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You know I keep wondering if Jumpers have you ever lost yourself?
Like losing your sense of self/forget who you were before? Was it better that you forgot who you once were and living in the moment or worst that you have decided to destroy a piece of your past to cover up who you were before in order to live now? Sorry if I seem annoying I am just curious.
Might be the wrong place to ask this since I'm on /tg/ but I'm mainly asking as if you were your jumper self.

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Alrigth, this was from that one thread that got closed because OP didnt put an edition. Go figure.

So, JC, pic related? Any interesting gimmicks you've made either as bargaining chips or just fool around/ give autenticityto your story?

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In Slice of Life:

1. Is "Jump SOL" the one option needed to go to any setting? What's up with the random Dragon Age references?
2. Could you go to real life with this?
3. Does the "return for six months" reward still locks your powers? Seems like that would just kill you with a lifetime worth of "vacations" there.

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LoV's aura is the size of the Emirates Stadium. Herald's aura is the size of a baseball diamond, minus the outfield.

You basically take some of your angelic essence and imbue it into stuff to make bodies which you then stuff with a soul. Your divine magic smooths over the obvious issues such as "How the hell does a clay man breathe? Or function at all, for that matter." Depends on how much you put into them. You can take just the tiniest sliver to make tens of thousands of beings on par with Angels, or you can take visible fractions of your strength to make the equivalent of Thrones.

So long as you're neutral, they probably won't decline the offer.

It's the canon ending, so yes, but it's still possible for you to accidentally convince him to swing either way.

Doing a minor-ish update for SMT, yeah. I intend to make SMT2 eventually, but I'm kinda burned out on both writing and gaming, so I'm not even considering calling it or anything. I might give R-Type a minor update too, though it won't be the scenarios I promised.

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Only question I can reliably answer is 3, which is No - the six-month returns do not lock your powers.

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1. I don't know I think so.
2. No I don't think you can I am not sure.
3. Your powers aren't locked.

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If the person making the 40K Ork jump is here, will there be anything for spreading ork spores to future jumps? I mean besides just entering an ork form and breathing.

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Brutus is making that Jump

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So my story is saying I am a god (not a major one, but a good enough I suppose).

One of the things I got as mine is making life, so I decided to do a bit beyond that and say my domain is pets, so don't mistreat your own or Imma come for uranus.

I made pokemon...without ever having been to pokemon or any related to it verses not even digimon.

Evo perks plus Geneforge plus Matrix (Human body perk) plus G.I joe science genetics perk and that other about psionics plus Xcom.

I made a pet which bonds psychically to its master, but not too heavily.
It was damn hard but I managed it and the end result was glorious.

Also low grade (In contrast to what I carry) nanites to help with things like mutating viruses.

How it happened?

Evo lets me make anything I have met as well as give adaptations at will (Use it to mostly make the pet beautiful or alter it).
Geneforge gave me some rather good options as pets (Nothing sapient on the level of humans becomes a pet, that is slavery).
Matrix perk allows me to mess around what with the machines making cybernetics grow inside of humans, why I even made a symbiotic exo-suit once. But for this case I needed it for the creation of the equipment I made to secure a psychic bond that is not too heavy on the minds of others or at least adjustable.
Then the rather good in my opinion genetics and that other perk that lets you mess with psionics.
Xcom is needed to generally find that psionic potential and let me make a retro-virus to grant it to people or at least....study psionics in general.

One other thing I do is make Sectoids and have them with me usign inhuman forms initiate first contact (Their genes are alien so it kinda fits).
Also use chryssalids as my pet bioweapon when the mood strikes me.

Heh I never lack test subjects as I can both clone and use my evo perks to bring to life whatever I want.

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>I intend to make SMT2 eventually
All my want!

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I hope I don't get shat on for this.

I don't consider my jumper!self to have lost their identity so much as they've managed to flesh it out, finally. I mean... it's like, look back at the 'you' from the beginning of high school. Then look at the 'you' who went to college. You're still the same person, just... changed. More experiences, more knowledge. That knowledge may be from mistakes, but you're still changed from those experiences... yet at the same time still 'you'.

My chain is mostly just one huge run of that. My jumpself is still herself, just a vastly changed self. Is there a 'Ship of Theseus' paradox someone can pluck from it? Oh sure, I'm sure there's plenty of merit to the argument. But I haven't felt the need to cut away pieces of my personality, soulrape myself to be warped, any of that. It's... just one giant run of "I wonder how I can augment myself to follow my desires of being a giant amazonian badass mage, and how can I improve my ability to alter others as they want?"

As much as my jump!self disliked how they were before the journey? That past is no less important to them, because how else are they going to understand just how far they've come to completing their desires? The problems they've had are simply motivation to solve those problems with themselves and keep from becoming a total asshole... and without those past experiences, they stop being themselves in a way.

Never lose the past. Embrace it, and build upon it to become something more.

...I'm sure someone will give shit for the whole "You abandoned your humanity you fucking traitor" bit, but being a cyberdemon is pretty fucking awesome in my opinion. I mean come on, DEMONS. The name just sounds awesome. The important thing is that you remain a PERSON. Being a nice person is far more important.

Pic semi-related for those who feel they've lost humanity.

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Hold up, I didn't have my morning coffee, give me a second.

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And here we see definitive proof that evolution is pure evil.

Oh yes, absolutely. Don't get us wrong-we keep all our MEMORIES crystal clear, but our sense of self was holding us back and gave us a vulnerability to name-binding magic.

We got rid of it as quickly as we could, and replaced it with something...more suited to what we were trying to become at the time.

Unfortunately. It seems as a consquence of certain perks, the damn thing keeps coming back when we're not looking.

You know how some people put ships in bottles? We do something like that, but with worlds.

Ones we tailor-build, specifically. An old HSDW recipe that makes worlds on par with a Reality Marble refined with the art of Creation, bolstered by an EX Anti-Planet NP which itself is reinforced by the sacrifice of countless Divine Spirits, the empyrean fires of our soul, a pinch of personal Pattern and a few split thaums.

Being sung into existence from Nothingness and will, they tend to take on exotic configurations. Crystal tesseract-flowers populated by friendly pixel-clouds floating in a sea of colours. A twilight desert where your dreams are distilled from the morning dew and embark on surreal quests. A beautiful void full of living music, where glitter and sparkles cascade in perfect harmony.

And then we use Preserve the Land to seal them into bottles and snowglobes and music boxes with a few other enchantments, and sell them to people.

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I think it's been established that these jokes don't help.

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>Preserve the Land

You... Do know that perk just transforms a location into an artifact themed around it, and doesn't actually put it on display or anything, right?

The Tree of Mana was transformed into a sword, Geo City became a book, etc. You're not putting it into a bottle, you're storing it in a spontaneously-manifested artifact themed around it.

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Amnesia drawbacks are interesting chances to explore who I'd be if I weren't me. I've been a world-healer, a servant to the spirit of New York, and a monster-making conqueror. Maybe a few other things besides.

Otherwise, I'm just me, with flaws and virtues all. I get better in some areas, worse in others.

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Please don't. The fanboy shitposter will rouse from his slumber.

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Oh, you did R-type too? Nice!

If you had the knowledge of how to build the spaceship that shoots weather at people, a means of attuning technology as a conduit for psychic powers, Alpha psyker pyromancy and Viator of Nullspace could you rig up the weapons systems to shoot localised warpstorms? Or would they come out as more really, really weird supernatural weather?

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Telling people not to do something because of shitposters is itself shitposting.

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We now need ASA to be the Idol singer we need. If only there was an Idol [email protected] jump.

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Didn't we already establish that you running around calling 'fanboy shitposter' just makes people hostile to you?

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Ok so there was this time where i just wanted to sit down and crash my ten years in someone else's couch. (It was Fantasy Warhammer and i took the Leisure-you a lazy fag drawback)

Thankfully, i had got myself set of golden, enchainted-to-the-gills, Armor i have been working on in case i had to wear somehting convincing if my glorious glow wasn't enough.

Pretty mice thing actually, iterative improvement over Maker magic bonuses and even a few inspiration-awe charms.

Shield was just a golden cover that hid and a vibranium core with movile barrier seals and the sword had a golden version of the Moonligth greatsord's magic beams, puls a few more token enhancements and being adamntum covered in gold.

So i just go to the palace and tell them angel taugth me hw to do it and granted me holy metal magic stuff. Put the excuse that the stars werent aligned 9 out of 10 times they asked me to make anything.

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Shut up, PuritanAnon.

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Ah, see that's the idea-the world gets shrunken into a whimsical little structure. And then THAT gets put into a bottle or snowglobe or aquarium-like how regular people put ships in bottles. And then even more magic is done to the container for aspects of the world within to manifest outside its' confines when it's shaken hard enough.

If it helps we have jumped Symphogear and Ar Tonelico. We went full scientist both times though, with some other odds and ends like the power of holding hands

Also the Correspondence is apparently sun rather than spoken in its' native state so. There's that too!

Can you guys all please chill? It's all good, this isn't worth arguing over.

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They wouldn't be "real" Warp Storms as they partly stem from the material, but with how accurate their effects would be, the distinction is purely semantical.

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What? Okay, I get it. Falseflagging. You were shitposting in the first place under the guise of warning us away from shitposters.

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I took perks (notably from Narnia and Robocop) that allow me to remain myself which gives me a narrative explanation for why I can make a decent guess as to how I'll act in each setting.

But yes. Sometimes drawbacks get in the way and everything goes to shit.

Big one was in the Light of Terra. Notably it was immediately after Commorragh so what I could immediately remember was being a haemonculus and I was dropped onto the ship without any powers.

Cut-price pain machines made out of scrap metal and the mangled bodies of those that crossed me skulked the halls searching for fresher bodies. Rumours spread amongst the remaining tribes that the Pale Sons were mobilising but whole areas quickly grew silent as they were snuffed out one after the other. Men lost their lives to monsters with the stitched-on faces of their former friends and compatriots. The Pale Sons no longer stuck to the shadows, the Pale Father had arrived and he was not pleased with the state of things.

Then of course the nosebleeds stopped, the memory chip calibrated to the centuries of memories from a bunch of slightly different brains and I could actually look through my other memory sets as well and the whole thing turned into a much more knockabout fun king of the muties sort of thing.

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Pic said
>Not the marble with a universe in it
>Stuff you would give away, if not to just to anyone

Example was a dimensional drill punch, senin brace and timestop-watch

>Being sung into existence from Nothingness and will, they tend to take on exotic configurations. Crystal tesseract-flowers populated by friendly pixel-clouds floating in a sea of colours. A twilight desert where your dreams are distilled from the morning dew and embark on surreal quests. A beautiful void full of living music, where glitter and sparkles cascade in perfect harmony.


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>tens of thousands of beings on par with Angels
Damn, that's nice. Divine Army-making is a go.

So. Uh. How strong are those Angels? Compared to humans and such? And Throne's the max you can do in one being?

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Anon just got home from school and needs to get his daily drama out of the way before mom makes him do his homework.

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Dare I ask where you were the last few threads we had that guy screaming "SHE'S SUCKING ATTENTION AWAY FROM ASA HURR DURR"?

Because it's not a boogeyman. It's actually a fucking thing - even if he's just shitposting to try and create factionalism, it's a thing that exists regardless of how much you stick your head in the dirt.

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I responded to the people talking about it, pointing out how it's just the anti-red shitposter trying to stir up drama and divisions by pretending to like ASA. I went on to state that by attacking ASA on this premise is just playing in to what he wants, and further opined that calling anyone who ever disagrees with people being hostile to ASA a 'fanboy' will just further cause drama, hostility, and in-fighting, playing into the anti-red shitposter's goals.

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Yes, and Sasquatch is totally real as well. Now go take your meds, Jimmy.

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Aight, fair enough - the way you had it worded implied you were using Preserve the Land to stick the actual land itself into a bottle instead of it's actual usage.

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Yes and no.
No, because I primarily use Drop-in for most jumps for a few reasons. One is that I enjoy the idea of being an unknown. A strange entity from worlds beyond, exploring for the sake of simple curiosity. The only jumps I can think of off the top of my head that I took another origin in are Ar Tonelico, Okami, and Warframe. Admittedly, those kicked like mules to someone that rarely takes origins, but my companions helped keep me sane. Especially my Starter/Wife.
I honestly would miss my family. That's another reason I take Drop-in so much. I would not be able to handle leaving all those families behind. Part of coping with that is by making a family out of my companions. I can't wait for them to meet each other. Ahhh, the stories I would tell.

Yes, because I've been psionically linked to my starter pokemon for thousands of years, taking evert teamwork and bonding perk possible to tighten our relationship. At this point, we are less a married couple, and more of a singular entity. An extension of each other.
It is difficult to tell where one of us ends, and the other begins. Even without magic mindlink perks, we're just that close.
LoT part one was rather disconcerting, and the only reason I didn't break the Deadlight was because it was a McGuffen telling me to break it.

All in all, it's not that I'd lose myself, and more that I would change.
My Jump self would eventually be a very different person/people than the little weeaboo that landed in Kalos and saved a Shiny Nipon-Steel Honedge from a bunch of birds, and not the least bit because she grew a bunch of magic fluffy tails of mischief.
I'd still be me, though. I'd just be a much more exciting me.

Woah, that was a bit of a rant. Sorry for the wall of text, work is boring today.

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Rants are fine. I find it interesting at people's reasoning for why they do things like what the others posted.

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Your name is huge? Why is so large?

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When she stops trying to be "Better than thou" to be more popular than people who know how to be interesting, maybe she'll stop getting shit for it.

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Low-key superhuman. Stronger, faster, better than regular humans, but a trained fireteam can still kill them if they get the initiative.

Throne is just the max you can really mass-produce, sitting at about a hundred of them before trying to make any more means losing literally all of your power.

If you put in more juice, you can build up to Cherubim and Seraphim, but that reaches the point where you're better off saving it for someone you know will make good use of their new body.

There's no actual maximum, it's just a question of how much power you have and how much you're willing to give away. There's nothing stopping you from using all but the barest minimum of your power to make a body on par with the lesser two Heralds, regain your strength for a decade, then do it again.

Keep in mind that even if you don't get The Overlord's Seat/Chosen of Raphael/Demonic Fusion to get that human potential, your power still grows with time and effort, so things are gonna get really stupid eventually.

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No, no you're right. It's my fault, sometimes I forget not everyone's read up on Nasu. I genuinely just think of them as very well crafted art pieces, not...well, not what you'd normally use a universe marble for. They're certainly not universes. Reality Marbles are more like magical subspaces where kooky stuff happens.


Also referred to as "demons". It's a Nasu thing. Bought some A+++ Mystic Eyes with it as an effect.


>crystal tesseract

There's a perk in Dissidia that lets you creates crystals from your memories, Hardened Cosmosphere from Ar Tonelico can let you create sentient digital entities, got some Video Conduit genes and a lot of magic powered by your inner being

>twilight desert

There's an enchantment in Dark Cloud 2 that does that, various perks for studying magic like Lore, various perks for developing your own magic like Spellmaker and A Dark Place from Alan Wake lets you unleasha sort of weird dream-realm on a local area

>A beautiful void

Elementalism, yet more magic research perks, some Dark Souls magic, Geneforge's Necromancy and some Soulfire.

I genuinely feel bad you assumed I was wanking all of that. I always try to have a logical explanation for every feat ASA pulls off but I appreciate it can sound like wanking sometimes because I'd rather not get too bogged down in minutiae to make the end effect tedious to read about

It's alright, as I've just realised sometimes I forget people aren't following the same reasoning I am to justify a given thing being possible. I suspect it's become more and more frequent lately because of how long my chain has gone on.

Gotcha, thanks!

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Away with you. That was not even the point of his post, you literally have no foundation there to build off of.

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Why do you reply?

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It's fucking instinctive of me and I do need to stop because it never. helps.

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Ya'know, I see that same pic seemingly every thread.
Can't you have a little more variety, anon?

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I took the perfect memory perk from Pokémon and then enhanced it over the centuries so I never had the chance to forget about my basic identity. Figure it would be immoral anyway, I intend to come back to my family one day - I wouldn't be much of a hero/force of good if I could never admit to being the person I was before all of this.

The problem is more that I see jumping as a job I have to do for the Benefactor's entertainment and for the salvation of whoever I can help, and that that leads to the mentality that I can't allow myself to have human weaknesses anymore. It's driving me lonely and ressentful underneath the wise mentor facade I try to keep up. And isolated, too, since I feel like I can't have permanent companions without holding them up the same standards, which would be cruel, and that I can't really bother all these sedentary beings I meet across my adventures with my personal problems.

Speaking of which - Ever went to the shrink, Jumpers? What did you tell them?

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After two years, I don't think anything we do will get him to stop. Even if a meteor landed on his home he'd just haunt the Internet as a quasi-demonic spirit of hatred and vitriol.

>> No.47288898

Awesome. That's going to be really damn useful. I still need to grab the souls from somewhere else, right?

...Wait, Chosen of Raphael gives human potential too?

>> No.47288900

No? Remember, multiversial adventures? That's enough in most worlds/jumps to get you sent to the madhouse.

>> No.47288905

How fast is the growth for Heralds without The Overlord's Seat? How about with the Seat? And how would having Chosen of Raphael or Demonic Fusion interact with being a Demon? Especially as a Tribrid with Herald mixed in?

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And here's another one, too.

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>Ever went to the shrink, Jumpers?
I tried it, once. He didn't believe me, so I turned him into a frog.

>> No.47288976

>Ever went to the shrink
They quit the same day. I think I drove them to drinking.

None of 'em seem to fit. I mean I could try?

Do you want more pic related, or the one with baby elephants?

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>Ever went to the shrink, Jumpers?

No because I'm not an American or a teenage girl.

Well I try not to be anyway. When I can help it.

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I'd go with the baby elephants, just because baby elephants are cute and I fucking swear posting cute things is the best way to calm jumpchain down sometimes. Like, cute cute. Not sexy cute.


I have met very feel bonafide Americans in my life but I am given to understand the healthcare system there is shit so-why Americans?

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if i had the dog talisman could i survive a omega beam from darkseid

>> No.47289066

The talisman can be destroyed.

>> No.47289072

So are you a flat earther, or the kind of person who thinks you should "just walk off" a broken leg?

>> No.47289074

>I have met very feel bonafide Americans in my life but I am given to understand the healthcare system there is shit so-why Americans?
He's trying to be an internet tough guy by implying only a spoiled burger would ever need to see one.

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eat it

>> No.47289082

He can rip open your stomach you know.

>> No.47289109

Depends on what he wants to do to you with the Omega Beam. Those things are very versatile. Like, if he was just trying to atomize you, then sure. But if he was turning you into a walking abomination against life that bleeds entropy, then maybe you might want to dodge instead.

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Closest I ever got to this is whenI took the drawback in Negima that locked all of my non-background memories. Combined with choosing Drop-In, and I knew exactly nothing about myself other than having this weird wind-up robot as a roommate/valet.

Stuff happened. It had varying levels of awesome and suck. I don't recommend giving up memories and haven't done so since.

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The US just has more of a culture of going to see therapists than Europe does on the whole. They also like suing people.

Psychiatry isn't exactly perfect for humans, for jumpers it'd probably be barely applicable in most cases.

A jumper with psychiatric problems is like a xenomorph with a broken leg. May actually be a better idea to try and deal with it yourself than than going to a shrink/hospital in either case as the shrink/hospital probably can't help you and everyone is just going to end up horrified.

Also that's one of the stupider false dilemmas I've seen.

>> No.47289176

Yeah, but "I'm not an American or a teenage girl" is awfully different than "I'm a multiversal entity older than your country."

>> No.47289206

Yeah. Keep in mind that they're the ones in control, so you might want to make sure they're people who already were going to fight for you.

It makes it so you have a human soul somewhere in the angelic clusterfuck your existence has become, so yeah.

Fast enough that you'll notice you're getting stronger, but not fast enough you can really make use of it (without laming it out with one of the jumps that have indefinite time limits) before the chain ends.

>A Mou-Ryo with Dormant Power would take about 30-40 years to reach their cap. That's about enough to fight Arioch equally, and be a key member in killing Astaroth or Surt with like-minded individuals. Those are the big dick OGs. If you want something more concrete for post-jump purposes, I have stated previously that a normal human with just a maxed out Dormant Power could survive a fist fight with comic book Aquaman, and possibly win if they actually had a way of hurting him.
>That same Mou-Ryo with The Overlord's Seat active would take closer to 300-400 years to see that type of growth.
>Anon, I used the Mou-Ryo race as an example because they're weak as shit. Any demon with The Overlord's Seat or Demonic Fusion will have the same sped up growth rate. It's just that a stronger demon will start developing from a higher point.
>Your growth doesn't scale to your initial strength, so about powerful enough to curbstomp Arioch since you'll be 1.8 times stronger than you started. <talking about how strong a Herald would be after those 300-400 years with human potential

For CoR, you're a human reborn, as the Perk itself states. For DF, you're the demon but became the dominant/remaining personality. For CoR, Vishnu and Thor are squarely on the side of Law, so it's not like there's some big imperative that you be an angel to be allowed to roll with them.

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Welcome to 4chan where people are glib and insult one another's nationalities.

>> No.47289228

I usually tend to make devices that are immediately useful or completely useless, depending on the free time to danger ratio of the current Jump. The device I'm currently the most proud terrified of came about due to a combination of those two desires. I initially designed it to house FF8 Guardian Forces, but after the death of a number of my Companions, I'm going to use to for something a whooooole lot darker.

I still haven't thought of a good name for it yet, but I have built two copies.
+ Took apart the P.A.K. from Invader Zim Jump with lots of help from Tak of the same.
+ Combined the Personality/Memory Upload-Download abilities of it with Brain Bio-Chips from GUNNM to create an artificial "mind" for the P.A.K. to access.
+ Rerouted the Upload-Download abilities through a switch that would allow it to function like normal, only Upload, or only Download.

Originally the device was the length of an entire arm and then some, because it had to also house two other devices that allowed it to channel the magic from the Guardian Forces. But without those I have shrunk it down to something the size of a wide armband. About six inches long. Once clasped onto an arm it can operate as a secondary brain, reverting any personality or memory damage to the wearer,

I'm planning to use it in Download Only mode with copies of my Companion's memories already written into the device to bring them back to life. The circumstances of their deaths did not allow normal Resurrection. This is all theory though. I have no idea if it'll even work.... yet. Hellsing has a number of very bad people who would make very nice hosts.

>> No.47289235

>It makes it so you have a human soul somewhere in the angelic clusterfuck your existence has become, so yeah.
That actually makes sense, yeah... Guess I don't need the The Overlord's Seat then. Hm. 200cp suddenly free...

>> No.47289291

Hey, if Neverwinter Nights anon is here, I've got a question about Guts. When it says you can perform superhuman feats, does it mean Tome of Battle or more along the lines of surviving falling from space or being covered in lava?

>> No.47289351

Sounds like good mad science.

Perhaps a jump where you can get cloning tech would work for the host bodies too? Would allow for more customization of them.

>> No.47289397

Not him, but I'm gonna guess it's more ToB stuff. Through swimming in lava is only 20d6 of damage per round. You could get good enough to do that for a few rounds.

>> No.47289422

The really impressive part of that is managing to sink into the lava. Stone is a lot more dense than human flesh.

>> No.47289453

Eh, jump in hard enough and it'll work. Also, at high level, a d&d fighter is a lot tougher than stone. Maybe they get denser as well?

>> No.47289499

My party's fighter is pretty dense, alright...

>> No.47289595

I have some questions about the magic system in Overlord:
1. If you don't buy the Dark Wisdom perk are you limited to only knowing 300 spells?
2. Are you able to create your own custom spells in-setting? What about for Over-rank Magic?
3. Are you able to teach people out-of-setting magic post-jump?

>> No.47289673

Essentially, I created a nanomachine armor suit that is very similiar to the Reach Scarabs except this here is an unholy amalgum of Biology,Technology, and Magic. This was a combined effort of me and my companions utlizing almost the entire Tinker skill tree from Worm and Starro tech notes, in order to create a extremely versatile suit that regenerates and responds to harm and evolves to mitigate damage to its wearer. While it took a long time to fully create, its scanners utilize a tattletale like ability and it can basically utilize things like GBE's and reflect them, emit really powerful shields similair to AT fields and a great deal of magic. It regenerates and propogates similiar to a Symbiote, so its mass produceable. Their design matches the wearers needs, to reflect their style, I outfit all my companions with these "Kamen Suits".

>> No.47289692

Will Minecraft be getting an update?

Apparently update 1.9 came out, with a ton of new content

>> No.47289701

They drove him off ages ago.

>> No.47289724

No. Minecraftanon's been gone a long time-

-okay, you? You need a chill pill and maybe some ex-lax for that butthurt. Nobody "drove" Minecraftanon off, he just stopped showing up. There wasn't any big fight or drama, believe it or not sometimes people just slip away quietly from jumpchain.

>> No.47289741

The MCAnon's gone, babe.

>> No.47289771

Dude, he just got bored and left.

>> No.47289774

You're probably right, but I've no guarantee I'll end up in a Jump that'll give me access to those kinda of Perks. I'm pretty much operating at the whims of the Jump Coordinator. He/She/It's been a BITCH lately. Yeah, that's right, I said it! Ow. What tha... Ow! OW! ... Anywho, I'm rather limited in my options at this point, and my device is the best I could do on short notice with nothing but a copy of their Personality/Memories.

A /few/ of my Companions might not might Cyborg bodies, but I'm short on materials and I don't really want to find out who will accept that kind of radical body switch and who won't on a crap-shoot. Even if I can just reset them over and over again until I get it right.

>> No.47290342

So, what jumps are being worked on right now? I can never keep track.

>> No.47290373

>> No.47290396

Jumper spider...

>> No.47290412

well I kind of gave up on the coat thing once I merged with it, now my major project is my clark-tech MMORPG loosely based on both the worlds I've visited, the works of the remotely scanned life model decoy brain tapes running on emulated virtual machines of every great creative mind known in nearly every jump I've been in thanks to the Phoenix gate so that I didn't actually disturb anything I can travel to anywhere or anyone as long as I don't upset stuff. It's loosely based on oasis from ready player one only much much bigger ,varied, open to modification and deep. Mother box says it's mathematically balanced but a peak human intellect, lifetime of devotion and eidetic memory is required to scratch the surface of understanding all the systems, subsystems and synergies involved in it.
Of course that's in the crossover areas, the genre and specific novel /era /Game areas are much simpler to understand being limited to the general feel of that sort of game/genre of fiction/ time period. For example if you went to the borderlands area you would be given the opportunity to step into the shoes of your favorite vault Hunter, only this time you're limited by what you can think of and the NPC's are fully sapient AI who can and will do everything that you would reasonably expect that person to do,well at least the ones you're not supposed to kill. an actual living Pandora and Elpis for you and several others to explore, instanced so that you won't run into a bunch of the same vault Hunter since that would go against the story. Here as in every other specific game/era/novel area you can earn items,abilities and equipment to bring into the crossover areas. Playing this game is a good deal like being a jumper only with grinding and exploration instead of CP. Also you have to start fresh in each specific area to gain stuff for the crossover areas unless you choose to go to a "unlimited world"where case you can use crossover abilities but will not gain anything.

>> No.47290428

Oh yeah, I have a bunch of GIFTS eggs lying around. I should hand those out on Christmas.

>> No.47290441

Hell yeah, motherfucker.

>> No.47290443

So he's gone, no chance of an update? Or is it in cryo until he comes back?

40k Eldar, Black Crusade, Ork (maybe), NERF, and Shadow Warrior, off the top of my head.

>> No.47290454

And this is why the Archaos are the best civ in the Fall From Heaven jump. The Ur-Spider Mother is such a sweetheart, she's my favorite companion.

>> No.47290482

Red's updating Warframe for Second Dream. Looks alright.
Also, technically everything in the WIP folder on the G-drive.

>> No.47290496

Hey YJanon. Does the X-ray vision you can get from Super Senses work like comic book style seeing through solid objects or is it looking at everything as if they were actually being x-rayed?

Also, just what counts as an ability Amazo Backup Memory can work on? Would Pokémon moves count? Dragon fire breath? Other supernatural abilities that are 'natural' for that species? Mass Effect Biotics?

>> No.47290633

>literally "Doviello, but with spiders instead of wolves": the civ

>> No.47290853

Exactly. Spiders are a billion times better than wolves.

>> No.47290886

I'm working on Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magicka Obscura.. albeit slowly.

>> No.47290905

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? jump?

>> No.47291037

A question for people who might know--the scenario in the Atelier Arland jump, does it cost points, or does it give points? I didn't see plus or minus next to the CP amount.

>> No.47291089

1. Yes. Random references are random.

2. No; "Jump SOL" still mandates a destination where "No major things will happen" - you'd at most get a SoL variant of RL.

3. No; powers are only locked "for now" at the start of the jump, return at the end, and do not get re-locked if you come back (unless of course you want to claim that only the "GO HOME" ending explicitly gives you your powers back... but that would be a dick move that turns SoL into a trap jump, so no).

>> No.47291109

It gives that amount of CP, as technically failing any part of it will result in Jump Fail.

>> No.47291151

Not that anon, but further questions: Is it locked into being a slice of life world? I figure it would be during the jump for sure, but post-jump using the vacation option where you have your powers there's a real chance you might influence it to be a bit more exciting. Not even intentionally, just as a consequence of what you are, if you've got the right/wrong (depending on how you look at it) perks. So is the status of the world protected?

>> No.47291194

Ah, thanks!

>> No.47291268

Answering an anon from earlier, the Will of the Galaxy is this weird, vaguely sentient force responsible for Immortals. Short version is that the Galaxy's solution to too many humans is zombies and vampires.

That said, Django, who has zero metaphysical ability, has no trouble dealing with the linchpins of this process so this doesn't mean much to a Jumper. Unless you REALLY need that many points...

>> No.47291273

IMHO: 1. 300 spells within the system. 2. Yes and yes, but note that learning magic can take years in this system. 3. Dunno.

>> No.47291295


WIP 5 is done, and unless anyone wants stand-alone Shuriken Pistol purchases and such (which I hear some people do) things should be ready for PDF.

Notable changes:

>Remember that suggestion to move Civilian stuff to general perks? I did that, but I don't remember if I posted WIP 4 to thread.
>More toys, mostly for Harlequins.
>Not sure what else - was Tall and Narrow Gate there the last time I posted a WIP?

>> No.47291460

Yes... Clown powers...

>> No.47291513

I'd fanwank it's semi-protected; that the world's metaphysics tends to arrange things so that people get the SoL experience. So as a visitor, the Jumper could derail it, but unless you had the perks to FUBAR a world's genre/narrative the place would (sooner or later) go back to being a SoL. Assuming events didn't occur that "coincidentally" distracted you from your plan to FUBAR it...

A SoL!Earth would be kind of surreal, come to think of it.

>> No.47291534

>Want to be a Clown because Harlequins are Best Eldar
>Don't like the powers
I don't know what to do!

>> No.47291550

I didn't figure anyone here would be down with the clown.

>> No.47291569

How powerful would Eldar Warlocks/Farseers be compared to mon'keigh alpha psykers?

>> No.47291578 [SPOILER] 

Well obviously.


>> No.47291580

Harlequins are the best Eldar. Or at least the most fun.

But the powers aren't really calling to me, hence my indecision.

>> No.47291612

Hmm warrior clown or powerful psyker, it is a surprisingly hard choice.

>> No.47291646

Become the JUSTICE that is irony.
Take the powers.
Use them to make people experience unusual yet oddly fitting misfortune.
It's not coincidence. It's JUSTICE.

>> No.47291650

What are the best perks for increasing the rate at which your magical energy regenerates?

>> No.47291672

It could be argued that the SoL metaphysics are targeting the Jumper, rather than the rest of the world. So if you took SoL!MassEffect, the Reapers would still be out there, but things would somehow work out in a way that any of the crazy mass death and destruction occurs far away from the Jumper, if it happens at all.

>Yeah, I'm here on The Citadel - the view is just incredible.
>Reapers? Nah, apparently just as they were about to invade, through a weird series of coincidences some guy named Kirk fell out of a wormhole and talked them all into a logic loop.

>> No.47291691

Well, looks like the Asari numbers will double overnight.

>> No.47291693

If an increased mana pool that refills at proportionally the same rate as a smaller one counts then there is a perk for that in overlord.

>> No.47291736

I've got a running theme of pranks and teamwork.
And pranks accomplished through teamwork.
So it's sooooo perfect for me.
It's fun how distracting a jumper can be.
It's fun how destructive distraction can be.
It's fun how disconcerting destructive distractions are.

>> No.47291879

Would it be possible to change history and help the Emperor in the 800cp drawback? I know he seeks to capture me, but would he be grateful enough to leave me alone/help me if I aid him with Horus?

>> No.47291901

Emps doesn't understand gratitude.

>> No.47291911

In the interests of avoiding either spoilers or arguments about whether or not Drawbacks can be easily mitigated, I will just say this:

Good luck.

Wanna know something funny? I don't actually know.

>> No.47291952

Do you prefer to maintain a solid or a gelatinous form?

Trying to decide whether to go Mankey or Goomy in Mystery Dungeon

>> No.47291963

Can you steal the Blade of Olympus in God of War?

>> No.47292010

Well the likes of The Dick are one place down from Magnus the Red in the psyker hierarchy, but he is a farseer that has been around since before the fall.

>> No.47292024

Don't see why you couldn't.

>> No.47292029

Mostly solid, but if you were to cut me open you'd see that it's all one amorphous mass in there. I'm more like a highly-viscous gel that's poured itself into a skin suit than real flesh.

>> No.47292032

does being a Viscoelastic non-newtonian fluid count as being gelatinous? If so I prefer being gelatinous.

>> No.47292059

If I have to choose, I would prefer gelatinous.
Though, I'm normally solid, for simplicity's sake. I also have gas and waveform as options.

>> No.47292099

Overlord questions, does the nullification of damage as a Level 100 her even more "Hahaha no" if I take Realm of Heroes? Also, exactly how big of a physical boost is Physical Powerhouse for True Vampirea and Dragonoids? Do we go from ten times to twenty times? Finally, how would Nazarick/Ainz react to a Realm of Heroes Level 100 local? With and without the Friends with the Devil perk?

>> No.47292114

Was concerned that it would have been ruled too OP and banned or something.

>> No.47292117

Eldrad is fairly useless as a point of comparison unless you have disgusting amounts of growth perks.

>> No.47292127

>when you realize that jumpers are eldrich horrors

>> No.47292128

It's a Red jump, what the fuck do you think. Of course it is.

>> No.47292129

>I'm going to have Eldrad and Tzeentch after me
>Not because I think it will make one drawback or the other easier
>But just because it'll piss off Eldrad

Solid. It's hard to punch things when gelatinous. Not impossible, just hard.

No idea.
See Above
Ainz would treat you as a useful tool, or an obstacle. It depends on how you meet.
With the perk you're obviously useful to his goals.

>> No.47292150

That Slowpoke is very appropriate.

>> No.47292156

And so it is

That salt seeketh... umm... shit I was going somewhere with this Dark Souls analogy.

>> No.47292163

>It's hard to punch things when gelatinous
Odd, I find it rather squishy.

>> No.47292169

Anon, don't reply to him.

>> No.47292182

Really anon? Man, I'm jellyaous.

>> No.47292194


>> No.47292212

Well it's a Red jump, so hope she doesn't reply. Otherwise she'll nerf you into the ground to spite you.

>> No.47292221

Oi! Stop it. We've been doing puns pretty consistently, it's time we break the mold.

>> No.47292230

Fuck, that was good. And a good pun escapes me at the moment.

>> No.47292237

Oh, I'm sorry anon. In that case, I'll just be gooing.

>> No.47292270

Sigh, these pun chains always gunk up the threads.

>> No.47292282

Gel out man.
It would do to have any hard feeling over this.
I've got a soft spot for you.
I'd like to hire you as a jiggle-o.

>> No.47292313

Look, anon, I respect your opinion, but puns are my jam!
Oh anon, you big softy.

>> No.47292360

Spreading it on a bit thick, aren't you? Keep it up and you're likely get shot.

>> No.47292372

>tfw you realize that all jumpers are horrible pun monsters.

I'm quake'n in my boots.
It's goo-d thing I'm safe.
I'd be a shaky comedian.

>> No.47292384

They must have all taken that perk in FF6.

>> No.47292397

Well let's see. Starting off I was a particularly lucid patch of fungus with a respawning Boil of Mindworms at my command and some interesting ideas for DNA splices. Then second jump I was on Black Blood and third jump I was amnesiac and having to control the Blood all over again while my body twisted itself to better survive in a cyberpunk wasteland as a bag of meat. So yeah, my actual experience scale is fairly different, though despite that a lot of my basic outlook remains in the bits not exaggerated by Madness. Have bits been torn down or repurposed, yes, but a lot of it's generally still recognizable. Admittedly I cheat with telepathy to hide some of my issues with being terrible at reading people or similar, but it's so much easier than learning the hard way.

>> No.47292407

That butter be just you having pun, anon, or else you'll be be a gooner!
That jump doesn't actually exist, it's just a figment of your imagination, a fantasy if you will.

>> No.47292417

Is there anyone who didn't take that perk? Or a sound-track perk or two?

>> No.47292419

Are there any good perks that allow you to extend single use items or abilities?

>> No.47292423

I only took it because my build had wiggle room. Now I'm dripping with humor.

>> No.47292439

Looks great. Could we get the Black Library as our free pick of craftworld?

One tiny request: Please when putting it in the PDF, rearrange the perk trees to go how the backgrounds are listed. (Warrior->Seer->Outsider, etc.)

This is bothering me more than it should.

>> No.47292446

Look, you do whatever you want, man.

Anything I say is just going to get shat on like it has been for the past few days, so quite frankly you do whatever. It's not my call to make anymore and the jump doesn't say anything for or against, so it's your chain.

>> No.47292462

It's one guy, Red. The more you let him get to you the more he does it. Ignore him, speak your mind as you will. Make him impotent.

>> No.47292486

From what I have read an Eldar farseer has the potential for psychic might that would make any human psyker other than Magnus and Emps look like a helpless child, that said they are severely limited due to the threat posed to them from Slaanesh. This is one of the main reasons that older Eldar are better psykers, they have more experience protecting their minds/souls and can therefore use more power with out risking themselves.

>> No.47292501

Red, seriously, stop getting so down on yourself, it's just one really bored guy screwing with you. You're great.

>> No.47292503

What this >>47292462 Anon said. Just ignore the ball of mindless hate Red.

>> No.47292521

There you go again with the "it's just one guy" boogeyman. You ever think that maybe multiple people share an opinion, fanboy?

>> No.47292528

Do not let the hate filled internet get to you Red. I can only speak for myself, but I like seeing you around and posting.

>> No.47292541

And now the defenders come out of the woodwork.

>> No.47292548

Do you really think he's gonna let us get the repository of ALL KNOWLEDGE IN THE UNIVERSE for free?

>> No.47292550

>> No.47292575

At this point I think he actually masturbates to being an asshole. Every time he whines in the thread, his cheeto-encruseted fingers creep towards his unwashed underwear, the words on the dim screen awakening a primal urge in him.

>> No.47292580

You know, anyone could get to it if they just get a library card. You can even register for one on their web way site.

>> No.47292584

Wow, 'defenders' because they don't like seeing a great jumpmaker get shit on. ok, yeah, I guess I am.

>> No.47292591


I honestly don't think he gives a shit about you. He's probably just a devoted hobbyist shitposter like Builds-kun.

>> No.47292595

Cegorach please go.

>> No.47292598

I did NOT need that mental image, fuck you and fuck the mind in that skull of yours.

>> No.47292600

Don't reply to him.

>> No.47292610

Stop replying.
Holy shit, you guys are dumb.

>> No.47292613

I would point out that there are lots of ways to get it anyways, but I can see your point. That would be a lot to just graft onto the Warehouse without some kind of effort involved.

>> No.47292615



>> No.47292623

Cegorach is the best god in the setting. Bar None.

>> No.47292627

I will have make sure to remember my library card, just finding the place will be pretty easy with my perks.

>> No.47292634

That made me laugh way more than it should have. Thanks.

What kind of music do you think he listens to? I like to think it's Dove's Cry by Prince.

>> No.47292636

He's talking about the guy that posts wrong builds to unposted, random CYOA in this thread and the general and doesn't reply to anyone.

>> No.47292646

It said any craftworld
There should be a ruling in the notes, otherwise someone's going to go for it

>> No.47292655

Coldplay and Limp Bizkit.

>> No.47292656

It's not much of a competition.

>> No.47292663

With any luck their waifu will get driven off and we can avoid dealing with her bullshit encouraging them. It pisses me off how quickly people fall for her wounded deer act.

>> No.47292687

Isha is better.

>> No.47292698

If that's your perogative.


>> No.47292705

Chaos is right out
Emps "Isn't a God"
Isha got captured
Khaine isn't very bright, and he gets his ass beat too often
Gork n' Mork are contenders though.

She's in Nurgle's Rape Dungeon and depending on interpretation may actually love him back.

>> No.47292726

I really need to get more bait images.

>> No.47292727


Well that's what happens when Khorne gets so mad he picks you up and beats Slaanesh with you so hard that you break into hundreds of pieces.

>> No.47292729

Don't reply.

She's in Nurgle's rape dungeon, but she's also whispering the cures to all his plagues to mortals of any race. She's helping people as best she can.

>> No.47292735

Stop. Replying. To. Him.

>> No.47292738

Any attempt to drive off any jump maker who isn't trying to post something MGE related will always result in the same response,

Fuck off

>> No.47292748

See >>47292729

Why don't you understand? Your outrage powers him. Only not giving attention gets him to leave.

>> No.47292758

Fuck's sake guys, the neckbeard is getting off to your enraged posts.

There is a reason for the internet-wide "don't feed the troll." And you are throwing bread crumbs at his greasy, acne-covered face.

>> No.47292762

You don't get how he works. He's not looking for attention. This is an openly expressed vendetta, and he won't stop until EVERYONE is gone.

All ignoring him does is give him silent approval.

>> No.47292782

He's been here two years. He has periods where he's around a lot, and periods where we don't see him. In the past, every single time he was driven off, it was because we got you idiots to STOP REPLYING, and he got bored and left. The reason he won't fucking leave NOW is because you stubbornly refuse to listen to us. This isn't new. The older jumpers here know how this works. You do not reply.

>> No.47292786

No i'm pretty sure he is just an asshole, ignore him long enough and he will go away.

>> No.47292845

A while back marvel oked the combination [the mana pool you get from picking magic as the source of the energy perk]+regeneration+speed to regen magic at a speed comparable to high end wolverine health regen. He said he thought it was a cheesy combo, though.

>> No.47292864

You mean Nascent AI-kun?

>> No.47292869

And telling him off does, what, exactly?
Cause a huge ugly mess that makes his hateboner grow like it's on SnK titan juice.
The worst he can do with your so called "approval" is smear shit doodles in the corner, like that special kid in kindergarten that you know is never going to graduate.

>> No.47292872

That's what this thread calls him, unfortunately.

>> No.47292882

Nope. Shut up, Puritan-anon.

>> No.47292888

This is where the saltposters get things going and the shitposters (who unintentionally turn into such monsters) naturally shitpost around it.

Then everyone else reflects on why this happens, and tell shitposters to stop shitposting, which is an impossible task as it goes against their very nature.

Eventually it will die down, or it will continue until the thread 404s, from where we will start anew.

>> No.47292911

Beautiful - just like a nature documentary.

>> No.47292921

Nice trips.
Hehe, poop!

>> No.47292936

And now I wish I had those Steve Irwin Fantasy Races Documentary screencaps.
But I switched computers.

>> No.47292949

>I'm gonna touch it!

>> No.47292972

Ah yes the glorious cycle of 4Chan is as prevalent as ever on these threads.

>> No.47292973

The only one I know of is the one with the dragon where she starts liking it.

>> No.47292985

>And here we have the wild Vampire, in her natural habitat. Crikey, look at those fangs!

>> No.47292996

There's a few: dragon, elf, dwarf, orc, and one other I think.

>> No.47293008

That snake has enough venom to kill twelve grown men, watch closely as I shove my thumb up it's butthole.

>> No.47293013

The first one in the series was him tweaking an elf's ears.

It ends about on the note you think it would.

The last one in the series features Jackie Chan. protecting a baby. and using a ladder to fight off a group of drow.

>> No.47293015

>800 CP drawback
Ha ha! Time to make Brighthammer!

>> No.47293023

Last one is an Epilogue where they all show up.

The man was a national treasure. And his daughter takes after him.

>> No.47293037

>making Brighthammer
>when you have to survive 10,000 years to get your out-of-jump powers back

This Drawback is a trap.

>> No.47293038

>Stealing my Goal
That's some damn fine work! Let's Ungrimdark 40k!

>> No.47293050

And THAT is why I'm not taking the drawback. I'm waiting until my Final Jump and Post-Jump for >>47293038

>> No.47293092

A question about SMT, can the Overlord's Seat push you to roughly Dormant Power levels of growth if you push yourself hard enough?

>> No.47293093

I'm reminded more of romcoms. I've watched enough with the gf that you can practically tick the checkboxes of the plot as they go by.

>> No.47293133

Barring any unfortunate accidents, this should be the correct file.

Please let this be the right file.

>> No.47293150

>needing your powers to survive
Maybe you should spend a couple of points on useful skills once in a while. It'll do you good.

>> No.47293169

In any normal situation I would agree with you entirely.

But this is 40K we're talking about here.

>> No.47293181

It would be funny if it was instead the fap-fic you were writing.

>> No.47293200

>writing fap-fic

Now why in the world would I do that?

No, seriously, why? I am not a very good writer.

>> No.47293231

In 40K we have bunch of jumpers trying to figure out how to kill Orikan empowered by supreme warp fuckery because the idea of going into that universe without powers is a nonstarter.

>> No.47293246

link it, wakfu

>> No.47293255

Don't Eldar in general already count as that?
I mean, they're sexy elves in space that summoned the god...goddess...Thing of ecstasy from their constant fapping.

>> No.47293266

Why wouldn't you?
Seriously, that's my reasoning behind the post. I don't know you very well, so I just guess...

>> No.47293271

Don't ignore the fact that there's an awful lot of Jumpers who try to beat it without touching the Deadlight.

>> No.47293276

Would 'The Idiot Magician is Your Friend' in Bartimaeus prevent you from using a spirit's natural shape shifting abilities?

>> No.47293293


>> No.47293316

Yes but they probably died, lets be realistic it is 40K and they went in without powers. also a lot of the cool stuff requires fights that you are not ready for without powers.

>> No.47293321

If you're asking if your TOS growth rate can equal Dormant Power's: Not unless you spend an entire decade fighting people several times stronger than you to the death in fair one-on-one brawls.

If you're asking if your TOS total growth can equal Dormant Power's: Yes.

If you're asking something else: elaborate, as I don't understand your question.

>> No.47293342

Sufficient skill could be a substitute for power. Plus, your companions retain their power.

>> No.47293350

That's what the Tomb Spyder or the Farseer or the Techpriest or the Mekboy or the Space Marine are for.

Also that's what the ship upgrades are for.

And the literal armies you command, including allied tribes in Part 1.

And the in-jump Psyker purposes.

And the Squats.

>> No.47293364

Please don't remind me.

Most things that require fights don't require you to be right there in the thick of it actually. A Good number of the fights allow you to work with others backing you up, or give you a vehicle of some sort. I'd argue that not-breaking the deadlight is an easier experience than breaking it is. More terrifying experience, but easier.

But then I'm an asshole

No, they very specifically do not. Only companions purchased in LoT keep their powers. Like the Eldar.

>> No.47293396

Wank your setting harder. Maybe you'll birth a Chaos God of your own.

>> No.47293407

Ha ha ha ha ha!
I totally skipped that DLC!
Harems don't appeal to me, and Orokan would kick my non-superpowered ass so hard, my head would fly off and land straight on his shelf. And I'm actually quite confident in my Jump self's ability to survive the main story after at least a thousand years of adventuring.
That shit.
That shits a whole pile of nope.
Even including my inside knowledge of mandrakes.
Or maybe because of it.
It's not even a competition.
Human dies.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

>> No.47293431

Harem? The only harem option was DLC1, and Orokan was in Part 3, not one of the DLC.

>> No.47293472

After the decade, how long do you have till your growth rate goes back down? And how long would it take if you just fought seriously against people roughly as powerful as you (but not always to the death)?

>> No.47293482

Okay, update on Ravnica. Creative juices are finally actually moving again. Have general layout done, but will be awhile for actual perk descriptions and land effects. I'd post a WIP but at this point it's mostly a jumble of not so whitty names with only a few perks having text, and 10 of those being old legacy stuff I really need to clean up so they're no longer Mib style.

Of course knowing my luck posting this will probably mean something happens to delay it further. My sincerest apologies for taking years to get to this point. Life's been interesting and a lot of my Jumpchain time has been getting diverted into managing other things, like keeping abreast of what certain people on another thread are doing and avoiding it exploding catastrophically too often.

On a side note some guy on SB is doing a jump for something called Ib. Haven't looked through it myself but it's from one of the bystanders so I'm cautiously optimistic.

>> No.47293485

>People talking 40k and not actually doing a build for the new 40k jump

>> No.47293498

Ah yes the chaos harem, if you ever want to know what a several violently atheist yandere psycho bitches look like all you need do is head to DLC1 after breaking the deadlight.

>> No.47293514

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
You're right! I got names mixed up!
I may be inebriated!
I should go to bed!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

>> No.47293519

I can't decide between Harlequin and Seer. It's a tough choice.

>> No.47293531

Down with Izmit

>> No.47293540

>Super Senses
It's mostly the first, but you can do the second as well by dialing it back a bit.

>Pokémon moves
I'm going to give that a tentative yes, because Pokémon moves are mostly biological in nature, but some moves/types (Ghost and Fairy, mostly) seem to be more ambiguous in nature. Legendary only moves such as Roar of Time are also iffy.

>Dragon breath
As long as it's not magical fire, it should be fine.

>Other supernatural abilities
Depends on their nature and whether or not it's actual magic.

>Mass Effect
I don't know enough about that to rule for sure, but it's probably fine.

>> No.47293548

Boros. Boros. Boros!

>> No.47293556

Is warrior intended to lack a 600? I mean with all the disciplines I could see skipping a capstone, but seems a bit odd. The others without one at least have multiple 400s to make up for it

>> No.47293561

By the way, why did you raise the price of Dormant Power back to 600 cp?

>> No.47293563

I... that's not what I meant.

Your growth rate goes up because you're forcing yourself past your limit to an unbelievable degree. The act of fighting those people is what gives you that growth, rather than those acts arbitrarily increasing your growth.

300-400 years. It doesn't have to be to the death, but it does have to meaningfully endanger you.

Saw that. Fun little RPG Maker game. Surprised, but glad, the jump isn't a gauntlet.

I hope it turns out well.

>> No.47293566

>Harlequin and Seer
No choice: seer all day e're day.

>> No.47293569

>Ib jump
I don't even care if it's from Space Battles as long as it's good, that's a great game.
Also I want to help Mary become a real girl, because I feel bad for her, and damn it I'm going to make the sad crazy painting girl not sad! Plus, that will save Ib and Gary a LOT of trouble.
SMTanon, would having both TOS and Dormant Power cause you to gain power much faster? Also, I know that it transforms Jack Frost into Lucifrost, so does it give him that rapid growth ability as well or is that lost in exchange for the power boost?

>> No.47293587

>>Mass Effect
>I don't know enough about that to rule for sure, but it's probably fine.
Literally all you need to know is, ELEMENT ZERO. It's not magic, it's SCIENCE!
Not really worth using Amazo on...

>> No.47293611

That's not how you spell clown.

>> No.47293629

The clown is awesome in principal but the perks for seer are too good!

>> No.47293644

I mean, sort of?

I could hotfix it with some perks generally related to fightan, theoretically.

>> No.47293651

Justice without principles isn't good at all.

>> No.47293672

Fuck. You're right. Well, it wouldn't be the first time I've taken an Origin I don't like the perks for for the purposes of fun.

Clown it is.

>> No.47293675

Wait, what? Before you said that other people helping you wouldn't dilute your power.

>> No.47293676

I... don't remember. Think it was a spur of the moment "Hmm, this seems pretty strong. Just gonna increase the price a notch to make sure it's not a must-buy or anything" decision.

Next update's reducing the price to 500 CP again, so, you know.

Dormant Power works independently of your human potential growth increases.

You'll get stronger faster because you have two sources of power increasing in tandem, but they don't merge or anything.

The transformation doesn't destroy the crown or anything, so he can keep the rapid growth.

>> No.47293708

So does anyone else have a harder time working out builds for their Companions in Naruto than making their own builds?

>> No.47293758

drawbacks tournament circuit, crippled and inhuman

age 17
location united states
origin new challenger
perks fighting style, jiggle physics, chumps need not apply, dark horse, bankroll, secret arts, unnatural quality and meaningful montage

gear outrageous iconic outfit, bag and training garb/ninja gear/rags, alternate costume, foot and hand wraps, previous winnings, ninja sneaksuit, shattered bindings, travel guide, training course, smoke bombs and convincingly convenient cloak

companions apprentice, tag team, full roaster and camera and crew

>> No.47293762

Not really, I do have that problem with some other jumps but honestly I'm just not that interested in naruto. I might remove the jump from my chain because it's basically meaningless for me.

>> No.47293769

I have to take the plot bound drawback there to get everything I want so that is a non issue for me.

>> No.47293786

In fairness SMTanon, it's a must buy either way.
Ahem. Sorry about that.

>> No.47293794

Now go laugh at elves whenever they do dumb shit they really should be too smart for. And everyone else for being dumb enough to oppose you.

>> No.47293818

So, can I interpret Harlequin as the Drop-in?

>> No.47293821

I mean, depending on how far your willing to dip in drawbacks and how many companions you have, I can see it being difficult. But I had a lot of mana increasing/spell increasing perks and used conjoined conjures to have my ninja arts work on my nigh infinite mana supply, so learning techniques was made much easier, I didnt really have to worry about myself. When you have 6 or more companions you can be more creative since you can then pick and choose archetypes to form an Akatsuki-lite.

>> No.47293823

Oh hey, haven't seen that series in a while. God it got dark, didn't it? I remember the main villain, Mega something or other used to be a friendly enemy, even showing up to that one kid's birthday for a rock off with Bob I think it was, then he became fucking Hitler by the end of the series. Oh, and Satan showed up in some Mortal Kombat expy and killed that kid temporarily. That was dark too.

>> No.47293829

/jc/ when you see something that just has to be set on fire how do you do it? Do you use some form of supernatural fire or just some garden variety arson?

>> No.47293830

Eh, I just fit stuff to their personality. Jumper worries about getting the shinies, companions get to have fun.

>> No.47293836

I... alright time for more shitty hypotheticals?/analogies? because I don't know how to talk or write normally.

Person A, B, and C team up to kill Person D. Person D is really strong compared to all of them. Thanks to the power of team work, they manage to take him down. This is the situation I had mind for the previous ruling, in which all three contribute and gain power.

Person A, E, and F team up to kill Person Z. Person Z is really strong compared to Persons E and F, but Persons E and F are in turn really strong compared to Person A. Person A can fight besides Persons E and F, but for the most part, he's not contributing shit. In this situation, Person A did not matter enough in the fight to be said to have actually fought Person Z, regardless of what they tried to do, and while they will gain power, it will be minor compared to the risk they needed to take.

Person A decides to fight Person Z by himself instead. He'll likely die. But if he does succeed, the situation which I outlined in the post you're responding to occurs and their power increases by ludicrous quantities.

>> No.47293847

I'd suggest a bit of a text sizing adjustment here and here / a general layout look-over. The 1,000 CP sentence doesn't need a whole page to itself, really.

Comin' hot off the trails of Sburb and Overlord, slotted in at 570 and with me screaming my bloody head off because I can't afford things.

>Warhammer 40k: Eldar - 570
Path: Exodite
Drawbacks: Run (+300), Blind Seers (+200), A Bastard Child (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP

Skills & Abilities:
-Guardian Training (Free)
-Psychic Race (Free)
-Eldar Physiology (Free)
-A World Is A Living Thing
-Grace of the Elder Race

Items & Gear:
-Not All Who Wander Are Lost

I've got the psykerest of psyker-y Tyranids trying to munch on my brainmeats. Tzeentch is going to try and pull a Magnus on me. And to top of it all off, I'm of mixed heritage meaning taking care of the first even for a time will mean these fukken knife-eared ingrates keep 'accidentally' looking the other way whenever it happens.

>> No.47293854

You'd want to ask One-Arm.

Who, despite rumors of his untimely demise, still posts occasionally as anon if I recall correctly. He could even be in this thread right now...

I know I did!

>> No.47293955

welcome back, OAA
how's it going

>> No.47293994

It's kind of my build.
I become a fifty foot tall flaming fox made of bestial rage.
All the bloodborne beastmode perks.
NGE angel form.
Literally every fire perk I could afford.
Constantly filling the Smoke Conduit and using that to fuel more regen.
And, being VIELIA_ANSUL_RHAPLANCA, as well as the Okami god of song, and wielding Prometheus from Symphogear, I sing a song of purging flame.


>> No.47294004

Way of the Laughing God
Free Guardian Training
Free Psychic Race
Free Eldar Physiology
Lost to the Path
Discount Player
Discount Death Jester
Discount Dance of Inspiration
Discount Shadowseer
Tall and Narrow Gate.

There Is Only War+0 And now they remember me Burning Commoragh to the fucking ground. Great.
A Bastard Child+100
Inquiring Minds+100 Because this combo is just too much fun
Blind Seers+200 Just to fuck with Eldrad. I don't like him.
Eldrad+300 This is gonna hurt, but he's going to be pissed due to Tzeentch, and that makes me smile.

If I could afford it I'd buy Bonesinger, but I'm going to assume that's a learn-able skill.

Ceogorah help me, it's time to Dance. And Troll, lots of Trolling.

>> No.47294017

So looking at the Naruto jump got me thinking. If I swindle someones Mangekyo and transplant it into my eye, can I bypass the "kill your loved one" pricing? Can it even be transplanted that way? I almost feel horrible for having such a lust for the rinnegan and the mangekyo and going susanoo everywhere like memedara did.

>> No.47294021

With the subject of Eldar, are there any good perks that could protect you from She who Thirsts?

>> No.47294025

>implying I'm him

I wish.

>> No.47294029

Starting a new Chain to get the creative juices flowing. Tentatively calling it - The Bard of Ages

Jumper Intro/Recruitment: http://pastebin.com/7cZXSGCv

Jump 1: Pokemon

Region: Kanto (Rolled)
Age: 15, Male (Rolled)
Background: Drop-In (Free)
Starter: Whismur (200 CP)

+ Combat Training (250 CP)
+ Survival Training (350 CP)
+ Champ in the Making (650 CP)
+ Ranger (950 CP)

+ Free Stuff
+ HM Collection (1000 CP)
+ Bicycle (1050 CP)
+ 100K Pokedollars (1150 CP)
+ Rappelling Rig (1200 CP)
+ Parachute (1250 CP)
+ Collapsible Baton (1300 CP)

+ Crippled (1200 CP)
+ Marked (1000 CP)

Final Pokemon Team - Theme: Ensemble
+ Loudred, Shiny Wigglytuff, Clefable, Chatot, Chimecho, Cinccino

Story time to be included with the next post.

>> No.47294056

flaws & future super arrogance and like a moth to a flame

region gotham
age 20
identity alien
abilities unrealistic proportions, environmental adaptation, peak human fitness, super vision, scientist, polyglot and super durability

gear costume, membership, arsenal, venom, armour, smart-cape, grapple gun, lair and H-dial

>> No.47294063

And here comes Jane Doe, sliding into third at the bottom of the eighth with a couple of redone builds. First up, adding Emmy to my DC Jump.

Jump 7: DC
Alias: John Doe
Age: 25 (83)
Sex: Male
Drop In
Unrealistic Proportions--look like a comic-book figure.
Environmental Adaptation--easily adapt to new environments, pressure levels, imperfect gas mixtures. Extreme flight and speeds don't harm body.
Peak Human Fitness--at peak of human fitness
Polyglot--master any human language with a few days of practice and a little effort
Superhuman Durability--extreme buff to durability, very hard to hurt
Genius--eidetic memory, huge intelligence buff
Sidekick--Import Emmy as my sidekick
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Unrealistic Proportions--look like a comic-book figure.
Environmental Adaptation--easily adapt to new environments, pressure levels, imperfect gas mixtures. Extreme flight and speeds don't harm body.
Peak Human Fitness--at peak of human fitness
Polyglot--master any human language with a few days of practice and a little effort
Superhuman Durability--extreme buff to durability, very hard to hurt
Weakness--have my own kryptonite in the form of skin contact with spandex

Work as small-town hero "Mr. Richter", partnering with police to take care of common and superpowered crime. Also spend a fair bit of time going around and giving speeches at schools. No normal identity means have full-time hero duties. Some interaction with Justice League, but mostly stick to small crimes so they tend to just let me have my corner. Also learn every major language in free time. Emmy is my sidekick "Lassea" and we use our Bending as our Superpowers.

>> No.47294076

There is a perk in Portal that lets you give yourself feelings towards someone that you can just discard later, use this to make yourself truly care about someone you were going to kill anyway and keep those feelings until the Mangekyo has awakened. It will suck but it will let you awaken it without killing anybody you truly care about.

>> No.47294086

And now ST:TNG because apparently we can import Pod People.

Jump 41: Star Trek TNG
>Starting Location
Starfleet Command, San Francisco, Earth
Alias: Captain Jane Doe
Age: 28 (451)
Sex: Female
Species: Rolled 2 and 4--Vulcan/Bajoran Hybrid.
>Perks & Abilities
Speedy Promotions--faster promotion rate in any sort of hierarchy
Honorary Xeno--aliens always see me as an equal despite racial tensions
Overpowering Authority--extremely intimidating to anyone of higher rank
Grand Theft Starship--can steal any ship of any size single-handed, even if can't crew it completely alone. Need an actual crew to do more tha get from A to B.
>Items & Companions
Companion Import
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Drop-In Andorian
Medicine--training in first-aid, disease, surgery, health, etc.
Robotics--can make wide array of machines, even figure out Androids or Borg
Surgeon--perform facial and body-mode procedures to change appearance/physiology.
Medical Kit--full supply of bandages, gauze, hypospray with refilling canisters
TF-590 XI Tricorder--palm-sized computer and sensor platform. You know what a damn tricorder is.

>> No.47294109

Age: 31
Sex: Female
Drop-In Klingon
Combat--hand to hand training
Weapons--training in operation/repair of personal and mounted weaponry
Piloting--how to operate starships and shuttles
Navigation--locate position and plot courses, with and without computer
Type-2 Phaser--standard issue sidearm
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Drop-In Trill
Q This--can disable powers of a single reality warper keep contact with
Cosmic Awareness--perceive alterations in space-time, instantly know when surroundings have changed
Holographic Imager--3-D camera/projector, recharges from any outlet
Universal Translator--implanted in ear, translates everything into user's language
Temporal Anomaly--actions in ST: TOS Jump now ripple down to this one.
Hybrid--extra roll on species chart, now hybrid of them.
Recurring Character--keep popping between the Enterprise and DS9 whenever Interesting Times are happening.

>> No.47294122


So I'm that guy that nearly destroyed Earth because I knocked out Spock. Explain disappearing for eighty years as falling through a temporal anomaly, and take up my former occupation as a freelance transport. Share adventures with the Enterprise and later DS9 crew. Dax already knows me, have fun helping her clean out Quark and his buddies at Tongo. Get involved with the Marquis, but only so far as transporting food and medical supplies to them. The Chicken has no problem dodging the plasma storms in the Badlands. Also expand network into the Gamma Quadrant. When the Dominion War breaks out, be employed by the Federation/Klingon Alliance as a spy/blockade runner because of how the hyperdrive works in comparison to warp drive--specifically, that a ship in hyperspace is undetectable by one in normal space, and it goes a hell of a lot faster. Also, save Jadzia from possessed Dukat, or whatever happened there. Need to rewatch seasons six and seven of DS9. End up taking part in a lot of the battles, mostly alongside the Feds, but sometimes flying the banner of the House of Martok. Chisame decides to stay home afterwards, and writes so much fanfiction she has to buy a new flashdrive to hold it all. Too bad a lot of it is shipping everyone with anyone, including the ships. This was also when I added the Antimatter Arrowhead to my arsenal of trick arrows. Because sometimes you need to blow a ship out of the sky and a wood/iron arrow just won't do it.

>> No.47294125

Yes. That's actually done in the series. It will never be as good as a natural Mangekyo, though, you'll never have as good compatibility with it as someone who made the sacrifice themselves.

>> No.47294126

There should be a rule that says any Q like entity that becomes a companion automatically has the "won't lolstomp your chain" trait that Claude from Sunrider has.

>> No.47294128

Well, that's pretty burninaty.
What do you even use that on?

>> No.47294130

I feel like your analogy is arguing semantics. If fighting together with people against a powerful opponent causes you to gain less power than if you fought alone, then that basically DOES mean that other people helping you dilutes the power gained.

>> No.47294186


How do humans without Dormant Power or who just started out with it do in combat here? It seems like a summoner would get insta-pasted unless they're giving orders from beyond the battlefield. I'm taking a companion with Demon Summoner for keikaku support but it seems like they'd have a really hard time actually rolling with their squad.

Does Two Steps From Hell draw in demons who would have been your enemies anyway, or how would that work? I'd feel kind of bad about squishing like five billion pixies and Jacks in this jump. Are these guys only hostile because you took the drawback?

If the Heavenly Kings get killed before you do their Trials, can they be summoned again through fusion? Like does that count as the 'real' Bishamonten?

>> No.47294221

Didn't think you could interest a Q enough to get one to follow you around. Also don't know who Claude or Sunrider are. Pod Person is one of my friends from SoL who nerds the freak out about anything Trek, even NuTrek for a reason that probably has more to do with Chris Pine and Zachary Quintos than anything else.

>> No.47294261


>> No.47294316

Claude is a Q-like Yandere from a drawback in the Sunrider jump that becomes a companion, post jump she restricts her use of vast cosmic power to sexually harassing you.

>> No.47294353

...I'm not sure how to feel about that. Can probably deal with the harassment considering how we tend to act around each other, but Dandere is best dere. Think I just need to pokety poke at that Jump.

>> No.47294358

I need a vacation.
>>Nintendogs (1000) (26)
Identity (Puppy)
1000>Mutt -000
1000>Bachelor -000
1000>Modern Style -000
Toys, Powers, and Drawbacks
0900>Cute! -100
-100>Tennis Balls x21 (1 free) -1000
0000>Psychopath +100

>> No.47294363

Claude is a yandere from the game Sunrider. Due to some causality-violating shenanigans, she's a reality warping space god. She refuses to use said reality warping for anything other than messing with her friends. If you take a drawback, she'll focus on you instead of said captain, and if you manage to survive that she'll become a companion. She still won't use her godlike powers, instead choosing to only employ them when molesting you. Yanderes gonna yan.

>> No.47294368

Would joining one of the /tg/ chapters be a viable option as a space marine in the Imperium jump? Such as the Lazy Marines or the Reasonable Marines?

>> No.47294377

Attention please, an announcement:

Paging Harry Potter Anon. I repeat. Paging Harry Potter Anon. A Jumper has a query as to what constitutes as a supernatural power to the "The Trace" Drawback as some of his passive capabilities could considered supernatural, such as hearing the voice of the wind and regeneration.

Thank you.

>> No.47294389

It's Cool Cats.

>> No.47294446

A reminder that Farseers slowly turn into crystals and people want to be a farseer.

>> No.47294461

Eldrad is over 10,000 years old. If this was a problem they all faced then he'd be gone.

>> No.47294463

Not great, but not bad. Keep in mind, while you won't be able to shank and pop a cap in people like the Protagonist does, there are several demon summoners who do pretty well just by shielding themselves with demons, and that's with them not really leading their demons or being much of a tactician during fights. Even a companion will do much better than them if they're smart, and those guys continue showing up until around Tokyo Destinyland.

It basically multiplies the demons that you would have faced. You can still diplomance them away, but go try and appease 410 billion Jack Frosts. Fair chance you'll fuck up a bunch of times and have to kill them.

You can use fusion to bring them back, yeah.

>> No.47294482

The perk says that you don't have to deal with that.

>> No.47294484


Wouldn't she lose interest in you once the drawback wears off? I'm thinking of companioning the MC too, so I could use him as a molestation decoy in case... man this sentence sounded a lot less bad in my head. But she's not gonna molest you post-jump, right?

>> No.47294495

She's going to molest you post-jump.

You asked for this.

>> No.47294538

Like other yandere from drawbacks you can assume that she will still be yandere for you but it will be possible to "fix" that problem post jump since it is no longer drawback enforced.

>> No.47294547

>Having a group of Yanderes together
That sounds like a terrible idea.

>> No.47294557

Eh, they respawn.

>> No.47294573

Forgot the image.

>> No.47294574

I doubt it.

I mean, I don't think they'd let you be any of the Hektor Heresy chapters either.

>> No.47294578

Hmm, I wonder what would happen if a jumper happened to get there hands on a chakra fruit, would they be extremely strong at that point and develop that rinne sharingan like Kaguya?

>> No.47294579

That is just lovely, what do you do with all the bodies?

>> No.47294580

>Thinking that makes it any better.

>> No.47294592


This sounds like a fun idea on paper but will quickly get bloody.

I'll stick with my lesbian harem variety pack, thanks.

>> No.47294616

Nothing, if I can help it. That's a total last resort. Most of the time, I just prod and annoy edgy people to entertain myself and JC.
If they really piss me off, I go full ULTAMATE WRENCH WORKS, and ruin all their plans.
All of them.
Magic portals and clairvoyance/precog make pranks get nasty.
Want to wake up at seven? Alarm is set for noon.
Want milk in your coffee? It's spoiled, and your coffee disappears the moment you look away.
Want to speak to your subordinates? Your mouth is dry, they have something in their ears, and are quite distracted by the mustache drawn on your face.
Legos on the floor.
Cupboards and tables moved an inch closer to your toes.
Delicious leftovers gone.
Fuel in your vehicle always empty.
Lab cultures too warm.
Spies fed heinous disinformation.
Munitions plants producing cartridges without primers.
Kevlar replaced with nylon.
And the moment you send someone out to get that damn fox? Your plans on world domination are now being sabotaged by an family of supernatural, multi-dimensional ninjas. Most of those ninjas are old as dirt, and they're all supernaturaly well coordinated. And psychic. And they can doodle a bunch of lines on shit to warp objects to their desires, like some sort of alchemy.

So yeah, thanks for clown power, Wakfu!
I love it!

>> No.47294640

>Implying that a yandere won't be in the harem variety pack.
Anon we need to talk.

>> No.47294645

>Legos on the floor.
You monster.

>> No.47294654

Damn, I really want a chapter that is pragmatic and not just reliant on throwing men at an objective like the Imperial Guard with a higher survival rate.

>> No.47294655

A Jumper after my own heart.

>> No.47294659

>And they can doodle a bunch of lines on shit to warp objects to their desires, like some sort of alchemy.
Ooh, that gives me an idea. Skilled sealers in Naruto can inscribe seals on things just by touching them and thinking about it. Combine that with FMA transmutation circles and you've got clapchemy without having to see Truth.

>> No.47294673

I'm implying nothing. I'm outright stating there are no yandere in it.


>> No.47294677

Miltank, Bouffalant, or Tauros?

>> No.47294682

Go either salamanders or space furries.

>> No.47294688


>> No.47294696


>> No.47294697


>> No.47294701

I don't think anon should do a breastfeeding-themed chain.

>> No.47294703


Canon Reasonable Marines

>> No.47294709

The Salamanders would make me look like a charcoal briquette and the Wolves really hate psykers, of which I intend to be one.

>> No.47294717

Nah, the Wolves totally love psykers. Just call yourself a 'Rune Priest' and you're good.

They're really fucking stupid, you see.

>> No.47294738


>> No.47294743

And they don't have to wear psychic hoods which suck dick due to being embedded in your head!

>> No.47294760

Oh dear.

>> No.47294768

>have to kill them

Shit. And I need to take drawbacks. You ruthless CP vampire.

And I can't take the "no teamwork" or "no one trusts you" drawbacks or my build's not gonna work. I'm going to be a giant demon angel guardian dragon flying around with like four thousand Jack Frosts clinging to me at all times, flailing away with their fists for 0 damage, while I squish pixies in midair like bugs on a windshield. And I'm gonna be drunk off my ass the entire time. For forty years.

A-all I wanted to do was avert worldwide nuclear/demon invasion holocaust. How did it end up like this?

>> No.47294777

How canon is the wolves debauchery and alcoholism? Because that might be a selling point.

>> No.47294797

Alcohol yes, sex is more vague. It's only hinted at that their dicks still work that I remember, and it doesn't go into too much detail about how they use them.

Fenrisians, as in the 'human' population, are huge rapists though.

>> No.47294800

Yup, that was how I was doing it. Like, some sort of alchemy...
Another popular thing to do is have your Stand draw the circles. Depending on the Stand, it could be just as fast, and it's at a range. The only "downside" is that your Stand might not be built for speed and precision, and some entities can see them. Less skill on the users part though. It's like training wheels.
>You monster.

It's late here, I should go.
Goodnight, /jc/.

>> No.47294804

Well, if the spess Catholics act like super Catholics, then it's not a stretch to say the spess Vikings act like super Vikings.

>> No.47294837

From what I understand the space marines are not non functional down there but are just disinterested in such things due to their conditioning, since the wolves are not the traditional warrior monks the idea of them having sex is not strange.

>> No.47294840

Hell yeah, motherfucker.
Though, my harem is a single entity.

>> No.47294854

Does that mean they commit super rape? What does super rape even look like? I mean the Catholics at least have a logical progression in more and more dogma and rules with harsher punishments, but how do you super rape something? Do you do the entire town simultaneously? Do you just summon a daemon of Slaneesh and then make it do it for you? Inquiring minds don't want to know.

>> No.47294859

Look its not stupid. Throwing Lightning is fucking awesome!

Also Axes are awesome.

>> No.47294887

Well space marines are around nine feet tall and as far as we have seen the rest of their bodies have grown by the same degree, so yea that would probably be considered super rape.

>> No.47294896

It's stupid to pretend your psykers are not psykers while having a bitchfit about psykers.

>> No.47294904

I think the word you're looking for it hypocritical.

>> No.47294914

By the way, whats the range on raphael's laser? Is it limitless?

>> No.47294924

... There. There are these guys.

A Raven Guard successor chapter that are literally Reasonable Marines.

>> No.47294932

Hypocrites are stupid.

>> No.47294937

The boosted cor that is.

>> No.47294992

You need to see your target clearly and you need to have a direct line of sight to them. No limits beyond that.

>> No.47295002

Raptors or Wolves. . . one is pragmatic and effective, the other allows for binge drinking and sex. This is actually a tough choice.

>> No.47295017

In case he doesn't catch your post, my fanwank was "it only counts for the Trace if you deliberately chose to use it". Wolverine healing factor? Fine. Danger sense? Fine. Deciding to telefrag that Death Eater with a mailbox? Not fine.

>> No.47295045

Also, does the chosen's boost from dormant power afso enhance their original powerset? If they forgo the boost, can it grow more?

>> No.47295079

If you mean their original Angelic powerset, yes.

Well, Dormant Power will grow more. But you can still grow in power due to having human spirit even if you take the boost.

>> No.47295172

Does the attack travel at the speed of light or is it instantaneous?

>> No.47295210

It's funny that that question is important.
JumpChain is fun.

>> No.47295242

>Kuudere best dere


>> No.47295246

So with Eldar now a thing, Psyker question:

We know that Alpha's a catch-all term for anything over a specific line. But what "tier" of Alpha are we looking at if we go Eldar + Alpha Psyker (40k Imperium) + Alpha Psyker (LoT Grand Day Out)?

>> No.47295253

>Kuudere best dere

>> No.47295258

Somewhere in Alpha +, which is literally just 'I dunno we can't measure it'

>> No.47295262

The Retro-Gun Mark XVII is an old party favorite of mine. Had dozens of different abilities and effects it could fire.

Thing is for all the SCIENCE! I get to the thing is almost entirely powered by Iterative Improvement from Worm and is scientifically just a lighted up Halloween costume piece.

Hell even the noise it made is kinda like those old raygun toys you can find all over the place.

>> No.47295280

The Major isn't a Kuudere though, so why are you posting a picture of her.

>> No.47295324

Maybe he wants her to be for him?

>yfw you will never walk into the Major's apartment and find a pair of broken glasses you owned that she took after you broke them saving her life. All while looking at you coldly.

>> No.47295327

There's no actual beam.

You just perceive your target and will the ability to activate.

So, instantaneous, I guess.

>> No.47295340

Average farseer is about alpha, extremely old farseers are one notch below Magnus, see The Dick.

>> No.47295341


She totally is
The questions about her humanity and her existence create an aura of nihilism around her, but deep down she's just a big softy.

>> No.47295354

A reminder that the Major made Batou punch himself in the face with a smile on her face.

>> No.47295361


>> No.47295367

How big of a boost would that be? Also, is the boosted demonic fusion better than the boosted chosen of raphael in any way, to compensate for the lack of an almighty attack? What does being a demifiend constitute, exactly, especially in sheer potential.

>> No.47295372

Also wasn't the manga version of the Major more catty in attitude and mischievous?

>> No.47295377

>not being the deredere

>> No.47295389

>not being Whitney's Miltank

You can even get Scrappy in Mystery Dungeon.

>> No.47295394

>Average farseer is about alpha
>tfw went Exodite

fook. I'm gonna guess I'm somewhere in Delta then?

>> No.47295402

The OVA, anime, and manga versions all act differently.

>> No.47295438

>Using potentially damaging and illegal cyber brain hacking for pranks, also to hide the fact that even though her body is disposable, she's attached to it.

Mai Waifu

Shirow is a hack

SAC Motoko is Motoko's Final Form

>> No.47295515

Scale whatever powers your chosen race has up to levels similar to not-Fire of Sinai or the Herald's abilities. If you mean in general, I dunno, go on 4plebs to find the rulings on how all the races stack up to Aquaman and consider that your new form is by default slightly stronger than the 1000 CP choices.

There's a lot of stuff unique to the actual Demi-Fiend, but the big thing for you is that your transformation into a demon is natural rather than the result of horrible demonic science, so your growth rate is absurd. You can comfortably cut down all the prievous rulings on how long it takes for a demon with human potential to develop down to a fifth.

Generic and boring effect, but they can't all be winners.

>> No.47295542

An average eldar with no psyker training or development beyond the norm is on notch above your average ork (regular not wierdboy), that ork would be one notch above an average human.

All three are well below delta.

>> No.47295610

Does that mean if you take the boosted demonic fusion as a demon/tribrid it boosts the growth rate of all of your powers?

>> No.47295637

I stick them in Senju and leave it at that.

>> No.47295656

An untrained Eldar is one "tier" below an average grey knight (not librarian) who are mostly recruited from the psykers that Emps has for dinner every night. So if you are getting your psyker powers solely from being an Eldar you are definitely below delta (which is actually a substantial amount of power).

>> No.47295680


Fucking, how many ranks ARE there?

>tfw realizing that Exodite Eldar + Veteran of the Psychic Wars is all I have in the Psyker business
>tfw goofed.

>> No.47295696


>> No.47295710

All of your SMT demon powers, yes.

>> No.47295732

Well since the normal scale only measures imperial characters /tg/ made it's own a while ago and it can be found on /tg/'s idea of a wiki.

>This list is relative in the extreme. Trying to compare the Psychic powers of so many characters is kinda fukkin' stupid.


>> No.47296087

In Dark Souls is it possible at all to create a 'cure' for being undead or the inevitability of hollowing?

>> No.47296103

Well, there's the Crowns?

>> No.47296109

Link the fire and it goes away till it needs linking again.

>> No.47296119

I'm looking for something a little more permanent, endless cycles make me depressed.

>> No.47296141

Destroy all human souls? They're what cause hollowing, it is a natural function of humans there that is suppressed during ages of fire.

>> No.47296148

The only way to stop the cycle is to stop the cycle itself and allow the world to go back into being static.

>> No.47296157

>Ever went to a shrink, Jumpers?
Technically, no. I did set up regular meetings with a specific member of a race I created, for the purpose of him helping me through my problems. Dr. Pants wanted to be a real doctor, and I did end up teaching him actual medicine at some point.

>> No.47296161

Alternately, find a permanent power source for the first flame.

>> No.47296164

Not as far as I know. Though you have to know that hollow is pretty much the default state for humanoid life in dark souls. It was creatures like hollows that found the first flame and the lord souls, and without the power of those souls they revert to the hollow form.

>> No.47296248

As ToB is not a thing in NWN I intended it to mean the latter, but with training you could probably develop ToB stuff as well.

Sorry about the lateness, Australia keeps very different time to most of the English speaking world.

>> No.47296721

worse about even Stevens with a beta class tho

>> No.47296777

Lots and lots of Oil

>I'm Tier 7 by virtue of Shadowseer alone

>Has Veteran of the Psychic Wars-Biomancy, Psychic Supremacy, and Pyromaniac(does this count?) from LoT DLCs

Wait, am I higher on the list now? Where does my Biomancy rank?

Does Ceogorah disapprove of my Biomancy?

>> No.47297154

working on Legend of the Guardians

Depends how badly it pisses me off. If it's garden variety "kill it with fire", a normal flamethrower or plasma grenades or microAM charge does it just fine.
If it's 'personal', though, it's balefire or fiendfyre.

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