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Are there any games with settings based on african culture?

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White Wolf had a few. Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom comes to mind, so does Mummy

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I am so, so glad we can have replies here that aren't we wuz

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>Are there any games with settings based on african culture?

Any game set in Egypt.

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Spears of the Dawn is an OSR game with a pseudoafrican setting.

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Is there?

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Any game set in modern Britain

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I'm beginning to think that /v/edditors, shitposters, and 3.X/PFdrones are all the same group of people.

Nyambe is pretty good.

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Doesn't that new game Outer Edge have a whole part of the setting based on African and middle eastern culture?

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So that's where the 'We Wuz Kings' face comes from.

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I feel like I'm missing something here, what's WE stand for?

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I hate this meme, egypt is one of my favorite settings, but you can't even talk about it without these shitlers derailing the thread

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I forgot what group had animal cultists, but there was apparently this big thing surrounding secret societies that pledge themselves to certain animal spirits.

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I've been working on one on and off for a couple years. (more off than on)

That'd be West Africa/Nigeria.

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I'ts the start of the phrase "WE WUZ KINGS" which is used on /pol/ and /his/ mostly in reference to anything about black Africans being relevant in pre-industrial society. Based off of satire of modern african americans claiming to be related to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

Usually seen with each poster contributing a single word to the phrase, hoping that others will finish it.

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It's moronic.

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Its mostly to mock whackos who think Beethoven and the like were actually black and its all a big bad whitey conspiracy.

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I wouldn't really call ancient Egypt distinctly african. The Nubians were definitely african, but the egyptians shared a lot of influence with the middle east and the mediterranean.

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No it isn't. It's spammed in any discussion of African, history, empires, or civilization.

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But it has nothing to do with talking about ancient African cultures, which is what this thread is about. It's all about modern politics. If I wanted to talk about modern politics I'd be on /pol/, not /tg/.

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Were There Black US Presidents before? The people thought that Barack Obama is the first black President of the United States. Wrong.

John Hanson (a Moor) was actually the 1st President of the United States, he served from 1781 – 1782 and he was black. The new country was actually formed on March 1, 1781 with the adoption of The Articles of Confederation. This document was actually proposed on June 11, 1776, but not agreed upon by Congress until November 15, 1777. Maryland refused to sign this document until Virginia and New York ceded their western lands (Maryland was afraid that these states would gain too much power in the new government from such large amounts of land).

Once the signing took place in 1781, a President was needed to run the country. John Hanson was chosen unanimously by Congress (which included George Washington). In fact, all the other potential candidates refused to run against him, as he was a major player in the revolution and an extremely influential member of Congress.

As President, Hanson ordered all foreign troops off American soil, as well as removal of all foreign flags. He established the Great Seal of the United States, which all Presidents since have been required to use on all Official Documents. He declared that the 4th Thursday of every November to be Thanksgiving Day, which is still true today. Even though elected, one variable that was never thought through was that America was not going to accept a Black President during the heart of the enslavement period. Enter George Washington.

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Like fucking everyone claiming French royalty by ancestry.

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2. Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd President of the United States, he served from 1801 – 1809 and he was black. His mother a half-breed Indian squaw and his father a mulatto (half white and half black) from Virginia. He fathered numerous children with Sally Hemmings, a mulatto slave with whom he lived with in Europe.

3. Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States. He served from 1829 – 1837 and he was black. His mother was a white woman from Ireland who had Andrew Jackson with a black man. His father’s other children (Andrew Jackson’s stepbrother) was sold into slavery.

4. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, he served from 1861 – 1865 and he was black. His mother was from an Ethiopian Tribe and his father was an African American. It was told that his father was Thomas Lincoln, a man to cover the truth, but he was sterile from childhood mumps and was later castrated, making it impossible for him to have been his father. Lincoln’s nickname “Abraham Africa-nus the First.”

5. Warren Harding was the 28th President of the United States, he served from 1921 – 1923 and he was black. Harding never denied his ancestry. When Republican leaders called on Harding to deny his “Negro” history, he said, “How should I know whether or not one of my ancestors might have jumped the fence?”

6. Calvin Coolidge was the 29th President of the United States, he served from 1923 – 1929 and he was black. He proudly admitted that his mother was dark but claimed it was because of a mixed Indian ancestry. His mother’s maiden name was “Moor.” In Europe the name “Moor” was given to all Black people just as in America the name “Negro” was used.

7. Dwight E. Eisenhower was the 33rd President of the United States, he served from 1953 – 1961 and he was black. His mother, Ida Elizabeth Stover Eisenhower, an anti-war advocate, was half black.

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This has nothing to do with the discussion stop shitposting.

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>other people being retarded means it's okay for me to be retarded too!

Fuck off /v/.

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/pol/ can't stop shitposting. Their self worth is so intrinsically tied up in their racial identity that they can't divorce it from any creative activity.

/pol/'s obsession with identity politics has derailed many a /tg/ thread.

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>I'm beginning to think shitposters, shitposters, and shitposters are all the same people

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If OP didn't want KANGZ posting, he shouldn't have used that photo.

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People shouldn't have to keep up with shitty memes. Go back to /pol/, /v/, or whatever shit hole you came out of.

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Less shitposting, more Africa.

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You sound upset.

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Sorry, but this is the new 4chan. Every board is /pol/, all the time, forever.

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you don't have to, but that won't stop you from being confronted with it. and won't stop it from being posted from other boards.

honestly you whiney girls are worse than the shitposters. they're trying to bait you, you're the one stupid enough to bite. don't reply to WE WUZ KANGS and you literally never have to talk about it and the thread never gets derailed

god I hate you redditors who don't know how to just ignore bait.

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this isn't new dummy, unless YOU'RE new. 4chans been like this since AT LEAST 2008-2009 because thats when I started to notice /pol/ in every board.

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Nobody cares darling.

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>not new
I want newfags to get out!

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>nobody cares
>proceeds to image dump shit when he gets triggered


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>In before someone believes this nonsense.
John Hanson, first President of the Continental Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, not to be confused with the later John Hanson, which sought to relocate black Americans to Liberia, and later became senator there.

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This is a leopard cultist's coat. The leopard cult terrorized British West Africa for decades (they're bag was ritual murder) until the colonial police put them down with the help of a local witch doctor.

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can't tell if this is /pol/ spamming or an easily triggered afrocentrist

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Historical revisionism.

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Ironclaw is Kickstarting a North Africa/Middle East-inspired setting right now. Have you ever wanted to explore life in a furry caliphate?


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East African quilted equine armour.

The reason for the lack of horses in southern Africa is due to the tsetse fly, which is deadly to horses. North of the tsetse line, horses were fairly common and elite feudal cavalry were dominant in the social hierarchy like in most global cultures that had cavalry.

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Some more African cavalry armour, including the rider's gambeson and cap.

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These are the guys that kicked Italy out of Ethiopia/Abyssinia the first time.

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>implying OP didn't choose that image on purpose as subtle bait
>implying we aren't all being trolled by a master ruseman

OP, if your intentions are truly pure, delete this thread and recreate it with a different image.

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These are the weapons the leopard cult wackos would use to slice up their victims.

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I think Nyambe has the Lepord Cultists as a prestige class.

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Not a furry, but that sounds kind of awesome.

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I am a furry and also think it sounds awesome but Ironclaw runs off an engine that's a mediocre D&D clone.

I think running a game about furry Muslims in FATE would get me permabanned from /tg/ even if I never mentioned it.

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This is cool as fuck.

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Not sure if haram

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>Ironclaw runs off an engine that's a mediocre D&D clone.
Since when?

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May I ask why you're living out your cuck fantasies through tabletop, OP?

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Apparently the next edition of 7th Sea will have not! Africa sourcebook, and if it's anything like the 1e Crescent Empire sourcebook you could pretty much have an entire campaign there.

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the VtM ccg had a number of top tier deck builds based around the Laibon (the African vampires.)

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ADVENTURE! Tales of The Aeon Society can lend itself to African adventuring, though it's about as respectful to African culture as its source material.

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I hope the asshole who originally posted all the cuckold porn on /pol/ is aware that he is the most successful troll in the history of the internet.

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>> No.46605063

Encyclopedia Dramatica claims the original cuckold spammer was from /r/shitredditsays, they are real living breathing sjw caricatures, the subreddit that tried to raid /pol/ and taught this site to hate srs/sjws. Sjws essentially gave /pol/ this "new" insult. The irony.

>> No.46605120

I sincerely doubt it was actually srs and not just a guy pretending to be srs.

>> No.46605178

Maybe. You can probably dig it up on ED. I remember them having quite a bit of info on him and his activities along with every other notable person from that pitiful subreddit.

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Personally, I'm glad that the cuckspamming happened. It makes /pol/tards really easy to identify. The only thing easier to identify is tumblr.

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There's some fun directions you can take it

>colonial adventurers spreading christianity and battling savages in pursuit of treasures
>witch doctors using the power of the fetish to battle against terrifying witches
>natives in a lost mountain kingdom trying to save the most holy item in the world from foreigners trying to claim it for their own power
>comfy merchant treks across the desert
>braving the horrors of the sentient abomination called "the bush"
>fending off slavers
>battles of chivalry on the savanna

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>all these strikethroughs
wonderful thing seeing a board where the janitors presumably actually delete >KANGZ mouthbreathers

>> No.46606055

Kangs you say?

>> No.46606098

Or you can do the spread of Islam across North Africa, or WWII as Ethiopians, or modern day Somalians...

>> No.46606117

Always options too

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The real irony is that these "KANGZ 'N SHIET" guys think they're actually being clever, while in fact they're parading their ignorance about the African kingdoms that did exist in West Africa and Ethiopia.

Being ignorant is fine, we all started out knowing nothing at some point. What's heinous is taking pride in your ignorance and shouting it off the rooftops through "funny" maymays. To these people, anyone who acknowledges the existence of the Mali Empire is on the same level as the "Charlemagne was black" conspiracy theorists.

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I'd actually be really interested in trying out a tabletop game made by anyone from the African nations. Such a different reference point for fantasy with a lot of diversity.

>> No.46606257

Valid point

One time I brought up the subject of ritual suicide among the yoruba nobility and got spammed with KANGZ and accusations of calling the japanese black.

Because obviously only Nippon had nobles and a tradition of ritual suicide.

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Afrocentric "history" is pretty laughable though.

>> No.46606307

It's also irrelevant to these discussions.

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Help me to understand why you can't have an adult discussion about a continent and possible application of its history in PnP form.

>> No.46606439

shit memes from autistic teens

>> No.46606554

As (OP) aka Faggot I made this thread as a thinly veiled excuse to meme and stir up shit but /tg/ turned out to be Too Geniune.

>> No.46606572

The answer is autism

>> No.46606581

But if it was real autism there would be more posts like >>46606169. The real answer is baitposters.

>> No.46606596

Yeah no

Autists love repeating the same phrases over and over

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Do the memespammers really believe that? I thought they were just mocking the whole "The Pharaoh's were black" argument and not not outright denying that Mansa Musa existed or some moronic shit

>> No.46606660

>I thought they were just mocking the whole "The Pharaoh's were black" argument

That's how it started, until /v/ got a hold of it. It's like baneposting. They see an opportunity to memepost and they take it.

>> No.46606673


But Baneposting is actually funny, in a weird kind of way.

>> No.46606742

So was this meme for a bit. The first time the complete comment chain came out of nowhere was hilarious. Sadly, it got to the point where you couldn't actually discuss the expansion in Op's pic without mods watching at all times. Anons tried to get around this by making RTS recommendation threads but unfortunately everyone would just start talking about other games like

Europa Universalis
Ultimate General
Zoo Empire
Kingdom Wars
Nobunaga's Ambition
Grand Ages: Medieval
Starcraft II

>> No.46606765

It did originally refer to the "black pharaohs" bullshit, but was expanded to reference the notion that blacks have never done anything of note in history, to be brought up any time that anyone would bring up "revolutionary" or "historically important" black heritage or blackwashing of history where some important figure was secretly black or secretly had a black person behind their success. So pretty much just a way for /pol/acks to remind the black community that they are not important.
I just like it because the whole Pharaoh shit and because laughing at evangelical armchair historians is a past time of mine.

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As long as they aren't dog- or swine-people? Not too haram, but you'll still get killed anyway.

>> No.46606847

Err, sorry about this:


I saw the opportunity to continue a Queen song and couldn't resist.

I feel like if you're going to do an African fantasy setting you at least have to give a tiny mention to Socotra even if it's not really mainland Africa. Socatra is so damn cool.

>> No.46606875

Its a bemusing meme born of ignorance and lies.

The simultaneous belief that all africans are one in the same and by extension of that logic, they have direct roots with the pharaohs.

>> No.46606942

Morrowind irl

>> No.46606959

I'm just saying if you were going for a truly "african" setting, for lack of a better term, Egypt would kind of be its own separate thing. It would be like saying you want a pre modern European setting. Most people usually mean they would want a medieval fantasy so if you gave classical greek island cultures it would kind of push the definition even if it still technically fit.

>> No.46606960

Shitting In Bushes And Having No Semblance Of Human Civilization Simulator 2016?

>> No.46606961

to be fair, the nubians were black and they conquered the egyptians for a while.

>> No.46606998

Egypt is a very broad term for a bunch of cultures living to the same area over thousands of years.

To give an example on just how VAST of a timeline the Egyptian civilization(s) had the fact that Cleopatra lived closer to 2016 than she did to the building of the pyramids is still crazy to me.

>> No.46607006

... and none of those were of negroid descent, anon. Troll harder.

>> No.46607012

Samefag pls. Go back to /pol/ and troll there.

>> No.46607021

Jeez since when is /tg/ the No Fun Allowed zone?

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>> No.46607029

t. Wewu Z'Kangz

>> No.46607031

>Afrocentric "history" is pretty laughable though.

It's part of the colonial history of the Americas, which is a riot in general.

>> No.46607032

*tips fedora*

>> No.46607039

this is from an anon who posted in worldbuilding general

>> No.46607042

Die in a grease fire

>> No.46607044

Don't want to risk ruining a good thread, sorry if I jumped the gun.

>> No.46607050

Looks very Beninish

>> No.46607057

Mods are already censoring everything ITT that isn't in line with fellating Afrocentric idiocy, you don't have to worry a 'good' thread is gonna be ruined by people having common sense.

>> No.46607068

>common sense
I don't think the history of Africa would fall into the realm of common sense, but if you say so.

>> No.46607073

Is this Ethiopian warrior? He looks very European.

>> No.46607076

What history?

>> No.46607080

Well, like it would matter anyways, because if we're about to make our own setting (with kings! and sheeeit!) why not just make one that is just Planet Africa instead? I mean there's no other people other than the varying degrees of African in the setting.

>> No.46607084

The history of Africa.

>> No.46607085

it's not mine

that's what anon said he was going for

>> No.46607088

This same guy shitposts in every Africa thread around the exact same time of day

Uses the same posting style too

>> No.46607097

I don't see why not

It's got everything

Caucasoid looking berbers & egyptians, asian looking Malagasy people, and all manner of blacks

>> No.46607098

You cucks have more than one thread active? Holy shit that's pathetic

>> No.46607101


>> No.46607122

You shitpost in all of them? You've certainly found an individual hobby.

>> No.46607149

Reading comprehension is your friend,
Mostly autism, but also a boiling hatred of non-white people. Blacks in particular.

Every time a thread like this shows up periodically.

"F-Fuckin niggers! Oooga booga! Damn cavemen!"
>anon that's not quite correct
"Fuck off afrocentrist! Niggers couldn't even make fire! Everybody knows that! KANGZ"

>> No.46607151

I have a similar problems with shitheads, with political agendas, ruining the public appeal of Norse mythology and tales, by association.

>> No.46607157

>meet your adventuring party

>> No.46607163

Upper congo region?

Their weapons suggest central sudanic influence

>> No.46607165

Maybe kinda like The Last Airbender, but swipe out all the Asian flavor and lore and setting for African.

So you might have several continents, but they're all filled with Africans.
The Northern continent, a land of parched desert, dotted with some swamplands caused by rivers.
The Eastern continent, pockmarked by arid badlands, but connected to the Western continent by boundless savanna, and plentiful fish can be found near the strange islands off its eastern coast.
The Western continent, mountainous and rich in metal, connected to the East by a vast savanna.
The Southern continent, suffused by jungle and swamps, its wildlife plentiful.

Something like that.

>> No.46607168

>you come home to your kingdom and see this swell gentleman occupying your lands

wat do

>> No.46607182

stat these

>> No.46607188

Really? It's super easy to just talk about norse myth shit on /tg/. Unless of course your post just begins with: "GET OUT CHRISTIANS REEEEEEEE", at that point you've dug your own grave.

>> No.46607192

No, the ACTUAL real irony lies in the people who started the "kings and shit", the Afrocentrists themselves. Those cunts always keep talking about how they "were kings" and then refer to Egypt of all places rather than any of the actual kingdoms like the ones you named.
That's why everyone takes the piss on them.

There's nothing else to it. The only "bad" thing on the memers side is how they spam it when OP's pic is posted, but that is mostly just memes and the fact that the fucker in OP looks smug as fuck.

I bet you consider baneposting a very big deal too.

>> No.46607198

Remove rice

>> No.46607203

Obviously sell him random shit and call it magic then squirrel away the gold he gives you until gold prices go down.

>> No.46607211


>> No.46607215

Actually, I recall that the MMORPG Guild Wars had a very cool North African inspired expansion pack called Nightfall.

It's a shame that they decided to shift the focus for all future installment from human centric civilisations to just having it being a generic multiracial fantasy setting that might as well just be DnD with cat orcs.

>> No.46607219

Not bad at all

There could be magic based on spirit partners

>> No.46607221

Err.. until the gold prices go up.

>> No.46607226

For some reason non-human races really leave a bad taste in my mouth

>> No.46607246

>google reverse search that image
>"22 Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist"
>see pic related among them

Can't help but kek. That shit looks so normal to me as someone who lives in the Netherlands. Hell, I have those fields right in front of my house.

Really gives you a bit of perspective. The wonderment of others is the most mundane thing to me and vice-versa.
Tourists always love how flat everything is and I just consider it to be boring as fuck.
At the same time, when I go a bit more to the east to the German border I'm amazed at all the hills and stuff.

>> No.46607253

It's like waking up to an acid trip

>> No.46607260

I'm more thinking about in real life. Here in Sweden it seems that only the racist white trash is embarasing Norse culture. This spawns a counterculture that wants to distance themselves from thst. At least the Marvel movies with their insipid version of Norse mythology is offsetting this.

>> No.46607265

Ha ha, funny joke OP. Now kill yourself. Though I will give you credit for owning up to being a faggot and a shit stirrer.

>> No.46607267

It is fairly annoying FOR ME

>> No.46607288

because you can always tell which 19th century racial theory tome they're based on?

>> No.46607294

Nobody cared before you put spoilers on

>> No.46607307

Shame it only looks like this for a very short time

>> No.46607309

Was derailing the thread part of your plan?

>> No.46607317

Really, you see mushroom trees as perfectly normal?

>> No.46607318

Pretty much. White nationalists have hijacked Norse culture and black Nationalists have hijacked African and Egyptian culture

At least Based Rome will always be safe. Being a Romaboo is the standard assumption in every civilized society.

>> No.46607341

Are mushroom trees in the Netherlands?
Well there you go

>> No.46607359

I don't think the non human races are really that bad at their core. It's just that they put so little effort into them compared to what they did with the humans.

The humans had several diverse realms with distinct varried cultures within the same realms.

The Chinese continent had like outside Imperial China also asians that were polish aristocracy goths living in giant petrified trees that they carved into gothic cathedrals. Next to them there were a bunch of asian wastelanders based on ancient Greek argonauts living on the surface of a petrified jade sea moving around using huge mechanical fortresses and giant turtles with siege cannons mounted on their back.

In the North African area they had three different distinct cultures and states, in addition to the undead culture in the sulfur wasteland area that were a bunch of mummies that was also very distinct.

What they did after this just seems lazy to me. Kinda like if their publishers or investors told them to make it more appealing to the lowest common denominator.

>> No.46607370

>remove nig & chink
>game becomes profitable

Don't tell tumblr!

>> No.46607372


>> No.46607388

>Being a Romaboo is the standard assumption in every civilized society.

Only west of the Indus

>> No.46607395

Mage : the Sorcerers' Crusade 's Companion included traditions, informations and original ideas for 16th century southern Africa. Sparse, but it had the merit of existing.
Inversely, everything Europe east of Berlin was treated as "Mordor with lakes of blood and satanic wizard warlords".

>> No.46607397

East of the Indus doesn't have civilized society? /pol/ please

>> No.46607416

No I'm saying the obviously civilized Sinocentric societies aren't Romaboos like the Euros, North Africans, Middle Easterners, Slavs, and even the Indo-Aryans are. This the statement "all civilized folk are Romaboos isn't quite true"

>> No.46607419

I think he means that Asians don't have a crush on Rome. Which is impossible, everyone has a crush on Rome.

>> No.46607430

Nah, they also butchered the skill system for the sequels and made the game a whole lot more focused on grinding. They even decided to not include that many traces of the Asian area on purpose in the sequel to such a degree that they had the entire Asian district in the human capital city just disappear into a sinkhole. This was mostly because it could potentially be offensive to the Chinese market, because they had in the first game mixed Chinese and Korean architecture. This was apparently viewed as unsensitive and thoughtless.

>> No.46607435

They kind of went the typical Korean MMO way
Really, just take a look at what all the races are

>Big hulkyman race
>tiny midget race
>one-with-nature-and-magic-and-totally-not-elves race
>furry race

They're more original than most MMOs but the differences are superficial. The different "cultures" they have are nothing to write home about either.

>> No.46607495

Yeah, it looks like they turned it into Korea He-man instead of doing what they did in the previous game that mostly revolved around post-cataclysmic human societies.

I think it's the only western MMO that I can think of that did this, without being a DnD knockoff, that wasn't the Conan MMO.

I guess we just can't have nice things.

>> No.46607501

You use too many commas.

>> No.46607510

I know. Before I used too few commas. So now I need to even it out.

>> No.46607515

Different languages have different rules for punctuation. Not every school teaches English punctuation properly.

>> No.46607517

I used to have the same problem.

>> No.46607528


Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!

>> No.46607537

I made bread.

>> No.46607557

>The shape
Jesus Christ, how popular IS the pointy-cone-head-ghost design for robes?

>> No.46607561

I remember swinging by Stormfront once because there was a thread about Deadliest Warriors. They were assblasted that the Roman gladiator didn't win against the Apache Indian. They talked about how gladiators were some kind of paragon example of white civilisations elite warriors.

Shitheads will try to make everything that's cool theirs.

>> No.46607571

Seeing as it makes you look taller, I would have to say it was probably fairly popular.

>> No.46607581


We two dear men, friends forever, were here. If you want to know our names, they are Gaius and Aulus.

>> No.46607631

That's funny, because the Han Dynasty were huge Romaboos. They called it "Da Qin" in records, Great China, which for Imperial China is pretty top level praise.

>> No.46607643 [DELETED] 

Choose any game

As we all know white culture is all stolen from the blacks anyways

>> No.46607652

We'd have been on the moon around the 1200CE if not for the Romans, Anon.

>> No.46607658

savage worlds

>> No.46607660


>Not Sure If Serious.jpg

>> No.46607669

And miss out on spooky ghost language, aka latin, and their sick architecture? No thank you.

>> No.46607675

Well, China is the oldest running nation in the world. They have in the last century survived nationwide opium addiction, the British empire and Chairman Mao. So they are clearly at least trying harder to stay around than a lot of other nations.

>> No.46607676

Also the original meaning of fetishes. Miniature idols that either contains magic or spirits, break them to make them do things.
Also I like the idea from a few years ago, in that a witch doctor reaching for something in his cloak is akin to a guy racking up a shotgun. Everyone either stops and pays attention, or busy running away for their lives.

>> No.46607692

Fucking A
Have some of the interior art. 'Spears of the Dawn' is GOAT.

>> No.46607705

That's very evocative.
It's a shame it's so tricky to do dark skin in black and white line art.

>> No.46607721

Yeah, fetish is just a fancy word for a ritual item. The sexual orientation term came from people having a kink about leather, latex, specific outfits and tools. Somehow this word was then hijacked by people that wanted their sexual orientations for fantasy figures and weird situations to have a fancier term than kink.

This along with meme is just another word the Internet has ruined.

>> No.46607746

Makes me wonder what magic based on the original meaning of meme would be like. Repeated spells that do more when the person it's targeted to remembers about what it did last time?

>> No.46607753

>huge Romaboos

That's from ONE letter. 1. Uno.

>> No.46607764

>Be slaver
>Going into jungle to get some premium defenseless slaves
>Locals say forest is protected by spirits
>It's dark as hell, trees block out the sunlight
>Hear rustling in leaves
>My crew collectively shits their pants, tell'em to get their guns and be ready for anything
>Volley of arrows from all directions
>My guys screaming their lungs out
>Can't see shit
>Shoot randomly into bushes
>These guys jump out of the fucking trees man
>Turn to run
>All my guys dead or dying
>Feel arrows in back
>Poison from arrows makes me hallucinate
>Last thing I see is these guys getting their knives ready to make me into talismans

>> No.46607807

Try and look up original Roman additions to the sciences.

Go on.

>> No.46607816

Those are dudes from Papue-New-Guinea. They are at least an ocean away from Africa.

>> No.46607822

>inb4 someone posts 'the science of buttfucking little bo-'
>oh wait, the Greeks perfected that

>> No.46607826

Memes are just the idea worlds version of genes. Just like genes, people will shape their lives around them and possibly even die for them. It's the force that has allowed humanity to jump ahead of evolution. Thanks to memes our thoughts and events can live on for thousands of years in other peoples minds. It is all our collected knowledge and feelings.

It's the stuff the concept of magic is made out of. It is the stuff that puts us on the top of the food chain on this planet. It is the stuff that will give us the potential to rule over outer space.

>> No.46607849


No-one else was seriously pushing the sciences beyond China, and even that was only limited. Are you trying to argue that the Greek City States, Carthage, the polygot of Gaullish and Briton tribes or the Parthains were developing methods of intensive agriculture, mass production or other major leaps in technology?

>> No.46607861


So what does that make Baneposting?

>> No.46607876

To be fair, all scientific progress before the brits invented industry and capitalism is basically moving one inch and claiming to have completed a marathon

>> No.46607904 [DELETED] 

anything set in portugal

>> No.46607910

They had primitive plumbing at Heraklion and one of the worlds oldest payed roads around 2000 BC. Repeated nature catastrophe putted an end to that.

>> No.46607913 [DELETED] 

We wuz kangs

>> No.46607922 [DELETED] 


>> No.46607929


Dammit, I thought we were over that meme.

And why does it make me giggle like a fool?

>> No.46607932 [DELETED] 


>> No.46607935 [DELETED] 


>> No.46607951 [DELETED] 




>> No.46607958

The idea of making fun of a movie and people enjoying said movie mutating into a cluster of ideas, like a hydra of esoteric injokes and the basis of a religion worshipping a CIA martyr and his bane. It's a pretty big meme considering how it started out.

The same thing is true for many trending ideas.

>> No.46607968

>It's a pretty big meme


>> No.46607972

There is a huge larp group with a medieval/modern setting, they are called Boko Haram iirc

>> No.46607985

Donkey Kong Country

SJWmod finally gave up, that fucking pussy.

>> No.46608004



>> No.46608007


>> No.46608013


Or maybe he's just asleep now.

If we have a SJW Mod, how come the SJW threads about abuse in tabletop gaming get deleted? If the mod was a SJW he'd encourage them to 'straighten us out' or something like that.

>> No.46608019

Wouldn't Donkey Kong live in Africa since he is a gorilla?

>> No.46608080

I think he means SJW as a generic slur, like when lefties use the word "fascist."

>> No.46608083

I thought right wingers used the word cuck for lefties now instead of SJW?

>> No.46608107

I think the mod might just be keeping /pol/ And /int/ memes out of /tg/ for the same reason he would keep /r9k/ memes out of /tg/.

>> No.46608111

You guys do realize that Africa is big with lots of different cultures each one with their own history and beliefs?

Maybe you should ask "Where in Africa?" first.

>> No.46608119

And lefties use both "facist" and "nazi"
It pretty much means the same for both: namely absolutely nothing.

>> No.46608187

Yeah, wasn't like fascism about forced inclusiveness and national socialism about reinforcing your own country for the benefit of your citizen? Then that war happened that was spearedheaded by people that had no business spearheading a war and they became synonyms with eachother because of the Axis Powers?

>> No.46608213


>> No.46608215

>how come the SJW threads about abuse in tabletop gaming get deleted?
You'll notice those threads go on for hours and hours, and immediedly get deleted after people start calling out and btfoing the tumblrfags. I wonder why they always choose that point to delete the threads and not before?

>> No.46608247

And then Jews made up lies about muh six trillions to further their godless agenda and everyone fell for it hook line and sinker.

>> No.46608266

Which part, Africa is fucking big.

>> No.46608291


More like in a Stockholm Syndrome kind of way.

>> No.46608302

>not talking about company of heroes
/v/ a shit

>> No.46608307

>No I'm saying the obviously civilized Sinocentric societies aren't Romaboos like the Euros, North Africans, Middle Easterners, Slavs, and even the Indo-Aryans are
Yet even they are indirectly Romaboos. Rome's influence goes far. For example, by far the grand majority of East Asian nations use a legal code based on the Code Civil (aka Code Napoléon), which was Napoleon's attempt to create a Roman code in the line of for example the Codex Justinianus.

With almost every nation that currently exists in the world you can play "Six degrees of Rome". Point out anything about their governmental organization and laws and you can draw it back to Rome one way or another.

And that's not even getting colonialism in the mix, which ensured Rome's legacy was in one way or another exported to all sections of the world.

>> No.46608313

Because the mod is either a tumblrfag themselves, or they're a tumblrfag sympathizer. Well, that's my theory.

>> No.46608329

Shitposting. Shitposting never changes.

>> No.46608351

The jews don't.

>> No.46608362

Yeah, but who likes the jews?

>> No.46608458

>There is a huge larp group with a medieval/modern setting, they are called Boko Haram iirc

This is a point that really annoys me; the idea that Boko and pals beliefs make them medieval is nonsense for several reasons but it seems to be a common trap when discussing Islamic militant groups.

The first is that it subscribes to a teleological view of history, as if all of human culture exists on a slider with a single axis from primitive to modern. Which is not how societies actually work, and what any individual chooses as the benchmark of "progress" against which dissent is labelled as inherently primitive is arbitary.

The second reason is that it gives these groups a legitimacy they do not deserve. The society that they are trying to make is not a return to the medieval past, but a fantasy world that has as much resemblance to history as the average D&D setting. Instead of exposing the insane logic behind IS claims of a Caliphate (for example) that are absurd to an informed observer we give them the fig-leaf of history. These groups systematically attempt to destroy the past, including actual medieval Islamic shrines, in order to substitute their dogma for historical truth and calling them medieval is only helping them do that.

Despise them for being murderous fanatics, but don't give them the legitimacy of calling them medieval. So much of their propoganda is built on returning to a glorious past that never actually happened and we have to fight it not spread the idea.

>> No.46608544

So I guess you could say that their masquerading about as a return to midieval values is absolutely haram.

>> No.46608594

>midieval values
Strictly inferior to mp3eval values, unless filesize is a concern.

>> No.46608641

>No-one else was seriously pushing the sciences beyond China, and even that was only limited

Fucking dumbest post today.

>> No.46608675

Try and look up who developed all the stuff the Romans were using. It's all Greek, Egyptean or Persian inventions.

Heck, they could not even be arsed to come up with their own swords.

>> No.46608706

At least you didn't call them Daesh like a fag. You should go to target audience of said groups with your sermons and preaching, not here.

>> No.46608707

Mmm, given most of this thread I think not

>> No.46608764

>> No.46608769

Pretty much, fun isn't it?

Wahhabist theology that drives most of these groups first developed in the 18thC, and only really reached it's current form to spread worldwide on the early-mid 20thC. Not exactly a long medieval pedigree is it?

Eh, I did it here because I'm bored while waiting for a train and the misuse of history to condemn things you don't like is pretty widespread across the net. But I'll stop now and let you get back to arguing about Africa.

>> No.46608787

I lack art of historical African soldier outfits, deliver me some /tg/!

>> No.46608861


>> No.46608875

>Here in Sweden
Well there is your problem, you can talk about Norse shit in other Scandinavian countries fine.

>> No.46608902

Technically, every "forever low-tech" setting is based on Africa.

>> No.46608921


>> No.46608979

IIRC soldiers of developed cultures wore mail, heavy cloth armor over them, shields, spears and sidearms like short sword you posted.

>> No.46609039


Moore impressive was when the Kingdoms of Kush (what the Nubians formed into after the introduction of the spiral screw irrigation made the southern nile more habitable) held off Rome, and Rome at its peak no less, for 270-odd years as Rome tried to expand southward after conquering egypt, until Rome eventually had to sue for peace.

>> No.46609107

Anything set in Detroit.

>> No.46609137

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Masterwork Khopesh" bullshit that's going on in /tg/ right now. Kpingas deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine Kpinga in Senegambia for 2,400,000 Delasi (that's about $20) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even cut slabs of solid beef with my Kpinga.

West african smiths spend years working on a single Kpinga and add weird branching flanges along its length up to a million times to produce the funkiest blades known to mankind.

Kpingas are thrice as sharp as Khopeshes and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything a Khopesh can cut through, a Kpinga can be thrown at better. I'm pretty sure a Kpinga could easily bisect a donkey carrying sacks full of china plates with a simple simple one handed toss from over a mile away.

Ever wonder why ancient Egypt never bothered conquering west africa? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined D'reg warriors and their Kpingas of destruction. Even in the Ruk War, French soldiers targeted the men with the Kpingas first because their killing power was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Kpingas are simply the best throwing sword that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system. Here is the stat block I propose for Kpingas:

(One-Handed Exotic Throwing Weapon)
1d12 Damage
19-20 x4 Crit
+2 to hit and damage
Counts as Masterwork

Now that seems a lot more representative of the throwing power of Kpingas in real life, don't you think?

tl;dr = Kpingas need to do more damage in d20, see my new stat block.

>> No.46609346

>the "black pharaohs" bullshit

The Nubian dynasty wasn't White famigo.

>> No.46609423

No dynasty was white according to US standards.

>> No.46609467

Of course!

>> No.46609538

The US isn't white according to anyone's standards.

>> No.46609980

In case you had any doubt, here's a post from Tumblr clearing up any doubt about whether Egyptians are or have even been black.

>> No.46610153

I feel like the only people who give a shit about this meme are very white people.

>> No.46610156


>The leopard cult terrorized British West Africa for decades (they're bag was ritual murder) until the colonial police put them down with the help of a local witch doctor.

I'd watch that film.

>> No.46610196

>He's a colonial policeman on his last job
>He's a witch doctor on the run from a cult
>Together they fight crime

>> No.46610211


Fund it

>> No.46610212


>Egypt identifies as Arab today due to the Arab Nationalist Movement in the 1950's, which was a response to British Colonialism

Really. Not Egypt and every other Arab in the region fucking losing the first Arab/Israeli war and switching from a Monarchy to a Democracy then?

>> No.46610362

>Erma spooky wooky youse white debils wit a "Boo!" and stuff :DDDD

>> No.46610683

Underrated post.

>> No.46610698

Nah, that was a footnote.

>> No.46610701

Exactly how and why ethnic/nationalist movements like pan-Arabianism and Arab-nationalism have spread and evolved in the mid-east and Africa is a more complicated issue than what can be explained in a single argument. Many theories can be formulated and more or less documented, my guess being that this particular person identify the anti-colonial movements as having been a milestone.

In summary, history, and especially political history, is more complicated than calling bullshit on one representation of cause and effect and proclaiming another correct.

>> No.46610841

It might make for a decent game of Unknown Armies though.

>> No.46610843


>> No.46610852


>> No.46610872


>> No.46610923

>tfw you realize hypertrophied muscles are only useful in hypertrophy contests

>> No.46610938

I disagree that the concept of shared infrastructure corresponds to the concept of affection and fond remembrance.

Just because you can draw lines of parallel or shared innovations doesn't mean that society has any fondness for Rome. That's like claiming that Jim Caveziel must be a fan of William Defoe because he happened to play Jesus in a major blockbuster film after him.

Versus the pervasive sense of mild approval that comes out in a lot of Western history and culture.

>> No.46610967


>> No.46610971

Or maybe that's when people start reporting; when their circlejerk, whether it is /pol/'s or Tumblr's, gets interrupted.

>> No.46611002






>> No.46611019


It still seems unlikely to me that "English Colonialism" by which he probably means the debacle that was the Suez Canal crisi could have caused Egypt to become an arabic country given that Egypt had ALREADY at that point sided with Iran, Syria and all the other Arabian countries against Israel in the first war almost 8 years previously.

Fuck they were even officially calling themselves a part of the Arab League in that conflict.

>> No.46611042


>> No.46611097


Pick one

>> No.46611122

Anything that has rules for stone age.
Make the map all desert.
Done, works even for modern africa

>> No.46611144

Well, Africans certainly aren't The Culture, but I don't think anybody (or any body) on Earth can make that claim.

>> No.46611171

What about all those countries that didn't want to join either Mussolini's or Hitler's wild ride that they ended up attacking out of spite?

>> No.46611205

Could it be that we were indeed the descendants of monarchs and faeces?

>> No.46611237

Sorry, wanted to make a quick clarifier here, I think I used slightly too strong a term of dismissal.

My comments regarding Jim Caveziel/William Defoe as an allegory for the development of East Indian legal systems based off of the Napoleonic Code isn't as dismissive of the influence of Rome as might initially be construed.

Certainly, when Gibson and Caveziel started Passion, there was at least some reference to and analysis of the cinematic Christs that came before. That's just how acting and dramatic productions work. So I'm not attempting to claim that the similarities are there by chance, but rather that the knowledge of the antecedent or relation to it doesn't necessitate a positive attitude to it. It's quite likely that East Indian cultures have no particular opinion of the legitimacy of Roman culture, despite their laws being derived from an attempt to restore Roman era laws. In the same way that me really enjoying, say, a well-made coat from the 20's, doesn't imply that I like the myriad other facets of that decade.

>> No.46611268

Dominions 4 has the Machaka faction.

>> No.46611274

But literally none of this is impressive besides the drawings which are literally just that. A lot of this was made out of dirt and clay or by settlers. But weird to think they knew how to sew before settlers.

>> No.46611324

I thought the whole point of it was the absurdity of the descendants of slaves that were sold to foreigners linking themselves to royalty of relatively far-off nations

>> No.46611349


Oh yeah, I remember that. The one thing that actually bother me about that was that after a whole lot of build with the Apache attacking from range and retreating he pulls a firearm and kill the Roman. Like what the fuck was the point in all that Fucking build up for the confrontation if the Apache has firearm? Why didn't he open up with that instead of wasting his time? It all seem pretty dumb even for deadliest warriors and that's saying something.

>> No.46611357

>Tank turns up
>Ethiopian kills the commander with a spear
>Napoleonic era artillery shells the tank until it explodes

Italy everybody

>> No.46611362

Well, some africans cooperated with the slavers.
It's easy to think they sold captured enemies, that may or may not include royalties.

After all, only the Mayans sacrificed captured nobles.

>> No.46611363

>Mali Empire
>Biggest accomplishment was a giant mud wall
Very impressive for the african peoples.

>muh negro feefees ;_;

>> No.46611565

There's a point where a thing has stopped being a meme and becomes pavlovian conditioning and /pol/ passed that 10 or so "WE"s ago.

>> No.46611584

>Well, some africans cooperated with the slavers.
I know, in fact I'd say any west-African nation with a leader worth the title of KANG was pretty big on slave trade, at the very least internally.
It would also be a waste to sell a PRINSUSS or whatever to someone who couldn't really "appreciate" that fact, wouldn't you say?

>> No.46611591

>shiiiieeeeet a big ass wall outta mud
>week long chimp-out over it

>> No.46611613

>H-how dare people say things I don't like on an anonymous imageboard! Yay jannies for removing speech I don't like!!!

>> No.46611649

You forgot that in your post.

>> No.46611658


I think if you go to war and get defeated bad enough to be sold as a slave along with the rest of your people you don't count as royalty anymore. Woe to vanquish and all that.

>> No.46611689

ugh, reports are like, SO triggering and stuff

like, I can't even

>> No.46611693

>Biggest accomplishment was a giant mud wall

No, their biggest accomplishment was being so wealthy that their king's hajj destabilized the entire Mediterranean economy.

Also Timbuktu.

But mostly Mansa Musa's hajj.

>> No.46611705

Yeah we can do that, but since we are also part of the first world country club we also get the same retarded social issues as them. We recently had a neonazi party, called the Swedes Party, that used a Norse rune as their party symbol that supposedly represented how they would wish destruction upon on their enemies. They were so dedicated to their ideology that they basically ragequitted their party after not getting enough votes in the last govermental election.

The news media jumped on the Norse rune bandwagon, so that's was what people were talking about on that subject.

All of this stupid shit adds up eventually. Soon people will think of Norse lore as that quaint thing neonazis obsess over. We also have the same problem as America seems to have with their education, with it being that people here thinks that history is for losers. No one wants to learn about the real Vikings, so we just ends up with people having the romanticised view of them or people think that they were all just a bunch of plundering assholes.

Although, I can't blame people here for not wanting to get into Swedish history. A lot of our conflicts seems to be about petty economic squable regarding the baltic sea and no one in this country did anything awesome until the 30 year war.

>> No.46611712

Yeah, a lot of the peaceful and innocent dindus warred the fuck out eachother, and sold their enemies to the third party slavers for profit.

>> No.46611727


>> No.46611732

>peaceful and innocent
Bitch please. They used to fight each others a fucking lot.
That'll surprise you, but blackies fought each others as much as whiteys did.

>> No.46611733

Barbarians of Lemuria has not-Africa portions.

If you use it to play in Hyborea instead (many people do), then there's Africa as well.

>> No.46611740

Yeah because the rest of Africa was completely uniform. Anyway, we don't know much about sub-Saharan Africa outside of what Malinese traders would bring back, so really any setting about Ancient Africa is going to have to focus on north of the Sahara; which for a lot of history is entirely Egyptian.

>> No.46611745

>biggest achievement was being so bad at managing their monies that they didn't only bankrupt their own economy, but everybody else's as well

Can you say Detroit?

>> No.46611769


We usually measure accomplishments of civilizations in their cultural or political legacies. More concrete examples could help your argument.

>> No.46611770

Whites didn't fight each other before the World Wars you dumb shit. The crusades weren't against other whites.

>tumblr in charge of knowing history

>> No.46611777

>No, their biggest accomplishment was being so wealthy that their king's hajj destabilized the entire Mediterranean economy.
le toppest of le kekes my good sir :)

>> No.46611788

>a giant financial drain on honest hard-working people

It checks out

>> No.46611809

>Whites didn't fight each other before the World Wars
Confirmed for not knowing shit.

>> No.46611832

Don't bother asking tumblr cucks for things like 'facts' or 'common sense'

Also fuck you for deleting half the thread, mods, this is our turf now. Delete this too if you want but you can't delete what the people of /tg/ honestly and truly believe. Fuck your SJW shittery.

>> No.46611835


I actually hear about that one, it more to do with unintentionally flowing the market with gold than mismanagement.

>> No.46611837

Sure, Deadliest Warrior was all kinds of stupid with their leaps of logic and how they matched the opponents. I just found it amusing that some people on Stormfront equated entertainers with an elite warrior class. Like they were war heroes or something.

It's like comparing a boxer with a Green Beret.

>> No.46611867

The English were the de-facto colonial power in Egypt for years before the Suez crisis. The crisis was very much a result of disagreements over the decolonization process in the mid-east and Africa.

To pin-point exactly when Arabic nationalism/pan-Arabism became a thing is extremely difficult. It played a large part in the rebellions against the Ottoman Empire before and during world war one, the Ottomans being Turkic rather than Arab in origin. Egypt is also a special case because Ottoman control over the province was very irregular during the long history of the Ottoman Empire, with Egypt instigating numerous rebellions and effectively ceasing to be a part of the empire on-and-off. A Egyptian national pride was part of this, and may or may not have had an effect on the development of Arab nationalism. It is also important to remember that pan-Arabism and Arab-nationalism were never unified movements. Syria, Egypt and Libya all practiced different versions during the post-colonial period, and the ideology has had many different incarnations over a 100 odd years of Arab anti-colonial/imperialist struggles.

>> No.46611881

Looks like you missed the memo
/tg/ is a SJW hellhole now

>> No.46611883

Except, here's the thing, Mansa Musa *didn't* bankrupt his economy. His kingdom didn't even notice the loss of the wealth that he took with him on his hajj, it was so insignificant next to what he left behind.

While on his hajj, meanwhile, he was so generous with gifts that he basically collapsed the economy of the Berber and Arab lands he passed through, while also buying so much from various Italian merchants that be basically gave the Renaissance its start-up money.

And, again, Timbuktu, which Musa peacefully incorporated into his empire on the way back from his hajj and transformed it into a major city, which the later Tuareg and Songhai people turned into one of the greatest centers of learning and trade in the Muslim world.

>> No.46611886

>unintentionally overflowing

You mean following their animalistic instincts and just blowing all their money on cocaine and hookers, like their 'elite' are still doing today...

John Cena can beat you up for sure.

>> No.46611899


Confirmed for falling for the most obvious bait in all of baitingstan where everything anyone says is bait.

>> No.46611926

>The green beret shoot the boxer with his standard issue firearm in the third round of their match after using the natural foliage growing in the ring to mask his presence.

>> No.46611927

>Afro-Revisionism has gone so far down the rabbit hole it now honestly believes the Renaissance was started because WE WUZ KINGZ

>> No.46611960

holy shit

>> No.46611989


I don't doubt that their was some frivolous spending involved but it was actually done on their neighbors while doing a pilgrimage to Mecca.

>> No.46611995


>> No.46612017

I have heard literally not one single word about this in 5 years of studying history, which leads me to believe it's complete and utter bullshit.

>> No.46612020

I was kinda hoping this thread wouldn't get hijacked by /pol/, since African folklore and mythology is quite interesting to read about.

But, it did, and I am saddened by this.

>> No.46612038


I'm sure you can discuss the story of 'Oogu find big stick in mud :OOO' somewhere else.

>> No.46612046

If you want to read african folklore/mythology go read up on afrocenterism or "muh dikk mudafugga" claims

>> No.46612057

The Italian city-states had to get wealthy from SOMEWHERE. There isn't really anything in Italy itself that could generate that kind of wealth.

For perspective, Musa's procession reportedly included 12,000 slaves, each of whom carried four pounds in gold bars, or a total of 48,000 pounds of gold. In today's money (with the current value of 1 pound of solid gold being $18,348.33), that would be $880,719,840.

That's about $380 million more than the current net worth of Queen Elizabeth.

>> No.46612060

>ooga booga where da white wimen at

>> No.46612062

It was inevitable really.

Just be glad we got some discussion in.

>> No.46612065

[citation needed]

>> No.46612082

He's exaggerating quite a lot, though the price of gold did drop quite a bit for a decade.
Great job having mineral resources to spare Mali.
He's a pretty good example of a powerful African leader, but using the Hadj where he spent/gave away a lot of his incidental wealth to illustrate that, is pretty asinine

>> No.46612087

I think I could take John Xena if I had a gun.

>> No.46612129

Hol up yu be sain dat we wuz kangs an shieet?

>> No.46612145

Isn't it a bit misleading to quote his fortune in today's value? Surely his wealth would not have been equivalent given the things you can do with money today.

Similarly, if that money allowed a renaissance in the west, why did nothing of the sort happen to his homeland?

>> No.46612149

>blacks lying about their wealth to brag

Another thing they seem to be fond of.

(also pic related, lmao mods so mad)

>> No.46612171

Would be nice if I managed to attach the pic, wouldn't it?

>> No.46612179

>> No.46612188


Collapsing economy:
>"[Cairo merchants], suddenly rich and lacking of any good incentive to save or bury their new fortunes, simply increased their consumption proportionally. But their interests clashed: they all wanted to buy then same fine things and the market became saturated with demand. They discovered that they could not get all they wanted without bidding up the prices and soon Cairo’s real estate, food and commodity market prices had doubled, reaching levels hitherto unknown."
>Crucially, medieval Egypt was not an isolated community, but traded actively with countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. After King Musa left, it found itself flooded with gold, and this lead to internal inflation. However, foreign goods were still as cheap as before, and having more gold, Egypt could steeply increase its imports. Concurrently, Egyptian goods being so expensive, exports would have ceased. This would then lead to a decrease in the gold income due to exports, and, imports being paid in gold, to an effective export of Egypt’s gold; the balance of payments would thus become (very) negative.
>Incidentally, a great deal of king Musa’s gold ended up in Italian merchants hands, where it helped finance the early Italian Renaissance.

There are other websites I could have used, but most of them smack of what even I would call "WE WUZ KINGS", so I chose a site strictly about economics.

>> No.46612203

>very white people.

It's an US meme. Result of US race politics and the Black National Politics that had to find some space it could occupy within the framework of those.

>> No.46612215

>> No.46612241


>> No.46612255

Fucking hell, what a joke. /tg/ mods are hyper-cucks

>> No.46612262


>> No.46612265

>> No.46612294

>Similarly, if that money allowed a renaissance in the west, why did nothing of the sort happen to his homeland?

Value is based on demand. The Mali were swimming in gold, and as such it was not as valuable to them as it was to other nations. What an Egyptian would pay the equivalent of 3 dinar for, a Malian would happily pay ten times the amount without thinking that he was being cheated in any way.

Having said that, the Malians weren't stupid. They did have some value of gold (it was still rare, just not as rare as it was elsewhere), and more to the point they were perfectly aware of the fact that other people valued it.

>> No.46612304

People of most likely low social standing from a region in which several kingdoms, empires and smaller states of varying importance and prestige were located.

>> No.46612323

>> No.46612326


The part about starting up the Renaissance with his money is certainly an exaggeration, but yea, Mansa Musa being ridiculously wealthy and founding libraries, mosques, and fucking up local economies with crazy spending during his trip backed by numerous accounts.

Also, it should be noted that in addition to the Berber states and Ottomans, the Khinasi from the D&D Birthright setting take from the Hausa Kingdoms of west Africa.

And there's Gulg from Dark Sun.

But I see Nyambe and Spears of the Sun have already been mentioned. Honestly, you can't be those as far as Sahael/Sub-Saharan African themed RPGs go.

>> No.46612332

>> No.46612341




>> No.46612345

>Well, some africans cooperated with the slavers.

Slave trade was a pretty integral part of their political economy and the states at the time generally were strong enough to kill anyone who tried to mess with their main source of foreign trade revenue.

Wall Street managed to pull that off twice already.

>> No.46612348

>> No.46612352

>Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom

I heard it's very good.

>> No.46612358

>the Jews aren't doing it on purpose to bleed out white people


>> No.46612385

That much I can understand.

However, what did the west have that allowed a great scientific revolution, when there was (and still is to a degree) very little scientific progress in the African nations? I realise there's probably no easy answer to that question, but I can't help but feel as though the natural resources in Africa were squandered.

>> No.46612392

>> No.46612413

My sides are dead

>> No.46612414

>The crusades weren't against other whites.

Catharism was a thing. I dunno if Catholics count as white for the purpose of this discussion though.

>> No.46612424

Inferior monkey brains.

>> No.46612446

Scientific progress doesn't happen out of nowhere. Europe already had many scholars skilled not only in theology but also in natural sciences and there was a long history of scientific progress reaching back to ancient rome and even further into greece. With right circumstances that simply exploded in renaissance. Sub-saharan africa lacked both in the past and it just continues.

>> No.46612457

Another cuck thread successfully saved. Good job, fellow /pol/ite gentlemen. See y'all when they try to pull this shit again in a few hours.

>> No.46612463

I think everyone lies to brag. That seems to be what social media centers around. People of all colours are just more shallow than you might like to think.

>> No.46612504


Joke is that it's true for the US.

>> No.46612510

It was the other way around desu. >>46606554

>> No.46612535

Naturally. However, with information so easily available nowadays, it's a wonder why there aren't more scientists/industrialists in Africa. I honestly don't know what the situation is there. Still, I can see why China is more or less implanting themselves over there.

>> No.46612546

Civilization isn't a steady march from one advance to the next to the one after that. Well, I mean, the game is, but real life civilization isn't.

Necessity is the mother of invention. The Mali and subsequent peoples, taken in isolation, didn't NEED a scientific revolution on the scale in what happened in Europe - any more than China did, taken in isolation. They were getting by just fine by the standards of the time. The Malian, Tuareg, and Songhai empires were no more nor less advanced than any of their contemporaries.

Like, much is made out of them building "mud walls" (mud brick, really, it's kind of disingenuous to just call them "mud", they were built using the same stuff that Babylonian ziggurats were), but mud walls WORKED in Africa. They didn't need other building materials the way Europeans did.

Europe, meanwhile, was positively obsessed with finding faster ways to get bigger ships to China (Spain, Portugal, France) or at least get goods FROM China into Europe (Italy, the Byzantines and later Ottomans, Russia). Nations that did that got wealthy, which caused nearby European nations (England, mostly) to attack them, etc., etc. Europeans were basically in a frenetic kill-spree against one another constantly in a way that the (comparatively, between nation-states) African and Asian nations weren't.

The major exception to that is India, but the British East India company played Indian nations against one another until the entire subcontinent was under their control.

By the time the Europeans started cramping on the styles of Africa and Asia directly - which would have lead to the same frenetic competition that happened in Europe - the Europeans had such a huge tech lead that the rest of the world just couldn't compete.

>> No.46612588


Really makes you feel close to the Romans, doesn't it? Puts a human, albeit autistic, face on these distant ancestors.

>> No.46612599

A concluding thought.

Ever actually read the poem "White Man's Burden", by Kipling? The poem actually makes a point of stating that white people aren't somehow special or destined or superior to any other race. They just got lucky. A few things went right for Europe at the same time that a few things went wrong for the rest of the world, and as a result Europe waxed strong while Africa and Asia waned and fell under European colonialism.

But that's all it really is: luck.

>> No.46612618

>muh colonialism

C'mon son...

>> No.46612647

>roman scientific progress

>> No.46612680


>> No.46612684

>However, with information so easily available nowadays, it's a wonder why there aren't more scientists/industrialists in Africa.

There are. A lot of them go to America, Europe, and Asia for work, though because that's where they can find projects with funding.

If you're asking why there aren't as many large government backed scientific/industrial/technician programs in Africa, then that's more a matter of politics than complete lack of talent.

>> No.46612725

I didn't say whether colonialism was good OR bad. I just agree with Kipling on the point that white people aren't special or superior. We just got lucky, or else everyone else got unlucky. Either way, really.

>> No.46612782

think of the grafitis we lost to time
such horrifying thought

>> No.46612815

Europe also didn't have lot of tropical diseases and the same degree of poisonous fauna in the region.

Hell, the native Americans had a problem with developing agriculture because they lacked beasts of burden. They thought at first that the horses the Europeans brought with them were big dogs.

South American natives would probably have done better if they weren't so far behind Europe. They did develope some cool architecture, they even developed terracesd fields for their agriculture without influence from the other continents and the economy wasn't too bad.

>> No.46612840

>for a good time
>call Anon's mom

>> No.46612893

>not just trading guns for slaves with village chiefs like everybody else

>> No.46612908


That's not Yakub, it's Yashmal.

t. expert

>> No.46613176

isn't it Qur'an?

>> No.46613250

>The Malian, Tuareg, and Songhai empires were no more nor less advanced than any of their contemporaries.
They were though, in fact Musa's most important feat was probably bringing knowledge from (and some to) the Arab world

>> No.46613257

Not that anon, but let's go:
- Define your own fucking question. Your smug 'cultural or political legacies' is meaningless as a research question. Go back to school or, perhaps even more unthinkable, try reading a book on the matter of historical methodology. That should help you formulate a better question. In the following I'm going to be defining your question for you like the teacher in the special needs class defines what part of their pencils the special needs children can and can't eat without serious health risk, because that's apparently the level you work on:

So, cultural and political legacies: Let's assume what you mean is can we trace the impact from, and appreciation for, artistic and intellectual works produced by the 'civilization' (you only know that word from the Sid Meier game you accidentally grabbed from the store shelf one time, don't you?) at the time of their active period in contemporary times.

As you can see this question poses a lot of fucking problems because
i) How we define artistic/intellectual works is highly debatable
ii) It is difficult to trace a line directly from a piece of intellectual property to its dissemination among artists and intellectuals of later years.
iii) The definition of 'political legacy' is rather vague.

For the sake of simplicity let's limit ourselves to respectively
i) Written works, architecture and figurative art
ii) Looking for well-supported connections to the modern world that can be supported by authoritative sources
iii) Events that had a resounding and documented effect on the national or international scene of the day and are considered noteworthy by modern historians.


>> No.46613296

Let's list a couple of examples West African legacies:
African art spread wildly in European circles during the mid to late 19th century when colonial expansion and missionary work took off in a major way. Especially among christian missionaries there were, perhaps paradoxically, a large minority with a respect for and wish to preserve the cultures that they in their work as the front-runners of European intervention helped erase. Many works of African sculpture, metalwork, clothing and oral/written poetic traditions found their way to museums all over Europe, sometimes to be paraded as trophies over subjugated savages, sometimes as artworks to be appreciated in their own right. Much was moving in European artistic circles at the time, and the influx of African art had a lasting impact on the newly developed schools of expression. The West African colonies provided France with many cultural artefacts that were put on display in museums visited by the emerging abstract and impressionist movements. Picasso notably went through an 'African period', 'Guernica' being one example of a style very reminiscent of African artistic expression (see pic). Note the facial expression, the stiff limbs and up scaling of faces and limbs to draw attention to these body parts. This is but one of many works from the time that exemplify the trend of African influence on European art. Go ahead, look some up.


>> No.46613321

West African writing was especially influenced by the infusion of Arab scholars that followed the Malian Kings' conversion in the 14th century. Most writing is Arabic, adopting both letters and style from the Arab speaking missionaries and administrators of the early muslim period. Especially legal, historical and religious texts were worked in West Africa and meticulously preserved and filed for future reference in an advanced library system. The tradition for preservation and writing has existed for almost 500 years, and today Mali's and the West African literary community is one of the most complete in the country and remarkable on a global scale for the sheer amount of work that has been written and preserved, a godsend to scholars of African and Islamic history.

With the infusion of Islamic scholars came the need for mosques. The colonial period saw the raising of many mosques, as Islam had a wild resurgence among the common people. Many of these were built with the ancient method of mud-brick construction, the 'mud walls' that polfags famously carry on about. The truth is that mud brick construction was both economically viable and structurally sound. The mud bricks do not break under the humidity from rain season and can withstand the dry season heat better than fired bricks would. The Mosque of Jenne might be the best example of such architecture. The construction is raised some three meters over the ground, preserving it from the seasonal floods. With a floor plan a little larger than that of Notre Dame and a max height of about half the Parisian cathedral this elevation is no mean feat. The construction is also the center for a yearly local tradition where teams compete in being best at carrying out maintenance work, making the mosque the center of a community preservation effort. The mosque was put on UNESCO's list of world heritage in 1998, giving it the world community's official stamp of approval as a site of cultural value.


>> No.46613341

Politically (I think the term is too broad to be truly useful, but it is the term used in the question and so I will stick with it) the Malian Empire was a forepost of Islam in Africa. The already mentioned centers of writing, legal scholarship, historical documents and religious texts made the Empire a center of learning respected in European and Arabic circles, and much knowledge spread from here to other parts of Africa. It was from here the salt and gold trade went across the Sahara, creating a hub of trade comparable to Cairo or Venice in the Mediterranean. The goods transported were rarely directly owned by the king, who instead taxed trade moving through his territory. By allowing salt and gold miners to keep and sell their own product the local economy was stimulated and the state avoided the economic disaster of rampaging inflation that would spell the end of Spain's golden age centuries later. Mansa Musa's hajj was a testament to the wealth his country achieved by careful economic policies, and a statement of wealth and power that transformed him and his kingdom from a little-known backwater of the muslim world into a recognized power. And it worked. Islamic scholars would flock to Mali due to this piece of political machination.

>> No.46613395

Maybe the bastard demanded more guns than it was worth. Fuck that guy.

>> No.46613482

I don't want this future. I want a funposting-less future.

>> No.46613568

>we dindu nuffin

Go on. We already know that number. It's an all-american jingle and as black as the whole rest of US music that matters globally.

>> No.46613599


Shouldn't khopesh's be doing blunt damage? They're basically blunt force trauma thin bars of metal, right? It's not really a slicing edge as far as I know.

>> No.46613649

Then you probably have to get off the Internet and start talking to people in real life. Funposting has breached outside of 4chan now and it's growing stronger with every day. Soon enough it will breach real life and you will never have sincere communication ever again.

Make the best with the time you have left.

>> No.46613779

>Shouldn't khopesh's be doing blunt damage?
> They're basically blunt force trauma thin bars of metal, right? It's not really a slicing edge as far as I know.

Well, you can go on knowing shit, you can hit up youtube and watch a dude cut up shit with a copy of the one found int Tut's grave or you can buy a copy yourself for around 200 bucks.

Bronze sword reproductions are surprisingly cheap.

>> No.46613806


Why contain it?

>> No.46613945

To stop Idiocracy from happening in real life.

>> No.46614053

Too late.

>> No.46614097

We can still prevent Gatorade crops.

>> No.46615022

> africa
> culture
Enough /pol/posting for today.
Never really cared that much for Arfica, what "interesting" cultures were there besides tribal shit and the slave/gold rich kings?

>> No.46615394

>Christian Kingdoms who bravely fought the genocidical jewish kingdom.

It's what happens when Africa and the Arabs have a crossover event.

Plenty of pretty large empires along the Atlantic coast as well.

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