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Is "attractive female player character who was sexually assaulted at some point in the past" played out at this point?

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Totally, people should stop raping our female players. Or really just stop raping in general.

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Everything is played out.

Get over it.

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It's "played out" in that yes, people should stop raping people.

Until that happens, it has a place in all media

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Rape is bad. I get that it happens, especially in darker settings, but sometimes it seems getting molested is a prerequisite for becoming an adventurer.

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>it seems getting molested is a prerequisite for becoming an adventurer.
what about when you adventure in order to molest?

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Like one of those TNG rape gangs?

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"Rape" is the new "Dead Parents".
>My mother was raped
>My sister was raped
>I was raped
>Someone I knew was raped
>Any combination of the above

It's beyond played out at this point. The only time it doesn't come across as forced "rape as backstory" crap is when it does not define the character.
One player in a campaign I ran did the "I am the child of rape" thing, but he was playing a half-orc in a setting where >99% of half-orcs are rape babies so it wasn't annoying.

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Rape as backstory is an overdone cliche, yes.

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At first, I read that as:
>Rape is bad. I get that, but

Which is never a good way to start anything.
That's like responding to the question, "Did you molest those children?"
And your response starts with, "Well..."

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>rape gangs
pretty sure that's the general reason why murder hobos team up in the first place

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Seriously though stop raping people. If someone in your party is a rapist it's your responsibility to turn them in to the setting's least corrupt law enforcement agency.

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Yea, it's in the same garbage tier along with "family murdered".

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I'd rather not turn myself over to the Super Inquisition.

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I could buy it actually. In a conservative society, a girl who's known to have been raped might become ineligible for marriage, and at that point there are very few opportunities for a "respectable" life. Becoming a rootless adventurer probably seems an appealing prospect at that point. It's that or stay at home where everyone thinks you're a whore, if you don't become one literally.

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>>turn them in to the setting's least corrupt law enforcement agency
have to leave local area to do so
>just and lawful sheriff arrest this person for sexual assault
>ignore the crime happened out of your jurisdiction, months ago since it took a while to get here, the victim isn't here to press charges, and i have no physical evidence

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Man, rape looks really easy.

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It only requires you and six of your hoodie friends swarm a female cop too dumb to use her radio.

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And too British to have a gun.

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what is this from?

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Well yeah. Women's fight-or-flight button have a piece of tape over the label with the word PANIC! In sharpie.

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But the hoodies didn't do anything.

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Totally is

It is also something of a 'red flag' for female players, as I have experienced.

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So did this cop get retribution or what?

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And too dumb to not use any of her actual training and let the guy hit her.

If that were an actual officer that shit would be different.

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Even worse since "dead parents" doesn't have a ham-fisted shoe-in associated with it.

This is a bong officer we're talking about here.

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A really really shitty british straigh to tv movie. That whole scene is her just waltzing in without telling anyone what she was doing or asking for back up even up to the point it was obvious she was going to need it. It was literally designed to show a brutal rape scene for shock effect.
Intimidation factor anon. Don't you know you can rape a women just by making them scared of your presence no physical contact necessary? What do they teach you kids in school these days?

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>This is a bong officer we're talking about here.

Have you actually seen a bong officer in action?

Those fuckers are hardcore. You think America has police brutality? You haven't seen shit.

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>What do they teach you kids in school these days?

How not to be raped. I have a 27 year record.

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29 years and counting.
Well, unless we're talking statutory...

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Haven't seen them, but I have seen a Korean officer put a rowdy soldier in his place. Shit was hilarious.

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You do know thats a british officer right? Y'know those guys that take 20 officers to apprehend one guy with a butterknife(true story by the way theres a whole video of it to that one funny british comedy chase music on youtube for the 40 minute chase) because them physically touching the guy in anyway not only opens that officer but the whole department and city to legal litigation for excessive force and abuse of power (40 and counting successful sueings of departments and cities 70 for just officers with 10 more currently in the works). The guy managed to get away after he out ran all 20 of them by making them chase him around a 40'x80' concrete park decoration till they were winded enough for him to just jog away. He even chased them back for awhile by simply walking towards them.

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Never had someone play that character, even once, in twenty years of gaming.

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Anon, those cops are embarrassments and you're only going to find that sort of legal shenanigans in the larger cities.

Take that shit to a village and not only will they suspect get destroyed but nobody would likely report it because they like their village safe.

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Here i couldn't find the butter knife one but heres a slightly less impressive 30 cops vs one guy with a machete dull enough that when he did hit someone blood wasn't drawn.
That shrieking in the beginning is from 3 seperate officers, namely the tactical trashcan one, and sadly theres a break in video where apparently 5 took turns playing turkey while 25 others got out the riot shield and bigger bong sticks before the rush.

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For the record this is also before UK cops were armed with tasers.

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The larger the city, the higher the %faggot.

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So all we gotta do is nuke britland a bit, say 90% scorched earth, and they might take the dicks out of their mouths?

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It's worse than dead parents because at least dead parents sometimes lets you dodge the DM doing horrible things to them or them mattering so little that they may as well be dead anyways.

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So would you go into hand to hand combat with someone mano e mano, or call as many buddies in, try to defuse the situation, and if it comes to blows, have buddies around for backup?
Quickly, now. I'll know if you've ever worked a security, bouncing, or police role in your life. Or ever been involved in a gang fight. Or anything above a high school age fistfight.

The answer is to call your mates and be as safe as fucking possible.

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>that one funny british comedy chase music
Yackitty Sax?
Gotta be.

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>being proud of being an ugly child

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That shit is as old as bad romance novels from the 1910's, so it was "played out" over a hundred years ago.

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Only if "sexually assaulted at some point in the past" is all the character has for backstory.

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It isn't "played out" more than anything else, but it does come off as a bit of a red flag. If the player uses it as an excuse to be slutty then whatever, but if it's all "muh ptsd" then they gotta go.

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I'd pull out my gun. Most security gigs here require i have one which is why i went out and got my CCW.

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Guts, get off the computer

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>muh ptsd
so they can't role play a character that has panic attacks when left alone with the opposite sex or why they have a strong dislike of stone circles and the druids that use them

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Do you seriously not know how to use image search? Its literally 2 mouse clicks and 2 seconds later you fucking child.

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I did, you derp. I couldn't find anything that wasn't moonspeak.

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Did you even try IQDB before you started bitching. Its literally the first image that pops up.

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I mean, you could have placed yourself in the shoes of the bobbies, but you're an autist. I know this because autists are incapable of thinking about other people's perspectives.

That said, if you couldn't have a gun, you would call your bobby buddies and defuse the situation until you could restrain the guy and take him down. If the situation doesn't defuse.

And you should probably solve that whole wild west thing you've got going, mate.

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I did.

And I had no fucking clue what the sauce was after that either.

Like, Manga Titles and shit. That's what I'm getting at

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>>be slutty they can stay
>>actual real response to it they have to leave
How do you function? on a steady diet of mountain dew cereal and dudebros?

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Yeah, this is where the angle kind of works.

When making a character one of the first questions should be "Why is this person out fucking off instead of working the farm or family business or a housewife." and in many historical settings "I was raped so my family hated me and no one would marry me" is, unfortunately, a pretty good reason to be a wandering troublemaker. It is also one that only really works for women.

I guess you could have a story of a bot being raped and not feeling like he could stay in his community and having trust issues, hence becoming a wanderer.

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If you actually used IQDB you'd know the artist name AND the source name instantly. either you're a literal retard or you're begging this much for a hand out and neither will get you what you're asking for.

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>>doesn't have a gun
what the actual fuck is this shit?

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>If the player uses it as an excuse to be slutty then whatever, but if it's all "muh ptsd" then they gotta go.
muh psych 101
Careful, anon. Your magical realm is showing.

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Brits. Government is afraid some criminal might get hurt so the cops don't carry them. That, and it's harder to ask the police to bend over and take that muslim cock up the arse when the police can do something about it.

Yes, yes, I know... back to /pol/

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Okay, well, whatever.

Damn man, what's with the salt?

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Or maybe you should read the entire post first.

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>boy gets raped
>woman claims the boy came on to her like some sexual deviant
>gets ostracized as a lecher
>everyone hates him and assumes he'll homewreck or impregnate their daughters and not take responsibility
>can't make a living in local village cause no one will hire a pariah
>can't make a family cause no father would hand his daughter over, no daughter wants a husband who will be unfaithful, and his family won't pay a dowry to a family he'll run out on
>has no choice but to become a wanderer as he was never taught any trade and has no future in the local area due to gossip being one of the few ways news travels between villages

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only immigrants that those that sympathize with their plight are allowed guns in the UK

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Just spoonfeed him already. Jesus faggots who get mad are the reason I spoonfeed people on /a/ and troll OPTs.


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so what about a tazer? that would work just as well in that situation.

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I greatly dislike people who ask for handouts before using all available resources. I hate people who have used all available resources which should have given them literally all they need and still somehow can't function and ask for handouts.
Its recently become a large portion of my day to day as we've hired some 20 year olds who need you to hold their hand just to shit and piss even though they have several manuals that will walk them through their crap then come in the same day with the same fucking questions.
Anything that resembles that shit off hours causes me immediate and blinding rage simply because i'm now off the clock and not being paid for it.

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Isn't that what he knocks out of her hand at the 7 second mark?

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>1 in 4
>1 in 9

What kind of shitty fucking studies are those jesus christ

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No, that's a telescoping baton.

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I know, right?

It's actually way higher when you account for eye-rape and thought-rape.

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What kind of situation are you going into that you need both an assault rifle and pepper spray/taser? The sidearm is believable in either case.

>> No.47031509

That's at 4 seconds.
Or is she drawing another? I've never seen a white telescopic baton.

>> No.47031514

>What kind of situation are you going into that you need both an assault rifle and pepper
Turkish Ghettos

>> No.47031534

Not really. Tazers work around 70% of the time. The other 30 is a crapshoot between doing literally nothing but slight pain to maybe stiffening them a bit but still mobile.
During the tazer course a group of 30 actually get tazed to see what its like and during mine me and about 10 others could still move for the most part i just had a dead leg and some beefy bastard just ripped the electrodes out on his own.
Thats not including that shit like angel dust berserkers won't even notice it.
Its unique to each person and a "maybe" is a lot to bet your life on when a gunshot wound almost always does the job.

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>assault rifle

>> No.47031605

It's magazine fed, that makes it an assault rifle

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it's really not that high of a statistic. not every rape is someone pulls your pants down on the street and just ruts you like a dog. Most rape goes unreported. Mostly for good reasons, not to be callous to the victims but sometimes staying quiet really is the only way to keep something from exploding into pure unadulterated bullshit and there are a lot of people who legitimately could care less or wouldn't believe them no matter how sympathetic the victim seems.

Hell I wouldn't put it past most support groups for victims, family members or friends or whatever, are the ones that normally push for them to get justice. It probably doesn't help that most rapes are from people with outstanding relationships and people have invested in them and want them to continue despite the rape, or in other cases rape is build up to be so awful that when it inevitably sucks but causes sexual pleasure, it messes with the victims sense of personal sanctity and makes them feel unsure if theyre just a slut who secretly liked it despite all other evidence to the contrary. It's taboo to talk about that parts that caused physical pleasure after all.

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so, the Glock is an assault rifle as well then

>> No.47031679

No, you idiot. It's an assault rifle because it's black.

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How much of a faggot do you have to be not to give someone the source. The top results from IS are just forums.

>> No.47031729

You're a retard or do britbongs consider pistols assault rifles as well? Technically speaking assault rifles aren't actually a thing its just a made up word to put a wide spread label on automatic rifles.
Also that particular gun is firing 9mm's which are pistol caliber making that a submachine gun.>>47031605

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Go home.

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Do you see that fucking second option? The one thats a fucking mouse twitch away? Click it. Fucking click it. Go ahead. tell me what you see.

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Large scale aggressive riots.

Pepper spray for when things get roudy.

MP5 (an smg mind you not an assault rifle)for 1992 LA levels if you have no roof Koreans nearby.

>> No.47031833

Is it surprising that it's hard to find accurate reporting on a sensitive subject like this?

>> No.47031855

Who the fuck doesn't have roof koreans in this day and age. Thats just pure irresponsibility.

>> No.47031859

Assault rifle is a real word for any select fire weapon chambered in an intermediate cartridge.

Assault WEAPON is the non-descript buzzword.

But yes that is an smg.

>> No.47031877

How can I or my family get roof Koreans?

>> No.47031884


The only "asians" they have are pakis.

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How about you read the post, you knee jerk faggot.

>> No.47031929

Purchase business properties and advertise for inexpensive rent in areas in need of spicy ass food, tailors, or weapon vendors and they will literally come to you.

It's like ants and honey.

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The issue is both studies in question use arbitrary definitions of rape. The 1/4 used unwanted physical contact-full stop.
The 1/9 used claims of first times during their school days they were uncomfortable with and thus claimed they were rape. Some interviewed even protested against the wide labeling in both cases specifically the uncomfortable first timers as most realize thats an uncomfortable scenario so young, nervous, and inexperienced.

>> No.47031962

boner plz...

>> No.47032052

Slap a stock on it and, while it won't be an assault rifle, it will be an ATF toy.

>> No.47032053

thats not the point. they rejected guns as a whole, the entire force. so you're looking at 70% chance to have an effective weapon. Even if its not a blow that should be enough of a boon to help you out of situations where you'd be boned. a hand gun wouldn't save you from a mob either.

>> No.47032080

Indeed. 1/4 or 1/9 is bullshit. The American NCVS (National Crime Victimisation Survey) states that the rate of rape of women aged 18-24 is about 7.6 per thousand. Personally, I think even that's a bit of an overestimate.

Source: http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=5176

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Well, then, get another job and stop raging like a complete spaz.

20 year olds suck. That's life.

>> No.47032226

I saw the fucking source, something you could have done easily. Instead you decided to get a few (you)s and be a fucking saltmine about someone asking for a souce.

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I know, rite?

Fucking rage issues, bad. "oh noes, 20 year olds are being sucky, lets take it out on some dude asking for a source because I can't hit 20 year olds"

I mean, would you expect the average 20 year old to know moonspeak, or even transliterated moonspeak?


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The fucking image in iqdb tells you the manga and artist name. Type that shit in to google and blam. Mangafox with it in english takes. Maybe 20 seconds and 4 braincells.

>> No.47032366

I think it's safe to say he doesn't work in customer service. I work help desk and deal with people who don't even know what a right-click is all day but you don't see me spazing out over someone asking for something on the internet.

>> No.47032394

Is there a point it was not played out?

>> No.47032399

I don't think you have a point. A tazer is COMPLETELY ineffective with mobs. I could feasibly see a handgun ending a situation like pic related, a tazer would never in a hundred years instill any sense of fear or even incapacitate one of these guys.

Not to mention a handgun stopping a million other situations in their tracks as well.

>> No.47032420

I think everyone should do a stint in customer service. It will either give you great patience or make you a sobbing wreck.
Value Village a shit.

>> No.47032434

Not him but
>At first, I read that as
>At first,

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Damn son. Unclench that sphincter and add some different spices to your spice rack rather than 'salt'.

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I tell people to read posts. I don't read them myself like some kind of faggot.

>> No.47032632

I absolutely hated it, but then I was hired on as a radio/phone tech and then got transfered to do help desk because they were short handed and spent most of the first 2 months answering the phone while re-imaging computers.

Good times, and those times will be here again soon because it's almost the end of the fiscal year.

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Someone pulls a gun and shoots into a crowd, the first human reaction is to run for cover, not bumrush them unless you've had some sort of combat training.
Guns are great for crowd dispersal.

>> No.47032929

I am >>47029207

Thank you

This is some of the most amusing irony I’ve read in a long while.
Thank you as well.

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>Guns are great for crowd dispersal.
/k/, please

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ancient greece?

>> No.47033081


I don't know. If it's like any other dumbass Oprah network-tier woman empowerment rape-fic she did the BRAVE THING and confronted them in court.

If you want retribution, watch I Spit on Your Grave (1978). That is some motherfucking retribution.

>> No.47033102

fuck off retard

>> No.47033107

Oh, yeah. This fucking storyline.

Kevin Smith thought it was unrealistic that Black Cat just got into thieving because her dad was a master thief and she worshipped Spider-Man, so he had her boyfriend in college rape her to inspire her to work out and become a super-athlete.

>> No.47033137


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I played a Half-Orc Barbarian named Brad The Barbarian.

His parents met on the field of battle and could not manage to kill each other. So they decided to drink together once their warbands were both routed by an independent third party.

They began courting each-other and then they were married.

That's how Brad was born.

No rape whatsoever for this happy ball of Righteous Fury.

Getting back on topic;

It's because SJWs keep spouting the 1 in 4 women will be raped falsehood/meme and it's fresh in many people's minds.

Also because SJWs who've infiltrated our hobby are creatively sterile.

>> No.47033244

Personally? It depends on the context. If I have any ability to wait for backup or defuse the situation then I'm going to try my hardest to do that. If I don't have that option, either because there's no backup available or because taking more time is going to put someone else at risk then I would go mano e mano as you said.

But I'm a stupid autist who took enough martial arts to think I can handle myself, been in enough real fights to be overconfident about it, and spends all day daydreaming about vigilante justice and dying to save someone rather than continue living as a disappointment to everyone. so I wouldn't really give my perspective much credence.

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File: 16 KB, 494x358, 2304795.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47033267

The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey found that 18% of all women have suffered completed or attempted rape. There are a couple of reasons for the discrepancy between it and the NCVS, which I will straight up quote from the document you linked:

"The NISVS uses a broader definition of sexual violence, which specifically mentions incidents in which the victim was unable to provide consent due to drug or alcohol use. [...] Unlike the NCVS, which uses terms like rape and unwanted sexual activity to identify victims of rape and sexual assault, the NISVS and CSA use behaviorally specific questions to ascertain whether the respondent experienced rape or sexual assault."

Basically the NISVS counts rape by someone who has been incapacitated by drugs or alcohol and the NCVS doesn't. Additionally the NISVS asks people, "Have you ever been [legal definition of rape]?" while the NCVS actually asks "Have you ever been raped?". Apparently a lot of people will admit to having suffered something that is legally rape, but only if you don't actually use the r-word. You actually get the same effect from the opposite direction, in that around 6% of men will admit to having done something that would legally qualify as rape, such as holding someone down and having sex with them against their will, provided you don't actually call it rape.

There may also be a cohort effect in play here. The vast majority of rapes (like 80%) occur to people under 30. All types of crime started to drop drastically in the early 90s, so it's entirely possible that when you look at lifetime rape prevalence it's huge because of the women who were young in the 70s and 80s. If you focus only on rape in the last 12 months, the NCVS and NISVS are actually pretty close with the first putting the all women rate at 1% and the second at 2%. Which come to think of it, if you modelled rape as a 1% per year chance over 20 years then you would expect nearly 1/5 women to have been raped.

>> No.47033280

I find it interesting how there are thousands of ways to start a character, but rape keeps on coming up.

Aren't there other horrible things that happen in your past that you can use instead? Evil wizards killing your family and raising their bones? A plague that for some reason you were totally immune to, and you and to care for your family and watch them die helplessly? A random stranger lopped off your father's head in the street and spat on his corpse?

>> No.47033355

Odd, yes?

Idk, our whole society seems to have gotten super obsessed with rape over the last 10 years.

That aside, I said earlier in this thread that when a female player has a female character with rape as a backstory (or even just 'abused by men'), that, in my experience, it's a red flag (player is disruptive, trying to crowbar in their personal politics, wants to hog the spotlight etc). Is this just me who has experienced this?

>> No.47033409

Well, when you have feminazis who say that rape is worse than murder(I wish I was kidding) then it's understandable that most people would just rather avoid that sort of shit entirely.

>> No.47033413


No It's not just you. in my long long experience, anyone male or female that works rape into a backstory or as a plot point as serious issues.

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I suddenly remembered some virgin GM that was friend of my brother's friend who would add rape to anything to make it "deep" and scary.

>"So this necromancer was angry at this player, so he captured him, raised his wife as a zombie, cut her body, rape her, destroy her body and raise her again to rape her and try to impregnate her while he would watch the whole time"
>"This villain captured the PC of a friend, and I didn't want to mention it, but since the guy was so evil, he raped her while the other characters don't know her whereabouts"

Those are the only stories I can remember, but he began telling those stories in a barbecue and he would always mention rape or some degree of fucked up sexuality somewhere.
I wanted to call him out on that, but he seemed like a legit nice person.

>> No.47033532

According to feminists all women are, by virtue of being female, raped every second of the day.

So you don't even need to be attractive! Go nuts with your character

>> No.47033568

>Basically the NISVS counts rape by someone who has been incapacitated by drugs or alcohol
Which is why its statistics arent worth shit if you want to know how many people were actually raped, as in the colloquial, "was forced to have unwanted sex, or was sexually assaulted and penetrated". Many studies purposefully inflate rape statistics by including instances like where a boyfriend and girlfriend smoke some pot and then bang. Boom, she was intoxicated by drugs and thus couldn't consent that's rape! Two people both get drunk at a party looking for sex and end up doing the dirty underneath a pool table loudly and vigorously? Totally rape, at least according to many feminist rape hysteria studies.
Your second paragraph is rather telling. " Apparently a lot of people will admit to having suffered something that is legally rape". Most of the time they didn't suffer shit, they happened to have participated in something that would legally count as rape. There are people who have serious financial and political incentive to inflate these statistics to the point of ridiculousness, saying that you're more likely to get raped on a college campus than during a fucking civil war in the congo. There are people who are payed thousands and thousands of dollars a year to try and "solve these problems" that would lose their jobs if people knew how unlikely a woman is to actually be raped while in a first world nation's institutes of higher learning.
It's honestly disgusting and incredibly disrespectful to actual victims of rape .

>> No.47033610

That's definitely an underestimate by a reasonable non-legal definition of "rape".

For starters, you're comparing different numbers - rape over a lifetime vs rape over a 7 year period. Obviously that doesn't make up the shortfall to 1/9, but even if the rate falls with age and you don't double count women who get raped in both spans, you should expect the total over the remaining 50ish years of life to push the rate up a fair bit.

More importantly, the survey methodologies are very different. The one you linked says women can't rape men without pegging them, for instance. Otherwise it's just sexual assault. It's useful for legal assessments, because the law is ass-backwards.

The numbers you quoted, although I don't blame you for this, are also just for the "Completed Rape" category. You get another 5.4/1000 from attempted rape and sexual assault, leaving out the small number from threats (which raises some interesting questions - if true, it means people are almost certain to carry out threats of sexual violence against women after they make them). The reason I don't blame you is that the study highlights don't make any effort to communicate this, which is pretty fucking bad form.

But the thing is, a good statistician will tell you that the numbers just aren't directly comparable. There are too many differences between the methodologies - if you want an actually good answer, you're going to need to construct and give a survey that uses a definition of rape that you find acceptable, and uses psychologically-appropriate tactics for that definition in order to get honest reporting from subjects (for example, this has made me reconsider as plausible the SJW line that people underreport rape because of a social stigma against rape victims making them unwilling to admit that they were victimized - the other surveys just ask about behavior and classify some of it as sexual violence, while this one apparently relies on the respondent to make the call).

>> No.47033701

I've never had this, but just from my own feelings and observations I can guess that someone wouldn't include rape unless they felt strongly about it (as a victim or an activist of some sort, perhaps both), or were turned on by it.

Anybody else (and probably a good few victims) would be far too uncomfortable with the idea to include it, or too worried about how they would be judged for it.

>> No.47033718

On the other hand, the 1/4 statistic took people who admitted to have drunken sex and called it rape, even when they didn't agree.

>> No.47033813

I'm not seeing the problem with asking someone if they suffered an event that is the legal definition of rape. If you ask someone, "Has anyone ever raped you?" an they say no, but then you asked them "Has anyone ever forced you to have sex against your will" and they say yes, do you call them a rape victim or not?

With respect to drugs an alcohol, this is the actual question in the NISVS: "When you were drunk, high, drugged, or passed out and unable to consent, how many people ever..." and then a list of sexual acts. Which yes is a question that can lead to overreporting, but perhaps not as much as you think.

See rereading the thing you linked, I found that the 7.6 per thousand number is the prevalence PER YEAR. Not for the entire 18-24 cohort, but how many of them are raped on a yearly basis. It's still lower than the per year reported by the NISVS for the reasons previously stated, but the difference isn't orders of magnitude huge. Also 7.4 per thousand is for women 18-24 who are not in college, it's 6.1 for college-age females (yeah there is no campus rape problem, women are actually safer in school). If there's a number for the two combined i can't find it, so i'm going to just split the difference and assume it's 6.75 per thousand.

If 6.75 per thousand women 18-24 suffer sexual assault per year on average, then by the end of the six years that it takes to cross the age bracket about 5% of the total will have been raped (assuming no substantial revictimization). Throw in rapes occurring outside the age bracket, plus differences in scope and methodology, plus the theorized cohort effect, and it fits that the NISVS found that nearly 1/5 women in the United States have suffered completed or attempted rape. Which yes is probably overinflated, so I'd guess the real prevalence of victims of completed and attempted rape is more like 1/10 among the whole female population.

>> No.47033859
File: 31 KB, 590x350, 23f602dennehy-461328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear, the press over here need a law that makes it legal to fine anyone who writes an article mentioning weapons while not knowing what the fuck they're talking about.

An AK47 in not a machine gun. 'Fully automatic military machine gun' is an even worse description of an assault rifle (and proof that Jeremy Clarkson is a fucking moron).
Pic related is not a 'deadly martial arts blade', and a replica bat'leth is not 'an exotic martial arts weapon designed to decapitate foes' (You'd think SOMEONE at The Times would have seen Star Trek...)

In short, fuck the press in this country.

>> No.47033930

I agree - that's too permissive, while the NCVS is too restrictive. The truth, I assume, lies somewhere in between in a realm of sanity that statisticians and bureaucrats cannot approach for fear of bursting into flames.

1/9 (11%ish) sounds plausible, if it matters. Somewhere in that neighborhood, give or take a couple percentage points. For a lifetime rate, anyway. I figure you take this survey, include the 5.4 per thousand, inflate for a somewhat more permissive definition that includes verbal or emotional coercion and counts some, but not all, uses of alcohol and other recreational drugs as incapacitation (a fair distinction is impossible to code into a survey, but oh well), and then run it out over a person's entire life. All those factors together could easily push it up an order of magnitude.

>> No.47033941
File: 35 KB, 634x352, worse than the atf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UK has bigger problems to worry about than people not being able to properly identify objects
there are fuckers out there that own televisions and don't pay their viewing tax

>> No.47034134


I would add lazy to that list, it's been a part of storytelling since at least ancient greece and it's easy trauma for your character

>> No.47034144


>feminists are badde!!1!1!
>water is wet

Bashing feminists is so boring, find something else to be mad about.

>> No.47034148

>See rereading the thing you linked, I found that the 7.6 per thousand number is the prevalence PER YEAR.

Hang on, where's that? I took another look, and I can't find it. And I'm the anon who (mostly) agrees with your other criticisms.

Just to be clear, the methodology was to enroll a person for 3 years and there's an interview every 6 months. Nobody actually stayed in the cohort for the full length of the study.

Now, they do also present yearly rates, which are at about the same order of magnitude as that 7.6 per thousand, but that's what you'd expect if the rates were fairly stable in reality. What you have to realize is that those rates are "How much of the population has been raped?", not "How likely is a person to have been raped?" If the real rate remains unchanged, and the sample is fair, you'd expect to see a constant rate each year, which when averaged should yield something close to the real rate. You can't get the number you're looking for (a particular woman's odds of being raped in a given year) from just the fraction of women each year who have been raped ever, because you need to either track individual people's life history or get a lot of demographic information in order to estimate the aggregate.

>> No.47034202


not him but this is one of a very tiny amount of threads that that would actually be relevant in, in short fuck off faggot

>> No.47034271

you pull out a gun you are going to get dog piled dumbass. nobody wants to get shot by a cop. man you are fucking dumb. its like helmet hero syndrome. A tazer is more likely to be effective because the chucklefuck infront thinks he tuff bad boy who can't be hit by nuffin.

>> No.47034293

no dumbass. the first reaction when in an open area is to bumrush, running for cover only works when there is cover nearby. people aren't stupider than you hard as it is to believe.

>> No.47034335

Nothing is played out if you give a reason for it occurring besides the "dude it like randomly happened". Actually make a story jeezus

>> No.47034372

Rape is a traumatic event that our society has enshrined as the Greatest Of All Evils. Of course it's common; character backgrounds are typically traumatic, which is why you see so many orphans or sole survivors of wiped out clans or whatever suits your particular setting. Trauma is motivating in fantasy. It provides a focus, a cause, an enemy to seek revenge upon.

There's no special reason for rape's prevalence other than our weird cultural mores that pretend sex is the most evillest thing ever.

>> No.47034479


If there's no cover nearby, they just keep fucking running. In the case >>47032945 even brought up it's exactly what happened.

Even when the mob of retards that had great suspicion to believe there was a gun, and were violently antagonistic towards the people that they had every reason to believe had a gun, the moment when the gun was produced and fired the mob immediately fled.

They were so eager to fight before. And then they ran. Hard as it is for you to believe.

>> No.47034563


>> Nobody wants to get shot by a cop.
>> Everyone will rush a cop with a gun pointing at them.

Are you retarded?

>> No.47034737

Well for starters it used the term "rate" which implies a time unit, which for this sort of thing is usually a year. Also Table 1 on Page 4 lists average annual number of completed and attempted rape and sexual assaults then converts that number into a rate per 1000 students. So every year between 1997 and 2013 an average of 7.6 per thousand women 18-24 who are not in college suffer some sort of sexual abuse as defined in the survey. For those attending college in the same age group it was 6.1 per thousand women. That's how many suffered rape and sexual assault each year.

To reiterate the survey measures victimizations not victims. That is to say the rate is how many women were raped in the age group on a yearly basis, not how many rape victims there were among the age group on a yearly basis. We can however estimate the prevalence of rape victims by using the estimated risk, as i did above. It comes out to a prediction that 4% of 25 year old females having been victimized in the past six years. (Last post said 5% that was a typo.)

>> No.47034914

No you go home, aspie.

>> No.47034969

Fucking love that movie, not a feminist thing, I just love revenge stories. Not even the tard that spared her life escapes.

>> No.47034990

Dude. Fucking don't.

>> No.47034995
File: 12 KB, 450x250, Vintage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey. My name is Ryan.

>> No.47035035

I was raped at 12.

I miss you, Jessica.

>> No.47035036

I am a Korean in search of a roof. Will stand on rooftops holding rifle in exchange for guns. Have experience in standing on roofs whilst holding rifle.

>> No.47035084

You gotta be a bit more specific, chief.

>> No.47035128

You don't tell me what to do, you're not my real mom

>> No.47035173

Okay, what is a Macbeth 101 book? Who needs an introductory course on Macbeth? It's one play, not all of Shakespeare.

>> No.47035247

>That is to say the rate is how many women were raped in the age group on a yearly basis

Rereading it a second time, that's the case, yeah. Looks like each interview is about the past 6 months, though, not the past year, which is significantly worse.

>> No.47035304

Rape is demonized. Not sex.

>> No.47035339

Both are demonized, but rape much more so.

>> No.47035366

I live in the Old South and sex isn't demonized, we just view it as a real private affair.

If we don't demonize it, where the fuck do you live that sex is demonized? I mean, we aren't a very progressive bunch.

>> No.47035385

>If we don't demonize it, where the fuck do you live that sex is demonized? I mean, we aren't a very progressive bunch.
If you don't think modern America is ridiculously puritanical and sets sex aside as a special sort of evil, I don't know what to tell you, other than "leave your house".

>> No.47035428

And I'm telling you that isn't the case.

Most people view it as a very private affair, but not as some sort of evil. The fact that you think that's the case and are telling other people to leave their house is pretty telling of how fucked up your perception of the world around you is. Either that or you spend all your time watching MSNBC and reading blogs by soccer moms.

>> No.47035465

>And I'm telling you that isn't the case.
Yes, I know. You're wrong. We live in a country where less than twenty years ago the greatest scandal we had was the fact a black woman had a nipple. A nipple! Oh, the inhumanity.

We live in a country where TV can still show people getting blown apart in bloody sprays, but a cumshot is unacceptable.

We live in a society where prostitution is illegal but boxing is just fine.

>> No.47035505

There's a difference between how something is perceived as a public thing and as a private thing.

No one likes rape under any means, but sex is healthy and normal. People just don't want nudity and sex in public, because it's still considered such a private thing.

>> No.47035544

A case could be made for the opposite stance. That the positive view of sex is what causes a negative view of rape. Sex is considered a good thing, therefore its perversion in the act of rape is an act of evil. Even in more liberal cultures where sex isn't a taboo subject rape is still considered a terrible act, because it's a violation.

>> No.47035561

>/tg/ has become "muh rape culture!"

You guys are fucking /co/-tier at this point.

>> No.47035576

to be fair, not ever ever ever have sex really starts to fuck with your head once you age past 20.
Otherwise very nice people tend to have weird ass quirks when you add in being elderly virgins.

Of course, the quirkiness could explain the virginity.

Chicken or the egg?

>> No.47035583

The scandal wasn't that a woman had a nipple, it was that it was ripped out of her clothing on live TV during a nationally televised sporting event in a manner that was seemingly done to intentionally illicit a sexual response. Not very private.

>but a cumshot is unacceptable

You're gonna have to direct me to a European television channel on regular access that regularly shows dicks actively ejaculating on people or things. And that you can't tell the difference between the acceptance of boxing, a sporting event, and actually selling sex in a predominantly Christian nation founded on christian/deist morals illegal, I don't know what to tell you.

Mate, you're comparing thugs that don't make any sense. In America, we like sex. We consume more porn and sex toys than some African nations consume food. We just prefer to keep things behind closed doors in an intimate environment on a societal level. The violence on TV is mostly because we all know that fictional violence can't elicit a violent response, that was mostly disproven, but fictional sex can illicit a sexual response. And you have to go outside your basic cable package for that.

>> No.47035691


> The violence on TV is mostly because we all know that fictional violence can't elicit a violent response, that was mostly disproven, but fictional sex can illicit a sexual response.

(citation needed)

>> No.47035760

For what part? For the violence, he could mention that nothing beyond blog posts and the psychiatric equalivant of garbage that remained unreviewed by fellow peers and bashed within the medical community has ever drawn a correlation between the two beyond the most cursory of levels.

For the other one, he could point you to /h/.

>> No.47035765

>The scandal wasn't that a woman had a nipple, it was that it was ripped out of her clothing on live TV during a nationally televised sporting event in a manner that was seemingly done to intentionally illicit a sexual response. Not very private.
It was a wardrobe malfunction, and people flipped out because sex is badwrong think of the children.

You've failed to make a successful argument that our puritanical nation doesn't demonize sex. The consumption of porn does not indicate that (and porn is, to a lesser extent, itself demonized).

>The violence on TV is mostly because we all know that fictional violence can't elicit a violent response, that was mostly disproven, but fictional sex can illicit a sexual response.
You gotta back this up. Fictional violence won't make people more violent, but what, fictional sex will make people fuck?

A case could be made that Barack Obama is a lizardman. It would be a very weak case, much like yours.

Sex is healthy and normal. Our culture still demonizes it. That's a bad aspect of our culture, rooted in awful religious puritanical norms.

>> No.47035829

Meanwhile in France:

>> No.47035860

Regular cops don't get tasers, only armed officers carry tasers.

>> No.47035870

Right and having a gun means no need to get any backup at all

>> No.47035892

CS spray. No tasers for regular cops in britbong.

>> No.47035908

Not select fire so it's not even an SMG, it's a pistol calibre carbine.

>> No.47035911

As cliche as it is. Rape and dead parents are very, very common in war times. Especially medieval war times, as they had even less oversight than modern wars.

So if a war is part of your worlds backstory. It's pretty natural that one person in your party would have that as part of their backstory. It'd be unbelievable if it wasn't the case, unless you're all playing as nobles.

>> No.47035921

The taser and CS are to give you an alternative to shooting someone. It's much riskier to our hands on when you're carrying a gun, especially a longgun.

>> No.47035924


It's about a kid that keeps getting raped by his childhood friend.

>> No.47036125

How is my case somehow weaker than yours? You asserted it was the demonization of sex that leads to rape being viewed so severely. Can you back that up some other way that makes somehow more valid? Did that red pill give you a headache?

>> No.47036250

Not only is it overdone but I don't allow it in my games at all.

You're going to have to be more imaginative than rape and dead parents.

>> No.47036254

I've only seen it happen once, ever.

>> No.47036310

I wouldn't say "played out" but it's certainly a very common trope. Mostly because it works: for some reason "I was raped" makes the villain much worse than "my entire family was killed".

And that's because of bitchboys like him
>Don't make female characters in a dark setting victims just like the men, tell the soldiers of the dark lord to stop raping women and instead kill their husbands, fathers, sons
>Which somehow still makes these women the primary victims

Seriously, go fuck yourself and grow a pair
>Inb4 "b-but I'm a girl"
Which would explain why you're such a gynocentric little bitch. Rape changes nothing, LITERALLY FUCKING NOTHING. If Hitler raped a gorillion women, would anyone care? No, because the six gorillion as well as burning all of Europe to the ground are so much worse, a few rapes here and there simply do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Fucking hell, this reminds me of the Game of Thrones outrage where an explicit castration is perfectly fine but a rape scene, a rape scene the actress HAD FUN in, is too much for our girly little feelings.

>> No.47036358

It's from a British hooligan movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2241475/

>> No.47036371

If you want to see a really well made rape scene there's the one in "Irreversible" and "Baise-Moi", two French movies (what a surprise).

>> No.47036392

Well, in other hand, I once played a evil male character, and it happen that once... my character raped a women. Well, that was fun at first but then... everyone feeled disgusted and remorse... That day we end earler and decide that this never happen...

>> No.47036814

Oh, don't ask for source, man. No matter what, never ask for source, lest you die the sheer amount of saltiness of some people here

>> No.47036946

We've been over this in other threads but france IS a shit hole for pedo's and rapists to wallow. This is a known thing so why would it surprise anyone they can make good rape scenes.

>> No.47036958

I actually answered that one simply because google image search and iqdb can't answer that. We've been over how you'd have to be a literal blind retard not to find the source of the Swweeet image.

>> No.47036979

And you fucking replied to obvious bait.

Who is the real retard here?

>> No.47036986
File: 3.99 MB, 400x224, 1436987615191.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, look at those hardcore motherfuckers.
Straight out of Police Academy.

>> No.47037057

I'm more or less doing it now since like 3 post caused an avalanche of butthurt which is always entertaining. seriously i posted that shit 5 hours ago and not 20 minutes ago some dumbfuck replied to it. Its like an anthill being kicked over.

>> No.47037072

>over half are balding manlets that stay in the background
>that one manlet who mans up for 5 seconds
He da real MVP.

>> No.47037199

>the elusive creature known as the "yard ape" (dinduius nuffinicus) resists capture by animal control

>> No.47037322

Jesus Christ, could you be more ignorant?

That's clearly a Pavement Ape (Kangzius Wuzzius) you moron. You can tell by the gait.

>> No.47037334
File: 1.39 MB, 1280x720, 60fpscharlton.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking amerifats. Don't know how to deal with a violent person without using a fucking gun. Guy was apprehended with no injuries to anyone. Also, they knew they were being filmed. Not like dumbass Ameri-cops.

>> No.47037357
File: 34 KB, 821x512, eric-garner-4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We know how, but every time we try it they die anyway and it looks even worse. Being an American police officer is like being King Midas except everything turns into dead black people instead of gold when you touch it.

>> No.47037392

>11 bobbies to capture a violent criminal
>1 cop to kill a violent criminal

But go ahead and pay for the trial, housing and food for what I'm sure is a wonderful member of the community who was actually trying to hand the cops the weapons instead of making violent thrusts and threatening the cops.

>> No.47037413

Ah yes, the maximum bait webm.

She's meant to be a British policewoman but:
- She doesn't have a taser.
- She's out alone, at night, without backup.
- She goes for the head with her first strike, rather than the knees, demonstrating a complete lack of standard police training.
- She's not wearing her fucking police hat.

The whole thing is as unrealistic and staged as my Taiwanese cartoons.

>> No.47037433
File: 239 KB, 1978x817, SHol1tnsFUCQAxNxZsX9Tw2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Truth is, UK cops like to taze people just as much as their US counterparts.

>> No.47037493
File: 42 KB, 275x183, Kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's like being King Midas except everything turns into dead black people instead of gold when you touch it.
Tippy Toppest Kek.

>> No.47037554

I like to imagine they all pitched in later.

>Intimidation factor
Looked more like incompetence factor and getting punched in the face factor. But yeah, without an audience I'm sure she'd have gone all Kill Bill on his ass.

>The guy managed to get away after he out ran all 20 of them by making them chase him around a 40'x80' concrete park decoration till they were winded enough for him to just jog away. He even chased them back for awhile by simply walking towards them.
They should really stop hiring geese.

>> No.47037558

>wonderful member of the community
That's a prerequisite for being allowed to live now? Shit, we're fucked.

>> No.47037599

So just curious, is your dad a bobby or something? Or is it you? Or just a fan?

You're making it painfully obvious you're getting triggered. Don't tease with the indignant act without giving the whole story.

>> No.47037618

Noe, she's realistically killed.

>> No.47037644
File: 1.02 MB, 595x1274, 1441588215233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think hes just a bum bothered bong.

>> No.47037669

how about it was clear she was raped, but harbours a crazy stockholmish obsession over her rapist and will turn on the party the moment he commands her to?

>> No.47037678

>Implying rape reports aren't heavily skewed
>Implying you can't be reported for "rape" after she changes her mind
>Implying most women don't have rape fantasies
>Implying there aren't decent, functioning members of society that were born of rape
When did the feminists invade /tg/?

>> No.47037697

got any links for the first two?
>Implying rape reports aren't heavily skewed
>Implying you can't be reported for "rape" after she changes her mind

>> No.47037720

If I have a gun and there's a rowdy mob, I may only be able to kill ~10 people but do you want to take the risk at being one of those 10?

>> No.47037725



>> No.47037847

An argument could be made re: the demonizing of sex when you compare to the acceptance of violence and brutal murders, particularly in popular culture.

>> No.47037982

Americans don't need a gun or even more than one person to arrest one guy, unless it's some bodybuilder on pcp which that guy is not.

>> No.47037995

Cops problems often isn't that the person dies anyway, it's that the person wasn't resisting arrest to begin with and they pin them to the ground and don't let them breathe. Or they shoot them in the head with the taser instead of a much easier and fatter area like their torso.

>> No.47038002

If you don't contribute to the community then meh. When you go against the community via theft and shit you get punished.

When you violently go against the community and attack the ones who work to keep the community safe, you get punished severely.

Does this not make sense?

>> No.47038059

>wait for backup
>wait for cops

And what about situations like this?

>> No.47038139


Seeing as so many people have a problem with it, I'd say yes.

Hell, this applies to a lot of players, who, according to the shit posted on /tg/, do not understand that fucking with a community will result with the community trying to punish said player.

Haven't you read any That Guy threads?

>> No.47038161

Which one of the parents was the orc and which one was human?

>> No.47038189

Well, in all honesty, if those kids didn't wanna get molested, they shouldn't have acted so sexy.

>> No.47038218


That's Brazil. You don't trust the police in Brazil.

>> No.47038229

>Go through the trouble of rounding up a rape gang
>Rape a middle-aged 3/10

Kids these days.

>> No.47038235

Merciless God, yes. Yes it is.


>> No.47038237

Why wouldn't it have a place afterwards?

>> No.47038299


>> No.47038335

This is America. Do you trust the police in America?


>> No.47038350

You take what you can get man. Women these days are spoiled for choice due to population booms in the past year. Its sad but all the good ones tend to be taken as soon as they're available.

>> No.47038378

Another one would be you just drove off all suitors and we're above marriageable age, so instead of being a local spinster, you went out adventuring.

>> No.47038419

That'd actually be kinda funny. Your average group of adventurers with a tag along middle aged woman who treats them like the kids she'll never have and helps them by being the source of wisdom.

>> No.47038425
File: 20 KB, 182x217, rance3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>stop raping people

>> No.47038450

Depends on the setting a spinster could be as young as 25 if the oldest a girl could be married is 21

>> No.47038457

How about "attractive female psychic who was sexually assaulted at some point in the future"?

>> No.47038494

>a spinster could be as young as 25
Ara ara~? What could you want with an old woman like me?

>> No.47038495
File: 28 KB, 577x435, wifkhUa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>My mother was raped
>>My sister was raped
>>I was raped
>>Someone I knew was raped

>And now I must rape

>> No.47038511

Rape is boring.
Dead parents are boring.
Tragic past is boring.

Even if your character was raped in the past, or another bad thing happened to him, that doesn't mean that these past events define your character.

Do you remember that embarassing thing you did eight years ago? Does it really affect your current life? Or did you choose to become who you are, and not let it affect you?

Let bygones be bygones.
Let the sins of our fathers stay on their shoulders and not affect their children.
Let us stand on the shoulders of the giants, but not rely on them.
Even if you were raped, ultimately the choice is yours - to move on with your life and not let it affect you, or to be unable to let go of it and let it define your life.

If you want the past to define your life, why not let the good things define it? Why cling onto all the bad shit that happened to you? Why not simply acknowledge it as the past and move on?

>> No.47038537

Doesn't matter she'd still technically be middle aged and have more worldly experience than your average youthful adventurer.
Maybe she'd meet an old and grizzled 27 year old war vet who happens to join the party as well and pseduo family the place up making sure the paladin knows when and where smiting is acceptable, the cleric learns that religion is a personal choice and not to be forced on others, and that thieves should look with their eyes not their hands before retiring to a cottage in the countryside before dying at the ripe old age of 42 and 40 from infected papercuts.

>> No.47038566

I tend to follow this pattern:

-Something bad that changed you
-Something neutral that changed you
-Something good that changed you
-Good character=overcomes the bad thing that happened/ Neutral character=Deal with the bad thing/Bad character=Bad thing shaped them

And the limit of only a single bad thing can happen to the character per backstory, whether it be a neglectful parent or catching their mother's genital herpes during birth.

>> No.47038568

On the one hand it makes sense that the well adjusted, happy and wholesome aren't adventurers - usually it takes people with issues or a rough upbringing or whatever to galvanize them to take those great big risks.

But rape is bland and uncreative. Why not female adventurer with (non-rape) daddy or mommy issues. A jilted lover who is cucked by her boyfriend choosing someone else and decides to do the fantasy version of sign up for the french foreign legion. Women laid off from whatever fantasy job she had so she becomes an adventurer. Herb-woman of the village ran out for some gossipy rumor taking to adventuring. Empty-nest-egg syndrome 30 year old mother or elf adventurer.

>> No.47038616
File: 10 KB, 200x200, 1461724953624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Leftist hamplanet dyke lists what she believes are facts
>Calls it hate speech

So basically an admission that it's okay to deny reality if you find it offensive. I can't wait for the pendulum to swing to the right so we can shove all these childless leeches into ovens.

>> No.47038630

I always liked the wanderlust type. They seem to get the most done because average goals such as family, marriage, house ownership, steady employment bore them to piss so they gotta proactively find something to make life worth living. Historically speaking they also tend to be the more interesting of people.
i enjoy this mostly because its a damn carbon copy of me but you can't do that shit in todays day and age without steady income which takes up the time you'd be using to find something to make your life meaningful. The depressions so bad suicide seems like a better alternative than driving into to work.

>> No.47038638

Only armed police carry a taser in britbong. The rest are just baton and CS.

>> No.47038657
File: 113 KB, 588x792, 1460686337105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, if the Republicans are stupid and elect Cruz at the conference then these leeches might literally get shoved into ovens. Trump is the only chance for us to return to some semblance of true American values peacefully.

>> No.47038680

Is it just my imagination or is half of these officers very well nourished?

>> No.47038682
File: 64 KB, 500x895, 1462150138552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You can but you won't have an easy or comfortable life and might die early and unfortunately.



>> No.47038683


I work in one of these vans. It's hilarious getting snaps of offenders with their windows open and the telly on, watching BBC. or on Saturdays we do a sweep because that's the day Britain's Got Talent is on.

Reminder to keep your curtains closed, offenders!

>> No.47038709


> A scene of an event that has never happened in history

>> No.47038720


> Government is afraid some criminal might get hurt so the cops don't carry them.

UK Police overwhelming support not carrying firearms for everyday duty.

They aren't some pussy sheriff on a highway pissing his pants because he has to ask a black man to step out of his vehicle.

>> No.47038726


I don't trust anyone anon, not even myself.

>> No.47038728

I just want to see shit and find more meaning in life than making sure i punch in on time and hoping i get that promotion by sucking up like a whore to her pimp.

>> No.47038761
File: 157 KB, 1368x1026, pg-33-tribunals-1-selwyn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This person is actually a firearms officer called Carol Howard, was in the news because her boss was harassing her and being a racist, sexist prick, and she won an employment tribunal about it.

She's awesome.

>> No.47038773
File: 168 KB, 660x850, IMG_20151111_121140.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Still not sure how I feel about Trump favouring pollacks having co-opted momiji. Feels weird man

>> No.47038780

>rapist is not black or muslim
Good diversity quotas you've got there, UK

>> No.47038787

Why the fuck do you britbongs need to pay to watch TV? What the fuck in wrong with you, aside from the terrible migrant infestation you have.
t. Australia

>> No.47038817


> instead of making violent thrusts and threatening the cops.

Most people who do this are mentally ill or want to die.

You don't keep trying to stab police when there are two dozen surrounding you and no possible escape.

But I mean, executing the mentally ill doesn't fuck with US Police lives at all.

They *love* being forced to kill people. "Suicide by cop" totally isn't a horrific, soul destroying event for someone to go through.

>> No.47038819
File: 171 KB, 1200x600, conan-barbarian-video-games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. As in actual barbarian. When I say "hear the lamentations of the women." I'm not speaking in metaphor.

I really don't think rape is a bad thing as long as you don't be a shit about it by making it your characters only noticeable trait but more importantly you don't shove it down your parties throats.

My barbarian does indeed take pick of a captured or defeated women after a battle. Just like my sheik character does indeed make slaves of them too. I never put it at the forefront, just mention it as part of what my character does for the night and at most when the next session starts you see my barbarian wake up from his hut and disheveled villagers leave, or the sheiks camel train has another mouth to feed. I especially don't force issue on an NPC deemed important by the party.

(Although there was one case where it turned out the low rank female soldier the sheik had kept from the battle with the empire a few weeks ago actually knew some relevant info to the mission. In exchange for it we offered her freedom, but she requested to be pampered and guarantee's not to be sold instead.)

>> No.47038833

> proof that Jeremy Clarkson is a fucking moron

I'm not sure that dossier can fit or needs any further evidence on that score.


The BBC is state funded. Well, for now. I give it 5 years after the NHS goes under myself.


Wait, that's it? That's literally all you do? Roll around peoples streets in suspicious looking vans peering through peoples front windows?
All I've ever needed to avoid paying my license fee is have a living room that faces the garden and not the front lawn?

>> No.47038851
File: 2.16 MB, 1936x2592, 1411823065997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You might get named n shamed.

>> No.47038867


> Along with firefighters and security guards, nearly 41 per cent of boys in blue are obese, according to a study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

>> No.47038892
File: 2.88 MB, 280x190, 1448544166613.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.47038901

You know, I completely misunderstood what >>47029249 meant.
I thought they meant to force them to stop raping and atone by forming a new law enforcement agency, catching other rapists with the insight only a former rapist could have.

Maybe I just like detective games too much.

>> No.47038926

>They aren't some pussy sheriff on a highway pissing his pants because he has to ask a black man to step out of his vehicle.

That's because they basically never do this. They see a guy speeding or missing a tail-light they just shrug, take a shot of his reg-number and slap a £100 fine and some penalty points in the post.

Plus, there's the fact that guns are fucking impossible to get for 99.9% of the population in cities. Rural areas are different, but rural folk know not to fuck around on Farm Bastards farm at night, and drunk kids stay indoors because it's cold and wet outside and inside there's an X-Box.
Plus there's only the one pub and prices are reasonable as fuck, so why leave?

>> No.47038942


>FARMERS claim a gang of quad bike riders are terrorising the Cotswolds countryside - running over and killing dozens of SHEEP.

>> No.47039025


Yeah, last years october was mild as fuck. Blame global warming I guess on that one.

Although the lack of follow-up probably meant that this only happened the one time and the kids stopped doing it afterwards.
Although I'm not convinced it was the quadbikes that got those sheep. Sheep are fucking heavy buggers, I doubt a quadbike could survive THAT many impacts without breaking.

My money's on the kids let the sheep out and the farmer accidentially the whole lot with his Land Rover, and then blamed it on them.

>> No.47039057

What the fuck.

So they called in all these policemen. And nobody has a taser. Or some rubber-bullets to shoot his legs?

German police would have send the K9s by now.

>> No.47039072

Most officers aren't allowed tazers in britland. Its deemed excessive use of force.

>> No.47039126

wow. i will never complain about our police-force here again.

>> No.47039714
File: 45 KB, 275x392, gen-urobuchi-01_3161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you can't do that shit in todays day and age without steady income which takes up the time you'd be using to find something to make your life meaningful.

There is this school sweetheart couple from my high school that haven't worked a day out of their lives. They go around the world using a Vlog and photos that earn them prize money and post the photos of them having a good time on facebook.

You know, power too them and all but I don't really want to see that shit when I'm studying for a calculus exam and am about ready to blow my brains out. They're so disgustingly happy.

>> No.47039832

There's several. The sad part is a lot just fall off the map and most assume they just settled down where in reality that life is harsh via the aspect the money they're earning is competed against by others in the same situation. One fuck up can leave you stranded in another country with no way out.
I'd have to find it but some couple who travel places as scouts for a travel agency often kept in touch with several others doing the same shtick for other agencies. One day the nice asian friend they routinely met up with stopped emailing back. They didn't think much of it until they found her completely by happenstance in greece 5 years later. She'd been a janitor cleaning toilets and turning tricks to stave off starvation and living in hostels after she got robbed until they found her. 5 years.
Like i said theres no safe way to do it nowadays without steady income flowing your way. You'd either have to have a piss ton of money to cushion your travels offhand or you're stuck doing he 9-5 suicide spiral hoping you get a lucky break.

>> No.47039890

are you? hand guns are a ranged weapon. you cant outrun a fucking gun you retard. your only chance to not be shot by someone who wants to shoot you is to approach. a bunch of aggressive punks are going to FIGHT not FLIGHT. theyre apes not deer.

>> No.47039915

You could kill 2 tops if they where as close as that mob was retard. meanwhile, if they all ran, you probably could kill 7. I'll take 2 over 7 numbnuts.

>> No.47039934
File: 39 KB, 500x514, 1461710624080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>crazy radfems
just because they oppose your establishment doesn't make them liberal you retard.

>> No.47039973

No. Them aligninf with a leftist organization and ideology does.

>> No.47039990

They want government funded social policies.

How is that not leftist?

>> No.47040064

Ah yes, because people make rational, level-headed decisions when hopped up on adrenaline.

>> No.47040102

Theyre socially conservative and fascist?
all of their motives align with trump. they demonize a fucking category of people and attempt to persuade the ignorant public into putting all the blame on them, and peruse government policy that puts them on top of the others. exactly what government funded policies are they persuading that makes up for their entire basis for organizing society being identical to trump and hitler?

>> No.47040121

yes, they do. This is not a calm talk you fucking retard. this is a fight. Rational thought wont save you from a gun. you need to act before you have time to think to stand a chance.

>> No.47040175

And guess what, people in panicked situations do act before they have time to think, and without experience or training it's anyone's guess what that action ends up being.

>> No.47040251

>Or some rubber-bullets to shoot his legs?

Why would you shoot their legs? That's dumb, you'd be aiming for the chest.

>> No.47040300

>Lawful evil in a nutshell

>> No.47040327


Jeez, it's always a white guy raping someone in these comics, isn't it?

>> No.47040382


Wew lad
I almost cut myself, chill.

>> No.47040400
File: 434 KB, 600x561, CZS8nsvWIAAD5rY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Theyre socially conservative
What? They are considered the "Progressives."
That would make them authoritarian, not right wing. The Nazis had a hell of a lot of social programs and the majority of the party were business owners. I mean where do you think Hillary Clinton sits on the right/left scale? The Nazi party was actually pretty damn close to communism, I mean it's in the name for fucks sake, National Socialist German Workers' Party, but it only got branded as a right wing party because it opposed communist parties that were more established and already considered Left.

On what planet does radfem align with Trump?
He's saying illegal immigration is an issue, which it is. If you want to read it as "all Mexicans" then go ahead, but all the Mexicans I know admit that their own poor are scum. Radfems would call them oppressed and tell us to open our boarders.
He's saying that there is a systemic issue with Islam, which saying that there isn't at this stage is denial of reality. Radfems would call them oppressed and tell us to open our boarders.
He's saying that China and Mexico are taking American jobs, which they are. Not only that, the cheaper, disposable products they produce both feed into the toxic consumerist culture and put the working class of China and Mexico in abject slavery to keep these costs down so they can even consider competing with American Quality. Radfems just want to talk about made up facts and statistics that "prove" that they are oppressed.

>> No.47040410
File: 68 KB, 500x667, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>return of kings

>> No.47040449

>British crime enviroment different to the US
>US can't understand why we don't shoot everyone

Bobby here, because 90% of my beat consists of pushing drunk people over and then carrying them back to a cell to sober up, maybe also busting the occasional drug dealer by pushing him over and then carrying him back to a cell.

I don't need to deal with every crazy, drunk or minority having a gun and I rather enjoy that.

>> No.47040451
File: 571 KB, 800x800, IMG__201605123__110953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Sometimes its fun to turn it on its head though. I once played an undead knight on an epic quest to finally die, after his obsessive elven mistress resurrected him, because she couldn't stand to be seperated...this was after murdering him and his family of course.

>> No.47040507

I guess thats why you guys can get away with being so untrained amd nonathletic.

>> No.47040541

Are you going to say Americans are all hyper-fit adonis now?

untrained is a matter of perspective, Most American cops I have seen have woefully low social skills.

>> No.47040727

>played out at this point?
This thread certainly is.
Whether the character background elements of abuse have been played out is more a question of audience. If your local group would put up with it and you want to explore it, it isn't played out. If they just roll their eyes and call you names you would normally need to come here to be called, then yes, it is played out.

>> No.47040728

>be me
>playing orc fighter
>Post combat, hp low
>party halfling barbarian turns to gm
>"I roll to rape the fighter"
>GM shrugs his shoulders, "Everything is played out"
>roll for grapple
>he rolls a 20, i roll a 1
>Rolls to knock me unconscious
>he rolls a 20
>"you guys serious?"
>"Everything is played out anon"
>Hafling spends five minutes describing the exact girth and length of his penis as his character takes off his pants
> player looks me dead in the eye
>pulls out his dick and starts rubbing it
>starts describing his actions in intimate detail
>"are you guys fucking serious?"
>GM looks at me, cock also out, jizz spurting all over the table
>Everything is played out, get over it

>> No.47040743

meant for >>47028937

>> No.47040856


This is a textbook overreaction. I'm assuming it's a joke, and it's pretty funny.

But it misses the point. Everything is played out, the chances of your background being unique in fiction are low bordering on impossible, particularly for a 1-3 paragraph effort.

So get over it. Tropes aren't bad. You can have a great character riffing off somewhat stereotypical "my character hates intimacy because they were raped in the past." Or you have a shitty one because that's as far as you thought and you have no creativity. It's up to the player and their role-playing skill.

>> No.47040884

What kind of assholes are you stupid motherfuckers playing with that rape always comes up?

>> No.47040902

>UK still has "Villages"

Do you like, just not care that it makes you look like a bunch of corny weirdoes?

>> No.47040927

I think they misunderstood, "Everything is played out" can mean that no matter what a player wants to do, just play it out and see what happens.

>> No.47040936


that's because rape is a pretty bad thing to happen to someone short of physical mutilation/crippling, or murder.

the former is generally not ideal for a player character (though can be done quite well in some cases). for someone playing for escapism this is out of the question

the latter is kind of unplayable in almost all systems.

>> No.47040953

I have never actually seen it. I'm so cynical it would probably set magical realm detectors off though.

>> No.47041065

i'm a liberal

i'm not a leftist. the american left's refusal to rein in their crazies allows this ridiculous sex-negative, witch-hunting identity politicking to perpetuate a stupid culture war. since left extremists are willing to level accusations of various -isms at anyone who commits the crime of disagreement, including liberals who agree with them on 97% of issues.

the repubs have their own infighting but by and large they just have to sit back and watch the fucking left's crazies tar and feather everyone they deem insufficiently pure, while mainstream left leadership does nothing.

>> No.47041378

Just a quick question; how many shootings are stopped by people bumrushing the shooter?

The only one I can think of off the top of my head was the one on the french subway where some marines rushed a guy with an AK who couldn't work out how to how to reload his pistol back in 2015. And that was with trained soldiers happening to be nearby.

>> No.47041487


A rifle has to be magazine fed, as well as being capable of switching between semi-automatic and automatic firing modes to be an assault rifle.

Next thing you know you're gonna be calling a magazine a "clip"

>> No.47041577

Fuck Kevin Smith. Now everyone wants a turn at ruining my waifu.

>> No.47041585

>be close to have something similar to a point
>throw it all out the window by being a faggot memester

Every fucking time.

>> No.47041599

Also chambered in an intermediate power cartridge.

>> No.47042307
File: 4 KB, 100x98, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>its like being King Midas except everything you touch turns to dead niggers
My fucking sides.

>> No.47042403

Okay, now do you have any sources that aren't fucking blogs? Jesus, that's like linking to a half-dozen tweets about your party last week to prove it was the event of the year in a major city. Fuck, maybe it was, but you sure as shit aren't providing any evidence of that claim.

>> No.47042424

>I guess you could have a story of a bot being raped and not feeling like he could stay in his community and having trust issues, hence becoming a wanderer.


I just had a great idea for a Warforged character.

>> No.47042532

>Is a pretty handy reason why a female character would have left behind the community where she was born and choose an uncertain, dangerous lifestyle played out at this point?

Why would it be?

Is a criminal past played out too? What about wanderlust? +

Stop being a fucking retard who has to make an entire thread and try to have community consensus on your side whenever you have an opinion.

>> No.47042632

>you can't do that shit in todays day and age without steady income

There has literally never been a better time in human history to do it.

Your main prerequisite is to either be debt-free, or willing to spend your life dodging debt collectors. This also means being childless and single, or willing to do what's necessary to end those relationships in an acceptable way.

Next, save up for a van or something - shell out a few grand on this, you'll want it to last several years at least. Also, pick up the equipment you'd need for whatever you want to do to support yourself - musical instruments, cameras, whatever. You don't need these skills yet, you will develop them over your travel time. Finally, save up enough money to buy food and gasoline for several months, since you won't be earning shit for those. If you meet the above prerequisites and have a full-time job, even at minimum wage, all this saving should only take you a year or so. You can go faster if you also donate plasma, get a second job, etc. Keep your money in a bank, not in cash, and make sure you have portable Internet access (a laptop or smartphone) so you can look up information on whatever place you've wound up in.

Next, hit the fucking road. Practice your craft, and remember during those first months that it isn't a hobby. Be responsible with your money. Pay your fucking taxes - just keep track of what you earned in each state and you'll be fine. You will never be wealthy. You will never be famous. You will never have a family. You will never have close friends. But you may be free.

>> No.47042666

That's actually kind of good.

>> No.47042782


>> No.47042969

>tragically raped by my dead parents.
This is why no one trusts necromancers.

>> No.47042981

what if I was raped by my dead parents?

>> No.47043150

If he's an aspie, he *is* home.

>> No.47043430

Meanwhile, back on the actual topic at hand.

I've played/written a few pretty female characters with a backstory in sexual abuse which is pretty heavily spelled out, as well as affecting their motivations, but I usually come short of actually outright saying it for a couple reasons.

First and foremost, I find rape distracting in stories. You highlight that aspect of a character's past, it eclipses the rest of their motivations. Not only that, but it's done to death by shittier writers trying to insert "drama" into their stories or generally be edgy fucks for the sake of "muh realism." Then there's just a general lack of confidence in my writing that makes me worry that it'll either come off as magical realmy or tumblry.

>> No.47044300
File: 291 KB, 778x608, 2hu according to republicans and democrats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tengu society is fairly conservative and hierarchical from what I understand. That and living on a mountain owned by a literal god makes them the closest thing to a right wing utopia in Gensokyo other than the clown, but /pol/ has too much of an image to maintain to clownpost.. Hakurei "Gas the Youkai, Race War Now" Reimu is likewise too lazy, or at least perceived as too lazy to be /pol/'s avatar.

>> No.47045522

Because comics are an accurate depiction of real life.

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