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This is a thread created for the discussion of Quest threads, as well as sharing of advice and guidance for aspiring or current QM's. Posters looking for advice on tabletop games should look elsewhere.

Useful links: http://pastebin.com/x6BqaJ7r
This link contains numerous writing guides, general advice, and various quest tools and communities.

This is a directory containing the tweets of most current QM's. While a twitter is by no means mandatory, it is a useful tool for both you and your players. If you are a QM, simply post your Twitter here to have it added to the directory. Spamming your quest twitter with non-quest related tweets may result in its removal from the directory.

IRC Channels:
[The Cabal] #QMC @ Rizon.net (slightly related to quests; enjoys worldbuilding, mechanics and politics)
[Hugbox] #ques/tg/enerals @ Rizon.net (barely related to quests; enjoys Larro quests and anime)
Reminder that we have our own brand new board now! All quests should be posted there:

Why are you not using /qst/?

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>Why are you not using /qst/?

Because it's awful.

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>Why are you not using /qst/?
A good question for a faggot like OP.

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>Reminder that we have our own brand new board now! All quests should be posted there:
Get out.

Because it's a trial board. We are under no obligation to "contain ourselves" at the behest of a loud, salty minority just yet, and until a mod tells me otherwise I will continue with business as usual.

I also don't want the mods to mistake resignation on my part or the part of other QMs for enthusiasm.

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All that false flagging, delightful. Fuck off.

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Also anti-quest posts in quests are being removed. Mods are actively pursuing shitposters telling people to go to /qst/.

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Sure quests are tg just how VG was apart of v before it got ripped off for how much thread spam there was
Fuck off to your containment faggot

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>Mods are actively pursuing posters who don't want their board being shitted up by questfags who autistically refuse to leave.

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>their board
Where does one go to buy /tg/ shares? I have some spare investment money lying around.

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Spin it however you like to fit your ignorant narrative.

Anti-quest posters are having their posts removed.

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Why is it the QTGs are always made by anti-quest posters?

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>Why are you not using /qst/?
Because its an abortion of a board, and vocal minorities should not have everything handed to them by bitch-ass mods.

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Almost all of the quests have moved over there. The only ones that are still on /tg/ right now are bottom-of-the-barrel garbage.

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Yeah but if you don't use it, it'll fail during the trial period and die. It's got everything /tg/ has and thread specific IDs on top of that. If it's a successful board when it gets added to the list it will bring in more people who are interested in the medium, too.

What's wrong with it, exactly?

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>What's wrong with it, exactly?
Nothing. Shitposts are just memeing.

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>what's wrong with it?
We don't want it, and the only people who seem to repeatedly and vocally want it are shitposters.

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Deal with it.

It's true. Sorry but DBZ fetishquest is awful.

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>It's got everything /tg/ has

No, it doesn't. Look at /qst/. It is a miserable pile of joke quests and memes. No one takes it seriously. No one wants it.

8% of /tg/ cannot and will not keep a board alive.

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>deal with it
I will. By continuing to post and visit quests here.
Deal with it.

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>I will. By continuing to post and visit quests here.


I'm running my quest right now and have no intention of leaving.

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>Making a WQDT to troll

You realize that's a bannable offense, right?

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>muh 8%
Nobody cares.

>No one takes it seriously. No one wants it.
So exactly like quest threads on /tg/?

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>muh opinion is superior
Fuck, they were right, the only people who want the new quest board are shitposters.

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>it will bring in more people who are interested in the medium, too.

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>Nobody cares.

You clearly do. Or else why would you continually whine about it?

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The "new features" are unnecessary.

There are not enough regular QMs on /tg/ to justify the existence of a new board.

New players usually come from those who begin with a casual interest when one thread strikes their fancy. Lower traffic and isolation is a recipe for killing quests if ever there was one.

Players are opposed to it, and QMs don't want to commit to it because it's disruptive for their playerbase and archiving setup. And before anyone cites LL setting up a /qst/ archive, not everyone uses sup/tg/ and even those that do would rather not split their archives between the /tg/ archive and the /qst/ archive.

There is no reason for the split aside from the loud complaints of a minority who cannot accept a roleplaying game on a board about roleplaying games that has a built-in dice feature.

The new board was sprung on us after a 2-hour "discussion" where ONE relatively minor concern with execution was addressed. The mod in charge of the new board has since disappeared with little sign that any other concerns are being addressed or even heard.

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>New players usually come from those who begin with a casual interest when one thread strikes their fancy.

New players almost always come from other boards or the existing quest community.

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Well, that's outright incorrect.
I suggest factchecking more.

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>>New players usually come from those who begin with a casual interest when one thread strikes their fancy.
>New players almost always come from other boards or the existing quest community.

Or maybe they're just people who post on /tg/ regardless of where they're from or why they're here.

You have literally no way to prove anything about the people who post in quest threads as if it will somehow magically validate your anti-quest argument against what is actually provable to be 8% of the board's topics.

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>the crossboard menace rears its head again
Say it with me now, anon: "people are allowed to post on multiple boards".

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Obviously posters in say, a DBZ quest come from the nebulous 'quest community' and not from random /tg/ posters that like DBZ and check it out.

Obviously there's a specific quest community that loves all sorts of quests and participates in all of them while ignoring all other /tg/ content.

Or that's total bullshit and quests are just another style of thread common to /tg/.

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Ah, yes, of course, the Mortal Kombat quest is nothing but /v/ and /vg/ posters, obviously.

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That's a lie and you know it. Alot of people, including myself, were lurking /tg/ when they saw something interesting in a quest.

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Prove it. Feelings don't count.

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Bruh no one here plays that quest. Have you read it? It's like three people posting from six phones saying the same things over and over. That's not even a quest, you just got lied to and made an error. You're forgiven so don't worry about it these things happen and everyone experiences it eventually it'll work out, okay? Alright. You do you.

>> No.46990574

Granted yes, questers join other quests sometimes. But rejecting the notion that some if not most quest players were once general /tg/ posters is pretty ridiculous.

That's the crux of the issue here: an anti-quester has finally learned how to half-truth.

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Yeah, the quest community, we gather every other second sunday for a luncheon.

>> No.46990596

So there's a discussion thread in /qst/ as well.

Where the hell is Reviewanon going to be posting their shit? Do I have to monitor both threads?

>> No.46990626

People should use /qst/ more.

>> No.46990655


Urban Oni 16 is live

>> No.46990657

nobody I follow uses it

and the vast majority of it are low quality dead ms paint quests

no incentive to use it

>> No.46990691

I think he'd post here

>> No.46990705

I'll only use it if we agree to delete either that board or this one immediately afterwards.

>> No.46990739

To be fair we do gather every weekend to shit post

>> No.46990760

That faggots been saying the same shit for at least two years now. I write a quest and have three 3000+ point 40k armies, but obviously i'm not interested in anything /tg/ at all. Don't bother replying to him

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>the only people who seem to repeatedly and vocally want it are shitposters
Possibly related to the fact that any arguments in favor of a separate quest board are mostly answered with shitposts and "WE'RE NOT LEAVING DEAL WITH IT".

>> No.46990784

>8% of /tg/
So who's the vocal minority, again?

>> No.46990798

The anti-quest shitposters.
They're a fraction of a fraction of the community. That's how minor they are.

>> No.46990813

The arguments in favor of a separate quest board have all been picked apart by legitimate answers, and now the only argument left is "The silent majority hates them" and "They aren't /tg/ because of this arbitrary reason".

Both are, but only one faction is trying to remove things they don't like instead of just letting them be like everyone else does.

>> No.46990848

Exactly why people should use it.

>> No.46990873

How about all you people in favor of /qst/ go to /qst/ and start posting high quality content to encourage other people to go there?

>> No.46990874

>biggest group:
people that don't give a shit. the overwhelming vast majority
anti-quest fags
all 12 of you

>> No.46990935

>There are only two groups on /tg/, questfags, and anti-questfags
Holy shit, some people are way to into their stupid internet arguments. You are not all of /tg/ and don't represent all of /tg/ in any way, shape, or form. The people who you oppose are also not all of /tg/. Deal with it.

>> No.46990942

Honestly, it's mostly because the refresh is still fucking broken. Just about everything else seems in order, and I was planning on running a quick one-shot just to test out the features, but the unstable at best refresh and general instability of the board itself is a deal breaker. I'm waiting for it to at least get the actual bugs fixed before I even think about using it.

>> No.46990974

11, Garry got married and no longer posts here.

>> No.46991007

Congratulations, Garry! I hope it goes well for him.

>> No.46991051

The ten or twelve people constantly shitposting on /qa/ to get policies they want.


This really means one thing: Most of quest players are also contributors to other things.

>> No.46991081 [DELETED] 

Doctor: I have good news and bad news
Patient: well, okay doc, what's the bad news?
Doctor: You have cancer
Patient: Holy balls doc, what the heck could the good news be?
Doctor: It's only 8% of your body mass.

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>> No.46991099


It's Tau isn't it

>> No.46991104


A dedicated quest board is always going to become a necessity regardless of how much we want it or not. Quests are a growing community, and eventually the burden it places on /tg/ will be unacceptable. It's best that the move takes place early rather than later.

Also, if we ask nicely and loudly enough we could get it to be a NSFW board.

There are a lot of ways this could go well.

Don't presume to speak for all of us when you say 'we'.

>> No.46991110

Are we talking about excuse me commissar and the succubus buttfat goddess is a redeemed loli threads?

>> No.46991118

>I will now shitpost to prove that /tg/ is worse now than it was before
Why do you people do these things?

>> No.46991125

You posted that yesterday.

>> No.46991127

maybe he's talking about the RP threads or the minecraft server?

>> No.46991129

Perhaps I should. I actually did a quest of sorts back in the day, although even then I felt it had a wrongness to it. I'm glad to see a board for Quests and the like being made.

I just feel that it won't succeed unless people actually use it and people aren't using it because they don't want it to succeed, despite it generally being better. The only thing I can think it lacks is an extended archive, but they isn't the fault of the board itself, it's just new.

>> No.46991142

But quests aren't growing.
They're following a normal ebb and flow cycle.

>> No.46991151

Quests have been downhill since 2012.
There were literally 5 quest threads at the time of the announcement. Five. On the weekends, it peaks at 15, including ones that aren't active and are just waiting to fall off of page 11.
"The quests are growing too big" argument would have been valid 5 years ago or so when they actually were growing. It is not valid now.

>> No.46991158

>Also, if we ask nicely and loudly enough we could get it to be a NSFW board.
There's no reason for that to happen with the text-is-sfw rules. It would only make the problem of the move worse.

>> No.46991166

I refuse to use it because there is no reason for a quest board, and no effort has been made to convince me there is.

>> No.46991175

>Quests are a growing community
If anything the number of quests has dropped from its peak. There was even a long-running attempt in /wqdt/ aimed at collecting and updating the status of all the quests year by year, though fucked if I know what archive would even have that available anymore.

>> No.46991200


Of course quests are growing! Every board on 4chan spawns its own quests and every board on 4chan is in a constant state of growth.

Now whether those quests are good or bad is debatable, but it's pretty indisputable.

>> No.46991211


>> No.46991217

actually it is quite disputable.
All metrics show quests to be a smaller percentage at time of announcement than they were a year prior.

>> No.46991226

No, it can be disputed pretty easily.
If you count quests, they are smaller than they were last year, which was smaller than they were the year before.
This holds true until 2013, where they peaked.

>> No.46991227

He has none, it's a new already-failed attempt at making people move after bitching to the mods failed.

>> No.46991241

This has been explained before.

There are a lot of questfags. Most are just random fa/tg/uys that see a quest thread, check it out, and post in it. Maybe they'll post in more, maybe they won't.

The board traffic quests take up on /tg/ however is not limited by the overall number of questfags. It's limited by the number of QMs and how often they can run their quests. You could have a million questfags, but if only ten of them were QMs, their resulting board traffic will be tiny.

Engage your brain anon.

>> No.46991246

Then don't you think that keeping them on a board that hates them is more damaging?

>> No.46991254

>No concept of biology.

Anon please, quests are obviously benign, not malignant.

>> No.46991270

But the board doesn't hate them.
In any thread bitching about quests, you get maybe 20 responders, and TEN THOUSAND people who don't care enough to give a shit.

People who care about quests one way or another are the vast minority, and any argument that goes against that just makes no statistical sense.

>> No.46991278

you are not the board anon

most do not care about quests one or the other

>> No.46991300

he isn't wrong

>> No.46991320

I think you need some assistance

>> No.46991321

The board doesn't hate them.

Quest hate threads have never hit more than thirty or so unique IDs, including people on the other side of the argument. The recent /qst/ announcement threads showed that around 78% of the board thinks splitting the community this way is a terrible idea.

>> No.46991324 [DELETED] 

The issue with your line of debate is that you are arguing in a thread made by questfags specifically for questfags. You'll be outnumbered here by design and shouted down. This gives the illusion majority agreement, an echo chamber effect.

>> No.46991328


look at the state of /tg/ before and after quests and say that with a straight face

>> No.46991330

He is. /tg/ is at least 87% cancer, quests are just a very small part of the terrible bits.

#BringBackNazimod #KeepOurBoardsPure

>> No.46991338

>a board that hates them
Some people hate them. All of the evidence points to most of the board literally not caring either way because they aren't interested and don't go into fits when they see things they aren't interested in.

>> No.46991347


You're not accounting for short term economic shifts. Threads on 4chan are like the world economy: it's a gradual process that wobbles a bit back and forth. Just because there's less threads this year than last year does not mean that the quest community is not growing; moreover, the number of active quest threads on the board at a time is not strongly indicative of the size of the community.

Quests have been growing ever since they became a thing way back when, and one short period of decline in the number of threads is not proof that the community is shrinking. After all, new posters get into quests all the time, and relatively few posters leave /tg/ on a permanent basis. That may not cause an immediate upgrowth in QMs, since it takes time for posters to come up with quest ideas and git gud at QMing.


Grow up.

>> No.46991356

>made by questfags
Nope. This one was specifically made by an anti-questfag trying to get quests to leave /tg/, as per op.

>> No.46991359


It's a ghetto, and it's impossible to get new players there. Any Quests on that board are doomed to failure and slow extinction.

You're basically asking us to march into concentration camps. Also, thread-specific IDs are shit.

I look forward to it failing and dying.

>> No.46991366

Nope, the majority never agrees with anti-questfags in any thread where the topic comes up.
They also don't agree with questfags.
Because they don't care.

>> No.46991370

Nope. "The Board" doesn't hate us, as most sane people can filter or even just scroll past the things they don't like to find the things they do. By all reasonable accounts it's an even smaller group than we constitute.

Until /qst/ was sprung on us I have had exactly zero issues with anti-questers invading any of my threads, shittalking myself or any of my players, or any general disruptions that the players didn't start amongst themselves. Which will always happen from time to time when the players in question are invested in the story. But a trial board goes up and the shitposting goes out of fucking control.

>> No.46991379

There were less threads every year for several years in a row.

I'm sorry that you deny very simple pattern recognition, but don't expect people who can tell that a thing that was once bigger is now smaller to listen to your arguments.

>> No.46991394 [DELETED] 

Are you really this delusional?

>> No.46991411

Are you?

>> No.46991416


You demand evidence from me, and I offer it, even if it's not hard numbers and purely based on very basic facts. But now you aren't even offering your own, you're just making baseless claims.

Also, can you stop being a cunt and have a normal conversation?

>> No.46991417

so no evidence?

>> No.46991435 [DELETED] 

The new quest board will be the dawn of a new era for Quests. The potential is amazing.

>> No.46991436


All dat weasling.

You're not fooling anyone.

>> No.46991441

You actually offered no evidence, and your claims went directly contrary to hard data that has been gathered in the past.

I'm sorry, but all evidence that has been gathered indicates quests were in a waning period for years. Your arguments will not convince people who have taken part in these countings, and it will also not convince anyone who cares to do research into the matter.

>> No.46991447

Economics isn't a relevant comparison.
Quests have not been growing because there's a hard cap on how many can be run at a time, and that cap relies on a very small part of the questgoing group to actually run threads.

>> No.46991457


Some of the best delusion I've ever seen is the paranoia that somehow making quests go away will "fix" /tg/.

>> No.46991465

>thread-specific IDs are shit.
the intention is good - while you can't stop samefagging entirely, mitigating it still beneficial
it's just that the execution is flawed

>> No.46991474





>> No.46991480

Is paranoia the right word for that? Doesn't feel like it.

>> No.46991481

I wonder if a multi QM quest could be doable. I know i don't run because im shocking at dialogue.

Scapegoat effect. Project things they dislike onto one group, blame them for all ills.

>> No.46991482

It WOULD help if I'd saved the images that showed the peak and years-long decline in numbers of quests per month. If I'd known it would become relevant I'd have done so.

>> No.46991488

>Nope, the majority never agrees with anti-questfags in any thread where the topic comes up.

[citation desperately fucking needed]

>> No.46991499

It is a board specially tailored for quests, I think there is a lot of potential there.
There are a lot of technical issues but hopefully that would be fixed if it ever becomes more than a trial board.
For me the main concern is the user IDs. I understand there's a lot of good that can come from that but I really don't like the loss of anonymity myself.

>> No.46991500 [DELETED] 

It will certainly be an improvement, for both quests and /tg/. They've outgrown /tg/ and it is good to see them get a board of their own where they can continue to grow and expand.

People are just being anti-change like always on 4chan.

>> No.46991509

>have all been picked apart by legitimate answers
I must be unlucky, then, because I never get any replies of any substance.

My issue with quests/CYOAs/"thread games" is that the speed of the threads keeps them constantly bumped and pushes slower threads (ie. anything that's not a general) to page 10 and beyond. This is basically the same reason /vg/ was created; a particular class of (totally /v/-related) threads had disproportionate volumes and rates of posts, which fucked things up for people trying to have finer-grained, slower conversations. Every time I've brought up this concern I've been told to "stop using page view you fucking autist," which doesn't really address the issue fully.

People always bring up that both /qst/ and /tg/ would be slow boards if they were split up, and I cannot understand why anyone who's been here for a few years would think that that's an inherently bad thing. Not every board needs to move as fast as /v/.

I'm not sure I see the point in splitting it up now, though. No amount of excision is going to bring back the old board culture at this point, and that's really what most of the "anti-quest shitposters" want at the end of the day.

>> No.46991511

Various anons claiming at the same time the exact same response to that, in various formats, makes me doubt you more than them.

>> No.46991512

I feel so bad for the janitors working overtime

>They never asked for this.jpg

>> No.46991513

>They've grown
You keep saying that, but every single measure says otherwise.

>> No.46991518

It'll certainly help.

How? How are IDs flawed? You shithead niggers keep making up shit to complain about.

Fuck me the purge can't come soon enough

>> No.46991521

You and your big imaginary friend, yes

>> No.46991524

I always support anonymity as a choice. Perhaps have it be an option that the OP can pick would be best.

>> No.46991527


I offered some.


Just stop posting.


What hard data? My evidence is pretty fundamental facts, that 4chan is growing and that questing is only going to get more popular as a result, regardless of any short-term lulls. Show me this hard data, guy, and I'll shut my mouth.


How is it not? Economic theory is designed to attempt to rationalize a system too complex and full of too many unknown variables to ever have a true 100% knowledge of. 4chan thread patterns are pretty much the same.

>> No.46991534

they applied, they weren't drafted

>> No.46991542

The only way to bring back old board culture is to ban all the anti-quest shitposters, bring back lewd threads, and bring back elf slave wat do.

>> No.46991552

Any slower thread is either a thread that is actually pushed off the board is a thread nobody has any interest in or a thread that has already served its purpose.

>> No.46991559

>I offered some.
You're either delusional or retarded. Maybe both.

>> No.46991566 [DELETED] 

>muh twelve people

Hey, I've got another claim for you. If you take a gun and blow your brains out then anime becomes real.

You know, since you obviously believe made up bullshit if people say it enough.


>> No.46991568

Getting a board with new tools and new exposure will encourage growth of the community.

>> No.46991571

Look at archives of any bitching thread from before the /qst/ announcement, on /tg/, /qa/ or even /q/. Most archives don't show the IP count, but those that do consistently show that it's less than 20 bitchers.

>> No.46991572

How come anti-questfags get shouted down on /qa/?

>> No.46991573


It's paranoia because they have a persecution complex. This minority group of 12 people who constantly complain about quests continually insist that /tg/ was better before them, that the quests are responsible for some kind of perceived degradation of the board.

>> No.46991576

>what hard data
Literally every census that has been taken on this matter and counting the archives.

I'm sorry, but reality does not mesh with your argument.

>> No.46991591


God, why can't we have a civil conversation for once? This is exactly the sort of bullish, caustic attitude that destroyed /qtg/ in the first place. Are you Triggerman? You sound like triggerman.

>> No.46991611

We can't have a civil conversation because this guy
is acting like thread censuses were never a thing and that nobody can count threads in the archive.

No point in being civil with someone who's outright lying.

>> No.46991614

I would welcome all of these things.

>> No.46991637

>How are IDs flawed?
They prove identity beyond the necessary point, it's equivalent of enforced namefagging. And namefagging has always been cancer.

More elegant way to handle this would be keeping the IDs internal, allowing QM to mark post as a voting one and then only allowing each ID to reply to that post once. All internally without showing identity.
But that would take actual effort, meanwhile IDs can just be copied from existing boards...

>> No.46991647

Actually, I would too.
Loosening board restrictions and banning people who bitch that things don't belong on the board would do WONDERS to bring /tg/ back to early-/tg/ status.

>> No.46991653

A single thread literally cannot push something off of the board. It's not possible. We could bump this thread a dozen times per second and it will never remove anything more than the one thread it did when it was first made. Thread speed doesn't affect that.
And any thread in danger of falling off either has no participants or is well into autosage. Nothing stops active participants of an autosaging thread from making a new one. It's only when you make a brand new thread that an old one dies. There are multiple archives, including an inbuilt one, that save discussions if someone missed it before it fell off.

Board speed is not an argument either way in my opinion, and I don't agree that /tg/ would get significantly slower, so I'm with you there.

>> No.46991660

>Perhaps have it be an option that the OP can pick would be best.
I didn't even think of that. That would absolutely be for the best. Giving the OP more options is already a thing "Only OP can use text formatting" and I think continuing to give them more control would be a good thing-as long as it is control over the thread or their own posts, not stuff like the ability to delete or otherwise moderate other posters.
Giving OP any kind of power over a thread is a huge change from the norm, so it's understandable that it's just limited to formatting their own posts now, but I think that would be something to pursue in any future changes to the board-within limits, of course.

>> No.46991669

If we were democracy, this would get my vote.

>> No.46991673

/qst/ reminded my that /b/ does quests too. Because that's the level of quests being run there.

Yeah, /b/tards are totally the types of people I want more of in quests. Put on the fucking mask why don't you.

>> No.46991681

Shame, you take the word doubt, in a context where its applied to both parites, twist it into "believe" and try claim intellectual superiority.

Fuck off.

>> No.46991717

Christ the /qst/ posters are fucking salty.

>> No.46991720

Honestly, I think the increased mod arbitration of what's acceptably "/tg/-related" is a big part of why people are so salty about the issue of quests.

It certainly fucking annoys me that /wst/ got the boot, but quests can still get away with graphic sex scenes because the mods either don't give a fuck or want to protect their favorites.

>> No.46991724

When one side of the argument blames you for every conceivable problem, explicitly wants your community either destroyed or moved to suit their personal tastes, and shitposts continually to chase you off the board despite the absence of any rule stating you must move?

No, not really. That side of the conversation will never be "civil", so while I try not to be as vitriolic as many of the people I disagree with are I see no reason to extend any extraordinary degree of courtesy either.

>> No.46991743

that's what happens when you make a board nobody but salty shitposters wants, anon.

>> No.46991752

I can't think of any quests that have graphic sex scenes other than Orc Warlord, which has moved to Akun anyway.

>> No.46991753

And whose arguments don't stand up to inductive or deductive scrutiny in the cases where they are not outright fabrications

>> No.46991755

I meant the guys posting the thread link into quests.

>> No.46991757

I feel like we need to underline that doing these things would truly make /tg/ great like it once was.

>> No.46991764

I'm not sure if the first one can be done since they're dedicated enough to ban evade. At least it gives janitors something to do.

>> No.46991767

More like quests can maybe get away with graphic sex scenes as long as the quest doesn't happen to trigger tumblrmod.

>> No.46991771


>> No.46991790

HMQ has the occasional sex scene.

Rule of thumb seems to be as long its not the sole purpose of the quest, its not a problem.

or it has to be the mods' magical realm who knows?

>> No.46991792

Last I checked, /wst/ was banned because it was mostly just hookups and other weird things.
text is usually not considered NSFW no matter how graphic it is, and a lot of people pastebin things anyway.

>> No.46991793


But lewd quests get deleted and the QMs banned all the time for them. Remember that lewdhammer quest about the sisters of battle versus the rapenids?

>> No.46991797

I meant current ones. Smut quests started getting deleted pretty soon after /wst/ got nixed.

>> No.46991801

I don't actually know what you are talking about, but still feel correct in my statement that you will only get salt if you make a board entirely because some people were salty and shitposted a lot.

>> No.46991822


No no you're thinking of /erpg/. /wst/ had no hookups, it was just smut stories.

>> No.46991828

Open a few quest threads and if the janitors haven't caught them yet, you'll see the posts.

>> No.46991840

I've a couole things to say about the quality of questd on /qst/;

>start a good, detailed quest with mechanics, worldbuilding, etc
>board doesn't pass trial
>have to haul the quest over to a faster board that doesn't know me or how I run the quest


>trial board is added
>want to run a good quest there
>no system or setting comes to mind, no semblance of a story in my head
>don't make that quest because it's buried in mspaint adventures

I also want to say that a lot of you guys fucking despise the idea of quests that aren't rpg-like in detailed rules. Quests are just adventures with a healthy dose of sperging in their creation and playing.

>> No.46991846


Here's what I'm afraid of: the mods would know better than anyone just how small the group that regularly complains about quests on /tg/ is. Why, then, would they create /qst/?

Are the mods anti-quest?

It's the only answer I can think of. And that terrifies me.

>> No.46991847

Oh, I can't think of any current one either.
I mean, Gobble does lewdbins, but they're off-site, so that probably doesn't count.

>> No.46991848

Nope. Sorry anon, whatever was happening has been erased from the record so I can't see the salt.

>> No.46991850

Actually, come to think of it, it would be better if you opened an external archive like desu or 4plebs and looked at some of the recent quests so you can see the deleted posts.

>> No.46991851

People who post >>>/qst/, anon.

It's not surprising if you missed that, because they've been getting janitor'd hard as shit all day. Seems the staff agrees with >>46989438

>> No.46991871

As it stands now I think the biggest issue with /qst/ is the lack of a good archive system, but that is just due to it being relatively new.

It doesn't bother me overmuch. I actually ran a quest of sorts to completion after about 60 threads a few years back which has been lost to the ages now. Even then I felt that there should be a better place for quests and the like on 4chan than /tg/ though.

>> No.46991874


>> No.46991884

I don't think they're anti-quest.

I think they're just feeling experimental and/or lazy.

>> No.46991902

They really should make quests move to the quest board though if they expect it to work. I would be like making /vg/ and then still letting generals be on /v/ or /mlp/ and still let ponies be on /co/.

>> No.46991903

>some of those are FROM THIS VERY THREAD
>I now can't find them when I go back and look

fuck, I didn't even notice

>> No.46991909

I lost track of which was which but it still amuses me that they got booted half a year apart from each other despite being principally the same "offense".

>> No.46991912

er, this goes to

>> No.46991925

It's an experiment to see if anyone actually wants a dedicated board.
If they do, they'll leave naturally.

>> No.46991928


If the mods were lazy they wouldn't do anything, as usual, because literally every move they make pisses somebody on 4chan off and produces much shitposting that they then have to clean up. If the mods were experimental, they'd make other boards that actually need to be made, like /ag/.

What if they're using /qst/ as a shapshot of the 'quest community', and intend to base the future of quests on 4chan on its success or failure?

We've been getting baited and shitposting constantly over there, and because it's *our* board, it makes *us* look bad.

What if this is all just an excuse to get the casus belli to ban quest threads?

Even if /qst/ succeeds as much as it possibly could, it only means questing will die a slow and agonizing death.

This whole situation is win-win for anti quest fags.

>> No.46991932

Nah. More like ownership has recently changed and they're trying to either diversify 4chan.org to gain more appeal, or somebody is making unnecessary changes to justify their position and stand out. Nobody gets promoted for keeping things the same.

Clearly however, the person behind /qst/ has no idea how /tg/ or quests from here work.

>> No.46991951

It's a trial board, my simple friend. As in it's not being treated as a containment board but an actual trial.

Widespread rejection of the idea by the established community the board is ostensibly designed to serve is a noteworthy response.

>> No.46991957

You sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

Yes, anon. Everyone is out to get you. Fluoride in the water is to attack your precious bodily fluids.

>> No.46991959

What if this is all an excuse to ban all quests?
Won't be the first time /tg/ had its content creators gutted from it.

It'll blow over in a few years and return to sort of normal, though everyone will remain shellshocked and traumatized about it like with nazimod.

>> No.46991972

The mod himself has acknowledged that the board would get a lot of shit due to the new board smell, so if they're trying to bait and switch, they've already tipped their hand in the wrong direction.

>> No.46991974

Now now, he doesn't sound that paranoid.
It's an entirely feasible worst case scenario.

>> No.46991975

Smut quests were already being deleted long before /wst/ got deleted. That's why some people here hated /wst/ so much, it was the mod's babby full of shit fetishes they protected while everything else had to go.

And the leaked IRC logs proved that the deletions and bannings were happening due to personal tumblr-bias instead of any sort of just rule interpretation.

>> No.46991985

I don't think extremely vanilla sex is anyone's magical realm, anon.

>> No.46991987

I hope they don't delete it just because of reactionary backlash.

>> No.46991991

Maybe they could have approached it in a different manner so that it would be clear it's not an appeasement to anti-quest fags but an actual attempt to grow quests on 4chan. Maybe done some polling to see what ideas people would want implemented. Maybe contact some of the long running QMs and see what their thoughts are.

Instead they rushed this shit and half asset it and now there's so much blowback I would recommend doing nothing until it all dies down and then making changes.

>> No.46991998

>Implying my magical realm isn't cutesy bullshit, handholding and affectionate lovemaking

>> No.46992007

That's where you're wrong

>> No.46992010


They didn't delete /aco/, and that shitstorm makes this one look like a dry fart. Hell, I don't think a single trial board since Hiro became owner has 'failed', so to speak.

>> No.46992026



>> No.46992039


>some people

More like triggerman, and rather than hate I'd call it complete insanity focused solely on spiting an entire community because one person took a dump on Khornette Quest

>> No.46992040

/film/ lasted less than two hours before being taken down from the tsunami of shit it got. That was half a week ago, and it's still not back up.

>> No.46992045

>mods know more than anyone about how many people regularly complain
>it's impossible though that they know something I don't, a person who has no access to the details of the system.

The delusion of the questfag ladies and gentlemen.

Let's be real: why do you think it's impossible that most people view >>>/qst/ as an improvement to dumping quests on an unrelated board like /tg/?

>> No.46992063

Present situation is that board is in trial state. And everyone who actually tries to herd a quest there gets banned.

In couple days, Hiroshimoot will declare "we were worried there will be 1000 memes on /qst/ (actual quote from Manager), but there wasn't so many meme, board is success and permanent now". From that point onward everyone who doesn't herd the quest there will be banned.

Know the difference, it can save your user privilege.

>> No.46992066


I blame /tv/ for that one

>> No.46992068

Because the only people who seem to care about it in a positive light express it via shitpost, and the anti-questers never top out over a dozen people on any board with ID tracking.

>> No.46992087

So, are lewd quests alright on /qst/?

I might start one, if they are.

>> No.46992099

Well then.

I guess you guys better pray Hellborn and HMQ actually return after this fiasco.

>> No.46992103

nope, against the rules

>> No.46992106

Not any lewder than you can get on /tg/

>> No.46992107

Sorta. You can have sex scenes frequently as long as they're not the main/only guiding force, I think.

>> No.46992111

/tg/ doesn't have ID tracking, why would the opinion of /pol/ matter?

Also, I guarantee you if quests were moved to /pol/?

>> No.46992114

It's disney level of lewds

>> No.46992117

Yeah I'm pretty sure it wasn't just one troll that was pissed off.

I admit I was just a bit upset about the blatant favouritism too, especially after seeing the logs where the tumblrmod is going on about how creepy and problematic a smut quest is and literally asking the other mods for advice on what excuse zxhyr can use to ban it.

>> No.46992129

anon, you do realize that both the new quest discussion board and the old board discussion board had ID tracking, right?

>> No.46992130

Orc Warlord.

>> No.46992136

Including Frozen and that furry thing?

>> No.46992142

Left a while ago.

>> No.46992149

Left in protest/fear, not because it was forbidden on /tg/.

>> No.46992164

too little too late, this board has already become /co/ 2.0

>> No.46992169

sooooo DW3?

>> No.46992173

It's possible, but very unlikely, since it's gotten shit on on /qa/ and a /tg/ sticky with that ostenible silent majority never chiming in to shout down the questfags.

>> No.46992176

>so that it would be clear it's not an appeasement to anti-quest fags
That was never the point. Backlash to the idea was immediate, and the board was implemented anyway two hours later.

/qst/ is not meant to serve the needs or desires of quest players or QMs. It was to appease anti-questers who loudly and repeatedly requested such a step with a thin, poorly-considered veneer of "new features!" to try and take the sting off.

>> No.46992183

and? The population of people who care enough to ask on /q/, or troll you fags on /qst/ (which is honestly just false flagging) are not the same populations that would care enough to shitpost on an off topic thread in /tg/. Odds are the mods have information on complaints posted on /tg/ and accurate information on just how disruptive quests threads are.

Also, I can't see why any anti-quest thread anon would troll you guys on who go to /qst/, since you're doing exactly what they want.

>> No.46992206 [SPOILER] 

>disney level of lewds
That's pretty lewd.

>> No.46992216

>We have a huge majority! They just never chime in anywhere that happens to be able to track people, and in all the scenarios where you can track people show them as a very small minority!

>> No.46992237

I get the strange feeling /tv/ would love this specific post, strange.

>> No.46992263

>and accurate information on just how disruptive quests threads are.

Question: How are quest threads disruptive? How is any thread disruptive? they just kind of sit there where you can ignore them if you aren't interested.

>> No.46992267

You know why? because the silent majority has Quest filtered.

>> No.46992276

I honestly like the new features. You'd be surprised how often I would wish for italics. The problem is that it's a buggy piece of shit that never really needed to exist and doesn't even work right.

>> No.46992283

Incorrect. The silent majority simply ignores people bitching about quests, and runs with no filters since they do not require a hugbox with only their preferences.

>> No.46992285 [DELETED] 

off topic threads are always disruptive. Go post a /v/ thread on /ck/.

>> No.46992299

Oh, so you don't have an actual reason. I see.

>> No.46992317

>disney level of lewds


>> No.46992320


Member of the silent majority here.

Do I hide the crappy anime-inspired quests? Yes.

Do I bitch about it? No.

You know what we got in place of quest threads, before and now?

>Space elf thread, wat do
>Excuse me, _
>If _ then why didn't _?

tl;dr it's faggots like you who are ruining /tg/. Go fuck yourself with a rake.

>> No.46992331

>Go post a /v/ thread on /ck/.
don't tempt me

>> No.46992341

I think pink was just a retard trying to justify his position.

>> No.46992345

as a member of the silent majority, the main problem with /tg/ is people bitching that this or that isn't /tg/, or complaining about this or that in threads not related to it.

>> No.46992355


>> No.46992360

You do realize that the moment you state your stance, you stop being silent majority, right?

>> No.46992370


>Space elf thread, wat do
>Excuse me, _
>If _ then why didn't _?

I'm not sure if you're saying you prefer these, or dislike them more. oh well.

>> No.46992373

sorry anon, as a member of the silent majority, I had to make myself heard by people who wanted to speak for me when my opinion was almost the opposite of theirs.

>> No.46992376

I'm not one to bitch usually, but I think /qst/ is a good idea, and all the shitposting in this thread about it is annoying.

If quests were successfully moved from every board onto /tg/, they can successfully be moved to a better newer board for them.

>> No.46992382

I'm perfectly willing to live and let live and coexist on /tg/ with things "Excuse me, comissar" and even things like minecraft and SS13, but the moment salty /qa/ fags try to claim that quests are less relevant to the board description than those is where I draw the line.

>> No.46992391


>is in this thread
>calls himself a part of the silent majority

>> No.46992397

I gotta say, the best thing we could do for /tg/ is becoming much more allowing of most things.

The puritanical attitude of shitposters on /tg/ has done more to bring down this board than any number of elf wat dos and excuse me commisars.

>> No.46992402


Eh, sometimes they're fun, sometimes they're just repetitive.

I also forgot

>Bitches for Ursula Doom
Mods/Janitors killed those, though.

>> No.46992406

>"Excuse me, comissar"
No, that one needs to die.

>> No.46992407

As a member of the silent majority, I am offended that you think the silent majority isn't investigating all things at all times.

>> No.46992409 [DELETED] 

>That feeling when a bunch of asshole Questers are rebelling against being given their own board and the mods actually side with them.

We were almost cancer free but thanks to retarded mods not helping them out the door, we're already back up to 10 quests and rising.

Soon we'll be back to 50% quests in no time.

And they'll feel all justified about it because the mods aren't just ignoring them but are actually cleaning their threads.

/qst/ obviously isn't going to succeed if you let crybabies boycott it.

>> No.46992411

Doesn't stop everyone from pretending to be them.

>> No.46992427

Anon, maybe if you stopped referring to things you don't like as "cancer" people would be on your side.
Another thing that would help is avoiding wild exaggerations like 50%.

In short, please consider writing your comments in a way that an actual human would sympathize you.

>> No.46992430

>le 50% meme

>> No.46992433

>/qst/ obviously isn't going to succeed if you let crybabies boycott it.
This isn't a boycott, it's a suicide pact.

>> No.46992434


Oh man back to this lie

>> No.46992448


Hah! Someone, a member of this very community, already tried that up there and they got shouted down even more viciously. You fucks are like dolphins, you don't see civility as a strength, but a weakness, and violently assault everyone who tries to behave civilly with you.

>> No.46992451

I just wish he put the calculation on the lighter green part because it just burns my eyes to look at it.

>> No.46992453

>There's no high-quality content on /qst/, the new quest board!
>Yeah, that's why I don't post there!
>No, I'm not moving my long-running quest there, it's full of garbage content that doesn't get replies!

Not even anti-quest, but are you guys seriously that retarded? Flood the board with your higher-quality content than what's being posted to filter out the garbage threads.

I could count 20 threads or more at some points during that past 6 months when it came up between friends (a row in the catalog of nothing but quests was kinda funny), so quit your "muh minority" bullshit. Look at /asp/, 80% wrestling since it got retitled.

>> No.46992454

They weren't successfully moved from every board onto /tg/. Some /a/fags got real angry about their three or four quests in 2012 or so and cried to moot, who moved every quest he could find onto /tg/.
The ones from /a/ universally died off, and the ones from other boards went back after a month or so when the mods stopped caring again because their boards had never cared in the first place.
The idea that most, or even some quests on /tg/ came from other places is factually wrong.

>> No.46992455

Maybe people would be more receptive if you didn't have to blatantly lie to make your points.

>> No.46992461

Oh, you mean the guy who lied about the numbers of quests?
Perhaps you should try making statements that are truthful instead of relying on lies, exaggerations, and vitriol?

Maybe then the mods would be on your side?

>> No.46992463

while that estimate is closer than the other guy's it's not accurate either plenty of quests don't label themselves as such

>> No.46992485


Name 5

>> No.46992486

They'd be flooding the quest board with good content if they wanted a quest board.

It's up to the people who wanted the board to furnish it with content to attract people.

>> No.46992490

I'm not moving there because I actively hate the idea and would rather see quests banned sitewide than contribute to it.

>> No.46992502 [DELETED] 



This poor fuck got bullied the fuck out of the thread for just trying to be optimistic about /qst/. Just don't even try to take the high road on this shit, you're all a bunch of cunts, so I will talk to you like the cunts you are and offer you zero respect.

>> No.46992515

>This poor fuck
You mean yourself.

>> No.46992519

That won't happen since it was created at the behest of a few terminally asspained whiners on /qa/.

Your statement implies that the concept was championed in good faith.

>> No.46992523


Keep being paranoid.

>> No.46992533

Keep samefagging.

>> No.46992548

>They'd be flooding the quest board with good content if they wanted a quest board.

You know, you people keep saying this, but you never really define a flood.

Only one QM can make a quest and run it and I doubt there are QMs who can run two at once.

>> No.46992553

That "poor fuck" tried to use bullshit economic theory that runs directly against the hard data and refused to change his stance after being shown objective facts against his claims.

>> No.46992560

That poor fuck's entire argument was based on a lie.

>> No.46992563


Yeah I'm sure the massed vitiriol he got on his first post was totally his fault m i rite guise?

>> No.46992569

I think /qst/ could have worked, if it was given more than a two hour heads up. and if pinktard had actually asked for ways to make the board work more than two hours before adding it regarless of neative feedback

he was optimistic, hell I'm trying to be optimistic, but he was bullied off the thread for claiming quests were gaining popularity, when all evidence points to the contrary. not for his optimism.

>> No.46992578

d20 or d100 ?

>> No.46992580

The best part is that the shitposting/meme/generally crappy quests on /qst/ that they're bitching about are literally made by fellow questfags. Anti-questfags have literally no reason to make shitposting quests on /qst/.

>> No.46992586

that's sooort of exactly the point I was getting at.
Nobody wanted the board who actually makes content or does anything, and so the board will not have any content or anything done.

>> No.46992589

>4 replies

"massed vitriol"

>> No.46992592

>Anything not agreeing with a post is vitriol
People only got annoyed at him when he started insisting lies were truth without supporting evidence.

>> No.46992598

>Flood the board with your higher-quality content than what's being posted to filter out the garbage threads
There is not enough higher-quality content to do this. This is one of the reasons we don't need or want /qst/

>> No.46992604

mostly likely bored /b/ tards doodle a stick figure, write two lines and get bored.

anti-quest guys are in the feedback page

>> No.46992605


>> No.46992608

What vitriol?
he got four posts correcting him, but not a single insult in them.

Vitriol may or may not have come out later when he continued lying rather than acknowledge his mistake.

>> No.46992609

They've done it before. There's no reason for them to not do it again.

>> No.46992617

Want to make a bet that he was manager?

>> No.46992692

>stop looking into whats happening, let me whine

There is a new sticky about quests, this is the general about quests. Even if I don't follow quests why not investigate whats what.

I'm seriously starting to side with the questers in this, the real cancer is AoS generals.

>> No.46992720

>m-muh srs bsns
>muh nofunallowed
I haven't developed a complete opinion on /qst/ yet, but you are terminal cancer. Quests have always been about memes and jokes.

The failed, desperate, would-be authors are a newer breed.

Ruby Quest was full of joke suggestions, memeposting, and disgusting furfag lewds, yet it was one of the most gripping(opinion) and successful(fact) quests to ever run.

>> No.46992721

they kept posting their salt until they were called out too much on it

>> No.46992723

/qst/ can and will work. All it will take is the mods moving quest threads to it for a bit, possibly banning the autists who refuse to post there. They should also change the rules a bit to make it saner, like allowing a single general quest thread.

Just like what happened with /tg/.

>> No.46992730


>> No.46992773

I suppose I shouldn't have used "could have" kind of contradicts me saying I'm optimistic.
Which I am, since a few qm's with moderately successful quests seem to be willing to give it a try (though some aren't).

>> No.46992781

>If quests were successfully moved from every board onto /tg/, they can successfully be moved to a better newer board for them.
There was no success. I know /m/ and /d/ had their own still. Heard about /co/ too. It was a blow against OC from different boards.

The worst part is that every once in a while the mods seem happy to keep wacking until it whimpers out. /qst/ would be the third or fourth blow against quest threads, I think.

>> No.46992789

>choosing not to use a trial board is autistic
>refusing to let salty >>>/qst/ posters dictate where quests are allowed and where they aren't is autistic
>not moving when moderation has in no way stated it is required is autistic

>> No.46992812

This lie needs to stop. The quests that were moved to /tg/ literally all died or fucked off YEARS ago. They were here for less than three months on average.

>> No.46992828

Your comment makes me think you are an antiquestfag pretending to be neutral

>> No.46992856

That's because you're an idiot who can only think in "us vs them" terms.

>> No.46992894

As has been previously stated, some QMs have decided to wait and see. Some QMs actually like it on /tg/. Some QMs are concerned about longevity, hit-or-miss implementation of site features, and player migration. Some QMs are concerned that the fact that they acquiesce and move to /qst/ to try it out may be misconstrued by moderation as approval.

There are plenty of reasons why a QM might want to post on /tg/ through the trial period, and that's fine. Because there is no argument that can compel them to do otherwise, and simple disagreement does not invalidate their concerns.

>> No.46992917

>would-be authors
This sounds like it's targeted at one QM in particular. but I haven't checked on the quests here in a little while so I wouldn't know.

>> No.46992948

...I feel like it might be PGQ? I can't say for sure of course.

>> No.46992963

I didn't have anyone specific in mind.

>> No.46992966

So there is a good chance of me breaking my hiatus early/delaying it slightly so I can run tomorrow here on /tg/. If I do end up running it will be like normal.

Personally I'm trying to be optimistic about the /qst/ board. I don't really want to move since I was on /tg/ for a long time before I ever stepped into a Quest thread There are some good features admittedly but the way the mod handled the creation and feedback was definitely a clusterfuck.

>some QMs have decided to wait and see. Some QMs actually like it on /tg/. Some QMs are concerned about longevity, hit-or-miss implementation of site features, and player migration. Some QMs are concerned that the fact that they acquiesce and move to /qst/ to try it out may be misconstrued by moderation as approval.
This is exactly why I'm still going to run it on /tg/. I vastly prefer to stay on /tg/ even though I will use /qst/ if Hiro demands it

>> No.46992990


As the person you replied to, you are very unintelligent and missed the point entirely.

>> No.46992999

Do you not know how 4chan works? Things don't get 'pushed down' unless a new thread is made.

If you're on page 8 on /tg/, your thread will still last several hours without a single bump.

>> No.46993023

>It is a miserable pile of joke quests and memes. No one takes it seriously.
Seems pretty cut and dry to me.

>> No.46993035

I've seen threads last for nearly full weeks even in recent times.

I think the Anti-Quest folk are exaggerating but that could just be me
It's actually them

>> No.46993048

oh god they actually did it the absolute madmen
that said as much as a quest board is a horrible idea the increased text formatting for qms redeems it a little

>> No.46993068

I think the distinction anon wants to make is that a quest with it's own jokes and memes and references to such is not the same as a joke quest or meme quest.

>> No.46993105

/wst/ was all links to pastebins as well.

>> No.46993108

Here's my evidence.

Actually counting the threads.

>> No.46993139

/wst/ was banned because a small vocal majority didn't like it and shitspammed it to death.

>> No.46993155

>Why are you not using /qst/?
Because I hate the idea of user tags. You may as well just use a name at that point.

>> No.46993156

It wasn't banned because of that.

>> No.46993167

also the rules are shit i can understand wanting to avoid people just shitting on quests all over the place but im worried people will try to use it as an excuse to say criticism should not be allowed

im not so worried about qms avoiding criticism as players complaining about criticism

also the anti lewd stuff mods have tried to clamp down on lewd in quests before its never gone over well. that said i dont think mods care what people think anymore look at whats happening on /mlp/ this last month and a half

>> No.46993183

Its a legitimately stupid idea.

They have actually shrank and the high point was years ago so that is pure bullshit.

>> No.46993206

Yes, I'm fully aware that Triggerman and the spooky shitposting illuminati literally shitposted it until the mods got sick of dealing with it.

I'm just saying "but it's only in pastebins" isn't a valid rationalization of why it's tolerated for quests.

>> No.46993210

>I also don't want the mods to mistake resignation on my part or the part of other QMs for enthusiasm.
this is the important part

>> No.46993234

You'll have to have a better reason why it isn't a valid rationalization than "because /wst/ was banned" when that happened for unrelated reasons to smutbins.

>> No.46993243

Actually, several QMs have posted there and their concerns are still being addressed. They're tinkerign with the board still, but as is, the board is terrible for ANY purpose, including but not limited to quests.

>> No.46993262

Lies. People (and not just anti-quest haters, but general users) shitpost so hard in unlabeled quests they never survive.

>> No.46993266

It's literally /b/ now


>> No.46993283

We can't.

The board itself limits us to one thread.

>> No.46993292

Are CIV and nation builder sessions considered quests by the AntaQuest?

>> No.46993298


Wrestling fags never wanted their own board as far as I know, /tv/ just wanted them gone.
Your Autism is beyond comprehension.
Slow boards are not bad boards. It allows readers to actively catch up without using an archive and promotes quest popularity.
I'm aware, what I'm referring to is the (pretty retarded) opposition to change. Some absolutely refuse to try it and the "anti-quest minority" are shitposting so loudly it isn't even funny.

>> No.46993302

the amount of mostly dead drawquests is staggering. Did they come from another board, or maybe even from outside 4chan?

>> No.46993314

CHERRY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PICKING

>> No.46993342

>Flood the board with your higher-quality content
Quests rarely get close to 20 threads in an active day, total, and that is counting those waiting to be pruned out.

There is no flood

>> No.46993344

>I doubt there are QMs who can run two at once
It's been tried. It ends in complete exhaustion.

>> No.46993350

>It allows readers to actively catch up without using an archive
They'll still need an archive one way or the other.

>> No.46993352

They thought "Oh questthread! I can do those, only chumps make quests anyway."

And surprise, it's hard. So all of them abandoned it after the novelty wore off.

>> No.46993372

Those are from the new board smell, mostly. People come along to look at new boards for the first week or so. They wanted to try out the board's features (Most of which are OP only) so started a quest to try it.
Then they learned that it's not something they're interested in, or it's too difficult to keep up, or whatever.

>> No.46993378

I checked the interal archive again

144 are quests (including WQDT) out of 1346. the oldest being Sleeping Gods Quest #30 on April 22nd

according to my meager math skills, 10.6% of the tg internal archive is quests

>/tv/ just wanted them gone
you mean /sp/

probably some b kiddies saw a new board and then got bored and went back.

>> No.46993380

Allow me to expand on >>46992548

Even if we wanted to run multiple quests - and some of us do - we literally cannot do so on /qst/. First, if you change macgines, you are no longer OP, so the cool featers that being a QM nets you do not work. Second, the board itself won't allow a unique IP to OP two threads currently. We cannot run two threads at a time, meaning even if we wanted to, the entire combined total of QMs, past and present, could not fill the entire board.

>> No.46993400

More than that, we can't run a new thread while one of our old threads remains on board even in autosage.

>> No.46993402

I also included civ quests

>> No.46993413


Thank you XS. I didn't know that about OP thread's there.

This is a HUGE problem because I run two quests concurrently. One on Tuesdays, another on Saturdays.

>> No.46993420

What did happen to them? An increase in shitposters?

>> No.46993426

this theres nothing wrong with trying new things
not that i support that shithole of a board though

>> No.46993458

mod went fucking crazy deleting threads randomly came up with a sticky trying to explain his actions that dident actually apply to most of the threads being deleted and now to save face is deleting all the threads that he claimed he was targeting.
also a bit of general fighting against generals he doesent like.

content creation died in a week it was horrible to watch.

>> No.46993563

IIRC, they did it in order to prevent known shitposters from coming in, fuckers acting like the QM when the QM is away, or idiots fucking up the quest by samefagging.

>> No.46993564

oh. Oh shit I didn't realize that.

>> No.46993586

>content creation died in a week it was horrible to watch
>mlp dying

It doesn't check out.

>> No.46993593

I have no problem with the same people posting. I also hate the post counter at the bottom.

>> No.46993609

Is the Mage Guild allowed on >>>/qst/ ?

>> No.46993610

sure the board should never have existed but we grew to like the retarded amounts of greentext coming out scruffy decides to ban write prompts because there apparently roleplaying (and quests somehow arent) and that dies

>> No.46993616

And some of us agree. These new things aren't working very well. They fixed some but there are critical problems still:

Thread Watcher does not update or remains static (i.e. you are not informed of thread updates)
OP cannot change machines, which means those with lives and jobs are not OP any longer and lose the cool features.
One thread per unique IP, even if other thread is in autosage.
Painter lags even if not in use.
Forced F5 refresh - does not consistently manually refresh, does not consistently autrorefresh.
Players are not interested in being IDed (Personally I have nothing against samefagging, and it can help push story, but it also tends to kill discussion and arguments, which are vital to quest health.) I may allow multivotes, up to three. Might be interesting.
Autosage is problematic and largely pointless on a board with a very, very small OP group (all the QMs of one list all posting at the very same time will only just fill up the board, and not nearly all of them are from /tg/).
Splitting the archives is problematic as well, but at least it is being archived. The main problem with that is if the board goes, we lose the second archive as well, which means LL has to deal with trying to fit the other threads into his standard archive somehow - which is isn't even required to do, mind.) This limits QMs with long running quests.

The claims that we're not using the board because we think it sucks is actually incorrect - people aren't using the board because it doesn't work for the things we need it to do yet.

>> No.46993626

> What are trips

They're proposing a solution to a problem that's already been solved.

>> No.46993641

Mage's Guild is a collaborative roleplay where everyone posts content in character. Thus it is not a quest and stays on /tg/.

>> No.46993662

I could see the argument for it, but that would be on a mod to decide.

I think it would be funny if the threads AQF likes moved to /qst/.

>> No.46993675

I've been told multiple times that it doesn't belong here.

>> No.46993680

Mage's Guild was banned for a while, wasn't it? Same with Thief's guild.

I could easily see those moving to qst.

>> No.46993697

It's a type of quest for sure and should be moved if other quests are forced

>> No.46993730

Your point? I never said they didn't need one, only that the thread stays on-board longer than it would on /tg/.

If I remember right it overlapped, but whatever.

My point still stands of rabid, irrational hate from both sides.
>To our left stand the anti-quest party, made of general shitposters who don't like change if it hurts themselves but revel in it if it hurts what they don't like.
>To our right stand the anti-/qst/ party, made of autists who don't want to learn to share a new board with strange features and limits.

I may have only been here since sometime mid-2011, but I've known since it's earliest incarnation that /tg/ was formed a basis on GW products, quests, and retarded lewd threads.
Hell, if I had control I'd say /wst/ and /tg/-related vidya could come back, because it was FUN, something this board needs again.

>> No.46993764

I find it a little ironic that one of the three real dealbreakers with me is that /qst/ wouldn't be able to push my quest off the board fast enough on Saturday to run my second quest of the week Sunday. While /tg/ of all places CAN.

>> No.46993778

>My point still stands of rabid, irrational hate from both sides.

I have not seen any irrational hate from the pro-quest side.
>made of autists who don't want to learn to share a new board with strange features and limits.
This isn't what's happening at all. The pro-quest side doesn't want the board at all, and was perfectly fine sharing /tg/ for years up until this point.

If it's anyone being a raging autist, it's the anti-questers refusing to share 8% of their board with questers.

>> No.46993815

>>To our right stand the anti-/qst/ party, made of autists who don't want to learn to share a new board with strange features and limits.

And this has nothing to do with the fact that quests are too small to sustain a board and that quests and other forum games gain readership by the board in which they surround themselves. No-sirree, it's just stupid reactionaries

>> No.46993848

>their board

That implies that their silent majority is actually substantiated

>> No.46993866

Not really.
It's everyone's board. Even them, the guys I hate who want it not to be my board.

>> No.46993905

I use 4chanX and don't have many of the technical problems in your post.

Just do an extended thread and mark where the next chapter starts/ends

>> No.46993933

Ignoring the bugs and assuming they will just fix them in time, if they removed the time limit for autosage and the restriction on thread creation it would be a lot better, as well as let all posters use all the tools and features like special text.

But yea, as it is right now, it's less an issue of the board being "shit" and more of an issue of it simply not being functional. It cannot, and because of that will not become anything close to a successful board in its current state.

>> No.46993946

>Just do an extended thread and mark where the next chapter starts/ends

He wasn't talking about continuing that same quest, he was referring to it making him unable to run a thread for another quest entirely.

>> No.46993978

Why not? Is there a rule that says you can only be OP of a single thread at a time? IDs are thread specific if that's what this is about.

>> No.46994009

>Is there a rule that says you can only be OP of a single thread at a time?
It's a coded restriction. One IP means one thread at a time.

>> No.46994029

You're not getting it, doofus. I run TWO different quests on back-to-back days due to my restrictive work schedule during the week. Archive-splitting, dynamic IPs meaning I'm suddenly not the OP of my own session, and the myriad other minor glitches aside, I flat-out can't use the new board to continue my questing schedule.

As things stand, agreeing to move or being forced to move means dropping a quest.

>> No.46994066

Well you could, you just wouldn't be able to use the new features. Nothing stops you from tripfagging and running it at the same level as a /tg/ thread.

Literally no reason to drop it except to be a whiny baby.

>> No.46994079

But what if you want to use all the new features?

>> No.46994106

Or just running them both on /tg/ as I have done, which is a board that functions properly and which I'm not being forced to leave.

>> No.46994148

That solution seems needlessly complicated. Also, namefagging and IDs are hardly the same thing, as they can't be readily carried over to new threads. Namefagging implies recognition of a name; all IDs do is identify who you are for the duration of a specific thread.

>> No.46994223

Irrational hate refers to the full-on refusal, and yes, I have no problem with /tg/ quest threads. I was referring to outright refusal to use the new board, but I'll amend it to refer more towards shitposters.

/3/, /asp/, /wg/, and /diy/ sustain themselves. I can guarantee you that there is at least one thread on /3/ that is close to or over a month old. And who's to say that /b/tards (with a better attention span) and other assorted non-/tg/ board users won't try their hand at being a QM?

While I've never run a quest I don't entirely agree with some of the current restrictions on /qst/, but I'd like to believe the IDs might be dropped after some time has passed.

And as an aside, this "ultra-minority on a board" garbage needs to stop, on both sides: quests on /tg/ and good quests on /qst/. Again, there were times in the past year where I could count nearly 20 quests active on /tg/ at once, and *every* quest on 4chan was moved to /tg/. Just because the active archive does not show them does not mean they exist, as /tg/ moves faster than most people like to think.

>> No.46994289

20 quests for a whole board? Amazing. It is almost like that is almost nothing for a board of 150 posts dedicated to exactly only that subject.

>> No.46994307

>Mage's Guild was banned for a while, wasn't it? Same with Thief's guild.
They were banned because it was avatarfagging spam. Then they used Quest on the title to go stealth for a while before returning.

Parliament threads made a comeback too, but those died off.

>> No.46994403

> I was referring to outright refusal to use the new board, but I'll amend it to refer more towards shitposters.

Well, as many have pointed out. It has issues. Lots of them. Issues that would require re-coding that particular board to fix.

But the main issue is that without a playerbase, quests are nothing but storytime.

>> No.46994505


>> No.46994605

Welp, it's an abstract kind of hell. If they survived on /tg/ after being banned once, they will surely survive on /qst/. Other kind of threads have already been tried.

>> No.46994642

I applaud the mod's action. He really kicked the hornet's nest this time. This has been a non-stop lolfest. The amount of salt on both sides could create at least a half dozen new Dead Seas.

>> No.46994718

There's no need for dramatics or hysteria about quests, there's no need to go full defense squad on a bunch of petty haters. A mod just walks in, does a botch job of a divisive move, and everyone flips their shit.

People just can't fucking be cool to save their lives, it all has to be some high-stakes zero sum game. It's tiresome.

>> No.46994775

You're shitposting, but I'll bite. Reread some of my earlier posts. Slow boards are not bad and there's more boards than /tg/ out there that can tell stories.

Something I addressed and acknowledged. Poster IDs are pretty retarded since Tripcodes are a thing and at least one guy runs multiple quests. Not sure on the rest of the features since I don't read/run quests, but either way there needs to be a rework. The playerbase is small on /tg/, but I'll still bet that more than /tg/ users will post there when they learn it's dedicated to CYOA stuff.

>> No.46994881


>> No.46994926

>Poster IDs are pretty retarded since Tripcodes are a thing and at least one guy runs multiple quests.

I'm pretty sure you can have tripcodes along with poster IDs, unless it's forced anonymous

>> No.46994941

Unrelated note: Bikini swordie quest is STILL something I'm interested in running and will do someday.

>> No.46995313


I need to learn how to run one of these.

>> No.46995548

I would settle for figuring out how to play one of them.

>> No.46995756

How does she fight if she's in her underwear?

>> No.46995808

Not everyone uses 4chanX obviously. You shouldn't have to download something to make a board work correctly.

>> No.46996165

That's bullshit, I have two different quests up at the moment. One's with Oekaki, the other's an uploaded image, if that's relevant.

>> No.46996188

Which ones?

>> No.46996295

I made one thread wanting the classic adventure audience and failed to get it, so I made the Oekaki quest.

What's the error message you get when you attempt to make two threads at once? I'm curious.

>> No.46996505

>Reminder that we have our own brand new board now! All quests should be posted there

Fuck off

>> No.46996594

Everyone keeps telling mig that Orc Warlord has migrated to Akun, but I can't find it there. Where is it?

>> No.46996627


>> No.46996687

I was getting Gateway Timeout even though I could post elsewhere or as a player.

However, looks like I can now post multiple threads. If I was the only one, I would have said browser glitch on my end, but I'm not. An error since fixed? I do not know.

But the mods are trying which is more than usual.

>> No.46996869

Well, that's one problem fixed.

There's still the issue of seclusion from an environment where the quests take inspiration from, which is an issue with /qst/ being its own board. Quests change depending on where they're made. On /tg/, they're more popularly quests with stats and mechanics, like an RPG game. On /v/, they're draw adventures like a lot of the quests on /qst/ at the moment. A lot of people like /tg/-style quests, but you wouldn't get /tg/-style quests outside of /tg/, like how it's rare for a /v/-styled adventure to even get posted here.

Quests are weird kind of meta threads that aren't the same when posted on their own board.

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