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You're awesome Digger. Was reading that with my Kamen Rider OST collection.

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Have you ever used your powers for something petty?

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Varies on how you play it. Are you important to Alester's keikaku? Are you just some random fucking scientist?

You're in huge fucking trouble if you piss off the bigger bad's; the universe will be destroyed and recreated around you to fuck you up as hard as possible.

That said, you're liable to never fucking see any of the shit that people talk about in here with raildex unless you poke it because you're an extra-dimentional horror yourself who only keeps jumping on the ever greater promise of more power and increasingly thrilling times.

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Jumper, what's the cliché sentence you just can't stop using?

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We're the same you and I.

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I am not a nice man.

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Jumped into DMC after Harry Potter.

I was mandated from then onwards to be as petty with my abilities as possible when shit isn't getting real. Which happens surprisingly often now that I think about it...

> "Sooooo, you're probably not going to believe this, but-"

Urgh, the number of times I've had to say that.

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In reply to >>47335745
Touhou gets wanked because, despite potentially being one of the light hearted settings (as long as you don't take the 'serious' drawback), most of the characters have absurd bullshit abilities.

There is someone who can easily stop time and warp space. She works as a maid. For a vampire who can manipulate Fate, and whose little sister can destroy anything physical.

The main protagonist, Reimu, can selectively phase out of reality. Not just space, reality as a whole.

The big powerhouse of the setting, Yukari Yakumo, has Border Manipulation. That is, manipulating things that relate to borders. Including concepts. This give her borderline omnipotence.

The reason they use spell card rules and do friendly matches is that they're basically in a small pocket world, and having all the super-powerful beings (especially that one bird girl with nuclear sun powers) go on all-out fights would kind of reduce it to a barren wasteland. Hence the drawback for it saying as much.

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So, kind of like Dresden and Cthulhu? We see all the crazy shit because the MCs go chasing it, but the average person just has a slightly higher mortality rate and never notices half the madness?

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That's fucked up man, it's not the waiter's fault the soup was sub par, that's the chef's fault.

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>The big powerhouse of the setting
There are things like nigh-omnipotent dragon gods above her.

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>Borderline omnipotence
Yeah, no. She can't affect things or beings of a certain power level higher then herself. That's why she can't affect the moon or it's residents with her power or the god's shrine. Stop wanking her.

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"Well, I'm not exactly human."

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>The reason they use spell card rules and do friendly matches is that they're basically in a small pocket world, and having all the super-powerful beings (especially that one bird girl with nuclear sun powers) go on all-out fights would kind of reduce it to a barren wasteland. Hence the drawback for it saying as much.

It was also Reimu's way of levelling the playing field for all of Gensokyo's residents.

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I was being merciful to the waiter, you do NOT want to see what happened to the chef.

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"The moment I joined the fight, you lost."

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So, I had researched that stuff when I was making the jump.

Got the nice clean weight of 2K tons for the train, with the actual size and stuff being noted but considered an afterthought, even though the weight was gotten from them.

What I'm saying here is you're not gonna get an answer for a while because I am garbage at googling things I had already found before.

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I still have a, "No Genocide," rule, but there is nothing in there about species wide curses...

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Occasionally use legion voice in normal conversations just to screw with people.

"If I dont know what I am doing then they sure as hell dont."

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Oh, neat.

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I wonder if Kender can be trained with electric shocks. It's a good megaproject, don't you think?

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All the time. Especially when it would be amusing.

"It's not what it looks like!"

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I know I should be sleeping but I just have to ask

Will Draconians be a thing?
I want them to be a thing.

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>"It's not what it looks like!"
"It's exactly what it looks like."

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Only sometimes.

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"Do NOT bully the robots."

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I once tortured a man to the point where he thanked me for the opportunity to kill himself because he was mean to a monkey

there's good news and there is bad news.

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I blew a thousand cp on real eater to change the aesthetics of other options I buy.

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>No, [name here], you are the demons.

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You should place the curses on random objects designed to trigger the kenders thief instincts.

Possibly with a warning label of "Shiny object do not steal'.

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Dragon Rider (600 – Discount Drop In): Throughout history, dragons and humanoids have formed formidable fighting partnerships. By selecting this option. . .

Draconian (var.): Draconians are the youngest of Krynns races. Created a few years before The War of the Lance by the Dark Queen Takhisis and her followers. . .

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So what else is new.

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I say "Hey!" and "Listen!" a lot, like a certain annoying fairy. It started out as a jokey answer to drawbacks that'd force you to say a catchphrase or something, but then I ended up using it a fair bit even without those drawbacks.
It tends to piss off my companions.

The wording also tends to vary, but I tend to use some variation of the whole "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" bit a fair amount.
I feel like it's fair to give people a warning, y'know?

I think there might actually be Kender in certain parts of Ravenloft. I might be wrong, though.
Every time I imagine myself meeting one in that setting, it usually ends with me crying while the Kender acts like an unapologetic little shit.

That was back before I was a gigantic asshole, so my companions would probably even feel bad for me!

God, it'll be so fun to just murder those things en mass, don't you think?

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I've used shapeshifting powers just so I could go trick or treating again.

I never did have the heart to tell them it wasn't a costume.

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his neck is fucking terrifying, which is sad considering how beautiful that movie is

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>I think there might actually be Kender in certain parts of Ravenloft. I might be wrong, though.
Would certainly fit Ravenloft's reputation for being one of the worst places to be.

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Could even say he looks kinda snake-y.

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Portals, to drop things on people or drop people into things.

Never gets old.

We try to avoid cliches, but we do keep a tally of opponents who use them.

So far "What are you?! You're not human!" is in the lead, narrowly overtaking "I'll show you the power of my determination!".

...oh boy.

You're not wrong about most of it but-geeze, people really need to give stop exaggerating Yukari's power.


You know, I'd never understood why these things were so hated. Not a big D&D fan

But now.

I am enlightened.

Actually we're genuinely curious what they taste like if so many races want to eat them.

And...time to ask the big question.

How do you think SMT 1's YHVH would react to knowledge of the existence of multiverses beyond the ones he created which he didn't know about, which are completely outside his control and some of which have no gods in them at all?

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Fuck you, it's my magic, not yours, mine.

>> No.47336251

>Dragon Riding
Silly anon I'm already a dragon...That'll be for my other non-dragon companions to use...I need a rider just in case things get hot

Yes this is gud. This jump is already 11/10

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I'd... Advise against trying to kill off the Kender. There's a reason those fuckers are still alive, and it's not plot armor. Not alone, at any rate.

Every last one of them is a PC. The entire species has been having level-appropriate encounters since they were children, and never, ever stop. They're an entire civilization of murderhobos, minus the murder part.

Don't make them add it.

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Kender sounds like the best grounds to experiment on a line curse. See whether you can curse them with a sense of morality.

>> No.47336303

>people really need to give stop exaggerating Yukari's power.

They never will - because here's the thing.
It's a reward for an objective in that jump, which means people can get it. And if they can get it, they want it to be as strong as possible.

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So, I've always just thought of them as thieves elves or something, since I never actually read a book with them in it.

Just wanted to say they really do deserve their bad rep. Even look like shits.

>> No.47336333

>every last one of them is a PC

... Fat, greasy, Cheeto-stained neckbeard wot enjoys a lolrandumb playstyle?

Fuck that makes more sense than it should.

>> No.47336346

Yep. That's why the fluff treats all of them like special snowflakes. Because they're an entire race of That Guys.

>> No.47336347

I must note, I do like the idea of unleashing a mutagenic virus upon an unsuspecting population, and I can't think of a better one to try it on.

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they have one they just don't have any concept of property ownership

>> No.47336367


Wouldn't trying to curse them with a sense of manners work better?

>> No.47336371

If that were the case they wouldn't be taking everyone's shit.

Then they'll just be smiling while they steal your shit. No thank you. I'd rather give them what people consider to be a proper sense of right and wrong.

>> No.47336374

His wrath and ambition will be nothing short of divine.

>> No.47336421

that's exactly what I said though isn't it? There taking everyone's things because they don't know things belong to people but they are not malevolent

>> No.47336437

Wait, so-they're basically an entire race of Belkars?

Also that's perfectly fine, all that exercise probably means the quality of meat will be pretty good, albeit gamey and tough to chew. Hmm. Probably have strong bones tendons too, so those'll make for a hearty broth. Dangit, if only we'd kept some soma to use as a spice for roasts and stirfries.

Wouldn't it be more efficient to curse them with a panic attack-inducing phobia for pockets, doors, backpacks and treasure chests? A lot of negative reinforcement and misunderstandings with the law from blundered attempts at "borrowing" things and that ought to weed those proclivities out through natural selection.

>Our dad is going to freak


>> No.47336439

A race-wide curse where if they touch something that is of someone else's property, they get zapped.

Zap increases in intensity the longer they hold the thing that isn't theirs.

>> No.47336441

I regularly use alchohol tolerance and infinite stomach perks to win drinking and eating competitions.

I have regularly given people some variant of the World of Cardboard speech.

>> No.47336461

So, he's basically going to be trying to pull a You on the multiverse.

You ruined everything again.

>> No.47336480

Please state your source, because as far as I've read in her profile and seen in the official manga and games none of what you mentioned pings.

Firstly, there is something you need to parse:
>Imperishable Night - Manual: The danger and potency of the power to manipulate boundaries is beyond imagination. It's something that can only be controlled by those who are able to withstand its stress, or some weirdo youkai like Yukari.

That was a direct quote from the I.N. Manual, Yukari is in fact, fucking powerful, in fact she could be counted much like Yuuka, as an outlier.

Her limitations seem largely related to distance and while yes, there are those more powerful than her, they are on the level of Watatsuki no Toyohime, who quite frankly, is bullshit even for Touhou.

The Lunar Princess can manipulate the Boundary between the Scientific and Fantastic versions of the Moon and the Mountains and Sea. She's a perfect counter to Yukari's own Boundary Manipulation on top of that bullshit fan of hers.

Source on the Lunar Princess: Symposium of Post-mysticism/Interview

Exact quote:
> Toyohime has "the ability to connect mountains and seas", which is an ability to move anywhere she likes. Most importantly, she can move between the Lunar Capital and Earth, with Gensokyo being the "mountain" and the moon being the "sea".

If you dislike Touhou and the fandom, fine by all means, continue on good sir, I won't begrudge you. Even I think that they can go way too far at times, however, stating counter-arguments like that without backing them up, is a little iffy to me boss.

By the way:
> http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Yukari_Yakumo
Her full profile.

>> No.47336483

What are some good Perks to give me access to teleportation portals? I don't know if anyone's ever read Mark Waid's Irredeemable, but I want to get to the level of Qubit from that. Would portals along with aperture tech from Portal and considerable science, smarts and inventing Perks be good enough to make me a God of portals ?

>> No.47336487

You don't own the things you claim to own. It's not your shit just because you claim it's yours. You only have the gall to call it as yours because you think you're strong enough to stop other people from using it if they ever wanted to.

>> No.47336517

Oh god, a first-year philosophy student.

>> No.47336523

>Wouldn't it be more efficient ...

Probably, but efficiency for efficiency's sake ends up with no useful work and nothing doing anything ever in the entire universe.

Stagnation is no one's ally. Not even yours, despite what you may think.

>> No.47336525


>Then they'll just be smiling while they steal your shit. No thank you. I'd rather give them what people consider to be a proper sense of right and wrong.

Okay let me rephrase that. By manners I meant 'a realization that normal kender behavior makes them annoying rude hypocritical jerks'.

A sense of right and wrong only works if they give a damn about the 'this is wrong part'.

>> No.47336529

might not be cliché but
>"Bitch, I EAT people"
Is always there. Also,
>"It's not what it looks like !"

>> No.47336541

So then clearly there's nothing wrong with killing kender whenever you see them. They only claim to have ownership over their lives because they assume no one will takes them away. If you have the strength, you have the right to kill them all.

>> No.47336544

> The entire species has been [...]
... just so you know, I don't really "do" level-appropriate.

At best, I'm the Final Boss who swings in a couple times in the early game to kick the heroes around for a bit before finding something else to do. I'm Gades from Lufia. That's me on my vacation day.

If I am genuinely, seriously, legit trying to kill someone, there's not really anything that's off the table. Which means I'm not even fighting, because fighting is dumb, when I could be throwing viruses and poisons and turning the world into a nuclear hotzone.
It really doesn't matter if you can beat up one superscienced robot when I can field millions of them at a time.
My options are open!

"Fair" is just what people do when they're trying to have fun. But I don't really find fighting fun. Ergo, it won't be much of a fight.

Kender shouldn't mess with ME.

>> No.47336547

Doormaker from Worm. I have cirrhosis now.

>> No.47336551

No, someone who recognizes that if I'm strong enough to take something and kill anyone who tries to take it back, it was never theirs to begin with. You're only borrowing the things you say are yours from the rest of the universe until something bigger than you takes it back.

>> No.47336556

>Wouldn't it be more efficient to curse them with a panic attack-inducing phobia for pockets, doors, backpacks and treasure chests? A lot of negative reinforcement and misunderstandings with the law from blundered attempts at "borrowing" things and that ought to weed those proclivities out through natural selection.

Wasn't it that kleptomania that saved Reality at one point? Been a while since I read the books, but I remember the Kender stealing some artefact that would have been used to obliterate a god or something right when it was about to be used.

>> No.47336564

Oddly enough being a part of a civilization - something I'm sure you're unaware on how to do - means acknowledging certain things. Like boundaries, for example.

Because here's the thing, esé. Stealing money from someone because you think you're strong enough to claim it is going to get you shot like the dog you are.

>> No.47336571

Never read that.

Wakfu has Eliatropes, Shadow Ops has Portamancy, and Worm take a drink has Doormaker and the Dimensional Breech Controller. All pretty good portal stuff.

>> No.47336572

The items belonging to me are mine because I was either given them freely, created them from raw material lawfully obtained or created ex nihilo, or exchanged goods or services for them.

Implying that I don't own my belongings further than my ability to defend them is like saying my life is mine to do as I please until someone with a gun decides what I should be doing for a living.

In short: No offense, but get bent.

>> No.47336588

I would suggest Doormaker from worm, Portamancy from Shadow Ops, and maybe Eliatrope from Wakfu. As for aperture tech, honestly the stuff is so disjointed that I have no clue.

>> No.47336589

Oh, so you're one of those fake-ass Darwinists instead.

>> No.47336601

You're being baited, bro.

This guy likely doesn't believe half the shit he's spewing right now, because if he earnestly did he'd likely be behind bars for trying to follow it.

>> No.47336613

What's the drinking game here? "Take a shot every time the right perk for something is in Worm"?

>> No.47336614

That's a stupid way to look at the universe and you don't even believe it's true yourself. If someone broke into your house, killed your dog, stole your shit and beat you senseless, you'd call the cops.

I refuse to recognize bad writing in novels as an excuse for an entire race of assholes. Otherwise Twilight would be wonderful and everyone would love Bella.

You know what? I'm going to take the 'you love Bella' drawback the next time I go to Twilight just to make a point. It doesn't have to be a love story, it just has to make sense.

>> No.47336615

It's almost like the entire point of the daunting task of a nonlethal takedown on most of demonkind-and the redemption of Adam-was to prove a point to dad about how his alternate universe avatar was right, and the New Testament is the Best Testament.

If only we had some sort of perk to make our employers more competant and generally better at making decisions like, say, the entire Morty perkline.


Oh wait!

Not sure who Qubit is but Eliatrope portals are pretty awesome once trained to their full potential

Hah! Sounds like someone's just not being efficient enough!

Stagnation's like heat, using it improperly means you deserved to get burned. Plenty of things you take for granted would go wrong if you had none of it. And it's only one facet of order and stasis.

Admittedly it's been a while for me too. I dunno.

High five! Fair fights are for people who don't know how to parry, dodge and stunlock!

>> No.47336622

I think I'll make the curse give them all glowing, artificial Stand like entities, that loudly narrate their every action in song.
They'll like it at first, until they realize that it does not get quiet when they need to avoid notice, or share their view of what the truth is, and will answer any questions directed to it to the best of it's ability.

I'll make it look like a little flame...
Heh heh heh heh heh...

>> No.47336637

Take a short when pretty much anything from Worm is brought up. The perks are the ones that come up least.

>> No.47336644

Heat is just useful energy in action. Sure, it can be misused, but stagnation means that it doesn't get used at all.

Yeah, I noticed, there is almost no one on the planet who really acts the way they do when they're busy being a tough guy on the internet. But hey, free speech, et cetera, blah blah, and liberty and justice for all. :D

>> No.47336649

Can someone tell me about how big the Light of Terra is, as a starship? I know its somewhere in all the pages, but I can't seem to find it.

>> No.47336650

Then I kill and eat them and everything they ever loved, and torture their existence as a concept until the end of time. I'm morally right to do so as well, because I'm strong enough to do so and no one can stop me, because fuck you, if you can't do shit to me, don't start shit.

>> No.47336653

Take a drink every time Worm is brought up, because it has an answer for fucking everything.
The powers get the most talk, but the perks are pretty amazing too.

>> No.47336657

. . . this is pure genius. I don't know what house you were in but take a hundred points, you magnificent anon.

>> No.47336662

We're talking about jumpchain though, and the greater multiverse, not real life.

>> No.47336664

Between 16 and 32 kilometers.

[Condescending Sarcasm] Watch out, we got a badass over here [/Condescending Sarcasm]

>> No.47336667

Overused meme that some people cling to. Any time someone even mentions worm in passing you'll be sure to find one of these idiots, even if the series hasn't been mentioned in weeks.

>> No.47336673

It isn't actually in any of the pages as far as I am aware. I think it's 16-30something km.

>> No.47336679

Why should I exercise with a different morality here than I use in my every day life? I'm seriously very curious.

>> No.47336767

Because other moralities aren't realistically enforceable or practical in real life where they potentially would be after any number of jumps jumps, and said moralities may actually be more practical/convenient/relevant with significantly greater power and an appreciation for the potential danger that the rest of the universe/multiverse holds in store for you and everyone else. You know, like doom.

>> No.47336777

I too am a fan of bitch i eat people usually before lunch

>> No.47336786

Ravenclaw, sir!
Cunning is the mark of a fox, after all.

>> No.47336788

Because being a multidimensional god and not flexing your power entirely for your own benefit at the expense of literally everybody else everywhere means you're wasting your chain?

I dunno. I don't get that logic anytime someone brings it up unless they're being deliberately dickish against someone in discussion, or talking from an In-Character point-of-view which I'm also tempted to say is the former, mostly as someone can be as huge a dick as they please and then go 'oh sorry I was in-character you can't handle it.'

>> No.47336818

uuuh isn't cunning slytherins thing?

>> No.47336848

Nah, you're thinking of ambition.

Sadly much of Slytherin is dumb as a bag of rocks.

>> No.47336859

I thought that's ambition, and I really don't have any of that. I'd feather hang out with a bunch of egg heads. My puns are for the birds.

>> No.47336860

Theorically. In practice, Slytherin is just the Tory house.

>> No.47336872

Exercising a different morality than the one you do in real life isn't the same thing as just up and switching your morality out for a different one; I can say one thing and do another until it's within my means to act as is my personal will. Nothing's stopping me from killing people at random if I'm a planet buster after all. If they could, that's what I'd call, 'having the means to protect yourself' and 'having the means to bring harm to those that would do you harm' after all.

>> No.47336891

OOC: I think anon is just roleplaying his jumper's personality traits? At least, I hope so.

I just wanted to make clear, for the record-all the weird stasis shit I blabber about as ASA is not meant to reflect my own opinions. I had hoped using a shounen villain as my jumper's primary avatar would have made that obvious but if you are who I think you are I understand if you have reason to doubt me, even if s a bit frustrating for me too. And to. which I can honestly say I've never knowingly started shit here with anyone out of pure malice.

IC: Do you not rely on stagnation in a limit form to refrigerate your food, keep up to date with society and enable the very conditions that allowed organic life to develop rather than be vaporised by solar radiation? Stagnation is at least as much a natural part of the universe as growth is!

>> No.47336951

>I had hoped using a shounen villain as my jumper's primary avatar would have made that obvious
I thought it was because of the obnoxiously derpy face. Really, it makes me cringe every time I see that blank stare.

>> No.47336960

I think both I'll be talking both Portamancy and eliatrope, They'll serve me well and there's not too many other Perks I really want from those jumps. Can't say the same for worm on the other hand, but I'm going to hold off on jumping worm for a little while.

>> No.47336986

Are you perhaps a child?

>> No.47337002

>How dare people play characters in their imagination! Your rights end where my feelings begin!

>> No.47337004

Does it have to be specifically portals?

>> No.47337008

You're boring.

>> No.47337049

>having to hide your bullshit behind "it was just my character bro why you gotta be mad bro."

I'm going to assume you mask being an asshole with "just a prank bro"?

>> No.47337065

Not necessarily, why what were you thinking of ?

>> No.47337067

>Getting so offended by someone playing an evil character in a game that you develop a hateboner on the level of the anti-Red shitposter and whine about them constantly, taking any opportunity to 'cleverly' shittalk them.
You're the one full of bullshit, mate.

>> No.47337076

There are people who don't?

So many other good ones have been said but here are a few from me. Some are puns.
"In the name of Justice I shall punish you!"
"Stop! In the name of Love!"
"I'm getting all fired up" *proceeds to use pyromancy*
"What's the worst that could happen?"
"What possible danger could come from reading a book?"
"Just trust me"
"I have a bad feeling about this"
And many more

I approve

Slytherin is SUPPOSED to be Cunning and Ambition. Ravenclaw is supposed to be a hunger for knowledge.

But In-universe Slytherin is mostly for inbred idiots now.

>> No.47337114

>whine about them constantly

Laaawd jesus save me, the fact that I've never mentioned this shit for 800+ threads and you're whining about me somehow spamming it constantly loses you all credibility.

It's funny you bring up the anti-Red shitposter, because your defense of the guy when I've actually talked shit out with him and we've settled our differences is really reminiscent of EXACTLY said shitposter.

>> No.47337134

Alright knock it off you two.

>> No.47337139

Alright, everyone, shitstorm time. You know the drill. Put on your safety glasses and take cover in the bunkers.

>> No.47337152


It's not a shitstorm, it's two people throwing shit at each other, and judging by his hyperbole and overdramatic tone I really should not be engaging.

>> No.47337156

You must have a short memory anon, because this is far from the first time you've taken your little potshots.

>Settled our differences.
See, if you had, then you wouldn't be complaining at him in the thread. Yet you are. If you ever did apologize, I think it was less than sincere.

>> No.47337160

Third party jumping in, as well as the original asshole and the cause of this argument; do neither of you have any amount of self awareness?

>> No.47337193

So when's the best time to reveal you've had hidden cameras trained on everything these smuglords were up to, and then force Slinky Dress Aizen to watch as everything she was aiming for falls apart.

>> No.47337206

Ignoring the shitstorm that's occurring, what's the best way to combat speedsters while still remaining relatively Badass normal ?

>> No.47337207

I wasn't mentioning the guy at all, and drawing from experience in a campaign where a bro needed to be kicked out because of just that kind of dickishness, which is what leads to my prejudice.

In short: No, I have no self-awareness, but you're right in that I need to stop engaging.

>> No.47337243

I'm fed up with anons like that causing petty in-fighting between thread personalities. Especially when they're taking unjustified high grounds. Like Mr. "No Engagement" over there.

>> No.47337251

Banana peels.

>> No.47337254

Edit it to look more like an Ice Cream truck and you've got a winning gif.

Also you do it when she tries to frame Yang for brutality, or right before they kill the cute robot.

Also hit on Slinky Dress Aizen and Ice Cream Girl.

Even though I have to spend my 10 years flirting with Blake due to the Joke my build is dedicated to.

>> No.47337271

God you are petty.

>> No.47337278

Not as petty as the anons nursing grudges.

>> No.47337291

How often do you break cover and reveal who you really are in the middle of a jump where you'd otherwise pretend to be normal?

>> No.47337298

Most satisfying time to reveal that is when she tries to frame Yang like >>47337254 says, yeah. Just assume direct control of the arena stuff like she'd do later.

Arguably best time to actually stop her is when she tries to attack the fall maiden.

>> No.47337299

Kenders should be a drawback, same with Gully Dwarves.

>> No.47337309

But it's literally an ice cream truck with the White Fang logo slapped on.

Those other squares on the side are all ice cream listings - in short, the menu.

>> No.47337321

You're nursing one right now you doss cunt.

If nigga hasn't responded to you after disengaging, fucking drop it and stop being a massive faggot.

>> No.47337325

Precog... And >>47337251

>> No.47337340

I know, right? It's perfect!

Exactly 35 minutes ago after your plan has come to fruition

>slinky dress aizen

...man. One of these days I should actually give RWBY a shot but the stuff I heard about the dialogue has put me off

Vibe from Arrowverse's selling point is being able to predict high speed movements and counter 'em. Dune's mental skills, all manner of non-Naruto ninja training (Dr Mcninja, for example) and Premonition Precog from Raildex (which despite its' name, is not an actual supernatural ability) are other good examples of increasing mental processing and reaction times.

Now you just have to worry about your arm or internal organs being broken if they crash into you too fast.

Rarely, because explaining what we really are either tends to make people faint or say things like "Hold up, run that by me again-you're a WHAT?" and generally result in an awfully stunted conversation.

>> No.47337343

Which is why I went in as a muggleborn and out Slytherin'd them while making friends with other Houses.

>> No.47337376

That's true, but doesn't the attack happen within hours of or even concurrently to the Jumper's arrival?

It seems like it was about a year prior to the Dust Robbery.

>> No.47337383

How strong is Captain America? Asking because Pokemon gives a perk that makes you 'almost' as strong, but I've no clue how strong that is, beyond that it's 'pretty strong'.

>> No.47337388

Be a combat-trained speedster. It doesn't matter if they're faster than you are, as long as your increased reaction times and skill make up for it. See the last fight in Assassination Classroom to see what I'm talking about.

>> No.47337402

>Gully Dwarves
Wow. An entire species of retard hobo dwarves. Just when I thought I'd seen all the stupid shit they put into this.

>> No.47337407

>I went in as a muggleborn and out Slytherin'd them

Comics version is peak human: he can lift as much as the heaviest lifter, run as fast as the fastest runner, etc...

>> No.47337416

>anyone dropping the argument


Comics fluctuate in how strong he is - personally I'd go with http://marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com/wiki/Captain_America#Powers and wank to your taste.

>> No.47337419

I only break cover if I absolutely need to, if it's funny, it is part of a plan I have, or if I'm well and truly pissed the fuck off.

So not that often all things considered. To be perfectly frank, it happens most often because it amuses me to do so.

I'm used to a little thing on the top of the truck when I see an Ice Cream Truck.

RWBY isn't "Good", but it's very enjoyable in my subjective experience.

>Not Going Rich Pureblood Gryffindor and out Slytherining everyone, and screwing over all of Tom's plans, while turning him and his goals into a giant joke.
I spent the majority of 5th year using a cobbled together Projector to make images in the great hall, without using electricity, so that I could preform Music Shows. Just to infuriate Umbridge and the Death Eater Spawn.

I even made a video of "Be Prepared", with Tom as Scar, and Lucius and two other Death Eaters as the Hyenas.

In theory? Peak Human Ability. In everything. Due to the way the body works you can normally only acheive Peak Human Ability in one or two areas, but Cap is Peak Human in everything.
In Practice? Low to mid-tier Super Strength.

>> No.47337425

Comics say peak human, MCU is blatantly superhuman.

>> No.47337427

Answering question from last Thread:
Every rider has a different gimmick, the Switches are the gimmick for the rider called Fourze.
The Zodiarts switches turn people into constellation-themed monsters, and the Astroswitches allow people to either become kamen riders or otherwise gain new equipment.
They also power certain devices such as the Foodroids or the rider weapons Fourze gets.

>> No.47337441

Not really? It seemed to happen much later to me. But I'm not entirely sure on that.

>> No.47337453

I say don't even bother with the reveal. Yes, showing her that you've beaten her at her own game would be funny. But it would be even better if things just start falling apart for no reason that she can tell. She likes being in control, put her in a situation where she is completely powerless and doesn't even have anyone to blame for it.

>> No.47337460

Cinder has the fire abilities during the Dust Robbery, is the thing.

>> No.47337462

Didn't bother hiding who I was, I was leagues better than them at subtle protective charms and enchantments. Even manipulated Snape into treating all classes fairly.

Man was he pissed when he figured out what I did.

>> No.47337479

I totally forgot that!
I'll have to move cunning over to Ravenclaw, then. There's going to be some instability, what with wizard Hitler failing to take over magic Europe.
He'll be even less stable, constantly finding strangely untraceable letters addressed to Tom hidden about his personal effects. I'm still debating what to put in them...
Ha ha ha!

>> No.47337495

I thought she had the fire powers independently of the Maiden abilities, and becoming the Fall Maiden just strengthened them.

>> No.47337511

Well, yeah. But the Dust Robbery starts just before the school year.

It doesn't seem like her to wait almost a year to start using her powers.

>> No.47337514

I didn't? That was pretty early in my chain and my form is largely based around being a twilight 'vampire'.

I was smart enough to use a fucking gun, though. Volturi don't stand a chance against a barrett .50 cal.

>> No.47337524

She would've used them fighting the Fall Maiden then, but that fight was almost entirely her archery work.

After she drained about half of Amber's Aura, only then is she displayed wielding fire and using it to intimidate the White Fang.

>> No.47337537

Nope, fire powers seem to be Maiden-based.

>> No.47337538

Address them to "Tommy Jr." From "Your father, who is dead, thanks to you, you literal bastard"

>> No.47337554

I don't think so.
When she's using her half of the Maiden Powers one of her eyes gets that glowing aura, like the Maiden did in both eyes when she was using her powers.

She uses her fire powers without that aura.

>> No.47337578

She uses her fire powers with eye glowing and not glowing.

tl;dr Rooster Teeth can't into continuity.

>> No.47337586


>> No.47337601

Pic Related, since I decided to grab it.

Or that means her Fire Powers aren't Maiden related.

Glad I could help. Fucking with people is something I greatly enjoy.

>> No.47337602

I just ate Cinder's fire when she tried to roast me.

Black Cat Faunus not so weak now, huh bitch.

>> No.47337607

Guy asked more TES questions last thread.

Answers are no. Anyone who goes to TES can learn the magic. They might not be any good at it at all though or be naturally predisposed towards it.

>> No.47337621


The fuck is up with them faces.

>> No.47337639

On the other hand, thanks to the Dust Video, we know Dust can be used in various ways.
Her Clothes always glow when she uses Fire Powers. What if she has Red Dust or something sewn into her dress?

>> No.47337655

It's all a moot point anyway, since even if she had them beforehand, they were apparently too weak to be useful in the fight against the Fall Maiden.

>> No.47337669

I believe Ironwood actually hypothesizes that at some point. Which means that even if it isn't how she's doing it, there has to be a precedent for him to make that assumption from. It must be a known technology, thought probably not a common one. So I'm going to try to learn Dust weaving when I'm in RWBY, magic firebending dresses sound awesome.

>> No.47337675

Goddamn, I forgot how creepy the Sixth House was.

>> No.47337678

They're turning into cthulhu's. Eventually their face will invert a bit and they'll have a squid/anteater head.

>> No.47337690

Just rewatched the video
Weaving it into clothing is directly mentioned


>> No.47337697

It's a gloriana class battleship
Ash priests, man. Dagoth ur gives 'gifts' chaos spawn style

>> No.47337711

That's why I'm maintaining they're at least linked to the Fall Maiden powers - in every shot we've seen of pre-Amber's fight, we've seen nothing of her wielding them.

>> No.47337733

I honestly don't think they are directly related to the Maiden's Powers. The Maiden's powers might enhance them, but they aren't the source.
My thoughts on it are that after she got the Maiden Powers she allied with the White Fang. Who got her a very large source of Dust by stealing it from the Schnee Dust Company. Dust that she used in her dress.

>> No.47337830 [SPOILER] 

"And nobody survived that night."

More often than I'd admit to.

What will you do now that you've sparked? Nobody nose.

Watch implies she has eyes or a brain left to process the sensory input. Or that I was fucking around and did not perform an immediate scry'ndie on her.

To go further on mental ability and processing speed beyond the above and APM Intensifies, there is the overlooked Symbiote. Assuming you go in as grey matter transfer you're always acting as if on Juice (40 times regular perception speed) and Berserker OS bumps it "around 600 times" to where every second is around 6 and a half hours. There are 86,400 seconds in a day. Reward at the end of the jump gives out symbiote level intelligence, that of an advanced bio-computer that solved multiple global issues in a night from the time and intelligence. Then stack on everything else.

>> No.47337833

You know, given that Dust is supposedly a geomantic substance (it's linked to the planet's energy flows, and doesn't work in space, thus explaining why Remnant hasn't had a mass exodus to escape the Grimm), I wonder what would happen if you used Alchemical or Alkahestric patterns in making a Dust-woven item. Those are all about focusing and directing the planet's energy flows, you could probably get some enhanced effects that way. Combine that with the book that teaches you to make Dust and you could make a cool magic system to teach to people. Distill the raw energy of the world into sold form, weave it into patterns, and manipulate the elements with it.

>> No.47337906

>We try to avoid cliches, but we do keep a tally of opponents who use them.
Reminds be of DBZ Abridged Freeza

>> No.47338013

>Fucking with people is something I greatly enjoy.
It is the most fun.
The most fun!
I think I will let the plot otherwise progress, while mocking him for being unable to outwit a few helpless children. For the most part. I'll push and prod a few things for my own entertainment though.

Drop-in, so I can play the part of a scared little orphan. Or group of orphans, as the case may be.
>our faces when I even consider not importing my kids due to CP budgets
It'll be fun to approach Mcgonagall about Animagus Registration, acting like a nervous teenager. "Well, a friend of mine, miiiight be able to turn into a fox..."
Generally play the helpless little girl.
Then, during the final battle, reveal eastern demon mode and slaughter Dick Eaters while yelling, "It was me Tommy! I sent the letters!"
Distract him while other people do plot things. Enjoy the ensuing confusion.
I may consider using Return if I ever get any kids that inherit HP casting. Bother the school with them.

I'm a slow typer, especially when it's just a distraction for a slow work day.

>> No.47338058

Which is part reason Dragonlance is so weird. Also you have Ogres that are so beautiful they out pretty Elves.

>> No.47338072

Since I own my companions, me eating them for their abilities is justified?

>> No.47338079

You mean the Ogre Mages? Aren't they like your typical ancient fallen empire angle?

>> No.47338080

I usually just use money in extremely petty ways. Like buying a hotel just to have a favorite room.

I do this all the time too.

>> No.47338092

I did much the same. I saved lives, but I mostly let Harry handle it.
Then I stole/asked for the Hallows. Because I want Death to watch my adventures with Jump-chan.

I did go out of my way to humiliate Tom and some of his Death Eaters in public though.

>> No.47338115

Is there a perk that lets me see/act relative to other things as if they had 'HP'?

>> No.47338117

>Ogres that are so beautiful they out pretty Elves

...are there pics?

>> No.47338127

They're also shapeshifters. And would be Mary Sues if they had any plot relevance. And were genocided by Chaos using one of his beard hairs, because Fifth Age.

>> No.47338162


>> No.47338202

Not many.

>> No.47338226


>> No.47338239

... Those are elves.

Those are fucking elves.

Fucking godDAMNIT Dragonlance.

>> No.47338252

I think it's at least fun to see the oddness of fantasy settings before people became too accustomed to the default DnD setting where most of our modern fantasy follows its familiar elements. That it's from a DnD setting itself is just a little funny.

Elves as a concept were not as set in stone back then.

>> No.47338266

Correction: six foot tall, blue, shapeshifting elves.

>> No.47338287

Easy mistake, they're Blue Elves. For when your elves just aren't special enough.

>> No.47338307

No, he's right. They are Elves by different name. They're literally Tolkienesque elves with Blue Skin. They're "the most beautiful race on Kyrnn", had powerful magic and once had a civilization that was grander than everything that had came after.

Then they fell and became more Eldar like, the evil ones turned into regular D&D Ogres. The good ones still give birth to them, because 1:10 pregnancy will end with giving birth of the "low ogre". Because their god hates them that much.

>> No.47338337


It's worth noting that they were the chosen of the gods of evil, and had a long running empire that was based on slavery and pretty fucked up magic.

>> No.47338345

>1:10 pregnancy will end with giving birth of the "low ogre"
Because of an ogre load?

>> No.47338360

So Melnibonéans.

>> No.47338365

Nobody mention the Minotaur Civilization.

>> No.47338369

Yes, Shrek...
Because of an ogre load...

>> No.47338372


>> No.47338373

Name one long-running empire that didn't have slaves, there aren't many to pick from.

>> No.47338375

They're a bit bull.

>> No.47338389

What about the minotaur civilisation? Ogres are cool, elves are twits, I am perfectly indifferent on the subject of minotaurs.

Well, Shrek is love.

Shrek is life

>> No.47338391

I constantly humiliated any and all wizards who bought into the 'Blood will show' especially since I was an orphan. Played the part of the quiet, helpful student, unfailingly polite and notoriously difficult to hex in any way, shape, or form.

Hermione and Luna knew the truth though, I was a complete and utter trolltastic bastard.

>> No.47338392

Not too far off.

>> No.47338398

You just did...
I don't have it on my phone.

>> No.47338414

I get your point, but the old Ogre empire in DL was specifically called a slave empire.

>> No.47338416


>> No.47338419

Luna always knows the truth.
She's a good kid.

>> No.47338429

Thank you.

>> No.47338438

I guess that would make them feel a bit green.

>> No.47338451

Yes, Shrek...
Ogres do get morning sickness...

>> No.47338457

Love the quirky girl to death.

Her idea about using a simple shoelace hex won me the first Duelling Club League cup.

>> No.47338461

Where they based on the Minoans? If so, clever.

But judging by the fact that you're being coy and that they're minotaurs, I'm guessing it was rapey or something.

>> No.47338463


It comes in layers!

>> No.47338506

Much like ogre loads...

>> No.47338508

Well why don't you marry her?

No, seriously. Can't pick a better character from that universe to bring on multiversal adventures.

>> No.47338526

Imagine how she'd fare in an Unknown Armies Jump.

>> No.47338531

They're worse than Warcraft Orks in "dindu nuffin". And despite being enslaved and warred against by, coincidentally, the ogres, the two races somehow have a strong national relationship.

>> No.47338550

>the two races somehow have a strong national relationship
Maneating really bring people together.

>> No.47338555

But anon, that's exactly what I did.

>> No.47338571

Just look at their humanitarian efforts.

>> No.47338577

What are The Balkans.

Next I'd like Fantasy Counterparts for a 1000, Alex.

>> No.47338602

I was already married.

>> No.47338662

More than one waifu will enhance your laifu.

>> No.47338683

So here's some horrifying food for thought:

Jumpchain is the benefactor's reproductive cycle.

Think about it.

>> No.47338684

Lies, lies and slander, you have to get it above 4 to see noticeable effects.

>> No.47338690

Interdimensional shenanigans are all well and good, Jumpers, but when are you gonna use your considerable powers to free the proletariat?

>> No.47338703

We've done that before. Move along.

>> No.47338715

I've always considered it a stable time-loop. But if you really want horrifying food for thought...

Kender curiosity and adventurousness probably extends to the bedroom as well

>> No.47338717

Work shall set them free anon.

>> No.47338728

I liked the idea that she was courting a husbando more. More room for cute.

>> No.47338731


This >>47338703

Plus, what's horrific about becoming a truly all-powerful multiversal entity?

>> No.47338745

Mai waifu /is/ more than one waifu.
Harems don't really appeal to me.

>> No.47338751

An odd number of wiafus make for the best laifus.
That way, you never have to worry about someone being left out.

Me, I spent most of the first three years reading everything I could in Hogwarts as well as basically living in the RoR while working on my casting and whatnot. Then come year four and a bit of social manipulation, I wiped the floor with everyone during the Pentawizard Playoffs cum Dueling Tournament.
Fifth year I continually fucked with Umbridge and various people within and without Hogwarts (the Minister, Luscious Malfoy, Voldiewhatsits, etc.)

>> No.47338755

That's more disgusting than horrifying.

>> No.47338757

I'm normally totally cool with hooking up with gnomes and halflings and other such assorted races of shorties, but not when their name is fucking Kender. Not when I speak German.

>> No.47338767

all the time, I free them from work, their governments, illness, hunger, overcrowding, etc.

>> No.47338789

I actually never thought about it...

>> No.47338813

"Hold my beer and watch this"
Alternatively, pic related gets used. A lot.

>> No.47338821

By which he means he murders them all in increasingly elaborate and heinous manners.

"Freeing" is all a manner of perspective, after all.

>> No.47338826

And yet, we can only have eight companions. Guess you've gotta multitask.

>> No.47338828

Seymour pls go

>> No.47338850

Eh, pods and shared slots work for that.

>> No.47338851

>"Freeing" is all a manner of perspective, after all.
Damn right.

>> No.47338860

Oh, look, my Dark Souls 2 build.

>> No.47338873

Honestly it was just the implication there was a recursive cycle of benefactors and Jumpchains that got to me. Infinite worlds aside, the logistics are staggering.

I am warming up to the idea of the benefactor being a less impersonal entity after seeing some worse examples in fiction.]

>> No.47338874

Depends what happened to that guy making the communism jump.

>> No.47338881

But anon, that's borderline pedophilla.

>> No.47338900

in order Star Trek replicators and free energy, yes, body cop nanomachine distribution, cheap FTL drives, etc.

>> No.47338932

It's actually not. If you're going to be a multiversal entity you need to get over the idea that human sexual maturity age and modern age of consent laws apply to all species. If a species becomes fully adult at age 14 or whatever, then you're being a bit unreasonable to hold them to human standards. They're not human.

Kender are fucking creepy, but don't be stupid.

>> No.47338934

I've found a solution to the 8 companions problem! I'm sure there are others who've come to this conclusion before me.

That said, I've determined as a method that as long as the companion is, technically speaking, part of me via a gestalt collective intelligence alongside myself and any number of others, that I can take them with me as sub modules to my own hive mind. Does it work?

>> No.47338940

I am a petty creature. It stands to reason that I would use it a bit too casually. Probably for repelling bullies and making gifts for friends. It stops being petty once the bullying reaches a certain size, or once the gift helps a certain number of people, I guess. But just using alchemy to make lollipops to give out at the counter of whatever job I feel like holding that year does seem like a waste of power.

"That's nice. I don't care."
"Hey, you want to see something cool?" and if they say no I blind them first.
"Wow, you two should just fuck already."

On the other hand, they'd probably get bored after they get what they wanted and wander off without returning the favor.

>> No.47338942

Reminds me, anyone know what happened to the Kerbal Jump?

>> No.47338943

Dear god!

Ban the HP jump and the Unknown Armies jump now

>> No.47338962

Let it go, anon.
Many can't help it, he's autistic. For real, I'm not trying to insult him or anything. These nuances really do elude him.

>> No.47338986

Haven't heard anything about it after the WIP a long time ago... Kinda sad about it, since it looked really fun.

>> No.47338989

It's never so much as pedophilia as it is just fucking someone with brain problems.

>> No.47338997


>> No.47339003

Go to bed, anon.

>> No.47339011

>implying I want Liberty Prime as an enemy

>> No.47339018

Oh, so you're preferring the "let them destroy themselves" route by giving them tools that will drive factionalism as groups seek to hoard the new shinies for themselves. This will drive using their new technology to the development of weapons with which they'll wipe each other out.

Clever. Clever.

>> No.47339023

Depends, are they independantly sapient? Then no. If they aren't, then yes, but why are you waifuing a zombie?

>> No.47339042

>why are you waifuing a zombie?
It probably counts as masturbation.

>> No.47339054

Technically, I guess that works?
But consider the following:

If you were omnipotent, and bored, and chose a random mortal to go on adventures in fictional universes, with relatively little in the way of rules and guidelines, and that mortal tried to defy what little ground rules you had set, would you be pissed, or would you find it amusing? And would you let them get away with it?

If you don't follow the whole Jump-chan thing and have your own wank for that, then whatever, I guess.

>> No.47339058

no I'm removing the pressures that make people fight over shinies by giving everyone all the shinies they could possibly want forever and decentralizing the means of production.

>> No.47339070

Not really.

>> No.47339072

>If you don't follow the whole Jump-chan thing and have your own wank for that, then whatever, I guess.
Which makes me think, what alternatives have anons found? Just some sort of spontaneous awakening?

>> No.47339078

I took that drawback.

It is within my rights as a free citizen to want to fight the giant OP trans-dimensional robot. And after the fight was over, I repaired it to twice the specs it had before - just modified so that the Brotherhood of Steel were no longer 'unacceptable targets.'

>> No.47339080

Bancho, that won't make people not want to fight. That urge needs to stall itself out with time. People are not rational in that way.

>> No.47339106

They're more an element of my own person that I give back independent agency after the fact. Basically, the solution is to share a 'brain' so that we're the same person for a time. They might not even know I did it for all they know, or they might find it horribly traumatic.

Although thinking about it, I wonder how that'd work for transferring to the next jump.

>> No.47339107

>Bancho, that won't make people not want to fight. That urge needs to stall itself out with time. People are not rational in that way.

Really? Then how should I do that?

>> No.47339112

>not building an army of Leninbots to duke it out with Liberty Prime.
If nothing else it would make for an interesting scene.

>> No.47339134

Aaaah, I see. So you're removing the need to work at all, thereby ensuring that the society grows fat and slovenly on the fruits of another's labors, and ensuring their inevitable extinction via slowly losing the will to procreate out of sheer boredom.

Or perhaps you're hoping that to alleviate their intense boredom they will turn to waging war for entertainment, thereby sealing their demise on great battlefields dedicated to the "rule of cool."

An intricate plan, truly.

>> No.47339160

Last I checked, we never tried out living in a postscarcity utopia. We don't know how the evolution could play out. And a Jumper could use perks to keep the peace and integrate the change smoothly.

Really, it's a much more reasonable wank than the usual powerlevel shit.

>> No.47339171

Which setting would higher in terms of power?

Sengoku Basara or Soul Calibur?

Kinda have a...Being(?) related to Dreams some how, trying to grant what was apparently my greatest wish.

An amazing Journey.

I'm a little worried because she insists that I live in these universes (get right in the plot and hope to survive it) one time too many.

>> No.47339177

we're talking about the dude who wants to turn everyone into Bill Cipher.

>> No.47339183

Elonanon's correct. Humans are terrible lifeforms of destruction that have a basic primal impulse to kill, rape, steal, and in general ruin everything, it's a part of our dna that we can't suppress or deny, and only an apparently unjust structure of authority that oppresses the general masses can humanity find order and stability. We need an absolute rule to put us in our place, otherwise no society could ever function, and we would only ever live short and brutal lives of mutual self destruction.

>> No.47339213

People are giving him a hard time with it because of who he is, not what he wants to do.

>> No.47339225

Calm down Hobbes.

>> No.47339233

Where did he say this? I'm interested if he ever actually did say this, because if so, that's fucking ridiculous.

>> No.47339253

>Can't tell when a post is being hobbes-esque as sarcasm

>> No.47339265

To make the Utopians for your Utopia, you'd probably have to set up some stuff to be outlets for aggression.

Like fight clubs or something.

And for the long game you'd probably want to do some social engineering so that people who are inherently violent are less likely to breed, weeding them out over a few generations.

It wouldn't be too challenging for a properly specced Jumper.

>> No.47339286

Give me a bit - 4plebs is apparently down right now.

I've got the posts though.

>> No.47339288


>> No.47339294

Just take the people who're suited to living in utopia and take them with you to start a new society on the moon.

>> No.47339320

well they would still be competing with each other for mates, and if I did include sexrobots they would of course teleport genetic material incubus style into people, and are you talking about the kind of war they have in "The Punchline Is Machismo" where it's all about convincing everyone your army is the baddest guys around rather than actually fighting? Because that actually sounds preferable to the kind of war we usually get....
when everyone is super no one will be, remember?
that's pretty depressing, I may not think we're the best but I'm sure as hell glad I don't see people the way you do.
it was a while ago but I did give up on that project since everyone was yelling at me for it
oh I'm going to have outlets for aggression it's large-scale long-term stuff I'm trying to eliminate, I'm not going to take away boxing some people or anything crazy.
yeah but then the earth turns to crap

>> No.47339326

I keep Bancho filtered because generally any conversation he's involved in leads nowhere good.

However, >>47339177 did make me morbidly curious and-



I guess that's a thing.

I actually agree. I think people are more concerned with the issue that Bancho in particular, as an individual, is the worst possible entity to be in charge of a utopia

>> No.47339343

Bancho I'm not a sociologist but I'm pretty sure any social engineering project where sex robots are a crucial part of the plan are doomed to failure

Call it a gut feeling.

>> No.47339353

Jumpers, are any of you a God of Thunder?

>> No.47339364

>Although thinking about it, I wonder how that'd work for transferring to the next jump.
That's my second biggest problem with it.
I'm already going for the metaphysically indistinguishable hivemind of waifus, but I'm still giving my "other half" the companion slot she started with, and the respect of considering her a peer, rather than a subsidiary. It makes paperwork a lot easier, and I like the fluff a little more.
[lewd]The other biggest thing is that I'd rather the orgies to be less masturbation, and more pleasure feedback loop.[/lewd]

>> No.47339373

I'm a god of blunders.

>> No.47339386

Usually I don't condone talking to Bancho but that was pretty funny.

>> No.47339388

My solution to these problems with utopia are the same as my solution towards the companion limit; hive minds and gestalt intelligence networks. I mean, that's always my solution to everything though.

>> No.47339390

It is extraordinarily interesting all the fun you can have with hyper-rational social engineering.

That's why I drink.

>> No.47339401

Classic or otherwise?

>> No.47339402

they aren't don't worry, it's more that if people want sex robots they don't have to worry about not having kids.
that's a little complicated, you see the thunder is the blow of my hammer against my anvil, the wind is from my bellows stroking the fire, and lightning is Sparks flying off the metal I'm working

>> No.47339407

My solution is the same solution I have for every problem caused by human instinct.


>> No.47339416

> any social engineering project where sex robots are a crucial part of the plan are doomed to failure

You don't need to ruin a little boy's dreams, anon.

>> No.47339429

I'm... God of Lightning, yes? I kinda always go for lightning when I can pick. Thunder kinda comes with the territory, but specializing in the sound my lightning strikes make seems kinda odd.

>> No.47339438

Isn't the logical result of posthuman singularity more or less what banchô i trying to do? Everyone all-powerful to the extent they don't tread on each other's freedom?

>> No.47339459


>tfw I've actually seen that episode of Rick and Morty

That shit was weird.

>> No.47339461

>less what banchô i trying to do? Everyone all-powerful to the extent they don't tread on each other's freedom?

Yes According to my understanding which was why I was trying to do it....

>> No.47339477

I'm god of sound, and something that produces light.
Totally counts.

>> No.47339482

... You're better off just getting the Hiveminded perk, Zergling in the Zerg jump, and then just slowly engineering each part of the mind to be unique and stronger in it's own way.

This project sounds like it's going to involve quite a bit of lobotomy, frankly.

So, death by boredom it is.

Unless you also mean to forcibly adjust the brain in such a manner as to remove the possibility of boredom, thus throwing your new humanity into a stir-crazy conflict where they're constantly trying to find something to do even if that means coming to blows.

>> No.47339486

I said post-human, not singularity. There's a distinction. The ideas are only conflated because singularity is what many consider to be the ultimate end-result.

>> No.47339493

I'm not sure that it's doomed, but it's very dependent on the quality of your maintenance personnel.

>> No.47339509

Well, in my version, the boundary between between any any individual and any other individual is pretty blurry, to the extent that you could argue we're all just one person with multiple personality disorder across multiple bodies.

As a side note, I wonder about how souls would work in this arrangement. Any good jumps for soul fuckery?

>> No.47339563

>Any good jumps for soul fuckery?
Evangelion and Alpha Centauri are the first ones that come to mind.
Hellsing also has a perk to capture the souls of everyone you kill, could be useful, though there's a risk of corruption.

>> No.47339571

yeah it's a removal of environmental pressure and that's pretty much what humanity has been building towards so far so I don't think that's going to work like that so much as people start spending their time and energy doing intellectual and creative things rather than manual labor and worrying

>> No.47339576

>Death by boredom

I think Polity actually tackled that thought - growing so bored with life that you commit suicide just for something new.

>> No.47339611

But what if you did that twice?
And repeatedly spent 100cp on 400-800cp import options that you then condensed into a single entity with your jumper. There are perks for mental partitions, but they have soft cap limits that you can straight up double by buying two tickets for the crazy train. And you still have seven tickets, so no really horrible loss on your part.

>> No.47339644

How much love is it possible to be capable of?

Can one truly achieve unlimited empathy? The capacity to truly love all other beings?

What would that even translate into as actions?

>> No.47339656


My benefactor's a train.
The entire thing is an exercise by the J-Liner to see what happens when you give someone who's had little to no choice at all in his life near limitless options

>> No.47339666

There you go then. Just have the companion pick up self-cloning / hiveminded perks as you do to multiply numbers, and avoid dragging other people into it.

Upcoming Warframe has a perk for Tenno where they can manipulate their accompanying Warframe as a second body with absolutely no loss of reaction time. There's one possibility - also Black Jumper and White Jumper from HxH where white specializes in melee, black specializes in ranged, and... fuck I forget their teleporting mechanics.

>> No.47339707

>implying Red isn't going to nerf it now because muh morality

>> No.47339742

Have you bothered to actually read what you write and realize how retarded you sound

>> No.47339744

From what little I know of both, I think Soul Calibur because it's the one with multiple swords powerful enough to threaten the world.

Um, let's see...Time, Stasis, Iron, (demigod via descent from Eliatrope of) Life, (demigod twice over, high priest and host to two primordial personifications of) Light, Evil (specialising in fear, despair and domination), Fire (if Asgardians are counted), Harvests (technicality because of the nature of the Darkhallow and how far we pushed Kemmelerian necromancy), Fire (if you count MCU Asgardian), Stasis (if you count Lord of Light's colonists), (Fivefold angel amalgamation and reincarnated demon overlord appointed as the absolute judge of) Law, Comcast, Doors, (Rider of) Taxation, Mantra, The Winds of Magic (initially Death before also becoming the Incarnate of High Magic), (inheritor of the reincarnated mantle formerly owned by an archangel governing) Winter, Misfortune and Void.

Nope. Not a God of Thunder. We rely on science, psionics and magic for that.

Well, /maybe/ you could make an argument based on some of the Divine Spirits sacrificed to empower our Noble Phantasm but-really, that's the NP, not us surely. But on the other hand, the NP manifests as our Sorcery Trait so-it's kinda iffy?

Bad things.

>> No.47339748





>> No.47339765

What would happen if I made Espers in Worm?

Assume my method of ability development is capable of replicating Personal Realities by entirely synthetic means, is reliable and consistent to the point of potentially creating Level 5's of variety different powers, is capable of transferring said Personal Realities between people, boosting them through AIM field resonance, providing an enormous calculation ability to anyone part of the system, creating AIM field thought entities and Artificial Angels on command, and even giving everyone multi-skill through joint access to every Esper power in the system.

Can we do it? Can we save Worm?

>> No.47339774

Alright, I don't bedruge you guys taking a minute to blow off steam and letting the shitposter know he's not wanted.

But I just wanted to give a friendly reminder that he is, in fact, a spiteful shitposter without a life and has the pattern recognition instincts of a retarded lemming.

>> No.47339776


Anon chill.

Anon, please calm down. This isn't good for your blood pressure.

>> No.47339802

Exactly, Satan.
My companion is also a sword in every way, including physical, so weapon upgrades apply.
They are also my blood, via Soul Eater's Black Blood import, so blood enhancement perks apply. Bloodborne was fun.
Bwa ha ha!

>> No.47339805

...I think if you have no other abilities this is a good way to put a KICK ME sign on your back for Scion to come and personally kick your ass.

Now, to forestall the inevitable deluge of accusations: I am NOT supporting the position Scion is undefeatable. I AM, however, stating that anon's plan is putting him on a collision course for conflict with him taking the fight seriously because anything resembling unshackled AI was stated by Wildbow to be something the Entities explicitly view as a threat to themselves.

>> No.47339833


It's not every post, but fucking every time some salty, grudge-bearing little shitlet wants to spout off his dick in-thread, they keep using my god damn posts to do it thus shitting on my god damn credibility in the same breath they want to shit on another person.

It's the stupidest god damn thing to get irritated about, but I'm fuckin sick of it.


>> No.47339860

I find that giggle worthy.
Thanks, anon. I'm glad it's not me.

>> No.47339863

If by save you mean make infinitely more bullshit and ridiculously dangerous, then sure.

>> No.47339915

Que the
>Can Accelerator kill endbringers?
>Can Imagine breaker kill Scion?
>Can't you just blow up earth and fix everything

>> No.47339929

There there, anon. Eventually they will die of a stress induced heart attack, and your posts will remain unsullied.

>> No.47339943

>implying anon won't die of a popped blood vessel first.

>> No.47339957

I have no idea what any of those words mean. I also have no idea how powerful that would make humanity as a whole, so I can't tell if that would be "strong enough" or what kinds of side effects this plan would have.

If the author of Worm was here, he'd say "no" because he gets threatened by anything able to defeat his bosses or any plans to improve things. Like, he keeps coming up with new WoGs whenever something like that comes up. Which has always struck me as kind of weird since the whole story is about "this girl has a 'weak' power but she wins anyway because CLEVERNESS (and totally not plotarmor).

>> No.47339959


You know, I want to say it's coincidence.

>> No.47339961

What would happen if I made Espers in Warhammer 40k?

Assume my method of ability development is capable of replicating Personal Realities by entirely synthetic means, is reliable and consistent to the point of potentially creating Level 5's of variety different powers, is capable of transferring said Personal Realities between people, boosting them through AIM field resonance, providing an enormous calculation ability to anyone part of the system, creating AIM field thought entities and Artificial Angels on command, and even giving everyone multi-skill through joint access to every Esper power in the system.

Can we do it? Can we save Warhammer 40k?

>> No.47339969

>There there, anon. Eventually they will die of a stress induced heart attack, and your posts will remain unsullied.
>your posts will remain unsullied
Alice, I know you're trying to help, but threatening to castrate anons posts isn't helping.

>> No.47339975

If anybody really knew that, the world would be a very different place.

But, from how we are now, my best guess is time to adjust and handling issues as they come. So, abuse perks, I guess. I fully believe with the amount of worlds we go to, you could get it through trial and error. No one said immanentizing the eschaton would be easy.

>> No.47340000


... given the recent rash of anti-creator sentiment, i honestly can't tell if you mean Worm_Anon or Wildbow.

>> No.47340003

Dude, not cool. Red killed his dog, sold his parents organs to a zoo for animal feed and jammed a pinecone up his butt.

Wide end first.


Now how do you feel?

>> No.47340009

>Can't you just blow up earth and fix everything
You know, the fact that the cycle exists in the first place confirms that alien civilizations exist in Worm. Maybe just blowing up Earth Bet and going somewhere else is a good move in this case? It would certainly save you a lot of headaches.

>> No.47340011

What dictionary do you use?

>> No.47340016

Man, I would totally turn your post into a springboard for something, but I've been awake for 24 hours now. Well I can think of a few, but they are pretty low quality. So, how about a half assed one, Fuck you guys that keep trying to turn and twist things to cause arguments, you aren't just driving away jump makers anymore, you're causing higher blood pressure and likely higher healthcare rates because of it!

>> No.47340019

I thought he said the Justice League could kick the Endbringers around

To be fair she did win through cleverness

Daemons discover a new and unique kind of psycher. Tzeentch personally arrives to thank you for providing him with so many novel ways to set people on fire with.

Funny thing-Tzeentch is all about keikaku but his followers' most distinctive spell is one that sets people on fire.

>> No.47340033

I meant Wildbow, Worm_Anon is cool.

I admit I have an irrational dislike of Wildbow, he comes across as a huge jerk in real life.

>> No.47340034

Unsullied are a group of warrior-slaves from A Song of Ice and Fire. They are, to a man, castrated.

>> No.47340037

This begs the question however; can Accelerator kill endbringers?

>> No.47340044

>appealing to me over a dead dog




>> No.47340064

If I remember correctly he actually said that it'd take the justice league to beat them.

>> No.47340074

What a terrible series.

>> No.47340079

Yes in theory but no in practicality, but can endbringers kill Madara Uchiha?

Same difference, point is they can beat him

>> No.47340094


If you find a way to add in a brainwave network like the Misakas have you would get something that looks really close to a baby Entity.

Although I'm not sure how adding Index nonsense to a world counts as saving it.

>> No.47340116

>I thought he said the Justice League could kick the Endbringers around
People always bring that up when they talk about Endbringer wank. The post basically concluded with "actually, the Endbringers would still win in the long run."

>> No.47340121

>Daemons discover a new and unique kind of psycher. Tzeentch personally arrives to thank you for providing him with so many novel ways to set people on fire with.
You mean that anon just accelerated the transformation of makind into a new transcendant race. Chaos isn't "everything is ruined forever", otherwise the Emperor wouldn't even have bothered.

>> No.47340124

"It's always Nazis".
And "Well, I suppose it's not the worst thing I've done."

>> No.47340126

That's not the worst part. Their training ends with them being given a silver coin to go and buy a newborn from it's mother, then kill it in front of them.

>> No.47340131

It's a fire that mutates, bringing change. So still thematic.

>> No.47340138


>> No.47340140

>can endbringers kill Madara Uchiha?
Could you be specific? Which Madara Uchiha are we talking about here?

Also, could the Endbringers kill the Grimace?

>> No.47340148

That's retarded.

>> No.47340158

nothing can kill the grimace

>> No.47340176

Unless Wildbow is there to wank is fanfiction.

>> No.47340191

Sometimes I hear things about those books that make me want to read them, other times I learn stuff like this that makes me lose such interest.

>> No.47340202

X-Men Movies, a slight return.

26 years old
Experiment 100
Every Time
We'll Show You Ours 200
Phasing - Delta
Inorganic Form - Omega 600
Healing Factor - Omega 1400
Put Together a Team 1450
Leeroy: Experiment, Precognition - Delta, Super Speed - Omega 1000
A Blast From The Past - First Class
Dudepeel No More
What do they call you? Wheels? 1350
Mysterious Past++ 950

Retconned to include a companion import. Unfortunately ended up with 50 CP leftover to which my first thought was 'christ, what a terrible hack whoever made this was' before remembering that I did exactly the same thing in the first version of Breaking Bad about a week ago.

Point is give us some action figures or clothes or something for the remaining 50 CP.

Anyway only real difference here is that I have a drawback implemented nickname and Leeroy gets superspeed and minor precog which is definitely worth it. Also decided to spend the jump in the 70s as mutants have it a little better, it's safer for mutants and I can go and crush Kevin Bacon's head before he knows what's going on and bro it up with Magneto. Also decided that my Mysterious Past involved someone impersonating me killing the pope.

Best embarrassing nickname goes to Wild Card. For the purposes of this jump I'm known as the Gimp due to my shiny onyx inorganic form and my ability to take a beating.

>> No.47340203

He does look fairly imposing.

>> No.47340206

No. He doesn't have the power output necessary. They may or may not be able to do anything to him, depending on how creating fire inside of someone's body works with One Way Road, but he has nothing that can take them down.

>> No.47340209

look how you made me kill the joke.

>> No.47340211

Oh right-and technically, the abortion by that goddess from Girl-Chan in Paradise. And technically, a demigod of Loki. And a god of unspecified purview in God of War, descended from the Titans.

Completed meme Madara Uchiha.

And it would be a close fight, but no. Now, could Ramsay Bolten defeat Karl "The Fookin' Legend of Gin Alley" Tanner if Karl was paid 7 silvers and Ramsay took off his shirt?

Really? I thought it ended with "the Endbringers lose because of the Martian Manhunter"

Contain your esper-boner Tzeentch, we all saw what Slaanesh did to the Eldar.

>> No.47340227

Let's see...

I think that's all the things anyone needs to know about raildex to fully comprehend thread wank, although there's probably even more.

>> No.47340229

>To be fair she did win through cleverness
I agree with that, it's just weird that that happens throughout the series and then in all his WoGs he says "nuh uh, they'd lose to my characters because they're so powerful."

>> No.47340233

If you're looking for a fantasy series, I can throw out some recommendations but GoT wouldn't be first on my list.

The show is watchable, and makes for good discussion fodder with friends and colleagues.

>> No.47340236

Well, that explains the lack of kender in evolution-based universes. Their traits would basically make them the happy meal of choice for anything and everything carnivorous and/or poisonous. They'd basically be bipedal talking dodos.

>> No.47340254

The show is bad, and is good fodder for conversation because normies are having an edgy fantasy faze.

>> No.47340260

In order:

Possible but unlikely.

No, it would only work if Scion is dependent on his powers for survival and even then it still wouldn't work for the same reason that Touma doesn't kill angels by touching them, he would have to touch Scion's main body in which is in another dimension. Also Scion is so powerful that the nullifying of his powers would not be instant giving him plenty of time (by Scion standards) to kill you before you finished.

There are far too many earths in worm to solve things by blowing them all up.

>> No.47340272

Nobody in the series besides Scion meaningfully damages the Endbringers, though.

>> No.47340288

Jeez, and I though Marvel was impenetrable.

>> No.47340305

Hahaha, how about no.

>> No.47340322

But Imagine breaker can supposedly instantaneously obliterate Lucifer from the universe for like 600 years at any amount of physical contact.

>> No.47340329

Satan is in Index now?

>> No.47340333

>all that shit

>> No.47340350

He's exaggerating and bullshitting on purpose to make fun of people who think the hand is an instantwin.

In actual fact the hand struggled against a being many orders of magnitude less powerful than SMT Lucifer.

>> No.47340351

Wait, does Imagine Breaker work on Clarketech?

>> No.47340364

You see, this is the reason munchkins love power wanking raildex; no one who isn't one of them cares enough about the setting to wiki dive and call them out if they take it past the reasonable limit of what's actually possible in the setting.

>> No.47340368

Bullshit, IB has three abilities and none of them are capable of that.

>> No.47340371

You forgot the part where IB doesn't work on Scion because he's not magic.


>> No.47340374

So Fists of Judgment and Sword of the Cross are still the best way to fuck the Endbringers's shit?

>> No.47340385

>Really? I thought it ended with "the Endbringers lose because of the Martian Manhunter"
No, he said that he would be of great help against the Simurgh, but that she'd probably figure him out eventually and find a way to shut that down. Endbringers win long run because, while the league could eventually run them off in individual battles, they wouldn't be able to put them down completely and they would just keep attacking and racking up causalities and destroying cities.

So kind of like the Joker, but on a far larger and faster scale.

So, the league wins "just" enough that people can point to this and say Wildbow isn't defensive about his creations.

Plus, capefags point at the same post and say Wilbow is vastly underselling the league, so now you've got wank vs wank.

>> No.47340398

Actually, I remember reading at one point that an angel like Michael or whatever said something to that effect, but I can't remember if that was a troll or something actually in the books.

>> No.47340408

>SMT Lucifer
That depends, is this pre or post Nocturne Lucifer?
Because he only became a multiversial level threat in Nocturne and the games that followed, 2 just had him as an insanely powerful demon lord. IB still couldn't touch him, but...

>> No.47340414

Chevalier and Phir Se came close. Phir Se blew off most of Behemoth's body, Chevalier managed to strike the way through the rest to the core but was stopped by the core's power negation ability. Phir Se's pretty damn strong, but Chevalier is mid-tier without external augmentation. So I can see a superhero team from a stronger setting than Worm being able to take an Endbringer down.

>> No.47340416

Thank god I run on feats.

>> No.47340424

Anyone answering that definitively is full of shit because the answer depends on another factor, so it is both yes and no.

How supernatural is the Clark Tech in question, is it straight up supernatural despite being called "science"? If so then yes, but if it is actual "so advanced it seems like magic" physics obeying Clark Tech then no.

>> No.47340430

Ragna Blade is my go-to. I'm not holy enough for a sword and I didn't jump Fallen London yet.

>> No.47340442

If you want to get physical. Just death curses is easiest through.

>> No.47340451

>Fists of Judgement

Debatable, but unlikely and doesn't solve the problem of being vulnerable to injury at their hands

>Sword of the Cross

Yes, now you just need a way to protect yourself
Oh no, it was an archangel. It's just that SMT!Lucifer is more powerful than them-and that archangel gave the hand quite a struggle.

I was thinking of Nocturne Lucifer admittedly

This is a better option than eihter of them, really. You can cast it from further way.

Anon I'm pretty sure clarkTECH is meant only to refer to the latter, while MAGItech refers to the former

>> No.47340452

'Supernatural' applies relative to imagine breaker as 'anything outside the pure phase'. So maybe.

>> No.47340479

Imagine Breaker works on supernatural things not just magic. The question is whether or not Scion's clark tech is "supernatural" which it probably is but it doesn't matter because Scion would just over power it anyway.

>> No.47340492

Index actually does have a method for draining with them - it's just a totally different one than IB OR One Way Road. It's Equal Speed - an Esper power that moves an object at a constant velocity, ignoring concepts of force and acceleration. You could theoretically tear through an Endbringer like you were Stinging it.

Theoretically, you might be able to do this with other Raildex powers and Malleable Reality. Maybe make a fire that can burn the Endbringers, or teleporting their layers off of them one by one. As long as you're not worrying about the laws of physics and just using conceptual Hax, Endbringers aren't so bad.

>> No.47340505

Once more proving that Clairvoyant is the worst power.

>> No.47340507

Like, "Avada Kedavra" and shit?

>> No.47340517

Anarchy Reigns

Oinkie's Casino
25 years old
Bureau of Public Security 100
Ruthless 200
Hand of Science 400
Over In A Flash 700
My Pride 1300
Cybrid Arts
Personal Shield 1400
We All Soldiers 1200
They Came From The Underground 1000

Don't understand what this setting is and research hasn't helped much.

Went for the BPS stuff as I liked the capstone. Taken a few speed things and I figure some reflex stuff is always pretty useful, Over In A Flash and My Pride together give me a fair bit more fighting ability between them.

Ruthless makes me scarier. Yellow Lantern Ring always makes this sort of stuff difficult to pass up.

Hand of Science gets me a leg up in the science game in this setting.

Personal Shield is actually just pretty damn neat. Invincible temporary shield. Good for attacks that take a lot of time to build up/could actually hurt me.

We All Soldiers and They Came From The Underground mean I'm going to have to fight a lot of mutants and robots off all the time. That sort of thing is character building and at least there'll be plenty of time to hone new techniques.

>> No.47340521

Probably wouldn't work. It only acts like a rocket launcher against inorganic objects. You'd need an SMT-style Death Curse that doesn't care if your target is alive.

>> No.47340523

Alright bitches, here is literally the best way to kill Scion.

>Step 1, get souls related shit from some jump. Doesn't matter what it is as long as it's enough to prove that, at the very least, you have a soul. Fuck all those philosophical zombies who don't get an afterlife.
>Step 2, have a non-negative charisma score. Seriously, remember to bathe and you can pull this off, you goddamn neckbear.
>Step 3, prove to Scion that souls exist. Or, just prove that YOU have a soul and let him extrapolate that he has a soul too. Do magic space worms have souls? I don't know, I don't care, and you're a complete retard if you do know or care.
>Step 4, convince him that he should kill himself because he will continue to exist after death and will reunite with his mate. Again, you can pull this off as long as your charisma is greater than that of a flatulent tapeworm. Seriously, people forget how unbelievably naive Scion is, he's a goddamn savant who has entire civilizations worth of knowledge in his head, but literally did the same thing over and over for decades because someone told him to.

>> No.47340533

IB is not even supernatural nullification it is reality enforcement, this is why it takes time to "nullify" massive supernatural things. It is not nullifying them it is normalizing them which in the case of magic is the same thing, physics defying tech would not be nullified but would stop working while in contact with IB.

>> No.47340534

Lucifer and god exist in Index, and its characters have been said to be able to kill them, and have killed them, on several occasions.

You might just say that Accelerator killing god only shows that god's not that strong in Index rather than the other way around, that Accelerator is just that strong, and in fact, I would be inclined to agree with you. Just repeating setting canon.

>> No.47340537

A question for SMTAnon, but why is there such a enormous difference between demon's offensive power and their defensive power? Especially looking at their stamina, which at 'normal human levels' for a 1000 cp race seems hilariously disproportionate to their other physical abilities.

>> No.47340552

Burning off that amount of their body is just scratch damage. The next layer was as strong as the entire rest of Behemoth. They're basically Wildbow's sex toys.

Author confirmed Fists would affect them, just not as well as if they were magical.

>> No.47340555

Kinda. But not projectile based like that is.

>> No.47340567

So, from an entirely different webfiction series about superheroes, how do we defeat Flicker? Not that we'd want to, she's a nice person, but I figure she's sufficiently bullshit to rank up there with the Endbringers. Her thing is that she's a speedster who's semi-realistic when it comes to things like kinetic energy or conservation of momentum. So the fact that she can move at 80% of the speed of light means she can flick objects with the force of megaton nuclear explosions, and she's similarly durable enough to withstand such levels of energy. She can probably go faster than 0.8c, she's just scared to for fear she'll destroy the planet in the process. Oh, and her powers are partially magic in nature, so she resists instant-death spells and disabling curses and things like that. How do we kill such a being?

>> No.47340569

That is actually a pretty good idea.

>> No.47340575

...What the FUCK!? And people jump this setting?

>> No.47340591

This>>47340533 was supposed to reply to >>47340451.

>> No.47340595

When and where? The most we've seen are angels. You are lying.

>> No.47340605

Yes, and then Chevalier cut through that next layer. He hit the core, he just didn't manage to damage it due to power negation. So any superhero stronger than Chevalier can probably defeat Behemoth. I agree that Wildbow in his out of narrative comments massively wanks the Endbringers' power, but from what we actually observe they're not nearly as indestructible as he says.

>> No.47340607

What series? If we don't have a Jump for it, make the Jump and then we'll talk. Drinkbringers are only fair game because they're part of Worm.

>> No.47340613

I jump GUNNM, pickup an Imaginos body, and counter her realistic speedster powers with my own.

>> No.47340643

His power was ignoring their durability, though. Kind of like Equal Speed, but with Behemoth able to turn it off.

>> No.47340648

The Fall of Doc Future. And fair enough, there's no jump of it yet. I just want to get people off the Endbringers and Scion as these ultimate bugaboos to have to slay. Come on, there's a whole multiverse of bullshit super-beings out there, let's tap some wells that haven't been drained dry.

>> No.47340662

>Equal Speed
>Malleable Reality+Pyro


Worm as a setting is explicitly not supernatural according to Wildbow

By that logic IB should work on ANYTHING and ANYONE from another jump, so I choose to believe it only works on the explicitly supernatural things

For fuck's sake, read what I wrote-I don't give a bloody fuck about Index's dream fart, Aeon of Osiris-nerfed excuses for deities, I was specifically talking about SMT beings.

I refuse to take the wankfest of Index seriously when until now Accel has never managed to figure out he can just throw shit at Touma to beat him.

>> No.47340663

You see it has this really cool power called Imagine Breaker that people are constantly arguing about* while forgetting the fact that it includes a mandatory drawback that pulls you into this kind of shit, no you can't even hide, lay low, or avoid the plot if you take that power.

*Read: ridiculous powerwank vs idiotic nerfwhore

>> No.47340666

Would timestop work, or is she so fast that she can move even during timestop?

Other than that, sneak attacks, attacking while she's sleeping, or poisoning her food are both pretty good, since you didn't mention whether she has precog. Social fu is also pretty good, people always forget about that.

>> No.47340668


And why am I thinking of the AI train in The Dark Tower books?

>> No.47340693

That's not how Chevalier's power works. His cannonblade doesn't ignore durability, it's just as sharp, heavy and durable as the sharpest, heaviest and most durable things he put into making it. It was effectively a normal kinetic impact from a blade, just one that would be impossible to actually forge.

>> No.47340696

Endbringers are basically fancy robots compared to chinese cartoon bullshit.

>> No.47340712

See >>47340533

>> No.47340721

I don't recall if timestopping works. Sneak attacks would, but as I said, she's super-durable, too. Poisoning her food would work, probably. Social fu is also a good way to handle it, but that's considered outside the scope of this exercise. "I asked her to stand down and she did because she's a reasonable person" doesn't prove that you have the biggest power-dick.

>> No.47340730

To be fair comparing anyone to Kami Tenchi and Demonbane is unfair.

The witches and Featherine don't belong on that chart at all, though. The reveal of Seagulls was they were some lonely bitch's daydream.

>> No.47340737

Endbringers die easily to only level 1 teleporters though. You don't need any of this fancy shit, just pop a pen into their cores.

>> No.47340742

>there's a whole multiverse of bullshit super-beings out there
I just want to add this image to that comment because I think a lot of jumpers would do well to remember this will always be true unless you spend all your time hiding in the lowest power settings you can find.

>> No.47340744

Yeah, but how would you survive the setting even if you didn't have it? Isn't Academy City dead center for all this craziness?

>> No.47340756

Only works if you have the sort of teleporting where concentrations of mass don't mess with it.

>> No.47340757

Transdimensional Thunderbolts from LoT lets you kill them without the endbringers even knowing/understanding how they died

>> No.47340762

>"I asked her to stand down and she did because she's a reasonable person" doesn't prove that you have the biggest power-dick.
I want to create a metaphor and say that, while doing this doesn't mean you have the biggest dick, it does mean you're really good at sex.

>> No.47340767

>Gemini Saga above Goku
Jesus, what'd he do?

>> No.47340770

"No Gods Or Kings" from Civilization jump would help Step 3, maybe also 4.

>> No.47340771

>Endbringers are basically fancy robots compared to chinese cartoon bullshit.
Add to that the Endbringers are from a deterministic magic-free universe. A half way decent mage or magic hero would push their shit in.

>> No.47340784

Yeah, that's about how I approach it.

Means there's a lot of thought involved.

>> No.47340791

Hence, "Level 1." Railgun is a level of Hax above Worm.

>> No.47340799

Cool. Thanks .

>> No.47340809

Does that mean that the Herald's Aura from SMT would fuck them up?

>> No.47340812

Oh, sorry. "Level 1" is a generic enough term that I didn't make the connection.

>> No.47340815

Raildex explicitly has a character whose power level is reduced to about the level of other weaker teleporters, because she's traumatized by having teleported herself inside a brick of concrete at the waist and found herself unable stuck/fucked up.

>> No.47340816

>Worm as a setting is explicitly not supernatural according to Wildbow

Supernatural doesn't mean magic, mystic, or voodoo. It means 'super'natural as in going beyond is possible in the natural world, this includes the vast majority of sci fi. Wildbow most likely meant that as in no magic (or the like) but it is sure as shit supernatural no matter what he says.

Without it you could just live in Academy city and lay low, there is a MC with both Imagine Breaker and the most incredible suit of plot armor ever protecting the place.

>> No.47340821

Ya'll's are forgetting something:

This place kind've has an originality complex - so it doesn't matter if somebody finds a method? People will just shrug, say "cool," and then try to find THEIR method of Killing X, as it were.

This discussion will literally never have an ending point, and claiming "just do X, Y, or Z" won't help - because those are already proven. Anons want their method that HASN'T been proven to work yet.

>> No.47340829

But then you have to Jump SMT earlier than Worm.

>> No.47340846

There isn't any chance that they'd start learning to use magic as a result of you displaying it, is there?

>> No.47340848

>Anons want their method that HASN'T been proven to work yet.
Mine was mean words, I was downright uncouth in worm.

>> No.47340854

Don't think I'll get too many answers to this since we're on page 8, but which pokemon did you choose to be in PMD and why?

I went with Larvitar because Tyranitar is my favorite pokemon, and being a mini-kaiju is pretty cool.

>> No.47340858

I'm just going to say, I came back to find that since I made this comment, I've been on the mark 100%? I'm astonished by the power these works have on jumpchain in general.

>> No.47340863

Not really.

>> No.47340864


>> No.47340870

People will jump anything.
>pic very related

>> No.47340898

Lets be honest though, if someone tried to fight Scion with Imagine breaker then, assuming it worked, all that would be left of them would be a pile of ash with a hand sitting on top.

>> No.47340903

For fuck's sake, what's wrong with you people?

>> No.47340906

I just used Magic Must Defeat Magic and Portamancy to get to Scion's real body and then hit that with a fuckton of Pyre Shards. I also used Sympathetic Magic from Libriomancer and about 50 jumps worth of Disintegrate spells stored using Cantrips from Obsidian Tower to clear out as much as I could beforehand.

He just sort of slowly crumpled into himself before poofing out of existence, leaving an orphanage to burn down because he was in the middle of helping them at the time.

Yeah, but you have to target Simurgh first. Calculation based precognition would fall short on a jumper carrying magic with them, since there's no data to use to calculate the end result. If you use it too much in-universe you risk her having enough data to know what you're going to do and just caving your skull in with a rock. Thankfully, you arrive just before she targets Canberra, Australia, and she just sort of rests in orbit before that. Or you can just take the perk that makes you immune to precog, even that based on calculation. I'm not sure how it would work with precog blanking techniques.

>> No.47340911

Except in SMT you can get into the top echelons of power for around 800 cp. Whereas in Worm, you're pretty screwed if you try and fight an Endbringer or Scion with only in-jump stuff, even if you had 1600cp worth of options.

>> No.47340916

Cynicism + recognizing a cycle.

>> No.47340917


If I remember correctly Reploid Anon ruled that the 'rewriting reality multiple times' stuff doesn't count as dying as long as their not trying to kill you.

So if you avoid the plot and I'm not remembering things you just have to wait for the world to go back to normal.

Oh also I really have to recommend getting the Media collection item. It basically has all the information on the series including all of the light novels and anime episodes that would ever be made.

Which would give the jumper a rally good resource for preparing to not die horribly.

>> No.47340918

We are incredibly bored.

>> No.47340924

>butthurt: the jump

>> No.47340928

Too much free time in an irregular schedule, and not enough money to spend on stupid stuff.

>> No.47340934

>inb4 "we're jumpers, we're the ones who kill the super-beings"

It's the gunslinger problem, or the "badass" problem. Same thing happened when DBZ endjump was announced, same thing when someone talked about 40k, same thing when Marvel was released, same thing when DC and YJ was released. For some people they just want to kill the biggest, baddest thing out there because it makes them the biggest and baddest thing by proxy.

>> No.47340942

Froakie, because Protean is awesome for utility.

>> No.47340943

Why the fuck can't anyone in this godforsaken thread take a fucking joke?

It's like you all have a terminal case of the 'tism

>> No.47340945


>> No.47340946

Magic Must Defeat Magic, a magic defense, and an immunity to magic.

>> No.47340949

I don't know, but it's going to be Electric-type.

>> No.47340950

Magical precog doesn't need data, and conceptual attacks are arguably the best smart weapon you can find.

>> No.47340968

I don't know, I was laughing.
I thought it was all in jest.
That said, I'm more autistic than Manyfist...

>> No.47340974


>> No.47340984

point on the doll (thread) where you got touched, anon.

>> No.47340987


No, no, no-you misunderstand me. I only find dickmeausring contests mildly annoying. What I find soul-achingly grating?

You retards keep whining about Worm and Index when THERE ARE FAR MORE DANGEROUS THINGS out there, and you're impressed by some evanescent conceptual manifestations or some crude, brute force spacefolding.

For fuck's sake, if you want to dickmeasure there are better targets for it. The Lord of Nightmares! Extra's lineup of Servants! SMT! 40K! VtM's Gehenna drawback!

>> No.47340990

Plot only lasts for a year or two, though. You have ten years, and it escalates every fucking time.

>> No.47340998

Because no one is actually joking and we've been through this so many times it's like a reflex.

>> No.47341000

To be fair lot of these badasses are also assholes. I don't think many Jumpers care that much about proving they can beat Goku in a straight fight. But the "PUNY HUMANS, WE'RE HERE TO MAKE THE UNIVERSE SUCK FOREVER" bullshit is probably enough to provoke most Jumper types.

>> No.47341006

Feraligatr because I didn't have many points and it's my favorite starter.

Also because I have a complex about wanting to be a type super effective to my partner's. I don't want to be overshadowed in my second jump!

>> No.47341008

I'm not impressed by any of it, frankly.

I'm just... numb.

>> No.47341026

Question, I know we have plenty of magic defense/no sell perks, but are there any perks that bypass magic defenses/immunities? I want to jump Fall from Heaven, but I'm mostly a magic user, and considering even the Dire Wolves, who are mook level enemies comparatively, just no sell magic, I'm concerned about the bigger enemies.
Also, would that Jade Zombie thing from Kung Fu Panda jump work on bigger enemies, like the Glacial Mammoth, the four horsemen and their boss, Drifia, etc., and how much of a power boost would I get if it does?
>Lord of Nightmares
Isn't she flat out omnitpotent? I mean, maybe the Great Will itself counts as omnipotent, but other than that all the others can be beaten, Her, on the other hand? Not so much.

>> No.47341038

JoJo! JoJo for fuck's sake-King Crimson? LOVE TRAIN? Made in Heaven? Wouldn't it be cool if you could beat THOSE instead of some fat amphibious fuck, his unaerodynamic sister and their cyclopian cunt of a brother?

Okay, I admit impressed was a strong word on my part. Let me rephrase: I'm tired of Index and Worm being the only settings considered worthy of being worth arguing about whether X would kill Y over when there are much more interesting arguments to be had about things in other settings.

I mean fuck's sake, it took dozens of bloody posts before someone posted the obvious solution of magic.

>> No.47341047

Pikachu. I had my niece choose, and it's her favorite Pokemon.

In-universe, I guess it was just theming at the time.

>> No.47341050

>The Lord of Nightmares
I don't know who that is, so obviously I can't wank over it.
>Extra's lineup of Servants
Nasuverse is bullshit and inconsistent to the degree that wanking isn't fun anymore, and only becomes annoyingly easy.
Too fresh, let it bake for a while before we set on to it.
It's an endjump, need I say more?

>> No.47341052

40K. . . dangerous? Maybe early chain but it is mostly just depressing and unpleasant later on. Both worm and Index have characters that would pick the Emperor out of their teeth.

>> No.47341061

LoN and the Servants aren't actively fucking an entire world to a slow, painful death. 40K and Gehenna are good choices, though. Kill all the Antediluvians.

>> No.47341067

Yeah and I hate 40k, but you don't see me throwing a hissy whenever the thread starts talking about it.

>> No.47341076

Hey, I'll have you know I've been trying to figure out a way to kill that Glacial Mammoth thing from Fall from Heaven this whole time! I could care less about Worm, I want to know how to kill the living mountain with six mile long tusks in a fair fight like a badass hero of myth or something!

>> No.47341077


>Plot only lasts for a year or two, though. You have ten years, and it escalates every fucking time.

Which is why you get the item that gives you the stuff that hasn't been published yet so you can prepare for the currently unknown escalations, and figure out where not to be when the nonsense occurs.

>> No.47341081

>It's an endjump, need I say more?
What? No it isn't.

>> No.47341092

I can only think of two, and that's still a maybe for both; Aiwass and Alester Crowley.

>> No.47341099

It was long ago supposed to be.

I've given up on Rogue Trader ever becoming a thing.

>> No.47341112

King Crimson is formidable but ultimately peanuts if you are aware of what it and Epitaph do.

Love Train and Made In Heaven both require that you allow them to come into being. The wankers unwilling to allow casualties for their own glory will merely prevent them from even existing. The wankers willing to do so would likely much rather take their power for themselves.

>> No.47341113

>Lord of Nightmares
She's the one who created the Slayers multiverse, and is basically omnipotent, or so damn close to it it doesn't matter. For reference, she's a casual universe buster, and so is anyone who can successfully call on her power.

>> No.47341118

He's not the only one bored of you people having worm-fests all the time.

>> No.47341121

To be honest, I don't know if the LoN or the Great Will are ever described as omnipotent, which is kind of a hazy prospect when your looking at 500+ settings anyways. Like, I've heard people in thread mention that the White God from Dresden Files is omnipotent, but he's explicitly powered by worship like all the other gods, and there's no real reason to believe that he's really special compared to the others aside from the amount of worship he receives.

>> No.47341123

As far as I know the Lord of Nightmares is not technically omnipotent, just-well, maybe slightly below the Great Will but somewhere between one of His stronger avatars and post-Nocturne Lucifer.

http://kanzaka.wikia.com/wiki/Lord_of_Nightmares. Here you go, happy reading.

>bullshit and inconsistent

And Index isn't? I'd laugh if this statement didn't fill me with salt.


I'll hold y'all to that promise.


Wait, what?

LoN's attention WOULD result in it though, and she does want to get abck in. Servants are trying to kill you, that both seems like good premises to start demonstrating the worth of your powerdick don't you think?

Index would depend on how much of the Emprah' psychic prowess is propaganda and how much is fact, but Worm would definitely be fucked over because Warp shit.

But fine: Changeling, then.

>> No.47341138

Squirtle. Gotta go for the original flavor. Besides, it can totally rock my Gurren Lagann glasses.

>> No.47341144

>The wankers unwilling to allow casualties for their own glory will merely prevent them from even existing.
Fucking edgelords.

>> No.47341146

That's because thread talks about it in the context of powerlevels (as opposed to Sororitas waifus) much less you lucky bastard

>> No.47341151

So what jump is real eater from and what does it actually do? I've seen it come up a lot but have never came across it.

>> No.47341155

>Lord of Nightmares

She's from Slayers. Rather, she IS Slayers. And Lost Universe, and 2 other Kanzaka 'verses.

She's also apparently one of the inspirations for Jumpchan.

>> No.47341158

>Changeling, then.
Alright, I'm stepping in now to say NO, get back to wanking about Index an Worm, you will never be allowed to wank about Changeling on my watch, not over my cold dead body.

>> No.47341164

Well Worm only has Scion (and Contessa, but that is not due to fighting ability) but Index has a large cast of squish Emps like a bug characters like Fiamma of the Right, all the magic gods, and. . . well I am not sure about Accelerator, does he have a feat that protects him from mind control? Because if he does than accelerator stomps due to having broken hax.

>> No.47341181

Medaka box, here's the description

>Real Eater [1000CP] Allows you to eat and alter the properties of skills. By using it, you can change one property of a supernatural skill to another similar property. A skill that boosts 'strength' could become one that boosts 'speed', and someone who throws balls of 'fire' can now throw balls of 'ice'. The new property must be of a similar type and strength as the old one. You can change an immunity to 'poison' into an immunity to 'disease', but not into an immunity to 'nuclear explosions'. It cannot remove negative effects, but it might be able to change them. A skill that makes someone 'tired' might now make them 'nauseous'. It cannot change the source of a power, like turning a magicbased skill into a kibased one. Real Eater
can only affect a power in one way, but you can revert the change to change it in a different way (you can still affect any number of different powers). Can only be used on a voluntary target.

You know, even though I know it's objectively even more ridiculous I'd even prefer you numbskulls talk about how to beat characters from Medaka Box than Worm & Index

Fuck you and no, I will wank about Changeling if it gets rid of the Index/Worm wank

>> No.47341189

So just ignore it. There are universes I'm not a fan of that get discussed fairly often, but I just respond to those posts that aren't talking about it.

Sometimes that means I don't do much in thread. Hell, during Terra Formers I didn't respond to shit because I can't stand that setting. The thing you're complaining about now was happening with the Johj then.

It happens.

>> No.47341190

but Worm would definitely be fucked over because Warp shit.

Admittedly only Scion could fight Emps but he would stomp.

>> No.47341200

To be fair, the True Fae really aren't all that powerful compared to the heavy hitters of some universes.They're flat out jokes compared to Post-Nocturne SMT, the Lord of Nightmares, Comic Darkseid, and so on. Are they EXTREMELY powerful? Yes. Are they the strongest in the chain? Not by a long shot.

>> No.47341202

Shh. No Index now.

Only Changeling.

>> No.47341210

>Sometimes that means I don't do much in thread. Hell, during Terra Formers I didn't respond to shit because I can't stand that setting. The thing you're complaining about now was happening with the Johj then.

I'm sorry for causing that shit.

And to the anon who talked me into it, god damn why didn't you warn me.

>> No.47341212

>VtM's Gehenna
I don't want to see someone try to explain how they fight A. a vampire who is the entire ecosystem of planet Earth or B. actually planet Earth. The weakest vampire that turns up in Gehenna is literally impossible to be aware of and rides around in the insides of nightmare vampire-omegagodzilla literally.

It took three weaboo asian vampire gods, a fleet of magic powered technocacy space dreadnoughts and the ghost of the bombs the US dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki as well as a dozen giant orbital mirrors to kill one of them, and it probably isn't dead dead because the fight broke the afterlife anyway.

>> No.47341214

>Just ignore it.
>Just ignore when the entire thread is nothing but that, end on end, for multiple threads.
It's not as simple as you pretend it to be. It's also been going on a lot more than johj talk did.

>> No.47341220

Neither are Worm's heaviest hitters and Index's mid-high level players and people OBSSESS over those even though they're harder to hurt in some ways.

>> No.47341225

Changeling wank is terrible even though it's not overly talked about, thank god, because all it results in and always leads to, are first of all, everything is terrible and no matter how much power you have, you'll be raped by the true fae, and second, how to kill goddamn true fae.

Fuck that conversation forever.

>> No.47341231

How is it your fault anon doesn't like a setting? There's no reason to apologize to him.

>> No.47341232

Seems kinda rediculas when you get down to the basics, how the hell did jc even let somethin like that get into a jump?

>> No.47341233

That wasn't Index, it was Worm and 40K.

>> No.47341235

>>It took three weaboo asian vampire gods, a fleet of magic powered technocacy space dreadnoughts and the ghost of the bombs the US dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki as well as a dozen giant orbital mirrors to kill one of them, and it probably isn't dead dead because the fight broke the afterlife anyway.

How the fuck do you survive this?

>> No.47341241

Meh. There's no point in fighting those two besides wanking, though. That's why I join the Endwanking - because fuck those guys in particular.

>> No.47341243

Vulpix, which has since evolved into Ninetales.
Because Kitsune. Specifically fire type kitsune. My fluffy tails will cause everyone weep with envy!
Hopefully the fire type will help me deal with warm climates. I can't stand anything above 65 fahrenheit.

I imported my Honedge starter because she's mai waifu. Together, they have a bit of an Okami vibe, and I like that.

>> No.47341254

And? I'm just saying that if we can discuss how to beat Darkseid and the others I mentioned, we can discuss how to beat the True Fae.

>> No.47341267

It was the massive amount of Johj wank that I incidentally encouraged - although it was more I was advertising drawbacks.

>> No.47341269

You don't.

As a (pretend) Gangrel, I'm always oddly proud how Ennoia comes out of the mists of fucking nowhere with barely any real info on her to become the fucking planet.

>> No.47341270

Nah, don't apologize. Lots of people enjoy that jump and the setting. Can't please all the people all the time, it's unreasonable to expect that.

>It's not as simple as you pretend it to be.
Yeah it is. Just read past them or suggest a new conversation topic. Someone might bite.

>It's also been going on a lot more than johj talk did.
Maybe. We do seem to come back to Worm and Index fairly often. Even so, just talking around it with other anons who are equally tired of it is completely doable.

Here, how about this. What setting do you want to hash out?

>> No.47341281

The vampire had also been fighting the Sun for like three days before the weaboo vampires attacked, and this is white wolf, so these are -WEABOO- level vampires. They'd sodomise Goku if he wasn't an anime and thus an artifact of the glorious master race.

>> No.47341283

What the fuck is this shit.

>> No.47341284

Except this is a straight up lie.

True Fae are all powerful in the context of themselves within their domain. End of story.

>> No.47341285

Meh, people were having fun bro. Don't beat yourself up over that.

>> No.47341293

And you know what? I agree, and you're not even wrong.

And you know what else? It's still better than 200 posts of people trying to show off their ORIGINAL KILL TECHNIQUE DONUT STEEL! on Scion

It's really not that bad when you take the limitations seriously, some people think it is because they're to excited about their powerboners to take the "can't be a stronger ability' part seriously

I...actually think that would be a legimitely interesting conversation.

Also I think ASA mentioned taking them on last thread

>inb4 more salt and accusations of wank

>> No.47341298

>Just ignore it
Let me just hide the worm talk.

Oh wait, now there's no thread.

>> No.47341301

Every time Index gets brought up:

>Nerfwhore: Nothing productive.

>Powerwanker: Nothing productive.

>Everyone Else: Why are you having a dick fighting contest over Hax!

>> No.47341310

Well, not ALL powerful given they war among themselves and such but-yeah, close enough as makes no difference from the perspective of any Changeling who isn't becoming one of them.

>> No.47341312

>paying attention to the thread
Step it up sempai.

>> No.47341317

Well it's better than watching you throw a tantrum, at least.

>> No.47341320

Not all of us are IRC drones, anon.

>> No.47341323

No really what the fuck is going on right now.

>> No.47341326

>the Glacial Mammoth
Don't know, don't care, it's not a canonical thing.
>the four horsemen
Probably not, they're kind of their own thing: constructs born from the unconscious fears of the gods. Not alive.
>their boss
The Avatar of Wrath is actually an archangel, buffed up from all the suffering going in during the apocalypse. I don't know if you can say Angels have chi. They can reproduce with humans so they're probably to some extent alive.
Drifa probably counts as alive, though Dragons in FfH are artificially created by gods.

>and how much of a power boost would I get if it does?
It depends if you include the divine essence the gods infuse in angels and dragons under their service. Normally it'd be cut off, meaning that Drifa would be non-existent save from a faint consciousness (similar to Eurabatres), and the Avatar of Wrath would be reduced to being essentially a strong ageless badass, similar to Basium. If you wank that you keep a substantial part of the essence, then they'd be pretty powerful, yes. The Avatar would probably fit into SMT. Going by their power stat in the hame, Drifa is one tier weaker, but she's still a nasty lizard.

>> No.47341327

You know why we have that fucking conversation every goddamn thread? Beacuse some of us actually like it and are capable of participating in it without whining that other people are talking about things we don't care about like a petulant child.

>> No.47341334

This happened again along with a Worm debate.

>> No.47341335

Powerlevel shit.

>> No.47341337

You could go do something in the meantime, like work on your chain or make a jump of your own.

Autosage meltdown. It's a grand old /jc/ tradition.

>> No.47341340

>Also I think ASA mentioned taking them on last thread

The actual guy behind ASA stopped posting months ago, he just uses a bot designed to scan for names and then pick a number from a random number table. if it gets even it posts about how he totally kills it, if he gets odd he posts about how he waifus it.

>> No.47341349

Take that perk from Twilight? I think it's Twilight. Anyway, the one that lets you impose supernatural weaknesses on monsters. Then Praise the Motherfucking Sun.

>> No.47341358

Anons were trying to figure out how to kill the Endbringers again, and then Index got brought in, which is another setting where anons try to figure out how to not be eaten alive, then another anon started arguing that anons should actually try to fight other high tier enemies, and then it just escalated from there.

>> No.47341363

>soul-achingly grating
You find the thread drifting to a topic you don't enjoy to be soul-achingly grating?
Damn, that's got to be painful on a regular basis.
I'm glad it doesn't hurt that much on my end.
Maybe you should take a break.

>> No.47341367

You must be new.

Powerlevels are nonsense and omnipotence is easy if you actually try.

>> No.47341370

I want to make fun of the fact you're accusing me of being a petulant child when you're the one bringing up settings only talked about because idiots like you refuse to accept the established solutions for surviving them, but you've gone an ruined the joke.

Oh shit, does that mean the part where he got a divorce means the bot is glitching?

>> No.47341372

The screams of the damned.

W͘h̵̵͞ęr̨͠e̵̸ ͢͠͡d̵ìd͡ ̷͞y҉̴ò̶̕ù͟ ̛͢t̴̴̕ḩi̢n͡k͘͢ ̧we̸҉ ͘w͡e̡r̵͟e͘͡?̴͜

>> No.47341376

Could the "traditional vampire weaknesses work" from Twilight be used against the Antediluvians? They are still under the curse of Caine, so they're vampires.

>> No.47341378

What if the answer turns out to be "nowhere is fucking safe, fuck you."

>> No.47341385

Except all he fucking did was throw a fucking hissy fit over how he didn't like the thread talking about a thing he didn't know about, care about, or like.

>> No.47341397

And now you're throwing a hissy fit and slamming your fat fingers into your keyboard in obvious rage.

>> No.47341403

I feel like making an eXceed series jump.

Should I?

>> No.47341404

>being super powerful is easy

FTFY, pls don't misuse the word that means "you can literally do anything e.g. decide how much CP you have every jump"

Oh no, like I just said-I don't mind powerwanking in general enough to express it. I just find the specific topics of Index and Worm to be done to death.

Sure, don't see why not. They're ultimately just really old vampires.

>> No.47341408

Killing a True Fae isn't even hard for a high-tier jumper. You just have to scrub all it's titles from existence in weird games and staged battles that cast you as the victor. Getting rid of all True Fae is the hard part. They just sort of come into existence spontaneously sometimes, as do their portals to the hedge. And then you have to guide or kill all their victims so they don't become True Fae.

It's not even impossible to get rid of all of them, they're just going to be a continuing problem because they burst forth from Arcadia for no reason at all.

Al- powerful isn't the same thing as unbeatable. They have rules, they follow roles, and they need conflict and story for definition. A changeling can legitimately beat their once-masters under the right circumstances.

>> No.47341418

>implying I visit the IRC


>> No.47341420

Do iiiit.

>> No.47341424


What's it about?

>> No.47341425

The heck even is that.

>> No.47341426

Pick an individual game.

>> No.47341428

Not familiar with it, but I'm always a fan of getting new jumps. Could you explain what it's about?

>> No.47341431

Probably. But they started out with a lot of those weaknesses already, so thse wouldn't help.

But if it's something VtM vampires aren't already vulnerable to...

>> No.47341437

Looks colorful, what's it about?

>> No.47341439

considering it's already been mentioned that one of the antidiluvians spent three days straight fighting the sun I kinda suspect that no, they don't have the traditional vampire weaknesses.

That's probably a good thing, what with one of them being the entire ecosystem and another being the actual planet Earth. Be kind of a pisser if they both exploded when the sun came up.

>> No.47341458

They have the weaknesses, they're just so powerful they can shrug it off. It's basically like Alucard, is he technically weak to the sun? Yes. but he's so strong it doesn't bother him.

>> No.47341459

Why the fuck are they even called vampires anymore

>> No.47341467

Kingdom Hearts when

Let's get some arguin' going on for fighting THEIR big bads.

>> No.47341472

Basically it's what happens when powerful enough vampires spend thousands of years being all eldritch and overspecialized in their disciplines.

>> No.47341476

Okay, you know how Type Moon vampires are called vamp-well, Dead Apostles even after they turn into genius locis?

Yeah. It's like that.

>> No.47341479

>Don't know, don't care, it's not a canonical thing.

He broke the pattern HE BROKE THE PATTERN someone alter the primary caregiver and activate the iron hugbox lest my autismal rage compel me to soil and or injure myself

>> No.47341484

Ah, anon, he meant could he use the perks that MAKE traditional vampire weaknesses to...make them have traditional vampire weaknesses. Which would probably be a bad idea...
Actually, Hellsing vampires aren't as vulnerable to the sun as compared to other settings. They're weakend by it, but even the Police Girl and Millenium's fake vampires can walk out in the sunlight.

>> No.47341486

Yup. They're really just the eldritch abominations that created vampires.

>> No.47341496

Meh, only the Antidelluvian that created the Tzimisce started out as an eldritch abomination. The rest were people once, the rest looked like regular vampires once.

>> No.47341504


>> No.47341506

The reason why people wank about the things they do is just because they honestly just like it and have things to say about it. Sometimes people just want an excuse to talk about W40k or Index or Worm, or at least find it interesting and fun to do so in the context of jumpchain.

>> No.47341515

There's probably less than 100 people here. You've all had your say.

>> No.47341524

Not familiar with the setting but are you actually there for this super vampire stuff? I thought it was a role-playing game setting where the DM/ST whatever makes up their own story.

>> No.47341528

And you've had yours. Shut it.

>> No.47341529

This would be easier to believe if they didn't specifically talk about individual perks or items that kill X character, or only ever debate the scoep of what IB can or cannot affect

>> No.47341531

>The rest were people once
So was the protagonist of Bloodborne.

>> No.47341541


>> No.47341544


Anon, the first few jumps are about living in the world a video game is set in

No, you do not spend 10 years playing VtM with the Benefactor.

>> No.47341547

>or at least find it interesting and fun to do so in the context of jumpchain.
>the context of jumpchain

>> No.47341561

Role-playing games have combat.

It is possible to be there during Gehenna, yes. There are books for it. Those do not recommend you fight Antediluvian. However, the default setting is The Final Nights, the time leading up to Gehenna.

>> No.47341562

As far as I know it's getting along, just taking ages because of RL crap.

>> No.47341567

Kingdom hearts would be a fun jump but all you need to defeat their big threats is a Keyblade (presumable available in jump) and the ability to use melee weapons on a high enough level.

>> No.47341572

Yes, that's essentially what happened with them.

Only none of them got to be a cute squid baby.

>> No.47341575

I know you're trying to make a point, but I honestly can't tell what it is or why I should take your opinion at face value when you're speaking for other people.

>> No.47341579

They aren't aloud to continue talking about what they like. They need to talk about what I like, and instead of starting the topic by posting about it, I'm just going to shit on what they like.
That'll learn em.

>> No.47341580

I've tried to talk about creative uses for non-IB powers along with Malleable Reality. Does that count?

>> No.47341581 [SPOILER] 

So let's say I wanted to unite millions of shattered entities into a single almighty gestalt.


>> No.47341584

Kingdom Hearts confuses me. I mean, it's basically anime mixed with Disney characters, right? Where did that combination even come from?

>> No.47341586

And I tried to goad you into defending Clairvoyant.

>> No.47341592

And when they do, I'll just respond in kind, because I've no self awareness to speak of.

>> No.47341593

If you take the perk that makes Gehenna a sure thing, you will have to deal with the Antediluvians or else everything is kill.

Otherwise, heh, maybe. Gehenna is definitively part of the official metaplot, and the game takes place in 2004 a few years/months before it, but the VTMB also shits all over the canon when it's the fun thing to do so who knows what happen.

>> No.47341595

Yellow Diomond, go and stay go.

>> No.47341599

Lots and lots of duct tape.

>> No.47341601

What's your point?

>> No.47341603


>> No.47341604

There's only been 71 posters, Alice.
There is an undefined number of lurkers.
And an undefined number of people who just aren't here right now.

>> No.47341607

Well, the ending is referred to as Childhood's Beginning so technically you're a kid now

You get a pass because you're not talking about beating X with Y

Dare I ask how you can tell individual posters apart?

And WHY you'd do such a thing?

>> No.47341608

Take notes from end of Evangelion,

>> No.47341610

Literal elevator pitch.

I wouldn't call it 'shit'. VTMB's changes are generally massive improvements over the overwrought, confusing, and teenager edgy elements of the tt game.

>> No.47341611

Excellent Idea, lets all start wanking about My Little Pony or furries.
I'm Kidding please no. . .

>> No.47341615

a collaboration between squeenix and disney designed to make money fall like rain in a monsoon.

>> No.47341617

I was saying that I didn't know there was a canon story beyond the settings background information and wondering if I would have to be able to survive these things to survive the jump.

I know, I meant against earth vampire and fights the sun vampire. I thought it was 'local man does X, wat do?' not 'god vamp fights weaboo gods, wat do?'

>> No.47341627

>And WHY you'd do such a thing?
'cause I hate it.

>> No.47341633

Can Rainbow Dash kill Endbringers?

>> No.47341636


>> No.47341639

Holy mother of fuck we're over 600 posts.
Is that a record?

>> No.47341640

It's stupidly useful if you can into Multi-Skill to combo it with other shit.

>> No.47341641


>> No.47341642

A long time ago, some angels decided God wasn't cool enough for them and rebelled. As usual.

Humanity sided with God but wasn't doing too great fighting against the Fallen and their army, until an angel named Anhel descended from the heavens and helped them seal all of the Fallen away in another world. After the war, she went to sleep in a secret place built by humanity called the Holy Land to heal her injuries.

To defend mankind against the fallen, the Inquisition had begun training girls to use powerful magic at the cost of their own life. They were thought of as the bullets in a gun, thus the title of Gun Bullet Children for the first game.

Fast-forward to modern day, in Tokyo, where a vampire army is invading. By the way, vampires in this setting are actually half-human half-fallen angel people. This is where the first game starts.

This enough to get interest?


Well, the first and second game are connected, obviously. So I'll leave JADE PENETRATE out.

>> No.47341644

Well you suck.

Brave of you to brave the global rule, I guess

>> No.47341649

Fuck you I said I was kidding!

>> No.47341651

Not really, I remember a time where we had over 800.

>> No.47341666

>It's useful if you wank this stupid wank power that isn't your esper power and doesn't make sense for you to get.
Okay? That doesn't make Clairvoyant good.

>> No.47341667

...that sounds AWESOME! So vampires are this setting's equivalent to the Nephilim(half human, half fallen angel giants)? Will we have to deal with the equivalent of the Grigori(their parents) as well?

>> No.47341671

True horror...

Comfy horror...

>> No.47341675

No you weren't, asshole. Your post was the equivalent of saying, "No disrespect but. . ." Clearly that means you mean to disrespect someone when you say that.

You invited this, you wanted this on some level. Own it.

>> No.47341682

Well, aside from the standard PtV shenanigans, how about reaching into time to steal technology from the future, then repurpose it into the past? Set out to invent a device, then spy on your future self to figure out what you did. Instant R&D. Precognition doesn't work that way? It does if you have malleable reality!

Or you can use it for PtV shenanigans that turn into a Marble Phantasm. What if you could know the exact set of events you needed to set into motion to grab the white marble every single time?

>> No.47341686

use it plus index to read the entire vatican library from outside(do the same to other libraries you can't easily access.)

>> No.47341687

What kind of game is it?

>> No.47341696

Except we've talked at length about Multi Skill to the point where it's arguable a reliable path to power.

>> No.47341697

>I thought it was 'local man does X, wat do?' not 'god vamp fights weaboo gods, wat do?'
Most campaigns themselves are the former. But in the years that follow VTMB's time (2004), the god vamps wake up and destroy the world and the entire setting. That's the "canon" scenario. But there's a bit of wiggleroom if you assume the Bloodlines Jump takes place in its own continuity. Then anything goes, maybe Gehenna is a myth, maybe the world does end from too much millenial anxiety, who knows?

>> No.47341710

>This enough to get interest?
I'm down.

>> No.47341712

holy mother of mercy what the hells bells that I come back to

New jump? New jump! And yes, that all sounds great.

Which origin is the closest to being aligned with the non-fallen angel for the purposes of wiping out all the nephili-

>pic related

As...reluctant as I am to restart anything related to those topics mentioned above I feel obliged to clarify that multi-skill is attainable with study using Hard Science as a basis. I asked Reploid about this ages ago. The main trick is finding somewhere secure to store your cloned esper army.

>> No.47341718


>> No.47341720

That might kill you because some information in index is poisonous.

>> No.47341722

Yea. . . I was using an absurd example that I did not think any one would bite at. Apparently /jc/ will jump at bait even when it is intentionally designed to be too repulsive to bite.

>> No.47341727

You wanked about obtaining multiskill to an exhausting degree, I remember that.

I honestly don't consider 'you can farm out clones like a complete monster' to be a viable tactic, as I'm not a complete monster.

>> No.47341732

Not into vore, thanks.

>> No.47341741

Hey ASA-wait a second...

>> No.47341742

Thats adorable.

And on a related note: JC if you were to transform into a Great One after Bloodborne would Narnian Time be a valid way of skipping past your squidy-infancy? If not does anyone have an suggestions?

>> No.47341745

Huh. I think I will just skip that jump for now then.

>> No.47341746

Just evacuate thread.

And guys. Can we refrain from making the next one until shit's calm?

>> No.47341756

best thing about VTM: Bloodlines is the cabbie who drives you from one area to another. The name of the folder his soundfiles are in is pretty interesting

>> No.47341761

>holy mother of mercy what the hells bells that I come back to

/jc/ Gehenna.
Also known as page ten.
I don't remember a thread that hasn't ended with a salt and popcorn.

>> No.47341766

See >>47340227
To put it simply, put up or shut up. We're not really talking about it anymore, but even if we were, this is pre-established in thread canon as achievable potentially with nothing but things acquirable in the jump itself.

>> No.47341768

That's not how that works, asshat. You don't bring up contentious shit and then walk away from it. You did this.

>> No.47341777


>> No.47341779

Honestly at the rate the Fledgling gain powers in the game itself, they could probably eat Antediluvians for breakfast by the time they decide to wake up. And fistbump the cab driver once they're done.

>> No.47341781

Why, isn't this normal?

>> No.47341786

See: >>47341768

>> No.47341791

You can't continue jumping after you become a great one so it doesn't matter.

>> No.47341792

This argument isn't particularly pissy so I don't know what this overreaction is.

>> No.47341808

During BB, yes.

Having patience and waiting till post-BB means you aren't tied to it's cosmology, meaning Great One all you want.

>> No.47341809

What is so special about the cab driver?

>> No.47341818

I don't know. I just post cute Bloodborne pics.

>> No.47341820

Eh, from what I remember, people have theorized that the Fledgling is somehow (maybe from the cabbie's interference) around gen 6-8. That makes them an Elder. Who are fucking powerful compared to more common vampires, yeah, but Elders are scared shitless of daddy Methuselah and grandad Antediluvian.

>> No.47341827

That's OK, I understand. I meant only that it was physically possible, I'm well aware this kind of thing isn't everyone's cup of t-

-whoa haha loosen up there my fellow fleshbag neurally entrenched lightning storms! It's all good, I am an organic bioprocessor just like you! If I were not, I wouldn't be able to solve the captcha security protocal now would i

H-hey now, some threads ended peacefully. Even fairly recent ones.

The noisy ones just...tend to stick in the memory for longer.

Wait, how?

He's Cain

>> No.47341828

Finally, a reliable way to nine Worm powers!

>> No.47341831

Oh god, the thread's on fire! Everybody panic!

How the balls would you go about doing that then?

>> No.47341832

Are you being stupid on purpose?
When someone posts bait it's their fault. But when you BITE the bait it's YOUR fault. Don't get mad when people start shitting down your throat for starting a shitstorm when none was needed.

>> No.47341842

By eating the umbilical cords, duh.

>> No.47341847

I didn't bite the bait, I'm bitching at the chucklefuck who chummed the waters.

>> No.47341857

>Oh god, the thread's on fire!


>> No.47341859

>The noisy ones just...tend to stick in the memory for longer.

>> No.47341874

Grammer Nazi here.
>Finally, a reliable way to get nine Worm powers!

>> No.47341878

Nothing, nothing, just a crazy old Malkavian... :^)

I was making a joke about how, thanks to video game logic, a clueless weeks or months-old vampire somehow manages to solo a bunch of elders (plus a werewolf).

>> No.47341883


>> No.47341893


>What if the answer turns out to be "nowhere is fucking safe, fuck you."

Well the events dealing with Ollerus proves that it's possible to move to the next phase instead of being overwritten during the reality rewiring if you do things correctly, or have help.

So you could find some mage strong enough to help with this but sane enough to not want to deal with this nonsense, and bribe them with a way out of this nonsensical universe to figure out how to survive.

This of course assumes you can't use the information to keep the nonsense from happening by aiming the nonsense that doesn't want it to occur at the nonsense that wants it to occur.

I also remember Reploid saying the phase reality rewriting nonsense doesn't count if their not intentionally killing you, but I can't find the ruling.

>> No.47341895


>> No.47341903

The Malkavian route was fucking solid gold in that game.

>> No.47341907

>Captcha and Robots

>> No.47341908

didn't he leave? for awhile he was basically reds attack dog, then he was gonna do silent hill then nothing at all

>> No.47341909

Potentially. Hopefully you'll manage not to.

It's a bullet hell shooter.

I'm still thinking over how to do backgrounds, since I'm worried about ending up with either too many or too little origins, but either Inquisitor/Drop-In or GBC.

Also, hey. Save your vague amusement for when you realize it's called Jade Penetrate Black Package on Steam.

>> No.47341914


>> No.47341915

To be fair, you outwitted the werewolf and what's his face is called out as particularly young for a Prince.

>> No.47341920


>> No.47341926

There should be a drawback where Kenders fallow you to other worlds. Ok that is a bit much but maybe a Kender Magnet drawback.

>> No.47341928

FUCK. I was going to go that route. Thanks for posting that.


>> No.47341931

Except there's more to it, somehow. You don't just become a Great One by eating the umbilical cords, you also have to go through all kinds of ritualized processes that somehow come out with the result tat I don't know if they'ed work outside the context of that universe.

What I'm saying is, where'll you get a moon presence to kill for the ascension?

>> No.47341932

>for awhile he was basically reds attack dog

Oh for fuck's sake, first you start shitting on Red, now another person who isn't even HERE?!

Are you DONE being a pathetic waste of genetic material?

>> No.47341942

You are a horrible person and it it is your fault If that drawback makes it in.

>> No.47341948

It should just prove to you that he's a blind gun who doesn't actually care about any of the people he attacks.

>> No.47341949

Posting to prevent satan.

>> No.47341953

Don't. Bite. The bait.

>> No.47341960

Why do you want Kender farmers?

>> No.47341964


That post, right there? Proves pretty much everything.

He's not worth acknowledging.

>> No.47341978

I hope you have the pattern recognition to realise, based on the "don't bite the bait" replies, that all you're really doing is propagating the imipression you and people you agree with are "blind gun" here

I don't even care about what you're arguing about, but you're the only one coming off as a total idiot.

>> No.47341986


Ah, what a wonderful day!

>> No.47341999

Then you'll realize that I'm responding to the biter, not the baiter. Don't be stupid.

>> No.47342004

Always glad to lend a helping hand.

>> No.47342008

If you can learn to work and play

>> No.47342012


>> No.47342017

I'll ask this question in the next thread, but any good perks for social cohesion?

Before I become a a gestalt consciousness, I want to be a cult leader, which takes a pretty strong charisma.

>> No.47342027

Me want Chaos jump!

>> No.47342039

How do I become a Chaos god?

>> No.47342048

Highschool of the Dead has a perk that turns every personally defeated enemy into a loyal zealot. Every enemy they defeat alo become loyal to you, and so one...

>> No.47342054

By playing another CYOA>>47342017

Skullduggery Pleasant and Indiana Jones have cult leader perks

>> No.47342067

The one with an explicitly non chaos path because who wants icky mutations after all?

>> No.47342077

I'm sure that thanks to the pressure of anons, whoever makes the jump will provide a 200cp "Chaos God" origin.

>> No.47342080

First jump.
Pokemon Trainer.
Champ in the Making.
Damn good foundation, if you're looking for something early.

>> No.47342093

Have you tried posting a resume on Monster dot com?

>> No.47342107

Honestly, I've got a theory on that. It's probably not even right, but it's a theory.

See, all the experiments and shit you've seen in the game are... kind of wonky. Like they're attempts to get to Great One status, but you'll notice a lot of them are kidnapped or not told what the hell is going on. They don't know what's happening.

But the Hunter? Along with the three umbilical cord parts you ALSO need 30 insight. Which at that point means you need to damn well know what you're getting into. You don't just eat the cords thinking they're some new recipe, you know EXACTLY what you're doing. So I think awareness and knowledge of the stuff is needed. Adeline is a good example, as she kept asking for brain fluids and WANTED the change. Even when she kept warping... she kept going for it. She knew what was going on.

But as the cords and the experiments prove, awareness isn't it. There's definitely more to it, the flesh is... definitely a requirement. But it's not the only requirement. None of the Great Ones seem similar to each other, so it's not about a code. It's more like... the alien flesh is something of a conduit? Kind of like how Angels are made of 99.89% human genetic arrangement but the material itself is wholly different.

tl;dr You likely need knowledge, awareness/acceptance, and a good dose of eldritch flesh. All are important. This is likely not accurate, just an attempted theory. I am likely a retard.

>> No.47342109

Is Tzeentch cool?

He doesn't seem that bad.

Sure, Keikaku is a thing, but is that keikaku actually that much to worry about if it comes to fruition ever?

>> No.47342119

Not as much fun at parties as Slaanesh, but you namedrop Creed on him and he lights up like a Christmas tree.

>> No.47342122


>> No.47342130

Me too!

>> No.47342139

Makes sense.

>> No.47342141

Tzeentch has a vested interest in making everyone fail at some point, to keep the plotting at a maximum. He will always screw you over at some point, often by being the god equivalent of a dickass literal-minded genie.

Also, he loves horrible mutations more than any other Chaos God.

>> No.47342156

Seems legit, I can see how that could work.
Eh, his keikaku may or may not end with you as a mewling creature that I shall not name so I may avoid becoming one. Nurgle is the cool guy, even as "gross" as he is. He's the closest thing to good that the Chaos gods have. Still evil, but remarkably nice and fatherly despite that.

>> No.47342159

I want a mutation roll table.

>> No.47342193

Sounds about right.

>> No.47342205

Rolling 1-3 as a Slaanesh makes you a hermaphrodite, 4-6 makes you the opposite gender you started the jump as, if you get 7-9 you can choose!

>> No.47342208

It's something to do with bloodbornes cosmology.

Every Great One dies giving birth or gives birth to a still born child, which splits the cosmology into two separate universes/nightmares/dreams where either the parent or child is still alive. Becoming a great one by other means has to do with gaming that system and taking a Great One's essence by killing it, somehow. I really don't know.

>> No.47342217

As someone who takes shapeshifting perks like Keith Richards takes random pills, the thought of mutation should not bother me. However, as someone who goes through appearance perks like Snoop through weed I have to firmly vote no to mutations.

>> No.47342233

NO. Please no?

>> No.47342234

Nah, the dice determine how many dicks and boobs you end up covered with.

>> No.47342244

I know this feel...

>> No.47342260

Yes please yes.

An even bigger version of Dogs of War's.

>> No.47342264

Warhammer Fantasy: Dogs of War has one if you go Chaos.

>> No.47342266

No I want Kender "handlers" to annoy the shit out of the other residents of whatever jump chain universe I travel to. I just think it would be funny especially in the more grim dark and serious universes.

>> No.47342268

That's fine though, I have a similar philosophy. Humanity must advance, and the only way it can reliably be made to do so is by constantly facing real adversity. That said, can The mutations be reverted/cut off and the fucked up parts regrown?

>> No.47342277

Thing is though, that's a theory. I mean like the earlier Anon pointed out, you needed to kill the Moon Presence too. I'm not sure if it was because the developers wanted to prevent people from becoming Great One babby in the game or they weren't sure how to handle it, but whatever. Point is, that's just me trying to theorize what's going on. But you can definitely tell that just sticking shit into you and hoping it works out isn't gonna cut it, nor is just stuffing a ton of eyes/info in your brain gonna be it, either.

Yeah, fuck if I know. It IS a point though that they're symbiotic to the Dream/Nightmare along with the waking world. That's what makes it only a theory, because it's difficult to really take that into account. Hell, the closest thing I got to something else that was similar was fucking Changeling, due to them ALSO being closely affiliated with existing in the real world and dreams. Again, I could very easily be wrong and I admit to being wrong.

Give it time, I'm trying to work on it.

The 'Non-Chaos path' was only because I had people on my ass claiming I was making a giant trap jump.

Ahaha, funny. Daemon Princes/Living Saints are the closest people are gonna get.

...I... might consider it. I just don't want people thinking I'm trying to fuck them all over. I've got enough people doing that to me as i-

See. Because of that. That's what I want to freaking avoid.

>> No.47342279

That would be a better fit for a certain jump in the B&L folder, *Shudder*, Slaanesh would be very proud of our species.

>> No.47342281

>This guy trying to force his fanwank as absolute fact when everyone else is being more gracious about it.
There's always That Guy.

>> No.47342306

Well. . . If you jump 40k before Dragonlance and you get samples of Orc spores and you spent time researching, you could in theory come up with Kender spores and then just seed every universe you come across thereafter.

>> No.47342325

>implying that's all Slaanesh is

Remember, Slaanesh is about excess in all things.

Khornates have to take care not to enjoy bloodshed TOO much, lest they unwittingly feed Slaanesh. The extremes of experience - voiceless placidity and UNDYING FURY, indescribable pleasure and unspeakable agony, all of these are Slaanesh.

The desire for perfection, the enjoyment of finer arts and foods, and any form of obsession - even with such ideals as kindness and purity - feeds Slaanesh. A debauched promiscuous hedonist and someone who self-flagellates and sleeps with metal underwear on so as to prevent ANY sort of sexual desire? They both feed Slaanesh.

Without the emotions that Slaanesh embodies, there would be neither joy nor despair. All life would exist in a grey "meh" state where not even contentment could take hold of their hearts. Even slaughter, scheming, and stagnation would become detached and impersonal.

>> No.47342328

Or better yet Orks and Kenders, seriously though that would be a colossal dick move.

>> No.47342338

Just make it optional and tell the babies who don't wanna roll that the fickle vagaries of Chaos may decide to be less merciful in how they mutate.

>> No.47342343

There's a rule where multiplayer becomes acceptable provided everyone agree to ally and kill anyone trying to spawn more kender.

>> No.47342347


>> No.47342357

That is pretty close to a quote from text to speech device.

>> No.47342370

>get samples of Orc spores
>come up with Kender spores
>seed every universe
Uhhh, did you just suggest hybridizing 40k Orks and DL Kender and leaving them all over the multiverse?

>> No.47342374

Good, I was hoping to evoke a little of Magnus' outline of Chaos, but I couldn't remember the exact words.

>> No.47342377


Chaos Jump
>Living Saint

>> No.47342378

Yeah but Slaanesh STILL loves slapping dicks and pussies on thing.

Isn't one of her Greater Daemons literally some kinda furry hermaphrodite?

>> No.47342399

Living Saints are just Daemon Princesses of the Emperor and you know it.

>> No.47342400

Not before we find ways to make them even more annoying.

>> No.47342401

To actually answer this question, soul fuckery. Lots and Lots of soul fuckery. Even more than Evangelion. Even more than Asura's Wrath.

Also, lots of souls.

Lots of souls.

>> No.47342408

Ne Na Nie Non Nej Nein O’hi lo nahi Nei Nu Net neyn.

>> No.47342410

>Daemon Princesses of the Emperor

>> No.47342411

>inb4 SisterAnon

>> No.47342415

games Workshop are basically a bunch of idiots and the idea of Slaneesh as anything but a dickwielding multitittied murderslut never got off the ground, despite the efforts of a few incredibly good fluff writers

>> No.47342422

When I last asked about the Text to Speech device jump people told me it was dead, is any one going to pick it up.

>> No.47342427

Use the Les Mis power to force them to sing their every word in their annoying midget voices.

>> No.47342428

Will 410 billion souls be enough? I just so happen to have as many just laying around.

>> No.47342434

No clue.

>> No.47342437

For the non-Chaos route. I refuse to make any one side get fucked over. That's mostly why it's gonna take time, because I really, really, REALLY want to avoid setting off a version of 'Deadlight vs Non-Deadlight'.

Fuck sparking those arguments again.

See above.

Thing is, that's canon. I'm looking at the Black Crusade PDFs right now, each side has good things it focuses on and bad things. The problem is that people focus so much on the shit that Chaos reflects that, and so it BECOMES shit. Games Workshop going grimderp doesn't help, and I want to balance the good and the bad sides so it's an enjoyable trip instead of "Welcome to Superjail, here's where you'll get violated"

>> No.47342441

I hate this shop because it made me avoid the game for the longest time until I learned it was just a shop.

Reminder that Chaos isn't always bad.

>> No.47342447

Are you fine with being the Chaos God of Trash?

>> No.47342448

Wow over 700 posts, lets shoot for 800!

>> No.47342450

At least most of a galactic empire's worth.
One dinky planet will not do.

>> No.47342459

8 is kind of Jumpchain's number after all.

>> No.47342465

Funny, I went looking for that game based on the image and was disappointed when it was a shop. Ships that pass in the night.

>> No.47342469

chaos jump
>non-Chaos route

if I nag you enough will you go back and add a background to bayonetta where I can start as a one legged accountant from uzbhekistan who has nothing at all to do with the rest of the actual jump?

>> No.47342474

This is a question I don't know anything about; how many people are there in wh40k universe exactly?

>> No.47342477

Your fetish is gross and you should just admit that you like men

>> No.47342483

That chart has no labels. Which direction is the powerlevel? Up is higher power, and sideways irrelevant?

>> No.47342489

Nah and nah.

>> No.47342502

Just because I like cock doesn't mean I like anything else about the male body.

>> No.47342505

>Whining about a warped-based background from an element of 40k in a 40k jump.

If you want to be technical, it IS Chaos. It's just Chaos under the Emperor's control.

>> No.47342507

Countless billions. Literally, unless you happen to be Tzeench there are too many humans to count. The average hive (that's individual hive, not hive world) has more people alive inside it than there has ever been alive in our world.

>> No.47342509

Question, are there any perks that allow us to take on the form of defeated enemies and their powers? I know Satan Soul can be used this way on demons, but I kind of want to take on the Glacial Mammoth's form. Thing is fucking huge, and huge equals awesome. It's simple math.
So question about the jump, when does it actually take place? I'm not familiar with Warhammer 40K lore, so for all I know, this could be right after the Horus Heresy(which I heard is where this shit really got started), or in the current time frame.

>> No.47342513

heh heh heh heh
i'd say fuck /d/, but it wouldn't quite have the same meaning with them

>> No.47342527

But actually yes


>> No.47342531

The villain route in a villain jump is a hero route. It's not that hard.

>> No.47342542

She's literally trying to AVOID causing salt and you want to cause salt over it?

Also Emps is basically the 5th Chaos God anyway.

>> No.47342550

Yes, yes, 'there is only chaos!' we've heard it all before.

>> No.47342555


>> No.47342566

He's a little baby chaos god trying to stop himself from being born.

No, it's that his power is entirely warp-based. Chaos is the meany-pants name for the warp.

>> No.47342568

Defeat them with the Highschool of the dead perk or any other turn defeated enemies into allies perk, use the kiss perk from medaka box to give them Sacrificial Bestowment, and then have them give you their entire powerset with it.

>> No.47342574

seventh. Necoho and Malal are fve and six. Or would be if Necoho existed.

>> No.47342578

I don't like looking at dudes in my porn, but it doesn't seem like fucking without a cock. That's my compromise.

>> No.47342599

Uuuuuuum. You know what, I totally don't know! I was pondering the current age just for the sake of convenience, but in truth that was up in the air.

I'm gonna say... no.

There was a different justification I had going for it, actually. But hey, if you wanna play it off like that it's your story?

Fucking hell do not talk to me about Necoho.

>> No.47342604

Dark Binding from Hellsing + The Deplorable World from Narnia?

>> No.47342616

Doesn't exist and the Chaos harem from LoT will impose this by force in his nonexistent name.

>> No.47342619

This isn't really helpful. Will a Trillion souls make a significant impact in the Immaterium?

>> No.47342625

Forgot my second question was 'is there a way to link the two continuities so your actions in one affect the other'. Unless that's what 'answers are no'. means. That's unfortunate, I was looking forward to retaking my position as Emperor.

>> No.47342627

Really/ when even the idea of people complaining was enough to get you to add a non chaos path to a chaos jump?

>> No.47342633

The deplorable word might be able to kill the Chaos gods by taking away their food!

>> No.47342641


>> No.47342644

Futa fags are the wurst.

Jokes aside, you can like what you like.
>cock must be involved for it to "count"
That particular sentiment hurts my brain, though.

>> No.47342646

So it's like the Goblin Sword from Harry Potter?

>> No.47342657

nope. they loose that many to accounting errors every week

>> No.47342660

I think its more because they're around the high middle, impressive enough for a mid tier jumper and significant enough to be slightly memorable to a more experienced jumper, but doable without wanking till it falls off unlike the jumps you listed.

>> No.47342662

Would Necoho be denying the Jumper exist?

Besides the Emperor is Necoho.

>> No.47342665

Chaos Gods, or similar entities, have been born from less, so try.

>> No.47342671

>Futa fags are the wurst.
Made me laugh.

>That particular sentiment hurts my brain, though.
I recognize it isn't rational, thats just how my crank turns.

>> No.47342679

wow i didn't reload for a while and linked to the wrong post nothing to see here.

>> No.47342688

I can be ok with that.

>> No.47342717

>Jumpchan confirmed for Tzeentch

>> No.47342741

8 is Khorne. Tzeentch is 9, Nurgle 7, Slaanesh 6.

>> No.47342743

Keep going we might just make it to the holy number!

>> No.47342750

There's a difference between trying to avoid the shitstorms that came about from the LoT and just being pedantic. The last thing I need is people getting on my case saying I'm just fucking them over no matter what or some bullshit like trying to trap them into eternal demon rape.

>> No.47342758

That's what Tzeentch WANTS you to think.

>> No.47342766


>> No.47342775

Meh, didn't you notice how that guy was ignoring everyone else who responded to him, including posts pointing out how Living Saints ARE tied to the Warp/Chaos? Dude isn't being legitimate, he's just being a punk.

>> No.47342777

Eternal daemon rape you say, Slaanesh is intrigued.

>> No.47342785


>> No.47342788

Don't you mean sanguine star?

>> No.47342799

I'd guess it's more just lacking patronage from any of the gods but still touched by the Warp heavily. You're not a cultist but you are still thoroughly touched by Chaos, akin to the thing or two for heretics in the Imperium jump.

>> No.47342801

Shut up, Nurgle.

>> No.47342805

You know Red, I would be more inclined to believe you if I didn't know you ran Hell. You know what they say about trusting demons and all that.

>> No.47342810


>> No.47342811


>> No.47342814

Man, I can't wait for the next thread.

>> No.47342816

Anathema from Smite is the closest I know of.

>> No.47342827

Why do people do this? People like what they like, no matter how irrational or strange it is. But no, everyone has to like what you like, right?

>> No.47342846

Nurgle too stupid to impersonate gluttonous herm whore.

>> No.47342848

>Like what I like.
Nope. Just pointing out that being attracted to male genitals makes you gay

>> No.47342863


>> No.47342878

But he can approve of actions that spread glorious [LIFE].

>> No.47342879

Much thread, such wow.

>> No.47342880

No anon, they like what I like or they actually like something wholly different from what they claim to like that fits nicely into a narrow and specific category of my specification, because I'm clearly an authority on the subject.

>> No.47342884


>> No.47342888

It's only gay if the balls touch.
I'm pretty sure that was one of them there commandments

>> No.47342895

Too old

>> No.47342897

>801 posts

>> No.47342899

>Anon continues to pretend that craving dicks means he doesn't crave dicks.

>> No.47342901

Glad you understand, fellow straight male. I'll have you know that, as a straight male, I'm also straight! Want to touch each others cocks?

>> No.47342906

...I'll have you know I am a perfectly trustworthy demon. Lying is for chumps and anyone can do it. It's using the truth to make you do things that takes skill.

Bleh. I know, but I still get people shitting on me for it. Even had one guy bitch in the beginning stages on how I was shitting on things by making a Loyalist background instead of forcing people who don't want Chaos to go Necoho. So I'm admittedly really paranoid and just want the blasted thing to go well, it's why a lot of things are taking time recently.

>> No.47342928


>> No.47342930

A Homestar Runner jump could be fun.

>> No.47342950

Red, there's way more offensive shit that no one talks about in other jumps. The only reason people yell about yours are because they give a shit, or something cheesy like that.

>> No.47342956

Ahh, what's that post?
Such a sweet post.
It's enough to make a man salty!

>> No.47342959

Please look up what homosexuality actually means, then get back to me.

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