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What common fantasy monsters would be suitable for domestication through breeding out undesirable traits?

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inb4 elves

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elves desu

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Pretty much any of them. Pick a creature with even a remote chance of successful domestication and then assign then priority based on their traits and abilities
What peasant wouldn't want an Ankheg tiling fields and keeping owlbears away from a flock, or a giant beetle that can keep the forge warm without need for fuel?

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Rust monsters

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ANY monster will be made a monstergirl

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Hippogriffs. In the setting I prefer (and many others) Griffins were specifically bred with horses to accomplish precisely that.

Griffins are far more difficult to break in and domesticate, and tend to be extremely unpredictable in many circumstances due to never really letting go of their wild nature. Hippogriffs on the other hand tend to be very steady and mild in temperament, and have been bred for centuries to contain the best aspects of both lineages.

That said, a hippogriff that is two or less generations removed from the Griffin bloodline is more difficult to break in as a mount, but is in many cases much stronger and faster than a hippogriff far removed from its Griffin ancestry.

That's just my favorite take on it, there are plenty of others.

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>Griffons difficult to tame
>Hippogriffs steady and mild
Funny, given how the opposite is true in WHFB

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Goblins, cheap slave labour.

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Kobolds. Breed out the aggressiveness and less savory scale colors while breeding in exotic colors and the desire to serve.

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Posessed Armors

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That's my new BBG, sentient magic item that walks around like a man.

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Slime Rancher

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Hm. Weird. You'd think that a Bird/Horse would be easier to make a mount of than a Bird/Lion. But then I've never tried riding a lion, so who knows.

That's just the way I prefer it anyway.

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Owlgriffins nigga, they are cute as fuck

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if only virt were here...

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... What is this from, and how have I not heard of it 'till now?

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>CAT slime

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You mean Bowls?

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>You mean Bowls?
I thought those were Mowls?

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Muh lizardkin!

In my setting Kobolds are created by mages as the perfect servants. They are a chimera made of dogs and dragons. Loyalty and behavior of a dog, plus the magic of a dragon.

They are fucking adorable. Too bad that Dragon-blood thing makes about 1 in 1000 powermad and clever enough to get a tribe of Kobolds together to overthrow the humans.

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now the Void Trader makes sense. Orakin space magic man.

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All of them if you're adventurous enough.

For real. though, gelatinous cubes sound like a good choice. Get rid of the acid (or just make it a lot weaker) and they'd be downright cuddly.

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Slime Rancher.

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These things. Oh god I want one. Can we science this into existence?

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Dire dogs

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Looks cute.

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I would domesticate centaurs by selectively breeding those born without fore legs. Then I'll teach them to walk on the two hind legs.

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So basically you want horse satyrs?

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Probably one that has a relatively short lifespan and breeds easily.

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>not using the gif

What a faggot.

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That wagging tail added literally nothing of value.

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Just like your existence, huh.

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>shit taste

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There's actually a checklist of traits and animal needs to have in order to be domesticated successfully.

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Not just uncalled for, but bad as well.

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Then WHFB's take is fucking stupid.

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Lol ur mum faggit

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Don't you have someplace like /b/ to fuck off back to?

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>while their close relatives like foxes and zebras remain stubbornly wild?

Belyaev's foxes say hi.

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Not really. Neither are especially good at being trained. Griffons are more common than hippogriffs because of the battle aspect of the creature making them more desirable mounts, but they are still very much tempermental and it takes a shit load of work to get one tame enough for you to mount it and even then it is just a bad animal handling check away from eating the rider.

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I want one. NOW.

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A quick Google tells me you need $8000 and patience.

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This is a fairly irrelevant question, because the factors that allow for domestication (probably curiosity and neoteny) are probably not obvious and can vary between fantasy works. In some fantasy a creature could be very capable of displaying those traits and domestication, while in others they aren't - take a look at Pern and their fire lizards/dragons, compared to dragons or drakes in most other fantasy novels. Gryphons are sometimes trainable and fiercely loyal, and sometimes wild beasts who are completely uncontrollable under certain circumstances.

Or to put it another way, basically anything could potentially be domesticated.

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>Citing a Gizmodo article
>On Domestication
>An article that references the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel as "arguably the foremost expert on domestication"

Yea, no. 0/10, I wouldn't even use this kind of garbage for a high school paper. This is about as scientifically relevant as a facebook status

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>undesirable traits
>in a fantasy monster
Come on, OP. You can't be this vague. What are we breeding this creature for? Whence came the undesirable traits if not a purpose was given henceforth?

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A LOT of fantasy monsters are unsuitable for domestication for many, many reason. Ignoring the ones no one would consider to even try domestication (dragons, hydras, hook horrors, etc.), theres maybe a few that can be reasonably domesticated.

The first is the Pegasus. On paper, they seem to be better than domesticating horses; they're good aligned, meaning they wont try to chomp your face off when you go towards them. They're also stronger, hardier, and more agile than the average horse. Their intelligence is very high (compared to most animals) and they can even fly. What country is gonna fuck with another with FLYING CAVALRY? But the flight is also their biggest downside to domestication; how are you gonna fence them in? You'd need a massive cage and at that point you should probably just domesticate horses. In fact, the moment you try to tame one, it's going to fly into the air and barrel roll you off. It wouldn't be impossible to tame one, but it'd be difficult. And domestication would be much harder. The likelyhood of a civilization domesticating a pegasus is about as likely as it was for Native Americans to domesticate deer. And while I'm at it, domesticating unicorns is probably a bad idea too.

Blink dogs are the next, but that's cheating since they're basically just teleporting dogs.

I can imagine some of the giant spiders being domesticated for a similar role to dogs. In the end though, they seem mostly impractical.

Most other common fantasy creatures are impossible to domesticate or fit into the same role as dogs, which is hunting/herding/companionship.

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Domestication isn't exactly rocket science when it comes to what traits you DON'T want.

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Well, that was fun.

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or just adopt a wild one and have a dog with the best qualities of a cat.

fun fact, they bred those foxes for domestication. but also bred foxes to be mean as fuck. so if you buy one, there's a chance you accidentally get the hyper mean one that will kill you and sleep in your rib cage.

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They don't sell the aggressive ones, and they're impossible to consfuse. They flip their shit the moment a person gets close.

Wild foxes don't make great pets. Its doable, a lot of people have them and enjoy owning them, but they're obviously not a domesticated animal. No matter how used to you they get, they're still going to have all the instincts and neurotic tendencies of a wild animal.

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Sorry, I don't think you know what you're talking about. A tame but wild fox is NOT the same thing as a domesticated fox; it took a few generations to get foxes that were reasonably friendly, even starting from the kindest of them.

>if you buy one, there's a chance you accidentally get the hyper mean one that will kill you and sleep in your rib cage.
Maybe if you buy from Jim McJameson and his mother/wife in Kentucky, but if you buy from the Belyaev guys that's not going to happen. There's such a huge gulf in personality it would literally be impossible to mix them up. Even the first generation foxes ranged from "will actively attack if you get close" to "will let you approach and not immediately run away". Pretty impossible to mix even those up, let alone the foxes a few generations out.

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