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Character Art thread? I want to see what you guys have

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I'll post some more I collected

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requesting chubby adventurers

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Have a version of your OP which isn't for ants.

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I hate how voluptuous has been associated with fat, Isabella's got a huge pair of tits and a thick ass, but the rest of her accents this rather than suggests he's just stocky.

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>No hips
>No fat
>Huge round breasts

Uhh, yeah sure.

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It's a man

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i know she's not chubby, there's just one artist that draws her chubby and i actually really like it
i just want adventurers on the chunkier side

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Its fantasy, miss

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Requesting you ingest a cyanide capsule.

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>>No hips
You blind? Or are you a fat enabler who thinks gigantic thighs are hips?

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There are literally hundreds of other images out there that display women with fat chest beefers and a body that supports them - and no, I'm not saying a body supports them means "they're fat landwhales."

It's a skinny chick with some huge tits slapped on her, it's weird. As >>46777588 says she looks like he post-op he because them tits don't even have the proper shape.

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>>No hips
look again

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I miss the filename

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Contribute or take your whining elsewhere, faggot. In fact, whine elsewhere even if you do contribute.

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>posting Slavic Demiurge without appropriate filename
shiggy diggy do

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Why don't you go be fat elsewhere?

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I need goblins. I require the goblins.

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>I need goblins

Me too senpai.

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I need human men in chainmail wielding morningstars, preferably with a shield but without one is fine too.

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Hips are made of bone, what do they have to do with breast size?

Can we also remember that she's an elf and that human titty limitations don't apply to her?

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You could probably google that m8.

Deviantart also has a massive range of knights and soldiers.

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I need city thugs. Ideally light to no armor, ideally with smaller, improvised, or no weapons, ideally Irish dockworkers. But for now just thugs will do.

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I know, but I wanted to see if anyone on /tg/ had stuff I was looking for.

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I need a knight wearing really spiky armor.

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You know this is a skillfully done picture but this little guy just irritates me for some reason.


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I have no sluts, only scythians.

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And various other real world world warriors.

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Anyone got any gentlemanly looking dudes with maces? Preferably with a nice moustache.

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No maces, but I do have some nobles.

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Alright, Anons, I need art for game starting on Thursday.

Character is a male human, fights with a Bastard sword in one hand, and spells (usually electricity) in another. He was a minor noble, who absconded with his share of the family fortune and has been going on a half-decade long bender. Now he's out of money and stranded in a small town on the edge of the desert.

Gonna be dumping what art I have in the meantime.

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I need more characters with a middle easter flavor wearing several layers of colorful cloth and what not

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Does this work?

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Best I can do is some Byzantine stuff. Any professions you want in particular?

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Something more along the lines of an Arabian knight would be appreciated

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The fighting style is right on, but he should be less armored and less blood-thirsty. The character isn't a warrior, he's just some random asshole who got in over his head.

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Got it. Most of my stuff is from McBride, so you might want to look for his stuff.

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Anyone got some pictures of ratfolk?

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Looking for female robots.

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Any female half-orc fighters that aren't dressed like sluts and/or have the dyke haircut?

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elven master-crafted boobjob

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that outfit doesn't look like it would protect against the cold well

nice thighs though

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What kind, familia?

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More like this?

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Are there any more images like this in a cathedral or whatever next to statues?

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I need pics of monks/clerics/guys in plain robes with clubs. Please.

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Sadly no. I absolutely adore this piece, but I haven't been able to find anything else.

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This is a character art thread, not a draw thread. Take your incredibly specific unlikely to ever be filled requests elsewhere.

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>No one is requesting obscure art.
>Still feel like being a tosser
>Pls go and stay go

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This close enough?

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This alright? Only other piece I have like that one.

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I want cute goblin girls that don't have revolting proportions.

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Technically, yes that works. Haha.

I guess I meant more like poor monks.

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>being this triggered


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>orcess' that aren't sluts
>clerics with clubs
>arabian knights
>human male noble
>gentlemen with maces
>literally just /r/ing "goblins"

I could keep going.

>incredibly specific, unlikely to ever be filled requests

Don't know what your problem is today, anon, but try not being such an ass. It might improve your mood a bit.

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t. Guy responding 4 hours after the topic was dropped

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Anon, have you considered going with something more like a portrait? Outside of his battle armor and without weapons, but greater attention and more details given to things like his stature and his face?

I end up doing things like this myself a lot when I can't find the exact thing I'm looking for. If your group is worth any salt, they can fill in the "bastard sword and spells" aspects with their own imaginations.

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Sorry man, I looked through all my pictures and I can't find anything.

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It's cool, thanks for checking.

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So she's like a butterfly with a gun. Opens her wings and before you can get to the F in WTF *bang*.

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I really like this and I'm going to be doing a Runeseeker character soon, can I request more along this line?
>Some dude putting magic into a sword but not wearing armor?
>Some dude studying a tome or glyphs or a scroll, again not in armor.
Sorry for requesting so specifically. Let me see if I can find someone else's request to fill.


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Looking for medieval/fantasy styles made with more modern touches, such as the buckles and the material of the girdle this girl is wearing.

And power armor that looks like older styles of armor like knights and crusaders.

Also old world warriors holding guns.

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anyone have any good alchemist art?
any race works, but i'm looking for either human, gnome, or halfling

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Go away final fantasy, there is a global shortage of both belts and cringe because of you.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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Bumping this cuz I'm a faggot.


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I need epic level elf paladins that do NOT look like they're from Warcraft.

preferably male, but beggars can't be choosers

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Skeevy looking males that aren't straight up evil, and QT3.14 females

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Anyone have pics of young/teenage girls in post-apoc settings?

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Kirk is the thorn you seek.

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Anyone have and decent(humanoid) Angel art? Red haired preferable but I can use art of any angels.

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Of all the NPC's in those games I think he's the one I have the hardest time imagining what keeps him going. For countless years he's done nothing aside from wander around damp places in other worlds trying to kill people by rolling into them with his pointy armor

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Anyone got more armored older characters with big ass warhammers/mauls (within reasonable size)? Making a veteran Pally character and hammers are my bag.

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>anything other than generic human any gender age 1-100 in any peroid of dress any class any race is far too specific

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\o/ 420 praise it

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Anyone have images that would work for a setting like Earthbound?
Pictures of kids during a zombie apocalypse would work too

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Got this made in a drawthread by an mazing drawfriend!

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I'm about to play a deep gnome/svirfneblin Necromancer, and I've been browsing for art without finding anything really good.

Anyone got anything?
I'll dump the related stuff I found.

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Post fabulous and old school characters

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Pretty good, a bit too armored and dwarfy for my purposes

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I need yogis/gurus/mystics

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Looks a bit like that Harry Potter girl.

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Bitches really liked Thranduil after that movie came out.

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>no trousers
did your brain just malfunction there or do you actually think that's supposed to be a Scythian?

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Looking for male crusader-like paladins/knights, preferably armed with a glaive or halberd.

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Need old men professors or wizards. Just need to look old, dignified and smart.

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Human male clerics? Preferably in heavy armor, shield and mace?

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How about a new rule. If you post a request, you must also add at least three pictures to the thread, so you don't get the shit above happening.

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Sure, I can handle that.

I'm seeming to have a lot of trouble finding gals in realistic light plate armor. Most everything I find is either fully decked out, or your typical cleavage plate fantasy shit. Any help?

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Bloodlord of Vaasgoth
Aurelia, the Warleader
Gisela, Blade of Goldnight
Angel of Flight Alabaster

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Thank you. I'll see what I've got.

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Posting men in suits, still need an old professor.

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Most of the female armour I've got is entirely covering plate. These are the closest I can manage, and I don't think I have many more.

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Quick, I need art for a smoke demon by the name of Nightshade. Please help!

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I want more of this, too. I generally want more of it at all times.

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That's the closest I've got.

>> No.46792291


Running very low now.

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Thanks, appreciate it.

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Final one. The rest of my collection is much heavier armour or rather fantastical. Props to anons for their contributions.

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i know that it's pretty much impossible to ask knowing how fucking retarded weeaboos are, but i'm looking for samurai that look accurate without exagerated anime bullshit, looking for pics like this guy

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Requesting pictures of monks and martial artists. I'll dump what I've got.

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Ladymonks also needed

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CZ here

AK a shit

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Wasn't he pals with the spider lady? Or at least somehow associated with her?

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I like unhinged look on her, she seems kinda magical realm-powerful but also pretty bonkers.
Granny Badass.
This is pretty cool in a comic book style. Lots of edge but idgaf.

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The fuck is going on with that guy's chest? It's like he's hinged below his pectorals.

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