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>Mechanics: http://pastebin.com/JkfytG2X
>Character Sheet: http://pastebin.com/CGK4nsrY
>Equipment: http://pastebin.com/QYsxy8aH
>Companions: http://pastebin.com/7Dpm66hh
>Previous threads: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Mercenary%20Quest%202030
Thread 29 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/44232610/
Thread 32 http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/47189226/
>Twitter: https://twitter.com/HaremProtaGuide
Sorry about the late start guys, but I’m still running at least! Miss archived thread 32, so if anyone knows how to get it or 29 fixed that’d be great. Anyway, time for a bit of a timeskip and getting Will to more new experiences.
>Fate Point: 2
>Money: $565
>Equipment Carried: Tier 2 Assault Rifle. Tier 2 Armor. Tier 1 Pistol. Tier 2 Rucksack. Tier 1 Med-kit. Tier 2 Med-kit. Tier 1 Toolkit.

Your name is Will and you’ve been really busy in the past few days, if only because you’ve

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had a lot to think on. Shortly after your talk with Morrigan you had duty again, which meant that you spent more hours sitting on the roof with Sarah. You didn’t talk a whole lot, since it was still very cold and windy, but you didn’t get attacked so it ended normally. After warming up a bit and grabbing some more food, you had a chance to get a bit more sleep. Apparently the train stopped at some point in the time you were sleeping, but you don’t remember it.

Morrigan and Nem went out a bit to explore, but they were back by the time you woke up and you were already on the way to your next destination. You had some time to yourself so you decided too…

>Help out and fix things.
>Go read with Mary some more.
>Sit and… think, on what Morrigan and the others have talked to you about.

Helps if I post the whole thing

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>>Go read with Mary some more.

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sup guide, congrats on graduating and all that.

>Help out and fix things.

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>Sit and… think, on what Morrigan and the others have talked to you about.

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>>Help out and fix things.

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>Sit and… think, on what Morrigan and the others have talked to you about.

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>>Sit and… think, on what Morrigan and the others have talked to you about.
Introspection time.

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>>Help out and fix things.

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Just as I was about to call it too.

Looks like Will is... thinking.

Which is actually a really big deal. Writing.

Thanks man!

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Thinking and fixing works too.

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Been following you since Hprotag and this is the first time Ive caught one live.
Sup Guide. Gz on the whole graduating shit. Love ya work

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You found yourself working on things around the train, which was familiar to you. You checked the teams gear as best you could, cleaning some blood off of Nem’s knife that she missed before she went to sleep after her and Morrigan went out. Mary said that you weren’t going to have another shift before you made it to wherever you were going, the train was going a bit faster and you had plenty of time until your next shift started. So then you began to work on stuff around the train.

It wasn’t major things, mostly small holes you could patch with bits of wood or other items that you could borrow from the train crew, but it kept you busy and occupied as you scraped, kneeled, stretched and worked on fixing things.

At this point though you could fix most things in your sleep with how good you were. In no time at all you found your mind wandering as your body worked. It was a bit unusual, you asked questions regularly and got answers, but you didn’t question the answers. Not directly. But with the stuff Morrigan had told you and what you’d been learning lately.

It seemed that people were a lot more complicated than even Doc Smith’s books had told you. With all of the red faces for different reasons… you think back on all the times you’ve seen people red in the face. Sometimes they’re drunk, sometimes they’re angry, sometimes they get embarrassed apparently.

You aren’t sure that you’ve got it all down properly, but you think that you get it a little bit. Well, enough that you can tell when people are embarrassed. Maybe.

After quite some time fixing things you stand, only to turn and see Morrigan standing behind you. She doesn’t appear to be smoking, just looking at you.

“You fixing things Billy?” she asks you, even as you notice the train slowing down slightly.

You nod.

“What did I tell you about fixing things randomly?” she asks.

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You pause. Morrigan told you not to fix things for other people unless they asked you to. The train crew asked you to help fix stuff earlier so it probably doesn’t count… maybe.

“I was thinking too,” you say hopefully.

This gives Morrigan a bit of a pause, her eyebrow moving upwards a bit.

“About what?” she asks you.

“Embarrassment,” you say to her.

“Well… at least you listen,” she says before waving her arm, “Come on, we’re almost to the city and I want you to see it.”

“Ok,” you say to her. You follow Morrigan forwards, near the front of the train.

As you reach your destination, you find several more people gathered about the windows. Nem, Cath and Mary have already gathered around one and are taking turns peering out at something.

“Can you see it yet?” asks Morrigan.

“Just about to I think,” says Nem as she hops out of the window, “Come on Will, this is for you.”

You nod, not quite sure what they want you to be looking for but sticking your head out of the window anyway.

The weather has cleared a little bit, it’s still cold and a bit windy but there’s enough light to see a good distance.

You watch for nearly a minute, waiting to see something. Eventually you do, some vague shapes out in the distance. As the train keeps moving they get bigger and sharper… until you see them start to separate into tall towers. Towers taller than anything you’ve ever seen before. Is that where you’re going?

>Keep watching.
>Ask if that’s where you’re going.
>Ask if what you’re seeing is real.

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>>Ask if what you’re seeing is real.

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>>Ask if what you’re seeing is real.

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>Ask if what you’re seeing is real.

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>Ask if what you’re seeing is real.

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>Ask if that’s where you’re going.
>Ask if what you’re seeing is real.

I can imagine that seeing a city the size of NYC for the first time would be pretty damn intense, especially for someone in Will's condition.

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Glad you caught it man, happy to have you and thanks for the congratulations.

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>>Keep watching.

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>>Ask if what you’re seeing is real.

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Will doesn't have an imagination, it would hardly ever occur to him that something wasn't real. The things he's imagined are ALWAYS based on a part of his reality.

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Guide made it a prompt anon. That means it's slightly in character for him to think that way.

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I think it's how he's never seen anything this big before. I've been there recently and I can imagine someone questioning what they're seeing at first.

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>Ask if what you’re seeing is real.

>> No.47327351

Looks like Will is having issues of scale.


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>be me
>be 'heeeyuk-heeeyuk'
>'orsh-gorsh-b'gawd DAT thar city be heeeeeeeeYEUJ'
>stewardess hands my a napkin to whip up my dip drip
>"ah'thankye kahndly ma'am"
This wasn't a joke guys it happened.

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Has will ever seen a projected image guide? Like the cult leader having some big announcement and using a projector to showcase the whole thing or a meeting with his top underlings that Will was a fly on the wall for?

Im asking because if that was the case I could easily see Will rationalizing the things shown as 'not real'.

Just pictures of ideas or something like that, which would explain what


is talking about.

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Given they didn't have electricity, I don't think so.

However maybe in the military base or something in the brief time he was there.

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I'd imagine at the base he was taken to after being rescued and rehabilitated they had pictures or other things to help bring up to somewhat functioning level.

>> No.47327611

To try to at least.

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Guide didn't cover how much rehabilitation he got, it seemed minimal. We didn't see any sessions with a psychologist.

Rehabilitating people also doesn't really seem to fall into the military's job description.

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You watch as the things in the distance grow bigger and more distinct. You’re still so far away from them that you don’t have anything to compare them too but… they can’t be that big, can they? But your eyes are telling you they are.

Ducking back inside the train you turn and look at everyone, very very confused. How… how do they make things so big?

“Are those… real?” you ask, glancing back out the window. It just doesn’t quite make sense.

“Yes Will, they’re real,” says Mary.

“But they’re so… big…” you say, even as Morrigan hands some money over to Nem.

“That they are Will,” says Morrigan, “But I promise that they’re real.”

You nod, still a bit perplexed at how they could build something so big, but Morrigan has never lied to you.

“What are they for?” you ask, even as Morrigan takes a glance out the window.

“People,” says Nem, “A whole shitload of people.”

You blink, your mind trying to process just how many people would need to be around to fill up even one of what you had seen. It fails, completely and utterly. You don’t have the proper frame of reference to even attempt something like that.

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For the next few minutes you all take turns looking out the window, even Cath, as the city gets closer. At least that’s what they told you, that it was New York City, your ultimate destination. It just seemed so unreal. Even as you were approaching you started to see places as big or bigger than Fort Riley or the base you were at briefly flash by, some with people, some empty.

Eventually Morrigan tells you that you need to go gear up, apparently Koko’s stuff is getting taken off the train when you get there and you need to be ready. It’s only a matter of minutes once you finally make it to your cabin, everyone gearing up fully and taking all your travel stuff too.

You head down to the car where Koko’s stuff is, finding all of her people there as well.

“Morrigan!” says Koko with a smile as you arrive, “Good to see you all.”

“Uh, yeah,” says Morrigan, “So what’s the deal?”

“Well, I need to make sure that my deals are all ready and to secure some transport for the remainder,” says Koko, “So I will be leaving you and some of my people behind until I return.”

“Got it,” says Morrigan, “Don’t let people steal your shit.”

“So crass, but yes,” says Koko, even as the train hisses, jerks and squeals to its final stop.

Instead of getting off the normal way, Koko’s people open up one of the huge side doors to the car with the squeal of wheels on tracks.

As it opens you see… everything and nothing.

There’s so many people, even on the train platform that you aren’t sure initially that you’re seeing things right. Off just a bit in the distance are the towers you saw before, so much bigger now that you’re close by. The sights, the smells even, all overwhelm you.

>Stop and stare again, you can’t help it.
>This is… all too much. Too much.
>No, no you have work to do.

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>Stop and stare again, you can’t help it.
>>This is… all too much. Too much.
>No, no you have work to do.

>> No.47327912

>>No, no you have work to do.
Anyone else wondering if Will has living family in New York?

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>Stop and stare again, you can’t help it.
>No, no you have work to do.

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>No, no you have work to do.

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Pretty much this >>47327904. Freeze up, take in the sights, but then remember we got a job to do, and we don't want to make Morrigan mad at us.

>> No.47327948

>No, no you have work to do.

>> No.47327962

they would never recognize him, and he has no way of knowing who they are.

>> No.47327963

>>Stop and stare again, you can’t help it.
For a bit, then shake it off
>No, no you have work to do.

>> No.47327981

>This is… all too much. Too much.

>> No.47328036

Alright, so looks like it's a bit much, but Will knows what he needs to do.

>> No.47328079

>Stop and stare again, you can’t help it.
>This is… all too much. Too much.

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For a second you stop, your mind locked up. There’s too much going on, too many people, the sounds of the train settling, people yelling and a slight roar off in the distance all so foreign and alien. It’s not that all of them are new, it’s just that there’s so many of them and they’re so loud. You can’t even see a lot of the sky for crying out loud! Your legs quiver just a bit, threatening to buckle.

However just in time you catch sight of Morrigan out of the corner of your eye. Morrigan on one side, Cath on the other as you glance that way too. No, no. You have a job to do. You’re supposed to watch Koko’s stuff while she does things. You can’t let them down. You can’t be distracted. You don’t want to let them down either. You aren’t simply scared of doing that anymore. MMS is nice and you like it when they’re all happy. So you can’t let them down.

Taking a deep breath you force yourself to calm down, to get ready to do your job once more.

As it turns out the first part of it is easy, everyone stays together and watches as the workers standing nearby begin to unload Koko’s stuff, which she watches over like a hawk and occasionally shouts at if they do something she doesn’t like.

Soon enough some trucks are loaded up and you begin a short drive to what appears to be an enormously large empty building. There Koko’s items are unloaded once ore, filling up only a portion of the building, which is rather dusty and has a few holes in the walls.

“It’s not the best, but it’ll do,” says Koko, “I need to get new stock anyway. Be back soon!”

With that you and MMS are left behind, along with several of Koko’s people. Everyone looks at Morrigan, who begins barking orders at where you’re supposed to go.

You end up…
>At the big front doors.
>On patrol around the building.
>Standing with the stuff in the building.

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>>Standing with the stuff in the building.

>> No.47328675

>On patrol around the building.

>> No.47328678

>Standing with the stuff in the building

>> No.47328692

>On patrol around the building.

>> No.47328704

>On patrol around the building
Let's see the sights!

>> No.47328707

>>Standing with the stuff in the building.

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Rolled 1 (1d2)

can't decide, might as well break the tie.
>>On patrol around the building. (1)
>>Standing with the stuff in the building. (2)

>> No.47328730

>On patrol around the building.

>> No.47328738

>Standing with the stuff in the building.

>> No.47328743

>Standing with the stuff in the building.

>> No.47328769

>Standing with the stuff in the building.
If it's one thing Will can do, It's guard damn well!

>> No.47328814

Rolled 2 (1d2)

So, yeah. All tied up.

1. Patrol
2. Standing

>> No.47328837

Looks like Will is standing guard inside.


>> No.47329209

way I see it standing inside cuts off some of the excess from the city. Helps him keep calm.

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Either Morrigan noticed what happened to you earlier at the train or you got put inside because she knows you won’t slack off. Maybe both, but in the end you’re placed inside with Nem and Mary. Everyone else is placed outside somewhere with Koko’s people taking the job of patrolling around the outside of the building.

Nem pokes about in the back of the building a bit, but there isn’t anything interesting other than a long locked and stuck door in the back that she can’t open. Eventually you all settle in for the long haul, with Mary keeping an eye on Nem so she doesn’t wander off or try to sit down. Nem is good when there’s fighting or when she’s alone, but standing around patiently is definitely not on her list of things to do.

“So Will,” asks Nem as the time begins to pass, “What did you think of the city so far?”

“I don’t think that’s much of a question Nem,” Mary says, “All he saw was the station and some streets.”

“I suppose,” says Nem, though she glances out the door, “He hasn’t seen the good parts yet.”

“The good parts or the parts you consider good?” says Mary.

“Either, both,” says Nem, “it’s not everybody that can appreciate the true beating heart of the city instead of all the tourist traps.”

“I don’t think Will would be able to keep up with you,” says Mary, “even here.”

“Well he definitely couldn’t keep up in Chicago,” she says with a laugh, “I hope you enjoyed your sleep Will.”

You nod, trying to follow the conversation. You think that Nem likes certain parts of the city that Mary doesn’t, which makes you wonder because Nem said she liked cities. Does Mary not like cities?

>Ask Mary if she likes cities.
>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.
>Stay quiet, you’re on guard duty even if there are a bunch of others.

Apologies for slowness.

>> No.47329503

>>Ask Mary if she likes cities.

>> No.47329506

>>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.
>Everything's so -big-.

>> No.47329507

>>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.

>> No.47329515

>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.

>> No.47329517

>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.

>> No.47329521

Omakes tonight guide?

>> No.47329524

>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.

>> No.47329525

>what parts do you like Nem?

>> No.47329531

>>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.

>> No.47329537

>Ask Mary if she likes cities.
>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.

>> No.47329545

No, no Omakes tonight. I've started a bit, but nothing I'd release.

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>> No.47329552

>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.

>> No.47329559

>Say that you were a bit overwhelmed by everything.

>> No.47329575


>> No.47329578


So if we can get Omakes, does this mean playing the American Sec. Officer John Galt in Sekirei quest can happen?

Also I am still going to vote to sleep with Minaka's ex wife if it does happen.

>> No.47329634

I said I'd try to write some of the girls viewpoints upon meeting Will and some of his subsequent development.

No. Writing Omakes in my spare time and running a quest are entirely different.

Also that keeps getting said, but nobody's ever taken into account how she might feel about that.

>> No.47329672

Well, obviously it's going to be a buildup like getting best girl was in HPQ, A couple threads ago anons hashed out a semi plan to go for Miya, Takami and Karasuba.
I just want a happy ending with best girls Guide.

>> No.47329692

That is not at all how I formatted that.

>> No.47329694

>Miya, Takami and Karasuba end.

I'm not sure the God Emperor of Harems could pull that one off guys. Especially in an actual Sekirei quest.
Anyway, looks like Will is admitting to being overwhelmed. Probably the last update because it's late and I'm tired. Sorry about that.

Still, writing.

>> No.47329793

We're just glad to get more story Guide.

>> No.47329823

Seriously, if you gotta rest then rest. Just do what you can, when you can. This quest rocks.

>> No.47329853


>> No.47329888

Take what ya can and all that.

Take your time buddy.

Not going to lie I'd give up the entire Harem aspect of it if it meant getting Karasuba.

>> No.47329919

Thanks guys. I can get this one out but after that my mind is going to wander too much.

I know I said this before, but I really expected you all to run screaming from Karasuba.

I think that thread was when John really became John.

>> No.47329940

No problemo. This is a good story, I legit just read all of the other installments in about a day or so. Had to dedicate at least some time to studying.

>> No.47330011

She was best girl Guide, she hit all the right buttons too, it was great, that's why I'm re reading HPQ just to see it all happen again.

>> No.47330059

Man I don't know how many times I reread HPQ for Karasuba and CUDDLEZERKER!

>> No.47330100

You see, that's my issue. Karasuba was great but Tatsuko was better

>> No.47330105

Makes me almost want to right another 400 word long shitpost on why she is best girl.

>> No.47330110

If you're deaf. Have you heard that creatures voice?

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“It was a bit overwhelming,” you say to them as there’s a pause in the conversation.

“What was overwhelming?” asks Nem.

“…There’s so much of everything,” you say, “Lud, smelly, the sky is missing…”

“But that’s the beating heart of a city!” says Nem, almost as if you’d done smoething wrong.

“Nem give Will a break,” says Mary, glancing out the front doors, “I don’t think he’d even contemplated the idea of what a city looked like before. Much less the largest one we still know is standing.”

“But… but… gah,” she says, “I suppose that means Will is another lost to the country like Morrigan.”

“…Morrigan doesn’t like cities?” you ask.

“Morrigan prefers the country,” says Nem, “She actually likes going out into the wilderness and setting up a tent and all that shit. At least she did before the woods were filled with bandits and you had to keep a watch so they didn’t kill you in your sleep.”

You look at Mary for confirmation. You can’t really remember a time when you didn’t worry that there weren’t bandits out in the woods somewhere who’d try to take your stuff, even in The Compound.

Mary nods at you as Nem continues.

“Sure in the city there’s stuff you need to watch out for too, but it’s easier to avoid them if you know what you’re doing! Plus there’s neat things like food, shelter and running water that you don’t have to worry about bears peeing in.”

“You seem to be glossing over certain aspects of a city Nem,” says Mary, “Like how much the food and shelter costs or the fact that water isn’t exactly free either.”

“Small things!” Nem says almost dismissively, but she does relent with a sigh. “I just don’t want Will to think the city is too much and avoid everything is all, gotta give it a fair shot.”

“I’m sure Will will give the city a fair shot once he’s taken a bit more of it in, right Will?”

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You nod at Mary’s question. You mostly like understanding things, so trying to understand a city will be something knew to learn. You’re just not sure about dealing with all the people.

Eventually the conversation wanders from the city to food and other things you can’t really comment on, but you don’t have to worry about anything either being inside. You hear what sounds like Bellona or Morrigan chase off some people with a yell, but that’s the extent of any trouble for you.

It’s a couple hours later when Koko finally shows back up, this time with a new truck and a smaller vehicle which you know is a car from your books. You’d seen wrecks around of course but not a working one.

Koko and a man hop out before shaking hands and then men come in and start going through Koko’s stuff. You stand back for the most part, only helping when absolutely needed. It doesn’t take long before nearly everything is gone and the men drive away leaving everyone standing around.

“Alright!” says Koko as she claps her hands in front of her, “Now that that’s done, off to our accommodations!”

“Where are we staying anyway?” asks Morrigan as everyone piles into two trucks.

“Why, the Ritz of course!” says Koko with a grin, causing Morrigan’s mouth to drop open.

You aren’t sure which is odder, Koko’s laugh or the way Morrigan doesn’t stop swearing for nearly ten minutes after she recovers.

>> No.47330186

And that's it for tonight guys.

Hope you enjoyed, I'll probably see you next week.

I'll do Q&A while I'm around.

>> No.47330216

Goddamnit guide. We just got will accustomed to sleeping on a mattress w/blankets and shit. Now you're lugging him along to some fancyass hotel? Poor kid aint gunna cope

Anyways, thanks for running dude. Was a pleasure finally catching ya

>> No.47330224

Will we also get to see how we broke Cath when she hit us in the omake?

>> No.47330234

Will Will get to room with Koko's boy toy or get a room to himself? Or will he have to room with the girls?

>> No.47330251

More Will/Jonah interaction a go?

>> No.47330264

How did you make Morrigan best girl? Maybe it's the name. From Irish mythology.

>> No.47330267

>Not wanting more snuggle time with Mary

>> No.47330273

>They both maintain their weapons and say nothing.
>It was a good day.

>> No.47330282

Will isn't going to cope? Why do you think Morrigan was swearing?

Possibly. It was something I considered.

That'll be in the next thread.

>> No.47330284


>> No.47330298

>Yes Will?
>Can we cuddle again?

>> No.47330308
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>but Tatsuko was better

>> No.47330311

Now that depends whether the setting is post-jormungand or not...

>> No.47330312

Possibly. But then again all the other girls have mythology based names too.

>They also have blankets and food.
>Really good day.

>> No.47330342

I just noticed Morrigan the most, since she is the chooser of the slain on the battlefield, death and fate and all that. Neat choice of names though.

>> No.47330346

Can we build a pillow and blanket fort? Will would love that. So much comfy.

>> No.47330363

When does Will get to have another mental breakdown in front of the MMS crew?

>> No.47330372

>Leaving Cath or Morrigan out of eventual Will cuddles.


Again, my answer is does Will have such a concept?

When something happens that triggers him.

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>Will and Jonah's face

>> No.47330385
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>Again, my answer is does Will have such a concept?
Will knows what forts are, Will knows what pillows and blankets are, All it takes is someone to get that thought started.....

>> No.47330388

Leaving all the other best girls out of cuddles? Heresy!

>> No.47330390

Jonah might. Mary or Koko might suggest in jest, then realize how badly the fucked up when the room is one big ball of warfare fortified comfy.


>> No.47330412

Bu-bu-but blankets and pillows wouldnt make for sturdy fortifications.

>> No.47330436

Will is basically a Krieger but with more emotion, he will find a way.

>> No.47330438

They'd make comfy fortifications. And give cover for will to sneak attack from.

>> No.47330444

Thanks for running!

>> No.47330449

I suppose. There are so many options to consider.

Well, wouldn't want that. Heresy is bad.

Thanks for reading!

>> No.47330531

Comfy fortifications? Blasphemy. Heresy. Sacrilege!

>> No.47330542

Stop that.
We're trying to make will a man, not regress him into an 8year old who looks 17.

Maybe I hate fun, but that's just not cute, either.

>> No.47330616

Will discovering the world aint such a terrible place at times aint cute?
That's the whole reason im here

>> No.47330705

That's dodging the point of contention.
Having a 17 year old mercenary act like an 8 year old playing pillow fortsESPECIALLY when the goal is to bring him up to his age or more regarding mental maturity
Is detrimental and.....off.

....I wonder if that skating rink in NYC is still available and if it's cold enough out though.....

>> No.47330744

>this nigga doesn't still make blanket and pillow forts

You're going to be a bad parent.

>> No.47330806
File: 3 KB, 300x168, download (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this nigga won't take his kid ice skating to watch them bust their ass

Maybe so, but I'm gonna get lulz outta my little shits

>Will ice skating.
>people laughs
>he joins them

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