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After a long day, the Major brings both Eileens back home.

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Oh boy! The most exciting time of day has finally arrived!

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Here is your order! Two coffees, two frozen lemonades and one box of Timbits!

Finally. I can't believe it took this long.

My printer seems to have a problem, we're sorry you'll have to wait a bit for your receipt.

>> No.47303380

I forget, did we come to a conclusion on how we're going to house the 4 people in our 2-man apartment (or was it a house? I forget)

I'd recommend us sleeping in the couch, the two Eileens draw sticks on who's bedroom they get (her old one or ours) while Rachel sets up the matres where ever she prefers.

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Get out the tent and camp in the yard.

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If only we had a pull-out couch. Otherwise, air mattresses exist. Not entirely pleasant, but they exist.

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No worries, we can wait a bit.

Yeah, I planned on this for a while now but never really got time to do it with the whole angels thing.

You girls doing alright back there?

OOC: We're in a drive-through right?

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>[revving intensifies]

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>OOC: We're in a drive-through right?
Of course, I mean we wouldn't make Eileen sit at the table god-knows-who has been sitting before.

>> No.47303524

No problem, we can wait.

Nudging Rachel-Let's just be aware of our surroundings while we're stuck in line. Things have already taken longer than usual. Better safe than sorry.

I am ridiculously happy to see this up and running again. Thanks, mate.

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i go inside tims and eat at the table
it lets me skip the huge lines in the drive through

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Anything will be okay as long as you have booze, Major. I'll sleep anywhere with enough beer.

Huh! This whole day has been a mess. Anna, Ji Eun and then this.

[Eileen I]
I-is everything all right with Anna, Rachel?

Of course. She's treated with ''utmost care''. [She sigh then looks out the window.]

[Eileen I & II]
Yes Major!
>Yes, Major. [She looks bored.]

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Here is your receipt and gift card! We're sorry it took so long.

Have a nice day!

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Trial board, not enforced

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Girls, how did you get so different so fast?
Are you trying to be as unlike each other as possible on purpose?

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Holy shit, do we have an infinite Tims card or did she just guess exactly what we wanted before we even wanted it?

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Yeah, it hasn't really been a happy occasion after Vancouver. Let's just hope that this will be the end of the grief, at least for a bit.

Like I said before Rachel, there really isn't much we can do except wait.

Eileen, you alright? I thought you liked Tim Hortons. Long-haired Eileen, gosh...we got to work out a way to call you guys up.

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She never really specified how much she filled that card up. OP, can you confirm this for infinite Tim Horton's card?

>> No.47303665

thank god for her is all I can say.

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>I'll sleep anywhere with enough beer.
Yeah, thanks for reminding us Cap'n Obvious.

>an actual receipt
You're the best, y'know that?

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Yeah, but let's try to salvage the evening at least.
Wanna hit an arcade? I know of a place, it's old one but should be still open.
We can drink ourselves under table afterwards.

Tip the guy, just because. Do people tip in Canada?

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You should tip in all countries, as a thank you.

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[Eileen II]
That's what the Psychiatrist advised. That and bi-weekly counselling. Ça va être fantastique. [She sighs]

You can keep calling Eileen, Major.
>I'm not changing my name. No way.

Honestly, Major, after today I don't feel like going out. Drinking ourselves under the table is a good plan, though.

Yeah, Ophelia's card is infinite. For now at least.

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Well, I think Elieen 1 and Eileen 2 would kind of make you both seem to still be clones, so why not think up an original middle name for yourselves? Rather than 1 and 2?

>> No.47303930

Or a different surname! You need to marry ASAP.

>> No.47303953

No child marriages or else Harper's barbaric practices hotline will come and take us away

>> No.47303982

Ok, but I hate seeing you boring yourself to death. Maybe you could go for, say, suave confidence instead?

>> No.47304029

Alright, I'm sure it will sort itself eventually.

Also, that wasn't asking you out.. more like just... nevermind.

>> No.47304045

Alright, I hear you. >>47303912
Though middle names does sound like a good idea.

And why not, just so long as my girls aren't involved.

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>Take my biology test
>Later that day
>Tim Hortons scene finally happens
There is a kind and merciful god.

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That was to Eileen II, by the way.

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Why don't you try to run the quest on the board designed for it, I bet it will be great.

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>Ca va être fantastique
... I don't think it works that way. Ca va would have been fine, and the être isn't needed.

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That boards more for oneshots and newer material, the quests that have already been running for months are staying put instead of forsaking any pace or fanbase so that the mods are appeased. If this bothers you, a filter should be sufficient, and if you are simply informing us, we thank you for your input and welcome you to enjoy yourself in our company if you so wish. If not, I wish you a pleasant day.

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>Ça va être fantastique.
C'est fantastique de voir du français bien écrit avec toutes les cédilles et accents ici !

Actually does. "Ça va fantastique" is grammatically incorrect, "c'est fantastique" means "it's awesome", whereas "ça va être fantastique" means what it should mean, that is "this is gonna be awesome". Sarcasm not included.

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>board designed for it
About as designed for it as a fish is designed to fly above land.

>> No.47304422 [DELETED] 

>fish is designed to fly above land

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Desole, je studier la francais, mais ma francais est assez merde ;-;

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You're hurting my frogger soul.

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[Eileen I]
A middle name? Hmm. It feels weird if it's coming from me. Maybe you could find one? I mean you're my guardian.

[Eileen I]
[She blushes] W-what are you saying Major?! I'm too young!

[Eileen II laughs]

I know, Major. Arcades for a date? That would be lame as hell.

I'm still astonished by the speed at which they're rebuilding HQ district. You and Sophie sure worked fast on that funding allocation.

It must have been weird after what happened at her house. [She raise her eyebrows a few time, in a suggestive manner.]

>> No.47304609

FUCK! The funding allocation!
I need to make a phone call, NOW!

>> No.47304612

Eileen Dawn?

And... Eileen Luna?

Or Eileen Stella?

I dunno.

>> No.47304628

Don't you like Einleen and Zweileen?

I thought I was really clever with those name!

>> No.47304662

>after what happened at her house
I have no idea what your talking about [Give her the classic "not in front of the kids"-look]

>> No.47304687

Zelda and Daisy

>> No.47304689

Neither of us are one to talk about drunken shenanigans.

Speaking of which, how about...Eileen Labatt?

>> No.47304715

[You finally reach your apartment block]

Wow, how much are you paying for this? I didn't think you'd be payed this much for being a so-so Ops Director.

Riiiight. We'll talk later.

Those names are stupid!
>Those names sound stupid.
[There's an awkward silence after they realized they both spoke at the same time.]

>> No.47304718

Eileen Huron and Elieen Haida


Evangelion needs a nautical theme.

>> No.47304760

How does Marie and Karie sound? Those seem nice and honest enough for you both, though only if you guys are fine with it.

And...yeah, I should probably make a call to central about funding allocation. Unless, I want Finance at me with another boot.

>> No.47304764

I receive the salary of about ten so-so Ops Directors. One for each voice in my head.

>> No.47304783

Those names are nice!

>> No.47304810

It's more of a compensationary fee. I get room and board, courtesy of HQ, and a growing list of back pay if I should...die a horrible death but it's all in how you see it.

At least, that's what I am choosing to tell myself.

>> No.47304819

This sounds the perfect amount of nerdy for our Major

>> No.47304821

>Implying there's only 10 Major Anons

>> No.47304854

C'mon man, there's at least sixteen of us here. Plus the Boss.

>> No.47304885

On the upside, if we die a horrible death then there's a good chance that everyone we owe money to will also die a horrible death.

>> No.47305073

And then there's Venom Major...

We don't talk to him.

>> No.47305223

Still, this is way more than I make. That was a joke, by the way. I don't consider you a so-so OD, you saved our asses more than a few times.

Anyway, where's your shower?

[Eileen I]
They sound good! I'll take Katie, what do you say?

[Eileen II]
Whatever. [She then goes straight to her old room. You can hear her pick up her guitar and play some tunes.]

[Eileen I]
...It seems like we're different persons after all. And this isn't her at her worse!

>> No.47305257

Goddamn we live in style! Be sure to thank the metrosexual that decorated the place, cause this shit is tight! Look at those glass moose!

>> No.47305325

"Do I even want to know what her worst is like? Or should I just wait and see for myself?"

>> No.47305342

Back hallway, first door to the left. And make sure to dry yourself in there, otherwise you won't hear the end of it from Eileen Katie about wet floors.

Your sister, Eiileen, she doesn't really resent me does she?

>> No.47305382

Well, she was kind of hurt when she heard about you. I suppose she will need a little more time to adapt to the situation.

To Rachel: The white door at the end of the hallway. There should be clean towels. Do you want something to eat or drink after that?

>We should try to talk to Zweileen. Maybe about French music or something since she sound like the most Francophile of the two. Maybe we have a CD to give her or something. A book of Saint-Exupery?

>> No.47305402

I really don't like the personality Eileen Marie is building for herself. Is this really the only alternative?

>> No.47305423

Wait, is that the Eileen we called Anna that one time, and tried to hug that one time and she pushed us away?

If so, we really should start bridging that gap between our fuck ups. Good thinking Maj.

>> No.47305432

>Do you want something to eat or drink after that?
You mean besides the aforementioned beer? I'd imagine more beer. Like, she sounded pretty serious about the drinking herself under the table idea. I just hope she's not a violent drunk.

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>> No.47305454

>We should try to talk to Zweileen.
For starters we should stop calling her Zweileen.
Also don't headpat anyone, except mayyybe CAG under very specific circumstances.

>> No.47305481

Hey guys how do I get my name in red??

>> No.47305503

you buy 4chan

>> No.47305504

Ever since the big reveal, her smile is gone forever. Mind you, this is NBS, so it's neither the first nor last to come to that fate. At least CAGsuragi's incompetance has saved one daughterfu.

For now.

>> No.47305541

We make the best of what we have and keep pushing forward, that's the only way.

>> No.47305617

Sure, I'll dry myself carefully?

Oh, no. don't bother with food, I'm not hungry. [She goes to the fridge a pick a beer and opens it.] I'll make it fast. [She heads to the shower.]

[Eileen I]
I don't know if she resents you, she doesn't talk much.

Oh you'll see. Last week she messed up our whole room for some reason. I think it was because of the food? Anyway, she has a bad temper. Unlike me! [She smiles]

I'm glad you kept the apartment clean while I was gone. I was afraid I'd have to do a whole cleanup. Only a small one will do.

>> No.47305681

We seriously need to talk with Eileen Marie. Probably right now.

>> No.47305712

I've done my best to keep everything germ-free.

I should really go talk with her. We are supposed to live under the same roof, we should not let it begin on a wrong note.

>Pick some french CD/Book and head to Eileen Marie room.

>> No.47305724

And I'm glad to have you back. Both of you. I was really worried.

As for the cleanup, I can help when I have a minute, just ask. But we probably shouldn't try to get Rachel involved, she already has enough on her plate as is.

>> No.47305773

We have an apartment? Cool.

Anyway, when's that next ARG starting up? So far we know that some subversives from the UN are all subverting the place, someone's attacking Magi, the commander is probably playing his own game, fuck knows when our Tabris is gonna come out of nowhere, and it basically wouldn't be EVA if the dangers from within didn't cause more bullshit than the dangers from without.

>> No.47305776

I don't think this is the kind of a thing that needs, or should, be addressed right now. We're already gonna need to look after Rachel tonight. Eileen Marie can talk with us at her own pace.
I hope Rachel is not using that beer to wash down Vicodin or something... it's a reliable way to get yourself fucked and she might be willing to take shortcuts today.

>> No.47305815

[She takes your hand]
Come on, Major! Stay with me. She's playing guitar anyway, there's nothing wrong.

It's been so long!

You guys missed two secrets already.

>> No.47305846

I bet Angels did this!

>> No.47305884

"Eileen, your being awfully affectionate! Plus you don't know how long it has been since I washed this hand! Haha! Seriously, I used some Purell in the car though."

OOC: I bet one thing was in the receipt.

>> No.47305950

OOC: I swear to god if you follow that up with "this thread" I don't know what to do with myself.

It has been long, hasn't it? But it's been long for the both of you, and there seems to be some bad blood between me and... Marie. I'd prefer if we all got along, especially since we're going to be staying together all three of us.

>> No.47305960

>You guys missed two secrets already.

>> No.47305961

OOC: Slow day. I guess some people are still taking finals? That or the Major took his Thorazine today.

>> No.47305997

You guys really like guitar huh? I never really had any musical talent back at school, unless you count the kazoo.

Got to ask though, was she like this since you met?

>> No.47306042

I can't help but being worried about her. I feel guilty about how you were treated after the incident. I'm really happy you are here today. I would like to stay with you, but it feel like she need some attention. Can you forgive me?

Let's make a promise. I take some time with her today and I owe you a day.

You'll choose where we go, what do we do and so on.

Do you want to go to the aquarium? To the amusement park?

>> No.47306058

>New NBS
You guys missed two secrets already.

>> No.47306064

What are you talking about? We played the Cello back when we were around their age.

>> No.47306081


>> No.47306098

Sure. Maybe we can form a band with guys from NERV.

>> No.47306099

>Let's make a promise. I take some time with her today and I owe you a day.
You're messing up man, when a girl wants to be with you NOW, promising her some other day will not cut it. And it doesn't matter whether we're talking chaste company or some funny business. Go with the flow. We're only putting stop to this if things go too far.

>> No.47306106

>implying we're Japanese
>implying we're not a Canadian who was so drunk during the Second Impact that we're still not sure if it actually happened

>> No.47306117

Bit too much of the "I pretend I am actually a fictional character with a backstory" there lads.

Me? I was summoned / created / awakened / science'd / existed / born / etc somehow at the start of the quest, in order to provide tactical supremacy over the 3rd Angel.
Also I have this apartment.
I am not sure why I have this apartment. Do I need sleep? I am not sure.

>> No.47306120

And we've been played like a damn violling past couple weeks...

>> No.47306132

>Unless you count the kazoo
For some odd reason have the mental image of the major playing Dragonball P on the kazoo. It seems worryingly in character.

>> No.47306141

OOC: Agreed. Also, it kinda seemed like Florence wanted us to call her at the service. I bet she gets lonely. Once we get Anna out we need to have a get together.

>> No.47306163

I agree.

>> No.47306173

I'm worried about those 2 secrets we missed.
Not worried enough to start doing stegonography on every image posted in the quest, since that takes effort and I am lazy.
But I am quite worried that we'll be hit out of nowhere by something terrible.
oh well, I suppose it's Eva, getting hit out of nowhere by something terrible is just par for the course.

>> No.47306201

Of course we sleep! We just need enough alcohol.

>> No.47306213

[She lets go of your hand and laughs uncomfortably.]

Major. You won't choose her before me, right? I'm mean, I'm the real one. That counts, right?

Yes. Ever since I met her I could feel that something was wrong. Don't tell her I've said that though.

>> No.47306223

I thought that we just experienced timeskips, and that was our equivalent of losing consciousness and resting.
Also each individual personality often takes time off, and in this time they rest (I think?).

>> No.47306240

Major "Another pilot for my murder diet" Anon

>> No.47306254

However, it's also NBS, where character death is preventable if you know what you're doing.

>> No.47306255

Kept you waiting huh?

>> No.47306266

There is something written on the receipt in a slightly off white.

2435 35e, RES, District 2
Unit 314
Password: 2011

>> No.47306278

>OOC: I bet one thing was in the receipt.

>District 02
>Unit 314
>Password: 2011

>> No.47306288

It does not matter who is the "real one".
you can both pilot <strikethrough>giant lobotomized biomechanical monsters by merging your soul with that of some dead person.</strikethrough> evas.
That makes you both as valuable as an entire Res. District.

>> No.47306296

Yeah, of course you are. After all, you were under my command first. Though, I am still unsure about what this entails though about her.

Anyways, we'll find out soon enough how difficult this could be.

>> No.47306303

oh shit,I'm seeing that too. Unit 314?
Apartment address plus room and acces code.
Secret entrance?

>> No.47306310

Motherfucker! Printer problem my ass.

>> No.47306314

>I'm mean, I'm the real one
OOC: Yeah you guys can handle that, I don't know how to respond to curveballs like those.

>> No.47306315

As far as I know, you're both the real one. Im gonna have to call the head of science, whoever that is now.

>> No.47306320

You are both "real." But I am going to do my best to never play favorites with you two.

>> No.47306329

"I don't respond" is a valid response

>> No.47306337

>Actually thinking Cegremo would just post a picture of a Tim Hortons receipt with no significance whatsoever

/tg/ really does just expect waifus out of quests these days.

>> No.47306344

this adding in how we have two adorable little sisters instead of one.

>> No.47306348

Ophelia continuing to be a best.

>> No.47306358

>Obvious favoritism

Lets not.

>> No.47306367

You are about to headpat one, aren't you.

Your favourite is going to be the one that responds most positively to headpats.

I regret to inform you that I am neutral to this action and neither support nor oppose it.

>> No.47306373

There's a picture of a dick on the Tim Horton's sign, I think?

>> No.47306395

no need for headpats right now man. We must focus on the receipt and sign to figure out what we have missed

>> No.47306403

I think we're a little too old for them to be considered our sisters. They're more like daughterfus.

They reappeared at the same time, dingus. And whats with namefagging in a quest anyways?

>> No.47306409

No, more like trying to calm this one since we're not entirely sure what the whole split entails for the two Eileens.

Are they literally the same? Is one of them more altered because of the angel bullshit? Is one of them actually an angel? We need to keep our options open here.

>> No.47306422

Every one of us is a voice in the Major's head anon. Some are bound to develop their own personalities and names.

>> No.47306433

Haven't we already used 2011 as a password? I'm not sure about the unit 314's meaning, but I'm guessing that it means that 1. Ceg is Homestuck trash, and 2. We're fugged. I guess the top line is an address that we're expected to visit during an open ended segment.
The real question is why the recipt contained this. Maybe the guy's with SEELE, maybe this is Ophelia trying to help us via gift card sorcery.

>> No.47306441

This is not a contest. Well, it is, but for us against them, not you guys against each other.

I'll always be here for you when you need me, but that's doesn't mean I have to push anybody else aside.

>> No.47306462

probably Ophelia wanting us to check something out. also nice dubs

>> No.47306468

Wanna go full Team Paranoia?
One of them IS an Angel.

>> No.47306479

I am going to guess this is a storage unit. Maybe it was Philips and it has some documents he felt needed to be preserved in-case he was killed?

>> No.47306515

>Haven't we already used 2011 as a password?
While it is bad practice and discouraged by every cyber-safety tutorial ever using one password on multiple instances saves you a ton of hassle remembering, forgetting and restarting gorillion different passwords.

>> No.47306539

Hoping for based Phillip to deliver again.

Really though, the choice of the number 314 makes me suspect that Ceg is secretly Homestuck trash.

>> No.47306552

This is all an angel conspiracy.

>> No.47306578

>doubles confirm it

>> No.47306597

>what the what?
It's first three numerals of π, easy as that.

>> No.47306630

>B-but my theory about QM liking something I don't!

>> No.47306637

Not really applicable to e-safety, as the difference between generic passwords and the password to the MAGI and now a safe containing the spear of destiny or the crabby patty formula or whatever it's now being used for are quite different things.

>> No.47306650

Well, it matters for me. I came first. She's the copy.

Don't bother. I saw it on my file. ''Original Fourth Child''.

Of course we're both real, that's not the point.

Could you please let go of this receipt and listen to me? [She's beginning to look agitated.]

I read way worse things that Homestuck, man.

>> No.47306669

Sorry about that Eileen. What did you want do right now?

>> No.47306676

For the good couple years of Cold War, the launch password for American nukes was "00000000", just let that sink in.

>> No.47306710

>Implying I'm not also a filthy Homestuck.
Anyways, this is an Eva arg we're talking about, we have the right to read far too much into things.

>> No.47306742

Sorry about that. You know how my mind wanders.

We should talk to her at least, I don't want us to be on eggshells from here on in. Could you help me with helping her Eileen?

>> No.47306766

Sorry, sorry. *Carefully fold receipt* So you were going to give the apartment a quick clean? Mind if I help? Anything else you wanted to do now that your back home?

>existential terror intensifies

Just fucking around anon.

>> No.47306861

Go out to buy more booze and then head to the address.

>> No.47306885

After we spend time with Eileen and calm her down along with the other Eileen.

>> No.47306901

Bad Major, sit and talk with the girl, she needs reassurance and attention. Booze can wait, there's never too late for booze.

One day, I'm gonna mix vodka with Tang and drink that while participating in the Quest. We will call it LCL.

>> No.47306914


We already fucked up as a father, we don't need to do it twice.

>> No.47306946

Don't end up like the Science Anon from KCQ anon

>> No.47306961

The Major has kids?

>> No.47306966

surrogate father

Was that about weapon-grade coffee? Or alcohol?

>> No.47307001

>not expecting screwy fucked-up personalities from Eva

>> No.47307007

the weapon-grade coffee used by Navy Techs to stay awake for weeks. I'll go scour through the archives to find out.

>> No.47307020

I think it was some abomination of energy drink percolated through like 5 sets of coffee grounds.

>> No.47307040

I don't know... We could set up a movie night, invite some friends!

Oh, come on now. Why are you obsessed with her? Let her in that room, she went in it herself!

Hey Major, could you get me another--

Am I interrupting something?

>> No.47307065

Preventively calm down Eilieen about wet floor.

>> No.47307071

N-not at all Rachel. We were just discussing what we could do to welcome the girls back. Do you, ah, have any suggestions?

>> No.47307109

Eileen, please calm down. I am just concerned about you guys. I haven't been at ease with myself after what happened to David, and after what happened in Vancouver with An...R-Rachel, please dry yourself before you leave the bathroom.

And, we should have a get together with all of the pilots. A movie night sounds well enough actually.

>> No.47307127

No, I just found it again. It was Navy
Coffee with the water replaced with Monster

>> No.47307152

Just wanted to point out the art shift from way back in thread 1. OG CAG or CAG 2.0

>> No.47307166

They grow up so fast...
Or maybe it's the fact she has just towel on now.

>> No.47307190

Still noticeably the same person. Round flace, freckles, fairlylarge mouth, short hair (even if longer now due to her stay in the hospital).

>> No.47307192

For some reason, the scars make me a little sad for CAG. It's baddass in its own way but it's also kind of a little sad she got disfigured because of our incompetence.

>> No.47307214

I miss her smugly drinking tea. Might be because her expression hasn't changed for the last 5 threads, though.

>> No.47307228

Swirly eyed, sweaty, tea sipping CAG was great.

>> No.47307291

The way I see it CAG will only drink tea when on a mission and thus not allowed any boozes.

>> No.47307299

He actually survived that

>> No.47307317

Eileen was proposing a movie night. Are you interested?

What do you need by the way?

>> No.47307346

I know, We were all surprised at that. Nurse fag probably saved his ass by telling him what to do before he went to the hospital.

>> No.47307356

We're gonna have a fun movie night, get hammered, get this close to un-losing that lovin' feeling when suddenly our MIDI Cruel Angel's Thesis ringtone will start playing. Blood type blue, time to drunkenly command some trillion dollar robots.

>> No.47307384

now you're thinking with portals

>> No.47307442

It takes alot of caffeine to actually kill you. I knew a dumb ass in high school who ate half a pack of caffeine pills and washed it down with monster.

>> No.47307471

Wasn't the plan to get drunk? It though it included the Eileens.

Rachel! Now there's water every-
It's only water, kid. Get over it.

Handwritten interface was hell, especially during combat.

Oh, sure. As long as we don't watch those asian cartoons Anna likes so much. [She finishes her beer after saying that. She still seems mad about Anna's situation.]

>Who are you guys inviting for the movie night?

>> No.47307479

Shattup, I like the Korean flipbooks.

>> No.47307491

>It though it included the Eileens.
They're underage! One especially so! Technically!

>> No.47307502

Hey what thread was where Nurse fag's boss visited us and Planefag had a heart attack.

>> No.47307527

Cause I'm looking for it and can't find it.

>> No.47307561

Entire NERV company mailing list. Lets throw a rager.

>> No.47307575

Florence, and head of finance (I actually forgot Elizabeth's sister's name...)

>> No.47307576

Florence for sure.

A couple of beers wont kill them! Everything will be fine.

>> No.47307600

>TFW the thread never ends before 3am and you've never the stamina to go much further than midnight

>> No.47307605

>>Who are you guys inviting for the movie night?

>> No.47307624

>not sleeping from 3am Monday night till 1pm Tuesday so you can see the whole thread

>> No.47307627

Eileen might throw a shit fit though if we host a large party. The sticky spots from spilled beer alone might drive her insaneer

Let's invite everyone from the last party except Rachel's ex. As long as the Major is brave enough to face the wrath of FUNDING.

>> No.47307638

If anyone asks where we send the funds, just reply "You're drinking them."

>> No.47307642

I think he means Sophie.

>> No.47307647

We're going to have to face it eventually anon. Might as well be at home, and somewhere with some nice company. Who knows, she'll probably turn dere for us after the party.

>> No.47307658

>>Who are you guys inviting for the movie night?
The commander, vice commander and new Science head

Florence, Elizabeth, Sophie, Lisa.

George (CMO)?
Current CAG?
Tank Commander?
Maurice (HR)

>> No.47307668

Everyone in NERV Montreal. Requesting an Eva marathon.

>> No.47307671

Get a laptop and set up a skype call with Ophelia.

>> No.47307699

Hypothetically speaking, assuming average market price, how much beer can you buy with one funding unit?
Also what's NERV sanctions for embezzlement? Just curious, no specific reason.

>> No.47307720

Everyone who isn't higher ranked than us, isn't in Rachel's league if evil exes, and isn't the science head.

>> No.47307757

>ing, assuming average market price, how much beer can you buy with one funding unit?

Well, I remember in the show that repairing an EVA would ruin a small country.

Something like 250 billion cans with a few funding unit.

>> No.47307792

Speaking of small countries, are there other Nerv Divisions in the world besides just us? Or is Canada just the defacto area for EVA development?

>> No.47307799

>Rachel's league of evil exes
CAG with neon hair when?

>> No.47307823

Finally! An excuse to post this.

>> No.47307893

I'll go get something to eat, I'll be back in a bit.

>> No.47307915

and Florence.

>> No.47307917

Meanwhile we must figure out what was the other secret we missed.

>> No.47307949

Same, going out for pie and tea.

>> No.47307956

I think it's that picture on the Tim Horton's sign at the start of the thread.
Either it's a picture of the next Angel, which looks like a burrowing worm, or it's a picture of a dick.

>> No.47307982

That's how she sneaks the booze in. Irish Tea, yo.

>> No.47308007

There is no way we can combat a schlongangel right now. If Penisaurus Dix attacks then we're fucked.

>> No.47308039

If Penisaurus Dix attacks, I fear for our ability to maintain discipline long enough to do anything.

>> No.47308079

Maybe we have to go to the Tim Horton's website with our receipt #.

The cashier said the printer was having problems. SECRET CODE BEING PUT ON THE RECEIPT

>It was great seeing you today!
>How did we do?

>> No.47308146

Could be that.
Could be something in the apartment.
Could be the weird green church(?) in >>47304715
Could be pattern in the cranes.

>> No.47308156

So still reading the thread. has anyone noticed this mysterious shit though?

>> No.47308190

That's one of the secrets, we're still looking for the second one.

>> No.47308192

Yeah, we just finished sperging about it.

Password 2011 makes me think it's the old-old RD's apartment. The one who set PW:2011 on the keypad.

>> No.47308199

probably the apartment or the church.

>> No.47308295

Probably not the secret, but the subject field reads XVII still. Just a heads up.

>> No.47308325

Alright, so maybe we can get the party started, get everyone good and liquored up and then slip away in the confusion and check this residential unit out.

We'll have to let at least CAG in on it though to cover for us if we decide to go for this now.

>> No.47308352

this is thread 17 anon. the secrets are in the pictures.

>> No.47308365

Well CAG was making a big deal about our apt. IC statements are a big hint, like with the cashier.

>> No.47308370

correction 18. Might want to change that for the archives, whoever's in charge of that.

>> No.47308380

So slip out and look for room 35e in our block.

>> No.47308788

Eerie silence. Whatever he's drawing gon b gud.

>> No.47308882

He went to go get food man.

>> No.47308898

Thought that was in character, lel.
My shitcoin trading has gone off the rails so Im a little distracted.

>> No.47308969

Okay, so CGT is gone fishing with his son, Lisa is going out with her friends and Claire just plain said no.

Maybe we should have planned this earlier. At least Sophie and Elizabeth are coming so we won't be stuck with only clingy and grumpy.

What movies do you have here anyway?

>> No.47308991

Been working on NBS: The Vidya on and off for about a month. Must see if OP would want to write and draw the art when he gets back, cause right now its devoid of either of those.

>> No.47309036

What happened with the new CAG? Can he leave the hospital?
Adam Sandler Comedy?

>> No.47309052

Florence going to be able to make it?

Action films, mostly, to answer your question. Might have a couple of romcoms an ex left over but that's about it.

>> No.47309115

The comedy classic Twins.

>> No.47309152


Actions films, crime dramas, British comedies, idk a lot of stuff. It's more of a matter of choosing in all honesty. Kept a lot of those relics before the war as well, DVDs and Blu-Rays.

>> No.47309157

Wait the Major was sane enough to have a relationship? I don't recall such a time

>> No.47309162

Watch old 1960's sci-fi movies.

Starting with THEM! then moving on to the Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, and Invaders from Mars

>> No.47309200

That was a long time ago. We don't have a shrine to her.

>> No.47309209

And then followed with The Twilight Zone complete series limited box set.

>> No.47309230

Implying anything about our past is even remotely stable. We are literally a nuke child anon, I doubt there would have been much left of anything following second impact.

>> No.47309243

Our life is a 1960's sci-fi movie

>> No.47309248

we avoid invasion of the body snatchers though. we don't need that with the Eileens around.

Eileens? Eileenii?

>> No.47309285

Eileen Katie (1) & Eileen Marie (2)

>> No.47309392

So we named our twins Mary and Kate. seems rather on point.

>> No.47309394

Oh, I forgot to call him. Should I?

She said yes and asked if this was a formal occasion. I told her to come in her uniform.

Ehr... Maybe not.

Oh, I never heard about your ex.

Hey I'm actually down with this. THEM! is about giant spiders, right?

>> No.47309397


>> No.47309438

>THEM! is about giant spiders, right?
Ants. Giant ants.

>> No.47309467

More the merrier.

>Oh, I never heard about your ex.
Ha, ha, ha how about that. I better go make sure we have enough snacks for the party.

>> No.47309470

THEM! is about giant ants in the American Southwest. You're thinking of either Earth vs The Spider, or Tarantula

>> No.47309485

How about Tremors?

>> No.47309488

Oh yeah. Call her and her guardians, and new CAG, and lets get wasted watching 60's B scifi

>> No.47309521

only the first two.

Throw in Eight Legged Freaks or Evolution, maybe?

>> No.47309553

I'm down with this only after we watch Anaconda and Aliens.

>> No.47309558

We'll slip out after everybody has crashed and or left for the night. No need for anybody besides Rachel to know about our little excursion

>> No.47309639

We good, shes coming.

That was kinda of a mean little trick Rachel. I suppose Florence can borrow one of my shirts and some gym shorts if she wants to get comfortable after she arrives.

>> No.47309676

Also liquor! To disinfect any bullet wounds!

>> No.47309706

(Not our political skill though)

>> No.47309832

[While you go through your movies with Rachel someone knocks on the door.]

Hey you two! What are we watching tonight? We brought popcorn! Some wine too.

Hi Major. You have a nice apartment, I didn't expect this.

>> No.47309894

Ah, welcome! Good to see you two didn't forget your entry ticket (motioning at the wine)

We're still deciding on the movie, feel free to take a look at the collection!

>> No.47309896

Looks like 50's and 60's sci fi.

>> No.47309939

>Hey you two! What are we watching tonight?
Only one of the most critically acclaimed movies in the history of cinema, I'll leave you in suspense until the title screen.

>Hi Major. You have a nice apartment, I didn't expect this.
I have a great many talents, Sophie. Interior decorating is as much a passion of mine as passing out on the beach.

>> No.47309991

Everything but spacious, that's about the only boast I can make about my home. But thank you for coming!.

We're still deciding on the movie, though I think that Rachel's got her eye on some of the creature features on that collection.

You're free to suggest anything of course.

Oh, and Sophie, let's not a have a repeat of our last meeting.

>Point at wine

>> No.47310031

Any second now Im thinking this will start playing and everything will go to hell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVwp328Nmps

>> No.47310063

We have to have some reprieve from the attacks to repair man. I don't Boss is that cruel.
Unlike Planefag

>> No.47310064

OOC: Who are Claire and Lisa again? Is one of them Bombardment Wing?

>> No.47310081

* think

>> No.47310431

At some point in the future we should see how Carl and Kim are holding up. You know, from the whole almost being eaten by The Most Horrible Thing Ever.

>> No.47310437

Oh shit, have we even seen the new kids since we got back?

>> No.47310447

Carl went batshit and was sent somehwere and Kim was vaporized by the Angels destruction

>> No.47310466

Kid anon.

>> No.47310490


>Just my luck. There's a power outage all across my neighbourhood, If somebody could drop by the thread to inform anons that'd be great.

rip ;_;

>> No.47310589

Hold on guys, it's only temporary.

I'll get the thingy archived before anything else happens.

>> No.47310591


I thought Kim was in France with her family? I could be wrong, maybe it's just wishful thinking.
Plus we owe that little bastard Carl a Bright Slap and a stern talking to.

>> No.47310636

Then I shall pass the time playing Stellaris

>> No.47310662

Still think we should have robot-suplexed him into a gravel pit during the fight.

>> No.47310841

tfw real life is mirroring NBS
vancouver nuked when?

>> No.47310931

as long as you manage kill Trudeau with the nuke, I shall accept Vancouver as an acceptable sacrifice

>> No.47310961

Ok, questions for actual Canadians. Is the Human Rights Courts an actual thing, cause I keep hearing a lot of spooky shit about that's literally turned Toronto into an SJW state.

>> No.47310962

For secrethunting, I'd advise going through the archives since the Greenland expedition, and checking stegonography on:
1. Every image that doesn't look like it conveys information
2. ALL THE IMAGES from the time where we decided to go balls deep into NERV to see Anna. Start from when we met the doctor, end after we met the commander
3. Any image Ophelia sent us, including images of it talking

>> No.47310990

Never heard of the thing. Then again, I dont really read the news that much.

>> No.47311025

>turned into
Place has been a woman-respecting hellhole since the '80s man

>> No.47311036

I think he meant for this thread man. Boss said we missed two secrets. We found one but not the other.

>> No.47311104

I am aware, but I mean like how you can apparently witch hunt people if they even say anything critiquing or slightly offensive to women.

>> No.47311113

That isn't new, you know.

>> No.47311133

Christ...I am for once glad I live in America.

>> No.47311143

Do I need to post the pic of Canada special LGBT police units and Arabic police

>> No.47311152

OH it's new in America. The witch hunting for racism/sexism/homophobia, that is. It's not new in Canada. In Canada it's almost as old as America's witch hunt for child molestors.

>> No.47311224

Not as old as the witch hunt for actual witches tho.

>> No.47311228

Witches are actually a threat though

>> No.47311255

I hear witches can ruin marriages, curse your wife with ugliness, and curse your children to grow up rotten, just by uttering a chant.

Oh wait sorry those are divorce lawyers, my mistake

>> No.47311275


>> No.47311291

Dont fuck around with witches. One of the guys who made Katawa Shoujo payed one to fuck with me after I modded his game. Got rid of the curse, but now I've got a crate of silver weapons and holy artifacts that I cant sell.

>> No.47311363

wch wtch wud u fq arnd w/

>> No.47311478

Should have hired a shaman.

>> No.47311499

I know a shaman and a wizard but I pissed off the shaman last summer and the wizard is a supreme autist.

>> No.47311512

Guys, I think it may be time to wrap up. I don't think Ceg is coming back and I doubt that he would be happy with us continuing to keep it alive without being relevant to the quest.

It's unfortunate, but I think we'll just need to check back with him on twitter if the situation changes.

>> No.47311578

Aw, but I posted a touhou.

Well all right, pack it up lads we out

>> No.47313688

Page 10 rezzed

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