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Away from the internet the last two days, now there is a shit storm going on in mtg community. Can anyone let me know what is going on right now, I thought the SJW stuff was finally dieing down in mtg. Now people are losing their minds over youtube comments. Now there is talk about banning playmats and more trans fags in magic? Is the game changed for good?


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Basically a couple of mtg female podcasters and streamers had a panel about how sexy playmats should be banned but women can wear what ever they want at FNM (tank tops showing cleavage) but should not be harassed. And how the game needs to be more inclusive. People and numales clashed in the comments and reddit. Also that "not all men" shit was thrown around as in now all men have to watch what they or others say as to not offend womens and trannys. People called them SJW's and they responded by saying they aren't trying to take anything away from players other than sexy alters, sexy playmats, certain words, sexy official art, and anything that is not "inclusiveness". Oh wait they are taking a lot, well fuck me mate

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>Is the game changed for good?
The completely hugboxy banlists and new blocks are arguably worse.

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Art like this will never come back again

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>Is the game changed for good?
Rhe situation with the judges is honestly going to have a larger impact on the actual game.

Ridiculous women and their orbiters trying to ban wrongthink is just going to make the online community really fucking unpleasant for a while.

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>ban "le 3dpd" weaboo supercreeps
>watch as the game collapses due to lack of players

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>the online community
I do wonder how many people will move to shit like cockatrice as a result.

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These people will utterly trash any geek communities they come near, which is great. It will collapse all the shit we have now, drive everyone away and we can come back later and rebuild something decent from what's left.

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>banning sexy anime sleeves

It would literally kill the game.

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>they're trying to take away my sexy anime playmats
This is litteraly like that "death of a hobby" image. FUCKING NORALFAGS GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT
Stop trying to be 'lol so nerdy' after you shat on me for my hobies for so many years
fucking LEAVE

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No that's not how it works. These people will infiltrate and destroy any refuge of people who think differently to them.

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You should actually hate wizards for pandering.

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Thanks for that infographic friend.

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The thing that always makes me laugh about this picture is how it's literally just hipster logic - "x was good before it got popular/sold out" - but /tg/ claims to hate hipsters.

Which is exactly what hipsters do.

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Good thing this ain't reddit, they are banning people for disagreeing with the video, there is a lot of bullshit because SJW know they can get away with more that the standard norm. Why ask for basic respect, when you can get a cake and eat it too, plus all the free veiws these female streams will get from this. Doesn't help that WOTC is in full shill mode, all they care about is selling packs to sjws and rich Indian kids in high school

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The popularity isn't what kills the game, it's the pandering to the largest group possible that does.

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>women in magic panel
>not a single male in sight

Why the fuck does anyone take this shit seriously when they can't even be arsed to get a group of people who, from the outset, at least look like they can cover a number of different viewpoints?

Only women are allowed talk about women but fucking everyone gets to inject their two cents when it's literally any other issue.


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For a subjective definition of kill of course.

If you're part of the core audience of a game in its infancy, and it changes what defines it in an attempt to appeal to a wider audience, that might end up alienating you. You can't really blame a company for making decisions that lead to more sales.

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It's great being a store owner because I take all the business of the FLGS that panders to this shit by allowing TnA playmats, people to dress how they want, generally let them act like free adults, etc.

What's funnier is I get more women in my store than he does. His is literally beta male orbiters running around telling people to not do things.

He kicks people out for concealed carrying too.

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Not quite, because the largest group who play Magic are straight white males, by default.

The problem comes from pandering to the minority who are so vocal and incensed about fucking everything, yet don't give a shit about the game itself, they appear larger than they are.

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You can't really but I think making the safe bet of consistant nerd income is smarter than a rush of normie income that slows to a trickle after a year.

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I can kind of understand that last part since, in the event something were to happen and guns be drawn, even the best of intentions, innocents can be hurt.

I think, personally, it's a bit of an overreaction but I do sympathise, in that case. Bearing in mind, this is all assuming that that is his reasoning behind the policy.

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>Magic Panel

the fuck?

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So what you're saying is you're a dirty Bernie socialist because that's basic fucking capitalism, mang. You want as large and wide a customer base as possible.

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About the problematic Playmats and Tokens:

"If I ask, people will do something that I want them to do. Otherwise they will get in trouble and It wont be on me"
Great stuff really.

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You aren't thinking enough like a manager.

The decline isn't relevant because by then you will be doing something else so you can blame it on someone else. What matters is the initial spike that happens because of a choice you made.

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Its not really just that.

Imho its the pandering wotc is doing in literally everything and trying to force flavor cards. They're trying to appeal to a wide of an audience as possible and might pull a bilzzard and cave to this. All it will do is create more bad cards for flavor and other shit they'll have to shoehorn in leaving modern and the eternal formats lacking in new cards to change up the meta. Maybe modern wont be too bad and still have the odd meta shift, but too many cards with low power or high power with ridiculous mana costs will starve eternal. Thus they'll have to mess around with the banned/restricted list to change the meta (lodestone rip)

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I recently started going to my lgs and the owner is enforcing your same politic and it's great. Everyone is chill as fuck, there are no dramas and everyone from the weeb girl that plays FoW to the MtG grognard gets along, honestly your way of handling store politica is the best one.

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Literally what's wrong with every industry, holy fuck.

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I doubt there is thought behind it, only that it's a leftist policy he believes in

Honestly I have no problem with him running his business the way he wants to though.

I allow it because I carry and feel like a jerk not allowing it. Honestly though if you wanted to carry and I had a sign against it what could I do to stop you?

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If you're a socialist, you want everyone or as many as possible to be able to enjoy cool stuff.

If you're capitalist, you realise that expanding the customer base means more income.

If you're a realist, you've seen the numbers and realised that the people whining about SJW and muh hobby are an extremely vocal, toxic and small minority who don't actually contribute that much money while shrinking the audience.

That minority might seem worth pandering to if your market share is nonexistent, but it's mostly just a bad idea.

If you're whining about SJWs ruining things on 4chan and Reddit, you know nothing. But then, you likely are a teenager and it's not like Facebook is much better.

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>I lost my edit when my computer crashed

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>if you wanted to carry and I had a sign against it what could I do to stop you?
Tell him that he's not welcome in the store and call the police on his ass if he refuses to leave?

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Treating people like people really does help a community.

When people complain to me about another customer (outside of cheating or illegal things like harassment) I tell them to just talk to them about the playmat or the rude comment they said.

Obviously if the person is completely toxic and popping off sieg heils I deal with it but people generally can and should handle these things on their big boy own.

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That is how it works faggot. We get driven out of our hobby so we start a new hobby with our better experiences and then proceed to have the same cycle over and over.

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Anon speaks truth.

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Yeah, ninety seconds in and my suspicions are confirmed. Nobody ever describes exactly where the line is between "sexist" and "not sexist" aside from a matter of discomfort: and never do I hear it described precisely what leads to that discomfort, nor do I usually see any attempt by the aggrieved parties or sympathetic judges to define a specific factor that is deemed unacceptable. So what is acceptable? If I bring a mat that features a fully and appropriately-clad woman in a completely innocuous situation, and my opponent claims they're triggered by [insert contrived grievance], does that opponent have grounds to register a complaint? Does the Judge have to render a ruling in their favor, or can they state that they simply don't see anything offensive and walk away? Can the Judge force me to use a different mat if they can't state a specific reason why the current one is considered "offensive" enough to warrant it, if it can be considered "offensive" at all?

The minute that people can start to expect a ruling in their favor based on the fact that they dislike something instead of it being based on a systematic application of specific and publicly known standards, the Judge system has been broken. If you can't understand that fact then you have no business being involved in competitive play, as a player or as a Judge.

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My bad, I meant

>if you wanted to concealed carry etc etc

I can't frisk everybody, that's weird.

Anyways, this is not a productive area of discussion. My bad for bringing it up because it is quite polarizing on this board.

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We need more people like you. Just treat adults like adults. The only people who make big deals out of nothing are children anyway.

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It's a pretty common life cycle of all kinds of things.

Someone makes something cool, creative and/or weird (magic, warhammer 40k, a band, Star Wars, whatever.)

People like it and it gets fans on the strength of it's selling points and original features.

Then they make a sequel, or continue doing the same thing because it worked so well the first time. They get even more devoted fans who might not really get the finer points or inspiration for the first stuff, they just know they want more of the same (this is the point where people will literally buy anything that has stormtroopers and darth vader in it even if they don't give a shit about samurai movies or whatever other inspiration George stole all his ideas from, they don't want another thing with the same spirit, but a new vision, they just want more of the same forever)

Then the creators start getting greedy and thinking about widening the audience, by filing off the edges of their product and trying to appeal to the most amount of people possible by watering things down a bit and playing it safe.

At this point, some people start getting bored with it, and look for something more original or cooler, like the thing used to be in the beginning, and the thing sheds part of it fanbase that goes for something else, to begin the cycle anew elsewhere.

The only real way to win is to stick to your guns and produce content that surprises and challenges your audience while trying to stay true to yourself. Obviously this is a lot harder than just making more of the same and getting increasingly paranoid about rocking the boat.

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This, basically.

Rules and laws need to be clearly defined, an offence needs to be quantifiable. The deciding factor can't just be "how sensitive the supposed victim is"

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What about if you have any cards in your deck with "triggering" images or words on them?

Surely just as valid as the picture on your play mat?

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Fixed that for you.

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I seriously don't understand the mindset of these people. I mean, if you really find stupid things like playmats actually upsetting, just leave. Be the fucking adult. It's not worth your time to get upset about this kind of shit. You do not have the right to try and control what people do around you any more than they have they right to control you.

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>If you're whining about SJWs ruining things on 4chan and Reddit, you know nothing. But then, you likely are a teenager and it's not like Facebook is much better.

I left 4 for 8 in the second exodus and only returned as 8 has gone to complete shit and their /tg/ is dead. I browse exclusively /m/ and /tg/. I can sure as fuck tell you that SJWs have had a massive influence on the 4chan I spent almost 10 years shitposting on.

Many moons ago everything was aggressive and to the point, no niceties just straight up "Fuck you faggot" all the way. Now if you post something remotely aggressive on 4chan you get people replying with "That's toxic" "That's sexist" "it's problematic". And it's clearly not ironic shitposting but actual opinions held by these people. I have left threads purely because I can see the retards posting as SJW-lites at best and just can't be bothered to engage with them or read their shit any more.

Every internet social hub is run by SJWs because they have the most time to invest in this shit. We live in an era where the key "battle" strategy in our society is extremely feminine. A man makes something great, he then proceeds to share it with others, which makes it cool and "profitable" (maybe not in cash but in social status). This draws in the feminine people who want that profit and they use social engineering to get into seats of power and then feminize the site taking away the thing which made it cool. This is 100% visible on 4chan for any one who spent any real time here in the past decade. The nail in 4's coffin was the exodus's to 8. Yes 4chan still exists, yes 4chan has a larger userbase than 8, but all the original anons who were left here fucked off to 8 and carried on anonymous culture pre-chanology faggotry while the normies danced and reveled in their guy Fawkes mask going "we r anonymos XD" on every social media platform they could find.

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Hell, if you wanna continue the "contrived excuses" angle, anything's fair game. Let's say girls with purple hair who won't stop talking creep me out, can I call a Judge?

>> No.47334336

Can you still use this card? Imagine the butthurt that could brew from this.

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If they have real statistics found with good reasearch methods that prove that using sexy accessories leads to an increase in men treating women like objects, then I will consider their censorship worth complying with.

As with violence in media, I submit the hypothesis that we will find that non-explicit sexual depections in media doesn't cause people to mistreat each other.

Censorship for the sake of protecting minors in your gameshop is acceptable, but censorship because "I don't think women are mature enough to deal with objectefied women" is bullshit Infantilization.

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Sure, Jan.

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After WotC caved over the manland issue, I thought fuck are we going to lose the Boros symbol as well when we go back again to Ravinca?

>> No.47334353

How would anyone even know though? The whole point of conceal carrying is that you're concealing a weapon.

>> No.47334355

I always liked Kiora's butt...

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This. It's not that MTG has started catering to the minority because of >muh SJWism, they're catering to that minority because they're so loud, obnoxious, and constantly in your face that they perceive them to be a majority. They then make changes to the game in order to attract this "majority", unaware (or uncaring) that not only is it a few telephone-pole screamers making all this ruckus, but they have no interest in entering the hobby and are bitching solely to force changes that cause it to crater.

It's not wizards' fault for trying to increase sales. It *IS* their fault for assuming a small but really dedicated shitstains represents the majority.

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You see? We can stil have sexy art, even if the loli bikini playmats that made everyone uncomfortable get banned.

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You are fundamentally misunderstanding how these people think.

They believe that their opinions are more important than the opinions of everyone else, so if they find something they don't like they are justified in demanding that it change to suit them.

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>Then the creators start getting greedy and thinking about widening the audience, by filing off the edges of their product and trying to appeal to the most amount of people possible by watering things down a bit and playing it safe.
RIP Slave Leia

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Not him, but most people who I've seen CC aren't half as subtle about it as they think.

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Effective cures don't allow the possibility of remission.

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Boros Symbol could be taken as a black power fist, it's completely acceptable to these people.

Don't believe this for a second. Wotc isn't catering to these people because they're screaming, they're catering to them because they're leftist and agree with the bullshit they're saying. We live in a super left wing culture since the civil rights bullshit started up and this is the natural progression. Don't be so naive.

>> No.47334412

Oh, no, I totally realize that. I just don't understand how someone can be so deluded to think their shit opinions actually matter at all.

My opinion doesn't matter. You opinion doesn't matter. We are all faceless voices in a torrent of shit. Such is anonymous. The delusion I don't understand is how people fail to realize this applies to the real world, too.

>> No.47334420

Why do these people think that having women in the MtG group is a bad thing? I've seen a bunch of girl magic players, none of whom were unreasonable. A lot of them were there because their husband was into magic.

>> No.47334428

>sexy playmats should be banned
But why?!
>women can wear what ever they want at FNM (tank tops showing cleavage) but should not be harassed
Well, of course.
>how the game needs to be more inclusive
What does that even mean?

>> No.47334431

Exactly. The problem was never the gender. Gender doesn't matter at all. The problem is the person.

>> No.47334438

There is no such thing as a "cure" in this case.
The "disease" will always return, the best you can do is isolate the parts that it claimed and remove them, replacing them with brand new parts.
When a community does something worthwhile, it inevitably attracts attention of less talented and less desirable people. The only thing you can do is to isolate yourself from them, either once in a time period (better, but more radical solution), or continiously (a worse, but less radical solution).

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>> No.47334452

>My opinion doesn't matter. You opinion doesn't matter. We are all faceless voices in a torrent of shit.

Sure but if you shout loud and long enough other voices will join yours.

>What does that even mean?

It doesn't mean anything, it's just a vague allusion to an undefined objective that will never be attained. At what point is inclusivity achieved? Never, these people will always find something to complain about.

>> No.47334453

I just dislike he ">REE Normies get out!" tone of the comic. Magic won't die because the normies got to it, it's already survived that.

>> No.47334461

Effectively male women ("bro tier", married, non SJW lesbian) don't really count for this.

Usually when people say "women shit up the place" they mean 15 to 30 year old women with minimal practical life experiences.

Relevant video to the thread.


>> No.47334473

The school system said everyones a winner, daddy (probably left..) and mummy want to be your best friend instead of your leader. When you open twitter and post how crappy your day has been 10 people instantly respond to tell you how great you are and how sorry they feel for you. When you want something you just get on the internet and order it, so everything you want is right at your finger tips.

This is how you create them. You never teach them to grow into adults, they never face any real struggles in life so their struggles become panic attacks over social media shit. This is what helicopter parenting from single mothers creates.

2 things.

1, most people like women in their playgroups. Women get a fuck load of free social points just for existing, any one who denies this is a retard.

2, I hate women in my playgroups and will abandon groups because one joined. Women create drama either by themselves or by the way men start trying to compete with each other when one is around. Many a good guild/clan has been destroyed by a woman joining and suddenly the social dynamic completely warps and it becomes something entirely different. Men can't be men when a womans around, we have inbuilt social responses that change what we're willing to express and how (and the same applies the other way round). As such, I don't like the dynamic shift and will excuse myself to find another group where I don't have to deal with the school yard politics women bring to the table.

I'm sure you will all call me a sexist now and all that other shit. I will call you a creationist because you believe a sexually dimorphic species is exactly the same except reproductive organs and so adding a woman to the group is just like adding a man.

>> No.47334478

>Now if you post something remotely aggressive on 4chan you get people replying with "That's toxic" "That's sexist" "it's problematic".

Fuck off faggot.

>> No.47334498

In formats where its legal, I dont see why not

>> No.47334503

Wow, seriously? Do you even realize what the current year is? That kind of attitude is toxic to the precious /tg/ community.

>> No.47334504

Funny claim, seeing how SWJs don't tend to be involved in or contributing to the communities and hobbies the take issue with.

>> No.47334509


No one ever got bullied or shat on for their hobbies. You were bullied because you were anti-social, and your continued inability to accept anyone different than you proves it.

>> No.47334515

>We live in a super left wing culture since the civil rights bullshit started up and this is the natural progression.

There's a really huge step from "let's start treating these people like actual people" and "I don't like thing so anyone who does is hitler and must be punished"
Civil Rights Movement was about Equality. This feminazi bullshit is promoting Inequality that people much more liberal than I seem to find acceptable for whatever reason.

>> No.47334517

I'll take "lying on the internet to try to prove my viewpoint" for 300, Alex

>> No.47334519

So much this.

>> No.47334535

Video makes sense, but I dislike how desperate it's trying to market itself. I mean, that doesn't invalidate the points it makes, but still.

>> No.47334537

I understand your sentiment, but there's a difference between "sexually dimorphic" and "a women appears, suddenly all men change behavior radically". I never have seen that in action and all the gaming groups I've been in had at least two women.

The one time a group fell apart, it was because the DM had to be all mopey and awkward after a breakup.

Lastly, you seem to believe that men changing behavior around women is somehow the woman's fault.

You need to step-back and realize you're defining "effectively nale" as anyone you don't want to fuck. Maybe you're just letting your lust poison your ability to enjoy yourself.

>> No.47334541

>civil rights bullshit

You're going to have to explain that one, anon.

>> No.47334542

>Why do these people think that having women in

I'll stop you there. That isn't the problem.
The problem is the mentality and ideology based around identity politics, and making mountains out of molehills to create artifical outrage, that these people bring in to a community.

There hasn't been a single sane person that ever said "women can't be in this group." Ever. You wouldn't think that was the case if you listened to these lying hypocrites, and they have mastered the art of lying quickly and on a massive scale through social media and sensationalist headlines.

It isn't "REE normies get out", it's a complete disregard for the core tenets and purpose of the group from the new crowd.
The only thing was asked from the original crowd was to respect the core tenets of the group, and that really isn't much to ask for. The problem doesn't lie among the girls who are there primarily to play games. The problem lies among the people who are not.

Those are the people that should be leaving "card game #464 group", not the people who want to play the game.

>I paint socialists as the most moral and just group out everyone

Socialist SJW detected.

>> No.47334554

So basically the solution is,

We don't talk about fightclub

>> No.47334567

Oh damn, you got us, Anon! That one guy's lack of experience with bullying sure invalidates the millions of contradictory experiences posted on this anime image forum.

Try asking the same question to people who grew up in poor, inner city schools where no one got along in the first place.

>> No.47334572

I'm criticizing what that comic says. What it literally says. "Women join to get male attention while disrespecting the hobby".

I'm not listening to anythng, I'm just taking what was said at face value.

>> No.47334575

Not going to lie, but you have a point, talking about Anita gets 404 on /v/ and AVGN vs Ghostbusters gets deleted on /tv/

>> No.47334587

>If you're whining about SJWs ruining things on 4chan and Reddit, you know nothing.

haha no.

>> No.47334588

So toxic, I love me a poz load though ;)

Equality is a bullshit idea though. People are inherently unequal and you're forcing YOUR way on people at gun point through the government.

Lets say I own a business, I've payed all my taxes, stayed within the law so far and I want to hire a new employee because I need a second pair of hands. When I was 12 I was beaten up by an Asian gang, they stole my wallet and since then I haven't been comfortable around Asians. Why should YOU get to decide if I'm allowed to say "No asians" when I put out my job application? What gives you or the government the right to control who I can and cannot hire based on my personal experience? You're literally saying "Do act on your own interest or we will kill/imprison you for doing so". Which is frankly tyranny, where is such a thing as "nice tyranny" and it's one of the most dangerous forms of it because people like yourself don't see the gun you're pointing at people to demand they act how you want them to. I believe Tolkien even said the most dangerous thing in LOTRs was if Gandalf took over the world because he would be acting in "people's interest" while lording over them like a tyrant and no one would notice this until they ran into his wrath.

Equality is bullshit and I don't agree all humans are equal or deserve to be treated equal. I believe some people are better than others and some don't deserve the air they breathe. We have limited resources and we're chasing ideas that waste resources and drag society down because of it.

>> No.47334599

You must be on a different 4chan, then. People keep talking about somethin I've seen nothing of.

>> No.47334612

You're an obvious troll.

>> No.47334619

Women do change the way some men behave.

I do not like this change when we're hanging out and, often, they don't like modifying their behavior either.

I do not see how it's wrong to not let women join our fun.

>> No.47334624

>I believe some people are better than others and some don't deserve the air they breathe.
When will you realize that you're one of the latter?

>> No.47334627

And you're obvious bait.

>> No.47334628

tbqh I think they are hammered for same reason as redeemed succubi threads are killed here

Shitposted to death and nobody really gives a fuck over sperging that somebody brought the thing up.

>> No.47334630

1987fag here, grew up in upper-middle class predominantly white suburbia. People will bully each other for any reason they can think of: MtG got people bullied at my middle school and high school, which I mostly escaped because I had other friends. By the time I was in high school though videogames were already the norm, so that point is valid: it's just not related to /tg/.

>> No.47334633

That's equally true for every demographic of people, every category has derogatory terms, and its universally understood to only include the objectionable stereotype, and the people that match said stereotype. The only people who DON'T get that are those that fall within the term, or want to appease said people.
Niggers, those damned kids, jews, red necks, wet backs, faggots, its all the same shut..

>> No.47334639

Have your fun without going into a FLGS or tournaments, then? As far as I'm aware, "ladies/guys' night out" not forbidden is it?

>inb4 some faggot going "BUT IT WILL BE REEEEEEEE"

>> No.47334644

Just because you can't keep your shit together when a girl's around? Women don't change your behavior, you guys do.

>> No.47334662

Prolly a cheap way to deal with a few threats in legacy. Cheap alternative for a sideboard in the right meta

>> No.47334671

>who grew up in poor, inner city schools where no one got along in the first place.
Grew up in a shitty euro suburb playing MtG and Warhams, never got bullied because I wasn't a sperg.

>> No.47334680

Oh boy, /pol/ shit incoming.

The way women's minds work doesn't work well in politics. Simply put they evolved in a tribal/family environment so every decision is taken in that context. Men didn't evolve in that climate and as such they have a more abstract logic system which works better for dealing with strangers where context isn't as important. It's well documented if you want to read up on it.

I don't believe blacks are equal to whites in intelligence, the IQ ratios are off as if the time preference both races show. tl;dr I don't want idiots voting, blacks average IQ is 20 believe whites, so fuck idiot voters.

Equal under law doesn't work, we just women less harshly than men on every tier of the legal system. We can't be "Equal" if one side is more equal than another.

Lastly, I oppose universal sufferage and despise democracy. The average person on the street doesn't know how to run a country so we shouldn't be letting them vote for shit. People should earn their vote through working towards the betterment of their nation (Starship troopers style works great, read the book). But my actual preference would be a monarchy because I don't believe democracy works and is the worst system to have when picking leaders. A politician is held accountable to no one, if he fucks up (HEY OBAMA) then he can still loot everything the position is worth then leave in 4/8 years. Can't plan out projects beyond 8 years and has no interest in bettering the nation because he's got his so fuck everyone else. Where as a monoarchy has an interest in keeping his land and people in prime condition and to invest in it's future because he relies on it for his status. You do get shitty kings sure, but the people say "You're the king, you're in charge, we hold you accountable and if you don't fix it we will riot or go some where else". As such, monarchy works better than democracy.

>> No.47334681


Yeah, Concealed Carry is generally less 'Invisible hidden gun' and more 'Not obvious at a single glance'. People spend a lot of time in game stores.

>> No.47334704

lol no

>> No.47334709

>I don't believe blacks are equal to whites in intelligence, the IQ ratios are off as if the time preference both races show. tl;dr I don't want idiots voting, blacks average IQ is 20 believe whites, so fuck idiot voters.
Why simply prevent idiots voting ? The fact that idiots are white or black doesn't matter in your reasoning, right ?

>> No.47334710

What the fuck?

>> No.47334713

I prefer this version

>> No.47334714

This is some of the dumbest shit I have ever read. Is this legit? Like, do you actually believe this?

>> No.47334718

>shit incoming
You got that right.

>> No.47334722

Did you know women used to go to college to find husbands? They would literally pick degrees to study for a year then drop out when they got involved with a successful man on the way to a solid career.

Women aren't saints anon, they have sexual drives different to men. If you're a low tier woman who can't compete with busty mcfucktits then you can go to any geeky place and suddenly everyone treats you like busty mcfucktits because in their community you are a 10 instead of a 4.

Go watch Tara Babcock on Twitch some time and tell me women don't attention seek from geeks. Hell just go in creative on Twitch and tell me how many of those women are artists and how many just like the attention they get for cooking toast.

>> No.47334724

Because he wouldn't be allowed to vote.

>> No.47334728

>my actual preference would be a monarchy because I don't believe democracy works and is the worst system to have when picking leaders
>my actual preference would be a monarchy
>democracy [...] is the worst system to have when picking leaders

>You do get shitty kings sure, but the people say "You're the king, you're in charge, we hold you accountable and if you don't fix it we will riot or go some where else"
Oh my God, holy shit.

This guy. I can't.

>> No.47334730


>> No.47334743

What part of his post do you actually disagree with? No one is going to answer you if you make an ass of yourself.

>> No.47334747

>They would literally pick degrees to study for a year then drop out when they got involved with a successful man on the way to a solid career

Yes and then society shifted so that the idea is you go to college to get a degree, regardless of what's between your legs.

>> No.47334758

The post is so chock full of unreasonable, pseudoscientific nonsense that to even dignify it with a response other than laughter is stooping to a level I'd rather not.

But we can start with the fact that monarchy and unequal sufferage are both barbarian ideas best left to rot in the past.

>> No.47334761

Not a troll. You just live in a society where equality is the new religion. I took the time to think things through and came up with a counter opinion. I disagree with equality, I advocate for natural inequality and for the freedom of speech AND freedom of association.

Okay, now respond to my argument instead of me. Tell me why a child rapist deserves anything but a bullet in the skull and a shallow grave. Then I will ask you to pick between the world's leading brain surgeon and the pedo and tell me why you think both are equal and deserving the same.

Actually women do change everyone's behaviour. Men and women have different social status just based on their sex. If you treat a woman like a man you will be called sexist, you have to give women social perks and be nicer to them or people will think you're being a jerk to her. Just try bantering with 99% of women, it will back fire immediately, where as guys it rarely back fires.

>> No.47334762

The only thing that's worth taking from this post is
>Equal under law doesn't work, we just women less harshly than men on every tier of the legal system. We can't be "Equal" if one side is more equal than another.

Because, you see, pigs are more equal.

As for the whole spiel about black people, the problem isn't race, but the current culture within the black community that glorifies criminality and looks down upon being an upwardly mobile black person, and their lack of responsible leaders that actually want to achieve Martin Luther King's dream, as opposed to lining their own pockets through inflammatory race baiting.

t. /pol/lack that isn't false flagging.

>> No.47334765

I'm saying my entire lived experience gas been with fompetent women no different from men. I think people who are sexually attracted to women are letting that cloud their judgement.

>> No.47334781

Well I'll employ my free speech to tell you that you're a moron whose ideas are half-baked at best and only used as a slim justification for being a racist at worst.

>> No.47334792

Literally not critical of the post at all.

You just said "I don't like those ideas and won't explain why".

Explain your reasoning. This shouldn't take more than a few sentences if it's so easy to dismiss.

>> No.47334801

>now respond to my argument

>> No.47334811

>I advocate for natural inequality
Here's the thing: who decides that inequality, and by how much does it account for?

What you're advocating is nothing short of a caste system. Go check out India and tell me how that works for you.

>> No.47334812

If Group A has an average IQ of 80 and Group B has an average IQ of 100, which is likely to have more idiots?

Also I said I oppose democracy.

You're not making an argument here. "That's barbaric" is not an argument. I pointed out why democracy is a bad idea. If I need a plumber do I ask 1,000 non-plumbers for advice or do I simply ask a plumber? Democracy is asking the 1,000 people and it's a flawed system.

I'm not false flagging.

Race IS the problem. We evolved in different environments, blacks evolved in Africa where time preference needs to survival is different to the cold European climate whites evolved in. This is VERY important when it comes to stuff like criminal activity. If I have low impulse control (a trait blacks show) and I want something NOW I will steal it. If I have a lower time preference (i.e. I'm willing to save for it) then I'm less likely to be criminal.

The races are different, culture is born out of biology as well as location. It's not random chance that blacks are the most criminal race in every country they live, same way asians are the last criminal based on percentage of population.

>> No.47334822

Please don't make this thread get pruned.

>> No.47334830

>literally posting smug_anime_image.gif

Talk about I've been BTFO: The Post.

>> No.47334843

Evolution does not end.

>> No.47334847

Explain again to me how monarchy is the best system for picking leaders since you don't pick them at all?

>> No.47334851

Racist just means anti-white. You won't discuss ideas you will just throw labels at me that I don't give a fuck about. Discuss the idea or don't bother replying.

Caste systems always exist, you cannot stop that from happening. There is always a leader, there is always the poor. People with high time preferences will not save and invest in tomorrow so they will never have the resources of someone who does. Why should we take the money from those who save and invest it and give it to those who buy the latest Nike trainers and booze with their welfare? Why are you robbing Paul to pay Peter and claiming it's a noble thing?

>> No.47334852

Non MTG player here, I've seen a lot of these playmats in stores and they're cringey as fuck. Not to mention it tends to be the most autistic looking people in the room too. There's a reason other /tg/ types avoid magic days at their FLGS like the plague. I have yet to see a single person with one who didn't match the "that guy" stories on here to a T.

Odds are wizards doesn't give a shit about the sjws, and just wants you guys gone so they can get little Timmy's back in buying starter decks and booster packs with mommies credit card. If I was a card company trying to get money from normal people I'd have banned that shit a long time ago

Tldr get rekt autists, honestly surprised this hasn't happened sooner

>> No.47334856

Not him, but literally anyone with even a basic understanding of biology and anthropology can see his understanding of evolution and social growth is based on the assumption that humans evolved in a tribal structure. We did not. Nearly all of human evolution was in small, highly mobile tribes where such things like tribal hierarchy did not exist. Things like tribes and communities are very recent things, and thus could not have affected evolution the way he claims.

After that glaring stupidity, I just kind of assumed everything else he said was also shit. Not incorrectly, I think.

>> No.47334858

Not him, but you're still not giving counterarguments.

>> No.47334860

If you care about IQ so much then why aren't you advocating for an IQ based voting system rather than a racially based one? You need to take a test to vote, that should be simple enough to put together. Why would you purposefully damn the rights of upstanding minorities just because of the group they're associated with?

>> No.47334868

Gotta love whiny entitled assholes bitching about other people being pandered to besides themselves. Can't wait for geek "culture" to be nothing but a bad memory.

>> No.47334869

Wizards is a company of SJW's. Literally of the people with open blogs are the cringiest man children.

They are not pandering, they are doing what they think is right.

>> No.47334870

>I oppose universal sufferage and despise democracy.
Its funny how people who support autocracies always assume that they'll be the autocrats.

>> No.47334872

Probably because he wouldn't ever past that test.

>> No.47334880

Because he doesn't really care about IQ. He just cares about race. IQ is just something he pretends he cares about to make it more palatable.

>> No.47334885

It doesn't, but for the sake of reality the evolutionary point we're at it the end point as we won't live to see any major changes in humanity. Takes thousands of years to see even small changes in humans as we breed so slowly.

I told you, a leader who is invested in the land is better than one who isn't. It's like renting a car VS owning a car. If you own it then you care more about it and have to be responsible for keeping it running.

Tribes have social hierarchies too you retard. The healer/shaman/elders are more respected than the kids are. The successful hunters are more respected than the unsuccessful ones.

You cannot have a system without a hierarchy, it simply does not exist.

>> No.47334886

im pretty sure mentioning you played dnd when I grew up got you laughed at and mocked. But what do I know, my anecdotal evidence could never be as good as the opinions of someone who thinks something couldnt happen because why would it?

>> No.47334887

Hello, cuckboy. How's Jamal treating your gir-- ahem, object of worship tonight? I heard she even allowed you to sleep on the foot of her bed instead of the cuckpen they keep you in.

>> No.47334893

I've been banned multiple times on /co/ for use of ''nigger''.

>> No.47334899

>Fully 70% of this thread is supporting SJWs

Yeah, /tg/ should probably be put to death. You guys are entirely Tumblr now.

>> No.47334904

Simple answer? Accountability. If you waste your welfarebux on hookers and blow, you don't get any more. Hold them accountable and actually fucking ENFORCE the rules, and people will either get their shit in line, or they'll waste away through no fault other than their own.

>> No.47334913


Cite sources for your claims, you fucking faggot.

>If you're a realist, you've seen the numbers and realised that the people whining about SJW and muh hobby are an extremely vocal, toxic and small minority who don't actually contribute that much money while shrinking the audience.

Actually, SJWs are the vocal, toxic and small minority who don't actually contribute that much money while shrinking the audience. The silent majority is not going to buy the shit that SJWs want them to, they're ordinary people with ordinary desires, like "i want a sexy playmat to look at while I play". Of course, SJWs love to claim that anyone who disagrees with them is a sexist, misogynist, -----phobic, right-wing bigot and that they're all nerds and losers who can't get women.

The funny thing is that there's more SJWs who are nerds and losers who can't get women than the contrary.

>If you're whining about SJWs ruining things on 4chan and Reddit, you know nothing.

You're clueless if you think that SJWs aren't actively attempting to alter the Internet and society for the worse.

>But then, you likely are a teenager and it's not like Facebook is much better.

Oh look, typical SJW tactics again! Just insult the other guy instead of attempting to make reasonable arguments!

>> No.47334919

Reading everything between your post and mine, I can see where you're coming from.

>> No.47334921

>I told you, a leader who is invested in the land is better than one who isn't.
Why would a monarch more invested in the land than a democratically elected leader? It's not like either's ultimate fate are tied to the actual good of the nation. Or do you understand nothing about the system you prefer?

>> No.47334922

Sure is traditional games in here.

>> No.47334923

I wonder if people who make that sort of comment have ever been to tumblr. Its mostly porn.

>> No.47334934

I advocate for the removal of democracy. If we have to have voting then I advocate for a system where you have to do a term in the military, police, fire service or other public service that supports the community. That way you actually risked something to get your vote and have respect for it. It doesn't mean every voter will be smarter, but it does mean they will take it more seriously then we do now.

I don't actually. I'm disabled, I assume I'll be ovened and left to die in a gutter if that doesn't happen. :) I'm smart enough to know there are better leaders than me and would rather be lead by someone great than someone popular.

>> No.47334938


Who is being pandered to, fuckhead? The people who aren't the primary audience of MtG. How can you possibly think this is a wise business decision for Wizards?

>> No.47334941

The hilarious thing about all these initiatives for inclusivity is that the only actionable outcome they can have is to exclude people.

>> No.47334943

You're retarded. Or can't read. Which actually means you're retarded. You're retarded then.

>> No.47334944

Frogposting is toxic too

>> No.47334951

/co/ is also the shittiest, tumblr filled board on this entire website. Of course you're going to get kicked out when everyone spams the report button for triggering them.

>> No.47334957

I only go on tumblr to periodically check what divine gifts the Lego Man will bring to us from his grand halls of MILF porn and THICC, so I'm inclined to agree with you.

>> No.47334959

Just leave

>> No.47334965

I agree with you, but the problem is they're the majority of voters. The rich feeding the government taxes have 1 vote each, the leeches have millions.

When you rob Paul to pay Peter, Peter is always going to vote for you.

We're also unlikely to get out of the socialist welfare state system without a full collapse because of this. It sucks but that's the reality of it. People will vote for free stuff, they don't care who is paying as long as they get it.

>> No.47334966

4chan also looks like it's mostly porn when you only browse the porn boards. Tumblr is literally designed around only seeing what you want to see.

>> No.47334969

I'm not talking about the evolution of the body, but the evolution of the mind. Of ideas. All that needs to be done is to remove the people telling those black people that they have no agency and should be given free shit because they's black and they'll never achieve it themselves.

>> No.47334976

>I'm disabled
Well, if disabled people are inferior then your opinion, based on your own statements, can safely be disregarded.

>> No.47334986

>No one ever got bullied or shat on for their hobbies
That is patently false.

"Look at those kids playing magic, what fags"
"Look at those kids playing warhammer, what fags"
"Look at those kids playing video games that aren't CoD, what fags"

>> No.47334994

You don't understand. The person who wrote that never experienced it. Which means it never happens. To anyone, ever.

>> No.47334997

Stop misappropriating the actions of my rare dragonkin Pepe, shitlord.

>> No.47334999

I'm just gonna call you oversensitive and a little bitch. It doesn't matter if a woman joins your group. Ignore her and keep doing what you do.

>> No.47335000

>banning sexy play mats and sexualized art
I'm meh about this. If the official art has realistic proportions, and there isn't gratuitous nudity, I literally don't care. Some of the best classical art has titties in it, people need to stop being offended by how the human body is portrayed in art unless it's inappropriate in context. I haven't really seen any offensive official art in MTG outside of that dude's ass on sacred puma and people need to stop being so fucking sensitive over stylized 90's high fantasy booby armor and shirtless muscular Conans.

>real life boobs are okay and should be embarrassed
>cartoon boobs are the devil and should be banned
This is retarded. Reddit is generally retarded and I hope people are self-aware enough to realize all this hive-mind groupthink does is undermine the values that made the game interesting in the first place. What, are we going to cut out all depictions of zombies because it's an offensive analog to wageslavery? Are we going to ban all depictions of angels and demons because they have overt judeo-christian overtones? No more witches because they're offensive to wicans? These idiots can fuck off, and I would slap them in real life with my cold, logical cock if I could, but they are content to hide behind computer screens and bask in the hugs of ignorant idiots with the same opinions. The problem isn't the argument, the problem is that they ignore logic and reason to force their incredibly biased opinion, then bitch the loudest on the internet to validate their position. This is how Nazis became a thing, and this is how Trump will be elected. I fucking hate moral relativism and how all these uninformed bandwagoners spew it without understanding what they're talking about.

>> No.47335003

Because a monarch needs his kingdom to be a king. If it collapses then he loses his status and likely a lot of his wealth.

A politician knows he has limited time to act on things he wants. He has no interest in making sure tomorrow is better than today if he can get what he wants today. He also can't make plans that stretch for decades because he won't be in power to make it happen.

Lets say I want to build an amazing garden but it will take 20 years to grow the trees I need. if I know in 8 years I'm going to lose control of it and someone else will just ignore it and let it wither, do I ever start this project? Of course I don't, it's a waste of time and effort. Even though that garden would of been a tourists wet dream and made everyone in the society richer, happier and proud of their home a bit more. Monarchy can do this, voted politician can't. It's a time scale thing mostly.

It's fun being 8/pol/ on 4chan. Everyone claims it hasn't changed and yet I remember the days when discussing ideas like this was common place and we actually figured shit out.

>> No.47335024

When the community has as many women, trannies, blacks, and muslims as it has white males. I.e. when the game is dead.

>> No.47335027

I love how one /pol/ idiot posts and the entire thread gets derailed. We were having such a nice discussion before that. God damn it, /pol/. Just stay in your containment board.

>> No.47335029

>There are no like-minded individuals

Maybe I like gardens too, you cunt.

>> No.47335041


The thread is as on-topic as it was ever going to be, seeing as how it was about women attempting to take more power over a male-dominated hobby.

>> No.47335043

Evolution works on the brain like anything else. Why do you think East Asians have higher IQs than Whites on average?

My body is indeed inferior. Doesn't mean my mind is. I never said we should ignore intelligent conversation and discussion from any who wish to discuss ideas. I said that the majority doesn't care and is ill informed so we shouldn't let them decide who rules.

>> No.47335064

Maybe you do, but the odds are very slim.

>> No.47335071

>He also can't make plans that stretch for decades because he won't be in power to make it happen.
See picture.

>Because a monarch needs his kingdom to be a king. If it collapses then he loses his status and likely a lot of his wealth.
And a president needs a nation to be president. Plus even now, everybody can safely hide their money in various fiscal havens. Medieval times were a long time ago.

Do you have any more shitty arguments I can debunk without even activating my cortex?

>> No.47335073

>identity politics
>nice discussion

No, this shit's cancerous and exhausting. Traditionalist bro is much more interesting.

>> No.47335081

>I am the only enlightened one

Okay kid.

>> No.47335105

Have you seen the shit politicians constantly do? You get in power, you put all your friends in power, you work towards giving every government contact to the friends who bribed you and then you GTFO when the public gets sick of it for someone to do the exact same thing.

I never said every King would be great. I simply said they have more investment than a politician does and as such they're more likely to act within the interest of the nation rather than themselves.

>> No.47335112

Have not been following magic for a while. Is this a relatively new thing or have women been trying to infiltrate this game for a while now?

>> No.47335114

Humans have had a recorded social hierarchy as far back as the ancient sources go and so did pre agricultural societies. There is always a dominant family or individual that builds power structures around themselves.

Humans unfortunately have never shown to be capable of establishing any kind of non hierarchical group or society for extended time periods. It they do come about they only last a couple of generations until they fall apart

>> No.47335120

Hey, to each their own. I was actually enjoying reading other people's ideas and learning things beforehand. It was kind of nice to see some of my own ideas being validated.

>> No.47335123

I think what he's referring to is somewhat analogous to the tragedy of the commons, IE a monarch has a direct financial interest in the prosperity of his nation (more money around, more money to tax), so he will be better suited to develop it. While a politician does not, they get paid the same regardless, barring corruption and the like. So they have no monetary incentive to invest in the land. Popularity incentive, maybe. But there are plenty of ways for a politician to be popular.

>> No.47335128

There is literally nothing wrong with having sexy art on cards, sleeves, playmats ect. Why are people so up in arms about it? They make things more fun.

>> No.47335133

Going to drop a few bombs here to reveal just how high up Cultural Marxism has spread into Wizards.

Take this recent article for example;

Now specifically note where it says (Victoria, British Columbia) in the Highlander link. That town is a good part of the reason for this bullshit and there is a lot of blow-back between Victoria and Wizards.

LRR, which makes Friday Nights is a group of leftist scumbags who among other things, also created Desert Bus for Hope.
>while that itself is fine, the rest of LRR is not in the slightest.
For instance most of their initial funding and the reason they didn't starve to death is because of DRUG MONEY. One of their former cast members, and initial backer, is now Victoria's largest drug dealer.

The LGS of Victoria for MTG is called Yellowjacket, and its owners caved to the raving left far earlier than the things we have been seeing the last few years. Although as thanks for prepping the bull, Wizards did give them special treatment over other LGS'.
>extra stock
>a lot of it
>I mean we had MM booster boxes for weeks

As LGS owners know there are tiers of stock that shops get. This doesn't really apply to YJ. They get to be in that special tier that only certain exclusive locations get, despite the store being the size of a shoebox.

>> No.47335140

I think you guys should accept that loli playmats aren't acceptable in gaming, or really acceptable in any portion of society. Nothing demands you play with the SJWs you hate so much. Retreat into your holes, close yourselves off, no one will miss you.

>> No.47335146

Then why are you here?

>> No.47335155

It's been happening for a few years. A while back Wizards gave a woman an invite to the pro tour after she repeatedly failed to earn one herself. They defended this by saying "We need to inspire more women and seeing one on the pro tour will make more girls feel like they too can be a pro!"


>> No.47335156

But the community has so much to gain from having more paraplegic transsexual black lesbian midgets!

>> No.47335167

Replace the art of every single card in the deck with Earthbind's art.

>> No.47335175

Why not though? The only person with a sexy playmat who I know is a woman so if I say she can't play with it is that sexist?

>> No.47335178

It is so obvious you are pulling this out of your ass. Take a single entry level anthropology course, can you will find a dozen sources that contradict that.

Seriously, go look up the Hohokam. They are a famous example of you being dead wrong.

>> No.47335184

people think getting offended gives them extra rights over others

>> No.47335193

t. james taggart

>> No.47335198

seriously, you're lucky if all you get is banned from a tournament for a loli mat. You know that loli shit is illegal in the US?

>> No.47335210

I follow LRR, and I am legitimately curious if you can provide me with some sources. Not trying to be aggressive. I'm just surprised, and want to learn more.

>> No.47335213

>You know that loli shit is illegal in the US?
No it isn't. Some states have laws, but not federally

>> No.47335222

Only the antisocial people actually get bullied for it, though. If you are social, then it's an endearing quirk. You might get a couple jokes at your expense, but that's true of everything.

>> No.47335223

>I just completed 7th grade social studies the post

Yeah, because autocracies have never had idiots in power who abused their position and left their country in shambles.

Boy howdy, so glad you're here to set me straight

>> No.47335226


Take an entry level zoology course, and you find out that every ape and every monkey uses a tribal hierarchy social structure, and they don't even have spoken language. Unless you have very specific evidence that proves that for the hundreds of thousands of years that homo sapiens was evolving there were few to zero social hierarchies in the proto-tribes, you are literally a dumbfuck spouting bullshit.

>> No.47335236


Thats so sad and pathetic in every possible way.

>> No.47335245

Actually I've spent a fuck load of time reading books and listening to political debates and lectures from various ideologies. But thanks for responding to what I said, I appreciate the reply even if it has no content in it.

I like you, you seem like a real shitlord. We should go gay bashing some time ;)

>> No.47335250

You're full of shit. You're using social as a synonym for popular, which it isn't. You can't play magic or warhammer alone you moron, you have to have a group of people, which by definition, makes you social. That doesn't mean you still don't get shit on. It's been like this for fucking decades, nerds get shat on by jocks.

Jesus christ you have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.47335278

And I'd find two dozen that back me up. Listen dude I get that some cultures were peaceful but that doesn't mean there wasn't social hierarchies. There are always people above others in some shape or form, now depending on the culture and the time who is on top varies but there is always a hierarchy.

>> No.47335285

Now moving on..

Ever hear of Planeswalkers for Diversity? Started in Victoria BC. Again featured by Wizards.

Not only started in Victoria, started by a local judge @tqmurdock who, along with the girlfriends of various other Judges including a L3, started cucking other judges into handing out punishments for SJWtier player conduct at events. This includes regional events.

Tifa Robles, former MTG community manager & founder of the Lady Planeswalkers Society? Great friend to the people over at LRR. She takes the boat over to Victoria and hangs out sometimes.

For the drugs? Obviously not. If I did I'd go to the RCMP, although I'm sure they know and are looking at the big picture, triads, Hell's Angels etc.

If you want to know more about all these connections? Just look at these peoples social media. They're all friends.

>> No.47335292

Because fuck you, your rights end where my feelings begin.

>> No.47335296

People dont go gaybashing enough these days. That may be the very problem with the world.

>> No.47335305

Good. Fuck creepers. I'm here to play cards not look at your disgusting chinese cartoons.

>> No.47335308

I think the sexualized anime mats are gross and only spergs use them.

This SJW attempt to take over MTG is still fucking cancer though as first off they're definitely winning since WOTC is totally down with it but next they'll probably attempt to come for my beloved Warhammer.

You would think people who are all about inclusiveness and equality would see the setting of Warhammer and say "oh its not for me" but I guarantee they'll see it, decide its "problematic" and latch on and try to ruin it.

My only hopes are its too expensive for them to really sink their teeth into it, the fact that the 40K fanbase will just reeeeeeeeeeee if they start talking about how the setting needs to be changed so they won't have any actual fans down with what they're doing like they do for MTG, and the Games Workshop overlords won't give an inch.

>> No.47335311

Now I might sound salty, and to some extent I am. I lost MTG as a hobby because of these people. I love the game but don't enjoy it the same online and the local community is completely taken over by them.

I grew up with those people. I went to highschool with some of the LRR guys. I've personally bought weed from previously mentioned financial backer. But this is more than a small vendetta against local SJWs, this is corruption and political nepotism.

>> No.47335322

Yeah, but it's generally a very specific group of people - the people who can't socialize with anyone else either, who band together because nobody else will have them. People who actually know how to socialize outside of tiny niche groups don't get shit on for having niche hobbies.

>> No.47335340

>first they came for the weeb playmats and I said nothing.

>> No.47335343

I think anyone that uses a mat in general is a sperg.

>> No.47335346

Cost of Canadian Highlander (which was/is only played by the "in-crowd" in Victoria) should have been prohibitive too. Most decks averaged the same or more as a solid Vintage deck.

Landwhales and SJWs just borrowed cards, whole decks, and forced the community to allow Collector's and International Edition (gold border) cards to circumvent that.

>> No.47335357

Bit torn on this one DESU. I don't care what you fuck, but I do care about the decline of society. Tolerance > acceptance > promotion is the path homosexuality took down the slippery slope. I'd rather we didn't encourage this shit, but I also don't care to step on people's toes unneedingly so I'm kind of.. fucked.

I remember the diversity thing starting up, I have an old friend in it and was invited. I remember arguing against it on Twitter but I can't remember why.

They won't buy into it either way. They will just cause a community divide and fuck everything up either way. I've seen it countless times. They don't have to invest money to fuck up people's PR and that's all they can do.

Try Hex, it's digital Magic with a shit load more depth but small enough not to get sjw attention

Mats protect your cards from shitty tables bro

>> No.47335370

>There are girls in my treehouse and I can't put pedophile imagery on my cards anymore REEEEEEEEE
get rekt spergs. With some luck this WILL drive the lot of you away. Make no mistake, the majority of nerds are not like you and are there to play a fucking game.

>> No.47335375

>Yes 4chan still exists, yes 4chan has a larger userbase than 8, but all the original anons who were left here fucked off to 8 and carried on anonymous culture pre-chanology faggotry while the normies danced and reveled in their guy Fawkes mask going "we r anonymos XD" on every social media platform they could find.

Why would someone with this opinion be here?

>> No.47335382

They've been systematically going through forms of entertainment for years, doing this exact same shit. This is hardly the first time.

>> No.47335388

YEP. Pretty much.

>> No.47335414

Read the first line of the post, it explains why I'm here.

>> No.47335416

I agree with your first comment but you either bash gays or gays will fuck each other in the ass in the street in front of elementary schools. They are proven perverts by the fact that they are homosexuals. There is no middle ground.

As the last comment is also to me. Sleeves protect your cards. Mats are nothing but Jewing and dupes that fall for jewing. Now if you want to hang one on your wall or something, thats fine. But in practical use, its better to buy a gun in use it on your self.

>> No.47335417

Seriously dude, go read about the Hohokam. The reason they're so famous is precisely because they disprove the Trigger theory of social development, which a theory trying to explain why we saw the sudden development of social hierarchies in the agricultural revolution.

>> No.47335423

This. Most people do not define themselves by the media they consume, or the people they pay their money to.

>> No.47335442

Made it about halfway through the thread before giving up.

Some of you mtg players bring some fuck all creepy playmats to the store to play with. I realize this is my opinion, and as long as you're not rocking something like porn in a public place, I will never tell you what you can and cannot do. I will just avoid you, like a grown up.

>> No.47335461

Looks like the gaymurr gurrls are satisfied with ruining video games and are moving on to lesser known male hobbies.

It's a fucking inquisition.

>> No.47335464

>Canadian Highlander

what is this and what is the in-crowd at victoria

>> No.47335469

You know what? Some of us just grew up. Back in 2007 I held opinions similar to yours but now I'm an adult.

>> No.47335473

>but I do care about the decline of society
The problem with this is that people stylize their sexual preference to some sort of bullshit lifestyle. It's the same shit everywhere: Everything you do or say, any statement, everything you eat, fucking ANYTHING you do is because you are Gay/Trans/Democrat/Republican/Proguns/Black/Christian/Atheist, whatever.
This is the horseshit that causes all of this. If people just lived their lives instead of making their lives the fucking problem of everyone around them, we'd live in a better world.
The moment somebody identifies with being gay, black, left, right, nerd or pantsshitter and makes it the very core of his being, retardation sets in.

>> No.47335480


The people in the OP though are not grown up. They are children and can't stand confrontation or even passive actions, like yours.

It's not enough to just avoid it or talk like adults, they need an authority to ban it. They need authority in general. They don't want the responsibility with it though.

>> No.47335490

I'm sorry, once again not trying to start shit, but you're gonna have to provide a bit more than "friends with some people" before I believe what you're saying.

>> No.47335491


and i've been banned on /co/ for shitposting because an anon got butthurt when i basically him a fedora wearing hipster

/co/ is a garbage board that's full of 2 kinds of people...

liberals who piss & moan about comics & cartoons they've never read or watched who are so paranoid about every cartoon that gets popular becoming the new MLP & "muh /pol/ boogeyman"

conservatives who piss & moan about comics & cartoons they've never read or watched who are so paranoid about every cartoon that gets popular becoming the new MLP & "muh tumblr boogeyman"

...both are equally garbage and the board would be a better place without them

>> No.47335509


I'm getting the feeling you don't consider the hierarchies that animals have as social hierarchies, and that this is an issue of semantics rather than actual fact.

>> No.47335514

It's a 100 card singleton format with 20 life and a points list to control the power of decks. It's very popular in Victoria, but not really anywhere else. There are also variants, like German Highlander and Australian highlander. Outside of those places, the format hasn't really caught on.

>> No.47335520

What I am seeing if they had chiefs, a priesthood, and then everyone else. Thats a social hierarchy my friend

>> No.47335538

People actually care about this imaginary problem.


>> No.47335546

is there a reddit thread about this video

>> No.47335551

I do, and it's not. The idea that humans have things like alpha males and females was based on some very, very outdated social Darwinist ideas from the turn of the century. More complex social hierarchies developed much later, as a response to growing social pressures from the change in lifestyles. Prior to the development of agriculture, people dealt with social pressure by simply leaving and not having to deal with it.

>> No.47335557

I think this is a really easy opinion to have when you are part of a majority. Ask someone who sexually abused as a minor how they feel about loli "art".

I hear this about the trans bathroom issue too. "Who cares, just use the bathroom, why is this suddenly a problem?". It has been a problem for a long time, as evidenced by the statistically high rates of murder and assault that trans people face.

Just because these aren't problems for you, try to be empathetic for people that do face violence and oppression.

>> No.47335567

I weep for you. Really.

>> No.47335570

Vidya is only getting better though. You don't play on consoles or any AAA titles right?

>> No.47335576


Is it just the nerd scene anon? I do all sorts of nerdy things, and I'm growing pretty tired of how toxic the whole scene is getting. I can't just enjoy anything anymore without hearing someone somewhere out there is super mad and wants to shit on everything.

Do like, sports scenes or...club scenes or fuck idk how many are out there, they have to deal with this kind of stuff? I dabble in alt sports, and the worst I hear is people arguing about which is better, paintball or airsoft, or how snowboarders are assholes for ripping up the mountain and inconveniencing ski folk.

>> No.47335583


>> No.47335584

pretty much.

See also: Inclusivity in comics. A group that was never going to buy the comic complains about perceived inequality of a fantasy setting, has that setting changed. Loss of original repeat customers > one time gain of new customers.

>> No.47335594

>but now I'm an adult.
>still on 4chan
sure, faggot

>> No.47335600

>compile multiple decks exclusively featuring underdressed females
>claim it is your feminist deck of female empowerment
>take a deep whiff of the smoke coming out of the inquisition's ears

>> No.47335606

Sports seem ok but everything is rape in the clubbing scene, not worth the risk imo

>> No.47335607

It's not. It's specialization. Hierarchies form from changes in the perceived value of individuals based on political power. In a system where there is not difference in perceived value, there is no hierarchy.

>> No.47335639

And when people left someone would pick the direction and take the lead. Have you never been in a group of people before? It is impossible for a group to function without a leader even if that leader simply says "lets go to the shop" and starts walking. He has become something the people following are not. He is THE leader at that moment in time.

You also know that a single example doesn't disprove the theory correct? Albinos exist in all races but that doesn't mean every Asian is snow fucking white.

Your childhood trauma is not my issue. I don't ask people to "not trigger me" when I feel uncomfortable, I accept my problem is MY problem.

Trannies cause 99% of the problems they have themselves. They're mentally ill attention seekers with hormone imbalances out the ass. This causes a shit load of problems they don't wish to take responsibility for. If they DID want to take responsibility they would be looking into medications we've seen evidence of working on gender disphoria and not plastic surgery which just ends in suicide either way.

>muh oppression
I face violence every time I buy something. I am forced to pay taxes at gun point by the government. If I refuse to pay into their ponzie scheme then they will arrest me using as much violence as it will take to get me in handcuffs. Where is my empathy and victim card? Why are you saying violence is bad while supporting government mandated equality which is enforced via violence and kidnapping via the most brutal gang of kidnappers on the planet?

>> No.47335645

Some golf course just had a vote over letting women in and they voted against it and the media got assblasted about it.

Of course those old Scots don't give a fuck.

The interests you included are harder to attack because it's just some dudes doing things not a lot of woman are willing (important to distinguish from "can do") to do.

Magic is easy to do so these people, not limiting to just women here, come in and just shit up the whole thing because they can and the people in the hobby will just roll over and take it.

Look how declawed pro sports are right now. It's not because of women or SJW's are actually playing the thing but because WATCHING the sport has a zero level entry point.

>> No.47335648

I'm an art critic, so I'm pretty involved in the US art scene. These kinds of issues are big in the art world, and for the most part I think that is a good thing. For instance in my city (which I'm not going to name because I don't want 4chan knowing who I am), there was a gallerist and art dealer who is currently facing criminal investigation over multiple rape and drugging allegations. His strategy was to meet young men at the art school and university, offer them exhibitions of their shitty student work, get them drunk/drugged and take advantage of them in the upstairs "penthouse" above his gallery. Dude is a major creep, but it wasn't untill people started going public with their stories that it became clear that he was a serial rapist. I just took him for a creepy dude, but now my magazine refuses to cover his gallery (at least until his prosecution is finished or the gallery ownership changes hands).

>> No.47335656

>I think this is a really easy opinion to have when you are part of a majority.

I said that people should stop colouring their every decision with shit like this and just live.
What the fuck makes you think I'm not part of some suppressed minority anyway?

>> No.47335659

>playing YuGiOh behind the swings in middle school so the other kids wouldn't make fun of you for being weebs
>having late night SSBM parties under a mountain of dorito bags because nobody invited you to their post-game parties in high school

Honestly there was little 'bullying' in my experience because we would avoid situations that would lead to interaction with others entirely, but don't tell me that these hobbies weren't irrevocably tied to the outcasts of young society.

>> No.47335680

What kind of example is that? He picked the direction, therefore he is the leader? Did you just shit all over your keyboard, or was that actually an attempt at forming a cohesive thought?

>> No.47335691

>containment board
>implying half of the boards here weren't /pol/ to begin with

>> No.47335693

c'mon, you can't blame trans people for getting themselves murdered. Even if it is a mental illness that doesn't give anyone a right to hurt them. And pretty much every major psychiatric organization thinks the best treatment for gender dysphoria is to transition, to take hormones and possibly get surgery.

I'm with you on taxes. No taxation without representation after all, and our government (or at least mine, the US) hardly represents my interests.

>> No.47335705

>I don't ask people to "not trigger me" when I feel uncomfortable
Not to mention that simply trying to shut out a traumatic incident isn't the way to deal with its aftereffects.

>> No.47335729

>I am forced to pay taxes at gun point by the government
HAHAHA you can't make this shit up. Fucking libertarians. Walking jokes, to the last.

>> No.47335740


>implying they were
>implying /pol/ actually exists
>implying /pol/ ever existed
>implying you exist
>implying I exist
>implying we are not figments in the dream of a cosmic super-snail

>> No.47335747

These people will co opt everything. You're going to struggle to find anything but the nichest hobbies safe from them and then they will grow and be overwhelmed as well.

It's cultural decline, it's unavoidable at this point. Just do what makes you happy and prepare for a shit future.

Scotland is as bad as Canada mate. They're super liberal and haven't voted against Labour until the SNP took over, who are Labour who want an independent Scotland so they can let in Abdul and his mates.

It's proving my point that even a small group of guys going to the shop has a caste system. One person is leading, as such he has more control than the followers do.

I am 100% fine with trannies being murdered because I consider them extremely dangerous to society. You cannot allow mentally ill people decide what is and isn't acceptable in your society, it will lead it to a complete collapse. I'd be quite happy to see them all rounded up and shot.

They also used to cut people's brains up to stop them having seizures. I don't care what "the majority of doctors" think, I care that we're enabling a mental illness.

The Government is PRO TRANNY. Which means they DO represent your interest, because your interests are PRO TRANNY. You're another one of those liberal retards who goes "I'm anti government, fuck them" while using the government to enforce your bullshit.

>> No.47335751

>What the fuck makes you think I'm not part of some suppressed minority anyway?

a lack of empathy for other oppressed minorities.

>> No.47335756


>Nerd scene getting shitty
>Time to bounce
>I like physical activity though
>Reppin blue barracudas from legends of the hidden temple all day erry day
>Look into mud running as a sort good fusion of things
>Fan base is fucking retarded for the most part. Women in it for the selfies with no lack of orbiters, "broke your leg? You should still finish the race spartan strong hurrr!", "Let's try to make AROOO a real word!"

Some days I wish I was just a retarded social shut in, so the only thing I did was sit at home and care about nothing but trains while the world passed me by. Alas, I'm cursed.

>> No.47335761

>cultural decline
I think you mean incline.

>> No.47335762

I play PC, and used to like BOTH indies and AAAs. Indies are hit-or-miss, and AAA titles I liked have sucumbed to "muh stronk wymin n diversitee n shiet".

>> No.47335768

I'm not a libertarian but it's none the less true. I'm a monarchist or a minarchist at worst.

I don't have empathy for people trying to fuck up the place I live. Same way I don't have empathy for Muslims invading Europe. Empathy for your enemy is a sign of a dead man walking.

>> No.47335778

>Trannies cause 99% of the problems they have themselves

It's actually the SJWs/tumblrs thinking that they need more rights/exposure/w/e when they actually don't care and just want to keep it quiet.

>every major psychiatric organization thinks the best treatment...

That's actually fairly recent. A decade/and a half ago they'd just give you a regular shot of hormones of what you were and that removed any bad feelings, 100% success rate.

>> No.47335785

Correlation doesn't imply causation, and causal relationships can go two different directions.

>> No.47335792


Shall we compare the economy next? How about happiness? What about oh I don't know.. any metric we can possibly measure? Suicide rates are sky rocketing, social trust is plummeting and we're looking at a full civil war in europe in the next decade. We're on a decline.

>> No.47335795

>but don't tell me that these hobbies weren't irrevocably tied to the outcasts of young society

>> No.47335798

>pretty much every major psychiatric organization thinks the best treatment for gender dysphoria is to transition
Blatant horseshit as the atrocious rates of depression and suicide among post-op trannies shows. Research groups and individual doctors have been pointing this out for over a decade now.

>> No.47335803

Sir, I think you have to reconsider your opinions. or else I am quite afraid people may start not taking you seriously. You're not a joke, are you?

>> No.47335817

Why the hell do you even care about "diversity"? Focus on the fucking gameplay. AAA games have had shit gameplay since the late 90s. Nowadays we more more niche autism simulators than ever before thanks to the wonders of independent digital distribution. We are virtually drowning in hardcore RPGs.

>> No.47335828

You know, for a moment, I actually was trying to respect you and teach you about how ignorant you may have been about human evolution, but after that post, I'm not sure if it's possible.

>> No.47335835

Every generation has always said the one before it was full of crazy people who thought the world was ending, and the one after it is full of crazy people who were going to end the world. Welcome to being the crazy person who thinks the world is ending.

>> No.47335852

>You're not following the narrative! How dare you hold different opinions from what school, television and the government told you to have!?

You will have to excuse me. I looked at the evidence and saw it completely debunked the propaganda.

Since you're too retarded to understand tier systems I think I can do without your "lessons". I'm not even the guy you were arguing with for most of it.

You do understand you're literally enabling mental illness correct? This isn't "I like fucking men". This is literally a denial of reality from a delusional person.

>> No.47335864

Each year provides more scientific discoveries than ever before. Each year the average person's lifespan is increased to heights never seen before. Each year more art of more kinds is released than ever before. Each year the global literacy rate rises drastically.

Fact is, throughout the history of mankind time has largely been an ally. Things are steadily getting better at an alarming rate. Of course there are problems - there are always problems! but this does not change the facts that humanity as a whole is better off.

>> No.47335866

how? i'm basically saying both sides have more in common than either wants to admit and how they both ruined the board with their stupid pissing contests & circlejerks

>> No.47335898

Look up Drapetomania and get back to me.

>> No.47335901

Oh and I forgot.

Give Sweden and Germany a look. Find me a "healthy" society that opened it's borders to invading barbarians and survived. I'll be over here in Europe while you claim I'm crazy and watching Sharia zones pop up, rapes go off the charts and muslims keep killing the natives.

Our technology is better but that doesn't mean society is better. Africa has access to modern military weaponry but that doesn't make it better than America in the space age.

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