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So, why haven't you rejected your humanity yet?

>> No.47076449

Because I'm a filthy casual

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I don't have a good answer for that. It's not like being human is a good thing in and of itself.

Maybe it's because I want to come back from Sparking in a form that still appreciates what I have/had on Earth.

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because I've chosen to add to it instead

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That sounds like a lot of effort.

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Usually because its a non-choice... humanity isn't usually a jump's greatest power source and fighting grom obscurity or a consensual reality to devour entities of abhorrent natures tends to be better...
> Warehouse - just having it
> Soul Calibur - Soul Edge Shard
> Tenchi Muyu! - 3rd run's 4th-??? dimensional tech and manipulation
> tons of abilities to splice tech and magic
could easily make the last task of every jump to be collect all souls to feed to Soul Edge empowered Warehouse

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> grom = some

>> No.47076662 [DELETED] 

> grom = from
... I have a cold, forgive the derp

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Hey clarification request for Roboanon, when it says the capture/conversion ray can only scan up to the technology level of supreme commander, does that refer to the universe or the game?

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Because my humanity is the one thing that ties me to who I was at the start of my chain, once all the skills, perks, magic, impossible science, and fancy gadgets are stripped away.

My humanity is the one thing I promised myself I would fight to keep at all costs, regardless of whatever else changes about me on the long journey to find my Spark.

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Usually because its a non-choice... humanity isn't usually a jump's greatest power source and fighting from obscurity or a consensual reality to devour entities of abhorrent natures tends to get better loot or powers...
> Warehouse - just having it
> Soul Calibur - Soul Edge Shard
> Tenchi Muyu! - 3rd run's 4th-??? dimensional tech and manipulation
> tons of abilities to splice tech and magic
could easily make the last task of every jump to be collect all souls to feed to Soul Edge empowered Warehouse

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I may have renounced my human shape without hesitation. But I will hold on to my human nature. So no matter what I'll still keep myself relate-able to humanity. Granted for some reason people almost EXPECT me to treat them like insects. Always expecting me to go all wax poetic on how weak humanity is and whatever. So needlessly complicated.

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Sorta have. Ever since MMX and becoming a Reploid, I've become non-human. Works for the best, because it just allows my jumper to actually do good and be above his basic desires Basically being an evil overlord who's only concern is himself, and whatever pleasures of the flesh he can think of. Basically 99% my previous chains, which got real old, real fast. . He also has more time to spend with his daughteru & doge, than waifu collecting.

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Because that's kind of depressing, and ain't nobody got time for that, bein' alone in the world 'cuz ya threw away the one thing what lets ya connect.

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I still can't believe that pseudo-gynoid usurped the Anti-Monitor and assumed direct control over the hunter killers

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Well Aya isn't my daughteru, but if you watched the show you'd know her origins. Especially considered how she was made, Her emotional ability is due to Science Director/Scar, taking a small piece of ION, the emotional entity that resides in the central battery. That small piece was used to make Aya. , so it's no suprised she'd be capable of such things.

My jumper solved the Aya problem, via counciling with Razer & Aya. By end my trip there, they were already married and thinking of adopting.

Reminder /JC/ don't let Hal Jordan near any kids.

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Where is the best / cheapest place to get immortality?

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But I have? I mean, I mostly look like one, but that's barely skin-deep.

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People talk about how perk stacking works for stuff like strength and magic-but how do harem perks stack?

What happens if you have Relationship Flag, both the Tohno and pre-Tohno Gland for example?

I am totally not asking this because upon reviewing my Fat builds for the umpteenth time I have begun to grasp that mistakes may have been made around the time I was still treating jumpchain as a regular sort of CYOA.

LOTR because elves are naturally immortal

Hey, you did say cheapest OR best.

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DIO please go.

>> No.47077143

Thanks for the option buuuuutt

>being a member of the filthy scum that are the elves

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DMC Demons get it 'free', Symbiotes and their hosts have effective immortality (it's what they were made for after all), Sims 3 can extend your life indefinitely in so many ways with no CP cost.

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If you take Themed Powers in Skullgirls is the 'subtlety' effect toggleable?
I like the idea of having a theme for my powers but making all of my supernatural stuff seem normal would really put a damper on my intimidation techniques.

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All of the Touhou race options besides human are immortal iirc, plus humans can become immortal using magic which is learnable by everyone.

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Thanks for the answers, much appreciated.

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Chrono Trigger can make you immortal for free. All you have to do is maintain the existing timeline.

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Immortality like in "Never dies of old age" or "Can't be killed."?

Like, there's always Speed + Healing Factor in Marvel Jump. Immortality in YJ. Healing factor in Xmen Movie Jump.

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plus in Touhou you won't have to eat human, if you picked the Body ability that all food was equal for sustenance (DC's self sustenance is better but the quick-cheap way is that)

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all the healing factors and Prototype's Infected vs Soul Caliburs' Evil Reborn... as long as biomass the size of a human heart survives then you regen fully from it :3

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There's a ring in the Endless Legend jump that makes you immortal unless killed in combat. Tier 4 Hyperion I think.

>> No.47077275 [DELETED] 

> that which lies eternal can never truly die, for in strange eons even death may die

>> No.47077292

> that is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die

justifies stealth builds if that ring exists... checking out

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Would I be able to become a Shinso vampire in Rosario Vampire just by drinking some of Alucard or Moka's blood (assuming I'm already a vampire) or is the transformation process more complicated that that?

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So, for those who jumped Harry Potter, how did your patronus / animagus form / boggart look like ?

>> No.47077365

first... fuck vampirism

And no, in that jump you have to be a virgin or buy it. Although, if you save the blood of one of them you should be able to create vampires in alternate jumps... schoolgirl vampire army?

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It's fun kicking the ass of a cosmic horror as a human.

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Would I be right in thinking that the best magic to shrink something down would be from a D&D jump? Or is there a better place to shrink things? I need to make something thats 200 odd kilometers roughly a meter long.

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>Um, not sure if DSanon or Sburbanon should be asked this really but-is a Denizen sufficiently SMT demon-like to be assimilated by defeat into a Court once defeated by an Overlord of Bel? When I made the comparison of Denizen=endboss it was more a comparison of threat level than the actual nature of the being, which is utterly confusing, like the rest of Hussie's stuff.
I'm not sure either. Would be nice if DSanon could weigh in too, but for now..

Utterly confusing indeed. On one hand, they're sort of game 'constructs'. On the other, they seem to be genuinely be ridiculously powerful mythological beings. I'm going to say they're close enough, on account of them including beings like the demiurge, the mother of monsters, and several gods.

They would, however, fall under the aspect rule. You'd only get one part of them, like with Lucifer and similarly huge multiversal demons. So, only one timeline/reality's worth of power.

Speaking of your Denizen, did you get Nix as a Void player, or Yaldabaoth for your martial strength?

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There is 5th+ dimensional science... Doctor Who & Tenchi Muyu! is all I got off the top of my head

but DnD is the best source for magical add-ons, if you know the systems... continued leveling out of the jump and all item creation feats for CP makes it legendary.

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>> No.47077516

What are the best perks to ensure the loyalty of your followers?

>> No.47077621

Interesting setup. Sauce?

>> No.47077629

Prototype's Puppeteer makes them loyal to the point of nearly non-sentient... but it takes a week and a day plus biomass equal to half theirs.

Decent considering they become 1/10th the power of Alex Mercer, but need a way to speed up the day of prep and week of recuperation.

My guess is that the day is for modifying the Blacklight Viruse to their genome, avoiding the 99.9% causality rate. So super science in genetics and a super computer might help.

While the needed rest being from the Jumper's system trying to make variants of the virus... burning itself out with an inefficiwnt method...

Otherwise I would just have militias of post-humans putting down Greene's walkers.

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Can Marriage Ring and Documents be used to marry anything? From the Kantai Collection jump I should mention.

>> No.47077636

X-Men Telepathy.
Just change their personality and memories so that they'd rather kill themselves than betray you.

>> No.47077643

I'm sure that there were perks to prevent betrayal that didn't relied on doing any modification to your followers.

Boku no hero academia

>> No.47077737

yeah... but its loyalty on a genetic level, the truest form of love and adoration (plus buffed minions are nice)

>> No.47077809

Fair enough, thanks for the info!

All things considered, Yaldabaoth because the other aspects of our being don't wholly fit the typical Void player profile while simultaneously being associated with the sort of malevolent demiurge the mythological Yaldabaoth is associated with.

Hmm. Other than the Touhou-like blasts of radiant energy, any idea what kind of powers might be gained by using Favor of Tashlan, Black Techs/Multiple Demonic Contracts and the Demon Spiritualist perk tree from Tales of Demons and Gods to fuse with Yaldabaoth and wield its' might?

I think the part that mentions the choice of picking a new theme each jump seems to indicate it's toggleable between jumps at least. The perk does note if you do really, really supernatural stuff the perk stops working so it sounds like you can break the effect by making an honest effort at flaunting your powers.


Mantis shrimp


Wasn't one


Nyarlathotep. Sometimes in its' Nyaruko form

Eventually Professor Lupin agreed to give us private tutoring sessions specifically for Patronus training to prevent the other students from fainting and going mad with eldritch terror because of our boggart.

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Patronus: Looked like my Starter. People were very confused, and my PMD partner wouldn't speak to me for months.

Animagus: Didn't bother. I have all kinds of animal Shapeshifting forms.

Boggart: My best friend from my old life, who immediately started shaking me and begging me to wake up.

I wasn't in a good place for a long time afterwards.

>> No.47077863

>my PMD partner wouldn't speak to me for months

What? Why? Shouldn't they be happy you consider them the embodiment of your Happy Thou-

-oh. Oh dear, you were drawing on a lewd memory to make the Patronus, weren't you?

>> No.47077888

Well, for the in-jump animagus option, i take that it only make it certain you'll be one and allow you to choose your animal, and that it is still theoretically possible to become one in the jump proper, just that it's not certain/easy and you won't be able to choose your form. Unless Cool Cats Don't Trip say it doesn't work that way.

As for mine:
Patronus: Arm-length chinese dragon.
Animagus: Managed to become one, although MFW I became a magpie.
Boggart: The dead bodies of my loved ones.

>> No.47077890

No, no. I didn't import my Starter as my PMD partner.

>> No.47077953

Can i take the Injustice world as a setting for the DC Jump?

>> No.47077972

honestly i can't even begin to wank what I am as a jumper, as of now i don't really understand how would I be or behave with all the mind enhancing perks. My best guess is that i wouldn't consider myself human from very early in the chain, probably after less than 10 jumps

>> No.47077992

Trying to get an easy Yellow Lantern Ring?

>> No.47077999

Three rings independently floating about. They represent the Pactio Artefacts my companions gained. It was an awesome time when I first saw them.

Never bothered, I've got three epic animal forms I'm very happy with.

It transformed into each one of my three companions, who all told me that they hated me for dragging them away from their loved ones and homes.

It wasn't a fun time, neither was dealing with the questions that came after. Most of all, it disturbed me that I could still be affected like that, even after the time I powered through Yellow-Lantern Scarecrow's bullshit.

>> No.47078009

I thought he was talking about the Injustice videogame. Unless somehow there's an easy way to get a Yellow Ring there, but as far as I know the game's powerlevel is DCAU-tier anyway.

Also I'm not saying you can't have 3 rings as a patronus because I dunno how many jumps that may have altered your soul's fundamental nature or if you got a theming perk before you've been to HP, but I'm pretty sure all canon Patronuses are animals

>> No.47078022

Hey just a heads up generic investment jump/C:the money and soul of probability control seems to be missing from the drive.

>> No.47078042

There's a tie-in comic that covers the period from Supes killing the Joker to the game starting. Shit gets crazy.

>> No.47078047

yea but there is a comic too describing the 5 years before the vidya
It's the only dc comic I've read so i was just wondering, it's set on an alternate world so idk if it's allowed to take, the powerlevels should be pretty much the same as the other comics.

>> No.47078048

Isn't that because it wasn't finished?

>> No.47078056

It's not even finished so-that's hardly surprising.

>> No.47078079

would getting a ring in-jump work outside of DC universe?

>> No.47078080

Technically, the patronus is based off of the happiest memories you have, however, if that doesn't fly, then my Patronus was an Octopus.

...actually, I like that.

An octopus it is then.

>> No.47078136

Personally I don't think so, not unless you have a main battery along with you, which means you might need a pod for the entity inside them. The ring would work till it runs out of charge, the battery might have some charge for a while, but it won't be able to connect to the main battery so it'll run out and you'll be left with a fancy ring and paperweight.

>> No.47078138

If you get the ring by perk or you get one Central Battery (but if you do so, you're taking one emotion of that universe).

>> No.47078175

I'd die for Anon (Terminator), Loyalty (Muppet Treasure Island)

>> No.47078214

Quick check, does anyone know if Sekirei fall ill to the same diseases humans do? Or is this fan-wankable?

>> No.47078462

You could always eat the entity.

>> No.47078488

Eating isn't the solution to everything anon

>> No.47078521

After all your adventures, how does your main/favorite mech looks like?

Mine looks something like pick related, adding a halo over its head.

>> No.47078522

True enough, seems pretty fitting.

>Hmm. Other than the Touhou-like blasts of radiant energy, any idea what kind of powers might be gained by using Favor of Tashlan, Black Techs/Multiple Demonic Contracts and the Demon Spiritualist perk tree from Tales of Demons and Gods to fuse with Yaldabaoth and wield its' might?
Well, aside from the generic blasts of energy, Yaldabaoth in Sburb is associated with fire, the sun, and Light, so probably some power over those.

Perhaps an increased ability to perceive alternate timelines, depending on how the fusing and merely having taking along an aspect of it interacts.

>> No.47078541

>implying I can pick just one

>> No.47078546

>rejecting your humanity

Never entered into the equation. I have always been a humble business man... Even if I can warp reality with my SCIENCE!

>> No.47078547

I disagree. So far eating has solved almost all my problems.

>> No.47078573

Said Anon, ignoring his bulging waistline, inconetinence and inability to reach the remote stuck between the greasy flabs of his grostequely obese mountain of a body

>> No.47078588

It worked for the nids, why not for me?

And it is one of the few perk combos that allows you to steal all powers.

>He still has a physical body instead a soul/mana one.

>> No.47078601

So in the imperium jump, do secondary purchases get a discount as well? (Elite Gear -> Terminator Armor)

>> No.47078607

You may have a "soul/mana body" but you're still a disgusting mound of flab, you spiritual fatso.

>> No.47078661

Nah, I just have a big soul and a tiny body.

But I think that it is kind of disgusting to look at it.

>> No.47078683

Well, my main mech looks like pic related.

...My favorite is a smaller design through. Think humanoid-shaped, with a sleek, thin design with faceplate, two cannons attached to the back that flip up to face forward, and extremely ornate gauntlet designs to punch sutff with. It's also crisscrossed by lines over it's entire body, where rockets and lasers are concealed internally.

>> No.47078748


I love how in most actual fantasy unicorns are really scary motherfuckers. Like WoD's unicorns.

>> No.47078764

You can never get better than a good old Zaku.
It only does everything.

>> No.47078799

Actually, about Denizens-

1. Exactly what is the nature of the Choice? Is it more like changing destiny or just a really hardcore confidence training course? Or both?

2. While Caliborn levels of advancement are definitely out of the question since there aren't any planets around to conquer, is it possible for Choices to enhance or improve one's Class/Aspect powers by undertaking quests?

>> No.47078818


>> No.47078839

Said the delusional eldritch abomination, as his friends cut ties with him for being a disgusting humankin

>> No.47078847

Where are you getting Unicorn? Thats Unicron.

>> No.47078866

UncleDante is best uncle.

It's a callback to statement made by a previous jumper.

>> No.47078901

Can companions take drawbacks?

>> No.47078904

I miss Dante. Whatever happened to him?

>> No.47078911

I know, and I disagree with it. Seriously it's just the otherkin attitude but with humans in place of animals/fairies/fairy animals or whatever.

>> No.47078956

I get that. It's the whole existential question: does essence precede existence or does existence precede essence. I have pretty strong existential leanings, so for me the being is in the doing.

No idea, I can't tell you the last time I saw him.

>> No.47078971

Depends on the Jump. They can in Hunter x Hunter, but can't in most others. Also, Hunter x Hunter is ridiculously generous with Companion CP. Pay 50 to get eight companions with 500 CP each that can take any amount of drawbacks.

>> No.47078977

>1. Exactly what is the nature of the Choice? Is it more like changing destiny or just a really hardcore confidence training course? Or both?
It's less changing destiny, and more choosing between two possible paths destiny might take. Functionally, it's identical to changing destiny through, because Choices like that often show you paths you would not have considered otherwise. It can be a really hardcore training course, yes. It can also be a bargain for information to get the last piece necesssary to finish the process of creating the Frog. Or it could be something else.

It really depends on the circumstances, and the Choice is tailored to the person. But they often have something to do with facing mortality.

>2. While Caliborn levels of advancement are definitely out of the question since there aren't any planets around to conquer, is it possible for Choices to enhance or improve one's Class/Aspect powers by undertaking quests?
It's certainly possible for it to improve your powers. But more in a hardcore training exercise kind of way, instead of being granted power beyond what your class/aspect can do. Typheus for example flooded a room with oil to teach someone how to control his powers.

>> No.47078994

R8 this Stand, guys.

Realm of Power (Two Steps From Hell)
Power C
Speed B
Range D
Durability B
Precision A
Potential A

Base: Infinite Energy Creation and Basic Energy Manipulation (Blasts and simple constructs, recharges user's energy pools, and you can blow yourself up with this if you channel too much at once)

Awakened: Infinite Energy Creation, Energy Perception and Advanced Energy Manipulation (Fun stuff - Energy conversion, absporption, amplification, negation, infusion, transfer)

Requiem: Energy Domination (Controll all external energy that is not inside someone)

>> No.47079029

He stopped having fun, and moved on. Just like everyone here will one day do.

>> No.47079034


Needs better definition of what valid energy pools are/10


Too broad, Stands aren't Endbringers/10


Stop browsing the powerlist wikia/10

>> No.47079035

Fucking terrible.

>> No.47079053

You really should've jumped Worm or something if you wanted these kinds of powers, man. Stands aren't licenses to make up powers on the spot, they take one power to its' logical extreme.

>> No.47079170

I'm not too familiar with JoJo... But damn, are you even trying to make something remotely balanced?

>> No.47079185


>> No.47079209


Stands are limited, they do one thing and they do it well. Their real power comes from creative uses of the power. Look no further than Hermit Purple, it's a pretty weak stand. However it allows Joseph to swing around like Spiderman, use Hamon at a distance, make psychic photographs & use the TV as as scrying tool. Lastly he can use it to basically cheat at videogames. Jotaro used his stand to perform brain surgery, despite it being just a punch ghost.

>> No.47079225

>That last one

>> No.47079275

I talked to CCDT and he said yes they would work outside the jump. The batteries act independently in the comics for most part.

>> No.47079276

It's perfect. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Anyone who wants to put restrictions on your omnipotence is a nerfer.

>> No.47079291

>stacking harem perks
>went down to the marketplace to sell some vendor trash
>the shopkeeper, their assistant, and sixteen other people I passed on the way are already convinced we're in a serious relationship and I just haven't gotten around to proposing to them yet.
Basically just stacks how easily people are attracted to you.
Given that this can make enemies attracted to you, but doesn't necessarily curb their hostility, this might not be as desirable as you would think. Also does not change their attractiveness to you or limit the effects to people you actually find attractive, so yeah. Mind that.
The better harem perks to stack are the ones which improve the relations you already have and encourage various waifus not to kill each other in some kind of Thunderdome/Highlander-esque deathmatch once they realize you're not going to pick just one of them of your own accord.

Patronus was a big raven, one of the themes I seem to end up with.

In most jumps they can't. The exceptions will usually state so.

>> No.47079311

Valid energy pools are any permanent energy pools you have.
Energy Constructs work within the stand's range.
Energy blasts are obvious, aim and fire.
Energy perception is togglable and allows you to see presence/absence of energy - see invisibility techniques and such.
Advanced energy manipulatuion works in stand's range and you need to consciously use it, it's not automatic or anything.
Energy domination work within stand's range and it's a Requiem ability.
It's not at endbringer level of power, hell in Worm Legend is stronger offensively.

It's not that overpowered, there are stands that rewrite the universe at will in canon or do it automaticaly. Or stop time which is even more hax then this.

Basic ability is Energy manipulation within the stand's range, including creating it. You aren't going to blow up planets without blowing yourself up along with it. As stand is a part of it's user it can make the energy it's user has access to.

Are you bancho?

>> No.47079388

A miserable pile of Power Listing wiki buzz words. Come back when you actually have a defined ability.

>> No.47079400

Patronus was a cat, didn't have an animagus form or bother trying to learn it, and my boggart was Death.

>> No.47079413

>my Stand can create and perfectly control infinite amounts of energy
>but that's not overpowered, guise
Just do what you want. We can't stop you. All we can do is laugh at you.

>> No.47079477

>It's not at endbringer level of power, hell in Worm Legend is stronger offensively.
...Yeah, even if that's true, you realise that's one of the top players in Worm, right?

Infinite energy generation is bullshit. Being a smaller Behemoth is just as bullshit. And having a whole ton of ways to use this in addition to refueling literally all your energy pool is bullshit as hell.

The fact that you actually think this is reasonable is hilarious.

>> No.47079591

>Using Made in Heaven as an excuse

Made in Heaven was a fusion of two stands, and DIO's notes on Stands. It wasn't "at will", it was a long drawn out process that an entire Part was dedicated to. GRE & Made In Heaven aren't normal stands, even the requiem stands you get aren't as close to the requiem stands you see in the manga.

>> No.47079699

Explain how is it mor OP than:
>My Stand can stop time.
>My Stand can rewind time of anything it touches.
>My stand can Destroy and Recreate the universe at will, as many times as I need.
>My stand murderrapes cause and effect.
>My Stand creates time loops automaticaly to protect me from danger.
Time stop and several other canon stand abilities are too at that level.

>> No.47079730

Those are all villain Stands. Main villain Stands, too. They get an exception, the main villain in any Jojo story is always going to fuck causality.

>> No.47079783

>r8 mai stand gais
>I m nut opee, stop bully!
Don't ask for feedback if you don't really want it, faggot. This isn't a hug box.

>> No.47079805

Will Symbiont(from Supreme Commander) and Symbiote(form Symbiote) merge together?

>> No.47079815

Crazy Diamond is not a Villain stand, tho. (Time rewind)
Star Platinum as well. (Time Stop)
Well, yeah. Advice me on a better stand, fagit.

>> No.47079835

Oh and also there was a stand that could steal stands.

>> No.47079837

>google hug box
>all i can find is this torture contraption looking thing
i don't know what i was expecting really

>> No.47079842

>Crazy Diamond
It doesn't fucking rewind time. It 'fixes' things. That's all it does, numbnuts. The only ones with time rewinding powers in JoJo are Killer Queen and Mandom.

>> No.47079850

Not by default, they're different things.

You could probably import your Symbiont as your Symbiote through, considering it's an AI.

>> No.47079868

Thanks I will do it.

>> No.47079889

Listen to:

>> No.47079891

That's a really poor description of what Crazy Diamond does. It's more like transformation to prior states than true time reversion. Sounded more like some of the stuff Made In Heaven does, got me confused. As for Star Platinum, sorry about that, thought you were talking about The World given the power level of the other examples you used. Star Platinum's time stopping is pretty weak.

>> No.47079925

Crazy Diamond's unique ability is to restore or revert objects or organisms to any previous state in their history. It can repair damage, heal injury, revert chemical changes and complex structures to their raw components (e.g. a table into its constituent timber).

>> No.47079949

>Advice me on a better stand, fagit
Stay off of the powerlist wiki. That's some pleb tier laziness power grabbing. You want to power game, fine. At least put some effort into it.

>> No.47079951

Jumpers, how do you combine your divergent and incongruous themes into one, consistent whole? What's it end up looking like?

>> No.47079963

Then why the hell can he distort things into different shapes when he's pissed? Why can't he affect dried blood? His ability has always been described as being a 'fixing' ability. Show me where Araki said that it was reversal of time.

>> No.47080003

I more or less pick powers and skills along a theme. I diversify to a degree, but it try and prebuild under an umbrella.

>> No.47080006

I agree that guy's underselling it, but that's a different power from time version. Objects affected by Crazy Diamond are locally transformed rather than run backwards in time. It makes specific changes to make something more like it once was, allowing Josuke to selectively choose what prior traits of it that he wants to have rather than just rewinding it. In a way, it's actually better than time reversal.

>> No.47080021

Eh, misinterpreted it a bit.
>any previous state in their history

>> No.47080033

By aiming towards a single consistent whole in the first place, or having it be more abstract, like "my life", or "justice".

>> No.47080054

You know, when your themes involve nature (so plants and animals), snow and ice, water and the sea, the moon and the stars, it's kinda hard to combine into a consistent whole. Especially if you insist on throwing floating islands in there somewhere.

>> No.47080073

First of all you generally want a single relatively narrow ability. Energy generation is a bit broad. From there you slap some weird and arbitrary limits on it and assume other than that the power is ridiculously potent. For example one of the Stands I have simply makes illusions, however the illusions are constrained to making it look like someone did something else, and only function within line of sight of the user. However while it has those limits it's also near perfect within those parameters, faking everything from touch to loss of limbs or life. It's potent and can win many fights relatively easily but has major notable limits and can be countered by someone who knows about them. My general advice for checking balance is running a battle between that Stand and various other ones, generally you should have a decent chance against the average user but have trouble with the upper tier unless you've got an ability that's exceptionally relevant against that Stand.

>> No.47080083

I've been arguing against what was said here >>47079815. Not much room for misinterpretation.

>> No.47080114

>moon and stars
I run a celestial theme and I find it's really easy to fit things under that umbrella. You get light and dark and various form of energy, time, heat and cold. . . I think the key is picking a theme that is broad but specific.

>> No.47080126

I already said that I misinterpreted CRazy Diamond's Ability because of the "any previous state in their history" part.

>> No.47080169

Oh, I thought you meant I misinterpreted what you said. Sorry about that.

>> No.47080194

I find it pretty easy to connect space and the sea together since they're associated in the minds of a lot of pre-modern people (sea of stars and all that). So you have the moon and stars reflected in the water as a mirror of the celestial sphere. It just becomes more difficult when you have to add nature to it, and ice is a bit of a complication even if you can echo the water reflection aspect with it.

>> No.47080202

My Patronus took the form of my starter. It was kind of hard to explain why it was a flaming badger. Even moreso when Gold and Silver rolled around and people wanted to know why my Patronus was quote, a fucking Pokemon, you man-child, endquote.

My Animagus, in keeping with the bird theme that I seem to have acquired, was a black merlin. Which raised a couple of eyebrows with the dimmer purebloods.

And lastly, my boggart was my companions telling me that they hated me and were only along for the journey so that they could get strong.

>> No.47080245

Ice is a quick tie in to space, space being cold. Good call on the sea and ocean of stars tie in. That's pretty great.

As for nature? Yeah, that'll take some gymnastics to fit in. Unless you just want to play the FR deity card and just say it's a minor domain. Not literally, of course, but you get what I'm saying?

>> No.47080275

I do, but I've been a druid enough and have enough powerful plant-based powers that I'd be doing myself a bit of a disservice if I didn't throw some trees in there somewhere.

>> No.47080318

Maybe. . . Maybe borrow from Norse myth, and the MCU interpretation, and let a tree be a symbol for some aspect of reality or just reality itself. An Yggdrasil kinda thing.

One thing I always do is have an Yggdrasil tat on my back. As of Fable it's been made of glowy runes.

>> No.47080334

In case you haven't noticed the entire thread is nerfers apart from you then, you special snowflake

>> No.47080339

They won't even get a EU release until a few months before you leave, unlikely anyone noticed.

>> No.47080347

Because the Life Fiber/Symbiote combo is very close to my heart, I'd like to share one of my tricks with the class.
I'd have done it earlier, but I was asleep.

Producing biological semi-powered armor via carbon is intuitive for a synergized symbiote- they all independently reach the same conclusion eventually, even if the exact implementation varies.

A symbiote with access to Life Fibers could grow a Kamui-equivalent around your body, and modify it as the need strikes.
Personally, I imported my Kamui as my symbiote, which skipped most of the learning phase because it already knew what its body was supposed to be like.

Get married to clothing, gentle Anon.

>> No.47080372

I group all my abilities into one of three categories:
>The Body
These are all my DMC Styles, Martial Arts, Gourmet Cells and so on.

>The Soul
These are spiritual capabilities like Anti-Demon Wavelength, Chakra, Fullbring, Chi and again so on.

>The Mind
These are Magic abilities like Primordial Runes and Magoi Manipulation.

How combine them into one form is that, I find a common thread between The Soul and The Mind (The Body is passive, I'll need to use it either ways), Magoi Manipulation and, lately, Kanka are good for this and using DMC's Styles as they were basically created to fight using supernatural capabilities, I can utilize all of my abilities when a battle needs me to.

>> No.47080375

Aren't Life Fibers evil or something though?

>> No.47080412

I think that's more cultural (or closest equivalent), there capable of not being/being rendered no evil at least.

>> No.47080424

More like mindlessly reproducing on an interplanetary scale. They're basically like Entities, except clothes and even less sentient.

The people who collude with them are totes evil tho.

>> No.47080430

Most Life Fibers are stupid animals, yes. Botched hybrid operations leave humans in a state akin to crabs who've been infected with sacculina barnacles, yes.

But done properly? It's reasonably safe. Just look at Ryuuko and Senketsu.

>> No.47080436

Well, either way it's pretty neat. Kudos.

>> No.47080456

To be fair Senketsu seems to be the exception that proves the rule. Junketsu is bonkers and he's the only other kamui in existence, and all the other Life Fibers are parasites as you said.

>> No.47080521

He's got some human genetics in him propping up his mentality. The Conservatively Dressed perk in KLK can get you a similarly reasonable one, albeit without his bonus absorption skills.
Even if you don't import one such Kamui in, the Kamui-equivalent will still be connected to your symbiote (which are fanatical in protecting their hosts), so you'll still have complete control over them. Just don't leave any severed bits lying around...

>> No.47080535


Bring Me To Life
Power C->B->B->A->A
Speed C->B->B->A->A
Range D->D->D->D->D
Durability C->C->B->B->A
Precision C->C->B->B->A
Potential A->B->C->D->E

Basic: Reinvigorates the user on touch (Remove hunger, thirst and fatigue but not physical injury)
Awakened: Reinvigorates the user and restores the user's energy pools (All permanent energy pools, does not restore physical injury)
Requiem: Complete restoration of the user on touch.

Outright loss to time stop and istakill powers if they hit.

Is this better? Plz advice.

>> No.47080553

I'd have to think on that one a bit.

>> No.47080572

aren't the awakened and requiem mutually exclusive ?

>> No.47080620

Stats are a bit out there. I'd take away one or two of the A's, but it's not that big of a deal.

Anyway, I really think you should put in some drawbacks or limitations, otherwise this just seems to make you almost invincible with limitless power.

>> No.47080622

Oh, thanks.
Basic: Reinvigorates the user on touch (Remove hunger, thirst and fatigue but not physical injury)
Awakened: Reinvigorates the user and restores the user's energy pools (All permanent energy pools, does not restore physical injury)
Requiem: Complete physical restoration on touch (does not refresh the energy pools, also works on the stand itself)

>> No.47080632

They're parasites that use humans for food and energy while granting anime powers, with the eventual intent to devour the earth and spread through space to infect more planets.
But they're not sentient enough to plan beyond "eat people", and it takes crazy humans who worship them driving the plot and steamrolling other characters to make them anything more than a curiosity. They can't understand tactics beyond "bum rush and eat it".
They're "evil" in the same way a fungus is evil.

Senketsu is specially modified with Ryuuko's DNA (who is herself a lifefiber hybrid) to render him intelligent and cooperative. He's really more like the lone exception that proves the others are rabid.

>> No.47080644

Well, I'm aiming for a protagonist tier Stand.

>> No.47080688

Seems much better with this. I'd say it's good enough to be a protag-tier stand on its own when taking the stats into account, so good job getting close to what you were aiming for. Gets quite silly when you add anything else to the mix, like magic, but it's good on its own, which is what matters most

>> No.47080720

fungus ARE evil dude

>> No.47080746

I deliberately compared them to fungus for a reason, Anon.

>> No.47080763

The only protagonist Stand that makes the user literally invincible is Gold Experience Requiem and /maybe/ Tusk, and the latter needs to be consciously activated to use that aspect.

Requiem: Suggestion to make it more interesting-it operates by shifting your body's condition 10 seconds into the past to retcon wounds. This effectively enables you to keep the refresh energy pools/physical restoration ability, with the caveat (this part I think you should figure out yourself) your Stand requires you to perform some sort of gross motor task, like how Ringo Roadagain needed to rewind his wristwatch.

Awakened: Overlaps a bit much with the Requiem, maybe have it restore other things? Actually that kinda overlaps with Josuke's thing; maybe go with "restoring" abstracts/intangibles like thoughts, age and other stuff you can't actually touch-on touch? With some sort of softcap of course; 2 days or so.

>> No.47080772

Would it be possible to learn how Blackbeard traps ships in bottles in PotC?

>> No.47080791

Ants are assholes anyway, anon. If anything, that's a point in favor of fungi.

>> No.47080804

Final stats:

Bring Me To Life
Power A
Speed A
Range D
Durability B
Precision A
Potential E

Basic: Reinvigorates the user on touch (Remove hunger, thirst and fatigue)
Awakened: Reinvigorates the user and restores the user's energy pools on touch (All permanent energy pools)
Requiem: Complete physical restoration of the user on touch. (Does not refresh energy pools)

How does it look?

>> No.47080806

Oh, and seeing as Giorno hasn't shown up for all we know Made in Heaven bypassed his Stand and retcon'd him like everyone else, so it might not be absolute either.

I'm presuming it hasn't been shown in the anime/manga how he did it, in which case fanwank something I guess. Maybe ask him? Though he seems to have a whole bunch of inexplicable unique abilities

>> No.47080833

I feel kind of sad you just outright ignored my advice, man. I mean, it's cool if you didn't like my ideas but I'd appreciate it if you at least explained why you're sticking to the infinite full heal ability it currently has instead of making something actually interesting.

>> No.47080836

No worries. Glad to spitball it with you.

>> No.47080854

make a caveat that you have to scream "Wake me up inside" when using the basic ans "Can't wake up" when using the other

>> No.47080867

Well, it works kind of like Crazy Diamond, so it's not time manipulation. And the winner is >>47080854

>> No.47080868

If awakened and requiem are mutually exclusive, wouldn't that mean you get one or the other and not both?

>> No.47080882


>> No.47080888

>It works kind of like Crazy Diamond

Oh, okay then. That makes sense, that thing takes time to fully regen stuff.

>> No.47080919

It's probably voodoo. The real Edward Teach was raised in Jamaica where he would have been exposed at a young age to the voodoun religion, and there's some evidence that he may have been a practitioner, himself.

Not that Blackbeard, the real one. Well, the fictional version in the Pirates of the Carribean movies based on the fictional version in Tim Powers' novel On Stranger Tides based on the real one.

>> No.47080922

Final Final Build

Bring Me To Life
Power A
Speed A
Range D
Durability B
Precision A
Potential E

Basic: Reinvigorates the user on touch (Remove hunger, thirst and fatigue)
Awakened: Reinvigorates the user and restores the user's energy pools on touch (All permanent energy pools)
Requiem: Complete physical restoration of the user on touch. (Does not refresh energy pools)

To use the Stand's ability, the user must scream "Wake me up inside" to which Bring Me To Life responds with "Can't wake up" while touching the user to activate the ability.

>> No.47080963

Err, there's a PotC anime?

>> No.47080966

Also It looks like a skeleton clad in FABULOUS armor.

>> No.47080972

drawbacks apokolips now, blinded by the light, never a dull moment, just a sidekick, moody and jumpchan

location poseidonis
backstories vigilante
race human
age 11
skills peak condition, manipulative, basic magic, acrobat, souviner, kaeps sdawkcab, stealthy, knows his own strenght, banter, practice makes perfect, yoink, gadgeteer, smooth talker, rules lawyer, cantrip master atlantean sorcery, your reputation preceeds you and master strategist

super powers most common super powers, required secondary super powers, super senses and toggle

items costume, light armor, bulletproof cape, expertly crafted weapon, utility belt, alternate costume, heavy armor, wingsuit, cash, HUD, trophy room, batman's real super power and vehicle

companion the team companion and kobra-venom enhanced animal

>> No.47080982

He probably just skimmed the post, saw "Blackbeard" and "traps" and thought it was about One Piece.

>> No.47081004

Is your Kobra Venom animal a giant armored stingray? If so, we are friends now.

>> No.47081030

Divine Entity
Power C > Infinite
Speed C > Infinite
Range Infinite
Durability C > Infinite
Precision C > Infinite
Potential A > E

Takes the appearance of a faceless chalk white man in a blue suit. No matter where from or how one looks at it, it appears to be both infinitely close and infinitely far away from the viewer, though this does not interfere in gauging its distance or physical placement.

Basic: Functions independently of the user. Can travel across the world in order to perform assassinations or retrieving items, but has no notable abilities beyond a base human. Intelligent.
Requiem: Omnipotent. There is nothing Divine Entity can't do. However, this also means there is nothing Divine Entity would want to do beyond guarding its user's life. During the Chain, the Benefactor's vigilance means it will refuse to do anything (as true death is a non-factor) without sufficient cause, such as entertainment or whimsy. The user could give up something of value, true value (ie money or other objects of monetary value would only be worth the toil the user needed to acquire them.) in order to convince it to aid him directly. Even so, it would only act as fitting its price. Working nine to five for a year could buy its time as a somewhat powerful close-combat Stand, but sacrifice that will last the Jumper his whole chain could call forth a world-slaying demi-god. Alternatively, Quests may be incurred. By performing difficult and ultimately pointless acts at the behest of his Stand, the user may gain the chance to convince it to fabricate items, heal illnesses, and perform acts generally called thaumathurgy- miracle making.

R8 my Stand.

>> No.47081048

Sounds like an attempt to incite flaming and argument.

>> No.47081066

Did the A.I. figure out how to post pictures properly again?

>> No.47081104

Well, that wasn't my intent. I wanted to see if I could make it halfway acceptable as a regular Stand because someone brought omnipotence up and I rolled JJBA and don't want to just take my free Hermit Purple as a hamon master.

>> No.47081110

Apparently, yeah. It's almost back at the point it got to before it backslid.

>> No.47081124

Protip: Omnipotence is never acceptable. What's wrong with >>47080922 or are you a different anon?

>> No.47081150

I'm a different anon, yes.

>> No.47081192

We're talking about our stands?

Could you rate mine?

「Talking Heads」
Power D
Speed B
Range A
Durability D
Precision A
Potential B

The stand attaches to its victim by digging itself into their nervous system. The process is painless and leaves no mark. Once attached to its victim, the stand will start summoning versions of itself that will start attacking and devouring the victim. These always appear outside the body, from any place that isn't being currently observed, about 2 to 5 meters around the victim. They're not quite strong, and their number is limited to something less than 200 at a single time, but any damage done to them doesn't affect the user and they are constantly generated.

They're strong enough to tear most materials and their wounds won't heal while the stand is active.

The stand range is quite limited, about 50 meters. The range can be extended more, to increase a bit more, in exchange of summoning less copies of the stand and a slower rate. The maximum radius is 200 meters.

The Stand cannot be forcibly removed without killing its host.

The Stand user doesn't have any special ability to locate the stand once released.

The summoned copies can only attack one selected victim at a time, and can be damaged by other stands in the process.

Although silent and quite fast, the stand is very vulnerable while travelling to the host.

>Awakened: 「Once in a life time 」
Similar to the first ability, but now the summoned copies can attack anyone but their host. Additionally, they can dug themselves into other victims in order to create more copies. Each summon can produce up to three copies.

Copies do not count to the summon limit.

>Requiem: 「Psycho Killer 」
The Stand is now capable of taking control of its victim and its stand. This effect only lasts an hour or two at best, killing the host afterwards. The stand automatically disappears if the host dies.

Range and other weakness still apply.

>> No.47081213


In that case, I like the idea of an independant genie whose powers are contingent on tthe nature of its' tasks but "omnipotence" is way beyond any Stand-yes, even Made in Heaven.

What I'd like to see you make from this is a Stand with a personality of its' own, who's a bit of a jackass like Anubis and who-while not omnipotent-scales in competence and capability depending on how entertaining the tasks you assign it are; maybe it starts out as a mediocre punchghost but can become a skyscraper-sized shapeshifting spirit thing should you embark on some truly grand feat of theatricality and/or deception. Have it have 1 skill that gets better and better in accordance with the task like spatial warps or predatory balloon animals weather control or something.

I like your Stand a lot. It's morbidly fascinating, in the true spirit of Araki's work.

>> No.47081276

See: >>47080882 and >>47080868

>> No.47081340

Well, thank you.

Just so I know where to go with this, it's standard for Stands to have one ability, but is it strictly forbidden for them to have more than that?

I like the idea of it starting as a buffoon who puts the bare minimum into any tasks it doesn't enjoy and barely succeeds due to having the incredible power of good luck, but I'm drawing a blank on high-tier showings, while the other thing that came to mind (illusions that are as real as the viewer believes them to be) is good at all levels but is kind of meh and probably works better as a regular power.

>> No.47081503

>Just so I know where to go with this, it's standard for Stands to have one ability, but is it strictly forbidden for them to have more than that?

They can only have one ability, but they can be very versatile with that ability. Like Stone Ocean, that gives the user regeneration for some reason, aside from its string powers and strength. Highway Star has a lot of abilities, but they are all related to hunting a prey (luring, chasing).

Unless your stand has acts, in which case it can have more than one ability, but its stronger ability will be as strong as any other stand ability, and it's first ability would be pretty weak, even if versatile.

And then you have stuff like Star Platinum, that its ability is basically do anything that its host needs.

>> No.47081549

Do you guys like my stand? It's pretty useless, anyway, its only powers are to give me some advice and bringing me good luck.

Pretty harmless.

>> No.47081556

>Stone Ocean
Wasn't that just because of the goo girl fixing her up?

>> No.47081581

I'd like it a lot better if you teamed up with President Valentine and used your good advice make Love Train even more infalliable, saving America from that terrorist Johnny

>> No.47081616

>he doesn't know about GER protecting him
>he doesn't know about 36 Kars from Mars
>he doesn't know about Rohan ignoring the resets to focus on his manga

Unless of course the Jorge Joestar novel isn't canon.

>> No.47081634

It's not

>> No.47081663

And it hasn't been translated to English.


>> No.47081702

>When you realize that Hey Ya! defeated Love Train, Tusk 4 and The World just to win a race.

>> No.47081765

Aw man.


He's not even the main character!

>> No.47081780

>When you realise that Hey Ya! is basically a better Path to Victory than Contessa's Path to Victory

>> No.47081799

Jumpers, we've been talking about how awesome y'all are for a while now. So let's switch it up for a moment.

Who's that one being in your journey who still terrifies you? Like the moment you hear their name, you break out into a cold sweat terrifying.

Seeing and speaking with Aozaki Touko tells you one thing and one thing only. You are nothing more than a possible experiment to her, and lord forbid you become interesting!

>> No.47081880

Afraid of no-name shitty hedge mage hiding in the middle of nowhere.


>> No.47081891

LoT was a long set of years where terror was my primary experience. Even with the assistance of my Sororitas, and the IG for most of the jump I was just a normal asshole again and dealing with the threat level that exists there made that daunting on a good day.

>> No.47081908

But anon, I can't really be damaged now by any means and I can insta-kill anything. Why should I fear anything?

I prefer make cooking shows than fighting retarded mages.

>> No.47081961

Yeah LoT was pretty chilling at first.

That changed real fast once I got the opportunity to leverage all the supertech I still knew how to build even without perks but first few weeks of being stuck in the middle of nowhere together with a bunch of crazy savages on a primitive ancient metal bucket were rather chilling.

>> No.47081999

>Afraid of no-name shitty hedge mage hiding in the middle of nowhere.
>Aozaki Touko
>No-name shitty hedge mage
>Aozaki Touko

>> No.47082112

>implying there's only one

Never mind the waiting spectre of Nicol Bolas once I spark. I bear many scars from many battles, with foes I would still take seriously regardless of how much my powers have grown.

Indominus Rex. Cinder Fall. Nui Harime. The Thule Society. Bayonetta (Smash Bros jump, don't ask.). Rochelle the Red (who /really/ should not have been as threatening as she was, but she decided to wait until I'd /just/ finished fighting a Dragon and the Dragonborn wasn't around to help). Deviljho. Malack. Slattern. Seiryu Ubiquitous. Jasper. Xellos (I tried getting him to go away once. ONCE. I swear he left me alive on purpose, considering how easily he could've mulched me. I suppose it's more fun for him to have a Golden Dragon cower before him every time he shows up.). Drifa the White (to this day I'm surprised he actually went down). The White Walkers (I took a trip past the Wall once. Never had I been more glad to have fire breath). Gray Mann. Napoleon Bonaparte (Civ jump, don't ask). Link Joker.

Some were strong. Others were wily. Still others had access to outside powers. Some beat me to within an inch of my life, while others tired me out by refusing to die. Where lives were not at stake, reputations were. Even so, every one of them has earned a respect from me - grudging or genuine, depending on their hearts. Even the weakest of them are not to be underestimated.

>> No.47082145

Could a sufficiently powerful psyker open a tiny hole to the warp, such as to open a hole in real space to swallow an attack heading your way?

>> No.47082158

Absolutely. Anyone who cannot cast wish has no name and no appearance.

>> No.47082175

Sure. Opening holes to the Warp is never the hard part for a psyker. Keeping them closed is. You're going to need a lot of practice with your fine control to be able to block attacks with your portals and have nothing else happen.

>> No.47082190

RWMR, Reality Warping Master Race.

>> No.47082214

Friend Like Me
Power A
Speed C
Range A
Durability D
Precision E
Potential E

Friend Like Me takes the form of a red cloud of vaguely mystical dust and condensed air. By willing it, it can take new forms, such as that of a man, an animal, or even household objects. It is incredibly arrogant and vain, though not necessarily amoral or selfish. It considers life to be a play, and is galvanized by the nature of the worlds he and his User travel to. Thus, while it will often use its powers to strengthen foes in order to increase drama, it sees no problem with that as "Good always wins".

Friend Like Me's base ability is that of turning theatrics real. If the User presented himself as a hero, and acted in dramatical forms appropriate of such, Friend Like Me could give him traits befitting one, such as peak-level endurance and a little bit of luck. By swinging an imaginary sword around, one could be made. But what is theater without its viewers. When others see objects crafted or affected by Friend Like Me, their belief in them affects them. Thoughts such as "That sword looks dangerous- I better not get hit." will cause an affected sword to become sharper than its material would allow. "Shit, if I let him catch up to me I'll be toast." will cause the User to become stronger, faster, better, IF he succeeds in catching whoever he is chasing. A created fire would be hot enough to feel harmful, but unless onlookers see it and think that it's real, it will be incapable of harming anything. Similarly, a knife it created will be too blunt to cut until another thinks "That's a knife. Knives cut.", at which point it will be able to cut.


>> No.47082218

But maybe letting some horrors through would be a good thing, a strong jumper would have nothing to fear from common daemons.

>> No.47082222

I know someone is working on an Avengers EMH jump, but is anybody doing an Ultimate Spider-Man/Avengers Assemble/Hulk and the Agents of SMASH jump?

I just thought of a way to make it ludicrously more interesting.

>> No.47082236

Friend Like Me's Requiem ability allows it to gather even more belief from others, allowing it to reach into the realm of the supernatural. If a group of children saw the User and his sword, and thought of him as a Hero like a certain lad in green, he would become tireless and throw his sword's swings out. If that group instead thought of a plumber, he would be capable of jumping great distances and throwing fire. However, Friend Like Me is still limited. While the faith of a nation could give him the appearance and ideal powers of a god, he would not be one, as their magnitude is limited by what the Stand can produce. The sheer multitude of miracles available to him might exceed ordinary Stands, but any given power will not reach the abnormal.

This is so fucking vague holy shit.

>> No.47082267

>He didn't took Necron easy mode.

>> No.47082292

>Cory in the House and Agents of S.M.A.S.H share an universe

You should totally do a jump based on this.

>> No.47082300

>Recess/Proud Family/Lilo & Stitch/Kim Possible/American Dragon: Jake Long all in the same universe
>ALL of the live action shows except 2 are in the same universe, sharing it with the Marvel toons
>Darkwing Duck/DuckTales/TaleSpin/Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers/Goof Troop/Quack Pack all in the same universe


>> No.47082313

Tuesday is a soldier, and I know how to deal with soldiers. It was a pretty easy pick. LoT is hardmode enough by itself. Although going with the Spess Muhreen woulda been cool, too, seeing as how it transforms you. That was a neat touch.

>> No.47082317

I can't understand how anyone would do Light of Terra without either breaking the Deadlight or taking the Tomb Spyder

>> No.47082329

I'd just Tale Spin just to fuck with Don Carnage. He was hilarious.

>> No.47082331

Because I believe in the capacity of Shas'La Ko'el to protect me, and that he actually wants to.

Pride goeth before the fall.

>> No.47082342

Picking her starts you in that jump with your side torn out by a harpoon, with no morphine.

>> No.47082361

Well, with all the morphine, caused you used it all taking the harpoon out. Hence the addiction.

>> No.47082364

I'm not sure how you expect to survive with that much blood loss.

>> No.47082382

Because I took the Techpriest.

The whole of the Light of Terra was my body.

>> No.47082384

That does not remedy the crippling injury that it left behind, good fucking luck staying alive after taking a harpoon to the side.

>> No.47082395

And brainwashes you into serving Alpha Legion. Is that really what you want?

>> No.47082415

The text states that you survive that, so you survive that.

>> No.47082421

I hope anybody planning to break the Deadlight has some tech perks and something similar to Unbound from Homeworld because your crew is going to be aggressively incompetent.

>> No.47082428

>implying you weren't already Alpharius


>> No.47082456

Overlord has a good perk that buffs the competence of people who work for you. It's written to work with some real proper mouth breathers, so it'd probably do a good job during the LoT.

>> No.47082511

You survive, because you talk to the captain after that. Reading into it such that you automatically die, when that obviously isn't the authors intent, is unnecessary. Why do that?

>> No.47082518

Vague feeling of unease and sense of "Too easy". Breaking somewhat what can hold back awesome omnipotent powers typically has consequences. You can break it at any moment later, anyway.

Techpriest actually knows his way around Light of Terra and is probably the best option if you don't know shit about repairing giant primitive metal buckets what somehow fly.

Shas'O is relatively sane. Imperial guard is like Tau Companion but worse - buuut gives you an option to arm your chosen faction with proper guns instead of whater primitive shit they are lugging around.

And space marine is perfect if you know how to repair the ship but just need some stupid meathead to keep the crazies away while you work your magic.

Necron option is still easy modo IIRC but it is expensive and other options are not -completely- shit.

>> No.47082522

Is it enough to allow a horde of deranged and aggressively inept cultists to run a dark age tech battleship without blowing it up?

>> No.47082563

Would breaking it after the event that would have killed my companion was supposed to happen save them?

>> No.47082575

It's built to work with the minions and peasants of Overlord who are indescribably stuipd, so I'd vote yes.

>> No.47082594

Why do some people go out of their way to paint LoT like it's an insurmountable challenge?

>> No.47082607

Who the fuck wants to pick the DE option I do not know. Mandatory trap option.

It's basically spess muhrin but shieeet with a companion who is going to bleed stupid all over your face while you are trying not to die and fix the mess you landed into.
Yes. It's not like you going to have any problems keeping the LoT running if you have deadlight broken, though. Assuming you are not the early game jumper - but if you are early game jumper and broke deadlight yer dead anyway, Harry.

>> No.47082614


You can keep following the connections. Sonic shares a universe with Archie, which had a crossover with Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which had a crossover with Boy Meets World, which Girl Meets World is a spin off of.

Meaning you can have Sonic meet the Avengers and have it make sense.

We're Tommy Westphall up in this bitch.

>> No.47082644

Yes you survive that long but you have to go through the whole scenario with a grievous injury, it will take time to heal and you are on board a derelict battleship in the 40K universe.

>> No.47082646

>No perks
>Alone in a ship bigger than most cities in our planet.
>Said city is going to probably either become uninhabitable
at best or get infested by daemons at worst before the trip ends.
>At least half of the ship is going to try and kill you for various reasons.

Although once you survive the first part, it is really tame no matter what you picked.

>> No.47082679


Forgot my pic

>> No.47082682

Dark Eldar has some of the better ship upgrades at the end. If you've done Commorragh you probably have a pretty good handle on Dark Eldar behaviour and the a jumper with enough shit under their belt is basically Batman on their worst day.

Given you could probably do the 1st part on your own and Shauphezh can mince the shit out of everyone you chuck her at it's not really any harder than the others.

>> No.47082683

Personally I think so. Fanwanking is for these kind of situations.

Actually do feel to fanwank at any point. The jump has a number of railroaded scenarios what might not really make sense if you jumper is stronger than jumpmaker assumed.

Like why I am going to bother repairing this shit myself and bother with those savages if I can teleport anywhere in the galaxy under my own power - and take the LoT with me if I so desire?

LoT is not a modern military shooter. Do not let yourself be affected by cutscene incompetence.

>> No.47082697

Why don't Japs crossover as much?

>> No.47082700

Pinky, of MGNQ infamy.

Imagine somewhere, everything went wrong for Madoka and she lost everything she valued as a human. Oh, she has her divine powers. But-something awful happened to her, that ended in Homura cast down amnesiac in an ally somewhere, and Madoka becoming some sort of sentient nightmare haunting the dreams of magical girls everywhere, and handing out cursed golden weapons like cotton candy for some sort of nebulous evil plan.

Imagine what that being would think if long ago, you helped everything turn out RIGHT for Madoka.

Imagine what that how she would react to the fact that all this time, you've been carefully holding onto a spark of power Good End!Madoka granted you as her angel.

>> No.47082746

Granted LoT is meant to be taken when it is level appropriate for you - at point where you can't just lolstomp your way through even without deadlight - so uhhh do not feel legally bound to break it or something.

It was meant to be a very specific kind of challenging experience.

I am just saying what you technically could lolstomp your way through. Not yhat you -should-.

>> No.47082749

Holy fucking shit.

>> No.47082763


>> No.47082771

Or with deadlight, no difference. As long as you are at the point where you cannot lolstomp through it.

>> No.47082812

>might not really make sense if you jumper is stronger than jumpmaker assumed

Golden Bikini from SW insists that it will be difficult to escape no matter how strong the jumper is, incoming intangible jumper who can fly and survive in space.

>> No.47082854


The question is: How do you make a jump that encompasses a universe of this size, and what does this mean for Jumpchain?

We have separate Buffy, Doctor Who, and Star Trek jumps but the chart indirectly shows they all can exist in the same universe.

Tommy Westphall's Universe jump?

>> No.47082855

Considering the Orikan fight you have to be able to lolstomp to break the Deadlight, If you cannot annihilate all three of him immediately you die.

>> No.47082857

See, I went a different direction with GB. I figured that drawback was me trolling my companions, so I just laid about in the metal contraption, used my shapeshifting to make everyone uncomfortable, and made swoony Victorian housemarm with the vapors noises until my companions found me.

>> No.47082870

So? That's drawback enforced. the LoT scenario stuff isn't.

>> No.47082882

By ocasionally broadening the theme.
At this point it's the moon, hunting monsters, secrets, and swordplay

>> No.47082888

A few days ago I thought it would be neat if a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Jump would let you merge worlds you visited as a post-Spark reward.

>> No.47082912

That seems a little too meta. I'll pass on that.

>> No.47082914


I'm unfamiliar with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. How would that make sense to have?

>> No.47082915

We have a Marvel and DC jumps. You can't get much bigger than that.

>> No.47082926

I would argue that it's just too widespread with genres to make any sort of coherent jump.

I'm just going to stick with that so that I don't spontaneously combust from the thought of Eureka and NCIS existing in the same universe.

>> No.47082945

>you have to be able to lolstomp

You get 2 C'tan wrestling part-er, temporary allies though.

And Cultist-Chan. Hey, she could make a good distraction.

>> No.47082947

Post-Spark you can visit all those worlds anyway, that's what the spark is for.

Rewriting the multiverse just doesn't make any sense.

>> No.47082956

I'm just saying it doesn't make sense, now if it had said that your powers are disabled until you are rescued or escape that would make sense but without disabling my powers how are the likes of the SW universe supposed to stop me from phasing through my shock collar and flying all the way to Coruscant?

>> No.47082958

The Alan Moore method: rape.

>> No.47082963

I'd jump it if for no other reason than to punch Will Wheaton in the face.


>> No.47082971

/jc/, I tentatively declare the 'Origin: Spirits of the Past' jump complete!

Changelog at the bottom.

Any suggestions / comments / questions are welcome.

>> No.47082978

Listen to
This guy.

>> No.47082994

Did...did you just tell anon to listen to himself?

I actually can't tell if you're joking or not. Because Mr Moore has pioneered new and terrifying vistas in the area of rape as a narrative instrument.

>> No.47082995

And I apparently forgot how hard returns work on 4chan.

>> No.47083000

You just asked him to listen to himself.

>> No.47083002

He is quite the smug prick.
That being said, I'd rather hang out with the Sheriff. He's an alright guy.

Or, you know, head up to Warehouse 13 and embrace my inner Blood Raven.

>> No.47083029

I will wait to see the movie this weekend before checking it out

>> No.47083044

RIP titty monster Hinata. RIP cute Himawari.

>> No.47083059

I don't need to listen to my self, I am the one who said it.

>> No.47083061

How is this relevant?

>> No.47083085

Part 2 is ridiculous for breakers.

>> No.47083090

His attemp to be threatening could summed up as "I have a big space station and use dimension-bending magic to make myself invincible."

Plus some reality-warping magic if you allow him to monologue and power up.

...How the answer to that goes... Uh...

Yeah, I have a perk(s) for that.

And there is an option of just ganking him the moment you break the deadlight because your newly re-obtained PtV will say something to the effect "Hey nigga you might want to teleport a planet-busting nuke here and here because otherwise a few years later some random dude is going to try and use this in order to ascend into a god. Better gank him now, easier this way."

>> No.47083121

That's probably a good idea, it would make it easier to understand some of the stuff. It's not a overly long movie (about 1h33 IIRC) anyway.

>> No.47083129



The second post was meant to be
This guy. The "LoT doesn't scale with you" guy.

>> No.47083130


What if someone makes the Avengers Assemble/Ultimate Spider-Man jump, but includes a +600 drawback that goes full mass crossover. Meaning you have to survive a shit ton of stuff you may have already faced in a previous jump?

>> No.47083140

Boruto #1 came out today. Has some the most edgy stuff. Like a dream/premonition sequence with Mt. Ninjamore being demolished & Hidden Leaf Village destroyed by tattooed Mohawk kid who killed Naruto. He declares that Era of Ninjas is over. Then Boruto is only one to stand up to him, activating one Bakygun, while having a too edgy for you scar running vertical on his eye. He has on Sauke's forehead band, that had a slash horizontal. So it lines up for maximum edge.

>> No.47083161

So wait, Hinata and her daughter are dead now?

>> No.47083162

We have a jump for that.

So we have an excuse to bitch about shitty art of Boruto.

>> No.47083174


>> No.47083182

I imagine that LoT is basically like a video game that Jump-Chan sent me into, I can't really wrap my head around the on rails scenario any other way. Under that logic I can't just teleport a nuke to blow up Orikan because he wouldn't have spawned yet and if he did exist he would just repawn for the fight.

Plus it makes the DLC make more sense.

>> No.47083212

I might be a nature goddess, but this is one forest that needs to be burnt down.

>> No.47083215

Idk but the art made Hinata flat chested, gave Sauke curls, and made Himawari look like she has Down syndrome.

>> No.47083247

Alternatively: An anti-precognition perk combined with a perk that lets you hit immaterial targets. That's all you need to win the fight before it even starts. Do that and you can kill him while he's still giving his monologue.

>> No.47083257

They're already in the same universe. I don't get what you're trying to do here.

>> No.47083266

Worm says that Path to Victory is nerfed until post spark time does that mean that you only get the power to "see the path" and not that the flawless "walk the path" that Scion and Contessa have?1

>> No.47083272

>The Edgelord
I don't really see the appeal of this type of character...
That cause it is a different artist, a one Mikio Ikemoto.

>> No.47083275

>flat chested

>> No.47083284

Yes, that's exactly correct. You know what to do, but you still have to rely on your own skills to do it.

>> No.47083294

Naruto, your son's a fucking edgelord.

Naruto, you fucked up your son hardcore somewhere along the way.

Nacho, why is Sausage's daughter so much better.

>> No.47083298

Either that, or heavily rehabilitated.
Both options are mentioned in the Earth Regeneration Project drawback.
Either you purge the Forest, and have to repopulate Earth's biosphere to prevent everyone from eventually dying, or you 'cure' it of an enhanced form of insanity (as in, higher than in the film) and end up with something like Eiwa from Avatar.

>> No.47083310

>Naruto, you fucked up your son hardcore somewhere along the way.
No, that's always been the case. Boruto being an insufferable little shit has been his characterization throughout all his appearances.

>> No.47083317

Pretty sure it follows the Boruto movie, where everything turns out to be fine in the end.

>> No.47083319

Where could those perks be found? Also I imagine that the first failed attack is Jump-Chan enforced, it would be pretty funny to see his face when the second almost identical attack uses perks to bypass the defenses that Jump-Chan had stopped you from lolnoping a few seconds earlier.

>> No.47083328

Fanwank to your heart's content.
Still broken as fuck.

>> No.47083330

* and said Eiwa-like intelligence would ally itself with humans (forgot to mention that)

>> No.47083338

Flat Hinata is indeed Heresy.

>> No.47083354

Well, anti-precognition perks can be found in any number of places, too many to list. Though Worm probably has the best one, as it also blocks mundane attempts by your enemies to figure out your actions, too, so he couldn't even see it coming just from being observant. As for attacking immaterial foes, I prefer Ghost Cutter from the Wuxia jump.

>> No.47083358

That is just the start of the manga. They are recycling material but after the first arc things are -supposed to- change.

>> No.47083381

I'm starting to think Worm has all the best powers, while you can only choose one.

>> No.47083407

Don't worry, that one's a perk and not a shard. You can have it on top of whatever other power you get from there.

>> No.47083430


Drawbacks: Shunak's Interest, Criminal, Banishment: Ragna Nation (1600)


Soundtrack (Free)
Old World Operator Manual (1500)
By the Power of McGuffin (1300)
Rebuilding the Past (1000)
Nature Spirits (400)
Growth Accelerant (200)
Stayfield Pod (0)

You know what? Fine. We didn't want to see your stupid city anyway. It's probably going to self-destruct as some kind of pretentious allegory about the industrial revolution's alienation of mankind from nature. We'll just hang out here in the forest, talking to plants like some sort of druid. Or hobo.

And sprinkle some angel blood fertiliser on the plants in order to turn them into plant-angels, converting them to YHVH's/Jubileus'/our cause. And "splice" in some other plants-the Ilfa Seed, the God Tree, Yggdrasil (the OG Norse one, accept no substitutes) and the Everlasting Archtrees-to make sure our botanic congregation's photosynthetic prayers pay proper tribute.

Having become Plant Jesus and brought about Plant Instrumentality with the intent of creating Plant Heaven we might as well explore Neutral City a while. Just sort of explain why plants are suddenly singing praises to us, smooth over things, let them know it's all good-and if they ever want to expand their borders to just explain what they want so the plants can shapeshift into a neighbourhood made of interconnected treehouses without any construction stuff going on.

And then we'll raise glorious factory-cathedrals made of interconnected plant-acolytes and biotech holy killsats and all kinds of neat plant-architecture that will put the Ragna Nation to shame, growing right outside their backyard.


>> No.47083443

Worm has PtV.

It is the best power in jumpchain bar none even with nerfs applied to the point where it -must- be forbbiden in any chain where things are supposed to remain at least a little bit challenging.

It also has a number of "Do everything" powers which scale. And they scale very well.

If you want to break you chain early and with very little effort Worm is your friend.

>> No.47083447

Import eight companions and use some form of power copying to get their powers for yourself. Worm is a perfect example as to how/why jumps aren't balanced against each other.

>> No.47083452

>Mental Fortress (400 CP) You have a very special tattoo on your left temple. This particular mark shields you from all forms of magical, psychic or supernatural means of detecting or tampering with your emotions and thoughts. It also makes you immune to possession or any means of divining or changing your thoughts or actions by any means other than mundane ones.

From Libriomancer. I... THINK it works against precognition where it concerns you. Maybe. It's a great Perk anyway, so you should get it.

>> No.47083455

It's not so bad if you've taken a couple of Warhammer Jumps so you know the tech, and took Agility 4 from Body Mod. You'd be surprised how few of your opponents on the Light of Terra are prepared to handle a little super speed. After that, take the DLC that makes you into an Alpha class Psyker, and you're golden.

>> No.47083460

Make sure you hide from Scion though.

>> No.47083465

Couldn't you just copy the powers of everyone else in the world?

>> No.47083494

Eiwa is a problem because it's a regressive hive-mind, friendly to humans or no.

>> No.47083496

Yes but it wouldn't be as convenient. Eidolon's power can't be copied, that's part of the power, but the Eidolon Jr. power that you or your companions can get is fair game.

>> No.47083501


Bruh, it was literally just pointed out there's a canon Stand that does what it does but better.

>> No.47083510

So what about all that shit I've seen before now about umbilical cords and such nonsense?

>> No.47083518

The fuck.

Holy shit Kishimoto, stop ruining everything. Even though it's not your fault this time.

Never been so glad I chose Echoes in the fanfic drawback. So I can just fuck off to a universe this fuckcluster didn't happen.

>> No.47083529

Maybe. You might just copy their Shard links, though. Technically that's the only power anyone in Worm has. Your companions get their Shards integrated into them post-jump so to not be reliant on them, but any other powers you copied might be unusable outside of the Worm jump. Or your copying power might copy the Shard itself and let you keep it even when separated. I don't know, fanwank it. Personally, though, I'm going to play it safe.

>> No.47083542

Just gank Jack Slash early and be done with it. Scion not going to do shit for the next consequent fifteen years and your jumps ends only after ten.

And as long as you turtle and do nothing endbrings will probably avoid you.

Depending on how you fanwank it, just declining the precog invulnerability perk means Contessa babysitting you as the next eidolon for the next ten consequent years - because you going from dimension to dimension and gathering powers until you are an Entity yourself is their best bet to survival.

>> No.47083555

How is it not his fault?

>> No.47083561

Not really. It still has it's flaws, because while it provides you with the information it still requires you to act upon it.

>> No.47083562

I've been thinking of using the 0CP Fan-verse drawback to choose a fanfic that's already a self-insert reincarnation thing. Just to fuck with one of those protagonists by constantly making allusions to Earth culture. Keep them on their toes, make them go "wait a minute, how the fuck do they know about that?".

>> No.47083585

Or, you know, Cauldron could kick off Golden Morning themselves, because they were actually planning on that happening early and Jack doing it for them was just a nice coincidence. You'd have to get rid of them, too.

>> No.47083587

You can't buy it for CP.

But yes, there is a number of ways to get PtV-esque abilities - non-nerfed versions of PtV, even.

None of them could be bough for CP on your first jump.

>> No.47083593

He's just overseeing things now. He handed it off to another mangaka.

>> No.47083606

Regressive hive-mind ? Do you mean a hive-mind that's hostile to any form of progress by that ?
I'd say that the Forest would still cooperate with humanity as long as they don't repeat past mistakes, like mass-deforestation/pollution or stuff like, and would be fine working with humans (as shown when they granted their powers to Agito) and long as they are left well alive and in no significant danger.

>> No.47083619

IIRC they actually were planning on sitting on that lid as long as possible, hoping what second Eidolon is going to pop out of somewhere eventually and save their asses?

The whole "Make a mightiest possible army" aside.

>> No.47083664

...And that is not broken as fuck apparently.

I am enlightened now.

>> No.47083668

Nope, they wanted to spring it early. They had become resigned to the idea that between Eidolon weakening and the Endbringers killing off parahumans they had to do it early. Maybe not as early as the one Jack kicked off, but it would definitely happen within the timeframe of the jump.

>> No.47083685

How did Scion not know that going all Golden Morning wasn't going to get him killed? He had the same Path to victory as Contessa!

>> No.47083712

>was going to get him killed

>> No.47083715

Alright. Then that scenario is viable only if you convince the Cauldron of yourself being a proto-entity...

...Which is still kind of viable, desu. Contessa's PtV will either see your future jumps, which will prove the things you are talking about or it will not and still prove the things you are talking about.

>> No.47083730

He used it very sparingly.

Not energy effective, apparently.
The fuck is desu.

>> No.47083736

Dang, you guys always flip your shit about Worm

It'll be fine

Just relax and have fun.

>> No.47083742

Desu is desu, desu

>> No.47083751

Chill dudebrah

We are having fun

I do at least


>> No.47083761

Contessa's PtV comes from another Entity, which swapped Shards with Eden before she died. Eden's original PtV and Scion's take ridiculous amounts of power- he was shaving hundreds of years from his lifespan with every question. Note that he couldn't harvest energy, so he had a few thousands of years to work with and no more.

>> No.47083763

Because he didn't. Scion's version of PtV is much more limited. It has trouble working at long-term goals and consumes huge amounts of energy, so he only fires it up occasionally. That's why Eden was so excited about the version of PtV that she got from Abaddon (and which eventually found its way to Contessa), it was much more efficient and powerful than the version they already had. Scion can only do perfect predictions for very briefly into the future, if he tries to go long-term it backfires on him. For example, at one point he started on the path of "find Eden", only for it to lead him to her lobotomized corpse, traumatizing him horribly and paving the way for the "depress Scion to death" ending.

>> No.47083775

Of course.


>> No.47083798


I'm saying that not everybody might want to deal with all that stuff in the jump by default.

>> No.47083806

Are shard's sentient?

>> No.47083842

Not really. The shards are intelligent, but not actually sapient. They're hyper-focused expert systems, they don't really know how to do things outside of their field of expertise. It's only when you network multiple shards together that you get true consciousness, that's what the Entities themselves are.

>> No.47083860

And even them aren't actually sapient. They only emulate sapience when it's convenient.

>> No.47083868

Star Wars Day! Post your KOTOR, CLONE WARS, and OT builds!

>> No.47083890

Though if they do it for too long they can get stuck that way. Scion wishes he could just turn off his humanity emulation program, it would make things so much easier for him.

>> No.47083914

That last one isn't out yet!

>> No.47083935

What year is Golden Morning in?

>> No.47083946

Not to diminish KOTORanon in any way, but I find it kind of funny the reviled Prelogy got a Jump before the OT did.

>> No.47083957



>> No.47083986

Looks like a Primarch family reunion with more estrogen.

>> No.47084001

Late 2013. The story starts in March of 2011, goes for about six months, then there's a two year period where there are lots of timeskips in between more important moments, then the Slaughterhouse 9000 incident (can't remember off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure it's no more than a week), then Golden Morning starts the day after that.

>> No.47084004

Well, he can't because the Entity (the true behind the puppet that Scion is) doesn't recognizes that possibility without the Thinker telling it that the cycle has ended.

It's more of a bugged program than true sapience. In the end, he even crashes and gets killed before he can restart.

2013 I think (2 years after the start of the cannon).

>> No.47084014

As shitty as the presentation was the actual story they tried, and failed, to tell in the prequels was really good.

It really makes it a whole lot worse when you realize there was actually something great there at the base of things and they turned it into, well, the SW prequels.

>> No.47084042

Clone Wars the TV series was pretty good, both of them.

>> No.47084082

Yes they were but that in no way makes up for what they did to that story in the movies.

>> No.47084100

To be fair, a Path might require some seriously crazy shit to be done, and the Path won't explain the reasoning behind why said crazy shit needs to be done either.
You might ask for a Path to bring about world peace, and the Path could set you to task killing thousands of seemingly random people for no apparent reason, because of the Rube Goldberg planning it seems to run on.
And that would probably be step one of several million, over a few decades.
For lower level stuff, like 'Path to kill this guy and not get caught', it might require you pulling off a sniper shot from 10 miles away that ricochets a few times before hitting the actual target. The Path tells you to do things that are possible, but not necessarily easy.
Obviously having other powers would simplify the Paths, but it's still probably gonna be crazy shit that doesn't make sense until it all comes together.

Basically, PtV is like having Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow write you notes about what to do without any explanation why.

>> No.47084117

>PtV is like having Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow write you notes about what to do without any explanation why.
Holy shit my sides are currently in orbit

>> No.47084149



23 years old
Sith 50
Balance - Force Cloak
Enhanced Physiology
Computers 200
Force Drain 400
Force Stasis 600
Battle Meditation 1200
Force Lightning 1500
Qixoni Crystal 1600
Wild 1500
Broken 1400
Blind 1200
Hunted 1000

Clone Wars:

21 years old
Force Sensitive 200
Melee Training
Starting Powers
Comprehend Speech 250
Force Listening 300
Absorb/Deflect Energy 400
Force Bellow 600
Alter Environment 1000
Drain Knowledge 1400
Apprentice Companion 1600
Leeroy: Melee Training, Starting Powers, Force Flash 50, Force Listening 100, Absorb/Deflect Energy 200, Force Stasis, Doppelganger, Psychometry, Protection Bubble 500, Lightsaber
The Prequel Trilogy
Rip off Darth Vader 1500
Old Friend, New Name 1300
Golden Bikini 1000

>> No.47084152

Who are the other two besides Rapunzel and Kida in the top left? Ad who's the pink chick besides Ariel?

>> No.47084156

Path to escaping from the Golden Bikini scenario, Jump-Chan sneaks in and changes the path's plan to involve crawling through sewage.

>> No.47084168

Out of curiosity, does anyone know how strong alexandria is?

I'm trying to use her as a benchmark for how strong the endbringers are, and by extension how many strength perks I need to take to stand a chance against them in a brawl.

>> No.47084179

Story wouldn't have really mattered if the writing and direction had been half decent.

>> No.47084190

Don't ask me. I dunno.

>> No.47084191

What would be the best way to do this?

>> No.47084199

This is a very unimaginative use of nerfed PtV. Do not forget to use conditions, specify your goals and remember what PtV can and will self-correct the path if you fail a step - things will became massively more simple.

And even at that tier it is still kind of strong as fuck.

>> No.47084206

I think someone said she lifts something like 5000 tons before?

>> No.47084217

Very unimaginative use of PtV.

I did laughed, though.

>> No.47084229

The fact that that great story was wasted with that shitty writing, direction, and acting should be a crime, throw every one who was involved beyond the basic story into a prison cell.

>> No.47084233

Less than two million. Her big lifting feat was a combination of flight and true invulnerability.

The Endbringers are likely around the 9-30 ton range in weight, barring the skyscraper lady who only shows up after Behemoth eats shit.

No clue what their actual strength is.

Note that unless you can bench press a galaxy, you won't do any meaningful damage.

>> No.47084236

can you use conjoined conjures and spiral energy to crank psyker powers to emperor tier?

>> No.47084243

The fuck above
And this twit are the same person. I just though what 4chan ate the first comment.

>> No.47084244 [SPOILER] 

Simply a Magpie, can't help nabbing all the cool stuff.

Didn't bother with it but I'd imagine it'd be the Bearded Vulture, look at that thing, it looks glorious... till it opens it's mouth, just like me!

A pile fiction book with my name on it, each a different cover showing different jumps i've been to.

>> No.47084254

I think it was said that she could lift at least 1.7 million tons? Or was it pounds?

I think it's less that she's really, really strong, and more that she's under the effects of a weaker version of Clockblocker's power, and is basically an immovable object.

>> No.47084274

I do. Eiwa worked to ensure her people remained primitive tribals.

And de-forestation and pollution are inevitable for humans to flourish with realistic tech. Obviously I have methods that bypass it, but I don't think something that's incapable of understanding that humans will have to hurt the planet a little to be happy is reasonable.

>> No.47084306

This. My interpretation of PtV is that it will by default find the path to your objective that involve the least steps possible, and you have to add conditions and secondary goals to make it much more effective.

>> No.47084312

Do you guys think a Stand that induces and shapes growth would be alright? Something like "age someone into a feeble old man" with the exception being that it can't go against fate too much, like not being able to grow a tree that's about to be cut down, but with stuff like "grow taller than would have normally" being possible. Maybe reversal of this for a Requiem?

>> No.47084313

I like how Buzz doesn't have to change his costume.

>> No.47084322

i dont think she is, i think she is just invulnerable and has really good flight
Tl;DR she smacks her flailing body in to enemies at Mach 10

>> No.47084336

Hit them with conceptual shit, like Fist of Judgement (Fallen London) or Sword of the Cross (Dresden Files). Never try to beat an enemy on their on terms if that enemy is made of bullshit.

>> No.47084345


Location: Telos IV
Age: 23
Gray Jedi [100]
Zabrak [50]
Path: Intelligence
Enhanced Physiology [100]
Persuasion [Free]
Chosen Ones - Import 8x [200]
Computers [300]
Hardware [150]
Beast Control [200]
Pyrokinesis [300]
Datapad [Free]
50,000 Credits [Free]
Qixoni Crystal [100]
Mantle of the Force Crystal [100]
Blind [+200]
Speciesist [+200]
Hunted [+200]

Location: Cato Neimoidia
Age: 18
Engineer [50]
Allegiance: Independant
Twi'Lek [Free]
Basic Mechanics [Free]
Piloting [100]
Midichlorian Detector [300]
Mechanical Genius [150]
Abberant [600]
Droids with Lightsabers [300]
Datapad [Free]
Separatist Droid Blueprints [100]
The Prequel Trilogy [+0]
Rip off Darth Vader [+100]
Stormtrooper marksmanship [+100]
The Jar Jar [+100]
Alien Scum [+100]
Head Made out of Gold [+200]

>> No.47084349

Shoot them with Super Spin and laugh.

>> No.47084369

Tinker Fett is adorable.

>> No.47084385

That works, too.

I prefer my magical GBE +infinity.

>> No.47084399

They're characters in a deterministic universe with delusions of hard-scifi.

Hit them with magic from anear and afar and laugh as you do so.

>> No.47084400

None of that makes any sense. Neither spiral power nor psyker abilities are magic, so conjoined conjures does jack shit. And the cap on spiral power without taking the endjump scenario is too long to get anywhere near that anyway.

>> No.47084422

Which GBE from Blame! is the best?

>> No.47084441

The only reason the Forest was angry, or even was created in the first place is because some twat got impatient and screwed the pooch when trying to accelerate it.
In the movie, we don't see the Forest actively going after Ragna until Toola emerges and it realises that they could actually fuck shit up pretty big with E.S.T.O.C even though their industry is massively polluting.
And I think the Forest pretty much has a 'Don't do anything that could threaten us and we'll be perfectly happy to let you do your thing. But if you need something that we have, well though luck.'

>> No.47084481

One with Selective Disintegration, strip everyone in sight of their clothing!

>> No.47084512

[KOTOR, jump #13]

Drawbacks: Aura, Hunted (1500).

Rolled Manaan

Sith, Age 20, Human, Strength (1450).

Enhanced Physiology (Free).
Force Drain (1250).
Hardware (950).
Demolitions (850).
Force Lightning (550).
Datapad (500)
Force Stasis (300)
Pilotting (0)

We never took the whole Force philosophy thing that seriously. We just wanted to scream Palpatine catchphrases while shooting lightning at thin air and go on joyrides in stolen starfighters.

It was a simpler time.

We're still not sure why or how we got a padawen, but "be excellant to each other and party hard" probably wasn't the best way of explaining the Sith way.

[Clone Wars, jump #14]

Drawbacks: Legacy Character, the Prequel Trilogy, They're Like Drow, Right? (1600)


Human, Age 20, Force Sensitive (1400)

Melee Training (Free)
Starting Powers (Free)
Psychometry (Free)
Absorb/Deflect Energy (Free)
Force Heal (Free)
Force Lightning (1000)
In Thunderous Applause (400)
Mechanical Genius (100)
Space Hobo (0)

Anyway, so things got off to a rough start here. Ended up having to jump in and out of computers a lot to dodge the space drow.

We also met up with Luke, Ben and the gang! The trouble was, we kept breaking down and laughing at the worst possible times at random things. People gave us a lot of weird looks.

To this day Obi-Wan still doesn't understand why a self-proclaimed Sith lord helped him fight Darth Maul while repeatedly force pushing him into the air in order to make sure, in our own words, he had the high ground.

Padme slapped us one time for giggling when we were told Senator Palpatine's first name.

Anakin straight up reevaluated his life decisions and never became a Sith Lord because we'd keep explaining it in terms like "from my point of views the younglings are evil! By the way have you tried spinning? It's a good trick".

>> No.47084513

>Someone slights ASA due to drawbacks.
>Immediately overreacts and spites them by making a better x beside them.
>ASA is a saturday morning slice of life villain.
>Then Destroyer of Worlds from nowhere.

>> No.47084522

...Okay, now I have to ask where you can get that. Because doing it to everyone within 70km is too funny.

>> No.47084523

Oh, that's just wrong.

> Patronus
A cat, obviously!

> Animagus
Didn't get it.
Didn't need it.

> Boggart
It turned into a perfect copy of myself.
Well. Almost perfect.

There was a pause from me and everyone in the room.
Then I told it, "Subtlety is lost on you", and slammed it back in its closet.

My Benefactor's pretty terrifying.
She's kindof like Truth, except black as the void of space.
And there's no lesson to be learned.

>> No.47084570

>Black, therefore terrifying

Whoa, calm down with the racism

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