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old thread :

>Where can I find the rules?

>What the FUCK? What rules books do I actually need?
http://pastebin.com/6AGsum1s (embed)
(Short version: 2007 edition of the rulebook, 2010 Update, and Armada)
Revised is a set of fan-rules, written almost entirely by a Dark Eldar player. It shows.

>Where can I find physical miniatures to use/proxy with?
http://pastebin.com/jC96JeMV (embed) (But we always need more - Feel free to chip in with others you've found in-thread)
Also looking for more non-GW minis suitable for running boarding party games.

>Paper ship Proxies:

>Boarding action rules
See the physical models link for some appropriate options for Navy troops

>Tactics and strategy resources for tabletop
Marine Tactica underway.
AdMech tactica: http://pastebin.com/YSrAf9f7 (embed)

>BFG:Armada is now live
>Battleflee/tg/othic Steam Group

>Anon is hosting a campaign, you can find the forums and info here:

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i hope I di not miss anything to recreat the general.
Rear Admiral Drawfag reporting in. Someone tried to ocontact me in the last thread, but the astropathic duct was locked in.
Still working on the "Remove Xenos/chaos" picture.

Meanwhile, please share your stories, questions, pictures, about both the tabletop game and the Vidya.

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>Every user submitted webm on the BFG:A community page is about ramming
I'm okay with this

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I already got stasis and enhanced induction for my facefucker ship

taunt or mwd for next skill?

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When ramming with a torpedo ship does it matter if you fire right before the point of impact or agter? Sometimes i noticed if i wait to fire until im actually touching the other guy with my tip i only send one torpedo into him as opposed to the full spread

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If you shoot when the targeted ship is in the red zone, the torpedoes won't arm and you'll inflict no additional damage.
So no, it doesn't matter, both methods aren't supposed to work.

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Torpedoes have an arming range, corresponding the red portion of their targeting indicator. They will not detonate within this range. So by firing after you ram you're wasting torpedoes.

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Torpedoes have a minimum range, inside of which they don't have enough time to arm themselves (seen in red in the torpedo spread). So if you fire them too close they won't do anything but scratch the enemy's paintjob.

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Ahhhhh gotcha

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This but with Spire riding a cruiser into abaddons face and holding a melta bomb

Optional Eldar crashing into an ork station in background preferable

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new to 40K spess combat.

What do Necrons use as weapon in space? Lazors like the Eldar? Torpedoes?

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I'm caught in the Defeat Spiral

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Space lightening and minature solar flares

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You have performed admirably rear-admiral Drawfag.

Not only are your ongoing efforts to create OC appreciated, but also your actions to save battlegroup /BFGG/ of the battlefleet /tg/ have not gone unnoticed.

With the authority i have been bestowed upon by the Segmentum naval command, i here by promote you to the rank of Vice Admiral.

May you serve the Imperium as you have served it until now.

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So a Necron fleet would be all about skill-shots?

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"bolts of oblivion"

Basically captured stars and green lightning. Also weapons which cause hellish visions and other asorted mind fucker to drive crew members insane

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Necrons would outfucking skill eldar.

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So they have weapons which will actively try to force the enemy into fleeing the battle?

Ork players are going to be mad as fuck when put against them, or they MUST pick the chained squigs upgrade.

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Is there any info on the Space Marine fleet out yet?

How do they perform on TT, and do you think they'll be similar in game?

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Depends how they balance it.
It might just cause damage and/or have a chance of them fleeing


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>it generates a wave of palpable psychic force towards any enemy starship.

>Psychic force


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I don't know, maybe the C'tan did it?

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No idea, this "fluff" was written eons ago when BFG was something Geedubs was intrested in.

If its anything like the doom/night scythe's engines then it just something to do with the frequency of sound/pressure. Either way it causes the same effect just in the vicinity of the aircraft and not across the void

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I recall someone mentioning the strike craft (carrier) based eldar could theoretically work. Anyone have any ideas on that? Also, how viable is torpedo based IN?

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Melta for opening volleys, normals to finish them off

I dunno i have fun with them but thats mostly because i shot gun them at as close to point blank as possible

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>first convoy mission vs. Eldar in campaign
>"I hope their transport ships can't super boost too."
>they can
>catch one ship, maul it to death, ignore cruisers
>one ship escapes
>final ship heavily damaged but out of range and closing on the finish line
>hail mary torpedo launch from a Mk 2 Dauntless catches and kills it

And that's how I can to appreciate torpedoes.

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It could, you could go in and use bombers to attack at the rear of a ship and fly out.

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Like orks except high armor but less HP, faster, better accuracy and better lightning strikes. It's a fleet of CLs with maybe a BB and plenty of escorts

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The wording is strange. Necron can cause panic and fear into the minds of lesser races. Cryptek psychomancers are dedicated to that. However, they do it with sciencey stuff, not psychic forces.

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So one big ship to stand around and take hits while your escorts swarm targets?

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thanks a lot, Lord Admiral.
(though, at this rythm, we won't get enough ranks. how about medals and titles next time not that I care much about that).

here is the corrected version for the REMOVE BLACK CRUSADE drawing. if someone has a screen of Captain Abridal, it will help me. I'm gonna go on BFG to get the icons right. Criticisms welcome.
might be funnny to do. I'll add it to the work to do queue.

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More like a bunch of dauntlesses with 75 armor on all sides and bombardment cannons. Add escorts to taste. And maybe a BB too.

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File: 1.36 MB, 3295x2247, removeBLACKCRUSADE_WIP3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

of course, If I forgot to add the drawing...

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>tfw playing as orks against eldar on breakthrough

even managed to ram a shadow cruiser with boost and it did no damage whatsoever what's the deal with that

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why is it that spire is so cool?

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Monotone emotionless voice?

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He is the very model of the imperial navy admiral
Knowledgable in all matters heretical, xenomal, and astronautical
He knows the Lords of Terra, and all battles historical.
From Cadia to Kaurauva, all of them categorical

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You should probably put the keys closer to Spires fingertips, so it looks like he is pressing them.

Other than that, its looking good, don't know how you are gonna make the keyboard look like a pipe organ though.

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I tried to read that to the tune, but it didn't work too well for me.

Still, 5 points to gryffindor for effort.

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I wish there was a way to distinguish my ships from each other. Pretty frustrating when you send the wrong ship into close range because every Imperial ship looks exactly the same.

Bonus question: Emperor or Retribution?

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I crapped out before finishing the first verse dont deserve shite

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The Necrons' original BFG stuff was, for the most part, written before their first codex, which cemented them as the anti-warp faction, so to speak. That said, I don't recall pre-codex crons ever really being implied to be psychic, so "psychic force" can just be put down to misleading wording (and for the record, it is the exact term used in all the various iterations of the list, i.e. copied from the original description). See also how the aforementioned first crondex spoke of Pariahs' "horrifying psychic presence", or both them and Culexus Assassins having a rule called "Psychic Abomination".

Of course, given the extra fluff description here (which I recall the Armada list omitted), it could actually be something psychic after all. Just depends on what's inside. Though I'd still stick with the wording explanation.

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'cause no matter what scars you bear
Whatever uniform you wear
You can fight like an Eversos, run like an eldar
But you'll never be better than Admiral Spire

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You cant tell a ship from another by the fact that it has a ramming spur or a nova cannon, macro battery or a flight deck or lance battery, nor by the amount of turreted lances on top of it?

Emperor if you want a carrier with long range sensors but is ungodly slow and little to no guns on it.
Retribution if you want a close range brawler that can also give some occasional long range fire support with its lance turrets and plasma macros and can also devastate ships with some serious ramming power and 8 torpedo tubes of murder.

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>that glorious feel of an all Slaanesh fleet with taunt against Eldar

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>Canceling warp at the last second can instant transmission you to the other side of the map if you move when you are flying at near light speed

It was a fucking trip. But it's a fun glitch.

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Retribution. It can delete even battleships at close range with "lock on" macro cannon broadsides. Also it has torpedos which are just hilariously great with blink\stazis combo. And ramming. Overall it's just a great way of dispensing Emperor's justice upon heretics and xenos.

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File: 104 KB, 1280x720, 1461726773217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Macro- Micro warpjump?

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Ok, I have no idea what I'm doing with taunt, can someone give me a quick run through?

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File: 19 KB, 500x367, 1461871823254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could say... it brings retribution to the enemies of man.

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>Get close to enemy
>Use taunt
>Enemy wont run away and you can ram em, torpedo em or broadside em.

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I will fucking rape your sheep and slaughter your women Carlosoth

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You've got me on the ramming spur/nova cannon, but I'd be amazed if you can instantly distinguish between a lance battery and a macro battery. Maybe my view is too far zoomed out.

>> No.46967553

It's a wave of null energy, which is just the negative side of the psychic spectrum.

It makes more sense than you'd believe.

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mah dik

>> No.46967618

Well the lance battery is always standing on top of a protrusion from the ship, while macros are just inside the wall with the cannons barely visible on the side.

>> No.46967634

Mars or overlord?

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Some of these role players are serious.
>ChaosFaggot:When I'm finished with the eldar here, I'm killing my imperial ally.
>He actually does it by ramming him into a minefield.
>Orkcrusha:KNIFE EAR'D GIT!
>Apprently the ork spawn behind the eldar line and charged forward crushing them all immediately and they get into a shouting match
>One asshole named '"Alfrid Lickspittle'' torpedoed his ally when he asked us if we would spare his ships ''life'' and he would kill his ally they fought till Alfrid left and we kill the battlecruiser that was left battered.

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alright i'm done with multiplayer
not gonna play a single more game until at the very least pulsar range gets halved

>> No.46967694

the MP sure is full of some really angry people, had a chaos player get angry at me for murdering his slaughter cruiser and later some ork player called me a homo for ramming his all ordinance cruiser into a asteroid field where it got shredded.

>> No.46967698

>What exactly it is that rests inside this thrice damned place is not known, other than that it exudes an aura of sheer visceral horror that radiates across enormous distances even in the vast emptiness of space.
>As well as being a resting place for whatever unnameable horror that lies inside, the Sepulchre contains technological wonders that are so advanced as to be magical to virtually any other race and project the will of the creature within far beyond the ship.

It's a personal vault for a C'Tan, that's what they're saying. A Tombship with a Sepulchre is a chariot for a star god.

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Tell them to git gud

>> No.46967891

Yeah. Lance batteries sit on platforms that jut out from the side of the ship. (Take a look at a Lunar to see what I mean - it has a macro battery and a lance battery on each side so you can see the difference).

For the Imperial Cruisers:

Tyrants and Dominators are the only cruisers with full macro broadsides with nothing extra sticking out - the Tyrant has the Ramming Spur, and the Dominator has a Nova Cannon. So that's how you tell those two apart.

Gothics are the only ones with nothing but lance batteries on the sides, so each side will have two of the big lance platforms sticking out.

Lunars are the only ones that have a mix between Lance and Macro batteries. It will have one lance platform sticking out on each side, towards the middle of the ship, while the front is slim and smooth from the macros.

Dictators are the only ones that have the jagged teeth shaped protrusions of a Fighter/Bomber bay - its the only carrier cruiser we have in the game. The front will be slim because of the macros, the fighter bay is towards the middle.

Once you get familiar with the weapons on each class, you'll eventually be able to tell what it is just at a glance, even zoomed out.

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I played an Imperial with an Imperial ally and we routed a double chaos fleet.

As all their ships started doing emergency warp jumps i said "The cowardly traitors the Emperor's retribution"

they called me a nerd and left

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Mars is best. It does everything, allowing you to fill the rest of your deployment with high impact sexual harassment. Toss Mechanicus on it as well and you have all your support needs on one ship.

>> No.46967926

I wish you well in all your future endeavours.
Fucking primitives.

>> No.46967927

Thanks chief, that's helpful

>> No.46967961

That reminds me.
>Playing as orks against imperials
>Throw my regular ork shouting at him to spice the game up for both of us
>":D gg man"
>To which i answer
>"Oy! Did ya just tell me ta git gud!? OK BOYZ! PULL OFF THE BREAKS! DIS IS WAAAAAGGGGHHH!!!! NOW!"

I then ended up ramming his shit in and based on his last words on the field he had a blast.

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Tsk. The proper response is to yell "no quarter!" and ram the fuck out of the traitor scum.

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File: 98 KB, 1280x720, 1460157656030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46968050

Why does it seem like ships sometimes die in much bigger explosions than normal?

>> No.46968419

Howd you die?

>> No.46968568

All of their weapons ignore holofields because they're AOE

>> No.46968670

[Muffled Eldar crying in the distance]

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>About to win a match
Game crashes.
>All ships destroyed when I log back in.

I am so mad right now I can't even find a pic related image.
Also there was eldar involved in the match.

>> No.46968933

For those interested, the narrator from Focus (that did the voice for the Armada trailers) is on the Space Hulk Deathwing new trailer /v/ thread.

>> No.46968948

>chaos chaos vs IN IN
>chaos players start talking mad shit
>both get absolutely wrecked by silent IN players
>as his flagship explodes, one of the traitor admirals screams out his last words into the void

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File: 1.82 MB, 3039x2258, removeBLACKCRUSADE_linework_finished.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vice Admiral Drawfag reporting in.
the line work on the current drawing is finished. Shading is about to begin.

>> No.46968992

Love the gameplay icons on the accordion. Very nice touch.

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File: 366 KB, 512x512, 1459652543548.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing multiplayer for the first time
>decide to roll with chaos because I like the way their ships look
>get slotted in with an Ork player against an Imperial and Eldar player
>decide to help slow the Imperial ships down with a stasis bomb
>notice the instant I pull the trigger to launch the bomb that the Ork player's ships are plotting a course right through the field
>Ork ally furious that his ramship line is ruined, has to slow the game down to manuver all his escorts so they don't run into the stasis field
>suddenly game glitches and the camera gets stuck looking down the length of the field
>game crashes as few second later
I felt so bad.

>> No.46969033

1d4chan WHEN

>> No.46969051


That camera bug happens when people use micro warp jump apparently, get pretty fucking tired of it.

>> No.46969103

Why is micro warp jump so fucking finnicky?

>> No.46969122

its the warp, man

>> No.46969123

I.. I want to bear your spawn

>> No.46969222

thanks !

I'm not expert on this sort of thingss. more like the work of the quills(-pushers of the Adminstratum... You'd better ask to someone else to create the proper wiki dataslate.
take contact with my Famulous, mayhaps ?

Anyway, i'll begin the shading this evening, it will be finished tomùorrow. Next drawing in the line : Fifty Shades of Spire.

>> No.46969279


No specific way that I recall. Just seems like sometimes ships make a weird noise and detonate rather than the regular explosion. Maybe I was trying to go to warp.

>> No.46969368

This is magnificent stuff.

Have you considered turning your habit into a profession?

>> No.46969399

I took a little break from this, and now I see the random MP crashes are back.


>> No.46969416

Sounds kinda familiar.

Is there a way for the warp core of your ship to detonate?
If so, is the chance of it detonate higher when you are warping out?

Also, i have noticed that some times when a ship explodes, it does hardly any damage to you, then on other occasions when they go up, they take anything smaller than a light cruiser with them, even when said escorts were in full health and shields.

>> No.46969651

>Fifty Shades of Spire
Eldar included??

>> No.46969703

>Eldar included??
as asked during the last admirals meeting, said drawing will consists of Spire giving a lecture of a ramming action, with many sororitas eandd female fleet officers getting... flustered by sais lecture. with perhaps a sneaky ork coming to hear about a good scrap.

>> No.46969761

I've just started playing again from beta, as I play orks im kinda stuck fighting against the eldar. Got any advice?

>> No.46969785

Just use on or two line ships and a bunch of escorts.

Send the escorts out to fight the eldar and warp out when they are dead. You still get exp. It's slow but you will eventually get to a level where you can finally do shit.

>> No.46969802

taunt, taunt and taunt again

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File: 46 KB, 500x359, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A suggestion for Chaos; something to put on the list for consideration.

A Chaos captain, not a marine, sitting in his bridge which is engulfed in flames. His quote and expression are pic related. Out of the bridge window we see another chaos ship being annihilated DBZ style by an Eldar ship's pulsar.

>> No.46969923

I need to see them to taunt with how micro warp jump and the bad moon ability have been nerfed its hard

>> No.46970003

auger probe? or just boost an escort close

>> No.46970036

>boost an escort close
I tried that with the ramming ship but it wasn't fast enough, I'll give the probe a shot but my weapons dont have the range.

>> No.46970089

Just finished the campaign, really good stuff.
how do you get "old but gold" and "burn the heretic" achievements?

>> No.46970090
File: 49 KB, 403x403, 1435875322615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are a good person.

>> No.46970166

Just played a game with Alfrid Lickspittle and o'boy is he retarded and bad.

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File: 181 KB, 240x362, 11784758834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you convince a new player to ram an ork ship.

>> No.46970426
File: 842 KB, 350x260, Boarding Failed.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's a "if you didn't bring stasis bombs you lose" campaign mission

>> No.46970440

They all are.

>> No.46970445

You get Burn the Heretic for ignoring the Eldar's warning about the traitor and then killing him later in the campaign

No idea about Old But Gold though.

>> No.46970556

> sneaky ork


>> No.46970788

what favour is every chaos lad running on their despoilers, has anyone had any success from anything but tzeentch, as I think tzeentch is a dingus, but may have to go for his favour for max maneuverability

>> No.46970847

Do people even enjoy playing eldar? All you do is kite 24/7

>> No.46970890

Eldar are the same in very 40k tt and video game: played to win. Not for fun

>> No.46970913


Could just be random. Vehicles in tabletop 40k go down in different ways, from just getting disabled to exploding and possibly wasting other units. I'm sure there is something similar in BFG TT that got translated into the game.

>> No.46970995

Ramming speed nigga

>> No.46971048

>meet bro tier Ork Player via MM.
>Sling banter, decide that as convoy is crap, he and I will just duke it out in middle of map.
>Epic fight while my transports just sit int he corner and watch.
>Game crashes. Didn't make a note of bro-tier ork's name,

>> No.46971087
File: 71 KB, 429x540, Eldar Tears..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The way I put it is with Eldar, one of you is gonna have a terrible game.

Either he floats around at 15K range pulsaring you while you do zero damage. He micros his cock furiously and generally is OP as fuck.


He gets into range, makes a tiny mistake, or just remember he's facing a real man's navy and runs crying and leaving a trail of blood from his/her/xir anus to whine on the steam forums of BFG general.

>> No.46971095
File: 751 KB, 1469x1115, 1457656997997.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the anon who was making 3d printer files of BFG ships still here? If so, are there any updates?

Pic related, one of the ships he printed out.

>> No.46971121

that thing looks great, but that colour really reminds me a bath toy from my youth.

I feel weirdly nostalgic.

I...goddamn I miss mom.

>> No.46971136

......um ok. You allrigjt anon?

>> No.46971230
File: 170 KB, 940x681, ADVANCEDVOIDTACTICS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>All six enemy transports are destroyed when my allies cruiser blows up.


>> No.46971276

Ah, thanks for that one then.
If you cast taunt on "planet killer" then you'll get an achievement.

>> No.46971323
File: 69 KB, 594x626, don't open.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Get put against Eldaar in 1v1.
>Just grab two random light cruisers, spam as many escorts as I can.
>Rush them with escorts, warp out my cruisers and just call the Eldaar a faggot until he blows up my escorts.

>> No.46971372

Playing the campaign right now, attempted the space hulk mission; Ravensburg recommended going full torp spam, so I did. Turns out to be useless as the fucking thing spawns a billion fighta-bommaz when the torpedoes approach. Ended up running away and fighting the endlessly respawning escorts until the timer ran out.

Any tips? Next time I'm considering just taking my Retribution-class and close-range macro cruisers, closing to choppa range and trying to out-damage it/using asteroids and terrain to stay behind it.

>> No.46971488

I keep getting that fucking camera bug where you lose control of the camera and every other function, all you can do is task manager close the fucking game.

>> No.46971534


In tabletop there was a table you roll on for random destructive effects of a ship being reduced to 0 hp. Even in those there was random blast radius and damage. Shit could get hilariously cataclysmic.

>> No.46971562

I think I actually just torped it to death. Even on heroic if you salvo torps it dies.

>> No.46971609


Yeah, so the game must make a roll for the effects too.

>> No.46971624

I'm seriously hoping this gets themed expansions. I want to fight on the eastern fringe for example, clobbering tau and nuking nids. What would anon add in an expansion?

>> No.46971645

My strategy for the campaign consisted of ramming everything to death.

>> No.46971671

The emperor approves of you anon.

That ramming spike thing is fantastic.

>> No.46971769

Eh, I had a Ret and two cruisers and just chucked meltatorps at it as fast as they came off cooldown. I managed to get most of the first wave taken down, but after that things quickly escalate because it can't launch fighters as fast as you can salvo off the torpedoes. The damn thing had basically four fires burning permanently after my second salvo.

Other than that, stay out of its front arcs unless you want to risk eating 16 boarding torps. The sides actually don't have that much firepower, just watch for the broadside torpedo launcher.

>> No.46971796



nurgle or khorne?

>> No.46971847

You wouldn't happen to have the list on those effects and rolls, would you?

>> No.46971857
File: 129 KB, 1280x720, khorne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seeing how Nurgle cloud doesn't stack

>> No.46971860

They really ought to just prevent certain factions from playing with each other.

>> No.46971863

why not both anon

>> No.46971911


Its on these. GW games use to have random destruction rolls for all kinds of stuff.

>> No.46971943

Single big ship nurgle the rest khorne

>> No.46971958
File: 129 KB, 452x680, riding in style2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>350 points
>orks and IN vs Chaos and Eldar
>ork player takes three CLs and a trio of savages
>IN player takes two Astartes Dauntless mk2s and a quartet of swords
>Eldar player takes a Voidstalker and change
>Chaos player takes a Despoiler and change

>IN and Chaos manage to chain-taunt and then stasis bomb Voidstalker on its second attack run, finish it off by ramming a dauntless into it (big ol prow sticking out of the stasis field)

>Despoiler busy doing nurgle-based things to the orks
>Ork CLs warp out
>IN forces get back over to fight despoiler right as everything orky dies
>Dauntless warps out
>Dauntless begins to warp out, gets destroyed before it finishes
>Despoiler is incredibly low, <25 hp
>two swords left, its shields almost recharged
>shields recharge and it has 10 HP left
>first sword goes up
>second sword slams All Ahead Full
>Sword and Despoiler both explode
No survivors, apparently a victory for orks/IN.

>other players are bros during and after match

>> No.46972011

Of course it was a victory for orks and IN.
Those guys had at least some people left to tell the tale.

>> No.46972056


So win the exception of Burning Hulk, it looks like other critical damage effects are in the game. Neato.

>> No.46972161

There were no survivors on the field, so I was confused.
I guess Chaos or Eldar might have had an extra CL that warped out before I noticed, but IDK what their battleship point costs are.

>> No.46972182
File: 130 KB, 1920x1080, SakarsGuitar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you want to play Eldar, I can't stop you but you must know.
I am never gonna stick my tongue up your ass

>> No.46972229

>playing IN assassination as defender
>teammate is ork
>other side is eldar and chaos
>don't really want to commit too much, take one dauntless and rest swords
>ork teammate only has a battleship
>game starts, can see a single enemy ship boosting around with fighters around it
>knew it
>hide in corner between an asteroid field and the edge of the map
>just boost towards the chaos player with my swords
>eldar player tries to get around
>chaos has a 360 no damage lineup of carriers and lances
>trying to stick as close to his back as possible with swords
>look at what the eldar is doing
>see him getting tractor beamed
>big ork ship right behind him
>ork crashes right into the voidstalkers back and it instantly explodes
>chaos player warps out after not even getting a single swords shield down

no idea what that eldar guy was doing but it sure was satisfying to see that

>> No.46972451

were endeavor CLs ever actually released?

>> No.46972542

does the camera freezing under the map bug only happen to chaos?

>> No.46972558

>final mission in campaign
>ram the Planet Killer head on with my Retribution, driving it straight into an asteroid field
>this destroys the Planet Killer but just before it blows up it manages to squeeze off it's special attack on my battleship

holy FUCK

they will be remembered

>> No.46972564

it happens to everyone

>> No.46972704

I had a ret, Mars and a bunch of 9km range swords to fight off the huge waves of orky escorts and we just kited the thing to death. You can even kite it over the minefields in the left side of the map if you're sneaky.

>> No.46972719

damn, well 2 matches in a row now shit sucks

>> No.46972778

>Kicking the shit out of a battleship and his allies
>Fucking camera glitch happens.
I'm starting to think it is a hack, seeing how the other players are still able to do shit.

>> No.46972813

Has anyone else actually had hackers in game?
Sometimes I swear something with the amount of ships my enemy is able to take isn't right

>> No.46972846

Nope tons of us are getting it.

>> No.46972847

Yes. I fought 12 Ork cruisers(300 point match) who wouldn't take damage and had like infinite nova cannons and boost.

>> No.46972926
File: 54 KB, 201x178, 1420949639061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some roleplaying faggot just show me full of melta because I asked why he didn't attack the enemy.

>> No.46972952

One time I played a game were i spent nearly all my points on a cruiser, light cruiser and frigate.

The Eldar faggot had like 12 frigates and assraped my cruiser in about a second with a single volley of Pulsars.
My other 2 ships lasted about as long as the pulsar Cooldown (in which time i killed 3 ships)

Surely this can't be any more fun for them as it was for me?

>> No.46972979

Like, your ally wasn't fighting the enemy?

>> No.46973116

Yeah he was just fucking around.

>> No.46973167

He tell you why or was he being a silent shit

>> No.46973283

If anyone wants to have some half decent 2v2's and maybe even steam voice chat give me an add my steam profile name is Obres. I am a Chaos faggot with a Slaaneshi fleet.

>> No.46973346 [DELETED] 
File: 984 KB, 723x1023, Tzeentch girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would you be willing to team up with a Tzeentch fleet?

i-it's not like I want to be friends or anything it's just Nurgle and his buddy Khorne are always together.

>> No.46973566

Absolutely, send me an add or give me your id.

>> No.46973705
File: 32 KB, 304x295, 1429895801660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Alfrid joined your team.

>> No.46973778
File: 142 KB, 412x688, 43423451234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Catastorphic damage tables made for some fun times.
>Friend wants to proxy a Ramilies Star Fort, so we go for a pseudo space station assault mission
>Takes one, along with a bunch of defense platforms and a token cruiser and some escorts
>Bring a small Necron fleet
>The Ramilies is shitting out damage
>Fire off a particle whip, just to do something
>Roll 6, it bypasses shields
>Hits, crits, rolls 12, which causes d6 hits to each quadrant
>Roll another 6
>End up crippling 2 quadrants and dealing a total of 14 damage
>With one particle whip shot

>> No.46973812
File: 740 KB, 633x758, a universe of feels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not even someone on /tg/ wants to play with me.

>> No.46973874


>> No.46973942
File: 47 KB, 499x329, Blackstone_FortressActivated.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mission where blackstone fortress attacks space station
>lay down a tight minefield in the center. Aww yeah, nigstones gonna plow right thru this
>start battle
>commodore dude runs his dauntless right thru the entire minefield detonating everything
>"admiral my ship has been heavily damaged, I will report to you personally."
this is not void strategy

>> No.46973981

I played with Obres earlier today, I think.

>> No.46974046

P-please add me, the matchmaking is utterly fucked and I keep getting paired up with rank 1 or 2 players.

>> No.46974064

I'm rank 3 m8. Not sure I'll be a help.
But hey, if you want. You're obres?

>> No.46974093


oh mans I know that feel

>be chaos fleet vs imps
>getting my ass kicked
>ram 1 hp slaughter cruiser into mars bc flagship out of spite
>12 on catastrophic damage, warp engine implosion for 8 lance hits takes it out, cripples nearby gothic cruiser

>> No.46974112

People in your area actually play against necrons?

>> No.46974117

lighting and gauss partical whips.

Also they've got extensive teleport capabilities and make much heavier use of teleporting troops onto the enemies ships than anyone else.

>> No.46974195

Fucking Alfrid ruins all the games.

>> No.46974279


>> No.46974299

Necrons aren't really that bad - they just require you to forget the whole "focus your fleet on one ship at a time" thing. You need to force Necrons to brace, so we lose half our firepower and drop our armor to 4+. We do that, and suddenly you're throwing more hits out that we just cant save - plus, the revised rules upped their points a good amount, meaning you'll outnumber a necron fleet even more than you would before.

Yeah, they have a ton of dakka, but they're easily exploited by a cunning captain. Plus, no ordnance - swamp us in bombers and assault boats and we drop like a sack of shit.

>> No.46974344

assuming you're the one in the battleflee/tg/othic group, sent

>> No.46974536

lol I didn't even use the microwarp and it still happened on several occasions

>> No.46974583

what's a cool name for a Despoiler?

>> No.46974686

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you filthy xenos? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Imperial Naval Academy, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids in the webway, and I have over 300 macro-cannons. I am trained in void warfare and I’m the top admiral in the entire sector. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with torpedoes the likes of which has never been seen before in this galaxy, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the vox network? Think again, knife-ear. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of widowmakers across the gas clouds and your voidstalker is being traced right now so you better prepare for the micro-warp jump, maggot. The jump that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your hull armour. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my power ram. Not only am I extensively trained in void combat strategy, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Segmentum Obscurus and I will use it to its full extent to nova cannon your miserable ass off the face of the gothic sector, you little shit. If only you could have known what holy Retribution battleships your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit taunts all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.46974703

Slaanesh: Elegant Scream
Nurgle: Welcoming Embrace
Tzeentch: Exactly as Planned
Khorne: Rabid Slaughter

>> No.46974813

The Spoiler

Cegorach perku

>> No.46974971


I played with him.

Next time I get matched with him as an ally I'm torpedoing his ships and warping out.

>> No.46975542
File: 487 KB, 1920x1080, 363680_screenshots_20160428205750_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My new chaos brawler fleet consists of two Carnages; the Hurts When I Breathe, and No, Don't Help Me.

I've maxed out their armor/shields. Next I plan on getting their macro cannons powered up with armor piercing and extended range.

>> No.46975622

Why can khorne only ape imperial ships?

>> No.46975623

Good luck friend, I wish large amounts of success for you.

>> No.46975731

According to pro chaos players on the forums, I should be running nurgle instead of khorne because the +20 whatchamacallits to boarding party defense makes my ships almost immune to criticals, with the nurgle damage being a side bonus on top of it.

Apparently they also believe that the +1 bonus the daemonic lightning strike has isn't good enough for kaos.

I'm gonna trust them. So far my brawling chaos fleet is ripping the AI apart at short range... well, except orks.

Gonna use the Acheron as a long range fire support cruiser, so I gave it thrusters and some map vision control.

>> No.46975904

Nurgle is going as a barwler to keep people away.

But the best choice right now for chaos is Tzeentch and 2nd with Slaanesh

>> No.46976216 [DELETED] 

>playing solo skirmish as chaos
>defend supply ship mission
>start all supply ships on the right side of the map, except one on the very left with a single escorts
>manage to keep supply ships alive, one dead on right side, left side chugging away with nothing focusing it
>last 2 supply ships, one left one right, right side almost dead, but out of range from attacks so I think I'm safe
>left side ship makes it no problem, sit back in chair and celebrate my victory
>right side ship gets a couple hits and drops shields as the enemy boosts closer, already low hp, I'm like whatever losers
>mine spawns out of nowhere directly in front of last ship right at the red line
>throw a shit fit as I watch it explode in my face and "Defeated" is taunting me for 30 seconds

Goddamn I was so pissed, but it was a fun game. This whole game is fucking awesome.

>> No.46976993

how long does advanced cogitaro linkages make the abilities last for?

>> No.46977066

base duration for Silent Running is 45sec I wanna say so a minute and a half with the cogitator links?

>> No.46977272

might bve worth it, im making a monster despoiler, and if I can fit that AND 15k range on it it will be unkillable.

>> No.46977354

How do I git gud at armada /tg/. I've been playing the campaign and I keep getting absolutely fucked by orks and eldar. Orks just don't seem to ever die, fly faster than me and spam the unholy hell out of boarding actions that always seem to work, and instantly cripple shields or engines, unlike mine and eldar just anally rape me in seconds everytime they have more than a couple of big ships. I don't even know what with shit just seems to die in seconds.

Send help

>> No.46977585

Ideas for a Slaughter cruiser upgrade path? Wondering if I should get macro range or build up on toughness stuff first.

>> No.46977740
File: 47 KB, 576x589, ORcAulb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>convoy attack
>tfw slamming into all 3 transport ships perfectly lined up while the guy is desperately trying to micro in tactical cogitator mode

>> No.46978279

"it is said, for any questions asked at the Eldar, they return three answers, all of which are terrifying to comprehend"


>> No.46978334

Is VOID STRATEGY becoming a meme?

>> No.46978827

>Who is master race?
>Why is the emperor so cool?
He's not, he is a literal colossal fag.
>What race has the best love bums?
Eldar of course! Even the men have them.

So you see those answer are terrifying for a loyal citizen of the Imperium.

>> No.46978847

>First game as Eldar
>Against Easy AI
>Get absolutely obliterated

Well shit.

>> No.46978892

no, it was more like ONE questions for THREE answers, not ONE answer for each THREE question.

>> No.46979008

Here's some starting advice for you.

1) Eldar function very differently to the other races. Instead of thinking in naval terms, imagine you're an aircraft on an attack run: pick target, line up, move in, fire, retreat (either by turning around or flying past). The Vaul Maneuver skill should never be underestimated for this, try it once and you'll never leave home without it again.

2) To hit with pulsars, turn off the "move order does not cancel attack order" button. You need turn to track the enemy, and that interferes with it. Each ship fires three pulses with it's pulsar battery, count them and break off as soon as they're over

3) Against non-Eldar fleets, starcannons are very bad and do little damage. Focus on filling your fleet with pulsars (Aurora's mostly) and ignore the Shadow. Against Eldar fleets, pulsars are very hard to hit with, so use cannons and Shadows on those.

4) You can leave many many things on autocast. Pulsars, torpedos, lightning strike (unless on data recovery of course) and Vaul's Maneuver all work fine on auto. Though when you get better, you may start doing them manually.

5) Kill escorts first, then carriers, then everything else in order of fastest first. Against carriers (specifically Chaos), run into a nebula after every attack run.

6) You are very fast, and your boost does not reveal you. Going onto silent running while approaching or moving away can let you get some very valuable attack angles.

>> No.46979097

Don't forget Silent Running against carriers if you cant get in a gas cloud.

>> No.46979106

Thanks man, appreciate it.

>> No.46979228

i kinda like the imperial cardinal class heavy cruiser

>> No.46979289

>The Cardinal-class Heavy Cruiser was the original template used for the ill-fated Acheron-class Heavy Cruiser design. The failure of the Acherons was ultimately attributed to the use of xenos technology in the weapons systems derived for the class from the techno-artefacts recovered by the Adeptus Mechanicus from the haunted Portis Cthulhus in Sector 51.
>Portis Cthulhus
There's blatant theft, and then there's literally just taking the name.

>> No.46979537

Is he OK?

>> No.46979546
File: 1.06 MB, 1092x540, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can i git gud with chaos?

I kite and i kite but it feels like my ship lacks punch. Even if i do a surprise buttsex maneuver, firepower always seems lacking.

>> No.46979551

I want nids in this so so much

>> No.46979571

As an IN player my first advice is "kill yourself heretic"

Then I'd say that most of the chaos fleets that I've had trouble with have used the most ridiculous amount of bombs.

I hate bombs.

>> No.46979667

How many bombs was it? All of it?

>> No.46979680

All of the bombs.

The worst was all slaneesh favoured, stasis bomb flinging carrier fleet. That was almost as bad as Eldar. Then again no one likes Eldar.

>> No.46979694

Be patient. Chaos is about ambushes, terrain, and sensor warfare. Only go in and engage when you have local superiority and are absolutely sure of a quick kill. You want probes and scout escorts to keep the enemies identified and whittle them down with lances and bomber strikes from 12k, using gas and asteroids to re-hide your ships if they get identified. Pay attention to the enemy escorts and bomb them first: two full bomber wings will kill an unbraced escort, and it's going to be those escorts that harass you and keep you identified. Get rid of them, then use terrain and running silent to break off and whittle the enemy capital ships down with 12k fire before closing in with your Slaughter.

>> No.46979701

I like eldar. Though it fells like controlling a squadron of attack planes rather than a fleet.

I also love going against an eldar commander who like to gets close cause he think his "gotta go fast" button would always save him. Needless to say ramming them is fun.

>> No.46979722

Thank you anon but I'm an IN player.

Tell me how to beat you instead.

>> No.46979726

I had the most amusing game as Orkz just yesterday. Elf tried to make an attack run on my tight formation from the front, and was absolutely horrified as the fleet literally plowed through his formation on boost while he scrambled to turn away and engage elferburners. Not two seconds later, I tractored an Aurora onto the ramgob of my Goff kroozer, and there was much rejoicing as it broke in half.
Reportedly he would express his rage, but was too busy giggling at the flaming clusterfuck.

>> No.46979751

Maintain vision. Get those attachable probe things.

>> No.46979804

Is it just me or are lance dauntlesses underwhelming? Maybe it's just because you can actively see the damage that torpedoes do rather than the single blast from the lance, but I never take them over the mark 2s.

>> No.46979825
File: 137 KB, 500x661, 1461552058204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First a handy guide to identifying heresy, and keeping it identified.
Contrary to intuition, stationary sensors are better for thwarting Chaos ambushes than probes. Sticking one in a cloud or a belt effectively renders that place unusable. Sticking one on a ship means that I need to keep that ship away from the rest, reducing ambush potential.
Widowmakers with sensors are also good, they can see forever, and you can stick one in a small cloud or asteroids, effectively obstructing a section of the map from the usual Chaos shenanigans.
Kill escorts, since they'll track your scouts down, allowing capital ships to kill them.
Liberally use silent running and terrain to re-blip your ships.

Now, the actual fighting.
Chaos is faster than you, and more agile than you. You can try to compete with speed and turn upgrades, or you could take mwj, gauge refill, and be done with it.
Stasis bombs are your single best friend: if it lands, you get some free shots. If it doesn't, I probably needed to burn and not all my ships have emission dissipators.
Lightning strikes are the bane of Chaos: you may be tempted to go for actual boarding, but it's far more likely that you'll get to launch a lighting strike than that you'll successfully close to 3k and turn broadside. So just do that. Dauntlesses with muhreens and teleportariums are good.
Have some lances: it's more likely that you'll be engaging at 6-9k than your optimal macro range. Lunars, Gothics and Dictators are good for that, and they all pack torpedoes: a very useful zoning and harassment weapon.
Later on, you'll want a Mars: it provides fighter cover, can harass with the nova cannon, and has 12k lance turrets so you can return fire.

>> No.46979828

Also dat area 51. Free keks.

>> No.46979846

They're good for chasing and against heavy armour, but if you can consistently hit with torpedoes there's little to no reason to take them.

>> No.46979944

do i want dauntless mk 1's or mk 2's? and after that how should i upgrade them?

>> No.46979951

Gah fuck. Tyrants, not Dictators. Dictators suck.

>> No.46979994

a lot of people like 9k lance dauntless mk1's but I'd rather eat a lance at 9k than get harassed at 6k with broadsides.

>> No.46979996

Do you want to shoot torpedoes at enemies?
Then Mk2's.
Do you want to lance your enemies?
Then Mk1's.

>> No.46980012

This is helpful.

Aside from a sole gothic my fleet is two overlord, and two tyrants.

Who cares about launch bays as if he isn't frantically trying to take out my torpedo hordes, he's gonna burn.

(Though I do like to have some summoned cobras with extra turrets for the lulz)

>> No.46980014

I run a lance based Slaneesh fleet with stasis bombs.

>> No.46980028

I have two of each.

Mk1s for when they are my principle ships (low points). These have mechanicus favours and taunt + scouty thing.

Mk2 for fleet support with SM favour and stasis.

Every so often I'll just run all four.

They're level nine now and getting slightly hilarious.

AP, shields, hull and sensors on all.

>> No.46980030

how well does filling every slot possible in the imperial navy with ordnance bay ships work?

>> No.46980039

Did you fight an "Admiral Awesome" recently? You lost very narrowly after I did something unpleasant to your murder.

>based ribbed avenger. Even if that ship dies every goddamn game.

>> No.46980043


Really I don't know though, I'm almost pure macros and torps. As the emperor decrees.

>> No.46980083

Fighters stick. You launch them once, and you're set until something kills them, meaning they're then free to launch any flavour of sudden molestation your way. And you'll find that there's very little 'frantic' about dodging and destroying torpedoes at medium-long range. It's almost Zen. If you want to win consistently against competent Chaos players, you want at least rudimentary fighter cover. This may come in the form of a Mars launching fighters, or in the form of turret-upgraded escorts.

>> No.46980091
File: 73 KB, 300x300, 2722.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


• Pre-set Behaviors
We’ve heard your feedback about having to manually set skills and behaviors at the start of every game. Let's fix that! We're working on a screen at your docks, where you'll be able to pre-set your behaviors and skills.

Coming in a few months:

• Tau Fleet (Forge World) DLC
We've intercepted alarming signals from the Damocles Sector! For the greater good! Free for Early Adopters.

• New Skills
Along with ongoing balance changes, we also plan to implement new skills to enhance each faction’s own unique flavor.

• Fleet Color
You will be able to customize the color of your ships.

>> No.46980107

It doesn't. Dictators are kind of shit, having two bays and nothing in the way of ranged weapons. Mars is gud enough to take two, but that's more than half your fleet allowance right there, and it gives you four bays, the same as one Styx. Emperor battleships are awkward as fook and mount macros, so all they have going for them is the four bays and huge sensor and MWJ range.
Overall, it may work, but you will be horribly gimping yourself.

>> No.46980114

I generally only lose to Eldar or crashes, can't say I remember your name. Most people I face are autistic RP Germans.

>> No.46980139

>You’ll be able to invite a friend to play 2 vs 2 against the AI - the progression system will be available in this mode for both you and your friend.
fuck yes.

>> No.46980183


>> No.46980215

June, read >>46980091

>> No.46980299

>facing a tau fleet.

I'm just alt-tabbing and quiting, weeaboo fucks don't deserve the game

>> No.46980315

Tyranids to follow the tau, too. Based developers.

>> No.46980326


They're making the NEETbux it seems

>> No.46980338

We're saved from Necron faggotry for a while at least.

>> No.46980369

Next few weeks:
>Online Custom Games with/against Friends
>An ELO system. Matches first Admiral Level, then win/loss ratio, then country
>Team-chat will be added.

Next couple of months:
>Space Marines June 2016.
>Ranked Matches and Global Leader-board, with disabled tactical cogitator
>Elite Boss Battles against the AI after level 8 in solo-skirmish
>2v2 with friends against AI
>Pre-set ship behaviours in the docks, so you don't have to reset it every match

Some months after that:
>Tau Fleet (Forge World), free for Early Adopters.
>Create your own custom online tournaments
>New faction-specific Skills
>Modify Fleet Colour
>Profile page for your admirals, detailing heroic deeds


>> No.46980439
File: 145 KB, 500x282, 1406862130357.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tau Fleet (Forge World) DLC

>> No.46980452

>Tau will be the first DLC
I was still hoping for Necrons to be the first.

>> No.46980469
File: 16 KB, 234x216, 1445033026567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't like Tau

>> No.46980472

>Tau Fleet (Forge World)
Y'all faggots need to prepare for massive missile spam, Frontal assaults, and Mantas wrecking your shit.

>> No.46980484

• Pre-set Behaviors
We’ve heard your feedback about having to manually set skills and behaviors at the start of every game. Let's fix that! We're working on a screen at your docks, where you'll be able to pre-set your behaviors and skills.

Thank fuck.

>> No.46980506

I hope necrons never get into the game.

>> No.46980521
File: 1.05 MB, 700x1050, 1446700287321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Spiky elves when.

>> No.46980579

Won't they just be the same as the current Eldar? They'd just be the same glass cannons but with more of an emphasis on boarding actions and sneaky shit

>> No.46980591


>> No.46980609

because necrons are overpowered as fuck in anything they get into
op on tabletop, in the actual lore, in dow 1, in dow 2 last stand, and its doubtful they'll be any different here

>> No.46980688

Kind of like SM are a lot like IN with more armour and emphasis on boarding actions.
There is enough of a difference to make a race, similarly with craftworld Eldar, who would be just like current Eldar but tougher and customizable. Or Mechanicus, who would be just like IN, but with archeotech, Arks, and customization.

>> No.46980799
File: 95 KB, 720x683, Boarding dongs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot to post this for a long time.

>> No.46980906

deldar are a bit less glass cannon. On the TT their major difference was not doing the space sails thing (though that seems too have been left out of armada) and their mimic engines that made them untargetable at long range.

>> No.46980911
File: 1.92 MB, 496x278, Eldar_sandwich.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that cooperative ramming is the best kind of ramming.

>> No.46980922

Get shrekt chaos your time is ogre

>> No.46980950

>brutal Eldar double penetration.webm

>> No.46980997

How do their guns compare to the Eldar? I'm guessing they're going to be very good close range with boarding and powerful weapons but need to get out of there quick before you can bring much fire to bear on them

>> No.46981001

Admit it, you are just afraid that you start losing with your space elves.

>> No.46981016

nah, I play imperial navy for the most part, I think eldar are a bit bullshit as well at higher levels (and in most games if you're good at micro) but necrons are a whole other level of bullshit.

>> No.46981024

I assumed that they'd have some sort of phase-out mechanic to compensate for their power. Critical hits on the admiral ship giving a chance for insubordination for example

>> No.46981044

No necrons are fucking OP wherever they are.

However Eldar are still OP as fuck in this game and needs a nerf,etc,etc

>> No.46981066

I can't figure out Orks.

I've been doing fine with Imperium, Chaos, and Eldar, but just can't win at all using Da Boyz. They're just so slow and un-maneuverable; the enemy run rings around my light cruisers. Taunt gives me a few seconds to work with, but even landing a spread of torps and a pair of rams in that time the damage is so low they just run away and it's back to being kited round in circles.

Please help me git gud /tg/, what am I doing wrong?

>> No.46981088

how do i maximum ordnance bays?

>> No.46981091

From what I can tell, smaller ork ships are kinda garbage while their bigger stuff are lumps of metal studded with a billion cannons.

>> No.46981097
File: 54 KB, 501x575, 1460276882155.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So now that the Space Jews are confirmed, what are some ways to defeat them?

>> No.46981104

yeah a bit like that. all their gunnery points forward. Their weapon batteries are the same as regular eldar, their phantol lances work a little differently but are better than normal lances like pulsars. They do have special leech torpedoes that slow down ships on a hit.

>> No.46981178

Orks. You can get six on their BB, and four on cruisers.

>> No.46981179

Close in. Ram and board.

Their ships are really long range but are slow.

>> No.46981237

Would Dark Elves work as a flavor?

>> No.46981331

How plausible is an Ork carrier fleet /tg/? Their light cruisers can take 1 bay, and two on the cruisers. And they get torps too, for complete overload of fight screens.

>> No.46981347

>Their light cruisers can take 1 bay, and two on the cruisers
They're broadside bays, so it's 2 and 4 respectively. And the battleships can take 6. All plus torpedoes. It's fairly doable, but orky ships aren't well suited to an all-carrier fleet, being slow and unstealthy. I'm rather curious of the results, though.

>> No.46981363

As long as there is no elo system it is probably doable. Even on high level I regularly meet opponents I can defeat without even doing much because they ram their own ships and shit like that.

>> No.46981376
File: 59 KB, 512x600, 512px-Mythbusta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ya need more dakka!

>> No.46981384

No, they have their own ship types, weapons, and abilities. Harlequins might, though.

>> No.46981406

Grab those shield neutralizing bombs and have a close range cannon buffet.

>> No.46981434

Are lances affected by shooting through a stasis field at all? I'm guessing not.

Also, does a ship being in a stasis field slow its rate of fire? It doesn't seem to slow its skill cooldowns.

>> No.46981442

Never played with him. Can someone explain?

>> No.46981484

>Roleplays to the extreme.
>Offered to betray allies in order to keep his ship from blowing up.
>Retreats when shields are down.
That's what I seen but other people say he did much worse. I hate the fact that you get paired with the same people like 4-5 times in a row before you never see them again(in this case it is good)

>> No.46981572

I'm actually having a lot of fun and success with my ork fleet recently. Every ship gets taunt, 2 or 3 ships get tractor beam and as many as possible get the additional teleportarium thing. Their escorts are also pretty tanky with good close range weapons too.

>> No.46981575

My uneducated guess is that yes, its firerate is decreased.

>> No.46981639
File: 1007 KB, 240x240, anon tries to help others.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They're really not hard to manage, once you see their weaknesses. Necron players have to make a choice when they see incoming fire - depend on the shield save, or brace for that insane 2+ save? So you swamp them in fire and ordnance, force them to brace, and they're fucked - a 2+ save is awesome, but a 2+ save against a mountain of dice (hitting on 4+) is going to hurt, and one crippled Necron cruiser means that you've just taken out 300-ish points (assuming you're using revised rules, which you should be) from the game, in terms of efficacy, since now he cannot use the star pulse generator, among the other crippled effects.

Cripple one and move on, since Necron players are apt to disengage their ships, especially in campaigns (expensive repairs are a bitch). One of them disengages, and suddenly your numerical superiority is going to become even more prevalent, letting you split fire more effectively.

There was a nice article written up in the 2002 annual, way back when , addressing this very issue, and it should be required reading. And as a Necron player who plays against folks who HAVE read this article, this shit works. Fire lances first to force a brace, then dump WB fire at the now easy to hit ship. It's counter to everything else we do in BFG (WB first, then lances), but it's imperative against Necrons. You really have to turn your typical fleet tactics on their heads when fighting them.

>> No.46981711

He's German and also likes to ram enemies in retarded situations.

>> No.46981775

What do you listen to while purging heretics and xenos /bfgg/?


>> No.46981814
File: 866 KB, 500x269, u_t_r.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46981844

I'm not surprised Tau ended up first. They're mechanically pretty standard (so easier too implement and balance), though they still have a distinctive style unlike doing say admech or craftworlds which would mostly just be reskins of existing factions.

>> No.46981902

Likewise. I'm not a fan of the Tau, but they are a good choice. Also helps that they're the community's choice.

>> No.46981930

God, the forum is so fucking whiny it's unbelievable. I'm usually one to take the communities side when they're getting pissy but holy fuck it's only been 8 days since launch and they've already released a fairly large patch and provided a development road map in addition to promising to communicate more now that they have more time.

I'm seeing fucking posts where people act like 3000 point battles should be in the game now and they're not in because tindalos didn't try hard enough.

Some other octanigger said they waited too long to communicate and it's only been eight fucking days since launch.

People being cunts to cool devs triggers my autism so hard.

>> No.46981960

The pc gaming and 40k fandoms have intersected. Only madness and horror awaits us now.

>> No.46981965

I guess people are 'spoiled' with shitty devs that barely communicate (cough tripwire with kf2) that they just shit the bed no matter what happens. its stupid too, I love these devs already, every patch feels great, doesnt feel early access when it kinda is, because the whole game is already fucking done outside of smaller features.

>> No.46981989
File: 433 KB, 600x592, 3623452345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>3000pt battles

I'm trying to imagine the amount of micro an Eldar player would need for a 3000pt game, and I just cannot picture it.

>> No.46982022

The idiot impulse for epic scale battles is always present. The only way it could work is in a 4v4 scenario. Everyone gets 750pts, which is a lot to handle but doable. Even then, though, TACTICAL COGITATORS will be engaged 90% of the time as 8 players micro desperately.

>> No.46982027

Anything you want to talk about, anon?

>> No.46982178

Yeah, Tau are alright and would have probably been my second or third choice (the other being AdMech), I had just hoped that they would go for Necrons first.

In the end it doesn't matter though I guess, I am fairly sure we will get all of them eventually.

>> No.46982213

Is the number of kustom points per ship set, or is there a way to get more?

>> No.46982227

there wont be any micro from anyone with fleets that big

>> No.46982234

It would essentially be nothing else but setting every ship to auto-engagement and then only micromanaging your 3-4 favorite high-point ships.

Because while I do like the idea of massive scale battles, there is just no way you are going to have a significant influence on it. Actually it might just end with everyone constantly ramming into each other by accident, a massive space carom.

>> No.46982260

They're set, currently. Which I find odd - why limit kustom points anyways, for ork ships? If I want to make a ship completely retarded, I should be able to.

>> No.46982318

In that info dumb they said they'll be doing balance passes on all the races starting with eldar, then chaos and finally da orkz. With these they'll be adding new faction specific skills and maybe they'll change how that kustom point system works with orks.
I've never been a tau player but it's really nice to see them in a videogame again, it's been so long since the necrons and tau have actually been in a game save for the DOW2 last stand DLC.

>> No.46982345 [SPOILER] 
File: 130 KB, 650x1060, 1461944056243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We all know what we'd end up with if we had full kustomisation.

>> No.46982553
File: 55 KB, 873x627, Astronave_Tau_Clase_Explorador.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know this sounds petty and kinda greedy, and I guess it kind of it, but I wish it was the original Tau fleet out that they're going to put out instead of the FW one.

Y'know, where all the ships were repurposed merchant and exploration ships. I always thought that they had more character than the "new" ones. Had a kind of, mm, original-trilogy star wars vibe.

That kinda "Used Future" thing, you know?

Whereas the FW ones look all sleek and shiny, which I felt was a niche the Eldar already had taken.

>> No.46982556

>tooltips say eldar have the best fighters/bombers in the game
>orks have the worst

Can we see the fighter/bomber stats anywhere?

>> No.46982610

They're about as fast as imperials and have less firepower in a close-in broadside fight.

>> No.46982617

I'm not sure many people want to play a literal joke faction.

>> No.46982650

Don't follow you.

>> No.46982666

Pre-FW Tau were bad. Like, their premiere gunboat was barely able to rival a Lunar. And they had to take garbage merchant crusiers with guns tacked on to be allowed to take any of those.

>> No.46982702

Huh, I didn't know that (this is what comes from never actually playing the tabletop).

Was it really that bad?

>> No.46982708

>Tau Fleet (Forge World) DLC
>(Forge World)
I'm pretty disappointed they didn't include both.

>> No.46982722

>GW space Tau were written before Tau got a retcon to get better tech than Necrons

Yeah, things were downright horrible back then.

>> No.46982724
File: 146 KB, 412x690, WEAPONS FREE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You make it sound like that would be bad thing, anon.

>> No.46982736


>> No.46982749

>Tau after Space Marines
I cannot fathom how the worst race is so popular. Literally the 40k race for people who hate 40k

>> No.46982771

The Tau merchant fleet were no match to the Imperial fleets which caused the Tau in the years after the First Damocles Crusade to rework their entire fleet and invent new ships and technologies. FW covers the Tau advancements in ship technology.

The Tau fleet after the rework is more or less equal to the Imperium fleets and out-performs it in some areas. This makes for competitive play in the game.

So unless you want to have your teeth kicked in in the game, FW is your ticket.

>> No.46982785

Because they are the good guys.

>> No.46982797


I can an all-carrier Ork fleet back in the beta.

Shit was cash, especially when I put Blood Axe favours on every ship. A lot of people were incredulous when they got hit by 4-5 nova kannon shots in the wee hours of the game, but most had a good laugh when they see how battered all my prows are in a few minutes.

>> No.46982807

I meant more crunch-wise than fluff, unless it hews very close to their fluff portrayal?

>> No.46982819


Fucking smudge on my screen making me right can instead of *RAN an all-carrier Ork fleet.

>> No.46982838

because they're mech lovers. look at how popular gundam is. I know lots of people who love gundam, and guess what race they love the most.

>> No.46982841


Tau merchant fleet versus rogue trader exploration fleet go

>> No.46982851
File: 109 KB, 500x400, 5ed cron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Muh crons

Ah well, Good thing I like Tau.

>> No.46982879

The kustom point system is retarded. Having limited points just means you can never have a ship properly customized to perform a specific task because at least one weapon location will always have a shitty weapon choice in it that may as well not be there.

>> No.46982880

When ork ships level up, instead of getting crew points, they should get kustom points.

>> No.46982935

You could run a two player campaign, wherein a rogue trader and a tau exploration fleet both blunder across an abandoned system with lots of juicy tech on it.
Halfway through Necrons wake up, and they have to ally against them.

>> No.46982977

That could be fun, I guess. If it was handled right.

Of course, if both sides are being played by, well, players and not the AI, what's to stop one or the other from just fucking off and leaving the other to get stomped by the 'crons?

>> No.46982980


Hell a multi player campaign where everyone plays with "pirate" rules as they plunder a newly discovered sector of its treasures in a booty-free-for-all would be amazing. Everyone could participate too although imperials would have to be rogue traders or I guess some asshole space marines.

>> No.46983058

>what's to stop one or the other from just fucking off and leaving the other to get stomped by the 'crons?
Then neither get the system, and a Necron harvest fleet is loose in the galaxy.

>> No.46983065

are these too small to be very good Endeavor CL stand ins?


>> No.46983108

I repeat my question.

Some men, world burn, etcetera.

You'd have to really impose some hardcore penalties on people who don't want to play together, and doubtless that'd get them whining about being railroaded.

>> No.46983124

So, has anyone figured out if the game is moddable yet?

I mean, if people are able to hack stuff in MP, actual modding can't be far off.

>> No.46983162

They basically had one "battleship", the Explorer, that was functionally an Emperor with less guns, no sensors, Eldar/Ork-tier rear armor and the option to trade half the laucnh bays in for a torpedo launcher.

Then they had the Merchant, which was just complete and utter garbage. Battleship mobility, light cruiser durability (IF YOU UPGRADED IT!) and completely outgunned by a freakin' Dauntless.

Then the Hero, which was comparable to a Lunar, except instead of the broadside batteires, it had half the launch bays of a Dictator and a dorsal weapons battery with 2/3s the firepower a Lunar had in either broadside.

Their premiere escort was a slower, less maneuverable Sword that traded in 25% of its batteirs for having missilelauncehrs (Tau torpedoes) coparable with a Cobra.

And then they had the Orca, which was a slower Firestorm with less turrets, but at a way cheaper price. The thing was that these little fuckers had no FTL drive of their own, so you had tow hooks on the Explorer and Merchant that gave you a capacity on how many Orcas you could bring.

And last the Messenger, which was anotehr slow escort that was damn-near unarmed (a single battery comparable to a Cobra), but gave any friendly ship in close formation a bonus to turret and long-range battery accurracy.

Other than that, they had torpedoes with a limited ability to change their trajectory and speed in-flight (and a chance for them to just fail and shut down each turn in flight), bombers that were resilient like Eldar strike craft (and no assualt boats), no ability to carry out hit&run/lightning strikes and were absolute garbage at boarding. Also, their batteires were all 45m range (9k by vidya standards) and their lances were all 30cm (6k).

>> No.46983193


And the FW ones are better than that, right?

>> No.46983255


Much better. They play like star destroyers: all their firepower on the broadsides can also shoot forward, meaning they have a mean frontal alpha strike coupled with high armor from their frontal deflector shield

>> No.46983283

But they look like Hammerheads with some extra gubbins bolted on.

That's the deal-breaker for me, I'm shallow like that.

>> No.46983286

I like Eldar.
I usually can't ram a despoiler with my dauntless and have it be a sound tactical decision. I can ram a voidstalker with my dauntless and take off a third of its health for an eighth of my Duantless'.

>> No.46983313


Well more accurately they look like the tau aircraft but kilometers wide and long but yeah I feel you

>> No.46983397

you could have renegade imperial navy pirates.

>> No.46983414
File: 54 KB, 873x627, Hero_Class.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The older ships, on the other hand, have a unique character all to themselves.

Surely it wouldn't be too hard to implement them and give them a bit of a buff?

>> No.46983425

>actual post-launch game support
>actual post-launch expansion of features
Hallelujah! Thank Frog almighty!

>> No.46983431

I like how Orks are also randomly gimped by having awful morale and not being able to do anything about it without both wasting an upgrade slot on an upgrade and then also dumping crew points into it.

It's shit.

>> No.46983434

yeah. they're BFG frigate sized (think sword or firestorm)

>> No.46983454

>and give them a bit of a buff?
Wouldn't that be missing the point?

>> No.46983465

It'd be better if morale for the orkz just results in ramming and boostin' rather than being completely unorky.

>> No.46983466


That's perfectly valid frankly, all you'd have to do is change around the stats on the guns and they'd become pretty viable in the game pretty quick

>> No.46983482


Argh, gay. What's a good stand in for an Endeavor then?

>> No.46983504

eh. the GW tau always seemed very generic scifi too me. The FW tau are at least distinctly Tau.

>> No.46983518

I don't see how. I mean, I always thought that the older ones ran like the tau on the tabletop, strong long-range firepower, but more vulnerable up close.

>>46983466 here has the right of it, all you'd need to do to get what I mentioned above is beef the guns up a bit.

>> No.46983537

What is FW i keep hearing about

>> No.46983563

Level up your mekboyz to get more kustom DAKKA points

>I like that my spell check auto capitalises DAKKA, it's proper orky

>> No.46983565


All they did with orks was buff their guns a bit and suddenly they're the orkiest faction in any 40k video game, play style wise. Do something neat for Tau and they can be good too

>> No.46983566

Forge World. They kinda took over keeping BFG going when GW lost interest.

Even put out some new models and stuff, including a whole new fleet setup for the Tau, which is what we're talking about.

>> No.46983572

From what I have heard, having never played either, the older ones just didn't work. They were hamstrung and not very cohesive or balanced or viable. Being able to bring 10 battleships only helps if those battleships are actually adequate.

>> No.46983578

starting with a dauntless and converting it might work. I've seen some done with a strike cruiser as a base.

Its probably not overly difficult too scratchbuild. About half of its structure is the standard imperial cruiser weapon bits and prow. Just stick a bridge and some engines behind that with the wing things and you're good. I'd look at 1:1400 scale warships for bits, you can get your bridge and superstructure, some antennas and the bow or stern upside down is an easy armoured prow.

>> No.46983614


Any decent shapeway approximations?

>> No.46983625

Mm. Based on what >>46983162 tells me, what would you say they'd have to improve in order for the old ships to still be viable whilst maintaining balance?

>> No.46983692

Can't you only customize when you first add a ship to the fleet?

>> No.46983774

I recommend checking the shapeways links in the pastebin in the OP. Quite a few decent stand-ins.

>> No.46983925

Should I trust the knife eared faggot regarding the treasonous captain or not?
I hate him but i would hate losing to the armless one even more

>> No.46983974


>> No.46983989

Trust your instincts Admiral. The Imperium can't allow himself the luxury of doubt.

>> No.46984164
File: 2.25 MB, 350x322, 324023-4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess it's time for me to make a thread again.

Ungrateful yuppie larva.

>> No.46984240

The Eldar are always pursuing their own agenda. Everything they do, they do for themselves. Take that for what you will.
The Emperor protects.

>> No.46984263

As is the imperium.

>> No.46984796

Game is literally unplayable for me due to stuttering and freezing and multiplayer doesn't work.

I really want to like the game, but I'm on the verge of asking for a refund because of this.

>> No.46984998

Battlefleet Koronus.

Yu'vath and Rak'gol xeno shenanigans vs Rogue Trader fleets.

>> No.46985431

Jericho Reach would include Tyranids, Necrons, Chaos, Tau, space marines, and eldar. AND, maybe even Yu'vath and Rak'gol, depending on whether they've traversed the Gate in the past.

>> No.46985779

>Yu'vath and Rak'gol
Yes! A minor xenos expansion would be awesome.

Both larger communities, steam and the dev site, are pretty shit. I'm a tad annoyed that I'll most likely have to pirate the DLC because their publisher fucked around with the preorders but that's not exactly the devs fault.

That's a very legitimate reason to return the game. If the company's tech support can't help you, get your money back.

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