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Would you agree that the girls that are into tabletop also have daddy-issues?

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Nope. Broad generalizations are never true (including this one.)

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I agree that cerebella would be the best waifu if it wasn't for her mafia daddy fetish

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Why is this relevant?

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And that's why a Miss Fortune is the best girl.

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uuuuh..... no.... are you a girl? may i have a peep at your breasts?

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Unfortunately, this is not true.

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>Best Girl

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Yes, I would agree.

At least based on the sample of about 8 such girls I've gamed with.

They also have many other issues.

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>Would you agree that the girls that are into tabletop also have daddy-issues?
Most people into tabletop have issues. LARP is where the daddy issues come out to any appreciable degree though.

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>Of course, all girls do! Amirite?!

Girls who play traditional games are individuals not a gender.

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Only if you agree that the guys that are into tabletop have mommy-issues.

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Would you agree that the guys that are into tabletop also have self-esteem issues?

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Would you agree that the boys that are into tabletop also have mommy-issues?

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Would you agree that all humans have some sort of mental issues?

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Not that I've seen.

Almost universally.

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Yes, but would you agree that all such issues can be traced back to an individual's parents?

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Not all of them but parents do have the greatest impact on ones personality as one grows up so if you have kids some day make sure not to fuck up and raise them properly.

I'll blog post to make an example:

>Dad is a poor rude construction worker never at home, chain smokes but quite a fast thinker

>Mother is a slow housewife who lacks common sense and is a traditional Catholic who loves soap operas and shit-talking about others behind their backs (especially my father) which discredited him in front of the naive me back then and led to some poor life choices for not listening to his advice.

>Neither took the time to teach me anything since i was little so i ended up being an arrogant, ignorant , dim-witted, book-smart, rude and lazy guy who also lacked any sense of self-awareness until graduating from high-school.

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So storytime?

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Well, if you ask Dr Freud...

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>Not all of them but parents do have the greatest impact on ones personality as one grows up so if you have kids some day make sure not to fuck up and raise them properly.

Actually, a lot of studies have shown that starting from about 5+, people's social groups have as much, if not more, impact than parental figures do.

That's why you often see parents who attempt to raise their children in specific ways fail unless they do so by isolating the kids.

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It's pretty much bullshit, a leftover little bit of Freudian psychoanalysis that doesn't bear much proof in most samples.

Parental figures often have a lot of an effect on a kids upbringing, but much of it is often indirect: they can control where and when the kids are, for example, but they can't really control what people in those places tell or do with them, and that's where most people develop their values and beliefs.

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I would agree that OP needs to take a break from the Internet.

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Hey your parents probably weren't retards who let you sit in-front of a TV 24-7 and whenever you tried making friends scolded and beat you for socializing with the wrong people despite living in a normal neighborhood with no crime/gangs/druggies/minorities.

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darkest dungeon

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No? Very very no? I mean, it happens yes, and TGs have a tendency to draw people who have some very wierd shit bottled up inside them, but it's not a given, i'd even say its a small minorety, you just remember the crazys more than you remember the normals.

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What a cuck.

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>Most people have issues

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Why do repeat shitposters always use the same image over and over again? I just don't fucking get it. Do these fags need to have a fucking calling card for their le epic trololololing to satisfy their ego?

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I do. So I guess it must be true since I am, from what I know, the roleplayer (and GM) to end all GM/roleplayers.

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It's a bot.

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By the way alone that you word your post plus the content of it, I can already say you're an egopath/egofag, thus inheriting at least part of both your parent's traits.

Ain't genetic a fascinaing thing!

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Why would somebody make a bot that does it?

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rofl the amount of sameposting in this thread.

Real answer is Yes.

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A bot that posts a variety of messages, each one seemingly unique beyond their similar subject matter?
To a relatively low-traffic anonymous message board dedicated to nerdy hobbies (as opposed to the busier nerd-centric boards /a/, /v/, /co/, etc.)?

I think one faggot with too much time on his hands and a shitty home life is much more likely than someone writing a dedicated bot to very very very slowly spam us with a variety of shitthreads.

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maybe it's a bot who do prime number calculations for NASA but has an existential crisis so every once in a while he comes here to shitpost

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Don't all women have daddy issues?

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Universal daddy/mommy issues were a freudian fairy tale. Although there are individual cases when that happens.

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>ex mormon with a very mormon family and a musican father who was always on a trip

>trans woman (blah blah arguably truely a woman) who came out to her family and her father disowned him

>fat woman who was molested by her father

>no clue what happened to the girl, but yeah had daddy issues

i will agree in my personal experience, there was only one girl that didnt, and even at the time was living at home with her divorced dad

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That's like saying all men have mommy issues.
Freud was a faggot, so no to both cases.

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My screen says 33 posters, 43 replies, so I say you're a liar.

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>all these sjws
is no where safe?

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>not immediately hating women
Bruh, you need to get out more.

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Nope. You can't escape from being triggered.

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only if your definition of sjw is literally "anyone left of donald trump"

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found the sjws

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Found the faggot.

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It's a few people making threads about stuff in the guise of things they hate, then others (mostly idiots) become convinced the target is actually "invading" the board, and Rebel against it, shitposting more.

We can see one here, since he isn't getting the anti-topic posts he wanted, he's instead going to try to stir up /pol/ v Tumblr type stuff, trying to force people to take sides. He'll probably get people riled up against him by accusing everybody of being an SJW, then after a while, he might switch and call everybody /pol/ when they deny being an SJW, or else just double down, and probably post that image of the stereotype hipster wearing a mask that /pol/ loves.

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It's possible but not a prequisite. You may whine not all women are like that until the cows come home, but most women who are into hobbies like these are in it for the attention. Just like gaymur gurls.

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Ah, gotta love the unsupported claims made as if they're gospel facts. Talk about just wanting attention...

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>Universal daddy/mommy issues were a freudian fairy tale.
Not entirely. Westermarck actually studied Freud and figures that Freud's universal mommy issues thesis stemmed from his own mommy issues. You see, we cannot be sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex we've imprinted on from a very young age, under normal circumstances at least. This is why you don't want to fuck your mother or your sister even if she's hot. This is called the Westermarck effect. The interesting thing is that Freud was for the most part not raised by his mother but by his maid. He never imprinted on his mother and thus never developed the inability to be sexually attracted to her. He might have had this Westermarck effect for his maid however.

This is why you raise your own sons like a good mommy and only give him a maid once he turns 12 and starts getting funny feelings in his pants and needs a tender and reliable person to help him deal with them.

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Going to share anon?

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Oh god, I'm having Profit flashbacks. Goddamn it, I need to go ride my bike to vent some frustration now.

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A little lurking on r34xxx is all you needed

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Turned out better than expected.

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special delivery!|

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Yes, I would agree, because girls everywhere have daddy issues, just like boys everywhere have mommy issues.

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Thanks, anon, but no thanks. You can keep your butthurt to yourself.

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>Would you agree that the girls that are into tabletop also have daddy-issues?

All people into tabletop are weirdos to some degree, though.
Hell, most people are weirdos to some degree, regardless of their hobbies, profession, origins or whatever.
Just because their personal brand of insanity isn't obvious doesn't mean it isn't there.

Source: I have an imaginary friend for almost six years, and got a bunch of strange habits because of it. No one caught on yet, even though I passed a bunch of psychiatric tests in the recent years because of my job.


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No Freud, that's just you.

>> No.46227233

>Source: I have an imaginary friend for almost six years, and got a bunch of strange habits because of it. No one caught on yet, even though I passed a bunch of psychiatric tests in the recent years because of my job.
That's called religion, friendo.

>> No.46227263

This whole fucking thread is a Freudian slipping orgy

>> No.46227283

Actually, that's called faith. Religion is an institution, first and foremost, an institution which intervenes, ritualizes and regulates your personal dialogue with your object of belief.
Faith is just plain belief, without intermediaries.

And yeah, I reflected on that with him. In the end, we both decided that it didn't matter who he was.

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No but I will agree that they are among the most destructive forces in a gaming group. They whine about their characters being raped and bitch about the -4 Cha rule. Their roleplaying is often cringeworthy and so many of them play the autistic butterfly shit princess.

Speaking of which, the princess complex that almost all millenial women have, spills over into RPGs, and most of them cannot deal with bad things happening to their characters. They also have sex with members of the ground and sow discord among them. This happened to me once and it almost cost me a good friend.

Some female gamers are good but I would estimate only about 10% and I generally use "female" as -10 points on my chart of whether or not to allow a new player into my group.

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It's not a bot. I think I know who it is though.

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That's called a tulpa.

>> No.46227399

End thread.
Kill yourself OP
Or at least seek therapy and positive social outlets.

>> No.46227416

>imaginary friend = tulpa
I take offense at that. We already thought about it, and no, he's not a tulpa. The term "imaginary friend" suits best for him.
In any case, /blog.

>> No.46227420

Underrated penetration

>> No.46227461

If it talks back on its own it's a tulpa m8, that's just what the term means.

>> No.46227488

Do you really want me to blogpost just to prove the term "tulpa" doesn't really apply?

>> No.46227500

Oh, I know. I'm a polytheist, I correct people on religion/faith all the time. I was just giving you the traditional hard time. Where do you think we are, after all?

>> No.46227533

It's that crazy canadian chick that's in love with her dad, wants to kill her mom.
She also posts Orphan stuff.

>> No.46227536

If it talks back on its own but doesn't exist outside of your head it's a tulpa m8. You can't get around that.

>> No.46227572


>> No.46227584

I'm going to hazard a guess that the objection will boil down to something like "tulpas are artificially created, 'imaginary friend' spawned by himself"

>> No.46227600


That's wrong, they don't need to be created on purpose.

>> No.46227628

One of the reasons, but not the main one. It's a long story.

>> No.46227667


Either come up with some argument or stop impersonating an arguing toddler.

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I'm the player that always brings the gruff, female fighter to the game. Typically world-weary, no time for nonsense and has a thing for the group's /ss/ bait.

And yeah, I've got some pretty gripping daddy issues.

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I'd rather have a girl gamer than that guy who plays exclusively female characters.

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I'd rather have either than the guy who gets pissy about them.

>> No.46227837


If you meant pissy about either girl gamers or guys who play girls. Just play with them before you make up your mind.

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That art looks familiar

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>my character is Breatania, the 18 charisma elven sorceress that-
>>again, steven?
>what do you mean? this is the first time i played this character
>>how is she fundamentally different than every other high charisma fucktoy character you play?
>uh, hello? this one is an elf?
>>wasn't Assrellia?
>no, she was a human who's virginity was so pure that the Unicorn goddess turned her into an Elf
>well, obviously not after the campaign started

>> No.46228012

>well, obviously not after the campaign started

my sides

>> No.46228126

I see no problem here, as long as the sex is fade to black.

>> No.46228137

I know you don't, Steven. I know you don't.

>> No.46228161

I don't know about that as a general rule, but I certainly do.

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Would you agree that fish like bait.

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>That feel when you're a big, hairy, ugly guy who still self-inserts as the cute shota in /ss/

>> No.46228401

Huh, I do something similar, but then I don't have daddy issues, even though by all rights I should.

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There's one that's always true.

>> No.46228465

Storytime your daddy issues.

Storytime your lack of daddy issues.

>> No.46228561

but why deny yourself the privilege?

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>Storytime your daddy issues.
That's not a storytime topic and it's not traditional games either

It's okay anon, I only play over IM's so I'd never know.

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Why is there always some dense autist who needs to be told why guys who exclusively play female characters are nearly always weirdos for one reason or another?

>> No.46228746

They're repressed trans.

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I uh
I don't see a problem with
playing a character who
is different from you
in uh
some way

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As an actual trans, I have another male player in my group that always plays as a female, so that isn't really true desu.

>> No.46228888

What is it like?? Are you normal?? How do you live life?? Can you have sex?? What is you?
Do you think there's anything wrong with being tans?

>> No.46228919

How do you know he/she is cis?

>> No.46228942

But it is relevant to the thread. And since we're all posting in a bait thread already you might as well post your story.

>> No.46229035


He is into femdom Well, that is if you can count being a trophy husband femdom.

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PLZ ANSWER [email protected]@@

>> No.46229068

Can /tg/ collectively agree to just ignore threads asking about women, tumblr, /pol/, homosexuality, or any obvious bait threads? And if you feel COMPELLED to post, always use sage?

This board is pretty bro-tier and high quality, at least for 4chan. Let's keep it that way and not turn into /v/.

>> No.46229069

Sounds like a subby transbian in denial to me.

>> No.46229157

Nay. He also doesn't really give a fuck about anything, so he would have no inhibitions to come out anyways.

Just go to reddit and ask /r/lgbt if you really wanted to know. Gees, summer has come too soon.

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>Donald Trump
>Right wing
Please just stop

>> No.46229172

Dude I'm asking you because you are a gamer gurl baby

>> No.46229189

I'll do my best to remember to sage. Unfortunately, it won't do jack shit because they'll bump themselves if they have to.

>> No.46229194

It's just the difference between ordinary fantasy and sexual fantasy. If you don't make the character a stupid bimbo who won't shut up about how girly they are or a magical loli who goes out of their way to be cutesy, you can play all the opposite gender characters you want. I just don't want to help my NEET buddies play out their perverted dreams. That's what Roll20 is for.

>> No.46229200

I think it's gotten better recently. There was a period a few months ago where you couldn't check the front page without some /v/-tier 300 reply thread full of autists, but now most of them get ignored or laughed at.

>> No.46229210

What if I want to be a cute, but actually innocent girl.

Or a beautiful but deadly assassin who hides behind a vapid face?

or, or, or ,or WHAT IF I WANT H))G T)TS

>> No.46229213

I don't think it's your place to take it upon yourself to decide whether other people are in the closet or not.

>> No.46229272

Not really. If the thread gets bumped only a third as much, that still keeps it from a lot more possible visibility. It can help.

I think it comes and goes in waves, honestly.

>> No.46229304

That goes both ways

>> No.46229324



>> No.46229355

Nice comeback except I wasn't saying she/he was trans. Just commenting that it's possible and pointing out the evidence for in your brief description. Only you ruled out either possibility.

>> No.46229372

Play in three groups, with 5 females between them.

There are two exceptions to the hypothesis.

>> No.46229470

Not necessarily a comeback that was my first post itt. I'm just saying, it certainly looks that way with the he/she thing.

>> No.46229481

Fine. I think I am decently normal, and it's okay I guess. In some regards I'm glad I was born "as a male", because I hate the idea of me being raised with barbies and shit, and my GID isn't that strong. So far I'm pretty much still in the closet, though it's not too big of a concern right now. No, I can't have sex, though that is mostly because it isn't available to me, and I wouldn't want it anyways in my current gender role. My roleplaying group is online, though only one person knows I am trans in it (the others wouldn't mind though).

I wouldn't say there is anything wrong with being trans. There is obviously something wrong with the fact that transgenderism is an actual condition, but mind>matter, so it is obvious the body can go fuck itself in this regard.

The thing is that half the threads I can't even determine if they are fetish b8 or actual b8 threads.

Yeah, it seems like the shitposting has quieted down some.

tru, though I still very much doubt it.

>> No.46229513

So completely disregarding this tired old shitpost, how great is Skullgirls as a tabletop setting? You got ninjas, eldritch monsters, mobsters, time travelers, superheroes, thinly-veiled Nazis minus all the racism, and catgirls, just to name a few.

Shit's primo material for whacky adventures.

>> No.46229547

Here's your reply.

>> No.46229986

*tips fedora*
Christ, I'm not even Christian and you people annoy me most of the time.

>> No.46230534


>> No.46230571

This is true by virtue of all women wanting to fuck their fathers rather than something with tabletop in general.

>> No.46231927

To contribute with my anecdotal evidence:
- one instance of legit daddy issues, spiraled down terribly after he died
- one brocon in denial
- one self-harming lesbo
- one masochist
- about one dozen sane or at least good at faking sanity

>> No.46232039

Bit more detail.

>> No.46232062

On which one?

>> No.46232083

Not him, but I'm curious about how you knew the brocon was in denial

>> No.46232097

First and second.

>> No.46232614

maybe, I feel like the setting could use a little more... I dunno, best term I can think of is "connective tissue"
like in shadowrun, for example, you get enough detail that everything feels fairly cohesive even outside the context of running

>> No.46232795

I've played with one and she had mommy issues, not daddy.

>> No.46233167

First - Powergamer, educated, disdainforplebs.jpg, spoiled, kinky.

Dad was successful entrepreneur in pharmacy, educated man in his late 50's. Mother was his 3rd wife. Leech / golddigger, got pregnant by accident. Dad loved and pampered the girl, mother didn't. Girl got fixated and used to high standards in living and culture, and I mean the oldschool stuff like theatre and philosophy and shit, not having latest iPhone. Standards vast majority of present day teens don't live up to. She despised people her age and was absolute bitch to most of them. Even her attitude towards the gaming group was along the lines of "I don't like you. But you're one of the the few people that are at least tolerable most of the time." People were tolerating this because she was rich. After her father died, mother took most of the inheritance (and blew it on gambling and drugs in less than a year), girl was left with pittance. She needed to adapt to a lower standards of living but was not able to. I tired to sort of guide her at that point (grew up in poverty myself and know damn well how to make do with tight budget) but it was hopeless, she would insist no having things she was used to, things she "needed" even in face of starving, threats of eviction and actually getting kicked out of the college for not paying tuition. I think she ended up moving to some distant relative and lives there a NEET because the only jobs she can get without college are jobs she considers beneath her.

She was very honest and shameless, would openly talk about all kinds of kinky stuff, would go through the session at her home topless, etc. Never got steady with anyone because she was looking for guy living up to standards of 30 years ago and even if she found such person, was too much of a bitch to keep them interested. In her own words, would be very submissive and willing for pretty much anything if she hooked up a guy that imposes her (read: like her dad was).

>> No.46233240

>would go through the session at her home topless
>would be very submissive and willing for pretty much anything
Interesting how she was for want of a better term stuck up and at the same time shameless and submissive.

>> No.46233299

>Interesting how she was for want of a better term stuck up and at the same time shameless and submissive.

Anon, I realize this is /tg/ but, jeez, you... really really haven't interacted with women much, have you?

>> No.46233384

Most women don't admit they want to be submissive and are only stuck up in non-intellectual ways.

>> No.46233462

Oh, you meant /openly/ submissive specifically.

>> No.46233480
File: 1.23 MB, 200x112, reallyhhh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>/tg/ in charge of understanding women

>> No.46233851

Brocon - cute, if a bit on the chubby side, smart but a bit of a slacker, vanilla but a bit of a slut. Rather casual as far as games go, played more vidya than tabletop. Pretty impulsive. And PMS from hell, we literally had to schedule around her time of the month.

Dad was scumbag / abusive, so her brother (like 5 years other than her) was male role model in the family. Mother was securing the family financially, but didn't have much of authority. It was obvious what she thinks highly of her brother, but it made sense in the context and I normally wouldn't think there's anything sexual about it.

But there was other hints, like we would exchange small gifts for b-days, she got me a cologne / aftershave with a remark that she really likes that one because it's the kind her brother is using. (I didn't particularly like it, but wanted to make her feel appreciated so I would use it when I was about to see her.) When I asked her for opinion about clothes, or anything, really, she would bring up her brother as example, etc.

The final suggestion was when we got a tiny little bit drunk together once. She started getting very forward with me saying that I smell super nice and hot. And then would mumble all kinds of things that really didn't sound like they were meant for me...

>> No.46233968


Tell her to POST NUDES.

In /b/ of course.
Definitely not here.

[spoilers]We're a god-fearing blue board, for chrissakes! Think of the children![/spoilers]

>> No.46234013

wow. girl fetishes huh.

>> No.46234719

I liked the topless sub better.

>> No.46235564

Please stop making this thread. I realise it's not just you, but just as a general announcement. Women are not appreciably different from men who play tabletop games.

>> No.46235604

They have cooties.

>> No.46237896


>> No.46241262

>Women are not appreciably different from men who play tabletop games.

>> No.46241282

>Lack of daddy issues

>parents divorce when I am less than one
>still see my dad for the summer or winter for next 7 years
>both my mom and him are very poor so no money for frequent travel
>mom meets carpenter dick when I'm 4
>in unhealthy abusive relationship she's afraid to leave for financial reasons
>spend next 12 years under his thumb, getting fucked with, he enjoys making other people miserable, has some sort of control freak psychosis

>age 13 actual dad tries to prove that I'm not actually his to get out of child support
>lose my shit, then get over it in a week, have bigger problems.
>age 16 parents finally divorce
>utter euphorea
>times are hard and a bit jumpy for the next 6 years, but I get through college

Now I just don't feel anything, I get along with my bio dad just fine, and developmentally I share a lot of his personality, despite very very limited contact. The rest seems to come from my mom's stepdad, who's awesome.

I'm distant with family, but not a shut in, we have facebook n shit.

>> No.46241840
File: 35 KB, 500x372, dad jutsu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If a woman got into /tg/ from childhood, there's a good chance it's because her dad was into it.

More often than not, sharing an interest with her father means she has a GOOD relationship with her family, rather than not.

That being said, tabletop girls are as likely to have dad issues as tabletop guys. See the anime example pictured here.

>> No.46241864
File: 1.79 MB, 273x275, GazeOfHastur.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw your dad dies just as you're growing out of this phase

>> No.46242098

A good relationship with the father is how half of all daddy issues form.

>> No.46242146
File: 19 KB, 500x367, tumblr_inline_mkwip0fALC1qz4rgp[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Talk about a kiss on the lips!

>> No.46242193

Jesus fuck, that gif! Comcast/Charter really is an outer planes demon.

>> No.46242213

i feel like at this point "daddy issues" is such a broad generalization that labeling someone with it is like throwing a stone upward and betting itll land

>> No.46242219

>at this point

>> No.46242257

/tg/ needs a lot of excuses for why it's bad at interacting with females.

>> No.46242287

i mean was it not originally at least loosely defined as a kind of vague elektra complex
people use it for everything now though
>you like your dad
>you hate your dad
>you miss your dad
>you have a dad
>you dont have a dad
>your dad likes you
>your dad doesnt like you
where does it end

>> No.46242300

Fuck off feminist.

>> No.46242361

It's usually abandonment issues.

>> No.46242458


I want SJWs to leave.


>> No.46242494

Everyone, please calm the fuck down, or some autist will be triggered and possibly suffer PTSD.
God, it's like you guys don't even know what board this is. We are like one double post from killing a virgin neckbeard.

>> No.46242502

What about the version where she loves her pop and wants a guy just like him?

>> No.46242504
File: 11 KB, 248x250, 1421773972594s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go back to /pol/ or amputate all of your fingers so you can never type the word cuck again.

>> No.46242515


Nobody even gets triggered on this board except for the feminists and nu-males.

That's why the feminists are even here, because we're too afraid to police our community.

>> No.46242527

Don't worry, I'm sure one day you'll find a girl who can tolerate you.

>> No.46242530

Hey you shit, getting anonymous threats and not being secured a safe space wherever you go by society is just as traumatizing as a dying in the disease ridden trenches of WWI.

>> No.46242534

Goddamn, weren't we trying to dismiss broad generalizations?

comments seem justified in that stupidity.

>> No.46242540


>> No.46242549

Huh. I didn't realize how badly I missed the wordfilter.

>> No.46242583

pretty sure youre just describing women

>> No.46242598

I think it still filters the all-caps version.

>> No.46242604

But I've already met your mother.

>> No.46242620

Really, KEK?

>> No.46242633


>> No.46242658


Plenty of women love me, dude.

Hell, even the fucking thin-skinned twentysomething year old feminists in my group are cool with me.

Incidentally, the only person I've ever gamed with that couldn't tolerate me was a male SJW, because he couldn't stand to be around a person who wasn't a full-blown left-wing activist.

Oh right, and the girlfriend of some scientologist dude our group used to sorta hang with sometimes, who called me disgusting once. I don't even remember why.

>> No.46242697

Well there's that at least.

>> No.46242736

Thanks(for absolutely nothing) moot2.
Lemme try it at least

>> No.46242753

Most people in the military are men.

Must be false according to you anon.

Do you even /lit/?

>> No.46242835

>Most people in the military are men.
That's not a generalization but a quantifiable fact.

>> No.46243078

Not if they use lice shampoo.

>> No.46243579


>> No.46243947

it still works as normal for the best ones, desu senpai

>> No.46246054

pretty cool, huh?

>> No.46246105

Most tabletop players have daddy issues, I see no reason why the girls are any different.

>> No.46246275

but parents have some sort of control on who you hang out with -> parents have the greatest impact

>> No.46248590
File: 487 KB, 500x244, 1455570912663.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46250931

Would you agree that jews were behind 9/11?

>> No.46251593

>figures that Freud's universal mommy issues thesis stemmed from his own mommy issues.
I mean I could have told you that Freud was projecting

>> No.46251644

I'd agree that you started this thread once before with the same picture.
Polite sage to encourage you to be more inventive.

>> No.46251695

Where are you even drawing this conclusion from? It makes no sense.

>> No.46251724

>that spoiler
I'm interested.

>> No.46251793

There's also another thing to consider: when Freud was still studying and interviewing patients, he found a disturbing number of them said they were abused, sexually or otherwise, by their parents. This would've rattled some teacups in Victorian society, so when he brought this up with the man he was studying under, he was assured that they were all just projecting their sexual desires onto their parents. It turned out that man was actually sexually abusing his own child.

Just think - Freud could have been so much more right if he hadn't been lead onto the wrong path so early on. He still would've been wrong on a lot of things, and an ass, but he would've been a lot better.

>> No.46251911

How about we try and guess at other anon's mental issues by the kinds of characters that they play?

>Usually paladins, faithful more than religious. Straight man of the group, serious with a dry wit at best. Prefers melee to ranged, large weapons to small. Doesn't actively seek to take charge, but wants to keep the party under some level of order and control and often ends up the de facto leader. Wants love but doesn't look for it.

>> No.46252782

>Would you agree that [generalization about some group] is true?

No. Shut up.

>> No.46252824

Generalizations are true in general.

>> No.46253408

That's really sad. Can you imagine how much life must have shit on a person to drive them to this sort of behavior?

>> No.46254059


Anon failed to protect or help someone in his past and it eats at him. He seeks a fantasy where he can always be solid, responsible, and dependable, because he still can't live with the guilt of not being there when someone needed him in his real life.

>> No.46254933

Try to post your own thing too
>characters with some kind of stuffy demeanor - an actual noble, a phys-adept trained by a kung fu ghost in the way of guns and honor, a clerk drafted into the inquisition
>haven't played enough to settle on a particular playstyle yet, but I'm liking my current 5e sorcerer, and have a PF Paladin waiting in the wings for another game

>> No.46255134

It would be kind of self-defeating, so no.

>> No.46255214

>Usually magicky or techy types, they are innocent of the world and love exploring but sometimes too trusting. Tend to be girls.

>> No.46255241

See, that pally character is practically a copy/paste of what I'm about to play and my general attitude, but the mental issue doesn't even remotely apply.

>> No.46255243

perhaps very little, some people are just overly sensitive to even the slightest "offense" against them

>> No.46255273

That in itself speaks of issues much more than >>46253408 would.

>> No.46256014

I want to impregnate Cerebella

>> No.46258029

>i'm a polytheist
>i correct people

The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one.

>> No.46258888

>Spellcaster with battlefield control; human male who believes in the rightful superiority of humanity

>> No.46258923

You can try, but the hat stay on.

>> No.46258941

Women are faggots desu

>> No.46258958

>> Biological females Have Vaginas

>> No.46258963

On some self-searching, I do find that in general I hate how undependable I am and that I can't return favors that I feel I owe or do anything to really help others. I feel guilty about my own flaws and wish I could be the dependable person I want to be.

But, there's no specific catalyst. No brother I didn't save from owlbears or something. Though you could argue that the time my mother was choking while I sat there dumbly kind of fucked me up. Lucky my dad was faster to move and she was fine.

>> No.46259016

>Broad generalizations

If you can't refer to them as ladies you don't deserve their attention or respect. ba dum tss

>> No.46259689

When I get a daughter I'm going to show her tabletop and she'll like it or I'll stick d4s in her cereal.

>> No.46259725

She'll mumble around the dice that she's rolling to throw daggers at you and spit them out across the table.

>> No.46259841
File: 713 KB, 250x239, 1451302157525.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Board generalizations

>> No.46260294

No, see, it's a pun on broad, since the original post mispelled it.

>> No.46260856

>This is why you raise your own sons like a good mommy and only give him a maid once he turns 12 and starts getting funny feelings in his pants and needs a tender and reliable person to help him deal with them.
Life as a maid, huh.

>> No.46261098

I admit. You are pretty much spot on as i'm an egocentric with no self-esteem.

Just note that English is my third language so i have trouble expressing my self properly.

>> No.46261482

>That's why you raise your own son untill he's 12 and then get him a sex slave from mexico/latvia/china

>> No.46261710

>generalizations about broads

>> No.46261763

>you can't talk about groups because everyone is special

Nigger that's Fucking retarded and not the way the world works
Groupstatements are fine and necessary for the world to work
>you can't say women buy more tampons than men because everybody is an individual

Fucking hippies with their special snowflake propaganda

>> No.46261808


The Westermarck Effect has been called into question within the last couple of decades. Orphans raised essentially communally should all imprint on each other as siblings, but some still end up shacking up/marrying each other.

>> No.46261827

Not near enough for me to give a single fuck.

>> No.46261931

Then what is the psychological reason my sister doesn't like me?

>> No.46262158


No one is really sure at this point.

>> No.46262272

>most women into hobbies

an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

Not sure if this is bait or if you are actually projecting so hard that you can really believe this but either way I had a good laugh.

>> No.46262325

That is in no way what tulpa means.

I'm pretty sure he meant what he said. Imaginary friend, a figment which is visible only to him and has no physical or sensory presence outside of his imagination.

Tulpa, being originally a religious then a para-psychological term has a number of meanings, none of which are that.

>> No.46263430

You're just that unlikeable?

>> No.46263518

It fits the modern definition completely and the older mystic one partially.

If you disagree then stop being vaguely pretty and bring forward what it actually means.

>> No.46264626
File: 574 KB, 1920x1080, 1429586753301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46264871

I'm a guy with daddy issues. Where do I fit in?

>> No.46265255

Are you a tranny?

If yes, you're with the girls

If not, you need to be a tranny because anything else in this instance doesn't fit :/

>> No.46265430

I wouldn't know. I've never met a girl that was in to Table Top. Or a girl in general, really.[/spoilers]

>> No.46266415

Aren't daddy issues a major reason for becoming a tranny?

>> No.46267358

No, why the fuck would you think that?

>> No.46267629

Personal experience?

>> No.46268844
File: 46 KB, 499x500, 1432482164302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is more likely that being trans is conductive to creating daddy issues in an individual, not the source of it. I had my first signs way before my seni-daddy issues began.

>> No.46269152

Kek. I regularly call my mother a faggot because she likes men.
I also regularly call my father a faggot
My father regularly calls me a faggot
What the fuck is wrong with us?

>> No.46269351

>fancy dinner with a lot of the family
>my father starts yelling at my uncle/his brother how he fucked his mother
>my uncle yells how he fucked his mother back at himg
>my grandmother/their mother, sitting next to them, starts yelling how she fucked their mother

>> No.46269704
File: 133 KB, 796x1051, High-Grade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In fairness, she probably did.

>> No.46271112

No, but I'd agree that all weebfags are shitposters. Especially on /tg/.

>> No.46271552
File: 13 KB, 252x276, visage of eastern arrogance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, you've got a point there. Maybe you should email the admin about it. His name is Hiroyuki Nishimura, so I'm sure a proud American like himself will be sympathetic to your plight.

>> No.46271584

No, the messages are different. And irregularly spaced.

>> No.46271646

When someone says transwoman, do they mean someone who you would identify at birth as a woman who then transitioned, or someone who transitions into womanhood? I've tried reading things and trying to guess which way the word goes, based off of evidence in the sentence and background, but it ties my head in knots.

>> No.46271743
File: 140 KB, 549x362, the more you know.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Transwoman" refers to someone who transitioned into a woman. "Transman" refers to someone who transitioned into a man.

>> No.46271775

I call my gf a fag and her petname for me is gayboy

>> No.46271783

Cool, thanks, a lot of articles make more sense now.

>> No.46271961

You can add a bit of randomness to the bot to decrease chance it will get spotted.
But the question remains - why?

>> No.46272465

How could you know your daddy issues hadn't began yet?

>> No.46272820

Because my dad wasn't real pushy on the whole "I gotta be a little man" bs, and the main reason my daddy issues probably exist in the first place is due to him turning to heavy drinking, and me realizing I am trans as opposed to his fucking retarded fundamentalist view.

>> No.46272844


>> No.46272867

No, though a few of the girls I know who are into tabletop look like they were hit in the face with a shovel so if you count "bad genes" as a daddy-issue then sure.

>> No.46272892

Also he is autistic as fuck, and my very minor assburgers is so minor I almost immediately hate people who are further down the autism spectrum than me.

>> No.46273207

You lesbians are so wacky!

>> No.46273266


Anon, I don't think you get how lesbians work.

>> No.46273359

It's a petname. If I was a lipstick lez I'd love to call my butch gf that.

>> No.46273588
File: 70 KB, 819x975, 1458753917311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46273793

That anon is right though. I'm a guy.

>> No.46274346

Maybe the reason you're trans is because he was distant from you, leaving you with no close male role model?

>> No.46274611

Stop fucking protecting. I never, ever wanted a fucking male role model when I was in my youth, which is a clear indication that I was trans. Even when he tried to be it (such as sports), I always wanted to be playing with my rather nerdy dinos, legos, and star wars toys rather than aggressive man shit. If anything realizing I am trans has made me actually grow a spine, as I am no longer insecure about "not all men are masculine", hiding my rather feminine feelings under a self-appointed veil of ancient nobility.

>> No.46274982

>I never, ever wanted a fucking male role model when I was in my youth
That just means you became trans early on or he wasn't the nerdy kind of role model you needed.

>If anything realizing I am trans has made me actually grow a spine, as I am no longer insecure about "not all men are masculine", hiding my rather feminine feelings under a self-appointed veil of ancient nobility.
I've had the same realization, although I still hide my feminine side.

>> No.46275590

>Being Japanese has anything to do with being a cancerous weebfag, much less not knowing how to use hyperlinks to go to the appropriate board for topics of discussion

Not that I'd expect a cancerous weebfag to actually be capable of rational thinking.

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