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How would you run a campaign where the players explore the deep ocean (can be any world).
They'd have magic to survive the crushing depths and harsh conditions.

What would they see, what horrors would they face?

Can be any system

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>(can be any world)
Throw what ever you want at them.
The deep ocean is like an alien world in and of it self.

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The nice thing with deep ocean, the rules mostly go out the window. Likethe shark with an invisible forehead, so it swivel its eyes to look up.

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I thought about doing something like this in Shadowrun. There's be a big deep sea lab complex, and I was thinking it would be abandoned and semi-ruined after being attacked by the Sea Dragon. There would be the survivors/products of horrible experiments prowling around the place. Maybe some creepy deep ocean spirits haunting the place as well or instead.

With Shadowrun being high-tech the group would just take a futuristic sub down there. Which of course allows for fun DM shenanigans when the sub leaves without them and they're wondering how the hell they're going to get out.

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What the fuck is s fursona

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It might have been /x/ or /tg/, can't remember which, but there was an amazing deep sea horror thread where some anon explained the biology of many deep sea predatory organisms.

See, at that depth, there's very basically no light and it's freezing cold. Creatures need to conserve energy, so most things rarely swim, they're just gaping maws in the darkness. Hell, there's a species of anglerfish with the lure INSIDE the mouth. Mercifully, however, these creatures tend to be quite small, because again, lack of light and heat calls for extreme adaptation. This manifests in a number of ways.

One is extreme sexual dimorphism. The males are almost always little less than floating testicles waiting to find a female. He latches on and essentially just becomes part of her body.

There's one particular fish called the Stoplight Loosejaw Eel. It's almost perfect. It has a wonderful evolutionary adaptation behind its eyes, an organ that emits red light. In the darkness, red light is the first colour to be absorbed. As such, nothing down there can see red light. Nothing, except for the Stoplight Loosejaw. It hunts with a perfectly invisible spotlight nothing else can see. The Loosejaw part? It has developed a flap for a bottom jaw, a mere skeletal surrounding with teeth that gapes open held with a few strands of muscle. It's a skeleton-faced sea monster that sees with invisible light.

The other biological adaptation common to nearly every creature down there is the elastic stomach. Food is rare down there, so you get whatever you can get. Even if it's several times bigger than you. There is a species of eel called a Gulper Eel that lives down there and is almost nothing more than an open stomach with a tail. Gulpers have been found with substantially larger things in their stomachs, it will consume a fish so big that the meal begins decomposing within its stomach. Sometimes, the meal is so big, the stomach bursts open.

Fuck everything down there.

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- Turn off all of the lights
- Turn on a lamp and put it on the table
- Put ambient sound on a laptop with the screen turned off

Then bioluminescent jellyfish

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Why do you feel the ocean?

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Wikipedia says
"However, contrary to its apparent morphological specialization, the diet of Malacosteus consists primarily of zooplankton, chiefly large calanoid copepods, with smaller numbers of krill, shrimps, and fishes."

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you don't want to know

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Furry RP character, basically.

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Here is a far more proper depiction of an Old One.

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Or this one.

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Don't rep the fakers bro.

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Captcha: please select all bodies of water including lakes and oceans

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>be cthulhu just want to take a swim and then a bunch of disgusting children jump in and scare him.

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I did an image search of this think and it sure is spoopy, but I also immediately stumbled upon sonic fan are of it.

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>sonic, mlp and wh40k art

Those seem to be the big three that always come up when searching for anything.

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I did a google search for lineart recently. Just lineart, I wanted some for a logo. Well over 80% of the results were furry lineart. Turns out that furry lineart is in huge demand among non-artfag furries. They want the lineart so that they can "fursonalize" it by colouring it in themselves.

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a wolf

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This thread is shit

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Hmm, why DO people go into the Calm Belt.

It's kind of retarded, especially seeing as how crowded with giant monsters it is.

Also, to cite One Piece, Giant Fish Monsters, and depending on where you are (Ok, lets face it, the main place you will be going that deep is Fishman Island,) angry, racist Fishmen and/or obstructive bureaucrats serving the monarchy that don't like you because you are a pirate/they don't like humans.

Also other pirates or travelers, which can be bad news.

And in One Piece you do this by getting your ship coated in one of the resinous bubbles generated locally by the huge fucking tree(s) that are near there. The biggest tree goes to the ocean bottom, at Fishman Island. (Which begs the question can you technically call Sabaondy Archipeligo a real island, or just part of Fishman Island, albeit above water?)

Then you just sort of use ballast and ride the currents to the ocean bottom, and back again. If you don't get butchered by other pirates, or Fishmen poaching travelers, or die because of underwater volcanoes or other nonsense.

At various times the pirates and Fishmen also conscript giant sea monsters and specifically make them attack ships, increasing the danger from mere happenstance "it's hungry" to "fuck you haha".

Did I mention the Fishmen (some of them anyway) really hate Humans? They are also all at LEAST about 10 times stronger than a human, moreso underwater, and swim quite well, but not as fast as mermaids, although they are stronger and some mermaids are quite fragile.

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Seastone makes you fundamentally impossible to detect by Sea Kings. The World Government pretty much have a monopoly on the stuff meaning that if you're actually legitimate then crossing the calm belt via an official ship isn't a problem.

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Yeah. I'm just going to post sea monsters for a while, big and small.

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What in the glorious fuck

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Here's something that's posted often in these threads.

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Can you tell us abit about your wolf?

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That's it for now.

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Now for a slight change of pace.

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Required listening:


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Deep ocean adventure music? This might be good.


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This is bullshit. I just looked up Julia and there's nothing about any shadows.

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Don't know. I found that in another thread a while ago.

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Diluvion: Journey of the Lionfish.

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Reminds me of the ending of 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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It's a faceless monster and I don't see nipple so it ought to fly under the radar. Nevertheless, I give you my permission to fap to it should you so choose.

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Ideally the threats should be so vast and so alien that the adventurers require a radical shift in perspective to even intuit them.

>You're cave diving
>The mouth of the cave is a tight squeeze, but shining lamps ahead you can see that the passage opens up to a more comfortable volume and continues for some distance
>The caves fork, and forks again. You take careful note of each branching as you go, mapping your way through the system.
>Strangely, many of the forks seem to end abruptly in a rock-face of solid obsidian, so you continue along what seems to be the main drift for some miles, the cavern broadening as you go.
>No longer able to see the far wall of the tube, you round a bend. In the darkening distance you see that the mighty catacombs have come to an abrupt end in a strange formation...

What do you do?

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>What would they see, what horrors would they face?

Underwater vore hell.

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"I was born in a water moon. Some people, especially its inhabitants, called it a planet, but as it was only a little over two hundred kilometres in diameter, 'moon' seems the more accurate term. The moon was made entirely of water, by which I mean it was a globe that not only had no land, but no rock either, a sphere with no solid core at all, just liquid water, all the way down to the very centre of the globe.

If it had been much bigger the moon would have had a core of ice, for water, though supposedly incompressible, is not entirely so, and will change under extremes of pressure to become ice. (If you are used to living on a planet where ice floats on the surface of water, this seems odd and even wrong, but nevertheless it is the case.) The moon was not quite of a size for an ice core to form, and therefore one could, if one was sufficiently hardy, and adequately proof against the water pressure, make one's way down, through the increasing weight of water above, to the very centre of the moon.

Where a strange thing happened.

For here, at the very centre of this watery globe, there seemed to be no gravity. There was colossal pressure, certainly, pressing in from every side, but one was in effect weightless (on the outside of a planet, moon or other body, watery or not, one is always being pulled towards its centre; once at its centre one is being pulled equally in all directions), and indeed the pressure around one was, for the same reason, not quite as great as one might have expected it to be, given the mass of water that the moon was made up from.

This was, of course," ...

-Iain M. Banks

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Your mind fractures

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> Being this new.
Don't worry dear child, your innocence will be lost soon. Let me tell you about the yiffs...

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What's with the Japanese preoccupation with deep sea life

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Deep sea creatures best sea creatures.

Yes, please tell us about the wolf.

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Why must you do this?

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hey! it's a wacky shrimp!

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>read OP
>apparatus of kwalish
>Phrase not found


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What the fuck is that?

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for most of their history they got the majority of their protein from the sea.
and semen.

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The most fun thing that AD&D ever gave the world.
(I know, I set the bar pretty low there.)

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Those are Elder Things.

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My suggestion?

Never give them friends, for starters. I'm not saying don't have deep sea civilizations or sentient beings are anything. But never let the players communicate meaningfully with them, never let them get complacent with them, always keep them guessing, even if only a little bit.

This *really* isn't their world, and it should be hard to understand.

Of course, I give some variation of that advice for a lot of settings and ideas, so y'know, grain of salt.

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Whenever I see the giant deep sea monsters they always seem really silly to me. There just isn't enough food for a creature like that, and any movement they make would be incredibly noticeable in the water around it.

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Pretty sure that's a Pokemon.

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It should like being in the Sahara or the high arctic/antarctic. Endless hostile desolation. IRL Whale carcasses and subsea volcanic vents are the equivalent of an oasis. You could have them run into an established camp set up around the giant bones of something beautiful and drowned, as this corpse becomes the center of a temporary civilization.

There's a truce borne of plenty as everyone carves off their chunks, and an uneasy tension as it starts to break up, and everyone wonders when it'll be harder to carve value from the bone than from whoever else is still hanging around.

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What if instead of it being desolate the oceans teen with aberrant colossal life

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He's adorable, I want one as a pet.

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Real life isn't pokemon

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Life needs energy. On the surface that energy comes (indirectly) from the sun. In the abyss, it's either whatever falls from the upper ocean, or whatever boils up from deep ocean vents.

If there's teeming life, there's a massive source of energy somewhere. It'd be a pretty decent quest hook: "We created an enchanted unbreakable rope three miles long with a giant dragnet at one end. Every time we tried to trawl the abyssal plain something grabbed the rope and tried to haul the boat under. Nothing that big should live that deep. There's power down there. Find out what it is, and steal it if you can."

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Oh, I really like the imagery that evokes.

I see a giant goddess, wrapped in chains and cast down by her foe, for the deep dwellers to scrabble and pick over her, siphoning her blood, carving her flesh, mining her bones...

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Why the fuck is this even a thing?

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Ah you're thinking in strictly real world connotations

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I love the Apparatus of Kwalish so very much.

This thread reminded me to pick up my copy of "Descent: The Heroic Discovery of the Abyss" again. It recounts the story of the historic bathysphere dive made by Otis Barton and William Beebe in the early 20th century. The beginning is almost a quest hook: Barton, a rather aimless upper-class guy who dreamed of becoming famous by exploring the deep sea, read that his hero, William Beebe, was planning to do exactly that. But a glance at the newspaper account of the proposed means of descent was enough for Barton to realize that it wasn't going to work: if the design of the descending vessel wasn't changed, his hero was going to die.

This is sort of related to the problem that I've had with this topic. I've been thinking about running an exploration-centric campaign myself, but half of the fun of exploring a really inhospitable place like the deep sea is getting there in the first place, and I don't have a clue how to translate that into the terms of a roleplaying game.

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Always disappointed nobody posts my favourite game


Ignore the guy talking. Mute him. Put on the game's OST instead.



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Not really, the source of energy can be magic, some god-corpses as mentioned above, or it can be thermo-chemical, maybe there's a species of algae down there that seems to produce more than it consumes, whatever you want.

"WTF is happening down there" is just a good all purpose hook. Both for fantasy games, and real life.


You could have some enchanted items that lets them exist underwater. The equivalent of a scuba ring, and tents that you can set up underwater that drys itself out for sleeping and eating. Then it's more like a Lewis and Clark style deal.

The party hikes/swims out from the Continental shelf meeting and attempting to make treaties with the various mer-folk who live there.
The journey can be a mix of encounters as they travel, diplomacy and barganing with the mer-folk, dealing with crises (if your tents or water breathing rings stop working you are fuuuuuccckked).

To bring things to the deep ocean they're doing quite well until word of the expedition reaches the Abyssal plain, and word is sent that the void (to something that lives that deep there's little practical difference between 0 and 1 atmospheres of pressure). The mer folk of the high and bright continental shelf don't want to provoke the deep, so they get sent way further than they ever intended. Then you can make it into Anabasis if you want.

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That the void-dwellers should be send to the Abyssal plain. Gah.

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Ignore the file name.

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This may interest you people

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this is actually fucking cute though
look at him go
he gotta get somewhere fast with his little woodle doodles
godspeed, whatever the fuck you are

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That might've been me. I dump information of deep sea stuff every now and then on /tg/.

Interesting fact is that apparently it needs to eat said copepods to produce its light. Because the way the stolight loosejaw produces red light is kind of weird. It actually generates white light, but has special pigment (which it derives from the copepods it eats) in its photophores that acts as afilter, absorbing other wavelenghts but red.

Feeding primarily on small creatures like copepods ans shrimp is actually the standard for deep sea fish, as those ate the most common animals down there. They just tend to be also fitted with adaptions that let them eat considerably larger prey incase they encounter one, because the scarcity of food down there means you can't turn down a meal just because it's twice your size and trying to eat you.

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Great, the one thread where I have shit to contribute and I show up late.

Most of the good stuff has already been said, but if you're looking for a system to do Aquatic adventures my group has been playing "Blue Planet" for the better half of a year now and we're having a blast. The game's mostly for a wild-west setting in the future on a newly colonized water world where the surface is 97% covered in water. Above the water governments, mega-corps, and natives constantly dick each other for a gold rush resource called "Long John", but below the water something bery old, and something very alien is waiting, watching. If anyone's interested I can post more, but i'll just leave my favorite excerpt from the Moderator's Guide...

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>Urrp. God, I hate this crap. Ahh, what the hell, sun's gotta be under the yard-arm somewheres in the world, eh? Okay, so why am I drunk in the >middle of the morning? I'll tell ya why, and I don't want to hear any crap outta ya if I do, so keep yermouth shut.

>Knuckles McNaughten, Reed Berkley, and Freda Washington and me'd been working this piddly little line of Long John way the hell out >by...by...that one spot...where we went that one time...yeah, anyway...Anyway, we'd been working this vein for, I dunno, two weeks. 'Bout got the >hold half full with ore. Freda thought some of it could'a been refined down to the good stuff, but she's always sayin' that. 'Cept she never said it to >Knuckles. They sort'a had this think goin' ya know, and she was always straighter with him, with the truth ya know?

>So we'd picked up enough of the stuff to pay for our food n' fuel, maybe a new set of cutters or somethin' like that. So I says to Knuckles, I says >that I think it's time we headed back. Reed, he starts in on that crap about how we can't quit workin' this line, since he's got a wife and kid on >Earth and all, You knew Reed, didn'tcha?

>Anyways, Knuckles had some kinda water rash for a while, wants to get topside and dry it out, and I'm sicka' showering outta a drinkin' glass. >Freda was tired of all of us anyway, so we're all for goin' topside, but Reed start's bitchin'. So Freda says fine, she'll go check out this one high >prob site we'd scanned a couple days before...


>> No.46595186


>While we're just waitin' around, Reed and Knuckles get into it. I mean real bad. Just as Reed is ready to start swinging, Freda comes on teh >comm and says that she's found a node that's nearly pure. That's pure Long John ya understan', and four or five times as big as she is.

>We head fer our suits, and start clampin' in, all excited. This could'a been the big one ya know? We're halfway to the site, pushin' them little >hydrosleds to the max when she starts hollerin' about all the big ray things all around. She starts gettin' real scared, I could hear it in her voice. >She starts in screamin' and yells somethin' about them not bein' animals. She's screamin' and yellin' fer us to help her and all we can do is run >the sleds as fast as they'll go.

>All of a sudden the Screamin sort'a chokes off, silent like. I was breathin' hard by now, but I could hear Knuckles over the comm, sort of >groanin' I ain't embarrassed to tell ya, I was real Scared right then.

>We sledded on through that dark and cold just as fast as them machines could go. When we finally got there, we found her sled and her helmet, >but that was it, no Freda. We looked fer a while, but even Knuchles knew that she was an instant goner once that seal broke. Hell, the thing >was cracked and the seals all sprung. Freda was gone...


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>And as if that weren't enough, Reed starts in like nothin' had happened. He's all kinda' 'she knew the risks' and 'I'm sorry an all', but he wanted >us to stay and start cuttin' on that big node. Hell, he should'a known better, but that just pushed Knuckles right over the edge. He grabbed his >cutter off his sled and went after Reed. It took Reed a second of two to realize what was happenin', but by then it was too late. The cutter >punched through Reed's suit like it was made a' paper and that was it, but Knuckles didn't stop, he just kept cuttin' and cuttin'. I got even more >scared then and started backin' away towards my sled. Reed's floods had gone out, but I could still see the blood and all in Knuckles helmet >lights, driftin' there like red smoke or somethin'.

>Then this shadow passes just at the edge of his lights, and Knuckles stops cuttin'. I ain't gonna swear to it, but I know it was one of them >aborigine things people is always wisperin' about. Well, Knuckles stops and just stands there for a while swayin' a little. Then slowly, he >reaches up, and pops his seals. Fifteen hundred meters down, and my best friend decides to take a bath. Ten years on the bottom of the world, >the best suit man I know, and he just pops out...


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>Well I ain't real brave, and I ain't stupid either. I was on my sled and back to the sub as fast as I could go. I blew every emergency tank on that rig and was at the surface before I stopped panting.

>So, that's why I'm getting bling drunk in the middle of the morning. Because my best friends are dead and I don't want to know what killed 'em, and I definitely don't want to go back down there. We ain't wanted down there. Something don't want us down there. They...don't want us down there. And ya know, that's just fine with me.


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The deeper you go the less interesting life actually is. When you get to the bottom it's all tube worms and crabs.

>> No.46595743

pretty neat

>> No.46595774

don't be a party pooper

>> No.46595818

Ah, but so you not see? It is the simplicity itself that makes them interesting.

>> No.46595935

one piece is shit

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Don't die on me dammit!

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>monsters hate humans
>this is new to me
How many dicks do you suck a day?

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>> No.46599364

Good thing in the wild Orcas almost never (if ever) attack humans or this would be reeeeeally scary.

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>> No.46599521

Would the ice at the core of an all-water planet be hot?

>> No.46599576


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>> No.46599956

Jesus Christ that's horrifying

>> No.46599986

>Would the ice at the core of an all-water planet be hot?
probably, but the intense pressure would keep it in a solid-state, similar phenomenon happen within the some of the gas giants of our own solar system.

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>> No.46600080

The worst part is the poor sod's probably hyper-ventilating and is just tiring himself out with all the thrashing and spinning. His friend desperately wants to help but he can't get too close or else he'll get pulled in as well. The big blue be scary yo.

>> No.46600180

And I thought all those posts about snipers ended abrup

>> No.46600222

Actually if the rings/tents stopped working the party would be dead the moment they break. If the tents are busted it might mean abandoning the mission and heading to the surface and having to survive until they can get to a surface civilization that knows how to repair their supplies.

But if the rings break, that's curtains. Pure and simple.

To be honest exploring underwater is like exploring in space. Something fails, you're dead.

>> No.46600268

Also another thing... it is TIRING seeing the same old trope of the "Cuthuloid Evil" in the deep. It's played out. Stop.

>> No.46600556

Exactly, just use the regular unfathomably alien and diverse life that exists in an inhospitable other world in a state we barely understand.

>> No.46600589


>> No.46600622

As if it could even focus on the guy.

>> No.46600627

Dat's some lag, yo.

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>> No.46600711

Poseidon: Yoink!

>> No.46600731


>> No.46601257

I saw this image, and had to add some text to it.

>> No.46601425

That's a bit depressing, but I like the art. Almost makes me want to play an ocean-faring DnD campaign.


>> No.46601532

I belive there was a fair bit of text that went with this one. If anyone career to hearrive the story I'll post it.

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Has anybody else been to the place where this is? It's called House on the Rock, and it's incredible.

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>> No.46604624

well, i'm curious

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>> No.46605665

There you go!

>> No.46605682

I thought it was going to be like those pictures with the feels guy at a party.
>it's cold here
>there's fish everywhere
>my feet hurt
>I'm hungry

>> No.46606462

I like the cut of your jib

>> No.46607499

Don't you die on me!

>> No.46607911

...Seaworld anyone?

>> No.46608064

what was the name they gave that fucker anyway?

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>> No.46608455

Many thanks

>> No.46608637

>Has anybody else been to the place where this is? It's called House on the Rock, and it's incredible.

Yes, and those pictures don't do it justice. That whale is immense, and you need to experience it in person to see just how amazing the place is.

>> No.46608870

What I'm sayin' is the cool stuff is not right at the bottom.

>> No.46609268

Might as well ask here. What's a good way to get PCs exploring the deep sea in a fantasy setting? I know about shit like the Apparatus of Kwalish, but it wouldn't really make much sense to have something like that in my game since it's a bit more grounded and edgy than most fantasy settings. It's basically Dark Souls. I'm thinking I could just give them special armor that's enchanted with plot-convenient waterbreathing and immunity to high pressure, but that's boring. Can anyone think of a better way to do this?

>> No.46609299

They have to consume a thick, syrupy potion once a week in order to keep the alchemical gills that they've grown functional/keep them from dying from the pressure.

Bam, now they have to source materials, and you can take the potions away if you need to put a boot up their ass to get them going.

>> No.46609330

Any idea what that thing(not the squid) is?

>> No.46609373

I'd say keep the convenient armor, but make it so that in order to use it they have to infuse their souls in the suits, transferring themselves from their original bodies into the armor. We SOMA now.

Pretty sure that's a stingray.

>> No.46610001

I have no idea why it's here but it's a Wisconsin state treasure

>> No.46610143

I think it's more likely to be a monkfish (kind of an in-between of a shark and a ray). Stingray's mouth is located on the underside rather than the front, and isn't that big.

>> No.46610556

The strangest thing about these is the way they move. They move as though they were a land mammal, as though they have a skeleton wrapped in muscle and skin. If i didn't know better i might assume they were a hairless rodent of some kind.

>> No.46610711

No shit.

>> No.46610903

"Jay, it's a baby fuckin' wheel, man!"

>> No.46611661


>> No.46611817

This kind of thing just makes me think "Okay, I see that you're alive, but exactly what are you supposed to be?"

>> No.46611976

I see you subscribe to the British colonial first contact philosophy, wherein you simply attempt polite conversation with the subject and if it can not respond similarly and in English it isn't intelligent and should subsequently be either ignored, rounded up and put into camps, hunted for sport or be made to work for you as cheap labor depending on which is most suitable.

>> No.46612048

Yes, exactly.

>> No.46613825

deep bump

>> No.46613927


>> No.46614078


I think this might be short of relevant here. I'm the guy who every now and then dumps deep sea stuff on /tg/, and homebrewed stats for deep sea merfolk. I've just finished updating them to 5th edition, although it probably requires some changes based on feedback.

>> No.46615271

Dumping some more freaky deep sea things.

>> No.46615303


>> No.46615329


>> No.46615359


>> No.46615376

>in the wild

>> No.46615397


>> No.46615431

Either that or an angel shark

>> No.46615457

Behold, the Horrible Vorefish (scientific name C. niger)!

The only case I've ever heard of a wild orca attacking person was when one punched through an ice sheet when a photographer was laying on top of it, taking a picture. It probably mistook his silhouette for a seal or something.
Generally, orcas seem to be smart enough to realise that humans are literally the only creature that could really poses them a threat, and that it's better to remain on their good side.

>> No.46615477


>> No.46615601


>> No.46617615

In our last campaign we had a deep sea theme. There's something nasty about the sheer level of weird that can come into play at 10,000 feet below sea level.
We had hallucinations, psychic lures, the magical equivalent of the deep sea vote party, and then some thing started using the bends as a way to posses people.

Fuck water entirely.

Also there was a dunkleosteus from a previous campaign because fuck you it's back.

>> No.46620675

Lamprey aren't deep sea

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