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You walk Willie all the way to your apartment, hand on her shoulder.

The small girl doesn't dispel her Outfit for the whole trip, huddling against your side as her tear-blurred eyes dart towards every shadow - not that there are many; the base's sidewalks are fairly well-lit in this area. Despite her flesh having the solid coolness of steel, the feel of her small shoulder shivering under your hand belies her nominal strength.

Just girls, sometimes. In bed, alone in the dark - they're every bit as fragile as a human.

Maybe more so.

Willie is still sniffling by the time you unlock your apartment door and step inside, but she's regained enough presence of mind to pull her cap off her head. Her Outfit seems to fade from view even as you watch, leaving nothing but a small girl looking around your darkened apartment warily, nervously twisting her sailor's cap in her hands. Without a word, you pull out the folding bed hidden in the couch, then start fitting it with spare sheets you find in the apartment's sole closet. There aren't any spare pillows, so you take both of your own and toss them onto the fold-out; if a few years of sleeping sitting in Higgin's captain's chair didn't put a permanent crick in your neck, a single night resting your head on some folded pants won't even register.

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Stepping into the kitchen, you fish a beer out of the fridge, pop the cap and chug it down without moving. Feeling slightly better, you turn the stove-top light on (for Willie,) and kick your shoes off as you pass the door. Willie's sitting on the edge of the fold-out bed, still worrying her hat as she stares at the floor. Her hair still has a light frosting of flour on it, almost like a ghostly halo on her head.

Sitting on the queen-size fold-out, she looks awfully small.

“Ready for bed?” you ask. “I'll be in the bedroom, just over there, okay?”

She mumbles something inaudible.

“Come again?”

“S'rry,” she almost breathes. “For...”

She squeaks as you drop your hand onto her head and rub it affectionately. “For what?”
“... I'm still...” her chin sinks as she presses the hat to her face to hide her eyes. “... hopeless.”

“What, because you spilled some flour?”

“... ruined things... can't even...” she sniffs, “sleep without m-m-messing u-up-”

With a fresh scream of complaint from your leg, you sit on the bed near Willie.

[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.
[ ] Ask her if she'd like you to sleep in the easy chair to be closer by, overnight.
[ ] Tell her a bedtime story.

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>[ ] Tell her a bedtime story.

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>[X] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

Not only will it hopefully help to heal Willie, but maybe talking about your own issues might help you too.

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[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

Knowing she's not alone will probably help more than anything, not that the other options are inherently bad.

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[X] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.
war is hell
shit happens to everyone

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>[X] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.


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[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

Sharing is caring

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

Even the bravest and best soul has them, Willie.

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.
>[ ] Ask her if she'd like you to sleep in the easy chair to be closer by, overnight.
She may look like a kid, but I don't think we should baby her.

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.
>[ ] Ask her if she'd like you to sleep in the easy chair to be closer by, overnight.
>[ ] Tell her a bedtime story.
all three because fuck you.

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Hey Naka, I had an idea for a song that you might like, based on your experiences. It's based on an old hymnal called Hick's farewell.

The time is swiftly rolling on,
when I must faint and die.
My body to the sea return,
and there forgotten lie.

Let persecution rage anew,
let the abyssals appear,
beneath the cold & silent blue,
there's no disturbance there.

And after admiral's call,
my little Gato, near my heart
and nature seems to bind,
It grieves me sorely to depart,
and leave you here behind.

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Told you he wouldn't know what the fuck to do with it when he had the fucking chance.

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>[x] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

Honestly group therapy for nightmares would probably do this whole base a heap-load of good.

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.
If we can't get a pshrink or a chaplain for the girls, at least we can offer sympathy and let them know that they're not alone.

Offer to sleep in the easy chair *after* you've done that.

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I rather think Willie's situation takes higher precedence to that.

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>[ ] Ask her if she'd like you to sleep in the easy chair to be closer by, overnight.

There is a delicate balance we must tread today between making Willy Dee full daughteru and have her still able to fight.

But if we must make it a bedtime story, make it about shiny new AA-fire control systems, which will turn the skies around her her into DEATH TO ALL ABYSSAL PLANES!

Seriously, mention the fact she is an excellent plane guard, followed by how many ships we killed in WWII with planes. She's smart enough to put two plus two together.

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Hey Hate, has Yamato seen a movie called Otoko tachi no Yamato? It's about Operation Ten-go. Which might also be the source of her thrashing while she sleeps.

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[X] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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Lieutenant, I challenge *you* to be able to keep it up with a disaster-prone destroyer girl screaming in terror.

I would say that there were extenuating circumstances this time.

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[X] Tell her a bedtime story.

KCQ normally goes up too late for me to participate, so just wanted to pop in and say this: You're awesome, the quest is awesome, don't let the haters get you down.

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>Tell her a bedtime story about our own nightmares.

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see we should be having a sleep over, pajama party, braiding each other's hair, painting each other's nails, watching a bunch of shitty movies and talking about boys

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Just because we haven't seen her yet doesn't mean it isn't happening - that was a pretty short update anyway, not much detail

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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>[X] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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>[M] Tell her a bedtime story.

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>[ ] Tell her a bedtime story.

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>[x] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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>[x] Tell her a bedtime story.
sweet dreams you little shit

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Nah. And she still won't fuckin talk about what's eating at her. I'mma see if taking her to the fucking range to play with some infantry scale toys, fuckin maybe that'll get her to spill.

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This first,
>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.
Followed by this if she expesses any further fears.
>[ ] Ask her if she'd like you to sleep in the easy chair to be closer by, overnight.

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As a protest for the "Settle and Arizona both comfort Willie" option not winning, I'm not going to vote.
Instead, I'll post this.

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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>Shipgirl playing around with modern guns
This sounds pretty cute, good plan.

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>[X] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.
Poor thing...also, remind her we aren't a Democrat.

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I could tell you what's eating her.


But you wouldn't want to hear it.

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Ask her if she wants us to invite Arizona over. Gives us a revote without being unrealistic.

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Bully Clemsons.

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>[x] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

Willie needs this and maybe a bunch of hugs.

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I'm fucking hoping I can scare up a classic pig. I got a buddy, guy I knew in fuckin boot, he's down on Okinawa, works in an arms room there. There's not too many 60s left in the corps, but if anyone can turn one the fuck up, it'll be him.

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>I could tell you what's eating her.
I think it's more about who's not eating her.

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>Willie and Yamato both flipping the fuck out in their sleep on the same night
Hm. Best case, it's just the whole existential PTSD thing ('best' case). Worst case, Naka-chan's been turned into an unwitting trojan horse and is giving off negative waves/serving as a RFV broadcast tower or something.
Most likely case, somewhere between the two.

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>[x] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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>Inb4 Arizona shows up with the cupcakes, having stayed behind to finish frosting them and to furiously, shamefully masturbate

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God-like taste. M60 haters oughta remove themselves.
The pig has life in her yet!

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Also, hey Hate. Any luck getting Fenrir to actually work in a three dimensional environment?

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Nah, seems like they've been fucking with Yokosuka's dreams/nightmares for a while now. Willie's only been recently exposed, and who know's how long Yams has had her stuff going on.

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>[x] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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Close. But more complicated than that.

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[x] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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This would not be the first time Planefag's used the whole 'radio broadcast mindfucking' thing - so we should probably take it seriously.

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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You seem to have your ear to the ground quite a bit Hamp, Hornet dishing with you about the others when you two make out?

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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you're one to fucking talk

>> No.46733880

>Many people doing write-in for Settle and Willie staying with Arizona
>Ignored for the normal vote bandwagon.

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

>> No.46733909

fool didn't hit shit and he's too ashamed to talk about it

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>[ ] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

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I like this idea. This is a good idea.

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Intelligence isn't a requirement for posting on 4chan, sadly.

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Kinda-sorta. Fucking, working with anything involving the girls is fucky for meat like me, but I'm thinking it's got to do with how the ammo's being cased and fed. I've gotta figure out how to test the shit, but I'm starting to think that it'd work better with a belt feed. Thank fuck the machinists have spare time to build this kinda shit, though, that's all I got to fucking say.


Yams has kinda developed a love affair with the fucking thing in the division. I figure maybe getting to play with the real steel might, ya know, fucking do something, get her talkin. I can't fucking help her if I don't fucking know what the fuck I'm fighting

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Hey, Hamp, you know that there's papparazzi for the kanmusu now?

I know it's a new century and all, and I fully support your habits if you feel more comfortable dressing that way, but I just thought you might want to know and be on your guard in the future--there's still plenty of traditionalist types who would be all pissed off about it...

Also, nice pair of stems, for a tinclad.

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Or just stopping and thinking. Then again Arifags love any excuse to fling shit at Shoukaku fans.

>> No.46734017

Shotgun shells, right? That's where you put the ammo for it, right? Would a pump action work better?

>> No.46734025

Arizona's apartment wasn't exactly the most...homey of places. Settle's place is likely more comforting feeling than a Arizona's almost sterile apartment.

Besides they got to second base, lewds are fairly assured down the line.

>> No.46734070

What is going on there? Four DDs running aground?

>> No.46734084

[x] Tell her about your own nightmares - in general. Make her realize she's far from alone in this.

>> No.46734092


Wrong Hamp.


>> No.46734103


shitty sb roleplayers please go and stay go

>> No.46734109

more like six

>> No.46734118


There's many jokes to be made here.

Though seriously, while they may be down the line, they may be a while down the line, gotta mine that salt, hence unlimited cockblock works

>> No.46734119


You have a smoking hot sister who has good dress sense? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

>> No.46734121


I'm using shells more because I based the fucking action on a fostech origin fucking had laying around from when the corps tested them as a potential MOUT/CQB weapon. The issue is the powder charge is fucking BIG for a goddamn naval rifle shell, long as fuck. It doesn't fit properly in a standard shell case, and I can't fucking get hold of enough custom ones to use them, not to fucking mention rebuilding the fucking weapon around them. But it's not that fucking effective as is, the rounds aren't very fucking consistent so it's not like they deliver anything fucking approaching accuracy.

But if I make the fucking thing Belt fed, it'll solve a lot of those fucking issues. But it fucking means rebuilding Fenrir entirely, and I'm kinda fucking nervous about doing that.

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The Honda Point Disaster. Seven Clemson destroyers ran aground out of a group of 14. Five were lost.

>> No.46734149

Nah m8, hes one of the good ones.
It's the tatsuta one that needs to fuck off.

>> No.46734154

>All these mad shippers

>> No.46734161

Ahhh thanks. Was it weather that caused this? Or just normal naval outcome?

>> No.46734165

thick fog + already dangerous waters + navigational error = fuckup

>> No.46734177


You realise you are close friends with an Admiral, and are on the bleeding edge of anti-abyssal weapons development, right?

You can literally name what you need and get it.

>> No.46734186

I thought Marine's relished challenges of this sort?

>> No.46734187

Is that from Kancolle?

>> No.46734203

No he isn't
But that second sentence is true.

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>> No.46734217

It was night, there was thick fog, the currents were unusual (supposedly because of the Great Kanto Earthquake fucking things up), and a navigational error led to the disaster. Also, it was seven ships lost, not five. Two others were damaged and the remaining five in the task force did not run aground.

>> No.46734229

the sipping is getting fucking annoying

>> No.46734240

>anti-abyssal weapons development
What have you been told about using that phrase, Anon?

>> No.46734242

Ahhh thanks anons. Hell of a war story. I fought in WW II. I went down with the ship because we can't avoid a rock. Yes I survived the DD on BB battles.

>> No.46734243

So, is Houston at Yokosuka yet? Everyone else from that battle seems to have returned by now. What about her?

>> No.46734245

Especially once Thomas and Goto and whoever else see the footage from the Strait that features shell splashes from a fucking 18" gun

>> No.46734247

Hey Lt. Faggot, so chances are we're wrong and Yams doesn't want your dick, everybody can be wrong, nobody's perfect.

Since nobody's perfect, there is a small chance you're wrong and Yamato actually is romantically interested.

Let's look at Yamato in this hypothetical situation. She's literally been sapient for like 2 years max. She's been hidden away all that time and has only interacted with Goto and any shipgirl that wasn't an exposure risk. She's pretty fucking shy and completely inexperienced in romantic bullshit, while you aren't. Lets say all this time she's spending with you is her trying to get you to make the first move( in this still hypothetical situation). And you are acting like she's not even a woman. That would be a massive hit to her confidence, you know, the whole "ship BUT ALSO a woman" thing.

tl;dr There is a small chance you are wrong about Yams. That means there is a small chance you are hurting her, real bad, and probably for a long time.

I don't really care what you think the situation actually is, you don't take that risk with Family fucker. You see her as a sister? You owe it to her to use your big boy words to figure out exactly how she sees this shit herself.

>> No.46734249

If you want more Hamp, then do a write up with him and you can *siiiiiiiip* all the fuck you want in there.

Yes. Yes it is.

>> No.46734250

I don't know why the shippers are mad. Planefag long ago confirmed on the IRC that the official pairing will be Settle and Higgens if she returns.

>> No.46734257


I don't fucking relish trying to get the headspacing correct on this fucking thing when I've gotta cut into it to take it from mag to belt fucking fed.

>> No.46734275

Yeah, they're back. We were supposed to run into them last thread, but quest pacing is what it is. We'll probably see them today depending on how planefag did his prepwork last night

>> No.46734297

I just thought that the write in that had a lot of support, that would keep us safe from another Willie episode and have two people she trusts near her would be included. A lot of birds with one stone and an overall good idea.

That's how quests work right?

>> No.46734317

You aren't ramming the shells into the barrel itself, right? Just setting them in the chamber? That might be where your issues are coming from, the interface between that action and the barrel itself when those guns are designed to fire with the shell and powder stuffed up inside.

>> No.46734330

votes called! I got fucking ambushed by someone, sorry about that.


u wot m8

>> No.46734339

>mfw we lost half as many destroyers as Germany did at Narvik
>mfw that crippled their Navy for the rest of the war and the US barely noticed
We really were just churning those things out, weren't we?

>> No.46734342

good thing she's returning as a real ship and not a girl

>> No.46734346



Some advice.

>> No.46734347

Ideally, assuming the writer isn't lazy or having a way too obvious interest in mining salt.

>> No.46734349

>tfw they're considering scrapping Olympia

>> No.46734360

Man's got a point LT.

Can you use big boy words to sort this out, or are you going to keep denying possibilities because they scare *you*?

>> No.46734369


>> No.46734372


Honda point was, IIRC, sometime in the 20s or 30s, very much prewar.

>> No.46734388


Oof. Now there's an issue. What kind of action are you putting on it, though? Closed bolt, obviously, but have you considered changing out the gas piston or going to a long-stroke?

Equally important, where does it get dirtiest after a long practice at the range? Bad clearences would explain some of your issues.

>> No.46734392

Willie is DD-579. Five hundred seevnty-nine.

>> No.46734406

England forgot how to build ships

>> No.46734409

... Mate, what are you on about? Nobody's scrapping nothing, it's a museum ship.
Counting all the Wickes and Clemsons together, there were 256 Flushdeck destroyers. So yes, we really did churn those things out.

>> No.46734428


Add in that those were Clemsons, IE the shit leftovers that were our Fletcher-analogue in WWI

>> No.46734452

That didn't save the Barry.

>> No.46734465

She still needs work.

>> No.46734521

Barry wasn't officially a museum ship. She wasn't in the register, she was still technically part of the USN. Due to that, they were allowed to order Barry's scrapping.
Olympia is no longer in the USN. So no scrapping's happening, she just needs repairs. A lot of them.

>> No.46734534


>All that visible rust

Yeesh. Might need to bust ass to get up there and see her while she's still around, I'm sure no one's going to bother to spend all the money they'd need to save her. Goddamn shame no one appreciates history for shit anymore.

>> No.46734643


They didn't fucking seat correctly when I tried that. I'm hoping that by ditching the fucking shotshell case and going caseless or something that maybe I'll be able to get them to seat correctly.

>> No.46734677

rust streaks are normal
mostly it's runoff from chain lockers and bilge drains and shit

>> No.46734680

Willie needs either some hot cocoa or some ice cream. Maybe both.

>> No.46734694

Yeah, if you were trying to ram a whole cartridge in I can see it not working at all. Something caseless might do it, or like, a fucking tube-and-plunger something. Think a shotshell case but open on either end, so really just a thin piece of plastic pipe, with paper over each end or something then you fucking ram the shell and powder inside it like a push pop.
My gunsmithing knowledge is... not very high.

>> No.46734715


Sure, streaks are. I'm talking about the big patches of rust on the crow's nest and her first stack there, and the spots along her superstructure, especially around her casemates.

>> No.46734717

Have you considered an old-style waxed-paper cartridge system? Less seating issues, no casings to worry about, easy assembly, and less materials needed.

>> No.46734768

She's also been in the water continuously since 1946, she should've been drydocked and given a thorough cleanup at least once every twenty years

>> No.46734774

Pretty much this. Poor Ms. Hotel could use a good birds and the bees talk, segueing into the rest of this crap.

>> No.46734780

>Hate is ignoring this for his gun talk because he's a chicken shit

God dammit, we have enough bullshit to deal with. We don't need to spend half a fucking thread later telling Yamato that 'No, she isn't a hambeast. Yes, Hate really is retarded. No, he isn't gay.'

>> No.46734792

Would it make sense to get a small borescope camera in one of Yams' turrets to get a better look at how her crew works the original loading mechanism?

Worst case, you can't see shit.
Weird case, you find out she's ticklish.

>> No.46734827

Well, remember that Kongou's self-image issues center around her armor belt so it might not be something as obvious as thinking she's 2fat, panama canal aside.

>> No.46734841


Worst case is significantly fucking worse than not being able to see shit.

>> No.46734859

>Borescope cams

Image of Wainwright going "Now this might feel a little cold." before using like one of those ear hole-scopes.

>> No.46734877

We already know how her original loading mechanism works--and it was semi-automatic already.


>> No.46734882

Isn't it a little early to be shipposting?

>> No.46734911

Post only the fattest sterns.

>> No.46734923

it's never too early to shitpost
Seriously though, shitposting drops off as it gets later, the shitposters are fucking children that have early bed times.

>> No.46734929


>> No.46734953


>> No.46734964


>> No.46735000

Why is 'Bama the absolute best waifu?+

>> No.46735005

>Dat displacement

>> No.46735041



>> No.46735069

And another contender enters the Hate-Bowl battle royal. What is that 5-6 now?

>> No.46735074

because she's literally perfect

>> No.46735104


Does this count as a separate entry?

>> No.46735110

Worse yet, he won't give any of them the dick.

>> No.46735127


Oh, what, I can't fucking appreciate a girl's looks without wanting to marry her or something fucking retarded like that? Come the fuck on.

>> No.46735136

no step on snek

>> No.46735148

There is no Hate-Bowl. Hate's holding a torch for Iowa that he won't admit and any girl that likes him like Yams needs to be let down gently before they get hurt.

But marine is going to marine.

>> No.46735158

Hate, I hope you never get smart enough to stop responding to them, because then whole threads would die the second planefag calls the vote.

>> No.46735159

>those hips


>> No.46735182

Well lets see:
Chuuni sisters
Haruna and maybe Kirishima
(possibly) Yamato
(possibly) Bama

So I guess it's actually more like 7

>> No.46735183

>Perfect mix of height, breasts, hips, and legs
>Perfect Southern belle personality
>A girl who knows how to eat
Praise be to Bamawriter and the drawfags

>> No.46735200

Eh the way I see it its basically just Iowa and Yamato and Hate has his head so far up his ass that Planefag doesn't need any Cockblock ex machina to drag things out.

>> No.46735203

Can we all just agree that Bama is a miracle of the universe.

>> No.46735219

Sammy's grandaughter was a good girl.

>> No.46735223

>after Hate
>Not Settle

Anon pls

>> No.46735239

Sure, but this is more fun.

>> No.46735241

Yes. Yes we can.

>> No.46735255

>Not after Goto
>Not starting the Kongo Civil War

>> No.46735279

Biggest beam to ever go through the Panama canal.

>> No.46735286

but that's Iowa

>> No.46735308

I know. Still, general theme of big beamed battleships of the WWII persuasion.

>> No.46735352

Just for grins, here's Arizona going through the Panama Canal.

>> No.46735413

they both had the same beam width

>> No.46735429


I couldn't give a rat's arse about who bonks who, fact is we're now alone with a trauma patient who can snap us in half if she has a panic attack. ANY shipgirl/boy will do, so long as they can handle what a thrashing, nightmare suffering Willie can dish out.

>> No.46735436

“You're not the only one with bad dreams, kiddo,” you tell her, thumping her on the shoulder. “And you don't have to be a combat veteran to have them, either. There's a war on, and all - stress gets to people, and it comes out one way or another.”

“... do you...” Willie says quietly.


“Dream about... sinking?”


Willie looks up at you with horror in her eyes.

“Yeah. Not pretty.”

“Are you... alone?”

You have to think about that one. “... no. There's the enemy. Always.”

Willie looks down at her abused hat. “I'm just... sinking. Alone.”

“Not anymore, you aren't,” you remind her. “A lot of people thought there's only two kinds of ship-girl - the ones with long, illustrious service histories, and the ones that sank and took a large part of their crew with them.”

Willie shivers. “Y-you mean th-they're g-g-ghosts-”

You rock the girl to and fro by your grip on her shoulder. “Nah. Not like that. And you prove it. You were home to a lot of young, inexperienced men away from home for the first time in their lives, and heading out into a big, ugly war. Maybe that has something to with it...” you sigh. “Hell, kid. I don't know. Nobody does. But the simple fact that you came back at all - and on our side - eighty-sixed a whole bunch of theories.”

Willie just keeps twisting her hat and kicking her feet, staring at the floor.

>> No.46735456

“Point is, there's no point in thinking about it,” you point out. You can turn yourself upside down and all around worrying about it, and some people do. But I've got bad dreams, too, and I seem to be getting along okay.

Willie flicks a dubious glance at you, then back to the carpet.

“What was that?” you demand.


“That. That *look.*”

“N-nothing,” Willie mumbles almost inaudibly.

“Well, if you say so,” you say. “Just remember, if you need me, just knock. It won't bother me. I'm used to interrupted sleep, I'll just drop right off again - okay?”

She nods faintly. You're halfway into your room when she offers a parting comment: “Thank you, Admiral.”

“Anytime, kiddo,” you reply.

For a change, you fall asleep with a smile on your face.


>> No.46735474

meanwhile in bongland
>allow anonymous a write-in vote
>[x]Boaty McBoatface

>> No.46735476

And of course, the dreams come.

You're in Higgins CIC this time, watching the main tactical plot glowing bright before you. A swarm of little red V's are pushing past your maximum-range boundary, rushing for a second line at 60 nautical miles - their maximum standoff range.

“No joy from Danilo,” the comms office - Phillips - says to you. “They're still trying to push that C-17 off the runway with bulldozers, but it's burning so hot it's forcing men right out of the cab.”

No air support, then. You watch the incoming bandits edging closer and closer, sweat trickling down everyone's temples - every eye is on their own station, every ear to their own circuit, but they all feel the inevitable approach of death. Every mile closer increases your chances of a kill - and increases the chances of successful return fire.

But you're still pretty sure they don't know where you are.

Fear is flowing around the CIC, edding about your feet and hissing under chairs, an undercurrent of tension. The bandits pass the sixty mile limit - and hold their fire, angling almost straight for you.


Fifty-five miles.


“Weapons free,” you state.

The confirmations fill the room with a quiet murmur of relief as fire controllers work their magic, rushing through the formalities.

“Bird affirm,” someone says.

“Bird away!” comes the reply, and Higgins structure vibrates with the power of a solid-rocket motor thundering out of its cell - and another, and another, screaming away into the dark night overhead like meteors from the hand of God. On the tactical plot, they're clean, sterile little markers; pretty blue lines snapping into existence as they establish their networked datalinks to the orbiting E-2D that'll guide them towards the incoming Flounders.

>> No.46735478


>> No.46735482


>> No.46735516

“Sonar contact!” someone shouts. “High-speed screws bearing two-foh-war-seven!” A tentative marker appears on the plot. “Range-gating, four miles!” You snatch up the sound-powered circuit to the bridge, your XO's characteristic rough-around-the-edges growl meeting your ears. “Inbound torpedoes, bearing two-foh-war seven!”

“Right,” he replies, and within seconds you all feel Higgins careening into a hard port turn, putting her tail to the incoming fish.

“Sir, can we go active-”

“Granted!” It only takes a few seconds for the high-frequency active sonar to pick out your goblin - and a few seconds later a rocket-launched torpedo is screaming into the sky, arcing for your shooter.

“Inbound vampires!” someone cries - little red marks dropping away from the planes, your own interceptors still well short. The sub, you think - but how did it cue them without being detected...?

The hubbub and frenzied activity of the CIC fades in your ears, the colors turning pastel, then watercolor-thin before finally fading into a gray haze with only suggestions of motion.

Then the remnants of the scene suddenly compress in the vertical, smashing into a thin gray line before winking out of existence completely, like an old TV being switched off. Lurking in the dark void behind the images of a war that never was...

... two figures. Hints of humanoid form; deep gray against the darkness. The winking, smoldering glow of electric fire, smoldering blue embers trailing delphinium plasma that flickers in a wind you can't feel.

[ ] Why do you fight?
[ ] Who are you?
[ ] What do you want?

>> No.46735544

>[x] What do you want?

>> No.46735550

>[ ] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735562

>[ ] Who are you?
hoo boy time for more trippy vision quest

>> No.46735566

>[x] Why do you fight?
The abyss stares back. We will make it flinch.

>> No.46735568

[ ] What do you want?

>> No.46735571

>[x] Write-In
uW0t m8s
u wana go

>> No.46735579

>[ ] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735583


>[X] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735586

>[ ] What do you want?
Bitch i aint got time for your bullshit.

>> No.46735587

>[X ] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735591

>[x] Why do you fight?

Knowing is half the battle, as the old saying goes.

>> No.46735596

>[X] Who are you?

RADM. Ryan Settle, Commander of Kanmusu, ruler of the waves, prize to the shipgirl that may eventually win his heart.

(Or WizAnnon style boast here. That would be AWESOME)

>> No.46735597

>[ ] Who are you?


>> No.46735599

[x] Write in
Do you think love can bloom, even on the battlefield?

>> No.46735603

>[x] Why do you fight?
This is something that always bothers me.

>> No.46735612

>[x] What do you want?
i sure hope the answer is MISSILES

>> No.46735614

>[ ] Why do you fight?

What they want and who they are is less important than why they're doing what they're doing. What drives an Abyssal? It's not physiology, Naka's proof enough of that.

>> No.46735615

Ikazuchi wouldn't drug her husbando

>[x] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735616

>[ ] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735618

>[M] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735619

>[ ] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735627

>[ ] What do you want?

>> No.46735628

[x] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735637

>[ ] Why do you fight?
>[ ] Who are you?
>[ ] What do you want?
>[ ] Who is your favorite Idolmaster?
>[ ] Why hasn't Hate boned Yamato yet?
>[ ] Why haven't I boned Arizona yet?
>[ ] What's your favorite icecream?

>> No.46735639

>[ ] Who are you?

>> No.46735645


>> No.46735652

>[x] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735666

>[ ] what's your name, who's your daddy, is he rich like me?

>> No.46735672

For machines designed for the explicit purpose of killing as many people as possible, ships sure are whiny bitches.

>> No.46735675

[X] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735706

[x] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735720

>[ ] What do you want?
Let's not blink, now that we're staring into the Abyss.

>> No.46735725

>[ ] What do you want?
Your dream self has a war to fight, don't need to fuck around with the abyss staring at us.

>> No.46735729

>[ ] Who are you?
>[ ] Who, who, who, who?
>[ ] Who are you?
>[ ] Who, who, who, who?
>[ ] I woke up in a Soho doorway
>[ ] A policeman knew my name
>[ ] He said "You can go sleep at home tonight
>[ ] If you can get up and walk away"
>[ ] I staggered back to the underground
>[ ] And the breeze blew back my hair
>[ ] I remember throwin' punches around
>[ ] And preachin' from my chair

>> No.46735741

[ ] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735759

>[ ] Who are you?

>> No.46735760

>[x] What do you want?

Also, I just ended up seeing that : http://www.goodsmile.info/en/product/5583/Alloy+Shimakaze.html

Given how engineering prone is the Shimakaze in this quest, I could see her having this a nightmare....

>> No.46735761

>[x] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735774

I hope we get some sass in because of the silly write-ins.

More information on our enemies is good but we still gotta call them faggots. Go Dresden on them.

>> No.46735782

Cruiser to base:
Base to cruiser:

>> No.46735791

[X] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735834

>[x] Who are you?

>What do you want

>> No.46735846

>[ ] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735867

>[ ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5kmCgVhADY

>> No.46735870

>[x] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735894

Rear admiral commanding destroyers, flying his flag in a cruiser, at sea with his flotilla.
Destroyer to Flagship:

>> No.46735901

[X] What do you want?

>> No.46735907

>[ ] Who are you?

>> No.46735911


>[x] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735928

>[ ] Why do you fight?

>> No.46735968

Not meant as a complaint but what brought these on? Are they real messages? Given some of the stories I've heard in these quest threads, it would not amaze me.

>> No.46735992

>[X] Why do you fight?

>> No.46736005

In World War I, before the days of carriers and patrolling aircraft, an American Battle Squadron was at sea, in close formation, towing kite balloons.
USS Texas to USS New York:
Yes, these are real naval signals. They were found and put into the book Make Another Signal, by Captain Jack Broome.

>> No.46736007

He's got a book, title is 'Make Another Signal' I think, that's all about communication between warships.
And yes, they're real. Humanity has not changed, humanity has just gotten better at sharing their stupid shit

>> No.46736046

>Hey, Hamp, you know that there's papparazzi for the kanmusu now?


I wonder when she'll step onto the scene for some awkwardness with Goto over his grandpa.

in b4 Kinugasa for semen demon

>> No.46736048


>> No.46736083

Gibraltar Signal Station to passing ship:

>> No.46736099

>>46735516 #
>[X] Why do you fight?

>> No.46736100



>> No.46736118

[x] Why do you fight?

>> No.46736122

IJN Shigure to RADM Settle:
RADM Settle to IJN Shigure:

>> No.46736127

1st Destroyer:
2nd Destroyer:
1st Destroyer:

>> No.46736140

>[ ] Why do you fight?
From that answer, couldn't we deduce what they want and who they are?

>> No.46736158


>> No.46736176

Ex-corvette MV Coreopsis, hired by Ealing Studios for making the film “The Cruel Sea,” enter Portland Harbour after a day’s “shooting.” She was meant to look as if she had been battered about in Atlantic Weather, and she did. Her white ensign was being exchanged for a red one as she passed USS Missouri, “The Mighty Mo,” berthed in Portland Harbour:
From USS Missouri to Coreopsis:
From MV Coreopsis:
No reply.

>> No.46736187

>[x] Why do you fight?

>> No.46736193


These are better than the one about the carrier/battleship/whatever (varies with the telling) asking the lighthouse to get out of their way...

>> No.46736203

Don't get this one

>> No.46736244

Which one is that?

>> No.46736246

Well, there's two quotes on that subject.
Admiral conducting bombardment to remainder of Battle Squadron:

(The lighthouses on the northern shores of the Skaggerak often had twin towers, which look like superstructures or turrets.)

>> No.46736287


The USS Missouri is an Iowa-class battleship. For an American with any naval knowledge, these ships are about as iconic as the Yamato. You don't really need to know more than that.

>> No.46736295

"This is the transcript of a radio conversation of a US naval ship with Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October, 1995. Radio conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations 10-10-95.

Americans: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a Collision.
Canadians: Recommend you divert YOUR course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
Americans: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.
Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.
Americans: This is the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln, the second largest ship in the United States' Atlantic fleet. We are accompanied by three destroyers, three cruisers and numerous support vessels. I demand that YOU change your course 15 degrees north, that's one five degrees north, or countermeasures will be undertaken to ensure the safety of this ship.
Canadians: This is a lighthouse. Your call."

>> No.46736302

The standard old sailor's tale of some Large and Important and American ship demanding another ship to change course and make way for themselves, ending in the zinger revelation that said other ship is a lighthouse.

>> No.46736305

Sorry guys, no Yuudachi tonight! I'll try to get her done by Wednesday!

>> No.46736310

Ooooh, Okay, I get it now, my bad.

>> No.46736336

son, i am disappoi

>> No.46736354

From very old HMS Terror to HMS Protector off Sidi Barani, 1941:


>> No.46736367


>> No.46736376

You'd better. I need muh destroyer feels.

>> No.46736381

When you have 2 quests, a job, and legal paper drafting and Division grinding competing for writing time, something's gotta give!

>> No.46736397


>> No.46736398

>45 minutes to call votes.

Come on now.

>> No.46736411

From cruiser to admiral:

>> No.46736417


I was hungry, get fucked

>> No.46736427

that's roughly normal, isn't it?

>> No.46736428

You aren't allowed to eat slave. Not until you pay debts.

Get back to writing.

>> No.46736436



>> No.46736438


Yeah. There's a reason we reactivated them for the first round of Iraqi Clusterfucks. Personally, I'm thinking it would be a decent idea to bring them in for refits so that we can wave them at China sometime soon. Nothing like removing a sandbar from existence to keep the chinks from popping an ELINT array on it.

>> No.46736445

I have a theory about Essex.

She didn't self summon. We didn't summon her. Nobody in the fleet summoned her. None of our allies summoned her. They would have fessed up by now, or at least said 'we called her first, give her here'.

That leaves our enemies. And I don't mean China. China doesn't trust Kanmusu any further than they can throw them.

Essex was summoned by the Abyssals, to fight for them. It explains her proximity to the island. They wanted her for air superiority. It explains why she was surrounded so quickly. They called her up, after all. And it explains why they didn't collectively sink her immediately.

Her memory loss was intentional, because they wanted her to remember the heights she'd reached, and the subsequent dismissal and scrapping. They wanted to make her easy to turn. Because she'd remember her glory days and little else, other than the fact that she was scrapped, that nobody cared. Hell, purging her memory had the side benefit of making her racist, and if you can hate one group of humans easily, you can hate the rest.

Why her? Because she's the lead ship of her class.

As for the whole 'memory fragments' sequence and her being on our side, I have some theories on that:

1. Essex got back those memories on her own, and broke free from their influence. This is the most unlikely to me, because she's been shown to be a little bitch.

2. They let her do all of that. The battle against her was staged, even if she doesn't know it. She's a Kanmusu Manchurian Candidate, and they're just waiting for the opportunity to flip the switch.

3. They let her and expect her to hinder us in some way that would be more beneficial than merely summoning her to their side. They may believe that she'd grow to turn to their side on her own.

tl;dr odds are memeboat joining us is part of the Abyssal's plans

>> No.46736463

...Or she just showed up on her own.
Because shipgirls do that.
Like Iowa, Kongou, Arizona, Willie, Sammy, and Hornet.

>> No.46736467

>Restoring the Iowas

It'd be cheaper and more effective to just create some new CAG instead, and just tomahawk and 203mm the hell out of shit than reactivate the Iowas. They're nearly 80 years old!

>> No.46736468

Shiggy's necktie makes it sexier than the scarf.

>> No.46736480

In the early 1960s, a captain lead his Mediterranean Destroyer Flotilla into the Black Sea, where he soon sighted a squadron of Russian cruisers closing his flotilla at high speed.
From leading Russian cruiser:
Turmoil ensued amongst the Staff on the flotilla-leader’s bridge while signal logs were sent for and diplomatic clearance discussed. At last the captain raised an elegant hand for silence, and said quietly to the signalman,

>> No.46736505


>> No.46736533

This is by far the most retarded theory I have read in months.
This is taking the cake, pushing out even fluff's delusional head canon.
Please. Look at this image. It's very relevant to where you are at the moment.

They're thirsty for the Greek yogurt; you're hungry for food.
Everything was as expected.

>> No.46736535

While “shadowing” a soviet warship in the Atlantic,
From Russian warship to HMS Londonderry:
From HMS Londonderry to Russian warship:

>> No.46736561

So, the usual then?

>> No.46736575


Yeah, but they're also the biggest symbols of American millitary might we've got. More importantly, we only use them when we need to whoop ass. Let's look at their track record.

WWII: they fucked over Japan, who was assraping China
Korea: 23-mile no-go zone for Chinese armor around the coast speaks for itself.
Vietnam: Not worth waking them up for
Iraq 2: Eh.

You start to see the drift? If they hear we're sending them into the yards for refit, that alone will cause pants to be shat. Equally importantly, the fact we're refitting the fucking Iowas of all things will draw so much attention nobody's gonna notice if we sneak out more Burkes or shit.

>> No.46736582

God I love our pants.

>> No.46736601

A certain Commander in Chief, who insisted on everything running smoothly and like clockwork always had his movements reported to HQ by radio. On one occasion he was visiting one of His Majesty’s ships, and the radio reports came into HQ as follows,
(The sea was rough, and as the admiral was stepping into his barge, he slipped and fell in the water.)
C-in-C IN SEA.

>> No.46736603

Heard it before, between the British and the Irish.

>> No.46736611

>they're also the biggest symbols of American millitary might we've got

>> No.46736629

Except it really won't. An battleship is significantly less threatening in a modern combat scenario than a metric ass-ton of DDGs with their cells packed full of AShMs and Tomahawks escorting a CAG.

>> No.46736630

This is incorrect! Very incorrect! Shame on you for thinking this is the case, anon!

>> No.46736638

Look, I masturbate to pictures of the Iowa as much as the next guy, but they really aren't that impressive in a modern context. The money would be far better spent on, say, more Zumwalts or CAGs.

>> No.46736639

>Vietnam: Not worth waking them up for

New Jersey would like a word with you.

>> No.46736656

It would take so much money and materials and man-hours to refit an Iowa to modern standards you might as well build a new Montana from scratch.

>> No.46736658

From Submarine returned from war patrol to flotilla captain:
PSALM 17 V.4.
Psalm 17, verse 4: “Concerning the works of men, by the word of thy lips I have kept me from the paths of the destroyer.”

>> No.46736665

I am become death destroyer of worlds

>> No.46736669

Battleships are for lewd

>> No.46736670


The thing is, they also lack this certain je ne sai smash-your-kneecaps-and-haul-you-off air.

Notice how I never said anything about deployment, except for ritually smashing a few chunks of clay. Can we use a bomber for that? Sure. But if we use a battleship, it has this much sweeter taste of "fuck you"

>> No.46736692

And ironically still more modestly dressed than her normal outfit.

>> No.46736697

One cruiser is leaving the squadron to return home to the British Isles. The departing cruiser signals the flagship,

>> No.46736748

All of them are for lewd.

>> No.46736749


I've been advised that I ought to buy a figure of her after I finish this monster writeproject, just to celebrate.

I'm starting to agree, cos, damn. Just damn, man. Unf


>> No.46736756

A spick and span destroyer was fueling at sea from a cruiser when suddenly, through mishandling at the destroyer’s end, the fuel hose parted, spraying her immaculate superstructure, deck, and side with thick black furnace oil fuel.
Cruiser to destroyer:

>> No.46736761

>Yeah, but they're also the biggest symbols of American millitary might we've got. More importantly, we only use them when we need to whoop ass. Let's look at their track record.


>WWII: they fucked over Japan, who was assraping China

American battleships practically never saw combat, and the number of ships they actually directly sunk could pretty much be counted on one hand. Carrier planes and subs were the leading shipkillers in the Pacific.

>Korea: 23-mile no-go zone for Chinese armor around the coast speaks for itself.

Skyraiders had a range of 1,300 miles.

>Vietnam: Not worth waking them up for

Yep, because we didn't need battleships anymore.


Reactivated as byproducts of Cold War dickwaving, and even then were basically just glorified Tomahawk launchers.

>Iraq 2: Eh.

Again, deactivated since we didn't actually need them anymore.

>> No.46736767


>> No.46736797

Anyone who doesn't realize the CBG is the modern day equivalent of a battle line is a fucking retard.

>> No.46736818


The song of every ship-person, whether they realize it or not

>> No.46736826

And that's not even counting the LHDs, LHAs, and other helicopter carriers.

>> No.46736830

I gotta get some food, so for now, I must make my leave. I'll return, maybe.
From Flag Officer of the Eastern Fleet, 0831 on December 24, 1943:

>> No.46736832


never gonna live that one down huh

>> No.46736851

Cased Telescoped may be a better way to go (think Hughes Lockless but with the central chamber more isolated). With the shell seated right at the back of the round, you can ram it right into the breech without worrying about crushing the propellant. Sure, that screws with 'normal' powder loading levels and burn time, but shit;s already a tiny 18" naval rifle running on magic with inconsistent performance, so it's not exactly going to be worse.

>> No.46736855

Why would you live a good thing down

>> No.46736859


My surprise that that was you is nonexistant.

Also, SAVED.

>> No.46736880


Just going to leave this here, nothing about Hate yaoi doujin in here

>> No.46736890

Apparently, Egypt is getting aircraft carriers, and Japan has them, helicopter destroyer be damned.

>> No.46736893


Murphy's Law, dude. Add in NIPPON STRONK mated to ENGAJINEERINGS, are you sure this is a good plan?

>> No.46736911


>> No.46736951


Knew about the Japanese ones, but not the Egyptian ones. Tell me, are they going to be built in Britain and then seized the minute war breaks out?

>> No.46736961


Yeah, till it causes the breech to fail cos I overloaded it. Not to fucking mention I gotta hand make every round for it. Why do you think Yamato and I spend so much fucking time together at my place? We eat, she plays video games and hands me fucking ammo that I gotta hand load into the cases I'm fucking using now. It ain't like hand loading for Sasha where I can go get a fucking can of rounds and pull 'em apart and reload whenever I want.

>> No.46736998

France actually, they were supposed to go to Russia, but then Ukraine happened.

>> No.46737019


>Why do you think Yamato and I spend so much fucking time together at my place?

I could think of a few good reasons why.

>> No.46737022

Are American Shipgirls for lewds?

>> No.46737035


>> No.46737039

IIRC, Egypt is buying the Mistral amphibious assault ships that were originally supposed to be sold to Russia.

>> No.46737044

"getting her done" alright

>> No.46737048


Oh god.


>> No.46737055

The M14 is a stupid memerifle that is heavier and less mechanically reliable than its contemporaries without offering any meaningful advantages.

>> No.46737064

Is that even a question?
I mean, look at Edsall there

>> No.46737080

carrier battle line when?

>> No.46737094

Oh, and the turks are apparently getting an amphibious assault ship.

>> No.46737126


>> No.46737133


My day is getting better and better. What's next, the Balkans forming the Belkan Confederacy to REMOVE KEBAB?

>> No.46737141


>> No.46737164

Mmkay Edsall, can you use a name/trip so I can filter you so I don't have to sit here and watch you wank over a destroyer

>> No.46737176


>Hur durr hdurududrrrrr I can try to bait the Marine guys look at me

>> No.46737191

I'm not sure yet.

Wow you're a moron

>> No.46737193

>Dress slipping down shoulders
>Heart ahoge
>Heart pupils


>> No.46737206

Thank you for taking the bait, Lt. Go back to swooning over Yamato and being too afraid to make a move, pls

>> No.46737218

Especially considering that their "top of the line" frigates are ships that my father literally served on.

>> No.46737223


>> No.46737235

even the marines hate the M14

Source: I was a marine

>> No.46737247

The most american picture in the thread

>> No.46737253

It ain't me mate. Fuck if I know who's doing it.

>> No.46737265

Are the B2's still flying in this day and age?

Or have they been secretly replaced by spoopier stealthz aircraft?

>> No.46737276

I don't know... no one is eating a burger in that picture

>> No.46737277

Considering that in quest it is 2016 (IIRC? or 2018?), I would say yes.

>> No.46737280

Does Yamato wear your underwear because she cannot find boxers that fit her?

>> No.46737281


What fucking moran put a foregrip on an M60? Gods on sticks, that is more retarded than the M14!

>> No.46737289

The B-2? Yes. F-117A? Not so much.

>> No.46737301

B-2's are going to serve until around 2040 or so. By then though they'll mostly be replaced with the B-21, which is basically the B-2 but slightly smaller and with shorter legs.

>> No.46737307

like she wears underwhear at all around Hate

>> No.46737311

She wears his underwear because she wants him to take it off of her, he doesn't have the stones to do it (or the brains to realize that she wants him to do it) though. Kinda sad, really. Maybe she'll give up and move on soon, I hope so, for her sake.

>> No.46737312

Is that because of payloads or something, cause I thought the F117 was decent.

>> No.46737323


I don't fucking know. I've never fucking asked. I don't particularly want to fucking ask. I just go get more shit from the exchange cos I know half my shit is gonna disappear between her and Hornet.

>> No.46737327

The F117 could carry two bombs. Max.

>> No.46737329

>Yep, because we didn't need battleships anymore.

A. New Jersey was deployed there, ad
B. she was so goddamn effective, and disrupted the power balance so hard that the North refused any attempt at negotiation or parley until she was removed from the theatre.

>> No.46737333

In terms of stealth it was absolutely unmatched, but there's enough aircraft that can carry much more than just a pair of bunker-busters and remain mostly undetected.

>> No.46737339

All it took to fuck Japan up.

>> No.46737345

That and its stealth was essentially obsolete by the time the B-2 rolled out.

>> No.46737381

So you are turning Yamato and Hornet into exhibitionists?

>> No.46737383

In terms of stealth? Not really. The damn thing had the radar signature of a ball bearing on radar. The B-2, while still damn hard to find, has a slightly larger radar return. The difference, however, wasn't worth the massive difference in payload and range.

>> No.46737394

I wonder if that nightmare Settle was having came about from that scenario planefag's dicking around with in CMANO

>> No.46737398


Reminder that Shinano will NEVER be seen despite being a Yamato sister. Hell, her chances being shown in games or anime are essentially sunk.

>> No.46737403

So since in the SWQ 'verse the unlewdable able became lewdable, when will destroyers be for lewds?

>> No.46737416

Shore bombardment is the only real role that a battleship conceivably has in the modern world, and we can simply use an SSGN, DDG, or CG filled to the brim with cruise missiles to accomplish the same task. Might not be as cheap, but it'd be far more accurate.

>> No.46737417

The always were for lewds anon. At last now you can see.

>> No.46737427

Well, that and that in one of the writeups it's stated she went Abyssal.

>> No.46737436

So yeah there's shore bombardment, but how many modern weapons would be able to punch through the Iowa class's armor?

>> No.46737445

Never. Do not taunt the RADM. Especially not one who posts on /tg/, as they evidently have Spare Time.

>> No.46737456

And its the weekend, spare time a plenty

>> No.46737457

I'm not talking about now, i'm talking about 'nam.

Obviously there's better platforms *now*, but to say that we didn't deploy them to 'nam or that they weren't any use compared to carriers is sheer bloody ignorance and I won't have it.

>> No.46737461

But the devs promised Shinano would show up eventually.

>> No.46737462

“Why are you fighting us?” you demand of the darkness. “What the hell could drive you to this?”

The two figures approach cautiously, their figures growing more distinct as they near. One is noticeably taller than the other. Short-cut black hair seems to drift and waver about her fair-featured face in invisible sea-currents. Eight cracked human molars dangle from her ears. Her alabaster skin betrays no dark bruises, her electric eyes reveal no weariness - and yet her entire body radiates an air of weariness... and starvation. Wrapped around her thin frame is the thick leathers of an old-fashioned oilskin coat, a huge, fur-lined hood dangling against her back...

... and the entire thing is splattered with darker, rusty patches of blood that dried long ago.

You hold up a palm, and they stop.

“That's close enough,” you say quietly.

The taller one slips her hands into the pockets of her oversized coat, her flickering blue eyes studying you without malice. There's... something curious there. Something thoughtful. She spares a glance for the other one - smaller, cleaner, fair hair contrasting her own raven locks - and then turns back to you with a small nod.

She's willing to talk.

>> No.46737470

When their oneechans stop protecting them.

Which is either never, or requires the death of all oneechans.

>> No.46737472

I want to see Arizona get Settle a signal lamp for practice. He sends a test signal to her, she responds by quickly lifting up her shirt and dropping it again. BRIGHTER THAN AN ALDIS LAMP

>> No.46737484

Who the fuck cares about a RAdm posting on 4chan.

>> No.46737486

She cups her gloved hand, and you see little dancing balls of darkness hop and swirl above it. She points from them to her eyes, to your eyes - and the dream hazes black. When you can see again, you see yourself - a little older, but straight of back and proud of bearing. A shipgirl salutes you, bright and cheery, and you give her a sheaf of orders. She leaves, bright and eager...

... and comes back.


You pat her on the head, and give her another sheaf of orders. And she comes back, damaged but eager, hopping energetically on the balls of her feet, so *proud* to have your attention, so eager to feel your love. And with each little sheaf of papers you hand her, a pair of brands grows on the back of your hands, on your forehead, dark and burnt and ugly.

And last, she doesn't come back. You wait as the shadows march across the floor, the light fading, the room growing dark. And when the sun rises at last on a new day, the first thing you do is scratch a big, black line through her name on a list, and hand a sheaf of orders to the next girl bouncing through the door, bright and eager to please...

The dream fades like the first one, fading into a bright white line as the psychic TV set is switched off.

“... I see,” you say quietly.

The tall one tilts her head ever-so-slightly, as if curious - do you? Do you *really?*

“What you said about Shigure...”

She waits.

“You... care?”

A slow, solemn nod, those blue flames burning steady and bright.

>> No.46737503

A strange kind of certainty seeps though your breast, solidifying your presence in your own dream. The void begins to glow, ruddy red light spilling forth and sliding over the invisible surface as ember-bright rifts open below. The shorter one takes a half-step back, but her sister doesn't budge.

“You've been calling them... haven't you?”

A nod.

“The way you called me... the way we're talking now.”

More hesitant this time... but the nod comes. And then, slowly, the tall one reaches up to tap her ear, still nodding. Her meaning is clear. *They're listening.*

You suck in a shaky breath. “Naka.” The ruddy pools blaze into slow life, frozen flames waving silently, like the slowly-oscillating wooden cutouts that form the background waves in old-fashioned plays.

This time, the shorter one nods.

“You used me. *Me,* in that little play.”

The tall one pulls aside her coat, producing a rusted and barnacle-encrusted naval saber from wihin. She points it at you, adopting a pose and covering one blue flickering eye with her hand.


She nods.

“No. That isn't-”

The saber hits the ground with a crash, snapping in half just below the hilt. The heavy grip bounces up and sails past your head as the shattered blade skitters and clatters as it skates away over the glassy ground and into the darkness.

The tall one matches you stare for stare - her eyes still impassive and cold, simply knowing. No hate, no rage... simply *there.*

>> No.46737508

Most antiship missiles can retard.

>> No.46737521

>far more accurate

>> No.46737523


Are we seeing the part of Settle that dies with the Higgins on that day in LA?

>> No.46737540

Thought we had this dross idiom that most ASMs were high explosive, and weren't used because they were super powerful, but because they had a higher hit rate.

>> No.46737545

“... all right,” you hiss. “I guess seeing is believing, huh? Well.” Your pulse begins to pick up and the ruddy red glows pulse in time, the flames growing more fluid and free with every oscillation, their frequency increasing all the while. “You've seen what you can do with a girl. Now what about when they come a little bigger?”

The tall one's fine features scrimp up ever so slightly, dubious interrogative writ plain across her features.

“Do you know who I am?” you ask plainly as the fires finally reach full fluidity, the burning oil slicks mirrored in the glassy surface underfoot. “Doesn't matter. You're gonna find out. The next time we meet, you'll be dealing with *me,*” you say, voice firm and clear. “And I lead from the front.”

The tall one's eyes bore into you, and *now* you feel the rage. It pushes against you like a gale-force wind, tearing at your soul as it breaks around you and rips past. Even the shorter one is feeling it, her hair flowing away on the currents as her taller sister seems to radiate wrath like the Sun emits heat.

“YOU HEAR ME, BITCH!?” you snarl, pushing against the wind, taking one staggering step after another as you close on them. “I'M COMING FOR YOU. *I'M* COMING FOR *YOU!*”

Wicked amusement twists the taller one's lips as she shakes her head, like you've got it all wrong. The wind slackens - or rather, your own grows as you bull forward. They watch you come, impassive and still. Something hot and violent and *red* rips through your mind just then, flooding your limps with fire and driving you towards them like a lit rocket. You can think of nothing better than smashing them to flinders, dashing them against the glassy floor till it cracks, shoving their faces into the flames till their alabaster skin cooks and curls and melts off their faces, like the Sherman's crew, like your crew, like your XO.

>> No.46737564

Well, the newer/bigger ones can. The cold-war era stuff that isb't a russkie supersonic telephone pole is going to have trouble; older exocets, harpoons, silkworms, etc
Anything air-launched is right out.

>> No.46737565

Wait, I thought we were staying at Ari's apartment

>> No.46737572 [SPOILER] 

The tall one looks at you - *down* at you - with a contemptuous curl on her lips... though the blazing incandescence of her eyes belies her sneer. She turns abruptly, then pauses, irritated - her shorter counterpart is still staring at you, eyes wide and empty and unreadable. Her taller sister pats her shoulder. With reluctance, she turns on her heel, and together they begin to walk away.

You draw in a deep breath, filling it with flame and fury, a last cry to haunt *their* dreams:

“Ahhhh, nuuuu.”

They freeze.

You turn just in time to get run right over by the god-damned Dogfish.


The last thing you see is the two abyssals being bowled over by a flying dogfish, sprawling across the floor like ninepins, the hollow wooden clatter echoing and echoing through the-


You wake with a violent start.

Something warm and lumpy gurgles and lunges against you, knocking you back into bed again. Your heart flash-freezes for a second before you recognize the smell of smoke, cordite, warm bread and a whiff of white flour.


You flop back into the bed - it seems Willie returned your pillows before climbing in with you. You flick your wrist over, squinting bleary-eyed at the blue glow of your wristwatch - almost 0400 hours.

Christ. You let your hand flop back onto the bed.

... did you hear a clatter, just then? Or was it the dream?

Or did you hear it, and it showed up in the dream...?

[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.
[ ] Maybe someone already in the apartment...
[ ] Probably not a goddamn thing. Wait and see.

>> No.46737584

Within a twenty or thirty feet radius is far more accurate.

>> No.46737593

>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.

I going for a repeat of the Apocalypse now into

>> No.46737595

>[X] Maybe someone already in the apartment...

>> No.46737597

>[ ] Probably not a goddamn thing. Wait and see.

>> No.46737599

>[ ] Probably not a goddamn thing. Wait and see.

>> No.46737602

So guys, a few weeks ago several of the writers convinced me to make a bad decision while drunk.

>> No.46737605


Okay. I'll pretend for a second that you're not trolling.

#1. This is literally what Sparky believes. Sparky, he of Aerogavin fame.

Now. Is that enough to make you drop the idea, or shall I elaborate further on why it's a bad idea?

>> No.46737610


Well holy shit. Motherfucker keeps bailing us out.

>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking

>> No.46737615

>[x] Maybe someone already in the apartment...

That fucking dogfish.

What's his living space now? Whatever it is, he needs an upgrade.

>> No.46737619


oh fug
ahahahaha oh jesus I was waiting for the dogfish
>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.
>Willie crawled into bed with us
d'aww. Dadmiral mode cannot be denied

>> No.46737623

Hey Naka, I had an idea for a song that you might like, based on your experiences. It's based on an old hymnal called Hick's farewell.

The time is swiftly rolling on,
when I must faint and die.
My body to the sea return,
and there forgotten lie.

Let persecution rage anew,
let the abyssals appear,
beneath the cold & silent blue,
there's no disturbance there.

And after admiral's call,
my little Gato, near my heart
and nature seems to bind,
It grieves me sorely to depart,
and leave you here behind.

>> No.46737624

>[X] Probably not a goddamn thing.

>Go to the bathroom, take a piss.

>> No.46737629



>> No.46737632

>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737633

[ X ] Maybe someone already in the apartment...

>> No.46737634

>[ ] Probably not a goddamn thing. Wait and see.

>> No.46737638

>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.
on its goddamn bowl! fuck that fish!

>> No.46737639

>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.
Who the fucking hell knocks at this time?
Based dogfish is based.

>> No.46737643

wooo, super edge

>> No.46737645

>Go feed the dogfish and see

>> No.46737646

Considering the technology gap, though, that's still impressive, though.

>> No.46737647

>[X] Maybe someone already in the apartment...

Grab sword-cane, investigate. If Ari, take to the bed for mass snuggles. If Yakuza, stab repeatedly and call for pickup. If Dogfish, feed and put back in fridge. If Hate, give to Yamato while telling guys in LA to have a boat go out to Iowa with the signal flags up "Yamato is stealing Hate." If Iowa, tell Hate to pick up and put in the Battleship Harem/Row with Yams.

>> No.46737657

Naka-chan da yo~

I saw that, was just a little too busy at the time to respond. It's cute!

>> No.46737658

>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737662

Naka, what the fuck did you do?!

More importantly, how fucked are we?

>> No.46737666

1. Who?

2. Was honestly just curious

>> No.46737667

>wooo, super edge

Dogefish can't read the atmosphere amirite

>> No.46737670

>[X] Maybe someone already in the apartment.


>> No.46737675

>[M] Probably not a goddamn thing. Wait and see.

>> No.46737679

Oh right I remember somebody was chatting with army nurse fag about sending him a Naka fig, right?

>> No.46737682


Dogfish best fucking fish

>> No.46737684

Thank you. I heard it perusing the internet and thought, "Huh, that's strangely appropriate." At least, with the first few bits of the lyrics.

>> No.46737688

>If Yakuza
Oh right, that's still a fucking possibility.

>> No.46737699

>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.
>[ ] Maybe someone already in the apartment...

>> No.46737702

>[ ] Maybe someone already in the apartment...
Maximum paranoia, cane sword at the ready.

>> No.46737705

[X] Maybe someone already in the apartment...

>> No.46737720

>[ ] Probably not a goddamn thing. Wait and see.

>> No.46737724

>[x ] Maybe somebody knocking.

Is that dogfish some sort of past Russian Admiral reincarnated, or some shit?

>> No.46737726


This is the specific song.

>> No.46737727

>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737732

Not me, no. I think that one is a little chibi one.

This one's mine, little keepsake of the story for whenever we're done.

>> No.46737748

>[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737750

[x] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737756


>> No.46737757

>[X ] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737765

Last one. For the record, her stage folds into a fucking ship.

>> No.46737781

The stand has some crazy transformer thing to it.

>> No.46737815

>[x] Maybe somebody knocking.
For all those voting for someone already in the apartment, do you want to accidentally stab Willie in the face?

>> No.46737819

[x] Maybe somebody knocking.

Get's us moving incase there is someone there.

>> No.46737842

>[x] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737847

[ ] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737851

>Worst case, Naka-chan's been turned into an unwitting trojan horse and is giving off negative waves/serving as a RFV broadcast tower or something.
>Most likely case, somewhere between the two.
>“The way you called me... the way we're talking now.”
>More hesitant this time... but the nod comes. And then, slowly, the tall one reaches up to tap her ear, still nodding. Her meaning is clear. *They're listening.*
Willie's in the bed with us like a small child with nightmares because that's what she is

>> No.46737896

[x] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737900

>[x] Maybe somebody knocking.

>> No.46737929

Shoukaku-fags vote brigaded all that night

>> No.46737933


That how all of them fucking are.

>> No.46737946

From American destroyer to Flag Officer, Queenstown:
From Flag Officer, Queenstown:

>> No.46737963

That's fucking cool. Also possable hairbuns wtf?

>> No.46737965


>> No.46737970

>[ ] Maybe someone already in the apartment...
Not necessarily someone who's *supposed* to be there, though...

>> No.46737980

After the Battle of Jutland:

>> No.46737981

>Implying it wasn't fellow fans too stupid to wait for a write in

>> No.46738005

Well how else are 'handlebuns' supposed to work

>> No.46738007


>> No.46738011

*Whistles Innocently* Us? Do something to annoy others? Never~

>> No.46738018

>literally an illustration about admiral trolling in the book

how glorious


>> No.46738023

It's been nearly 100 years, no one cares anymore.

>> No.46738038

HAHA! I'd forgotten about that! You raise a good point!

>> No.46738048

>[ ] Probably not a goddamn thing. Wait and see.

>> No.46738061

HMS Ark Royal on first emerging for sea trials circa 1938. Passing another RN ship.
From Ark Royal to passing ship:

>> No.46738076


>> No.46738095

The hairbuns have little tassels (see picture) which can rotate freely with the bolillo, where they're mounted on the hairpiece of the head.

It's not his fault for asking, it's mine for saying yes.

>> No.46738124

Don't act like you didn't enjoy it.

>> No.46738140

>The tall one pulls aside her coat, producing a rusted and barnacle-encrusted naval saber from wihin. She points it at you, adopting a pose and covering one blue flickering eye with her hand.
Tenryuu, I think is pretty safe to assume the reference here.
Also probably safe to assume that that's Erry and Terry.

So, hm. An unfeeling admiral that takes advantage of how bright and eager shipgirls are to fill out their duty, even unto their death. Literally branded with it as a 'sin'.

Smug little self-righteous CUNTS. Oh yes, obviously all ships and shipgirls are being taken advantage of by humanity, the poor things are just too blind to realize that humanity doesn't actually love them. Yes, it couldn't POSSIBLY fucking be that the whole Abyss deal isn't actually the greatest thing ever, there's NO POSSIBLE WAY that serving for and with humanity could be nice or enjoyable.
Fucking manipulative emotionally-possessive cunts.

>> No.46738151


>> No.46738185

>An unfeeling admiral that takes advantage of how bright and eager shipgirls are to fill out their duty, even unto their death. Literally branded with it as a 'sin'.
And that is seemingly what Goto has been reduced to.

Maybe we should take it as a warning not to give our girls the cold shoulder?

>> No.46738188

Anyone here do a write up of USS Olympia yet?

>> No.46738195

Towards the end it was very clearly 2-4 samefags spamming the same vote over and over again. Which is a real shame, if we had stayed over at Ari's maybe we wouldn't be feeling so damn paranoid right now.

>> No.46738203

Isn't that what Harder told you just after that?

>> No.46738218

Wayne's latest reports about shipgirl health and biology must be an absolute gold mine
'reduced to', there's a vital difference in attitude there. Goto cares, he's just unable to act on that emotion.

>> No.46738228

So, when's that ETA on Houston and Perth?

>> No.46738240


>not to give our girls the cold shoulder

We got very close to ringing Arizona's bell. Hell, we even gave in and granted Shokaku's request.


The only one we're giving the cold shoulder to is Hornet, and I have no idea what she's been up to.

>> No.46738241


Don't fucking worry. They'll get theirs. All the kinslaying cunts will get theirs.

>> No.46738242

I think it's more like Goto's overworked at this point and can't give everyine the attention that deserve because good god he's just one man. Which is why we need people like Rex, and possible Wayne (Wain. Wainwright. Fuck. How spell?) and not cunts like Crab.

>> No.46738246

Inb4 this is perth making a goon run

>> No.46738255

>> No.46738264

Probably cycling between disbelief that Hamp can be so Hamp, flustered that Hamp is so Hamp, and navigating the passive-agression of the CV stable

>> No.46738285

Underway Replenishment with Hamp.

Hey Hamp! Does Hornet make you put milk or cream in your coffee now?

>> No.46738286

To be fair, if I had never seen an aircraft carrier before and had enjoyed a career on turreted battleships, cruisers and destroyers, I'd be a little cheeky towards these new floating shingles.

>> No.46738287

He didn't have to.

I've been going through his papers with him. We've come to an understanding--he doesn't write anything about me and Harder, and I don't use my five-incher on his.

>> No.46738297

Don't think so. Been doing a lot of research for an unrelated project on Olympia, and I kind of want to write her. She's an interesting ship.

>> No.46738313


>> No.46738321

Anything about the serious neglect she's been facing in recent years?

>> No.46738349

>I've been going through his papers with him. We've come to an understanding--he doesn't write anything about me and Harder, and I don't use my five-incher on his.
It's like my masters thesis all over again. Mercy!

>> No.46738368

>He didn't have to.
TIL Naka swallows.

>> No.46738392

>didn't have to

>> No.46738403

I mean, she learned what lewd was from otaku culture, and she learned HOW to be lewd from Iku.

>> No.46738414

bama when

>> No.46738430

When was the last time we even saw Hornet? Last year?

>> No.46738433

What, and turning them into Eldridge abominations of grotesque chitin shell grafting and disfigurements that can give them nightmares just by looking in the fucking mirror is better?

>> No.46738449


Yeah, I'd say that's fair. The fucking question is where did Iku pick it up from? Shit that girl knows, she could make a fucking Thai hooker blush.

>> No.46738452

Do you mean eldritch or Elridge?

>> No.46738467

>I've been going through his papers with him. We've come to an understanding--he doesn't write anything about me and Harder, and I don't use my five-incher on his.

Just have him switch out you and Harder's names with Hornet and Hamp.

Wayne gets to record the medical knowledge for research, Hornet and Hamp get credit for advancing ship-person healthcare, and no one's the wiser to the sub-tending occurring.

>> No.46738472

Last we saw her was the first time we met Shimakaze, I believe. When she made a dreamcatcher out of rebar and then we broadcast her agonizing over Hamp over the radio and then she suplexed us into the drink.

>> No.46738479


>> No.46738481

internet, almost certainly. The deep web.

>> No.46738499

My money says shes busy with Hamp. Hornet may well be the most well adjusted shipgirl on base with Harder comming in a close second and Hamp third.

>> No.46738519

Practically liberated the Philippines and look how she is now. Makes you think: If Texas became that much of a bitch over her already older-than-fuck hull that's already been through a bunch of restoration projects, how would Olympia act?

>> No.46738525


No modern weapon would even try to go through the armor of an Iowa, pretty much all of them would just bypass it instead. Subsonic sea-skimmers do pop-up maneuvers and then dive on to their targets, supersonic missiles dive down from altitude, laser guided bombs can hit the ship even if dropped way above the effective altitude of the 5-inch guns, and wire-guided heavyweight torpedoes would detonate under the keel rather than ram into the side of the ship.

And most missiles would set worse fire than any kamikaze, due to carrying more energetic fuels and more high explosive than they did...

>> No.46738526

Did Settle just summoned his Dogfish to tackle three Abbysals out of his dream?

>> No.46738536

Hornet is well adjusted? Considering herself expendable due to the fact we built like two dozen further standard carriers after her and something like 150 escort carriers is considered well adjusted? Even in comparison? No, Hamp's the most well adjusted

>> No.46738546

Until Hornet finds out and a flight of Dauntless' follow him home.

>> No.46738552

Setting aside time to give every ship under our direct command 30 minutes to sit down and talk and submit a written report might not be a bad idea. Most of it would come to nothing, but due diligence and all that.

>> No.46738563

The dogfish does as it pleases

>> No.46738565

She seems to have gotten over that last we saw.

>> No.46738566

The thing is, she had that big angst party... and then promptly went into the biggest carrier-on-carrier battle since the battle that sank her, with the carriers that sank her, and kicked fucking ass. That's got to count for something.

I wonder if we'll see her when we go greet Houston, seeing as how she' s Hamp's sister ship

>> No.46738573

Sorry, I didn't realize there were different spellings for that.

Whichever one is used to describe anything coming from the Cthulu mythos.

>> No.46738576

>Did Settle just summoned his Dogfish to tackle three Abbysals out of his dream?

The Dogfish is our psychic bouncer, throwing abyssal bitches out of our head.

>> No.46738581

MOST is the key word there dude MOST

Hamp is stalker level obsessive over Hornet, he just hides it well.

>> No.46738610

Eldritch. Eldridge is something else entirely.

>> No.46738628

...you do realize that the Iowas actually put far more weight into horizontal (i.e., DECK) armor than into their belt armor, right? That they were specifically designed to defeat AP shells on steep plunging trajectories and aerial bombs, right?

You can't "bypass" the armor by coming in from above. The only one of those that would bypass the ship's protection would be the under-keel torpedo.

>> No.46738632

How would you tell someone you're dating / fucking / pining over their brother

>> No.46738635


>> No.46738641

I think Wainwright would inform them of their part in the whole thing, how else can they accept their later accolades?

It's Sex for SCEINCE!!!

>> No.46738646

She fought alongside Akagi and Kaga. The carrier that played a key part in sinking her was Shoukaku. As for Hamp being a stalker, well he kinda has a understandable reason for it, considering he let her down, or at least probably feels he let her down.

>> No.46738655

new thread soon I figure!

>> No.46738659

Every thread

>> No.46738660

Them worst I've seen from him is a slight freak-out over us discovering that *GASP* he really does like, LIKE like Hornet. (He acted like a 6th grader getting outed about his crush)

>> No.46738678


also literally this

it's like the polar opposite of the smug 2hu catfish. different end of the spectrum, but on the same wavelength... or... whatever.

>> No.46738688

He can be reasonable about his reason and she may even want the attention, but that doesn't make it any less stalking.

>> No.46738692

Is it just me or did Erry seem kinda, I dunno. Reasonable, for the context?

>> No.46738693

My point stands that when you're angsting over being useless, proceeding to be extremely useful and kick ass can go a long way.

>> No.46738694

The day we see Hamp going apeshit on Zuikaku for bullying Hornet will be the day to fucking remember.

>> No.46738698


It's always fucking 2hus with you, isn't it?

>> No.46738727

So, what do ya'll think the effects would be of a modern anti-shipping missile hitting something like the HMS Terror, anyway?
I know, leveling effect and all, but speaking literally, what if?

>> No.46738738


The deck armor weighed more because it had to cover a vastly larger area, not because it was any thicker. In fact, adding it all up the deck armor is about six and a half inches thick. The armored belt was nearly twice that.

And supersonic missiles and high-altitude bombs weigh more and travel faster than plunging shellfire...

>> No.46738745

He's fucking all the 2hus, except keine it seems.


>> No.46738748

Depends on the ASM.

>> No.46738754

An entire side blown out, followed by raging fires encompassing the entirety of every deck.
And then the powder magazine goes off.

>> No.46738757

>what do ya'll think the effects would be of a modern anti-shipping missile hitting something like the HMS Terror, anyway
>what would be the effect of a modern anti-ship missile hitting a wooden hulled ship?


>> No.46738763

Less time pondering their personalities and motivations, more time hoping that Mel and Planefag will let us kill them in the most satisfying way possible, Anon.

>> No.46738774

Well, he's fucking SOMETHING unlike a certain devil dog we know who's denying his feelings for two of the world's most gorgeous battleship-turned young women (since last I checked, we were using Pacific!Iowa here) like a tsun.

>> No.46738775


Terror was never well-protected in the first place.

>> No.46738780

Shigure? Naka?

You're up.

>> No.46738790

Oh that would be the sweetest revenge

>> No.46738793


Massive all-consuming fire.

>> No.46738794


>Implying feelings.

We've been over this a hundred fucking times. Do I need to keep repeating this shit? there are no romantic fucking feelings there.

>> No.46738803

This kills the abomination.

>> No.46738806

Anyone do a write up of Indianapolis?

>> No.46738808

You forgot Harder and Poi. I imagine that they would want in.

>> No.46738817


Only when you finally admit that you wanna swiggity swoogidy dat booty.

Or when one of them pushes you down and has their way with you.

>> No.46738819

No that's what YOU in your infinitesimally tiny brain assume and studiously ignore any other possible assumption because you have no balls to take responsibility.
Go read >>46734247 , he's got your goddamn number.

>> No.46738820

Thought he was fucking Catte?

>> No.46738821

Keep repeating it and maybe one day it'll come true, Cpl ;)

>> No.46738825

So you don't feel that way about her? Have you told her you think of her as a sister, then?

>> No.46738826

Until one of them drags you into the closet to have her way with you.

>> No.46738838

I get Harder but why Poi? Just out of association with shigure or did they do something to her that I missed?

>> No.46738846

He Hate! Do us a favor and say it like "it's not like I have feelings for them or anything!"

>> No.46738847

The biggest things delaying it is Yams being Yams and Iowa being on the opposite side of the Pacific.

>> No.46738848

Poi was mentioned as getting radio'd from RFV.

>> No.46738850

There's only so much of them to got around!

Priorities, man.

>> No.46738863


Or one day Yams snaps and Hate wakes up in the middle of the night to see this.

>> No.46738875


>> No.46738877

Poi and Shigure are made out to be either Best friends or sisters. I imagine that she'd be pretty pissed at the abyssal that is specifically causing Shigure so much pain.

>> No.46738880

/tg/ must be on fire tonight, we're about to drop off the board and we're not even close to the image limit yet

>> No.46738886


>> No.46738887

It's okay, honey, we won't judge

>> No.46738889

You can dish it out but you can't take it, huh?

>> No.46738899

I mean they're sister ships, so

>> No.46738901

Reminder that Naka meant every word~

>> No.46738904

Your romantic midnight trists have been uncovered. HEY HATE, LEARN SOME LESSONS FROM THESE TWO ASSHOLE LOVEBIRDS!

>> No.46738905

Ok, that is a seriously creepy pic. Wasn't there anything less disturbing to use? Yams would likely break in a more outwardly composed manner. The intent and thinking would be the same, but "Composure" is something that's just too ingrained in her to be lost.

>> No.46738908


>> No.46738920


Except that'd be a fucking lie. Yamato is like blood to me, and knows that if she needs anything that it's in my fucking power to give, she doesn't even have to fucking ask; it's hers. She knows that. I know she knows that because that's how she fucking is, and has been since it clicked in that pretty head of hers. That's why my fucking boxers go fucking missing non fucking stop.

Iowa is- Look, fucking, I don't know how to fucking explain her, ok? I don't have the fucking words, I dropped out of a very fucking expensive college to get where I am, and that fucking means I don't have the words. Fucking deal with it when I say that I'm pretty fucking sure that's not what that is, either.

>> No.46738927

They're sisters. From what I remember, Sugar is either closest to Poi, or Poi's the only other Shiratsuyu on the base if our first encounter with Shigure's tree is anything to go by.

>> No.46738933

Which brings in the Kongo's as well, because she sure seem fond of Shigure. Maybe have Willie join in, they decided to fuck with her as well it seems.

>> No.46738936

I know there have been a series of fundraisers and repairs, but I think Olympia is in sorry shape. Mostly stuff under the water line, and that's going to be a big expensive project (or projects). That's on top of the quarter million they spend yearly fixing her. The Independence Seaport Museum has openly stated they will give Olympia to someone else if they have a viable plan to hold and maintain her.

>> No.46738937

So, If a Kant O Celle Anime is ever made, would hate be VA'd by Rie Kugimiya?

>> No.46738939


You don't get it, do you?

Those composed people? When they break, they break hard. And all that composure goes out the window.

Give her the D, Hate

>> No.46738941

>She's my sister man! I mean yeah she could maybe be interested and if so I'm being a massive piece of shit ignoring her completely as a romantic option but eh I don't think it's worth it to just ask and make sure that's not happening

Where were you when you realized that Hate wasn't just retarded but a chickenshit asshole too?

>> No.46738955


If they don't get Vin fucking Diesel as my VA I'll be fucking pissed off.

>> No.46738967

This honestly seems more like projection. Youre trying too hard.

>> No.46738976

You two were maid for each other.

>> No.46738977


>> No.46738978

you'll get marky mark, nerd

>> No.46738988

Why not Peter Cullen if youre going full fantasy?

>> No.46738989

You really should ask her why, though. It was implied Lewd with Hornet, so the boxers thing is getting carried over here.

Just out of curiosity though, if she ever got transferred to FAY, would you look forward to working with Iowa again?

>> No.46738994

Granted, but they also are not as effectively designed for armor penetration as AP shells were.

And yes, while the total thickness of deck armor is less than the total thickness of belt, the fact that they deliberately sacrificed belt thickness (even going so far as to incline the belt for greater effective thickness) to provide more deck armor shows how seriously horizontal protection was taken.

Additionally, with the exception of BLU-109-based PGMs and MAYBE SS-N-19 "Shipwreck" AShMs, the actual design of the deck protection, with a light armor "bomb deck" at the weather (top) deck to provide just enough resistance to trigger AP fuses *before* the weapon reached the main armor deck, would make most such weapons far less effective than you might expect just from straight penetration data. (The BLU-109-based LGBs and JDAMs would be the great and terrible exception, as they include fuses that can be set to only activate after passing through a certain number of floors, meaning they need that many bursts of deceleration to activate.)

tl;dr: Battleships are fairly easy to mission-kill today (by destroying their uptakes and fire controls), but VERY hard to actually sink.

>> No.46739006

I don't even know what I could be projecting here.

You buzzwording me nigga?

>> No.46739007

How's about BRAIN BLESSED?

>> No.46739011

So who'd voice Settle?

>> No.46739015


>> No.46739032

okay, let's do a WHAT IF then

WHAT IF you met Yamato for the first time today, and you had never seen her or talked to her before.


>> No.46739036


>> No.46739037


Guacamole isn't salad CAPTCHA

>> No.46739038

You don't fucking deserve Vin Diesel.

Actually given Vin's a complete nerd he might actually fit as Settle.

>> No.46739042

He can't retard, he needs to figure that out in-story.
Ghost has to play this out until the thread comes around where Hate realizes it.

>> No.46739062

After he gets dragged into a closet?

>> No.46739064

The Queen of the Pacific would likely be vary bitter and tired if she came back. She was the flag ship at Manila Bay, and also the flag ship of the U.S. Caribbean Division of the Atlantic Squadron. For royalty to be living like that it would not just be painful, but an insult of the highest order.

>> No.46739071

I don't think people realize how significant and important this is.

>> No.46739074

new thread goin up toot toot

>> No.46739078


>> No.46739089

I should not be as turned on by this image as I am...

>> No.46739091

And those repairs are only ever enough to keep her floating. IIRC, two different entities offered to take care of Olympia fairly recently, but they either pussied out, or other reasons. If anyone's got reason to go abyssal, it's the museum ship that nobody even remembers or cares about. Why keep her if they're just gonna let rust do the slow and painful scrapping for them? At least it goes faster at the Breakers.

>> No.46739095

Wait, Ghost is Hate?

Hahahahahaha thats perfect, harem ending SWQ '89=The marine with the most sloots after his dick!

>> No.46739098

You'll get Kappei Yamaguchi and you'll LIKE IT!

Actually, with his resume, I wouldn't be at all ashamed of having him voice me.

>> No.46739111

What, about killing Tenryuu?

No, anon, that's what we call a lie. I make those, every now and then.

>> No.46739113


>> No.46739141

>Yamato is like blood to me

>> No.46739148



>> No.46739158

>Every now and then
Sure thing, Miss "I'm really, really good at lying. I'm doing it right now, even"

>> No.46739161


>> No.46739164

Bonus points for quoting Poe, but >>46739113

>> No.46739177

I'd like to go on record as saying that if I'd won that $1.5 billion Powerball drawing, one of my first priorities would have been paying to have Olympia completely restored to the same condition she was in at Manila.

Too bad the people who win those jackpots never want to spend the money on good things.

>> No.46739272

To be fair, there's a lot of things more important to other people than an old museum ship they've probably never even heard about, but it's good to know that you'd be willing. God knows nobody in the Philippines is. Hell, I don't think there's a single Filipino who even knows Olympia exists other than me, and that's just sad.

>> No.46739278

>mfw Catte dresses up as Keine and Mia for Deme
>mfw Deme teaches Catte how to shoot
>mfw Deme and Catte write lewds togeather

>> No.46739302

To be cynical Olympia is not just another thing to visit, but an advertisement for the museum. Olympia is one of the oldest warships still afloat. She attracts people to the museum. Furthermore, what kind of PR do yo think they'd get for announcing they're going to scrap her?

>> No.46739460


>> No.46739516

That's assuming enough people even know about her.

>> No.46739527

Why did I laugh

>> No.46739772



>> No.46739809


>> No.46739829


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