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Oh, didn't realise it was WIP. It does look a bit barebones, but it has all the basic layout.

Huh. I can't find it on the gdrive. Not in WIP, not in Completed. So here's my local copy.

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Oh god it's .Hack all over again.

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So if someone just up and GIVES you their soul, what're you supposed to do with it?

>> No.47309689

Turn it into a weapon, if they were badass enough.
Or pop it for 50% of +1 Str.

>> No.47309691

Lllloooook at you, h-h-hacker-Oh, wait, that's Shodan/System Shock, my bad.
Sacrifice it to Great Cthulhu. of course.

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.hack//sign had an amazing soundtrack. That's more than half the reason I watched the show, honestly.


>> No.47309718

Or SAO. Gotta level up dem cooking skills for the Waifuing.

>> No.47309721

Crunch it and add it to a salad. Maybe make a weapon out of it, but even if it would make a good weapon it would likely just end up sitting around in my collection.

>> No.47309754

Use it as leverage to make them my servant.

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It's really bad, though. I mean, Jesus, look at some of the perks. "You can actually use more than one skill at once." Thanks, that's really worth a capstone. What is a subclass, anyway? Huh, do I hear crickets? Oh well. Let's see... You can use skills in different ways than intended." Man, what a relief. It's not like that's what the second fucking arc is about. Major Guild Leader, Nobility, and Royalty are totally each distinct enough to be worth filling three out of your twelve slots for perks.

I wish we had a Jumpmaker who actually read the light novels and knew the setting well enough to make something good.

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I animate a Doll body from Nechronica with it, and adopt them.
At least long enough to get them back on their feet.

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Not the WIP maker, but I'm curious. What would you like to see in a Log Horizon jump? What suggestions for one would you give?

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Not that anon, but I would like to see meaningful perks. Lvl 90 could be a similar perk to Lvl 100 in Overlord and would include the items that high level players have that are "unavailable" to lower level player who did not obtain them before the apocalypse. The ability to use the system to equip items that were made post apocalypse would be a nice perk too.

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thats why its a WiP. More to the point its an old WiP

and why I am waiting to get the time to read the LN. I also specifically said that if some thinks they could do a good job they were entirely capable of going ahead and making their own with my blessing back in December

Look at the moment i'm busy working on fluffing out Gundam Seed, and would like to actually finish Dynasty Warriors if I can get a chance to play the latest game. So if you would like read the books and make a jump.

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In Overlord does being a lvl 100 magic caster increase your actual intelligence at all?

>> No.47310049

Honestly, what I'd like to see is no People of the Land background. I'd like to see four different backgrounds focusing on players - Drop-In based around the people who just joined like Minori and Tohya, one for Crafting players, one for Raiding players, and one for Social players and/or Shiroe-type manipulators. I'd like for the perks to actually feel like things you'd see in the show, rather than just random silliness and things you could already do just by being part of the world. I'd also like to see the descriptions of the races and classes used to flesh out the flavor of the world rather than just shorthand and "go check the wiki."

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You see this would have been helpful to have been suggested a year ago when I was actively brainstorming for the project.

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The quickest way to a person's heart is through their stomach.

>> No.47310115

-Year 19 DLC 2: The Blind Ork Shooter - +500CP
Team: Slagshifta Brothers
Items: Red Paint (50T), Comfertable Bitz (225T), Boarding Plank X2 (50T), Sloggin' Powah X2 (50T), Shoota X4 (200T), Big Fat Tires (50T), Flamer X2 (200T), Oil Slick X5 (250T), Bigga Fuel Tank (75T), Extra Armer (50T), Red Paint (50T), Rokkit Boostas X2 (150T), Dokkin' Bitz (100T)
Boys: Shootas X4 (300T), Burna Boy X2 (200T), Weirdboyz X4 (200T), Painboy (100T), Mekboy (150T)
Vehicles: War Buggy X2 (100T), Wartrakk X2 (200T), Wartrakk Skorcha (200T)
Ship Upgrade: Skullkrusha Mega-Cannon

>> No.47310134

99% sure I suggested this or something similar when the WIP was first published.

>> No.47310179

With that system Dual Class could be a capstone for the Raid Player origin, preferably one from the came category like Priest/Druid or Summoner/Sorcerer.

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Yeah, it used to be super easy to find the soundtrack online until Sony, I think it's Sony who owns it, went on a DRM tear and started taking it down from everywhere.

I know they aren't the best games, and lord knows there's probably too many of them, but I loved those games all the same.

>> No.47310300

170. Worm
Location: New York
Origin: Drop-In, Age: 17
Perks: Outside Context Problem, No Such Thing as Collateral (-100), Blending In (-150), Meh I can Take You (-300), Spanner in the Works (-300)
Gear: Worm, Costume (-50)
Full Line Up (-300)
Drawbacks: On the Radar (+200)

Chimmy: Villain, Soft Physics
Falco: Villain, Inference Engine
Roberta: Villain, Sting
Ko'el: Villain, Sensorium
SoB: Villain, Imaginary Form
Asriel: Villain, Topography Manipulation
Isaac: Villain, Reverse Engineering
Toby: Villain, Assimilation, Cauldron Vials (-300)

There are dozens of times while reading this that I thought to myself "And here is how my jumper would change that", but honestly, most of the events are worth stopping well before they happen. I just have to fight the Simurgh at Canberra, dismantle the Slaughterhouse Nine (Bonesaw gets help, Burnscar gets separated from her shard and therapy), keep Mouse Protector safe, make sure Dragon and Armsmaster get together, separate Noelle from her shard, get the Travellers home, make sure Foil and Parian get together, out the corruption in the Protectorate without causing the downfall of superheroes in general, help Eidolon come to terms with how his power works and what it's done, and find a date for prom. I am not going to prom alone again this year. I have phenomenal cosmic power, it shouldn't be this hard to ask a guy out.

A lot of other story's shifted because of these actions. I made sure to keep certain character's safe, though. Specifically, I mean. I took Panacea under my wing and helped her with a lot of her hang-ups. Taylor still ended up a warlord, it was just mostly spent fighting other gangs than the Slaughterhouse Nine. Theo got saved from his family.

The death toll for the Leviathan fight was less than 10%, and those were mostly people Armsmaster let die, which I called him out for alongside Taylor. I did let the actual city itself drown, just not the people. The damage wasn't that different from canon, actually.

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If I were to either hope or lobby for an unfinished game as a jump, I'd go with Star Citizen. Sure, there isn't much to anything for a story but I love the ship design.

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If you did, then I missed it because its not in my notes. But its in there now.

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Isn't choosing a power for the jumper 400?

>> No.47310374

Any chance we're actually going to see something come from this? Because now I'm finally feeling a little bit of hope. Please don't crush it.

>> No.47310381

Also, Battleborn is better anyway.

>> No.47310418

As I mentioned earlier I really like opportunity to sit down and read the books, and that means getting the books and the time to read them, which isn't easy for me.
If no one makes the jump in the interim I will eventually finish what I'm working on.

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I loves me some Gearbox, and while I would love to see a next gen Borderlands I'm glad they aren't going the way of the annual release.

Is BB any good?

>> No.47310473

I didn't take a power, but:

>Parahuman (Roll 1d12 for power category, then 1d8 for power. 200cp to choose either category, or the power within a rolled category, 400cp to choose power. Optional):
means you are correct.

Choosing for companions is forfeiting free CP, so I just rolled for one of them to get some Cauldron Vials. Those are strictly Toby's to hand out how he sees fit, so they should see some use among the crew of the Kerykeion and Light of Terra, and maybe to friends he makes in jumps. He doesn't see a reason to give me one, though.

>Full Line Up (300cp): You may import up to 8 companions, each one gaining an origin for free, including their associated freebies. Beyond this they have an additional 300cp to spend, but in all other aspects function as the Cape import above. They may forfeit the free cp to instead choose a power rather than rolling. If you wish you may purchase this multiple times, each purchase letting you import another 8 companions.

>> No.47310487

-Year 23 DLC 4: I've been Working - +500CP
Clan: Makurtu Gabe
Doomtrain: Leviathan-class cab
Encounters: [15] Calm before the storm, [23] Broken Land 4, [34] Pyrocane +8, [62] Refugee Convoy, [25] Breakdown -3, [53] Dust Storm -2
Supplies: 17 left

>> No.47310499

>I'm glad they aren't going the way of the annual release.
So am I. They need to wait for a fresh crop of dank memes to mature before they start fermenting them into a delicious Border Beverage.
Stale memes are only good as a garnish.

>> No.47310517

Oh right sorry, I got Full Line Up and Complete Arsenal mixed up, not sure how I managed that.

>> No.47310537

No worries. Thanks for checking my math.

>> No.47310556

It's great. Excellent cast of characters, decent gameplay, and the ever-coveted co-op story mode I wish Overwatch had.

ISIC would make an excellent Companion, for one thing.


>> No.47310670

>ISIC would make an excellent Companion
It's beautiful...

>> No.47310680

You know who you are, I imagine.

But what MAKES you who you are? Of all your experiences, of all your tendencies, of all the little pieces that make up your Jumper, which do you consider the "core" pieces, the most important ones?

>> No.47310795

Let me slap on my name here for a few minutes to be all official.

So, this is a rather rough, early version of the Arcanum Jump. It's just to show those who were excited about it what direction I'm taking things. It's also to make sure I'm not heading in a direction that people will wildly hate, because I did switch things up a little bit.

>> No.47310834

Is there a perk out there that would stop the butterfly effect from making your mere presence in a setting disrupt the Rube Goldberg of fate that is needed for many plots to function?

>> No.47310889 [SPOILER] 

My complete disregard for morality and ethics in the name of personal power, simply so I don't have to sit and bind myself to the rules of others anymore. This combined with my utterly negative self-worth is probably the biggest reason why I've managed to doom many worlds in the name of 'my people.'

Still doesn't mean I'm ever going to stop.


>> No.47310917

Belka please go.

>> No.47310933

I don't think so, but the Game of Shadows perk from Sherlock Holmes could help you control it.

>> No.47310951

I don't know of any specific ones, but luck perks should at least help in avoiding accidentally dooming the setting if it'd doom you as well.

E.g. Genforge has a luck perk (literally named "Luck"), which includes the line "events tend to turn out better".

>> No.47310954


>> No.47310980

I am too buzzed to competently answer questions, but I'll try anyhow.
My desire for friends and family is one of the parts that I started with, and hasn't changed. I recently moved away from my family, and being the eldest of a rather large gaggle of sisters when I started my chain, and I was lonely.
Having met met my Starter/Wife, and Soulmerging with them as time went on, we became the center of a enormous family of companions. And now I dote on companions like they're my children/little sisters.
The act of doing these things keeps me grounded. Especially in the face of another of personality traits.
I like to mess with people.
I like to confound people.
I like the look of incredulity as context breaks down around them.

Which can be dangerous for lategame jumpers, so, soulsynced waifu keeps my head on my shoulders. I try to keep the cuh-razy for when we need it.

I'm a little more than buzzed...
Imma go to sleep. See y'all tomorrow!

>> No.47311009

Looking good so far.

>> No.47311012

Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.

>> No.47311030

Looking good to me. Can’t wait to see how it shapes up.

Down with the Technocracy!

>> No.47311033

>wiki entries
Please tell me this isn't going to be part of the final Jump. Please?

>> No.47311034

Jane Doe here with the latest update to my Dinotopia WIP. Looking for comments and critiques.

>the feeling you get when there's only one thing left to add but you can't for the life of you think of what it should be.

>> No.47311038


>You may as well have fallen out of the sky for all you know what's going on. You find yourself in your Body-Mod form
Wording it like that makes me think that I’ve lost access to my other alt forms. Is that the case, or are you just trying to say that we don’t have a form granted by this jump for this jump? If the that is the case, perhaps change the wording to state that the jumper arrives in whatever form he or she left his or her last jump in.

Personal preference, but I hate when jump docs link me to sites outside of that doc in order to read about the jump. Might not be a big issue for some folk, but I know we do get people who have shitty connections who download things on wifi to read and fiddle with while they’re out and about.

There are a fuckton of these. Not a bad thing, just a comment that you’ve put some work into that and that you’re going to have a lot to update and balance.

>Perks and Items:
Not much to say without seeing more

Given that No Longer Exempt and Locked Away are doing similar things, kinda, they should have some relationship in pricing / rewards.

Interested to see what you do with this.

>> No.47311084

Destiny seems far more powerful then the other capstones, basically a nerfed PTV, and should be reduced or changed. I Hope You Choke On It is the opposite, in that it's got much less use then the other capstones, not including the PTV-lite. That one should probably be made to be something stronger.

>> No.47311109

>Personal preference, but I hate when jump docs link me to sites outside of that doc in order to read about the jump.
Agreed. And it's a PITA when six months later the linked site is 404 and new jumpers are up shit creek without a paddle.

>> No.47311163

Oh, no, absolutely not. They're just placeholders for the moment.

In order:
1. The wording is indeed a little rough on it, but no, you don't lose access to anything, you just don't get a Race and Background.
2. See above.
3. True, but I just couldn't ignore the ton of Backgrounds the game itself had. Some of them were just too much fun. I wasn't planning on giving away too much in the way of stats though.
4. Yep, true.
5. Both of those are pretty much placeholders at this point, but I agree.

Thanks guys.

>> No.47311166

>One Raindrop Raises the Sea
So, just being pedantic here, the way its worded it sounds like your reputation, as an absolute value, is tied to whether or not you solo things. Does that mean that if you solo something on a Monday you're a hero, and then if you work with a group on Tuesday you're forgotten? I doubt that's what you're going for, but I want to be clear. If you're not going for that, maybe you could tease the wording such that your reputation /increases/ based off of group size and that working with a group will not ipso facto hurt your aggregate fame / reputation because of this skill.

>I Hope You Choke On It
This is the weakest capstone out of the bunch. I'm not familiar with the property, and it sounds like you're channeling something specific here, but measured against the other capstones it feels a bit meh.

All in all, this is solid. There's a bit too much white space in it for my tastes, I like jumps that are a bit more compact, but outside of that and the comments above this seems pretty neat.

Good job, Jane.

>> No.47311171

Adding to what that other anon said, you could bump up the other capstones to match Destiny.

>> No.47311182

I think it'd be better to bump Destiny down. Dinotopia isn't a series on the level of something like Worm, it makes no sense to be giving perks on that level out.

>> No.47311186

>maybe you could tease the wording such that your reputation /increases/ based off of group size
That makes it the opposite and hurts solo.

>> No.47311188

Looks pretty good to me so far.

Though I guess I'd say don't forget that the inverse applies to Magic versus Technology as well, although most people don't usually see it.
But I remember playing through the game, if your tech score was high, your magic would be really weak.
I ALSO remember walking through the Vendigroth Ruins as a high end magic character and actually taking periodic damage every couple rounds just because of the high end tech that was everywhere, which made it probably the most dangerous area in the game for me. It was actually an unsettling experience, what with my ridiculous magical powerhouse that nuked everything up to that point.

>> No.47311215

Sorry, I worded that wrong. I meant to say that it can only increase if you solo something, but not decrease because you work with a group.

>> No.47311281

After watching The Flash I thing I've come to realize that Super Speed is the best power ever. From the perspective of a speedster everything is in slow motion, or at least they think and react so quickly that it might as well be. If someone tried to blow up an entire city to kill you, you could simply outrun the blast! Seriously with the exception of other speedsters they have to make up reasons why he can't just speed blitz everything just just to give Barry any challenge.

>> No.47311318

>From the perspective of a speedster everything is in slow motion... they have to make up reasons why he can't just speed blitz everything

You just reminded me of this.

>> No.47311319

>the best power ever

>> No.47311338

I was planning to use the Vendigroth Ruins as one of the starting locations, and I was going to make a note there about the extremely advanced tech actually interfering with magic. But you're right, I am going to need to clarify that moving forwards. Technology interfering with magic just doesn't get much screen time, even when you're playing a high tech character like I was. Except for healing spells not working on you. That's what I remember more than anything else.

>> No.47311347

That scene is a joy.

>> No.47311477

And now you know the only reason why Manyfist made that jump.

>> No.47311491

This is exactly what I am talking about, how do you ever beat that? and he was being gentle, at that speed he could have easily just shoved his finger through heir skulls if he wanted to!

>> No.47311492

Oh get off it idiot. We have plenty of series that give super speed to some extent.

>> No.47311507

I thought it was so that he could be his own vibrator.

>> No.47311510

Doesn't disprove my point, ding-dong.

>> No.47311513

Why do you think they put him on a bus after that scene?

>> No.47311514

>outrunning the blast
Anon, I thought you were serious about being a speedster.

>> No.47311572

Now that was funny.
I am talking with the caps for jumpers, that being said both Speedster and Omega Super Speed (the two strongest speed perks) have soft caps that would be even softer if you took both.

>> No.47311593

>pic related
And nothing's said for the fact that the human brain's not built to comprehend that degree of information being rushed into them.

Comic science, ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.47311598

God that scene is my favorite part of the movie.

>> No.47311630

So... from these five panels, are we meant to infer that Deathstroke is a speedster even better than the Flash, so long as the former stands in one place? Or is that what you meant by "make up reasons", i.e. the writers pulled Deathstroke's move out of their ass?

The detonation velocity of C5 plastique, if it's similar to C4, would be (roughly) 8km/sec or about Mach 23 at STP, and Deathstroke manages to move his sword from his front right across to his left and then reverses it to impale Wally behind him in the time (probably under a millisecond) it takes for the plastique to finish exploding. Wally is apparently fast enough to evade the explosions but not the sword.

>> No.47311648

What anon means is that comics are inconsistent and bullshit.

>> No.47311653

Speedforce son. Heightens one's perceptions and reflexes to match one's speed.

>> No.47311655

Like all speedsters, Flash moves at the speed of plot. Don't bother with the math. Having said that, >>47311514 was a fun read.

>> No.47311662

If light seemed frozen could you even see anything at all? Fucking Speed Force, how does it work?

>> No.47311673

I disagree, Destiny is worse than Pact to Victory, and costs more. If you make it worse, it'll be kind of bad for a capstone. And what do you mean it isn't on the 'level'? Most of the Perk in Worm are about leading and commanding people, not powerlevel shit.

>> No.47311675

You know, it's stupid when fukken Shonen Manga - even with it's stupid levels of escalation - somehow stays more consistent than the Big Two.

Likely something stupid about needing to move your eyes into the light to see.

>> No.47311678


Destiny was meant to just give you a top-level mental checklist. I can play with the wording to reflect that.

For One Raindrop, I definitely see the need for clarification on that. I feel like the only way to buff Choke is to either make it a general regen perk or shorten the time it takes to regrow a limb. And it's funny, I was told that a previous edition was too cramped.

I see Dinotopia as a low-power, low-to-mid-danger Jump that would be good for the beginning of a Chain, and I was trying to keep perks and such low-key to reflect that.

Thank you all for your help.

>Good job, Jane
>pic related mfw

>> No.47311711

Speed Force is always the answer.

Especially after Kevin Smith's episode which reveals the Speed Force is actually sentient and can make you see shit.

>> No.47311720

Nothing wrong with making a Jump because you want something from the setting as long as everything else is interesting. Aside from Vigilante being weak and It Was Me being 300 CP worth of drawback with a 600 CP price tag, I feel like Arrowverse fits that nicely.

>> No.47311734

It's essentially the same as the Path to Victory power offered in the Worm jump. It's far superior to any of the other capstones.

If it was meant to be that then yeah, would appreciate a rewording.

>> No.47311739

>yfw at least one Jump was made just so there could be a specific Drawback

>> No.47311757

Can’t… resist… the ears.

>> No.47311760

>You know, it's stupid when fukken Shonen Manga - even with it's stupid levels of escalation - somehow stays more consistent than the Big Two
Except not really because Shonen manga is one series written by one author whereas big 2 characters are usually in multiple series at a time written by multiple authors and have had numerous different incarnations and writers over the past 50+ years. Consistency over that time period or just between multiple writers in general is practically impossible.

>> No.47311763

>I feel like the only way to buff Choke is to either make it a general regen perk or shorten the time it takes to regrow a limb.
Like said, I don't know the property but I don't think that'd be a bad way to go at all. Just make it a good regen perk, as its a capstone.

>And it's funny, I was told that a previous edition was too cramped.
Eh, there's a balance and I can be nitpicky about those things. My biggest gripe in that respect would be the pages where you're only using a quarter of the page and the rest is blank. Lots of unnecessary scrolling that way.

>low-power, low-to-mid-danger Jump
If that's what you're going for, and that does come across in the doc, then I think you've more or less nailed it. Just balance a few of those perks out, relative their in jump peers, and you should be good to go.

>> No.47311768

That's pretty much everyone's reaction to the fuckin' Speedforce. Honestly, just don't think about it too hard.

- Speedforce allows Barry Allen to run through Space-Time, both literally and figuratively.
- Barry Allen at one point while running down the side of Mt. Everest slipped and fell through the Dimensions into Earth Two, kick starting the Crisis on Infinite Earths.
- As mentioned earlier Wally West outran Speedster Death.

So, just generally speaking, the Speedforce is bullshit in general.

>> No.47311782

So this may seem like a Stupid question but where can I find the ability to sprout wings on a human Form?

>> No.47311800

Path to Victory is much stronger.

You get to 'See the Path' which is a step by step strategy guide to whatever goal you have, it is literally Contessa's power without the 'Walking the Path' bullshit that would make you literally unbeatable by anything other than Scion, the Endbringers, and Eidolon who are specifically immune to it.

>> No.47311810

What kind of wings and what do you want them to do?

>> No.47311815


>> No.47311819

Body Mod, Aion, Sekirei for wings specifically. Any jump with a good biomanipulation power if you just feel like spending a day at the library to get it done.

>> No.47311829

The logic in this makes my head hurt.

>> No.47311840

Any of the DC jumps
FF Tactics
Forgotten Realms if you go for a race with wings
FF8 gives sweet ass ethereal wings

>> No.47311859

>practically impossible.

Not at all. Establish a specific set of parameters for each character's powersets to fit into, and let each writer explore the different stories they would regardless of that.

Oh yeah, it'd cause a lot of unnecessary arguing, but it'd keep shit STABLE.

And thus Manyfist's waifu is revealed.

>> No.47311862

General feathered wings for flight but mainly just to look cool.
This works, thanks!

>> No.47311873

DC frequently has their head up their ass with power levels and scaling. It's one of the distinctions between DC and Marvel. That isn't to say that Marvel doesn't do dumb shit, just that Marvel doesn't try to quantify it and their mythic shit stays mythic for the most part. DC has gods for street level heroes and, just bluh. Not getting into it.

>> No.47311889

>Not at all. Establish a specific set of parameters for each character's powersets to fit into, and let each writer explore the different stories they would regardless of that.
Writers would ignore the specific set anyways , and frankly they should. Continuityfags are cancer. Story should always trump continuity and most of the best comic stories have ignored or contradicted stuff established know continuity.

>> No.47311901

And yet somehow, Supes is still on top. Of everything.

>> No.47311905

I did just tell you not to think about it too hard.

>> No.47311917

>Those were for charity, Clark.

>> No.47311935

Vigilante was modeled after Green Arrow. He's Batman-lite with a bow.

Speed Force is basically the glue that keeps everything together and vibrating at different frequencies so they don't crash into one another. Speed Force is connected to every universe, so when he outran Black Racer (Speedster's personification of Death) Flash was tapping into this Speed Force. Which is why he was able to exist outside of creation (his universe) because he was partially in the Speed Force which exists outside of all universes. Black Racer is death, so without life there is no death. Which is why Black Racer was defeated, because it's not a Speed Force entity.

>> No.47311948

There is a Drawback in worm that basically suggests hiding in a hole for the entire jump. Golden Morning almost recommends that you fuck off into deep space.

>> No.47311953

>another comic later, Supes is apparently just flat-out faster than Speedforce.

It's this kind of power level bullshit, like with SCP and making absolute sure nothing can kill 682 or Abel, that just. Kills my interest in these things.

It's all just a bunch of authors trying to one-up each other and jerking themselves off.

>> No.47311998

But is The Flash fast enough to out run shitty plots, bad writing, and meddling executives?

>> No.47312027

Anon, nobody's fast enough to avoid that.

>> No.47312043

On one hand, I want to ask why he's riding Darth Vader's head. On the other hand, it's Freddie Mercury, who is an explanation unto himself.

>> No.47312070

Just like Jumpers having waifus, comic book writers have their pet favorites. The idea that Superman is suppose to be "best at everything" often appears. Dates back to the Silver Age where he was just a plot device not a character.

Same way Bat God came to be, Batman lovers got chance to write a series of comics for Batman. So they're jacking themselves off over how awesome Batman is. Then when next guy comes along, he's like "fuck Batman" and goes out his way to make Batman look like a jobber.

We talking about DCEU? No. Flash Movie is going to bomb. Just look at Man of Steel, BvS, & Green Lantern. I just hope that Ben's Solo Batman film which he's directing & Suicide Squad are good. Suicide Squad better not suck.

>> No.47312071

Dude, no one can. Even Deadpool can't.

>> No.47312078

Some of it is, yeah. But some of them are really good.

The thing I mostly took away from the cape genre is that you don't have to read everything. It's just not worth it as an investment of time or money or interest. It's honestly best to go by author or arc if you want to find stories you enjoy, not character or title.

>> No.47312079

What jumps other than Rust give you extra lives?

>> No.47312085

Deadpool was great. What'cha talking about?

>> No.47312101

He means the other Deadpool, the one with the sewn shut mouth.

>> No.47312109

Some of the comics he was thrown into, not the movie, I fuckin' loved the movie.

> "Teenage Negasonic what the shit that's an AWESOME name!"

>> No.47312127

....fuck you. I had purged that thing from my mind.

>> No.47312133

>Suicide Squad better not suck.
It's going to suck. WB is learning all the wrong lessons. The DCEU will forever be an abomination.

>> No.47312156

One of the Super Mario jumps and Scott Pilgrim

>> No.47312158 [SPOILER] 

I agree with you, but status quo is god.
People love their characters, and can't bear to part with them.
It's a failing that I believe everybody has to some extent.

We all just hate endings.

Saying a final goodbye just hurts so badly.

But there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Get in the bag.

>> No.47312166

A question for SMTAnon and apologies if this has been asked before, but: How powerful are you after the jump? I know you can fight on par with aquman with Dormant Power-boosted capstones/1000 cp races, but is that continent busting, or planet busting or what, especially when translated to more mystical settings? Could you fight, say, Mab from Dresden Files?

>> No.47312180 [SPOILER] 

Super Mario, The Sims 3, Overlord LN, (The Bracelet), Asura's Wrath let's you resurrect yourself, and technically God Tier in Sburb, though it stops working outside of the Jump.

>> No.47312189

Ok, but you're missing the point. This is a choice game, and those only work if the choices are meaningful. If one background is clearly worse than the others, then it's not a valid choice, and you need to either take a look at it, or at the others.

>> No.47312202

No you.

>> No.47312203

Terraria, Super Mario, & Scott Pilgram.

>> No.47312205

Or Odin, any other god character you care to benchmark with?

>> No.47312217

Scion's not that hard to kill as long as you have a reliable way to reach his true body, some heavy ordinance, and a couple good psychology or illusion perks.

>> No.47312235

>This is a choice game, and those only work if the choices are meaningful. If one background is clearly worse than the others, then it's not a valid choice, and you need to either take a look at it, or at the others.
Well, not part of this discussion, but I kinda want to chime in on that. Just because a choice is quantifiably better doesn't mean that it's necessarily more meaningful.

I didn't take Speedforce on the Arrowjump because that power / powerset doesn't make any sense for my build. Sure, it's a big power gain, but it wouldn't fit with the various themes that I'm running so I avoided it. So while on one hand I get what you're saying about intra-jump balance, and believe me that's something I'm conscious of, I want to point out that different jumpers prioritize different things and as such assigning meaning based off of power isn't the best way to go.

If we were talking about a stand alone CYOA, I might be more inclined to agree with you, though.

>> No.47312283

Filthy normalscum, die.

>> No.47312302

I know I am going to regret making such a wide-spread and vague ruling. I just fucking know it. Buuuuut:

You can safely consider your offensive power to be somewhere between city-level and country-level. I'd say state-level, but I'm pretty sure people don't use that as a classification.

Offensive power is not the same as destructive power, mind you. Even if your attacks technically have the power to destroy multiple cities, they are not necessarily widespread enough to do so.

Give some feats for the two and I can give you something concrete to work with.

If you mean in general, I can do that too, but I'd need like an hour to research stuff to find the right characters to powerscale from and make sure I'm not high- or lowballing them.

>> No.47312303

Yeah, but what niche is vigilante filling? You've got backgrounds offering incredibly useful magic, technology, and immense social influence... And then a background which is literally a freebie with a 600 CP drawback, and whose 300 to 600 CP skills are regularly seen elsewhere cheaper and better. I don't think I've seen anyone go Vigilante, and I don't blame them.

>> No.47312307

Ravenloft has an item where it'll save you from death twice.

Lovecraft has a perk that should you die you instead go into a coma for a week to recover.

I think its Kid Radd that has a Boss Form perk or some such that locks 9 out of 10 perks but should someone kill you, it unlocks all your perks and you are back at 50% HP.

And then a bit of an obscure one is Tales of Demons and Gods. Should you advance past the Legend Rank, you can start cultivating Heavenly energy. Once you've obtained enough and broken into the heavenly realm ranking system, you can form an extra life.

You set the life down somewhere and as long as you are within like 1000 Miles of it when you die, the life is lost instead and you don't die.

Its vagely mentioned at the end of the Jump and I had to go read the LN to figure out what it was talking about.

>> No.47312308

Anyone know what's up with the imaged Zerg jump in the uploads folder? Last I checked OAA hadn't returned and was planning to do some updates alongside releasing Protoss and hadn't given permission for it to be imaged.

>> No.47312320

I find it odd that no one ever talks about the perk that lets you build comic book tech. The applications of that perk certainly don't make it an 'invalid' choice.

>> No.47312323

Not truly and extra life but Undertale has Determination which saves you from a fatal attack once per jump, I believe RWBY has a perk that does the same but I can't remember if it is once or once per jump.
Ravenloft has an item that does that twice.
None of these are extra lives though per say, you are still equally as fucked as before something should have killed you just one of their attempts that would have otherwise been successful fails.

>> No.47312336

Wait, a what?

>> No.47312340

OAA's given permission several times in-thread that anyone who wants to can image his jumps.

I'm guessing someone finally took him up on that offer.

>> No.47312358

If that counts, I'll add St. Andrews Candle from Fallen London.

>> No.47312362

Damn, we're nerfed that low post jump? I know I've harped on this before, but there are jumps of lower power level than SMT that offer better offensive power than that (around continent-planet busting is the max I know of), usually for a cheaper price as well. It makes no sense for SMT to be made weaker than that, especially since it being higher power better represents the setting. I'm not questioning how you've balanced the jump internally, I just think you over compensated with the nerf.

>> No.47312368

No, it says if you are mortally wounded. That's different from dying and all it does is allow you to heal from that injury over the week. It'd be broken as fuck if you got an extra life for every week.

>> No.47312383

>around continent-planet busting is the max I know of
what jump is that from?

>> No.47312388

That's… probably not good–
Well, they could have said something in thread.
Some people get a little twitchy if it's not posted in the thread.

>> No.47312391

Which jumps are you talking about anon? Keep in mind that the SMT jump is offering this level of power off the bat through CP purchases.

>> No.47312424

heaven's lost property has a part that gives you beautiful downy wings

>> No.47312437

Someone who just wants to do the Arrow bit, I imagine. Not everyone who builds posts, I know that I don't post my builds because I play fast and loose with costs in order to make the narrative of the jump fit my overall jumper story.

The problem is that the Vigilante tree is suppose to represent the martial artists of the Arrowverse and they're canonically the weakest out of that group. So, from a design perspective, where do you err? Do you buff them to put them on par with the other heroes or do you nerf the other heroes so that they're on par with the martial artists?

It's not a great tree, I'll give you that, and I don't want to get mired into defending it, but I just wanted to chime in and state that just because a tree isn't as balanced as its peers doesn't mean that it's not a meaningful choice.

People didn't go Reyvateil in Tonelico, when KOTOR finishes the OT jump I'm going to be going BH because I think that'll be the more fun experience.

Like said, I get where you're coming from, but jumpchain doesn't need to be balanced in the same way, to the same degree, that something like an MMO is balanced where all the classes and choices present quantifiable parity.

>> No.47312445

Aaaaaand did my homework.


>> No.47312460

Checking in quick to say yes, that is with his permission.

Additional notes are also his work. Not sure why it was only on drive, but there's been work. ...slowly. The fear of being shat on hard for any changes has been something of a hurdle.

>> No.47312466

>imaged Zerg jump
Looks pretty enough. Is anyone going through it to make sure the text jives with OAAs text version?

>> No.47312478

Yu Yu Hakusho is at least continent busting from author in universe author statements and the shit Raizen's capable of and the sheer gap in power between demon ranks and the fact that a B rank demon can destroy a country. By default, you have the same potential as yusuke and friends, you just unlock it slightly longer than four years. Touhou offers the power to produce as much energy as star for 600.

>> No.47312480

I'd presume Asura's Wrath. Also, possibly Touhou.

>> No.47312485

I... I'm gonna need you to tell me what jumps those are before I decide on anything more.

>> No.47312527

Looks like there've been a few additions here and there LOOK AT THAT LAST PAGE but looking at the uploader (same one who uploaded the first Zerg + Van Helsing), and File Description it seems kosher.

>> No.47312530

Meant to link to>>47312485

>> No.47312536

Please stop. There's only one person shitting on you, and they're the same asshole we've had for the better part of a thousand threads. Acting like the entire thread hates you because of one moron is just being ridiculous.

>> No.47312541

Uh, anon? Just because one jump is more powerful doesn't mean the author has to ramp his jump up to compete with it.

He's put a lot of shit in there, just let him do what he feels comfy with.

>> No.47312542

She's speaking for somebody else, in this case.

>> No.47312549

Are you sure they mean level actual countries or do they mean "Wipe out all life ON the country"

Just a wee bit of a difference

>> No.47312556

I don't think she was referring to herself, anon.

>> No.47312557

...I was talking about OA's work being slow due to that, but okay. I just wanted to give an update.

>> No.47312559

>Defiler Corpse


>> No.47312565

He's not asking SMTAnon to ramp it up, he's asking him to restore it to it's original powerlevel.

>> No.47312566

Referring to the spoiler text.

>> No.47312568

That's how I read it.

>> No.47312572

>Continent busting
No. The guys are like country busting at max at end of series. B rank demons have never been said or shown to bust countries and that's inconsistent with other showings by them feat wise. Raizen has zero canon feats, not sure what your trying to imply there. Touhou? You mean the ability you start off at being able to shoot regular lases and fireballs and need to grow to that level?

>> No.47312577

Isn't this the original powerlevel for SMT 1 though? Pretty sure the guy has said in the past that it's not like the later SMT games.

>> No.47312580

By the by, the character that has that power is high mid-tier and only because she had a god grafted into her soul. Not the same thing as training your ass off to gain that continent-busting power.

>> No.47312583

So you want to have cosmic power that means shit because a couple of high school kids can kick your teeth in?

Just let the jumpmaker handle it.

>> No.47312593

Please leave it as is. It's a fine compromise.

>> No.47312602


Just tell me he's coming back.

>> No.47312613

Explain Magick Allergy and Technophobia.
Do they affect all magic and technology or those from in-jump?

>> No.47312622

Just to clarify because I keep seeing this misunderstanding a LOT and usually I'm not around to post, it's not as precise as Contessa's. You don't have steps 1-287 of exact details, you have "Goal X" with some broad details on how you'll want to approach it.

>> No.47312623

Sorry, I misunderstood. You've been posting self-deprecating spoiler text for a couple of threads now, so I thought it was another case of it.

>> No.47312626

SMT power levels are inconsistent and make no damn sense most of the time. It is best left a bit vague if you ask me, fanwank reasonably and all that.

>> No.47312631

Not "a couple highschool kids", the Reincarnation of Adam, an Artificial Messiah, and a Weapon crafted by Lucifer himself. By and large, humans aren't doing so good.

>> No.47312632

Man SMT powerlevels either don't matter or are inconsistent at best. I mean I know Devil Survivor 2 practically fucked logic and was basically the escalation outlier of the series by getting conceptual with it but its like this type of discussion happens every time.

I dunno I'm just getting a bit miffed by the overall way the series gets interpreted at times

>> No.47312643

Description from the new Zerg posting on the uploads folder:


>> No.47312653

Eh, I wouldn't know. I only have what i've seen on the threads to go by.

Woah, cool your fucking jets Anon. I was just clarifying for that Anon. I couldn't give a fuck about the powerlevels.

>> No.47312669

No, man, I think his point was that he posters in question needed more power because they get stuffed into lockers in their day to day real life experience.

It was a dig, not a narrative reference.

>> No.47312682

I'm not asking him to restore it to the mass-universe busting shit, just relax the nerf a bit.

>> No.47312696

So what would you relax it to? Isn't this the game where YHVH, the strongest being, needed a big spaceship to wipe out humanity cause he couldn't do it himself?

>> No.47312703

Really? Everyone is always saying that the only nerf from Contessa's was no Walk the Path BS. Either way it doesn't really make much difference, if the path it gives you takes into account your abilities (including intelligence) it is still an incredible power.

>> No.47312709

In defense of the Almighty, big spaceships are really cool.

>> No.47312710

He's clearly referencing the fact that this is a setting where highschool students kill Archangels and Gods.

>> No.47312715

I know this is a bit of a tangent, but about how powerful would a Tyrant with The Overlord's Seat be once they break it's limit?

>> No.47312721

Oh they are, no argument there. I'm just saying that if the strongest guy (From what I hear, by a significant amount too) around can't even lifewipe, it doesn't seem like the current power level of the jump is that out of line with canon.

>> No.47312737

Yeah, it's a great power since it lets you skip the whole "What the fuck do I even need to do" part of trying to figure stuff out. Still, I need to sit down and try and iron things out better, clarify, and make sure the way I handled everything the first go around was really the best way to go about it.

Ugh, trying to update and improve my first jump is a headache and a half.

>> No.47312739

So, what should I get as my final Light of Terra upgrade?

For reference, I picked the Tomb Spyder.

>> No.47312740

Yup, he needed a super weapon. Like I said, inconsistent best left vague.

>> No.47312742

I'm gonna be honest, I never heard SMTAnon reference the fact that SMT1 was out of continuity with the rest of the setting. Especially since the jump references the universe/planet/ice age shenanigans as reasons for your power being brought down.

>> No.47312763

High mid-tier in fucking Touhou. That setting is insane.

>> No.47312774

You need to use in universe metaphysics and MacGuffins to do any of that kind of stuff anyway.

>> No.47312777

A new companion.

Necrons a shit. Spiders a shit. Tomb Spyder is exponential shit.

>> No.47312780

Fair enough. I've admittedly been down in the dumps and I'm trying to turn that around. Hopefully graduate school will help. Also been writing a second story to try and clear up the 'writing and Benefactor was bland' issues for Red's origin story. Holy shit Mr. Handy is snarky, and I have made horrible mistakes for Bloodborne.

...I'm not going to lie to you, anon. It's been really hard. The work on Zerg jump should be an indicator though, but IRL issues on top of worrying he's just going to get shat on for anything have been a big concern for him too. Just gotta take it slow.

>> No.47312789

Well that reminds me of a question I have had for a while: How would Path to Victory grow with time and use like the other shards? The way everyone was describing it made it seem like it had no magnitude and therefore could only grow by obtaining the spark.

Would the way PtV grow be by giving you more precise and detailed paths?

Also in the case of Complete Arsenal, would it grow in number of slots, strength of powers it gives you, both? Though I imagine it would be even slower than other powers either way.

>> No.47312798

Ha ha. But seriously, what upgrade?

>> No.47312809

Wait, really? The jump states that, but I've honestly never heard anything about that setting that states that.

>> No.47312873

All additions I'm seeing:

-Added Defiler Corpse
-Added Viper Unit
-Added Corruptor Unit
-Added Broodlord Unit
-three more origin-specific drawbacks to correspond with the Raynor & Kerrigan stuff.

>> No.47312876

PTV would get better about the paths it gives you, adapting to how you do things, your preferences, giving you tweaks in the objectives that you didn't realize were things you'd want, and yes, slowly giving you better advice and more detail. Going from "Clear Building Y of targets, approach from the south side to minimize possibility of being spotted by watchers" and similar stuff, to adding in more specific hints like "that window is ideal to put yourself in the best position to engage the first targets"

It's more of an art than a science, and you're never really going to get Contessa level stuff, just better hints and tips to go along with the path basically.

In the theoretical long term you could gain more slots, but mostly it's the powers that you get being better, them taking shorter time periods to pop up, being better suited for your preferences and goals and whatnot, having more influence over what you get if you put in the effort, etc.

Complete Arsenal and Path to Victory both are far ranging enough that they definitely would seem slower to improve than others simply due to their nature.

>> No.47312878

two jovian nova canons or go home

>> No.47312879

Asura's Wrath, Touhou, Tenchi if you know what you're doing.

>> No.47312887

Because Worm_Anon has made mention of wanting to hear about people's companions more:
>Monkeybite, with the power of rubber hose animation! Doesn't realize how ridiculous his costume looks.
>Dark Falcon, with the power to guess! is too caught up with being mysterious to use her power to it's full extent.
>Deep End, with the unstoppable bullets! is just using this whole super-villain thing to support her rap career.
>Hologra, the master of illusions! Regularly uses his powers to simulate sex for his compatriots when asked.
>The Imaginary Girls! They can be whatever they want! Even doctors!
>Mixup, with the power to warp space! Really pisses off Vista!
>The Tinker Tailor, with the power to steal your shit! Mostly just buys it, though.
>Mortes Ex Machina, he's made from guns! Also, a camera and jetpack!

There's some good synergy in this group. Sensorium and Topography Manipulation are amazing battlefield control. Reverse Engineering and Assimilation makes Toby the deadliest motherfucker on any given non-magic battlefield. Inference Engine and Imaginary Form or Sensorium is great for targeting weaknesses of specific capes or making hasty escapes.

And really, that was all before the jump started. They still had a reputation, and parlayed that into working for Coil, after I cured Noelle and got the Travellers home, of course. I informed them that they should give priority to Taylor's growth, and they got that mixed up and took on mentor roles for her. They still made her pull the trigger during Coil's execution, though. Eventually, through careful perk usage, they formed a sort of evil wards program for children who wanted to be villains. It was actually pretty cute.

>> No.47312889

Someone post the PDF here. Even if it's OAA, everything NEEDS to be posted in the thread.

>> No.47312897

Not without prep, not without assloads of training, not from anything the jump gives you barring end jump stuff so that's irrelevant.

>> No.47312900

Normally I would object to this kind of comment, but I think you have a point here.

>> No.47312903

Not that anon, but it depends. The Great Will, not YHVH, is easily capable of destroying countless universes, but then again, it's the the genuine capital G God. YHVH's power level veers from needing the Megido Arc in 2 to life wipe a world to the Conception nonsense in Nocturne. However, the Conception requires the big cheese head to follow the metaphysics made by the Great Will.

>> No.47312915

I tried, but it seems the file size is too large to post on here. Sorry anon.

>> No.47312925

Well, where's AncillaAnon / NanohAnon?

>> No.47312945

When are you going to fix the Bayonetta jump?

>> No.47312948

Give me a minute, downscaling from master now.

>> No.47312951

...wait, what's wrong with it?

>> No.47312956

He's the troll, ignore him.

>> No.47312958

>Not without prep
Still possible.
>not without assloads of training
So? Isn't that the case with SMT as well?
>not from anything the jump gives you barring end jump stuff so that's irrelevant.
First to third gen trees can produce light hawk wings. These are planetary level weapons. If you ask your tree waifu, she can give you a personal artifact through which she can project her wings for you. This is most commonly a sword handle shaped from her branches.

>> No.47312966

So to be clear all powers grow endlessly with time/use but only with in their initial effects, not obtaining new ones. Broad powers seem to grow more slowly due the their growth being spread out and things like CA grow even more slowly since a portion of it's growth goes to improving an aspect that will only show improvement after ridiculous amounts of time/use.

>> No.47312969

What's wrong with it?

>> No.47312975

Man, and here I assumed you do get all the steps as with Contessa's version, but lack the autopilot to get the ridiculous micrometer precision with perfect reflexes. Meaning you effectively have to sift through the Path (which keeps changing because you're not doing it exactly right, and delaying to look at it) to get useful information and a general means of approach while the Shard facepalms in the background and yells at you to git gud. Never used it myself anyway, so not much of a problem for me.

>> No.47312979

It makes us weak as shit and doesn't represent the setting.

>> No.47312981

Yeah, it's just a standard I think we should stay consistent on. I don't distrust him, but we need to be a little hardcore for those times people do try and sneak things in.

>> No.47312984


He's the shitposter and mad he has to work for his power levels.

>> No.47312986

Compared to what the characters in the games display, the abilities that the perks give you are laughably weak.

>> No.47312988

Could you maybe write up a little example? Like if you had to fight a giant that could only be hurt by cold iron and you don't know that how would it walk you through it?

>> No.47312997

Autistic, fat, NEET, soulless, pathetic, mentally retarded, diabetic. I can probably think of more, but that's a start.

>> No.47313012

Oh, I thought you said what's wrong with HIM.

Whatever, it's representative.

>> No.47313014

Report and ignore, ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.47313022

>> No.47313024

If it makes you feel better to make up fantasies about people who disagree with you, go ahead.

>> No.47313028

Nothing, last I checked.

>> No.47313029

I honestly wouldn't say that's a great power. Not parahuman worthy at any rate. It's common sense.

>> No.47313030

Pffff. Good one.

Also you're forgetting greasy & unclean. Which might fit under fat or NEET now that I think about it.

>> No.47313040

Here's a slightly rushed downscale I just exported out. Exact same text as the one on the drive.

Text is not quiiite identical to the original jump, in some places I had to go over the text with OA to trim it down for size reasons. Other than that, >>47312873 here has the changes right.

So... how does it look, while we're here?

>> No.47313053

Damn, when did /jc/ get so salty about people criticizing jumps?

>> No.47313061

He's pissy he has to train to beat Bayonetta, and doesn't start out at that tier automatically.

Even though one could assume logically that those characters had to train themselves as well.



>> No.47313068

When two or three people began hounding jumpmakers every time they showed up to get the changes they want made.

>> No.47313076

you mean take high-power jumps beforehand

>> No.47313082

It's just the shitposter playing victim like a little bitch, don't respond.

>> No.47313084

So uh, anyone see that X-Com 2 dlc trailer? Apparently, Bradforyis playable, there's a new alien menace, the council guy is still alive, and it's now possible to copy the aliens' powers/movesets/tech. So sneks, Archons, that stuff. Also includes a trophy room.

>> No.47313090

Nah, it's good. I just jumped it two days ago and it was a blast. Guns, confused pseudo-dante'esq imagery, poppy jazz, and sexy innuendos.

>> No.47313096

>size reasons
Not justified, as far as I'm concerned. Nuances in the text can be very important. If imaging a text jump, always compromise your graphics for the sake of preserving the text.

>> No.47313098

You know, people can have problems without being a shit poster.
You're probably right in this case though.
I myself think Red nerfs things annoyingly below canon level, but don't bother pointing it out more than once per jump. It's not like it'll change anything, so why bother shitting the place up?

>> No.47313102

You know it's possible for more than one person to share the same opinion.

>> No.47313106

Oh. Well I've said in past threads that there's nothing barring your abilities from growing if you put the effort in, so...

If your problem is not getting to beat up Julibeus or Aesir within a few days, not sure what to tell you. If your problem was the weapon customization being spare compared to God of War you might have had a point, but I kind of addressed the power issue beforehand? You could always get gud.

>> No.47313109


>> No.47313115

Doesn't he realize that every time he plays the W-WELL THERE COULD BE OTHER PEOPLE card nobody buys it? Every fucking time he tries. Stupid bastard, like clockwork.

>> No.47313128 [SPOILER] 

>git gud

So how's Anor Londo?

>> No.47313129

Why is the "Brutal" guy smiling and reading a book with glasses?
Should I be concerned?

>> No.47313130

Yes, and they grow additively. So it's not leaps and bounds like you'd see with training perks and whatnot letting you push abilities. It's a consistent and constant rate of "X or whatever" piling up over time.

Having objectively factual information that leads to your desired end goal is pretty great anon. Even the smartest people have their own biases and limits that color things. Knowing with complete accuracy a list of goals to accomplish in order to arrive at the end result you desire with just the push of a mental button is pretty crazy.

Plus, it's a form of precognition. It's not listing out a list of conditions that would mean that you've done it, it's listing out steps that through cause and effect arrive at that desired end result.

Anybody can know that "acquire this much startup money, network with these influential people, strategize, etc" is a recipe for a successful business. The guy with PTV gets a list of objectives that lead to that exact result, not just blurry common sense and practical goal setting.

>> No.47313137

It's also possible to samefag using multiple browsers.

And as nobody will know the truth until somebody owns up, so long as you keep being a little bitch people are going to know that it's the same person.

Now why don't you run along? Your pimp's probably looking for his money.

>> No.47313141

He's like that retarded friend who loses to rock, paper, scissors every time because he always picks paper and gets mad because he thinks everyone is cheating somehow.

That's kinda how I think about him.

>> No.47313146

The full version has a few spelling errors but I can only remember 'knowl' in Chrysalis and the first word of Infested Command Centre.

Just to make sure I understand this right, the 'group' of Zerg units you can buy only last till they die and don't go to new jumps or you get the elite companions with only one of it that does?

The Swarm Hungers basically gives your companions your Personal Xerg Strain right?

>> No.47313155

It's kind of like turning life into one lone list of video game objectives, amirite?

>> No.47313162

Nathan Explosion is a complex individual and a multifaceted artist; you should always be concerned when he's about.

>> No.47313167

>Well I've said in past threads that there's nothing barring your abilities from growing if you put the effort in
just curious, about how long would that take?

>> No.47313173

Relaying on his behalf.

>Just to make sure I understand this right, the 'group' of Zerg units you can buy only last till they die
> you get the elite companions with only one of it that does?
also correct
>The Swarm Hungers basically gives your companions your Personal Xerg Strain right?
Also, also correct.

>> No.47313179

Who's posts are identical in format and word usage, thread after thread?
Almost like they were all posted by the same person?

That's bullshit. But I don't believe it.

I prefer bancho to you.

>> No.47313188

Well, Bayonetta's been around for centuries. As has Jeane and Balder. So you're probably going to be taking decades to centuries without anything like perks to speed it up.

>> No.47313193

This guy is probably even more autistic and deranged than Bancho. At least Bancho has people willing to talk with him like a human being and can recognize that he's done wrong (even if he doesn't know what or why). This guy has none of that.

>> No.47313209

Anon, that's kind of offensive to prostitutes. I mean, they leave their house regularly, interact with people, and usually have bigger problems than someone making a CYOA that they have problems with.

>> No.47313210

Okay I know who you are, and just fuck you.

Maybe it's a brutal newspaper?

You know what, that's probably valid criticism. I do tend to come down a bit hard on things that risk becoming a fuckhuge problem. Like the canon Eyes of the World? Apparently whoever holds both literally holds the power of Creation Itself. Like, Capital-G God stuff. So I wasn't comfy with that. I am trying to find a decent balance though, and I need more than just "well you need to bump the power" as points to assuage my fears.

While >>47313188 has a point, it should be noted that Bayo was in a box for a few centuries and had the Left Eye, while Jeanne got to her level during that time on sheer badassery. And seeing as Jeanne didn't have any "you train better"/"you get gains faster"/etc perks... ...good question! Be responsible, be creative?

>> No.47313215

Thank you and thanks OAA.

>> No.47313264

Makes it kind've complicated - got to manage perks and unit purchases, and we only get so many points.

>> No.47313303

Kind of makes you wish more people believed that autism was caused by vaccinations, huh? Not because it's true in any way, but maybe this spergmonster woulda died before he could shitpost on 4chan.

Exactly! People should have a little more respect those involved in the world's oldest profession. At least they have the capacity to contribute to the world in some way and make others happy.

>> No.47313306

Rule literal omnipotence combos are sparking events, or better yet, don't sell them for CP. If someone wants to be that guy and say they got god's eyes or whatever just ignore them. Or both if you want. As a rule I'd say "If a canon character can do it, you can too. At least if you bust your ass."
That all said I'm unfamiliar with Bayonetta. Do what you think is best. Maybe say you have been around for long enough to not be a scrub with your purchases? I've always liked playing around with the MCs without dying immediately.
You can get on my nerves at times, but I still like you Red. Thanks for making jumps for my dumbass to enjoy.

>> No.47313328

>world's oldest profession

Anon, that's not how you spell semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer.

>> No.47313355


>> No.47313376


>> No.47313470

Do we get points for the Nothing Special drawback in PS238 if we take it because of FISS?

>> No.47313495


>> No.47313510

Does it count toward the drawback limit?

>> No.47313647

I think the general consensus is no, mandatory drawbacks don't count against limits. That would be a real dick move if they did.

>> No.47313749

So what perks are best for improving rolling attacks?

>> No.47313892

Electrical Roll from Sly Cooper lets you electrify yourself as you roll around. Aside from that shapeshifting to have spikes or other 'aura' effects that target nearby enemies. I'm sure there's a vampire aura affect somewhere but can't recall where I saw it. Oh, Saint's Row has some aura's you can get with the Halo.

360' sight from something like the Byakugan might help, and Akimichi bloodline also from Naruto can turn gigantic and roll around at high speeds.

The only other things I can think of are elements - getting a good elemental power you can release as you roll, such as those from LoSS or inFAMOUS would be good. I guess if you can find speed perks that are more along the lines of temporal acceleration rather than running faster they'd help. Magicka has a Haste spell that might work for it, and can cast 'armor' on yourself that can do damage to people you touch. It's really fun running around killing enemies with your super speed, so it would likely work quite well for what you're doing.

Hope these help.

>> No.47314039

Oh, also biological manipulation to have organic or cybernetics to have implanted drug or spore dispensers. Roll by and unleash a cloud of sleeping spores, or knockout gas, or flat out poison people to death. Could get some that let you do extra damage if you actually hit things.

Also I thing a recent jump... X-men maybe? Has a power to let you shoot spikes from your body.

Mario has the metal form power-up that could be good if you're not already a super dense *thing*.

There are a couple of Worm powers that would help hit harder, and even the Path to Movement would be useful to steer your rolling.

Borderlands has shields that trigger if someone hits you in melee, possibly if you slam into them too? If not they have shields that increase your melee damage while down, so it helps you get close and you then do more damage once it's down.

Clone abilities such as the Naruto clones, or Teen Titans Self Duplication, or whichever Alice jump has Tweedlefied would provide you with extra you's to roll at people.

Think that's all I can think of... For some reason I'm thinking something from Deus Ex would help? I guess there was the typhoon or whatever the ball bearings exploding from you was called.

>> No.47314081

Anyone actually here?

What is your jumpers theme?

>> No.47314108

Define theme.

Theme song?
Thematic elements?
Elemental theme?

>> No.47314111

>Anyone actually here?
No you are alone.
What is your jumpers theme?
Don't have one, never really tried for one either really.

>> No.47314124

A lot of people jump as just themselves. I'm one of them. Me does like defining "me", though. That can be a theme.

>> No.47314194

And now, for something noone asked.

>Added 1 to the title
>Bolded some text at the bottom of the Background section
>Reduced the cost of "Dormant Power"
>Removed line from the Variable CP option in the demon race which forbid non-demons from choosing it. I literally, actually literally, don't remember writing it.
>Increased CP gained by companions
>Added companion options "Pet Import", "Louis Cyphre", "Pixie", "Alice", and "Belial and Nebiros"
>Split "The End" drawback up a bit and bolded the first part, as it contains important setting information
>Added new drawback "Seven Hells Battle"
>Increased CP gained from "World of Law"
>Added note concerning how resistances work with Magatama
>Added note concerning one of Alice's powers

>> No.47314288

>Seven Hells Battle
You should probably just stick to SMT1 stuff, not start adding in things from other SMT games.

>> No.47314318

So what did you decide to do in regards to the nerf?

>> No.47314364


I have to go to sleep now. I won't put this one up in the drive yet. Tomorow, I'll adress anything people may say about the update when I'm asleep. If noone jumps up to defend the drawback, I'll remove it, and post again with any other changes. Then I'll put it up on the drive, if people don't see any other issues.

>> No.47314405

>What is your jumpers theme?
I make the stuff. All the stuff.
Need a tent that's bigger on the inside?
A necklace that makes you heal faster?
A sword made of pure light?
A railgun that generates it's own ammo?
A sweet ass ride?
Powered armor?
Energy shields?
A benevolent AI?
A servitor race?
A Universal Panacea?
Disclaimer: I haven't made those last two yet. Shouldn't be a problem, though.

If you need crazy shit, I'm your guy. For a price.

>> No.47314421

You're not wrong, but technically Strange Journey and Nocturne have way better feats, if we're guaging by pure level cap Canopus is actually lower level than SMT2's YHVH and then there's SMT4 and Final which...yeah.

I still agree with you, though. At least it's not as bad as Supernatural now God's been rendered non-omnipotent.

>> No.47314425

Come now. I mean imagine the story to make - Dante hounding you throughout all the SMT franchises for eating the last slice of pizza or something.

>> No.47314435

It's a setting that has a character who can freely manipulate the concept of Eternity and Instant, and is completely immortal.

And she's not the most dangerous member of her Faction (Eientei).

>> No.47314457

Starcraft: Zerg Route
> Age: Freshly Born
> Origin: Freshly Born
> Location: Tarsonis [Rolled6]
> Burrowing [Get a Freebie!]
> Willful [Get a Freebie!]
> Essence Spinner [-300CP]
> Changeling [-200CP]
> Vision [-100CP]
> Primal Awareness [-100CP]
> Overmind Model [-50CP]
> Zerg Rush Vending Machine [-50CP]
> Chrysalis [-200CP]
> Organic Database [-300CP]
> Zerg Quest [Get a Freebie?]
> Hostile Hive [+300CP]

It would be more accurate to say that I was a secretary or lieutenant. The true hive leader was, of course, Anon.
I happily scouted for resources, remembered things Anon had occasionally forgotten, performed crazy psychotic science experiments, and hung around the base and did cute things.
It was hardly the first stint as a sidekick I'd ever done, although it was probably the most existentially terrifying. My main contributions were preventing Anon from dying in the early game and... actually that was about it.

Although I was able to do lots of experiments with both the trampled Terran tech of Tarsonis as well as biogenetics and engineering in general. Together we came up with all kinds of cool ideas.
Anon said he liked the way I laughed when I did science. I said I liked the way he did science.

I'd mention the Saltcreepers, but outside of "I kept Anon from dying at the start!", there's not much else to say. Once he got into the swing of things... they didn't really last all that long.

>> No.47314472

I am so glad I've been layering my 'Learns fast and gits gud just as fast' perks.

Still, I like needing to work for my power, sometimes I even disregard perks in some jumps if I know I could learn them with the setting.

>> No.47314504

Crafting, Researching, Learning, Studying, Teaching.

I'm like a multiversal Golden Boy.

>> No.47314506

Doesn't really matter what kind of story it'd make. Dante has zero relation to SMT1 or any SMT outside of Nocturne.

>> No.47314545

That Which Hungers for Power

Between Godzilla perks, NGE Angel form, Prototype bio-assimilation, and several other perks, I'm an eldritch abomination with a habit of eating BBEGs.

I fill the spare time with meddling with other plots and/or (usually temporarily) taking the role of the big bad that I just ate.

Really the only reason I haven't gone crazy and consumed worlds and the good powers in jumps is my few companions that keep my sanity in check. They're my moral compass. Woe unto those that hurt them.

>> No.47314546

Fun facts- according to Metatron in Supernatural, God had to put in significant time and effort to make the single universe that the show takes place in.

Not just that, but his Archangels, of whom apparently top out at continent level power (Lucifer and Michael going all out would have burnt half the planet's surface), were needed to help him beat the darkness. So apparently God and the Darkness are weak enough that 2 continent busters and 2 significantly weaker angels were enough to let God win.

Supernatural's God isn't just non-omnipotent, it's seriously doubtful he's gone beyond planet busting level.

>> No.47314578

One of my theories on how 'universe-creating' things like that and Dresden Files "can blow up galaxies" Archangels aren't actually that powerful: there's a marked difference between faraway galaxies and the Earth, at least on a metaphysical level. There might not be a magical 'structure' in those galaxies they can create/destroy like there is on Earth preventing them from doing so.
Or maybe, in those universes, the crazy "space doesn't exist" conspiracy theorists are right.

>> No.47314599

I just think the guys claiming shit like that with zero or even contradicting evidence are full of shit.

>> No.47314666

Fair, but in my defense there's no real shown evidence of them actually having that power other than them saying so.
Also I'm a different anon than >>47314546

>> No.47314764

171. PS238
Origin: Drop-In
SaP: Mystery of the Mask, Rainmaker Kid [God of Travel] (-200), Good Morning Class, FISS 5 (-750)
Preteen Superteam (-300)
Items: Jumperangs, Communication Watches (-50)
Drawbacks: Nothing Special, Parody is Fair Use (+300)

Chimmy: Dorm Orphan, Detention, Mystery of the Mask, Strong Because I Need To Be, Miscellanious Meta [Stretchiness, Durability, Enhanced Bodily Control]
Falco: Dorm Orphan, Detention, Mystery of the Mask, Strong Because I Need To Be, Miscellanious Meta [Enhanced Awareness, Multispectrum Vision, Perfect Sense of Time]
Roberta: Dorm Orphan, Detention, Mystery of the Mask, Strong Because I Need To Be, Miscellanious Meta [Short Range Teleport, Increased Spacial Awareness, Increased Sense of Balance]
Ko'el: Dorm Orphan, Detention, Mystery of the Mask, Strong Because I Need To Be, Miscellanious Meta [Personal Time Control, to nearly paused or tripled speed]
SoB: Dorm Orphan, Detention, Mystery of the Mask, Strong Because I Need To Be, Miscellanious Meta [Body Multiplication, Re-combining, Multitasking]
Asriel: Dorm Orphan, Detention, Mystery of the Mask, Strong Because I Need To Be, Miscellanious Meta [Plant Control, Plant Growth, Plant Communication]
Isaac: Dorm Orphan, Detention, Mystery of the Mask, Strong Because I Need To Be, Miscellanious Meta [Technopathy, Machine Communication]
Toby: Dorm Orphan, Detention, Mystery of the Mask, Strong Because I Need To Be, Miscellanious Meta [Enhanced Theft, Temporary Attribute Theft, Temporary Luck Theft]

My rainmaker powers more or less enable me to say "Get home safe, kids!" and the odds of accidents happening or random abductions go down, or to let someone arrive at where they need to be for their own benefit, rather than where they want to be. Small blessings, but fun ones.

The drawbacks supply most of the story, being the guy called on to lead every major cape based social issue while being the most boring means that I'm forced to talk, and no one listens. Besides my class.

>> No.47314906

On the subject of SMT-I understand it's unlikely we'll get a conclusive ruling with DSanon being missing and SMTanon being asleep so this is just some speculation for now but-does anyone have any idea how SMT "levels" stack across jumps? If you've been an Overlord of Bel and then go on to become a Herald/Chosen of Raphael with Dormant Power, does your "level cap" simply default to the highest one you have? Or do they stack additively?

If they stack additively, since IIRC SMTanon said a Herald would be somewhere between Raphael and Gabriel that would give a mean level of 94 (rounded up) based on their levels in SMT 1, so d'you add that to your "level cap", the 77 from Dormant power or both?


>there's not much else to say


...you let Bernie run amok? Why would you-oh right. Forgot you were looking for a way to acquire penis demons. Well. Well, that's certainly something.

I'm still trying to process the idea that God would apparently have no problems if a pair of mid-high level toohoos, the Japanese cold and Akuma (Street Fighter) showed up to fight on his side.

In all fairness though, Archangels can apparently casually time travel so perhaps there's a bit more to the universe-and by extension, the folks who built it-that means the eye.

In all unfairness though, that doesn't explain why alternate universe future Lucifer who won didn't go back in time to stop Dean from sealing his past self.

>> No.47315040

Why WOULDN'T I let Bernie run amok? The stuff he came up with... GLORIOUS!
I didn't just not stop him. I encouraged him! I was there the whole time, telling him how great he was! Giving him new ideas! Cataloguing everything he did and every thought he thought, so that we could draw out their full potential!
IT WAS ME, BERNIE! I'm the one, with my mastery of SCIENCE!, who helped draw out the truest potential! The truest potential of the ZERG!


>> No.47315082

This goes with that gif.

What is your jumpers theme?

>> No.47315097

Fuck I'm stupid, it's very late and I'm tired.
Here it is for real.


>> No.47315154

pages 10, 17,21,22 glitch out for me and the text start layering over itself.

>>Starcraft - The Zerg Perspective
Not Enough Minerals +100
Hostile Hive +300
The Sons of Korhal +300
The Golden Armada +300
Primal Zerg-500
Zerus Primal Zerg Only Mandatory for Primal Zerg
Burrowing Free.
primal awareness free
primal pack leader: Largest, most Acidic cloud of vapors. -300
Primal Evolution Free
Personal Zerg Strain Free
Hydralisk -50
Noxious Ultralisks-150
Monique as Queen -150
Retainers as Drone -50
Organic database.-600

>> No.47315155

Evolution. Criminals. Healing. Divinity.

Its a weird mix to say at least, you got a criminal mastermind of sorts who can both make and find and recruit minions (also cultists), can heal just about anything and sometimes even bring people from the dead without magic being used.
Did I mention the part where he is also a god and in some settings he makes an acceptable demigod with all the power he has (What with creating life, taking battleship attacks to the face and generally being able to wreck the shit of any modern army without any equipment).
He also tries to take Divinity perks to help him back up his claims on godhood, but he is content being 'just' a demigod, he doesn't desire a world spanning religion, especially if he is unable to listen to their prayers.

>> No.47315196

Japanese high school delinquent, screwup, dualities especially the Eclipse, deconstructed Shonen protagonist, out of context problem trying to make the world a better place through ludicrous amounts of technology.

>> No.47315198

And he's said he wants to do SMT 2 in the future. Come off it, this kind of drawback isn't rare. You're being ridiculously anal.

>> No.47315257

SMT 2 still isn't Nocturne which is the only place in which he appears. It doesn't make any more sense then a drawback in the Clone Wars jump about having Kylo Ren after you would.

>> No.47315271

Darkness, eldritch horror, and friendship.

>> No.47315276

Or like a drawback in Persona that puts you through the plots of half the rest of the SMT series, eh? Something we already have. These strict setting, lore breaking oddities are not rare. You need to be less... stuck up about everything, like it's offensive that he's doing what half of everyone else has at some point.

>> No.47315304

I'll have to go with >>47315276 on this one. If only because to turn your analogy against you, Clone Wars already has the Yuuzhan Vong as a drawback, and until the jump I had know fucking clue what a Yuuzhan Vong was because my knowledge of Star Wars comes only from the movies.

>> No.47315314

Just because we have something doesn't make it a good thing. Or are you going to say doing stuff like PS238 offering you things from completely unrelated settings is acceptable? Should the next jump that get's made have an option to pick a power from any setting? I've argued against the SMT drawback in Persona in the past and I'll say it shouldn't be in this jump either.

In fact, why not have the author explain why he is putting this drawback in instead of having someone else fight his battles for him?

>> No.47315318

Are there any perks that let you change clothes really fast?

>> No.47315346

Are you going to say Persona is on the same quality level as PS238? Furthermore, are you going to compare 'things from unrelated settings' to 'things from the same setting, the game's sequel, from a jump that'll be made by the same damn guy'? That's a false equivalency if I ever saw one.

>Why not make the author answer to questions and standards nobody else is beholden to?

>> No.47315363

I want to make self-replicating autonomous intelligence units that can make their own technology to pilot/control, but I've no idea where they'll get the material or power from. I can hand wave the rest of the practical issues with science/engineering perks, except this one, because I've yet to break the laws of conservation of matter and energy. Help me.

>> No.47315367

That just sounds like regular nanobots.

>> No.47315380

Generator Rex.
Go to the damn place and get all the cool shit there.
Done and done.

>> No.47315383

Reequip from Fairy Tail? At least, I think that's what it's called. It's a kind of magic that handles armor but I don't see why it can't handle clothes in general

I just joined this argument, but-I'd like to point out Dante (or...Donte) also shows up as a drawback in Bayonetta, that the Saint of Killers can make a cameo in the Generic Western jump, that Naruto, Sailor Moon and Evangelion have drawbacks that let you either outright jump fanfics or at least fluff certain fanfic themes into your jump and all those are generally considered to pass muster hereabouts.

I don't agree with PS238's design principles at all, my position is that a drawback based on an event/character involved in the franchise is nowhere near as bad as the premise of "any power, any setting" as a perk-or any artifact in the case of that neckbeard cosplay magical realm /tg/ original setting. I am not, of course, the author and I'm not trying to "fight his battles" for him, I'm simply pointing out there are other jumps considered finished which have similar drawbacks and that I personally think the issue isn't that big a deal given it's set in the same continuity; remember that guy in Nocturne heavily implied to be Aleph's tortured reincarnation?

>> No.47315385

Nanobots aren't sentient/sapient. They're about as smart, and liable to be dumber, than a single cell.

>> No.47315386

Both are accepted jumps, meaning that what is in PS238, according to the justification you are using, is acceptable to be used by any jump. Whether one is shit or not doesn't matter, they're both on the drive. And no, Dante isn't in SMT2, something you've continuously gotten wrong. He's in Nocturne, a much later game in the series.

So asking the author to answer why he's including the drawback is forbidden? Once again, if you think this guy shouldn't have to answer or justify his decisions, surely you think the same of all jump makers?

>> No.47315393

Character Customization from Thing-Thing allows you to switch out any clothes you have in your warehouse with what you're wearing.
Also works on hair.

>> No.47315403

Acquire the level of super-science that can break the laws of physics, then try again.

>> No.47315412

How much hair do you have in the warehouse?

>> No.47315414

the thing is it is known to other settings so it is justifiable in universe.

>> No.47315415

That is such a gross image.

>> No.47315423

*parody other settings

>> No.47315424

Having trouble believing you can justify giving the Hokuto no Ken in PS238 but I'd love to hear exactly how you would. How is it known to other settings and how does that justify giving things from any setting?

>> No.47315434

I imagine they're just lined up on little mannequin heads, like natural hair wigs.

>> No.47315440

not anything just martial arts, and I will be happy to Nerf that to kung fu hustle level stuff.

>> No.47315453

Parody. That's your answer. I think you've fallen to a new level of inane stupidity that I didn't think even existed. Sitcom often make fun of or parody settings and Youtube is filled with endless parody videos. You think those settings should give powers from other universes because of jokes?

I'd prefer if you grew a brain cell and removed the cross setting option entirely you mindless twit.

>> No.47315462

I asked Val a little while ago if by taking Intoner from Drakengard if I could get that thing that Three has where my hair just perpetually grows all the time, and she said yeah, sure, since it wasn't really that big a deal.
The other numbers (with the exception of Four, who REALLY got a shit end of the deal there) would be too overpowered (and potentially horrifying if taken to their extremes), but Three's was no big deal and is more a fluff piece than anything.

... so now I have SO MUCH HAIR.

>> No.47315470


>autonomous intelligence

Biomega, Ar Tonelico, Supreme Commander, Code Lyoko, the Matrix and Blame! all have great options for writing AI. Special mention to Blame! and the Matrix where you can configure said intelligence to be a copy of your own.

>material, power and self replicating

Depends on what approach you want to go for. The solar harnessing technology from The Mysterious Cities of Gold is pretty great as a replenishable supply. A source of magic and a magitech perk could also keep 'em topped up with energy for useful work; HP, FF6, Chrono Trigger and Storm Hawks are particularly good for this. Correspondence Course from Fallen London gives you a perpetual source of heat energy, amongst other things. The science of Symphogear runs on phonic energy i.e. the emotional energy of songs if that's more your style. And Minecraft has both some decent energy generator systems, and a style of alchemy which can be used to create resources out of nothing which is compatible with technology.

If you want to buff the nanites themselves? The grey goo from Gargoyles can do some really impressive things with far less energy than it should realistically take. Sohon from Legacy of the Aldenata's psychic nanites can work up strange matter to build things normal matter can't make. Biomega's RPIP can build absurdly vast amounts of matter from thought energy alone, and Iji's brand of nanotechnology specialises in stealing energy from opponents for all kinds of useful work. Last but not least GUNNM's Karmatron Dynamics and the Regenerator Nano together can apparently break the law of thermodynamics outright according to Mir although I forgot the reasoning why so-take that with a grain of salt.

>> No.47315473

>Others would be too overpowered
I love that you find giant breasts to be overpowered.

>> No.47315474

Supreme Commander has the Paragon. It's roughly the size of a soccer stadium, quite fragile (admittedly, only by the standards of its setting, which probably means you could bounce a fully laden 747 off it), and the interior is basically made of explodium (breaches are Bad News), but for a purely technological method of tapping ludicrous amounts of energy and mass in a way that gives entropy the middle finger, it's hard to beat.

>> No.47315485

so you're saying I should ignore the nature of the work itself? Because that's what I'm hearing.

>> No.47315517

You should base the jump on the setting, not on jokes made in the setting. The rest of the jump makes no reference to out of setting or cross setting stuff, leading me to believe you are once again full of bullshit in claiming the entire series is based on cross setting parodies.

And no, just parodying the superhero genre is not an excuse, plenty of properties do that.

>> No.47315523

Bancho, he's saying that the original work doesn't have Hokuto Shinken nor any number of abilities, techniques and miscellaneous specific things from other settings that have not crossed over with your favorite webcomic

You should have set some sort of guidelines based on canon examples of abilities depicted in the setting and explained their capabilities in a detailed manner but in hindsight I imagine that level of detail is inevitably beyond you.

>> No.47315541

Also to expand on what >>47315517 said, Discworld parodies certain aspects of D&D and mythological archtypes but Discworld doesn't let you buy any D&D spell ever or let you make a companion out of any mythological figure reimagined with a punny name.

Discworld is Good Example you should emulate and look up to.

Also I wish people generally talked about Discworld more. Even if it's just powerlevel discussions. I'm actually really surprised it hasn't been because Discworld magic is potentially some of the strongest in the entire goddamn chain.

>> No.47315640

What's good for biological stuff?

>> No.47315662

A steady, but not overwhelming, supply of nutrients, water, and maybe sunlight depending on what type of biological stuff it is.

>> No.47315670

Creative, leg day and paleo diet

>> No.47315678


>> No.47315680

I'll reword it. How become a meat hell?

>> No.47315687

Spooky, sneaky and skilled.

Zerg, Prototype, Symbiote

>> No.47315692

Biomega, Toriko and Cho Aniki

>> No.47315730

get consumption in Godzilla, eat double in skullgirls

>> No.47315731

Shoggoth, Zerg, Tyranids, Prototype, Maybe Geneforge, Shadow Ops Physiomancy, Warhammer Biomancy, Just getting really creative with science perks, and probably half a dozen other things.

>> No.47315743

You going to answer the people above or just hide?

>> No.47315753

Making a Universal Panacea is easy. Just take her as a companion.

>> No.47315776

...You know you can't become a Sourceror, right? It's genetic, and you're not the eighth son of an eighth son.

>> No.47315783

but PS 238 makes light of much more specific things than diskworld, one of the characters is literally dream and another is the son of the Incredible Hulk with the numbers filed off, I don't think this is a valid argument.
this is a good point and I'm going to put some better/lower benchmarks in the update which I'm going to make right now.
the jokes are part of the setting though, a pretty big part of the setting.
yes I am.

>> No.47315799

Jokes are big parts of many settings, still doesn't mean you should let people get things they want from other settings. Change it already. Hasn't the countless times you've been told it's ridiculous given you a hint that you're wrong?

>> No.47315832

Dream who? A crossover character? A actual dream? If it's a crossover then you still don't have any reason to give out martial arts from ANY setting and it makes little to no sense even from just that other setting. If it's an actual dream then I have no idea why you even mentioned it.

>Hulk expy
That's a expy. It's no more a justification for this shit you're pulling then the countless expies of superman or batman that exist are in other comic settings.

>> No.47315869

The funny thing is, I wasn't even thinking of magical genetic engineering and The Deal Maker. I was thinking about how the UU exists solely to hardcap WMD-level magic by making wizards fat and complacent with big dinners.

I was also thinking about Alberto Malich aka Albert's improvised time bubble, Granny "accelerated time forwards by several years through a magical ritual" Weatherwax, Tiffany "killed normally unkillable living concepts through what's basically high level sympathic magic and beat the Fairy Queen so hard she was permanently nerfed BEFORE any training" Aching and Eskarina "quantum woman wizard" Smith

>> No.47315874

1.Dream of the endless, remember Murphy?

2. That's my point though, it's Parody and Parody have to vaguely resemble the thing it's making fun of.
I just said I'm doing that, you actually read the whole thing I posted right?

>> No.47315892

Addendum: Maybe "living" is a little unapplicable for the Hiver and Cunning Man. "Quasi-sentient but experienced enough to be sentient for the purposes of meaningful communication albeit with a very narrow focus and extreme emphasis on negative emotions" would be more accurate.

>> No.47315894

I don't think you understand. When I said change it I meant remove the crossover bit entirely. You have a laughably shaky ground to stand on that has almost nil precedent and almost entirely based on your wanking. Try to be competent for once in your life and do what you're told.

>> No.47315905

Bancho there's a difference between vague resemblence and "You can have Hokuto Shinken, the literal martial art"

Just saying

Also I'm calling bullshit on the "literally Dream of the Endless" part because I'm pretty sure he's not a public domain character

>> No.47315915

So you have a crossover with DC. DC has crossovers with hundreds of settings yet it doesn't offer a Witchblade or the hammer of Thor. Your setting is not special Tera, realise that and try to improve your jump.

And resemble does not have to be "Give people the exact thing from another jump". That's not the parody, that's you wanting things you couldn't otherwise get. Medaka Box manages to be a parody of shounen without giving people Chakra or Zanpakutou, why is your setting treated any different? You certainly didn't have this crossover perk at the start of the jump, you only added it in months or even a year later, so it's certainly not essential to the setting.

>> No.47315943

second time! I'm doing that!

>> No.47315959

Really? You are completely removing any and all mentions of gaining out of setting things? You are certain on this fact? Because people will take the opportunity to shit on you even more if you fib again.

Here's a tip too. If you are going to fix something and say you will, stop trying to justify it when it was broken after you said you've started to fix it.

>> No.47315979

I almost forgot: After UU keeping powerlevels in hand and being made soft and lazy, the wizards can casually summon DEATH. As in, the literal grim reaper. Who implicitly intimidates the local gods, is going to be around to reap Great A'tuin himself, can phase through things because he's REALER than most of reality as a concept and only needs 4 allies, at least 3 of which are implicitly below him in conceptual primacy, to rout an effectively infinite bureaucracy of anthropomorphic personifications of the universe's physical laws.

The wizards can bind this fucker with a ritual...which can be parsed down from the trappings used to deliberately obfuscate magic into 3 small sticks at 4 cc of mouse blood because the real power of magic is THAT absurd. Sure an indefinite binding is explicitly impossible and inadvisable, but think about the magnitude of what's being summoned and bound AT ALL here.

And they recently found out you only need 2 small sticks and a fresh egg.

And if the principle of morphic resonance as well as the theory behind the witch construct known as the shamble is correct, it's possible the exact components for spells of similar scope can be improv'd to an extent.

>> No.47316117

To be fair, he mostly answers it to be polite, and once appeared outside of the circle.

>> No.47316141

can someone explain hellblazer to me?

>> No.47316148

So which End Jump/End Scenario is actually the most challenging out there? Which one offers the highest rewards?

>> No.47316161

Time,teaching,clothes,disparity by design, making teen villains into competent warlords,cake. Once i finished my MAXIMUM EDGELORD phase and actually started teaching i found i liked it. So basically i spend my time being generally pretty domestic and helping the cause of evil/chaos by teaching the next generation.

>> No.47316181

Some idiot made a garbage Jump, then uploaded it to the Drive without running it past us. Now nobody likes it, but everyone's afraid to make a new one because we're going to get another Dresden Files "the thread was on fire and it wasn't my fault" scenario.

...Oh, did you mean the setting? Snarky British asshole fights demons, and fucks everyone he cares about over in the process.

>> No.47316188

John Constantine is a blue collar wizard who cons demons and wears a trenchcoat. Everyone around him suffers.

>> No.47316193

You forgot the cigarettes.

>> No.47316216

don't it's not worth it, also>>47316181

here is the update

>> No.47316223

>Highest rewards: Tenchi

>Highest Challenge: Probably DB, although depends on what you do on Tenchi you might be even more fucked than in DB.

>> No.47316246

Just a question, but if I go drop in do I have to stay as a teacher? Or can I just leave immediately and do other things?

>> No.47316259

And the punk band and bisexuality and the bizarre real time aging thing he did.

>> No.47316269

>and bisexuality
Hey, I did mention the fags.

>> No.47316281

you can leave sure, it's mainly there as a plot hook.

>> No.47316291

True. I didn't mean to say the ritual is like, Exalted-levels of capital P-Perfect, but it's hella buff conceptually to the point it makes most Fate concept manipulation look like total shite.

I mean, the Rite was also buff enough to rip the Deathiness out of Mort in order to restore Death from the human traits he'd picked up on vacation, and it did successfully bind Susan back when she was "mantling" his role as his grandchild.

I'm going to say the Gurren Lagann one. People are going to disagree on the basis of Tenchi Muyo, SMT but hear me out: In TM you don't HAVE to fight the Chousin head-on necessarily. And SMT actually suggests strategies for tackling YHVH whereas in GL the protagonists had to break the inherent rules of the setting to win.

To clarify I'm NOT debating whether the Anti-Spiral or YHVH is more powerful because that's a kettle of controversy I'd rather not touch without someone conclusively explaining whether the Extradimensional Labyrinth was the illusion it looked like, or a no-bullshit multiverse the fucker casually reality warped into existence to keep the team completely and utterly isolated from each other. I'm talking challenge and reward just from what's in the jump.

You're dealing with someone with enough reserved spiral energy to launch big bang-strength attacks and keep fighting harder...before capturing the dude who barely beat him. And if you take the interpretation that Lagann-hen powerlevels are canon he can launch on attack that dwarfs the big bang by an order of magnitude.

As for rewards-the ASes live "between the 11th and 12th dimensions" so winning Simon-levels of Spiral Energy effectively gives you the capacity to navigate those and modify constructs at will capable of defeating other constructs that operate on multidimensional principles such as them. And since Spiral Energy is generated by yourself, it won't be diminished outside its' native reality like your connection to the Great Will.

>> No.47316292


>> No.47316296

Got it, thanks

>> No.47316306

You use Naruto at the end as an example for power systems that can't be taught with A+ but the Naruto jump allows you to teach it to anyone you want post jump.

>> No.47316318

Hellblazer is an amazing comic that focuses on the life of John Constantine, who is simultaneously one of the shittiest fighters and winningest characters in DC. He's an archetypical example of a character who charisma builds and who puts points into social skills and reputation. He is also the worst possible friend to have.

. . . as for the jump, just ignore it. It was a troll that someone got past us and now it's stuck on the drive. Best to pay it no mind.

>> No.47316330

that's the jump though, it's more about not imparting any sort of variant biology or metaphysics. Naruto ninjas have a second circulatory system just for energy that will not be conveyed.

>> No.47316339

So why do we still have it in the drive?

>> No.47316358

I know, I just mentioned it because it might make that message a bit harder to understand.

>> No.47316362

See >>47316181 - nobody wants to be the next Wild Card.

>> No.47316370

The short answer is "because fuck it".

>> No.47316377

Because not everyone chooses to interpret the wording of the jump in the worst most depressingly horrible way. Even if it is pretty easy to interpret that way.

>> No.47316398

From a meta perspective, it does seem logical that John Constantine is the one guy a Jumper should never approach.

>> No.47316402

What jumps are relatively safe if I keep my head down or have base level combat prowess?

>> No.47316418

The jump has the utter doom and despair of every one you care about as a mandatory drawback.

>> No.47316427

...ignoring the naysayers, the actual reason is because it's a placeholder for someone willing and able to make a competant Hellblazer jump which a lot of people agreed was a reasonable measure in a previous thread. I won't deny the controversies of previous works, but neither will I pretend the consensus on the thing being an unacceptable fuckup that nobody approved of before being uploaded render it a valid thing to be replaced.

I should also point out there are much bigger issues than the worst one on it-like the 300 CP item that grants "near omnipotence" with reality-warping conceptual bullshit that's from the Sandman, not Constantine's comic, the worthlessness of Native Guide and Book of True Names outside the jump and the inexcusably generic and inaccurate descriptions for magic perks

Also >>47316418 is correct. That's literally what it says.

>> No.47316430

Most of them. Give me more specifics.

>> No.47316433

Every single mundane "you have a job now" jump including heist if you play your cards right, and every slice of life jump including sitcom.

>> No.47316437

This is something I can agree with. John Constantine seems like someone Jumpers should avoid with like a plague. This fucker was able to trick both god and the devil.

>> No.47316451

The Sims is amazing as a very early Jump. Excellent perks combined with low lethality.

>> No.47316458

Most of them, despite popular opinion it is completely unnecessary to involve yourself in dangerous plots and pick fights with deities. Most apocalyptic events will be solved by the main characters of the settings and unless you are stupid and head into grimdark jumps you should be fine if you avoid looking for trouble.

>> No.47316464

>The Sims
>low lethality
Maybe for you.

>> No.47316465

Yeah, basically, a bunch of people agree that it's shit and should be replaced... but there are some people who think that even a shit jump is better than no jump at all, and so it's hanging out there until someone wants to redo it.

Aaaaannnnd nobody wants to do it. Either because fuck listening to people complain or because fuck nobody cares about Hellblazer.

>> No.47316466

So long as you don't get into a building with no exits, windows, and just walls. And swimming pools without ladders.

>> No.47316475

Yeah, he's not someone you want to off because he does save the day on more than a few occasions, but he's not someone you want to hang around. He's like that nuke slinger from Fallout, sure he does a ton of damage but at best he'll eventually give you cancer and at worst he'll kill you along with your intended target.

Best let him do his thing.

>> No.47316492

>some people who think that even a shit jump is better than no jump at all

To be fair i can see the reasoning there, sort of. My main point was NOBODY approved of the damn Hellblazer before someone snuck it onto the drive, which in my eyes renders it fair game to be replaced.

Honestly I think the chief issue is nobody does care or know anything about Hellblazer. Because that would also explain why there is no Hellboy/Generic Mike Mignola jump despite it being a pretty good webcomic.

>> No.47316493

>nobody cares about Hellblazer
Truer words were never spoken.

>> No.47316504


The fuck did I type that for, what the hell

>> No.47316506

Maybe don't take the 300 CP drawback?

>> No.47316515

Also because redoing a jump is the highest of blasphemies that will bring upon you the plagues of Egypt!

This is not my opinion but rather what I see from /jc/ when people discus replacing bad jumps or someone wanting to make a jump that was claimed by someone else who left along time ago

>> No.47316529

See >>47316492, I'm sick of pointing out Hellblazer absolutely and in no uncertain terms fits the No Thread Consensus Approva=No Upload To The Drive clause every time people wring their hands about being unable to do anything.

>> No.47316537

I mean, it seems fair enough reasoning to me.

To get a new Hellblazer jump we need
> 1) A person who wants to make a jump
> 2) A person who knows about Hellblazer
> 3) A person who wants to make a jump specifically about Hellblazer
> 4) A person who is willing to put up with any complaints

And, to be fair, I don't think there would be a lot of complaints. But there would be one or two, because there's ALWAYS one or two, even for brand new jumps.
It's just that with this one we can see them coming ahead of time and it's a total pain in the ass.

Finding someone who hits all that criteria is a bitch and a half.

>> No.47316546

The sad thing is that that show was a great adaptation, it was just on the wrong network. If that had started on CW, Syfy, or AMC it'd be a champ. The episodes were great, and the lead nailed Constantine down to a tee.

>> No.47316559

Thank you, someone finally gets it.

This is what I think Hellblazer is lacking to be honest. Nobody knows jack all about it apart from John's memetic bad(?) luck and the bad parts of the jump. Like I said, same reason why Hellboy doesn't have a jump at all.

>that show was a great adaption

Oh fuck you, I bet you liked that Lucifer show too you fucking manure-taster.

>> No.47316586

>Oh fuck you, I bet you liked that Lucifer show too you fucking manure-taster.
Nah, that show didn't have anything going for it. Constantine was great, though, or at least had the potential for greatness. The episode with the hunger demon? With one minor exception, that's nearly 1:1 with the comics and it manages to be as good as that issue.

>> No.47316600

Really? I dropped it after the first episode so-guess I missed it before it got gud.

>> No.47316602

True but that rule is seemingly overshadowed by the

>Only the jumpmaker can change anything about a jump and has to give their approval for anyone else who wants to make a replacement no matter how bad, unfinished, or not even having a WIP posted it is


>> No.47316609

On that note, I wonder what Comics!Lucifer would think of Megami Tensei.

>> No.47316635

Unless it's a long enough time that we're confident they're not coming back.

>> No.47316658

>Increased CP gained from "World of Law"
Aw, hell. Originally went World of Chaos to stick with the Law theme of Chosen of Raphael/Herald.

Now I'm tempted to go Tribrid or Demonic Fusion too...

>> No.47316676

I wonder how Doomguy would fair as a Jumper.

>> No.47316679

Someone called Mommy (yes, yes go ahead and overreact you drama queens out there, but I'm not going to pretend it didn't happen) uploaded a Black Butler jump with a fetish related drawback and some wildly unbalanced items. Thread consensus got it kicked from the drive.

I'm not denying it only happens in very, VERY exceptional circumstances and should not be treated as a regular thing. I'm saying the fact the jump already breached the thread consensus aspect is why I think it's justifiable to kick it.

That's...a good question. Comics!Lucifer has basically given up the good fight, and just does what he wants while SMT!Lucifer is still struggling. Except in Final/Apocalypse. But otherwise I think they'd get along pretty well even if they're unlikely to actually help each other out.

>> No.47316692

Isn't there a Spongebob jump made from that person still in the drive?

>> No.47316694


How would you be able to tell the difference between him and a normal jumper?

>> No.47316703

I think he'd be pretty DYNAMITE.

>> No.47316708

Most Jumpers aren't half as suicidally agressive as he is.

>> No.47316709

Good point.

>> No.47316714

Is he fucking anything?

>> No.47316718

There would be less kleptomania, more just breaking things.

>> No.47316719

I thought it got kicked too, but if it's still there then yeah-by the same reasoning it should logially be chucked too. I think we're back to the nobody cares about the franchise enough/people think having any jump is better than none thing.

>> No.47316724

Hey, those demons killed his rabbit.
It was his only friend, and they earned everything that was coming to them.

>> No.47316730

Yeah, that was back before we knew how terrible he really was.

And the original draft for that jump involved Spongebob fucking Patrick in the street and getting periodically raped by tentacles, which we somehow convinced him to remove.
After a bunch of arguing and name calling on his part. Calling everyone prudes and tumblr trannies.

I guess we just used to put up with more shit back then.

>> No.47316748

Did black butler ever actually make it on the drive? I don't recall for certain but I do recall a huge shitstorm about it when it was first made, and I don't think that storm went away until the jumpmaker left.

>> No.47316761

Literally Chrischan levels of autism.

>> No.47316777

How do you feel about parachute pants?

>> No.47316782

From what I have seen "long enough" = Never.

>> No.47316800

Thanks to some comic book science perks and some time with a crazy science drawback in Ratchet and Clank I have a pair of Literal Parachute Pants. Make sure you have underwear on if you use them.

>> No.47316827

When Undertale was getting worked on, there was a bunch of debate about this very subject. Nobody ever really came to a consensus on how long without an update was preferred, but even the more conservative anons hovered around six months.

>> No.47316931

What's the most effective equivalent to digging a hole in the ground and hiding there for 10 years that you're capable of?

>> No.47316939

>redoing a jump is the highest of blasphemies

Considering the anti-creator nonsense that was getting slung about last thread like mud, I'm surprised this shit's still a thing.

>> No.47316948

Get in your warehouse and don't get out. Assuming you took the seal option.

>> No.47316959

Because we have standards, strange, often misplaced and contradictory, but still standards.

>> No.47316961

Time doesn't pass that way though

>> No.47316973

No if you warehouse is open time passes normally, and you can't be in your warehouse if it isn't open.

>> No.47316980

Just leave the door ajar.

>> No.47316985

In some jumps just going to space is enough. In others a parallel dimension will work. In yet others a series of mystcraft worlds filled with adventure.

Yes it does. The time stop only applies if you close the door, which you can't do with sapient beings inside. The barrier lets you protect the warehouse without closing the door, good for when you're in there for a time.

>> No.47317006

No comment on anything else in the discussion, but the Sandman bit seems to be true. TvTropes makes a big point of all the *Captain Ersatz" tropes going on (the difference between a Captain Ersatz and an Expy is apparently that the former are meant to come off as more or less a carbon copy). So, not quite "literally" Dream, but someone intended to -be- him.

On a tangential note, I'd kind of really love a Sandman jump. Or a Lucifer jump. Although I'm pretty sure they'd both be practically impossible to make.

>> No.47317010

>As for rewards-the ASes live "between the 11th and 12th dimensions" so winning Simon-levels of Spiral Energy effectively gives you the capacity to navigate those and modify constructs at will capable of defeating other constructs that operate on multidimensional principles such as them. And since Spiral Energy is generated by yourself, it won't be diminished outside its' native reality like your connection to the Great Will.

Eh, where was that stated?

I know that the AS would live in something above time, but that would make them fourth or fifth dimensional, not 12th dimensional.

Also, the reward from of unlocking your Spiral energy is worthless considering that you can do that using Boundary Manipulation post-spark.

>> No.47317021

Boundary Manipulation really isn't all it's cracked up to be. For example, you know the civilisation that lives on the moon? Apparently they are too strong for Yukari's power to affect so she can't use it on the moon. She also can't use it around certain shrines.

>> No.47317047

>Although I'm pretty sure they'd both be practically impossible to make.
It depends if people insist on being able to be on the same level as the Endless/Lucifer, or just another schmuck.

>> No.47317102

Do you get points from Nothing Special as an FISS? Also would taking Praetorian Prospect as a drop in have them pursue you as a teacher?

>> No.47317135

no and yes respectively

>> No.47317145

Oh yeah, that's clearly a no go one.

But even then I feel like it would be difficult. So much of those series, Sandman in particular, are weird and strange and wonderful, and I'm not exactly sure how you'd translate that sort of abstractness over into jumpchain.

There's very little explanations of what's happening, beyond what you need to know to get the story. No hard and fast rules or boundaries you could use to benchmark anything.

Admittedly I've given the problem very little thought. I really want to see it now though.

>> No.47317175

It did, yeah.

Someone proposed 4 months a while ago, I thought that was pretty reasonable. 4-6 months sounds like the right benchmark, yeah.

Using Tvtropes terminology to justify anything automatically invalidates it in my eyes. By that reasoning Death of the Endless is the same as Death of the Discworld even though she operates on a far greater scale-so no, I don't accept that sort of shitty logic to justify Bancho's design choices.

I can't emphasise >>47317021 enough. Touhou characters get wanked HARDER THAN ANYTHING IN ALL OF JC by their cancerous shitstain of a fanbase. People explicitly said to be stronger than Yukari top out at continent busting, maybe.

Also, feats. Team GL and the AS both have way, way, way better demonstrated feats and more versatility than anything any Touhou has ever done. No, if anything Boundary Manipulation is worthless compared to Simon-potential Spiral Energy.

>> No.47317190

>power has vague but definitive limits and its' user is explicitly weaker than other characters in her setting
>other power is, canonically, about doing the impossible with sufficient willpower and determination

I'll take endgame Spiral Energy roflstomps the Touhouverse for $500, Alex

>> No.47317220

Have a jump. Constructive comments appreciated. shitposting and bait appreciated on their individual merits.

>> No.47317232

It's owlright.

>> No.47317249

I'm sure it'll be a hoot.

>> No.47317252

Oh don't you fucking start this now. It's too early in the morning to deal with your puns.

>> No.47317262

I've actually read PS238, and Murphy is intended to literally be a fragment of Dream. They never come out and say it, but his intro makes it clear.

>> No.47317263

But anon, soon we'll be hitting beak level.

>> No.47317278

That's great. Doesn't change the fact that it isn't Dream. No matter how much you or the author might want it to be, it's not.

>> No.47317282

Well, Sprink On Your Spronk is hilarious and I am definitely buying it.

>> No.47317294

I really need to emphasise this: Every time someone says Gilgamesh, or Darkseid, or Endbringers, or Scion is unbeatable?

The amount of pure bullshit ZUN's fanbase attributes to their waifus outweighs all. That. Shit by an absurd margin.

Since it's technically a perk would it be cool to keep one's original shape from the previous jump instead of taking an animal form?

Looks pretty good, otherwise

I'm going to need a canon citation for this character being intended to be THAT SPECIFIC VERTIGO COMICS CHARCTEr rather than an EXPY like a generic santa claus/reaper in various stories, because I don't consider "makes it clear" to be valid evidence for a fact.

>> No.47317305

I know it's probably redundant at this point, but you ought to clarify if labeled perks and items are free or discounted. This is especially important for Chaw.

>> No.47317306

Spotted the night owl.

>> No.47317347

Fuck both of you.

>> No.47317364

The pedant in me wants to point out that the Raptor perks is wrong, as owls are not related to falcons. Falcons are a separate lineage from other birds of prey, and are actually a type of canary that convergently evolved to have similar traits to order Afroaves. Otherwise, yeah, looks great.

>> No.47317376

Oh god. I'm getting drawn into a debate here aren't I? Oh well, it's late at night and I'm on the Internet; figure this is how it's meant to go, right?

First I just wanna lay out what I'm NOT saying. I'm not saying anything about the jump, or design choices, or anything beyond how the writers of the PS238 comic, and Neil Gaiman made their works. Cool?

The key thing here, in my eyes, is the -intention- of the writers. Murphy in PS238 is INTENDED to come across to the audience as Dream of the Endless. That's how he as a character was designed. The comic goes out of it's way numerous times to explicitly make this parallel.

Gaiman, on the other hand, DID NOT try to construct Death, or any of the Sandman characters, to be seen as characters from other IPs being transplanted over into his work. Any resmeblance is incidental. At no point does he try to make a comparison, positive or negative, between his Death and Pratchett's. They have the same name and perform the same function, broadly speaking, but that's only because death itself is just such an omnipresent thing, and people have been personifying it in different ways for millennia.

All I pointed to Tvtropes for was some quick and easy evidence, in case you didn't want to trust my word.

>> No.47317391

Time to bother some owls.
Wily old fox mode go!

>> No.47317406

Don't be so flighty.
Puns are for the birds!

>> No.47317481

Can I be fruit bat [Flying Fox]?

>> No.47317504

Oh okay, I see what you mean. So you're saying it's like how South park's God is supposed to be THE God of the Bible but obviously isn't supposed to come with all the implications of objective morality and omniscience that being God entails?

Because I can accept that. I just don't accept Bancho using him as an example to put in any setting's power from anywhere in the jump.

>> No.47317541

Raptor and Gizzard Flying look like they have a lot of overlap. How would someone with Raptor compare to a Gizzard Flyer with Combat Chaw, and how would someone with both compare?

Also, if you are taking Raptor, does Combat Chaw do anything?

Finally, you might want to change Hagswar to account for the Pure One background, and make it clear if you can help the Owls overcome it or if they're inevitably doomed.

>> No.47317685

So reading the jump, I fiend the Pure One leader to be quite the haggler.

>> No.47317894

>one's original form
Yeeeah, I kinda hoped nobody would want that, but I suppose I ought to add it.

Will clarify. Before I do the next version, all 100cp perks are indeed free to the respective backgrounds.
Chaw should be "one purchase free for Guardians, further purchases discounted". There's the right number of options so it should be impossible to have 50cp left over, unless I done goof.

Entirely my error, will correct.

>flying fox
air-breathing + animal = go for it.

>Raptor vs Gizzard Flying
Raptor is meant for combat, Gizzard Flying is meant for avoiding obstacles/being a 'leaf on the wind'. You could absolutely use Gizzard Flying to fly though a flock of enemies, but it won't help you shred them any more than you could already.
Raptor won't really help you fly though a collapsing cave or through a tornado without hitting something/getting blown away.

>Raptor vs Chaw: Search and Rescue (and Combat)
Raptor is straight-up killy-ness. Search and Rescue (and Combat) Chaw covers a few other related skills like search patterns and signals, plus the combat basics. Sort of the difference between going to army boot camp (Search and Rescue) and taking a professional shooting/self defense course (Raptor).
Will try to make clearer.

Will do.

Owl probably post v1.01 in a day or so.

>> No.47317936


>> No.47317977

Second bump

>> No.47317983

He's part the Arrowverse BTW. He showed up in the Arrow. Which I think timeline wise takes place before Constantine series.

>> No.47318171

Drawback: Hagswar, Slow Starter, Yeeping (1600)

Rolled the Desert of Kuneer

Guardian, great grey owl.

Instinct (Free)
Prehensibility (1500)
Chaw: Ga'Hoolology (Free)
Ryb of Blacksmithing (1100)
Hot Coals for Gizzards (900)
Raptor (600)
Gizzard Flying (0)

Presumably we're like, a young adult owl? How old is that in owl years, 5? 8? Either way, the great grey owl: The closest thing nature has to something Anti-Spiral shaped. If things were otherwise we might've come as a northern white-faced owl for transformer owl shenanigans, but hey-that's what morphing tech's for.

Either way, we're long overdue for vacation after unleashing the Eldar god of death to give Chaos-and the Imperium-one more kick in the nuts so here we're just going to take a break and do owl things.

Fly by night.

Hoot, rotate our head and maybe get some weird looks if those are considered socially unacceptable in owl society.

Eat fieldmice. Cooked, of course.

And build giant robots. Owl-shaped giant robots. Because how else are you going to defeat an army of evil flying things? Well technically they'll more be remote controlled drones powered by a core with a tiny spark from the Ember of Hoole-and our own spiritual energy-but the point is: We're probably going to get kicked out of the tree for building nullspaces and matter-energy converters and generally disturbing the neighbours, but they'll let us back in once our army of theomechanical avian killbots arrives to "save" the "day".

>> No.47318192

I'm almost tempted to go with a ridiculous build based around going Drop In and buying almost all the Pure One line so I can be a platypus with dark magic. I mean think about it, platypi are horrific abominations combining the features of any number of completely different creatures, they're likely to be looked upon akin to Frankenstein's Monster.

Being able to purchase the not an owl as another origin for something like 300 would be nice, but can see why you might want to avoid that. Although I do feel the need to point out there should probably be a size limit to prevent silliness with coming in as an elephant or something.

>> No.47318198

To be fair you can say that about pretty much any lifeform from Australia

>> No.47318246

Yeah, but Platypi are especially obvious about it. Bills, egg laying, and venomous ankle spurs on a mammal. Australia probably would end up holding similar connotations to R'lyeh in that universe.

>> No.47318307

You're not wrong but I say the glowing 3 foot earthworms and Lion's Mane jellyfish have them beat in sheer eldritchness, while the cassowaries and necrophilliac cane toads are better proof of malice in evolution

>> No.47318324

Do Crowls count as "not an owl" for the purposes of taking a non-owl race with a non-drop in background? If not, how would a Hagsfiend Guardian work?

>> No.47318374

FATAL jump?

>> No.47318382

Oh, you.

3/10, too obvious.

>> No.47318422

Yep! Really, that's a good way to go about things. Not much you can't get with that attitude.

On one hand, yay I can afford more, even if it's just a bit. On the other hand FUCK I LOST MY ELF FORM.

Ah well. I'll find something.

>What is your jumpers theme?
While I jump as myself, I won't lie. I went with a theme of self-improvement and demons/magic. Self-improvement is pretty broad though, so eventually gene splicing and cybernetic augments became one hell of a thing... and then just about like everything I do, it got out of hand and before I know it, I'm trying to study gods so I can turn other people into gods.


Well, why not?

Have you any idea how much I want a Doom 2016 jump? I would get my ass kicked hard by Doomguy, but I want to get all the demon stuff from there. All of it. I would show Olivia and Hayden how the fuck it is DONE.

>> No.47318436

>Wanting to be an filthy elf
You disappoint me Red.

>> No.47318452

That puppers is cute. CUTE. Also something tells me big ears+trunk wouldn't go well with an elf form anyway.

>> No.47318485

>You disappoint me Red.
>pic related
This was an obvious conclusion, yes. But I've always liked elves as long as they weren't as obnoxious as they can be in some stories. Long life, good looks, adorable pointed ears that sometimes wiggle... what's not to like?

Yeah... you're probably right. I'd have to figure something else out for a good combination. Also yes, that puppers is amazing.

>> No.47318490

>go Drop-in hagsfiend because I like being a big bad fluff monster
>roll for location
>Isle of Hoole - Home to the Tree of Ga'hoole and the Guardians

I don't think there's nearly enough non-threatening/friendliness perks in the multiverse to stop the asswuppin I'm going to get if I don't immediately fuck off.

>> No.47318553

Bit late but the aeonic orb, inertia less drive and the necrodermis hull thing are what I always take.

>> No.47318555

Why'd you decide to be the elephantine chariot of the penis demoness anyway? I was expecting you'd go as one of the more classic kinds of "demon" like a Rakshasa or Nezha, or even an oni maybe. At least in the case of a Tyrant the CP drain is totally understandable even if it fits you too well

By the way, just curious-does the movie diverge from the books? I haven't seen or read either of 'em but I figured it must be pretty faithful considering there's no +0CP drawback

>> No.47318612

Alright, I'm back.

I added this drawback because I wanted people who didn't want to deal with the lower-level "annoyances" to have more choice in terms of CP gain.

I did not see a problem with it, as we already have many timeline breaking and/or crossover drawbacks.

I am aware that others have already said this, but I am not going to scrap my actual argument and make stuff up because others have used it before me.

>> No.47318614

Because my first choice was limited to 200CP, my second choice was limited to 600CP, and I needed to grab SOMETHING that wouldn't screw me over. And when SMTAnon said I could probably splice the form a bit I just said 'fuck it' because I get the idea I'm unable to combine the effects of Demonic Infusion/Demonic Fusion together.

It's a matter of what's available. Plus I'll be honest, all the freaking hype people gave to the 1000CP choice forms have kind of put me off on them.

>> No.47318627

I once hypnotized an entire world to love that game.

>> No.47318643

You are a monster and should be hanged for doing such a crime.

>> No.47318652

I think it's a fun drawback and fine the way it is.

>> No.47318669

It could have been worse. He could have hypnotised an entire world into using Exalted's combat rules.

>> No.47318687

and you should be stabbed with a rusty fork.

>> No.47318716

It was a world in 40K, they probably deserved it. Probably I didn't check.

>> No.47318728


>> No.47318764

>I would get my ass kicked hard by Doomguy,
Are we talking about a handicapped fight? Because I'm sure you have enough health and durability buffs to shrug off his attacks.

>> No.47318811

I think she means he would take one look at her and go pic related.

>> No.47318852

>No, John, you are the demons

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