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"Post, you niggers!" Edition

Noteworthy points:
>Drastically reined-in magic system putting casters on equal footing with non-casters
>Classes and the game as a whole designed to ensure everyone can contribute in a wide range of circumstances, even outside their primary niche
>Separate cash and Reputation economies keep mundane gear relevant and magic items special
>Custom monster and NPC design is a breeze
>Optional Campaign Qualities tweak mechanics to suit your preferred style and tone

>If you have the money and want to support the game

>If you want to try before you buy

Other useful links:

>Errata & accessories

>Web NPC builder

>Custom PC Species creation guides

>Species feat creation guide & reference spreadsheet

>Class design guidelines

>Leaked Spellbound Preview

Anybody from south central Indiana running games?

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>tfw the OP copy-pasta you remade is sticking

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well, it IS better than the old one, which had several dead links

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Alright, here's some things I am considering changing if I'm ever DM:

Orcs get +4 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Wis
Saurians get +2 Dex, +2 any OTHER score
(I would have made pechs +4 dex, -2 str, but dex is a big boost, str is not a big penalty, and gnomes already get a str penalty)
Drakes get thick hide 4 for free (I don't care if this makes them slightly overpowered, it fucking fits and they're hard to play)
Stern shouldn't be -2 Con, that just doesn't make sense (what would be better? wisdom?)
Shouldn't prudence be somehow tied to wisdom, rather than charisma?
Hart Nation and Quick-Fingered Folk should grant those BSM feats for free, since basically all they do is give a +2/-2
Farstride Folk seems a bit weak; who would ever spend a feat on it? I'd drop the action die error penalty.

Am I correct in understanding that standard characters basically MUST be hit AT LEAST three times before they die?

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bump with autism

Core Four: Burglar, Mage, Priest, Soldier
>adventuring party staples

Specialists: Assassin (infiltration), Explorer (figure out where to go and get there), Lancer (mounted/being a "knight"), Scout (wilderness)

Helping Hands: Captain (make party fight better), Courtier (all things social), Keeper (crafting and skill expertise), Sage (make the party better at everything/jack of all trades)

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>start playing this for the first time ever
>wanna be a shapeshifter, DM builds me a custom race
>African mythological setting
>Swindler background
>Basically designed a character with the potential to snu snu men and then eat them
>the rest of the party is bad guys too
>we're basically led by a female God-Emperor and gonna conquer muh Africa

I know I'm playing a villain campaign but Jesus fucking christ, that escalated quickly. Are all Fantasycraft games this intense, or is my DM just an absolute madman.jpg?

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A standard can go down in one hit, unless they succeed their save or have the Cagey or Tough quality to save their asses.

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where am I getting the three saves thing?

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how many 20th level characters would it take to reasonably take on the tarrasque? What would you pick?

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>gonna conquer muh Africa
Y'all niggas gonna be kings 'n' shit senpai?

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bumping with builds

Unborn Fencer Burglar 20
Init +33 (roll twice)
Special Construction (Clockwork), Fencing Basics/Mastery/Supremacy, Lightning Reflexes
Str 10, Dex 26, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 8

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I roll Athletics to grapple.

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You sick fuck!

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Unborn Fencer Burglar 20
Init +33 (roll twice)
Enlightened Athletics
Special Construction (Clockwork), Fencing Basics/Mastery/Supremacy, Lightning Reflexes, Blessed (Path of Strength), BSM (Athlete)
Str 10, Dex 26, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 8
Athletics +32
Cheap Shot

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I Taunt him with Beguiling.

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>He thinks he's going first

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>Tfw accidentally caused a volcano to erupt last session
There are worse ways to spend the third session.

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post your current characters

>Stoffle "Badger" Fizzlebang
>The wealthy Pech son of a country leader, he met the party as a hippie guiding them through the forest
>Go on a few adventures being the dumb new kid
>one of his teammates tries to shoot him in the head
>Emotional turmoil for the next few months
>ends up changing into this nicely dressed pseudo leader
>plot stuff
>now trapped for years in the realm of the gods going mad from the elderich truth

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You're just waiting for someone to ask for details, and I'm asking for details.

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Also, newbie DM question. I've ran Pathfinder before, but I'm struggling with some aspects of Fantasy Craft. Care to lend a hand?

First, I'm having trouble with the lack of spells. How feasible would it be to convert spell from Pathfinder, considering both are d20-based?

Second, the monster variety is a bit lacking, so would it be possible to do something similar with the bestiaries?

And lastly, how often should I use standard characters, compared to special characters?

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>First, I'm having trouble with the lack of spells. How feasible would it be to convert spell from Pathfinder, considering both are d20-based?
This one's tricky because PF spells aren't balanced around the same assumptions that FC's spells are. You can probably do so, so long as you use existing spells to benchmark yourself, and keep an eye out for spells that should have Reputation costs added to them.

>Second, the monster variety is a bit lacking, so would it be possible to do something similar with the bestiaries?
Using the PF monster as a concept to guide your using FC's monster-creation rules seems reasonable.

>And lastly, how often should I use standard characters, compared to special characters?
Standard characters should be a pretty strong majority. Special characters are people who are at least of the PC's level of importance; things like warband lieutenants and pack alphas or better.

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What draws you guys to FC? What is its defining feature(s) or mechanic? I'm interested, but how can I sell it to my group?

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Let's see, my party is currently composed of

Torm, the pterodactyl man
An acrobat turned thief. He loves his bombs. (YES YOU CAN BUY BOMBS/BOMB INGREDIENTS IN THIS TOWN I GUESS)
His reason for joining the group is to find out what happened to his people.

Red Mountain, the fire brave orge
Previously an enforcer for a large gang, his specialty is disguise and enforcing his will with horns and his fist.

Our resident robot, who I've nicknamed Caterpillar.
It's creator, whose "father" was assassinated, built it to destroy other golem/robots. It's slam obliterates anything in it's path.

Alistair, the elf thief female
That's.... basically her character. Flirts with everything, tries to steal everything. Everyone dead in her back story..

I'm sure 3 of these jokers are around, and will correct me on something.

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>Red Mountain, the fire brave orge
sounds hot

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absolutely do not convert PF spells. They are grotesquely overpowered. There is a spell compendium preview that you can find around, maybe in the OP, that has a lot more spells.

>Monster Variety
The sky is literally the limit. The bestiary is there for easy monsters, but the NPC system isn't just "here's what you have, use one of these", it is a point buy system that literally let's you build whatever you want.

I've used it to build Pikachu, Star Platinum, and Hitler, among many others. I believe it's listed in the OP, there is even a Web creation tool to make it much easier for you.

Check the NPC section, it goes Oliver exactly how to create an NPC, along with ways to balance them and suggestions at XP costs.

>Standard or Special
A Mob of Standard enemies is a number equal to the number of players, and is worth the Exp cost. A single Special is worth the Exp cost. Most enemies should be standard, but it really is more intuitive than a set formula.

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Show the players the feats.

Show the GM the NPC creation guide.

Show everybody that you can be a dragon.

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Help, nobody is responding to my updated crab post.


Are the level 4 and 5 Master Class abilities okay? How about the new Fiddle King?

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Also just made two more species feats.

From the Depths
You hail from the Sniddic civilizations that dot the Abyssal Plain, deeper even than the sunlight.
Prerequisites: Snid, Level 1 only
Benefit: You gain darkvision II and light sensitive (see pages 233 and 234), as well as cold and heat resistance 5. Furthermore, when taking the Basic Skill Mastery feat you have access to a new skill pair: Deep Snid (Athletics and Notice).

Exotic Breed
You display traits uncommon in Snid, signalling heritage from obscure Snid varieties.
Prerequisites: Snid, Level 1 only
Benefit: Choose a breed.

Lampid: Your family tree connects to the long-tailed Lampid, a lobster-like cousin of the Snid. You gain a swim speed of 30 feet and a Tail Slap I Natural Attack, but also gain the Achilles heel (bang and sonic) NPC Quality (see Fantasy Craft, page 230).
Yeti: Thick fur covers your entire body. Your Appearance bonus increases by +1 and you gain Cold Resistance 10.
Ghost: Ghost Snid are fabled for their speed, although they can only run sideways. You gain superior runner II but suffer a -2 penalty to defense when you use your action to run, which lasts until your next initiative count. Furthermore, you gain a +5 gear bonus to Blend checks in any sandy area.
Burgundy: The Burgundy Snid have potent regenerative abilities and carapaces thick with spines. You gain regeneration I and natural defense (lethal). You are also more sensitive to acids than most, gaining the Achilles heel (acid) NPC Quality (see Fantasy Craft, page 230) and you lose your regeneration I quality if you have taken acid damage since your last initiative count.

Special: When you gain this feat you may reduce any of your attributes by two to gain an additional species feat with the prerequisite "Level 1 only."

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giving myself time to reply

Saurian Shield-bearer Priest 3
Defense 25
Str 14, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 10
Shield Basics/Mastery/Supremacy
Path of Protection II
Tower Shield

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>And lastly, how often should I use standard characters, compared to special characters?
Is it a "boss" in the video game sense?
Did you give it a name?
Does it stand out from the other enemies in some way?

If yes to any, it's probably a special.

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what draws you to D&D/PF? Building your own character from many options, deciding how your character acts in the world, existing in a fantasy world with all the staples (dragons, elves, magic, etc), having a (somewhat) objective world where the numbers mean something.

Except, compared to D&D/PF, it's not full of bullshit and bad options, and let's people play how most people want to play without tons of homework or things getting ridiculous almost immediately.

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don't forget that he's horny

4th seems okay, but the 5th is kinda ridiculous
+2 str and the carrying capacity of one size larger would have been fine

the fiddler king should probably drop the enlarge weapon stuff, but keep the enlarged slam

this is good shit, I'm gonna check it all out when i get back from work

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I want my "Rules of Nature" crabs though. What good is it if I can't throw a whale?

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>Orcs get +4 Str, +2 Con, -2 Int, -2 Wis
Is this just an "odd-numbered modifiers bad" thing? I'd really suggest playing it as-written for a bit before messing with that. The odd-numbered attribute boosts/penalties are actually pretty relevant, because they're all over the place. The Brawn/Wit spells and Rage feats give odd-numbered attribute boosts, for instance, giving those with an odd-numbered base score a bit more of an edge, and there are +1 boosts scattered all over (Attribute Training in many specialties, several weapon Supremacy feats, the Martial Artist's level 2 ability, etc.) that likewise reward odd-valued attributes by rounding them off.

>Drakes get thick hide 4 for free (I don't care if this makes them slightly overpowered, it fucking fits and they're hard to play)
If you absotively posolutely must have drakes with thick hide by default, you can it without messing with the point budget by adding a fitting drawback. One very fitting one that originated from the homebrew forums (and would perfectly offset thick hide 3) is
>Towering Arrogance: You may not spend action dice to boost your opposed skill checks.

Also, as far as them being hard to play, it helps if you read the Beast armor upgrade as being strictly about them being able to don it themselves (as suggested by the description), rather than absolutely necessary for their use. That lets them armor up at the same price as any other large race, provided they can get a party member to put it on them.

>Stern shouldn't be -2 Con, that just doesn't make sense (what would be better? wisdom?)
I'd go with literally anything else before moving the hit to Wis. "Stern" is something you'd often use to describe an older mentor type, so a Wis hit is about as unfitting as Con. I'd probably go with Dex, maybe Int.

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>Hart Nation and Quick-Fingered Folk should grant those BSM feats for free, since basically all they do is give a +2/-2
One feat giving another feat is just a bad move, but I fully agree that those could use some more zazz. Probably something around 1 point in value.
For Hart Nation, I'd probably lean toward something like Natural Camouflage (forest) + Light Sleeper, or Origin Skill (Survival), or maybe bring the Flustering Shot trick down from Hart Noble and replace it with "once per round, you may make a ranged attack against a flat-footed standard character as a free action."
For Quick-Finger Folk, I'd probably go with something like 4 free ranks in Crafting (before spending your skill points from level, subject to your normal maximum rank), or maybe Explosive Resistance 5 if you like your gnomes extra mad-sciencey.

>Farstride Folk seems a bit weak; who would ever spend a feat on it? I'd drop the action die error penalty.
Stress Resist 4 and +1 to all saves is WELL worth the feat slot and the 1 free error confirmation. The Stress Resist ALONE is about a level 6 or 7 ability if you were getting it from class. Farstride Folk doesn't need any fixing.

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>Second, the monster variety is a bit lacking, so would it be possible to do something similar with the bestiaries?
There's a conversion guide in the book for porting from 3.5, and it would probably more or less work for PF as well, but frankly I wouldn't recommend direct conversion like that. It's both much faster and much more satisfying to just use the NPC creation system to build your monsters from scratch, using the 3.PF stats only as a rough guideline of what features to make sure to include.

You can also get quite a lot of mileage just out of refluffing and/or making minor tweaks to the provided statblocks. A lot of the statblocks in 3.PF's bestiaries are, frankly, filler -- just iterations of the same basic thing bumped up for increasingly higher levels, or tweaked for a different alignment faction. I realized this when I converted the devils and demons from the 3.5 SRD a few months back, holy shit was that a chore. Between the TL scaling and setting-agnostic nature of the core rules, many of FC's statblocks can easily fill the role of multiple statblocks from 3.PF's bestiaries. Especially if you throw in some minor modifications in addition to just the TL scaling; swap some spells or skills, add or remove a couple NPC qualities or feats, adjust a trait grade here and there, that sort of thing.

Plus there's templates, which are basically just predefined packages of such tweaks anyway. It's really easy to make your own templates, if you're so inclined. For instance, just off the top of my head, supposing you wanted to have animated topiary beasties, you could make a simple topiary template consisting of adding the Plant type, Chameleon II (settled), and Achilles heel (fire), and total up the XP adjustments for that simple package. Voila, you can now have topiary versions of whatever you please.

There's also a bestiary thread in Crafty's homebrew forum, which you may find useful:

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Jesus Christ, has the group that made this game never heard of tracking complexity? I decided to check out the PDF and everything is written in the most convoluted way possible.

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My biggest complaint about FC is the rulebook layout. It's very unfriendly to new players, and requires a solid readthrough or two before you can understand half of it. Not to mention all the small rules mentioned once ever in a single line and never again, like Armor DR being halved when sprawled/held.

Also, new Snid PDF art. Dragon is now not cartoony.

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>I want my "Rules of Nature" crabs though. What good is it if I can't throw a whale?
everything is much lighter underwater, so he probably could

but aboveground, you may as well be saying he can carry as much as he wants.

>Is this just an "odd-numbered modifiers bad" thing?
Mostly not; I was just going the way of the ogre for scores that made the most sense for orcs. I see your point about the odd-number stuff, but there's like two races that get them, and plenty of little bonuses anyway.

> it helps if you read the Beast armor upgrade as being strictly about them being able to don it themselves
That's a good point. Still, even with armor, they have a net -2 to defense and no real ability to use ranged weapons (besides breath or magic). They're way too damn vulnerable for dragons.

Towering arrogance thing is fine with me, but I think my point still stands.

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Ida Wells; a fire brave ogre raised by a human farmer. She is a brawler, and quite prideful/stubborn.

Currently trying to form an adventurer's guild in a big city with her comrades. Also trying to learn about oni, because she knows fuck-all about her people, and finding shapeshifters is pretty difficult. Although a few did find her, but they weren't interested in talking, and tried to kill her and her comrades.

The last session involved her acquiring a pair of sentient, talking, swords that she wants absolutely nothing to do with because of events in a previous campaign that involved one of her former comrades putting on a powerful relic gauntlet (that she goaded him into putting on), which took over his mind, then eventually took his arm (basically everything shoulder and down was gone), followed very shortly by taking his life. Unfortunately, the swords don't seem to want to leave her be, and are quite insistent that she open up to them.

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I think the free attack option is the best for hart noble, and nat camo (forest) + light sleeper for hart nation. Flustering shot seems pretty pointless to me.

I thought there were ways to be straight up immune to stress?

Pic related: The character needs to be tired before their strength shows, so they should have -2 con? If anything, I'd say they should have a con bonus, since the whole talent seems to be making your character into a navy seal. "Stern" doesn't really fit it, if you ask me. The best fitting penalty is probably charisma, but I figured that'd make the talent too good (though in FC cha is a lot more important, so maybe not).

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oh, I missed "crustacean invulnerability", which is definitely too good. I thought the action die bonus was a bit too good on it's own, but not so much as to disallow it. Getting both in one level is legit crazy. I would just drop the regeneration entirely.

They can be better giants than giants (albeit slower), nearly as tough as ogres, and stronger than orcs. Also, I believe this is the only race-specific class I've seen.

The only thing that bugs me about the class as a whole is that they are the kings of smack. Full bab, max fort, and max vitality. Granted, they'll have lower defense, DR, and feats than a soldier, so it's probably okay.

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I think you're nit-picking each part of the talent to match the fluff instead of looking at the whole thing together. Stern is "firm, uncompromising" and the talent well illustrates such such a quality in the face of trials. For (on average) a few vitality points, 1 wound, 1 point of resolve and 1 off one's fort save one would gain a great deal of resilience toward all manner of debilitating affects. One would have to build up stress/subdual damage, finally fail the check against said damage, build up that damage again and fail the check a second time before any affects of fatigued or shaken show themselves. Against various poisons, magic and certain techniques, one would become exceedingly hardy; possible able to completely ignore the such effects if they are minor. And that's just on the receiving end of things!

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Yes, but they are a studio of literally 2 people, so they elected for the "don't repeat rules" design to save on printing costs.

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FC is still a bit incomprehensible to me in some ways

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>I thought there were ways to be straight up immune to stress?
Only by being a construct or undead, which pech are not. And Stress Resistance is pretty hard to come by reliably outside of that feat -- and if you would get it, it stacks with the baseline you have from Farstride Folk, which then pretty much WOULD make you virtually immune to stress for all intents and purposes, since stress damage rarely exceeds 6 at a pop.

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>Also, I believe this is the only race-specific class I've seen.
It's pretty much standard practice for all homebrew races, actually. Apparently there was a supplement for Spycraft 2.0 for putting fantasy races in Spycraft, and that had Legendary <race> classes for all of them, so when people first started doing up homebrew races on the Crafty forums they decided to do similar classes for their creations and it pretty much became considered a requirement for a homebrew race to be considered "complete".

Personally I think it's a little silly, since I don't think those Legendary <race> classes were ever converted from Spycraft to Fantasy Craft in the first place, so it's not like they really exist for the official races anyway. But that's the way it is.

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Do dungeoncrawls work well in this game?

I'd imagine not, due to the limited number of spells/potions per day and prizes owned, and with traps being not so dangerous, but they were my main attraction to D&D, so I'm still interested in them.

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Yeah, I didn't really even want to make the Legendary Snid a class but it seemed everyone else had done one for new species so I went for it. I've changed a few more things to make it less potent.

>> No.46631852

Spells reset on new scenes, so as long as there are scene transitions that won't be a problem. And you can spend AD to get more spell points, or drink a mana potion.
The potion thing is true, and really forces you to not just quaff loads like one would in other ttrpgs. While an Alchemist helps with that, there are plenty of ways to get mundane bonuses without the use of potions.

Traps are only as dangerous as you make them. They can be potent as hell.

Prizes owned is easier to handle than it sounds, and it greatly reduces the "Christmas Tree" effect that other games have. Furthermore, magic items are not assumed to be necessary. You could have 0 and be fine, it's mostly just a small bonus.

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bump with shitty port

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Rakug: Fighter Burglar/Shinobi caveman, proficient at not being seen and being a petty douche.
We're currently trying to aid one of our allied tribes fend off an undead incursion created by another, much more warlike, tribe that we've defended our homeland from through a trial by combat a few sessions ago. We also happen to be much shorter and less MUSCLEHUGE than our allies, which doesn't really put much comfort in them. Rakug will sneakstab that fucking necromancer and stab anyone who thinks he didn't do it. He'll most likely sneak into the enemy homestead and shit in their cereal, as is his way.

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They can get pretty fucking intense. Currently in the midst of writing my insane 2-year campaign that pretty much is the definition of 'escalation.' Granted, it starts high fantasy and ends HIGHEST fantasy, so it's less zero-to-a-hundred, and more like, sixty-to-a-hundred.

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Yeah, they can get pretty fucking intense. No discredit to your GM.

I'm currently in the midst of writing up the story of the 2.5-year-long campaign my friends and I finished back in september; it was the DEFINITION of escalation. granted, it went from High Fantasy to HIGHEST FANTASY, but it was a wild, wild fucking ride.

S-sorry dudes :(

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There's a dungeon crawl in Time of High Adventure, though I haven't looked too closely at it to see how it goes about things.

Though I'm not sure how the things you mention, aside from the traps, pertain to the ability to run a dungeon crawl. It sounds like what you have in mind is less dungeon crawls per se, but rather high-magic dungeon crawls that demand a lot of magic and yield loads of magic items as loot.

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