life!


Fiction is silly, yeah. News at 11. T

he key being that, IIRC, Wildbow said the whole point of the Entities' cycle was because they can't outright break the laws of thermodynamics, just bend them into knots and exploit whatever weirdness let them "evolve" multidimensional proportions.

The only argument for them being supernatural I can see making sense is by taking the point of view as they're technically drawing on resources from multiple universes they "go beyond what is possible" from the same forces in ONE universe. Which in turn would lead to the absurd conclusion that Entities are supernatural from the perspective of Earth Bet's population, but non-supernatural from the perspective of other Entities.

But that'll just lead to the question of what "supernatural" means in the context of Jackie Chan Adventures which I don't remember Stupid Dog ever deciding on conclusively unless I missed something way back.

>> No.47367512

Sucks to be in the middle and think people who want MMDM to be invincible and the people who want it to be weak to absolutely everything that's not a 9mm handgun are BOTH fucking morons.

>> No.47367533

How would you solve it, oh enlightened one?

>> No.47367541

I agree with >>47367338 for the most part.

>> No.47367543

>But that'll just lead to the question of what "supernatural" means in the context of Jackie Chan Adventures which I don't remember Stupid Dog ever deciding on conclusively unless I missed something way back.

That may be true but Magic Must Defeat Magic would be too powerful if it worked on everything that is not supernatural by the Jackie Chan Adventures definition so I just assume that is supernatural from the broad literal definition would get past it.

>> No.47367552

>You're literally subjugating yourself to monstrous surgical trauma for something less likely to happen than a zombie apocalypse in real life!

How do you come to the conclusion this will be in anyway painful, traumatic, monstrous, or however you chose to put it, for me? Are you assuming something that I'm not picking up on.

>> No.47367555

That's called an opinion anon, you can't really go on and declare that law if your reasoning is 'because I think it's too powerful otherwise'

>> No.47367569

It's already kinda too powerful. Best perk in the jump and massively overpowering all the other capstones. Still haven't gotten dog to answer why it's so much better despite the origins supposedly being the same level.

>> No.47367573

Anon, you don't get to decide what is or isn't supernatural.

>> No.47367587

Because if you're the kind of guy who runs around and confronts jumpmakers screaming "THIS IS TOO POWERFUL/WEAK WHY DID YOU DO THIS WHY WHY DO THIS INSTEAD JUSTIFY YOURSELF TO ME!" Then you're annoying and we don't want to talk to you. That kind of attitude is insufferable, self-righteous, and more often than not completely unreasonable and impossible to satisfy. It's better to ignore you and let you take your little potshots every once in a while than try and deal with you and end up with a shitstorm.

>> No.47367594

Then why don't we have Stupid Dog, a jumpmaker who is still active, tell us what it includes? That seems like the option that is both easiest and solves literally every issue here.

>> No.47367601

>Guys let's please have a massive 500 post shitstorm

>> No.47367609

On an unrelated note, about To Treat With Spirits: Does it work in worlds without any spirits at all? In worlds with spirits, does it let you commune with preexisting ones or the ones you normally commune with in "mundane" worlds?

As someone who in practice often forgets about it and IC would go for multilayered protections anyway, I can relate.

The vast difference in physiological proportions between an Entity, the fact that the majority of their molecular composition is still unknown and the vast differences between theirs' and majority of other lifeforms' physiology, biological or otherwise. Also it seemed like a more flattering way of saying you're like the folks who predict an apocalypse and start stocking up on canned food because of ancient Mayan prophecies.

>> No.47367613

Or we could just accept whatever his ruling is like mature and reasonable adults. That couldn't be too hard, right?

Yeah, I couldn't keep a straight face while typing that either.

>> No.47367614

So what is your alternative? We all continue pointlessly arguing in circles when none of us has any actual basis or evidence for our points? We just drop a relevant issue about how the perk works and no one ever dares mention it or the perk in the threads again?

>> No.47367618

No, this argument will fall off soon and nobody will care. Just keep your opinions to yourself, not like you have to 'win' here.

>> No.47367619

I want to believe we can, anon. I could, at least.

I do get the impression the reason why he's held off on one is precisely because of how this argument has gone.

>> No.47367624

Just a minor nitpick, really not even worth bringing up, but I'm bored.

There is no limit to skill growth that we've seen. 999 was thought to be the limit since nobody had ever gotten that high before leveling up (until the protagonist of course) or if they did they didn't announce it. Though, I would imagine that there is a limit, otherwise eventually you'd have ridiculous stats (like SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)

>> No.47367626

>That may be true but Magic Must Defeat Magic would be too powerful

Then let's remove that two perks that nullify any magic target towards you.

Of course a magic shield whose ability is to sustain 'x damage' is gonna break. A shield that reflects all damage and must be dispelled is not gonna be dispelled just by applying enough force.

And I don't see how this discussion about shields has anything to do with killing curses.

Then we should count ACUs as supernatural creatures for all effects? Are FTL ships supernatural entities?

>> No.47367631

Sounds like every other day at /jc/. Besides, you think a ruling will stop the pointless arguing in circles? Like we've seen time and time again, someone will always leap on the ruling, and then people will argue back and forth shot why it's wrong.

>> No.47367632

Do whatever you want but I am just going to stick to the broad literal definition whenever this kind of question comes up.
See, it is just like the Imagine breaker debates.

>> No.47367634

Not him but that's not a permanent solution and the lack of a precise definition for "supernatural" is a valid criticism of the perk.

>> No.47367635

So the second option then. Please be quiet and stop adding to the argument for now, because you've shown you don't care about how it goes.

>> No.47367641

That is a permanent and the only workable solution. How new are you here?

>> No.47367646

Oh right, almost forgot: Because you just said you despised Entities.

>> No.47367657

At least we'd have something that people who do follow rulings could follow. At that point, if people still complain then they can discuss it with the maker to try and convince him to change his mind or just shitpost and be ignored. As it is, no one has any idea how it works other then how they decide it does and that's been shown here to just result in arguments when people disagree.

Sure it might continue the arguments, but at least it'd be an effort to maybe change it instead of just sitting with your hands on your ears till it goes away.

>> No.47367661

>The vast difference in physiological proportions between an Entity
Got over it. Will continue to get over it.

>the fact that the majority of their molecular composition is still unknown
What does that have to with becoming one of my own? I'm not aiming to become one of them, just to become my own version of a functional equivalent, and doing it by subbing in other universes powers in place of whatever they're doing to accomplish the feat.

>the vast differences between theirs' and majority of other lifeforms' physiology, biological or otherwise.
Not entirely relevant, considering the context of jump chain. Just look at the shit you've done.

>> No.47367663

>and be ignored
You ARE new.

>> No.47367670

#35th thread or somesuch, and I've seen how many arguments over MMDM there have been. If "just ignore it" was a permanent or workable solution these arguments wouldn't keep happening.

>We just drop a relevant issue about how the perk works and no one ever dares mention it or the perk in the threads again

is not something that's generally recognised as a part of good jumps.

>> No.47367677

Great response. My argument has been totally defeated by your incredible oratory skills. I applaud you.

>> No.47367680

And what you think fits that definition literally does not, so I'll say it again; you don't get to decide what is and is not supernatural.

>> No.47367681

How about every one decides on their own definition of Supernatural and then has to apply that definition consistently no matter how weak or powerful that definition makes something.

>> No.47367689

You're lying through your teeth, or you'd know that 'rulings' don't stop argument at all.

>> No.47367691

Ever since Gravity Falls I've been getting tapes of my adventures as if they were a cartoon show.
Some of them are really embarrassing.

Also, I showed up in a movie a couple times in Naruto, of all places. That was kinda cool.

Don't think I've ever directed one myself, though. I'm more into games than movies.

Multilayered protections really is the way to go. You never want to be that guy who says the line, "NO! THIS CANNOT BE! I AM INVINCIBLE!"

Don't be that guy.

>> No.47367694

Doesn't fix the problem that caused the current argument, which is that people disagree on the base definitions others have decided on, not that people change those definitions to suit themselves.

>> No.47367698

That's the smart way to go, but the anon you're responding to thinks he MUST be right, and he wants desperately to force all of you to agree wit him. I bet if he gets a ruling and it doesn't go his way, he'll be the biggest shitposter.

>> No.47367712

He's already the biggest shitposter

>> No.47367715

And you're lying through your teeth if you think that all rulings end up as shitstorms no matter what. Here's a reminder for such an oldfag like you claim to be- they don't. You just remember the bad ones and forget the good ones.

More personal attacks and assumptions about how others work. You're fighting awfully hard against this anon, you afraid the ruling won't be something you want? Honestly curious as to why you're so vehemently against getting an official ruling.

>> No.47367723

That's true, at this point he's just agitating fiercely to get the result he desires, which is shitposting no matter how he justifies it to himself.

>> No.47367732

Yes but the argument is pointless, everyone has their own house rule or fan wank for things like this and then they get into arguments about why their rule is better (I admit that I also got caught up in it for a minute). The truth is they are all both right and stupid because this is Jump Chain where everything is single player and wanking is mandatory. Getting into fights because someone wanks differently than you is stupid.

>> No.47367736

Jumpers I've recently been playing Binary Domain and Fallout 4 got me curious what do you guys think about robots and them looking like human beings?
Do you think that they don't count humans because they are just metal hiding in a meat suit?
Do they even deserve basic human rights? They are robots beings made by man and made of metal they are nothing but doing what they are programmed to do right?

>> No.47367751

This. We'll just get people popping in to bitch about how powerful MMDM is, or how it was nerfed and is useless now. If you have any pattern recognition at all you'll know that nothing can keep /jc/ from shitstorming, because we are a community so toxic /cyoa/ kicked us out.

>> No.47367765

>pic related
>is everything right now

Well guess wot, buddy. I think we actually got someone getting caught up on the material to work on that.

Dude named AR| in IRC or summat along them lines.

>> No.47367770

Or we could fix all that by having a single official rule by the creator that everyone has to follow. That way people who want to wank can do it in private and stop starting arguments with people who follow the ruling by the creator.

We have bitching and arguments about it anyway. A ruling MIGHT make it better or it might make it the same as usual. How is a possibility of improvement or a possibility of it staying exactly the same a bad thing?

>> No.47367789

>That way people who want to wank can do it in private and stop starting arguments with people who follow the ruling by the creator.
This one quote just proves this post >>47367698 right.

>> No.47367793

>Got over it

You barely even know what they are, man. That seems like a really big assumption.

>a functional equivalent

That said I apologised to having confused the issue here since I was under the impression there was someone trying to do just that using esper networks and someone else trying to become an actual entity, and if you're basically going for a supersized version of Multi-Skill then that sounds fairly workable

>the context of jumpchain

On the one hand, you're not wrong.

On the other hand, by default that involves seamless inserts into backgrounds by a benefactor rather than self-modification.

>Just look at the shit you've done

I really need to work on differentiating IC and OOC commentary, because OOC ASA is not supposed to be someone I consider a role model for healthy and sensible behavior.

Honestly the only houserule I've ever had is the part about recurring nemeses being able to hunt me down. Other than that I play by the book, personally.

But yeah, you're not wrong.

Anyway, slipping back into IC for a moment-


-to be fair, we...kind had this sort of moment in Macross. True we were practically lobotomised from stacked drawbacks at the time but honestly the emotional baggage that led to a lot of fights being tackled instead of avoided lies with us at fault

But hey, we DO learn from our mistakes even if it takes a decade or two!

>> No.47367796

Robots are people too.

>> No.47367798

I really can't bring myself to feel any amount of upset when people bitch and can't understand how other people are so bothered by whining. I don't care if people bitch, so it shouldn't matter if something causes them to bitch, but the only reason you'd ever make the ruling in the first place is because of anons bitching, so the solution is for no one to change anything and to ignore anon when he whines.

>> No.47367804

It proves that he wants people to follow one ruling and for that ruling to be whatever the jumpmaker rules. Are you just another shitposting idiot or do you actually think that quote proves anything else in your linked post?

>> No.47367806


Danged fingers and speedtyping

>> No.47367821

>the solution is for no one to change anything and to ignore anon when he whines.
This. Anons like this don't have our best interests in mind, he just wants to agitate for a ruling so he can (hopefully) get his way, and in my experience, he'll switch to whining if he doesn't like the ruling. Either way he'll do this with other shit too, because now he thinks whining will get him his way. It's insufferable. The only way to handle anons that don't try to act reasonable and who try and fight and bite and scratch to get what they want? Ignore them.

>> No.47367836

If they think at least as well as a human, and clearly have feelings, I treat them like people.
It's not like humans can't be reprogramed, too.

>> No.47367840

But how do you know that a robot is a person and not doing what their programming is telling them? Are they really doing it of their own free will?

>> No.47367842

>Ignore them.

I think given how people've acted with the Anti-Red Shitposter?

Getting people to ignore any asshole is an exercise in futility.

>> No.47367844

>Lalalala problem goes away if I shut my ears
And you have the nerve to say that other people are being unreasonable. I forget how disgusting this community can get at times.

>> No.47367848

We don't have a clear answer with people either. Just go with what you feel is true.

You're right of course, just giving out the optimal course.

>> No.47367856

Well, you know how there's a huge gulf in a conscious human and a braindead corpse on life support?

It's kind of like that. Sentience and sapience just depends on how well they're programmed really.

Have you tried turning it on and off, anon?

>> No.47367870

So we should ignore you whining about other people then? Sounds good to me. I sure as fuck want the author to get off his ass and start answering shitstorms about his jumps. Dog's ignored questions and arguments about his jumps in the past and it's a pretty shitty way to not have to answer hard questions.

>> No.47367885

>You barely even know what they are, man. That seems like a really big assumption.
They're fukc-hueg large, I know that much, and communicating information over such large distances and even through the barrier between dimensions can't be something done easily. That said, I could probably cobble together a solution out of Telepathy/Teleportation, or just super-science a neutrino/photon/tachion based solution.

>> No.47367892

You're so fucking entitled.

>> No.47367897

Yes, because we ALL want to see you shitting on one of the few fucking decent people in this shithole, you cunt.

>> No.47367907

As a side note to the anon that wants to be an entity-like thing, Teleporters from raildex technically use 11th dimensional movement and calculations, so there's ground to the idea that Esper powers can be finagled to achieve multi-dimensionality. Not much mind you, but some credence.

>> No.47367922

Can we go... one thread today, guys, without being shitty?

>> No.47367924

>Stop calling someone out for ignoring questions he doesn't want to answer
I watched you fucks shit all over Eager Digger when he did this with that videogame jump, go kiss asses somewhere else hypocrite.

Then he can answer questions about his jump right? What exactly stops him from answering the questions given to him earlier in the thread, questions that have been asked several times in the past?

>> No.47367925

>the solution to anon whining to to yell louder at him to go away, which totally fixes the problem and doesn't just cause even more
You're one of the problems here. Not the problem, but one of them

>> No.47367946

Eh, like you said you're just rigging up a big esper network right? There's much more clear cut ways to figure the logistics out in that case when you're not actually trying to be an entire entity.

Come to think of it, was it ever confirmed that Entities have ways of exploiting multiple dimensions-as opposed to simply harnessing energy and resources from multiple universes? From what I remember all of their hat tricks involve exploiting resources from multiple universes or specific wavelengths of energy, not higher dimensions per se.

>> No.47367957

What was the name of that perk that allowed you to keep abilities that you only have when you're young?

>> No.47367971

Just hide and ignore it.

I just assumed they did since I can't conceive of any multiverse nonsense where higher dimensions don't play a part in the metaphysics.

>> No.47367972

Adult Mode - Lyrical Nanoha

>> No.47367976

It is, somewhat ironically, Adult Mode from the Lyrical Nanoha jump.

>> No.47367995

How do Entities stack up against Lovecraft?

>> No.47368010

Thanks, anons.

>> No.47368011

They don't. Any significant Outer God would swat them like a gnat.

Could probably beat Cthulhu though.

>> No.47368016

Alone, vulnerable, and delicious.

>> No.47368027

Depends on what part of Lovecraft. Outer Gods? The Outer Gods of base Lovecraft are stronger then the Demonbane versions. That should be all you need to know. Most Great Old Ones? Entities should generally take most of them. Anything lower? Entity stomp.

>> No.47368041

Robots are just constructs designed to serve their masters. They have no inherent will beyond that which is instilled inside of them by their creator.

It doesn't matter if I destroy one, because it can just be rebuilt. Any memories can be replicated or removed as necessary. Personalities can be rewritten or reset to any setting, including their so called moments of "humanity", as long as the triggers and coding allowing for that outcome are understood.
Once complete mastery of its replication is obtained, the object ceases to have any value. It can be reproduced endlessly, as many times as needed.

That's true!
Although humans are much more complicated. It's significantly more difficult to perfectly recreate the cellular structure, memories, or even soul of a human being.
However, in time it may be possible. Just imagine, being able to tailor make any person, believable right down to their very core being. You could make a legendary hero with a stalwart heart, and the evil wizard destined to fight him! You could create whole worlds of perfect human replicas!

W̵ou̧ldn̛'́t͡ ̸th͘at ̡b̸e͢ a̛m̢a͢zi̷ng?!

Nothing is special, or unique.

I really wish we had a Nier jump.

>> No.47368068

Speaking of Lyrical Nanoha-how does magic over there work? Is it generated by a mechanical power core or do the magical girls channel it through things? If so, how does stuff like the Ar-en-ciel work? If not, does it have a genetic component or are random people born with varying levels of capability?

>> No.47368091

You know the solution to that, la blue girl.

>> No.47368111

I would murder the heroes so fast.

>> No.47368128

What's a good use for proto-matter?

>> No.47368129

Ah, murder. The first refuge of the incompetent.

>> No.47368132

Nier saving Yona dooms the world. Killing the Shadowlord makes it impossible to harvest the substance he produces that allows Shadows to stay sane. Shadows will go crazy and become feral monsters, and the non-sapient Replicants will be produced over and over until the system grows old and breaks down. Humanity is doomed.

Unless you follow that semi-sequel in the books where everything is fixed by aliens.

>> No.47368140

In IRL occult schools of though one of the major ideas behind the rituals and whatnot is "Personification." By visualization and other methods it's supposed to essentially humanize a force or something inhuman in order to be able to interact with it in a way we can comprehend. To Treat With Spirits would work in any world, and you can either touch base with the local varieties or default to the Occult version that is the basis of S&S.

Fluff-wise simply consider places like Worm or such simply having spirits being distant from the material level of reality, having no real reason to interact beyond the nebulous spiritual forces they are the manifestation of. So the spirit of fire has no reason to manifest or be anything other than another drop in the strange cosmological metaphysical tides, faffing about in the astral or whatever you want to call it.

You're half summoning, half evoking, and half creating a "vessel" through your works to embody however small a part of that force.

My default assumption has always been there isn't any weird incompatibility in physics/metaphysics unless the canon specifically states that it isn't normal compared to IRL earth, and that any exotic effects or apparent breaks are only due to laws and forces that we are ignorant of, or at most local conditions being more conducive to such apparent phenomenon, like how you get more rain in the rain forest than the desert, but reality isn't magically incapable of there being rain in one just because it's not suited for it happening as blatantly and such. Same with magic and metaphysics, apparent differences being due to approaching the same laws in different ways, though thats my ruling for my own chain and others might disagree. In general you can expect any of the perks or whatnot from any of my jumps to function anywhere, unless there's something that explicitly would oppose it in that setting like some kind of anti summoning barrier by the gods.

>> No.47368147

>Unless you follow that semi-sequel in the books where everything is fixed by aliens.

Sounds like most modern sci-fi.

>> No.47368156

The magic core is inherent and naturally a part of you. It produces the magic. They channel it through devices because the devices do all the calculations necessary to perform spells. It is technically possible to use magic without a device, but you have to learn to do all the calculations yourself.

Genetics seem to play at least something of a part, because things like the royal lines of Belka were naturally powerful.

>> No.47368157

>Not murdering your way out of the chain

>> No.47368177

>I really wish we had a Nier jump.
Inorite? I'd do it myself, but I ain't got no computer.
You excited for Automata?
It will probably be more action game, but damn is Platinum good at action games.

>> No.47368181

Making proto-men?

Anybody got ideas for getting a planetary sized area to follow you around in jumps? I know that the Warehouses of some jumpers hold like ten pocket planes on a slow day, but is there any way of getting another celestial body up and orbiting? This is inspired in part by the fellows over at SB.

Isn't genetic research into magic illegal over there?

>> No.47368195

From? Sorry, the name sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it. What is this proto-matter?

>> No.47368199

Lots of things are illegal, it seems. But like most illegal things, people in power are easily bribed to ignore it.

>> No.47368206

>Anybody got ideas for getting a planetary sized area to follow you around in jumps? I know that the Warehouses of some jumpers hold like ten pocket planes on a slow day, but is there any way of getting another celestial body up and orbiting? This is inspired in part by the fellows over at SB.

Fuse the Mars ship from Invader Zim with your LoT.

>> No.47368211


>> No.47368222

It's Nier so it's weirder than that, but yeah, basically aliens invade.

>> No.47368226

Proto-matter is a sci-fi thing from multiple sci-fi settings, and I was specifically referring to generic proto-matter from star trek.

Make it a part of your body, gravitons, spacial distortion technology/magic,

>> No.47368229

Well, I know it's kind of cliche at this point, but you can easily get the Light of Terra up to the size of a moon. If you make a companion through some of the options to awaken it you could get it even larger, easily planet-sized. Reshape it into a sphere and you can have your own planet.

>> No.47368241

So here's what I got from my quick Wiki Walk.

A mage's magic originates from the Linker Core, which apparently is an organ that allows the mana generated within their body to be used in their magics. So, in a sense, it takes a spell equation and then uses a specific amount of Mana to manifest the spell.

It can be stolen or damaged, and barring certain issues, it can be regenerated over time.

Oh and in some strange manner, it also seems possess a 'library' of sorts of spells you cast often.

>> No.47368252

Or, and this is just a thought, you could figure out a way to create new non-sapient bodies for the Shadows to use, preventing the entire issue. Or find a way to make things work as intended. Or otherwise solve Nier's problems without murdering everyone.

>> No.47368271

That's pretty neat, and thanks.

So...in worlds that already have natural spirits, what happens if you try to use the practice on an element that already has a resident elemental spirit? Do you just summon and commune with the existing spirit, or does the local fire spirit suddenly sense another presence, turn around and see another personified fire spirit standing behind them?

Huh. So the Ar-en-ciel is just hundreds of magic users using a spaceship-sized magic conduit to do the space-warping spells?

>> No.47368279

But anon, fixing everything by planet busting is the classic solution crazy world hoppers like us employ! You can't take away our traditions from us!

>> No.47368281

Holy cats, isn't that just a weird joke? There can't be enough duct tape in the world to tape that together, and the resulting katamari would be 99% planet to 1% ship!

I know we joke about SpyroAnons hugeness, but I wasn't aware we had planetfat anons around.

All I ask is to herald my arrival into their universe with the rise of another Evening Star, is that too much to ask?

Can animals/space-animals have Linker Cores? Can robots have Linker Engines? Is it possible for someone to go and graft more to their own?

>> No.47368297

You actually want me to waste my time with that? If there is no reward by finding a peaceful solution like Touhou's Jump, I don't see why we should waste time on it.

Those TV documentaries aren't going to film themselves.

>> No.47368303

So would Glamour from Changeling fall under the stuff Temple of Thought can affect? Not really sure on whether it'd count as spiritual energy or life energy or not. If not does anyone have any other ideas on how to combine it with magic?

>> No.47368313

To make things work as intended, they need to go through a few more cycles and all the death dust that kills humans will have settled out. It's literally just a matter of stalling for time, and Nier ruins every fucking thing just when the plan was almost done, when everything was almost ready. The simplest and fastest way to fix everything is to just kill the protagonists. They're Replicants, in the next cycle they'll just be cloned yet again.

I don't really see much of a problem that has to be solved with the Replicants. They are not naturally sapient. They repeat he same actions and thoughts every cycle except when the cloning process fucks up from it being old and breaking down. They, and the watchers like Devola and Popola, are really just advanced robots. I know it's an issue that some of them like Nier and his gang are starting to become real people on their own, but tough fucking shit.

>Planet busting
You literally have to assassinate three people. Probably just two, I don't Emil will do anything without the other two pushing him along.

What's with anons pretending to be other people? Annoying.

>> No.47368314

We had one anon way beck who was literally a planet, so more than one guy definitely jumps like.

>> No.47368329

His post outright says it's up to you whether you commune with existing ones or create new ones.

>> No.47368341

Use Minecraft and Mario's worlds for resources, and then use your ACU to improve the LoT.

Alternatively, use duct ductape.
>I know we joke about SpyroAnons hugeness, but I wasn't aware we had planetfat anons around.

See >>47368271

You just need to Jump NGE and Soul Eater, and in time your will have an Alt-form that is as big as a planet.

>> No.47368347

Runs into issues because unlike most of the time this sort of thing pops up the cores themselves are ridiculously durable and insulated against dimensional fuckery (the second might not be a problem depending on your method though). Telefragging random objects into it might impair them slightly but wouldn't oneshot them.

>> No.47368353

Yeah, but blowing up the planet and then restoring it to habitability, starting over from a clean slate, doesn't that literally fix everything? Don't make fun of the 'clean slate' solution, it works everywhere, for every problem.

>> No.47368356

>Huh. So the Ar-en-ciel is just hundreds of magic users using a spaceship-sized magic conduit to do the space-warping spells?
Not quite?
> http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/nanoha/images/d/d1/Arthra_Crew.png/revision/latest?cb=20120423014023
That's an image of the crew of the Asura, a ship that possesses the Arc-en-ciel, and unless I'm mistaken, Lindy Harlaown is the one who activates it.

However, it's not a Device, it seems to be just a highly advanced spacial warping weapon.

Here's a list for ya:
> Humans (only mages)
> Wolkenritter (and probably other living programs like Materials, too)
> Dragons
> Unison Devices
> Artificial Mages
> Combat Cyborgs

>> No.47368366

>Why are people playing a role in a game of pretend?

>> No.47368367

I really don't want to kill Emil...

>> No.47368374

I remember asking Red a long time ago about whether psyker powers count as spiritualism and she said no. Since Glamour from Changeling is more alien than psyker stuff probably not.

Material Hybridisation from FF14 might help you alloy it with a magical material in order to work it with another magic system, though.

>To Treat With Spirits would work in any world, and you can either touch base with the local varieties or default to the Occult version that is the basis of S&S

Whoops, you're right. Thought that meant something else, somehow.

Man, the create new elementals interpretation would be a pretty big shock for primordial elementals who suddenly look down and see all these new elementals looking back at them.

So the Arc and similar battleships don't run on magic at all, just advanced science? Oh alright. Thanks for clearing that up.

>> No.47368378

It's a waste of time and energy when the problem has almost been solved by the human's plan. If anything, the only way you should interfere is by repairing the cloning machines so you stop having problems like Kaine where people are born as dickgirls and other weird amalgamates.

I like everyone on the main cast except Kaine, just saying, they need to go if you want to save humans.

>> No.47368381

That's really up to individual circumstance. Depending on how things are you might be able to summon a spirit that is another "face" of said element, force, or is another unique aspect of the already extant spirit.

I imagine that spirits that regularly manifest and are interacted with have a sort of priority over any such new ones in many cases, though even that might not be the case depending on the exact specifics of the working you're doing.

It's why knowing your stuff is so important (as is proper to S&S style magick even moreso) because otherwise you might cause weird teenage drama when suddenly a petty spirit isn't an only child anymore and throws a tantrum.

I guess the best way to put it is to think of it in terms of proximity and claim, the already extant one would be "closer" and far easier to conjure or interact with than reaching out into the cosmic tides and tugging at one that's potentially like two states away. Once it's been summoned once it might stick around instead of just turning around and regaining that distance, or it might stick close and then you have spirit politics.

Questions like these are really all about the individual circumstances and details, otherwise I can only really blather on "ifs" and "maybes" and "possibly"

>> No.47368391

Depends on if there are still any Abomination-tainted Maso particles still around. If there are, then you'll just have doomed the world. You can't destroy those, just quarantine and slowly purify them. And supposedly they've all been cleaned up by the time Nier starts, but I'd still be worried.

>> No.47368395

Sure, play a role, but pretending to be me just interferes with the conversation.

>> No.47368398

He had a hard life.

In fact, I wouldn't want to kill anyone in NieR.

Drakengard on the other hand...

>> No.47368404

Eh, I'd prefer to have an answer more concrete then "This power from another setting didn't make it and because this one's stranger it doesn't either". Psyker stuff is psionics and/or magic anyway, so obviously they don't count.

>> No.47368405

Ah, wait:
>However, it's not a Device, it seems to be just a highly advanced spacial warping weapon.
I was mistaken on that bit.

The Arc-en-ciel is a magical weapon that warps Space-Time in the target area, but so far, I haven't seen any hint as to how it is powered. I suppose it uses the ship's power.

>So the Arc and similar battleships don't run on magic at all, just advanced science? Oh alright. Thanks for clearing that up.
Sorry, but I made a small mistake. It's outlined above.

It's the huge problem with Lyrical Nanoha, it's kinda hard to see where the magic begins and ends. So in this case, I honestly have no idea.

>> No.47368413

Is this your private chat room now?

Because I wasn't pretending to be anyone. People can have similar opinions some times, you know.

>> No.47368422

While you're on, how are things coming with S&S and Worm revisions? Don't want to nag, just loved the teaser you put out for S&S.

>> No.47368424

Well, that's a relief.
It's not like they were the /only/ humans...
Multiversal perspective could quite easily turn me into a demon.

>> No.47368425

Why not just say "If one exists you summon that, otherwise you make a new one" instead of all this confusing "Maybe, iffy, could be" stuff?

>> No.47368436

Caim dindu nuffin

Your setting is fucked when the pedo is probably the most morally upright character.

>> No.47368438

Can't I just purge that shit with my out of context powers?

What does it take to get rid of that stuff, is it really 'not destroy-able'?

>> No.47368458

Other than overlord where can a person get some good necromancy?

>> No.47368461

I have a question about how you develop a Semblance in RWBY if you don't want the copy one but also can't afford a different one. How do you decide what the effect of your Semblance is? How crazy can I get without going over the line? How long does it take to develop your own custom Semblance?

>> No.47368466


>> No.47368479

Sorry anon dear, it just sounded that way to me.

>> No.47368480

You don't. You get one of the available ones based on your origin, no custom ones.

>> No.47368488

Viking Saga

>> No.47368494

Fair enough, and very true.

Ah, in terms of metaphysics then-the True Fae, which can thought of as massive composites of Glamour who need conflict to continue existing-lack a human soul, and a Changeling who becomes a True Fae lacks a human soul; they just follow out the narrative of the "story" that defines them apart from their basic hunger for conflict. Glamour isn't a form of spiritualism per se being basically weird mystic energy associated with dreams, chaos and the other facets of the otherworld known as Arcadia. Thus, I think it technically isn't a form of spiritualism so much as it is a form of mystic energy from another world.


Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Dresden Files for quality (older zombies are stronger, a reanimated T-Rex let Dresden take on some necromancers much more experienced than him and one who had way more raw magical power than him) and Warhammer Fantasy for sheer quantity

>> No.47368496

>ever listening to Red nerfing you
Why even put a perk in if all she's going to do is say how we can't even use it right? Psyker comes from the soul. Spiritual.

Goddamn she just keeps fucking up everything.

>> No.47368502

Maso is the flesh of a dead (but still conscious and pissed off) god. There is no known way to destroy it, the way the Replicants get rid of it is sending it to another dimension. Presumably this is the Drakengard universe, where it originated from. Your out of context powers might be able to do something about it, they might not, given what it does to people who try to destroy it and fail I wouldn't want to risk it. Better to just isolate any you find and throw it into another universe like the Replicants do.

>> No.47368510


>> No.47368511

*a Changeling who becomes a True Fae loses their human soul

Man, I'm not on the ball today

>> No.47368513

You, the Jumper, basically get three choices of Semblance: Pay the CP to get a Semblance from the List with 3 years of training, Do not pay CP and unlock your background specific one, Do not pay CP or unlock and obtain Represent for your patience.

>> No.47368520

Just report and ignore, anon.

Just report and ignore.

>> No.47368524

Thanks! Time to be the lord of undeath.

>> No.47368526

You've got it the wrong way around. Psychic powers don't come from souls, souls come from psychic powers. "Soul" is just the shorthand the 40K universe uses for "psychic imprint on the Warp".

>> No.47368529

Don't feed the shitposter, idiot.

>> No.47368532

Ah, I wasn't really paying attention to the 'spiritualism' part. That just seemed like flavour text, not telling you what actually qualified. That'd ve just dumb since that'd probably qualify some forms of magic or divine magic or whatever. The bit later about it applying to 'things that use chi, spiritual energy, or life energy' as showing what was valid seemed to make more sense.

>> No.47368535

So, you catch that game of [SPORT] yesterday? [LOCAL TEAM] is really dragging their feet. [COACH NAME] has his work cut out for him.

>> No.47368538

I see no problem just destroying everything to start over from a clean slate in settings I'm not familiar with, because I don't care about any of the people there and likewise could care less about the tragedy of their helpless collective deaths by my hands, and only endeavor not to do so when I actually know and care about the setting, or there's something more powerful then me around, or something potentially useful I don't want to break.

>> No.47368544

No worries anon, people asking about it is one of the few things that help build my motivation out of a slump of just working, then getting home and groaning about how tired I am.

Progress is being made, just slowly. I have brief and rare spurts where I get some small chunks of work done, but here in a bit I'm going to have two days off in a row, and if I feel up to it I might be able to hash out a chunk of the scenarios.

Worm hasn't really been touched other than me making notes about what powers heavily need clarification or adjustments, and also what kind of ones will be added in the update.

Because the perk itself is a skillset and a tool that can have a lot of different results. Magic isn't a button in a video game that always follows a set script, how you approach things and apply it can have vastly different results. If I just said that it summons the one that's already around that cuts out some of the potential to have neat stories, and anything that cuts down on that without good reason is a bad ruling IMHO.

If people can give me details on a specific idea or attempt I can take a shot at ruling on what sort of effort they'd need or things they might have problems with. But making a blanket call saying that one perk will interact the same way with tons of unique individual settings and whatnot doesn't seem right to me.

>> No.47368555

It just seems pointless to me when there's an easier solution you don't even need special perks for.

>> No.47368560

Just like me!

>> No.47368561

That's great Gilgamesh, but not everyone is the King of Heroes and shares your old-timey Babylonian values.

>> No.47368567

Hey, Leonard may have been a pedophile, but he understood his desires were wrong and never acted on them. He's a decent guy. Compare this to the lady who kills and eats children and the evil child who wants to conquer the world, and he's probably the nicest of the party members. Really, the whole game has kind of an anti-child thing, doesn't it? All your party members have some weird thing to do with children, the Grotesqueries take the appearance of giant flying babies, the main villain is a child, and the whole thing gets fucked over for the sequel due to Inuart's decision to have a child. Honestly, if you just killed every infant you saw the Drakengard universe would be immeasurably better.

>> No.47368584

Hey, I'm just commenting on how fucked the place is. I don't hate Leonard at all, I understand that sometimes you're born with desires and feelings you can't control, and it's not your fault as long as you don't hurt anyone. Leonard went to extreme lengths to avoid hurting anybody at all, so he's a good guy as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.47368587

Except the way your doing it now overrides all the settings that do have spirits, sometimes they might have only one for a reason, by just making a new one out of thin air regardless of what effect or consequence that has to that setting. In fact, the ruling as is, where you can summon a new spirit regardless of 'unique individual settings' seems like far more of a blanket call. There's a line between neat stories and stomping over other settings lore and history with your perk and I think as is this perk crosses that line.

>> No.47368592

I'm pretty sure that's what that anon's spoilers were alluding to.

>> No.47368600

Here we have shitstorming foot-stomping asshole in his natural habitat.

>> No.47368616

That update scares me. I already know there's a good chance I'll argue about a change to my power.

>> No.47368620

4chan thinks evrything is spam for some reason.

>> No.47368631

Oh hey Mr shouty, keeping all that criticism down? Been meaning to ask, how does Worm's ass taste on your lips?

>> No.47368648


I forget the name. But dresden files has a perk that allows you to come back from being changeling.

>> No.47368651

Nothing is special, or unique.
We have all been here before.

>> No.47368667

No I meant I could not post any replies because captcha says it is spam.

>> No.47368669

How kill True Fae?

>> No.47368677

Did you use the multiplier that comes before triple? The filter automatically blocks it.

>> No.47368679

Okay, I'm awake now. Anyone find any glaring errors or problems with 0.9? It'll be on the drive later if not.

>> No.47368682

Teleport iron into them.

>> No.47368683

Welcome to the Salty Spitoon. How tough are ya?

>> No.47368686

Well here's the thing.
Aside from the whole argument "human rights are just words on paper"...
A robot might not have the right to "human" rights, but if they're sufficiently able to experience their surroundings, perhaps they are entitled to "robot" rights instead.
A robot following its programmed instructions has no free will, but a robot that creates its own programming via iterative experiences or an evolutionary algorithm grows its mind in pretty much the same way as a human or animal baby. A bot might one day have the choice to abide by its programming or go set its own goals.
At that point it's probably as sophisticated as a human, perhaps.

If it can feel "pain" in the form of damage to its components, then it's got a right to not have pain inflicted on it as much as a dog has the right not to be abused by its owners (at least, most places have animal rights laws of some kind).

tl;dr if they can establish that they have free will and a congruent experience of the world to humans, they should probably have similar (but not the same) rights as humans or animals depending on their intelligence and ability to express their experiences. I probably didn't communicate that well.

>> No.47368692

I'm going to be honest, that's really fucking stupid and an affront to all that is Self Insert Mary Sue Bullshit.

>> No.47368700

Nope I was just trying to talk about a dresden perk that lets you not be a true fae with no soul. Hard to say without using the words.

>> No.47368710

Weird, I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not

Not the same thing; DF changelings aren't made the same way as Changeling changelings.

>> No.47368711

I know.
The 4chan program just deviated from the last universe cycle and thought you were the obsolete you. This will be corrected the next time.

>> No.47368715

Aw, is little baby anon sad he doesn't get a custom power option that's totally not present in many other jumps? Stop whining.

>> No.47368719

Maybe try switching it up? If you can't get S&S out, give working on Worm a try. If you can't do either, maybe a new Jump?

>> No.47368732

You know he totally did act on it in the Japanese version of the game, right? The reason he survived the massacre that killed everyone else is because he was fucking a kid in the woods.

>> No.47368745

Bookworm tough.

>> No.47368746

Gimme some proofs, bro, 'cause from what I understand he survived because he lived way out in the woods in the first place to avoid being around kids.

>> No.47368749

Worked out well in the end then, didn't it

>> No.47368751

Are you sure? I thought in the Japanese version he was just out there masturbating to the thought of fucking a kid. Oh, well, that's sad if you're right. I believed in you, Leonard, and this is what you do?

>> No.47368757

False. He was out there masturbating so that he wouldn't take out his perversions on the kids. That's how he handled taking care of several war orphans in his home.

>> No.47368767

I don't have a waifu.

>> No.47368772

This sounds more reasonable from what we know of his characterization, at least in the English version. IE, that he goes to extreme lengths to avoid acting on it.

>> No.47368777

He's wrong. Leonard did move out to the woods but the war made 3 kids flee to the forest, where he took them in and protected them. He never touched them and always went deep into the woods so that they'd never see him taking care of things. One day when he did that he came back to find the house burning down after the Empire came through and that's where he made a pact with a fairy.

>> No.47368790

Well, the Mary Sue thing was sarcastic.
But I genuinely don't like that you're forced into a handful of predetermined options that apply to every Jumper, despite being a unique manifestation of what makes a person them. Especially since they're specific (you can create hard light constructs) rather than general with the room to fanwank exactly how it's applied (you can sommun something from nothing. Maybe it's light, maybe it's rock, maybe it's...)

Hey now. Fuck you.

>> No.47368793

I beat up people with words.

>> No.47368797

And sometimes magic works the way it does for a reason, but you can walk into nasuverse and start blasting away with DnD magic that if you think that way shouldn't work at all there.

Besides "no effect or consequence" is hardly what I was saying. There would be consequences, that's the natural effect of doing something is having an effect on the place and dealing with the results.

That spirit is the primary spirit and there is no other? Conjuring a new one would be using rituals to grab some of that metaphysical force and stuffing it into a new vessel, potentally having to tear it away from the one that already exists. Look, you have a neat story with conflict in it, where the jumper has to tussle and deal with the obstacles and challenges of doing so. They either are strong enough to manage it easily enough and then you move on to the consequences, or they aren't and they have to dig in and make a fight of it to get it done.

If you think that's stomping on the lore of individual settings despite me going out of my way to ramble on about and be clear that it's ALL ABOUT the individual circumstances, then frankly I don't know what to tell you.

Everybody will get their chance to argue for anything that should be done differently when the update it out, if you disagree you'll get plenty of opportunity to talk to me about it. What power did you take btw?

I did start on Eternal Darkness but I had so many ideas on how I COULD approach it things just turned into a slurry of half formed ideas and I didn't get any work done. Hopefully getting S&S off my plate will help me get my muse going, and Worm I'm understandably hesitant to touch due to the inevitable arguments about how I made it all terrible and I should just change it all back that some anons will have.

>> No.47368799

I try to make people smile.

>> No.47368809

The Jap version changes very little. Mostly removes mentions or references to Furiae's incestual feelings (Apart from one mention by Angelus in Verdelet's area) and most of the references to Leonard's pedophilia. Character's are all the same otherwise.

>> No.47368813

>What power did you take btw?
I can't say, I'm worried you'll give it 'special attention' and that could be what sabotages me.

>> No.47368825

You mean the English version? I highly doubt a Japanese version of ANYTHING would have less references to incest.

>> No.47368826

The Light of Terra isn't my favorite ship.

>> No.47368833

Yes. That. My bad.

>> No.47368839

Goddamn that fairy was an asshole.

>> No.47368848

Man, I fucking love incest.

>> No.47368851

Ideas for low danger/early chain jumps for luck perks?

>> No.47368861


>> No.47368868

Hey, at least the fairy let Leonard die the way he wanted to. Exploding inside a baby's mouth.

>> No.47368870


>> No.47368872

>luck perks

>> No.47368881

Tenchi Tree Ship superior

>> No.47368887

You don't have to be tough when you're MADE OF LIGHTNING!

>> No.47368896

I completely agree.

>> No.47368902

We once had to put Azathoth back to sleep with a Bollywood musical.

Akagi, Princess Bride, potentially JoJo if you pick one of the earlier eras and gain a luck-based Stand

for what purpose

>> No.47368911

Then combine them.

>> No.47368922

>for what purpose
I got one of those things for true love despite all odds and such.

>> No.47368929

Anon, I'm already here calmly discussing a difference of opinion on a ruling I just made, and you said yourself that you would argue about a change to your power, which supposedly means you have reasons you think it shouldn't be touched. If you're not going to speak up now when I'm still taking notes and whatnot then I can't even take your opinion into consideration.

I'm not going to just sabotage you for bringing it up, but you need to speak up now or you really can't complain when the update comes out and the powers likely to be modified.

>> No.47368931

>put Azathoth back to sleep
Bullshit. If that guy wakes up you die, or he kills you promptly after. Unless you're going to wank that you're stronger then the guy whose omnipotent, infinitely beyond all dimensions and concepts and so on.

>> No.47368940

It's called genetic sexual attraction, look it up

>> No.47368945

Not only does it have a neat look, it's comforting and organic and has a nice park at its core. Also it's sapient and bonded to you, might be a waifu if that's your thing.

Nah, I'm worried that all the chaos and machine spirits would corrupt her brain.

>> No.47368948

I think he means the Chroma Squad drawback?

>> No.47368964

He may be all powerful, but he's not vindictive so there's the potential to lull him back to sleep the same way he's kept sleeping

>> No.47368967

Hot LoT on Tree Ship KanMasu action

>> No.47368971

Er, no? It wasn't a contest of raw power, it was the Elite Beat Agents scenario which is contingent on your prowess as a musician and dancer.

>> No.47368974

Nothing keeps him asleep. He's asleep because he doesn't care. If he wakes up, that changes.

>> No.47368977


>> No.47368985


>> No.47368992

Except that's just fucking wrong.

>> No.47368997

Huh, I just want a threesome with hot asian twins...

>> No.47368999

The other gods constantly playing pipes around him keep him asleep, actually. The scenario posits him finally becoming bored of that.

>> No.47369000

So you're instead arguing that you're infinitely good as a musician then? How else are you putting to sleep an omnipotent being? Still bullshit.


>> No.47369003

Wrong, in Lovecraft he's kept asleep by the horrors that play and make music at the center of the cosmos.

>> No.47369021

I am so tough it takes a conceptual intoxication noble phantasm to get me drunk.

>> No.47369026

Fuck you, that's irreverent, Azathoth could wake up at any time he wanted to and would wreck everything because he can

>> No.47369029

I have trust problems. I have literally no way of trusting you on this.

>> No.47369032

>omnipotent, infinitely beyond all dimensions and concepts

You know I'm not going to contest he's top dog in Lovecraft but where the feck do people get all this other shit from? He's just like, a really big Bloodborne Great One in the sense that reality is his dream

>> No.47369034

Doot doot!

>> No.47369038

>can't complain
I'm looking forward to the update, but let's not kid ourselves here. Complainers gonna complain.

>> No.47369041

Based on? He's the blind idiot god. The entire point of his is that he's NOT aware. He doesn't think or desire. The music just keeps the beast asleep. He has no capacity for trickery.

>> No.47369047

I don't see any luck perks in Princess Bride.

>> No.47369051

....he created all of reality in his dream man. Nothing exists outside of his dream. He is omnipotent in Lovecraft the same way God is in Narnia. He created everything and can destroy everything if desired.

>> No.47369053

It's gonna be okay, anon.

Everything is going to be fine.

>> No.47369077

Just because it's a dream doesn't mean it's not reality. Same way it doesn't mean Elder Scrolls isn't any less real because it's a dream.

>> No.47369078

You just want a fight, huh?

>> No.47369085

>brings up being unsure of powers
>jumpmaker asks which one
>doesn't want to say it
>"I don't trust you"
>pic related
But seriously, you're just coming off as petty now if you're so afraid even hinting at a power is going to make the big bad jumpmaker nerf your imagination game. If you actually came out and said it you could talk with him instead of harboring all this bullshit.

>> No.47369093

Fucking cuddle chickens, being cute...

>> No.47369097


>> No.47369100

But would the Scenario be IN there if it were, you know, impossible?

>> No.47369106

...why do you have to be "infinitely good" as a musician to put the guy to sleep? Have you read the scenario? You just have to give your all to lull him back into slumber. The scenario specifically says you don't have to be "infinitely good" as a musician just...well...cosmically good.

I posted my plan and build for that many, many threads ago and Clover said it'd work

I may be misremembering Death of the Author or Death Cannot Stop True Love, then

>> No.47369108

Then you get to reap the rewards of your lack of trust. Or the lack of rewards. He's shown to respond fairly to criticism so far so it's entirely on you if this bites you on the ass.

>> No.47369123

You're a pussyass bitch, then.

>> No.47369133

Well, I didn't think I needed both, but you've convinced me.
Lottie needs a waifu.

>> No.47369141

I know I have problems, it's why I called them a problem.

>> No.47369142

As usual, Clover talking about settings he knows nothing about and have no relation to the jump. Makes sense considering he already shoves in other settings into his jump to stop them being made.

>> No.47369153


And I know you're just starting shit at this point for no good reason but-seriously when else.

>> No.47369161

>The shitposter is targeting Clover now
This guy is literally trying to get everyone isn't he? Those posts were all by anonymous, you faggot.

>> No.47369165

Then frankly....tough. If you aren't going to speak up at all then you can't complain that I didn't take it into consideration. I listen to every bit of critique anon, even if I don't agree with it in the end.

Yes they are, and I'm going to listen to everyone's feedback and opinions, everybody is going to get the chance to argue their point.

>> No.47369168 [SPOILER] 


>> No.47369169

Death of the Author makes you incredibly genre savvy and Death Cannot Stop True Love makes "empowers you by an order of Magnitude" in regards to a specific goal.

>> No.47369195

Anon, your self-righteous, unjustified and unfounded slinging of shit really stands out.

>> No.47369198


>> No.47369207

Because just because he's omnipotent doesn't mean he's automatically opposed, personally, to all forms of persuasion.

>> No.47369209

At least you're honest about it.

Though just for reference it does invalidate your argument when there's literally no way to please you.

But hey. At least you're honest.

>> No.47369238

I like you.
Silver linings are good.

>> No.47369239

Is Disney anon around? I have some questions about the Changeling jump.

>> No.47369245

It means persuasion is useless and impossible because he's omnipotent, omnipotent beings always no better than everyone else so thinking convincing them of anything is possible is nothing more than arrogance.

>> No.47369258


>> No.47369266

Says the anon when Lovecraft had Azathoth written to be suppressed by the horrors playing music. Or are you going to ignore Lovecraft now?

>Inb4 death of the author

>> No.47369285

>Yes they are
You're a scholar and a gentleman Worm, and I look forward to your work. Just ignore my grumpy cynicism.

>> No.47369293

You can think of it similar to Disgaea's reincarnation system, just not anywhere near it's level of power. Figuring out how to handle that and the Grace/Status is part of what holds up the jump. On the matter of S and up, beyond MC's super grinding skill it was theoretical. Without extraordinary means you won't reach that high, and the growth rate decreases as you go up in level.

Moving slower than the heat death of the universe, but yes. Ever so slowly working on it. Putting in the order for book 5 now that it's in english, and considering leaving out the later novel material given they aren't translated and are mostly unresolved plot points.

>> No.47369307

􏰈͜􏰅 ͜ 􏰈􏰈􏰇􏰈􏰅͜􏰈􏰅􏰇􏰈􏰈
􏰇͟>Az̨o̧t􏰇h́,̧P̧ RAISE BE!,͜has̡͜lo̧s͏t aĺl̶̡mot̶͜įv̨̀át̀͟į̧o̶ņ̨.̡ Me̡͏repipin͏gf͟lut́es􏰈and̶dè̀m̶oni͏c
͟͟􏰇 ͜͜͜͜ ͟͟͟͜͟͜
ḑ u̡m s ̧o̶ 􏰉􏰊l 􏰉o 􏰊􏰋n 􏰌g̛͠e 􏰊􏰊r ̸͞ ̸e 􏰍x ͢c􏰎i 􏰊t ͟͟e 􏰍̸ ̛͠h 􏰏􏰌i͠􏰎m ̕􏰍. 􏰊͟ ͠G 􏰋i͜͜v􏰌e ͜h ̸̸̕i͜􏰌͞m ̡􏰍􏰍 ҉t͘҉h͘􏰐e ͟FUNK ̡h 􏰍͞e 􏰊 ne̸ e ͢􏰑d̡͢s͘ 􏰑҉to ͟ 􏰑􏰋􏰋c􏰐̛o􏰎͢􏰌n 􏰊􏰑t􏰍i ̛͠􏰑nue􏰎҉ ͢o􏰋r 􏰑
EVERYTHING 􏰐͜w􏰎̛ill͢ 􏰍􏰊􏰊c͟o͟l􏰍l􏰎a̛p􏰋͟s􏰎͞e̸ ͢i􏰏͟nt􏰑􏰌o͠ ̛̕͘e҉̛n􏰑͟n􏰉̕u􏰍i􏰍͜!

It states he has "lost all motivation"

NOT that "he has decided to destroy reality by awakening"

Omnipotence or lack thereof is irrelevent if he lacks the motivation to use immediately. The fact that neither Clover nor anyone else informed me that I failed m chain on taking that scenario instantly indicates the intent of the scenario is to give you a chance to sing your heart out, not go mano y dio with the Blind Idiot God.

>> No.47369333

I have super grinding skills.

>> No.47369341

Please, keep them to yourself

>> No.47369346

Him waking up ends reality. If the intent of the scenario was indeed that, there are plenty of ways to portray it that are not this monumentally stupid nor crossover with separate settings.

>> No.47369359

>Anon doesn't want me to grind on him

>> No.47369372

Anon please not in public.

>> No.47369375

I bet this anon would get upset about a setting based on Lovecraft that didn't work exactly like Lovecraft. This is some powerful autism.

>> No.47369378

Just hide the posts and it's like he's finally stopped shitposting.

What do I need to be able to manufacture my own waifus, and what do I need to make them as great as possible and enhance them even beyond that?

>> No.47369393


>> No.47369396

Anon, I think most people would get upset if a Lovecraft setting wasn't Lovecraft? That seems pretty reasonable to me actually. Er, poor example maybe?

>> No.47369402

He's upset about the actual Lovecraft jump too, since he apparently doesn't like how actual Lovecraft works either.

>> No.47369411

No, most people can handle the concept of 'adaptation'.

>> No.47369418

Resident Evil and Zerg.

>> No.47369430

I'm not trying to create the ultimate bio-weapon here guys

>> No.47369432

He reminds me of that guy who shitposters about the definition of omnipotent for two threads. Remember that? It was one guy yelling over and over how omnipotence was this, and how you couldn't do anything or even talk to them or interact because omnipotence. Sounds like him.

>> No.47369440

I am aware of the basic concepts of the Lovecraft Mythos if that hasn't been made clear at this point.

I always assumed that he was on the verge of waking up rather than you have to deal with an already awoken Azathoth, and I'm not sure where you got any idea otherwise from.

I'm not going to dignify you by addressing anything else you're bringing up, I'm only here to prove the point that contray to what you seem to be assuming I am not claiming to have defeated an omnipotent being in a direct contest of wills.

I think he's saying the other guy would get enraged by something like Haiyore Nyaruko-Chan or arguably the Cthulhutech TTRPG

To be fair I regret not dropping that before I'd finished two whole seasons.

Heaven's Lost Property's Synapse capstone, technically

And that really depends on what you find great about a waifu. Might not have to use anything to "make" them great if you just love them for who they are, after all.

>> No.47369444

>Elite beat agents is a Lovecraft adaptation
If your going to argue, get a fucking clue what your arguing about first.

>> No.47369447

After looking at a map on the Code Geas Wiki it appears that the Britannian empire is American (all the Americas north and south, not just the US) not British. The Brits are instead part of Europia United.

>> No.47369457

Okay then.

>> No.47369464

Being the ultimate waifu is the same thing really.

>> No.47369466

Oh, my bad then. I thought he was talking about people getting angry if something like a Call of Cthulhu game didn't work like Lovecraft.

Yes, the jump for that is an awful, awful abomination and gets a tonne of things wrong. It's a mib jump, what did you expect?

>> No.47369485

They're too white to be South America.

>> No.47369506

Omnipotent beings are omnipotent, any influence over them at all implies overcoming their omnipotence, which isn't possible. You aren't capable of having any effect over omnipotent beings, because they're omnipotent.

>> No.47369522

No point trying. The power of his cosmic wank and his legions of fans will scream at you until you go away.

>> No.47369529

Oh god, not again!

>> No.47369547

Fuck, the cancer is spreading.

>> No.47369548

>Great as possible waifus
>Not ultimate bio-weapons
Pick one and only one.

>> No.47369563

He kinda has a point. I know we all like to power wank ourselves and down sell any one 'supposedly' stronger then us, but an all powerful being is all powerful. You either are or you aren't and this instance you are.

>> No.47369564

For what purpose

>> No.47369570

So what happens if 2 omnipotent beings fight?

>> No.47369575

Only one omnipotent being can exist.

>> No.47369588

Says who?

>> No.47369590

How good are you with abominations of the deep and elder things from the days when multicellular life was still young, /jc/?

>> No.47369600

So Jump-Chan's existence lolnopes the existence of an omnipotent entity in any jump.

>> No.47369606

You can't be all powerful and have an equal anon. If you do, then you're just nigh omnipotent. Basic logic. It's why Supernatural's God isn't omnipotent anymore, because he couldn't just wish away the Darkness (Among other, stupid, stupid reasons.)

>> No.47369610

Oh joy, the omnipotent argument. Haven't seen this one in a while.

>> No.47369612

You're making the assumption that just because you're capable of doing anything, you WILL exercise the ability to do anything.

For the third time, the fact Clover didn't say something on the basis of "Azathoth awakes, you die" after I posted my build indicates that regardless of his omnipotence or lack thereof, in that particular context Azathoth was not motivated enough to be fully immune to being persuaded otherwise.

If you have a question about how I did X in particular, why don't you ASK why I did X instead of either putting words in my mouth or blaming other people out of pessimism.

I really need to emphasise here that had I not stacked a lot of music/communication related perks here I would not have taken on this scenario, and I am certainly not underselling Azathoth; once again the scenario does not state Azathoth is actively resisting you.

Look, if nothing else downselling my opponent to the point where the effort needed to overcome them is trivial then logically the actual feat would seem less impressive.

>> No.47369613

To give a personal waifu to everybody in ever setting I visit

>> No.47369629

Even if they already have one?

>> No.47369638

You can be omnipotent within a jump/multiverse. One Above All, Narnian God, Root, God Tenchi and so on are all considered Omnipotent beings in their own settings.

Just because Marvel has their own omnipotent doesn't stop DC from having their own one etc

>> No.47369641

Pretty sure God was convinced of things in the Old Testament, and he created a being (Satan) entirely to test himself and his own convictions.

>> No.47369643


Even the girls? Even the wild animals? Even the bacteria? Even the Johj?

>> No.47369646

More than one waifu is fine for us all.

>> No.47369650

That logic makes no sense again what makes you think 2 couldnt exist other than your headcanon? Does jumpchan existing in a chain autokill all other gods as you suggest?

>> No.47369651

Satan was created to test the convictions of others, not God himself. People like Jesus or Job.

>> No.47369653

I roll to seduce.

>> No.47369667

Bzzt, wrong. Satan judges bot h mortals and god. Read the bible you shitposting fucksteak.

>> No.47369669

Yes. Even if they already have one.

>> No.47369679

I am one, but I have no self control so not so good.

>> No.47369684

I once made a fake jump that was nonetheless totally jumpable.

Not giving her a Lantern Shard. Ships love Lantern Shards

>checks flipbook
>scribbles in update queue

Uh guys, it's not a trap option. I make those things very clear. It is doable, merely cosmically difficult.

>> No.47369715

If you are all powerful then you have all the power and can do anything. If you have another being that can also do anything you run into the problem of what happens when they test their powers against each other. If one omnipotent tries to destroy the other but the other doesn't want to be destroyed, then both should do what they wanted because they're all powerful. But if one gets what they want, then the other can't meaning that one is not able to do anything.

Proof or get out.

>> No.47369717

Hold up, which Satan are we talking about here, the original version, where he was just God's lackey that tempted humans, or the one that became the Devil? Because the latter definitely screws with God, even if it's all JUST AS PLANNED.

>> No.47369722

Then Lovecraft was wrong about his own setting? You haven't confronted this fact yet. Lovecraft says Azathoth is lulled with music. End of fucking story.

>> No.47369728

How do I become like the Tyranids and integrate the ambient life on a microscopic level into my 'soul'/psychic presence?

>> No.47369729

At this point it's not really relevant, because there are SO MANY variations on what Satan/Lucifer/The Devil is that you can argue for any interpretation you want. So everyone is right and everyone is wrong. That's religion for you.

>> No.47369748

Yes, Lovecraft was wrong about his own setting. You happy now? Then fix it.

>> No.47369758

Lovecraft has a bunch of different writers all writing stories about the same setting. It's like DC or Marvel, only the writers have even less communication. For instance, did you know Nyarlathotep has a wife? Apart from one story, no one else did.

>> No.47369763

Prove it or get out yourself.

>> No.47369767


>> No.47369771

You were the one who first claimed God created Satan to test himself. Onus is on you, so put up or shut up bitch.

>> No.47369776

True. I still don't understand how Lucifer somehow became a End game Gurren Lagann sized dragon in Revelations.

>> No.47369777 [SPOILER] 

>Nyarlahotep has a wife

But we all knew that!

>> No.47369790

Fuck off. Talking about the actual mythos, not some rando idiot with an avatar pic.

>> No.47369802

No, see, if we were talking about that we'd have said "husband".

>> No.47369807

>did you know Nyarlathotep has a wife?
How could this be?! Nyarly is my wife!

>> No.47369808

So is this >>47369198 you?

>> No.47369811

Who cares?

>Death of the author
Called it. Well baby bitch, Lovecrafy made Azathoth, Lovecraft says he's lulled by music, Lovecraft has more authority than you with his setting. So get fucked.

>> No.47369824

And Cthulhu has a good(and I mean our definition of good) brother that's a member of the Elder Gods and is basically Big C with I think golden eyes? It's gotten even weirder, recently...

>> No.47369853

In hindsight I should've just pointed out that canonically Azathoth is a) unconscious from a human perspective and b) that canonically an indeterminable amount of outer gods who are NOT referred to as the Daemon Sultan spend their existences constantly playing pipes to keep him lulled.

Which by anon's logic would either, per his own definition, mean those beings are the true omnipotents of Lovecraft's cosmology.

Or that there aren't any beings explicitly defined as omnipotent rather than left deliberately ambiguous as an exercise in the genre that would be known as cosmic horror.

Huh, that's news to me. Anyway, personally I just take Lovecraft's original writings for characterising Nyarly in my own chain. Accepting the rest just leads to convoluted things like Cthulhu's daughter and good twin brother.

Well...technically you could jump LoT with Tobya s your companion?

Failing that, Toriko may or may not have what you need for the soul-food part, while Resident Evil and EVO could cover the rest. Possibly Terra Formars too if you're willing to spring for one of the grosser Mosaic Organs

>> No.47369874

>not God himself.
>People like Jesus
Heretic please go.

>> No.47369877

Thanks to everyone who suggested items.

>> No.47369892

>'nid mosaic organ
Holy fuck, what have you done

>> No.47369894

Or a third option, Az just doesn't care, because he's an idiot, either way and they're just there for ambiance. Or a fourth, he keeps sleeping because he likes the music and enjoys sleeping to it, not because it forces him too.

>> No.47369895

Southern devil is best, he at least keeps his word and can be outmatched by mortals. He is gentlemanly and rewards those who impress him.

Kinda like loki. In a suit with morals.

>> No.47369896

Huh, it's about that time of year again.

>> No.47369908

Actually Im not. Lots of people use 4chan.

>> No.47369913

Azathoth is explicitly without thought or reason, so your options are invalid.

>> No.47369916

>Tyranid Mosaic Organ

>> No.47369921

Nobody so far as I recall. From what I can easily find would probably end in fire, lots of fire, so much fire. With some healing flames and life stuff too, but fire in great abundance.

>> No.47369931

It having any effect on him at all, including him finding it appealing what so ever, would mean it's having an effect on him, and this would mean that he's not omnipotent

>> No.47369943

Theres a perk in Darkstalkers that I believe makes Electricity attacks used against you purely beneficial. Like you'll actually get way powered up, sorta like a frankenstien-ish character. This of course will help you fight people like Behemoth since he loves throwing Lightning at people outside his death zone.

>> No.47369954

What are all the biology-hybridization perks in jump chain?

>> No.47369980

This needs a lot of work. Many, most even, of the perks are useless, need way more explanation or weak compared to their equal tiers. A lot of the items seem useless and the drawbacks range from giving way too many points (Some like the not finding truth one doesn't seem like it should even be a drawback) or just being creepy (The rape one, seriously?)

This jump needs a pretty serious working over and expansion, as is it seems very low effort.

>> No.47369982

Speaking of which!

Do you surf, /jc/?

>> No.47369996

Actually, now that I think about it, how could Azathoth lose all motivation in the first place? Hasn't he literally become(one of the books, can't remember which one, depicted a before to his current form's after, being some kind of mollusk like being when he was still sane) so insane that he can no longer think...sentiently? I guess is the best term?

>> No.47369999

I guess it fits Slenderman pretty well, though.

>> No.47370002

He's blind and dumb but he has thought. If he didn't, how did he dream up reality?

Omnipotent is the ability to do anything you retard. It's not being completely unaffected by anything, unless that is what is desired.

>> No.47370012

No it really doesn't.

>> No.47370020

>If he didn't, how did he dream up reality?
Don't ask me, ask Lovecraft. You can bitch and moan forever if you wish, but at the end of the day what Lovecraft says goes.

>> No.47370026

That anon who got sent home after choking on ramen 6 jumps in.

>> No.47370034

Only if you make a lilo and stitch jump.

>> No.47370049

Can ignore you then, you seem intent on ignoring any sort of reason or logic. Similar to Az really, funny huh?

>> No.47370050

It was a joke about how he sucks.

>> No.47370053

Eh, personally we went for a golden arrow frog-kudzu hybrid. We're definitely no 'nid fan ourself, and we wouldn't be surprised if that organ would become sentient and try to eat its' way out of you.


Yeah, should probably remove the rape drawback.

"Breaking" could be better defined

Does Slender-psychology do anything after the jump?

No The Rapture Logs drawback?

>> No.47370057

Yeah, seriously. Look at Senses - "if you touch ice water, you die. 100 CP." Man, what?

Some of the perks look really interesting, though. Titler seems like an awesome form of precognition, and I'm going to have to snag it.

>> No.47370066

>Ask Lovecraft
Not that anon, but is it necromancy time? Because if so, imma need some sacrifices here...

>> No.47370074

With strange aeons even death may die, anon.

>> No.47370077

Hey, I was checking out the general CYOA drive again, and I noticed something alarming: the folder only seems to store 500 files, and after passing the limit the ones at the bottom begin to disappear; right now, everything past 'R' has been lost.

The problem, as explained here ( https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/drive/lY4OuOUHVFE ) seems to be a glitch; technically, the files are still stored there, they just can't be seen.

The reason I bring this up is because of the implications on the jumpchain folders. Fortunately, unlike the CYOA folder, we don't clutter the main folder with a lot of individual pics. Currently, we're safe, but the complete without pictures folders is already at 448, and with many jumps still being added, we should work to nip the problem in the bud.

The best solution would be to further subdivide folders, perhaps A-M and N-Z/ This is not something that needs to be fixed immediately, but I think that we should keep this is mind and make preparations for when we past the 500 limit within folders.

Also, if anyone is familiar with whoever runs the general CYOA drive, it might be a good idea to let him or her know about the issue, so that people can see all of the CYOAs.

>> No.47370087

So we're sacraficing death itself to revive the Outer God Lovecraft back into his mortal form?

>> No.47370088

Really? I thought that one looked almost useless for a 400cper. All you're getting is knowing whether someone fits a certain tarot card or chess piece etc. Things that are pretty notorious for how broad and inaccurate the results can be.

>> No.47370096

Shouldn't google get on fixing that real quick so it's not a problem?

>> No.47370098

Charlie don't surf, boy. Charlie don't surf...

>> No.47370106

What about the guy who died from slipping on a banana on his first jump?

>> No.47370126

Problem's two years old, anon. Google knows, but doesn't give a shit.

>> No.47370127

How? I am very much baffled at this.

>> No.47370138

Considering your reason and logic involves assuming anthrocentric concepts-or basic logic, for that matter-automatically apply to outer gods, and that said beings are explicitly omnipotent from Lovecraft's writings explicitly denoting Azatoth as such, yes. Try using fewer maybes in the future, although now that it's clear you've basically attacked someone for no good reason without understanding the situation fully there's not much of a point in continuing this argument.

It is funny, just not in the way you think.

>> No.47370162

Fucking typos

What I mean is-if you want to bitch about Azathoth, point out where it says he's totes omnipotent yo instead of kept mysterious more, and complain less.

>> No.47370163

It's thematically interesting, and as long as you pick a theme that's broad enough (tarot as opposed to chess) and spend some time analyzing what they actually mean, it'll really help you get a feel for a person despite any attempts they make to convince you otherwise. I mean, imagine how useful it'd be to know if someone is Justice or Devil when trying to make a deal with them.

>> No.47370166

That's pathetic.

Someone should post in the general, the current and a new one when it's made, so the guy is made aware and can sort stuff into folders. That's the only hope of catching him, he doesn't post with an identity.

>> No.47370225

...stop giving me terrible ideas you guys!

>> No.47370228 [SPOILER] 

No my friend.
That's me.

>> No.47370243

I could point out how he's described as the 'centre of all infinity', how he's the source of all the outer gods, including Yog Sothoth the Supreme Archetype and guy who represents literally everything and continue with more but I get the feeling you'll just scream at me for saying no to your opinion. Look it up if you want but I'm pretty fine with taking "Made the beings that made Yog Sothoth on accident and Yog is described as being everything in existence" as fair proof of being omnipotent.

>> No.47370250

Do it. Fulfill your destiny!

>> No.47370276

It's Me had I gone through those situations, as is the character in my second chain.
If I were to start a third chain it would be a completely different person.

She's a Dark Elf specifically. And yes, it is a Mistranslation
You have Humanoid Races, Monstrous Races, and The last group who's name escapes me at the moment which is "everything else."

Vampires, Skeletons, Imps, Shoggoths, etc are all in the last category. With the exception of Aura and Mare every NPC and Player in Nazarick was in the last category.

Fun Fact:She was a voice actress in Eroge Games, she usually played Loli Characters.

Fun Fact:Her brother loved eroge games, but couldn't play them anymore. Since his sister had started to get jobs voicing his favorite character type.

Skullduggery Pleasant has some.

Good Luck. Necromancy is awesome.

I took "You Made Her Cry"

Serviles are a Sapient Species made by the Shapers of Geneforge to exist as a slave race. Their very existence shows that Geneforge can be use to make thinking Sapient creatures.
Like a Waifu, or Waifus as the case my be.

People tend to forget that the Shapers used Shapeing to essentially Terraform parts of their lands, turning barren wastelands into beautiful places to live by Shaping species that could live and thrive there.

Bro. It was posted 66 Seconds after the last post. It's a samefag.

>> No.47370285

Then you're worse at rational debate than you think. Don't get me wrong, I believe your quotes on those, I believe Azathoth ain't nothin' to fuck wit and I believe he makes Scion look like a stray bacerium.

But I don't believe he's literally omnipotent like you keep insisting, any more than a Primordial from Exalted or a Titan from Scion is omnipotent.

>> No.47370296

But Lovecraft also says he's lulled to sleep by the music played by the Other Gods. So clearly he's not omnipotent by your definition.

>> No.47370320

And why does that disprove omnipotence?

>> No.47370341

You don't even read your own arguments, wow. You went through pains whining that he can't be, because omnipotent. Pack it up boys, it's retarded.

>> No.47370343

My biggest problem is that it doesn't draw me in. I know nothing about the Slenderman mythos, except his fashion choice, and nothing in this Jump really helps me understand it, or intrigues me and makes me want to find out more. There's also nothing that makes it particularly horrifying, either. It just... Has no feel at all. It's totally flat.

>> No.47370352

ALL of them? Psh, good luck on that one. There's nearing 600 jumps, I doubt anyone's got a list.

That said, I have the Medical/Biology shard from Worm, which is (as always) one of the best things available in the chain for its category.
Final Fantasy XIII-2 also has a good one called Infusion. There's also Chimera Engineering, from MOTHER, which in addition to mix-n-matching, also allows you to add cybernetic parts.
There's also Franken Fran's entire Doctor line, in terms of general biological fuckery. Fleshcrafting from Dune.
If you want to get into more generalized biology/doctoring there's Doctor of Miracles from Touhou.

... wow, I have quite a few of these, don't I?

>> No.47370360

Then I'm not sure what would prove omnipotence to you if you don't take the author's own statements that he's beyond infinity and that he unconsciously grandfathered an omnipresent, omniscient and nigh omnipotent being.

Amazing, yet another person assuming everyone arguing against him is one person. Not to mention completely ignoring the question yet again. Just sad.

>> No.47370387

If you're someone else like you claim and you're arguing that Azathoth is omnipotent just for its own sake, then that's irrelevant. This argument is about him being able to be lulled to sleep with music. It's only a fight because the supposed other anon said he can't be, because he's omnipotent. If you on the other hand accept that Azathoth can be omnipotent and also lulled to sleep by music, then there is no problem. The argument was against THAT anon's definition of omnipotence he was using to attack people. If yours is different and it doesn't conflict with the idea of lulling him to sleep with music, then debating is actually pointless. If you want to know why you were being treated with hostility it's because you picked this hill to die on while someone was causing a shitstorm over the same topic.

>> No.47370423

Not so much "become" so much as Lovecraft presents him as always having been in a state of blind idiocy. Given the zalgotext I presumed "given up" is meant to be something of analogy for Azathoth's incomprehensible state to demonstrate an oncoming but not immediate drastic change to that state.

Oh right and-the person running the drive is called Captain Brutus in case you need to give him a shout.

I'm surprised you don't have as many biotech minions as you have robots other than the goat people and waddle-dees really. Some sort of giant (fluffy?) ant could do quite a few chores.

>> No.47370439

Everything else seems to be the superior option.

>> No.47370504

>Not so much "become"...
Apparently that's changed recently or something? According to "The Insects from Shaggai", there was a time where Azathoth WASN'T insane, or was at least rational insane. Back then, he looked something like a "multi-legged clam, with cylinders for appendages, a mouthless face, and black hair" and then something happened, and he became the almighty idiot we know and fear today.
Oh, and forewarning, that was the description from the site that shall not be mentioned, lest we be trapped forever in it, not the book, so the book's description might be slightly different.

>> No.47370525

It is the will of Azathoth that he slumbers to the discordant piping of the Outer Gods.
It is the will of Azathoth that he is bored.
It is the will of Azathoth that others perceive this to be a problem.
It is by the will of Azathoth that Jumpchan sends Her Servant to wake him.
It is by the will of Azathoth that Her Servant commits themselves to a performance he will be pleased by.
It is the will of Azathoth to be stirred from ennui by Her Servant's performance.
And it is by the will of Azathoth that this cycle continues through the endless eons.
Only the Servant changes.

- Text recovered from a Public Library, which contains all true information written down. Original source unknown.

That's my fanwank for it.

>> No.47370551

Huh. Wasn't that from one of the authors who came after Lovecraft? In that case I've no idea what's canon and what's not for that lot since I've never read any of those books, and what little I have heard hasn't really motivated me to.

That's not very awe inspiring. That sounds like a rejected Sesame Street character, dammit

>> No.47370591

A hairy clam with a head sticking out? He sounds like a depiction of birth.

>> No.47370592

Well, there are the Beastmen. Though they only get trotted out when I need some actually competent bio-minions. They're what you might call... "Elite Mooks", with a few even going so far as to be "Lieutenant-class", whereas Goats are solidly Quirky Miniboss tier at BEST.
And the Waddle Dees are just Waddle Dees. They are their own tier.

But generally I just think of robots as easier, y'know? Less fuss, less cleanup, no weird tumors or fluids going about.
Not to mention replaceable.

Besides, bioengineering is more of an art. When I really get going on that stuff, I like to make projects. See if I can combine all the mook summons I got from FF13 into one supermook. Build weird and wonderful turn based RPG monsters. Try to create the ultimate lifeform for the thirteenth time. Giant Psychic Tandem War Elephants. Y'know. SCIENCE!
That's in all caps, baby. It's the only way to go.

That said, sometimes I do go with something more down to earth. I made cuddly little Mimigas in Worm. Complete with the whole "flip out and kill things after eating/injecting the right bio-agent" schtick!
It was always fun to watch people's reactions on the turnaround. You'd think that would get old, but it didn't.

>> No.47370625

Yep, tis by Ramsey Campbell.
That's the secret plot twist, Azathoth was a Sesame Street character all along. And all the Outer Gods and Great Old Ones are muppets.

>> No.47370648

>Will of
Stupid. That's the most incorrect fanwank yet, at least the other people got Az's lack of intelligence/care down right.

>> No.47370668


>> No.47370798

>Buy Devil's Shock in Beelzebub
>Crash in treasure planet afterwards
>Toss thing in the gold piles at the core
>Tazer absorbs a "Tousand worlds booty/bounty/whatever"
>Place is fucking clean
>Silver armband teleports to my wrist
*I wonder what it does now...*

>> No.47370852

So wait, is the giant robot having the what now moment, or are the people standing in front of it having that moment? Because the idea of this thing just kind of walking up to them, and then blankly staring over the horizon while all those people simply think to themselves "...Well shit, now what do we do?" is hilarious.

>> No.47370882

First off, needs a better intro. No hook, no exposition.
>the mind
pointless, doesn't do much. 3 million people searching for you translates to some 300 pounds more you can lift. I like the idea, but there's not enough there to make it worth 600cp. Doesn't need a massive buff, but something.
My advice: 1 pound per 7500. Also, would it scale to buff magic/supernatural powers?
What does this actually do? This isn't anything someone couldn't do anyways, without the perk.
needs more detail. Unsure of what exactly it does.
>50 CP for $1000
>100 CP for $20
I don't understand this.
I LOVE this item. Love it so insanely much.
It should go without saying image corruption, but you should probably specify photo corruption, not 'camera becomes evil' or something. Also, what kind of camera? Free choice?
>Pet Rake
How cute. Might be better in the companion section. Also worth /much/ more CP.
Companions can't import companions, they do/don't get background discounts, etc.
Needs... a lot of work. Have Slendy be super creepy or something, in a 'very loving' way or something. Just removing it isn't a bad idea either.
Fear Mythos doesn't seem worth 600cp, and all the other 300cp drawbacks need more detail. 100cp drawbacks are worth way more than 100.

Lots of potential, though. keep it up.

>> No.47370888

>I'm surprised people don't bring up Warhammer Fantasy more, because the lores of Dhar and Shysh have some pretty good ones.

This is the voice of a man who has never seen the old warhammer roleplay spell tables. Those are were the insanity is hidden - the one I remember instantly turns a square mile of living things into undead completely in the casters eternal thrall

>> No.47370890

I think it's mutual.

>> No.47370908

Even better.

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