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How do you handle wealth, currency, and trade in your games?

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It's an important detail that often goes overlooked. A good economic system really enriches the setting.

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Mostly barter on the bottom level, but warlords are expected to gift their men with gold or silver torcs and other prizes. This follows from chiefs up to kings, with the gifts reflecting the extravagance and status of the giver.

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We run Burning Wheel so wealth is abstracted but I try t use realistic market conditions and pressures to challenge the player's BITs. So for example, after an orc attack many of the fields of the PCs home city were looted or burned. So now we have a food crisis about three months later. Couple that with a Dwarven refugee crisis and now we have a rich place to create beliefs and conflicts. It's a testament to my players that they want that drama going on, even if nothing as backdrop because they believe it makes their world more alive. I agree.

In terms of currency, they're based off of Indian and Ethiopian currency using coins instead of paper as historical appropriate for the decided upon time frame.

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Abstracted in-depth. The details of economic activity are secondary to adventuring, but are required to support it, and sometimes you get plotpoints.
>Have to guard a caravan of weapons heading to a wholesaler who has no weaponsmiths in their local area
>Someone has forged letters of credit and sent several nobles into debt by enriching the town.
>Supplies for [Crafting Activity] are running low! Without a reliable source, the guilds and kingdoms can't afford to subsidize craftsmen!
>Guard this accountant while she audits people to find the money trail for the illegal magical ingredients used to make magic weapons for a conspiracy
stuff like that.
The question is always how does it effect the PCs?

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I have this neckbeard libertarian player who always tries to get deep into the currency, trade and economics of my settings. I've tried to make it enjoyable for everyone, but he insists on getting more and more granular and I'm not sure what to do.

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Does he have any actual economic savvy, like a degree or job experience, or does he just parrot what his pundit of choice says?

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With far more detail than is needed, and almost always invisible to the players.

After all, who else but me is going to care about what nations the coins in a monster's hordes came from, or how those coins developed from cattle barter over thousands of years?

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Same as the United States.

oh snap amerifats

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Have the merchants guild pay someone to beat up his character any time he starts becoming a competitor to their members.

If he complains, justify their existence using his philosophy.

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So you use a privately owned, semi-indepndant central bank with a three point mandate of preventing inflation, maintaining price stability and preventing unemployment regulating and serving as a lender of last resort to various financial institutions while serving as the bank for the government and handling on it's behalf issuing (but not printing) currency, redeeming bonds, and other currency transactions?

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and then be gazillions in debt while the people grow fat and degenerate progressive leftists who like true hypocrits wall themselves in screaming "dey tuk ur jubz" and hailing mcdonalds as their new lord and genderfluid saviour.

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With seven apples on the witches tree.

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