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Fighter, thief, or mage?

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Did I travel back in time a week

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>Fighter: Max Tits, Minimum Hips
>Thief: Mid Tits, Mid Hips
>Mage: Min Tits, Max Hips

This is a tough decision, Anon.

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All of them and I had already prepared.

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That thief CLEARLY has wider hips than the mage.

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her pants are loosened to give that impression anon.

That said mage.

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That mage is shorter than the thief, who is also wearing less. Plus >>46521474

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N nO

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>any Final Fantasy beyond the first six

The better question is:
Fighter, thief, mage, cleric, elf or dwarf?

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>Retirement-community bro-fist of recognition

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Thief looks autistic, mage looks clueless.
Fighter it is!

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I think I prefer playing a thief but fighter is also fun sometimes.

This is of course talk of broad character types rather than classes as I have not yet played any rpg with class system apart from the 40k RPGs and those don't have classes with those names.

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This thief don Corneo can have.

Hell, I'll even go capture a morbol to complement.

I'm just here to rescue the materia.

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>Choosing the dead one

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cleric every time

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Classless or warrior/thief hybrid or warrior/mage hybrid BUT NEVER thief/mage hybrid.

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>he doesn't waifu Yuna

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That is not dead, which can eternal lie...

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Why not thief/mage?

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I want fighter with lolhax tits.

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>you will never have a plain but cute girl waiting for you at home
>you will never come home from an adventure and be welcomed with a hug and a kiss from her
>you will never eat the delicious food she prepares for you when you come home

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I like cute female elfs.

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Shitpost, shitpost or shitpost?

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>Fighter, thief, mage, cleric, elf or dwarf?
I choose the drow shopkeeper

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Thief waifu superior.

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no you travelled forward in time a week, to when this thread gets posted yet again

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The truth is, real best girl here is Kinu Nishimura hands down

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We need more gunbunny girls as options.

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>No one has posted best girl

For shame.

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Looks like a bimbo.

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unless they have a dick & top, none

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Not quite all there, no.

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Strong, disciplined and honorable. Despite her couarage in battle she's inexperienced in affairs of love and intimacy. She seeks to court you and introduce you to her extended family before proposing to you.

Cool, experienced and kind of shady onee-san type. You never fully understand her, you never entirely know what she's up to but you do know that she loves to tease you. In reality she actually cares about you and is pleasantly surprised when you return her affection.

Calm, collected and always in control. Borderline autistic in romantic affairs but very protective.

Obviously the best choice is subjective

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Yo you wanna take this outside faggot?

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Stop spamming this shit thread

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In this scenario? Mage. Cowtits are awful, and fuck thief, stole my shit.
In general? Fighter if she wears actual armor. I really like things like pic related. Bonus points with a mail skirt. Otherwise mage.

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Are you saying Tactics a shit bro?

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>I really like things like pic related.

So cheap, crap costume armour that doesn't fit any living thing properly? Odds are the helmet's on the ground because you can't get a human head into it without severe surgical modification.

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