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If Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, only that it does, why don't his followers genetically engineer some kind of large creature to be as full of blood as possible and to grow up as quickly as possible? It takes almost two decades for a human to reach maximum size and thus have the most blood possible. It takes a cow a few years and it has more blood, and cows aren't even the most blood-efficient animal you could engineer!

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Because Khorne only wants blood that is spilt through war. And either way, engineering a giant blood machine is cheating.

You DO NOT want to cheat the chaos god of war.

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>trying to min/max blood logistics
>probably going to end up making some kind of looping combo that causes bleeding to generate even more bleeding


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If Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, only that it flows, why does he not favor women?

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Why do you think some of his most famous champions are women?

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Because period "flow" doesn't look or behave like a wound. And men will will always be better at murder than women.

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It's a metaphor. It's not the LITERAL blood he cares about so much as the conflict and violence and rage and hatred that goes into it. He just doesn't care which side wins the fight, as long as the fight is won.

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>men will will always be better at murder than women

I wouldn't be so sure about that. Women are far better at treachery, deceit, and underhandedness, which relate to murder a lot.

Men will always be better where it matters for Khorne: honor, warfare, strength, and martial prowess.

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Because Khorne actually does care, he just pretends not to.

Khorne wants you to kill skilled warriors on the field of battle using GLORIUS MELEE COMBAT.

He does not want you to sit on a hill sniping orphans from a mile away, or killing rabbits with machine guns. He still takes the blood sure, but it's not his preference, because there wasn't nearly as much emotion in those acts.

He also dislikes magic, since that's basically stealing power from the warp (and by extension him) to do your work. He considers it cheating.

And that's why Khorne actually is honorable, whether he means to be or not.

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>Because period "flow" doesn't look or behave like a wound.

looks like a pretty nasty gash to me

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What the fuck? Because a large creature can kill thousands, you have to speculate to accumulate OP.

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>If OP cares not from where the semen flows, only that it does, why doesn't he genetically engineer some kind of large creature to be as full of cum as possible and to grow hard as quickly as possible?

It's a mystery.

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Khorne doesn't give a shit about honor or tactics, he can be just as treacherous as any other chaos god. The whole "muh honor" concept has been fanfiction since the beginning in the days of WHFB. Khorne just likes it when you kill people and blood comes out, double so if you donate some skulls to the skull throne. If you make a significant contribution, you get favors.

Huh... You'd think anyone would be more effective at harvesting skulls if Khorne gave his favor more freely, but instead you have to work in order to get the tools to make more effective work. I guess they work like a corporate business; the top spots go to closers.

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>Khorne doesn't give a shit about honor

He's literally the Chaos god of honor. It's one of the reasons he hates psykers.

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Well, it's still not very honorable, as he wants you up close and personal getting blood on your gauntlets when you're killing orphans and stomping on rabbits or gleefully chainswording a terrified pregnant woman (that happened in Fire Warrior), he doesn't want you to be a pussy about killing.

Shit, he doesn't care if blood flows from his own team, and it's likely it'll flow when they engage in melee, hence why Kharn, the team-killing fucktard (who is a surprisingly swell guy), gets to be a champion of Khorne. Blood spilling? Skulls being taken? Doesn't matter if it's the bastard sons of the corpse emperor or terrified civilians, there's no honor to win here, just carnage.

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>He's literally the Chaos god of honor

You perpetuate the meme, but it's patently untrue. He's the chaos god of war and carnage. His special troops aren't called "Noble Knights of most Honorable Khorne," and he doesn't give a flying fuck about chivalry. His troops are called Berserkers, who berzerk and murder everything regardless of rank and chivalry or even affiliation with a military, ANY military.

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Yes, but the preference is there. He obviously prefers war over slaughter, since that's two sides getting angry and spilling blood rather than one.

Khorne's honor-code might not be identical to our codes of chivalry or the like, but he does have some code with some similar rules, or at least incentives.

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>And that's why Khorne actually is honorable, whether he means to be or not.

Don't be an idiot.

The quote is Khorne does not care whence the blood flows, only that it does. Killing children or killing warriors, it's all valid in his eyes as worship.

That's why you see Daemonkin warbands attacking hiveworlds and butchering the entire population in blood sacrifice rituals. That's why Khorne sends his daemons to wipe out peaceful Norscan villages. That's why Khorne approved of his consort riding down women and children.

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because he is not autistic like you.

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>cares not from where the blood flows
Has always meant "Don't think for a second that he gives a shit if you're the one who gets yourself killed instead of the asshole you were trying to kill". He's a warlord, not a vampire.

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>‘I do not know what it was that happened to you,’ panted Eris, withdrawing from the fray briefly. Sweat trickled down her face, smearing the blood and the dirt that she had gathered during the course of the battle. In the moonlight, she was pale and her expression was one of pain. The wounds she had taken during the course of conflict were beginning to take their toll on her. ‘I do not know, nor do I care. You seek to destroy my people and I cannot let you do that.’

>‘You cannot deny me,’ Valkia replied, her eyes fixed on the slender form of the warrior daughter before her. ‘The price of weakness and betrayal is death. When these cowards turned their back on me they turned their back on all they could have been. Now vengeance comes, and when I have claimed the skulls of every living Schwarzvolf warrior, I will raze the Vale.’

>‘You would slaughter the infirm and our infants?’ Eris was shocked by the words. ‘You have no compassion at all?’

>‘It matters not from whence the blood flows, Eris,’ Valkia said, leaning in close, her voice low so that Eris had to lean in to hear her. ‘So long as it does flow. Thus it must ever be.’

>Before Eris could assimilate the words, Valkia’s skull met hers in a savage head-butt and she reeled backwards, stunned by the blow. The daemon princess spread her wings and stood straight, a truly awesome sight to behold and she lowered Slaupnir at her child.

>‘Thus it will be!’

Valkia the Daemon Prince of Khorne and one of his favorite waifus. She returned to her village with a daemon army. Her own brave daughter is the only thing standing between her and the fleeing children and elders of the village.

The daughter fought well but in thee nd she was a mortal. She died and Valkia claimed the skull of her own daughter. Valkia then slaughtered the children and the elders, and erased the village from existence.

Khorne was most pleased with this offering.

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Cool. I'll go use my psyker powers to mercy-kill braindead hospital patients that I don't feel any anger towards.

Blood is blood right?

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>‘My reward,’ he says in a voice that is barely more than a whisper in a storm, ‘is to bring word of the arrival of Kormak, Champion of Valkia the Bloody. I am his herald. What greater honour than to bring word of the arrival of the blood god’s servants?’

>My blood turns cold as ice and I clutch at the dying warrior’s arm, exchanging a look with the elder. He sits rigid, his gaze faraway, almost as if he has not heard Edred’s words. But he has heard them. It is written in the terror in his eyes, the abject fear on his face.

>‘But we are peaceful. We have… done nothing to incur the wrath of the gods!’ My pleas sound childish and pitiful and Edred shrugs, a movement that brings more blood streaming from his chest.

>‘It matters not from whence the blood flows,’ he says. ‘Only that it does.’

-From the short story "Harbinger"

Kormak the chosen champion of Valkia mission is roam Norsca and hunt for unworthy villages. Villages that adopoted peace instead of war. They offend Khorne and thus they must be destroyed.

I find it funny that people claim WHFB Khorne is "Honorable" when he have more cases of him ordering his warriors to destroy the innocent and the defenseless, and then rewarding his butchers who did his will.

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Khorne hates sorcery because it's the domain of his rival Tzeentch. Instead use other means.

Blood is blood , yes. Kill them to your hearts content. Khorne will pleased as long as the blood flows and lives are being ended. I mean he was fine with the blood of BABIES, you think anything you kill as a murderer will offend him?

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Yes, his rival Tzeentch, who he opposes because of...what, exactly?

He doesn't like trickery? That would imply honor. He doesn't like magic? That's just circular.

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>the top spots go to closers.


First prize is Daemonhood.
Second prize is a ward save.
Third prize is spawndom.

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>who he opposes because of...what, exactly?

Makes Tzeentch stronger.

He has no issue with you shooting someone with a sniper rifle or nuking a planet, or any use of technology.

>He doesn't like trickery?

Because he is a blunt god that likes the direct approach. However, even he uses trickery when he has to.

>That would imply honor

It does not. Khorne is devoid of it.

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Nobody likes Tzeentch except Tzeentch. He fucks everybody over for basically no reason except "change lol wasn't that unexpected".

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>"Constant, mindless bloodletting and destruction - That is all that Khorne cares for."
-- Codex: Daemons 6th ed Pg. 11

>"Khorne’s command is simple: kill, and kill, and kill again. Every single life taken in anger increases the Blood God’s power. He looks favorably upon those warriors who slay their comrades, for they prove their understanding of a greater truth"

>"The Blood God cares only for slaughter and butchery, craves only violence and death."
-- Daemonkind 7th ed

>"He cares not who is victorious and who is slain, just that they fight until they can fight no more. All that Khorne exists for, all that his entire being is bent towards, is the flow of blood from fresh wounds and the taking of skulls."
-- Chaos Daemons 4th ed Pg 10

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Khorne appreciates grabbing a big, rusty pipe and caving in some guy's skull. Khorne is a straightforward kind of guy. He dislikes Tzeentch's domain because it's the exact opposite of straightforward, it's a long, boring execution of intertwining plots and plans and Khorne doesn't have the patience for that; he wants to get right to the meat, eyes on the prize. So Khorne abhors sorcery and likes to get right to clubbing baby seals.

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>Makes Tzeentch stronger

By that logic, he should oppose technology, since somebody had to make some serious change to get that to happen.

>Khorne is devoid of it.

Yeah, he just has a code of not!honor that forbids the use of psykers, and prefers both sides to be fighting, preferably in melee.

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>Khorne is the most powerful of the Chaos gods, a figure of titanic power who is worshipped by the mad and the violent across the world. Where Nurgle is jovial, Khorne is furious. Where Slaanesh beguiles, Khorne demands. Where Tzeentch schemes, Khorne slaughters. Khorne is known as the Blood God, for that is what he craves above all things, the shedding of blood, the reaping of skulls and the violent acts of war. He is the lord of murder and his bellows of rage echo throughout the eternities. He welcomes all who will worship him, just as long as they are willing to slaughter in his name.

>Khorne’s warrior code is simple: he demands that his worshippers fight, as much and as violently as possible. He has no time for magic and trickery and he cares little for the cunning gambits or ruses favoured by the desperate or cowardly. His disdain for such petty tactics does not stem from honour, however, for Khorne has none. He is simply rage made manifest.

>A true devotee of Khorne will stride fearless into the fray, praising his barbaric name with every axe stroke and sword thrust. The shield wall is Khorne’s church, the ringing of blades his hymns of devotion. Whenever battle grips the world, Khorne’s power swells within the Realm of Chaos, and so it is that he remains the greatest of the dark gods – for there ever have been, and ever will be, lunatics and murderers willing to offer him devotion.

>It is a curious thing that while Khorne blesses his servants openly, he is loath to intervene to save them. Supplicants of other, weaker deities might pray in vain for deliverance or mercy. Not so the devotees of Khorne, who know full well that the Blood God cares not for their lives. Blood must flow – he demands it. Whose blood feeds those endless rivers is of no consequence. He accepts all such libations offered in battle, no matter the source.

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>B-buh... Buh muh honorabaloo Khorne!

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So, just to be clear, Khorne

>has a warrior code
>dislikes trickery
>prefers his devotees get into the fray swinging swords
>doesn't meddle with his follower's fights

But he's not honorable, we swear. He does all these honorable things by coincidence.

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>By that logic, he should oppose technology

No, change cannot be avoided. Sorcery can be.

The industry of war is a big part of what Khorne is about. His domain has big foundries of war.

>he just has a code

Not based on honour.

It calls for blood to flow. It does not matter from who. Babies or your own allies, Khorne takes all.

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"His disdain for such petty tactics does not stem from honour, however, for Khorne has none. He is simply rage made manifest"


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Fantasy canon is Khorne just wants murder. Sacrifice is random stabbings is gladiators is people being shot from a hundred miles away by a sniper.

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>But he's not honorable, we swear. He does all these honorable things by coincidence.
>"His disdain for such petty tactics does not stem from honour, however, for Khorne has none. He is simply rage made manifest."
>He does all these honorable things by coincidence.
>His disdain for such petty tactics does not stem from honour, however,
>for Khorne has none
>He is simply rage made manifest.
>by coincidence
>does not stem from honour
>does not stem
>from honour
>for Khorne has none
>Khorne has none

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If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...

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If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and is explicitly stated not to be a duck, and no one else sees or hears a fucking duck, you might have brain problems.

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Are you the sort of person who calls Elves in your setting Sylvarinions and gets really upset whenever somebody points out that they're basically Elves?

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>Bret and Empire Knights fall to Khorne when they forget why they are killing
>The courage of Khornates is not born of the grace of the soul (honour/nobility). It stems from madness, bloodlust, and desire to please Khorne

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>If Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, only that it does

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>Wrathmongers are amongst Khorne’s most fanatical warriors, muscle-bound brutes with no sense of pride, honour or self-preservation. Infused with daemonic energy, they fight without pause, relentless in their reign of slaughter.


>Like their god, Bloodthirsters are martial warriors, a physical extension of Khorne’s own existence. Though mighty warriors, they lack honour or mercy, revelling in wholesale slaughter, be it provoked or otherwise. Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows and the Bloodthirsters ensure that it does at all times.

-End Times Archaon

I can go all day.

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>he cares little for the cunning gambits or ruses favored by the desperate or cowardly

No getting out of it. Earn your blood in the proper way

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>It takes many vile sacrifices to complete the construction of a great cleaver of Khorne. The bitter spirits of murderers are forged within the blade and trapped forever within the fabric of its metal. To satisfy the corrupt expectations of a Lord of Skulls, he may personally select the victims himself. These sacrifices are hand-picked from amongst the most odious characters in the galaxy. Once taken, they are forced to fight in spike-walled pits so that the weakest are eliminated. The use of the most macabre, wretched souls will result in the manufacture of a great cleaver of significant potency; the stronger and more violent the captive; and the more humiliating their sacrifice, the more nightmarish the weapon will become.

>This enormous barbed, toothed and skull-encrusted weapon is not so much forged as birthed by an esoteric, violent and corrupt ritual conducted by a cabal of Warpsmiths. Within the sinister and vile citadels of the Dark Mechanicum, the chosen victims are impaled in isolation, but kept from the blissful relief of death for eight full days. Then, all the victims are slaughtered, though it is no merciful act. Their bodies are drained of blood and their souls are bound by eldritch chains until the master Warpsmith is ready for the final ritual.

>When that time comes, these captive, screeching souls are blended in arcane ways. Using the eight runes of undiluted wrath, and bathed in the blood of fallen champions, a corrupt, molten metal forms in the soul-furnaces of Khorne’s endless realm of bone. Skulls taken from the foot of Khorne’s throne are crammed within the cooling metalwork, and only then can this be hammered into the shape of a great cleaver of Khorne. A skilled Warpsmith will ensure that no tendrils of loathing or hatred are wasted during the process, because such bitter sentiments are an essential part of the fabric of the weapon.

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>Finally, the blade is brought before the brass throne of Khorne for him to bless with vile utterances. The master Warpsmiths who forged the weapon and offers it to Khorne is its first victim, and to die at its touch is considered a perverse honour.


Not really subject related but I thought it was interesting.

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It's not a gambit.
It literally is, hey dude, we are making big ass bleeding things.

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>>Finally, the blade is brought before the brass throne of Khorne for him to bless with vile utterances. The master Warpsmiths who forged the weapon and offers it to Khorne is its first victim, and to die at its touch is considered a perverse honour.
So are you telling me that every warpsmith only gets to make a sword? s.m.h fäm, that is inefficient as fuck. How do they learn if you kill them everytime?

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This isn't a sword, it's a fucking titan axe. Sacrificing a lead architect to build a titan is worth it.

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Okay so if Khorne refuses to accept artificial blood, why don't the Imperials just start replacing everyone's blood with some artificial substitute?

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No, you see, blood is like, metaphorical, and Khorne really just cares about body fluids. Or any sort of bodily release. Even excrement, really. Preferably diarrhea though. So long as it FLOWS.

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Nnnnooooo.... Khorne has blood, Tzdeench has tears, Slaanesh has semen, and Nurgle everything else.

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If anything, this thread shows how khorne is not consistent in the depictions we have of him. He is constantly claimed to have no honor and only care for blood flowing, but no magic and no long range guys, that's cheating. In this same thread we can read that he has disdain for cheap fights and tactics and wants people to violently hack at each oher with swords, but that if you wander in an orphanage with an axe instead of risking your life in battle he is happy anyway. Despite then punishing those who flee the battlefield.
Either we accept that being a god of chaos he is supposed not to be consistent (a bit cheap of an explanation, but works), or just that the canon, as always clashes with itself.

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>why don't his followers genetically engineer some kind of large creature to be as full of blood as possible and to grow up as quickly as possible?

You mean, like an ork?

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The literal flow of blood is not what he actually cares about.

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No you doofus, that's exactly the point - he doesn't care where the blood flows from. It really doesn't matter to him it's from soldiers slaughtering each other on the battlefield of from Bubba slaughtering the occupants of the next trailer with a chainsaw, the blood and gore are all the same to him.

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What, behind the chaos spawn?

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>Yes, thru murderous insane rage, not thru cold hearted , calculated trickery .

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Because Khorne doesn't actually cares about the blood itself,but by the emotions it triggers in the victim and the murderer, in the slaughter itself.

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The blood is metaphorical, yes. The act of letting it and the emotions behind that is more important than the literal material itself, which is why he's just as happy with Tyranid ichor or whatever shit runs through a Magos' tubes.

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