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What's it like to play with legit autistic players?

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It depends on what you're playing. If you have a clearly defined set of rules and everyone follows them then there are no issues. If you have malleable rules and someone is trying to rule of cool then it's Invasion of the That Guys.

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I dunno, you should ask your group.

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This guy knows whats up. They're fine so long as you follow the rules and have lots of number crunching. Deviate from that and they'll tard out on you.

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He's too quiet, tries to hard to fit in with "inside jokes," and follows the loudest person in the party like a sheep. He also plays himself every single time, despite having characters with vastly different traits and alignments on paper. Plus he cheats like a bitch. One day he stopped showing up and we stopped caring.

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Deviating from patterns in general tends to be what causes that Sperg-rage to occur. Even something as dumb as people not all sitting in the same arrangement around the table can set some of them off.

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Got a player with a minor case of Aspergers. He just generally doesn't understand why we find some of his habits annoying.

Also he took three years to grow out of his Lawful Stupid phase. But he is actually improving so I can't be super mad at him.

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alot of offers for fellatio to be performed on you

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Good on you for sticking with him, anon, even if it's only because you couldn't get away with kicking him out.

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>mfw it's me

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It hurts. Pls care for him.

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Honestly, the one autistic guy in our group actually makes much more interesting characters and roleplays alot better than some of the "normal" players...

Hell, one of our "normal" players (has a job, his own place to live, girlfriend, ect) seeming can't play anything aside from "GIRL WITH A BIG WEAPON" who tries to resolve everything with violence or sex (despite the group having agreed not to go there in our games).

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Eh. My opinion of him was neutral at worst and kinda guilty at best when he joined. The two of us have kind of a mixed history so getting a chance to hang out with him a bit more suited me fine.

Really, you can chalk most of his mistakes up to inexperience, and it doesn't help we don't get to game often anymore now that we're all in college. Honestly, he's probably the third best player in the group just after myself (very close third) and then the bard.

Though there was that one time he tried to literally make Archer from Fate/Stay Night. Luckily that campaign didn't last long enough for it to matter.

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This is anonymous so i'm gonna say i'm the legit autist in my D&D groups. I tend to be quiet - though when I play social characters and thrust myself out to the front. Not always easy to do. Usually more of a follower than a leader due to that, but I tend to be the person who actually does IC actions and describes what my character is doing, whereas just one other in the group does that.

I never try to make 'myself' though, and lately i've been playing aggressive characters. It's fun.

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High functioning I take it?

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more or less. I can interact normally if probably awkwardly with people at times, especially if I odn't know them. It took me way too long to just 'learn' basic shit like looking at people when i'm talking and other social cues. And i'm usually really careful about what I say or how I say it. Not always easy.

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Are you me? Because I think you're me.

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That's cool and all but everyone at your table knows, they're just not dicks so they won't comment.

I know for a fact that I've got an autistic guy in my group. He's never mentioned it, it's subtle, but I'm fairly certain everyone's aware.

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Yep, you're me.

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I'm sure they know something is off about me. I know I come across as not normal, but I just try to fit in. I don't try to hide it, I try to be friendly and a good person to be around despite quirks.

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I've done this and it sucked hard. Legit autist aren't your average assburgers this hobby is filled with, but they have real problems with social communication, so it's basically playing with dissociated mutes.

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He stopped showing up because you didn't care.

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A fellow I sometimes play with has a mild form of autism, and it's like playing with an 8 year old but less cute.

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Silly /tg/, where else would your groups autist be but behind the screen?

But for real tho, yeah, I have aspergers and I'm stuck as the forever DM because no one else wants to learn shitloads of information to DM. Kinda makes me sad I can't just play as a PC, but the groups I roll with always want me to DM.

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Not as bad as playing with self-diagnosed meme-autists.

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I'm honestly not sure if the guy was on the spectrum or what. He was deeply socially awkward, with unwashed hair, nasally voice, a tendency to rock back and forth while looking around intently, and didn't know how to laugh proper. He was the stereotype unclean nerd.
For most of the first campaign I did with him he seemed like just another weirdo we found at my store to fill ranks. Then, as we were finishing up the campaign in the last couple sessions, he did something amazing. He had wound up as the leader of a murder cult and suddenly he was the scariest motherfucking villain ever. "I'm not doing this because I want to hurt you. I'm doing this because I want to HURT you."
The rest of us GOT him then. He was brilliant and he was one of our favorite players and later GM'd a long, intricate, and really interesting Call of Cthulhu game. He was still weird and if you didn't get him he came off as creepy, but he was our weird creepy guy who could do some intense story telling and some amazing bouncing between character concepts.
He was accepted to the University of Hawaii's post grad linguistics program and we gave him a send off with a night of Fiasco and beer.
We miss him and fondly hope he's traded in pale skin and stooped frame for beach tan and surfer body so we can be suitably ashamed of ourselves the next time we see him.

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Dude, UBW is the better than any form of magic in terms of radicalness.

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As an aspie, I don't know. Guess I can be a bit oblivious at times?

Other than that I'd say I'm fun to be around, if a bit awkward.

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Thats really sweet

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He's odd, especially in company that doesn't quite like him. Especially gnarring is the fact that he just doesn't seem to mind his surroundings, at all. "Oh, you wanted some crisps too? I ate the entire bag under the table. What do you mean that's impolite?". "Oh, I should have closed the front and hallway door so your dog can't get out? Can't you close it yourself if you saw me leaving?". His jokes are kind of akward too, and consist of (generally, in abovementioned foreign company) repeating more loudly what someone else JUST said. Not even paraphrasing it or adding on to the joke. No, just, word-for-word repeating it, but then with "Like..!" in front.
When he's with our group though, he tends to warm op some, if you can get by the aforementioned joke awkwardness, and he's one hell of a roleplayer. He doesn't have a 'stick by the rules' attitude at all, and is actually really fond of just building a character and playing it, not caring overly much about what trait or mechanical benefit to pick.

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>Guess I can be a bit oblivious at times?
Shit son, I'm literally autistic and in retrospect I was as oblivious as a shonen protagonist during my high school and university days.

>High school
>Some girl pushes up against me in the staircase
>In the cafeteria she sits on my lap because she accused me of stealing her chair (which I didn't)
>Stole my notes once forcing me to chase her
>Went through my phone once and asked me who [girl's name] was (it was my mother)
>Assumed she was just bullying me

>Some girl invites me to her birthday even though we barely spoke in class
>Always stands uncomfortably close to me when we talked
>Avoided taking the bait because shit would be awkward

>Some other time
>Waiting for my bus
>Some older woman starts talking to me
>It's awkward because I don't like talking to strangers
>My bus arrives
>She asks if it's to late to ask for my phone number
>"Yeah... I guess... kthxbai"
>Only after I'm seated and the bus drives away do I realize what she meant by that

I'm honestly not joking, it literally took me YEARS to figure out that the first girl was into me.

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Wait, I forgot to mention some facts about the first girl
>That one time she talked to me about dildos and asked me if I owned one
>When I denied it she told me it's perfectly normal for guys to own one
>That one time when she asked me if I like big or small tits and I avoided answering because 2lewd

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You should've walked her home gently.

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As a minor assburger, I find that I actually get into roleplaying. If the GM just changes the rules halfway through the campaign that annoys me, but if it's clearly been established beforehand that doing cool stuff will allow you to do things like that then it's fine. I've never really had any problems with RPing as non-self inserts. Being other people is way better than being me anyway.

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Been playing on a site with particular appeal towards the spectrumers, tvtropes, but most of them seemed to play their characters just ok. The worst group didn't seem autistic, just egocentric cunts. Aside from them, there was one brony-/k/ommando that was occasionally creepy (with the horses) or annoying (with the guns and call of duty), but he wasn't game-ruining.

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We have one semi-autist in our group, and it's honestly not that bad. Compared to the other That Guys we've had in and out of our group, he's pretty good to have around. He typically plays really niche characters like kobold rogues and the like, but otherwise he isn't too bad.

pretty sure he wants to BE a kobold, though.

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Hold on, where the fuck did my spoiler go. No broken tag, it just nothing?

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Don't talk about women with me, it hurts too much.

>Be 8/10
>Have highest marks at uni
>Have +30 friends, everyone respects and appreciates me
>Be stinkin' rich, living the good life in a mansion at the rich part of town
>Be hung as a horse
>Still can't get pussy because the perspective of intimate contact with a woman makes me freeze up in terror and spill my spaghetti all over the place

It hurts to live.

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>anon has all that
>yet he still can't stop thinking about pussy
Anon, pussy is overrated.
Yeah, yeah, I know, you're gonna go "sour grapes" and shit, but don't get obsessed with it. Hire a whore, or pick up a chick at bar, have sex to try it out a few times, then realize there are better and more fun things than sex.
>but my serious romantic relationships!
Casual sex is not the same as having a relationship, and the experience are vastly different.

t. happily married for almost 6 years

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>"pussy is overrated"
>Says the married man
Enjoy paying alimony

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We've had a legit medically diagnosed aspie in our group for a very long time.

In our group, we cycle gm position after each campaign. When he gm's, he puts out a lot of detail but railroads us hard and doesn't know what to do when we jump the tracks. In a few cases he had to drop the whole campaign because he couldn't figure out what to do next, it could no longer be salvaged in his mind.

When I gm, we tended to get into explosive arguments over stupid shit like the color of a steel sword versus iron or how many exact feet a tannery should be from the edge of town. It's always shit you never expect.

The worst was when I had another players character kidnapped by a cult (rolls and everything) and he went critical mass because, in his words, "it was something unexpected". From that, he demanded I tell him all the plot twists I had planned which I refused and from there things escalated to shrieking. For two months. It wasn't even his character.

He's gotten better over the years, and therapy certainly helped though it turned him into a selfish asshole.

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They stay quiet for most of the night until something sets them off and then they scream

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Anon, having sex for tightening bonds is not the same as having sex for animal pleasure.
You can use drugs or alcohol for the same effect of stimulating your pleasure center.
So, yeah, pussy is overrated, if it's not a pussy you love and that loves you.

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I don't think any of stories speak of playing with actual autist, but morr like aspergers and that's like common as hell with roleplaying.

Anyway to fix that I'm going to tell a story about playing with someone who was actually diagnosed with autism.

This wasn't RPG, but a game of Munchkin. It was bit hard and the game dragged for hours, but he was actually very good player despite it being his first time. The thing that made it so hard was that the guy literally could speak only one word sentences and thus was hard to communicate with first, but with help of simple sign language things worked out pretty nice. Still, I have to say it was very awkward and weird.

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Anrimmitetu Bureido Wakkusu

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What about playing with people who refuse to call themselves autistic, despite having a medical diagnosis?

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It's fine if you're all good friends. So 5 regulars/1 irregular players in my group including myself. I've got mild Asbergers, another regular has aswell but a bit worse off; and the irregular guy is "undiagnosed".

Playing with the regular is fine since he's learnt some basic social cues & is a cool guy usually. Not perfect, since after he left to America & thought stopping contact with nearly everyone par me would be 100% ok. Otherwise, fun guy to be with, can get salty quite quickly, first to tell you if you fucked up, has a thing for good guy warlocks, and any power-gaming he does is aimed at me (I do the same to him).

Meanwhile, our "undiagnosed" guy can be a handful. He has practically no social skills, changes conversation topic when he's bored of the current one it seems to one completely different, constantly looms over the computer to makes sure there are 3+ songs in line when the current one ends, and unintentionally powergames. However he's a genuinly nice guy, doesn't forget rules/cheat & doesn't piss around on his phone between turns; he's just hard to be around for long periods of time. It's like he's a robot in the uncanny valley at times, but he's never that guy & 1/2 the group knew him since we were 8.

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I literally have a diagnosis and I'm mostly just a sucker for rules. Online, most of the people I play with are about the same but IRL when none ever reads the books or knows what they're doing I'm like a walking rulesbook.

The only thing it really bothers me is when people decide on playing a system, then proceed to disregard every rule, or blame me like the devil when I remind them of penalties stuff.

Or, when (in Pathfinder) people accuse me of being a powergamer because I made a regular character while others went with horribly suboptimal characters. People who play a ranger, then decide to dump both dex and strength for charisma, never actually play with any kind of social grace, then complain that my cardboard cutout X class is OP compared to them.

I'm not asking for anyone to read the entire book, I'd just like it if people at least had a general idea of what they're playing.

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If they appear normal it's likely misdiagnosis. This is pretty common with aspergers because just about any geek or nerd can be diagnosed with aspergers. One of the reasons why they removed it from DSM.

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Tism and burgers are much less frequent than /tg/ would lead you to believe, at least on roll20.

The need to meet new people and do new things on a regular basis sort of drives them off. I'd guess those that do play do so with their own group, that already knows how to work around their issues, and stay away from the gamefinder.

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Don't have cash for whores, don't have the confidence it takes to pick up chicks.

I know full well that sex isn't the holy grail, but not getting any hurts like a bitch on my self-concidence and makes me feel so very lonely.

I just want a qt gf to cuddle with.

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that just sounds like a contrast between someone who knows how to roleplay vs. a normie casual raised on modern day entertainment tropes

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Repeating jokes is common autistic behaviour because all they understand is "this collection of words was said and the humans laughed" so they think it will work every time

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>I was as oblivious as a shonen protagonist during my high school days
that's called being normal. it's called shonen for a reason

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I feel sorry for the autistic. If it weren't for their uncaring parents having them injected with chemicals as a baby, they'd be as normal as everyone else.

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I agree on autists, but not really on burgers. They seem to be extremely common, but often you can't even tell that they're burgers until they tell of their diagnosis because there's often nothing that differentiates them from stereotypical geeks. Similarly in my experience burgers can actually be social when sociality is based on their interests. Then again my experience is based on game stores and conventions.

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Well, in real life it's more the other way around. Puberty sucks for men because that's when they're at their sexual peak while girls their age are only interested in older men. The roles only reverse at age 30 or higher, and even then all the non-shit women are already married.

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Girl in my group is almost certainly autistic.

Very smart, physics major, good head for math and shit...less straight forward reasoning, strategy, cause and effect, anything that involves an organic component, and she doesn't quite connect. When we're planning, she often either offers up unfeasible ideas or frets over something irrelevant.

She's not much of a role player, though she tries at times. It generally ranges from her just being silly, which is ok, to her make occasional in character comments or quips.

>playing highly political pathfinder campaign
>5 man party is often split
>an aristocratic doctor and a guard sergeant, both LG
>a drunk, belligerent hobo and thief, both chaotic something
>in the midst of city-wide rioting, political controversy, questions about police and the queen
>super interesting party dynamics going on
>then there's her character

She tunes a lil more for things that interest her personally. She likes machines and clothes. I guess when she's pressed for a decision, she makes the decisions IC that she would OOC.

I'm still happy to have her at my table. She's a great girl, very kind. Having one quiet-ish player doesn't hurt anybody.

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I've got the burgs and I used to go to a boarding-school with a fuckton of students on the spectrum or with other issues that made mainstream education difficult for them (none of them were full potato, mind you). One of the care-staff brought in some 4e books and got me and three others to see what tabletop gaming was all about.

In retrospect, aside from one or two moments of suddenly losing self-awareness for a moment, it wasn't really any different from when I played with a group of normal blokes later in life. Some of the characters and roleplaying was a little cringey, but it wasn't exactly out of the ordinary for a bunch of 14-15 year olds in their weeb phase. The most noticable thing I remember was that everyone would go out their way for opportunities to make skill-checks, because we were a bunch of weenies who would take any opportunity to do a backflip. Overall though, it was pretty great and we all got hooked onto it. The care-staff who brought in the books now has a little tabletop-gaming club/night every tuesday and thursday, and one of the other players got a job at his local gws.

Overall, having someone noticeably autistic/spergy at the table isn't really a big deal, so long as they've got a mate with them, someone to occasionally pull them aside and be all 'mate no' when they say something stupid/oblivious.

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I only played with one fully blown aspie once, he was terrible at everything that wasn't math.

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Too real.

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My GM says I was actually his best player so there's that.

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Anon, not having sex should not equate to a loss of self-confidence.

A lack of self-confidence on the other hand, should equate to an attempt to acquire some. Good thing, confidence is an internal mechanism that does not need to rely on others, if you cultivate it yourself at least.

Loneliness is best had at 2.00 am at night, when no one is around. The rest of the day is for doing cool shit.

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Roughly half my group is autistic, with the other half being assorted betas. Our games are pretty normal, apart from the fact we always spend waaay to much time planning things.

Whenever we travel somewhere, we buy a map of the area the GM became really good at drawing maps shortly after he realized that saying "you can't find anyone willing to sell a map of this area" because he doesn't want to make one, means we'll happily spend a good ten hours persuading the local nobleman to part with his. We then buy whatever transport we need, hire people to crew it, buy enough food to last the journey plus a resonable delay, create false identities, and plan our route so that we pass by enough sources of fresh water.

Then, something happens that renders all our planning useless. Fun times.

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Yeah you can't really tell until they get their ball rolling. Like, if somebody intentionally mentions a small and totally wrong detail and the person in question explodes. Or if they get their chance to talk about something obscure, and suddenly become super-sociable.

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>suddenly losing self-awareness for a moment

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Sorry, probably could have worded that better. I meant when they say something without considering if it's appropriate or not.

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Is this an example of autism at the table? >>46444897

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It's Touhoufag, so yes.

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Man, I haven't seen Colette on /tg/ for the longest time. I can't believe I'm saying this, but with all the retarded threads about SJWs, elves and magical realm popping up nowadays, I, well, not actually miss him, but kinda nostalgic.

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Tohofag was a type of autist that would math shit hard and find something interesting.
Colette just shoves his fetishes and whines.

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Is it Colette? I thought it was THF from the way they posted.

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one of my best friends has mild Aspergers and ADHD, with a penchant for weed. He always plays female mercenary "I'M IN IT FOR THE GOLD" characters, brings his 3DS to breed pokemon whenever it's not his turn and whenever someone takes the time to actually flesh out a campaign and give it some plot he gets bored because there aren't any monsters to clobber.

Though sometimes he shines, be it by cracking a wise-ass joke or taking the party down a new, demented path no one would have ever thought of. And all those times make it worthwhile.

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They're usually slow to decide and dont do anything optimal, even thoigh thats what they set out to do

They always say shit like, "as I was saying" and "thus" even though they have nothing to say

If one person interrupts them they stop talking and wait

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>Colette just shoves his fetishes and whines.
Lots of it is just overblown shit and the DM was just as bad every time.

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I don't have any form of actual autism or anything like that, but I do that sort of thing too. I'm just oblivious when it comes to romance.

At 28 I'm not as bad as I used to be, but man you should have seen me when I was a young teen.

>we're 14 years old
>girl talks to me a lot
>at one point basically ninja steals my first kiss
>another time she gives me an almost-handjob
>another time she literally answers, to my confused questioning of why she's acting so strange, "because I love you, anon"
>years later it finally penetrates that she was probably into me

The joke is that it wouldn't have done her any good even though she was pretty cute, I was pining after another girl really bad at the time.

>> No.46476040

>another time she literally answers, to my confused questioning of why she's acting so strange, "because I love you, anon"
I thought it was impossible to get worse than me, yet it happened.

I share your feelings though, none of those girls were particularly cute so I wouldn't have gone for them anyway except maybe the one in university because I was that desperate at that point. After that I entered 2D Nirvana and have transcended beyond tfw no gf

>> No.46476050

Jesus, anon, that's literally J-J-JAM IT IN - you lost me tier.

>> No.46476059

This is our autist, minus the cheating. He also doesn't seem to get that you probably shouldn't describe how your sword cleaves into the monster's face before you actually hit/damage it.

>even if it's only because you couldn't get away with kicking him out.
I fucking hate that, once they're in a group it's impossible to get them out of it without subterfuge because otherwise you're the guy who kicked the poor autistic dude out of the game.

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Got an autistic friend. She's cool. I wouldn't know she was autistic if she hadn't told me.

But I'm probably autistic too, so it may just be me.

>> No.46476166


I've DMd for, in separate groups, two aspies and an actual autist.

The first aspie wouldn't get that you needn't tell your backstory each time you meet a new NPC, much less on your first contact, and would pretty much adhere to True Stupid alignment. He spoke the most, but again, did not say anything truly interesting, and it quickly became annoying. Besides, he had a tendency towards puns of the lowest caliber.

The second aspie was pretty fucking alright, not even awkward most of the time. I was pretty fucken surprised when he told me.

The autist was...well, unremarkable. He was awkward, and although he got into it, his incapacity to think outside the box made him really predictable, and at times, he'd be oblivious about risks and threats.

Despite the first case, the rest were actually pretty tolerable.

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He was a really good friend of mine and he only had a mild case. Very high-functioning. He just didn't really get social cues and was a little awkward. Nice guy to be friends with, boring at the table. Only payed attention in combat or when we asked him to. Pretty much just disinterested. He wasn't a problem at all considering he always just played some kind of dwarf tank-ish char, just generally not particularly interesting to play with. He eventually lost interest and he quietly dropped out of the group. We're still friends.

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Ask all of your friends.

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Of the two autistic players I have had the pleasure of playing with, I've noticed a couple of things. One I GMed for, the other been in a couple of games with. Both of them are fairly rules-sensitive about how game mechanics work - in particular if it's not what they expect they'll bring it up right away. Not too hard to explain it to them, though one will persist in asking for clarifications if it's not to their understanding. Which makes sense, but can lead to lengthy discussions (best left outside the game itself so as not to bother others with it).

The other one was somewhat paralysed by a lot of choices (we were running pathfinder and spell lists tended to bedazzle her in what would be most optimal, and if her character would in fact be willing use them).

Both tended to dislike changes in rules, and most random effects - in particular one never ever used a consumable if at all possible. Sudden changes was also problematic. That was an issue as one of them took a fairly long time to post actions up.

Both of them played cutsey, young characters - one was in fact a central focus of the campaign, and she managed to pull it off very well, even if sometimes very overwhelmed by the speed at which we were progressing with the campaign.

Lastly, both managed to put a significant amount of time into backstory and providing a good number of plot hooks. In game the one I GM'd was a delight to interact with and managed to really pull the party together mostly as a sort of semi-mascot character.

Overall, while there's some problems with GMing for them or playing with them, if you are able to know how to deal with their own issues and have a bit of patience, they can be very good, dedicated players.

>> No.46476492

I'm not autistic as far as I know but that sounds pretty fun to me. I really like coming up with detailed plans and getting supplies and so on. Feels satisfying.

>> No.46476694

Is Touhoufag a famous autist here?

>> No.46476780

Touhoufag was a moderately well known individual from almost 10 years back best known for posting touhou pictures with his posts, and who was involved in D&D 3.5E character optimisation advice and created some absurd, fantastical builds and character concepts using strict rules as written. Examples of this includes the invincible hikkimori borg cube, calculating the DC to crawl into someone's rear using escape artist and using this in combat or as a method of hiding yourself, how to turn BBEGs into lolis, and providing customised advice to people for optimised characters for their games.

He moved onto 4E D&D and got hit by a minor legal scandal involving copyrights, and some time ago was banned while fighting against a Janitor deleting his posts. The ban has since been appealed or expired.

He has since moved on to other systems or games including pathfinder and Strike! under other aliases (though touhoufag was always just the board name for him). Is genuinely autistic.

>> No.46476796

Anal spelunker was just pure awesome

>> No.46476820

Bullshit, janitors can't ban anyone.

>> No.46476822

He's a cool kind of autist tho.

Collette's just lame.

>> No.46476831

I'm the aspie in the group.

What's it like to game with me? I'm usually the guy sitting next to the newb, helping them out. I theorycraft characters so that the group doesn't have to waste an hour waiting for the newb to make a character (said characters tend to be very simple and nearly stereotypical, like a Champion Archetype Fighter or a Healbot Life Cleric). My own characters tend to be pretty fleshed out in terms of backstory (The last time I made a backstory light character who basically wandered the land, going wherever the wind takes her, the GM turned her backstory into "Due to her being present at a male rite-of-passage ceremony, all those boys died in battle and now the church wants to find her so they can ritually sacrifice her to appease their god")

I do get a bit nitpicky on rules, but not to the point of a sperg-meltdown (I've been socialised enough that a sperg-meltdown is extremely rare). If the DM says "We don't use that rule/don't keep track of ammunition", I'll let it be.

I tend not to make social characters, though I'm planning on changing that with Tulsleah the Life Cleric whose dump stat is Int and has green sleeves (Hey, if the other players can have characters like "Cowardly Half Orc Barbarian" and "Warlock with no languages in common with the rest of the party", I can have my "Dim Round-heeled Cleric of Freya")

>> No.46476844

Also worth noting that he's hated in Pathfinder General and tried to start Planescape General but failed.

>> No.46476858

Janitors have a direct line of communication to mods. Mods can ban people.

>> No.46476865

They're the same dude if you read >>46475801

>> No.46476868
File: 94 KB, 1691x294, this.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if he has been certified autistic but he shows many of the signs.

>> No.46476885

A namefag proved it was a janitor was out to get him when she posted the exact same post he was making without a Touhou image and the janitor ignored it.

>> No.46476898

Dude, they aren't. There's just one guy thinking they are in the thread.

>> No.46476911

He posted 74 or so repeat threads, the janitor deleting each one immediately, and then the janitor forwarded this information to a mod who saw "this guy is posting the same thing 74 times, better ban him." Then ban evasion got him perma (which has since worn off).

Same person.

Now THAT'S bullshit. Ever since he stopped posting in it everyone else has said "I miss it when touhoufag was here, Buildposter is just terrible and wrong, while 2hufag was only sometimes terrible and mostly right".

>> No.46476913

He was banned because posting Touhou in /tg/ is off-topic.

>> No.46476957

>He posted 74 or so repeat threads, the janitor deleting each one immediately
Posting those threads over and over again because it was a legit thread about 4e rules and the first one didn't have any reason to get deleted.

>> No.46476975

>posting Touhou on /tg/ is off-topic
We had a good Touhou lore discussion just a few days ago or so. It had 200 or so replies before being bumped off the board.
It's okay to discuss occassionaly, but not okay to spam the board with it.

>> No.46477006

Touhoufag was breaking GR 13 and then GR 8 and then GR 9.

>> No.46477019

I'm not taking sides here, anon, merely stating what happened with an unbiased viewpoint.

But no, they are literally the same person. They were told to cut back on the touhou posting which is why the linked post in >>46475801 is in fact not a touhou.

>> No.46477042

It's not avatarfagging if you're using different pics each time.

>> No.46477074
File: 256 KB, 1000x706, wot da zog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you need someone at all? You are cool all alone and yourself. And you can become even better. Be brutal and cunning.
You need boyz/girlz to WAAGH together with? That's okay, humie. Befriend them equally, 'dey are all boyz for you now. And those boyz who have boobsquigs can be cuddled with if ya want. Havin' a girl who isn't your friend is a pain in the ass.

>> No.46477078

Back to the point, autistic players generally tend to dislike the unexpected and can't deal with it very effectively. They tend to stick to what they believe in, and can get paralysed if given too many options.

>> No.46477092

They like to optimise their chars, work on tactics, roll dice, and try to achieve greatest chance for victory.

So play it like any normal game.

What you really have to watch out for are those muh immershun, muh narrativity, muh roleplaying, muh storytelling fags who can't tolerate that there are numbers attached to their unhealthy escapism co-operative daydreams of make believe.

>> No.46477099

No dude, /pfg/ still hates Touhoufag.

>> No.46477167

Eh, I can see more people saying they miss him, but that's mostly when talking in relation to BUILDPOSTER.

>> No.46477180

I feel you, I'm a legitimate sperg and I am either the black guy named Tyrone or the GM.

>> No.46477206

>If you have a clearly defined set of rules and everyone follows them then there are no issues. If you have malleable rules and someone is trying to rule of cool then it's Invasion of the That Guys.
Can confirm.
Oh, make sure your rules are consistent. If you change a rule partway through the campaign expect mild sperg rage. If you change a rule, then change it back because the sperg found a way to (ab)use the rule change, expect MAX sperg rage.

Subjective, inconsistent, and "it depends" rules will confuse your sperg. Do not ban derailing or breaking your campaign, unless you've clearly defined what your campaign is and where the limits are. Do not ban overpowered characters, unless you define overpowered by being able to beat X, Y, or Z by level L (when normally it'd take at LEAST level L+2 for most chars)

Banning "offensive" or "distracting" or "inappropriate" behaviour will not work on your sperg because your sperg has no fucking idea what will offend you, distract you, or what you will consider inappropriate. As changing rules on the fly is likely to irritate your sperg (especially if you make more than 1 rule change per week), you must tolerate that your sperg will hurt your feelz.

>> No.46477225

So are autists also those guys who think that playing as DM means you should fight against players and secretly plot to kill the party all the time?

>> No.46477247

I assumed your role as DM was to give your players challenging but beatable encounters, and try to beat your players within those constraints.

>> No.46477259

Is this what was being said in >>46475801 ?

>> No.46477287

Yes, technically, but I was referring to that kind of DM whose goal is to "win" the game within that framework rather than just be good DM who gives players challenge.

>> No.46477307

Seems related.

Unrelated is that the GM in the linked post is an unaware asshole who thinks "we're all here to have fun" doesn't apply to the player who's having no fun with the loose rules. Your GM having his head up his ass is not an issue related to autism.

... Wait, wouldn't more consistent rules PREVENT powergaming and rules lawyering because you couldn't loophole? I'd assume that your munchkinning comes FROM playing loose with the rules, from taking Interpretation A in some situations and Interpretation B in others.

>> No.46477326

Also, should mention that every time I've played with DMs like that they go extra spergy (up to rage) if the players manage to beat their best schemes which are (secretly) built to be unbeatable.

>> No.46477335

No, it's just that if given the option to be competent at what they want their character to do is given, they'll take it.

In my own case I was running a very character-driven game and the autistic person in question while did request a couple of excessively powerful spells and feats from third party stuff, but even then understood when told some of them were not acceptable.

If an autistic person is GMing, you need to make sure they understand it's not a game to try and kill the players in, but to maximise entertainment. In particular that leads them to bending over to trying to fulfil you every desire.

>> No.46477389

Also, it's almost impossible to ensure fairness in a subjective system if the participants have differing ideas on what constitutes fairness.

Some folk on /tg/ think that if 4 people at the table want x and one person wants y, it should be x 100% of the time, to ensure greatest total enjoyment.
I think that it should be x 80% of the time and y 20% of the time, i.e. proportional to how many people want the thing.
>are you usually y
I'm y about 20% of the time and x about 80% of the time. :^)

>> No.46477400

He said autist not /v/ poster.

>> No.46477403

I'm the only person with an actual Asperger's diagnosis in our group, but I'm pretty sure at least three other people fall on the spectrum. We mostly do board games anyway, but on the couple times that we did roleplaying, I ended up as the DM. Not that that's bad, I like worldbuilding and making setpieces.

>> No.46477455

I have autism and I am so bad at roleplaying holy shit. I just have no idea how to approach pretending to be someone else so I stopped trying a few years ago.

>> No.46477496

>The worst group didn't seem autistic, just egocentric cunts.
I can tolerate egocentric cunts most of the time. The ones that really grate on me are egocentric selfish cunts who mistakenly believe they are being altruistic and group-minded, because "I care deeply that the entire group follows MY metrics on what is good and bad!"
You would not believe how many people literally do not give a shit that other people at the table have different views on what is good and bad (or fair and unfair, moral and immortal, That Guy and This Guy, etc), but still think of themselves as a goddamn social buddhajesus.

>> No.46477544

>be on the autism spectrum
>would rather play by the rule of cool than number crunching
Personally I think a good GM should use the rules as a guide rather than actual rules of the game. Like not buffing monks a bit in 3.5, just because that would break the rules, so he could keep up with a heavy magic party is just retarded.

>> No.46477577

Am I touhoufag?

I don't remember posting touhou on /tg/ but that's the exact type of thing I'd do/post.

>> No.46477606

Do you post artistic touhous or anime girlyboy images with your posts?
If not, then don't worry, you're not touhoufag.

>> No.46477610

It heavily depends on so many factors that I can't give you a single concrete answer. That's like asking what it's like to play with a girl, or a black person, or someone who's left handed, or any of a number of other factors.

The person, their individual qualities beyond being whatever group you're lumping them into, the system, the setting, the GM, the other players, it all factors in.

>> No.46477616

Sometimes games just have shitty rules and you can't foresee every imbalanced interaction until it's too late. I advise just not playing those games, though.

>> No.46477676

Depends on the autistic person in question. They might make different characters but they can still be fine. Case in point one of my autistic friends played a tax lawyer in our Call of Cthulu game and did a fairly good job of playing his character and making him his own.

>> No.46477714

If you have built an unbeatable scheme, and the players are within the same area code as the scheme at any point int time, then your scheme is not unbeatable.

The only truly unbeatable scheme is a scheme that has already finished. If there's anything that'd prevent you from just autoing or timeskipping to your scheme's completion, then that means the players are involved, and that means the players can wreck it.

Fortunately (unfortunately?) most players are a group of chaotic lemmings that have a 50/50 chance of being insightful geniuses and oblivious retards. 3 "how could they possibly fall for this?" schemes have a greater chance of having 1 go through than a single "Haha foolproof, magnificent, le half an hour ago man" scheme.

>> No.46477742
File: 82 KB, 550x453, 1397881214172.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you don't have autism/assburgers according to diagnose but share most of the quirks listed here excluding "sperg rage" and cheating
I-I'm quiet a lot b-because I have anything sensible to add...

>> No.46477744

>tfw you are an autistic weeblord in a group of normalfags

They like it when I turn off the "high functioning" part for my characters and turn them into somewhat goofy weirdos with magical powers and unconventional ideas for how to use them. This usually gets my character turned into a mascot or pet more or less, though, and I'm not into that. So I don't do it terribly often and only for one-shots or short campaigns, which I think helps them enjoy it more when I do.

Other than that I usually just tend to be someone's bodyguard, hired sword or partner assigned to them by whatever organization they belong to, be good at puzzles and hit things with an oversized weapon whenever things need hitting with oversized weapons. We have fun, they keep inviting me to their new games or to groups they join, so I imagine they like having me around.

Only thing I think is of note beyond that is that apparently my characters come off as being helpless outside of their niche, and some of the female players I've played with have had their maternal instincts (or some other similar shit I don't know how fucking women's hormones work) kick in around them.

>> No.46477866

>Sometimes games just have shitty rules and you can't foresee every imbalanced interaction until it's too late.
Every sufficiently complex system can be broken. The usual counter is to wrap your complex system in a simple one that acts as a 2nd barrier to breaks, or to shove so many diminishing returns up your system's ass that e^(-x) ends up being your system's equivalent to :^).

>> No.46477897

>Do you post artistic touhous or anime girlyboy images with your posts?
I do have a folder of suika porn tho.

>> No.46477968

>Personally I think a good GM should use the rules as a guide rather than actual rules of the game.
This will confuse and enrage your spergs because your spergs will not be able to understand or predict your rules, and your rules will likely not be consistent.

There is a way to make it work, though.
Protip: Ask your spergs how they think the rule should be interpereted / how the rule should work, whenever a dispute comes up. Putting things into the "correct order" makes for happy spergs, and that includes putting rules in the correct order.

>> No.46478027

>This will confuse and enrage your spergs because your spergs will not be able to understand or predict your rules, and your rules will likely not be consistent.
Not all spergs are turbospergs, anon.

>> No.46478034

I meant more like allowing more acting and roleplaying in favor of rolling dices.
For example.

>You're on your last legs, you're on 0 HP and things are looking dire. You can either try and move away to your companions or do one last final attack against the dungeon boss that's in front of you
>You choose to attack the dungeon boss, hit and deal enough damage to bring him down to 1 HP
Now a good DM would say that you kill the boss because that's more interesting than;
>Okay, the boss is now at 1 HP, he attacks and kills your character and then runs away.

>> No.46478055
File: 121 KB, 811x1147, f74aac63353a3610d1cd7a3727fd5e6c[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's norma- I mean what kind of sick freak would do that, you disgust me.

>> No.46478062

>That's like asking what it's like to play with a girl
Learn to say "No". Never make a deal that involves you fulfiling your end of the bargain now and the girl fulfilling her end later. Don't trust their words, but STRONGLY trust their actions.
> a black person
Ask black person what type of campaign they want, and see if you can run it. If you can't, then try to incorporate some elements of it. Lot of black guys get REALLY into their favourite tropes.
> or someone who's left handed
Get coasters
> or any of a number of other factors.
Ensure aceliac/vegetarian food is available, and that you have a spare bathroom.

>> No.46478154

I would have the boss kill your char and run away because the character took a risk and it is neccessary that a risk has risk associated.

I get that you want your campaign to be narrative-driven. But if your do not have risk in your narrative then your party's victory is inevitable. They are not interacting, they are not struggling, they are riding the Plotâ„¢ bus to victory. Stories with foregone conclusions might as well NOT have those central chapters, and campaigns without risk might as well NOT have encounters.

(Incidentally your example is the exact type of thing you'd burn a Fate point for, and is the exat type of thing that Fate points were intended to BE - the universe fudging in your character's favor because they have destiny. If you're into that type of thing, give your characters Fate points)

>> No.46478167

We're talking about autists who tend to do kind of get upset when rules change on them, especially if they see it as unfair on them.

>> No.46478238
File: 45 KB, 554x380, frodo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She asks if it's to late to ask for my phone number
You've been here before.

>> No.46478310

like masturbating

>> No.46478312

Don't Rest Your Head has a pretty damn good example of narrative being weaved into the mechanics here.

in that system, Players earn "Hope" points that they can use to fudge a dice roll in their favor. However, if a Player uses a Hope point, then the DM gets a ... I forget what they're called, but the DM can fudge the rules AGAINST the players' favor.

Do this with your players in rule of cool systems. Give your players "Cool" points that they can burn to Rule of Cool shit in their favor.
But in return, you as a DM can Rule of Cool up a troublesome situation or make your enemies do something badass.

If you are running a cool system, then the problems your party encounters, and the villains your party faces, should get to be cool, too! Otherwise it's more like Tyranny of Cool.

That makes me wonder. What would it be like to run a campaign where the enemies are Tyrants of Cool that enforce narrative causality with an iron fist, and the PCs are an unlikely motley collection of rules lawyers, /pol/, spergs, and minmaxers who fight to overthrow the tyranny placed on them and ensure that the kingdom is free for ALL playstyles?
I kinda wanna play that now.

>> No.46478329
File: 79 KB, 1024x1024, shrug_by_domutakagi-d8twto4[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably, I've told the tales of my betaness on multiple boards multiple times whenever it was relevant. Nobody I know IRL knows about them (other than the three girls involved of course, and I doubt they browse 4chan).

>> No.46478378

Suika is pure!

>> No.46478446

DM with PDD-NOS here. I'm currently the only one in the group. Ironically I'm a bit bothered with my critical players who keep asking me direct questions which they could figure out on their own, nag about any little detail as long as it's not in their favor and they keep trying to trick me in convincing modern world concepts into fantasy just so they get more money. (Guilds with perks and group-buying or something. But no one ever bothered to remind me of taxes and they find it strange that they have to pay for their mail.)

I'm prone to tangents during the game, I suddenly get a random, nonsensical question in my head and I just want an answer. Then a player shakes me out of it and we just go on. I really want to quit doing that. DMing was tough at first because the players are loud, manipulative, teasing and sometimes so emotional that one threw a tantrum at near character death in a 4e game. (He was a wizard and he played him impulsively. No, he didn't want to change his character to something tanky...)

I've seen only one or two other players in the spectrum and I have to say: Either no other player or just one player per group is the limit. If you think that all autistic people can get along with each other then you are dead wrong. Example: One doesn't get the joke the other makes and tries to explain it, the other goes into a fit, the one doesn't understand why he's mad but doesn't ask and is stressed out because he's loud, etc. It's a mess.

Dude, if you don't have a poor Central Coherence, Executive Functions, Theory of Mind and Sensory Integration than be glad that these 'symptoms' you have are treatable with a little training. People in the spectrum would be willing die to get rid of those things if they understood the implications of it.

>> No.46478813

You have at most social anxiety. There's nothing wrong with being quite and following the alpha or whoever is loudest, these are natural trades of being a beta. People are annoyed at "autists" specifically because of their sperg rages (and because they don't shower sometimes).

Just try to be less beta.

>> No.46478937

>a pussy you love and that loves you
You sweet bastard. Your wife's a lucky woman.

>> No.46479972

Best friends an autist. Love him like a brother but he is the most oblivious person in the world and in doing so can be the most obnoxious human ever to exist occasionally.
This carries over into playing and has occasionally gotten both of us kicked from groups. main issues are he has zero volume control and no verbal filter which leads to him shouting extraordinarily embarrassing or obscene shit loud enough for groups several rooms over to hear.
It sucks cause he's basically stuck at the mental level he was at circa age 13-14 when i met him and a decade later i can't bring him places where maturity is a thing you need to properly function in. Bars, movie theaters, restaurants, stores, game sessions, walking in public, literally anywhere and he'll do something to embarass me and label us pariahs to some degree.
He knows half the shit he does is embrassing, too. He'll do it at bars or clubs purposefully in front of chicks just to bust me and everyone elses balls.
Worst is he legitimately feels bad afterwards and knows he shouldn't do shit but its like his social filter has a wonky shutter and only after the fact does he know what he did was bad.
I hate chastising him cause he's family and you can see the hurt and regret he has but it pisses me off to no end and if i do shit alone he knows i purposefully excluded him so he couldn't be his usually self and fuck me over which also hurts the piss out of him and then i feel bad.
Tldr; its an unending chore who's highlights are as grand as the lowlights are not.

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