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Pathfinder General - /pfg/

Do you have enough swords in stock? Edition

Unified /pfg/ link repository:

Ultimate Intrigue leaks:
>classes: http://imgur.com/a/tlwEX
>feats: http://imgur.com/a/PA4eT
>items: http://imgur.com/a/RzJiF

Previous thread: >>46528197

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Gotta love a girl with expressive ears.

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Kobold is best monmusu and is better than western kobolds

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xth for it's really funny how the only people who talk about alphas and betas are horny 15 year old fanfic writers and angry virgins on the internet

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This is true, but she is by no means the fluffiest.

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Solving an encounter via damage is barbaric and unrefine as hell. Give me a more stylish method.

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>Do you have enough swords in stock?
I've only got 15 at the moment, but I'll be able to bump my Wisdom up to 20 here soon, so I'll have 18 instead.

On a completely unrelated note, I have completely fallen in love with the Psychic Armory War Soul combo.

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It's important that you not be Humanoid to avoid the blindness.

Deal at least 421 damage in one hit OR 458 damage in one round. >>46534697 did not consider the contingent healing. That's the most straightforward approach, but also probably the least interesting and most likely to fail.

She's mostly just a spellcaster, and not an overly impressive one at that. Her only protection from grapplemurderdeath is her Ring of Freedom of Movement, so here's what you do: You get yourself a pal who can beat a CMD of 48 reliably (at least 50% of the time but ideally 95% of the time), a Grapple specialist. You get a Wizard that can cast at least two AMFs a day. Give that Wizard a Greater Metamagic Rod of Quicken Spell and Greater Metamagic Rod of Widen Spell. Round one of initiative, Wizard uses Quickened AMF via rod, then readies an action to drunk a Widened (via other rod) AMF on her again if she ends her turn outside an AMF. Grapple buddy gets in there and strangles her to death (she can do absolutely nothing in an AMF, absolutely all of her abilities are Su, even the huge bonuses to AC and CMD (She'll go from 48 to 35 CMD, easily beatable at 16th level), and magic items don't work in one at all), as slowly or quickly as you like. Metamagic Rod of Extend if you need more time while she's already Pinned.

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Oh, and if your grappleguy manages a pin, he should tie her up and coup de grace her with a heavy pick until she dies. Nothing like tying an enemy down and burying a spike of metal in their skull because all the power they thought they had was gone when the Wizard cast a single spell.

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>Do you have enough swords in stock?
2(x5) Daggers based off Kansho and Bakuya
2(x5) Light Blades based off Caladbolg and Joyeuse
2(x5) Two-Handers based off Claiom Solais and Dainsleif

Can you keep up with me, kid?

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>...all the power they thought they had was gone when the Wizard cast a single spell.

That's a 3.X tagline if ever I've heard one.

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And in 3.X fashion, she'll be able to win or flee if she wins initiative. It's rocket tag.

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hmm maybe I could just steal the ring.. her flat-foot CMD is only 28.

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Alright /pfg/, which is better: the Lucerne Hammer or Bec de Corbin?
My initial oversaturation tells me Lucerne, bit I want to see what you guys think in case I missed something

also the Lucerne in DS3 has got me super hard right now.

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Targeted greater dispel it, or a scroll of Mage's Disjunction. Get Permanency'd Arcane Sight on whoever's going to do that so they can correctly identify the ring instantly.

Also, she can't exist. She has no Druid levels, only spellcasting as a 7th-level Druid, while Mystic Theurge explicitly requires a divine spellcasting class to progress. Hooray for Paizo breaking their own RAW.

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How and why the bloody hell did my autocorrect turn "observation" into that?

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I just imagined you played with them a lot and I wasn't wrong, apparently. Dark Magic and Large Club for life, though.

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Lucerne's a 1d12 reach weapon, it's better in my book. Not sure about actual objective data though.

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I'd love to see the Agent and your disciplines!

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Go with the Lucerne Hammer.
1d12/x2 is nothing to laugh at.

The Bec De Corbin's 1d10/x3 is tempting, but its insignificant with a 5% chance to crit.

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She is however extremely rich. Kobold lands in monmusu have a lot of mines, they converted some of that wealth into opening up fitness centers (oriented both towards extra species and humans), they may or may not run fitness centers at a small loss or with large initial overhead to ingratiate themselves to the public, and they seem to be doing a better job at it than kemonomimi groups like AKB48 or mermaids / harpies.

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Archer is best played as a soulknife, as that's functionally what he *is* in nasuverse.

He may just be a variant that actually has power points and can spend them on instant creating weapons.

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Using the rules for creating new weapons, what's the best light, high-crit, reach weapon for a Magus, /pfg/?

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Soulknife / soul arrow.

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Archer is a PsyArm/Warsoul
Shirou is a Living Legend
Gil is a PsyArm/Gifted Blade

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>Hammer, lucerne 15 gp 1d10 1d12 ×2 — 12 lbs. B or P brace, reach, see text

>Bec de corbin 15 gp 1d8 1d10 x3 — 12 lbs. B or P brace, reach, see text

LH average damage/hit: 6.5
BdC: 5.775
Both have Brace & Reach, extra text is unimportant
BdC has x3 critical, but lower base damage; average damage goes to LH.
LH is 1d12, which is equivalent to 2d6 for size changes; BdC is one step behind. The larger the wielder, the greater the gap LH will have.

From an optimization standpoint, Gaussian distribution (multiple lower dice rather than one larger dice) is the most important factor after reach; neither have it at Medium, but the variety of means of becoming Large or using oversized weapons puts the Lucerne Hammer slightly ahead of the Bec de Corbin, because a Large Lucerne Hammer deals 3d6 while a Large Bec de Corbin deals 2d8. It's also a better weapon for strikes, especially Zenith strikes, on account of its more predictable damage dice; there are more ways to get a 9 on a 3d6 than a 2d8, so it's more beneficial when using dice multipliers like Vital Strike or Zenith strikes, or abilities that grant multiple attacks.

The winner is the Lucerne Hammer, by a small margin. In actual play you won't see much of a difference.

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It was named after Reginald Lucerne III, the Taldane weaponsmith who invented it.

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But that high-energy personality is so difficult to handle, those types are gonna wear you out and she's downright inhuman. Speaking of, what playable race would be most similar to Monster Musume kobolds?

man oh man do I have like, a dozen Polt images from the /mon/ threads on /a/ that aren't NSFW, but grossly off-topic of this thread.

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>Dark Magic and Large Club for life, though.
Because you're a scrub who needs to git gud.

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I mean... this is incredibly simple. You just spend 1 point on Reach, 7 points on 18-20/x2, and the rest on damage. For your basic martial light weapon, that leaves you with 1d2 damage, since a light martial weapon only has 6 points (assuming you spend 15g to get +1 point).

An exotic weapon (if you're a Kensai, for example) will have a 1d3 damage, but it's not worth a feat for that.

And this is all assuming, by the way, that they just mis-worded the cost of Improved Critical Threat Range, and it's not actually meant to cost 10 points for an 18-20 (because that would be fucking stupid).

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Swap dex for constitution. (polts species is somewhat clumsy due to their paws/claws, but very robust and energetic).

Natural hunter for cats claws (they have claws), Scent in place of low light vision (they can tell whether or not a person has had a good workout by the smell of their sweat).

Most of this comes from polts secrets page.

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So, we reached the same conclusion then.

A 1d2 18-20/x2 reach weapon
Oh well, its fine. Most of the damage comes from spellstrike anyways.

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Well, if you're not sure if it's misworded or not, why not just take an existing 18-20 weapon and reverse engineer its cost? They... they did at least make this system with existing weapons in mind, right?

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It exists in the Pathfinder setting though. And people cam go there.

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Xanderghul had one as his artifact weapon back during the day of Thassilon.

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I really want to wield a 2h weapon that I can infuse with spells. I've been suggested Magus, but... I look at Spellstrike and it is limited to 'touch attacks', and I look at Spell Combat and the rulings, and I just wonder why Paizo hates fun. Like is it REALLY so out of the realm of possibility to take one hand OFF your greatsword, which you still have the strength to hold up, cast Fireball or some shit, and put the hand back on the sword? Why isn't this an archetype or a feat or fuck even a trait?

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Magus (Mindblade)

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Xanderghul was also a badass Mythic Wizard who could make reality his bitch and travel across the stars and universe. He doesn't need to follow the rules.

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The tail should probably count for something, a penalty to bluff and intimidate perhaps.

>> No.46535496

Well, if it was a feat, people would just complain about there being a feat tax that's mandatory to playing the class.

>> No.46535512

Spheres of Power. Destruction. Energy Weapon.

You dont even have to take your hand off to cast other spells, so they can be sword beams if you want.

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The tail is just a tail.

Pobolds who learn to not be so exciteable won't give anything away, and that's part of training diplomacy / bluff / whatever

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It looks like they mostly used existing weapons, but since they didn't have a system in mind when making the weapons to start, there are weapons that don't fit the mold. It looks like they value high criticals and finesse more now than at first, because certain weapons just can't be reproduced by this system at all (like the rapier, which would cost 12 points, equivalent to a two-handed exotic weapon costing 45+ gold).

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So its another case of "martials can't have nice things" again, mixed with "Paizo doesn't know shit about their own game"

>> No.46535600

That's probably already covered by the -2 wisdom.

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Any friendly anons want to leak the Groteus and Gholander info from Inner Sea Faiths?

>> No.46535676

Well, you can't really blame them for not having all the weapons in the game fit the weapon-building subsystem that didn't exist until after most of the weapons in the game had already been made. Besides, I'm assuming the stats for a lot of the weapons in the Core Rulebook were probably more or less inherited from 3.5, yeah?

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Coming up. Lucky you, I saved all of these because I knew my friend would want them.

>> No.46535721

To be honest though, I actually really liked the article on Groetus, it's pretty cool. I like how they go into detail about all these subdivisions of his faith.

>> No.46535756

Huh... Actually, it looks like I'm missing one of Groetus' pages. Sorry, Anon, I only seem to have five of the six.

>> No.46535757

At level 13 though? Most campaigns I've done and plan to do end roughly around level 15, kind of meh if you ask me. Would prefer having it pre level 7.

And Warpriest? What lets them do that?

I suggested a feat because it's A: Better then nothing, B: You don't just get everything for free unless you're a wizard, and C: I play less for 'super-ultimate-number-crunching-optimization' and more for a mix of decent builds and fun. My groups tend to do about half/half rp/combat.

I'll take a look at it, never looked at Spheres of Power.

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> Besides, I'm assuming the stats for a lot of the weapons in the Core Rulebook were probably more or less inherited from 3.5, yeah?

Pretty much, yeah.

> So its another case of "martials can't have nice things" again, mixed with "Paizo doesn't know shit about their own game"

Not at all. This is in addition to the normal weapon table, so if you want something like a rapier, you can still just take a rapier. This, though, still lets you have fun putting some interesting weapons together, and you can do some nifty things with it by building a weapon that does exactly what you want it to rather than having to hope that a weapon of the right type has already been created for you.

I'm especially fond of making attached (no penalty) backup weapons, especially since you can technically make a martial one-handed attached (no penalty) ranged weapon that takes one hand to reload and fire, with comparable range to the light crossbow or shortbow.

More options are always good, even if some of those new options don't overshadow existing ones. At the very least, having precise control over the stats of your weapon can be very useful.

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The particular page I'm missing is the page that covers his deific boons and such, so I hope you just wanted the fluff, not the mechanical stuff. Maybe someone else has it, though.

>> No.46535801

you can't even reverse engineer a dagger.

>> No.46535810

Anyway, here's the last of Groetus' pages. Mosquito-Douche coming up next.

>> No.46535820

You can do that though just fine though. Just not infusing that fireball into weapon.

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>> No.46535833

Parallel invention

>> No.46535837

None of the shit works because it's copy-pasted 3.5e weapons, tweaked very very slightly on things like the spiked chain, because Paizo is a fucking hack of a company that is milking the 3e OGL for all it's worth without actually understanding how it fucking works.

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>> No.46535905

I like this page, because the picture is kind of amusing.

>> No.46535909

>you will never get to play as a Sky Dragon

>> No.46535933

Okay, here's the last page Anon asked for. Well, you know, except for the page of Groetus' boons that I apparently forgot to collect.

>> No.46535999

So I want to play a snake person. What's the easiest way to go about that? I've not seen any races baseline that Paizo has for players that come close to the typical lamia snake-woman.

>> No.46536028

I have seen this same image before on F-List.

>> No.46536114


Unchained Summoner, Synthesist, any subtype that allows serpentine base form

>> No.46536123

Also a Pillar Man.

>> No.46536128

wow the hussar is a vilely bad archetype in ultimate intrigue. Anyone found any decent archetypes in the book?

>> No.46536149

Go on.

>> No.46536162

Fey tricksters are great.

kissu kissu

>> No.46536189

The Shadow Spiritualist is kind of neat. As is the Zeitgeist binder. Eyebiter isn't amazing but has some neat flavour, Cabalist vigilante is cool, uhh... Not sure what else, I haven't read through all of it.

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>I'm especially fond of making attached (no penalty) backup weapons, especially since you can technically make a martial one-handed attached (no penalty) ranged weapon that takes one hand to reload and fire, with comparable range to the light crossbow or shortbow.

So starting with 4 for a simple weapon +2 for it being a ranged weapon

+2 Additional Design Points (Increasing the cost by 30 gp)
-3 Attached (with no penalty)
-2 Improved Damage (1d3 to 1d4, 1d4 to 1d6)
-3 Improved Critical Threat Range

So the resulting weapon would be
One-handed Attached Simple Weapon (that takes one hand to reload)
Dmg: 1d6
Crit: 19-20/x2

I'll take it.

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I actually don't bother with the increased threat range, I put those points into actual range. It's a backup weapon, so I don't plan on using it often enough to care about the critical range or multiplier.

If you want to use it as a primary, though, that's a decent build for it.

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>all female fey trickster party

>> No.46536940

What is up with the Siege Owlbear? It's listed as CR 6, but it has over 200 hp and +24 to hit on all of its natural attacks. Something has to be wrong there, right?

>> No.46536960

>all elderly, hideous, and grossly obese

Even when dealing with the best-trained siege owlbear, a Ride check (DC 20) is required for every new instruction the rider wishes his mount to carry out, failure resulting in the owlbear doing what it wants (which may include rolling onto its back to dislodge the rider so the beast can attack him); once the owlbear is out of control this way, it takes a DC 30 Ride check to get it to obey again.

That, I assume.

>> No.46536980

>Even when dealing with the best-trained siege owlbear, a Ride check (DC 20) is required for every new instruction the rider wishes his mount to carry out, failure resulting in the owlbear doing what it wants (which may include rolling onto its back to dislodge the rider so the beast can attack him); once the owlbear is out of control this way, it takes a DC 30 Ride check to get it to obey again.

A simple charm creature spell or an awaken spell could easily fix that.

>> No.46536984

Daring General. Use you followers to makes a Large Army and go hunt Dragons.

>> No.46536989

Decent as in playable? Half the Vigilante archetypes are arguably decent in that regard.

>> No.46536997

>A simple charm creature spell or an awaken spell could easily fix that.
>magical beast
No. 0/10 effort

>> No.46537012

But without a rider it's free to just act like an owlbear would and tear a level 6ish party apart with no effort because they can't possibly take that much health off of it before it tears through a party member or two unless they have fantastic options for shutting down movement

>> No.46537024

It would have to be Charm Monster, and Awaken doesn't work on Magical Beasts

>> No.46537049

Their AC is only 16. It's also incredibly easy to out-maneuver, and by level 6 your mage can just fly up and plink it to death with a crossbow. There are a lot of ways to completely trivialize this thing, so I'd say CR 6 is more than adequate.

Basically, it's supposed to be a huge deadly chunk of meat that your players have to whittle down without being stupid enough to try to go toe-to-toe with it.

>> No.46537052

CR 6 is an appropriate boss for a level 2 party. In such a scenario, what's their best option?

>> No.46537066

I'm not sure I'd agree with that at the lower levels.

>> No.46537089

Oh, absolutely, but according to the guidelines in place it's acceptable. Would they just run? It's as fast as most PCs and has a Perception of +25, so they can't hide well.

>> No.46537163

Anyone here have experience with outer dragons? How do you set them up? I was thinking of having the party search for a time dragon and get it to bring them back in time to prevent a magic-nuke war.

>> No.46537193

Anyone here play Mesmerist?
How much damage would a Bleeding Stare do if I'm the one who activate them?

>> No.46537212

Their best option is to find a GM that understands that CR is not the only thing you should look at when designing encounters, and never has been.

>> No.46537257

LADS we're all missing the most important question. What class and disciplines would an initiating siege owlbear be?

>> No.46537276

Isn't APL+4 already over EPIC level?

>> No.46537293

No, it's exactly boss level. 50/50 chance of survival.

>> No.46537310

>zeitgeist binder

you mean like the one Dreamscarred Press was playtesting?

>> No.46537385


For level 2 characters, though?

Even at maxed out full-martial HP, anything that takes more than one hit from that thing (and probably just the one, level 2 characters are made of glass) is an epitaph and every single one of its attacks is an autohit unless it fumbles at that level.

>> No.46537419

Fair and balanced

>> No.46537479

>LH average damage/hit: 6.5
>BdC: 5.775

...assuming no damage bonuses whatsoever, in which case the weapon you use doesn't actually matter because you're playing a wizard.

>> No.46537541


I don't think it's ethical for any kind of bear to not have shoulder cannons, actually.

That or turtles...

>> No.46538579

>tfw realizing you stayed up all night making shit for your game even though you showing up half-dead is gonna make it a shit session anyway

>> No.46538586

So my zen archer just went to this new town, and the place is a shit-hole. I have about 10k gold to spend, but not much magical support. I want to turn this town into a happy wonderful city using the down-time rules. I don't really care about money returned, but being somewhat self sufficient/not a total money sink would be nice.

Any tips on what to build, and when? Things like schools/orphanages/soup kitchens/hospitals are a plus if possible.

>> No.46538608

No it isn't. Reincarnation isn't a thing yet and you are just killing characters because you can't make an interesting encounter. Plain damage-dealing meatheads make for terrible boss fights.

>> No.46538627

Make money, then invest on public stuff.

>> No.46538700

Is there any approved homebrew list?
I'm starting new campaing, so I decided it's good time to add some changes.
Now I have only one: merge Climb and Swim into Athletics and allow to make Jump checks both from Acrobatics and Athletics.

>> No.46539004

Merge disable device and sleight of hand as well?

>> No.46539168

Sounds like a good idea

>> No.46539279


Merge every skill

>> No.46539306

Merge Spellcraft into Know (Arcana) and Know (Religion).

Merge Know (Nobility) into Know (Local).

Remove Fly as a class skill and just use 3.5's maneuverabilities to handle movement (or don't use them at all, and just let PCs move freely).

Merge Disguise into Bluff, and then just note that the +10 on Disguise checks for shapeshifting is just for when using Bluff to Disguise yourself.


>> No.46539320

make an imgur gallery of that shit, bruv

The DSP one is the Empath for Mediums. The Paizo one is a Spiritualist archetype, iirc.

>> No.46539416

Consolidated Skills:


>> No.46539529

Have any good offers outside of skill merging? Maybe something to boost non-spellcasting classes?

>> No.46539535

>mfw Paizo uses "zeitgeist" when they meant "volksgeist"

>> No.46539548

>Remove Fly as a class skill and just use 3.5's maneuverabilities to handle movement (or don't use them at all, and just let PCs move freely).

>don't use them at all, and just let PCs move freely

Are you saying that everyone should fly so good?

>> No.46539549 [DELETED] 

So after all the hubbub about the ZS Warder/Landsknecht, I decided to go about making one. Since I wanted him to only have one hand, I went with Bushi in addition, to make the most of of sheathing/unsheathing shenanigans.


Did I fuck up royally? Also, his AC is pretty low, is there any way to boost it a little with the ~3300gp I have left?

>> No.46539591

Two bonus feats at level 1 (for everyone) to help with feat taxes and mandatory feats.

Strip fluff requirements from traits.

Give everyone (including casters; they don't get an appreciable power boost but do get a fun boost) an extra 2 skill points per level.

Import some useful things from 3.5 for martials (Travel Devotion, Spirit Lion Totem Barbarian's trade-off).

Make finesse weapons just grant Dex to attack rolls for free, have Weapon Finesse give Dex to damage (URogue style).

Merge the Improved and Greater combat maneuver feats back together because splitting them up was retarded.

Have a gentleman's agreement about casters. The big problems with casters are from a design standpoint: they're far too strong for what they pay for the power. However, they're still FUN for a lot of people, and outright removing them causes just as many problems as having them in. Encourage people to play casters in nonstandard roles (gishes, etc), instead of the batman wizard/summoner cleric/etc that tends to cause issues.

PF is broken enough that there's no easy fix to anything. The best you can do is institute QoL houserules and then talk to your group. Ideally, you should all be shooting at the same general power level, but in order to do that, you need to all actually know what the target is. So get on the same page, then vet things as you go instead of opening with bans as people might suggest.

Flight is a fact of life in PF, and the Fly skill is a stupid skill tax for EVERYONE. Especially martials, who can't put ranks in it until way late. 3.5 handled it a lot better by just having types of flight with their own stuff:

>Clumsy: straight line flight, basically just ignoring terrain
>Poor: the above but slightly better at going up
>Average: still mostly a straight line but can turn some
>Good: can hover, can turn, is combat flight
>Perfect: can go upwards freely and turn freely

Significantly less complicated in practice.

>> No.46539618

So after all the hubbub about the ZS Warder/Landsknecht, I decided to go about making one. Since I wanted him to only have one hand, I went with Bushi in addition, to make the most of of sheathing/unsheathing shenanigans.


Did I fuck up royally? Also, his AC is pretty low, is there any way to boost it a little with the ~3300gp I have left?

>> No.46539950

I like your houserules, bro. You recruiting?

>> No.46539986

Looks good, but I have one question.
What I should do with URogue's class ability (Sex to damage) then?

>> No.46539998

>(Sex to damage)

>> No.46540005

I kind of want to nab Exploit Lore later on for my Inquisitor, but the 'You can't reroll knowledge checks' could throw a huge wrench into the whole thing and makes me wary of even trying. Is there some sort of magic artifact or work around that could help me Study and Kill All Monsters?

>> No.46540012

That's for bards anon

>> No.46540043

Are undead in your settings always evil /pfg/?

>> No.46540061

>(Sex to damage)
I fucked up in the most beautiful manner.

>> No.46540074

You'll want a bunch of Knowledge Pendants keyed to your god and the various monster ID skills; the +15 1/day and +5 constantly should be enough to get you going. An Astrologer's Telescope can let you bank a knowledge check for later, but they're expensive as shit and pretty complicated.

>> No.46540103

Also, talk your GM into using the unchained rules for knowledge (which give you a smaller bonus than Exploit Lore, but it's also free).

>> No.46540105

No I am a big fan of doing the opposite of what JJ says

>> No.46540108

>(Sex to damage)
H-how does this even work?

>> No.46540150

Like this.

>> No.46540173

Depends. There are three categories of Undead: Vestiges, True Undead, and False Undead

Vestiges are beings such as ghost and the like: ectoplasmic entities that exist as emotional/mental imprints of someone who has died. They aren't the person themselves, but rather they are that person's memory that has been stuck or anchored to the material plane due to some magical or traumatic effect. They can be any alignment, though their mind and essence will often fade over time unless steps are made to prevent that.

True Undead are the creation of the blasphemous Other God of Entropy, who seeks to nullify all existence. They are animated by an entropic force that is a mockery of life, and uses the body of the Undead as a vessel. From its animated vessel it spreads entopy and devours life and energy from its surroundings as it spreads. True Undead, no matter how they originally start, are gradually corrupted as their soul is eaten away by the animus, and they eventually devolve into evil consumptive beings, even the intelligent ones. This is your typical zombie, Lich, and other spoopy clscarry Undead variety

False Undead are not "truly" Undead. There is no united rules for these, as it is a catchall for anything not a Vestige or True Undead, a D includes beings such as Vampires and Mummies, who are actually living mortals who have struck deals with spiritual entities that alter their mortal core. Most of the time, they maintain their free will, so they do not necessarily have to be evil.

>> No.46540178

Should I allow 3.0 and 3.5 wondrous items in my campaign?

>> No.46540188

Only if you set anyone wanting to use nightsticks on fire.

>> No.46540215

3.5 MIC has quite a nice few things. Don't know about 3.0

>> No.46540330


They're actually very chill.

They're essentially ascetics that find the lack of urges to eat, sleep or drink helps their meditations.

>> No.46540347

Serious answer: On a case by case basis. Be suspicious of anything you haven't read, and ask for actual pdfs of any material that your players want to use.

>> No.46540736

Nightsticks improve Turn Undead, not Channel Energy. They're worthless in a Pathfinder game without serious cheesing.

>> No.46540750

>> No.46540817


That Drow is probably a very effective spellcaster considering her expensive clothes and confident pose, as well as being sexually desirable due to her large, full breasts, unblemished skin and good gripping hips.

I don't see how this is /pfg/ though, what were you looking to get out of posting it?

>> No.46540834

>Nightsticks improve Turn Undead, not Channel Energy
They actually increase the number of times clerics can use their turn undead equivalent.
It's not a great leap to apply them, especially since Channel Energy is actually a 3.5 variant of Turn Undead to begin with.

>> No.46540840

Also the familiar and the magic glowing orb.

>> No.46540849


Appreciate the reply! This is really helpful. Not sure if I can take full advantage of the pendant since my Inquisitor follows an ideal rather than a specific deity, but perhaps I can work something out with my GM, if not, not the end of the world. Thanks again!

>> No.46540868

It's a great leap to apply them by RAW, since all they'd do is, at the loosest interpretation, let you use the Turn Undead feat more often at best.

You're also wrong on the other thing; Channel Energy doesn't, on its own, have anything to do with Turn Undead other than being what Paizo replaced turn attempts with. The Turn Undead feat is what Paizo replaced 3.5e's Turn Undead with.

>> No.46540877

In terms of domains and favored weapons, which deities in golarion are the best choices for worship?

>Inb4 worship an ideal

Bonus points for deities on the lawful and/or evil sides of the grid.

>> No.46540956

Tangentially, Xanderghul acts like a fi/tg/entleman. He is a wizard and yet is ripped as fuark and makes everyone be mirin'. I bet he also never skips leg day.

>> No.46540975

Soooo the Crones of Brookback Bog?

>> No.46541045

He has access to Mythic Time Stop.

If he wants, he can have an extra leg day.

>> No.46541059

Erastil. Longbow and Community domain are bretty good. Plus you could also take Animal to get a companion and play Mounted Archer Cleric

>> No.46541124

Favored weapons:
-Gorum, CN, Greatsword
-Lamashtu, CE, Falchion
-Ashukharma, CN, Greatsword
-Belial, LE Archdevil, Ranseur
-Sobek, CN, Falchion
-Fumeiyoshi, NE, Naginata
-Shizuru, LG, Katana
-Yamatsumi, TN, Tetsubo
-Baphomet, CE, Glaive
-Xoveron, CE, Ranseur
-Angradd, LG, Greataxe
-Damerrich, LG Empyreal Lord, Greataxe
-Neshen, LG Empyreal Lord, Ranseur
-Reymenda, CG Empyreal Lord, Falchion
-Smiad, LG Empyreal Lord, Greatsword
-Thremyr, CE, Greataxe
-Zursvaater, LE, Greatsword
-Bokrug, CN, Ranseur
-Szuriel, NE, Greatsword
-Crocell, LE Infernal Duke, Glaive
-Uruskrell, LE Infernal Duke, Falchion
-Yan-gant-y-tan, LE Infernal Duke, Guisarme
-Draghignazzo, LE, Greatsword
-Treerazor, CE, Greataxe
-Rull, CE, Falchion
-Varg, CE, Greataxe
-Shiggareb, CE, Ranseur

-Groetus, CN, Madness, Void
>Madness is a good domain; Void grants Lesser Planar Binding as a 4th level spell.
-Any Lawful deity granting the Law domain, but
-Tsukiyo, LG, Madness & Law
>Combine Madness' ability to grant bonuses with Law's ability to Take 11 on literally anything ever and you're golden.

Dunno what else you want out of your Domains, they're kinda all over the place. Community is pretty good, as is Animal and Feather.


If you wanted a different weapon specifically, well. If it exists, it's there.

>> No.46541207

I'm creating a character for a Hell's Vengeance game. I haven't decided between cleric or inquisitor yet but I want to play a worshipper of one of the devil lords or infernal dukes or something along those lines.

My character is going to be trying to advance the cause of her infernal master in the courts of hell through aiding the House of Thrune and gaining their debt, to put her master in Asmo's good graces or something.

>> No.46541229

If it's the one for that one on Myth-Weavers, don't bother. The guy's already picked his divine caster.

Otherwise, yeah, that's a great idea.

>> No.46541251

I just can't figure out which devil to serve, Domain really only matters if I go cleric, since I'll probably go Heresy or Conversion inquisition if I do an inquisitor, but the favored weapon is a sticking point either way.

Most of the Archdevils have shitty favored weapons.

>> No.46541269

Belial's isn't half bad, and Belial is the type to use human agents more anyhow.

>> No.46541301

8/10 would forcefully impregnate several times

Many items are perfectly fine, but I would add an additional thing to keep an eye on in addition to what anon here stated: Be extremely suspicious of any 3.x version of an item already available in pathfinder!

What this means is someone's trying to use the alternative wording (though not nearly as dangerous as people who use *spells* that way). Now in some cases the pathfinder version was retardedly nerfed to hell, and maybe your player just wants a magic crossbow that doesn't rape him in his sleep and suck up half his max HP every time he wants to shoot a bolt for 1d6 instead of 1d4.

But there's also items where the specific wording was either trouble back in 3.5 OR could suddenly be allowing for an unexpected and dangerous effect combo when combined with wording of things in pathfinder.

So, watch out for infinite permanent-increase-to-caster-level loops and the like (yes that's a thing, no I won't tell you how, yes I want the one who figured that one dead)

>> No.46541309

It's probably going to be him or Geryon I think, but I'm looking through the Infernal Dukes to see if anything sparks.

>> No.46541324



What's the point if she's not into you?

>> No.46541336

Your daughters, of course.

>> No.46541376

Other way around
otherwise that would be /d/

>> No.46541568

Merfolk with the Strong Tail trait. Just pretend your fish tail is a snake tail.

>> No.46541618


You know, if you replaced the swim speed with a climb speed the race actually fits very well for modern depictions of the lamia.

Would need something for improved grapple though!

>> No.46541620

Just be a Human. Take a feat so you count as a Lamia for spells/abilities sake.
Pretend your two human legs are two fish legs.
Pretend your two fish legs are two snake legs.

>> No.46541653

>Pretend your two human legs are two fish legs.
>Pretend your two fish legs are two snake legs.

You're a cheeky fuck I'll give you that.

>> No.46541844

May seem like a dumb question, but do inherent bonuses stack?

A lot of things suggest that you need successive casts for higher bonuses, but nothing says they stack either. At least that I can find.

>> No.46541896

They don't stack. Multiple casting of wish for a higher inherent bonus isn't stacking, it's increasing the bonus.

>> No.46541925

I don't know... monster masuna lamia was a very good swimmer. But hardly ever climbed so it might be good on its own.

>> No.46541964

>I don't know... monster masuna lamia was a very good swimmer. But hardly ever climbed so it might be good on its own.

I don't recall seeing her swim except maybe in those newer chapters with Mero.

But I do remember like three chapters in when she brought up how lamia are natural climbers and was able to get up a tree like it was nothing.

>> No.46541998

Fair I haven't really kept up with the manga. Ether way strong tail is a greatbway to play a snake lamia

>> No.46542518

In honor of 3 DAYS, how would you make the Chosen Undead? We know it's a Template, but does it have any attributes or special qualities?

>> No.46542572

I have no idea what that is.

>> No.46542586

oh goodie the dark souls posting has begun, get ready for a constant stream of
>how do insert my favorite ds3 character into pf plz respond

>> No.46542608


We might as well get ready for it, because we all know it's coming.

>> No.46542635

>my gm is canceling next weeks game to play it all weekend
Kill me please

>> No.46542676


Chosen Undead would actually be a fascinating character to build and play!

It would be a modified Eternal (http://www.d20pfsrd.com/bestiary/monster-listings/templates/eternal-cr-2) template where death causes you to be resurrected at very specific locations.

The whole "can't level up or gain hit dice" thing would be removed as well, and replaced with "can only gain levels or gain hit dice by 'cashing in' experience with the resident Fire Keeper. All experience is lost if the character dies, but can be retrieved if you return to that location."

Death would cause the character to lose 25% of their total level unless they pop a consumable item.

It's actually a very, very easy template.

>> No.46542687


>mfw I've got a game Monday night

>> No.46542696

Just kill your players/character so you can hurry up and leave and do something else.

>> No.46542697 [SPOILER] 

But anon, weren't you already prepared to die?

>> No.46542716

>mfw I already know how to insert my dark souls 1 character into PF
>mfw it's even better than I could have imagined

Feels good to be a brutal Slayer.

>> No.46542717

I play a necromancer so hilariously yes, also the souls series should have ended with Bloodborne
I'm so sorry.

>> No.46542738


Slayer, Zweihander Sentinel, Warder and Warlord account for like 90% of humanoid enemies in the Souls series.

And of that, like half of them have Scarlet Throne Style.

>> No.46542783

Speaking of the weekend, who's looking forward to their session? Or is everyone going to be playing Dark Souls and/or getting their game canceled due to Dark Souls?

>> No.46542810

>Or is everyone going to be playing Dark Souls and/or getting their game canceled due to Dark Souls?

Why would a weekend game get cancelled when Dark Souls 3 is being released on a Monday afternoon?

>> No.46542842

Two weeks ago, we didn't have a session because too few people were able to make it. One week ago, we had a session but it was short and nothing really happened, it's the start of a new book and the DM seemed out of it. I'm hoping today's session will be better.

>> No.46542892


Wait, is it? Nevermind, then. Didn't look at a calendar.

>> No.46542934

So is it just me, or is the Animal Ambassador spell from UI kind of cruel?

>duration: 1 day/level or until message is delivered
>You compel a single animal to travel to a spot you designate and deliver a message to a creature you identify. This spell is similar to animal messenger*, but can affect larger animals. In addition, the target animal is temporarily awakened to sentience (as the awaken spell) for the duration of this spell, and it can use its increased mental acuity to come up with creative solutions to overcome obstacles to delivering its message.
>Once the animal ambassador has located its target and delivered its message (and object, if desired), its enhanced mental abilities fade within 2d6 minutes. The spell then ends, even if its duration hasn't elapsed.

>> No.46542969

>I play a necromancer so hilariously yes, also the souls series should have ended with Bloodborne

I've heard plenty of good things about Dark Souls 3, though.

Miyazaki had to end the Souls series on a high note, after Dark Souls 2 the series had to be redeemed.

>> No.46542988

>give a creature intelligence to deliver a message
>it's forced with its intelligence to do what the spell commands, enslaving it
>once you're done with forced servitude, it goes back to being a normal animal, possibly hundreds of miles from its natural habitat

Yeah, it's cruel.

>> No.46542991

Shirou's a whiny piece of shit from what I've been told

>> No.46543022

He's actually kind of alpha, if only because he's denser than a neutron star.

>Shirou, don't come to school or I'll kill you
>comes to school
>Shirou, you have to keep me nearby to protect you
>doesn't keep her nearby to protect him

I could go on.

>> No.46543055

Our session is this Saturday, going to get Book 3 of Giantslayer done before going into all of our DS Comas

>> No.46543074

There's a similar spell called Impart Mind that can temporarily imbue a weapon with intelligence. Beyond the fact that it's not really a useful spell in the first place, my group has also often talked about how it seems like it's kind of cruel. So yeah, Animal Ambassador looks like it's in a similar basket.

>> No.46543095

Also, you jerks out there might like the shenanigans potential of Conditional Favor.

>antipaladin 1, bard 2, cleric 2, inquisitor 2, mesmerist 2, occultist 2, paladin 1, witch 2
>duration: 1 day/level (D)

>You must cast this spell immediately before casting another spell on the same creature, eliciting a promise or warning against a behavior and binding the target to the paired spell. If you don't cast a paired spell, conditional favor has no effect. The paired spell must be from the abjuration, conjuration (healing), enchantment, or transmutation school or subschool, and must be cast on a willing creature. If the spell's recipient violates the oath or prohibition while conditional favor remains in effect, the paired spell is undone as if never cast. If the spell was a healing spell, the hit point damage or condition you removed returns immediately, even if the subject has enjoyed subsequent rest or healing. Poisons, diseases, curses, restored ability damage, and negative levels removed by the paired spell return as well.

>> No.46543143

What is UI exactly?
Cruel unintended consequences are something I'm a massive fan of.

>> No.46543148

Nice, although I'd prefer it if it were instantaneous or permanent.

>> No.46543165

Ultimate Intrigue, Paizo's newest book.

>> No.46543166

It's for when you have to deal with the Chaotic Stupid Rogue or the Lawful Stupid "Paladin"

>> No.46543167


Why are they always so goddamn dense?

>> No.46543176

For more shenanigans, there's Controlled Fireball.

>4th-level spell
>This spell functions as fireball except you can cause the bead of fire to originate from anywhere you can see within range. You can choose a number of squares within the area up to your Intelligence bonus (for magi, occultists, or wizards) or Charisma bonus (for bloodragers or sorcerers) to be struck by weaker flames; the controlled fireball deals minimum damage in those squares.
>Attempts to identify controlled fireball with a skill check incorrectly identify it as fireball (see the ruse descriptor on page 192).

You can make it look like somebody else cast a fireball, and even hit yourself with it while dealing minimum damage to the squares your party is in.

>> No.46543191

Fantastic, thanks.
Also, this is relevant to my interests. Wizard with Polymorph Any Object and Conditional Favor via Limited Wish.

>> No.46543217

This seems kind of like a lower level version of Mark of Justice.

>> No.46543300

>implying the brief glimpse of sapience and self-awareness wouldn't be like a nightmare to this creature, which before had known the peace of being as one with the world in which it lived, whiling away its days without questioning, allowing itself to simply BE

In Shirou's case, it's because on all levels except physical, he is a sword.

>> No.46543325

Oh, we have another Call Weaponry-alike in the form of Desperate Weapon.

It kind of sucks, but it's also only an immediate action to cast, so it seems like the kind of thing that a magus or bard might pick up as an easy to guarantee never being completely disarmed and not having to deal with the downsides of something like Shadow Weaponry.

>School conjuration (creation); Level antipaladin 1, bard 1, bloodrager 1, cleric 1, inquisitor 1, magus 1, occultist 1, ranger 1, sorcerer/wizard 1
>Casting Time 1 swift action
>Components V
>Range personal
>Effect one-handed improvised weapon
>Duration 1 minute/level
>Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no

> You create a one-handed object that you might expect to see in your current surroundings, which you can then use as an improvised weapon. The spell conjures such an object near your hand such that you can retrieve it as you complete the spell. No matter what sort of object you picked, it functions as a one- handed improvised weapon appropriate for your size and that deals 1d6 points of damage for a Medium creature (1d4 for Small creatures). The item deals the type of damage you choose (bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing) when casting the spell, though the object you request must conform to the damage type.

>The spell ends prematurely if the improvised weapon leaves your grasp. The object has no value and can’t be used for other functions other than as an improvised weapon (for instance, this spell doesn’t allow you to conjure an expensive spyglass and sell it or use its other abilities, but you could still use it to beat someone over the head). The conjured object can’t already be a manufactured weapon, even in a location where you might expect to see manufactured weapons. It can be an object that would normally make for an unusual improvised weapon, like a herring at a fish market, and it still deals its full damage.

>> No.46543345

Christ, now you're making me want to make a Mr. Meeseeks-style spell.

>> No.46543348

>on all levels except physical, he is a sword.
For a sword, he's not very sharp

>> No.46543368

Sorry, swift, not immediate.

>> No.46543398



>> No.46543568

You divination weirdos might like this one.

>School divination; Level alchemist 5, cleric 4, druid 5, inquisitor 4, magus 5, medium 3, occultist 4, psychic 4, shaman 4, sorcerer/wizard 5, spiritualist 5, witch 5
>Casting Time 1 standard action
>Components V, S, M (a tourmaline costing 50 gp)
>Range personal
>Target you
>Duration 1 round

>This spell functions like true seeing, except as noted above.

>> No.46543609

If you've got the pages of spells from UI, do you think you could just post the pages? Or are there too many?

>> No.46543612

I would say Bloodborne was a good high note but I guess they are different enough to warrant DS3

>> No.46543656

>bloodborne was a good high note
>playstation exclusive
>locked at 30 FPS and frequently dips to half that

It looks fucking gorgeous in some of the videos and pretty much every screenshot, and I adore the aesthetics, but every single fucking person I've talked to that played it always bitches about the same thing.

>> No.46543726

laggy at best, usually pretty shit. 10/10 aesthetics, -2/10 gameplay

>> No.46543761

/v/ go home

>> No.46543797

I'll be putting them up on Pathminder shortly, I'll put the link here.

>> No.46543802

Not really. Just in some places. Plus, its definitely worth it. I bought a PS4 just to play Bloodborne and have not regretted it.
The mechanics and gameplay were solid, and it was definitely good for teaching souls players who used to rely on shields to git gud. Also Fashionborne was fun, and the set pieces and bosses were amazing.

The only problem I had was with command queing, but that just teaches you not be be a mash happy spaz.

Definitely a good purchase, though it didn't really feel like Dark Souls, as the themes, aesthetic, focus and story were totally different. Hence why people demanded DS3 to fulfill the Void in their hollowed hearts.

>> No.46543805

I'd say compared to its predecessors, it's one of the best souls games, but if literally have most of /v/ start having fits so, yeah.

>> No.46543822

>I bought a PS4 just to play Bloodborne and have not regretted it.
Go home shill

>> No.46543823

*I would have

>> No.46543858

Didn't I just say to go away /v/?

So to keep this at least semi related, how would I build Micolash?

>> No.46543879

You should've grabbed "The Shadow of New Despair" instead. Deeper story, way better action, and more variety in weapons to boot, too.

>> No.46543898

It's really easy to Dark Souls in Pathfinder.

Now I want to run a Dark Souls game IN Pathfinder, so my players can praise the sun in the name of jolly cooperation.

>> No.46544035

Don't worry, there's been recently evidence that a PC release is coming. Steam and Amazon data has shown PC Bloodborne being listed as a coming release.

>> No.46544079


Bruh, you should do a campaign set 200 years after Rovagug was released from his cage, sundering Golarion and killing almost all of the gods before dying to his wounds.

The party is tasked with enacting a loophole in the Contract of Creation, signing themselves on the Contract and thus resetting the world to what it once was.

>> No.46544097

Now comes the hard part.

CR for average encounters, and CR for boss fights.

Shit's gonna be through the roof.

>> No.46544099

Here's a spell for you fashionistas out there.

>School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level bard 2, inquisitor 2, mesmerist 2, psychic 3
>Casting Time 1 standard action
>Components V, S
>Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
>Target creature touched
>Duration 1 round/level (D)
>Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

>The target sees its own attire as hopelessly out of fashion, ostentatious, and embarrassing, and is lled with a compulsion
to strip off all clothing. Each round, the target must spend a move action to remove a worn item that can be removed with a move action, dropping the item once it is removed. The target doesn’t distinguish between magical and nonmagical items when removing them. Each round it removes an item as determined randomly from the following slots: belt, body, chest, eyes, feet, hands, head, headband, shoulders, or wrists. When determining randomly, don’t include any slots if the character has no item of that sort, and don’t include items that take more than one move action to remove. Though creatures can’t have more than one magic item in any of those slots, they can have multiple mundane items that fit each slot, in which case randomly decide which one they remove. If a target is wearing clothing that doesn’t fi in any of those slots, such as breeches or a quiver, add it to the list of possibilities at the GM’s discretion.

>The target regards the discarded items with revulsion, and if forced to touch such an item (such as with a melee or ranged touch attack using the item as an improvised weapon), the target becomes sickened for 1d3 rounds. Other than the move action to remove items, the character can take whatever actions it chooses.

>> No.46544148


Good lord, is that a UI spell?

I'll need to keep this out of the hands of our shenanigans player.

>> No.46544164

I remember reading somewhere that divine foci can be used essentially as eschew materials for any spell's components, up to its total worth in gold.

Am I crazy?

>> No.46544176

You're thinking of the feat False Focus. It lets you do exactly that.

>> No.46544242


Use the template here >>46542676

Say the party is unable to die because Pharasma can't find their names on the List of the Dead, so every time they go to the Boneyard their path is blocked.

Make it CR+2 and give each party member an upgradable Essence Flask that restores 75% of their missing health each full-round use (diminishing returns at high HP discourages topping off and encourages risky play at low HP.)

Every time the party rests the encounters are respawned. All of them.

>> No.46544253

The limit is 100gp, and it's the False Focus feat.

>> No.46544259

UI seems to be full of incredibly trolltastic spells that also cross back and forth over the line into just plain creepy.

>cast Shamefully Overdressed
>cast that spell that makes the target fall in love with somebody
>cast Unnatural Lust
>once Unnatural Lust has run its course, cast Terrible Remorse


>> No.46544271

>Every time the party rests the encounters are respawned. All of them.
With how XP works in Pathfinder, a canny party will simply defeat a modest opponent and rest over and over until it's too weak and move on. There's no incentive to do otherwise.

>> No.46544278

>Pharasma can't find their name

No no, they can't die because Groetus is now a physical thing on the material plane, floating amidst the rubble of Golarion's original moon.

The Dread Moon's presence means souls can't get past it and into the Boneyard, meaning the stream of souls is stopped and anyone that dies is eventually shunted back into their body.

This also means it's impossible to use bog-standard teleport or Gate spells!

>> No.46544296

Yes, it is.

>> No.46544322


If you want to spend an IRL month's worth of gaming, maybe.

What if the encounters respawn, but they don't get experience for killing them anymore?

>> No.46544329


Well, there are some saving graces. The Matchmaker spell can't force people that would never be attracted to each other to fall in love, for example, it just makes them feel a strong platonic attachment to each other.

The mesmerist keeps harmony in the party that has both an extremely lawful cavalier and an extremely chaotic unchained rogue through liberal application of Bromance Inna Can?

>> No.46544381

Then you should play something besides Pathfinder, because XP is a mandatory reward for combat unless the opponent is way over or under leveled.

Encounters that you resolve cost you resources, be they daily, weekly, or permanent (in terms of wealth), and a risk of death or disfigurement. Every expenditure of resources that is a significant success that can be attributed to that expenditure MUST grant XP, and if it doesn't grant wealth, a future encounter MUST grant wealth to make up for it.

That's just how the game is designed, and if you take that away, it falls apart. Pathfinder isn't a narrative system, so don't treat it like one.

>> No.46544444


That's kind of the point to Dark Souls though, that encounters leading to the boss are designed to fuck you up, and any time you should back down at the fog gate or die the encounters are back, forcing you to git gud.

And death/resources would be restored at set locations anyway.

>> No.46544471

Why not use 4e? It'd work better for doing arbitrary refreshs of resources and the actual individual combats can be more engaging in a puzzle-boss style.

>> No.46544499

Might as well just go play Dark Souls 3. The multiplayer allows up to 4 people cooperating, after all.

Yeah, but you can still farm monsters for souls and loot in Dark Souls, I don't know why you shouldn't be able to in this game if you're going to go that far.

Or, you know, don't try to make a fucking video game into a TTRPG. They're designed differently from the very beginning. Stop it.

>> No.46544556

Oh, and if you're wanting to actually roleplay in the DaS universe, why would you keep the obvious video game mechanics in it, in it? Grinding for materials isn't something TTRPG characters do. They don't kill the same monster over and over again for a piece of macguffin that makes their weapon stronger. That's a video game thing. You're focusing way too much on the mechanics and not enough on the roleplay - why would monsters respawn when you do, if not to make the game harder? Why don't bosses respawn, but the random chucklefucks do? They're not Unkindled. They're not the Chosen Undead. They're there to fuck you up so the game will be harder to play, but from a tabletop perspective that's pointless, and does nothing to add meaning to the story you craft along the way.

>> No.46544739


Some of the rules from my Dark Souls game.

>> No.46544758

Now that the annoying Souls posting has died down for a while, let's get back to actual Pathfinder.

What are some of the best creatures to make into skeletons, zombies, or Frostfallen?

What are some of your favorite creatures to do the above?

Mine has to be Frostfallen creatures with the Fire subtype. Fire isn't a subtype that specifies kind, like Giant or Goblin, so it stays - and since it's derived from its type and not a monster-specific special quality, they keep their immunity to fire, making your Frostfallen immune to Fire and Cold! Very handy.

>> No.46544765

Someone was asking for this earlier
Gal Bitch sho-nen no INSEI

So have we heard anything about the Armor Master's Handbook? I know we sometimes get told a little of what's going to be in some upcoming books, any idea for this one?

>> No.46544790

You can just use normal remorhazes if you want immunity to fire and cold.

>> No.46544838

How do creatures work if they have both immunity and vulnerability to an energy type.

>> No.46544858


Immunity overrides vulnerability, I believe.

>> No.46544872


You are welcome for this difficult feat of arithmetic

>> No.46544876

They take 150% of 0, which is 0.

Nope. Un-subtyped immunity is a Special Quality, and Skeletons, Zombies, and Frosftallen lose special qualities that don't aid their attacks.

>> No.46544883

...so? What's that got to do with remorhazes? Did you mean to quote the guy above me?

>> No.46544938

What. Are you thick?

>How do creatures work if they have both immunity and vulnerability to an energy type.
>They take 150% of 0, which is 0.

>You can just use normal remorhazes if you want immunity to fire and cold.
>Nope. Un-subtyped immunity is a Special Quality, and Skeletons, Zombies, and Frosftallen lose special qualities that don't aid their attacks.

The context of the Remorhaz discussion was using Frostfallen on a Fire subtype creature to gain immunity to Fire and Cold. Remorhazes are Magical Beasts, short of Enchantments there's no way to control them, and if you didn't mean to make them a Skeleton, Zombie, or Frostfallen, then what the fuck did you bring them up for?

>> No.46544957

For this, you stupid cunt.

>> No.46545009

How fucking retarded are you?

CR 7
XP 3,200
N Huge magical beast

>Special Qualities: A frostfallen creature loses most special qualities of the base creature. It retains any extraordinary special qualities that improve its melee or ranged attacks.

>Special Qualities: A skeleton loses most special qualities of the base creature. It retains any extraordinary special qualities that improve its melee or ranged attacks.

>Special Qualities: A zombie loses most special qualities of the base creature. It retains any extraordinary special qualities that improve its melee or ranged attacks.

You're fucking retarded and can't read, I swear to god. Immunity that isn't part of a subtype is just a regular Special Quality, meaning a reanimated Remorhaz isn't immune to anything the template doesn't grant, you stupid cunt.

>> No.46545027

I said REGULAR remorhaz, you retard, I didn't mention templates. Why can't you read?

>> No.46545076

This whole conversation started with
>You can just use normal remorhazes if you want immunity to fire and cold.
In response to
>Mine has to be Frostfallen creatures with the Fire subtype. Fire isn't a subtype that specifies kind, like Giant or Goblin, so it stays - and since it's derived from its type and not a monster-specific special quality, they keep their immunity to fire, making your Frostfallen immune to Fire and Cold! Very handy.

So kindly fuck off.

>> No.46545079

Has anyone used the Consolidated Skills or Grouped Skills from Pathfinder Unchained? Thus far I've only used background skills but I'm wondering if the other systems are any good.

>> No.46545080

Aren't immunities just defensive abilities and not specify qualities, being natural defenses the creature has, or does that fall under the blanket of "special abilities"?

>> No.46545097

And I said that if you wanted immunity to fire and cold you could just use the damn remorhaz with no templates, you colossal autist.

>> No.46545132

Defensive abilities are still Special Qualities, they're just listed in the statblock under Defenses for readability; it'd be a bit of a clusterfuck to just list them all in one spot. You'll notice that monsters with non-universal abilities that happen to be defensive usually have them listed there, too.

There's no way to 'just use' a remorhaz. They're a Magical Beast, there's no reliable method of permanent control, and the conversation was about controlled Undead. Fuck off with your irrelevant bullshit.

>> No.46545188

Just use enchantment or Diplomacy to control it, idiot. Duh.

>> No.46545206

Neither of those are permanent or reliable.

>> No.46545226

Ah thank you, it is a bit of a cluster fuck sometimes to read. Though I wonder how becoming a zombie removed a creatures non-magical resistance to certain energies. Is it simply for balance? Necromatic energies playing silly buggers with the corpse?
Good luck with either of those man.

>> No.46545233

Maybe not if you're a scrub.

>> No.46545261

Who is the best iconic and why is it Ezren?

>> No.46545278

Because even paizo can't fuck up a wizard?

>> No.46545285


>> No.46545297


Dunno lorewise, but it's definitely for fluff. I mean, it's just a corpse that you're moving around, right? I don't see how any of the organs would work, I guess, or at least most of them. It's still really bizarre.

>> No.46545305

Only what the Paizo site says:

>Inside this book, you'll find:
>Durable new archetypes to help combatants survive any assault, including the armored battlemage, the shieldbearer, the yojimbo, and more!
>Magic armor and shields of every shape and size, from the sprightly arachnid harness to the unstoppable clockwork armor.
>New methods to get the most out of your armor, from fighter armor training to combat style feats that emphasize your chosen type of protection.

They might bring back the Twilight and Nimble armor enhancements.

>> No.46545331

Someone posted the table of contents as a tease and said he wouldn't post the rest because I was a "meanie".

Seriously, dominate monster lasts days/level and it has a shit Will save. It's easy.

>> No.46545347

It's also a 9th-level spell on a CR 7 creature. Please try harder.

>> No.46545356

It's also a 9th level spell. Meaning by the time it's an option, you've probably already enslaved the everything

>> No.46545372

Fair enough, it is rotting so I guess any defense left is purely physical in nature, and most of the immunities gained by other types of undead, like skeletons and cold, are just magical fuckery and fluff

>> No.46545389

You're the one talking about your controlled undead and you don't even have a dread vampire to spam dominate monster at-will SLAs? Pathetic.

>> No.46545444

Dread templates are shitty 3PP and intelligent Undead are harder to control than Magical Beasts.

Try. Harder.

I mean, Paizo blatantly copied the Skeleton and Zombie templates from 3.5e like the majority of Pathfinder anyway, so it's not like there's any real justification behind it besides 'it's always been that way'.

>> No.46545463

Fucking Paizo.
I bet it's the same as belt of str slapped onto full plate via regular magic item creation rules too.

>> No.46545465

>intelligent Undead are harder to control than Magical Beasts
>moving goalposts
Ok Mr. Undead Master I guess controlling your undead is just too hard for you.

>> No.46545481

Intelligent Undead are immune to regular Enchantments outside certain very specific situations, and Command Undead (both the spell and the channeling feat) allow frequent, annoying chances to break free.

Try. Harder.

>> No.46545496

>I control all undead!
>n-no just the boring useless ones
>t-try h-harder

>> No.46545513

I never said anything about all undead.

Try. Harder.

>> No.46545525

To be fair it's bull shit that you as the creator of that skeleton champion, have to waste resources just to control it. Is this more "balance"?

>> No.46545545

Saying you control undead implicitly means all undead, not just some undead. b2school

>> No.46545575

No, it's just shit design. I houserule that undead you control are in the same pool as Animate Dead.

The vast majority of Undead you make with Create Undead are useless at the CL you need to make them, too. It's dumb as hell.

I didn't say anything about controlling any undead, frankly, outside the templates I specified. Honestly, you had me going at first with the remorhaz thing, but at this point it's just pathetic meme-spouting. Quit while you're ahead, buddy.

>> No.46545598

>damage control
Wow congrats senpai you sure got me there, if only you could get those intelligent undead too.

>> No.46545599

Oh good ok so I'm not being unreasonable to think its stupid to create these things just for it too attack you on site because of stupidly high will saves undead have.

>> No.46545647

I'm building a level 4 Noral vitalist to support an all-martial party. What feats should I consider?

>> No.46545655

You're better off with a small number of Frostfallen or Bloody Skeletons, usually. Find monsters with large numbers of HD and big, smashy attacks - that's all they're really good for. Frosftallen happen to be way tankier than regular Skeletons, since they explicitly don't reset the monster's Charisma - if the monster had decent Charisma to begin with, and they get the extra provided by Frostfallen, they end up with a shitton of HP and a damn good Fortitude save.

>> No.46545681

Funny thing is, given the problem with create undead I was going to do just that, though with more bloody skeletons than frost fallen given the fact that we are underground.

>> No.46545699

For y'all who want the Ultimate Intrigue spells, take a look at the list on:


>> No.46545707

Swift Aid is mandatory. Expanded Collective early on (retrain it later) if you can't fit everybody into it. Overchannel + Talented. Psicrystal Affinity + Psicrystal Containment. Psionic Meditation. Network Power metapsionic. Expanded Knowledge later on for Psychic Reformation.

You can Eschew Materials/False Focus/Blood Money out of the extra material components for Frostfallen, but yeah, Bloody Skeletons happen to be better if you expect them to die.

>> No.46545735

Oh shit right blood-money, glad I chose that spell, welp, frost fallen horde of skeletons here I come!

>> No.46545755

A 1st-level Paladin Wand of Lesser Restoration is a Necromancer's BEST FRIEND, ironically. Even without Frostfallen, not having to burn real cash on black onyx is a huge deal.

>> No.46545826

>tfw one of the players is a pally
>this would be an issue if the gm isn't playing necromancy off any inherently neutral in the setting
>paladin is just "ignoring" my bony minions because survival is currently the focus
>restoration for free and no chance of smite
It feels good

>> No.46545851


>> No.46545857


>False Resurrection

Oh boy, there's a way to fuck with the parties that rely on NPCs for bringing back lost members.

>> No.46545891

It's my dream come true as far as a campaign can go anon. That and the skeleton puns are at maximum overdrive seeing as I raised my first two starter skeletons.

>> No.46546081

>Crime Wave
>Greater False Ressurection
>Instant Fake
>Pox of Rumors
>Reincarnate Spy
>They Know
>Treacherous Teleport

It's almost like every spell on the list was created to fuck with people.

>> No.46546100


>Verbal Duels

Useful option for the skill monkey and a way to finally simulate Phoenix Wright in my Pathfinder, or adding rules to shit that didn't need rules?

>> No.46546161

>Bountiful banquet

Chefs BTFO

>> No.46546204


I want to see how long before someone on the forums gets upset they made a spell for cultural appropriation.


>> No.46546243

>Crime Wave
>Cultural Adaptation
>Curse of the Outcast
>Deceitful Veneer
>Deflect Blame
>Mass Demanding Message
>False Belief/Future
>Pox of Rumors
>They Know


>> No.46546252

It already exists, anon. Originally from Humans of Golarion. No complaints so far.


>> No.46546277

I like the "make a kick in addition to your attacks" boosts for Thrashing Dragon, but have no idea if it's worth splitting focus between weapon and unarmed strikes. As a TWF Bushi Stalker I'm already kind of choking on how many feats I need even before considering trying to mix, though. Thrashing Dragon Style makes it look like it could be a crazy fun to go "nova" with, but I'm iffy on shoving even MORE feats in when I'm still iffy on how it interacts with a lot of stalker's stuff. For example, if I use the dual strike stalker feature with the Thrashing Dragon Pounce, do I get two bonus offhand attacks? Is being able to make two attacks as a standard action all the time worthwhile in the long run when pounce strikes exist?

Are any of the Bushido worth taking?

>> No.46546297

It actually seems reasonably non-terrible. It's not a strict social combat system a la Exalted, it's more a way to just see who wins in a verbal exchange, using skill rolls back and forth and a small pool based on your mental stats to see when you've run out of resolve to keep arguing effectively.

>> No.46546357

I'm honestly surprised how good a lot of the advice in this book is. Leaving aside the stuff where they try to stealth errata existing spells in a weird way, a lot of this is stuff that would be good for any new DM to read, like "a failure in a skill-based event should still always move the plot forward instead of stalling things" and "you should increase the challenge for a highly competent party, but if you do that you should increase the rewards too".

>> No.46546879

Wait, did we finally get the entirety of UI?

>> No.46546901

The PDF is out.

>> No.46547177

Did we ever get rules clarification on whether alchemists can craft wondrous items and wands?

>> No.46547229

They can't craft because reasons and its piazo, need I say more?

>> No.46547247

Could you guys evaluate my character sheet? It's for a solo campaign, and would like to see if I'll be alright.

>> No.46547261

You're fine.

>> No.46547281

By default, no. With a discovery tax to give them a caster level, yes.

>> No.46547322

Can you wear armor? Might go for a +1 buckler (just for more armor abilities) and a +1 mithril chain shirt

>> No.46547403

Tabletop noob here, going to be rolling for stats with my party on sunday. What are the most essential classes for a party so that I don't look like as much of a moron as I am?

>> No.46547433

It really depends, how new are the other players? If they're not all new you should easily be able to get away playing whatever you're interested in. If the DM isn't new you should also be able to get away with what you want.

Main niches are damage and battle field control

>> No.46547531

Just play as a Wizard. If you need a Barbarian, then just pick up Emblem of Greed later, and do Enlarge Person + Dank Weapon Proficiencies.
There's a trait for those edgy demon dudes that makes you half-proficient with all weapons, and a human trait that makes you another half-proficient. Take one flaw and the trait to let you take a non-human trait.
Start off as the wizard pretending to be a fighter, use a Lucerne Hammer if you can. Keep distance between yourself and the Bad Dudes with that dank reach quality. Enlarge Person for STR buff and larger reach.
Mid level, move onto more traditional wizard stuff. Fling some fireballs, pack a ton of utility spells.
Late game, use Emblem of Greed to become a perfect warrior. Still Metamagic lets you cast in armor. Limited Wish can fetch literally any Paladin spell for you.

Go forth, my child.
Be the melee wizard these people deserve, even if it's not the one they need right now.

Also, there's a familiar archetype that makes your familiar buff as fuck. It's called Mauler, and you should totally take it if you plan on fighting. Bonus points for Mauler Ioun Wyrd.

>> No.46547550

For new players arcanist or sorcerer would be better. Although I'm biased and absolutely despise prepared vancian casting.

>> No.46547554

Class is less important than role. Ask your GM if you can use point buy instead of rolled stats (rolls are cripplingly unfair).

Assuming you're willing to read up ahead of time on how spells work (it's somewhat lengthy and complex, so you need to make sure you have it down pat before you mess with it), just about any casting class will be useful.

However, there's three things every party needs:
-the ability to make things die
-the ability to make things easier to make die
-the ability to run away from things that will make you die

You don't really need to focus too hard on the third one, the Run action will do that for you for several levels. The first two are crucial, and it's less 'how do I do this' than it is 'how do I not do this'. Here's a list of things that are trap options; if you don't REALLY know what you're doing, you'll be fairly worthless. Yes, options that are objectively bad are part of Pathfinder. Welcome to Pathfinder.

-Two-Weapon Fighting
-Shield + Weapon Fighting
-Specializing in damage via spells
-Healing in combat*
-Rogues, Swashbucklers, and Fighters, Ever
-Cavaliers and Slayers
-Channel Energy Clerics

*Healing in combat is nice, but it's reactive defense. If you're waiting for an ally to take damage, you aren't doing anything; if you damage an enemy and it dies, you have prevented it from hurting anyone. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

All of these things CAN be useful, but for a new player it's extremely confusing and hard to make it work for a real game, so it's best that you avoid it. Frankly, the easiest class is probably Unchained Barbarian with a two-handed weapon. Get mad and smash things, be annoying to kill.

>> No.46547566

She's good at swimming, but has trouble with cold water.

>> No.46547627

>people still think Emblem of Greed is a worthwhile spell
For FUCK'S sake, it's worse than just buying a glaive yourself and casting GMW on it! And you're having to buy and carry the glaive anyway, so why the fuck spend a 6th-level spell slot just to get iteratives that won't hit on a weapon that won't penetrate any DR?

>> No.46547634

He really isn't, he is however certifiably insane.

>> No.46547687

I might, it's not awful for an emergency weapon, but I wouldn't spend a sixth level spell slot on it.

>> No.46547707

This is some of the worst advice I've ever read.

>'Dank' is meaningless to someone with no knowledge of the system, stop that.
>'those edgy demon dudes' means Tieflings.
>There are no Flaws in Pathfinder, there are Drawbacks. By default, everyone gets two Traits, and if they take a Drawback, they get a third Trait.
>Sending a 1st-level Wizard into melee combat is asking for it to die. Use a Composite Longbow and stay in the back.
>Accuracy is more important than raw damage early on. Use Reduce Person with a Composite Longbow to get +2 to hit at the expense of an average of 1 damage.
>Fireball is an awful trap of a spell. It has a Reflex save, deals the most-often resisted damage type in the game, is Spell Resistance: Yes, and has a low Caster Level limit on damage.
>Emblem of Greed is shit. Just get a regular Glaive and use Greater Magic Weapon if you insist on going into melee (which you shouldn't with the lowest HP in the game).
>Metamagic feats increase the effective level of your spells. Don't use Still for anything but escaping nasty shit that's preventing you from moving, casting in armor is incredibly stupid.
>Limited Wish has an expensive material component and is a high enough level that it's unlikely you'll ever get to use it.
>Remember how much HP you have? Yeah, your Familiar gets half of that, Mauler or not. Don't send it into melee. Pick up Improved Familiar around 7th level or so and get an Imp, a Quasit, or something else with decent Charisma and opposable thumbs. Hand it a few good Wands, like Create Pit and Magic Missile, and have it spam them on the enemy.

>> No.46547786

>Use a Composite Longbow and stay in the back.
That's minimum 100 gp+weapon price, isn't it? Only elves are proficient with bows (I believe) so a crossbow would work better, and the +1 from strength is hardly important damage wise at that level compared to what you're spending.

>>Fireball is an awful trap of a spell. It has a Reflex save, deals the most-often resisted damage type in the game, is Spell Resistance: Yes, and has a low Caster Level limit on damage.
Fireball is fine, it's used to deal damage to a large area, and it can be optimized to be rather useful. It's not, however, the end all be all of spells. Certainly there are much better spells to take, but fireball isn't awful.

Casting in armor is fine if you can remove ASF (Though I believe there are much less ways to do that easily in Pathfinder than 3.5)

>> No.46547837

Composite longbows without a Strength bonus are fairly cheap, as are regular longbows; the other guy's advice on stacking traits to gain pseudo-proficiency with everything isn't all bad, so that's why I recommended that. If the new guy doesn't want to do that, a light crossbow is far better than any other option, and the reduce person advice still stands with it.

Fireball is a terrible spell, the only thing it has going for it is its large radius. Literally the only thing. You're better off optimizing many other, better options.

>> No.46547841

Actually EVERYONE EXCEPT WIZARDS is proficient in bows. Despite needing years to gain basic proficiency, they're a martial weapon, unlike the repeating crossbow; the exotic that takes minutes to master.

Elves just happen to be proficient in longbows no matter what.

>> No.46547862

Most full casters have no bow proficiency, actually.

>> No.46547883

Still Spell stops Arcane Spell Failure chance.

Fireball is okay, it's mostly useful for just throwing damage at mooks that you don't want to go to town on individually.

Greater Magic Weapon is neato, but Emblem of Greed is cool for actually getting those extra attacks. Also, it directly modifies your BAB. That's a big deal for some BAB heavy feats that wizards would normally never qualify for late-game.
Toughness is a thing for a reason, as to familiar stuff.
Reduce Person is also good, but it's nice to be able to fill multiple party roles as Wizard. If you can cheese out some reach attacks at 10 feet, then you're doing a pretty okay job.

>> No.46547887

Well, I mean we were talking about wizards so...

What's the point of getting a +0 composite longbow?

>> No.46547907

>Still Spell stops Arcane Spell Failure chance.
True, also almost never worth taking the +1 to spell level to use unless it's an emergency escape spell.

>> No.46547936

>Greater Magic Weapon is neato, but Emblem of Greed is cool for actually getting those extra attacks.
Extra attacks that will NEVER hit. Purpose-built martials with proper weapons can't reliably expect hits on third iteratives against non-mooks, and you're stuck with a +1 flaming shitstick.

>Also, it directly modifies your BAB. That's a big deal for some BAB heavy feats that wizards would normally never qualify for late-game.
It modifies your BAB for one minute per level, so you don't qualify for shit anyway.

>> No.46547951

Take off your dumb name. Nobody cares who you are.

Still Spell is good, but it's not a reason to use it on every spell you have, which you have to do if you're wearing armor. You use it on spells that get you out of scenarios where you have a failure chance.

There are better spells than Fireball for mook-crushing, but I'll relent that it's the best early-level option. I still wouldn't prepare more than one a day, though.

Emblem of Greed is a high enough level that by the time you get it, you're going to be outclassed by any actual martials you have in the party and the battle cleric and the wildshape druid and everybody else, because having the weapon doesn't give you 26+ Strength and Power Attack and Furious Focus and so on and so forth. You're far better off just being a normal, not dumb wizard and casting a spell, and you have been since 5th level.

Toughness is shit. Toughness. Is shit. Spending a feat on what amounts to +2 CON is shit.

Range. A regular longbow works just as well.

>> No.46547971

>Range. A regular longbow works just as well.
Huh, I always thought they were pretty much the same thing.

>> No.46548019

For martials they are, but that 30' of range increment is sometimes necessary in the hands of a squishy wiznerd who can't afford the -2 penalty for the next increment. It doesn't come up often, but the difference in price is so tiny after 1st level it's not a big deal.

And you'll never use it after 5th level because by then you have enough slots to cast SOMETHING every round of every combat.

>> No.46548056

10 foot? Main difference seems to be Composites have a range of 110 feet and cost 100 gp, while longbows are 100 feet at 75gp.

>> No.46548085

Question. Can Memnonic Enhancer recall a spell with metamagic on it? For instance, can I cast "Create Pit" with "Silent Spell" on it, and then get my "Create Pit" back?
Does it retain Silent Spell?

>> No.46548116

Whoop, I was thinking of composite longbow vs. light crossbow.

No, because you aren't casting Create Pit, you're casting Silent Create Pit, which is a 3rd-level spell. You can, however, get Silent Create Pit back if you want.

>> No.46548151

Tangentially related, Mnemonic Enhancer lets you exceed the normal limit on prepared cantrips, which can be handy.

>> No.46548226

What does /pfg/ think of the Unchained Swashbuckler?
It looks really cool, though I'm not sure whether it's worth it to go down the Intimidate route or not.

>> No.46548228

>6 extra cantrips
Good lord

>> No.46548268

You eidolon isn't an extraplanar cone snail, and thus it sucks.

Start with aquatic add reach (bite), sticky, grab, poison, large, huge. total cost 16 points. Play a half elf and get 3 points to evolution pool, take swallow whole and mount.

>> No.46548355

It's expensive (12800gp) but a Staff of Mnemonic Enhancer is a fantastic way to use downtime to improve spell stamina.

In fact, here's a list of the various means of improving spell stamina that I've come up with over time.

>Mnemonic Enhancer/Mage's Lucubration and Wands, Staves, and Scrolls thereof
>Pearls of Power
>Amulet of Spell Mastery
>Rod of Echoing Spell
>Amassing INT with headbands, etc.
>Rings of Wizardry, you can stack them together by paying more

I'm sure there's more, though. Anyone have any other ways to get more spells a day? Especially ones above 6th.

Also, preparing Mage's Lucubration and Mnemonic Enhancer with just one Echoing rod gives you either 9 spell levels from Mnemonic or 15 spell levels (but just 3 spells) from Lucubration.

3.5e has more fun things to do, though, like Spellpools and a better Echoing Spell based on CL, and Signature Spell substitutions with Illusions, and Spontaneous Divination, and...

>> No.46548394

You can also use unspent Mage's Lucubrations to gain extra spells prepared for the following day!

>> No.46548418

Er. Mnemonic Enhancers. Mage's Lucubration isn't as helpful.

The old 3.5e Echoing Spell was better, though. You'd use Sanctum Spell to make Mage's Lucubration a 5th-level spell, make it Echo with a Rod, then use it to restore itself over and over. Fun times.

>> No.46548537

Bump. I feel like even with a bunch of HP, with AC that low, this guy is going to struggle in combat, especially without any type of miss chance or whatever.

>> No.46548592

I'm fairly certain you can improve your weapon like a shield if you're a ZS but I can't quote that offhand - ask your GM. If not, a simple Wand of Blur in the hands of a friendly caster will do it for you.

>> No.46548761

I don't think he'd let me do that for the weapon, but the Wand sounds like a solid idea. I'd need to pool my money with one of the other players, though.

Thanks, anon.

>> No.46548764

New Thread, or some say New Bread,
Do you hear our posts?

>> No.46548779

Get it crafted, if possible, to halve the cost, and then share it with the crafter.

>> No.46548990

The fuck is the Unchained Swashbuckler?

>> No.46549367

I captured an evil druid who poses a threat to the populace.

Should I force him to teach me druidic (do they still lose their powers?) and release him, or will that bring down the wrath of the secret of the druids on my party?

And if so, should I do it anyway for the lulz?

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