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Previously, on Nerv Bridge Simulator : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nerv%20Bridge%20Simulator
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cegremo_hq
Neat pense-bête by Tohsaka: pastebin.com/66ZcGcKK

The 6th Angel is beginning its third artillery strike against Montréal-3.

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First for Chara!

>> No.46342497

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Lets do a roll in honor of david

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Here we go again boys!

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Oh goodness. Two threads in one day. FUn!

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Sir! I am near Location A!

Is the First Child alright?

>> No.46342513

Rolled 10 (1d10)


>> No.46342525


Her armour plating took some damage but shes fine. Hows the weather looking, any sign of the other angel bodies?

>> No.46342536

First Child is recovering and in good health. I need a quick sweep of the area for incoming hostile Angel fragments. DO not engage, retreat and report on sight.

>> No.46342541

No response yet, Captain. I'll alert you if status changes.

>> No.46342549

Why does CAG look like he's sweating, when we're in greenland and he's also flying high in a plane?

>> No.46342558

She'll be fine. Considering that she was basically completely unsynchronized when the bombardment happened, she shouldn't be too shaken up

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Great, now HE'S gonna have the same problem Florence had.

>> No.46342590

apprehension of the Angel shooting at him.

>> No.46342652

Yeah but

Oh ok I suppose you're right and I'm wrong, I'm sorry.

>> No.46342748

Rolled 5 (1d10)

Me rolls Angel, yes?

I is in you dimensions
spacetiming you logic

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If this thing regenerates in addition to having mind control, an artillery barrage, and multiple parts, I might get as stressed as CAG.

>> No.46342784

[CAG] Uh... Major?

I have two contacts at Location A. What should I do?

>> No.46342798

Do me trade?

>> No.46342803

Permission to engage

>> No.46342826

Relay targetting info to CGT and the EVAs. Permission to attack, but do not use N2 mines, we need to save those for later.
If possible, co-ordinate with CGT and the EVAs so you put shots on target at roughly the same time.

Be advised: These things mess with your head. It may be safer to keep the Autopilot ON for this engavement.

>> No.46342835


How far away is our EVA Task Force?

Is Florence in any shape to move?

>> No.46342844

Tag them on radar and do a strafing run.

Do we have any idea on their abilities beyond Eva Hacking?

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>> No.46342869

Major, Eva Unit 03 is back online.

Should we continue toward Location B? We are about to traverse the Corridor.

>> No.46342883

If they try "hacking" our Evas again, maybe we could try using the AT flares to confuse the angels. It might buy our pilots a few seconds to regain control and counterattack.

That's how AT flares are used right?

>> No.46342886

Tag em and get out, the angel is about to make its move.

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Feeling better?

>> No.46342926

Dude that's Anna. She'll get really angry at you if you confuse her for Florence.

>> No.46342936

wrong unit
03 was the one that got bugged

>> No.46342952


Anna, we have confirmed sightings of 2 Angel bodies like the one you faced at Site A. Move to back up CAG instead.

>> No.46342958

Rolled 1 (1d10)

And 01 was the one that was vaporised, along with its pilot.

>> No.46342965

OOC: Do people really have that much difficulty telling the people apart? I mean I get it with the Eileens but damn.

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Yes, continue foward. Anna, see if you can target the two fragments that CAG found. Florence and the tank divisions need to kill them at range

Just delete the post Major.

>> No.46343005


Commencing attack run. I need a D10 roll, Major.

>> No.46343022

Rolled 8 (1d10)


>> No.46343028

Rolled 2 (1d10)

gr8 8 m8

>> No.46343032

Rolled 9 (1d10)

Lead the target!

>> No.46343046

Rolled 3 (1d10)

Why is 6 afraid of 7?


>> No.46343057

Rolled 5 (1d10)


One Pass, then pull out.

>> No.46343061

Because 7 sacrificed 9 to god hand.

>> No.46343091


>> No.46343098

Rolled 10 (1d10)

>Angel rolling

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>> No.46343124



>> No.46343142


>> No.46343172

Rolled 6 (1d10)

*raises paw*

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Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46343204

Rolled 7 (1d10)

rolling for boost

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you're not real. Go away.

>> No.46343224

Neither are you, Mr. Internet post man.

I bet you're even from some imaginary not-real place, like Canada.

>> No.46343240


[CAG] Hits confirmed. We're pulling back to rejoin the main battle group.

>> No.46343266

Excuse me, NERV-HQ.

But would you say that this angel is

Behind 7 proxies? ;)

>> No.46343268

Just remember

>> No.46343316


Good job. Watch for possible incoming fire and try to lead them to the evas.

>> No.46343420

We're entering the corridor now.

The tanks are having some difficulty advancing, but thanks to our environmental training this shouldn't slow us down significantly.

>> No.46343439

Good news lass.

So, when's the other shoe gonna drop eh?

>> No.46343451

Environmental training was top tier boys.

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Good, keep your eyes open.

CAG was near position A when got contact. Were they on the move towards Position B or were they staying still?

>> No.46343480

Good, keep your eyes open.

CAG was near Position A when there was contact. Were they on the move towards Position B or were they staying still?

>> No.46343549

Major! The Angel is about to fire!

The storm is emitting a massive A.T. Field!

>> No.46343566


It's firing a premature shot?

>> No.46343574

>> No.46343579

Spread out, and have Anna try to hit the angel's shot with her positiron rifle.
How's Florence's mental contamination looking?

>> No.46343595

Wait, did you say the storm is generating the AT field?

>> No.46343599


We already knew it was firing early, since we destroyed the first proxy.

>> No.46343603


>> No.46343605

That.....Looks a lot different than the barrage it threw out before.

>> No.46343611


>> No.46343614

I have a feeling that's in Area 3

>> No.46343615

Begin bracing for impact. Anna if you have a shot try for an intercept.

So we need to clear the mobs for the boss to form up?

>> No.46343619

Speaking of mental contamination, I wonder what the Major's mental contamination would read as. It'd probably give the software an Error.

>> No.46343621

All unit engage Evasive maneuvers. Prepare to engage the enemy afterwards.

>> No.46343636

Rolled 1 (1d10)


>> No.46343650

i fucking wish.

>> No.46343651



>> No.46343693

[Second Child] I'm setting up the Positron Rifle Major. I'll need a D10 roll for the actual shot.

Please do not miss this one Major!

>> No.46343697

Rolled 7 (1d10)


>> No.46343698

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46343706


>> No.46343712

Rolled 4 (1d10)


>> No.46343714

Upon careful reflection, I suggest every NERV employee consult whatever gods they hold dear and then get back to their job.


>> No.46343717

Rolled 10 (1d10)


>> No.46343719

Rolled 6 (1d10)


>> No.46343724


>> No.46343725


>> No.46343726

Rolled 8 (1d10)

+1 2u gudsir!

>> No.46343741

These were some of the best rolling we've done so far.

>> No.46343757


>> No.46343758

Lol hey I got a good joke.

What do you call it if 3 eva pilots get crammed into a crowded kitchen?

SINK ratio! xD

>> No.46343775

Rolled 3, 4, 4, 3, 4, 5, 2, 8, 4, 8, 5, 10, 4, 7, 3, 1 = 75 (16d10)

Better clear the 1s outta the system then

>> No.46343788

Rolled 1, 9, 8, 9, 6, 1, 3, 9, 4, 6, 4, 10, 10, 8, 9, 4 = 101 (16d10)

if roll is lower we'll eventually fuck this up

>> No.46343791

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Just wait until someone fucks up

>Its me

>> No.46343792

>8, 4, 8, 5, 10
>doing it wrong

>> No.46343794

keep going, you only got one 1.

>> No.46343799

>< u rekt it m8

>> No.46343845

We really need to microwave our dice or something in between missions if they keep depending on us playing street craps in Mission Control to determine real world success.

>> No.46343873

Rolled 3, 6 = 9 (2d10)

*throws 2 dice at your head and tells you to stfu*

>> No.46343912

>7 +1 = 8

What's with all the shitposting? Could we turn it down a notch please?

>> No.46343929

50% of it is me, tho.
My favourite board is [s4s]

>> No.46343931

>> No.46343936

shit is it targeting them?

>> No.46343944

It might've been a mistake to do a double run, you seem to have lost most of your normal audience with the time requirement. It's a damn shame, you're on par.

>> No.46343945

Gogo girl power

>> No.46343957

yea it targeted them. FLorence deploy AT field after the shot is taken.

>> No.46343963

Nah, its just the nighttime high getting to people.

>> No.46343980

Is this vaporwave?

>> No.46343997

Aaaaaand that's definitely baaaaaad...

>> No.46343998

>> No.46344036

I dont know whats going on anymore.

>> No.46344037

This better fucking be an effect of the rifle.

>> No.46344038

Maybe powering the magic death rifle with the heart of a demigod was not the best idea.

Then again it was one of our better ideas...

Jesus I hope we never crit fail while firing this thing.

>> No.46344039

Are we dispersing the storm?

>> No.46344069

I have to admit, this is a bit more extreme then I was expecting. A bit.

>> No.46344070

No anon.

We are CREATING the storm.

>> No.46344084

We are CANCELLING this storm.

>> No.46344095

i hope she survived the recoil.

>> No.46344102

Okay, this is vaporwave WHEN DA BEAT DROPS!

We are overriding the storm.
By bringing our own storm.

I guess you could call us the StormB:^):^)s

>> No.46344110

Stop posting.

>> No.46344128


thx for the (you)

>> No.46344161

I think it's supposed to be like this...

>> No.46344193

>> No.46344211

>> No.46344221



She was aiming at the shells.

Next shot must be on the angel. We only have that last one after all.

>> No.46344224


>> No.46344234

oh we're aiming at the shots? thought we were aiming at the angel.

>> No.46344260

It's alright, lucky hit or not the Angel is probably at it's weakest right now. One good rifle shot (or many, many, many conventional projectlies) might be enough to nail the bastard.

>> No.46344270

Hey cool, it's TvTropes' reference page for Wave motion gun :d

>> No.46344285


Yea, we need to nail the bastard. Maybe even call for fire support from the UN fleet on those coords.

Also i cant fucking believe the UN fleet was treated to 2 of those shots and couldnt pinpoint its exact location.


>> No.46344289

The Macross main gun has the nicer buildup effect, but I couldn't find a good clip.

>> No.46344309


>> No.46344348

On the bright side, we got visual on trajectory of the shots, it shouldn't be difficult to triangulate Angel position from that.

>> No.46344370

And the UN fleet couldnt find it from that.


>> No.46344372

I'm hoping that since the Storm is powered by AT field, this shot it made will clear up the storm, increasing our visibility.

>> No.46344393

what else did you expect from some blue helmet desk jockey?

>> No.46344394

>> No.46344398

We missed

>> No.46344412

We fucking Hit it! Good shot!

>> No.46344419 [DELETED] 

Rolled 4 (1d10)

I'm hoping that this post gets dubs and I roll a 1

>> No.46344425

The angel has wasted its shot at Nerv. Now its just us and it.

>> No.46344432

Good job. Now let's see where it came form.

Also how many more shots do we have left in the rifle?

>> No.46344442

1 before it goes all Angelaflabawalabdslabdllqwerlqlwrlqgablflgrqads on us
After that, who knows?

>> No.46344452

i think 1 more for sure and maybe an additional shot if we push past the safety level and roll nicely.

>> No.46344466

Its like one guy. Either don't give em attention or just wait and only run when BQ runs.

>> No.46344471


Anna, regs be damned, im buying you a keg later.

Magi, i want satellite eyes on last firing position.

Lets move in people.

Contact the UN fleet, see if they can spare some ground support fire.

>> No.46344485

Let's save that "maybe an additional one" for point-blank. That way even if the thing goes boom we're still taking the Angel down.

>> No.46344489

What's BQ?

>> No.46344495

I'm hoping you go back to where you came from.

It depends. I think we decided to power it with an angel core, and our estimate was 2 or 3 with a very big risk.

We can't celebrate yet, Now we need to actually kill the thing. Florence, Anna, status?

>> No.46344507

Florence, keep your cool and you get a sixer of wine coolers.

>> No.46344521

Designated shit posting containment quest

>> No.46344523

Let's do this boys and girls!
New objective: find where those shots came from, and fucking destroy it

>> No.46344537

Wasn't it Anna we promised the beer to?

I'm not sure I've heard of it. Is it Banished quest? I've seen that a few times.

I participate in this, the False Dendrite quests, Struggling Student, and Tuffle quest.

>> No.46344540

I thought that was planefags quest?

>> No.46344549

Status report : the Second Child and me are currently helping the tanks that got flipped over by the recoil wave.

The storm is clearing out, at least in our vicinity. And I think everyone here suffered a bit of damage.

>> No.46344550

I read a little bit of BQ in the archives. not bad but i stopped reading because the waifu wars were becoming fucking huge.

>> No.46344569

I'm really not sure what "shitposting containment" would even be. Shitposts, by their nature, do not exist in containment, because then they just become "posts". It is only when they clash with other posts that they become shitposts.

>> No.46344573

>with the positron rifle
>lets just kill another kid, they grow on trees anyway

>> No.46344582

Lets get a plan that is better than shoot the bad guys.
Damn, well do your best.
CAG, what is the status of the other units?

I need someone to contact the UN fleet and ask if they can be on standby for a bombing run

>> No.46344586

Well as long as you suffered less than 12 points of damage overall, we saved funding units with that shot. Yay!

Umm, no, they grow from their mommy's wombs. ... I suppose you could put some mommies in a tree if you really wanted I guess.

>> No.46344613

We can give it a fancier name like Seek and Destroy if you want, but the end goal is clear. Move in battlegroups, close with the enemy and eliminate him.

>> No.46344616


Well done, both of you.

They might get roughed up again since you'll be firing the second shot.

Once you're in a good condition, move out to the last known location of the angel.

Anna, can you snipe from that location or do you want to move as well?

>> No.46344620

>Excuse me, Why are you helping my wife climb a tree, and why are my neighbour and the woman across the street up the same tree too?

>> No.46344636

Major! Did you see THAT!

It was the best godda- hrm.

I confirm the shot connected, Major. The Angel blasts are gone.

>> No.46344654

That was one in a million Anna, made me damn proud.

Now, triangulate a position from those shots and give that angel the same treatment!

>> No.46344657

It was a goddamn good shot, Anne. Well done!

>> No.46344658

Everybody's free to feel good Anna.

That was indeed. Pretty badass.

Angel's got no more steam. Time to go mano a mano.

>> No.46344664

You did great kid, now don't get cocky. There's still an Angel on the field with you. Let's blow this thing and go home.

>> No.46344665

Good shot kid, but we're not done yet, stay focused.

>> No.46344680


I think the entire base saw that anna, nice job.

Give her a thumbs up.

>> No.46344683

Fucking fantastic shot girl! Being proud isn't a crime. Stand by while Ophelia calculates the Angel's position.

>> No.46344686

>that blush
Not bad kid. Rachel will be happy. Keep your head in the game though, we still have an angel to kill.

>> No.46344699

Second Child (Anna) likes: Explosions

All righty where's the rest of this angel, we should Search, Engage, and Destroy.

>> No.46344729

Anna Megumin

>> No.46344752

>Second Child (Anna) likes: Doing good for authority figures

Shawarma after the mission?

>> No.46344756

>Search, Engage, and Destroy.
I'd stick with Search and Destroy. But yeah Lets go with that.


>> No.46344794

The base? Hell, I bet shores of Europe saw that.

>> No.46344796

What if she likes both doing good for authority figures AND explosions?

Get her a copy of UFO: Enemy Unknown. See if she likes it.

>> No.46344806


we ain't outta the woods yet voices in our head.

Eye on the prize.

>> No.46344808

//Here is the damage report of your troops.

//I am currently searching for the exact position of the 6th Angel.

//Warning: There is currently 7 proxies converging towards our forces.

>> No.46344843


Magi, which ones are the damaged ones? And in which direction was the approximate location of the blast?

We'll move to engage the proxies before engaging the main body proper and we do so by staying on the offensive, to engag them in as few numbers as possible piece meal.

Countdown on next shot?

Any word from the UN?

>> No.46344859

What directions from?

Can we form a crescent to engage them, or should we form a square on defensive terrain?

In either case, try to get one or both of the Evas to take the initial hits. They still have some points of AT field that can mitigate the damage a little.

>> No.46344869

Anna needs to start pulling back with a tank escort and Florence and the rest need to light the proxies as they approach. Do we have a spare weapon for Anna that can be flown out there,

>> No.46344874

Holy crap, are we still running? Awesome!

>> No.46344881

OOC: "there are"

Yeah pretty glad we didn't use this anywhere near civilization. That level of damage to the Unit firing it is... concerning.

Her name is Ophelia, dammit.

>> No.46344882

>7 proxies
And we already took one down, right? I'm afraid we will have to prioritize taking them down or at least make sure to keep the away from EVAs, can't afford losing sync near Angel.

>> No.46344899

We need to move to engage the Proxies before they surround us. Form up.

We will engage them at a distance. Anna, stay in the back. How is the BIG GUN (*TM)?

Next shot will be days at the earliest I expect

>> No.46344917

Indeed with the storm abating, our Vtols and rockets should be more actionable.

>> No.46344929

Hehehe you said "abating"

>> No.46344933

That edit was something I made to show holding our ground and shoot the proxies as they come, using the large snow drifts as heavy cover. I realized taking the initiative was a better idea, Ignore it.

>> No.46344937

Major! I need support now! One D10 for evasive actions!

ACE squadron is under fire from the Proxy Angels we attacked! They're on our tail!

>> No.46344950

Rolled 9 (1d10)


>> No.46344952

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Evasive action, pattern B!

>> No.46344954

Rolled 10 (1d10)

Keep low to the ground!

>> No.46344957

Lol hey op.
Op hey, lol
Yo if we sent one of our units around to flank the incoming enemies, would our unit be
Behind 7 proxies?

>> No.46344963

Evasive maneuvers

>> No.46344969


>> No.46344972


>> No.46344975

>unnatural 10

>> No.46344978


>> No.46344979


>> No.46344981

Rolled 3 (1d10)

... + another1?:)

>> No.46344997



>> No.46344999

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Unnatural 11 please?

>> No.46345000

God wills it!

>> No.46345008

Splendid, absolutely splendid. He's shot his load to no effect (God bless you Anna), our forces are still cohesive, and we've taken trivial damage. Things are actually looking up, somehow.

When's the other shoe gonna drop?

>> No.46345030

An unnatural 10 would mean not only taking no damage, but getting some kind of benefit right?

>> No.46345036

<a small white pomeranian runs off with the other shoe.>
<the other shoe is gone.>

>> No.46345055

Small white pomeranian angel

Runs off with sides

>> No.46345089

At this rate the UN might even agree to a bombing run.

>> No.46345109

>The UN
>Doing something
That's not canon!

>> No.46345119

Hopefully. We shall see.

CAG you get a keg as well!

>> No.46345121

>UN Aid

>> No.46345136

>9 +1 = 10

[CAG] Major! I've succesfully evaded their attack! I also lured them in an optimal position for an attack by our troops!

>> No.46345138

Anna gets a keg
Florence gets a keg
CAG gets a keg
CGT gets a keg
Who else gets a keg?

No the Angel doesn't get a keg, fuck off.

>> No.46345158

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46345161

How could we even get him one? He's behind SEVEN PROXIES

>> No.46345162

Everybody light'em up!! Except for you Anna.

>> No.46345166

CTG, have all your men open fire! Florence, Open fire!

>> No.46345170


>> No.46345172


Let em have it. Full barrage.

Minus Positron rifle, of course.

>> No.46345174


>> No.46345186

Which direction? we definitely need to save Shot 2 of the Solomon Cannon for the Core.

>> No.46345189

>dice not called for
>shit roll

For what reason?

>> No.46345192

Beautiful work CAG. Anna, Florence, CGT, you know what to do.

>> No.46345257

Time to press the advantage.

>> No.46345297


//The 6th Angel's position is confirmed. Its A.T. Field is completely exhausted. Visual analysis suggests that the Angel suffered significant damage when landing.

//Location B was the correct assumption.

>> No.46345304

>zero AT field
>12 core HP

>> No.46345308

Everyone cover Anna! Anna aim and take him out. See if we can't get the UN Fleet to fire some rounds at the Angel.

>> No.46345310

Ohhhh yes. I am rock hard Ophelia.

>> No.46345316


>> No.46345317


Direct line to Admiral, 2nd Atlantic UN Fleet please.

I have a big target for his Humanity Fuck Yea.

>> No.46345322

Alright. I'm going to say it.

We should kill the proxies first, or we might suffer some bullshit Angel ability.

>> No.46345332

Blow it up!

>> No.46345347

We'll eliminate it in a single go using the Solomon. Anna is to get into sniping position and engage the 6th Angel. Florence all conventional forces are to engage the proxies and defend Anna until she's got a firing solution. We only have to fend off the siege until Anna can take her shot, this is a battle of attrition that we can and will win!

Alternatively, let the navy fuck it's shit up. We'll have better chances of Anna and Florence can tag team these proxies instead of letting Anna be a sitting duck.

>> No.46345350

Do we even need the posirifle? If we roll decently we can probably burn that core in one, maybe two turns. Let's just blow this joint and go home.

Problem is, there's seven of the bastards. Only ~4hp each, but I don't want to see what kind of tricks they can get up to while the Angel is still kicking around.

>> No.46345356

Rolled 4 (1d10)

ATTACK roll doesnt count

>> No.46345361

It appears to be embedded in the ground the the position cannon cannot into arcing fire due to science.

>> No.46345364

I agree with this anon. Im thinking nothing should prevent us from getting into position with Solomon.

Lets take out the remaining proxies and keep an eye out on the ANgel's activity.

Such as it spewing more proxies.

>> No.46345367


>> No.46345385

Theoretically it could if it used the van allen belts, but if it actually obeyed the laws of electromagnetism then it'd dissipate in air, so I dunno

>> No.46345387


All right Major! Let's finish this! One D10 roll for Unit 03 and one for the tank companies!

There's 5 out-of-range proxies to the west coming for us and 2 coming from the north!

>> No.46345400

What a convenient circumstances
>[paranoia intensifies]

>> No.46345401

Rolled 1 (1d10)

I'm more worried about what happens if the Solomon Cannon goes horribly wrong.

Rolling for Based Tanks!

>> No.46345403

Rolled 7 (1d10)


>> No.46345404

Rolled 8 (1d10)

I've been waiting for this.

All tank units, DONT STOP until the enemy is a smoking corpse!

>> No.46345406

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46345408

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Rolling for eva

>> No.46345412

I'm giving them the Angel's coordinates right now!

>> No.46345417

oh :(

>> No.46345425

Your name is why you fail.

>> No.46345426

Rolled 10 (1d10)


Let's make the tanks to at least a 2 so they don't blow up their own ammo supplies or get a rocket blown back in their faces Scorced Earth (or Worms) style.

>> No.46345427


>> No.46345431

oh god why

>> No.46345436

Bless you.

>> No.46345439

So CTG might not die. Thank you.

>> No.46345441

Rolled 4 (1d10)

And let's bump that up to a 3.

>> No.46345442

This makes things slightly less worse. its lucky that its an attack roll rather than say... a defensive one.

>> No.46345447

Don't get greedy.

>> No.46345455

Rolled 6 (1d10)

I said, 3 please.

imma get greedy

>> No.46345466

Rolled 2 (1d10)

Let me help you m8

>> No.46345467

Rolled 2 (1d10)

The boosting limit is 5 rolls, right?

>> No.46345470

Rolled 9 (1d10)


God's in his heaven, and nothings right with the world.

>> No.46345478

>Rolled 2 (1d10)
Jesus Christ

Stop it you fucking faggots

>> No.46345499

Its not that bad ultimately. again we're lucky we bumped it up from disaster for the tank companies.

>> No.46345508

It was two rolls, so It isn't a total loss. Unit 3 got a 7.

And a 2 isn't so bad on an offensive round.


>> No.46345514

I do the extra rolls because I'm a gambler at heart and I like to take risks.

I consider madfags gettin' mad to be a side bonus.

>> No.46345520

better than a 2 on a defensive roll.

>> No.46345588

>1 +1 = 2


[CGT] None of our shots connect! Its evading everything we throw at it!

[First Child] Attack underway. Significant damage has been inflicted!

>> No.46345606

Ok, I'll take that. We should be able to get at least another shot in before they are too close.

>> No.46345610

Dammit keep shooting! Do we have any Angel-sized flechette rounds?

>> No.46345616

CAG, you able to attack the proxies please?

We really shou'dve given Anna a second weapon, since we can't have her attack the angel with a prog knife while our tanks are shelling it.

>> No.46345619

CAG go for a strafing run.

>> No.46345624

You are a magician with all these pictures QM.

>> No.46345631


CAG, you're it.


>> No.46345644

Could someone remind me what the AT flairs do?

>> No.46345664

Major! The Eva Units cannot advance any further! Our Umbilical Cords are at their limits!

One of the MEPS we brought along even got damaged by the Positron Rifle recoil wave!

>> No.46345690

I have no idea. On paper, they disrupt AT fields. In practice, that probably means they're an interuppt ability.

Alright, change of plans. Ground forces close in and destroy the Angel. EVAs screen and take out the proxies. Mind the explosion, CGT.

>> No.46345694

That's fine, stay where you are then. First child, maintain fire from your current position.

>> No.46345703

Major! Our sensor are getting weird A.T. energy spikes coming from every Proxy!

Our Units need to evade whatever is coming! We need 4 rolls! One for Unit 02, one for 03, one for our tanks and one for CAG!

>> No.46345713

>Ground forces close in and destroy the Angel.
At the very least start dealing damage.

Should the Angel initiate any unknown activity I suggest we unload the Second Solomon Salvo.

>> No.46345714

>weird A.T. energy spikes coming from every Proxy!
Hey, speaking of AT Flares, why don't we try those right now?

>> No.46345716

Rolled 10 (1d10)

It's fine. We'll simply dig in and fend off all the proxies for the time being. Then, once we have control of the battlefield, we'll disengage the cables and you can safely sprint to the angel itself and execute it. That is assuming the UN fleet fails at bombarding it.

Unit 02, use this data to evade the enemy attack!

>> No.46345718

Rolled 6 (1d10)


>> No.46345725

Rolled 9 (1d10)

A barrier Field!?

Florence Move.

>> No.46345728


>> No.46345731

Rolled 10 (1d10)

ROLLing for CAG


>> No.46345732

nobody roll!!

>> No.46345733

Anna, can you snipe the Angel from your location?

>> No.46345736

Rolled 9 (1d10)

I don't know who I'm rolling for but <piccolo>DODGE</piccolo>

>> No.46345743

>mfw all these 10s

>> No.46345745

A roll for all 4 and every single one IS BLOODY BRILLIANT

>> No.46345747


>> No.46345750

Rolled 1 (1d10)


Rolling +'s for tonks

>> No.46345751

<the white pomeranian has returned>
<it is still carrying the other shoe>
<It looks like it's about to DROP the other shoe>

>> No.46345756


>> No.46345761


>> No.46345764



>> No.46345765


>> No.46345767


>> No.46345769

Way to go fag.

>> No.46345782

You're lucky that's still mostly Okay....

>> No.46345795

Should we try to roll for the tanks still.

We still have 4 rolls but Im scared.

>> No.46345802

5 is probably moderate to heavy damage depending on the power of the attack. On the other hand all those TENS TENS TENS might cover it.

>> No.46345820

Rolled 10 (1d10)

fuck the police

>> No.46345825

dont drop it doggo
dont do it man

>> No.46345837

Police well and truely fucked.

>> No.46345838


>> No.46345839

Don't tempt the beast anon!

No more rolls. We have everything where we want it.

>> No.46345840


>> No.46345853

but it could be better

>> No.46345854

>Extended edition
Oh, that's why

>> No.46345859

[Computer Scientist]
The Proxies are sharing what little left A.T. energy they have left!

>> No.46345871

You're a fagot, but a cool fagot.

>> No.46345875

Shoot AT Flares, Now!

>> No.46345878

tell the UN to open up on the Angel itself.

>> No.46345883

If the AT Flares actually do disrupt enemy AT powers, then I'm seconding this.

What the fuck do AT flares do?

>> No.46345887


/r/ artillery

rods from god

BB's surface bombardment

Carrier Air Wing CAS


>> No.46345888

>AT Flares

>> No.46345901

I tried checking in the archive twice now, but suptg doesn't save pdfs.

>> No.46345902

They're trying to recharge the Angel's AT field! Use the AT flares!

>> No.46345929

I'm trying to visualize that scale, and I'm coming up with nothing.

>> No.46345939


They're for A.T. field disruption. Basically they ''soften'' an Angel's A.T. field.

>> No.46345957

Makes sense.

Lets use the flares then. We're cancelling whatever these assholes are trying to pull on us.

>> No.46345966

Welp. They might not do what we need them to, but they'll still do something. Probably?

>> No.46345970

Rolled 6 (1d10)





>> No.46345986

//Warning: by sacrificing every proxy, the angel got enough energy to launch one final blast artillery strike. While it is significantly smaller than its fully powered ones, they damage it'll do will still be catastrophic.

>> No.46346002

I guess this Angel's a real one-trick pony, huh? Hey Anna, think you can make two miracles in a day?

>> No.46346004

I'm not sure if this is worth intercepting. Firing the Solomon is extremely risky.

We might be better off tanking this last one and hurrying up with finishing the angel off.

>> No.46346013

No time for AT flares then?

Should we shoot it down once again? Shooting the gun, considering it's power source, is a huge risk. I saw we let it fly.

>> No.46346015


Anna. Think you can pull off that trick twice?

>> No.46346024


Nah, this was an all or nothing.

We knock out this thing, we can pummel it to death with sustained long ranged fire from the UN and conventional arms.

>> No.46346027

let it fly, the HQ can take an under powered blast, make sure those there are taking cover and let them know about the round. Now let's fuck up that Angel and then party.

>> No.46346036


We all rolled dodge.




>> No.46346047

I'm sort of assuming that this might be a particularly powerful strike then. something that perhaps made it sacrifice itself. I think it might be worth firing at. Especially if the angel is willing to self harm in order to let this bolt fly.

>> No.46346048

Yeah, we might actually be better off just letting it fly. I mean, a half-dozen funding units versus whatever the Solomon Cannon might do if it goes wrong. We can ta---


>> No.46346053

Then all units blanket fire it out of the air?

>> No.46346065


>> No.46346066

I just assumed since we rolled so well that the...

All units use the cover of the snow drifts!

>> No.46346077


>> No.46346080

Rolled 71 (1d100)


>> No.46346095


I can absorb this blast, Major! With my A.T. Field!

Let me protect everyone!

>> No.46346108

What about you? We can't afford to lose you, Florence.

>> No.46346116

Alright if you think you can do it

>> No.46346119

Go for it kiddo! Just don't die, okay?

>> No.46346124

Let me help!

>> No.46346128

Who knows what the Angel did to your EVA. Do you still think that'll work?

>> No.46346138

>sync nearly hitting limiters
This is good thing, right?

>> No.46346143



It's beautiful.

Such wonderful children.

The world will a beautiful place if these children are there to lead us into it.

>> No.46346146

You sure Anna? I mean, I won't say no but you just tripped a *lot* of death flags...

>> No.46346148

Can we trust their judgement?

>> No.46346151

Ok! But if you die I am SO not buying you that beer.

>> No.46346156

About as much as we can trust our own

>> No.46346157


CAG, CGT. Consolidate your troops in one spot!

CAG, get your birds grounded, now!

Give the girls as small a spot to cover with their fields!

>> No.46346160

Major, the way you talk about "Rolling" and "OOC" and "Death flags" and "The DM" ... do you view life as some sort of game, Major?
If so, why did you cry when David died?

>> No.46346161

I will trust your field judgement. Do it.

>> No.46346162

I don't know. Florence seems to be a professional jobber, so...

>> No.46346177


By the gods, this.

>> No.46346184

The Voices command you to be silent! the voices will come to the correct decision in the end.

>> No.46346188

That's right, cluster up.

Well Major, all of life is a game. And we are the players.

>> No.46346190


Power of friendship means even jobbers can shine.

>> No.46346223

I need to sleep. I'll wake up to find out the kids are dead and Rachel killed herself. Then we can finally begin the NERV 3ed Impact Simulator.

>> No.46346241

Am I the only one here who wants to play it safe and try both have Anna shoot it down and Florence blocking it if that fails?

Even if we waste the Core in the rifle here, we can just rewire it work to from power grid for the next defense, right?

>> No.46346255

Remember Anon, if you initiate instrumentality then you can be together with your waifu, forever!

>> No.46346261

the voices are gay shitposters imo

>> No.46346267

>10, Unit 02
>9, Unit 03
>6 -1 +1 =6, Tanks
>10, CAG


>> No.46346269


Not sure if she has time to set up the shot.

Also, things seem set in stone already, with the AT Field deflection.

>> No.46346270

The rifle going off creates a massive shockwave that does damage to our people. And who knows what will happen if that rifle goes off in such a short amount of time since the last shot. A new angel could pop out for all we know.

>> No.46346277

I believe!

>> No.46346281

Oh God, if you're there, help those kids. They're heroes.

>> No.46346296

they got this

>> No.46346297

Telling CAG to stay low was good advice.

>> No.46346299


>> No.46346315

>> No.46346324


>> No.46346325

You got this girls! Make me proud!

>> No.46346328


>> No.46346336


Just a thought.

Vice Com and Com are gonna kill us if we Tang two pilots at one go.

Also it fucking mean we need to deploy both eileens.


I just know its gonna happen.

>> No.46346346

FLorence watch your sync rate and both of you come back alive.

>> No.46346353

>Anna and florence both tang
>next angel arrives
>forced to deploy both eileens in their evas.

Sweet mother of christ.

>> No.46346354


We Deserve a Happy ENDING.

>> No.46346356


>> No.46346360

We had no choice. We already knew we would be in deep shit if the angel targeted us with his artillery strike. We went in with two EVAs anyway.

>> No.46346372


>> No.46346377

Keep yourselves together girls.

>> No.46346386

fret not, they'll tang soon enough

>> No.46346425


>> No.46346427

>> No.46346442

oh god.

>> No.46346448


>> No.46346453

It looks like a penis aiming for a butthole.

You can't unsee it now.

>> No.46346468


>> No.46346479

And here we go...

>> No.46346490

<<It's time>>

>> No.46346491


Thats our collective butthole its going into.

>> No.46346501


>> No.46346513

But we have mastered the Shining Dragon technique.
somebody got that pic?

>> No.46346514

>> No.46346533

It killed itself out of spite.

But did our inalienable right to win triumph?

>> No.46346534

I guess the Angel either exploded from the energy it took to fire that shot or the UN actually did something helpful. I going for the former probably.

>> No.46346540


>> No.46346544


That T....



It didn't kill itself. That was the UN 2nd Fleet stealing out kill after all our work.

>> No.46346552

We asked for that artillery strike. Someone get me a damage report, please.

>> No.46346555

I'd be surprised if they did. fuckers weren't doing shit before.

>> No.46346561

//The U.N. Second Atlantic Fleet has begun its strike.

[Computer Scientist]
I can't get a clear signal of our troops!

>> No.46346565

Holy shit.

Who cares who got the final kill, the angel's dead!

We should be worried about our troop stats.

Uh oh.

>> No.46346567

Everything... is

>> No.46346574

they'll be fine. just tell the Fleet to watch their fire..

>> No.46346578

I want an Image the moment we have it! Keep trying to contact them!

>> No.46346581


As long as the tank drivers are ok, I don't care if the tanks themselves are trashed.

>> No.46346588

>I can't get a clear signal of our troops!
I'm sure everything is fine and they'll radio us once the AT-interference has cleared up. Yes, everything is fine.

>> No.46346618

Get us contact once the smoke clears, get a team to check out the Angel's corpse, and prep a med team to pick up anybody that comes out of that smoke alive. Best case, we got a couple injuries and some vehicles to repair.

>> No.46346622

Come on...
Say something to me...

>> No.46346633


--Y-u'll com---ight?

>> No.46346637

I only joined this thing last thread and what is this I'm feeling?

>> No.46346640

agreed we need that core.

>> No.46346647

Welcome to the ride.

>> No.46346648

say again, over. Medic teams are on the way.

>> No.46346649


>> No.46346653

>--Y-u'll com---ight?
>You'll come, right?
Just like we always do.

Fuck it, someone get me a car-- err, snowmobile! I'll handle the rescue operations myself!

>> No.46346659

someone get me vehicle. I'm going in person.

>> No.46346665

Holy shit, this is still going on? What's with all the shitlosting, though? These threads deserve better.

>all these high rolls right at the end

>> No.46346667


We're going to head out the site ourselves.

>> No.46346671

Get yourself ready for a party and some relaxation. I'm coming to pick you up.

Let's get down there now!

>> No.46346672

Might be better off taking a transport helo over, plus it can double as a medivac.

>> No.46346694


Remember this feeling.

Bask in it, Enjoy it.

For we'll never have another angel hunt so successful.

>> No.46346701


To my birthday party, I mean. You owe me two presents after all. You know, since you drank Rachel's gift.

>> No.46346713

Agreed. As long as it gets us there and starts the rescue op as fast as possible.

>> No.46346718

sure thing kiddo.

>> No.46346719

But of course. See you in a few minutes kid, I'm heading to you guys right now.

>> No.46346721


Won't miss it for the world, kid.

>> No.46346725

Count on it.

>> No.46346730

Ahh chri-
Of course...
Don't get cocky kid. You did good though. You did real good. Lets get you home.

>> No.46346737

>inb4 incident that causes us to miss the party.

>> No.46346740

Of course.

Dammit, my heart can't take that.

>> No.46346747


There will be diplomatic incidents.

Also question.

Are we bringing both eileens?

We need to figure out what to do with them. Fast.

>> No.46346748

Abso-fucking-lutely not.

>> No.46346751

I'll make sure you get the best gift I can give you. You deserve something grand for doing such a good job.

How's the rest of the team out there?

>> No.46346753

I hope our Tim Horton's outing with Eileen isn't scheduled on the same day.

>> No.46346756


Hug the person closest to us.

The entire base/bridge/control centre is probably celebrating.

>> No.46346762

We did it!

>> No.46346774

Wow. I had enough time to sleep and get to work.

How could everything go so well!


And this will be a hell of a birthday. I'm sure will managed to get CAG out of the hospital for it!

>> No.46346781

I can't

I need to sleep. This was too much.

Thanks for the thread QM.

>> No.46346791

everyone... lives.

>> No.46346801

Post the gif.

>> No.46346806

for now

>> No.46346807

[You finally arrive to your Battlegroup. You find everyone of your troops out of their vehicle, evaluating the damage.]

>> No.46346810

There's a gif?

>> No.46346814

Yeah, I'm crashing too. It's 1:30 on my end, which means it's 4:30 in the morning wherever Cegremo is. Thanks for the late run boss, I needed my weekly dose.

>> No.46346816

Find two girls.

Hug two girls.

ignore protest.

>> No.46346828

Yeah, the "Just this once, everybody lives" one.


>> No.46346830

There is a Gif.

>> No.46346837

I can't believe it... Only superficial damage.

Even the Evas got out of it almost intact. Sure, there seem to be some stuff that fried near the synchronization limiters, but still.

>> No.46346848

>no deaths
>no major injuries
>power of friendship invoked successfully
>looks to be ending on a triumphant note
It's all downhill from here.

>> No.46346851

Welp, this is it folks. This is the high point. It's all downhill from here.

>> No.46346864

>They are just sitting there without a scratch watching the smoke.
>The tanks are lined up

>> No.46346866

I guess a more superstitious man might say divine intervention. We got really lucky.

Also we two wonderful little girls to thank for this.

>> No.46346867


Once in Montréal, we really need to celebrate this one!

>> No.46346876

No, when we initiate the 3ed impact is the highpoint.

>> No.46346881


If this is what being happy feels like... I don't want to give it up. Especially now. Not ever.

This warrants a high five. Everybody...
Up high.

>> No.46346896

Let's get our celebration on quick before we pack up and head out.

Two people especially for doing a damn find job at the end.

>> No.46346899


We have you to thank for that as well.

Good work on that quick cut of Florence's sync ratio, Lisa. Not too many people appreciate what you three do.

>> No.46346901

>newspapers in the morning all have the same headline


>> No.46346912


Come on Major! Everybody is watching! This is childish!

...I don't remember any Nerv standard recovery procedure involving hugs.

>> No.46346919

we need a proper chance to celebrate the people we lost as well. enough mourning. its time to cheer.

>> No.46346930

You have my permission to initiate this procedure whenever you feel the time is right. If anyone implies otherwise, send them to me.

>> No.46346934


>> No.46346939

Feels like we could start jamming a couple happy songs onto the playlist.

I was thinking of adding psycho killer based on our running and gunning in the previous thread. Especially since its about not relaxing but seriously... this has been a good day.

>> No.46346943

Those are my procedures, it's right next to wearing hats indoors.
Hugs for immediate rewards, maybe CAG might get one if he keeps it up with the good work.

>> No.46346949


>> No.46346966


Headpat Florence. Not everything is about procedure and protocol. Sometimes we do things because we want to or feel like it.

>> No.46346978

We'll end this session here! I really need to sleep.

Thank you for playing!

>> No.46346987

I know the feeling man. Thanks for running late, not often us pacificfags get to catch it live.

>> No.46346988

Major, we can't just give out headpats like that whenever we feel like. They value declines over time.

Thanks for releasing me from my hours long imprisonment QM. Till next time.


>> No.46346989

I really need to sleep too.

Thanks for the session m8, that was some good shit. You completely destroyed my sleep cycle staying up to see how it ends and it was worth it.

>> No.46346990

Night m8. Looking forward to those mad research gains.

>> No.46346991


Thanks for running boss.

To think this is the high point of the quest.

I don't want to go tumbling down.

>> No.46346992

We have Danger Zone already but you know what screw it. We deserve this.

Time for some of canada's own.

>> No.46347004

aww yeah, time for my CRTC-mandated 30% canadian content

>> No.46347005

I love you OP.
I don't throw that word around lightly either.

>> No.46347015


Those two saved the lives of everyone in that battleforce. They've earned the headpats.

>> No.46347025


>> No.46347036

No bad
It all returns to nothing Major. It just keeps tumbling down.

>> No.46347072

This is what I'm thinking almost every session.

"This is it. This is the highest point in the quest".

And then, Each session, is even better. This emotional roller-coaster seem to never stop.

>> No.46347118


How much higher can you get than 'no major casualties or injuries'.

>> No.46347122

Third impact

And I'm more talking about enjoyment, not really how able we are.

>> No.46347127

"no major casualties or injuries" in spite of the Third Impact.

>> No.46347140


>> No.46347162

Thanks a mil for running, OP. This is starting to become one of the main things I look forward to during the week.

I think it's funny how the girl everyone had pegged as the emotionless Rei clone is the one thats starting to become the team mediator and making friends with everyone.

>> No.46347168


>NERV Bridge Simulator XI
>"It's all downhill from here, folks!"


>> No.46347221

Think she can mediate the two eileens?

Can't hide it much longer.

>> No.46347296

We should break the news before next attack IMO.

>> No.46347307

before the party even.

can you imagine the hissing fit if one missed it?

The other one would rightfully think we cared more for the other version of eileen.

>> No.46347343


True enough. We're the guardian of Eileen. Doesn't matter if its one or two Eileens. Need to look after them both.

>> No.46347434

They don't know about each other. We should really fix this before Anna birthday.

Especially since one of the Eileens have a deep hatred for Anna since the incident. We should really work on that so Anna can offer her apologies without Zweileen having a tantrum.

>> No.46347504

Good point. If Anna's going to apologize, it's probably only going to happen once, so we need to make sure they both get the message. Preferably simultaneously.

>> No.46347680

So what do we call them?

Cant let one keep eileen unless both agree to it. Eileena and Eileene?

>> No.46347712

Eileen and Zweileen tickles me, but we really should let them figure out what they should be called between one another.

>> No.46347863


Einleen and zweileen.

They willhate us for the stupid names, it is perfect.

>> No.46347924

I concur.

This is good.

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