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In the background, Maeda gasps sharply as Kaori tells her something which Kaori wanted to remain private from the rest of her family.

Even then, this does not stop the rest of her family from gossiping about her. My head slowly turns to Julie and Haruko, both of them with stupid grins on their faces.

"It's a boy."
"It's Ryouta!"

I'm going to have a terrible time covering up the rumors my sisters are making.

I am Itsukuma Masami.
My life is pretty peaceful right now!
At least, it is for the moment. The worry and fears about monsters and magic are now replaced with the worries of everyday life. Such as the possibility that my sister may have a boyfriend.

No! What am I saying? If Kaori had a boyfriend; I'm the first one she would tell!

This doesn't look good; I know. I'm sure there's a rational explanation for it!
I just got to make sure these two here don't craft wild stories.

Speaking of which, their stories are getting wilder and craftier.

"Maybe-" Julie whispers in her twin's ear well above her whisper voice. "Maybe Kaori is already with a boy, and she's been keeping it a secret."
"Ooh! And she's been seeing him late at night; When Masami is snoring!"

"I don't snore!"
"The world would end and she wouldn't notice!"

Wait, who is teasing who here?!

"Stop it you two, Kaori is not seeing a boy. You're making mean things up about her behind her back just because she wants to have a secret."

They blink at me.
"Why would she want to hide a secret from us?"

"She just might, okay? It's not your job to know all of her secrets."

Behind me, again, Maeda happily grabs Kaori's hands and giggles.
There's that dumb grin from these two again.

"Masami, why are you so against Kaori having a boyfriend?"
"Yeah! We should be encouraging her!"

>"It's just not right, okay?!"
>"Because we don't know that!"
>"Why should we encourage her?!"
>"He's probably a no-good snake, looking to charm her."
>"Boys are icky."

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>"Because we don't know that!"
>"Why should we encourage her?!"

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>"Because we don't know that!"
>"He's probably a no-good snake, looking to charm her."

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>"Why should we encourage her?!"
>"It's just not right, okay?!"
>"Boys are icky."

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The twins are gonna spread a ton of rumors at this rate huh...

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>"Because we don't know that!"
>"Why should we encourage her?"


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Hope you've had a good week.

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I have, but my weekend won't be so good.

I got charity work to do that I forgot I had. Which means it's doubtful this thread will run overnight, or that we will have a Saturday thread.

Who knows, maybe we can work something out. It's just if I run Saturday, expect me to come back late late.

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Well, good luck with your work at any rate!

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"Because-" I try to come up with the perfect response to keep them from spreading rumors!

Then, something else catches my attention.

"Hey, wait! Why should we be encouraging her?"

"Because!" Julie seems all smiles, now. "A young girl's most important duty is to the heart!"
"That's right!" Haruko, for once, agrees with her twin. "It's the toughest battle, and Kaori's at the right age to be fighting it!"

"That doesn't mean we should be encouraging her!"

"Well, it's clearly already happened, so the best we can do is cheer from the sidelines!"
"Yeah! And think about it! She's the first in our family fighting that battle. So maybe she can give us advice when it's our turn."

No! This isn't right!

"That's the worst part, you two!" I complain, "She HASN'T done this before! W-what if the person is a no-good snake charmer?! Or, or-"

"What's the problem, Masami?" Julie seems bemused by my outburst. "Jealous?"
"No! Boys are icky!"

"Then-" Haruko has joined in, "-could it be something else? Are you being overprotective of your dear sister that you watch go to sleep every night?"


"It's just not right, okay?!" I cross my arms, and pout. "She's too young to be dating a boy. And she's too young to be keeping secrets about boys from us!"

"Oh, did you hear that Julie?"
"Mm, I think I did."

"Masami really DOES think Kaori is with a boy."
"Yes, she does."

"No! I-I'm not saying that!"

"Of course you are." Julie grins at me, "If you weren't, why are you so flustered? You really DO think she's keeping a boy behind your back!"
"No- that's-"

Now I'm REALLY mad!

"Even if she is, how would you even find this out?"

"Go ask Ryouta, then we'll at least know it's not him."

I don't get it, Haruko. Do we have to ask every boy in the city?

>No! My sister's affairs are private!
>L-let's go ask Ryouta.
>Maybe.. maybe I can spy on Kaori!
>Let's ask Maeda!
>I'm confused, let's ask someone with experience.

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>Let's ask Maeda!

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>No! My sister's affairs are private!
As fun as this is, it's not nice to pry.

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>No! My sister's affairs are private!

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>I'm confused, let's ask someone with experience.
>Let's ask Maeda!

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>No! My sister's affairs are private!

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>No! My sister's affairs are private!
>Maybe.. maybe I can spy on Kaori!

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I'm not sure whether to question the humorous hypocrisy or applaud your authentic Masami thought-process anon!

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>I'm confused, let's ask someone with experience.
>Let's ask Maeda!

This sounds like shenanigans, let's do it

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>No! My sister's affairs are private!
>I'm confused, let's ask someone with experience.
>Let's ask Maeda!

You get +5 Masami points.

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Those seem pretty mutually exclusive, if you don't mind me saying.

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A fine reward for being in-character.

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I have an idea for a way where they aren't.

That's assuming Masami points are a good thing

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Aha, but whether or not they're a good thing also depends on your perspective either way!

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"No!" I grab Julie's hand, "My sister's affairs are private! She wants this to be a secret, then it's my job as her sister to keep it a secret!"

Julie gives me 'that' look.

"I mean, you're not curious? Or concerned? Not even a little?"
"If she wants me to be concerned, she'll tell me!"

She's smiling.
"Not even a liiiiiiittle curious?"
"I mean, you don't want to just walk over there and listen, and maybe see if -"

"I'm not spying on my sister."

"Well, Aren't you at least curious about it then?"


"I mean, your sister is entering a very difficult challenge all by herself. Aren't you at least curious what she's up against?"

"W-well, I mean, a little, but-"
"So, you DO want to find out what she's up to then, don't you?"

"No! My sister's privacy is her privacy. That's final! If she wants me to know, then she can tell me!"
"Well, here she comes now. So I guess it's too late to pry, anyway."

"I'm done." Kaori announces as her and Maeda both rejoin our group, "So, where did you want to go today? We could try that nice new-"

Suddenly, an idea hits me!


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"Kaori! Can I speak to Maeda in private for just a minute!"
"Uhh." She seems confused, "Sure?"
"Yeah, that's fine." Maeda seems equally confused.


D-don't look at me that way, Julie! This is a great idea!

I drag Maeda by the hand away from the group, and turn away so Kaori can't hear me.
"Maeda! I need some advice from someone more mature. W-what would you do if s-someone you knew liked a boy, but didn't know what the next step was?"

Maeda's eyes gaze into mine, and I can almost see the gears turning.
"Ohmygod Masami, do you have a boy you like?!"
"What?! N-No! Why would you think that?!"

She grabs my hand, and shakes it up and down!
"There's a boy you like! Isn't there?!"
"There isn't! I'm just saying: if I DID like a boy, what would be the next step for me? What would I do if someone else liked a boy, but wasn't telling me?"

There's practically stars in her eyes, and I hear faint giggling behind me.
"..It is a boy, isn't it?" Maeda states, very slowly.

>This is a huge misunderstanding!
>Forget I said anything!
>Outright ask if Kaori likes a boy
>Yell at the twins!

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>This is a huge misunderstanding!
>Yell at the twins!
They're all dum-dums!

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>This is a huge misunderstanding!
>Forget I said anything!
Now wait for Kaori to start spying on Masami because she thinks she likes a boy.

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>Outright ask if Kaori likes a boy

>> No.46846239

>This is a huge misunderstanding!
>Yell at the twins!

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>This is a huge misunderstanding!
>Outright ask if Kaori likes a boy

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>>This is a huge misunderstanding!
>>Outright ask if Kaori likes a boy

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>This is a huge misunderstanding!
>Forget I said anything!
>Yell at the twins!
Well it doesn't seem like Kaori likes a boy, or else Maeda is messing with us.

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>This is a huge misunderstanding!
>Yell at the twins!
>Outright ask if Kaori likes a boy


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"No! Maeda, wait! This is a huge misunderstanding!"
"Is it someone we know?"

"Maeda! It's not anyone you know!"
"Ooh, that sounds risky. Is he a bad boy?"


"Aw, with the way you and Ken flirt, I thought you would have liked someone closer to him."

Wait, with the way Ken and I WHAT?!

Why has the laughing gotten louder!

"Stop it you two!" I yell over my shoulder. The twins have their mouths caught in their palms, and they look very sheepish.

"Stop what, Masami?" Julie asks.
"Yeah, stop what? We're just observing the master at her craft." Haruko repeats.

Kaori looks at them, completely confused.

Oh! Those two..

"So, uh-" Maeda seems a little confused, too. "If it's not *him*, then what did you come to ask about? Though, please, feel free to ask me about anything if you need help with it." She smiles like a dream.

Then I remember that this is a nightmare!

"Maeda, I don't have a boyfriend."
"That's a shame." She pouts.


"Maeda, I want to know, does Kaori have a boyfriend?"

"Oh.." She seems disappointed? "That's what this is about."

She sighs, "I think you should ask her about that, not me."
"But- I'm asking you!"

"Masami, no." She puts a finger on my nose, "No going behind your sister's back."

I want to argue with her, but she's right.
"Go ask her, right now, what she asked me about. I'm sure she'll tell you."

>Yeah but, then she'll know I was trying to meddle!
>Just tell me if it's a boy or not! If not, then that's fine!
>Okay, thank you Maeda.
>Where do you want to go for the afternoon?
>Um, what if I WAS thinking about a boy?

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>Yeah but, then she'll know I was trying to meddle!
>Just tell me if it's a boy or not! If not, then that's fine!

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>Okay, thank you Maeda.
>Just tell me if it's a boy or not! If not, then that's fine!

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>Um, what if I WAS thinking about a boy?

This is a bad idea, so let's do it and see what happens.

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>I want to argue with her, but she's right.
Darn it eh, I hate it too when that happens.

>Yeah but, then she'll know I was trying to meddle!
>Just tell me if it's a boy or not! If not, then that's fine!

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>Yeah but, then she'll know I was trying to meddle!
>Where do you want to go for the afternoon?

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Don't worry Maeda, I'm actually pretty sure you'd have won the Masami bowl, if one would have happened.

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>Yeah but, then she'll know I was trying to meddle!

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This, I would voted for that pairing.

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Either her or Aiko, don't think we were that close with Kaori before the magician thing.

It'd also be the cutest pairing.

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>we never actually got to visit the cooking club again

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poor cooking clubs always seem to be irrelevant.

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>Yeah but, then she'll know I was trying to meddle!
>Just tell me if it's a boy or not! If not, then that's fine!


I could easily see this or Aiko happening!

I know, what a waste.

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We did visit their exhibition during the club presentation.

I don't even remember if we ever choose a club.

>> No.46848182

We didn't ever visit the club itself, as I recall.

I don't remember either, things got complicated by all the monsters and other associated things.

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"I want to- but-"

I try to think of the right words to make me not sound like a terrible person.
"But then she'll know I was trying to meddle!"

Yes, perfect Masami.

Maeda sighs, "Kaori understands that you're at least a little bit curious. So just ask her and the whole problem will go away."

"Just-" I try to put my thoughts into words. "Just tell me if it's a boy or not, and I'll stop worrying."
"If not!" I put my hands up, "Then it's fine! No harm! I don't care in the least!"


She grabs my shoulder, and points to Kaori. She's listening to all sorts of gossip from the twins! Oh no!

"Go. Ask. Her."

I don't like confronting my sister directly about this. I mean, she DID ask for this to be private between her and Maeda.
But, at the same time, I really shouldn't go behind her back.

"And if you need any love advice, you just-"
"I don't need any love advice!"

I approach Kaori, with Maeda close behind me. She's happily talking with the twins.
And they're putting all sorts of bad ideas in her head.

"I think-" Julie smiles in that wicked way, "It's definitely Ken."
"Ohh? Ken?" Haruko stretches her arms, "I would thinks girls are more her type. Like Aiko, for instance."

The whole time, Kaori is listening to this and blushing.

"Masami!" She turns toward me with a flick, "Are you in love with a boy?!"
"What? no!"

"Oh, so it's a girl?" Her eyes light up, "Who is it?! Is it Aiko?"

"Kaori! I want to know, were you asking Maeda about a boy?"

The light in her face goes out, and she pouts.
"Oh, that's what this is about."

"Hmph." She pouts, "It's not love. I- found something."

"Found something?"

"Want to see it?"

>No, it's your business.
>Okay. But-
>I'm not in love with anyone!

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>I'm not in love with anyone!
>Do you want me to see it?

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>Okay. But-
I gotta go sleep now, thanks for running Heart!

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Folks, next post I make is the last, unless you guys want to try a pause for the night. I'm tired.

Have a nice night.

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>Have a nice night.
You too.

How many Epilogue threads do you expect?

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I'm also tired, but I thought tomorrow was really busy for you?

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Okay, I am getting tired as well. I don't really know about pausing, if you're going to be busy tomorrow.

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It is VERY busy for me. As in, if I did it I wouldn't be back to resume the thread until the evening.

But it depends, do you want to keep it bumped for almost 15-20 hours?

That I'm not sure. This little aside we're in is actually almost over. Maybe one or two threads remain of it. If people still demand epilogue threads, I'll sure make them. I do like cutsie asides.

But, if people are ready to let Masami rest for a while (Though, not retire, I'm sure I'll revisit her from time to time, if not in epilogue form because I do like writing her). Then I could move on to my next project I have planned.

Not sure how many people would like that, but it would be a new thing!

I feel the same way, evening of tomorrow is a long time to keep a dead thread bumped.

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Writing last post of the night!

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>But it depends, do you want to keep it bumped for almost 15-20 hours?
Yeah, not a good idea

>> No.46849365

I'm conflicted, I started participating really late so I feel like in a lot of ways I barely got to know Masami and the supporting cast, but I don't want to hold you back from doing something new.

>> No.46849393

Well, Masami isn't going away FOREVER. I might mix it up every few months and have a surprise Masami thread, even after I start this new project.

It just wouldn't be a weekly thing anymore. I would space it out to 'whenever I need a dose of cute in my life'.

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Well I like the sound of that, keeps it fresh.

>> No.46849441

Masami may rest at your discretion. New things can be nice sometimes, and patience is not a thing I lack.

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I think about her offer carefully, I don't want her to think that I strong-armed her into this.
Even though, I may totally have.

"Do you want me to see it?"

She crosses her arms, "I suppose so, I mean, you're going to go try to find out what it is anyway, right?"

"Yes." I say with some defeat.

She smiles, "I knew you would. C'mon, let's go!"
"Let's.. go?"

"Yeah! It's easier if I show it."

Julie, Haruko, Maeda, and I are all intrigued now. We follow close behind her as she leads us in the direction of the school.


We make our way around the block, and gradually approach the school.
The tops of the flagposts come into view as the pristine-green lawn of the facility shines like a beacon.

Kaori treads on the grass, despite all the signs telling her not to. We follow behind her cautiously in case that crotchety old groundskeeper sees us.

She goes behind one of the storage sheds for equipment, and I can almost hear something.

Is it.. whimpering?

She walks to the back of the shed, where a piece of tin has been torn away from the skirting. She kneels down and takes something out of her jacket pocket.
"Hey, girl. How are you today?"

There's some shaking, and panting. As well as a chorus of little yelps.

I stand behind Kaori and witness what she has been keeping a secret.
It's a dog, maybe the size of both my hands put together? It doesn't seem very big, but more of a strange toy-dog of some kind. It lays curled up in the dirt, mud entangled in its fur. It happily sniffs and licks Kaori's hand as she feeds it leftovers from Breakfast.

"Here she is, Masami. My secret."
"Oh." I stare at the fuzzball. "Uh, what's the secret, then?"

"Well, I want to keep her." She happily scratches at the puppy's ear. "By the way, now that I've shown you this, you can NOT tell Mom."

Now your secret is mine! Don't do that to me!

>Thread End

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Thanks for the thread everyone!

Again, we're maybe two threads out from this aside. After this, we may start staggering CPM threads while I get some rest and maybe prepare for the next big quest was thinking about!

As always, stay up to date with my twitter if you want information on new or current quests.

Let me know what you thought of today's thread, and stay tuned next week for the exciting conclusion of this little aside!

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Thanks for running.

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Sorry I'm too tired to really comment but I liked it, and I'm glad you still like running it as well!

Good luck with whatever you have tomorrow!

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Thank you, I'll need it

I'll be throwing away mountains of other people's trash
neighborhood pickups on hot days are not fun

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