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So we had a scenario like this happen in our last game.
>princess's carriage gets attacked by bandits
>guards are killed, princess and hand maidens are taken.
>party gets sent to rescue her.
>we end up carving our way through the bandits and saving her
>princess is unharmed.
While she ended up unharmed in this case, it got me thinking about the scenario and was sort of wondering, wouldnt any time an attractive female character gets captured, the implication probably be that they got raped? I'm not even sure if this is grimdark, but just kind of a logical assumption
>Army took a city that your princess was in?
>one of your female party members is ambushed and kidnapped?
>Orcs within 10 miles of your loved one?
Is that ultimately the realistic outcome in these kind of scenarios, or is my mind subconsciously projecting some kind of "magical realm" thing?

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Sorry. Image for ants.

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>s that ultimately the realistic outcome in these kind of scenarios, or is my mind subconsciously projecting some kind of "magical realm" thing?

It's your mind projecting. Now, granted, some of those scenerios do end up in rape. But you made it sound like it happens each and every single time a woman gets kidnapped. No, it doesn't. Because some guys don't want to bother with a woman who isn't into it. And they know that if she isn't wet, it's like trying to stick your dick into a tree's dry knothole.

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Sometimes even bandits and soldiers have morals that exclude rape.

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I've read enough Florida news to know some dudes are into that.

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Men are capable of *not* raping things, you know.

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Not every situation will result in rape.
Many will, especially if the kidnappers are amoral scum, and they have no incentive to keep the captive unharmed.

But by no means should it be the default.

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Some kidnappers will not rape her because they know the THREAT of rape is another form of leverage they can use.

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Not every woman that is kidnapped or taken in war is raped.

It is much more productive resource wise to trade back unspoiled goods, be it un-raped women, un-maimed men or healthy livestock.

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You're projecting.

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>Princess has managed to diplomacy her way to biding her time before the imminent rape (not uncommon in narrative, actually)
>Bandits demand ransom, probably understand that defiling a princess is going to have them hunted even worse than if they returned her safe after collecting the ransom
>Bandits have a third-party boss or someone they're working on handing her over to, who has specifically stated that she is to be unharmed or throats will be cut
>Boss has bigger plans, marrying someone of noble blood to one of his buddies will win him favors/force treaties, and virginity is part of that package deal
>Orcs don't appreciate non-muscular women
>Turns out the pirates were also butt-pirates

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Also pirates get enough consensual sex as is.

Turns out that historically speaking it was quite the attractive job.

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Is this you? >>46298962 Can you just go and fap?

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No, i swear that was not me.

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Stop it, you're talking crazy

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>moralfags in this thread getting triggers
You're talking about men who are around other men like 99% of the time, high stress because they are bandits.
And you people are trying to say there wouldn't be rape almost every time?
You guys are trying way too hard to rationalize there being no rape.
Just admit you're too sensitive and need some trigger warning instead of denying reality and practical conclusions.

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Honestly cant imagine that. I mean bandits at least. Soldiers i assume are kept in line by their superiors because of bad publicity.

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I can think of several reasons why the princess and her retinue might not be raped. Let's put aside moral considerations and assume that the captors are up for it. This is a safe assumption, see the Zimbardo Prison Experiment. We'll stick to cold, rational reasons that otherwise evil captors might not do it.

1) They're holding her for ransom. The value of that ransom goes down if she's been violated. Virginity is prized in many cultures, and if she's to be married off, there might be concerns about the paternity of any issue from the marriage unless there's a sizeable delay. Raping her reduces her value to the Throne, and therefore the ransom. In some societies, a raped princess might have no value at all-- if rescued, she'll be stoned to death by her own family. This happens in many cultures in the world, and more often than you'd think in immigrant communities in W Europe and N America.

2) Vengeance: Usually, raping someone's wives, sisters, mothers, or daughters is meant as a humiliation against other family members. So if the captors rape the princess, then even if she's released later, the king will have to devote considerable effort to hunting down and slaughtering the bandits and their families. Otherwise, he'll be considered weak and some greater foe might be tempted to move against him.

3) In a folk tales, virginity is sometimes associated with magical potential. So raping a fantasy princess might deprive her of her magical potential, further lowering her value as a ransom.

Keep in mind ransom might be to the family, or to their bannermen, or even to a rival royal family.

4) Sometimes there are some rules which Fate Itself enforces. The custom of hospitality isn't just GRRM's invention, it's a major feature of many cultures. Most notably in the bible, where Sodom and Gommorah are destroyed for violating guestright (NOT for the sex itself as is often claimed). Raping someone of royal blood may incur a karmic penalty.

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It's true that high value women are less likely to get raped though, at least by underlings. Damaged goods aren't useful or a good bargainning chip.

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>You're talking about men who are around other men like 99% of the time, high stress because they are bandits.

Wrong. Whatever money they make off their banditry they go and spend on whores.

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In ancient cultures, there weren't enough provisions or organization to make holding prisoners of war a long-term possibility. So often soldiers from the winning army raped the captured soldiers of the losing army. I've spoken to some gay theologicians who claim that that's the context of the biblical prohibition on sodomy-- essentially a ban on gay rape, not gay relationships. Not sure it holds water, but historically this WAS a common practice.

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Dude, I was in a high stress environment surrounded by nothing but dudes and I can safely say most of us never raped, and those that did where not viewed in any light other than the "This is Criminal" and was promptly punished with a fun run to Leavenworth for a decade and a half.

I mean it happens. It's a fact of life we can't escape, but men aren't walking rape machines. Some have morals that prevent it, some don't have any interest in it, and those that lack the morals and have the interest, sometimes just don't have the necessary guts to act on it.

Bandits more likely, but remember that depending on the society, some people are bandits literally just to survive or because they're fleeing death. Not every bandit band has been a bunch of murdering rapists, that tends to make things hard. It's usually easier to steal their shit and randoms their women. If you get to raping some knight may decide to be wicked chivalrous and bring some of his buddies to fuck your shit up. Especially in setting based on Christian medieval Europe where that type of thing was frowned on.

History, contrary to what some want to believe, was not a constant litany of rape. Least not until you get into the ancient world, then it was a constant litany of rape and murder.

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>Bandits kidnap princess
>Expecting ransom
>Rape her
>Fuck themselves out of a huge amount of money
>Likely cause the royal family to send soldiers/assassins

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Cant imagine they would spare any women with her however.

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Most handmaidens are taken from semi-powerful nobles daughters. And even if not, they're usually close enough to the princess that if something that bad happens to them, she'll press it with her father.

So really, it's a bad idea. However, it may be smart to threaten them with it to get leverage on her. Really though, kidnapping a princess is bad situation to be in. People tend to react to that with violence on an especially grand scale. Refer to Troy, when it was consensual kidnapping.

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Well thats... i mean, you already won, why would you rape the guys instead of their wives and daughters?

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That, or they want to ransom her so doing that would be a pretty dumb thing to do.

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Because the ladies are elsewhere and the victors want to stick their dicks into something NOW.

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S-stop it stupid boner.

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The Romanovs were seven people, five of them female, who were despised by the infamously rapacious Russian soldiers who were holding them hostage for months. All of them died un-raped.

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So what happened to the handmaidens?

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Dick city.

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That. You don't want to make someone with power, or connection to power hate you for any fucking reason.

One lived anon. She had a nice life as a happy wife in America.

At least I tell myself that.

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I may be misremembering, but didn't someone in STALKER get raped by bandits?

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Or you know, the bandits are smart enough to realize if they keep the princess captured and unharmed, when they trade her for the ransom, they might be able to get away scot-free. But if they rape her, she might yell it out during the trade, at which point the kingdom decides to send every possible resource they have to murder the bandits and the next 7 steps of kin they have.

You're just projecting grimdark stuff, you fucking retard.

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It depends on who the person is. If an army catches a nobleman's family, they're not going to rape all the women. Those women are probably related to the guy they work for, because nobility, and in either case are worth a ton of money. Imagine how dead you'd be if you raped your boss's cousin.

If a bunch of bandits capture some random adventuress who's hot, then maybe, but then maybe not. A spoiled woman wasn't even worth ransoming in some cultures back then, so they might have not wanted to ruin a potential paycheck. Orcs are sort of the obvious culprit here because they're orcs, but they're just as likely to kill everyone as rape anyone.

Soldiers are a mixed bag. The Puritan soldiers in the English Civil War famously refused to even pillage, because they considered the behavior degenerate. Generally though, soldiers are bastards in any era, and can only be kept in line through strict discipline. And even that will very often fail when a city falls.

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I mean. One anon, said handmaindens typically come from elite families, but i imagine ransoming the princess unharmed gives them a little moree lee way with everyone else.

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Because you've got this random soldier you've captured on the battlefield. His home is hundreds of miles away, behind city walls.

Also, because you're not trying to give him a grievance to nurse for no reason. You're not doing this because you love sex. You're doing it because it hammers home that you're strong and he's weak, vulnerable, and at your mercy. And because you want to hammer home that if he comes marching against you, that he'll either die or walk home humiliated and bleeding from his asshole. He'll have that grievance, but it's in service to a larger cause.

For the Romans, who came later, the approach was simpler. Kill all the men, cart away all the children as slaves, and "cohabit" with the women of childbearing age while you camp for the winter. Next year, you'll march away to leave single women raising half-roman kids.

Since we're talking rape and rome, it's worth mentioning that Boudica's daughters were raped by the Romans. The romans were trying to show who was boss in a dispute about who ruled her lands. Instead, the dishonor done to the girls resulted in a massive uprising that was immensely expensive to crush. Rape, especially of nobility, is a risky ploy even if you're the dominant power and already occupying an enemy.

BTW all these reasons are how real "rape cultures" evolve. Not the marx-derived "capitalism is rape, therefore the west is rapey" shit, I mean the real rape cultures such as Japan's treatment of their asian conquests, the practices in the middle east and africa, rape as punishment for political dissent in southeast asia, rape as used by Beria under communism, etc etc etc. The same social norms that make it so horrible to people also help discourage people from doing it and taking the risk of crossing that line-- and also lead to the grossly unjust treatment of victims of rape.

By the way, it's yet another good reason that a DM should steer well clear of these issues if at all possible. It's just not worth it.

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Most villains have other goals in mind, I think! and the more classy villains have standards, you know-they're not just generic thugs!

Now, the Lesbian Rape Robot Bandit, she definitely raped that cute swordswoman NPC she captured. But other than that, my villains just ain't into that sorta thing. Their goals lie elsewhere.

The various aliens might vivisect someone though, so really it's kinda a mixed bag.

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In that scenario maybe, but op does have a point in that a lot of situations that we run would probably already have ended poorly, long before the party got there. (Sure, they may not rape the princess, but what about the tavern girl who was taken, or the female adventurer who fell in battle and was carried off by orcs while her oarty was distracted?)

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mfw dryads r my fetish

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Eh, my setting is pretty similar to this.
>You try to kidnap a princess?
She kicks your ass in single combat and rapes you. Publicly.
Maybe makes you a trophy husband, cos she appreciates your tenacity.
>Invading army?
You'd best be running boy, because some Amazonian queen would pay top dollar for your sweet ass.
Broken pelvis.
Death by snu-snu, and/or held against your will by obsessive nigh immortal yandere knife ears.
Fairly nice people. Mostly reasonable. Slightly less rape.

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In the game or the super shitty books that I don't want to acknowledge existed?

Because I think in the games, one of them at least, there was a male stalker who joked about how some of the bandits where getting grabby and thanks you for saving him.

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When looking to sell back a prisoner whose father commands an army that could easily wipe out you and your men, you typically don't want her sullied or damaged in any way. You want her going back to her father if anything talking about the nice, chivalrous bandits who didn't lay a finger on her during her captivity, because that means he'll be less inclined to go to extreme ends to rip your faces off or send assassin's after you for the rest of your days

A part of me hopes this is bait. Another part realizes /tg/ is full of trash that can't separate their pre-teen, hormone driven projection fantasies from reality or viable story telling. The real answer is, if you think rape is your only option in any situation, you are probably wrong.

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You, I like you.

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You're thinking too much about it. It's a game.

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>>Army took a city that your princess was in?
Depends on the army, and the history we're emulating. Back in the bad old days, classical and earlier times, when there was no such thing as "international diplomacy", oh yeah, rape town, population: princess (and everybody else), but once you get to the point where war is conducted between nations that intend to not be at war with each other forever and ever, the period when the intent of war is to pound the enemy into submission, not eradication, then raping high value targets would be completely illogical. Even the older meaning of the term, rape as in sacking a town, raiding it, pillaging, whatever, that wouldn't be well received either. Better to keep the actual city and its people intact and simply take it over, so the resources they gather can belong to you now. The soldiers still get their dicks wet because every city has prostitutes and they'll be happy to have horny men with some kind of pay available. Besides, by this era, every army has a huge camp following that will radically complicate any attempt to go rape-wild.

Of course, as you get even more modern, to the point you leave the era of camp following behind and enter mechanized warfare, where a soldier can spend a week on the road and end up in a town thousands of miles from home where nobody he knows has ever been or will ever be, and he's surrounded by bombed out houses and crying families, then you get rape numbers climbing back up. But most militaries, by that point, take that sort of thing into consideration, thus the era of leave and R&R is born, which may involve rape or forced prostitution as well.

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>Army took a city that your princess was in?

Held hostage for leverage or ransom. Or beheaded and the head sent to the king. Whichever depends on your army and end goal.

>one of your female party members is ambushed and kidnapped?

Killed or held hostage for leverage.

>Orcs within 10 miles of your loved one?

Slavery. Orcs take slaves and work them to death. Some probably do get buggered, but most of them, old, young, ugly, fair, are gonna be shown where theres a whip theres a way.

Seriously, was this a troll post?

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It'd depend a great deal on the morals, knowledge, circumstances, and motivations of the bandits or whatever the group was. Morals is fairly simple, either they're willing to do it or they won't - of they have a line that will be subject to one of the other factors.

Next question I would ask is why are they doing it. If it's a political capture for ransom or other professional operation by an organized and disciplined group, then treatment is likely to be much better. If you break the prisoner, they become progressively less valuable and you have fewer things you can use as a threat if who you are dealing with becomes recalcitrant.

Conversely, bandits are going to have a hell of a time kidnapping someone, getting ransom, and getting away with it without being killed afterwards. Hostage-taking generally only works if you have a powerful state or other organization behind you that can protect you from consequences. Otherwise you end up like the captors in most hostage situations, dead during or immediately after the situation resolves. Frankly speaking, the bandits are probably better off taking what they want (property and/or sex) and hoping no one ever finds out who the perpetrators are. They have very little incentive to treat captives well. Even a middling option like selling the princess to a third party is going to frequently end badly for the bandits, unless the princess is good enough to sell off without knowledge of her identity being included. Buyer will either give her back to dad or want to cover up the trail so dad doesn't find out who they are. Either way, this ends with bandits six feet under.

Some fantasy opposition is just going to do what they are going to do and probably not care. They may just be bound by instinct or simply have no diplomatic relations or frame of common reference.

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>>one of your female party members is ambushed and kidnapped?
Wouldn't that depend greatly on why she was kidnapped? If it's to weaken the party, surely an assassination would be just as good (unless resurrection magic is so available, in which case kidnapping would be particularly difficult). If the villain wanted to kidnap the heroine just to rape her, then sure, though in that case the mooks would probably not be allowed to touch her themselves. The reverse is also possible, kidnapping for some other motive, in which case she's as good as a princess.

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>4) Sometimes there are some rules which Fate Itself enforces. The custom of hospitality isn't just GRRM's invention, it's a major feature of many cultures. Most notably in the bible, where Sodom and Gommorah are destroyed for violating guestright (NOT for the sex itself as is often claimed). Raping someone of royal blood may incur a karmic penalty.

I've really not gotten the whole 'It was about gay sex' when there are people standing out there going 'We wanna rape the divine messengers of god that are your guests!'

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STDs man. Put your dick in all the time and suddenly your whole crew--or just you--end up crazy or sick or disfigured or what have you.

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I must be thinking of that guy, yeah. Nimble, probably, he gets kidnapped by bandits a lot, it seems.

I just swear I remember that being a character's backstory, that he was raped by some bandits and then got away, got guns, and cheeki`d their breeki.

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Name one single reason not to rape a female captive.

Just one.

Just because YOU are on board with "treat people nice", doesn't mean the fucking soldiers, monsters, or villains are. And if you're gonna not have it happen specifically because you think it's "magical realm", then don't have female NPCs at all.

Dudes wanna fuck things. A captive chick is a free fuck for most people involved. They're gonna do it.

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Just like absolutely every dad rapes their daughters. Hey, free fuck, right?

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A lot of people in this thread gave very logical, non moral high ground reasons why rape was not inevitable. Especially for nobility.

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Daughters aren't captive, you dumb fuck. When you have a female prisoner who ISN'T RELATED TO YOU, she's gettin' raped by someone.

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>>Orcs within 10 miles of your loved one?

Look at this cuck trying to justify his wife's four half-orc kids. "S-she was r-raped! She told me, she said that he came and showed her h-his enormous spear and she just had to do whatever he wanted! That's rape!"

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>this is what autistic people actually believe

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>Daughters aren't captive,

The daughters who DO get raped pretty handily demonstrate that this isn't the case, man. Kids and teens have very little power to stop it if their parents want to turn them into prisoners/fuckpuppets, assuming they can even wrap their head around it.

>When you have a female prisoner who ISN'T RELATED TO YOU, she's gettin' raped by someone.

Okay, daughter's friend staying over. Free fuck who isn't related to you, right?

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This. You don't want to take those kinds of risks, because ransom is already a very dangerous game.

One case where it might come up is illustrated in Song of Ice and Fire. In the books, Jaime is maimed by one of his father's own mercenaries, who'd switched sides. It was presented as a whim, but in fact it was an attempt by the mercenary to protect his own interests by making it politically impossible for the two sides to come to terms, and for men on Hoat's new side to switch.

Sometimes, an atrocity can be used to force the hand of the leader in whose name you did it, or as a bridge-burning move to close yourself off from an otherwise tempting option.

Say the Russians had charged the Fulda Gap in the Cold War. They're rampaging through Germany, and suddenly offer a ceasefire. Germany finds this intolerable after their losses, especially given that they'll lose still more land. To France, this may not seem like such a bad deal. The war hasn't reached their border yet, but it's getting there. The costs and benefits are different for each partner, so they'll disagree.

Sometimes strategically burning a bridge helps bind the allies to one another. Or the diffferent people in a group. Sun Tzu suggests much the same when he points out that men who think they're doomed and with no alternative will fight with incredible bravery and tenacity.

It's weird to consider, but sometimes atrocities are calculated acts.

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Cortez burned his ships when he landed in the New World, same thing.

>> No.46302817


Interpretations of that story vary widely through the years. It's often more about looking for a passage to cite to prove a point you've already decided.

In this case, the jewish commentary on this story is by far the oldest, and they seem to focus on the violation of guestright. Which was (and still is!) a very big part of middle eastern culture.

>> No.46302840

Ahh. I always took it as the angels were really hot, and the people wanted to dick them.

>> No.46302869

It came down to the people of those cities where literally so morally bankrupt, that the idea of two foreigners in their city offended them to the point that they organized a mob to go out just to rape them.

>> No.46302871

>daughter's friend staying over. Free fuck who isn't related to you, right?

You literally quoted a sentence that said PRISONER you inbred fucktard.

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This is also a valid interpretation.

>ywn cleave open a heavenly boypussy with your thick, aching manhood

>> No.46302899


Exactly. By erasing all avenues of retreat, you can bind your troops together.

Another example is the head of Stalin's secret police/ spy group, the NKVD. (Later renamed KGB). Beria was pretty awful by any standard. He'd drive down the street, see a hot girl, point her out, and then his men would have to track her down, find some pretext to arrest her, and then she'd be gang raped to death. Pretty nasty, right?

Also part of Beria's strategy. By making his close associates accomplices in his crimes, and making his crimes heinous enough that they'd be impossible to forgive, he was ensuring their loyalty. If Beria ever went down, then THEY would go down. And when eventually he did, so did they...

>> No.46302901


Kids aren't much better off than prisoners, all totaled. What, you think they're gonna be brave enough to tell anybody? Or that they'll even be believed, when it would look so bad for the neighborhood? Nah. Sweep it under.

>> No.46302917

My reason sounds kinda stupid, but i wad thinking
>holy shit, we have fucked a lot of stuff, but never got any angelic boi puss before.

>> No.46302933





Now if it was a commoner. They would've worn her out as a cocksleeve then slit her throat.

>> No.46302951

>Kids aren't much better off than prisoners, all totaled

You're really going to hide your retardation behind shitty semantic games?

No, kids are not prisoners. Not even remotely. Last I checked, people weren't holding their children hostage so that other people give them money and favors.

>> No.46302954


I think we've found the virgins in this thread. Unless you're camping out with Occupy Wall Street, rape is far less common among occupiers than you think it is.

>> No.46302957


Hey, I'm an Autist and that guy is fucked.

>> No.46302965

The big boss bandit telling his men hands off so he can do the ransom properly is well good an all...

But what do you do about the one guy in the far back of the cave entrance who watched his friend get smashed with no contest by the adventurers and decides hes going to fuck a princess before he dies?

>> No.46302968


Did you just seriously imply that the only reason to have female NPCs is for rape?

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I agree with you

>> No.46302990

No. However, he did imply that it was such a major part of it that you may as well not have female NPC's if they're not for raping.

So he is only half the shitter you thought he was, which still makes him the biggest shitter on /tg/.

>> No.46302995

>Last I checked, people weren't holding their children hostage so that other people give them money and favors.

Which is all the MORE reason they're a free fuck, seeing as how they aren't even worth money and favors (and trust me, anybody you're holding for money and favors is worth a helluvalot less of both once you've stuck your dick in them).

>> No.46303055

There are reasons, as anons have said at length. However, the fact of the matter is that most of the time the girl WOULD get raped in a real-world representation of the setting.

...but that doesn't mean you should make rape a part of the story you tell as a GM. Just like the PCs get to accomplish improbable things, it's okay to tell improbable stories.

>> No.46303099

These bandits just kidnapped a princess and her hand maidens. They likely had every intent of ransoming her back to the kingdom.

In that instance, raping her would be a monumentally bad idea. Even raping her hand maidens might also be a bad idea depending on the king's personality.

There are always plenty of reasons why someone might not rape someone else.

>> No.46303157

>However, the fact of the matter is that most of the time the girl WOULD get raped in a real-world representation of the setting.

So why are we discussing this? Why are you schmucks floundering to explain why "rape really wasn't that common". Next you're gonna tell me black people were the original Romans.

>> No.46303182

If you were born in Rome, you were Roman. Even if that part of Rome was in Ethiopia.

>> No.46303184

Sorry, but are her ass cheeks spaced like 6 inches apart, or is it just me? I get that the skirt is supposed to be running vertical, but still

>> No.46303213

holy fuck, cannot unsee

>> No.46303236

True but that didn't come until much much later, the Romans wouldn't even accept other Italians as Romans until after the 2nd or 3rd servile war, post Hannibal but pre Caesar

>> No.46303245


Actually, the nubians were one of the few empires with something worth stealing that managed to fight off the Romans and avoid being conquered.

>> No.46303274

Yeah wasn't Ethiopia explicitly the ONLY nation that went unconquered and unfucked with into the 19th century, only falling apart after Haile Selassie died?

>> No.46303298

>pre Caesar
then it's pre-Rome. Everything before him was just kid's games.

>> No.46303323

Because I just came to this thread and my opinions are not representative of others.

>> No.46303379

Republic Rome is what provided the foundations for the never ending shit show that was Imperial Rome. Barring one or two good emperors, Rome was carried almost entirely by the leftover momentum and establishments of the Republic, from its military and tax reforms to the very concept of Roman citizenship. Empire a shit. Why do you think all the same people fucked off to Constantinople

>> No.46303385

>True but that didn't come until much much later, the Romans wouldn't even accept other Italians as Romans until after the 2nd or 3rd servile war, post Hannibal but pre Caesar

Not true, according to the History of Rome by Livy the people of Alban, Veii, Sabines and many cities of Latium were offered the chance of becoming citizens or die, during the Punic Wars service in the Roman legions guaranteed citizenship.

>> No.46303387

There's a bit of interesting history about that, apparently the king of Ethiopia (which was called Axum at the time) sheltered Mohammed during his exile from Mecca, so as a result Mohammed declared making war on Ethiopia forbidden unless Ethiopia started it. So Ethiopia being surrounded by Muslims sat there going "I don't fuck with youuuuu" for a few hundred years. It also helps that that part of Africa is incredibly mountainous and poor, so it's easy to defend, and usually not considered worth conquering.

>> No.46303411

I would name one, but clearly you're not going to read it, just like you didn't read the entire rest of the thread that already did what you asked, so either you can't read or you won't anyway because you're afraid I might be disagreeing with you.

>> No.46303413


>> No.46303444

>service in the Roman legions guaranteed citizenship
We need that in America. Not because we need to be even more militaristic, but because we've got mexicans literally dying for our freedumz who come home from Iraq and get kicked out of the country. Our immigration system is fucked up.

>> No.46303452

Friendly reminder that it's literally easier (and more enjoyable for most people) to earn the money to buy sex than to bother with rape. In case that wasn't clear enough, let me rephrase: rape isn't about sex.

So, lets say your bandits have a serious fucking grudge against the king. You know, the kind you get when you see your family drawn and quartered while you're bound and forced to watch. Then maybe you rape and murder the princess and send her corpse back as a message. You probably aren't expecting to survive much longer at this point, though.

On the other hand, let's say you're just your normal, run of the mill, rather rob bread than coin, just out to survive type bandit. In that case, you don't rape the princess even if she's the first woman you've seen in a decade. You ransom her, run somewhere far away, use your small fortune to impress a seamstress, and settle down with your 12 kids.

It's not a matter of the morality of where you stick your dick, and it's not a matter of getting laid now or later. It's like comparing breaking into someone's house and eating their food to going home and eating your own or buying from a restaurant. On one hand, you have an inherently violent, invasive action, and on the other hand, you have the normal way that normal people do things. I'm sure that someone here will argue for the efficiency of just breaking in to the nearest house and rooting through their pantry any time you get hungry, but it's not really a thing anywhere in the world. Even professional thieves who commit burglaries to make their living are looking to make a profit every time they break into a house, not just to satisfy a biological need.

>> No.46303457

The Sabines where already Roman following their merging after the Rape of the Sabines.

I know this because Valerius is my ancestor.

>> No.46303475

Usually Shifty McDumbass would not be around the figurative platinum poker chip and most everyone who actually guards the princess would know to watch out for him or would have seen what happened to the last guy who fucked up.

>> No.46303497

>I'm sure that someone here will argue for the efficiency of just breaking in to the nearest house and rooting through their pantry any time you get hungry
Easily half the Rogues in games I've run. Players are the worst.

>> No.46303503

There's also the part where they fought off Italians with gatling guns and shit armed only with sharpened fruit.

>> No.46303579

That's not all that impressive considering those where modern itialians.

>> No.46303586

Fucking what? Info please? A link? Something?

>> No.46303665

that is so full of shit that most likely you are the rapey OP

>> No.46303677

Bandits aren't going to come out well of a ransom scenario regardless, unless they have a particularly strong power base.

>> No.46303716

That's the whole reason this discussion comes up. If things go like this
>My character is hungry
>My character goes into the nearest house and takes a loaf of bread
>My character is no longer hungry
then you're pretty far removed from the reality of weighing needs against convention.

You weren't aware of this? When Europe was parceling out Africa to various countries in the 1800s, Italy was given Ethiopia and was the only invading country to be successfully fought off by the natives. The Italians couldn't even conquer it with WWII era weaponry, which is why it was considered such a joke that they joined Germany in the second world war. They were literally more useless than Austria-Hungary was in the first. Haven't actually read the link, but this should be it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_history_of_Ethiopia

>> No.46303748

>The Italians couldn't even conquer it with WWII era weaponry
Meant to say WWI-era.

>> No.46303785

What a magical realm.

>> No.46303808

Bandits are people too, anon. They're not all saturday morning cartoon thugs that live, breath, and shit EVIL things.
Next time you include bandits in you campaigns, think about why the people are bandits.

>> No.46303892

I remember reading about that. Didn't one of their planes get taken down by a spear?

>> No.46303920

This is what happens when you try to invade Ethiopia and they've invested in Drill and Defender of the faith.

>> No.46303941
File: 81 KB, 800x600, 1458875610507.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Death by snu-snu, and/or held against your will by obsessive nigh immortal yandere knife ears.

Fuck! No, no, not again. Muh dick. That whole post hits my magical realm. But this bit in particular. Oh lord.

>end up lost in the deep woods as a shota
>found and adopted as a communal son by MILFy elves who pinch your cheeks and cuddle you
>grow up
>they're worried about your recent behavior
>why don't you want to sit in mommy's lap and drink her milk?
>won't let you leave
>it's not safe for a young boy after all
>realize they struggle to understand human lifespans and perception of time

>> No.46303982

There is no way that ransom would work. You'd have an arrow between your eyes instead when you did the handover. The only value you are possibly getting off the princess is what money and jewelry and other assets she has. After the fact you are going to have to run for it immediately. You are probably better off killing her when you do, because the added anger from the death is likely outweighed by them not knowing who you are and sitting around saying "my the princess is late" while you are getting a head start as opposed to them starting off immediately when she shows up. Reasonable people might disagree depending on circumstances.

Now whether this average bandit rapes her is a different story. It delays them, which isn't smart, but she's also probably better looking than any girl they would have ever ended up with and they're probably doomed anyway. It's a strict calculation on morals versus desire. Rape is completely about the sex, particularly in these circumstances.

>> No.46304011

Depends on the bandits, if they're strong enough to assault a princess's retinue and make off with her, they're probably strong enough to make a ransom deal.

>> No.46304026

It's funny it's always guys who can't imagine other guys not raping every woman they can. It's crazy how you folks have such a bad opinion of yourselves.

>> No.46304056

To be fair, the kind of people that ride into town and steal all of your stuff at swordpoint aren't likely to have any compunctions about taking the women as well. It might not be brutal rape, but its not exactly consensual fun times either.

>> No.46304081

Are you one of those girl things I keep hearing about?

>> No.46304135

Ransom has always been a tricky prospect, but it's harder than ever today and still happens successfully. Maybe you're a bunch of big dumb thugs and can't figure out how to pull it off without getting strung up, but in that case you're probably going to realize that selling stolen jewelry (from royalty, no less) is very nearly as tricky and highly unlikely to pay out more than a very small fraction of its value.

And no, you don't rape the princess unless you enjoy the thought of dying a horrible public death. Especially not if you're smart enough to use some of your stolen trinkets to win the affection of a qt young maiden in the next town over. And then, you know, fuck off before word gets out that she's wearing the dead/missing princess's tiara around town.

>> No.46304137

Most men wouldn't rape an attractive female even if there were no consequences.
You drank the feminist kool aid, or have been exposed to way too much edgy media, either way most cases of female kidnapping and hostage situations do not end in rape. And those that do end in rape often happen for reasons that have absolutely notthing to do with the woman and wether or not she's attractive but with the men and their cultural background. Shit such as druglords raping their enemies' family members, jihadists raping hostages and tribal niggers raping the other tribes' women, children and elderly as dominance displays.

>> No.46304163

I can very easily imagine bandits that aren't only about breathing evil, shitting evil and sweating evil. Unless we're talking about the Huns, there probably wasn't a lot of women going back without a nice full load of conqueror's baby batter in them.

>> No.46304200

A majority of bandits were just guys who had fallen on really, really rough times. Sure, some were willing to kill, and rape, but quite a lot didn't really want to hurt anybody, they just couldn't find any other way to live.

>> No.46304222

Most bandits were soldiers and mercs who stopped getting paid and decided to set up shop where they were instead of going home.

>> No.46304233
File: 83 KB, 500x506, Confucius say... - Imgur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's take this relatively slow.
Human breeding entails oxytocin. It is literally difficult to breed with someone who you don't care about. Far from impossible, but if you read the accounts of kidnapping/rape victims there are shockingly many where the rapist is unable to get/keep it up without some other stimulation/drugs.

Second. Most people have mothers or sisters or daughters and any enemy you find relatable enough to find sexually attractive will also be an enemy that you find relatable enough to see those people, whom you ostensibly care about, in your potential victims. Which means even "AL: Usually Evil" armies have a reason to hesitate.

Third. Rape isn't necessarily helpful, there are whores and sluts who are litterally begging for your business in that regard. Beating your slaves or captives or otherwise forcing yourself on them can reduce their value, work-ethic or efficacy as well as creating other problems down the line. Which could be fine if your intent is to raze/ravage but otherwise could increase your own costs of occupation.

Fourth. Rape isn't easy. substitute in a 100lb hairless chimpanzee for that 100lb woman, you will see why you may not necessarily want to try and expose your most vulnerable parts to it while it is in a time of most desperate aversion. Humanoids are dangerous, devious, willful, cunning and strong. Granted, you are probably bigger and stronger but that doesn't stop you from walking away with a chink bitten out of your face or your Jacobs sliced through.

When there are the aforementioned sluts down the road asking for your dick and a good time is it really worth the risk just to get back at your overbearing mother?

>> No.46304259

The type of rape that would be happening here wouldn't be a forceful assault, but a kind of social expectation.

>> No.46304307

It's not that some people think all men are incapable of not raping everything in sight, it's that some players aren't very self-aware and don't actually realize that even noblebright roleplaying is essentially a power fantasy. I mean, you get to run off into a fantasy land where you can literally slay dragons. You're essentially magical realming even when you're playing on the straight and narrow. Since rape is essentially a demonstration of power (either over the victim or her family or a group she may represent), it plays right into that dragon slaying power fantasy world.

That's why guys like >>46301024 >>46301526 >>46302671 think this is so obvious. It's because you've already entered their magical realm just by playing the game.

>> No.46304311

>they're not self aware
>said in the same breath as arguing rape is the same as killing a dragon

>> No.46304327

Well, you were a rowdy sailor with more profits and less bureaucracy. And women have always loved sailors.

>> No.46304349

>Not self aware enough to realize that dragons are literally metaphors
And yes, I intentionally used both of those words intending their proper meanings. Kind of awesome, isn't it?

>> No.46304360

>not self aware enough to realize the difference between being classy and being a creep

>> No.46304387
File: 179 KB, 1207x802, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/tg/ has really no idea how much rape there was in the pre-modern era (or how much rape there is in shitholes like india or detroit or britain)

unless those bandits/soldiers are being directly controlled by some extremely powerful leader of some sort who directly says "don't get the dicky sticky" it's gonna happen, and even then it'll probably happen

>> No.46304397

That's true too. And still, they weren't morally bankrupt rapists.

>> No.46304404

>creepy people arguing rape is realistic and should be included because of their fetishes
I don't see you tracking infections or coin weight you lazy bastards.

>> No.46304415

>tg/ has really no idea how much rape there was in the pre-modern era (or how much rape there is in shitholes like india or detroit or britain)
>uses the rape of the Sabines as a picture
You're dumb

>> No.46304433

>All india has is rapes call centers and shitting in the streets

>> No.46304445

So you want to write it into your setting that there is systemic institutionalized rape where women aren't treated like people at all. That's fine, it's pretty edgy and grimderp and magical realmy, but it's not a setting in which it isn't possible to tell a decent story. Just keep in mind that your setting is not all (or even most) settings, nor is it the real world.

No, I'm self aware enough to realize I'm a creep. That doesn't make me wrong, though.

>> No.46304446

My GM does include infections because status ailments are his fetish.

>> No.46304452

This is just wrong. Rape has been seen, for a very, very long time, pretty similarly to how it is today. A horrible crime, almost as terrible as murder (or to some people, worse than murder). The average Joe-soldier or highwayman didn't want to rape anybody, they just wanted to pick up enough cash to survive, and go back home to their wives. Not to mention, rape isn't done because sex is good, it's done to show power over others. You have to be a really sick fuck to want to rape people.

>> No.46304469

>Me being a creep doesn't make the things I want to put in roleplay creepy!
It actually sort of does.
The idea that you are inserting rape specifically because it is "realistic" just because it is your fetish is creepy as hell.
I mean, you're not inserting coin weight or infections or dysentary from drinking the river water or mass baby death from poor medical technology.
And if you are, that's -creepy-.

>> No.46304473

>You have to be really fucking pissed off to want to rape people.
Fixed that for you. You don't have to be crazy to be pushed to extremes.

>> No.46304508

>Not tracking infections and coin weight


>> No.46304513

I'm sorry, you must have me confused with someone else. I'm the guy saying that the only people who think rapey settings are okay are the people that are magical realming without even understanding that that's what they're doing.

>> No.46304531

well, fair enough. I may have misread a post a few things up.

>> No.46304543

You kinda need some sort of stimulant medication to keep the dick UP. We already covered the dopamine and other neurotransmitters earlier on. I didn't think we needed to revisit that.

>> No.46304545

>not tracking hair growth rates
>not tracking general party stench for stealth rolls after extended travel times
>not keeping a full medical chart of all character extenuating medical conditions that have or will come up

Get serious

>> No.46304588

>not keeping your characters hair and beard trimmed
>Not bathing
>Not keeping a bag of herbs and medicinal plants
Git gud pleb

>> No.46304596

>bathing while traveling overland
Get a load of mighty prince gilgamesh the posh over here

>> No.46304617

How about I bathe my dick in your ass.

>> No.46304627

Ever heard of a spunge bath?

>> No.46304631

Only if it's feminine.

>> No.46304632

Let me bust out the rules for that from my FATAL handbook over here

>> No.46304643

When the Soviet armies invaded Germany at the end of WWII, they raped over 2 million German women. This despite it being a country they wanted to occupy and turn into an ally against the west.

I don't think most soldiers will be rational when they really fucking hate the people who murdered their bros. Kidnappers who planned it out beforehand might be different though. I think it depends on who is doing the kidnapping here.

Probably rape
>guys who want money
Maybe not rape

>> No.46304651

The only meaningful rape choice:
Are you going for an edgy and tittilating game? If so, rape.
If not, no rape.
All other considerations are secondary and unimportant.

>> No.46304672


However you justify the "bad guys" raping a kidnapped princess, if you want to keep your game family-friendly, you don't ever have to go down that route no matter how much it might make sense to you.

It boggles my mind how people can't figure this out for themselves without having to discuss it at length.

>> No.46304695

>Ever heard of a spooge bath?


>> No.46304705

You realize that there's a biological precedent for the term "rage boner," right? Look at cases where rape actually occurs:
>Date rape
Some poor fucker thinks of women as the enemy, between him and the expression of his sexuality. Go watch the Elliot Rodgers video again and imagine him getting rejected after groping a girl in the back seat of his BMW. There's no other way that plays out than rape. Well, maybe rape and murder.

After fighting for hours or days or weeks or months and seeing their friends die and being helpless to do anything about it, you're thrown into a defenseless city and get to see someone else be helpless for a change. Rape is on the menu along with murder, theft, and wanton destruction.

>In various lawless shitholes
If you feel like some little shit is challenging your crew, rape someone he cares about. Either he attacks you in a fit of blind rage and you kill him, or everyone (including the challenger himself) is shown that he's powerless against you and can't even protect the ones he cares about most, much less anyone that might help him.

>> No.46304707

To be fair, the Russians are historically infamous for raping their way across countries, including their own. They're an unfortunate outlier.

Not to say that other armies haven't raped and pillaged, of course, just that the Russians have always brought it to an entirely new scale.

>> No.46304734

I assumed the entire context of this thread was to justify the use or non-use of rape as a plot device in adult and possibly grimdark but not particularly edgy or fapbait setting.

>> No.46304745
File: 31 KB, 680x332, 1457569264990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Raping and killing everyone you ambush isn't common criminal behaviour. It's more likely the culprit is a religious zealot of belongs primitive tribal-sytem society.

The "refugees" aren't raping girls all around Sweden and England because they're horny, they're marking their new territory.

>> No.46304771

The Soviet army wasn't a modern army, though. Back home, numerous villages had signs up reminding the villagers "It is barbaric to eat your children". Signs that regularly went ignored. So it's hard to say that Russians should be taken as a measure of how civilized soldiers should behave. They're more on par with rampaging barbarian hordes.

>> No.46304788

>numerous villages had signs up reminding the villagers "It is barbaric to eat your children". Signs that regularly went ignored.

>> No.46304791

>once ran a game where an evil sex cult kidnapped a princess
>she was untouched the whole time
>their plan was to rape her in public before the entire royal family and adoring kingdom using a giant rape-machine
>players rescue her intact
>turned out to be a huge slut anyways

Sometimes I miss that game.

>> No.46304797

Never heard of the Vikings anon? They bathed and groomed at least once a week. It's how they "pillaged" so many women from the cucked, assmad saxons

>> No.46304810

>once ran a game where an evil sex cult kidnapped a princess
>she raped them all to death

>> No.46304828

General Winter may be Russia's greatest military asset, but he's not very discriminating when it comes to targets. Crippling winter famines were common up to the mid 20th century. The signs warning people to not eat their children were a recent reform by the soviets, the practice was largely unopposed by the Tsars before them because it was just how Serfs survived.

>> No.46304830

I can only assume she wasn't into exhibitionism and/or giant rape machines or else the cult wouldn't have picked that scenario for their rape attempt.

>> No.46304836

>It the majority... but don't assume it by default.
Isn't that was what you're suppose to do when you are playing on percentages?

>> No.46304837

If the bard rolled to seduce would he die?

>> No.46304851

>Female Nurglite preacher gets captured
>Oh nooo~ some rugged bandits have captured me~
>Everybody dies

>> No.46304859
File: 49 KB, 500x526, drow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46304860

He didn't necessarily say it was the majority situation, but even if it were, and assuming you were right about percentages which is another topic entirely.

We're not actually playing with percentages here.

>> No.46304878

>Dying of dehydration-induced heart failure after the princess has ridden you for two days straight
>dozens of cultists lie around dead, dying, or moaning in pain from contusions and dehydration

Her predatory maw is never satisfied.

They didn't know, and she wouldn't have been down for rape-by-giant-machine-in-front-of-her-family anyways. Her deal was more "That male is cute, I will have him, and then that one afterwards, and then him over there after dinner."

>> No.46304890

Because you're holding her for ransom and therefore want to keep her in good condition.
Not everyone kidnaps someone just to fulfill their bondage and domination fetishes, anon.

>> No.46304897

Oh dear god. Whyboner

>> No.46304901
File: 189 KB, 1100x688, dream_6b6b2ceff1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sacking of a town: women getting raped.
Hated enemies: probably going to rape and kill your loved ones
Rando-Princess gets captured: Could get raped, depends on the leverage of the kidnappers. Unspoiled might fetch more. But, if they hate the Princesses' kingdom, she will probably be raped, killed, eaten, etc.

If we are talking medieval fantasy setting, and leaning heavy on medieval mentality, rape is VERY possible and most likely. Takes thinkers to consider NOT giving in to your baser instincts and consider what happens today affects tomorrow.

>> No.46304921

You don't rape the princess.

You have your Psion or Enchanter rewrite her memory, so that someone you dislike kidnapped and raped her, then she got rescued by the dumbass heroes.

I maintain that was just smart villain play, not magical realm.

>> No.46304937

You are thinking with your mind. Not that of a highway bandit, or an orc who FUCKING HATES the kingdom. People who do shit like kill a slew of well trained guards, to capture a PRINCESS might consider this, but most likely, be overwhelmed with their power trip boners and place them where they want in drunken stupor.

>> No.46304946

You make a big fuss about THINKING WITH MINDS when you pretty clearly don't bother to use your own much.

>> No.46304958

>everyone is obviously brilliant strategists and we NEVER meta our games
You even try to rp instead of min/maxing?

Medieval setting, obviously no one ever raped anyone. Especially people of power to show they have power. Its like you people know nothing of history.

>> No.46304977

>Its like you people know nothing of history.
Well, clearly *you* don't if you're outright calling it a "Medieval setting".

>> No.46304984

>everything I play is made to be the ultimate strategist and rping is hard cuzz I might lose by dying! D:

>> No.46304986

>noble kidnapping
no rape if ransom, rape if forced into marriage, maybe a little rape otherwise depending on the reasons behind the kidnapping, nobles have noble families with armies seeking revenge after all
>army takes city
most of the commoner population is raped unless the army is disciplined or has moral objections
>female party member kidnapped
possibly, but the party member deserves a chance to hero their way out of it if the genre calls for it. also player characters can be demigod level beings with demigod level friends, so fear of revenge from them and their friends
depends if your orcs are rapey I guess

Valid reasons for rape in a campaign (if your players are into it):
>it's an ERP game
>rapist wants children with victim for some reason
>magic ritual

>> No.46304998

ok minmax. Stay unrealistic.

>> No.46305005

What are you even talking about? How is that even the slightest bit relevant?

>> No.46305008

Okay, first of all, not every fucking male in the world is a rapist. That goes for fantasy worlds as well as the real world.

Second, generally speaking, people in power already have power, so they don' need to prove it by rape. They might humiliate, scorn, deride, and otherwise verbally abuse their captives, but rape is something the weak and the unmanned need to reassure themselves that they are men. Bandits are often weak and unmanned, otherwise they wouldn't be bandits. But not every bandit is stupid either.

Soldiers engage in rape because they haven't been around women in months, maybe years - something people forget about when they isolate testosterone laden menfolk in isolation from the rest of the world and then unleash them on enemies. That isn't an accident - desperate men fight harder and with more viciousness. It also makes them prone to satisfy desires they haven't been able to indulge in months or years (hence the raping and pillaging).

Finally, the entire purpose of capturing someone is because they are valuable in some manner. Raping said person not only devalues them, it does nothing for getting information out of them. Torture works much better - and it sucks as an interrogation technique.

Raping a princess - or someone of equal value - devalues them and garuntees that the captors are going to just fucking be slaughtered mercilessly if they are captured. That's the equivalent of stealing a priceless Ming vase and shattering it, then expecting someone to buy it back from you.

Orcs don't need to rape either. They probably have men and women fighting alongside one another, and thus don't actually need to worry about their menfolk raping every female in sight. Lizardmen probably only mate seasonally, so rape is out of the question for them. Goblins like torturing people, rape would be the furthest things from their little minds. Elves wouldn't bother - they have magical means to fuck shit up if they want to go that route.

>> No.46305021

>Last I checked, people weren't holding their children hostage so that other people give them money and favors.
What is child support, what are child benefits?

>> No.46305034


Fantasy people aren't usually bastions of post-Revolution values, either. If Russia is full of barbarism, why expect a medieval fantasy army to be any better? OP mentioned orcs in his post, so I'm assuming he's not talking about a modern setting.

>> No.46305044
File: 54 KB, 625x626, ffc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>GM introduces rape into story
>"Because it's realistic. This is what happened to women back in the day!"
>All of the women in his games are generically pretty even if they're some otherwise plagueborn peasant woman who by all accounts should be hunched over and covered in boils and smell of pig shit
>there are female knights with boobplate
>never goes into other actual details that might've happened to women in the day like constant death at childbirth, etc

At least admit you just have fucking rape fantasies already goddamn

>> No.46305051

>Okay, first of all, not every fucking male in the world is a rapist. That goes for fantasy worlds as well as the real world.
>Second, generally speaking, people in power already have power, so they don' need to prove it by rape. They might humiliate, scorn, deride, and otherwise verbally abuse their captives, but rape is something the weak and the unmanned need to reassure themselves that they are men.

Tumblr/first year sociology student please leave

you contradict yourself in the next paragraph.
>rape is a power fantasy
>also if you're horny you rape because reasons
>t. freud

>> No.46305058
File: 273 KB, 662x888, knight versus dragoness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>keeping a female red dragon hostage
>de-fanged, de-clawed, powerful magics keeping her under control
>force her to breed with whoever or whatever comes along
>dragon rape egg farm

it's the perfect business strategy.

>> No.46305171

You do realise that it's pretty common for women to be treated like property in the real world right?

>> No.46305230

Honestly, most such relationships are often far more complicated than simple "women are property" dynamics.

>> No.46305257

True, but it's pretty easy for a man to make justifications as to what he's doing isn't actually rape

>> No.46305275

>I mean, you're not inserting coin weight or infections or dysentary from drinking the river water or mass baby death from poor medical technology.
But I use all of those. Not so much the rape, though. I mean, it's there, it happens, but I don't bring it up unless the players do.

>rape is something the weak and the unmanned need to reassure themselves that they are men.

And with that, you've already revealed that this is nothing but your uninformed point of view, a product of modern ethics with no basis in historical behaviour.

>> No.46305301

High value targets are going to be kept safe. Either for ransom or out of respect for customs of war.

Some random farmgirl isn't really worth capturing, but would probably sleep with her captors willingly for better accommodations.

>> No.46305325

>People insist all instances of rape are magical realm
>Anons trying to rationalize why no one ever rapes anyone ever and if it they are they are capital E Evil and the rapee is always rescued just in the nick of time

It's almost like most people can't fathom others with different moral standards than their own. It would explain things that are full retard, like D&D alignment systems.

>> No.46305347

Go home, /pol/.

The rapists among the refugees are raping because they can hide among the crowd of the other refugees, they don't have any documentation, they're probably going to have moved on in a week, and because they're (as an individual) fucked up enough, whether it be from frustration, rage, or just straight up mental illness, to commit rape.

The "Allah wills it" is just a weak excuse they can fall upon when they get caught. It's like the more extreme version of the people who actually go in for the "money back guarantee".

Yes, technically, the guarantee says that any person who doesn't like it for any reason can get it refunded the full price, but the only people who actually do are the people who are either EXTREMELY dissatisfied with it, or the scumbags who just want to not have to pay for it.

It's the same with refugees and rape. The rapists are either pushed to the breaking point with nothing to lose, or just pure evil. The writings that say "ayy mang, go rape" are not the reason for the rape, just an excuse to justify it to themselves.

>> No.46305357


>> No.46305406

>Is that ultimately the realistic outcome in these kind of scenarios, or is my mind subconsciously projecting some kind of "magical realm" thing?
It's often but not always A realistic outcome. But it's quite rarely the ONLY realistic outcome.

>> No.46305661

Rape is my favorite fetish and I even think it should not be featured in your average campaign if you don't have a very good reason for it.

>> No.46305682

>has fetish
>doesn't shoehorn it in at the first opportunity

What kind of madness are you proposing here?

>> No.46305850

It is possible to have a fetish and not put it in everywhere. I have a fetish about gender switching but I don't go around switching all my player's gender surgically after drugging them and keeping them on a diet of hormones and conditioning in ALL my games.

>> No.46305873

Just most of the games?

>> No.46305882

Only a couple. But they were asking for it so it's OK.

>> No.46305906


> most of the commoner population is raped unless the army is disciplined or has moral objections

Some, perhaps, but most? Unless the army is extremely immoral or it is generally considered right and proper to do so by their society, I would expect rape to be the exception, not the norm.

A lot of the men involved will have mothers, sisters or wives back home, and will like to think they have at least some moral standards. Let's be honest, they would be more interested in taking your daughters' necklace than her virginity. There's plenty of prostitutes who would do the same with much less mess and thrashing about.

Note that this is just violent rape as part of the capture of the town. It does not include inducing now destitute or orphaned girls/boys to have sex with soldiers for money or taking slaves with which a soldier may later have sex, even though both may be considered rape today.

>> No.46305923

Skin him alive, and string him up for ruining the plan.

>> No.46305933

>female character is kidnapped
>party finds the kidnappers's lair and go rescue said character
>when they finally face them they start cursing them for kidnapping and raping an innocent lady
>the kidnappers get mad because they actually have standards and are pretty professional about their business, and the characters crude remarks make them sound like some kind of retarded cavemen or stupid orcs

>> No.46305945

>The Orc party member hears this comment and starts getting in a huff, eventually joining the bandits side against the parties open handed bigotry

Then the princess weighs in

>> No.46305963
File: 86 KB, 612x751, 20130630.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>see the Zimbardo Prison Experiment
I see it, and I'm not impressed.

>> No.46305991

This, Prostitutes exist and followed armies like a retinue. "Soldiers haven't seen a women in months or years" is hilariously bullshit. For a conscripted infantry with a sharp object you're probably much more likely to murder a bunch of people than single out the woman and rape her.

>> No.46306001

>the princess weighs in

"So these guys see me in my 'kidnap and molest me' outfit, and they do the kidnapping, alright, but then they start asking about where my father keeps his money and where the jewels are and all this shit and I'm like, hello, earth to kidnappers, I'm in prime raping condition here, height of my fertility, wearing basically a 'fuck me' sign pointed at my cooter, and what do they do? Ask me about valuables. Boy, in this market, the most valuable thing I've got is my poon and nobody's even given it a look-see. And furthermore I've spent years training my anus to peel grapes and---*mphfm*"

>the princess's gag is re-inserted

>> No.46306013

love that experiment.
Specially that part where the one guard what went "mental" (and yes, there was only ONE of the guards that did) later told that he did it on purpose because he was bored.

>> No.46306043

Sometimes not raping a princess is the best choice.
Example: If you don't want a vengeful king to cut out your balls later.

>> No.46306045

>Princess is kidnapped by bandits
>Bandits are gathering funds to wage rebellion against tyrannical kingdom being led by evil regent that kept princess ignorant
>Princess ends up leading them

>> No.46306058

>>one of your female party members is ambushed and kidnapped?
>Crazy ass Barbarian that singlehandedly killed dozen of highly trained soldiers and can bend steel bars
>Wanting to enter her cell to rape someone that can easily kill you
>She could probably tear your dick off with her pussy

I don't know about you, but player characters are fucking badasses. Especially since there's no mechanical difference between male and females in D&D.

>> No.46306062

When I was a little kid, this was the impression I got of Leia in Star Wars.

>> No.46306067
File: 921 KB, 2160x3840, mfw do want.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>She could probably tear your dick off with her pussy

>> No.46306111

>or just pure evil.
lol, you are a fucking retard, your D&D alignment chart doesn't apply to real life, it's because of their education and culture that they do what they do.

>> No.46306237

Can't tell if sarcasm or just stupid.

Physical violence against another, struggling, person should register to your brain as wrong even if you are a 100% nihilist.
Maybe except if you are a genuine psychopath.

>> No.46306332

What if their fetish is non-sexual bondage?
well, not outright sexual. Obviously it's going to become sexual.

>> No.46306357

You need a certain level of intelligence to have morals. They obviously lack it.

We need a first-world country to pass a "Ancestral Home of Humanity Reclamation Act" and invade undeveloped nations on the grounds of "You had THOUSANDS of years to get somewhere and you didn't!"

>> No.46306369


Ethiopia was conquered under Selassie by Italy under Mussolini. The League of Nations tried to broker a peace deal, but the anti-war types went nuts and so Mussolini got the whole country instead.

Selassie's speech to the UN is pretty moving. Ironically, the Rastafarians who worship him are often in the anti-war movement (and many are socialists, too: the group that overthrew and later murdered him). Selassie himself was a devout normal Christian.

>> No.46306386


The people of Medina are kicking themselves.

>> No.46306423


Yes, unless there's a good reason why she WON'T be raped.

The only caveats are:
1.) She's extremely ugly.
2.) There's a motivation NOT to rape her.
3.) The law is comin', and the bad guys don't want to get into even worse trouble.

>> No.46306429

So the hand maidens get taken for bandit funtimes and the princess stays pure to keep her ransom high.

I like the idea of stockholme syndromed lady bandits with perfect courtly manners but a savage lust for blood.

>> No.46306451

You play your games, I'll play mine.

>> No.46306456
File: 20 KB, 182x217, rance3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46306460
File: 27 KB, 331x236, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What, the heroine wants to kidnap the villain to rape him? I...think I remember that show.

>> No.46306471

You're a faggot starting a thinly-veiled fetish thread.

>>Orcs within 10 miles of your loved one?
Well now thats just speciest.

>> No.46306474

Yes, because soldiers aren't forced to live, eat, breathe, drink, shit, and piss where their bosses tell them do. Soldiers are truly powerful people, who obey orders, are in total control of their lives until they're told to go lose them for someone more powerful than they are, and are surrounded by things they're allowed to have every moment of the day except what they want.

You're an idiot if you think rank and file soldiers in ANY era have any power whatsoever.

>> No.46306486

>And with that, you've already revealed that this is nothing but your uninformed point of view, a product of modern ethics with no basis in historical behaviour.
True - men in power used to rape chambermaids and the help all the time. That's why bastardy is a thing.

>> No.46306532

This thread is seriously cringey as fuck. Could you faggots possibly stop this whole "rape never happens" meme? I've noticed you retards are pushing this shit in multiple threads for the past few weeks. Stop shitting up /tg/ more than it already is, please. Also, fuck off with social justice bullshit.

>> No.46306608

>"hurr sjw"
Don't be a faggot all your life anon.

>> No.46306612 [SPOILER] 
File: 167 KB, 768x1040, 1459168811011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>come into thread expecting thinly-veiled bondage thread

>> No.46306622

Not every bandit is evil OP. They're certainly not good, but not all of them are amoral beasts. They're humans, and have human thoughts and morals just like anyone else, usually it's circumstance that drives them to banditry. Sure, some learn to love their new job and some actively choose to be bandits, but the point is that being a bandit does not automatically make you evil.

My point being, just like you probably don't think about raping women you're alone with, not every kidnapper will want to rape their victims. Some will draw a line there because they're only doing this because the harvest was bad and they have a family to feed. Some will draw the line there because it's bad enough they're bandits, they don't want to become even worse people than they already think they are. Even the actually evil ones may decide against it, maybe because they still have some sort of ethics they hold to, or maybe because that's just not their thing. If it's someone important like a princess, they might decide against it simply because they don't want an angry king hunting them down after they get their money, since it's already bad enough they kidnaped her in the first place.

My point is; No OP, not every scenario like that ends in rape. Believe it or not, even bad people can have limits. That kind of attitude is exactly why some people never play female characters and never have living family members: because of the idea that everything bad involving women ends in lolraep.

>> No.46306633

They almost always get wet. Just like dudes get hard

>> No.46306641

as a soldier I can tell you we don't rape because we're not fucking evil.

except when we are. in which case the not evil ones that are brave try to stop it.

>> No.46306680

>Bathing in a medieval fantasy setting
I'm just gonna smell like a dead animal desu

>> No.46306796

>does rough-rape play with willing GF

no anon, so much no. eventually, sure. but thats like a millenia in rape time.

>> No.46306835
File: 179 KB, 485x283, 1334170172356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's supposed to be the folds of her dress you twat

>> No.46306888
File: 83 KB, 387x412, 1458248298792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46306926

>implying anyone gives two fucks about Global 3

>> No.46307047

moot was the hero we needed but didn't deserve.

>> No.46307058

What do you do when a link to the rule against dubs, rolls trips?

>> No.46307121

>It's funny it's always guys who can't imagine other guys not raping every woman they can. It's crazy how you folks have such a bad opinion of yourselves.
Or maybe they just want to rape every woman they see and expect that everyone else thinks the same way.

>> No.46307134


You're talking about exceptional circumstances. This was more about socialism than anything in particular about the Russian people.

>> No.46307334


There has been a long line of subsequent work in the field that backs this up. The lodestone in science isn't one perfect experiment, it's dozens of similar but not identical experiments conducted by dozens of scientists over a period of years. Stanford is the experiment everyone has heard of.

>> No.46307390

Usually rape is a huge boner killer for me but for some reason, I look at that picture and my dick is diamonds.

>> No.46307393

The chafing would be extremely painful

>> No.46307418


My brother of dwarven descent! That's a fine sturdy mine-cart, and the coal in it looks top grade. Pity the girl's blocking the view.
That's a fine piece of

>> No.46307439

And I've shamed myself with sloppy editing. Carry on, I'm off to get drunk.

>> No.46307473


It can happen, and its a concern, but it isn't always going to happen. Its usually a concern mostly for people that are pretty but otherwise unimportant.

That princess? Yeah, chances are she is not getting raped. She is much too valuable as a political tool or ransom coupon to waste on a 5 minute fling like that, after which she is despoiled and her value drops dramatically. You either sell her back to her parents for enough gold to pay for the siege, or you 'marry' her and secure a legitimate claim to the family lands and titles.

That party member? Waaaay too dangerous to try that, and unless your group got railroaded super hard the enemy should know that by being able to count the bodies. You don't need to use your arms to perform an unarmed attack in DnD, you just need to slam some part of your body into the enemy. A modestly leveled adventurer could conceivably pelvic thrust a low level guard into negative hp in one round, breaking off their penis and leaving them bleeding to death on the floor of the cell.

And not all orcs have a fetish for humans.

>> No.46307497
File: 194 KB, 428x237, 2cat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sure it wasn't pleasant for the handmaidens, but a bandit who would rape a princess that they're trying to ransom to someone is completely insane. That's how you get executed via ingeniously barbaric torture. A bandit that does that is a dangerous (to their own band) psychopath, not a pragmatic criminal.


>Caring about there not being enough rape
>Having the nerve to insult anyone else

>> No.46307511

Why would you rape a princess? You've got to ransom her back pure. Don't damage the goods man.

And don't let your take fetish get in the way of logical thinking op.

>> No.46307521

Magic chastity belts

>> No.46307533


It depends on the intention of the kidnapper. If they're doing it for the money, the less harm they do to their captives higher are the chances the person that was captured and their relatives won't pursue a violent retribution on them and higher is the chance for you to escape incognito.

If you allow the rape of the princess you're asking for the king to not only demand your head, but also a gruesome death.

>> No.46307605
File: 377 KB, 1600x988, 4ce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>(or how much rape there is in shitholes like india or detroit or britain)

I'd say go back to /pol/ but that would imply you're still spewing xenophobic ignorant bullshit. Go back to not being a fucking idiot.

>> No.46307619

What about instead of bandits raping a princess it is the MILFy widowed Queen raping choirboys?

>> No.46307833
File: 761 KB, 986x897, 1459174519451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not a single one of these options includes being saved by a female knight

>> No.46308012

I'm on my phone so I don't have my archive of bait images to post at you.

>> No.46308217

Actually they did a genetic survey a couple of years back. The level of Scandinavian DNA in the English is super low. There's a fair bit in Scotland, but barely any down South, even near York which was a Viking town.

They suspect the main reason for it was the Viking woman graves they keep finding now. They were bringing their wives over and the communities weren't intermixing.

Keep going with your narrative though, I'm sure it makes you happy.

>> No.46308281

Of course they did. Have you ever seen Scandinavian women?
You don't travel 900 miles to capture yourself a britbong instead.

>> No.46308306

>Have you ever seen Scandinavian women?
It's true. If I were a Syrian I'd definitely travel a few thousand miles to get some Ficki Ficki from those naive bitches.

>> No.46308379

>Have you ever seen Scandinavian women?
I always thought their faces tend to look weird, as if they're all autistic.

>> No.46308397

I've always been fond of the type of french girl that looks like Joan of Arc.

>> No.46308404

A political prisoner isn't as likely to get raped. Damaging the goods makes negotiations harder for whatever purpose you kidnapped them for in the first place. If she's still around to rescue, they had plans that didn't involve rape and murder. That came later.

>the handmaidens got all the rape

>> No.46308442

Anyone else like it in stories where a prisoner is acting all Sultry and saying things like 'Well, aren't you going to ravish me?' only for none of the capturers to be interested?

>> No.46308472

What does Joan of Arc look like in your mind?

>> No.46308474

A short, black haired, slightly androgynous girl that may or may not have gone through puberty?
Or do you mean the type of french girl that looks, as most of us feel she should have looked?

>> No.46308487

Its a pretty damn tired joke by this point.

>> No.46308521
File: 10 KB, 300x189, elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If they want an entire kingdom coming down on them, sure. Rape the princess.

They're already fucked just for kidnapping her.

Someone gon' get raeped, and it's not the Princess.

>> No.46308524

Apparently she had big tits according to one of her followers.

>> No.46308527

She was described as attractive and as possessing a solid arsenal. Read her trial records, she is described by a few sources.

Tanned, Dark haired and eyed, fit, with pleasant features. Large breasts optional, but not required.

>> No.46308586

>While she ended up unharmed in this case, it got me thinking about the scenario and was sort of wondering, wouldnt any time an attractive female character gets captured, the implication probably be that they got raped? I'm not even sure if this is grimdark, but just kind of a logical assumption
Not if you want to get away with your ransom alive. You think white knights defending women on the internet are annoying? Imagine if they were actual knights with armies, hell-bent on hunting your ass down and skinning you alive in public.

>> No.46308603

Underrated post. If you let your men start raping the prisoners then you can't threaten the prisoners with rape if they're disobedient or try to escape.

>> No.46308612

>Or do you mean the type of french girl that looks, as most of us feel she should have looked?
Most French girls look like short hairy dudes though.

>> No.46308615
File: 606 KB, 1280x800, ae0[2].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You made me think of tan saint abs and now I hate you.

>> No.46308625

Purple looks like she enjoys it more.

>> No.46308674

What exactly does it mean when someone is described as dark eyed?

>> No.46308695

Color of the irises.

>> No.46308701

She was a farm girl, so almost certainly.

>> No.46308709

I could swear there was an anime series called valkyrie.

>> No.46308717

given the picture you posted, it's
>mind subconsciously projecting some kind of "magical realm" thing

>> No.46308732

>And not all orcs have a fetish for humans.
Seriously, I have no idea where this "orcs need women" thing came from. They probably find us about as ugly as we do them, possibly moreso, and have the whole "we are superior!" thing going on. It's like /pol/ being big into raping black girls.

>> No.46308748

Dark Irises.

I'm 'dark eyed' because I have dark brown irises.

>> No.46308766

Worse, where I live I have "colored eyes" only because my eyes are a color other than dark brown. It's also not that common to see white people here.

>> No.46308812

The only orc I could imagine being into an elf would be like a horrible depraved fetishist.

>> No.46308815
File: 1.16 MB, 1280x720, Charlotte spit swapping.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid?

>> No.46308824

Wait, I'm wrong. It's called "claymore".
Something about all the strong white knight women being rescued from rape or something by other strong, white knight women.

>> No.46308827

Some of those things may end up in ransom demand instead.

As for rape. It takes a special kind of evil person to do that.

Or orcs. Meeting orcs always ends in orcking AND ransom demand.

>> No.46308837

So Joan had brown eyes?

>> No.46308839

Who the fuck kisses like that.

>> No.46308906

Yes. And depending on the account, dark brown hair, or black hair.

It probably changed a little depending on the light.

>> No.46308937
File: 41 KB, 393x393, 1455194460872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ouiaboo Oujo-Sama's

>> No.46308938

What if the guy that kidnapped her just likes her a lot and puts her in a cage instead?

>> No.46308956

You could always make it E rated and just have the icky gross baddies try to kiss her,

>> No.46308979

Then it's a fucking manga for teenage girls.

>> No.46308988
File: 489 KB, 800x1100, Lezard.Valeth.full.297821.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And then, there's this asshole, who would only use the kidnapped princess as bait to lure the object of his affection into some elaborate and convoluted trap when she comes to save the princess.

(Pic Related)

>> No.46309004

Any person who insists on rape for realism purposes is someone you can safely kick out of your group. You never need to justify not including rape, torture, mutation, castration, and other historical atrocities in your games.

>> No.46309011
File: 136 KB, 800x600, rance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In some settings, it always ends in rape.

>> No.46309087

Depends which army. e.g the japanese army during WW2 was encouraged to rape

>> No.46309111

Japanese ain't got no humanity, they've only been painstakingly crafted into a crude facsimile of a moral human being after being sufficiently irradiated.

>> No.46309122

>japanese army during WW2 was encouraged to rape
That's not true, they had "comfort women" to take care of soldier's needs. Taking it out on civilian population was discouraged.

>> No.46309148

Did you mean mutilation?

Are swords just an on/off that either kill people or cause no harm whatsoever?

Seriously, go back to tumblr

>> No.46309179

>BTW all these reasons are how real "rape cultures" evolve. Not the marx-derived "capitalism is rape, therefore the west is rapey" shit, I mean the real rape cultures such as Japan's treatment of their asian conquests, the practices in the middle east and africa, rape as punishment for political dissent in southeast asia, rape as used by Beria under communism, etc etc etc. The same social norms that make it so horrible to people also help discourage people from doing it and taking the risk of crossing that line-- and also lead to the grossly unjust treatment of victims of rape.

You aren't including the 'wives' that European imperialists took. Before Marx wrote anything. Why not?

And rape culture means something. It's the environment where things that are rape are considered to be not-rape. Like sleeping with someone who says no, or is unconscious, or is drugged. Even if they earlier said 'yes', any no cancels it, and anything that prevents asking also cancels it. That's rape culture. It's not high fives over raping women, it's considering things that are rape to be not-rape.

The cultures you are describing are not 'rape culture', though that might be a fitting term for them, you ruin it by conflating it with an existing term that means something else.

>> No.46309188

>Princess diplomacy

Reminds me of that movie with Jack Black where they kidnapped a woman but that woman manipulated his character into thinking he's gay. So in the end he was trying to suck his own dick because he was convinced that he liked that.

They didn't plan on raping her anyway.

>> No.46309239

Ironic that the person who needs a hugbox where everyone shares the same opinion to feel comfortable is telling someone else to go back to tumblr.

>> No.46309337

The comfort women were sex slaves though, that just makes it officially-mandated rape?

>> No.46309375

They were also from the conquered civilian population.

>> No.46309432
File: 226 KB, 750x1091, 20111118-pissworld.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Is that ultimately the realistic outcome in these kind of scenarios, or is my mind subconsciously projecting some kind of "magical realm" thing?

Nothing to do with "magical realm" - you're projecting your own fetish.

Kidnapping and Raping prisoners - particularly high value political targets was rare to the extreme in history. It serves basically no purpose for the captors, and in the case of anything where you need the prisoners alive might harm your overall objective.

Reading your post and replies to people reads an awful like pic related...

>> No.46309555

Soviet and Allied soldiers didn't rape any German woman?

The Soviets alone raped over 100'000 women and I don't even want to mention the nips.

>> No.46309704

>Kidnap a princess for ransom
>Somehow she expects to be raped
>Seems really horny and needy, keeps making lewd comments and trying to seduce her guards
>She's really into it, got herself tied up in sexy poses and shit,even her handmaidens are weirded out
>Have to explain to her this is only about money, and the king would never forgive or forget if we raped her
>Besides, she's cute and all, but I've got a wive and two kids back home
>Clint has a wive and a girl on the side
>Anne has a husband
>Bob has a girlfriend
>Tommy has a boyfriend
>Thor the dwarf has some weird religious stuff about abstinence.
>Aluriel the elf has three wives, a boyfriend and a girlfriend, plus he says humans look to weird
>Plik the gnome has a goat, we try to ignore it. Shit's weird.
>K'rruk the orc has a wife, and he says he thinks humans are ugly

>> No.46309771


>> No.46309794

Mate, that only makes sense for people with a high ransom. Raoe is pretty damn common when a city is sacked or occupied, or a local girl is grabbed by some guys in a forest.

>> No.46310012

Obviously the goat fucks her

>> No.46310116

The goat would never betray Plik like that.

>> No.46310118

>It's like /pol/ being big into raping black girls

I've been browsing /pol/ since july 4th of 2014 and I don't recall people there being big into raping black girls

Hell, many there agree that rape is a pretty heinous crime and those who commit it are absolutely terrible people. /pol/acks have morals. Shocking, I know. I was shocked too.

>> No.46310131

>Letting some disgusting Princess that's been who-knows-where fuck your goat
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.46310166

>Rescuers eventually arrive
>They look irritated, aren't interested in fighting
>They're tired of the princess always intentionally getting herself kidnapped

>> No.46310254

>Raoe is pretty damn common when a city is sacked or occupied, or a local girl is grabbed by some guys in a forest

Not "common", but happens. A few hundred cases out of armies of 10s of thousands.

Which isn't the situation from OP, which was about specifically capturing women in a targeted approach and raping them - which really didn't happen as frequently as you would think. Largely those tales were just propaganda of the age to incite people against a foe. "Those damn foreigners, kidnapping our womenfolk and raping them".

In reality, most rape in medieval and other periods of history was much like today - the attackers were known to the victim, most likely family or friends or people in positions of authority locally (Prima Nocta and similar practices). Outright kidnapping people for the sole purpose of raping them, particularly powerful heroes or personalities of state is both unnecessarily difficult for the sake of getting your rocks off and far too risky for the classic personality type of a rapist. Hence screaming "fetish bait" for anyone who immediately goes there.

>> No.46310285

The rest of your post is alright, but Prima Nocta never actually existed.

>> No.46310312


>> No.46311020


Oh, you mean cow eyes.

>> No.46311073

Where you born stupid?

>> No.46311268


A maternity ward in a hospital.

>> No.46311340

>Not being born in a test tube like all the other anons

Get out of here.

>> No.46311451

>princess's carriage gets attacked by bandits

See, if I was a bandit, I just KNOW I could sell that carriage to a rival kingdom.

I *KNOW*, their spymaster could think of at least 10 different schemes that could only be pulled off with that carriage.

I also know the carriage can't accidentally choke to death. And if the horses pulling it die, well, always can steal someone else's horses?

Now, this is important for one reason: try doing the same with the princess. What happens? Well, they're basically obliged to double cross a hard working highwayman for the sake of some token gesture because of blue-borne nobility or a distaste for loose ends. And just as bad, we don't get paid.

So dead AND dead poor.

But they can't pull that trick with the carriage. They try a double cross, we torch the carriage, nobody gains anything. Hell, we could even provide rather compelling circumstantial proof that they were behind this and it was all an incompetent kidnapping, and the princess was too savvy for them to succeed. Give the carriage kingdom a casus belli. Suddenly doublecrossing for a discount isn't so smart for the spymaster.

Why kidnap the princess at all? Leave her by the side of the road, hell even leave her a horse and a rider's hood. Nothing personal after all, we got more than we could want and probably the look of confusion for the courtesy would be worth it.

Bluebloods are nothing but tricks and woes.

>> No.46311837

Exept that real knights protect people from real danger, not some retard words over the internet.

>> No.46312087


Really? Where and when in history was this the main function of knights or their local equivalents?

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