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Jumpers, at what point and how do the news media react to your antics?

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...pretty much. Knowing my luck he'd just take one look, put down his gun, and reveal HE DIDN'T NEED IT as he proceeded to kick my ass bare-handed or something. Because apparently in the new game his armor absorbs Hell energy safely to empower him.

My own greed would remind him of everyone he's faced, and righteous justice would collide with my skull.

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>"A Tyrannosaurus rex on the streets of Moscow? Ridiculous."

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So is Doom 2016 any good? Games with review embargos that last right up to release make me suspicious.

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>Demonic Doom Edition
Worth it.

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>taking the Drawback


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To SMTanon: If one has both Dormant Power, Herald and one boosted capstone do you add the Dormant Power's value to your maximum level cap or if your Herald's level exceeds the diminished Dormant Power's level would you be capped at that level?

And-if you've already maxed out your level cap as a King of Bel from Devil Survivors does it overwrite both level caps or added to them?

As the Page of Void and also an expert politician, only when we want them to. Public relations may be ephemeral and fickle, but they can make an excellent force multiplier to any number of schemes.

>his armor absorbs Hell energy safely to empower him

Oh shit, just remembered what that reminded me of.

The DEMONICA. Doomguy's got himself a freaking DEMONICA. Wouldn't be surprised if the demons are scared of him by now.

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Crushed Pelvis [x]

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It's simple, but Bethesda actually did a really good job. It's pretty straightforward and if you want the lore and the intricacies of the story you gotta do some serious exploring for the codex entries, but it lives up to the hype.

Honestly, Bethesda doing the review embargo I think was them not having faith in the product after the E3 complaints.

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>>Demonic Doom Edition
>Worth it.
Agreed. She and Jibril look great together, one on each arm.

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I'm having a lot of fun with it.
While the, "To Be Continued," end has been turned into a monster in the modern game industry, it fits Doom rather well, and the game itself had enough substance to not make it unsatisfying.
It's brutal as fuck, and honestly, it's everything I wanted out of a bloody hallway slaughter FPS.

But that's just, like, my opinion, man...

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Worth it just for the single player? I've already got a MP FPS that I play with my friends, and they're not going to change to this.

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>Wouldn't be surprised if the demons are scared of him by now.
They call him the 'Doom Slayer' and have fucking LEGENDS about him. It's implied he's the same guy from Doom 1, Doom 2, and Doom 64.

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I haven't played it, but I doubt it.
>Published by Bethesda
>What is Rage

The two companies just get in each other's way. Their great at their own things, but together it's like trying to mix mentos and coke.

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I... am having trouble figuring out what you're asking.

But regardless, Dormant Power's Level Cap is not an actual thing. It is simply shorthand for how far you've grown, and how far you will grow, and also a means of explaining the cost of Capstone Boosting.

Herald, and any of the Demon Races, do not have levels. They are considered equivalent to a particular level in a meta sense, in order to help gauge their strength, but they do not actually have levels.

Your theoretical demon level will not interact with your theoretical Dormant Power level in any way. The same, presumably, would go for being King of Bel.

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Throw a Choir in with that, and I'm sold.

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>She and Jibril look great together

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>having more than one waifu

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Out of curiosity, about how powerful would a tyrant with Dormant Power be once they reach LV99?

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I haven't tried MP yet, so my opinion is based around single play. I still need to go back, and find the rest of the secrets.
The delicious, wall humping secrets...

I love that it sounds like a campfire horror story. Like, the demons gather around a slaughtered carcas, and they get spooked talking about him.

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Hey, Rage wasn't that bad, gameplay-wise. It had a horrible plot and progression, and the inexplicable mandatory racing segments were nonsense, but when you were in a combat area it was pretty good. I'd play a pure FPS with minimal story made by that team.

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I agree.
If you liked the shooty bits there, then DooM is your jam.

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My bad, although that answers most of my question(s).

Um. Put it this way: Does Dormant Power power grow the power of other SMT-native beings from other SMT jumps, or just the form your background in? As in, can you apply its' growth to your nature as a King of Bel, only your Herald-form and if so d'you have to split how much you grow either way?


...so how do you guys prevent collateral damage from happening when they hang out with you?

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>Harem perks
Prepare for a lot of stress mentally and physically.

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What do you mean 'prevent'?

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>prevent collateral damage
I don't, that's half the fun!


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This is why I say Jumpers are nothing but trouble to regular people.

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Not with 80s Action Movies' Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus.

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I made sure to have all the social perks I needed to keep the conflict to an entertaining minimum.

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By the way, what did you decide in regards to the nerf? Also, how did you decide to cap dormant power and other equivalent options to nation level, if the powerlevels w/o the conception are so vaguely defined.

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>prevent collateral damage
I know these words, but I do not understand what it is you're trying to say. Is this some kind of code?

Anyway, I make sure that group events NOT LIKE THAT maybe a little like that are something everyone can enjoy. Which is to say that I only mix matter and anti-matter if I really need serious juice. We're more a loose confederacy than a authoritarian federation. They've got their shit, I've got mine and we get together based off of wants and needs.

I don't challenge myself and take on will and charisma perks so I can sit around painting figurines. I build big so I can go big.

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Are there any jumps that you can import a ship into to make it more livable? I'm trying to take advantage of the ship import in Uncharted Waters that lets all your companions be active so long as they stay on the boat to turn the Light of Terra into a sort of generational ark. I want it to be a place where all my creations can have happy and pleasant lives when I'm not working with them. Making it larger for more living space would help, of course (hey, finally a reason to take the size boosts other than just ego), but are there any imports to make it more comfortable? Or am I going to have to do this the hard way?

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Ah the Light of Terra, if there is something yours can't do you are doing something wrong.

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Well, my first thought was to slap thrusters on a Microverse Battery from Rick and Morty to have a pocket universe to put my creations into, but it feels like cheating to call that a "ship". So I'm going with a max-size Light of Terra, instead. More passe at this point, but I know it would work.

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Can it parallel park in downtown Manhattan during rush hour?


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I'll bet money someone's can, there are people who import the Light of Terra as EVERYTHING. There are even those who have turned the thing into a waifu.

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Why would someone ever turn that beautiful ship of technology into something as horrid and disgusting as a waifu?

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Because I liked the discussions it caused, and because I missed it all while I was at work, let's continue an open question from last thread.

What themes do you follow as you make your Jumper? What are the things you gravitate towards, internationally or otherwise?

My big one is Kleptomania. I am now a multiversal super pirate.

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Have you seen the imperial's idea of ship design. The point defenses are almost nonexistent and the main guns are literal broadsides, seriously they have to turn the whole ship to shoot.

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About strong enough to consistently defeat Michael.

If you want something more concrete than that, you're gonna have to wait some time for the coffee to kick in and for me to have the will to go through my previous rulings to properly decide on what point in the "Aquaman Ass-Kicking/Ass-Kicked" scale they will fall in.

Dormant Power grows by itself and can not be applied to other things. It can be put together with those things, much like one would stack two strength Perks, but it doesn't directly enhance other stuff. Sorry.

It is what it is. Are you sure you want that second question answered?

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I do horrible things to society as a whole in the hope that some powerful entity will descend to wipe away the trash that I have turned them into.

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She is a ship-girl, and yes.
I tought her how to drive.

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>The point defenses are almost nonexistent and the main guns are literal broadsides, seriously they have to turn the whole ship to shoot.
The point defense is a problem, the broadsides less so. But yeah, I made sure to grab the robust point defense upgrade available in the LoT customization.

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See, I told you they waifued the LoT.

>> No.47319598

>Not admiring the technology and improving it by adding onto it.

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Technically that works.

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She's more of a daughter.

>> No.47319625

Oh I upgraded the absolute shit out of it I am just saying it is a poor starting point. As far as I am concerned the Enormous battle ship is only good as a base to build on since there aren't any bigger ships that I can use as a foundation.

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Ryoko is best. BEST.

>> No.47319642

Eh, the technology is only so-so. The aesthetic is kinda beautiful in its own odd way, so I tried to make it look the same, more or less, and upgraded the shit out of the technology.

Outside of planet-busters, which are pretty great, 40k's tech and weapons tech in particular aren't that great.

Ryoko is pretty fantastic. Washu a best, though. Especially adult!Washu.

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That is sick.

>> No.47319651

>Not Washu
Shit taste detected.

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Might as well post an update to SMT.

(Shin Megami Tensei)
-Background: Modern Magician (Free) -Hey, I'm just a magic person. No need to fear.
-Demonic Fusion (400CP) -Yaaaaaay demon hybrids!
-Polymath (Free) -Computer skills are kind of nice?
-Demonic Infusion (100CP) (Discount) -Ahahaha, holy shit what.
-Theme Music (Free) -Lord oh lord, what.
-Dormant Power (-400CP) -Aaaaaand we've just gotten stupid.
-Demon Race: Power (Demonic Infusion Free) -Maybe get a little bit of angelic into this. A touch.
-Demon Race: Variable (Succubus) (Demonic Fusion Free) -We're staying humanoid. Also, the little boost could help out.
-Magnetitex2 (-500CP) -An extra stockpile could help.
-Golden Apple (-700CP) -Part one of my plan...
-Magic Bottle (Free) -Wheeee! Whatever!
-Soma (-800CP) (Discount) -Aaaaaand part two of my plan.
-Jakyou Manor (-1100CP) (Discount) -Additional demonic research is important.
-The Pre-Apocalypse, Apocalypse, and Post-Apocalypse (-1100CP)
-Sick Little Puppy (-900CP)
-Seven Hells Battle (-600CP)
-World of Chaos (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Hospital, Kichijoji (Surrounded by Demons), 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So the only thing that really changed was that on the SMT list, Elves are level 26, and the Variable choice requires 100CP for every 2 levels.


So used Demonic Fusion for a Succubus instead, used Variable CP on that, and used Demonic Infusion for the Power choice instead. Picked up the 'Seven Hells Battle' drawback, bought the Manor to mix into my Gouma-Den from Soul Hackets, and some extra Magnetite.

I'm sure absolutely nothing will go wrong as I pursue my knowledge and experimentation on the demonic.

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Washu is number two.

>> No.47319692 [DELETED] 

*Soul Hackers
Oh fuck everything.

>> No.47319697

You both disgust me.

>> No.47319699

On all levels, including physical, I am a dinosaur.

>> No.47319700

Usually my antics that are public are restricted to 'a bit above the local powerhouses.'

One of the times I let loose in public was in Worm.
Everyone was freaking the fuck out because they thought the biggest Endbringer yet had just arrived.

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>Not One
Bitch those are fighting words.

>> No.47319723

*100CP for every 10 levels
*Soul Hackers
Oh fuck everything.

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Yeah, I'm honestly curious at this point. I thought King Frost's Ice Age stuff would be reasonable, since it's never implied to be the result of the conception, you also stated that we kept the ability to fight 'world-shaking gods' from dormant power and other high-powered jumps give us at least the potential of continental/planetary power (Xiaolin Showdown, Touhou, Lego-Legends of Chima) with decades of training. Related to that, how long would it take as a Tyrant or Lov to reach planetbusting/planetary potential with The Overlord's Seat?

>> No.47319736

Go away, Johnny.

>> No.47319746

Don't you have some droids to refurbish or maybe some moisture farmers to swindle?

>> No.47319763

>LEGO: Legends of Chima

You mean the one Jump that literally scams you?

>> No.47319777

Secret of Evermore does too. In both cases I'm fine with it.

>> No.47319781

Fuck off priest, don't you have a ritual to preform so that you can change the batteries in your power dildos!

>> No.47319834

> Mushoku Tensei's Harem Protagonist
> Ouran High School's Make Them Swoon
> Cardcaptor's Something Special
> Tenchi Muyo's Hopeless Suitor + Multiple Spouses
> ...
> Sonic's Super Sonic Speed



>> No.47319864

Just how many harem perks are there out there?

>> No.47319872

Enough to seduce the entire female population.

>> No.47319885

>the entire population

>> No.47319893

Ha ha! I slept through it!
I will now babble about my game of pretend!
My old build's theme was True Strength.
The power, wisdom, and righteous intent to achieve ones goals without requiring anything beyond oneself.
But then my computer broke in transit while I was moving, so I just decided to start again rather than try to remember all those numbers.
My new build's themes are Song, Flame, Illusion, Family, and Fluffy Tails.
And a whole lot of trolling.
I also have a primary companion (waifu) that I import into every jump that lets me.
Her themes are Swords, Awareness, Support, and Soul. And self replication.
I forget which of us has DMC's Darkslayer style, but it matters not. We are very, very intimately familiar with this particular, "Sword."
Her themes are important because they are also my themes. Due to the saturation of teamwork perks, Soul Eater's Black Blood import, and general familiarity, our final form is a little... singular.

>> No.47319903

>>entire populations

>> No.47319912


>> No.47319986

How popular would an aberrant from the SW Clone Wars Jump be in 40K? I mean you could just shut down any psyker BS pretty hard.

>> No.47320027

Tell me about your Vanguard companions, /jc/!

>> No.47320036

Duly noted, thanks. Also, SMT update:

Drawbacks: The Trials of Masakado, Two Steps From Hell, Sick Little Puppy, The Pre-Apocalypse, Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse, The girl that was killed in the park...World of Chaos (2400)

Demon, Age 24

Rolled Hospital, Kichijoji

Demonic Union: Virtue, Throne (2300)
Dormant Power (1800)
Mimic (Free)
Kugutsu Magic (Free)
Herald (1000)
Chosen of Raphael: Power (400)
Crown of Thorns (200)
Gunmetal Alchemist (100)
Magnetite (50)
Gullible DDS-NET User (0)
Theme Music (Free)

Whelp. If we're going to be the savior, and the Messiah's slacking off being a Persona somewhere else, we might as well rock the crown of thorns look.

Also since we can't afford some YHVH-designed firearms we'll just have to use our own divine essence to make our own.

Also, also-even if we've missed out the opportunity to companion 'em it'll be funny to take Alice, Belial and Nebiros...to visit Alice, Belial and Nebiros.


Also, you guys get it. That's what happens you leave ship management in the hands of a galactic cult of personality with too much faith in that human superiority bullshit and too little restraint when it comes to form over function.

Ship of Theuseusing that whole thing takes time, but it's better than having the engine blow up because some hothead in an agile fighter flew in the exhaust port through the defenceless trench and blew up your power systems.

>both the Tohno and pre-Tohno glands in Tsukihime/Kara no Kyoukai as well as Relationship Flag from Fate
>To Boldly Come from Star Trek
>Irregular Charm from Tower of God
>Red String from Persona
>Power is Sexy from Red Alert
>Page of Void

Good news, everyone! Even if you can't run from the sins of your past, YOU CAN HIDE FOREVER!

>> No.47320082

Is there a battle sister pancake?

>> No.47320119

I have 40 Imperial Guards that all resurrect endlessly as companions, they get exited whenever I tell them that they are fighting normal human enemies. . . and extremely suspicious.

>> No.47320169

Vanguard? Is this a reference to something, or just the definition?
I'm too tired to think after work...

>> No.47320172

Only if they directly try to manipulate you.
Nothing stopping them from dropping a tank on you.

>> No.47320199

Indeed but it is only the more esoteric threats of the warp that threaten a not early chain jumper.

>> No.47320202

>all resurrect endlessly as companions

>> No.47320214

>What are the things you gravitate towards, internationally or otherwise?
Well, I purposely choose SCIENCE! and CRAFTING! perks.
But I always seem to gravitate towards the perks that'll turn me into a fleshbeast. Also lewd perks. No idea why.

>> No.47320230

They are companions and as such do not stay dead. A remarkable trait for disposable cannon fodder.

>> No.47320235

Cardfight Vanguard.

>> No.47320256

Oh, I was thinking literal vanguards as in the front line fighters.

>> No.47320268

Well as a flesh beast you would need lewd perks to get laid due to looking like an abomination.

>> No.47320273

Yeah, me too.

>> No.47320285

Well I'll take my fodder guard home then.

>> No.47320290

Evolution > self-improvement>durability perks>regeneration > science.

>> No.47320295

The Idiot Magician is your Friend, from Bartimeus. Combines human appearance with monstrous abilities.

>> No.47320305

Have you tried combining that with a Kaiju form?

>> No.47320343

The real fun starts when you combine it with the Final Form perk from SAO.

>> No.47320374

not being a wizard

>> No.47320387

Your theme is avoiding being a wizard?

>> No.47320411

The problem is that King Frost is a fucking chump, and having him just do that stuff on a whim raises the power level of everything else by association, to the point that I'd have to make it an endjump unless I arbitrarily forbid you from the higher-tier stuff.

"World-shaking" covers a lot of ground.

Ignoring the fact that the energy needed to destroy a planet doesn't scale directly upwards from the energy needed to destroy a state, and going with the previous statements regarding growth, around 103600 years.

>> No.47320441

Dunno, honestly it seems like you just can't handle the actual canon of the setting you're SUPPOSED to be making a jump for.

>> No.47320553

Okay, you? The guy already said SMT1 isn't nearly as OP as people make it out to be. Plenty of anons even brought it up last thread. Constantly complaining to him isn't doing any favors when the argument was over, go make an SMT3 jump if you want it so badly.

>> No.47320556

In his defence SMT 1 is a lot more, well, reasonable than its' sequels and spin offs. Seems legit to me that the supernatural beings inhabiting it would be less OP than the other games

>> No.47320575

Why would it have to be an endjump? Remember, most people were fine with the jump before the nerf. It was literally one, maybe two anons that wouldn't shut the fuck up about it. And honestly, even if you do have to nerf us post jump, you shouldn't make us weaker than a 'fucking chump'. Just clarify that we won't be able to achieve galaxy/universe busting shenanigans and the jump is in line with the other high powered jumps. And 103600 years, really? Touhou is at most a few centuries to reach planet busting, and that setting is waaaay weaker than SMT (and also NOT an endjump).

>> No.47320636

Except King Frost, who's capable of creating an ice age/freezing the planet. And is much, much weaker than say, the Archangels. And the fact of the matter is that SMT2 and SMT3 are sequels to SMT1, so unless you're arguing that it isn't canon, the powerlevels should still be similar.

>> No.47320664

This is insane when you consider that you would be condensing all of your physical abilities that are all scaled up to match your 300ft size as a kaiju. If you though FISS 5 was good before. . .

>> No.47320669

OK i am going to clarify this as someone who likes touhou. touhou has hax not raw power the abilities are all incredibly broken but only the moon bunnies can claim any pretense of planet busting. I'm not saying its weak (or even mid tier really) but planet busting touhou is not.

>> No.47320697


>Local conduit makes anime characters real. People from across the world flock to his new enterprise Waifu World in Bellevue. Details at 11 at this startling development.

>In other news a group of conduit vigilantes calling themselves "The Chainsmokers" attacked an Akuma protest in Downtown Seattle. Our own Monique Ming Laven brings you on scene coverage.

>> No.47320701

Wait, what? Infernal Sun allows you to produce as much energy as the stars. That is totally Planet Busting, maybe more depending on what kind of a star your being compared to.

>> No.47320709

Wait kaiju form scales other physical perks up with size?

>> No.47320711

You must supply the matter and energy. . . read the perks.

>> No.47320715

It seems more like a mini-sun than a full sized sun. You wouldn't be able to fit something like that on the planet, let alone Gensokyo.

>> No.47320717

Oh, for the love of-again, TOUHOU GETS WANKED. I don't care about the rest of the argument, but those fucking loli shits get overhyped harder than John Cena at summer slam

>> No.47320725

Ant-Man of the Gods...

>> No.47320730

Hate to break it to you bro, but saying 'it's just wank' isn't a very strong argument. Certainly not stronger than the girls' own boasts.

>> No.47320744

Surprisingly enough no, sometimes people write perks as hyperbole for flavor purposess. I'll have you know I once PM'd maker, who has a bit of a bad reputation for wanking the power of things (see: Prototype virus eating Azathoth) to clarify some thing about the jump and even HE said the touhou powerlevel shit was silly and he didn't take it seriously.

>> No.47320760

It doesn't 'read' as any sized sun. It just says stars. Most stars aren't mini-stars. The mini-sun thing is just something that's wanked by people who forget that the jumpmaker was an enormous power-wanker.

>> No.47320764

In Pacific rim it does:

>Also, all of your physical capabilities scale to match your new size.

Condense this into to a normal human form with The Idiot Magician is your Friend and you have just obtained an easy multiplier to all of you physical abilities.

>> No.47320770

Not to mention the setting itself has built-in nerfs.

But yeah, >>47320669 , this anon has it right. Touhou's main thing is conceptual bullshit not raw power.

>> No.47320774

By itself no, but my point is that the girls' own boasts+the fanbase taking them completely at face value is an even weaker argument especially when boundary chick apparently isn't capable of fending off the moon people. When her fans would assert she could, I dunno, remove the boundary between victory and defeat and instantly win or some bullshit.

>> No.47320787

So are there official statements about how strong they are? Where do people get the planetbusting stuff?

>> No.47320788

It also states that it will be near impossible to achieve that on magic alone and you are short the god reiuji has housed inside her to do the legwork. Gods are a big deal in touhou.

>> No.47320792

Some of the girls do have raw power, however. Like the onis. They can't crack the planet, but still, blasting apart mountains and such is pretty 'raw power'.

In-setting words are always stronger than an anon post on 4chan. It doesn't really matter what you think is reasonable or what, you're just anon.

>> No.47320798

I couldn't care less who's wanking what, but the simple fact is that a) she's not the most powerful youkai in the setting by a wide margin and b) people said to be much stronger to her like Yuugi and Yukari get trumped by things that AREN'T celestial bodies and on that basis it is obvious that line was hyperbole.

>> No.47320807

Don't forget to take the perk from Young Justice that makes your telekinesis as strong as your own physical strength.

>> No.47320823

The God is the reason why she has the ability in the first place, not a power source that amps her up.

>> No.47320824

This is actually worse than the Imagine Breaker arguments!

>> No.47320826

It's not hyperbole so much as it doesn't supply the energy needed to actually use it that way. Theoretically, it's possible. Just, you know, you need a sun's worth of energy.

>> No.47320836

It does what! This is going to be a fun combo.

>> No.47320854

I've seen people say that doubled Fire Bending Genius is a sufficient power source. I kind of doubt you need a sun's worth of energy?

>> No.47320871

Prove it.

>> No.47320884

>I've seen people say.
I've seen people say vaccines cause autism and that aliens built the pyramids.

>> No.47320885

>In-setting words are always stronger

Wow, so 2+2 really does equal 5 huh?

>They can't crack the planet

And they're considered damn buff. Need some help with those goalposts? Because you just admitted some of the beings considered the strongest in the setting aren't rip-apart-stars stronk.

Agreed, at least THOSE stayed on-topic.

This whole argument is just pointless considering the original premise was one guy complaining about SMT powerlevels and being disagreed with at any turn, and it's just devolving into speculation over a setting where the creator himself enjoys not clarifying powerlevels.

I've never heard anyone make that claim. All that aside, there is nothing in Avatar anywhere near Touhou's heaviest hitters' powerlevel.

>> No.47320894

That would not work at all, ever, fire benders don't even produce their own fire! Seriously they draw their strength from the sun, they produce no energy only bend it.

>> No.47320910

>Wow, so 2+2 really does equal 5 huh?
Sorry anon, I don't know what your issue is, but the fact of the matter is that the girls are a better authority on their power than you are. This is such a basic statement that there's really no other way to express this to you, you have no authority on this issue. They have more than you. Trusting them makes more sense than trusting you. Your opinion is nothing. Your logic is nothing. That's all.

>> No.47320915

I can't, and I wouldn't blame you for doubting me. Surprisingly enough no, I don't save every PM to trip up people with because I'm not a fucking lawyer.

>> No.47320930

It's both she's a shrine and houses a portion of yatagarasu who wanted to provide a power source to maintain the underworlds flames. the ability is derived and empowered by the god not the yokai. Reiuji is actually housing a divine spirit jumper is not.

>> No.47320933


With gourmet cells, what would happen if i ate nothing but ramen?

>> No.47320943

They evolve into Ramen cells.

>> No.47320946

Nothing. Gourmet cells need good food to power up.

>> No.47320954

Can't we all just agree that both of you are stupid and that this debate is pointless?

>> No.47320961

ZUN's been pretty vague about it, he actively encourages the fanbase to go wild with their own interpretation of the setting.

Your best bet will be to look at their mythological counterparts and extrapolate from there.

>> No.47320963

How do Lego Chima and Secrets of Evermore scam you?

>> No.47320965

>but the fact of the matter is that the girls are a better authority on their power than you are
>what is bragging and hyperbole for 500, Alex?

>> No.47320973

You become brittle and salty.
Not much of a change.

>> No.47320991

Where's your proof? Seriously. You can't sit there and claim yourself to have absolute authority on the truth unless your name is ZUN. Come off it.

>> No.47321004

I like this idea.

>> No.47321016


>> No.47321018

Point being that 40k's celux is more adroit at handling psykers as a celux can disable psyker shit at a distance if built properly. It's active defense and offense, whereas abborent, while good, is purely passive.

>> No.47321040

I'd honestly prefer if you just accurately represent the setting's power level. If that means capping us at a certain point, that's fine. Not this dumb bullshit where we can be massively more powerful than a early game character, but also not capable of causing as much destruction as he can.

>> No.47321047


>> No.47321050

Actually post jump it lets you straight up lolnope any nearby psionics completely.

>> No.47321060

Well, that settles it then. Considering most of the freaking gods of Japanese mythology aren't planetbusters and the youkai are WAY below their level, that sounds about right.

Not him but I think this whole argument is bloody stupid because THERE IS NO RIGHT ANSWER to be argued either way. The girls are smug bitches with huge egos. ZUN is being deliberately ambiguous

And this whole argument only happened because one salty cracker was contesting powerlevels for a completely different setting so in the end, it doesn't even matter

I'm usually more greasy than brittle, actually.

>> No.47321067

Neither can you since all these so called planet busters and universe renders can get beaten up by a random player in a video game who can dodge bullet hell, so I guess this whole argument is stupid.

>> No.47321082

I have the girls' own words. No matter how unreliable you think they are, they're more reliable than an anon is.

>> No.47321098

>I'm usually more greasy than brittle, actually.
Sick burns do tend to cook them noodles...

>> No.47321100

The rest of the thread as already been saying that both you and this argument are stupid, now stop it.

>> No.47321123

No, I want to know what would happen if i ate nothing but ramen.

There have been nothing but helpful answers.

I'm going to need a more diverse diet

>> No.47321147

>sick burns

Hey c'mon, I'm sweaty not infectious.

I'm just kind of bitterly amused that this pointless diversion has probably had the complete opposite effect the anon who brought up Touhou in the first place hoped it would because now the whole thing is being tossed out like the bullshit it is, any coherent argument about SMT powerlevels either way has long been forgotten.

Also, constipation and dry mouth based on what happened to one of my roomates.

>> No.47321151

>Eating nothing but ramen
Anon you should at least have some crackers and bread.

>> No.47321162

Lego Chima has a bunch of Ravens try to sell you junk items for CP. Evermore has an Amulet of Annihilation (a piece of powerless crappy jewelry) offered to you repeatedly. In both cases, this is in line with the setting, and comes off as funny.

>> No.47321172

I'm pretty sure a diet of ramen+those would have approximately the same effect as eating too many MREs i.e. traumatic constipation and food poisoning. There are less painful ways to get anon to kill himself, y'know

>> No.47321173

Not that debate the Touhou one, if you eat nothing but Maruchan Ramen you will eventually die of malnutrition due to missing vital nutrients.

>> No.47321177

now is that all your strength perks or just the perks you have taken up to that point?

>> No.47321179

I would just like to say that the SMT jump is FINE the way it is right now.

>> No.47321193

>planet busters and universe renders can get beaten up by a random player
He'll keep ranting about proof and credibility despite that. Just stop replying to him.

>> No.47321216

I would assume all but I am not the jumpmaker, nothing suggests that it is only those you have up to that point.

>> No.47321219

I don't watch the news chap. I make it then sell it for very reasonable fees.

A fellow of wealth, taste, and drained vitality.

Knockout from Elona and relevant Nanoha perks sound like a wise investment to prevent collateral. Physically anyways. Other repercussions require a chaperone or sticking them in a void.

But can it tell us why kids love cinnamon toast crunch?

The wanderer, the tourist, names to run away from very quickly. I tend to couple intimidation perks with reputation perks as together they prevent more fights than they invite.

You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape yourself. Also Toggle more.

Then use the overlooked human disguise form perk from rosario+vampire. Totally normal person who is not at all an eldritch abomination.

Going from last thread there was mentions of Discworld magic feats. Trying to look into it I see little to no mentions of this, and somewhat ambiguous and unhelpful wiki information. In the interest of not skimming entire books/series for information, could someone elaborate on this? Pointing out a source listing such info would also be a boon.

>> No.47321234

No anon, it really isn't. That inconsistency with King Frost alone is worth at least some kind of clarification, especially since it isn't caused by any in-setting metaphysical crap.

>> No.47321236

Memo, from a Touhou Fan:
- Remilia Scarlet boasts about her capability to manipulate Fate, but has yet to show any actual control over it.
- Kosuzu Motoori does not put much stock in her capability to decipher any book, but Reimu considers her a proper "must kill" threat, and has attracted Mamizou's attention.

The girls themselves are probably the unreliable narrators of their own abilities. The best thing to do is to not take everything at face value and wait until you yourself see how they use their ability before make your mind about them.

Perfect example:
- Yuuka Kazami, her only ability is the manipulation of Flowers, and yet she's one of the most powerful and terrifying Youkai in Gensokyo. Period.

>> No.47321241

No, the problem with that specific argument is that everyone is playing by spell card rules because of MAD. It doesn't really factor into arguments about their true power.

And seriously? That guy's entire argument is "NO THEY'RE NOT THAT STRONG" Why? Well as far as I can tell, just because anon says so. I'm not even the person arguing for SMT, I stepped in to point out that an argument that's basically "Trust me, I'm an anon!" is worthless.

>> No.47321269

It's in the notes. Fuck off.

>> No.47321272

Memo, see >>47321241

I'm not making any argument of absolutes. I'm telling anon his argument is stupid and we shouldn't be taking an anon's words as credible. Especially when he never presented a real argument, just outrage that I'd disagree.

>> No.47321273

Do you have Metavore? If so, eat away.

>> No.47321278

I would like to reiterate that the Touhou argument is pointless and everyone involved is an idiot for trying.

>> No.47321282


You know, people keep talking about what they wanna be over there but what are you guys going to do? How would you derail the nuclear launch apocalypse thing? Or, why would you let it happen?

I completely agree with you, but in all fairness for that last point I remember being told Yuuka's power came from being old rather than her purview, and so having? So she's kind of like the Xykon of Touhou? I'm admittedly very unfamiliar with the franchise

We fookin' get it guys, your arguments are both shit. Move along, new topic coming through

>> No.47321286

>dat Jibril
She does funny things to my preservation instincts and my 'unf' detectors. Help.

>> No.47321322

Nobody gives a shit.

>> No.47321327

No it isn't dumbass. The 'End' drawback dismisses all of the planet/universe busting and King Frost's power as being the result of in setting metaphysics, but King Frost had the ability to freeze the planet since SMT2, before any of that came into play. That alone means that the powerlevel is far greater than country-busting. Hell, SMTAnon even confirmed it.

>> No.47321340

You care enough to whine.

When are you kids going to realize that screaming, whining, complaining, and all around shouting as hard as you can to get people to stop talking makes them MORE likely to argue, not less?

>> No.47321363

Ah, my bad. Thought I was replying to someone else.

Hence me going "wait and actually see that shit first", Touhou's setting is one of few WoGs, so I always wait until ZUN says something solid about the setting before I jump into "debates" about this thing. And don't worry about it.

Anyways, that's it from me and all of this.

>> No.47321369

Nobody cares shut up both of you.

I refuse to admit there are more than two of you in this argument because it would damage what is left of my faith in humanity.

>> No.47321370

Are you the asshole that ran off DsAnon? Everyone was just fine with the SMT jump until you started up with this shit. So I repeat, fuck off.

>> No.47321390

The guy who ran off DSAnon did so by whining that the setting is too powerful and that he needed to nerf it or make it an end jump. This guy is arguing for the opposite. So no, they can't be.

>> No.47321399

So here's a question for Jumpers: did anyone grow on you or surprise you? Someone you were reluctant to companion or just hang out with becoming important or worthy of respect over time?

>> No.47321409

Which is why nobody is listening to the "you're just anon, and thus wrong," argument.
It doesn't exactly engender any constructive discussion.

>> No.47321423

The entire reason SMT was nerfed was BECAUSE of the asshole who ran off DsAnon. People were fine with it beforehand. Get your fucking facts straight dipshit.

>> No.47321437

It is going to end up stuck as a end jump if this bitching keeps up.

>> No.47321443

See both >>47321241 and >>47321272

Both of these present actual points. Where's yours? "Fuck you the girls are wrong I'm right because I say so!"? That's not an argument. That's not as credible as pointing out the lack of authority you hold.

On top of that, you want me to stop talking? You're the one that keeps posting to whine about my posts, the one that is continuing to argue. If you want me to stop, you should stop trying to argue that you have authority as an anon to declare what is and isn't correct in the ambiguous lore of Tohou.

>> No.47321451

>> No.47321462

How've you been holding up since you ran off DDSanon?

>> No.47321475

Showa Kamen Rider Jump question : does animal themed powers work proportionately? I.e. choosing an ant would grant relative ant strength

>> No.47321487

I don't want that to happen you dipshit.

>> No.47321490

How 'bout them drawbacks, /jc/?

What's the most memorable drawback you've ever taken?

>> No.47321503

Anyone else really annoyed when they see a post that's obviously desperate to change the topic?

>> No.47321522

Can you blame him, bitch?

Any other topic's better than the back and forth bullshit you faggots are ragging on harder than a bitch in heat.

>> No.47321525

I ended up making Korra into an extremely effective Avatar. Turns out what she really needed was a competent teacher who didn't put up with her shit.

>> No.47321538

She needed a decapitation.

>> No.47321544

Apocalypse now in young justice, it was one of the longer fight scenes I've been in, the most I've ever died. I don't take "fight previous foes" drawbacks anymore because of the risk....
yeah we need that though to keep the salt intake down.

>> No.47321545

Considering that the alternative is usually watching some anon pitch a bitch fit over some shit I couldn't give less of a shit about, no. And fuck you for asking.

>> No.47321557

Nah, it's a good way to get people involved in changing the subject.

>What's the most memorable drawback you've ever taken?
See: >>47319102

>> No.47321564

Out of curiosity, what did you have her do? One of the questions the series tries (and fails) to adress is what's the place for the Avatar in a modern industrialized world. What was your answer?

>> No.47321566

She also needs a pod.

>> No.47321574

Desperation just gets really under my skin. The same way fear pisses off dogs.

>> No.47321582

>thinks that I'm the anon that he's been arguing with
I was just pointing out that the attack of credibility is a terrible form of argument.
For both sides.
Calm down, dude.

>> No.47321589

>The same way fear pisses off dogs.
So, your saying that you're a bitch?

>> No.47321591


>> No.47321606


>> No.47321615

Once upon a time, there was an innocent young Pokemon Trainer.

He never forgot how the Zubats hunted him.

>> No.47321616

What topic?

Kinda redoing my Chain at the moment thanks some updated Jumps, but so far, I've Got Needs trumps all.

OH! Super Pervert in Naruto as a fem Senju was fun.
>pic related
No one was safe, nothing was sacred...well, when I was off the clock that is.

>> No.47321626

Actuallly anons who else did a legacy jump into Korra and what were the consequences?

>> No.47321635

Did he become Zubatman?

>> No.47321636

I like you.

>> No.47321646

There's a couple of drawbacks that I keep. The drawback from HSotD that makes everyone sexy, but more or less condemns the majority of the population. Also the fantasy drawback from dragon's crown that makes all kinds of fantasy creatures show up.

It makes my chain kinda odd, but I like the weird of it.

>> No.47321679

Pretty big. You know how Avatar apparently takes place on only one hemisphere of the planet? And how, in order to avoid the civilization-ending storms that should be hitting the Fire Nation constantly if that other hemisphere was all ocean there would have to be a land mass there? One presumably without humans, since the Avatar has never (as far as we know) incarnated outside of the Four Nations? Yeah, I lead a colonization fleet across the sea to the New World. Screwed up that timeline something fierce.

>> No.47321684

Wait so you live in monster girl land?

>> No.47321708

Toggle's from YJ right? Didn't get it. Wouldn't have helped anyway, it says it handles powers not perks and IIRC YJanon defines powers more in the manner of superhero powers than just perks based on how Amazo tech has no truck with spiritual/magic stuff

That was me bringing up the DIscworld feats. Lemme find 'em on online copies of the books. Apologies for the text formatting in advance.

Albert knows a spell that slows time over an area. It was intended to delay a glitch in reality caused by someone not being reaped properly but...things went awry thanks to a backstabbing duke:

The Rite of Ashkente in action: http://tnovels.com/mort/page-30-114513.htm

Tiffancy Aching beating the Fairy Queen: http://booksonlinefree.net/the-wee-free-men/page-35-115448.htm

Tiffany Aching "killing" the Hiver with a Shamble http://booksonlinefree.net/a-hat-full-of-sky/page-29-115481.htm

Granny Weatherwax accelerating time: http://tnovels.com/wyrd-sisters/page-26-114706.htm

And-crap, I Shall Wear Midnight isn't out online yet for free. All I have is the last page of Equal Rites, but she DOES travel to...odd parts of space-time in that book http://booksonlinefree.net/equal-rites/page-34-112724.htm

>> No.47321715

>Anon tries to apply physics to magic bending land.

>> No.47321717

I took YOU.

and FORGETTING SOMEONE? Both drawbacks in Total War.
I think I was the only one to do so, and all of the odds were stacked against me.

But I pulled through, and purged the last of my inner demons in doing so.

>> No.47321721


>> No.47321737

Avatarworld's geography makes zero sense anyway.

So what was in this New World?

>> No.47321742

Personally, I thought it was just the weirdness of mapping that made it somewhat look like that when drawn. Not that there's an entire hemisphere that's just ignored.

>> No.47321763

Well, there was >>47319834 ...
I also keep a variety of Drawback Companions, so there's that...

> Super Pervert in Naruto
Oh! I took that drawback, too!

I perfected my "Fiber Lost" technique that jump!
Of course, I guess I did get to see Ryuko Matoi do it enough times to copy it back in Kill la Kill. All those mimicry techniques really came in handy!

>> No.47321797


>> No.47321803

Not exactly the full fault of the drawback, but... well, Bloodborne has 'Watched' which makes you gain the attention of all the Great Ones, yes? And 'Blood-lust' gives an unquenchable thirst for blood.

While doing some writefagging I realized two very horrific things:

-I was a Life Fiber Mosaic in Terra Formars, with Red Surgery/Hidden Potential... which likely means I gained their whole 'blood absorbing' tidbit.
-I've taken plenty of moon empowerment/moon embodiment perks

Now remember how much tainted/eldritch blood gets spilled around? And the importance of the Moon in Bloodborne? This is one of those things where my perk choice in the past has come back to backfire on me in absurd ways. I didn't quite leave the same way I entered.

>> No.47321821

You don't need lewd jumps to jump lewd, anon.

>> No.47321831

While I do have it in my Build-list, I haven't gotten around to writing it up.

I did however tell Aang that I was a void spirit. That if the world is a song, I was the space between the notes.
I was pretty convincing. I was using my Twili for from LoZ, with my CATastrophy fox mode mixed in.

I'll probably show up with more tails, and the Spirit of Twilight. It'll be fun messing with Korra...

>> No.47321836

You're so boring.

I ended up teaching her a lot of things. That being respectful is about who you are, not who the person you're dealing with is. That you can always change your mind before you act, but it's a lot harder afterwards. That you don't have to prove you're strong.

As for her role? The same as always, but moreso. The Avatar is the one true mediator of the world. They're a part of all tribes but none, with generations of wisdom gained from ten thousand years of lives. She is the ultimate mediator - the true neutral party. So that's what I taught her to be. Truly consider things, and help bring the two opposing parties together, rather than just jumping in and trying to make sense of things later.

>> No.47321857

Look, something has to be stopping the category 5 hurricanes that should be hitting the Fire Nation. I always assumed it was spirits protecting mankind, but then Legend of Korra decided to retcon the spirits into not being able to affect the physical world easily and I had to drop that. So this is the best explanation I could come up with.

A lot of "bizarre" animals and plants that were just normal real-world animals. Presumably this is where Bosco came from, somehow. It also explains why there are normal wolves and yaks in Water Tribe territory, they could cross from the other continent to the poles more easily than from one continent to another, kind of like how in our world there's a lot of weird cross-continent mixing in the Arctic circle. There were also still-extant populations of dragons and sky bison there. Aside from the unusual flora and fauna, it was a mostly empty land rich with natural resources. There was a big gold-rush sort of scenario, all the nations competing to establish colonies and ship back the mineral wealth of the New World.

Nope. We get a few shots of the planet from space. It's not just an artifact of the map.

>> No.47321895

There was another Drawback that gave me interestin' results.

So in Hellsing, I grabbed the Schrödinger Drawback, because hell yeah, multidimensional kitty. Then in Darkstalkers much, much, much later, I picked up Morrigan's Drawback, because it seemed like fun and Kurumu needed to learn from a proper Succubus.

Then I realized something.

Schrödinger was still hanging around doing his thing and Morrigan is seriously powerful. What are the chances that catboy/girl/thing shows the Queen of Makai certain ways to cross dimensions, following me and my companions?

>> No.47321940

>Nope. We get a few shots of the planet from space. It's not just an artifact of the map.
Huh. That /is/ weird. Fair enough then.

>> No.47321967

Oh yeah there was somebody asking about the paintbrush thing in Oblivion ages ago. Read the question, couldn't answer as the IP on my phone network is banned and then forgot about it until now.

Answer is maybe. TES precedent (like most fantasy settings) for the jump is that magical shit keeps working in other settings despite the unique metaphysics.

Think there's a note about Daedric artefacts which is sort of vague but is basically the idea that it may not be possible to take them to other settings and even if it is they might just piss off back home when they get bored as Daedric artefacts are wont to do.

Brush of Truepaint is reportedly Aedric though (possibly made of Dibella's hair) and I've no idea whether they tend to run away as well. If it does work you might want to make sure people don't get their hands on the painting while you're in it. Not a lot of lore on the object, you're probably messing with powers you don't understand but then that's TES for you.

There's less lore on aedric artefacts in general but given there's no reference anywhere I know of that they go walkabout in the same way you may well be alright. Plus it's neat but it's not the Eye of Magnus, doesn't strike me as something that might be required to keep the world ticking over.

>> No.47322044

The Void Republic, Metal Empire, Wood People, and Etherites.

>> No.47322086

Are you fine with people making other jumps within the DC comic universe? Spyro talked about how the DCAU has enough content for a bunch of different jumps, so logically the comicverse should have just as much, if not more.

>> No.47322128

>Metal Empire
I'm going to assume it's the musical version since the physical thing is already indirectly covered by earthbenders.

>> No.47322150

How many DC jumps do we have currently? DC, Young Justice, Teen Titans, Arrowverse, Green Lantern TAS?

>> No.47322160

How does Force Sight work?
Is it 360º, or just give you a feed of where eyes -would- be?
Also, how does it perceive energy? Can it see the blades of lightsabers, or the bolts from a blaster?

>> No.47322167

No, Earthbenders just bend the impurities in the Earth. True Metalbenders bend the metal itself.

>> No.47322189


>> No.47322190


>> No.47322238

Is Legend of Korra worth as good as TLA?

>> No.47322254

Within reason I don't think any broad jump should stand in the way of a more specific one. Same deal with Sitcoms or Horror movies, do it if you can.

Difficult to make superhero stuff good or balanced though and it's easy to make one into a grab-bag so if you're interested you should probably ask yourself whether you're a bad enough dude first.

Plus like:


said it's going to be increasingly difficult not to retread old ground.

>> No.47322264


>> No.47322266

>Is Legend of Korra worth as good as TLA?

>> No.47322269

The Jumps are pretty similar.

The series... oh boy.

>> No.47322288

So if someone makes a Batman: The Animated Series jump, then comic book Batman is now blocked off, and vice versa? Damn.

>> No.47322321

Honestly not sure how you read that into what I said.

>> No.47322323

Well, lets just have a build for this one now, shall we?

Location: Tyto Forest
Denizen of the Kingdoms [Free]
Northern Saw-Whet Owl [Free] I like this species. Small and fun.
Instinct [Free] Alrighty.
Prehensility [100, upgraded] I've got magic... toes?
Nurse-maid [100] Raising stuff is good.
Strong Gizzard [Free] Still stacking the willpower/stubborness.
Red Glare [100] Oooh, glowing red eyes AND a boost to all my fear abilities? Must-buy.
Silent Wing [200] Silent when flying and snatching up things/people? One more on the ninja pile.
Higher Magnetics Spronk [200] Wha? Some kinda super-magnet stuff that does magic-ish stuff?
Ryb of Blacksmithing [400] Oooh, lightweight metal with the same durability is nice. Especially considering how often I use hyper-dense metals, this is real lifesaver.
Gizzard Flying [300] Flying is fun.
Mu Metal Helmet [Free] Ok.
Seed of Ga'Hoole [100] It's a fancy tree. I want it.
Slow Starter (Bird or Bat only) [+100] Okay, I'll get back on the flying bit in a bit. I think.
Yeeping [+200] Don't really need wings to fly... but still annoying.
The Ground Is Dangerous [+200] Atleast I can still run from... whatever that is.

So... Until I get this 'flying' thing down (again), I think I'll just be spiderman-ing it up in here. Maybe try and visit Ga'Hoole with the plot, if I can fly by then? Seems fun.

...Does water count as ground for The Ground Is Dangerous?

Anyway, this is mostly just a nice and relaxing vacation jump, with great perks.

>> No.47322381

It's not a matter of being blocked off, since it's entirely separate continuities. It's a matter of making Jumps that aren't too redundant. Batgod meme asides, there's only so many perks you can attach to him.

>> No.47322389

I want to blame bring intoxicated, but i'm just retarded.
I meant the series.

>> No.47322417

Just ask /co/ if you ever want to start a shitstorm.

>> No.47322418

Ah, my apologies. I thought you meant that we weren't allowed to make jumps about the same series in different continuities/universes, since they would be too similar in content.

>> No.47322431

No, not that. What does, "worth as good," mean?

>> No.47322435

It's terrible.

>> No.47322436

Meant to link to>>47322321

>> No.47322485

Metastasis Crisis in Mushoku Tensei

...'nuff said.

What d'you mean by legacy jump?

In The Last Airbender (jump #69) we kinda just tagged along with Aang. We were just this weird waterbender guy who came out of nowhere and owned a spaceship so-other than some sieges being ended much, much sooner and some sidetracking skipped entirely not much changed, really.

As Aang became more spirit-sensitive he DID start to get weird vibes from us because, y'know, Darkhallow so we had to improv some really good magical illusions. In retrospect, being a master of Heylin magic probably didn't help either.

Also we made Sokka an HF boomerang. He had fun with that.

In Legend of Korra, we met up with Korra on the road to Republic City and became a sort of stealth sidekick. Laid back (double, original "master" trained) waterbending genius and public relations advisor by day, wetworks operative by night. Unfortunately Elodie became jealous because we weren't HER mentor exclusively anymore and-let's just say hell hath no fury like a queen with decades of political savvy.

ANYWAY, we also helped Asami manage her own company, bloodbent Amon out a window during one of his speeches and spiritbent Vaatu into nothingness before he could ruin everything for everyone. We let Korra take on the Red Lotus and Kuvira by herself, though. Had to test our stealth mentoring somehow.

And uh. We...kinda hooked up for a couple of jumps. Hey, this was the early days dammit.

>> No.47322510

ASA please you are getting your pelvis crushed in that image.

>> No.47322520

Not anymore since he fucked up with the waifu.

>> No.47322586

Nyarlko is there on the rebound, don't worry.

>> No.47322589

On the plus side, atleast all those harem perks he has are suddenly useful again.

>> No.47322605

It's alright. Not nearly as good as the original series.
But it has kickass fight scenes and the world looks interesting...that's really it.

Bolin and Lin Beifong are the only good characters not from the original cast.

>> No.47322615

... Well. Well. Well.

Looks like it's finally time to admit to some feelings that are busy hiding under the "GRR STASIS" facade.

>> No.47322624

Hey Spyro are you still making any jumps soon? Also have you ever thought of exercising?

>> No.47322635

I never understood why ASA decided to become an embodiment of Lawful Evil in the first place.

>> No.47322647

I had two very memorable ones. The first fairly early and the later just a few Jumps ago.

Marche to the Sea from FFTA taught me that sometimes the greater good involves flambeing people. It did /not/ help that the Jump Coordinator had ramped up the Drawback several notches. Instead of an innocent young man simply trying to get home, my Marche was a diabolical, evil little thing that only barely passed as Hume. Think Undertale murder route.

In GUNNM I was forced to take the Last Order Drawback. I may have tried to shoot the Jump Coordinator when she taunted me after a sour Jump. In retrospect, it turned out to be a good thing. It gave me time to reevaluate what I was doing on this insane little journey and why I was putting up with the Jump Coordinator at all. So it was memorable, but in a good way.

>> No.47322655

Because, jokes about edge aside, LE is a fun alignment. If you're going to play an evil alignment, LE is the way to go. There's almost no group or scenario you can't run, and run well.

>> No.47322678


What's your alignment, Jumpers?
Feel free to go beyond the traditional law/chaos, good/evil grid.

Pretty sure at this point I'm Apathetic Meh.

>> No.47322693

I'm just trying to recover from a really nasty work week. So most of my time was spent resting up when not working.

I'll get back on the grind eventually just...real life kinda sucks at the moment. Nothing I can't handle with a little thinking and regeared focus.

I might just ask for more help really. I kinda fucked myself since all this work coming in right when I bothered to take on some jumps because I figured I had all the free time in the world. Big mistake on my part

>> No.47322706

I'm Neutral Order currently in my chain.

>> No.47322732

I tend to play each jump as a different person with different goals.

>> No.47322787

Rolled 57 (1d100)

Ignore me. Writing and I need a dice I know isn't biased.

Have a second frog-girl.

>> No.47322806

Bipolar Selfish. I keep switching between Chaotic, Lawful, and Neutral every other jump, depending on what I want to do.

>> No.47322818

>neckbeards get out REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

>> No.47322823


Also isn't /tg/ the archetypical neckbeard board anyway?

>> No.47322844

I try to be chaotic good but usually wind up chaotic evil because of how badly I screw up.
she looks kind of young don't you think? Also super poisonous if I'm remembering frog stuff right.

>> No.47322888

I like to think of myself as Chaotic Good, but I'm closer to Dark-Neutral.

>> No.47322893

Draconic Friendly

>> No.47322904

That isn't a continuous effect, is it? It's be annoying to do it and find shrinking to normal size makes it scale to normal strength.

>> No.47322906

Trade you.

>> No.47322907

>Draconic Friendly Lovable Fatty.

>> No.47322929 [SPOILER] 

Cyborgs! My favorite!

>> No.47322939


>> No.47322971

Or what, you'll sit on us?

...oh god, I feel terrible, now. I'm sorry, Spyro. We love you, never change. You're beautiful the way you are.

>> No.47322976

Fairly consistently Neutral Good when it comes to making a positive difference in the worlds I visit and in the lives of the people I meet. I'm not the most entertaining Jumper out there, but fuck being edgy or lolrandom.

>> No.47322998

Skulduggery Pleasant
Shrouded in Darquesse+400 once more a worthy opponent.
A Ghastly Appearance+200 scars are unattractive somehow? Monique doesn't think so.
Rolling for location Roll(1d8)+0:5,+0 Total:5 New York City I love this town
rolling age Roll(2d8)+10:6,2,+10 Total:18 barely a legal adult
chose Detective -100
doors are for people with no imagination free for detective handy although usually I just go Kool-Aid man.
no skin,just Bones -300 discounted for detective now I can be extra spooky
God killing weapon import Gravitational Beam Emitter [Jailbreaker]-600 this should take care of Miss edgy,I think I'm going to engrave “this machine kills tyrants” on the handle
God killing weapon import my shield-600 I've never really upgraded this like I should have.

The plan: Okay quick flight over to the UK , battle on+my newly enhanced gun+ an extra life
Roll(1d100)+0:86,+0 Total:86 yep I died and now we have each other's attention,And she was in another dimension when the blast went off, Thankfully the implosion was contained by battle on.
This time I will try just staking out one of the things she's targeting such as the hessian grimorie and engaging her with my shield. Roll(1d100)+0:19,+0 Total:19 success! My mind is an eldritch maze she cannot reach, pain is nothing to me, my body reassembles itself as fast as she can rip my molecules apart , our shadows struggle against each other in the dim lighting of the vault although mine is an extension of my body whereas she must use magic to manipulate hers, this is a struggle like I haven't had in ages! But I am victorious as the four multicolored light sabers rip through her body. Now to get back to New York for some Dirk Gently-esque shenanigans.

>> No.47323012

Chaotic Neutral with good tendencies.
My primary source of entertainment for myself, my companions, the Boss Lady is by poking and prodding people with a surplus of edge or angst. Though, I do tend to use my keikaku perks to prod them towards being a little more stable and happy. After I've had my fun, of course.
I love to baffle people with out of context powers, but I'm not really invested in, "fixing," most settings. Really, I just love doing things, and going places for the sake simple curiosity.

>> No.47323016


Aqua TV Fer all your pirate tv needs.

>In other news the pirate cult of the most awesome pirate Goddess has taken over most of the greek archipelago and in general the meditterenean sea, the Turks and the Greeks declared that they will do all in their power against them after both lost their wholle fleets and had their docks sacked. But they are too much of scrubs so lets ignore those bastards.

>The pets and monsters of the chill dude who is the companion to our best lady are now taking the war to all those fucking wankers calling themselves politicians and landblubbers. It is recommended that any spies hold prepare their anus, he is going in dry.

>Sexy Jellyfish and mermaid women as well more aquatic demi-human people sighted, remember to use protection ladies and gentlemen. Anyone interested in changing their bodies go to the temple of the Shaper.

>Yesterday at fucking midnight some bloody idiot tried to nuke us, so we nuke them back. Prepare yourselves, the Kaiju are now on the warpath and we are picking apart any strugglers with the fleet, pillaging comes after burning, hopefully this time around something will be left.

>The mediterranean sea colonized, goverments around the world responding to

>Dragons and stranger things seen flying above the mediterranean sea, biologists baffled.

>New estimates show that Pirate cult has over half a million believers. Religious war declared against them.

>The Medical sector is crushing as influx of a free 'Panacea' has people ignoring experts and taking the mysterious medicine for another chance at life. Pharmaceutical companies outraged.

>Wave of new strains of diseases coming in from the mediterranean. Experts fear the possibility of a plague.

And so on.
As to who is responsible for what and what the hell my jumper did....that would be telling.

>> No.47323032

Somewhere between chaotic neutral and neutral evil, depending on how much i like the people around me.

>> No.47323036

(yet another reset, going for more authentic jumperself)

Brando Larrea
City Life (900cp)
Male, 17yo
Charizard Y, F, Bold
-Moves (Flamethrower, Solar Beam, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blitz)
•Technician (750cp) - Quite excellent at electronics, could come in handy.
•Mechanic (450cp) - Being excellent at mechanics could help.
•Psionics (150cp) - Mind control, Telekinesis, and mental communication? Yes please. Even if capped at Gardevoir's level.
•Starting Gear - Standard Pokégear
•Motorcycle (50cp) - Beats walking and never have to refuel.
•50K Pokedollars (0cp) - Starter fund


>> No.47323040

Hey YJanon, can you please say if this interpretation is right or not? I've been using it to do lots of stuff and want to know if it actually can or if I should get something else.

>> No.47323067

Have any of you Jumpers ever used any of your powers for mundane reasons? Like making a robot to fetch butter, using portals to grab a beer from the fridge or something?

>> No.47323077


>> No.47323083

I use Corrosive Contact to disintegrate my garbage all the time.

>> No.47323085

>God killing weapon import Gravitational Beam Emitter [Jailbreaker]
You do realise it says you can import a melee or missile weapon, right? a GBE is neither of these. And it mention they're always 'primitive' weapons like swords or bows.

>> No.47323086

Unapologetically lawful good. Individual societies may be terrible, but that doesn't mean order and society aren't infinitely preferable to disorder and chaos.

>> No.47323087

I have the internal temperature of several suns, and while a set of perks keep me from cooking everything in the area around me, it also means I can toggle my skin and whether or not it reflects the same heat.

In short, I have used my abs and pecs as a flat-top grill.

>> No.47323090

>using portals to grab a beer from the fridge
That one made me very lazy for a couple decades.

>> No.47323098

Neutral Hungry.

>> No.47323104

okay I misread that hang wall I fix the build.

>> No.47323113

Thanks for coming back to my question!

Some good points. If it's alright then I think I will copy it just in case and say it does work post-jump. Thanks!

>> No.47323114

Doesn't everyone? I mean if you had technopthy would you ever press buttons on the remote again? Oh and using time powers to cook ribs in less than 12 hours.

>> No.47323124

Portals are so convenient... As is telekinesis. Technically, I never even have to get out of bed to do anything at all.

Summon food, drinks, and spirit/robot butlers is so great too...

>> No.47323223

So what's the waifu this time around?

>> No.47323224

Chaotic Lawful.

The multiverse is completely lacking in consistency, order and stability. So it falls to us as the absolute reference point to define and impose it.

Well, technically any time we interact meaningfully with reality it's by broadcasting an AT-Field projection through a portal in a certain way.

Also, we use our Aspect of Stasis to perfectly preserve food without needing a fridge, create food that replenishes itself after being eaten and create really healthy foods by stabilising the molecular composition of nutrients while allowing nasty lipids to dissolve at lower temperatures.

Also we used to use our Malleable Reality-buffed esper pyrokinesis to create a flame atronach-like body for our partner to go dancing with on vacations before we broke up.

That said-hey, we split up on amicable terms. We've seen relationships end way worse. Sometimes things just don't work out, you know and-




>> No.47323234

You're single now. You can't stop her.

>> No.47323238

Well the owl is clearly a dapper little husbando and nobody in their right mind would want to fuck a clown-seal so that can only mean the cat's the waifu

>> No.47323246

I use Raildex Pyrokinesis to cook. After a lot of practice, I was able to disperse the heat inside of my food to instantly and uniformly get it to the precise internal temperature I wanted. I can also get a seat on the outside without even touching a millimeter of the inside.

>> No.47323255


>> No.47323262

Skulduggery Pleasant
Shrouded in Darquesse+400 once more a worthy opponent.
A Ghastly Appearance+200 scars are unattractive somehow? Monique doesn't think so.
Rolling for location Roll(1d8)+0:5,+0 Total:5 New York City I love this town
rolling age Roll(2d8)+10:6,2,+10 Total:18 barely a legal adult
chose Detective -100
Keen Observational Skills-200 I'm supposed to be a detective right?
doors are for people with no imagination free for detective handy although usually I just go Kool-Aid man.
no skin,just Bones -300 discounted for detective now I can be extra spooky
tunneling -300 oh this looks like fun, plus I can avoid getting sealed up which is handy.
God killing weapon import my shield-600 I've never really upgraded this like I should have.
Old pals Monique and mother box -100
Monique drop in really nice hair free for drop-in beautiful sorrow -300 discounted for drop in
mother box monster Hunter come and have a go free for monster Hunter if you think your hard enough -100 discounted for monster Hunter wall walking--200
The plan: Okay quick flight over to the UK , battle on+my newly enhanced shield+an extra life
I will try just staking out one of the things she's targeting such as the hessian grimorie and engaging her with my shield. Roll(1d100)+0:19,+0 Total:19 success! My mind is an eldritch maze she cannot reach, pain is nothing to me, my body reassembles itself as fast as she can rip my molecules apart , our shadows struggle against each other in the dim lighting of the vault although mine is an extension of my body whereas she must use magic to manipulate hers, this is a struggle like I haven't had in ages! But I am victorious as the four multicolored light sabers rip through her body. Now to get back to New York for some Dirk Gently-esque shenanigans.

>> No.47323319



>speed of sound


>> No.47323324


It's whatever you want it to be, baby~

>> No.47323329

Neither was your last waifu.

>> No.47323330

This fast?

>> No.47323368 [SPOILER] 

You know, your life would be a lot simpler if you just accepted the fate you brought upon yourself. You might even have... fun.

>> No.47323373

I never would have pegged you for liking futa.

>> No.47323390


>> No.47323399

Idk. I probably gonna need someone who's more physically inclined and bossy take charge type gal. Sorta like Asuka from Eva.

>> No.47323421


>> No.47323437

Ol'Nyarly is pretty phallic...

>> No.47323464


>> No.47323470


>> No.47323494

Have fun with the shippers.

>> No.47323505

>worst redhead
Ugh. I guess someone has to wear that crown.

>> No.47323552

TL Note: Keikaku means plan.
That dog is spooky.

>> No.47323583

>That god is fluffy.

>> No.47323596

What's he the god of?

>> No.47323619

Being a wolf. He's just a minor god, so he's stuck with a limited purview.

>> No.47323620

Not sure if baiting or underage.

>> No.47323629

you know how the correspondence language itself carries with it a certain temperature? i.e it's written on lead plaques with a soldering iron because paper would burn. Well I covered the insides of the first section of a radiator with the library of congress translated into correspondence then I replaced the next couple of sections of the radiator with one-way valves made of ceramic so that they don't transmit heat,filled it up with water and welded the whole thing shut. Now I have a space heater that doesn't require any sort of external power, material or fuel. So yeah I used the eldritch language of star gods to keep my room warm.

>> No.47323630

Okay okay, who is it? I don't watch much anime so you'll excuse me if I don't know who that is.

>> No.47323658

Moro from Princess Mononoke. From some obscure director called Myazaki.

>> No.47323674

Wolf god from Princess Mononoke.
Though, she looks enough like the fox that lives in my woods/yard, that I've been using it to represent my Ninetales form.

>> No.47323680

Well, that they're asking at all suggests they haven't seen Princess Mononoke. But to be fair, two out of the three god-wolves in that are male (mother and her two sons), so it's an easy mistake to make.

Moro. Wolf goddess of the west. She's a major character in Princess Mononoke, often considered one of Hayao Miyazaki's best animated films.

>> No.47323695

Is that Moro? I thought it was one of her sons, thus my comment on "being a minor god".

>> No.47323705

Oh. I have never seen anything Miyazaki has made.

>> No.47323725

You should probably fix that.

>> No.47323734

Alpha Centauri

Free Drones 100
Gene Therapy
Technician 300
Empath 600
Transcendent 1000
Eudaimonic 1400
Alien Crossfire 1300
Xenocidal Native Life 1000

Had to buy a starting location/faction which is pretty unusual as usually I'll do whatever to not have to spend any CP. Had to buy Free Drones in this one though as I was otherwise going to be stuck some insane sounding religious people. Instead it's glorious Australian(?) communism and I'm one of the foreman's top guys.

I always wonder for jumps with no age changes but with an obvious memory set how old I am. How old I was in the last jump never seems quite good enough as I could have been an Elf or a babby robot or something. So my own age pre-chain? Just choose something that makes sense? Answers on a postcard please folks.

Gene Therapy means I can temporarily get younger in this jump. Be good to study this stuff anyway.

Worker makes me a hard worker. Never really believe that these sorts of perks would actually work on me. Still guess I can go into an occasional frenzied working state now and again given how many of them I've got (probably only 3 or 4, they're basically just occasional freebies).

Technician makes me a better learner and gives some tech. Pick as many of the former of these as I can.

Empath+Transcendent gives ridiculous psychic stuff. This was really more of an afterthought in this one. Mostly just wanted Eudaimonic and this is the best I could get from the origin stuff. Planet Subconscious makes it a bit difficult to maintain independence (pretty much just like being one guy) and I've already got plenty of social stuff (which is more or less what Drones get).

Eudaimonic is a weird perk but I really like it. Makes your followers become more fulfilled. Also not 100% sure if whoever wrote this knew what Eudaumonia is but there's a tossed in perk synergy aspect to it which is pretty alarmingly great if you think about it.

>> No.47323745

You should check him out, he does really good work. If you're not interested in watching a movie, try the Nausicaa of the Valley of the Winds manga he worked on (and later adapted into the movie, the movie is good but the manga is better due to the increased amount of time it has to work with, though). Don't bother with the more recent Studio Ghibli stuff, though, ever since his son Goro took over it just hasn't been the same.

>> No.47323746

Moro is so god damn fluffy, I can't even handle it.

I'm pretty sure it's from her conversation with Ashitaka after being shot. Her eyes start turning red from the blood poisoning, and pain induced madness.
That said, it's been a while since I've seen it. So I voupd be wrong.

>> No.47323793

>tfw you will never get to Jump any of Miyazaki's works.
>tfw you will never spend ten years working at the Spirit Bathhouse
>tfw you will never explore the Sea of Corruption
>tfw you will never set foot on the Castle in the Sky
>tfw you will never fly a biplane in the Adriatic Sea

>> No.47323818

You could probably do a good jump out of Nausicaa. I've been thinking of that, actually, just been too lazy to reread the manga to get all the details I'd need.

>> No.47323862

You know, I can't even be mad about that typo...

>> No.47323877

Mandatory drawback includes feeling like shit over screwing with nature for the duration of the Jump.

>> No.47323889

You could probably get a few good Jumps out of his work. Princess Mononoke should have enough and Spirited Away could work with a little stretching. Howl's Moving Castle definitely has tons to work with if you pull from the book a little as well as the film.

>> No.47323896


>> No.47323913

True Wizard.

>> No.47323926

So, question about the Overlord (LN) jump, the Necromancy perk says as a Level 100, you're Momonga's equal only if you're a zombie/skeleton. What if you also have Realm of Heroes? Also, speaking of which, would it be considered wanking if, as a Level 100, RoH Skeleton/Zombie, we had the Eclipse class, which I heard drains the life force of everything in the area?

>> No.47323932

Thematic Neutral

>> No.47323948

>Spirited Away
Erm, it's a pretty abstract universe that'd be pretty hard to translate into perks, but if Alice in Wonderland could be adapted...

Would one of the Origins be "pig"?

>> No.47323949

So many pranks.
So many flowers I made pink or some sort of dizziness inducing colour.
So many giant bugs I made to fuck with people.
So many cryptologists trolled.

Also I tried to make the best Aquatium ever.
Making best pets.

Also I used my power of messing with time via the narnian clock to push time onwards and wait until some of my favourite shows and anime were finished in order to watch them after that.
Talk about wasting time as I made time pass faster inside to finish them then rinse and repeat.

What else?
I am a rather bad gardener, so even with a green thumb perk I still use my powers to make the plants grow (And made a robot to deal with them).

Worst abuse must be when I tricked a poor fool to take care of my mythological level beasts (Did this several times in fact because at some point in my jumps as I was so fucking bored of having to convert money I just raised chaos and stole food in the end to feed my litle ones or abused my infinite food items to survive on only that or sold dirt cheap that stuff).

Infinite anything in general....I fuck over many things with any item that has that word man. (Oh god the grains, the silver spoooons, the water....so many things I did).

Chaos Neutral with true neutral undertones (I sometimes go towards evil or good, depends on if its something way too nasty or I am feeling vindictive). But most of the time I am more of a neutral because not unlike an animal I pick fights when I want, eat when I want and generally be a dick towards the establishment because I hate lawful shit of that kind, unless if its having a code of honour, I can be cool about that.

Frankly if people din't bother me I would be chill.....but I can ignore my rather evil companions...see >>47323016
So yeah, I ignore the butthurt of others, I won't let things go too much down the drain without a good casus belli, but give me one and I will use it to screw you with a fucking cactus.

>> No.47323974

>So many giant bugs I made to fuck with people.
I'm not one to kink shame people but...

>> No.47323980

Wouldn't that be a drawback?

>> No.47323981

I'm pretty sure Momonga has Realm of Heroes, too.

>> No.47323982

Drawback. I think the backgrounds would be something like, Drop Ins are like the MC(can't remember her name), bath house employee, Witch/Apprentice, and maybe one for Noh Face?

>> No.47324000

Brellin mentioned that Momonga was an average level 100. I'm pretty sure the jump also mentions something along those lines

>> No.47324005

No Face, not Noh Face. His face is a noh mask, but it's an accidental pun. In Japanese his name is Kaonashi, "faceless". It's cool that it worked out that way in the translation, though.

>> No.47324006

>can't remember her name
Neither can she.

>> No.47324010

Most of the characters you see in the movies are spirits on a vacation, so you should probably include that. No Face should probably be done as some sort of perk.


>> No.47324013

Strang, the jump says you're his equal opportunity only as a Level 100. Besides, looking it up, his character is limited because he went for more thematic/RP/storytelling stuff, where as RoH says that with Level 100, you went purposely for the most broken combo.

>> No.47324037

...why did opportunity get added in there?

>> No.47324060

Probably phones or a minor seizure.
I'm very familiar with those things.

>> No.47324097

Not sure there's enough detail for what spirits do when they're not on vacation, though. Maybe one for the customer service sort of assistant, and one for the type who keeps the food prepared and the boiler stocked?

>> No.47324101

Nah, he's an "average" level 100 (because of said RP reasons) who also happens to be a damn good player and has access to a LOT of World Items.

I hooe the other Nazarick members show up sometime. I really wanna see Touch Me in action just to get an idea of what a PvP-spec'd level 100 warrior is capable of

>> No.47324104

Jump 25: Hellsing

Origin: Drop-In (+400 CP)
+ Alucard's Embrace (200 CP)
+ Weapon Channeling (500 CP)
+ Unassuming (Free)
+ Unwavering (600 CP)

+ Uniforms (Free)
+ Hellsing Arms .454 Casull Auto (800 CP)
+ Holy Bayonets (1000 CP)


TLRD Storytime:
+ So this all went better than expected. Arrived 4 years before Cheddar Village to an Alucard that preferred calling me "Farwalker" instead of my name. I told him and Sir Integra pretty much everything right out of the gate, except details on what was supposed to happen in the future. Both seemed to take the information in stride, though Sir Integra never trusted me much during the ten years. I more or less went along with the plot of the manga/Ultimate timeline. I did ask Alucard if he wanted to know about the future, but cautioned that I had no idea if a Man could kill a Monster along that route. He decided to chance things, so I went with Plan B.
+ The Jump Coordinator screwed with things at Cheddar Village by forcing myself, not Alucard, to be the one to turn Seras. I honestly hadn't been expecting to pick her up as a Companion and certainly not that way. But it happened. I was a little gentler on Seras than Alucard was, but with the whole hierarchy of Vampireness we had going on, he was still pretty much in charge.
+ Most of the changes I made came near the end of the "story". It was I, not Alucard that went to deal with Rip Van Winkle. I beat her, used EMP to disable to explosive chips in her body, and slapped my Soul Swapper Device on her head. DC was /very/ happy to be alive again and surprisingly okay with the new body she had. In fact, she was /way/ more okay with the situation than I would have figured she would be. Still, DC was always practical and loyal above all else.

>> No.47324127

Well, Haku's a river, we know that. So presumably other spirits go around doing similar kami things. Like send wolves to guide travelers in the mountains, or turn into a radish grater, or turn into a horse's severed head and hang from trees (Japanese folklore is weird).

>> No.47324159

>Howl's Moving Castle
I want a jump of that so bad. Has anyone else even read the books?

>> No.47324164

No legend of Korra is a pretty shit series. It could have been good, but it lacked the coherency of Aang's story, which even that admittedly suffered after book 2

>> No.47324174

I ended up with an Innocent Magician and Silver Thorn Hypnos Lydia.

Honestly, go for it. They come across an echidna fortune teller in the movie, and it's a monotreme as well.

Crowls must be purchased with the Crowl species option. There's enough owl in them that they're not "Not An Owl".

Well don't forget nachtmagen includes illusions. Maybe they're not aware of your true species.

The movie covers the first six books but skips a bunch of stuff (as movies do). Honestly I didn't think a +0 drawback for one way or the other was worth adding because going one way or the other wouldn't amount to a meaningful difference, and blending the timelines appropriately seemed the best compromise.

>water and The Ground Is Dangerous
Unless someone convinces me otherwise, water doesn't count as ground.

>> No.47324192

Books, plural? I read the book, but I didn't know there were more.

Totally ruined the movie for me, by the way. I didn't think the book would be better than a Miyazaki work, but here we are.

>> No.47324210

I read the first one and the sequel, never read the third. They're good books, interesting stuff. Movie cuts out pretty much all of it.

>> No.47324214

>Crowls must be purchased with the Crowl species option. There's enough owl in them that they're not "Not An Owl".
So how would that work with any background except Pure One?

>> No.47324246

>Books, plural?
It has two sorta sequels, Castle in the Air, and House of Many Ways.

>> No.47324262

+ Tak and Alita stayed behind in London and activated what was probably the greatest magical feat I'd ever devised as the Nazi's invaded. It transported all civilians out of London and set them about 2 miles outside the city limits. I would have sent them to another city if I could have, but even Epic Magic apparently had some limits out of the D&D worlds.
+ Alucard was more than happy to take on the entire Nazi army on his own, so the battle was dramatically accelerated. I tried to warn Seras about Zoran, but in the end she still lost the arm and events unfolded as normal. I, quite frankly exhausted from the battle with Rip and the magic draining out of me, didn't arrive back in London until the battle was already over. I was told that Tak managed to get Helena's Nail away from Alexander Anderson by shooting it out of his hand. This causes Anderson to have Alucard as a Man instead of a Monster, which ended in Alucard finally dying as he wanted.
+ The Major and The Werewolf were quickly dealt with. Then the moping up took place. Sir Integra was actually quite sad at Alucard's death and took it extremely hard. The last few years were pretty boring, all things considered. Only the occasional cropping up of vampires to deal with. The Catholic Church was a bigger problem with Anderson still alive, but open hostilities never broke out at least.
+ So I left, with Seras and Rip Van DC in tow.

I kind of regret giving Alucard what he truly wanted.

I didn't realize there were more than one.
Really? Going to have to hunt me down some copies.

>> No.47324273

>And how, in order to avoid the civilization-ending storms that should be hitting the Fire Nation constantly if that other hemisphere was all ocean there would have to be a land mass there?

Uh, anon, pic-related. Your "New World" might consist pretty much of Fiji, Hawaii, Polynesia and New Zealand.

>> No.47324328

All places that are regularly hit by hurricanes. Your point?

>> No.47324331

Oh, good. Atleast I can still swim to get to this Isle then.

How does Nurse-maid's imprinting as a parent work with beings other than owls, like humans?

An Empty Nest only works for the owls, right? Wouldn't allow me to have the other intelligent animals?

>> No.47324366

Yeah, ASA pretty much has it down pat.

>> No.47324395

Damn, a way to toggle perks one and off would have been very convenient.

>> No.47324419

That's an optical illusion caused by looking at the right angle. It's the geographical equivalent of taking a selfie from high-up to hide your fat. Give me a minute, I'll find a better shot taken from an equatorial orbit.

>> No.47324426

Aww, damn. Still good but it was damn hard to get the points for it because of how many other good things there are in that jump. Guess I can get something I cut to get it now.

I think their point was that the fire nation wouldn't have to be hit as bad as was being suggested.

>> No.47324469

Some Zerg jump questions. Does the psionic booster brain thing merge into you while in use or do you have a brain stuck to you while using it? Does it stay attached when you swap alt-forms?

Does the fact Nydus Network is a 400cp item mean you can't make them normally?

Can you be a Zergling, or add it to your personal strain to split in two/three?

Are Viper, Brood Lord, and Queen meant to have elite forms or is the omission intentional?

If you get a companion Torrasque Ultralisk and a flier of some sort is your Personal Zerg Strain essentially a Zerg Phoenix? (More pertinently would it fly as well as the flyer component can or be reduced by the behemoth part?)

Bit of a typo in the intro for the drawback section.

Is there something special about SC space or will Zerg flyers be fine post-jump?

Are individual Zerg mindless enough for me to keep in the warehouse?

Can we make Leviathans to move to other planets in other jumps and will their psionic portals work?

>> No.47324481

I know, I was just being snide. My real response was this >>47324419. The Pacific Ocean doesn't take up an entire hemisphere, it only looks that way if you photograph it from the right angle.

>> No.47324492

I always just assumed you could and it became my dearest fanwank. Always imagined it as a terminal in the warehouse where you can go turn stuff off and on.

As such feel free to assume you can turn off and on any perks from my jumps as I never thought you couldn't.

>> No.47324494

....Woah so lewd.
I meant fuck with people as in to mess with them? To prank them?
Seriously Anon....I am disapoint with you.

>> No.47324514

Thanks again for letting me train by fighting paint monsters!

>> No.47324527

I'm sure they were just bugging you.
The antennative makes my skin crawl.

>> No.47324551

>always just assumed you could
Me too, never evan considered otherwise before now.

>> No.47324554


>> No.47324583

Looks like it's still pretty close.

>> No.47324586 [SPOILER] 

Are you sure of that?

>> No.47324611

Dat ass.

>> No.47324623

It's about a third of the Earth's surface area. Still big, but not a whole hemisphere.

>> No.47324655

Hive got to admit, she's a leggy little critter.

>> No.47324685

Relaying from the jumpmaker, exact words:
>Does the psionic booster brain thing merge into you while in use or do you have a brain stuck to you while using it? Does it stay attached when you swap alt-forms?
Brain stuck to you while using it that you can detach at will and apply to another person. Does stay attached between alt-forms.

>Does the fact Nydus Network is a 400cp item mean you can't make them normally?
Yes, but this one is an improved version and... fuck, actually that's a fair point. Might make a note that you can have the nydus worms attach to and from your Warehouse.

>Can you be a Zergling, or add it to your personal strain to split in two/three?

yes, but everything you have power- and ability-wise would be split two- or three-ways, similar to other cloning perks in that regard.
>Are Viper, Brood Lord, and Queen meant to have elite forms or is the omission intentional?
Intentional - they automatically become Companions, meaning an 'Elite Form companion' is redundant.

>If you get a companion Torrasque Ultralisk and a flier of some sort is your Personal Zerg Strain essentially a Zerg Phoenix? (More pertinently would it fly as well as the flyer component can or be reduced by the behemoth part?)
... Nice combo on your part. yes, it would be a phoenix of sorts - although your flight wouldn't be as nimble as a mutalisk or be as tanky as an Ultralisk, you'd still get some decent benefits of both.

>Bit of a typo in the intro for the drawback section.

>Is there something special about SC space or will Zerg flyers be fine post-jump?
... I don't know how the fuck the wings work period, so consider this ruling - fine post-jump.


>> No.47324686

Buzz off.

>> No.47324705

>Are individual Zerg mindless enough for me to keep in the warehouse?
... I was intending it to be like Starcraft: Terran where taking a 'Clutch' option was meant to give you some forces for that jump only, but taking things into consideration... Mmmm. I'll leave that up to individual wank - I get the feeling I'd be lambasted, not by you but by others.

>Can we make Leviathans to move to other planets in other jumps and will their psionic portals work?
Yes, you can make Leviathans in other jumps - as for their psionic warping? If I remember how the Overmind, cerebrates, and Queen of Blades did it - you'll need some considerable psionic power behind that but the capability IS there in the Leviathan 'schematics.'

There you go. His words, not mine. I was asked to relay them.

>> No.47324731

Does he bug you?

>> No.47324767

It unburrowble. I mite go flying into a rage.

>> No.47324815

He is a pest, don't let him creep you out.

>> No.47324817

Too many blending in perks. I mostly go unnoticed, which is hilarious when you consider the scale of things I had to do in Worm. I have to actually call attention to myself if I want people to do more than subconsciously pet the fluffy. Though, I guess events I'm responsible for make the news. If I spit on the ground at a farm, yields double, genetically engineered monsters, crime vacillating wildly over different sectors, random people being cured of cancer, medical science evolving by leaps and bounds over ten years, that sort of thing.

When I do call attention to myself, it's usually to only one or two people at a time.

Roberta, my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Partner's Digimon Partner. Initially I was angry that she took up a pod I was saving for my husbando. She started out dull, then became a royal bitch, but we've settled into a happy co-existence where we've just sort of accepted we want different things and help each other out.


>> No.47324847

>That's an optical illusion caused by looking at the right angle.

Um. I know there's an equatorial bulge, but the Earth's still pretty close to spherical (~0.3%) and any photo of a sphere from any sufficiently distant point will show a hemisphere.

>The Pacific Ocean doesn't take up an entire hemisphere, it only looks that way if you photograph it from the right angle.

Sorry, my bad for naming the screenshot Pacific Ocean then, as I didn't mean to claim that. It's not _just_ the Pacific Ocean (it's also the Southern Ocean and some islands), but it is a hemisphere mostly of ocean.

tldr, my (intended) points were that such a feature shouldn't automatically result in "civilization-ending storms" unless the Fire Nation consists of coastal floodplains (like a Holland without the UK etc to act as a storm breaker), and your New World might be mostly archipelago.

>> No.47324892

In Overlord, what exactly is the maximum rank of magic you can use if you're a warrior?

>> No.47324959

(cont) So yes, there might be a decent-sized landmass on the other side of the Avatar planet, but there might well not be.

>> No.47325089

My post seems to have disappeared into the ether.

Ok, fist I thank you for passing that along. Second I am confused about the Nydus Network answer. Is that 'yes you can make them' or 'yes you are correct about not being able to make them'?

The minions in the warehouse thing was mostly so I could keep enough Zerg on hand to quickly set up a base anywhere I can open a door to the warehouse.

The Leviathans FTL travel via portal, don't they? That's what I was asking about.

>> No.47325144

So-it's just been pointed out that miscalculations appear to have been made for the SMT build. Hence, revisions.

Drawbacks: The Trials of Masakado, Two Steps From Hell, Sick Little Puppy, The Pre-Apocalypse, Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse, The girl that was killed in the park...World of Chaos (2400)

Demon, Age 24

Rolled Hospital, Kichijoji

Demonic Union: Virtue, Throne (2100)
Dormant Power (1600)
Mimic (Free)
Kugutsu Magic (Free)
Herald (600)
Chosen of Raphael (0)
Theme Music (Free)

Alas, poor items. We knew them well.

>> No.47325176

>Is that 'yes you can make them' or 'yes you are correct about not being able to make them'?
"You can make them - was intending for the 400 CP Network to be better in some regards (increased creep generation by the nydus worm heads, faster manifestation, etc) but that’s not obvious from the item text. As we can see, I need to work on that a tad."

>The Leviathans FTL travel via portal, don't they? That's what I was asking about.
"They do, judging by http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Warp_space

However it appears they open these rifts via psionics, which is what I was getting that. Considerable psionic might would be necessary to form one of those portals, as it were."

>> No.47325222

>photo of a sphere from any sufficiently distant point will show a hemisphere

That pic isn't sufficiently distant. Zoom out more. Also turn on atmospheric processing in GE's options, gives you much a clearer pic so you can see the landmasses near the edges like other anon was describing. But yeah, still mostly ocean.

>> No.47325282

hang on hemispheres are lengthwise and not widthwise?

>> No.47325307

It literally just means half a sphere.
It can be any way you want.

>> No.47325361

Ah, OK.

I'm not trying to make the portals myself, wouldn't the Leviathans be able to do it unaided? I don't know if they can use their powers for anything else but they all seem to be able to get around without having Kerigan's of their own.

>> No.47325395

Lawful Gun

>> No.47325399

>Yes, the capability is there. Tell him sorry for misunderstanding.

>> No.47325416

Charmer (500cp)
•Appeal 4 (400cp) - Flawless skin is flawless. Not a vain person but getting rid of acne, wrinkles, and other imperfections isn't vain, it's divine.
•Shape 4 (300cp) - Having a body like a GrecoRoman statues without the effort? Yes!
•Sense 1 (250cp) - Somehow average isn't 20/20.
•Endurance 1 (200cp) - So I don't have to catch my breath every 5 minutes, now I can go every 7 minutes!
•Endowed 3 - At least this part isn't like one the GrecoRoman statues.
•Metavore (100cp) - You're telling me I can be myself, eat bunch junk food and never worry about getting fat? Where you been all my life?!
•Evercleansed (0cp) - So fresh, so clean. Love it!
•Height (6'4")
•Weight (200lbs)
•Hair (Sandy Blond)
•Eyes (Blue-Grey)

>> No.47325442

Most of the time? I am surprisingly low-key. I tend to pretend to work within the "rules" of a given universe unless necessary, or one of a couple other reasons. A Powerful, but otherwise mundane person.

But when I go full crazy? They kinda love me. Due mostly to shit-tons of Charisma Perks, and perks that make the media more likely to like me.

As >>47319348 said. I regret nothing!

Do you realize how much stress I put myself under when I max out on Drawbacks in most jumps? The stress from my Wives is nothing compared to the shit I put myself through.

Not enough.

I honestly don't remember. I didn't roll for anyone from the faction I wanted. Who I was told was basically the Justice and Kamen Rider faction. I've never seen Vanguard


That was a terrible ten years. My body was broken repeatedly.

Lawful/Neutral Good? I Hope? I certainly try really hard to be LG. Even if I sometimes feel my nature is closer to the other end of the spectrum.

>> No.47325452

Question, can the soul stealing/summoning perk from Samurai Jack be used on Drifa from Fall from Heaven? He IS the winter god's avatar, but he can(and in fact, has to be) killed, so is it possible?

>> No.47325605

Drifa is a she.

It's probably possible, Basium is able to trap the souls of demons in his hammer, so a dragon is probably fair game.

>> No.47325618

•Electricity (140cp) - Gotta have lights
•Heat/AC (130cp) - Yes! Very essential!
•Shelving - Good for storing my stuff
•Workshop (120cp) - When I need to tinker.
•Medbay (100cp) - For times when I'm injured.
•Force Wall (80cp) - Keep out the rift raft.
•Free Space (50cp) - Roomy! More room the better!
•Stasis Pod (30cp) - Just incase I have a need to pod long term companion.
•Portal (0cp) - Too lazy to find a door.

>> No.47325654

Huh. weird. The jump itself refers to Drifa as a him. But okay, good to know about the soul thing, thanks.

>> No.47325659

Goddamn bubble boy.

>> No.47325696

I kinda need to ask. To what extent is dark magic? Is it anything like magic seen in most low medieval fantasy settings? I kinda want to make some good old fashioned healing potions and resistances. Should I take healing and Ga'Hoolology to try and come up with a new branch of magic? Perhaps "curse" someone with these magical abilities?

I'm gonnah go illusion and hope they don't figure me out too quickly. Luckily this jump has some good bluffing perks.

>> No.47325874



You never gave me any time or points before, because you were with that other lady. But now we can SPEND SOME JUMPS TOGETHER! Isn't it romantic?

>> No.47325912

>Nyarlathotep wants to "spend some jumps together".

>> No.47325951

No, run faster. Use your jump-perks and amplify your speed beyond human reasoning... then you might escape into the cuddly arms of Y'Golonac. Either way you go, you're gonna get eldritched.

>> No.47326013

You can't run.
You'll only die tired

>> No.47326038

You think ASA isn't going to die tired from a few jumps of what Nyarly has planned?

>> No.47326059

>mfw I just realized old Volition-anon is new Foxymama-anon

>mfw I remember random anons from last year

>mfw I give anons names because I have nothing better to do

>> No.47326127

Woah indeed... Now I wonder if I have a name. Probably not. Too disjointed.

>> No.47326138

I have a few questions, mostly involving the Darkest Dungeon Gauntlet, the gauntlet explicitly takes your powers from you but does it effect the items I have on entering the Jump? I have magical armor that I've been building up over the years and a freaking lightsaber, so you may get why I'm asking. Don't want to trvialize a Gauntlet for a little overlooked thing but if it is allowed then I will be making the Gauntlet mine much easier than I first expected.

>> No.47326198

Yes, those count as powers. C'mon, man.

>> No.47326229

Items aren't powers, but they are items. Are you sure it doesn't lock those too?

>> No.47326244

>Too disjointed
Do they detach? Because I remember someone becoming Super Monsoon at one point.

>> No.47326263

Too monsoon, anon.

>> No.47326336

I checked. It states that it is a "Powerless jump. Without Companions and Warehouse Access" so anything I was wearing last Jump follows through, as per usual.
I'm trying not to step on toes here that's why I'm asking. I know that the LoT Jump went through several revisions for just this kind of thing so I thought I'd ask.

>> No.47326388

Well, it's not like the Jump Police are going to kick down your door. Do whatever's fun for you!

But the fact that you're asking means you know it's a weaksauce rules-lawyering move.

>> No.47326394


>> No.47326494

Thanks again, to both you and OneArm.

>> No.47326552

Actually I was merely asking to see if this was an oversight on the Jump creator's part.
I wouldn't consider it weaksauce as the entire objective to running in the Jumpchain, even the Gauntlets, is to entertain Jump-Chan and I got a really good laugh out of this idea of a guy being stripped of his powers only to be able to solo the entire everything with little to no help from an infrastructure he built with drawbacks merely because of the simple fact he held onto his gear from the last Jump.
However if this is an oversight, I would like to get it seen to instead of being called a fag for doing it when I get around to posting my builds.

>> No.47326652

I have to ask, because this is bugging the crap out of me.

How in the blue hell did you get Nyanyanya-nyarlko trying to waifu you?

>> No.47326658

>>If you get a companion Torrasque Ultralisk and a flier of some sort is your Personal Zerg Strain essentially a Zerg Phoenix? (More pertinently would it fly as well as the flyer component can or be reduced by the behemoth part?)
>... Nice combo on your part. yes, it would be a phoenix of sorts - although your flight wouldn't be as nimble as a mutalisk or be as tanky as an Ultralisk, you'd still get some decent benefits of both.

Wait, we could combo Zerg types together?

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