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>Harlequins make a mad suicide run on the Imperial Palace
>Try to get to the throne room
>All get killed except 1 by Custodes
>Last one gets captured at bases of the Eternity Gate.

Does this stop being cool because I kinda like it so far

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They needed to expand more on the Harlequin troupe, I couldn't mind if they were part of some ultra elite troupe among the Harlequins getting so near to the Eternity Gate. But some regular assholes with little exposition undercuts the reputation of the Custodes.

I don't dislike that it happen, its just how it happened.

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IIRC 7 Harlequins manage to kill 12 Custodes which is borderline debatable on feasibility.

Them blowing through confused PDF was fine though,

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1v1 or 2v1 is reasonable. 7v12 is just Eldar wank, even if they have the element of surprise, which shouldn't work past the first two or three Custodes as they're you know, CONSTANTLY ON ALERT SINCE IT'S THE FUCKING THRONE ROOM.

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Custodes the guys that make primarchs back down, get kill out right?

iv not read this one, wtf happend?

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>Them blowing through confused PDF was fine though

Totally, but the breakthrough to the Eternity Gate made it see like a pair harlequins were killing dozen of Custodes before being brought down with numbers and Constantin fucking Valdor stepping in at the last second.

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Goulding is a chaosfag so it's not surprising.

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Custodes power level is really all over the place, confounded more by the difference between new and old fluff.

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Why were they making a run for the throne room?

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>"Oh herro, Eldar Derivery. We outside your door-oh god, why do you have a gun? Please, please, please no plea-."

The Emperor's been stuck on the Golden Throne for centuries, watching helplessly as his well meaning guards keep gunning down Thai delivery guys he's sent for.

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It wasn't Valdor, it was a new Captain-General Byeruth or whatever

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To deliver a message to the Emperor from Eldrad Ulthran.

>Sup man, haven't seen you lately. How are you doing?

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They were going to put a whoopee cushion on his seat and laugh at the fart sound.

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HAHA! You know that's why he does it.

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I think only Valdor can go toe to toe with Primarch's and even then it's only in training. IIRC he beat Horus' ass which earned him the respect of Leman Russ

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Could depend on how they were killed too. It's weird if they get slaughtered in a small arms firefight, not weird if they step on a mine.

I doubt any of the pre-Warp primarchs would have survived an orbital strike, there's only so much power levels can protect you from.

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Can someone explain to me WTF a Harlequin is?

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killer klowns from outer space

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>Can someone explain to me WTF a Harlequin is?
Sexy space elf ninja clowns

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You could literally just google 40k harlequin. What the fuck is wrong with you? YOU COULD HAVE JUST FUCKING GOOGLED IT

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I wanted /tg/'s view on them, not GW's official line you sperg

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Custodes must be bored as fuck. They actually used to do missions but now they are reduced to guard duty.

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You mean besides the never ending war with daemons under the golden throne?

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A bad translation of Ellekongen, meaning the Elf King.

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/tg/ thinks you should google 40k Harlequin.

If you want to go from there like asking "Is 7vs12 Harlequins vs Custodes reasonable?" now that's something /tg/ might have an opinion on.

By the way; The numbers seem reasonable to me. In a skirmish setting, they'd probably go down 1 to 1, but if a penetrating strike was planned, the defenders would lose more bodies total, but the attackers would hit attrition far faster.

In a normal scenario; You might not even have a kill, just a few wounded, especially on the Eldar side. Instead, the Eldar hit above their weight class and disintegrated when they got hit back.

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/tg/ thinks you should shut the fuck up and stop trying to speak for everyone

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/tg/ also thinks he should google 40k Harlequin.

Pay no attention to the man who's not behind the curtain.

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trips confirm

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>Eldrad entered the chatroom<
Eldrad: hey sexy ;)
Emperor: wat
Eldrad: lol jk whats up?
Emperor: not much
Emperor: brb
Eldrad: bro u okay?
Eldrad: it's been more than 1,000 years.
Eldrad: imma send sum1

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>That bit where the Harlequin tries to justify why Eldar are smarter than mon-keigh despite the fall
>"The Fall of the Eldar had a beauty and grace to it. Mankind is just moronically hacking the branch it's standing under"

I know the Eldar are meant to be arrogant, but goddamn I wanted the Custodes to kill this bitch

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2 murder clowns, not 7.

They were, IIRC, 8. 6 stood behind to distract the Lucifer Blacks while 2 made a made rush to the Emperor.

The two were a Shadowseer and Death Jester. They killed 12+ Custodes and dodged titan fire.

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In the actual book they go into berserker mode the closer the Eldar get to the throne room, screaming and yelling that they won't let xenos defile their daddy.

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>The Fall of the Eldar had a beauty and grace to it

That sounds particularly Slannishi to me

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What do you nerds think has a harder recruitment standard, Gray Knights or Custodes? Are there any psychic Custodes, has any ever fallen to Chaos?

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In their defense the 2 Warhounds at the Eternity Gate seemed surprised to see them after waiting around for thousand of years with nobody showing up.


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So is the Custode blood games just a giant waste of time?

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>>That bit where the Harlequin tries to justify why Eldar are smarter than mon-keigh despite the fall
>>"The Fall of the Eldar had a beauty and grace to it. Mankind is just moronically hacking the branch it's standing under"

>10k years later eldar are still on the verge of dying.
>imperium and humanity is spiteful enough to doggedly survive.

Difference between a ballerina and a boxer desu. The former is more graceful, the latter keeps on fighting.

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The Eldar will rise again thanks to Ynnead. Humanity will not.

The Shadowseer makes it clear.

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>The Eldar will rise again thanks to Ynnead. Humanity will not.
yeah sure they will. They should all kill themselves to make that happen.

The eldar believe it might happen. Doesn't make it true. Slaanesh has far more eldar souls than ynnead and it is the weakest god.
The emperor on the other hand counters the four gods on their plane.

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So they want humanity to also join their suicide pact for a stronger god?

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Tom Brady roller blades

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Cegorach great jest is about having Slaanesh puke out the Eldar souls trapped in her. Then Ynnead would finish xir off.

Ynnead would then restore the Eldar Gods and the Eldar to life.

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Man this is actually pretty hype, I love reading this. I wonder what the twist is gonna be though. Something like "Oh yeah, the eldar you just killed had the only technology ever forever ever capable of snapping the emperor from his eternal nap, but nah, you just had to kill them when they rushed your door with guns, you maniacs."

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The Eldar were there to warn the Emperor about Chaos.

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>Cegorach great jest is about having Slaanesh puke out the Eldar souls trapped in her. Then Ynnead would finish xir off.

He is probably going to watch Gachimuchi and laugh instead.

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Imagine she was a space elf, and had an army.

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Grey Knights. They're all psykers and more powerful than Custodes.

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>Eldar players believe this

Nigga the Eldar and everybody else is gonna die. Abaddon will be given more MacGuffins and kill everybody in his way to allow Chaos to consume the universe. Just like Archaon did.

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I'm more interested with the Black Templar Dreadnaught being protected by some kind of psychic shielding, supposedly by his faith in the Emperor. Do you guys think this is a retcon and we will get more mentions of faith working in 40k, or will it be some kind of plot twist? Similiarly the Ork making the chainsword work, it could be a definite proof of WAAGH fuckery or it's only so strong because the Beast's Orks are clearly different than other Orks and thus this is only applied to them.
Both are possible because it's obvious that the series retcons a few big fluff pieces, like the original Imperial Fists getting killed with only one remaining, but it could only be one time twists.
And Vangorovich already had some fluff, he assassinated the High Lords and had to be killed by a big Marine task force. Do you think they will keep that, most likely with some twist to it, or retcon it completely?

The 6 Harlequins were all slaughtered before reaching the Eternity Gate, most likely by Lucifer Blacks, and one by Beast and Vangorovich. It was a Death Jester and a Shadowseer that made it to the Custodes.

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Grey Knights are all psykers. Even their weakest member can cast a lightning bolt that will turn power armor into a bubbling puddle of goop.

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>grey knight strike team
>powers: smite daemons and 'roid rage
No lightnings were found.

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>this was spoken by a Harlequin

Wow. Hot trash.

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Well, no, it gets a little better. Spoilers even the Iron Warriors are disgusted by how heretical the Black Templars are.

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How so?

>> No.46895904

No, it's just the Templar was actually a psyker.

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>And Vangorovich already had some fluff, he assassinated the High Lords and had to be killed by a big Marine task force. Do you think they will keep that, most likely with some twist to it, or retcon it completely?
How do you think they explain away the survival of the Imperial Fists?

>All but 1 of the 1000 Space Marines dies.

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The Iron Warrior guy is disgusted that the Black Templar Dreadnought who was once his friend worships the Emperor and rejects the Imperial Truth, since he himself is agnostic/atheist.

>> No.46895935

the BT in question was a iron fist who fought alongside the emperor and was bros with the iron warrior during the great crusade. The IW is disgusted that the BT is worshipping the emperor as a god now, when the emperor wanted to stamp out religion.

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>/tg/ is the Rock

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This is why Custodes should wear their armor.

>> No.46896345

Hard, or at least personal shields.

>> No.46896364

Have the Custodes gotten 30k stats yet?

>> No.46896394

Aren't Harlequins super elite among Eldar, just below Aspect Leaders and Autarchs? Why is 7 on 12 unreasonable?

>> No.46896452

It's like saying a couple Chapter Masters broke into the Black Library and made it all the way to the centre, fucking everyone up before they themselves got fucked up.

>> No.46896538

That's not that unlikely if those Chapter Masters happen to be Smashfucker Prime.

>> No.46896557

That's some good head canon, if an intruder were to enter the palace the custodes would show greater fury and zeal the closer the intruder advanced to the throne room.

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Because imperialboos will bitch when ever they lose or take losses. Unless the losses are imperial guard or chapter the specific poster doesn't like. If not, it's because the enemy had plot armor and/or author was biased anyway.

But when marines shitstop everything it's funny and lore accurate.

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Well it was kinda bullshit. They ran through a fuckload of Custodes into the Throne Room and the Death Jester killed 12 when he was encircled while the Shadowseer got dogpilled on. They couldn't use any psychic powers because the Emperor was unintentionally smothering them and when the Shadowseer was captured the commander punched her so quickly that she didn't even see it coming. It could have been explained better.

>> No.46896981

>whines about marinewank
>defends other types of wank and calls it imperialboo bitching

You are literally 110% retarded hypocrite right now.

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Drink the Eldar coolaid faggots. Maybe then you can solo hive fleets like the Tau and Mauganra.

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>things that never happened

>> No.46897206

>Oh my god you guys, I just had a vision!
>Lethria all your visions make no sense
>That happened literally 10 millennia...

>> No.46897230

Honk honk!

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To be fair its no more ridiculous than Marneus Calgar basically murdering an entire Necron tombworld.

In the end the Eldar failed anyway, so I guess it changes nothing.

>> No.46897327

Marneus Calgar would likely murder-fuck the Black Library considering he took on 500 night lords with just peasant fodder with pitchforks backing him up and killed them all.

>> No.46897350

>To be fair its no more ridiculous than Marneus Calgar basically murdering an entire Necron tombworld.

With his whole chapter, deathwatch, and a fuckton of Guardmen, you moron.

>> No.46897373

>so quickly that she didn't even see it coming.

She almost didn't see it coming. Almost. Barely.

The Custodes are NOT faster than murder clowns.

>> No.46897392

against an entire tombworld? It seems like, from other fluff, you'd need an entire crusade force to take out a tombworld. And even then its basically a suicide mission.

>> No.46897444

I haven't read the book, how are the Custodes shown, apart from the debatable fight with the Eldars? Are they wearing black and still in armor? Old fluff said they abandonned it after Empy's fall on Horus' claw.

>> No.46897471

Warzone Damnos was badly written bullshit but that is besides the point. The point Calgar did not do it alone.

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I'd argue you they aren't all one uniform size, just like every Human planet isn't terra tier defended.

Maybe, if you want to hand wave it, it was a smaller Tombworld? Or not all the forces had awakened? It doesn't seem that crazy

>> No.46898492

It kinda is, Slaanesh is the collective unconscious of all Eldar

>> No.46898503

It became Naked Oil Wrestling after a while

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>not remembering the time Calgar held a fortress gate against a besieging Ork army on his own for a night and a day
>not recognising him as your spiritual liege and God of War

>Old fluff said they abandonned it after Empy's fall on Horus' claw.
Actual old fluff, or old fluff erroneously conflated with stuff that came after it? (e.g. quadriplegic Calgar, Ollanius Pius)

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My point was that it was badly written. The two Eldar basically prance inside through the Eternity Gate even though so much was stacked against them, killing 8 Custodes in the hallway and the Death Jester kills 4 more inside.
>the Emperor is smothering their psychic powers, which fucked them at start, but it's not even mentioned afterwards even as they get nearer and nearer to Him
>the Shadowseer loses all of her abilities and doesn't use her special equipment, so she is basically just a highly skilled Harlequin at that point
>the Custodes were ready for them and set up fire zones all through the hallway yet they somehow all missed
>once the Death Jester gets encircled he is killed
>when the Shadowseer gets encircled she is just held down and the commander punches her so quickly she almost didn't see it coming
>the Shadowseer notes that the more skilled Custodes are a match for her 1 on 1 yet there are hundreds there
Not that it isn't believable, but it's described as if it were a couple of Eldar rampaging among PDF, not a Shadowseer and Death Jester fighting to breach through Adeptus Custodes lines

>> No.46900406

Its funny because the eldar already did this

>> No.46900568

>Custodes the guys that make primarchs back down

Custodes get laughed at by Primarchs and are said to be equivalent to GC era Marines which were weaker than modern marines because of the speed at which they were produced.

>> No.46900626

Custodes are whatever the plot wants them to be. They have no consistent power level

>> No.46901903

Is that official artwork?
Why the Eldar's face is so human-looking?

> inb4 unrelated post

>> No.46901988

It depends a lot on the artist on how they look, but they are more alien than fanart on /tg/ might make you think.

>> No.46902281

Yeah, looks like people have trouble drawing an elf with ayyy face.

>> No.46902307

Not sure whether the cover artist for The Beast Arises has done anything else for GW/BL, but yeah, official. And what >>46901988 said, it depends. Elves and space elves in GW art range from both more alien than the OP's to less.

>> No.46902338

I don't see issue with an elf or two managing to get to the big E. I remember in some lore bit some inquisitor did it alone by tricking the custodes.

>> No.46902911

The operative word here being "tricked", not fucking ramboing through the best soldiers in the Imperium, you know, the guys that would fucking say "u wot, m8?" to 95% of the cosmic horrors in the galaxy.

>> No.46902958


If you're referring to his bout with Dorn, it seemed to me that it was pretty clear Dorn wasn't fighting him seriously.

I mean, why do we have weight divisions in sports? Primarchs are YUUUUUUGE. Perturabo once flipped a superheavy tank and Ferrus Manus was famous for smashing tanks with his hammer.

>> No.46903336

You seem to really grasp that the Custodes are extremely elite

But you don't seem to grasp that the Shadowseers and Death Jesters are also extremely elite

I think people who read 40k just can't wrap their heads around the less popular side winning. They're like pro wrestling fans, if the most popular guy doesn't win, then they feel like something went wrong.

>> No.46903867

>Shadowseers and Death Jesters are also extremely elite
IIRC, Czevak once put a troupe in his pocket and killed the Shadowseer.
Harlequins are hard-ass, but they definitely aren't on the same level as Custodes.

So it's a big nope for (You).

>> No.46905023


that's worth a laugh

they are still SMs

Custodes wiped the floor with the Thousand sons, who were more capable than Grey Knights in the warp

>> No.46905053


he was talking about Valdor kicking Horus' ass not Dorn

>> No.46905280

>Custodes wiped the floor with the Thousand sons

No they didn't. The Thousand Sons wiped their asses with the Custodes, only the blanks helped turn the tide.

>> No.46905317

Valdor never kicked Horus' ass though.

>> No.46905334

what do you fucking expect from this series

>> No.46905662

>The eldar believe it might happen. Doesn't make it true.
Except it does. Like all those wards against daemons and shit? They work mostly because people believe they work. Besides, I would argue that a god created purposefully would be more powerful than the one created accidentally.

>> No.46906790

>This is what thousand sons fags actually believe
The custodes fought on Terra during the rule of near Emperor level psyker warlords, they fought and killed worst enemies than the TS back on Terra.

>> No.46906837

In fairness they don't wear armor

>> No.46906852

Try actually reading the battle, the Thousands Sons even comment that the Custodes were just hype.

>> No.46906971

>the Thousands Sons even comment that the Custodes were just hype.
>implying I haven't read the book
>custodes killing TS
>TS abuse psyker witch powers
>everything goes haywire and many die because of this or become spawns of chaos
>slaughtered by custodes, sisters and wolfs until they have to run.

>> No.46907069

If you've read the boom then you'll know that the Custodes get shat on by psychic powers. The only good counters shown are the Sisters of Silence and the Space Wolf rune magic.

Valdor himself is about to get ass raped up until the Son doing it realises he's become a monster and allows himself to die.

The Thousand Sons do lose but only because of overwhelming numbers and Magnus turning off their defence systems.

>> No.46907220


>> No.46907262

Post-Rogue Trader artwork tends to suggest otherwise. Harlequins certainly don't though.

>> No.46907385

>Valdor himself is about to get ass raped up until the Son doing it realises he's become a monster and allows himself to die.
That's bullshit, the TS was trying his best but Valdor was still advancing, only when he realised he was a monster he did stop and allowed himself to be killed.

>The Thousand Sons do lose but only because of overwhelming numbers and Magnus turning off their defence systems.
They would still had lose even with the defences at their prime and the armies ready, don't pretend otherwise anon.

>> No.46907667

So, the Thousand Sons are, by that logic, the mightiest of all 40k factions!
We finally solved it!


>> No.46907726

All I one is that grey knight armor in Thousand sons colors would look pretty kickass, but how do I justify such a pain scheme?

>> No.46907741

>That's bullshit

Nah, Valdor was dropping a brick.

>They would still had lose

I doubt it, most of the enemy fleet would not have made it to Prospero, and the prepared Sons would be much harder to tackle.

>> No.46907759

>but how do I justify such a pain scheme?
"It looks pretty kickass"
You're welcome.

>> No.46907927

40k post of the day!
Remember, folks: Chaos is us!!

>> No.46907949

>oiled abs
>not sufficient armor
[aroused sniggering]

>> No.46907950

>I doubt it, most of the enemy fleet would not have made it to Prospero, and the prepared Sons would be much harder to tackle.
>the combined fleet of the space wolves aka the keep other astartes in line legion with the SW gloriana class leading the attack, the custodes fleet and the black fleet aka the creeps that are prepare to hunt psykers no matter how well defended are they would have problems with the most little and favoured legion
Sure thing champ

>> No.46908003

Keep crying Custodefag, you know they're no match for the power of sorcery.

>THE JETBIKES WERE golden, with curved prows shaped in the form of eagles’ beaks, their flanks carved to resemble swept-back wings. Phosis T’kar counted seven of them, swooping in low on an attack run towards his position at the end of the Raptora plaza. The warriors riding them were also golden, their red helmet plumes streaming behind them like pennants. Rapid-firing cannons blazed from underslung gun pods, ripping up the flagstone road leading from the Mylas agora.

>Geysers of rock burst from every impact, but Phosis T’kar wasn’t worried. He braced his weight on his right leg and snatched his hands through the air, as though sweeping a curtain open. Four of the jetbikes were plucked from the air as if they had reached the end of an unbreakable tether. Phosis T’kar slammed them against the high walls of the Timoran Library, shattering the statues of its first custodians.

>The last three exploded as Hathor Maat sent a cataclysmic electrical surge through their engines. The burning wrecks smashed into the ground and tumbled end over end towards the Thousand Sons position, skidding to a halt less than a metre from Phosis T’kar.

>“Custodes,” he grunted. “They’re not so tough.”


>“Custodes want our heads on spikes too.”

>“They all die just the same,” said Hathor Maat.


>Phosis T’kar hammered his way through to the golden warriors surrounding Russ and laughed as he saw their terror of him.


>> No.46908007

you forgot
>said legion would be able to predict where the ships are entering realspace and would have their orbital defenses primed and ready.
Intel >>> big spaceships

>> No.46908067

>Calgar did not do it alone
>With his whole chapter, deathwatch, and a fuckton of Guardmen, you moron.

This is what Necronfags want you to believe. MARNEUS CALGAR IS STRONK

>> No.46908112

Depends on which army you're doing it for. Chaos, you could perhaps fluff the suits as being created/conjured in deliberate parody of the Grey Knights, or daemons shapeshifting to the same end. Or even genuine looted Grey Knight armour, thoroughly scrubbed with taint to get all the purity out.

With actual Grey Knights though, you're kind of stuck to reproducing the scheme only on certain sections (e.g. pauldrons, helmets) while still keeping them mostly silver. That is, of course, if you're set on trying to justify it beyond >>46907759, which is perfectly valid in itself.

>> No.46908447

>having daemon patronage psyker powers
>still beated by the Emperor's best and bravest
Stay mad TS fags, this is why constantin was right when he convinced Russ to kill the TS

>They appear at the edge of the system
>they attempt to engage a larger and more powerful fleet with Valdor and Leman Russ spearheading the attack
>whole fleet breaches reality
>with the best the imperium had to offer
>against legion nominal fleet
Yeah, they would see certain death and oblivion.

>> No.46908501

>Stay mad TS fags

Not even a TSfag just proving to you that Custodes are powerless against Sorcery. The original point was that the Grey Knights could fuck them in the ass and are more powerful, and they are.

>> No.46908669

Yes, having a nearly extinction level event via a super orgy and a shit ton of warp drugs is totally "beautiful".

I guess these clowns CAN tell jokes.

>> No.46908687

>can't fight without magic
>flailing his arms around like a moron
>named Phimosis

I dunno man.

>> No.46908693

>only the feet of the Custodes may tread
>ignoring that the throne requires constant maintenance
>techpriest literally hiding in the custodes' cloak in the picture

>> No.46908747

>>can't fight without magic

Not true man.

>Phosis T’kar’s bolt pistol boomed and blew off the head of a Custodes warrior who’d lost his helmet.

Custodes are just chumps.

>> No.46908776

But they aren't and most of them survived the attack on prospero while the all powerful ts were killed and only a thousand of them survived at the end of the invasion.

>> No.46908831

>But they aren't

Yes they are.
We see straight up that Custodes are powerless against Sorcery.
Only SW rune magic and blanks could save the Custodes when the Thousand Sons started firing the mind bullets.

Grey Knight >> Custode

>> No.46908863

>my prove is that one custodes that didn't die because of sorcery

>> No.46908917


Come to think of it, why would the harlequins have to rambo this shit up instead of being sneaky, underhanded bastards, considering they have holo-suits, hallucinogen grenades and all the crazy shit their psykers can cook up?

Harlequin and custodes power levels vary a lot, but I don't see why the harlies can't try to trick their way through, except of course for plot reasons.

>> No.46908930

My proof is that Custodes were getting anally annihilated by sorcery and have no defence against it.

Where's your proof?

>> No.46908973

Fucking GK's - how the hell did this turn into gk wank??? GK's not allowed in the Throne Rooms, so fuck off!!! GK's have one job - deal with it.
Face it, gk's - you ain't da bestest snowflakes in the Imperium - that honor goes to the Custodes.

Custodes are special built, like assassins only made out of pure loyalty; gk's are simple marines.

>> No.46909064

Google them and make up your own view you spineless fuck

>> No.46909066

That was ten thousand years ago, nigger.

I'd expect them to have anti-psyker measures in place by now.

>> No.46909073

Marines are more hardcore than Custodes and Grey Knights are magic Marines. Custodes are totally outclassed.

>> No.46909090

That what it all boils down to, isn't it?
Nobody at GW can fucking agree or atleast fact check with each other before publishing their shit. I mean, for something as goddamn important in the setting as this, they would have least walked their socialist asses down to the other authors and checked their shit.

>> No.46909093

good thing that the most important person in the entire imperium is guarded by grey knights then eh :^)

>> No.46909124

Sorry, but your fanfiction doesn't come into it.

If he was then space clowns wouldn't have gotten that close.

>> No.46909151

They get counted as tools of the trade.

>> No.46909162

Anon here, not bringing /pol/ into this btw

>> No.46909187

The fact that Valdor survived and was still combat ready after killing the thousand son guy and many more TS.

Some die? Wathever, it's war and even if the TS are sub standard marines they were still marines they had to do something, even with all their sorcery they were ROFL stomped and was proved their mastery over the warp was a lie.

>> No.46909255

Shouldn't waging never ending war on the daemons in the Webway have caused the Custodes to be stronk as a Titan is tall?

>> No.46909258

>The fact that Valdor survived

Only because T'kar realised he had become a monster and embraced death. Sorcery danced all over the Custodes.
Maybe you think the Grey Knights will feel sorry enough for the Custodes and let them win?

>> No.46909279

Nothing suggests that that's a thing.

>> No.46909287

Marines are better at waging war, indeed. Custodes are better one v. one.
Custodes absolutely fucking RULE when defending the emps.

>> No.46909304

That fighting daemons all the time wouldn't make someone strong enough to handle Eldar?

>> No.46909375

That Custodes are fighting daemons all the time.

>> No.46909383

No, anon.
See >>46909090

>> No.46909406

>Custodes are better one v. one.

A contest between a Marine and a Custode is said too close to call, and that was a GC Marine. Marines got stronger afterward and so logically a Marine would in fact shit all over a Custode now.

>> No.46909407

Yeah, but Custodes lack the freedom of will needed to fight Chaos or something.

>> No.46909438

The Webway Breach, Anon.

>> No.46909469

thats it too, do I want a Knights army or a TK army or a a third faction? actually fuck it, combine official knights with these http://shop.prodosgames.com/en/space-crusaders/235-inquisitors.html for a Psyker focused Joint Slaanesh/Tzeentch force

>> No.46909494

No proof that that remained open.

>> No.46909530

>custodes that have been fighting for 10 000 years against daemons below Terra can't defeat muh with legion
Stay mad Magnus.

>> No.46909570

No proof, and the Custodes objectively lose against sorcery. Maybe the Space Wolves can save them.

>> No.46909581

Okay, i'll stop arguing with the twelve year old now. You go on with your headcanon. I'm sure the mass produced space marines are equivalent to handcrafted weapons of death.

>> No.46909584

The book haven't been published yet, and there is mention of this on the sigilite audiodrama.

>> No.46909625

>Okay, i'll stop arguing with the twelve year old now.

Ah there we go. You could learn to admit defeat a little more gracefully in the future though.

>> No.46909645

Oh, true! But they don't wage war like the marines, so don't need it. They have one job - the most important job in forever.

>> No.46909675


As the Golden Throne broke down, the Webway Portal deep within the Imperial Palace became breached. Floods of Daemons rushed through this breach, and the Emperor dispatched the Custodes and Sisters of Silence to hold the line and prevent Terra from being overrun. As the Custodes and Silent Sisterhood fought back immense Daemonic hordes, the Emperor sat upon the Golden Throne in a desperate attempt to stabilize the Webway Portal. Even the Emperor's psychic might was tested in this endeavor, and he became visibly exerted

Deliverance Lost Chapter 7

>> No.46909688

Well they are. In the Talon of Horus book a Thousand Son sorcerer kills a fucking planet by throwing a Strike Cruiser into it with such force it causes an exterminatus event. The problem is that the number of sane, sentient Thousand Sons can probably be counted on two hands.

>> No.46909717

Whats the deal with the best arises series anyway? Is it about an ork waaagh coming to destroy everything?

>> No.46909731

What's your point exactly?
With blanks and the EMPEROR HIMSELF the Custodes can fight against daemons who may or may not be wielding sorcery?

That's nice, but when we actually see Custodes go up against sorcery all on their lonesome they lose hard.

>> No.46909743

>Marines got stronger afterward
[citation needed]

You do remember that at the time of the Great Crusade the Primarchs were around to provide optimizations to the Geneseed, as well as there being a much better understanding of the technology, and the Emperor himself having worked at the Geneseed. If anything, with the 10.000 years gap and the imperial grade Alzheimer being rampant, GC Marines were probably stronger than 40k Marines.

>> No.46909758

More about how the Imperium is crippled by a corrupt bureaucracy, though yes, a giant WAAAGH of doom does feature.

>> No.46909777

Marines during the GC were rushed.
Guilliman improved the process and stopped the resulting physical and mental weakness.

>> No.46909787

Your point being? Custodes had Sisters of Silence, powerful blanks, backing them up and shielding them with their nullifying fields. Plus not all Daemons use psychic attacks, as Daemons of Chaos Undivided and Khorne will typically just zerg rush you with no powers what-so-ever.

Mind you as we've seen, without Blanks shielding them, Custodes die to psykers like anybody else. All psykers need to do is wiggle their eyebrows and turn you into melted goop.

>> No.46909788

Arnt custodes supposed to be unfathomably strong and good in close combat?

>> No.46909830

No, they're Marine tier but with better than average equipment. Just fags have wanked them to high hell is all.

>> No.46909841

Yes, but so is virtually everything in 40k. Custodes also typically get Worf'd.

>> No.46909865

>thinks if he spergs out hard enuf and long enuf he wins

>> No.46909895

I posted legit fluff, and you respond with memes?
Do you feel good about yourself?

>> No.46909912

I thought that the emperor and some of his custodes stopped a whole Waaaggghh back in the day with onlyblosong 3 men

>> No.46909929

Calgar is not impressed.

>> No.46909933

The Emperor wasn't entombed on the Golden Throne holding back Chaos and had almost all his Primarchs with him.

>> No.46909937

How many custodes are there?

>> No.46909955

So are custodes psykers?

>> No.46909978


>> No.46910005

You post gk fanwank, anon! You lose!!

>> No.46910010

No. Custodes are just Space Marines +1, but even that +1 isn't a real advantage at times.

>> No.46910036

>You post gk fanwank

Nah, I post fluff of Sorcerers shitting on Custodes.
My logic hold that as Sorcerers GKs shit on Custodes.

>> No.46910052

>mfw TG is still this assmad about Grey Knights years after Ward

>> No.46910066

Prove it.
protip - you can't

>> No.46910112

and i say heeyyyeayeaaayaya

>> No.46910114

Source? I was under the impression that "modern" marines are less effective than they used to be. I've also never read anything that says that the custodes are anything less than mini-primarchs.

>> No.46910125

In one of the GC anthology stories (Galaxy in Flames?) one of the Custodes comments that Custodes are individually better than marines but are terrible soldiers as none of their training is team oriented. 1v1 they win against Marines/etc, but in larger numbers that is called into question.

>> No.46910133

Has anyone actually compiled all of 40K lore together, and have gotten rid of any old and plot clashing fluff?

>> No.46910162

>they acknowledge they're worse than marines in battle

Then why the fuck do the retards keep fighting them in battles?

>> No.46910163

He means post-Heresy. The point of the Emperor needing to stay on the throne after Magnus's attempted warning, even before his battle with Horus - as well as needing Malcador to take his place when he got up to go fight said battle - was to keep the gate closed, after all his forces inside had finally retreated.

Based on an event first mentioned in the 6th edition rulebook:

>Not a single segmentum has been spared and even Holy Terra itself has come close to falling into inhuman hands several times.

>The Beast Arises
>The Orks rampage across the Imperium on a massive scale. The number of attacks grow until it becomes the greatest greenskin invasion that the galaxy has ever known, eclipsing even the one defeated by Horus upon the world of Ullanor, which earned him the title of Warmaster. Nothing is safe from the Orks’ primal desire to conquer the galaxy, and their widespread advances are only halted when the Imperium resorts to the most extreme of measures, at great cost to the Adeptus Astartes.

>Some of the darkest moments in the history of the Imperium have been the result of massive Ork Waaaghs! The Warboss known only as the Beast nearly took over the galaxy, and it can only be a matter of time before another apocalyptic greenskin rising takes place.

The final novel - which Guy Haley has said he was about to start writing, as unlike the Horus Heresy series this one has a set number of books - is going to be about the time the Master of Assassins offed all his fellow High Lords (for good reason, it would seem).

>> No.46910166


Codex Space Marines.

>I've also never read anything that says that the custodes are anything less than mini-primarchs.

Can't have read much then, but I'll just straight direct you to the Outcast Dead were an naked World Eater who has been held in prison for ages beats up a fully armed and armoured Custode and rips his heart out through his chest.

>> No.46910182

Considering that custodes are the body guards of the emperor and take care of Terra I'd assume that they are a whole lot more powerful than anyone is making them out to be

>> No.46910193

Annnnnd 1000 Sons beat GK!! Thanks anon!! Sons of Prospero ftw!!!

>> No.46910202

Don't assume.
Body Guards are not always the most powerful.

>> No.46910225

I think that, due to the defenses on Terra, the idea was originally for them to stop assassins, low numbers of highly competent invaders, etc.

They weren't originally meant to be soldiers, but kind of Secret Service-CIA-FBI style guards/hit men/etc, but nobody actually knew what to do with them.

>> No.46910232

No, Grey Knights are as far above Space Marines as Space Marines are above humans. Since you have to kill 999,999 little boys per one GK, it better be worth it.

>> No.46910234

Yeah but world eater are on a whole other level when it comes to close combat, they are fucking beasts that could headbutt a grox to death

>> No.46910273

Why would you have the best of the best protecting the guy who's holding the imperium together

>> No.46910275

>Yeah but world eater are on a whole other level when it comes to close combat

They're really not, especially when not pumped full of Chaos, they can just go berserk which in not always a good thing.

>> No.46910296

Can you link me to the page or at least point me to the section? It's not that I don't believe you, I'm just curious. I don't care about marines one way or another, I play orks.

>> No.46910303

Oh, you are citing BL - no wonder, then. BL writers ain't worth shit.

>> No.46910321

Because there's better places for them too be.
And if there's actually a serious threat to Terra a whole lot more than the Custodes is going to be there to get in the way.

>> No.46910337

The Butcher's Nails, while driving them to a point where anger overrides most logical functions, seems to leave the aspects of cognition related to physical combat relatively intact. Khorne Berzerkers are more than just raging madmen, they're aggressive yet precise fighters that can tear most Astartes to shreds in the confines of close combat.

That being said, they're not on a whole other level, I agree, but their capability in such tends to be higher than other Space Marines.

>> No.46910339

Didn't they kill of of numerias population in one night?

>> No.46910366

Yep, the Emperor led 1000 Custodes, the most that were ever seen in one place, against Gharkhul Blackfang and his Orks, who were on the verge of defeating the Luna Wolves, Imperial Fists, and Death Guard even with their respective Primarchs.

>> No.46910387

>The Horus Heresy had also revealed weaknesses in the gene-seed of several Space Marine Legions. These defects had been exacerbated by the accelerated gene-seed cultivation techniques needed to keep the huge Space Marine Legions up to strength. Guilliman believed that the Chaos Powers were able to exploit the resultant physical and mental corruption to turn Horus’ troops against the Emperor.

>One of the key objectives of the new Codex Astartes was to recognise and expunge these genetic weaknesses. As a result, the Codex Astartes decreed that Space Marines would forever more be created and trained slowly. The genetic banks used to create Astartes implants would be carefully monitored and scrutinised for any defects. Cultivated organs would be subject to the most stringent tests of purity. Young initiates would undergo trials of suitability before they were accepted, and only those of the very sternest character would be chosen.

Post Heresy Marines are way more kick ass than GC Marines.

>> No.46910405

Not to mention that guys like Kharn were a beast before the ruinous power got to them

>> No.46910453

Just a random question, can you kill a perpetual? What is the level of damage can they take?

>> No.46910495

>Just a random question, can you kill a perpetual?


>What is the level of damage can they take?

Not even the authors know.

>> No.46910506

Legion Space Marines are chumps compared to their modern codex brothers. This is why Space Marines and all the offshoot armies have ATSKNF, while Chaos Space Marines and Legionaires from the HH lack ATSKNF.

>> No.46910540

So why couldn't Kurze kill Vulkan?

>> No.46910553

I think you're strongly overestimating the differences between Legion and Chapter Astartes capabilities. Either way, ATSKNF is clearly a representation of their mental state, which will most certainly be broken down upon turning to, and being warped by Chaos, after all there are post-Heresy Astartes in the Codex that don't possess the rule.

>> No.46910570

He did not have the correct tools on hand.

>> No.46910603

To kill a perpetual would require the extinguishing of their soul, only capable via a great deal of psychic or null energy or particular tools to bypass the processes they undergo during their resurrection.

>> No.46910659

That's why spear (the culuxes assassin/demon hybrid) was such a threat to the emperor?

>> No.46910681

So - they have 'super' souls? And a null can fuck them up/kill them? (or, presumably, some alpha psyker?) Are they all psychic?

>> No.46910708

>That's why spear (the culuxes assassin/demon hybrid) was such a threat to the emperor?


>Are they all psychic?


>> No.46910709

I just thought you could kill them enough times and they would stay dead?

>> No.46910730


That sounds pretty average for BL marinewank, actually.

>> No.46910732

You wot, m8? A demon/null cross??
Oh, come the fuck on geedubs!!!!!!
The ride never fucking ends.

>> No.46910740

So why did they send spear after the emperor?

>> No.46910760

Cool thanks for the info friend.

>> No.46910764

He could redirect a psyker's powers against them.

>> No.46910786

Yeah in Nemisis, they crossed a blank and got it to be possessed by a demon, his name was spear

>> No.46910841

That's edgy as fuck.

>> No.46910844

The caveat was that even if Spear didn't kill the Emperor, the resulting backlash of psychic energy would destroy the Imperial Palace.

>> No.46910882

Damn, how powerful IS the emperor?

>> No.46910912

The most powerful non-God being we've seen so far, at least during the Heresy. Presumably less powerful than any of the Gods in their prime, though.

>> No.46910913

B-but with n-no soul -
h-how could a demon possibly -
t-there's no soul for the demon to possess -
o-only warp-draining nothingness -

Geedubs doesn't fact check worth shit!!!!

>> No.46910921

Off the chart galaxy wide field affect.

>> No.46910931

Pretty impossible if you ask me

>> No.46910958

Yeah, who knows what they were smoking when they came up with that?

>> No.46910962

>B-but with n-no soul -
>h-how could a demon possibly -
>t-there's no soul for the demon to possess -

Daemons don't need to possess a soul, just inhabit the matter. I think Spear had the daemon poses the suit that was symbiotically bonded to him.

>> No.46910965

Note that this is very old, established fluff, going back to at least 2nd edition. And in 3rd edition, Typhus's backstory (pic related) was a specific example of lax standards allowing taint to creep in. In the HH series, it was also apparently the main factor in the Cabal's decision to enlist the Alpha Legion for their crazy scheme.

>> No.46910970

Stronk enough to act as an umbrella for humanity, guide the astronomican, wage never ending war on Chaos, and countless other acts while having his mind broken into multiple personalities all being agonizingly alone.

>> No.46910971

A soul is not necessary for possession, Daemons have been known to inhabit inanimate objects. That being said, to inhabit a Pariah would literally drain both auras until only one was left, killing the Daemon or Spear, whichever was less "powerful." At least, that's how it SHOULD go, but y'know most HH authors, always bending the lore over backwards because they can't think hard enough to reasonably justify their plot-points.

>> No.46911015

Inb4 adamantium will

>> No.46911030

Okay, but how did the demon survive exposure to the null?????? How could the demon be WORN by the null and not die?

Fuck, BL writers suck!!!

>> No.46911058

He has that and beyond, but it has taken its toll. It's tearing him apart that all of his personalities agree on the fact that one day not even a million psykers will sustain him. It's from an older novel. Inquisition War.

>> No.46911062

It probably cast out his negative warp presence. Blanks are not invincible to the Warp. They have always been able to be corrupted by

>> No.46911068

Truth be told, that wasn't the shittiest part of Nemesis.

It would be the main character (Kell, who is the Vindicare) having angsty trouble with his sister, the Venenum. Seriously, in a book that was supposed to be "The first ever Officio Assassinorum Execution Squad tries to kill Horus", there was fucking interpersonal drama between two Assassins.

The only saving grace was the final battle. Based Koyne sacrificing himself by taking on Spear in a sword fight so Kell could make the fatal shot.

>> No.46911070

>Okay, but how did the demon survive exposure to the null?

>How could the demon be WORN by the null and not die?

Daemons are immortal.
The null can cause them pain but if the binding magic is strong enough it will not be going anywhere.

>> No.46911073

Who knows, he was a cool character who somehow reflected another culuxes assassins non warp shit back at her and killed her....

>> No.46911114


My fav part was actually the Garantine fucking killing guys 10/10 character

>> No.46911131

>Reflecting Null back at a Culexus
>Killing her
>Culexus kill people because their psychic soul is ripped up by the Null-aura

This author had no idea how Null-fields or Pariahs work, or how they interact with the Immaterium.

>> No.46911158

Agreed, how do you deflect a soul destroying attack to kill the soulless?

>> No.46911174

Culexi can definitely kill each other with their antipsychic blasts.

>> No.46911183

Garantine had best death. He went out as high as he could possibly be from murder.

>> No.46911190

Nah he knew, Culexus have their abilities weaponises and can use it for attacks. Spear is capable of reflecting those attacks.

Kills the body.

>> No.46911191

I liked the Vanus guy and the direction they chose to go with the temple as well.

>> No.46911196

I'd disagree, how can a soul destroying attack kill the souless

>> No.46911215


Custodes were fashioned by the Emperor to be his personal bodyguard. Their power ranges immensely, depending on what generation of fluff you're reading and who the writer is.

In general, a single Custode is weaker than a Primarch, yet more powerful than any regular Space Marine.

It's also worth noting that they have literally the best equipment mankind has ever, and thanks to the doctrine of the Mechanicus that frowns on innovation, probably will ever have.

>> No.46911218

Explain how. The reason why the Pariah aura effects people is because they have souls, they die once their souls suffer from too much corrosion, this has always been how they kill people. Null is not some psychic power that can be converted into kinetic or physical energy except, apparently, in this book.

>> No.46911225

"Soulless" doesn't really explain jack shit very well, since it implies, say, toasters as extremely dangerous, and culexi absolutely do fuck up tau, drones, necrons, etcetera.

They have a negative psychic presence that can be corrupted or destroyed like any soul, just nowhere nearly as easily (fluffwise -- ruleswise two culexi can definitely blow each other up).

>> No.46911230

I think he should have been a bit more crazy and drug fulled, like Torque in Execution force, he wasn't really the modern 40K eversor, he was like the progenitor for them

>> No.46911261

Rule wise a small bomb can kill a titan

>> No.46911270

All reality is reflected in the warp. Even chairs and kitchen sinks. Hell, even the fucking Tau have warp presences.

A demon is a warp presence, pure unadulterated warp presence. If it is powerful enuf, it can 'consume' the warp presence (soul) of an entity and 'possess' the real-world body that belongs to that 'soul'. Be it a human, an eldar, a chair - a powerful enuf demon can possess it by consuming its soul.

A null is the opposite of that. It isn't 'negative warp' - negative warp is reality, the materium. A null is TOTALLY different. A null totally and irrevocably consumes/destroys warpstuff anywhere near him. AND THE WARP ENTITIES CANNOT EVEN SEE IT - because, from their perspective, it cannot possibly exist. Warp entities float along, la-di-da, when suddenly they feel a little queezy and derp, then - POOF!! Instant oblivion!!!! THAT'S what nulls do to the warp and everything that lives in it.

And geedubs expects us to buy this shit.

>> No.46911276

>first mentioned in the 6th edition rulebook:
it was first in the fifth edition rulebook, m80

>> No.46911316


They have a gaping, malignant absence in the Warp, but if it is destroyed, they die too, like anyone else who has had their soul destroyed.

A hole in the ground or a doorway can still be destroyed, even if it is defined by its absence.

Its a sinkhole swallowing up another hole. Culexi have never been invincible to Culexus attacks, nor is their "soullessness" merely the state of lacking a soul, otherwise toasters would be deadly.

>> No.46911343

So it's sadly another case of the writers taking a good idea and messing it up due to miscommunication or personal interpretations of how it should work?

The initial concept was completely self-consistent. Pariahs were a biological entity that produced the same effect as the Null-field and were also soulless (we know Blank and soulless don't mean the same thing for multiple reasons), the Null-field being a phenomenon initially harnessed by the Necrontyr that aggressively countered the Immaterium. This explained literally everything they did. Now they're apparently something completely different that fuck up everything, even non-living things with their aura, which is so terribly complicated and makes one wonder why the machinespirit software around them also doesn't suffer, considering Drones are certainly non-sapient.

>> No.46911376

Nulls definitely can't destroy daemons.

>negative warp is reality

No. "Negative psychic energy" has been a thing longer than pariahs per se have been, but the effect is the same.
>Instant oblivion!!!!

You're retarded.

A psyker can still blow up a culexus.

You people are just as bad as the books you hate, making your own headcanon about how they should work every thread.

>> No.46911393

Only nothing can kill nothing. kys

>> No.46911426

So what happens when an elder and a culuxes kiss?

>> No.46911443

>POOF!! Instant oblivion!!!!

Blanks can't kill daemons though.
Daemons merely have trouble seeing blanks with their warp vision.

>> No.46911451

>Nulls definitely can't destroy Daemons
>Culexus actively destroy souls with their aura, which aggressively corrodes Immaterial energy
>Daemons are beings of pure Immaterial energy

Yes, enough psychic energy can counter and overpower a Null-aura, we've seen it multiple times, but it still actively, and aggressively screws with the Warp on such a fundamental level that it destabilizes lesser constructs, like souls and potentially incredibly weakened Daemons.

>> No.46911468

Eldar dies.

>> No.46911476

Sabrat is the hero the Imperium deserves. Even after his mind got devoured by Spear, he was able to distract Spear long enough for Kell to blow the monster's brains out the back of his head, and again when Kell needed to mag-dump Spear's still rampaging body with incendiary bullets from his pistol.

>> No.46911479

So is Kharn a blank or has blank like powers since he is immune to pskyers or is that Khorne protecting him?

>> No.46911500

>So is Kharn a blank


>is that Khorne protecting him?

Yes, I believe he has or had a brass collar.

>> No.46911513

Khornate resistance to warp-phenomena is strictly a form of Warp-born capability. Think of it almost like a sorcery that Khorne has produced, designed from the ground up to negate any other forms of intrusion.

>> No.46911517

How do they transport culuxes assassins around, wouldn't it fuck up the navigator of the ships mind? How do they warp jump?

>> No.46911520

>were also soulless

Okay. Like I just said. "Soulless" doesn't explain much about culexi. "Null" is the operative term.

> Now they're apparently something completely different that fuck up everything, even non-living things with their aura,

Inanimate objects can gain warp presences, and there's reason to think machine spirits are a thing, and negative psychic bolts have always been able to do real damage in any case.

>So it's sadly another case of the writers taking a good idea and messing it up due to miscommunication or personal interpretations of how it should work?

No, its a case of fans taking a good idea, making elaborate headcanon about it, and having their feelings hurt.

>but it still actively, and aggressively screws with the Warp on such a fundamental level that it destabilizes lesser constructs, like souls and potentially incredibly weakened Daemons.

Yes, other than that they can't destroy daemons.

>> No.46911525

>psychic energy can destroy a thing that, by its very nature, destroys psychic energy

Hmmmmmm - that's some mighty fine logic you have there, anon. To be clear, I don't blame you! The fault lies with geedubs having its head up its ass. Omega level 'psykers' are not psykers at all, they are nulls, soulless, warp-destroying nulls.

Inquisitor Czevak took out a couple squads of grey knights and a troupe of harlequins with a handy-dandy little null fetus in a jar. All he had to do was point it at them!

>> No.46911557

>How do they transport culuxes assassins around

In a space ship.

> wouldn't it fuck up the navigator of the ships mind?

They don't go near the navigators.

>How do they warp jump?

Warp drives.

>> No.46911563

Yes. Khorne is the mightiest of all Chaos Gods, and his power trumps that of lessers.

>> No.46911596

That was an Omega Minus Pariah.

>> No.46911623

You think the navigator would be blind as a large part of his ship would be covered in an abyss, I wonder what happens when a navigator uses his eye to look at a blank, what would he see?

>> No.46911647


>To be clear, I don't blame you

I don't blame you for making up headcanon and then having your feelings hurt.

>Omega level 'psykers' are not psykers at all, they are nulls, soulless, warp-destroying nulls.

Discrete absences are still defined by their boundaries.

Culexi have always been able to destroy each other. Period. They have never been stated to be unable to harm each other, to be unable to harm necrons, etcetera.

Eat shit and die.

>> No.46911664

>You think the navigator would be blind as a large part of his ship would be covered in an abyss

You overestimate Culexus I think.

>> No.46911703

Considering they can stomp farseers I don't think I am, how does a culuxes travel through the warp?

>> No.46911704

>Okay. Like I just said. "Soulless" doesn't explain much about culexi. "Null" is the operative term.

And I just said, were also soulless, in addition to producing a null-field.

>Inanimate objects can gain warp presences, and there's reason to think machine spirits are a thing

I can understand the idea of inanimate objects gaining warp presences, but when an anti-warp field is fucking with something horribly that almost entirely relies on physical principles (such as Drones) it really stretches plausibility. If I put a small computer into a gun and then fry it with directed electromagnetic pulses, does the general gun stop working? No.

>and negative psychic bolts have always been able to do real damage in any case.

I am unfamiliar with any lore on actual negative psychic bolts beyond the use of the Animus Speculum, which, outside of tabletop has never really showed an ability to destroy non soul-bearing targets until more recently.

>No, its a case of fans taking a good idea, making elaborate headcanon about it, and having their feelings hurt.

It's not elaborate at all, the idea of Pariahs producing Null-fields on a biological level, in the same way Necrontyr constructs have been able to produce them, the field explicitly eroding Immaterium, is incredibly simple and justifies virtually everything the Culexi have done beyond the notably newer Drone-screwing and Spear fluff.

>> No.46911759

>Considering they can stomp farseers I don't think I am

Stomping a Farseer does not require kilometres large AoE.

>how does a culuxes travel through the warp?

In a spaceship.

>> No.46911761

I think we can all agree that Spears fluff is fucked and let's leave it at that

>> No.46911792

You forget that some ships are really small, the ship in the inquisitor wars was only the size of a building, the culuxes would will be in a 100 m radius to the navigator

>> No.46911825

>wouldn't it fuck up the navigator of the ships mind?
Typically speaking, the Animus Speculum can mask the null aura of a culexus to bearable levels. The navigators and astropaths might notice something off, but it won't impact them too heavily.

If said assassin opened the eye and went full blast, he probably could fuck up a navigator's sight.. but obviously wouldn't unless he needed to stop the ship somehow regardless of the cost.

>> No.46911848


>> No.46911866

Oh so their gear can both project and smother their null affects, incase of stealth I'd imagine

>> No.46911892

Ah, you're right. It is indeed there on the timeline, though only as a name with no further information, which must be why I didn't remember it. Neat to see though. With how much forward-planning GW sometimes does (as wrong as those words may sound together) I wonder if they'd already decided what it was supposed to be at that point. At the very least, nothing was done with it until a point where clearly both GW and BL were on the same page regarding what it was, so we didn't have another Bloodtide mix-up.

>> No.46911933

>in the inquisitor wars
Is no longer canon. Hence the Heretic Tomes label.

>> No.46911950

>Culexi have always been able to destroy each other. Period.

>> No.46911967

Yep. Combined with the Etherium they're pretty much undetectable beyond an unsettling feeling at the back of your head.

Then a big guy with a skeleton mask appears out of thin air and everyone starts bleeding out of their eyes in terror.

>> No.46911984

NOTHING BL does is canon!

>> No.46912016

>how does a culuxes travel through the warp?

When the Culexus temple receives a mission, an Assassin is chosen and transported to the arena of conflict on board a specially shielded ship, much like the Black Ships of the Inquisition. In addition to this, the Assassin wears a huge helm called an Animus Speculum. Grotesquely outsized and skull-faced, this device turns the Culexus’ silhouette into that of a monstrous aberration. Though its primary purpose is to mask the Assassin’s unsettling aura, the Animus Speculum doubles as a potent weapon, able to leech the power of the Warp and project it as bolts of searing energy. The helm is only partially effective at muffling the Assassin’s null-presence, even when operating at full power; most people can barely stand to be in the same room as the wearer due to the nauseous, head-spinning effect that is the trademark of a Culexus Assassin’s presence. When it is switched off altogether, the mayhem that ensues is terrifying to behold. Victims in close proximity may flee in wild-eyed terror, or freeze in place, hyperventilating and shaking uncontrollably. Others collapse, clutching their heads as bloody froth oozes from tear-ducts and gaping mouths. Psykers scream in horror as their connection to the Warp is severed, the Assassin’s powers snuffing out their own like the flame of a candle. However, such overt action inevitably forces the Culexus to reveal themselves. Thus, deactivating the Animus Speculum is a tactic reserved for the open battlefield, or when the Assassin is backed into a corner by overwhelming numbers of foes.

Their field of effect is not all that big.

>> No.46912030

I still think there would be small warp capable ships

>> No.46912038

There was a reference to it in the series with the Inquisitor with the murder clown coat.

>> No.46912089

And yet there is more discussion, more lore, and more of 40k based on it than anything else at this point. When was the last codex that added something meaningful? 5th edition? The Black Legion supplement?

>> No.46912110

Warp engines would probably disallow that.

>> No.46912114


>> No.46912140

>When was the last codex that added something meaningful?

Wolfen story line.

>> No.46912154

I hear you, anon! The suits rule, now. Imagination and creativity got squeezed out. Only the bl authors have any semblance of it left. These are dark times.

>> No.46912184

>space yiffs being more yiffy
Anon said 'meaningful', blast it!

>> No.46912195

Surely Black Library is canon right? Right guys? Guys?

>> No.46912231

It's pretty meaningful, it's story advancement.

>> No.46912234

the smallest warp-capable ship we've ever seen was in Grey Knights (the Ben Counter book) which was described as being "as responsive as a fighter [...] a sleek, glossy black dart of a ship, the smallest and quickest warp-capable ship the Ordo Hereticus could scramble at such short notice." It was crewed by only the pilot and Navigator, and was so tight on space that the pilot had to wear a blindfold while the navigator talked her through the warp currents.

>> No.46913680

>more mentions of faith working in 40k

Battle-brotha, I've got an old Witch Hunters (SoB) codex for you to read.

>> No.46913972

Eldar and Tau are going into maximum overwank right now honestly.

>> No.46914237

Didn't the nemesis novel mention a warp capable cutter size ship for the assassins that were tasked to kill horus?

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