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Yes, that's pretty close to the sound that just came from my mouth. "Mrjgthgn".

Slowly, my eyes open to reveal the morning sun. It shines through my window like an angry alarm clock.
The almost-painful rays of light against my eyes are shielded only by thin strands of blonde hair. My sister, Kaori, remains soundly asleep centimeters away from me. The sun reflects off her golden strands, and it almost resembles a halo around her head.

I am Itsukuma Masami.
Today, for me, is just another normal day.

Another normal day where I wake up, go to school, have fun with my friends, and then come home to my family.
My family is very large.
So my new house is very chaotic when I get home. Mom needs all the help she can get.

It's been an interesting couple of weeks since, well- I try not to think about it much. My life wasn't always so carefree, and peaceful.
For one, my old house was completely demolished.

Fortunately, Mom built a new one. This one is bigger, and more spacious than the last! She did it very quickly, too! I just, came one after school, and it was there! It beats living in the tent that I was in for about a week.

Mom doesn't have much in the way of a job anymore, but that's okay. She was entitled to a lot of insurance money after the events last month. Fortune, her old company, was apparently very rich and had excellent coverage! Especially against freak giant-monster attacks. Maybe that's a thing around here; I don't know.

They tried to contact the co-owner of Fortune for his share, but for some reason he was no where to be found.


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My school life has returned to mostly the same as it was. I was off from school for a short time, while the authorities investigated the town and ensured everyone that it was safe to return to their jobs.

It's really only my first week or so back, but it's like everyone can't stop talking about it. It's tiresome! I've been waiting so long to not have to talk about it, and suddenly everyone at school is busy making up new theories and stories as to what REALLY happened that day. Alien invasion is the most popular theory right now.

I'm glad it's my day off and I don't have to think about anything like that. Instead, I can spend the entire day just relaxing. Maybe I'll go watch a movie, or maybe I could-

"Masami." I hear a mildly irritated voice from the girl wearing the golden halo next to me. Lightly, she blushes.

"You're staring again." Kaori frowns, her eyes still closed.

>N-No I'm not!
>Pretend to be asleep!
>I was staring.
>M-Maybe a little.
>Grab her and cuddle!

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>Pretend to be asleep!
>Grab her and cuddle!

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>N-No I'm not!
>Pretend to be asleep!

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>M-Maybe a little.
>Grab her and cuddle!
Who can blame her, with such pretty golden hair?

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>>N-No I'm not!
>>Pretend to be asleep!

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>N-No I'm not!
>Pretend to be asleep!

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>N-No I'm not!
>Pretend to be asleep!
>Grab her and cuddle!


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I'm gonna sleep but good luck with the rest! These better be some quality cuddles!

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>Have a nice night!

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Uh oh.

Slowly my head gently inches down until it meets the pillow once more. My eyes gently shut, and I mumble below my breath.

"No, I'm not."

"Yes, you were." She insists.

My eye opens, and staring back at me is Kaori's beautiful blue eyes. Oh, and that stern glare on her face.
"What have I said about staring at me while I sleep?" She huffs.

My eye closes again, and I only respond with an "Umm."

"Masami, if you want to stare at me, you should wait until I'm awake."

Quickly, without warning, my body lurches forward and grabs her into a hug!

Her bare skin presses against my PJs, and she weakly returns the gesture with a scoff.
"Masami, seriously." She breathes into my hair, "I'm your sister, not your teddybear."

"But, you could be both!"

She ignores that, "If you want to hug and stare, wait until I'm dressed and awake."

"But, I like it like this." I pull her tighter into the hug with a squeeze.

"You like it when I'm asleep and undressed?"
"No! Wait! I didn't mean it that way!"

"Suure." I can almost feel her rolling her eyes. "We should wake up, we've overslept by like, an hour."

I let go of her, she rises from the bed and grabs her clothes from the drawer.
"I-I'm really serious though, I didn't mean it that way!" I try to save face.

"Just get dressed, and stop staring at me here, too."


We emerge from our bedroom, on the second floor of our new house. It overlooks the dining room, and we can clearly see everyone gathered for breakfast.
This new place is great. There's a room for everybody!

Even Aina and Aiko, who haven't quite found the courage to return home just yet.

"Morning." Kaori yawns while I tag along behind her. I hope I'm not blushing.

"Hi sweeties!" Mom is beaming with that warm smile of hers. "How did you sleep last night?"

>Change the subject
>Talk about Aiko and Aina, if they're thinking of returning to their home soon.
>Greet everyone and ignore that question.
>Let Kaori answer

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>Greet everyone and ignore that question.

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>Talk about Aiko and Aina, if they're thinking of returning to their home soon.

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>Greet everyone and ignore that question.

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>Greet everyone and ignore that question.

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>Greet everyone and ignore that question.


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So how've you been? From twitter it seems like things have been pretty busy!

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I've been losing some sleep, and a lot of my postpones have been trying to catch up.

In about fifteen days I'm taking a business trip and I'll lose even more sleep! Oh no!

>Next post almost up!

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Instead of dignifying that with an answer, you're instead going to focus on the more pressing issue in the morning.
Greeting your family!

"Hi everyone!" I happily wave past Mom to the crowd sitting at the table.

"Morning Masami."
"Why is your face red?"
"Hi Masami, look! Pancakes!"

Oh! Cirrus is right! Mom is making pancakes this morning!

Mom says they're not good for us, that they're just buttered bread bathed in syrup.
I don't care though.
They're sweet, and delicious, and that's all I need to know!

I pull up a chair at the end of our new and improved dining room table. Quickly, I fill my plate with bread-and-butter filled goodness!

"(Masami)." I hear a whisper to my left.
Oh, it's Mir. I didn't notice her sitting there. Well, she's very easy to miss, after all. Being invisible most of the time.

"(There's a hair, right-)" She reaches up and grabs something off my scalp.
It's a big long blonde hair.

She adjusts her voice and looks away.
Then I can feel myself glow a bright red.

"Masami? Are you okay?" I hear from across the table.
"Oh! Julie. How are you this morning?"
"I'm gooood." she bites into a slice of pancake. "Kind of tired though, sis stole the blankets last night." She glares to her right.

A certain red twin of Julie pretends she didn't hear that.
"Uhh! Haruko! How are you today?"
"I'm gooood." She mockingly hums in the same manner of her sister. "Kind of tired, though! I fought the blanket war, and I won."

"Haruko, you two should be sharing a blanket, not going to war over it."
"Hmph!" Haruko eats another slice of pancake. "That's only what losers say."

>So, what does everyone plan to do today?
>Ask Aiko if she plans to meet with her mother today.
>Maybe I should go visit Maeda. I haven't seen her in a few days.
>Actually, I'll stay by Kaori today.
>Maybe I'll just stay around here.

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>Maybe I should go visit Maeda. I haven't seen her in a few days.
>Actually, I'll stay by Kaori today.

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>So, what does everyone plan to do today?
>Maybe I should go visit Maeda. I haven't seen her in a few days.

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Aw that's too bad, hope it gets easier later!

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>So, what does everyone plan to do today?
>Maybe I should go visit Maeda. I haven't seen her in a few days.

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>So, what does everyone plan to do today?
>Maybe I should go visit Maeda. I haven't seen her in a few days.


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"So, what does everyone plan to do today?"

"Probably go out to shop." The nice monst-
Oh, right, he doesn't want me calling him that anymore. It implies he's still a monster.
Well, the green-haired guy at the end of the table says. "Maybe stop by the arcade when I'm done."

"I don't think you should be hanging around those places." Mom scolds him.
"I'm fine, I'm fine." He smiles, "I'm going with Ken, it'll be fine."

"That makes me worry more." Mom sighs, "Keep your fists in your pockets this time."
"I will, Izumi."

The secretary, she's still undecided on a name, leans back in her chair and admires the balcony above her.
"Probably study."

Of course, that's what she always does.

"Well I-" Emillion is beaming with energy, "Am going to go with my sister today to visit the Mansion! We left someone there that we really need to go say Hi to."

Oh yeah, if you're not mistaken, there are two monsters living there still.

"Have you visited them recently?"
"Last week." His sister sips from her teacup, "They're doing fine, but they're feeling lonely. I was wondering, um-"

"Uh, if it's okay." Emillion hesitates.

"..Could they move.. here?"

Mom smiles, "Only if they want to, no kidnapping."

Hey! I almost feel insulted by that!

"How about you, Masami?" Mom notices he jump in my seat. "What are you doing today?"

I think about her question for a few moments.
"Probably visit Maeda. I haven't seen her in a week, and I'm wondering how she's holding up."
"Oh! Could I go with you?" Aiko stops inhaling her pancakes for just a moment. "I had a question for her."

"Uh, sure."

>Anyone else want to go?
>Okay, well. I'm off!
>I'll help someone first before I go
>Kaori, you're quiet, what are you doing?

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>>Anyone else want to go?
>>Kaori, you're quiet, what are you doing?

>> No.46681108

>Okay, well. I'm off!

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>Kaori, you're quiet, what are you doing?

>> No.46681217

>I'll help someone first before I go
>Anyone else want to go?

>> No.46681314

>Kaori, you're quiet, what are you doing?

>> No.46681355

>Anyone else want to go?
>Kaori, you're quiet. What are you doing?

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"Anyone else want to go visit Maeda?"

"I'll go!" Haruko gladly volunteers.
"Well if she's going, I'll go too!" Julie quickly hops from her seat.

Oh no, girls; please don't do this now.

I notice someone else is being awfully quiet.
"Kaori? What did you have planned for today?"

She seems taken aback, like she really wasn't expecting me to ask that question.

"Uh! uh, well. I- I didn't decide."
"..Want to come with me to visit Maeda?"

"I think that's a good idea!" She agrees quickly, without hesitation.

"Anyone else want to go?" I turn to the table.

Of course, it's kind of meaningless now. Everyone else has become absorbed in their own conversations.

"Okay! I guess I'm off then." I proclaim. Mom gives me one last hug before I put on my shoes and make my way toward the door.


The great thing about not having to worry about Fortune?
Not having to worry about monsters attacking me on the way to someone's house.

That's really nice. I like not being attacked by monsters.

Kaori keeps the lead, her hair swinging as she walks. Julie and Haruko are arguing over, something. I'm not entirely sure what.

That's when I notice: there's Maeda now! She's like a block away from her house.

"Maeda!" I call out to her, and she nearly jumps out of her skin.
Oh no. Is there another dumb thing happening that I have to solve?

"Maeda? What's wrong?" I approach her quickly. She sighs and waves me off.
"It's nothing, How are you doing, Masami? I haven't seen you around for a while."
"Well, I guess we're in different classes and such." I smile. "Has everything been going well with the student council?"

"Pretty good, but-" Maeda notices Kaori, she seems to have moved almost directly between us. "Uh, Kaori? How have you been? I haven't seen you in a while."

"I'm good!" Kaori smiles. "One question for Maeda, though, uh. Can I ask it in private?"

>Tell me first!
>Go distract the twins

>> No.46682070

>Go distract the twins

>> No.46682071

>>Go distract the twins

>> No.46682088

>Go distract the twins

>> No.46682121

>Tell me first!

>> No.46682344

>Go distract the twins


Folks, I am wearing down. This is a problem! We may have to continue either next week or Saturday. This Saturday may be taken up by DDQ's 100th thread. We'll have to see.

But for now, Writing!

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It's fine, it sounds like you've had a stressful couple weeks. I'm just glad you got 121 done when you did.

>> No.46682487

Definitely, that happened during a turbulent weekend.

Several nights were rather sleepless.

Next post almost up!

>> No.46682567

That's fine. And I'm probably going to bed within an hour anyway.

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"Masami could you, um. Give us just a minute?"

That's weird. Kaori hasn't seen Maeda since.. geez the time of the incident. Suddenly, she can't wait to talk to her in private?

But okay! I do trust my sister. She probably has something important to tell Maeda. Especially if they've been away from each other for so long.

So, um!
I guess it's time to-
"And that's why I said it first!"
"No! I did! You're just copying me!"

-So I guess it's time to distract the twins so they don't embarrass me!

"What are you two arguing about now?"

"We're arguing about what Kaori wants to tell Maeda."

"I think she loves a boy!"
"And I think she loves Ryouta!"

"What makes you think such things!?"
"Well, it's a secret from you, right? It must be something really-"

"Okay, stop." I put my hand between them. "Just because she wants to have a private conversation with Maeda doesn't mean she likes a boy! That's just not true, you can't prove it is!"


Julie and Haruko are now eyeing me.

"What? What's wrong now?"

"What are you so defensive?"
"Are you worried about losing Kaori?"

What?! I didn't say that!
"Listen you two!" I grab their shoulders. "I'm saying you shouldn't make up rumors and gossip behind our sister's back. You have no proof that she likes a boy, and that's final!"

Behind me, at the worst possible time. Maeda gasps sharply.
"Shh! Shh!" Kaori tries to hush Maeda down.

It's too late, though. My head slowly turns back to Julie and Haruko. They have the dumbest grins on their face right now.

>Thread End

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hehehehe, thanks for running

>> No.46683888

Thanks for the thread everyone. Sorry this one seemed kind of short, but that's a weekday thread for you.

I will see about running an extra thread next week to make up for it or maybe running a bit longer on saturday if we can get to it. I appreciate getting to write an SoL epilogue, it's pretty fun!

Until next time. Thank you for participating!

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Thanks for running.

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Thanks for running!

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