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Fighter, thief, or mage?

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All three of those are mages. The third one just has some gimmicky buffs rather than being able to fight worth beans on her own.

The real choice here is childhood friend, precocious brat, or demure princessy type.

Yes, I know that precocious brat is the closest thing to an actual princess in the game.

I usually went with precocious brat.

Or Mr. T.

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Fighter, it's the closest thing to a monk.

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Dude. Stop.

Stop spamming this fucking thread every week.

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Didn't we just have this thread? With the same picture and everything?

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9 days ago anyway..


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7 days ago anyway..


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Just don't reply to this. Better yet, report it for spamming.

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You made a similar thread with the same filename on >>>/v/334939943

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I guess after all the retconning they did in garbage like Kingdom Hearts, but not in the original game.

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Shit thread isn't any better the nth time

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Thief because they're the one that can get the money, and because that's where the adventure is.

Fighter, because they have the stamina and muscles.

Mage, because that unlimited cosmic power shit gets old when you're not the one that has it.

Also this thread doesn't get any better the more you post it.

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All of them.

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But what happens when you accidentally gender swap?

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She was more demure than Tifa or Yuffie during the first half. Comparatively speaking, of course, I'm not saying she was a total mouse.

Among the three, Aeris was the least tomboyish. Though Tifa softens up quite a bit beyond North Crater.

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Oh, and I don't take into account anything beyond FF7 on the PSX. It makes me sick how they've twisted and whored out that game and its characters. Cloud these days is almost nothing like his original incarnation. It's like someone glanced at a few of his lines during the opening bombing run and decided that was his entire character. Fucking disgusts me.

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Fighter, because I like fit girls and have an armor fetish.
also, as your pic shows, they tend to have the biggest rack

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