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Alright, here's one.

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Thanks, got any more?

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Best Wizard has arrived.

Sauce: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=48885411

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Not OP, but I really like this one and will probably use it in the future, thanks.

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You're welcome, I actually used that one for one of my previous characters.

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This is a wizard thread.

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>thinking solely in terms of D&D character classes
Anon, please.

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More like this?

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I'm thinking about medieval wizards, not your shamanistic bullcrap.

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Practically none of the images in this thread are in any way related to medieval concepts of wizards, you atrocious cunt.

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Stop being 13.

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At the risk of the art style making this look kinda loli-ish, I rather like this one. Maybe use it as a flashback/childhood kind of pic?

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I like wizards...in armor...

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yeah but look at the OP pic. what kind of wizzes you think he's after? probably more like >>46921574 and less like >>46921231.

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>he never played a savage wizard

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>probably more like >>46921574 (You) and less like >>46921231 (You).
I'm posting whatever pictures I can find on my hard drive that I think are relevant. The vast majority of what I've posted is of the variety you're so enthusiastic about, but if I see a magician, I'm posting it in the wizard thread alongside the rest.
If you're so autistically angry about visual archetypes, post some yourself you cretin.

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Literally caught same-fagging, lol.

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>Literally caught same-fagging, lol.
What the fuck are you talking about? I was demonstrating that I posted the thing he likes and the thing he was angry about.

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That girl needs to wash her box

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don't you DARE try to (You) me again,...kid.

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I'll (You) as often as I damn well please, thanks very much.

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Hey man, OP asked for wizards, not my fault some attention whore is trying to edge in on his photo-op.

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I love wizards

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Centaur wzrd

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Hey kid, wanna spellcast?

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All these wizards a pussy

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What in the world possessed you to turn that baby into a bones!?

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>never paid attention to card art
>always seen from a distance
>god of revels
>thought he was throwing up pick related

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Yes, I filter MTG threads because I'm not interested in this game. And?

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I thought I had an actual wizards folder but it appears to just be pictures of Richard Stallman and Ol' Dirty Bastard

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Dude is jacked

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Do they need to show the entirety of the wizard?

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"Not what I expected when you said you were magical under the covers but I'll take it."

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>What happens when the wizard wears gauntlets of ogre strength.
> inb4 he's not wearing gauntlets, their invisble, to hide the fact he's cheating.

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y'all got any more of them gun wizards?

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best wizard reporting in

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What? Nobody asked if you're interested in Magic. Sorry filtering minimizes your potential (you)s.

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My wizard in pathfinder

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Please. Just looks like some second-rate Pseudopolis graduate to me...

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Found a classic.

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Levitating spellbooks go hand in hand with wizard hats.

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The one on the right is the actual wizard. You can tell by the hat.

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>achtual magick comming trough
>mfw u cannot even into magick
>bet u not even into orgy
>tfw willful act
>tfw muh astral entities

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If I was a wizard, I would wear a uniform. Something from the WW2 era or maybe something from the Revolutionary war era.

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Please post.

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Save for the absence of nails in the eye sockets, he could be a Cleric of Sithrak.

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From the thumbnail I was expecting a bare old man leg poking from a sexy side slit in the robe. I am disappointed.

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strangely enough but lots of irl ocultists do just that

makes sense, since if you read the actual literature most of what the magician does in half the ritual stuf is dominantly exclaim decrees, orders and comands evoking absolute authority, putting entities in bondage and submission etc

also some of groups just like uniforms for verious 'other reasons'

pic only semirelated

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Well, that is a magical symbol.

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This would be a pretty neat character concept, an archaeologist who might be old enough to have visited his excavations before they became ruins.

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I always thought that fannypack was his underwear and the spiders were pubic hair spilling out. Huh...

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Does this count as a wizard?

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the Orthodox clergy are all fucking wizards

how much you wanna bet there's a continuous ritual they do in secret that suppresses all magic in the world so nobody gets the upper hand?

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What happened to his hand?

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Or maybe they're the only ones with ties to magic and they're doing a constant ritual to try and bring it fully to this world

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Pretty sure that's from one of the Tactics Ogre games. I think it's subtitle was something like "Let Us Cling Together".

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>you should really wear a robe or something
>lots of pockets to carry around back up wands and other magical spell components
>maps and shit, people are going to expect a wizard to know stuff
>but this tight dress makes me look sexy

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I've reached the end of my "definitely wizards" pics. I suppose it's time to go into my "maybe could pass for a wizard I guess" pics.

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which seems to be mostly dudes with fireballs in their hands

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this guy had no idea he was a wizard

what a delight it was to have met him

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oh god, he put on his robe and wizard hat and took everything else off
and then introduced the maiden to his magical realm

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Does she get molested? This is important.

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>consider the following!

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>oh my god what a hideous little monkey
>you better not bite me you cheeky little cunt

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I just watched that. Australia is worse than I thought.

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I didn't know Mr. Feather was a magician

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>Wizard? Sure, if you say so.

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Is that Chris Kattan dressed as the Tenth Doctor? Wow, what an obvious missed opportunity for parody casting, thinking of it.

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owl doesn't seem to approve of such large tits

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>street numbers

I swear to fucking christ

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>Eyes on the prize, hooters.

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He's intent on them.

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I cast stone gays

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Looks like a cleric to me.

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That would be great, but no. That's Chris Kattan as the antagonist in Undercover Brother

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More Lizard Wizards!

>> No.46934022

dude we only have like 5 pics left.

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Fat tittied wizards are the breast.

>> No.46934061

That's where they keep the mana, after all.

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Nah dude, sikhs are monks.

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big titty magic is the best magic

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I want that man's dick

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Are scimitars monk weapons? Maybe he is a fighter with the acolyte background.

>> No.46934217

If you had a generous DM, he might let you take scimitar as a monk weapon using a feat like that longsword one.

That said, he's a sihk, so he's carrying something more like a kukri, which *should* be a monk weapon but mysteriously is not.

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>I thought I had an actual wizards folder but it appears to just be pictures of Richard Stallman and Ol' Dirty Bastard
You sayin' ODB ain't a wizard motherfucker?!
He magic with that switch.
Wu Tang gonna have a word with you...

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Is there more to this?

>> No.46934409

I love wizards so much...

>> No.46934746

what is this from? i mean this is awesome. penguins for boots!

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This picture gets better and better every time.

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>> No.46936337


New thread.

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oh shit I remember that wizard

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Did anyone see the penis drawings on the wizard's hat?

BTW, have a real life wizard. His real name's Ian Brackenbury Channell.


And the image limit has reached, damn.

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