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>I told you already dear, when you run into me on duty you have to call me "constable".

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Remove ayyyyyyy!

Human power!

Species war now!


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Post your Xcom nasheeds

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Do vipers actually kinda sorta live in human society? If not how can people trust them to be police officers?

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They don't really. They also don't. That is what Advent troopers are for.

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They probably don't live among humans, but they do go on patrol in human districts.

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>Do vipers actually kinda sorta live in human society?

The aliens are canonically a thing you rarely if ever see, it's almost entirely Advent troops hiding their Ayynuses behind those helmets.

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The hell is "VIGILO CONFIDO"?

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fuck off sectoid

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Thin man detected

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I'll admit that mixed species jobs are a favorite of mine. I really liked that in Mass Effect.

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>Supporting Terrorists
I thought I knew you, /tg/.

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Did you miss all those AK47 threads during the (First) Libyan civil war?

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I'm gonna be the first here and go ahead to admit that I don't have a fucking clue what is going on.

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..... it's because it's not 40k, isn't it.

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Actually, I'm not involved Warhammer at all.

I recognise some of the XCOM references, but, having not played any of the games, I can't really understand any of it.

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I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's aliens.

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Do farmers live in cow sheds?

The aliens are like the sheepdog that keep watch over the cattle. The New Cities are designed as a very pretty hyper futuristic town center, designed for publicity and propaganda, surrounded by horrific slums where people go missing..... a lot.

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In XCOM 2 the aliens have been handed over control of the world and XCOM has become a rag tag terrorist organization attempting to undermine the aliens control and stop the mysterious Avatar project that the Xrays are working on.

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It saddens me that now people don't know xcom.
Whree's that commander keen image when you need it

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Typical XCOM2 operation: place bomb in city center, attack peacekeeping forces, sneak away.

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How could someone hate anything as adorable as this?

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I've completed two playthroughs so far, really looking forward to whatever the upcoming expansion packs will add to the game.

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>Tolerating the existence of xenos

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Your disgusting bigotry has no place in the new world of unity and fellowship.

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Mod for snek squad members when?

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Kepler's smirk just makes this.

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>that pic

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It's one of those games that's been on my list to get around to buying and playing, except I never get around to actually buying and playing it. So, yeah.

Will take note and push it higher on my non-existent list.

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>xcom has snake aliens
>xcom thread

everything makes sense now. still never played the games.

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Already out. No idea about the quality, though, but it's out there, and has been since within...maybe a week or two of launch?

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And nobody told me?!

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Maybe the ayys wouldn't be so bad if they saw us more as equals instead of skub.

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If you like turn based strategy, you should at least check out Enemy Unknown or XCOM 2.

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I want someone to mod Guts into Xcom 2.

Basically a ranger with not shotty but a massively overpowered giant sword, a bunch of grenades and a rocket launcher shot.
Add in high dodge and health, and when he gets taken down the first time he gets up with the Berserker Armor activated but is no longer controllable while enemies remain.

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Man, we joke about hating xenos but I'll bet as soon as we make first contact we're gonna either double down on wanting to fuck aliens or want to wipe them all out before they do the same to us

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The response really does depend on the type of alien

And how fuckable they are

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Probably the latter considering how paranoid humanity can get, that said it would be fucking hilarious to watch.

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What are the chances that the ayys we meet have hard biochemical barriers and are adapted to a very different amount of pressure?

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Also, whether or not the xenos have their own xeno fetishists.

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Kill yourself traitor

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casualties: TOTAL

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People show X-COM being like ISIS but aren't they a little more like Hezbollah than ISIS?

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Either way they can blow up entire city districts and killing ADVENT-aligned civilians seems to have no repercussions for the player.

Goddammit Grenadier's are so good in this game, I honestly don't know if I value them or psi-troops more.

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>mfw Acid grenades

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ITT we remove xenos and their heretical sympathizers

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Probably grenadiers as a whole, since you will usually only have one or two psi troopers even though they are stupidly valuable for things like using stasis on mechs or proccing insanity with rift on four mutons at once while their pet berserker soaks fire.

Meanwhile grenadiers get like 200 grenades with massively improved range, radius, damage, and crit with status effect inflicting grenades, and grenades never miss and strip armor. Also can cause falling damage which lets them one shot turrets or force ayylmaos to break sight and take damage, wasting a movement to get back in sight of you.

And then the status effect grenades vary from "do a shit load of damage to armor with a DoT" to "massive radius that reduces movement by a shitload and aim by 20 and silences/cancels special abilities" and then also "sets them on fucking fire and also silences (can't reload, overwatch, use abilities, melee, or do anything useful really)".

Grenades are fucking op and awesome.

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when we recapture earth, can we take all the race-traitors and put them in camps?

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That is a lot of camps

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It's alright. Vipers specifically are pretty decent, actually. The mod also allows you access to MECs, Berserkers, Mutons, and Chryssalids. Only MECs are actually solid though, as Vipers and MECs both have specific party roles.

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We put them in the camps unmarked and 6 feet under

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That is a lot of fertilizer

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>6 feet
That's a really deep trench, anon*. How are the vultures gonna get to em that way?

*(no homo)

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Can one of those eat a hooman whole?

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Oh no. Not vore.

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You said it, Anon, not me...

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I have fapped to enough snek porn to come to understand the answer is yes

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Too many snek waifu threads on /v/ore have been ruined by posts like that. It's a precaution.

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>ITT: /tg/ proves it can't into measured responses
>Either waifu and welcome all aliens, bar none, even those with clearly harmful intentions; or exterminate them all praise teh emprah

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>Too many snek waifu threads on /v/ore have been ruined by posts like that. It's a precaution.
Do they still go on?
I should probably visit /v/ if so

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No one ever laughed, cried, or meme'd because of how moderate something was.

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Maybe I was scientifically invested...

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>I am neutral, and therefore superior than both sides of the argument.

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SMT told me so.

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>tfw no cozy snek waifu to give my body heat to.

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I want her to spank me.

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>be alien
>put human genes in a sectoid
>It is now a fucking bodybuilder capable of BRINGING PEOPLE BACK FROM THE DEAD AND MASS MIND CONTROLLING
>put human genes in a thin man

No fucking wonder the aliens wanted to conquer humanity, holy shit, we're so much better than sectoids as a raw acquisition.

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>not wanting to kiss you're snayykfu
Forgot to take off my trip :^)

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and forgot to reply, weewow I'm a nigger.

Actually, the Vipers are what the Thin Men are supposed to look like; they're pure alien.

That means that all those thinmen were actually Viper traps.

>> No.46420563

look, I've SEEN pure vipers.
The ones in modern Xcom -certainly- have human genes.

>> No.46420603

What's more likely, they're pure aliens, or the black science man was lying to commander so that he didn't have to say they had human tits?

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that second one sounds incredibly likely.

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snakes aren't about the lips

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Hey senpai, this is the age where two entirely different species, coming from planets light years away, have compatible DNA.
I'll have lips on my snayykfu if I damn well want to.

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>bald monkeys
Huh? Humans don't even have tail anymore.

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Humans are pretty aesthethic desu; no wonder all the ayys are humanoid in some shape or form.

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/v/ has the worst lewds. The fatfags always show up and ruin everything.

>> No.46421044

>being low test
>not liking T H I C C
How's the plebeian taste, you prolish peasant?

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Yes, this is how it works. Crazy cultists shall be treated as psychopaths and criminals.

>> No.46421074

>I'm one of those faggots who ruined "thick" and "curvy" for everyone else by applying them to disgusting land-whales

wew lad

>> No.46421076

>Golden means fallacy

>> No.46421126

>implying I was talking about hominid ambulotucetusi
>implying you're not just projecting

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Dobson pls go.

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Miia is not an Ayy, she is just cosplaying.

>> No.46421235

>plantigrade biped
>needing tails

apes > monkeys

desu lad

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ITT: closet scalies.

>> No.46421345

>defends fatfags
>claims he isn't

Masterful plan there anon.

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It's not furfaggotry if it's xenophilia :^)

It's a well known fact that /tg/ is exceedingly furry so long as they're fantasy or sci-fi races

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>implying I don't like a little chub on girls
>implying that implies I enjoy 400 pounds of cottage cheese flesh and unaesthetic proportions

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Don't make me break out the Fatsneks anon...

>> No.46421430

>Don't make me break out the Fatsneks anon...
Please don't, ND. Save it for /trash/.

>> No.46421499

But we've already been over this. /tg/ works on chicken bones in a plastic bag or a fucking avalanche of flesh. We only deal in extremes, moderation isn't something we know or understand..

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>We only deal in extremes, moderation isn't something we know or understand..
That is why we all belong to SLAANESH!

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>finding an implication that curvy chicks have anything to do with fatfags where there wasn't one

The fact that we were even capable of having this misunderstanding is exactly why I hate BBW-tards and their abuse of the English language.

>Maximum shitposting

I'd be lying if I said I was even slightly surprised.

>> No.46421558

What happened on Thursday 12?

>> No.46421592

To be fair, it is hard to draw a line between curvy, thick, chubby, and so on. It ultimately comes down to personal preference, and BBW fags just distort this relative scale even further because they want to use pretty words like thick and chubby, rather than what they actually mean such as "obese" or "walking fire hazard"

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Anyone have any tips for the last level on xcom 2?
I killed one avatar, but then 2 more show up, and a bunch of berserkers and shit.

>> No.46421771

shoot at them until they die

>> No.46421774

Have you tried nuking them with magic yet?

>> No.46421820

I left my magic man behind
And i cant shoot them fast enough

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>To be fair, it is hard to draw a line between curvy, thick, chubby, and so on.
True. It's arbitrary, but here's my distinctions:

A little squishy, but no fat hanging over the belt at the waistline; mostly about big hips and tiddies

A bit of a belly, but still has defined bone structure in places, a definite hourglass silhouette and isn't visibly fat in the face department

Plump face and less noticeable curves, but stomach doesn't go past the bust line, and no folds

Once you have skin folding over itself, you've crossed into truly fat territory.

>> No.46421848

Keep your men spread but with clear line of sight on those zerkers and Avatars.

Your own Avatar can control one of them to distract the bulk and pop one of their avatars with some luck.

In case of doubt, NUKE THEM

>> No.46421866

bring magic man, hunker behind the cover at the back of the room, and when the ayys come close to fuck you up, use your AoE and blow them to kingdom come

>> No.46421940

Load out EVERYONE with WAR suits with shredstorm cannons.
Spread your men out as much as possible, have LOS on as much of the room as possible.

When fighting an Avatar, two things to keep in mind.
Does he have low health? If yes, pop him with your biggest damage dealer.
If he doesn't, either surpress or pop him with the least important suad member that turn to port him somewhere more beneficial.

I don't know if their teleportation triggers overwatch, so the only time you're going to get multiple hits on him are when he runs through overwatch.
They cannot be easily taken down by small arms, and you need to consistently hit him with snipers or rupture heavies.

As for the rest of the ayys, use lots of AOE denial abilities; try to bait them out into a killzone, or take a gamble and have a killzone set up when they port in.
Again, shredstorm cannons; excellent shit.

>> No.46422035

Will do thanks for the advice lads

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We dont -have- to exterminate them

>> No.46423262

Honestly, the best thing xcom could possibly do is execute a coup of the alien forces from the ethereals.

A combined human/alien federation could FUCK SHIT UP in space, given the insane shit xcom comes up with and the incredible benefits both sides achieve when spliced with the other's technology and genes.

>> No.46424613

That ain't half-bad of an idea...

>> No.46424623

I've noticed unfortunately

>> No.46424708

Because that went so well.

>> No.46426592

>working with Ayyyyyys

Pick one and only one

>> No.46426643

What will happen to all the aliens after the war is over?

>> No.46426698 [SPOILER] 
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The simple fact is alien life is too dangerous to be left alive, ergo it must be eradicated

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XCOM3, where you play as the ayylmaos.

Your victory condition is calling in reinforcements or some shit.

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But what about some qt3.14 Ayyfus with massive Human fetishes?

>> No.46426780

the preferable outcome is having them all exterminated
bit I have better things in mind

>> No.46426805

keep them kill the rest

>> No.46426960

That's why we should back exalt.
They've got the right mind for overthrowing the aliens and becoming a true spacefaring species.

>> No.46427153

X-COM: Apocalypse/TFTD

Most will integrate. Most were controlled the same way the ADVENT troops were and some were reported to join the fighting with their squads.

>Be Squad #314
>Pectoid, Stun Lancer, Snek and Trooper.
>A burst of static passes over your heads and your thoughts are your own for the first time.
>Another patrol crosses your path.
>They point their guns at you. They know.

>> No.46427177

XCOM3, where you fight eldritch beings/deep ones from under the sea.

>> No.46427236 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.46427261

Xcom should really take time to remove control chips from captives, and install new ones if required.
I mean, it's obvious these creatures are being directly controlled by an overmind, that makes them SUPER hijackable.

>> No.46427311 [SPOILER] 
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We all know, and hope, that ayyys would make something like pic related happen

>> No.46429841

>wanting what are essentially homeless space gypsies on your planet
t e r r i b l e

>> No.46430200

In the good end of the first game it turns out you only fought what was essentially a scout fleet and there were more coming. Like the real war fleet. I haven't played xcom2 but I know it makes the bad end canon. Presumably the next game would be like the good end of the first game. Meaning you're gonna fight the aliens with their kiddy gloves off.

>> No.46430488

The xenos are just sending individuals with problems to us.

They're bringing drugs.
They're bringing crime.
They're rapists.

And some of them, I'm sure, are good people.

>> No.46430505

Good job achieving nothing, neutralcuck.

>> No.46430631

>alright, anon are you going to eat shit or drink piss?
>WOW, what the fuck are you doing you fence sitter!?
>you're supposed to pick one!
>so what if you don't like either outcome? The important thing is that something happens!
>anon, stoooooooooop!

>> No.46430728

>implying preventing the extermination of our species is the equivalent of drinking piss or eating shit

I'm all for measured responses, anon but you have to make sure we actually live long enough to enact them. So, until such time as we can, it's "I'm from Buenos Aires and I say we kill 'em all!"

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>> No.46432041

Bet you don't know this
Killing civs hasten alien retalliation.

>> No.46432174

Worth it


>> No.46432353

Two words.

Drill Dicks.

>> No.46432420

Wait, you mean I get more Mimic Beacons, Hellweaves and mothly funding by killing civs? Oh, yes.

>> No.46432441

Black science man outright says he finds an alien with such prominent human features disturbing in his autopsy speech. I'm sure if pressed the devs would say he was talking about human arms on a snake, but the Vipers are still supposed to be hybrids. Shoulders, arms, presumed rib-cage and TITS on a snake; damn straight they're hybrids. They're just closer to their original form than then Thin Men were.

Four minutes in, which never works when you try to bake it into an embed.

>> No.46432452

Tits are venom sacks

>> No.46432467

No one will ever believe this, including you.

>> No.46432478

He outright says they're the true appearance without the introduction of human DNA. Every other previous alien we see in the new game has been hybridized, whereas they're the ones who were hybrids last game and have had that DNA removed as they're not longer required to be infiltrators.

>> No.46432517

Watch the video. It's right there.

>> No.46432575

Found the Russian. How's that fetal alcohol syndrome treating you?

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>> No.46432659

To be fair we have Gypsies in the UK too. They're fucking scum no matter what continent they're on. The only people who defend gypsies are people who don't have to deal with them.

>> No.46432718


As far as I can tell no other group is hated by so many across the globe.

Naturally we don't want this thread to devolve into /pol/ blaming das judan.

>> No.46432741
File: 285 KB, 760x596, 1452714982059.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46432748
File: 147 KB, 1148x1460, 1452774991347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46432862

>tfw Jewish family
>tfw Romani family
>tfw am horrible Jewish-Romani hybrid
>tfw if ever in Eastern Europe will be unable to enter churches, will be unable to even go anywhere

What did I ever do to deserve this abominable life?

>> No.46432935


>What did I ever do to deserve this abominable life?

Have you praised The Emperor today?

>> No.46432943

Probably because it's a /v/ thread.

Look at the autistic fucking start this thread had. It's nothing like the X-Com threads there used to be on /tg/ before these remakes came out. Normies are scum.

>> No.46432972
File: 65 KB, 640x480, canters2006ann.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The only people who defend gypsies are people who don't have to deal with them.

So I live in Southern California. One night, me and my pal are hungry, and it's four AM. So we drive to Canter's Deli. Canter's Deli is a famed and beloved eatery which has been open 24 hours, all day, er'ry day (except Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), since 1931. They probably haven't updated the menu since then, but who gives a fuck? At 4 AM, there are only so many places to eat that are not McDonalds.
So Canter's sees a beautiful and perfect cross-section of LA's population. Rich, poor, wannabees, insane people - if you can afford a pastrami sandwich, you're in. Always a decent meatloaf plate, always a nice bit of people-watching. And a big-assed black-and-white cookie from the bakery on my way out the door.

So we go, we get our food, there's a funny incident with the drink orders, and and we're sitting and waiting for the check. And two dudes a few tables over just start brawling. Knocking over chairs and shit, yelling, fucking each other up. Eventually their respective posses tear them off each other, give the old "It's not worth the jail time bro" speech, and they part ways. As one is walking out the door, the other shouts: "If I EVER see you again, you're fucking dead! Do you hear me?! FUCKING DEAD!"

And my waitress, who is bringing around the check as this is happening, shakes her head, turns to us and says: "It's these fucking gypsies, man."
"Gypsies? You mean, like the Romani?" I ask incredulously.
"What?" she responds, drops off the check, and leaves.

And that's my story about gypsies.

>> No.46432981

The DDD manga basically rolls with this idea.

>> No.46432993

I would honestly love if all this build-up to Apocalypse stuff just goes completely fucking haywire and Lobstermen from beneath the ocean rise up and smash humanity's shit in.

>> No.46433554

>hyper fags always ruining it for everyone
It's funny because it's true.

>> No.46433587

The cool thing is that sometimes patrols will stop and talk to civilians.

>> No.46433642

[Violent Ayylmao biopsy starts playing in slow mo]

>> No.46433700

A wall to keep xenos out when?

>> No.46433750

Praise God President Trump. All Alien filth are an insult to Humanity and America, and must be thrown off the Great Galactic Trump Wall by the Trumperial Guard.

>> No.46433790

>DDD manga

>> No.46433820

I don't know

>> No.46434379

Don't be such a fucking grognard.

>> No.46434401

fair enough.

>> No.46434748

Looking at US politics, that's just patently untrue.

>> No.46435072
File: 497 KB, 808x755, ZWteVn2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46435560

That's X-COM baby!

>> No.46435689




>> No.46436038

How does Vigilo confido translate correctly anyway?

>> No.46436142

Both the reports and word of god says Vipers are unmodified, word of god goes on to say Thin Men were the hybrids

>> No.46436208

I always interpreted this as Vipers is about true to original form, but improved with human DNA (not really much form-altering) but thin men were molded without proper input hence they are so ugly. Speaker was probably what Thin Men were striving for.

>> No.46436275

After all this years of cloning and servitude, do you think aliens are actually capable of functioning on their own?

>> No.46436281

Developers outright said the vipers didn't have any human DNA in them and were the species original form

>> No.46436282
File: 849 KB, 600x1302, 1446527780633.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46436310

If memory serves Mutons and Thin men/Vipers are supposedly capable of independent thought, Mutons because the Ethereals are not yet done breeding it out of them and Thin men/Vipers because the Ethereals LIKE them for some reason

>> No.46436317

OK. XCom isn't really well thought-through, like ADVENT troops clearly meant to masquerade as humans (Face-covering helmets to hide non-human features while exposing human chin) but speak incomprehensible language. To humans they try to police.

>> No.46436331

This is why I just grenade everything.

>> No.46436342

On Temple ship voice said something about Thin Men being natural-born servants, but unfortunately unable to receive gift. Will they flock to humans seeking new seeking new servitude?

>> No.46436390
File: 124 KB, 626x644, 5tWtnmx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If memory serves Mutons and Thin men/Vipers are supposedly capable of independent thought, Mutons because the Ethereals are not yet done breeding it out of them and Thin men/Vipers because the Ethereals LIKE them for some reason
Well the Ethereals probably liked Vipers because they were the closest to what they wanted until they found humanity, thus why they were the ones modified into Thin Mints to infiltrate us.

>> No.46436435

Also Outsiders were mercenaries hired by the Ethereals if an off hand comment is to be belived

The Thin men/Vipers surrendered peacefully to the Ethereals and managed to get themselves a very good deal despite not being what the Ethereals were looking for somehow, I think they're noted as being a bit cruel and dismissive to humanity but that could just be because they serve the Ethereals, it really depends on if they're naturally submissive to more powerful cultures or just didn't see any benefit to fighting their overlords

>> No.46436522

I thought Outsiders were robots. I mean, they are retranslator crystals with extradimensional armour.

>> No.46436555

Outsiders are extradimensional life forms (Hence the name Outsiders), the devs once mentioned the Ethereals pay for their services and the crystals just anchor them to this universe

>> No.46436583

>A bit of a belly, but still has defined bone structure in places, a definite hourglass silhouette and isn't visibly fat in the face department
I thought "thick" refers not to belly but to hips and thighs.
Especially the former and of the breeding persuasion.

>> No.46436643

Quarians are nothing like Gypsies.
Quarians are highly intelligent and skilled at building, maintaining and working with sophisticated technology.
Although to be fair there is some fluff of them settling on a world they had no claim to and leaving a mess behind before getting evicted.

>> No.46436681

Their right of passage is literally going into world to steal shit. Though if you lucky they will steal from the Geth.

>> No.46436763

It's not said how they are supposed to acquire the stuff for the fleet. They can take odd jobs, salvage from abandoned wreckage or whore themselves out.
Also it's spelled "rite" of passage.

>> No.46436770
File: 670 KB, 960x540, 1454461478257.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46436818
File: 349 KB, 472x805, 1457577605728.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That said some probably do try to steal shit now and then.

But considering that bringing stolen goods back to the flotilla, thus endangering it, would be a SUPER BAD THING for a Quarian to do... It's probably not that common.

>> No.46436823

Why must all good things die?

There was a time when thick=curvy and bbw=landwhales

Now it is all tainted

>> No.46436848

>Quarians are highly intelligent and skilled at building, maintaining and working with sophisticated technology.

Too bad all the people they send out are teens with barely any skills and their job is to just get shit for their people.


>> No.46436882
File: 92 KB, 700x300, 1406.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46436928
File: 180 KB, 450x1080, 1451280278657.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>barely any skills
>ME1 Talk was on her pilgrimage
>expert engineer already and accompanying commandos

Also a couple admirals were booted off to their pilgrimage early, after already having commanded a Quarian ship, evading a barbarian attack and returning safely with their payload of marines.

Pilgrimage quarians aren't all badasses, but we've seen plenty ranging from decent folk to goddamn amazing.

>> No.46436985

Tali is special though. And so is the autistic quarian girl who thought that being good at math means being good at trading, and that one also fucked up. other two quarians you meet in game are pretty normal.

>> No.46437015

I always imagined that the odds are so low because turn-based combat is just game mechanics, from perspective of the soldier he doesn't have arbitrary amount of time to aim carefully at an immobile target.

>> No.46437070
File: 191 KB, 505x342, Admiral_Baby.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>accompanying commandos

That's ME2. In ME1 she's mixed with the wrong crowd and would have ended up dead if it wasn't for Shepard. You know, like her kind are known for.

Also, way to use the party member as an example of an average quarian. I guess they all become admirals soon after finishing their pilgrimage.

>> No.46437103
File: 1022 KB, 500x375, xcom2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's already possible to mind control ayys, it shouldn't be too hard to mod in a way to capture them and be able to use them on missions.

>> No.46437170
File: 160 KB, 900x1875, 1457575697688.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>didn't accompany commandos
So, what.. You didn't take Tali anywhere in ME1? You don't think Shepard's squad count as commandos? I recall her holding her own in that game alongside Garrus and Wrex.
But fine. Let's try the shopkeep in Omega, who's saving up by refurbishing technology. Real unskilled guy there! Or how about the one owned by the slave broker? She's an idiot with money, but still an AI expert.
Man, all these unskilled Quarians, it's not like they're not skilled engineers and programmers.

The one in the Wards being hassled by the Volus and C-Sec is the only one who comes to mind who ISN'T skilled.

>> No.46437231

>The one in the Wards being hassled by the Volus and C-Sec is the only one who comes to mind who ISN'T skilled.
You don't really know that, but at least she didn't actually try to steal anything, or beg.

>> No.46437390

>You don't think Shepard's squad count as commandos?

How about don't move that goalpost there, buddy.

>shopkeep in Omega
>owned by the slave broker

Real prime examples of the best of the quarian people right there. If they're so smart, how come they're working in the underbelly of society for questionable people?

>> No.46437426

I'm not even going to touch this post.

>> No.46437576

>If you're so smart, what are you doing on 4chan?

to his credit, that guy managed to survive, if not thrive, in one of the most savage societies in the galaxy without even resorting to crime. Which separates him even further from a stereotypical Gypsy, who has enough streetsmarts to not get fucked by someone like an elcor, of all people.

>> No.46437590

What the hell is this from

>> No.46437682


It might be ratboy genius, but i'm not sure.

>> No.46437787
File: 196 KB, 900x900, magasnek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46437850

>managed to survive, if not thrive, in one of the most savage societies in the galaxy

As rats are known to do.

>without even resorting to crime

That we know of. How much does his work benefit society, when all he does is help to keep a place like Omega running? If he's so skilled, why isn't he working for a company that has need for a person of their skill level? Or is he just skilled enough to keep old junk running?

>> No.46437861

This nigga gets it.

It's proving that you can survive and contribute to the rest of their society. Probably does an excellent job of weeding out the stupid and lazy.

Well it's not their job to be super helpful. It's a rite of passage to mark the entrance of adulthood.

>> No.46437885

They can't get decent jobs in polite society because the Council doesn't let them.

Most of the shittyness in Mass Effect is because the Council are petty authoritarian douchebags.

>> No.46437922

>Well it's not their job to be super helpful.

So why should we let them settle into Council space?

>> No.46437990

Baby I'll call you what ever you want~<3

>> No.46438042


>> No.46438090

God that is hot as fuck. Could you imagine? Being constricted from all sides? Being unable to move? The fear setting in as your chest compresses and you cant breath? Mmm god that's good.

>> No.46438120

Because excluding people based on race instead of individual behavior is wrong?

>inb4 /pol/ spergs out

>> No.46438139

I'm guessing something like 'Hidden Watchers' or something akin to that.

>> No.46438167

"HISS! RARGH! RAWR!...hiss.. Okay stop that. This is supposed to be terrifying. ...Stop making those noises with your mouth on my storage mounds."

>> No.46438184

Nor is it humanity's job, but I don't see anyone complaining.

>> No.46438189

>"I won't be of any use to the system."
>then you're not welcome here

Is that what you were expecting?

>> No.46438202

Yet humans are working to become a Council member and saved the galaxy from the Reapers, Geth, etc.

>> No.46438264

This comic is nonsense, for one thing throwing a paper ball is closer to throwing a grenade, and in the game grenades are 100% accurate always landing where you aim them.

>> No.46438287

Shooting a gun isn't the same as placing the reticle over the enemy and pressing a button.

>> No.46438386

>Not Ayymerica

>> No.46438427

Are they related to the Codex? Which is also an extra-dimensional life form which seemingly exists in multiple forms constantly phasing in and out of our dimensions.

>> No.46438456

Best bond villain.

I wonder if she will show up in the expansion content?

God I'm really curious what its all going to be, the new class and the new gear.

>> No.46438516

>dem quarian hips

>> No.46438568

MEC troopers and probably chasing down Vahlen yeah.

>> No.46438582

bond villain? I thought that picture is allusion to that time when daesh burned alive a pilot... from Jordan I think?

I don't get how anyone likes those pieces of shit.

>> No.46438601


Why the Trump hat?

>> No.46438630

because he's actually an alium

>> No.46438643

Because she is a true patriot and not cucked by the establishment and lying politicians.

>> No.46438670


You're walking a fine line between /d/ and those horrific deviantart-tier fetish pics.

>> No.46438718

Sorry bro I get off on fear.

>> No.46438960

Vahlen, the woman pictured there, is a mad scientist working for the original Xcom who enjoys torturing aliens to steal their secrets far too much, in the first Xcom game she had a big machine in her lab that stripped their mental impulses to interrogate them.

In the novel that details things happening before Xcom 2 after the aliens have taken over the world and Xcom have been destroyed she's still active and still researching their tech in her hidden laboratory her secret base is literally hidden in a volcano, when the aliens raid it she sets off the self-destruct which causes the volcano to erupt

>> No.46439011

>image is a brainwashed alien controlled by a foreign power that has killed millions of Americans FEMA-style

This is what the youth of today would call "ironic", right?

>> No.46439029

Ah, that's what you meant. I see. Cheers.

>> No.46439483

Well shit that's fucking awesome.

After I beat xcom2 I was wondering if I had missed her since NPCs kept mentioning how scary and not dead she was.

>> No.46439548
File: 52 KB, 188x162, 1454557443793.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all I see in this thread are traitorous xenolovers

>> No.46439569
File: 271 KB, 400x320, 1455820206659.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vahlan confirmed for best girl, fuck Snek.

>> No.46439598

Vahlen rules, Shen drools (The female one, male Shen is a cool guy)

>> No.46439599
File: 62 KB, 546x800, 1453328348568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46439619


>> No.46439633

I like young Shen too, but she got big shoes to fill.

>> No.46439668
File: 104 KB, 717x1115, Tali 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46439710

Young Shen is qt but Vahlan is someone I'd remove ayylmao with platonically.

>> No.46439719

She's too much of tryhard punk mechanic girl. Ohmygod I build drones I'm not like other girls look at my tattoos.

>> No.46439727

I think it's a German thing. Shit hits the fan and the urge to build an underground arctic volcano doom fortress and continue research, intensifies..

She could still be alive. It was first assumed that she died in the volcano doom fortresses self destruct. Then it was discovered that she had a secret hidden helipad and everyone thought she had been killed when ADVENT bombed it out. Then it was discovered that the helipad was a diversion and she had a double super secret underground dock... and one of her boats was missing.

I like to imagine that she's still leading some kind of resistance group... with Van Dorn and she's all bitter and salty over XCOM leading the ADVENT to her doom fortress

>> No.46439735

Avatar teleportation does not trigger overwatch.

>> No.46439750
File: 269 KB, 797x866, 1455200400628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46439753

I hope they give me something to unload excess engineers and scientists to in the add-on.

>> No.46439762

She probably escaped to Argentina

>> No.46439781
File: 1.74 MB, 612x639, 1455642214296.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not wanting to fuck the punkish girl with tattoo's and daddy issues into a loving waifu


Sticking my dick in Vahlan would probably end badly for it so you know, we can just destroy aliens together.

>> No.46439811

She has brainwave fetish. Just don't let her take any large machinery anywhere near the bunk.

>> No.46439822

pfft she stopped being hot when biowhore gave her a generic human stock image face reveal. YES I'M STILL SALTY!

>> No.46439923

They revealed her face after all?

>> No.46439937

Thick Thursday

>> No.46439968

Yeah, but don't look it up, some things are better left unexplored. And I say that as a person with /d/ open in my other browser tab.

>> No.46439998

Blame the dumbasses who gave the design a go then?

>> No.46440010

Literally just some stock image they took off google after a 5 minute search and did a shitty photoshop job to

>> No.46440014
File: 112 KB, 627x609, ex2fe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46440039
File: 91 KB, 879x1024, tali_face_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes fan works provide a more satisfying result than the official. At the point where they made Tali a poorly-photoshopped stock human face, that's probably the point where you can tell they just stopped caring.

>> No.46440043

to be fair, background materials even before THAT FUGGIN IMAGE referred to the quarians as being the closest looking species to humans, and also the only other one with hair, so there's precedent for her looking human at least, but yeah it was trash

I vaguely remember one of the remarkably bad ME novels having a bit where a turian or salarian or something describes a human as looking like a quarian's head attached to a batarian body, but I could be remembering a fan thing, I dunno

>> No.46440044

The character model has a generic face model under the visor. Because gaming companies that size plain don't care and you couldn't see it without some sort of glitch or hack anyway.

Welcome to whenever Bioshock 1 was released.

>> No.46440046

Was never a fan of Bioware anyway. Even though Mass Effect was fun. Neither is Tali in my shortlist for best girl.

>> No.46440082

>Then cue her smothering you with her tits
>Or if you're in a weird angle her hips/ass

They've not said anything hinting one way or the other about that, but I've seen some fan speculation that might be the case

>> No.46440102

I thought the game's own logs just called the Outsiders a psychic projection of a Sectoid Commander through one of those crystals (which is how you get those coords out of the crystal)

>> No.46440141

Sweet Jumping Jesus, that cosplay.

>> No.46440142

>she stopped being hot when biowhore gave her a generic human stock image face reveal
That's why you pound that booty with her helmet on

>> No.46440163

Nah I prefer the idea of holding onto your last breath for as long as possible. Then she reaches down and kisses you roughly stealing the last bit of air you have as you black out.

>> No.46440185

I really REALLY want to like Bioware, but they keep doing things..... like..... wait..... Is Bioware run by the same collection of squirrels in a people suit that runs GamesWorkshop?

>> No.46440190

>Then you wake up in an ADVENT facility, because it was the last turn before forced extraction

bad end?

>> No.46440207
File: 6 KB, 251x251, 1402454077302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit, it's way worse than I remembered...

>> No.46440223
File: 14 KB, 1889x228, zMSqvG2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much.

Can we use glorious soviet people's rifle to remove ayylmao?

>> No.46440230

I liked Mass Effect and Dragon Age well enough, but it just isn't my kind of game. I don't think I will play Inquisition any time soon, because I decided to stop pirating and I don't feel like paying for it.

>> No.46440248

>closest looking species to humans

>not the Asari

>> No.46440251

And then the aliens get a video of Bradford sat in some cave, demanding the prisoners release, threatening that the streets will run red with the blood of aliens and their supporters. Commander Akbar.

>> No.46440282

This reminds me that I haven't combed my head tentacles in some time and I think my face is a bit too dark blue, I should see Doctor about my blood pressure.

And they are also monogender which is pretty big difference.

>> No.46440295

It's ok for men to cry, anon. I just want you to know that.... it's ok... to... fucking.... why do dis?

>> No.46440296

Bad end? Oh fuck no. If I'm still alive it means they will do even more to me. I'm hard just thinking about all the fucked up shit they would do to me. Mental degradation and domination is my greatest weakness. The idea of some alien coming up to me and ripping my mind apart gets me so hot.

>> No.46440317

Took me a while to realise I hadn't missclicked /v/.

>> No.46440321

Asari also have plantigrade legs, five fingers, and can wear human armor and clothing. All of which are qualities that Quarians lack.

>> No.46440325
File: 1.60 MB, 2678x3660, ak 74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

perfect for AYY REMOVAL

>> No.46440348
File: 118 KB, 1024x568, XCOM-The-Board-Game-Revealed-Features-Digital-Companion-App-453673-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, what?

>> No.46440370

Anon, that kills you.

That is a thing that makes you stop living.

>> No.46440391

I don't mean the topic, I meant the types of posts.

>> No.46440407

And that though makes me hard. Is there a problem?

>> No.46440449

facewise, not bodywise

>> No.46440452
File: 55 KB, 500x432, 1458061423211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now I'm curious. Do vipers go through heat?

>> No.46440532

No, dummy. They're cold-blooded.

>> No.46440551


>> No.46440571

Depends. Sectoids probably die if you just look at them funny.

>> No.46440576

>immaculate finish
>no wear and tear

Fake and gay.

>> No.46440589
File: 707 KB, 1162x850, 1455843979457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That fucking pun

>> No.46440593

A dead penis is a soft penis!

And then it becomes hard again, and then soft again. Then it stays soft. But that's beside the point.

>> No.46440603
File: 175 KB, 1280x699, Uxw8C4y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about PECTOIDS though?

>> No.46440627
File: 138 KB, 485x750, xcom-rip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I believe the sainted martyrs of old XCOM used holy X-9 rifles as their standard issue weapon of choice.

>> No.46440635

You need to menacingly stare at them for at least five minutes.

>> No.46440653

Technically many snakes do have a mating season though.

>> No.46440671

So? There's more to sex than the physical acts. In fact the physical acts are completely uninteresting to me. Its the feelings and emotions behind the acts that get me going.

So what if I'm tied up? Its actually kinda annoying. But if I'm being tied up to remind me of my powerlessness? That I'm just a toy? mmm hot damn is that good shit. I could be in a completely sexless relationship and still be sexually satisfied.

>> No.46440672

Well, it's clear that /fit/ will turn traitor in the XCOM universe.

>> No.46440695

Do you have any preferences when customizing your soldiers? I usually leave them be, but my top sniper must wear sunglasses, fancy hat and have sideburn and mustaches, and any Psi-Op who has domination must wear hippy glasses, a beard (if male) and the most eye-straining colours I can find on the palette (usually bright orange and lime green).

>> No.46440743
File: 227 KB, 791x419, pHECucy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46440753

>/fit/ bothering to join a side that isn't Gay Sex 24/7

>> No.46440755

Is it worth buying XCOM 2: Remove Ayy LMAO's at full price, or should I get the new BFG game instead?

>> No.46440893

Do it, shouldn't worry too much about the current DLC. You've got one that doesn't seem to add a lot and another that adds Mad Max/Boarderlands cosmetic stuff.

>> No.46440989

The ones coming out during the Summer are the ones that will actually change the game

>> No.46441050

I didn't know it. Any official announcement? Feature list?

>> No.46441090

I hear there is an alien hunter class coming out. If that brings back the old stun sticks from X-COM they can have all of my money. Because I remember the aliens rushing into XCOM bases to be met with a wall of smoke and stun rods... It was less of a defense and more of an alien weapons delivery.

>> No.46441188

I would lose my sides so damn quickly if that's where Firaxis say she's hiding now.

>> No.46441349

Anarchy's Children: featuring rebellion-themed content with more dramatic soldier customizations (releasing spring 2016);
Alien Hunters: introducing new gameplay surrounding XCOM as an elite alien hunting unit tracking down "Ruler" aliens, along with a new mission, soldier customization options, and more powerful weapons and armor (releasing summer 2016);
Shen's Last Gift: offering a brand new soldier class with unique upgradeable weapons, armor, and customization features, as well as an additional narrative-driven mission and map (releasing summer 2016).

There's a season pass type deal to have the lot of it as it comes out.

>> No.46441457

Anarchy's children is libertarian edgelord shit.

>> No.46441529

That game is super fun and pretty hectic once you get into it

>> No.46441569

You're stupid, stop being stupid.

Its just letting people go full pink mohawk with Xcom as a terrorist organisation compared to an actual funded military group.
If people want to go wild with their character customization they can, if they don't want to then they don't have to use the dlc stuff and can even disable those pieces from showing up on random people during a playthrough.

Its tongue-in-cheek if anything


>> No.46441601

Some of the helmets are kind of ok.
If you make a character using only Anarchy's Children stuff they end up looking like something that crawled out Mad Max 2. If you limit yourself to a couple of items, reserved for snowflake characters, it's not total cancer.

I wouldn't have bought it had it not come with the season pass.

>> No.46441808

>they end up looking like something that crawled out Mad Max
Well no shit man, since that was obviously the sort of thing they were going for with that costume pack.

ISn't this something like multiple players each running one segment of the Xcom organisation and another player or gamemaster controlling the aliens?

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