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A place to discuss civs, ways to play, tips, stories and such.
Question: Do you give your players choices or tell them to make up their own?

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There might need to be an updated chart after this thread:


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well go on, what's stopping you?

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I won't have access to my Photoshop computer for awhile. Anyway, does anyone with more time on their hands than me want to start a game?

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Has anyone done a Giant or Demon civ? Everyone wants to get their furry on with the beast folk type civs it seems.

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I don't think it has anything to do with furrys, but more that animals allow for more options.

But hey, if you want to do a Giant or Demon civ, start it. I'll play.

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Giant bear civ?

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You have my attention. Who is this literal bear man?

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If we're doing non-humanoid giant civs, something aquatic or flying might be a better pick.

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A drawfag on /b/ drawthread. A chill guy with good stuff. Sometimes drops by for requests. Also, chad civ when?!

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Who's planning to run today?

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Could Pixies be good warriors?

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Wasps/hornets? Sure, why not.

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>Pixie locust swarm with knives

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If I remember correctly Snow is running kobold civ in a couple of hours.

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Would you happen to remember what that time is?

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Please start this.

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No idea, but he'll probably link it here when he starts.

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What am I reading?

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I await with anticipation then to be apart of a great civ quest.

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Hide and ignore.

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Gets shitposted every thread.

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Guys you do realize that I made more than one Civ OP image? That one is the last one actually, lemme post them for your convenience.

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Kolbold civ in about 7 mins!
Just got back from work, so bare with me for a bit!

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I'll bare with you, if you know what I mean.

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Snow, lets start with no action limits, and only enforce one when the thread gains too much traction. It worked better IMO.

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Kolbold Thread up!

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Also since I am posting here already, here are event card link copypasta.

For all civ masters there is a selection of 40 event cards available for your free use.

Reminder: These are OPTIONAL tools for CMs to spice up their campaign. They purposefully do not have any specifics, their effects and interpretation is at the full discretion of the CM. I realize some events are uniformly good and some are uniformly bad, I did my best to have them interesting.

Currently there is no order, system or rule set behind them (not yet at least) so their usage is also completely up to the CM. For example "ore vein" is only intended to find an ore vein but what kind of ore is up to the CM. Events that affect some races negatively might not affect others or affect them positively. For example plague might not affect undead/constructs Civs unless the CM rules that it is a special plague but affect living races. Mystic vortex would not affect low magic Civs but heavily affect high magic Civs. Insect swam may be devastating to agricultural races but may be beneficial to insect eating races etc. Feel free to get creative with their use you can even have a roll or vote with the players to choose from a list of positive or negative effects.

The card album is at imgur

There is also a selection of card hand pictures for fluff or for your players to draw from as well as the card back.

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Can someone post the previous civ thread?

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That's because you confuse creativity with shitposting.

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I gots ya, bro.

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Creative shitposting is still shitposting.

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What is your favorite monstergirl?
So far we got
>Sheep, Cat, Kitsune, Lamia, Mermaid, Harpy, and Centaurs, Alraune, Slime, Spider, Bipedal Scorpiongirls, Machines, Wolfgirls, Succubi, Squidgirls, Beegirls, Antgirls and Vampires.

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Alrighty, here's the latest scoop:

I'm doing a Strawpoll.

You guys can vote for the Civ Quest you'd like to see me do next right here:

I'll leave the poll up for a week or two, etc.. and I'd greatly appreciate it if you guys could include it as a little prompt/note on the first/opening post in the next generals first post so people can see it, etc. >>46372690

Go Vote!

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The Undead. The Creeper Nun sounds interesting though the Vampire lord is good,too.

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so much for ever seeing Cyclops OP do Crystalids....

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There is nothing wrong with Reddit.

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I wasn't suggesting that there was, but I think you'd be a lot more comfortable posting there than on an imageboard based on the Japanese website 2ch, founded to discuss Japanese animation and culture, that is owned and operated by a Japanese national.

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What race would work best, or at least had some potential, in a Necropolis?

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Skeletons and vampires

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But that would be too easy.

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Okay, janitors then. Somebody's gotta clean up this mess.

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Parasites inhabiting mounds of flesh, their form trying to mimic that of humanoids but failing.

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Poor janitors.

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There is a distinct lack of civ splats in this thread. So here's one I nicked earlier.

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Has a Vanara tribe even been attempted? Seems interesting.

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Yeah in the Jungle. We ended up being turned into vampires and then we enslaved minotaurs I think? Then we met humans and got fucked.

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I'm not sure if I will be able to do the Kolbold Thread tonight, but I'll see when we get there.

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The hell?
My name at the top is Snow, what?

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Was my name hacked or something?

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My god...
I don't know whether to laugh or cry

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Happy April Fools, /civg/.

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yeah, I dunno if we're going to have civs or quests today like this.

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Bloody hell! XD
Completely forgot about that!

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Time for some baseless accusations/confessions/opinions!

I feel that when a civ player would make a dumb choice, a quest player just wouldn't choose.

When making emotionally charged decisions, quest players are more likely to be IC, while civ players do more complex actions.

everybody has the waifu problem

Waifuing is commonly a thing because the people who like that sort of thing nut up and CM/QM more often than those who don't.

Cyclops OP sucks demon dongs!

I regret helping make the current sets of civ charts

That so many people keep getting baited by Myrm is pathetic when he hardly even says anything at this point. I actually want him to keep running. So that more people get intelligently enraged to make a PROPER civ, ones that are actually good enough that even he would acquiese.

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i only like civs for the interracial smut and power fantasy

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