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>> No.46988111

Jumpers, what do your Companions know about your first, normal life and the mundane identity you had back then?

>> No.46988234

As much as they're willing to believe. Which is surprisingly little in some cases, and it's not like we brought anything with us to Pokemon to prove it.

There's one exception-our former name. It's gone so hard, it never existed to prevent us from being targetted by name-based magic.

>> No.46988266

Now decided on Mack D. Knife as my name for One Piece.

It's funny because I'm a great white shark fishman.

Well sort of funny anyway,

Look out old Macky is back!

>> No.46988328

Any relation to Mack the Knife from Captain Commando?

>> No.46988341

Probably everything they learn from the blacklist session during the Gaki no Tsukai challenge.
Of course, once we go back I'll be back to my old self, albeit looking radically different. They'll have to get used to it.

>> No.46988403

Well they're both named after the same song.

Was a way for me to incorporate the D initial and have something to do with sharks.

>> No.46988615

Well, of course there's some stuff I want kept secret, but I mostly tell them what they want to hear. Family, education, friends, significant others, lifestyle, hobbies, talents, status, etc.

>> No.46988644

The first couple believe because they were close enough to the first life that there isn't much to disbelieve once they see otherworldly powers and join the Jumpchain.

The later companions have a hard time imagining the crazy road tripping merchant could have been anything but a crazy road tripping merchant.

>> No.46988665

Speaking of which,

Those of you who were a Fishman or Fishman Hybrid, what fish did you pick?

I went with Hybrid Lionfish for the venom and because it looks cool.

>> No.46988705

Nothing. Well, except Avalanche, but he's got a Mental Bond with me. I can't hide anything.

He keeps telling me it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. How if it had been, I'd have never gotten to meet him in the first place. He keeps telling me original-life-me was actually a pretty cool guy.

To this day I can't bring myself to believe that.

>> No.46988708

The one who's in the mirror.

>> No.46988732

They know nothing.

>> No.46988735

That I had that life. I'm not sure how much I'd talk about it, since after a while you'd think that two or three decades in one world would up contributing a relatively small amount to who you are after a few centuries.

>> No.46988915

When I make copies of myself, do they have all my unique gear too? If they do, does that gear also have a fraction of its initial power like my abilities? Also was there any consensus on how copies work when going to different jumps? Are they companions and can they then get companion import features? My jumper pretty much always has two copies of himself active at all times

>> No.46988923

I went with a Barracuda once. Fast and biting

>> No.46988951

Companions? What Companions?

>> No.46988965

Depends on the perk, I guess.

>> No.46988989

At the very least they wont be naked on creation i hope

>> No.46989006

Meta thread question:

When someone asks a thread question to try and foster discussion, what kinds of questions do you like? Questions that fosters writefagging like asking about accomplishments or your character arcs? Discussion about the best order to do jumps or which jump is the best place to get something? Working out combinations to accomplish impossible tasks or kill invincible foes? Talking about jumps you'd like to see made?

>> No.46989013

They know a bit, though I don't go shouting it about, unless I'm saying some Gar speech for a companion in need or I'm talking down an enemy who thinks their hot shit. Though I do reserve talking about memories of my old life for when it can hold sentimental value. But sharing nice little heart to hearts with companions, reminiscing about experiences that even hundreds years of memories still can't seem to clog up, is quite a nice moment to have.

>> No.46989017

that it was bad enough and I hated it enough to throw away everything I have, never see anyone or anything I had ever known ever again.

>> No.46989062

I'm talking about the Teen Titans one. Most other copy perks are just temporary or have doubles that are just illusions. At least that's what I've found. Is there another copy perk that's better than the Teen Titans one?

>> No.46989080

I love questions that inspire writefagging, because I find the creation/thinking of some of the jumpers here to be really phenomenal. And I actually like questions that inspire the answer of cool perk/power combo's that do really cool shit.

>> No.46989154

I'm a "Day to Day" bullshit type of person, aesthetics, combat styles, minor stuff

Really looking for the "best X" is kinda pointless effort rather than finding "what will help me do X"

>> No.46989180


I need you to be honest with me, so I can determine how badly I fugged up.

What is the Ogami's true form revealed in the mirror?

>> No.46989192

There's loads of ways to get copies, so it was pretty unclear. Through most temporary or illusionary, yes.

If you don't need armies, there's Alice - Through the Looking Glass has Tweedlified, which gives you a full power copy, and Libriomancer has Hiveminded for 9 other bodies.

The teen titans copies do come with gear and clothes when you make them. Not sure if it'd copy unique stuff you're carrying through.

>> No.46989193

Is the Luck perk in the Halo Gauntlet the best luck perk in the chain? It says that "the odds always roll in your favor", so does this make it absolute luck in a sense? I say in a sense because "you can still die if you do something stupid"

>> No.46989211

Depends on the chain and on the companions. Ava in the recent ones heard me ranting often enough.

>> No.46989230

I have an undertale Question; How good/bad an idea would it be to give Flowey a human alt form? Would this do anything to actually help him or would he still be Flowey on the inside (as much as I can say without spoilers... I swear putting spoilers in front of anything about Undertale has become a meme in and of itself.)

>> No.46989231 [SPOILER] 


Truly its the most horrific form of all

okay yeah I wouldnt know, i just really wanted to do a horrible pun.

>> No.46989250

Well now I know the next two jumps I'm going to! I figured that my copies wouldn't have the unique stuff I'm carrying, so I'm picking up extra unique weapons for use by my copies. I figure it'll be more versatile anyways if I'm attacking with multiple top-tier weapons .

>> No.46989257

>Through the Looking Glass has Tweedlified, which gives you a full power copy
No it doesn't. It explicitly states that your raw power is unchanged; it's dispersed evenly between both bodies. There's the obvious multitasking boost, of course, but both bodies are at half power.

>> No.46989305

They probably know quite a lot, if almost everything about it. Who I used to be, and all that. What would inspire a person to go on such an adventure, before finally starting to modify their body to such an extent that they're anything BUT human anymore... what would drive that person to pursue the alluring promises of magic and demonhood.

Long story short, they pretty much know I started as a giant fucking nerd. They can also tell that I still am a nerd.

So how do they react to it? They probably rib me like no one's business. Joking about how I'm going to burst into flames if I ever walk on holy ground, asking if the doors are going to be big enough if I want to try a place to eat at, and so on and so forth. This isn't them being mean, but more a playful ribbing to point out how far I had come from being the tiny little nerd that started out on this journey of insanity. Why hold the past against someone if they're working to improve and get beyond that point to become someone better?

That doesn't stop them from making fun of me for my name, though.

>> No.46989312

I went great white as it's all about bigness, strength, mad biting and doesn't look too retarded.

Figure you could be a handsome great white fishman in a way you'd struggle to with some of the others.

Mostly went for basic function as although poison and that sort of thing is nice it's still pretty mundane and fundamentally I was going fishman in the first place because they're an anime-tier nonsense 'strong for no reason' race so I played to their strengths.

Plus Arlong bites through a cannonball thereby rendering it harmless and there's not a tonne of places where that's an attribute of a race you can be.

Considered marlin for 'gotta go fast' and sword nose but sword nose is not a great look.

>> No.46989353

The first companion knows, directly from me.
They've told others down the line but maybe some of them know bits or Chinese-whispered versions.

Others have been hiveminded with me for short periods, so they probably caught glimpses of pre-jumping memories, but it's possible they think it's just another jump.
Or maybe they think the jumps with particularly strong influence on me are my original life.

All kinds. We have all kinds of people in thread so just ask whatever.

>> No.46989388

Really? That's stated really akwardly, if true. It mentions not doubling, amplifying, changing, or amplifying your power, and the notes say you draw power out of the same energy reserves.

It says nothing about for example only being able to punch at half strength.

I interpreted it more like you would be fueling both bodies with the original amount of mana/stamina/chi/whatever as when you had one body, effectively doubling your energy consumption.

>> No.46989457

Oh. Same guy here. To expand on that, if it really does half your power instead of simply drawing what's still one pool of energy...

What does this line mean?

>Multi-tasking and creative use of it in general can realistically circumvent the original rule that this perk will not double your powers.

>> No.46989474

Not much, I do tell them a few things if they ask, but I never volunteer much, the only time I did was when I explained what was happening they Jumped with me into the World Seed for the first time.

Oh and like >>46988234 my name doesn't really exist any more, it's now just Noel.

>> No.46989483

I think you'd have the same strength, but each body could only lift the combined total. So one of you could lift your maximum weight, but the other one couldn't lift anything at that point or you'd both get a hernia.

>> No.46989519

That sounds really fucking weird. Then again, it's Through the Looking Glass, so...

>> No.46989534

I am off my game today. I could have swore it said both were at half power. My apologies.
No clue man. Ask the jumpmaker, I guess. I love the prose in the descriptions, but sometimes I have a hard time sussing such things out.

>> No.46989616

Exactly. If it made any sense at all, it wouldn't work as a power.

>> No.46989686

If you decide to carry certain drawbacks on into further jumps, are you stuck with them forever or can you decide to get rid of them at a certain point?

>> No.46989706

You can choose to get rid of them whenever, but when you do, you can't get them back

>> No.46989939

Well, let's see...

Flowey's problem is that he lacks the anatomy (both real and metaphysical) to feel emotions. He lacks a monster's SOUL, which grants the ability to feel, but he's also a FLOWER, which doesn't have any of the chemical mishmash humans use to feel emotions either. He just straight up can't feel feelings.

Giving him a human alt form might actually allow him to feel, because he'd have organs and glands that are able to secrete chemicals (like oxytocin) allowing for feelings of love!
But it would only work as long as he stayed in that altform. If he turned back into a flower for any reason, by choice or otherwise, he'd lose that. What's more, because his emotions are heavily dependent on his physical structure, his personality would probably vary depending on what altform he was in.
So. Y'know. Don't ever import him as a Shoggoth. That'll end poorly.

Also, because there's a heavy variance between humans, even with working brain chemicals he probably wouldn't regain his previous before-I-became-a-flower feelings unless you went in and tried to mess with the output yourself. And that could just as easily cause severe mental damage or make things worse unless you REALLY know what you're doing.
So maybe stack some perks.

At least, that's how I think it would work...

So, short answer: That would probably actually work! But it'd be much more tenuous than getting his SOUL back, and be more likely to result in only partial success.

>> No.46990077

Oh god not another one.

but seriously, if anybody knows an answer would be great - the last thing I need is finding out I'm wielding an ornery Fingerking.

>> No.46990115

Context: i have three god damn companions who're pretty much harem protags.

>> No.46990146

As an added note, I guess I'll mention that it also depends on what KIND of human you import him as. Because you're not really replacing his SOUL so much as working around it (unless there's a setting that explicitly gives you a soul if you don't have one, in which case he'd have that setting's definition of a soul -- and all the baggage that implies for that setting).
How humans deal with not having souls varies wildly by setting. For some settings it never comes up at all and isn't that big a deal. For others, it's a HUGE deal and can even turn you into a monster. And not the cute fun kind.

So basically just choose wisely where you get his altforms from. It's going to have a major effect on his personality.

>> No.46990159


fallen London has everything you need to make a new soul and put it in him.

>> No.46990167

Question for the Brows:

Any chance on a Killer Instinct update with the new Seasons / new characters being added?

>> No.46990170

Did you at least use that to your advantage?

>> No.46990192

did you check the drawbacks? Because I think that's one of the zero point drawbacks.

>> No.46990248


So does this mean another Wakfu update?

>> No.46990272

I feel so damn sorry for Wakfu Anon.

Most their god damn stuff either is WIP or needs an update at this rate.

>> No.46990280

Explain this animation is this an update to the wakfu game or is this an cartoon?

>> No.46990321

So. Apparently going over old builds, I am terribad at doing improvised accountancy. The point being, some things had to be shuffled around in the Dogs of War jump, and as a consequence the psychic spiders have been retconned.

And after tallying point allocation balanced between different things in that jump I have realised my #181th jump looks to be very fucked up in an entirely different direction. How, you might ask?

Drawback: The End Times, I will Return! (2100)

>Complication: The Hag Queen of the Druchii

High Elf: Loremaster of Hoeth (1800)

Vow of Poverty (2100)
Mage (Free)
Mage Lord: Shyish (Free)
Advisor (Free)
Winds of Magic (Free)
Wizards Hat and Cloak (Free)
Vision of Perfection (1800)
Quell Animosity (1500)
Aura of Nobility (1300)
Dwarven Will (1000)
Ancient Lore (900)
Necromancy (500)
Necromancer Lord (0)

So um. On a scale of 1 to 10 exactly how bad a misunderstanding would arise if I were to seek out the Sword of Khaine, convert it into an Angel Slayer through Soulfire-enforced corruption, reforge it into an AK47 with infinite ammo before attempting to unify the elves-and then the other mortal races-against Chaos?


Actually I asked Clover about this ages ago. And the answer is, indeed, snek.


>> No.46990395

Looks like both.

That's just how it happens, I guess.

He's always got Vandread, Totally Spies, I.M. Meen, Betrayal At House on the Hill, etc.

Too bad Johnny Test is getting a new season.

>> No.46990422

Please tell me you are lying please. I can't stand another season of that fucking show.

>> No.46990441

That's just what I heard.

>> No.46990446

> Too bad Johnny Test is getting a new season.
The Canadian Content law is the worst thing to come out of that country.

>> No.46990594


>Too bad Johnny Test is getting a new season.


>> No.46990649

Heh, I really wasn't planning on importing him anywhere. I would like to earn him as a companion but I was just wondering if the Ultimate Disguise perk from Unholy Heights might help him at least temporarily.
It looks like if you take fallen child and don't do that and aren't a complete psychopath you stand a good chance of having to play stand in for Frisk including likely fighting either Omega Flowey or His true form at the end. I am not sure how I would fair against stuff that can wipe out timelines. Especially without a SOUL as strong as Frisks.
All in all the best victory would be one where I don't have to face down an angry god drunk off his new power.

>> No.46990889

Isn't that girl from the Dofus era?

If I'm wrong and there's more Wakfu, can you tell me about it?

>> No.46990911


>> No.46991057

Wow, really? That jump isn't exactly well liked, but...

In that case, I can't be sure of the exact metaphysics (as if I'm sure of any of this; these are mostly educated guesses), but I would imagine it would work roughly along the lines of what I described.
Flowey gets a human form, it comes with working brain chemistry, he's able to feel emotions. Happy fun times.

Given his... personality? before becoming a flower, I'm going to say it would probably be HEAVILY reduced from that. Like, I don't think he'd just turn around and want to give you a hug. There's no way his chemistry levels are working hard enough for that -- and given that the human form is working off of Flowey as a base, they might even be below average. But the parts should be there. I would think. At least if everything is working correctly, they should be there.
Also, given what he's like in his True Form, I'd hazard to say he wouldn't notice the change immediately. Maybe not even for awhile.

But it'd give you a foothold, and that's what matters, because there wasn't one before.
If Flowey is able to feel emotions, even just a little bit, that would enable him to form attachments again and actually enjoy things, and from there you'd be able to talk to and reason with him and maybe come to some kind of understanding.

After that, all you have to do is figure out how to keep the other monsters from trying to kill him for his nonexistent SOUL.

>> No.46991123

>Well liked
A few people whine because two perks in it have no canon basis. No worse then KanColle or Fountain including non canon stuff the author wanted, it's just that they never shut up about it.

>> No.46991147

>Not well liked*

>> No.46991191

I'm not exactly a fan of the Fountain either but Kancolle's a fine jump other than one perk.

>> No.46991224

So Unholy Heights other then two perks.

>> No.46991284

... I mean, the alternative is that all that stuff about brain chemistry I just said DOESN'T work, and Flowey ends up with an emotionally gimped version of the human body because his previous form was emotionally gimped.
I mean, we have sociopaths in real life.
I don't know, I don't pretend to know how this would work for certain.

But, again, if that were the case, you could always go in there manually and jumpstart the oxytocin and various love chemicals yourself, assuming you had the ridiculous biological surgery knowledge or magic or love potions or whatever you'd need required to do so.

The point is that if you gave Flowey a human body, if nothing else he'd have the base mechanisms installed that should allow him to feel feelings, and after that it's just a question of whether or not those start off on the right settings or not.
And that's really just a case of your opinion.

Anyway, I think I've covered everything by now.

>> No.46991577

I'm not sure why, but I read that as Humpermages and I was confused.

>> No.46991682

someone saved one of my crops

I don't collect companions like Pokemon, I only really have a few and I generally try and downplay my supernatural powers. I eat and bathe every day. Disbelief sets in when they see the powers come out, but as they get their own powers from the jumps they come to understand.

Still, they have a hard time accepting that they are living in worlds of fiction.

>> No.46992105

How do you convince folks not to be afraid of you, /jc/?

>> No.46992126

Apathy and alcohol.

>> No.46992135

Appropriately enough given your image, a jaunty top hat. A monocle, too. Even the scariest monster looks friendlier when it's dapper.

>> No.46992194

For the guy considering working on Mage: The Awakening, second edition is coming out on May 4th, so it might be a good idea to delay until that's out. Other than that I'm willing to help out if you want, tend to be on IRC relatively regularly, especially around times when I'm posting. On the Supernal Magic is detectable and counterable by local magic a slightly more fluffy phrasing could be something like: "As Supernal Magic draws upon the Truth of reality it is somewhat subjective depending on the jump you are in. Most notably this means that it qualifies as that jump's magic for the purposes of other people detecting and dispelling it. Other than that it will remain largely constant, except for Arcanum adapting to deal with corresponding subjects. Spirit can always deal with ephemeral beings, Death the undead, and so on, though secondary Arcana may be necessary and especially potent ones would fall within the domain of Archmastery to create."

On the guy asking about Baal and Marduk I apologize, currently having writer's block in that area. Feel free to make your own within reason, generally I go for one big thematic effect, a few smaller ones, a power up condition relating to the primary domains of the god, a transport power, and then just relatively generic ones for remaining domains. Feel free to fanwank within those general guidelines, which I'll probably be adding when I finally update Percy Jackson. My apologies, I'll try again when life stops kicking me (great grandmother is dying any day now and health is acting up just in time for end of year crunch on school).

>> No.46992388

Does anyone know of any jumps with drawbacks where an enemy gains all your powers? Want to test how my jumper does against a mirror match fight

>> No.46992404

Dragon's Crown lets you fight your double.

>> No.46992412

Don't those drawbacks have the enemy having your powers and leaving you with your injump powers?

>> No.46992429

not all of them, some just have the double gain your powers

>> No.46992474

Wow, thank you for a thorough and well thought out response. I am not sure that it is the rout I will take but it is nice to have options. Unfortunately I; through taking too many drawbacks, may have painted myself in to a bit of a corner. So I may need to deal with Flowey before he can screw me over even further than I have already screwed myself over. If I can make him somewhat manageable and willing to hear me out I may just have a chance at juggling all the other problems I caused for myself.

>> No.46992483

>inb4 i eat my double and double muh stronk

>> No.46992566

>Ratchet and Clank Movie came out
does this mean a R&C update for new canon?
pretty please? the movie was so bland and I just wanna feel the fun I used to feel from the games.

>> No.46992624

You want the jump updated with bland content?

>> No.46992655

movie was bland as shit
game looks FANTASTIC

>> No.46992712 [SPOILER] 

Regardless of my powerset most people wouldn't fear me. Even if I am a planetary wiping, Megastructure making, Von nuemann nightmare I usually have people fairly calm with my presence. Unless of course you are a enemy to JUSTICE! In that case, those individuals are a special kind of fucked.

>> No.46992747

Speaking of movies, jumpers! What movies have you inspired? For an example, were movies made about you and the other Eva pilots' heroic battles against the Angels, foiling SEELE, and smashing the Human Instrumentality Project to pieces?

>> No.46992754

Definitely I watched a stream of it a few nights ago. The game looks absolutely amazing.

>> No.46992774

Ah, didn't realize there was a new game out. My bad.

>> No.46992849

The key to this one is simple. Don't act scary, try acting like a normal person. Don't toss around powers on a whim.

>> No.46992862

God Hand

>> No.46993029

How do classes work in the darkest dungeon gauntlet? Do i pick one for each member of my 4 man team? Do I pick a class for myself?

>> No.46993030

Question about the One Punch Man jump, is there a way to get to the level of power Boros displays? I know we can get to Saitama's level(that's the joke), but is that possible?

>> No.46993043


>> No.46993236

The game is practically the first game remastered and retold. It's really fun, if not very short.

>> No.46993291

watching a let's play of it now since I picked the wrong fucking console and not even Game Stop wants this shit.
>tfw I could have been playing Ratchet and Clank but the Xbox 360 was cheaper at the time and I stuck with it into Xbone generation
kill me now

>> No.46993514

Persona, although in that case they have all your powers on top of being a berserk Shadow.

>> No.46993560

Northern Europe
Bounty Hunter (900cp)
Male, 23yo
•Engineering (800cp)
•Indomitable Will (700cp)
•Elemental Affinity (Light) (400cp)
•Enchanting (200cp)
•Signature Outfit
•Robot Database (-200cp)
•Watched (0cp)

AKU! It would seem that my arrival has triggered Aku's interest. Which is unfortunate because all he does is send more his assassins and monsters after me. They're pretty dangerous, but so am I. It was kind of thrilling but I grew bored of having Aku hunt me and my companions, so I found Samurai Jack.

I decided that it was probably best to just stick with Jack. Together we just make chump change out of the robots Aku sends. Even when Aku comes down from his throne and we kicked his ass. Well Jack did, I just tried to survive. My trip here was interesting, I hope my next trip is as interesting.

>> No.46993718

>And the answer is, indeed, snek.


Welp, looks like I'm figuring out sneksperiments.

>> No.46994062

In the Witcher jump can I take become a monster even if I didn't take Witcher as an Origin? And if I am able to , does it give me the basics Perks the witcher Origin has like the ability to make signs?

>> No.46994361

Do you still stay hydrated, /jc/?

>> No.46994367

I am the essence of liquid refreshment.

>> No.46994451

Hydration is important!

>> No.46994504

That's oddly cute.

>> No.46994533

I have so many Wells I am a living monument to hydration. I've even altered my blood to have magical water. So hell yes, water is good.

Also holy shit I want to hug that snek.

>> No.46994561

Considering that snake can't see because it's in middle of a shedding cycle, it'd probably bite you.

>> No.46994803

Speaking of your thing with water, do you know some perks good for purifying polluted water on a large scale?

I plan to purify the River Mortis in Warhammer Fantasy.

>> No.46994968

...honestly? Aside from magic... hold on.

-Water Element (Captain Planet)
-Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Captain Planet)
-A Loving Earth (Anno 2070)
-Purification (Inuyasha)
-Water Mana Node (Age of Ice)

The latter is more to purify spiritual stuff at the source, but the others are technology and abilities that not only let you make SUPER eco-friendly stuff, but also slowly but surely clean up any pollution that you may encounter. The Captain Planet combo helps as well, since the more time you spend in an area the more the pollution just cleans itself up. The Node just helps out if you have magitech capabilities to infuse it, as the Node ensures the purest, cleanest water around.

I'm sure there's more you can do with other magic and stuff, but I'd personally start off with that and start building off of it as a base. The important thing aside from making it clean is KEEPING it clean.

>> No.46995010

stop with your logic and shit. There are cute things about

>> No.46995071

You could try to catch Suicune in Pokemon, it's known for purifying bodies of water it runs on.

>> No.46995086

Given the fact that the main things that fucked up said river were Skaven poisoning (so, magical poisons + plagues and warpstone), magical plagues from Nagash, and Nagash casting a spell that killed and reanimated everyone in the (very large) kingdom plus turned the kingdom into a desert waste at best and a blighted magical murderuin at worst, I think he needs a bit more of the remove magic/spiritual influence and a bit less of the "make eco-friendly tech and remove normal pollution."

>> No.46995088

Gue'la why do you not fight for the greater good?

>> No.46995109

Because me and my Necron pops destroyed the Tau for being Weaboos.

>> No.46995119

No can do.

My waifu is the greatest good I'm ever getting.

>> No.46995139

>Bioshock jump doesn't let you become a big daddy
For what purpose?

>> No.46995151

Oh, but I do. Mindfucking soulless morons just aren't a part of it.

>> No.46995152

Because I'm not a communist.

>> No.46995179


>> No.46995218

…You WANT to be a mentally and genetically 'sterilized', skinned metahuman permanently encased in a modified diving suit, with a psychological and biological compulsion to guard little girls who drink the blood of dead people?

For what purpose?

>> No.46995252


I think there was a glowing vial of water from Siren: Blood Curse that's got the power of a goddess and could cure a crazy magical malady? Shit shit shit I think Yu Yu Hakusho's got some purification stuff too. ...depending on how you do it, you could pick up 'Black Hearted Bastard' in Once Upon A Time or 'Re-Birth' in Cardfight Vanguard!, then just jump in the pool and suck up all the corruption like a sponge while stacking personal anti-corruption perks to become a living purifier via sucking the corruption from the area?

...ahahaha, oh wait. Binbougami has a capstone for Priests that could help with focusing and channeling energy to fight corruption, that could help. Fuck me for forgetting my own jump.

>> No.46995422


Fuck This isnt even the final revelations but geez

For the record I'm apparently supposed to herald the message "Go fuck your self with a fucking rake" in reaction to this, or something along those lines

>> No.46995471

So Romans were actually Chinese all along?

>> No.46995479

>Humans giving information to the roaches
But why. No, seriously, fucking WHY?! God damn it humanity, do you WANT to die?

>> No.46995496

>Rome is responsible for Jesus-Johj
>Rome and China have fucked it up for everyone
>this is the hubris of man
Man. I'm just laughing. I'm not sure if it's rational but I'm just laughing at how much of a clusterfuck this is.

Apparently they gave the Roaches a bible, too.

>> No.46995509

Roma instigated the Roaches turning Chaotic Evil.

China tried to capitalize on it.

>> No.46995512

Apparently from what I've been told. Sorta, they want to use the virus to kickstart the singularity and transhumanity.

>> No.46995525

Oh my, looks like I'll have to slaughter some puny humans that jump as well.

>> No.46995530

Rome is the Vince McMahon of Terraformars. It was them all along Austin

Also there's some nation wide subplot involving like Transhumanism stuff or something but I really dont understand at this moment

>> No.46995537

Don't forget that Newton (referenced in the Roma Warrior perk) has several mosaic organ abilities without having the organs, on top of some other superhuman bullshit.

>> No.46995559

>second spoilers

So I take it the update's going well.

>> No.46995562

Oh right I forgot the ULTIMATE kicker to this.

1. The roaches are a hivemind

2. The roaches would have turned into A PERFECTLY PEACEFUL RACE had Rome not fucked it up

>> No.46995564

>Gave them a Bible
Why not just grab the virus themselves? Wasn't the whole thing started by, America I think, using the alien tech to evolve the roaches into super soldiers, or am I remembering wrong?

>> No.46995570

I don't know what to say. I honestly don't know what to say.

Is there some kind of political agenda to this? Why would they do that? What's the benefit?

Someone help me figure this out. I can't do it.

>> No.46995573

Because you don't fight in melee.

Damn you Caesar! Does your imperialism have no bounds!
>Brutus was right. Make the republic great again.

>> No.46995588

>That spoiler
Words cannot express the depths of my rage at this current moment.

>> No.46995590

And where the fuck does Rahab fit into all of this still?

>> No.46995628

Do you even think I know where this is going? Cause I sure as hell fucking dont

I'm apparently supposed to message incomprehensible screaming to you so. Yeah

>> No.46995634

The little girls part is all I need to hear

>> No.46995660

Probably for the same reasons people like to be Super Mutants, Kaijus, SPESS MEHREENS, Zerg, Doomsday styled Krtypontian Hybrids, and so on.

>> No.46995693

Emmy has threatened to cut my arm off again if I bring up my prime life just once more. She thought it was neat at first, way back in pokemon, but she got sick of me talking about my wife after a dozen or so Jumps. Chartreuse never expressed any interest, though she's picked some up from osmosis. The shipgirls have all heard some stories, but most of those were from during the chain. Hime's too busy having fun to really care about origin stories.

No one's called me by my birth name in over eight centuries...

Of course! A healthy body is essential! Granted, I don't need as much water as others, but it's still a good drink to have even if Ambassador Molari never touches the stuff.

That's not to say there aren't boozefests every now and again.

damn that snake is cute. Is it just me or is her left eye clouded over to point of blindness?

>> No.46995705

...I am SO nuking these guys, and that solar canon is going to be PERFECT for it! Right after I use it to wipe out the roaches and d̶e̶f̶a̶c̶e̶ improve Mars with my face like any sane person would do!

>> No.46995707

Now now, Super Mutants, Kaijus, and Zerg (especially Primal) don't HAVE to be brainwashed in any way.

>> No.46995729

Snake's probably just shedding, happens right before they tear the skin off.

>> No.46995730

>Not putting your face on the sun.

>> No.46995735

So, wait.

What happened to that stuff about the missing planet, the Rahab pyramids, the evolution the moths are also going through?

>> No.46995763

The eye is blind, that's because the snake is about to shed it's skin. This includes the eyecaps, which are translucent scales. Snake scales don't flake off like skin or stretch that much. So they shed their skin because they're growing too big for their old one. This leads to blindness for awhile until they shed.

>> No.46995767

>Mars face

Neither do the Alpha daddies. They just got biologically linked and memory wipes.

>> No.46995769

Anyone else feeling that even the creator of this series has no clue where this is going? Either that or I'm just stupid.

>> No.46995779

Kinda feel they're at the point of "who cares".

>> No.46995787

The jumpmaker has no clue where this is going anymore.

[Wake me up]

>> No.46995794


Suddenly Rome is like the super illuminati and are like really high tech this whole time or somthing

>> No.46995852

Should have paid more attention in that biology class from ten years ago.

Anyway, have a build!

Jump 61: Medaka Box
Alias: Jane Doe
Age: 14 (662)
Sex: Female
Lip Service--kiss can transfer one power at a time to one person at a time, kiss takes it back
Label--say something, trick target into replying, and trap them in a card. max five cards at a time.
Normalize Liquid--injection that shuts down any actively directed ability for fifteen minutes. No effect on passive abilities.
All Jokers--arrogant to point that always allow enemies a free shot.

Thinking I take a break and spend most of the Jump in the background. Build a tranquilizer gun but load it with the Normalize Liquid to quietly deal with rowdies. Definitely need to actually watch the series before I have a clue what I'm doing.

>> No.46995854

Would anyone like to fill in a person who doesn't read Terra Formars on what's going on?
Most of what I know is from the Jump itself.

>> No.46995887

The manga has gone and retconned half of what's in the jump.

The update's going to be more of a rehaul.

>> No.46995900

Basically, remember all the stuff we thought china did? It was actually Rome all along.

Plus we're basically in a sort of "Phase 3" of the story where the roaches ended up on earth and stuff. And that's really all i got from friends telling me about this

>> No.46995906

Really? It changed that much? A lot of the perks seem pretty general or based on character's past actions so that seems like a bit of an exaggeration. I could see some like the Roma Warrior one but most seem very hard to retcon.

>> No.46995995

Greater good this, greater good that, once you've seen one you've seen 'em all.

Spoilers: They never work out in the long run, someone always gets greedy.

>> No.46996096

Yeah, this manga keeps going to strange places, especially with it's crazy Men In Black Kamen Rider esque organ things. Luckily, a good old Biosculptor sharded companion or Bio Tinker companion can fix the disease bullshit, and I'm simply gonna gar speech the rest of the people on the mission into being okay people. Also help Japan, because their cool in this setting.

at least with the latest manga releases, some cool tech gets invented in 2600.

>> No.46996333

Greater Good?
Jokes on you spaceman, I only fight for the greatest good!

>> No.46996375

Absolutely nothing. Chimmy has everyone thinking I was a Pokemon trainer, due to the shenanigans in Mystery Dungeon and having to re-train my old team to listen to a fellow Pokemon. I've never had any need to disabuse them of the idea.

I've shared bodies with these people and they still don't know. Because it was never on my mind at the time.

1. I stack adorable and beauty perks. I do not look like a threat. When I'm not hiding behind some sort of illusion, children walk up and pull my tail or pet me in the streets.
2. I am very dumb, so they fully believe they can outsmart me.
3. Being actively nice and helpful most of the time, and using your powers for nice things really helps. I grow food and heal people.
4. Multiple perks that make it seem like I am harmless and just very lucky. Both the underestimating me kind, and the making things look like happy accidents kind. And actual luck perks.
5. Actively listening to and responding to normal people. Engaging people like a normal person tends to take the edge off.

>> No.46996411

Fear is a weapon. Why would I deprive myself of a weapon?

>> No.46996436

Swords to plowshares?

>> No.46996804

Please tell me they are not going to say that Rome is trying to bring about Judgement day with the Roaches...
It's such a dumb idea but I can't really see any other direction they are going with this.

>> No.46996812

...I'm fairly certain thats an error in translation, considering that Beetle guy is alive there.

>> No.46996938

Not the anon. Its from the more recent chapters, it was a flashback telling us what they actually saw other than the posters in the pyramid, the "We are the cosmos" signature.

>> No.46996970

It's in the newer chapters.

Which also include an armed Yakuza gang murdering an entire colony of Johj in some absurdly spacious Japanese waterways. least i assume they're Yakuza judging by the tattoos this guy's bearing, and he's eating one of the fucker's brains for added 'wtf' too.

fuck me this update's gonna be difficult.

>> No.46997010

To be fair Yakuza are apparently the secret op characters in things these days

>> No.46997014

...Are you talking about the Prime Ministers bodyguard?

>> No.46997026

Man, Kazuma dodges rockets like they're nothing in game 5.

>> No.46997047

I admittedly have forgotten how a few chapters have gone, but just lookathim.

>> No.46997079

Ok, yeah, I was wrong.

>> No.46997117

At this point I just want the damn thing to end already. Make my job a helluva lot easier.

>> No.46997128

So are you actually OAA or just teasing? If you are, could we please get an update on all those jumps you've claimed? It's been months since we had any word.

>> No.46997305

We're going to be fighting a prolonged campaign in a land war with really bad weather, against opponents who variously don't rely on supply chains, don't honor concepts like "logic" or "reality" and at least one of which is on the cusp of becoming their own magical WMG.

If anyone has a better idea for a gun that won't break down for years of intense fighting than a Kalashnikov we're all ears.

Less terrifying avatars. Pic related.

Actually no, we're technically constantly on fire to the point we had to develop special internal subspaces to store our bodily fluids so they didn't get vaporised on contact with our main multiverse-body.

Better question Tau, why do YOU not fight for OUR greater good? We've already got the Necrons and the Imperium signed up to a mutual defense pact, and double teaming the Warp is the greatest good there's ever gonna be.


Which is a far freaking cry from the allies available in Fantasy Battle. Setting aside that we were way less powerful then when it comes down to allies it's going to be hard to find any similarly competant anti-Chaos allies while simultaneously imposing our spiritual purity into Morathi's chaos-taint. The best we can think of is using Soulfire and Revivification to ressurect the original Slann.

Other than that the Bretonnians are apparently being deceived by an Elven god which doesn't say good things about their intelligence as a culture, the ogres and Nagash are part of the problem, the Empire aren't contributing much unless that Sigmar fellow shows up sometime within the jump's timeframe and the dwarves caused a lot of bad blood in our own faction's history.

Unifying the elves is, comparatively, going to be somewhat easier. Especially since we have a dragon to ride. That always gets feudal societies hyped if they're on your side right? Now if only they could learn how to build and use anti-material rifles...

>> No.46997339

By this point, it's been 300 threads and almost a year since Jump Rain was supposed to happen.

We're not getting those jumps.

>> No.46997361

>double teaming the Warp
That wouldn't sound dirty if it wasn't coming from you.

>> No.46997386


>> No.46997407


>> No.46997694

147. TOME
Location: Lavendera
Age: 23, Origin: Enigma
Perks: Libra System, Battle On, Hot Stuff Comin' Thru (-100), Beauty Was What Killed The Beast (-600),
Welcome to The Guild (-400)
Drawbacks: The Owchies are legit They Don't Quit (+100)
Avatar Creation Supplement
Class: Animalistic, Power: Rat
Perks: Shoot an Icicle, Remember the Basics, I've Got At Least One HP, One With The Code [300 CP] (-600), Swift as a Coursing River (-50), The Force of a Great Typhoon (-50), Strength of a Raging Fire (-100), Gonna Bite your Nails off and Spit them in your EYE (-200), Friend of Nature (-300 CP)

So, everyone gets the Libra System perk for free, which grants 1000 AP. The import means I get to do 1 300 CP build and one 1000 AP build for each of my eight companions, and the perk names in this are sometimes pretty long. So, I need two posts for this one.

We played the game for this one, mostly. There were a few stumbling blocks at the beginning, like the sisters of battle tricking the system by each inputting a different image for their shield, and when placed next to each other, that image was quite provocative. That got them a temp-ban until they changed their shields. Other than that, though, it was really fun for my companions. I, however, am not the MMO type. Especially one with such a small world. I can't even wander off or craft items or anything.

I just chilled with Gamecrazed, and told them I was a jumper and couldn't log out either. They took it in stride, really. I even told them where to find that absorption bit that held the Forbidden Power after Nylocke, MASTER OF THROWING AWAY MACGUFFINS, lost it. What they did with it after that was unknown, but it stopped the plot dead in it's tracks. I may have also told the other Netkings about D-Bugger antics, pretty directly. Names were named, evidence was brought forth. Rubirules was fired. That was it. Not even arrested, just went on to work at a different company, intensely unsatisfied with the software.

>> No.46997700

Wait, Rome made Johj evil? How?!

It was the Bible, wasn't it?

>> No.46997717

Chimmy: Competitor, Libra System, BATTLE ON, It's About Time, Rank Up (-100), Give It Some Oomph (-200)
Class: Fighter, Power: Monkey King, Shoot an Icicle, Remember the Basics, I've Got At Least One HP, Swift as a Coursing River (-50), The Force of a Great Typhoon (-50), Strength of a Raging Fire (-100), Mysterious as the Darkside of the Moon (-100), Close Quarters Kickass (-400), Kiai! (-300)

Falco: Roleplayer, Libra System, BATTLE ON, Dragon of Cold Steel, Earnest Heart (-100), My Blade Is Tempered By My Ideals (-200)
Class: Spellcaster, Power: Void, Shoot an Icicle, I've Got At Least One HP, A Hero's Flight (-50), A Hero's Flight (-150), Rock You Like A Hurricane [Void] (-400), Cloud-Killer (-400)

Roberta: Competitor, Libra System, BATTLE ON, It's About Time, Survive the Drama (-300)
Class: Morphological, Power: Wax, Shoot an Icicle, Remember the Basics, I've Got At Least One HP, Bada Boom (-200), My Shield is As Strong As Steel (-400), Variable Form, Arcane Unguent (-400)

Ko'el: Roleplayer, Libra System, BATTLE ON, Dragon of Cold Steel, The Legend of Jumper (-300)
Class: Fighter, Power: Slingshot, Shoot an Icicle, Remember the Basics, I've Got At Least One HP, Sharp Shooter (-200), Big Shooter (-200), Swift As A Coursing River (-50), The Force of A Great Typhoon (-50), Strength of a Raging Fire (-100), Gimmick Shots (-200)

SoB: Roleplayer, Libra System, BATTLE ON, Dragon of Cold Steel, Earnest Heart (-100), My Blade Is Tempered By My Ideals (-200)
Class: Mechanical, Power: Gattai, Shoot an Icicle, Remember the Basics, I've Got At Least One HP, Swift As A Coursing River (-50), The Force of A Great Typhoon (-50), 2 Get Equipped [Defensive Shielding, Heavy Weapon {Chainsword}] (-600), Programmed To Fight (-300)

>> No.46997775

That's not how name-based magic usually work tho. It's the name that "define" you at any given moment that matters, not the original and long forgotten one

>> No.46997793

Asriel: Social Butterfly, Libra System, BATTLE ON, Hot Stuff Comin' Thru, Beauty was what killed the Beast (-300)
Class: Swordsman, Power: HYPERDEATH, Shoot an Icicle, Remember the Basics, I've Got At Least One HP, A Hero's Flight (-50), A Hero's Flight (-150), Swift As A Coursing River (-50), The Force of A Great Typhoon (-50), Strength of a Raging Fire (-100), Mysterious As The Dark Side Of The Moon (-100), Blade Forged In Legend, Arc Edge (-200), Boomerang Blader (-300)

Isaac: Newbie, Libra System, BATTLE ON, A Hero's Wings, Purple Shadows (-100), Foul Hacker (-200)
Class: Mechanical, Power: Upgrade, Shoot an Icicle, Remember the Basics, I've Got At Least One HP, Swift As A Coursing River (-50), The Force of A Great Typhoon (-50), 2 Get Equipped [Flight, Missile Pods] (-600), Programmed To Fight (-300)

Toby: Newbie, Libra System, BATTLE ON, A Hero's Wings, Git Gud (-300)
Class: Morphological, Power: Entropy, Shoot an Icicle, Remember the Basics, I've Got At Least One HP, Sharp Shooter (-200), Variable Form, Gum Up The Works (-300), Toxic Body (-300), Rust Monster (-200)

Three posts, actually.

My companions grew bored with living on a relatively small floating island fairly quickly. They burned through tournaments, quests, whatever they could find and it still wasn't enough for them. They power-leveled like mad, being unable to actually leave the game and go about doing whatever else. Every little expansion was explored so thoroughly they could tell you everything there like the back of their hand.

They did make lots of friends, though. Like, fanclubs of friends. Being really strong and really hammy tends to do that in games.

>> No.46998356

1. Pretty sure it depends on the setting

2. That's the thing-the spell we used creates a blank space in fate to prevent a new name from ever defining us in the future.

>> No.46998526

Asa do you have the pastebin for how you became the anti spiral? I've never actually read how you did it.

>> No.46998604

You mean the universe-body one, right? Technically the full extent of our capabilities is an aggregate of many, many other combos developed over the course of the chain but this is the one that explains why we look the way we do.


>> No.46998607

Yea the universal body, sorry should have specified.

>> No.46998609

Also someone said you had a bunch of judgements inside you, how?

>> No.46998629

How do the drop-in in "Changeling the lost" work?
You are dropped into Arcadia and spend 1d8 years there before "the benefactor" bails you out and then spend another 1d8 on earth? does this mean that the duration of the jump can go between 2 and 16 years?

>> No.46998663

Oh, that? Think that was covered under that pastebin but basically-we used Temple of Thought to combine the properties of an Angel's Grace along with those of a Fallen London soul. Which is actually less an intrinsic part of a sapient being and more like a sort of spiritual spore that exists to soak up your hopes and dreams so that when you die it floats into the sky and gets eaten by a star.

Unless it becomes super buff at first, of course. And Angel Graces get super buff from absorbing the power of souls; the ones from Supernatural are particularly buff and ages ago we developed a system to mass produce souls.


Then we just bought tonnes of Fallen London souls, traded them to the Devils for lots of Coruscating Souls (which are particularly buff and near becoming a star), absorbed those and used the aggregate spiritual power within ourself to supercharge them into becoming Judgements metaphysically part of our very being.

Although by now it's not the vastest spiritual energy source we have, that would be the perpetual energy AT-field microverse array detailed in the addendum of this combo.


The time spent/passed stuff is just supposed to be memories and the actual stay is the usual 10 years

>> No.46998667 [DELETED] 

Not quite. As I read it, you roll the first 1d8 to determine how long your experience in Arcadia is.
You roll the second 1d8 to determine how many years actually passed in the real world while you were in Arcadia because time flows differently there.

You still actually spend ten years in the jump.

So if you roll "1" and "8", then you spend a year in Arcadia but 8 years passed on Earth while you were away. You still have to make up the remaining 9 years after your escape.

>> No.46998723

So you get memories even with the Drop-In option? that sucks

>> No.46998730

Sorry, last post was wrong.

You always appear in the jump when you "escape" from Arcadia, and the jump ends in ten years from that point like normal.

The rolls are for time you experienced before the point of "dropping-in" which is a little unusual since drop-ins normally don't get extra memories.

The first 1d8 is the time you experienced in Arcadia, while the second 1d8 is the time that actually passed in the real world (which is not really important for a drop-in) since time doesn't always flow right in Arcadia.

So a roll of '1' and '8' means you experienced a year (before you drop into the jump) and 8 years passed on Earth while you did so. That 1 year of experience doesn't count against your jump's 10 year time limit.

>> No.46998740

Yeah, there's no escaping Acadia-PTSD. Which is part of the point of the setting/jump.

>> No.46998842

Are there any physical equivalents to High Energy Reaction from NGE? Like, instead of shaping constructs out of your soul to boost your powers, you grow tools or organs or whatever that do. I prefer having something physical I can point to, rather than something ephemeral.

>> No.46998855

I suppose that any freeform shapeshifting ability combined with the Jojo vampire capstone and high amounts of technical knowledge would let you do that.

>> No.46998890

If 2 people have spatial manipulation (X-men) or 2 machines do they stack linearly exponentially or not at all when compressing the same space.

>> No.46998897

Not really a jc question but anyone else get into the dreadnought beta?

>> No.46998901

Combining >>46998855 with EVO's Bolbox or Drop In perklines and either the Quantum Evolution, Bioscullptor or Imaginary Form perks from Worm and Alpha level Biomancy from 40K or Light of Terra ought to do the trick

I don't even know what that is.

>> No.46999071

There is an option (provided in the Notes) to start directly at your Earthly arrival point rather than spend time trapped in Arcadia, but you give up (cannot buy) Changeling abilities.

>> No.46999218

In Worm does the Alexandria Package enhance each muscle fiber's strength seperately or does it act more like an invisible power armor providing a flat boost?
I'm trying to determine how much my strength would increase in my LoSS dragon form with it, considering I'd already be able to toss around 30 tons since I'd weigh much more than that.

>> No.46999225

Is there a non savage salvage tech to biotech option? i want to turn my LoT into a worm entity (but smarter and part of my zerganid swarm) and I need that to finish.

>> No.46999328

So let's side that I have been using Dark Binding a lot. And have a lot of soul enhancing perks.

What are my chances on the Warp if I were to do the Imperium Jump? I have been saving this one for a while, since the Warp and the C'tan are scary as fuck.

Iirc, Slanesh was 'born' (I know that Chaos Gods are weird and they don't exactly 'born') by eating a shitload of Eldars souls.

Could I become a Chaos God if I were to step into the Warp?

>> No.46999332

Where is anon with Tom & Jerry jump? He posted wip and disappeared after that.

>> No.46999387

Do you want to eat the ship and recreate it as a Zerg Cerebrate or made into one of the Entities from Worm?

>> No.46999392

yes in G.I. Joe but you have to actually understand the technology first.
that is too big a wank even for me.
Omega level self molecular manipulation from X-Men cinematic

>> No.46999412

>that is too big a wank even for me.

Well, the Emperor matched the Chaos gods by reincarnating into a HUGE soul. And then uniting the human race under his banner.

If soul power is what determines what you can do in the Warp, I have plenty of that.

>> No.46999461

>Well, the Emperor matched the Chaos gods
1. A fusion of All the shamans in the world, think of that that is what it took to create the Emperor. 2. Was born from Slanesh an entire major Galactic race literally murderfucking themselves for centuries until there was barely any of them left. 3. A daemon prince is described as having "1 billion souls to his name"
3. To become a new chaos God you're going to need a niche that isn't filled by one of the existing chaos gods so good luck with that

>> No.46999565

How does wyrd works? There are 15 points in the section do i have to buy them linearly or i can pick which one i want ?
In the notes it says that reaching 10 wyrd and 0 clarity is a lose condition so is it fine to have 10 wyrd with 1 or more clarity?

>> No.46999599

My goal is to fuse the tech to my already zerg tyranid hybrid ship to allow it to grow exponentially. then have my original symbiote/AI companion (fused to the ship) release magical amazo tech parasites (not symbiotes) to target hosts to act as a shard system collecting similar data and providing opposition for my armies that doesn't just get stomped so we can continue to advance.
I'm making all involved tech anyway.

>> No.46999655

Become the chaos god of religious zeal hijack the imperium be that special kind of asshole. without joking though, there is no way that this idea can not blow up in your face. the warp is one of those things best left alone. Seriously you will fail or wish you did.

>> No.46999678

>Wanting to have anything to do with the warp or chaos.
It's like you want to die.

>> No.46999706

In Sins of a Solar Empire, do any of the ships follow me after the jump, or do I have to build them myself?

>> No.46999814

If you want to, yes. Babylon said you can take any ships you purchase with you, along with the crew they need. And this would make you INCREDIBLY popular with the Vasari. Like mega-jesus levels of popular.

>> No.46999821

All this warp talk is making me uncomfortable.

How would a necron jump work? Would it?

>> No.46999838

I went Vasari, so that's perfect. Thanks

>> No.46999843

that would be difficult if not unfeasible considering by and large they are emotionless robots that do as instructed and don't have thoughts or instincts of their own.

>> No.46999847

All hail the Necron. But seriously it would be strange, after all like .01% of the race can actually think. Probably less than that, and there would be very few identities imo. Perhaps a pre-c'tan necron jump.

>> No.46999859

>Perhaps a pre-c'tan necron jump.

And considering what their lives were like that would basically be worse than salt jump

>> No.46999865

Yes, but any jumper worth their salt could fix that.

>> No.46999875

Well, it'd be weird, with you being one of the only thinking Necrons

>pre-c'tan necron jump
But why? There's nothing the Necrontyr really have going for them except excessive spite. As far as I know they didn't have much of their iconic tech, and you know, weren't robo-skeletons.

...Admittedly, a perk to accomplish through sheer spitefulness could be fun?

>> No.46999879

I know you're going for a pun there but you are right, the thing is you should generally try to balance jumps with the pre-assumption that the jumpers fresh from Pokémon and can survive the universe with what is provided in the jump. Also what>>46999875

>> No.46999892

The spite was for the elder ones IIRC, that caused them to do the c'tan stuff. Which just made them more spiteful of a new thing.

>> No.46999907

I understand that jumps are meant to be like that but many aren't. Warhammer being a prime example (LoT).

>> No.46999908

Um, are you trying to become a Chaos God or merely a being potent enough to make them sit up and take notice? Because the former is definitely impossible in 40K since over there the Chaos Gods are explicitly born, not made, from disturbances in the Warp.

If it's the latter the main problem is the Emperor was created from the most powerful shamans on Earth, and all the beings anywhere near that level in 40K are either daemons, dead or increasingly rare and spread throughout the galaxy.

However, in Warhammer Fantasy i.e. Dogs of War Teclis (the absolute greatest High Elf wizard ever) and Nagash (the inventer of Necromancy) both experimented in creating potential rivals to the Chaos Gods, Teclis by unravelling a vortex used to partially seal away Chaos for binding the Winds of Magic into mortals to essentially make them potential rivals to them and Nagash by-uh. Actually I'm not sure what Nagash's plan was beyond turning absolutely everything into undead and eating some afterlife gods? His black pyramid of warpstone was crucial though. Either way he kept trying to become Chaos Undivided but the fact that he kept dying and was last seen disintegrating while trying to hold together a rift with the other Incarnates (the guys and gals who Teclies bound Winds into) seems to have shown his reach vastly outstripped his grasp.

Teclis' death in the same incident seems to show taking more than 2 Winds into yourself is dangerous to someone who's "simply" the absolute pinnacle of magical ability and one of the most successful chessmasters in the setting, especially if you get a destabilised Old One artifact involved.

Also, I don't think so. Even by 40K standards the exact limits of what their tech can do and what their full capabilities are like is incredibly vague. And the information about what pre-C'tan, post space travel Necrontyr society was like isn't really comprehensive beyond being obsessed with death and dynasties.

>> No.46999920

Karmatron Dynamics applied to the Regenerator Nano from GUNNM is our personal favorite

Biotechnician from The Polity apparently works too. It sounds like you want something like a sentient swarm of space bugs more than an actual Entity? The perk can do miniature self-contained ecosystems which might help you loads.

Theoretically you could probably do something similar with Sohon from Legacy of the Aldenata , since apparently it's precise enough to create molecular formations that "really shouldn't happen"

Finally Heaven's Lost Property's Pandora V2 and Symbiote's Symbiotes have great growth potential if you have enough biomass.

Based on Alexandra's fights in the story? Invisible power armour providing a flat boost is pretty much canon. It was pointed out her body was weird and hard but brittle, her hair/nails never withered nor did they grow.



>> No.46999949

I was just on the DC wiki and saw Mirror Man and have a vague recollection of him having access to 'mirror worlds', empty worlds that are horizontally flipped reflections of the normal world. Do any of the various DC jumps let you make such tech? If not how would I go about getting it in jump and making sure it works in other jumps?

>> No.46999963


>> No.46999971

Become a Fog Fleet Ship in Arpeggio of Blue Steel and gain a ship body plus Nanomaterial to build whatever the fuck you want, and if not, then certainly the tools to build whatever the fuck you want.

>> No.46999999

I'm curious what happens to the necrodermis you gain in the LoT from the tomb spider, anyone know? Also just how much more advanced are the Necron in comparison to some other settings? I ask because I need to know what the Necron tech my Light got could do.

I think narnia has something similar. There is also portamancy or something from shadow ops.

>> No.47000024

I assumed it became an alternate form after the jump, and they are pretty much in that I Clark tech range. PS that is a very nice post number

>> No.47000066

Tis a good day to get.

Also thanks, so did the thread get confirmation you can't go full necro? What would the Æonic orb do to a deathstar then?

>> No.47000093

Ignore the deathstar thing, I just realized the disparity between a 40k capital ship and a star wars station. It'd be like going through tissue paper.

>> No.47000098

I can't find what you were thinking of in Narnia, and Portamancy seems to be more like alt-history or similar worlds.

Narnia did remind me of the Alice jumps, and Through the Looking Glass has Looking-Glass Mirrors that let me get to an empty mirror world. Not sure if breaking something in a mirror world has an effect on the real thing, or if the reflection will stay broken, but unless the Jumpmaker says otherwise I'll fanwank that things reflections repair once I leave the mirror world.

>> No.47000099

>Warhammer Fantasy i.e. Dogs of War
Well, since that jump doesn't happen in Age of Sigmar except maybe if you take that one drawback, no, none of that is true.

>> No.47000117

the Æonic orb is stolen heart of a star harnessed into a plasma projector scaled to one of the biggest warships in 40K, so yeah it would go through like tissue paper like >>47000093 said

>> No.47000129

Pic related was what i was thinking of.

>> No.47000141

How large is the orb? I was thinking if it isn't too big I may be able to remove the orb safely then duplicate it with TMI and use them as cannon shots.

>> No.47000149

Not according to the new cannon.

Either way, you could be a necron-overlord and build your way through a small Dynasty or something.

I bet that you can't get more OP than the Supremme Commander Jump.

>> No.47000170

Become a Necron-overlord, go to sup-com with Necron tech installed in the LoT, mass produce Necron tech with your LoT ACU. Rebuild the Necron race across the omniverse,

>> No.47000175

Well yes, since beyond that drawback the actual events haven't taken place. But I was mainly talking about the feats being possible, in theory. And I believe those were all from End Times, not Sigmar.



>> No.47000179

well again it is meant to fit on one of the biggest warships 40 K so at least the size of a small house.

>> No.47000184

>create lots of Pariahs across the multiverse

FTFY since the Necrons aren't a race per se and the Necrontyr are all zombiebots.

>> No.47000186

Ah, I did see that, but since it just connects to other jumps multiverses or acts as fast travel it unfortunately won't work for what I'm trying to do.

Thanks for the idea though, it made me think of Alice which is really close.

>> No.47000188

I've not disappeared. I am just slow as shit at writing up pastebins into proper jumps. Plus I am sitting some exams in a few weeks which is hurting my motivation. If I get off my arse after those and I finish the other thing I am working on, maybe expect to see it late august/early september; although please dont hold me to that.

>> No.47000198

Well, It was either becoming a Blank or having my psychic presence attracting a lot of nasty beings.

Since I'm not going for the Blank option, I want to see what my options are.

Fanatasy-40k interaction is pretty obscure. Aren't they supposed to be on the same galaxy during the End of Times event?

>> No.47000212

What can you get in Blame! that is more impressive than Sup Comm? Because I don't remember that you were able to get any of the high-end stuff.

And messing with the City seems scarier than messing with the Warp.

>> No.47000221

Ok thanks.

>> No.47000243

There was a jump that had a power like that. I can't remember the name but it would send you to mirror dimensions or something. The drawback was you couldn't return to the original until post-spark, cause infinity small chance or such, and that the places you went to were very minutely different.

>> No.47000255

>the actual events haven't taken place.
Yeah, much like how with Oldcrons the Silent King hadn't shattered the C'tan and shoved them in pokeballs millenia ago yet.

>> No.47000280

Could I masterball a C'tan? O_o

>> No.47000290

The difference being, the events leading up to Sigmar are canon.

>> No.47000346

That is...a good question. I'm not sure myself, I thought it had something to do with Warp time shenanigans and alternate timelines or something. I'm probably misremembering completely though.

You can't know. But consider the City breaking down and going out of control ended up creating something the size of the solar system's orbit-and that's maybe only just the industrialised zone since in Blame!'s sequel a single Silicon Life being reaches the edges of the City and finds an undiscovered area without all the machinery built into it. The basics are there though-the Gravity Furnace, the Defragmentation Device, the Net Sphere Reformation Device, the Structure Conversion Tower variants. True it's a bit of a fixer-upper but the City stands as a testament to what can be potentially made from it given enough time and effort-and the City is the system going wrong, not operating at peak efficiency.

For that matter you can't get the top things in Supcom either. And hey, no argument here-that's exactly the point.

Explain how the End Times, which are designed for 8th edition, are equivocal to newcron/oldcron differences in C'tan-necron relations when the latter involves entire editions being updated?

>> No.47000361

The Necron technology known as the Tesseract is sometimes compared to a Masterball because it serves the same purpose, but no.

Not with a masterball.

>> No.47000381

How unfortunate, I wont be able to catch them all.

>> No.47000436

Ok good luck then.

>> No.47000452

Eh, it wouldn't have been worth it even if you could. C'tan are hungry assholes. Even the 'crons can't compell the Shards to do what they want beyond restraining them like attack dogs.

The C'tan shard will never be your friend like Pikachu.

>> No.47000480

I didn't want a friend... I wanted a pet god.

>> No.47000542


>> No.47000571

You mean a pet god-piece right? And considering it's not loyal at all it seems like a poor use for a pod.

>> No.47000584

What could overcharge from Sup-com with Æonic orb (LoT Necron upgrade) do? Like are we talking zettaton range?

>> No.47000599

Wait piece? I thought there was still one that wasn't in pieces. Void dragon I believe the name is.

>> No.47000602

That's what Arceius is for. Just have to use return on the warehouse to go back to pokemon, then you'll need a little energon and a lot of luck.

>> No.47000642

Nobody's sure about the Void Dragon. They think it's in one piece because multiple Blackstone Fortress hits just made it go back to sleep but there's no confirming or denying and it's said the weapons used to shardify the C'tan threatened the very physical laws of the universe so for all we know it could just be a hella buff shard.

>> No.47000662

Ah ok, now for a stupid question. What would happen if i ate a C'tan and had the primal zerg perks?

>Inb4 death

>> No.47000683

C'tan aren't exactly physical, I don't think you could eat them.

>> No.47000709

Forgot about that part. Thanks though.

>> No.47000714

What if you turned yourself into a spiritual entity as well?

>> No.47000734

The C'tan are things that normally live in stars and feed off them.


Wouldn't help, the C'tan are explicitly non-spiritual. They're energy beings.

>> No.47000755

The perk is for eating genetic stuff though, Kerrigan doesn't get anything from either of the two Xel'Naga she kills, even when she is herself a Xel'Naga when she kills the second one.

>> No.47000757

Any ideas? Or does anyone know what it takes to destroy a capital ship in 40k in 1 shot. I can work it out from there.

>> No.47000843

Miami Florida
Wizened Seeming, Inventor and Artist Kith, 19 years old, 2 years in Arcadia, no court
50 - Mental Focus
100 - Physical Focus
350 - Craft rank 5
400 - Common Sense
500 - Brownie's Boon
600 - Danger Sense
700 - Oneiromancer
900 - Dual Kith
1100 - Artifice Rank 4
1350 - Animation Rank 5
1450 - Forge Rank 2
1475 - Fairy Garden
1500 - Healing Fruits
1300 - No Kith
1000 - Annoying Bane

Although i'm familiar with some of the world of darkness settings (Mages, Vampire and werewolves), I've got almost no clue on what's going on with changelings so i'm sure i'm in for a wild ride this jump. Being mostly a high-tech jump with an eye for art i went wizened. I'm sure the benefits of my Kiths will come in handy post-jump (can't use them here). I'm not entirely sure on how to draw glamour and from where (except dreams?) but i hope to learn quickly. Also the weakness for natural running water could be a problem, hope it doesn't rain much in Miami.

>> No.47000902

The most powerful form of Gravity Beam Emitter from Blame! potentially, as long as you aim it precisely enough to target the ship's engine or at least its' main power systems.

You can take glamour from Hollows (subspaces connected to the Hedge) and also from people, sort of as an emotion drain effect-hence why dreams work too.

>high tech jump

Also you definitely want to get your hands on some iron ASAP. It won't feel nice to touch but it's worth having for True Fae-related emergencies. Or rival Changelings for that matter.

>> No.47000918

I was looking more for a number, I'm also completely unfamiliar with blame.

>> No.47000991

>Also you definitely want to get your hands on some iron ASAP
I was already planning on downgrading all my drone companions to full-Iron (I've done the GITS cyberization operation to the Army from Scullgirs, linked them to a super ai for coordination and then i got rid of most of the organic parts left in them in the GUNNM jump), at least the exterior, that should help in the defense department i think

>> No.47001201

Sorry, I'm equally unfamiliar with Supcom. "Slightly increases" seems to indicate it's up to you to decide how much a "slightly" bigger Aeonic Orb's blast is.

Isn't the LoT's main gun the Nova Cannon not the orb, anyway? Or are you rigging it up to connect the overcharge effect to the Orb instead? Seems like it'd be better for your purposes too since Overcharge says it boosts projectile damage, and the cannon is a projectile weapon whereas the Orb emits energy waves.

Anyway-the thing about the GBE is it operates by using dark matter as a turbine that hypercompresses and projects the ambient gravitational field present throughout all existence, so the red beam manifested by the emitter is actually a zone where the fabric of space-time is forcefully distorted. This means that conventional durability and hardness are no defence against the beam, and even the layers of the City-which is so large and dense it should have collapsed in on itself into planetoid long ago, implying gravity furnace tech and stranger technology reinforcing it and is also partially constructed in some alternate worlds-get penetrated cleanly by the beam for as long as it's being emitted.

>> No.47001233

Ah ok, makes sense. Would using Reverse engineer (Worm power) allow me to reproduce Blame! tech and have it work in other jumps? Cause Blame! does seem to be the best for tech if it's even half as strong as you described.

>> No.47001241

Two points. Firstly, there are a lot of different sizes of 40k warship. So your question is very vague.

Secondly, the problem is the shields. You'd need a stupid amount of energy to overload the multiple shields in one go and destroy the ship in one fell swoop.
If you can get past the shields, even conventional explosives (like a fuel-air bomb) in the right places will render a starship combat inoperative (reactor, bridge, warp drive etc.).
I don't believe it is ever stated exactly how much a given starship's Void Shield can take before overloading (more accurately, they tend to be as strong as they need to be for the plot of the story), but naval engagements are almost always battles of attrition, even against more advanced races with plasma and gravity-based weaponry.

>> No.47001353

I'm not familiar with warhammer ships but from the text (Pic related) it says capital ships, so lets assume something similar in size to the LoT (25km minimum I think it is). While >>47001201 mentioned my original plan to hook up overclock to the aeonic orb wouldn't work i'm still curious about the output of the orb.

>> No.47001484

I would assume Blame! tech would work in as many jumps as Worm tech does since it's deterministic in nature; the setting started out as a perfectly normal Earth world that just so happened to make some crazy breakthroughs. If there's anything with unique properties it might be the dark matter, which you'd need Anno 2070 or FMA and Minecraft to create more of.

SO no, I don't see why you'd need a Shard at all.

>> No.47001550

The shard power would make it easier to understand and replicate faster, unless the designs are on a hackable computer system. And i've seen some blame! discussions here and doubt that it could be hacked.

>> No.47001658

Well, you're not wrong. But if all you want to do is understand the gravity furnace's mechanics you could just join Cave 8 in Blame! By all means take the shard if you want to, it's just not integral when there's so many other perks out there dedicated to general superscience and that one above is actually in the jump and makes you part of a dedicated research organization on gravity furnace tech.

>> No.47001733

It wasn't specifically the gravity furnace tech, but all Blame! tech in general.My reasoning is if thats just one aspect then the rest of Blame! tech must be close to or more powerful than that. Also as the entire structure is technically just a big 'ship' (in the loosest possible sense) the shard power would allow me to understand how to recreate it, or at the very least give me a general idea.

>> No.47001930

How unwise would it be to eat Darkseid's soul?

I'm using the Power of Dominance from Castlevania plus dozens of anti-corruption and anti-possession perks for protection.

>> No.47001958

You remember that scene where Dmitrii ate Legion?

>> No.47001972


I don't know what you're referencing.

>> No.47001991

Neither do I. Please elaborate

>> No.47002077

I don't get the reference either, but I'd imagine all you did was to give Darkseid, the New God of Tyranny, direct access to your very soul.

>pic related

>> No.47002102


Point. Forget that plan then.

I just figured out what he was referencing too:

>> No.47002105

Don't need one, I took eight levels of endowment.

>> No.47002137

Hey how do Eliatrope portals react with energy weaponry? I am thinking of using them against the gravity weapons in blame I figure it will redirect the crushing beams against the people who are going to be shooting them at me

>> No.47002211

To be fair, Power of Dominance explicitly states "you gain absolute dominion over your own
soul, and none may attempt to harm or claim it without your consent."

>> No.47002294


So there's this guy in Dawn of Sorrow, right. That and its prequel, Aria of Sorrow, are the games Power of Dominance is based off of. Basically you play as Soma who gains the power of the monster souls he kills granting you special abilities because he's the reincarnation of Dracula.

And there are other characters who are also reincarnations of Dracula, because all these characters were purportedly born at the instant Dracula last died? And Castlevania doesn't know how reincarnation works.
And each of these people has a magical power that is based on one of Dracula's many powers.

And anyway there's this guy named Dmitrii. He has the power to copy attacks. You fight him once and he totally blows at combat and it's hilarious how dumb he is, and then you kill him. But then at the end of the game it turns out he actually copied Soma's Power of Dominance, allowing him to maintain control of his own soul, and then hijacks all of Soma's gathered souls to become the ultimate reincarnation of Dracula!

Then he explodes.

Because all the monster souls were too much for his pissant soul to control, and instead all the monster souls jumble up together into a generic walking zombie giant who shoots stuff at you as the final boss.
It's kindof a total letdown.

Anyway, I'm not that anon and I don't know what the fuck would happen, but Darkseid is several thousand orders of magnitude stronger than Dracula, so I don't think it ends in awesome freebie powers.

>> No.47002317

It'd be great if the jump could mention extra powers or hidden flaws like that.

>> No.47002326

Wait, what? How so? Mind spelling this out for an idiot like me?

I'm not familiar enough with the lore.

>> No.47002331

Laughs for several minutes straight. hehehe you realize endowment caps at the physically possible and if you took 8 levels and it worked well.....

>> No.47002356

It sort of does set it out as being dangerous IIRC. The exact terms of it are basically the plot of that game though so it'd be a bit of a mess to include it all.

>> No.47002384

A lot of early jumps tended to, well, not be written in legalese and such because at that time jumpchain didn't have questions involving meaningful interaction with Darkseid and the kind of conflicts you were expected to interact with would effectively be covered. But yeah, I don't disagree. I think Wild Card's in the middle of writing Strange Journey jump though, so I'd rather him finish that first before updating anything major

>> No.47002388

Yeah, vomiting up Darkseid's soul with a conglomerate of your soul-library would end badly. Second best case scenario is you have to keep willing your soul-gag reflex down or you just vomit Darkseid.

>> No.47002414

"If you eat something too powerful for you, you might explode" Done.

>> No.47002438

New. God. Of. Tyranny.

Do you think Darkseid cares?

Basically, at best, we're looking at you struggling to consume all of his soul, since surprise! that body held only a portion of his power. Which means that as you're consuming his soul, you also have his full and undivided attention.

He broke the population of Apocalypse (all of them New Gods or close to it) so thoroughly that his death at the hands of his son Orion only had them beg for Orion to be their tyrant as they could conceive the very concept of freedom.

Even if your Soul is somehow safe from his will, what about your body, mind, your surroundings, the people around you, and so on?

The term New God is not just for show.

>> No.47002452

If you're already stronger then him or as strong, nothing bad, you just eat him like any other. If you're weaker then I don't know how you killed him to use the perk, but if you somehow manage, you'd probably die or explode.

>> No.47002465

"the strongest may hurt or even kill you unless you relinquish your claim"

is a line in that perk. Did you guys just skim it or something?

>> No.47002478

This. People get too caught up in wanking some characters. Long as you're sufficiently strong it should work just as written. If you ain't, you're probably dead anyway so there's no point to trying.

>> No.47002497

Vasari are constantly on the run.

Basically, they saw their empire fall via the silencing of their worlds, and realized that closer and closer worlds were being silenced.
Deciding they didn't want to find out what it was that was probably killing everyone, they made a bunch of ships, and got the fuck out of there, leaving behind beacons.
It's because they were on the run that they ran into the Humans.
But the thing is, the beacons that they were leaving behind, are going quiet too. Whatever's out there, it's still coming.

That's the reason for the Vasari split in Rebellion: one half wants to pack up everything and leave right the fuck now again, the other half wants to bring the humans along with them, and maybe try fighting.

>> No.47002517

Their entire thing is constantly fleeing from some threat that's following them. Taking them with you out of the jump means they are finally frree from having to constantly look over their shoulder their entire lives.

...Through I was just quoting Babylon on that. So. Maybe he had something else in mind. But that's what seems logical to me.

>> No.47002612

do we have any sort of guarantee that whatever's doing it will not follow us as well if we take them with us?

>> No.47002621

Just curious, are you making a new jump? Haven't seen you in a while

I think a lot of people in the past did because too many people treat it like an absolute. It does let me feel nice and smug about being a picky eater and having measures to "chew" my food, though.

>> No.47002624

Ah, that makes sense.

Guess I need to hit Sins of a Solar Empire and pick up some extended family.

>> No.47002643

People treat the last line as an absolute. Almost everyone doesn't even notice the part that lets you use stuff you kill as 'familiars' or something. If you're going to be smug, make sure it's about the right thing.

>> No.47002648

Read the jumpchain basic rules, retard. Unless you fanwank, the premise is people can't follow you without a pod and your consent.

>> No.47002652

If you're strong enough to eat Darkseid, then he's probably a drop in the bucket to you anyway. Maybe you'll get his eye beams or something, but other than that, there's not really anything he's going to give you, considering you're already godlike.
So it's stupid to wank about him, because he's a footnote at best. You can already do everything he can do and most likely better. And if you can't, then what the fuck are you even doing with all that power?

>> No.47002655

Jumpchan. Granted. Powers.
Multiuniversal entity handing out powers that don't have equal levels between those universes, including godhoods, demigodhoods, literally unbreakable will, and assorted goodies.
Obviously it's something a Jumper would need to prep for and not "Sure, you can do it right now", but that's everything in Jumpchain worth doing.

I am working on a Men In Black Jump and a Grim Fandango one, but mostly it's just that I work overnights now that keeps me off the thread.

>> No.47002682

Darkseid is a multiversal being, his energy is tied to the Source. It took an aspect of Death to kill him, the aspect that he enslaved and had turned against him by the Anti-Monitor (plot device).

>> No.47002692

Not everyone always guns for cosmic power or wanks themselves to have no challenge or equal.

>> No.47002699

What are you talking about? I was mocking 'em for thinking the last line negated the second line's danger, I don't care about the familiars issue one way or the other so why would I feel smug about it?

>> No.47002713

we don't know that it's a person, we don't know that it's not going to come after us in other dimensions if we spark or get sent home and time starts up again, that's the kind of thing I'm talking about not during the jumping process, Or maybe it's connected to the crew of the Vasari ships we are bringing with us And we bring it with us accidentally by bringing them with us. You're overlooking a lot of options

>> No.47002717

So? Anti Monitor isn't omnipotent by a long shot, neither is Death of the Endless and neither is Darkseid, especially without the Anti Life equation. Darkseid is powerful, but he's not unbeatable.

>> No.47002775

If it was connected to the Vasari themselves, or could travel dimensions, the Vasari wouldn't be able to outrun it.

It's just something nebulous (probably) murdering them in a space chase.

You're being a retard about this, as usual.

>> No.47002790

Wow, hey uh >>47002478 listen, I give you a lot of shit for assuming people are wanking characters instead of being cautious and assuming perks let you instantly win, but having read what Bancho posted I just wanted you to know I totally see where you're coming from right now.

As for you, if you're gonna be that paradnoid maybe the Benefactor is going to fuck you in the ass with a dildo made of antimatter when you get your Spark, who knows?

I think his point was to demonstrate how far above anything in Castlevania Darkseid is, and also he's not talking about Death of the Endless but a different character from a completely separate cosmology who admittedly fulfills her basic function.

You're not wrong though.

>> No.47002799

So it's only a problem if you're too weak to handle it.

>> No.47002800

You're thinking of Death from Marvel man. Darkseid is DC, where the Endless are.

>> No.47002802

*assuming perks don't

>> No.47002838

I would like to point out I'm not assuming this one perk let's you instantly win. I even explicitly said if you weren't strong enough to overpower him yourself you'd be dead and the conversation is pointless. Saying people are wanking how strong a character is isn't exclusive of also being cautious and reasonable towards what perks do.

>> No.47002863

Wait, really? I've read a lot of Endless stuff and I honestly never remember any of them interacting meaningfully with the New G-oh, let's face it: Darkseid and his immediate family are the only relevant New Gods in any major plots.

Well, other than that time Lucifer Morningstar went flying to use the Aleph and made a point of ignoring the Source entity on the way.

That was pretty funny. Big guy's just giving Lucifer the "notice me sempai" eyes but Lucifer has better shit to do than compare powerlevels

In that case I apologise for assuming assumptions on your part, which was what I was complaining about you.


...I really hope assuming assumptions doesn't become the new implying implications though. I just realised that when i finished typing this post. Oh well.

>> No.47002882

I'm just trying to get a sense of the power level of a vague enemy from a universe I know nearly nothing about, I don't think that's that stupid a thing.

>> No.47002891

While I'm not personally familiar with the plot (And honestly I don't really trust Manyfist's memory either) he did mention it was only a fragment of Death. Given how weird the Endless are, it seems reasonable one could just decide to make some avatar that deals with Darkseid at the time.

Also yeah, Lucifer was pretty fantastic. Not too sure on his more recent stuff though, heard some poor things but I haven't read it myself yet.

>> No.47002896

Not that anon, but I'm noticing we're having a problem from both sides. We have people who wank that the jumpchan makes them unkillable and godlike and practically on par with them because... they're special or something. And then we have people who wank certain bad guys because they wreck about everything in the setting, a setting which has seen a lot of shit, so clearly the bad guy would devour the jumper alive, right?

And no one wants to fucking compromise because how dare you tell me what to do.

>> No.47002934

>And no one wants to fucking compromise

Fucking, this.

This. Right the fuck here. Apply it to almost every shitshow in /jc/'s history and I guarantee it fits.

>> No.47002953

Or you two could just try to compromise yourselves and lead by example. It's better then sitting around and complaining right? Because honestly, what do you really expect to do by that?

>> No.47002975

No, there are other embodiments of death in DC than Death of the Endless. It's complicated and confusing, like most things with DC's cosmology.

>> No.47002977

I'm not claiming that you could just pop Darkseid down like a Pez. I said that if that's a Jumper's goal, they can build up until they can manage it.
I also mentioned how different Jumps have different power levels, it's not wanking when a perk in one place makes you basically unstoppable in another.

Typically when a comic company leaves a big-name enemy vague, it's to always have a way for them to threaten the heroes no matter what. Naming a limit to them makes writers have a harder time.

>> No.47002992

Hell yeah-

>his more recent stuff

There is no recent stuff anymore than there are sequels to the Matrix it's bad. It's just pointless fetch quest shit, pure fanservice, THE PRESENCE got yamcha'd for cheap shock value and Elaine has fucked off for no explained reason

You're not wrong, although I feel obliged to point out there are a few people who compromise. I'll take some flack for this from the anti-favoritism crowd but the resident avatarfags seem fairly reasonable about this shit, just as an example. I'm sure there's plenty of anonymous folks like me who also take it into account too.

To be fair you could apply this to literally every meaningful conflict in human history

Dude, we're just talking about the issue. Chill.

>> No.47002998

it is a comic? I thought it was a videogame, we are still talking about sins of a solar Empire right?

>> No.47003020

Sorry, you seem to have taken my post as being angered. It's really not and I apologise if I came across as that. I'm just pointing out that complaining about it is futile and that, even if it's not necessarily going to suddenly fix things, trying to at least lead by example might convince someone else to as well.

>> No.47003023

No, he got your question about the Vasari confused with another one about Darkseid.

>> No.47003029

I mean, Soma seemed to do just fine?
He's the guy with the original Power of Dominance, and he can collect like nine copies of every monster soul in Dracula's fuckhuge castle and he handled it okay. It was just when Dmitrii tried to steal that power that the game decided, "Nah."

Really disappointing, by the way, getting a final boss battle against supercharged Dmitrii would have been so much cooler than a shambling giant.

So, I kindof side with the idea that, "Well, if you're stronger than Darkseid, then you're probably fine?"
... But I don't really know how to quantify that level of power, I don't care about Darkseid other than "he's really strong?", I'm not really into superheroes, and eating people isn't really my thing.
So for me it's just a big game of, "I don't actually care what you do."

I just wanted to nerd out about Castlevania.
The information is there if you need it.

>> No.47003030

No Bancho you're completely right, they're in your warehouse right now! Oh no they're eating your warehouse! And then they're going to eat you! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD

>> No.47003045

Sorry, that got muddled up in the Darkseid talk.

>> No.47003055

That anon just pointed out an issue. How are they supposed to compromise? By not pointing something out?

>> No.47003103

Funny thing is, I just threw in the soul protection as a bonus. The main point of the perk is having an endlessly-increasing array of superpowers gained by slaughtering your enemies.

Anyway, I feel like I was pretty clear - if you try to eat a soul, and it's too strong to bend to your will, you may die unless you let it go. Power of Dominance's protection won't help, because you chose to bring its soul into yours. You consent to the natural results of your actions.

>> No.47003112

How about instead of complaining that people do those things, something we all know and have seen happen already and don't really need to be made aware of, they just point it out when it happens, say what's incorrect about it and if someone screams at them for trying to tell them what to do or something stupid, just ignore that person and move on to enjoy their own jumpchains?

>> No.47003145

>something we all know

I've seen some new blood in these threads, that doesn't seem to be a fair assumption to make.

>just point it out when it happens

Now, there's nothing wrong with that mind you but neither is there any issue in making it clear that this behavior isn't wanted.

>> No.47003155

The Black Racer, aka Aspect of Death for Speedsters.

>> No.47003166

that's what I thought was happening.
fair enough, no biggie.
I can tell you're being facetious but I also don't think I was being that unreasonable in trying to find a benchmark for something known as the silencing of worlds

>> No.47003218

Are the type of people who do the things being complained about likely going to be the type that stops because two people say it's bad? It's a problem we've had continuously since the very beginning of jumpchain and there seems to be little point to trying to stop it on the whole, especially given that a fair few people don't even care, then just dealing with things individually and hoping you are talking to one of the more reasonable people?

It just seems pointless to waste your energy trying to make one big declaration that a behaviour isn't wanted, especially when, like you point out, new people that come to Jumpchain won't be here to see it.

>> No.47003260

That's an example of perks I go for their secondary powers then. Getting the ability to just ignore a swarm of Dementors in Harry Potter is pretty nice.
Kinda like Reading Ahead from Winnie the Pooh, because being able to learn what the "Main character" of a universe is about to do within the next 10-15 minutes or so is kind of nice. Wait, the ornate storybook of each of your Jump's adventures wasn't the main draw?

>> No.47003299

I feel like I should point out that this fight happens AFTER the scene where Batman shoots Darkseid a lot of people like to try to use to claim that Darkseid isn't tough. Getting shot with radion weakened him, but it still took the actions of a major death god to kill him. And even then the Black Racer couldn't claim his soul, and he was still around fucking things up in spectral form until Superman sang him out of existence (long story). When it takes being hit with your species' equivalent of Kryptonite, shot in the face by the Anti-Monitor, ripped apart by the Black Racer and then having the multiversal avatar of heroism (as Superman was revealed to be in Final Crisis) erase you from existence in order to kill you, you're pretty damn tough.

>> No.47003341

Yeah, I agree. I'm kinda bored of people wanking villains unbeatable or intentionally ignoring their strength.

>> No.47003383

Now that's tough. If you can absorb his soul, you're pretty much already ready to spark.

>> No.47003419

Yep. Though in fairness to the people who want to fight him, this is mainstream DC Darkseid I'm talking about. Most people who are looking for an easy fix for the problem of Darkseid are people taking the drawback in Young Justice that makes you have to fight him. YJ Darkseid is probably a lot weaker, to go with the general weaker tone of that setting. Still going to be a hell of a fight, though.

>> No.47003426

>ITT: Darkseids husbandos

>> No.47003457

Talking about DC i just completed the Young Justice Jump.
Drop In
>Perks and drawbacks
Pic related

so, how fucked I am? is the light and the "Main man" whatever it is going to wreck my shit?

>> No.47003459

I just wish we'd see new villain Waifus every so often.

>> No.47003468

>Darkseid are people taking the drawback in Young Justice that makes you have to fight him. YJ Darkseid is probably a lot weaker, to go with the general weaker tone of that

That drawback specifies comics Darkseid though, so it's going to take a lot, I died twice in that fight. Don't worry I had a plan and I rolled for it.

>> No.47003483

>ITT: Wanking away challenge

>> No.47003486

What do you use to organize your chain?

>> No.47003511

the main man is Lobo who is easily comparable to Superman only with ridiculous levels of regeneration, we're talking less than a minute to grow a new him from a single drop of blood, instead of eye beams: ice breath and flight

>> No.47003512

Does it? Oh my, it does. Well, now I'm doubly glad I didn't take that drawback.

>> No.47003539

>Does it? Oh my, it does. Well, now I'm doubly glad I didn't take that drawback.

Well you're smarter than me which granted isn't saying much, but yeah toughest fight I've had!

>> No.47003553

It'd be neat, but people only focus on the boring waifus.

>> No.47003568

The Light are basically super-villain Illuminati. They're jackasses who want to remove superheroes and aliens from the world in order to foster independent human growth. Or something. I don't know.

The main man is Lobo. Pic related.

>> No.47003576

I took the drawback, but went the "Permanently cut off Earth from Apokolips" route. There was a lot of technomagic involved, plus it helps that I had been to comic-DC long before that.

>> No.47003584

MS Word

>> No.47003632

Is he that strong in Young Justice? anyway i'm not that worried if it's only brutish strength.
what i'm worried about is magic fuckery of which I've got very few defenses against

>> No.47003634

Nah, the Light just want power. Most of them are inhuman, themselves. The "let humanity grow on its own" is just rhetoric they like to throw around. Comes from having Lex Luthor on the council.

>> No.47003668

well I imagine he is at least comparable to young justice Superman since his most consistent benchmark is "roughly Superman"

>> No.47003701

I don't think Lobo ever regenerates in an animated setting. Standards, y'know.
That said he is at least strong enough to brawl with Supes straight up and give as well as he takes.

>> No.47003732

Would Sup-com allow you to replicate space ships? Like say my ACU is the LoT could I use it to make smaller versions of my LoT that are controlled by an AI?

>> No.47003752

I don't know if it still holds true in Young Justice but while Lobo is mostly brawn, he's also incredibly intelligent. He wiped his own species out with a virus in a week for a science project. He's not inclined to use viruses or advanced tech to fight people, but he's quite good at it.

>> No.47003755

and don't forget he has a hook chain which can bind Superman ,
pretty sure what that's what the import option is there for, but I think you need to alter the schematics and install your own AI.

>> No.47003797

Vandal Savage too, who made the group.

Yeah, Lobo is basically Biker Superman but with Deadpool healing instead of eyebeams and flight.

Yeah, it's kinda hard to display someone that regenerates on a cartoon, gotta stick to the rating system. Punches = yay, stumps growing back = THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

>> No.47003801

Thanks, if it just makes the ship i can crew it myself with the teen titans perk.

>> No.47003837

How difficult would the Yuuzhan Vong be to fight?

>> No.47003855

Watch out for Klarion, then. He's a Lord of Chaos and... I haven't actually watched YJ so I don't know what he can do but I'm fairly certain there's a Perk directly based on him and Doctor Fate, so base yourself from that.

>> No.47003875

might I suggest mega man Z Pantheon troopers? They are robots and supcom stuff is very good at robots,That way you aren't limited in your individual power plus with a bit of tinkering you can get them smart enough to do most of the stuff a grunt would do.

>> No.47003903

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll head there after KOTOR. What mega man jump would I find them in?

>> No.47003942

I just said mega man Z, the scientist tree will give you what you need to upgrade them as well.

>> No.47003954

Sorry, I was being an idiot.

>> No.47004022

They're biotech wielding space-Falmer (but not blind). Basically, watch out for plagues, living weapons that shoot plasma, and living space ships. They worship pain as a way of life too, so that's fun.

>> No.47004023

Been gone for a week, finally finished DSIII. Did I miss anything?

>> No.47004037

it's cool ,everyone is an idiot sometimes.

>> No.47004056

So they wouldn't be much against a sup-com army?

We all have our moments.

>> No.47004067

Eh, nothing more than the usual really.

>> No.47004125

From what little I know of both, in a battle not really, in a war, you should make sure you've got plague precautions, good tactics in general, and a lot of safe agri-worlds. Because they will use bioweapons to kill a planet's food supply.

>> No.47004154

Honestly for the drawback I just have to fight them. While the drawback doesn't say much i'm guessing they are just gunning for me, so the fallout should be minimal. And robotic alt forms basically make the bioweapons useless.

>> No.47004176

Also jumping on this - their biotech is fucking awesome.

Definitely steal what doesn't get blown up.

>> No.47004212

How awesome?

>> No.47004221

They also hate droids/anything manufactured.

And yeah, I hold no shame in relentless looting their tasty, tasty biological knowledge. Seriously, organic plasma cannons are always nice.

>> No.47004249

Could I just throw reapers at them, or would they start to replicate the reapers?

>> No.47004255

See file name.

>> No.47004292

They've somehow engineered a variety of coral that can warp space and time. It's how they propel and shield their bio-ships.

>> No.47004297


>> No.47004376


>Spherical creatures of varying size, dovin basals were able to generate powerful gravitational fields that were used mainly as propulsion devices and shields. They were capable of creating micro-black holes that could absorb laser shots at spacecraft, as well as almost anything else, from proton torpedoes to concussion missiles. Groups of dovin basals were capable of generating inhibition fields which served as a type of force field to trap enemies in certain areas. These fields could also rip ships out of hyperspace.

>could be used as weapons against planets: a powerful dovin basal dropped on the surface of a planet could target a moon to slow its orbit and cause it to crash on the planet, decimating both,

>> No.47004398

A solid way to react to them.

>> No.47004466

So go to Gravity Rush first, and then release the horrors of the Necron against these filthy xenos.

>> No.47004550

Also could terminator armor be refitted to have be controlled by robotics? So pic related just without a organic inside of it.

>> No.47004573

Yeah. It wouldn't be too hard.

>> No.47004647

Also http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Yammosk

>communicating by the manipulation of gravitational waves.

>In at least one case, the intense energies used to control its forces meant that enemy ships were rendered inoperable if they flew too close to the planet where the yammosk resided.

>possessing limitless energy

and http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Amphistaff which have fucking clashed with lightsabers and come out laughing.

To put it simply: Anything you can think of in the Star Wars universe except for maybe the Star Forge and a few other examples I'm likely forgetting the names of because I'm honestly not that big of an SW buff the Yuuzhan Vong have an organic version of that's either better in some fashion, or can be made better in little to no time at all.

yeah if you want to fight them, sure. I'm giving suggestions on what to steal and / or harvest from them


>then release the horrors of the Necron against these filthy xenos.
>using Necrontech
>not being filthy xenos

>> No.47004733

so your saying I should probably eat a bunch of their stuff?

>> No.47004735

After LoT I basically was a necron, so when i went to the imperium of man jump I got my little tomb spider to replace my parts so I become a Space Marine Necron.

>> No.47004765

Also some of the biotech they use may not work as it might require the force. But then again becoming a force conduit would fix that.

>> No.47004788

Why do I feel my symbiote would have a field day going through the Vong biotech?

>> No.47004797

I wish it weren't reaffirming that Jumpers have an eating disorder, but it wouldn't hurt no.

>Space Marine Necron

I don't even know what to say anymore.

Perk in Clone Wars specifically for that if I remember correctly - but regardless, the Yuuzhan Vong actually exist outside of the Force so unless someone retcons something in there unless they already did it's hopefully not a worry.

>> No.47004845

You say retreat.

So the force doesn't encompass all of the star wars universe? Bit strange.

>> No.47004868

yeah wish I knew about them earlier but I've already done all the Star Wars jumps. Say Wasn't someone doing original trilogy?

>> No.47004891

I think KOTOR-anon is doing it.

>> No.47004892


>> No.47004909

>pitting xeno against xeno

I like the way you think, anon.

>> No.47004941

Has anyone seen the guy recently?

>> No.47004963

Is there a way to get a tyranids hive that obeys you without getting Toby? They would make great soldiers against the vong and would upgrade themselves at the same time.

No not really, but remember exams are currently going on or starting very soon. So he may be revising.

>> No.47004964

Probably because it'd be like if I let one of my Shushu possess their biotech.
Fun, entertaining, but ultimately you'd need to reign them in.

>> No.47004976

it doesn't matter, it's not Cannon anymore Disney wiped out the expanded universe.

>> No.47005005

>Symbiote begins mass upgrades after seeing what it can achieve
>you try and tell it to slow down
>Ignores you and begins to experiment with Vong micro-black hole biotech
>mfw I wake up and find there is a sentient black hole smiling at me.

>> No.47005041

Disney fucking trashed the verse in an attempt to make more money, they literally made a third deathstar and had it blow up in a single movie. It looked too rushed and had no love put into it.

>> No.47005059

How would you even tell if a black hole was smiling at you?

>> No.47005089

I imagined something like pic related.

>> No.47005130

I liked Force Awakened, but it felt like there was no innovation. The prequels were bad, but they tried to be different.

I do like SW Rebels.

>> No.47005136

Force Awakens was the most boring and dry movie I've seen in a while.

>> No.47005139


>> No.47005148

I agree completely, if you love Star Wars member what were getting now is not Star Wars it is the thing that killed it.

>> No.47005187

No it's from a french novel IIRC.

>> No.47005214

But looking at it i do agree it makes me think of ASA.

>> No.47005223


It felt like they just took the plot of a bad fanfic to me.
>Rey Suewalker instantly masters lightsaber wielding, despite mainly using a polearm before
>also able to use heavy suggestion/mind control within an hour
>"totally not nazi" 'first order'
>the superweapon is literally the death star 3, but bigger
>popular canon character killed for drama

Let's not forget all the stupid asspulls, like timing coming out of lightspeed to be inside a planetary shield.
Or how the Rebels, sorry, "resistance", only have like 20 fighters.

>> No.47005276

Anyone know a way?

The piece of shit they're bringing out next looks like it might be worse. Like do we really give a shit about the spy who got the deathstar plans? No. And you can tell they'll throw some relationship thing into it.

>> No.47005280

My scanners are indicating rapidly increasing levels of sodium chloride.

Seriously guys, you should be expecting this shit from Hollywood by now. Originality's dead for a while, and Star Wars is just another victim.

>> No.47005295

At least nobody can take away the stuff I enjoyed. It's sad that we lost any chance of something good though.

>> No.47005339

I never liked Star Wars anyway, so it's fun to watch people flip out of what to me has always been a bunch of halfassed silly Barbarella-like bullshit.

>> No.47005478

I may be wrong, but I remember that some tyranids have this bug like thing that connects them to the hivemind, and that destroying it makes them feral in way that will make then attack anything, even other tyranids.

So your best best is grab you're best trapping/dimensional fishing perks and beat the shit out of a tyranid and rip off that flesh hive mind thing. I have Franken Fran and another companion with a biosculptor shard so together with them, we dissected our sample nids and biologically fabricated more of them with our augmented ACU.

>> No.47005555


Actually considering that you can scan this and replicate it, how much of a stretch would be to scan and replicate other biological things?

>> No.47005558

Thanks, it's nice having an unending army to fight your battles.

>> No.47005581

Nice get, also someone has already said you can replicate the repears so it isn't even a stretch. I think the idea comes from the making of a biotech t-rex that an ACU could spawn. So so long as it has some form of bio-tech or such it should be fair game.

>> No.47005608

Well, for me, I went quite a few steps more to assure that I can perfectly replicate biology. I used the Hydra Notes from MCU to mix my ACU with "The Crucible" from MCU so that way I could make more synthetic tissue. Also utilized the Crystal Worms froms Evo search for eden to utilize their impossibly malleable stem cells to replicate the tyranid cells.

I just went a step above what was probably necessary, as just an assurance that I can indeed replicate biological substances

>> No.47005628

In the libriomancer jump, when it says becoming inhuman means you can't use any magic of this world but that limitation is removed when you leave, does that mean I can still take magic perks and be able to use them in further jumps, just not in this one?

>> No.47005674

It does, yeah.

>> No.47005681

thank you, but is it a get or just quads?

Also I picked up Alpha lantern blueprints and imported the shard from the Green Lantern animated series jump as a SACU, combined with cortex command brain duplication do you think it would be reasonable to mass-produce Alpha lanterns Based on my brain?

>> No.47005763

It might be possible, but wouldn't it be easier to modify the manhunters and avoid having to use organics and such. quads are quads, unlike pic related.

>> No.47005804

To be fair, the reapers aren't actually that impressive as far as spaceships go.

Well, aside from their indoctrination stuff, which would probably need to be understood and restructured without just copying it anyway. Just straight up copying would probably lead to bad shit.

The whole 'sacrifice a species to build one' thing can pretty much be ignored, since you're not trying to 'preserve' them somehow by using a horribly inefficient creation process.

>> No.47005827


>> No.47005833

I think I'm off by 24 from a get in that caption, and guess you're right about the man hunters thing, but I don't trust them to do what I would do also I don't believe they have the abilities of an Alpha lantern, think of it the shard has a main lantern battery I can build my own damn lantern core Wherever I want as large as I want.

>> No.47005835

Will there be a SWTOR and/or post empire EU jump?

>> No.47005860

I was looking into the reapers as more of a genetic preservation thing for my build. Like they go around collecting DNA or the closest equivalent from other species and then return it to me for study/preservation. Personally i would just use mass produced LoTs as spaceships. Or even some of the exile ships from sins of a solar empire, the nanotech they have is decent iirc.

>> No.47005896

You could also shrink the main battery down and replicate it. Put one in every manhunter and use a electronic copy of your brain thats been modified to be loyal. Transformers may help get the brain copy.

>> No.47005903

Would yo be able to keep M.E.G.A.S post jump as the pilot origin from the M.E.G.A.S XLR jump?

>> No.47005958

Thing is, the reapers themselves don't seem to be very good at collecting DNA. They're just somehow made by melting down tons of people, which are gathered by the Collectors.

Of course, I gave up on Mass Effect at some point, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.47005970

Did you pay CP for it?

>> No.47005984

Well the jump doesn't give it to you, so... Try to fit it into the Warehouse?

>> No.47005987

>You could also shrink the main battery down and replicate it. Put one in every manhunter and use a electronic copy of your brain thats been modified to be loyal. Transformers may help get the brain copy.

I wouldn't wank miniaturization and efficiency from worm that far, plus I spent the majority of my points in Transformers becoming pic related rather than science, it was a fairly early jump so I went into it trying to get a nice power boost.

>> No.47006003

Honestly i stopped at ME2 so i wouldn't know, I just assumed that they collected the DNA without too much damage done to it. They would still make some nice mooks in a large scale battle though.

>> No.47006046

Wasn't talking about the worm shard. Meant you could use magic or some form of shrinking tech (Pym particles) to make them smaller. Then have the ACU create more of them/ use minecraft. Also all you would need to do is figure out a way to back up your memory using the transformer body, which wouldn't be too hard. After that it's just a matter of copy and paste with some minor modifications to the code.

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