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Fighter, mage, or thief?

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Fuck mage, kill thief, marry and impregnate fighter.

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I always wanted to bang Tifa and Yuffie, but Aeris never did it for me, even when they draw her as a sexy anime.

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I'll take the Freelancers.
All of them.

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I sure do love table game discussion, guys.

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Why limit yourselves? (Pic Related)

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>I sure do love table game discussion, guys.
Just imagine, anon: if you had used this effort to make a thread about a topic that you enjoy instead of posting in a thread you dislike to let the other people in the thread know you dislike it, you could be enjoying a quality and productive thread right now!

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But where do you think we are Anon?
4Chan is for complaining about what we don't like, not for actually doing anything about it!
Just ask >>/pol/ or >>/v/ !

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Tifa, Aeris is second only cause she made Cloud crossdress

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Ok, so who has the better boobs?
Tifa, or Lulu?

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Tifa, because she's not a slut.

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Unquestionably Tifa.

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Whatchu talkin bout Willis?

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/v/ keep having /tg/ threads, so I decided to cut the middleman and just come here.
>it's a /v/ thread

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>not kill mage

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I like how they got the rakshasa's hands right.

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Fuck mage, marry thief, kill fighter. Sorry, Tifa, your boobs are too cartoonishly large in most of the porn you appear in.

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Great, not I'm looking up FF porn.
I've never even played a Final Fantasy game!

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Acrobatic thief

Because she'll steal my heart with beautiful moves in bed

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I usually play as the fighter or the thief. Not so much interest in being a mage.

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My sentiments exactly.

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Thiefs are athletic and agile which is undoubtedly hot, while having a large set of social and intellectual skills allowing them to adapt to any situation and gather informaion they need. Basically, combining all the pros from both mage and warrior, being strong and smart at the same time.
Thief waifu superior.

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I don't know how long it's been since I've even played this game, but I do know one thing.
I'm still mad.

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That's faithful to how she was in the game

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Tifa, but Lulu is better girl.

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If forced to choose, I would have to go with the Rogue (Thief) if for no other reason than Neeshka.
(Pic Related).
She's smart, witty, fun, adventurous, a bit of a pyro, and most importantly resourceful.

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About Aerieth?

I'm mad about that other fucking skank taking off with my shit forcing me to do a hourlong sidequest to get it back.

Still best girl

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You're forgetting the part where she gives them back in random order

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And those two things are why I rank VIII higher.

Also grills are better except Rhinonelikesyou, get murdered already.

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Fuck fighter, spank thief, go in a dungeon with Mage.

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> Mfw some CD issue or something made my game crash after that moment
> Mfw I had to watch this scene dozens of time because I was a kid that didn't knew how to solve the issue properly.

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Enjoy your weird Elf stalker.

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>my mother broke the last CD in anger
>game always crashed after Final Jenova
>never fought the final boss

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8 is trash and you know it
the characters are literally the worst in I-X
the story is all kinds of retarded
what kinda shit FF game doesnt let you buy
weapons and armor?
the only good think about it was the music and some of the summon animations

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Elanee was fine for a brief amusement, but Neeshka wins, especially with the romance mod.

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Its obv ur from reddit just stop

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It's been nearly 20 years since I first played it. I'm still sad.

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Good answer
2, 3 and 5 were excellent because no one was stuck in a class. 6,7 and 10 were excellent because everyone could at least use magic
4 and 9 were made worse because of the classes

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I like her, but she really doesn't fit into the story well. She has no real reason to be helping you and you have no real reason to be helping her, it's just the story says she's a party member so you gotta be best friends all of a sudden.

Though of course she wasn't the only one in NWN2 with that problem.

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It rustles my jimmies that you didn't write "Fighter, thief or mage?"

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Aeris is love, Aeris is life
everything she did was to help others

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No part of the game said you had to be friends with anyone. Most of them I just kept around because they were amusing. Regardless, you'll either love Neeshka or hate her. Her personality (Pic related) is one of the reasons for it.

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8 was good, but very different.
9 I'd say is the best I've played.
6 is the only one I've never played.
X is the only one I regret buying, never even bothered to finish.

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Just remember how great she was and that she saved everyone in the end
If anything be mad at plebs who think retarded tifa is in anyway better

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A game with meaningful character progression

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>If anything be mad at plebs who think retarded tifa is in anyway better

She has a pulse.


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8 is by far the most annoying because to get everything you have to waste days playing the stupid card game
The characters are so flat and boring
as much of an ass Zidane and Tidus are, Squall is worse because hes a bitch the whole game
I think 10 is better than 8, but both were the beginning of the end for square
You have to play 6, its widely considered the best, but i like 7 better
most people wont even consider your opinions if you havent played 6
1,2,3 and 5 are excellent too
4 is kind of babbys first RPG because you cant customize anything and its pretty linear

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A warrior is fine too
A mage is fine too actually

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Aeris dead is still better than tifa alive
whats the point of a limitbreak that can miss and barely hits multiple enemies?

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As far as FF7 was concerned; my final party was Cloud (Only because I needed to keep him in the party), Vincent (one of the two real badasses of the game) and Yuffie because she was the only one that really amused me, despite the shit she put me through.

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Well yhat might be my bias because i loved the card-game.

X's quicktime events, races and platformer gameplay made me wonder when i'd changed from TBRPG to platformer.

I'm looking for a copy of 6, I've heard the mobile port's are worse than cancer, and the steam versions are ports of those ports.

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>Bad in any way

I'll fight you

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>m-muh waifu is better

You're waifu is ded. Your argument is invalid.

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>Not Cloud, Barret, Cid
gotta go for the best final limitbreaks
you cant control Vincent when he transforms and Yuffies only hits once
You didnt even beat the Emerald and Ruby Weapons did you?
Literally the only challenging part of the game

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Fuck, make love to, date, cuddle, hold hands with, kiss and marry the mage.

Not necessarily in that order.

On a more general note, how did this trinity (fighter, thief, magic user) become such a staple of fantasy everywhere?

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I have a copy.
Look for Final Fantasy Anthology
It comes with V and VI
I wish you luck.

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Not the EU versions, they are bundled 1-3 and 4-5.

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4 was one of the best ff's easily, fucking kill yourself.

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Nope. Lost interest shortly after starting disc 2. Finished Sephiroth with Vincent and Yuffie because I could. The story didn't hold my interest and honestly, I cheered a bit when Aerith died. Was hoping Sephiroth would just finish off Cloud and Tifa there too.
As for a real serious RPG, I'd strongly suggest the SMT series from Atlus. (Pic Related)

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He's waifu was never alive, just like Tifa or Yuffie or any other anime character.
As ideas they are all immortal anyway.

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Oh dear god, my dick.

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Not the EU versions, they are bundled 1-2 and 4-5.

3 and 6 are missing.

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she ded, Jim.

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X has very decent mechanics, but everything else bored me to tears.

Eight was terrible. Had the weakest gameplay mechanics of any FF game that has ever been made, which fucking includes Mystic Quest. The characters were less annoying than 10's but the plot felt like such a fucking mess at times, and looked especially bad after 7.

Seven might get more praise than it rightfully deserves due to nostalgia, but the cast is good, the score is fantastic and the Materia system is probably the best thought out system Squaresoft have ever impremented.

FF9 is a swansong to the glorious years Square had with the PS1, but sometimes it feels like a swansong to Squares ability to make flawless RPG's. They NEVER made a thing better than this afterwards. Another telling remark is that Uematsu says THIS game is his best work.
Personally I think Chrono Trigger was his best but, yeah, listening to it again I can see where he's coming from.

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NSTC-PAL incompatability rears it's ugly head.

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Uematsu only did 10 tracks for Chrono Trigger. The majority of the OST was done by Yasunori Mitsuda.

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Huh. You learn something new every day.

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You're right, we should fuck a cat-man.

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My FFX dvd was scratched, but played fine, until the last cutscene after fighting demon jet and everything, where it froze at the scene where som guys would look up to the sky.

I had to do the final boss that was literally an hour long 4 times until I could watch the final cutscene.

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I am Groot

>> No.46354079

>tfw Groot could star in a random hentai or the next Evil Dead tree-rape scene.

Good choice, my photosynthetic friend.

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Gonna need a source for study.

>> No.46354130

Found a EU version, starts at 25£ the GBA versions start at... 80£.

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Found the sauce.

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She only shows up in three episodes though, and barely gets any screentime in them.

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Emulators and ROMs are free

>> No.46354856

Blue Mage

>> No.46354910

Yeah, that's my conclusion too, bought and paid for every square product I've ever used though, so it's a sad step.


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She spends the entirety of the early game lying to you and exploiting you for her own benefit.

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After dissidia and ffxiv, I'm more interested in the series. I kind of regret overlooking it, and I want to play more before I consider myself a final fantasy "fan." What are the best ones to give a shot if pretty much all my experiences with jrpgs are pokemon, paper mario, and persona 3?

Going off what's familiar to me, I really want to give X and VIII a go because my mains are jecht and squall.

What's 13's place popularity-wise? A friend gave that one to me, and I'm really not liking it so far. Maybe I'm just too pleb to get it?

>> No.46355328

Really, each iteration of the series is different from the last, so there's no definitive FF experience. You kinda just have to try them all. Plenty of people love one number and hate every other one, or adore one half and find the other half tiresome.

Give X a go, at any rate. It's fairly easy to get into and has aged quite well.

>What's 13's place popularity-wise?

Haha, extremely troubled. Probably the most divisive Final Fantasy. There are people who love it, of course, but it has the largest hate camp of any FF game. Most people agree that it gets better a long ways in (like, 20 hours), but that's not a huge mark in its favor as it means there's a long stretch of game that's not very fun. Hold out or don't, nobody's forcing you to play. It's a perfectly valid opinion that a game that doesn't get good for a very long time is itself not a good game.

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Nope, it's shit, some described it as a game with a awful tutorial that's longer than the actual game.

FF1/2 are IMO the weakest, playing more like dungeons crawlers than actual story games.

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I didn't mind 1, but 2 had a few things to it that were just too off putting. Really I just liked pretty much every FF that had the jobs. Also Bravery Default

>> No.46355583


Have you played 5? My personal favorite, and it introduced the job system to the series.

>> No.46355624

/v/ has /tg/ threads?

>> No.46355653

I'd recommend V, VI, VII, IX and XII in that order.
XIII and all it's sequels are hardly worth it, but if you've played the rest of the games you might as well just play the XIII-trilogy for completions sake.

>> No.46355681


Five was my first FF game. I love it to pieces as a direct result.

Plus Exdeath is all kinds of hardcore.

>> No.46355682

Meant to type IV instead of V, but V is also pretty good. I just don't think it's as good as the other games mentioned.

>> No.46355711

>and it introduced the job system to the series.
nigga you what

>> No.46355734

I have, but it was 3 that introduced the job system

>> No.46355735

That's classes, as in locked in, 5 allowed you to change between them.

>> No.46355741


That's how good 5's job system was, it made you retroactively forget FF3 ever happened.

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FFV was FFIII at one point in time.

>> No.46355821

Ah, difference between EU, US and JP numbering of the games strikes again.

>> No.46355836

There's already enough confusion going on here before reminding people of that

>> No.46355871

Technically no it wasn't.
FFVI was FFIII once, but anyone who calls it that now is just being obtuse.
Everyone who likes Final Fantasy knows which game is FFIII, now.

>> No.46355952

FFV was set to be FFIII in the US, but it never finished localization. FFVI became FFIII instead.
>>46355815 is true, because "at one point in time" FFV was FFIII.

>> No.46355977

Unless you got gypped like >>46353755
Missing both III and VI's pretty damaging to the proper development of a FF enthusiast.

>> No.46356020

"Was set to be" is not quite the same as "was", but I'll drop it.

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I have confessions to make

I never played FF7 but I fapped to Tifa hundreds of times

>> No.46357060

This is true of a lot of people. Why would you think that you're alone?

>> No.46357085

There's probably just as many people who've fapped to Lara Croft, yet never played a Tomb Raider game.

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I like to think I'm super special

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>> No.46357248

You /are/ super special anon, just like everyone else!

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But she IS life. Literally. Even dead she is.
Or something.

>> No.46357463

>Teacher at 18
Somehow I have more problems with this than with professional soldiers who are 17.

>> No.46357606

At 18 they let you sub middle school classes.
At least in some parts of the states.

>> No.46357745


> than with professional soldiers who are 17.

Evil Megacorps gotta megacorp I guess.

The really egregious examples are from Resident Evil, where apparently Chris Redfield made Major in the Airforce before leaving, joining the RPD and then become the 2iC of Alpha Team by the age of 27.

>> No.46357767

Well she was supposed to be a prodigy, graduating years ahead of classmates.

A younger teacher would also help her relate better to the students, and y'know teenage mercs can use al the support they can get.

But yeah, they could easily have mader her mid 20's, that'd also let them play with the classical japanese "unwed at 24 is a good as an old maid" thing, for added hilarity with her fondness for Squall.

That's one of the issues in 8 i think, noone ever broke character, everyone was a rebar and concrete cast stereotype.

No surprises anywhere ever.

>> No.46358034

Isn't it possible to reach major at 27? I'd think with credentials like that, it would be easy to get a job in any police special force unit.

>> No.46358217

Europoor here, you totally can around here. I've been teaching part-time last year of highschool. You just can't be homeroom teacher (have full classroom responsibility), but you can teach classes. Generally speaking you only get hired as a fill in to cover expertise regular teachers don't have at the moment, either some language or computers related stuff.

>> No.46358273

I unno man, Domino is a super hero and not really a scifi thing. Still hot, but that's all the modern era in that pic.

>> No.46358344

Teaching is so unpopular in the United States they are essentially hiring babysitters to mind children.

You don't need an education major, certification of any kind, or any background in teaching to actually be a teacher. You just have to promise that you'll get certified within three years.

Shit's crazy. And it's also why I'm a teacher.

>> No.46358373

It always confuses me when Japan makes these characters that are supposed to be mature or experienced a fucking teenager. And they never look like a teenager either.

>> No.46358471

Speaking from the experience, private tutoring is usually better job. You get about the same money but have fewer spastic spergs to look after.
You shouldn't need any certification, just having past job experience as a teacher will usually be qualification enough.

>> No.46358701

That's largely because Common Core has standardized things to the point where the teachers have no real leeway in what they teach in the vast majority of subjects. It's bad enough that some states are considering taking away the extra pay teachers got from having anything above the most basic degree needed.

>> No.46359168

I like rangers.

>> No.46359602

its because these are all aimed primarily at teenagers and most teens will struggle to relate to anyone outside their age range. adults don't care about the number strapped to the characters for the most part.

the same goes for western media as well.

>> No.46359692

Fuck, marry and impregnated fighter and thief. murder amoral mage

>> No.46359698

Must be realy soft and warm under there.

>> No.46359784

Except the whole point of Quistis is that she's neither mature nor all that experienced.

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>> No.46360289

Thief, hands down.

But do I need to have that specific thief?

>> No.46360359


>> No.46360421

The one who stole your heart?

>> No.46360521

Lucky fucker

Sounds delightful

>> No.46360563

6 was excellent all around. 5 is also worth knowing, and had a wonderfully fun mechanics and class system.

Many people hate XIII, and I can understand why. But it at least brought back a hugeass world midgame, and very fun combat system. Final Fantasy always changes the combat around a little, and that one was worth it.

>> No.46361416

I'm sure I could never really get into Touhou or Persona.

>> No.46361477

CYOAs always seem to end up on /v/

>> No.46361781

>> No.46362339 [SPOILER] 

>hates FFVII
>Loves SMT
mah nigga

>> No.46363655

Despite how out of place she is compared to most of the rest of the show, She is just too hot to not be shown more.

>> No.46364031


You'd think the fighters large breasts would make it difficult to be a warrior.

You can't wear proper fitting chest armor, they're a heavy weight on your chest, making balance more difficult.

>> No.46364128

Onion Knight > everything else

>> No.46364149

Gotta go with mage here. High INT(/WIS/CHA) > high DEX > high STR, assuming CHA is equal. And I find Aeris most attractive too, so it works out.

VI and VII are the most popular in my experience, and with good reason. I would also recommend IV and XII. XII in my opinion has an amazing story, but one of the main characters is really cringeworthy. By intention, I think, he's supposed to be a teenage commoner origin character. And teenagers are without exception cringeworthy.

Personally, though, I have good memories of 1 and 2. 1 didn't have a particularly complex story, though.

XIII I really don't like. Seemed extremely linear, with unlikeable characters, and a combat system that wasn't engaging. Never played it to completion though.

I also liked Tactics and Tactics Advance, but that's a different story.

>> No.46364187

She's relatively agile, and she can street brawl. Them gloves and boots aren't just entirely for show. Not your typical warrior, but her job is to punch stuff.

>> No.46364200

> doesn't have any class abilities
> can't use any other classes' abilities

>> No.46364231

>Unquestionably Tifa.
> not Titfa

>> No.46364256

>needing abilities when you got a swag plumed helmet

>> No.46364305

There is something to be said for having the highest stats in the game.

>> No.46364339

> implying stats are any good when you can't fucking do anything with them

>> No.46364347

Yeah, it's called "Not using the Dark Knights OP ass abilities".

>Not using mathematician bullshit

Numbah WAN KEKU!

>> No.46364382

>wanting anyone but Tifa
Shit taste desu senpai

>> No.46364450

Smashing things in the face is always useful.

That said, I was thinking their incarnations in the main series where they are pretty beastly mages in addition to being the best fighters.

>> No.46364526

>> No.46364533

>> No.46364671


Theres something about arieth that just drives a raging boner that will not die.

It's probably the dress.

>> No.46364790

Proof that Cloud is a cross-dresser
In addition to him having more than a few strings loose. (PTSD, Schizophrenia Disorder, etc etc)

>> No.46365191

implying that's a bad thing
Cloud best girl

>> No.46365232

Out of those three...(Cloud, Tifa, Aerith)...I'm inclined to agree.

>> No.46365467

I'm okay with my stalker waifu. Almost yandere without the scary parts. Hits the fetish part just nicely.

>> No.46365642

No. You can't make captain until 4 years after 1st lieutenant. Then there are time in grade requirements before the board will even look at major candidates.

If you're really, really, really lucky(or suck the right dicks), you might get selected major in your early thirties, but won't put it on for a while.

>> No.46365691

That's talking normal circumstances. You can get promoted for exceptional heroism and shit like that when actually deployed, right?

>> No.46365755

>Not doing a Dragoon only class run

Sure is Pleb in here.

>> No.46365837

>he thinks "jump"ing is a valid thing to put on your resume

Come back when you can contribute literally anything of value to the rest of the troops

>> No.46365884


>> No.46365927

If the enemy can not see you, they will not be able to do anything

Literately true. If you had all 5 of your Dragoons jump on the enemy at the same time, they wouldn't move from the spot they were at. Several bosses become trivial in the dragoon this way

This isn't FFXI

>> No.46366042

>Literately true

Anon, you're proving how fucking stupid Dragoons are right now.


>> No.46366222

Yeah, in retrospect, the SEED stuff in VIII is bothersome. The idea of having schools to train kids to be mercenaries who attack different cities is pretty dark.

...I still like those characters, though. Squall & Quistis for lyfe

>> No.46366257

I don't know if it's quite 4, but 8 still stands as my personal worst Final Fantasy that I've beaten.

>> No.46366291

I meant to say 2, not 4.

>> No.46366298

I still need to beat it. I enjoyed the gameplay and story, but the game mechanics and triple triad were hard to get through.

For me, it's definitely X. I can't stand X. I wanted to punch Tidus and Yuna in the face so many times. I love X-2 if only because it lampoons X mercilessly.

[spoil]Also, Paine is hawt[/spoil]

>> No.46366309

I'm dumb

>> No.46366314

You think that's dark? Let me introduce you to the most brutal FF yet, by a wide fucking margin.

>> No.46366318

Nah,it'll be flooded by threads like this or "animehammer thread #10000902194"

>> No.46366320

The story is shit, the gameplay is shit.

I mean it, both times. So much about 8's story is just fucked in the head that it's beyond belief.

And the fact that they designed a system where actually using your magic punished you was the worst.

>> No.46366322

I enjoyed 2, but I played the GBA remake. My favorite part of the game was the overworld music. It has such a haunting melody.

>> No.46366335

I dunno, man. The concept that the character if 8 are stuck in an endless time loop, and that they can't remember what happens not because of the loop, but because the GFs are consuming their memories, is pretty fucked up.

>> No.46366413

I'm becoming less and less a fan of the series. I couldn't bring myself to finish XIII. The battle system is so fucking weird, the story is a clusterfuck disaster, and there's nothing compelling about the characters.

Type 0 sounds like more of the same.

I cut my teeth on VI, so I use it as a reference point for all the other FF games I've played. VII was so different from VI, and so was VIII. I went back and played through I, II, and IV. I still need to finish III, V, and I'll pick up IX because it still feels like VI to me.

I was playing through XII until I got to the point right before the endgame. I want to get the rest of the espers, but I'm fucking done with powerleveling.

>> No.46366433

For me, at this point, the best part of FF is Gilgamesh.

Because that fucker is amazing.

>> No.46366497

Any cleric (Female (actually female (As in has a vagina and doesn't have a penis))) available?

Suppose I'll pick Thief. They tend to bitch the least about capturing NPCs and selling the NPCs off to slavers.

Why not impregnate all three?

>> No.46366557

He's a boss in Type 0(with his accompanying theme, which is always awesome), and it's possible the Gil in Type 0 is the same one from all the other games, as he's the only l'cie that survives past the end of the game, and he gets thrown into some sort of dimensional warp. So, Orience is quite possibly his homeworld.

>> No.46366585

/pol/ here.

</pol/ failed to find topic in which to apply copy-paste shitpost response>

The program terminated instantly, because there was no work for it to do.

/pol/ out.

>> No.46366602

Type 0 has a similar time loop thing. By the start of the game Orience is in it's 600,104,792nd loop.

>> No.46366625

Awful characters, shitty gameplay, VA a shit, more liner than a rail-shooter.
once again best/only good grill is thief

>> No.46366631

I was never much of a breast man
I was also never much of an ass man.

However, Hips and thighs. Those are top tier.

>> No.46366656

Chunners actually has pretty big tits, they're just overshadowed by her thighs.

>> No.46366658

>yfw you realize FF8 is Naruto

>> No.46366683

It's pretty much a rule that they're all the same dude.

And I dunno, 5 seems to be where he started.

>> No.46366689

>the only chapter of Naruto older than FF8 is the pilot

>> No.46366694

Peasant looks fertile!
I want to plant my seed in Peasant!

>> No.46366697

>Chunners actually has pretty big tits, they're just overshadowed by her puffy sleeves.

>> No.46366726


>> No.46366846

I think part of it is she didn't read the fine print where it goes away when you start messing with someone.
Obviously she should have done her research and gotten an improved version.
Race with +2 int, dear god if she was human she would have been retarded.

>> No.46366864

>Rakshasa hands right

But Rakshasa have normal hands...

They also aren't catpeople.

>> No.46366934

I still say that XI had the best story, and as an MMO, that's fucking saying something.

XI's setting is so fucking good, holy shit. The amount of world building that went into that game is beyond belief, and all the expansions were clearly planned.

>> No.46367182

>not giving them mathematician with all the magics unlocked, critical recovery, vehemence and teleportation.
>not going into the deep dungeon to give them all chaos swords
>not giving the malas for protection against most status effects
>not making a party of Gods amongst children
>not turning your opponents into toads or stone and severly crippling them while also boosting all your stats and pick them one by one with extreme prejudice
Do you even FFT plebs? Get on my level.

>> No.46367217

So where is the shota mage permanently riding on her back?

>> No.46367222

See, that's baby mode FFT.

Anyone can just stick all the best abilities on a character and be good.

One class runs, motherfucker. Do a pure Chemist run, see how it goes.

>> No.46367282


Wait that's a superhero? I'd had that pic saved forever. I just thought it was some generic cyberpunk art.

I've googled this Domino character. She seems right up my alley. Thanks for that anon.

>> No.46367289

I ended up drastically overleveled in 12 just because 12 is one of the few games that I felt made grinding really fun. This got pretty bad to the point where I reached the Paramina Rift and Mt. Bur-Omisace early by accident by going through the Feywood. There are something like six bosses in between and probably 10 areas in the main storyline between those.

>> No.46367293

Bitch did that already I even run pure squire run, the dark knight file have my party with only non characters except ramza with mastery on all the jobs, I didn't finished the first chapter until I was level 85.

>> No.46369406

Still haven't delivered on the sauce

>> No.46369865

Btw what's up with this stereotype that the fighter is always the one with the big boobs?

>> No.46369889

I am Groot.

>> No.46370166

eh, it happens.

>> No.46370268

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. It ended this weekend.

>> No.46370274

>Not Cloud, Cid, Yuffie
Her Conformer was called that for a reason. 9999 damage Morph! Hit Master Tonnberries with Hades and turn them into Ribbons! Max Stats right quick by raiding the Crashed Gelnika and the Reactor for Sources!
Admittedly, I had planned to swap her out for Barret when I was done farming sources, but I got bored after a while.

>> No.46370441

THANK YOU! That shit was fucking fantastic! Backstories to EVERYTHING, the solid-for-an-mmo combat system, FFT-like subclassing(BLU/NIN costly but STRONK), the fairly intelligent mobs. And crazy-awesome design of monsters and environment(Yay windurst/Jeuno, fuck you Garlaige Citadel with your hidden floor-holes of ENJOY BATSWARM!).
The only real gripe I had with it was the XP levels for soloing, and the Gil sellers camping the spawns for certain Notorious Monsters(Valkurm Emperor), driving up the AH prices for shit like the Scorpion Harness.
But it's been quite a while since I last played, so things might've changed.

>> No.46370461

Try being in the level 60 area of Henne or Lhusu Mines for leveling/gear purposes before talking to the Grand Kiltias for the first time.

>> No.46371181

Just to note, it's one of those 12 episode teasers to the actual light novel series that goes well beyond that.

For example the recent Konosuba one basically just covered about 3/4 the first 2 books; of which there are 7 and counting

>> No.46371278

I was really hoping they'd animate the party-exchange bet with that Dust guy.

>> No.46371447

>For example the recent Konosuba one basically just covered about 3/4 the first 2 books; of which there are 7 and counting
At least KonoSuba is confirmed to get a second season, which means that by the end of it (assuming there's no third one) it will have adapted the first four books.

On the other hand you have Madan no Ou to Vanadis, which tried to adapt 5 volumes (or was it 7?) in a single season. Yeah... nah. Maybe if it was a two cour show.

>> No.46371594


White mage is always top tier waifu

>> No.46371945

While they're usually men, a female blue mage might make for an interesting waifu. A touch of the healing/supporting, mixed with some of that "punch monsters in the throat" barbaric attitude that gets them casting their delicious new spells at her.

It could make for the ultimate 'brown girl'

>> No.46371979


Wasn't that teacher chick from FF8 a blue mage type?

>> No.46372010

Only within the confines of the shittiness that was 8 (not that Quistis wasn't hot. Hot teacher.)

It was only available as a limit break, of all things, and wasn't particularly good.

>> No.46372073

She was great. Not mechanically among the best, of course, but Degenerator could kill any non-boss enemy.

>> No.46372157

>It ended this weekend.
Thank fuck. I couldn't take the series seriously when I noticed the show was just that Goblins parody comic, though it did turn the tedium into vague amusement for a while.

>> No.46372262

She was rather smart, but ever checked her wis? It was like 8.

>> No.46373422

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