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Previously, on Nerv Bridge Simulator : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nerv%20Bridge%20Simulator
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cegremo_hq
Neat pense-bête by Tohsaka: pastebin.com/66ZcGcKK

Montréal-3 is currently under Angel Attack. Preparations are underway for the Greenland expedition.

5 days, 9 hours remaining until the 6th Angel begins another artillery strike.

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Oh boy! My favorite time of day has finally arrived!

>> No.46183565

[You leave the corpse behind, armed with your pistol]

[There are two doors at the end of the corridor, one to the left, leading to the ''O'' on your map, and to the right, leading into a large room.]

>> No.46183666

Left - objectives first.

>> No.46183707

>Go left

>> No.46183729

Satan trips has spoken

>> No.46183844


[You head to the left door. As you press the switch to open the door-

>> No.46183846


>[You leave the corpse behind, armed with your pistol]
We left the corpse armed with our pistol?

Recover Pistol and then go left.

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>> No.46183872

//One hos-ile, beh--d a tab-- nea- the en-- f the ro-m.

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>quickly retrieve arms from safe

>> No.46184045

>One hostile, behind a table near the entrance of the room
Ready my weapon

>> No.46184048

I think thats us.

>> No.46184051

(Is that a Radio message?

I Hope NERV does not use 'movie edition' tables.)

Take cover next to door. aim at the table when the door opens.

>> No.46184065

Is this a recording?

>> No.46184101

We never said anything about a table when we entered the room. We just walked in

>> No.46184207


[As soon as you enter the room, you hear a bullet whistle past your ear.]

>Roll a D10! Ones and Tens modify the final score, but only for the next 5 rolls.

>> No.46184227

Rolled 8 (1d10)


>> No.46184251

Rolled 3 (1d10)

Oh, shit.

>> No.46184256

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Who the what now?

>> No.46184259

Rolled 2 (1d10)

Knew it!
I'd give Ophelia a cookie if she could eat it.

>> No.46184266

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Oh shit; bullet time!

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>> No.46184295

Thanks senpai.

>> No.46184296

Rolled 10 (1d10)


>> No.46184308

To late...

>> No.46184323


>> No.46184325

And the final roll equalizes it

>> No.46184426

I believe it was the next five rolls AFTER the initial roll?
In that case, I would be the last roll.

>> No.46184520

Rolled 3 (1d10)


Ohh man, already things happening.

>> No.46184523

>8 -1 +1 = 8

[You shoot the main in the hip and lower abdomen. He now lays dead.]

>> No.46184539


Search body, get his gun, at least his ammo. Examine contents of table.

>> No.46184566

Check the corners for more. Then check the man.

>> No.46184571

Does he have a badge? Take the badge.

>> No.46184572

Search the body, check what he was doing on the computer.

>This on the fly art

>> No.46184574

Check the body for anything important.

>> No.46184593

Listen out for Ophelia or any other noise, particularly footsteps that are coming to investigate.

>> No.46184602

Yeah, this shit is getting REALLY good.
Just look how far we've come since episode 1.

>> No.46184816


[This is what the man had on his body:]

>Nerv issued Beretta 93r with one remaining round.
>Nerv Badge (Christopher Bouchard, Science Division, MAGI Supercomputer maintenance)
>His wallet.

[You examine the table. There is a lot of maintenance forms littered over it, the most recent one dated the same day the 4th Angel attacked. The computer is showing readings of some kind, you can't make sense out of it.]

>> No.46184854

Shit, that was one of our own guys.
The commander is NOT gonna be happy

>> No.46184863

The hell? Is he one of ours?

>> No.46184911

Pay attention.
He shot at us the moment we entered the room.

>> No.46184917

I choose to believe he was a spy of some sort. because the alternative... that we were goaded into attacking people on our own team by a UN spy guy is a little scary to believe.

>> No.46184928

Better question - why did a fucking computer tech shoot first and ask never? This guy's a fucking NERD by his ID.

>> No.46184937

Orphelia told us he was a hostile, and he opened fire at us on sight. Don't assume anything

>> No.46184938

//I'll tr--to w--ch over y----ajor, bu-- ca--t be c-aug--. Sta---afe.

>> No.46184947

too damn elaborate to be set up like this. Did the UN dude ever say how he found out about the secret rooms?

>> No.46184953

Thanks honey.

>> No.46184956

Well, we did sort of break into his office in the TOP SECRET KEEP OUT part of the Geofront.

>> No.46184959

Good point.
But let's be more cautious from this point on. We don't want to be caught with our pants down like that again

>> No.46184960

>Ignore the big red emergency button

If we can't make sense of the the data, we should head back and continue searching the key locations on the map.

>> No.46184962

Just do what you can Ophelia.

>> No.46185018

>I'll try to watch over you, Major, but you can't be caught. Stay safe.
Will do, madame.
Shit, seems like we might have intruders.

>> No.46185048

Could be data analysis on the Angel.

>> No.46185220

We can't exactly stuff the papers in our shirt though. We will just have to leave it to someone else when we are done cleaning. Or when we are dead

>> No.46185234

So you're saying the Section 2 guy who talked to us, and told us to investigate the MAGI incident (what was the target? what did they change? why was Section 2 so quick to respond?) is the plant, and we're the patsy, and these guys we're fighting now are the loyalists?
That's 2shadowrun4me

Plus, unless the plant has a direct line of comms to the fucking DM of the universe in which he resides, then trying to manipulate Anon into doing anything is like trying to herd cats. ... Cats with a fetish for male kittens that like to pretend they are female kittens.

>> No.46185288

Top fucking kek.

But yeah, that would be a fucked up twist.

>> No.46185293

I miss CAG, and I think she was only around for like two threads.

>> No.46185365

Yes, but he should recognize us

>> No.46185379

I declare Ophelia to be waifu.

We must now make her look like an animu girl somehow.

>> No.46185381

[The next room is empty, save for a door. It is labelled MAGI auxiliary access 03. Unfortunately it is locked. Next to it is a magnetic swipe card reader]

>> No.46185401

Use the card we just snatched from the guy we shot

>> No.46185416

OOC:Can we just get a view of where w are on the map? it would help to know where we are and where we're going.
Use the card we got from the nerd.

>> No.46185427

"Oh fuck Anon's schizophrenia has finally led to him to betray us. I bet he thinks there's Roleplaying or Plot advancement or Waifus down here or something. Welp time to activate protocol shaggy dog."

>> No.46185435

I really hope we're not being being used as a catspaw here.

Maybe we should talk to the commander at some point...

>> No.46185460


Can we tell where that door leads? And are any emergency alarms going off?

Let's grab the most recent maintenance forms and try to at least note down some of the key terms on the computer if not take a picture, Elizabeth might be able to help out.

>> No.46185477

Why is Major pretending to be tacticool?
Keep your damn back straight. Focus on what you can see and what you can hear. Your senses and a keen awareness are what'll save you here, not hugging corners and minimising your target profile.

>> No.46185506

Look, we were shot at first. And there was a body just lieing around in the hallway before that.

We know there has been sabotage before, and our previous head of science was shot and killed. The transmission CAG intercepted let us here, and it's reasonable to assume it was a message to tell the plants where to attack.

>> No.46185515


>> No.46185535

Thanks m8.

>> No.46185570

Did we take any pictures of the Maintenence forms or of the Computer, using either our mobile phone, or our 4th wall breaking "The DM uploads an image of it then we open the image whenever we want, and just pretend that Major remembers it" photographic memory?

You never know. He might be one of those Space Station 13 players who have such a murderboner that they'll scream "MUH VALIDS" and open fire every time someone is in a place that their ID doesn't allow them to access.

>> No.46185618

SS13 here, not us. You can tell because he didn't use a toolbox.

>> No.46185652

Oh, right. Thanks.

And I thought those large blue oxygen cannisters were better as an improvised weapon, if you couldn't get a lit welder?

>> No.46185659 [DELETED] 

Maybe you should have asked your security officer for proper clearance like a good citizen. If he turned you down, I'm sure it was for the best. SOs are always right.

>> No.46185676

Im sorry to OOC in IC but you guys are ruining my immersion, can u pls stop?

>> No.46185681

Same tier. That and fire extinguishers.

>> No.46185747

I want to headpat the pilots as soon as we get out of this mess.

>> No.46185789

What the fuck is wrong with you.

>Use card on swiper.

>> No.46185800

All the chairs are going to start rotating on their own now, aren't they. And someone is gonna steal our shoes while we're distracted looking at a terminal, then throw a LCL + smoke + drugs grenade at us.

>> No.46185828

[You swipe the card and hear a small beep. A red light comes on. The screen reads ''Unauthorized access. Stay where you--'' But it disappear before you can finish to read what it says.]

>> No.46185833

No. Get out.

>> No.46185854

Gun up

Someone's comin' through.

>> No.46185857

Well, our motive for being in this high-security area essentially is "I heard there were Traitors that broke into the restricted area so I broke in too to investigate"

>> No.46185868

Well shit.

Ophelia, was that you or somebody else?

>> No.46185875

Shit. Here come trouble.

>> No.46185882

Thanks for the save Ophelia.

Where haven't we been yet?

>> No.46185885

>LCL smoke

>> No.46185904

No, we don't say anything.

THe teammate who was with dead nerd is probably on the other side.

>> No.46185908

//I deactiv--d the alarm. This--or need--a le-el 6 Sec---ty Cle-ra--ce.--here s-ould be a -ard with this ac--ss level thre-- --oms ove-.

//Be---ady, I de--ct ---tiles th-re.

>> No.46185921

Hang on.

This door is the ONLY way through to the west wing of the Spookyzone, besides the doors connecting to the pale blue area.

How does our card NOT have access?

>> No.46185958

OOC: How does our sexy AI lady know where keycards are at all times?

>> No.46185962

>there should be a card three rooms over
welp time to explore.

>> No.46185975

>//I deactiv-ed the alarm. This-door needs a level 6 Security Clearance.there should be a card with this access level three rooms over.
>//Be ready, I detect hostiles, there.

>> No.46185980

>I deactivated the alarm. This floor needs a Level 6 Security Clearance. There should be a card with this access level three rooms over
>Be ready, I detect hostiles there

>> No.46185985

Same way Security does (or should) probably

>> No.46185988

We're not supposed to know about it.

NERV has a long history of locking out key members from important information.

>> No.46186014

She means here. Because "two rooms over" is literally only one place.

>> No.46186084


>> No.46186093

Question on immersion/setting:

Can someone explain to me how a server farm/datacentre has so many goddamn sub-rooms?

>> No.46186106

It's a REALLY big computer

>> No.46186129

Oh no! now our Schizophrenia is working against us!

>> No.46186134

is'nt it there they do experiments too?

>> No.46186139

Efficient room design is for Angels Major.
You aren't an angel are you?

>> No.46186186

Building union regulations, and OH&S requirements.

>> No.46186299

super computer that from what we can tell is powered by a little girl dipped in lcl built by a dogmatic organization that keeps important members in the dark about a lot of really need to know information while using giant fighting robots to prevent monsters from triggering the apocalypse.

it might be pretty big. or whoever designed it wanted a go at the UN budget.

>> No.46186313

[You head back. How do you open the door leading to the room which Ophelia talked about?]

>> No.46186351

Knock on it and take cover behind the corner.

If they're the ask first and shoot later crowd they'll open the door and be like "Yo who is it".
But if they're the shooty kind they'll just fire through the door as it opens.

>> No.46186361

Open the door cautiously, back against the wall and pistol raised

>> No.46186371

Simple, Knock and say your selling girl scout cookies.

>> No.46186486


[The Girl Scout routine didn't work out. As soon as the door opens, the two hostiles begin firing upon you.]

[How do you react Major?]

>> No.46186507

Hostile 2 is in the least cover so prioritize a firing solution on him.

>> No.46186549

XCOM this bitch! Fire on lower cover hostile!

>> No.46186556

Agreeing with this guy.

>> No.46186559

Can't we say like, that we are the major and they should cooperate?
If it does nothing than we shoot them?

>> No.46186590

Nah. We tried words. Shooting now.

>> No.46186592

Fuck you they're shooting at us.

Shoot hostile number 2!

>> No.46186605

Rolled 3 (1d10)


>> No.46186609

Major, please, just stop trying with these guys. They are clearly not on our team.

Shoot 02, keep in cover behind the door.

Too bad we don't have a flash to throw.

>> No.46186646

sorry anon, i didn't remember that we used word before.

>> No.46186651


"Hey, HEY!! Friendly Fire!! Friendly Fire!!

>> No.46186662

>I need two clearly identified rolls.

>One for defence, and one for shooting [02]!

>> No.46186671

Rolled 9 (1d10)


>> No.46186680

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Get operated on kid.

>> No.46186686


>> No.46186690

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Shooty bang bangs

>> No.46186695

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.46186697

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.46186706

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46186707

Rolled 8 (1d10)


>> No.46186709

Oh my god...I knew your rolling streak was gonna end eventually...

>> No.46186717

goddammit. well at least we didn't get hit.

>> No.46186733

Go Max Payne on their asses!

We did pick up the other guy's gun right?

>> No.46186736

Well, the good news is that we probably won't get hit.

The bad news, neither will they

>> No.46186744


>> No.46186750

>Rolled 1 (1d10)



>> No.46186753

On the other hand, we're pretty shit hot when it comes to dodging bullets.

>> No.46186771

Honestly, mainframe case is usually just a bit of aluminum alloy. They're made to carry the weight and ground any electric interference, but they're otherwise not particularly durable. And circuit boards can be pierced through by punching them hard enough.

What am I getting at is that you should be able to shoot Hostile 03 straight through his cover. He's hiding instinctively but he's hiding behind something that provides only slightly more protection than a goddamn cardboard box.

>> No.46186773

Everything comes falling down.

>> No.46186775

So, uh, do we roll again?

It would be pretty terrible if some officers come down here and break it all up, someone gets a call from the UN, and we get put behind bars for the rest of the quest.

>> No.46186801

I have a feeling from the evidence that no backup is coming for these guys.

>> No.46186808

Well, I imagine this is much better than going the other way around.
I mean, we're not dumb enough to shoot ourselves even on a glich, right?

>> No.46186816


>> No.46186827

Oh god, do not give the QM any ideas!

>> No.46186851

Def = 9
Att = 1

[03 is reloading and 02 cannot hit you! The bad news is your gun jammed.]

>Next round! Same as before, but the offence roll gets a -1 modifier.

>> No.46186868

Tfw can't roll on phone

>> No.46186869

Rolled 2 (1d10)

More like Louis KEK amirite? xd

I am committing an OFFENSE

>> No.46186870

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46186874

Last encounter had 1 as just a miss

>> No.46186876




>> No.46186885

Rolled 7 (1d10)

Offense! Go murder!

>> No.46186900

Rolled 10 (1d10)


>> No.46186906

Rolled 4 (1d10)


>> No.46186909

Rolled 3 (1d10)

Whoever said that we would "XCOM this bitch"

Is correct. We are missing shots like a goddamn rookie.


>> No.46186913

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Pew pews

>> No.46186929


>> No.46186931

Same as last fucking roll! absolute defense, but can't shoot for shit.

>> No.46186932

>I misspelled "dice" in the options field
It's a sign. I'm just going to stop now before we die.

Hey, at least you didn't job as hard as I did.

>-1 penalty

Oh shit, you actually did.

>two 1's in a row

>> No.46186934

Rolled 2 (1d10)

Hoping to add 1 to dat atk

>> No.46186937


>> No.46186940


>> No.46186942

We might have horrible aim, but we have the luck o'the irish at dodging bullets.

>> No.46186944

Well then. We are invincible but utterly impotent

>> No.46186974


>> No.46186983

//Ma--r y-u sh--d try aim-ng do-- -he s-ghts

>> No.46187010

We've already become David 2.0 by this point, that would probably be the best course of action now

>> No.46187012

Rolled 2 (1d10)

+1 to atk please.

>> No.46187022

Nah man, you have to aim sideways! That's how people used to shoot outs do it.

>> No.46187024

Of course!

Aim down the sights, Major!!

>> No.46187032

We manifest an AT field and just soak the bullets at this point?

>> No.46187035

Rolled 4, 7, 3, 2, 8, 1, 8, 2, 9, 7, 3, 7, 7, 3, 9, 3, 4, 3 = 90 (18d10)

<a maintenance technician kicks the dice rolling machine to reset it. some spare dice spill out.>

>> No.46187052

>Major, you should try aiming down the sights.

>> No.46187063


>> No.46187068

Kinda hard with several bullets literally skirting my head!

>> No.46187072

Wow only a single 1. Think you need to kick it again.

>> No.46187092

Orphelia. Please don't snark at me in the middle of a shootout.

>> No.46187136

Rolled 10, 9, 4, 4, 6, 9, 5, 6, 1 = 54 (9d10)


>> No.46187161

I say leave that as is

>> No.46187173

OOC: Assuming we live through this, are we gonna still be able to talk to our psychologically damaged women on the surface?

>> No.46187223

//bec---ng -alty duri--- sho-tou- low-rs ---r ch--ce of -urviva- by a- -uch a- -5%
//-ajor -lease do not ----me sa-ty

>> No.46187267

I am NOT salty! Not even a little bit!

>> No.46187284

Who taught you to be this cheeky?

>> No.46187298

I think she meant safty

>> No.46187311

Fuck. Ophelia is the best daughterfu.

>> No.46187322


>> No.46187332

i've just realized the last post by ophelia were not made by nerv-hq.

>> No.46187334

"Ophelia, please shut up. I can't think straight between your snappy remarks and the FUCKING BULLETS WHIZZING PAST MY HEAD!!!

>> No.46187336


>> No.46187347

lowers it by minus five percent? That's a double negative! Let's go balls to the walls! 5% increase of success!

ooc: if it wasn't for CAG, I would now have considered Ophelia to be best grill

>> No.46187348

>lowers your chance of survival by as much as ninety five %

>> No.46187355


>> No.46187376

CAG's gone mate. Potatoed.

>> No.46187380

Maybe she's CAG's long lost twin.

Twins they were...

>> No.46187388

Def = 10
Att = 2

[Get a grip Major! 02 is reloading, 03 is running toward you with a wrench!]

>Roll for Def, Roll for Off (Still with a -1 since you guy seem to like it)

>> No.46187395

Rolled 6 (1d10)

I said I was gonna stop, but...






>> No.46187397

We can rebuild her, we have the technology!

>> No.46187403

Rolled 10 (1d10)


>> No.46187410

Rolled 9 (1d10)


>> No.46187414

Rolled 7 (1d10)


>> No.46187433

Rolled 10 (1d10)

CAGfags please fuck off.

Shoot 03!

>> No.46187448



>> No.46187453

Not CAG you nitwit. CEG. As in CEGREMO. AKA: NERV HQ

>> No.46187458

6+1+1=8 Offence

9 Defence


>> No.46187476

Offense is actually a 7 because of the -1 penalty.


>> No.46187481

Rolled 4 (1d10)

See what a difference not getting salty makes? :^)


Defense please.

>> No.46187517

Rolled 9 (1d10)

Still #yolo ing that defense

Also I just realised. Our beretta isn't at 7/75, it's at 1/15. Someone needs to tighten up the grafix on those 1s.

>> No.46187518

The moment that other nerd reloads, we rush him. There is no way we can lose to a scrawny traitor at close range.

>> No.46187561

Yeah. For some stupid reason SOMEONE decided to make 1s and 7s look the exact same on the UI

>> No.46187610

If 02 is reloading why are there bullets flying from him?

>> No.46187615


Offence : 6 (-1), +1, +1 = 7
Defence : 9

[03 runs towards you but is stopped by 3 point blank 9x19 rounds.]

[Only one left! Roll you attack before he finish reloading his gun!]

I use this font because it looked how I wrote things in the first threads. I don't know how to edit fonts though, and this 1/7 is really bothering me too.

>> No.46187631

Rolled 3 (1d10)

>[Only one left! Roll you attack before he finish reloading his gun!]

>> No.46187632

Rolled 3 (1d10)


>> No.46187647

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46187651

Move up to Flank before he finishes reloading a d finish him

>> No.46187652

Oh my god...

>> No.46187656


>> No.46187671

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46187679

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Goddamnit guys...

>> No.46187692

Rolled 2 (1d10)

Running a little low on ammo here. Lets finish this!

>> No.46187702

Rolled 8 (1d10)

I don't really care about the 1/7 thing
Muh defense

>> No.46187727

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Feel the beat and feel united, Wo-oh-oh-woah!
Oh wait, sorry. That's the third impact song.

>> No.46187732


>>46187702 It's always the freaking defense

>> No.46187808

This is us right now

>> No.46187864

Little did these infiltrators know that the major was the skeleton inside this flesh bag all along.

>> No.46187901

H-hey man, don't joke about shit like that. There's no way a skeleton would live in s-someone...right?

>> No.46187931

Only one way to find out major.

>> No.46187956



[02 his ready to fire and you're down to your last bullet Major! Make it count!]

>Two clearly identified rolls please!

>> No.46187973

Rolled 6 (1d10)


>> No.46188010

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46188012

Rolled 1 (1d10)


>> No.46188014

Rolled 8 (1d10)


If we're out of bullets, throw the gun and then tackle his ass!

>> No.46188021

Rolled 8 (1d10)

>last shot

>> No.46188027

Look in a mirror and open your mouth major. See those teeth?

>> No.46188034



>> No.46188071

At the end of the day we will be happy number 3 got us the wrench right under our nose. We might yet need it.

>> No.46188085

Rolled 7 (1d10)

Fuck off man. I am literally rolling high 2 seconds way from the top on these things!


>> No.46188128

If we get out of this we are spending some time on the range till we get some sort of proficiency at this. Not just Point towards enemy and keep pulling trigger till they go away.

If we want to do that we need to get a shotgun

>> No.46188163

Rolled 1, 1 = 2 (2d10)

And here we go again

Rollin for boosts.
First for offence, second for defense

>> No.46188174


>> No.46188175

Or we can carry more ammo with us

kill yourself please

>> No.46188179

Jesus Fuck

>> No.46188201


Hoy, I have rolled my share of tens ITT

>> No.46188210

Why the hell did you think this was a good idea!!!

>> No.46188215

Senpai. Senpai.

>> No.46188231

Oyy, you have to clearly state which roll you are rolling for rolling once dice at a time.

>> No.46188233

This right here is why we can't have nice things.

>> No.46188236

please die

>> No.46188249

Maybe we should try diplomacy again.

>> No.46188263

Defence = 6
Offence = 4 (5 -1)

[02's bullet grazed your arm, but it doesn't leave a wound. You're out of bullets. What now Major? You better act fast before he realizes your gun is empty.]

>> No.46188289

throw the wrench that the other asshole had

>> No.46188302

This! Throw the wrench. Use the distraction to charge him!

>> No.46188304

Disorient him. Throw your gun in a distraction, and tackle his ass to the ground!

>> No.46188306

Toss something at him!

>> No.46188320

We still have the gun we took from the first nerd we killed, right?

>> No.46188335

Maybe his gun is empty as well?

I think our best option is to throw the wrench at him and grapple!

Come on Major, you can do this!

>> No.46188344

"Just surrender already!"
>try to grab the wrench and ambush the guy.

>> No.46188346

We tried the girl scout routine abut if failed.

Are we proficient in casting FIST?

>> No.46188358

bluff "reload" - pull magazine out, and cram it in again (while in the cover so 02 can't see), he will think you still got ammo
then grab 03's corpse and pull it through the door into the hallway

>> No.46188362

He just reloaded...

>> No.46188369

YEAH! That could work!

He was reloading. He's probably ready to fire now

>> No.46188387

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Throw our gun and or wrench at him and Pick up the gun from ???03.

>> No.46188398

Human shield and rush him? Could work.

>> No.46188647


[You throw the wrench at 02. He's distracted by it, which leaves enough time to grab the corpse and firing upon 02 with the other gun you had that the QM forgot.]

>> No.46188681


>> No.46188683

It's obviously empty, or 3 wouldn't have tried rushing us with a wrench.

>> No.46188701

>360noscopeheadshot through the dome

>> No.46188714

Now THAT is what i'm talking about!
Using skill and on the fly tactics to get shit done
And we didn't even need to fucking roll.

"Hey, Ophelia, any other hostiles in the area?"

>> No.46188729

maybe we should try to keep one of these guys alive for interrogation next time.

>> No.46188738


>> No.46188773

//I'm s--ry yo---ad t- fig-t in wit----ese -dds M-jor. The a----priate---earance ID c--rd s-ould be ni- this roo-.

>> No.46188799

scavenge the bodies for ammo and the guns.

>> No.46188803

About those coffee cups, were they used recently?
What those guy were working on?
Any meaningfull paper on the table?

>> No.46188815

alright, time to loot the room like out name was Tyrone

>> No.46188842

>I'm sorry you had to fight with these odds, Major. The appropriate clearance ID card should be in this room.

[Search both of the hostile units for all information, then search the rest of the room. Take any extra ammo.]

>> No.46188869

Good idea. If the coffee cups are empty then these are obviously not real techs.
t. computer tech

>> No.46188912

what you are doing is more than appreciated ophelia

>> No.46188981


[02's body]
>12 rounds
>ID Card (Frederic Proulx, Science Division, Magi Supercomputer Maintenance Team Chief)
>Wallet and keys
>Tim Hortons rewards card

[03's body]
>ID Card (Louis Saulnier, Science Division, Magi Supercomputer Maintenance Team)
>Spare change

[The coffee are all cold, even dried up. The papers scattered on the table are the same as the other ones, maintenance forms and complicated MAGI readings]

>> No.46189036

>>Tim Hortons rewards card

>> No.46189057


>> No.46189075

>Tim Hortons rewards card

We are treating Eileen to some sammiches after this!

Let's get to the circled room, so we can see everyone again.

>> No.46189102

Check the hostiles' faces and personal items (there must be some form of ID in that wallet) to see if they really are the real deal.

I don't like this. I don't like this one bit

>> No.46189118

Don't worry! If we initiate Instrumentality then we can all see our waifus!

>> No.46189154

Look at those cold, empty coffee cups. Theres no way this guy is the overworked and underappreciated Chief Tech Goon.

>> No.46189156

This shit looks neat. How do you do the images?

>> No.46189176

We should check after that when those guy were transfered to NERV Montreal.They must be from the same kin as the one who attacked MAGI.

>> No.46189188

Good idea.

>> No.46189210

As a college student with online classes in Comp. Science, I agree, something is definitely wrong.

>> No.46189234

I'm not sure we should make that connection yet. To the research staff, we may well look like the same guys that tried storming the place earlier.

>> No.46189244

>Everything fits. The faces, the names, the age.

[You swipe the Tim Hortons rewards card]

//Major? This isn't an ID card. I did however took the liberty of fulling it.

[You swipe the Maintenance Chief's card and hear three short beeps. A green light comes on]

>> No.46189260

>filled our Tims card
I could kiss you.

>> No.46189270

>I did however took the liberty of fulling it.

>> No.46189294


[After a short elevator ride, you reach r̫̭͉̠e̢̫a̺̰̘̤̙̟c̯̙̳̥̜͠ͅh҉ ͕̼͔̗̹̤ŗ̖̱̥̼̗͍e̛a̫̱͈c̥̖̜̯h̹͡ ̗̱̫̦͍r͎͓̰͙̞ͅe̡̩̘a̠c̳̦̘h̬̳̪̩̕ ̨͎͚͖̫̯̫r̷ea͎̻̣̹c͎̀h̻͕̘͓̲͉ ̯̜̀r͕͍͙͖͓͓e͈̰̥̣ͅa͓̲̜̖̰̣͝c͖͚̣h͈͖̭ͅ ̫̼̼͇͎r̲̙͎͎̮̀e̝̦a̬̺͈̺c̨̬h̴ ̣̩̬̗̗̀ṛ̥͠ͅe̵̬̖̱̥͉͕ͅa͙̝ć̘̦̲ḥ ̸̪̱̣̗̯̻r̮̟e̘͟a̞̙ͅc҉͙̲h̵ ̀r̦ȩ̯͎̜̭a̧̤̗̻̳̬̪̘c̬h͇ ̯̼̫̰re͝a͔̘͈͚̮͖̮͞ch̤̖̥́ ̭͎̠̤̞͖̹r̹͙̲͖ḙ̰͓̲ͅa̸̖͈c̯̝̘h͖͠ ͉̜̖̙͝r̯e̛̯͓̦̭a̯͚͕͈̞c̮h͖̮̲͚̦ ҉̘̱͚͎r̯͞é͙͍͖̙̠̖a̡̺͚͚̪͍c̛ḫ̳͓̜ ̴̞̝r̥̦̦͓͓ͅȩ͙͔̭a̳̰͚̫̖̦c̗̬̳̞̞͞h҉̺̰̲̜̯̗ ̰̯̪ͅr̼͕̰͈̱̮͘e͚̱̹̝̙̭ͅa̲͔̠͢c͓͚̬͍͇͘h͙͎̣̕ ̦͓r̵̜̲̟each̨̖͙̜̱̤͕̤ ̦͙̖͙̦́r̳͖̝͚͕̪e̢ac̲̬̟͎̠̤̘h҉ ̖̫̬̝̝͔͓rȩ̠̖̖͓̱̫á̼͉̙c͙̩̼͎h̕ ̭̘̮͔̯͔ŕ͇̦̘̥̻̝͈e̢͙̦̰͇̺̭a͕̺c̦̣̭͘h̲̦ ̨̻̪͎̝̲̥͔r͈̣͎̮̠̀e̤̺͝a̢c͚̣̩̱h͕̻͓͍͈͢ ̼̟̯̳͎̜̭͡r͔̲͚̟̟͚e̠̫a̬̞̤c͙̝h̳̝͖̬̥͙̯́ ̝̤̭̪̪̥̤͢r̳̼͚̙̼͚͎e̸̘͚͔͖̜a̫̪̟̲̖͎̬͠c͙͇͍̯̳͡ͅh̠̤͕̳̣͢ ̱͠r̛e̯̼̳̭̙a͉͈c҉̞͚̖͍ͅh̹̬͈ͅͅ ̧̫̥͙͚r̤̩̱͚̦͔̱e̹͇̜͖̳a̪͕c̘͓͙̟h̗ ̜͚̪͈͈͓r̬͚̰̠͎̫e̟͈͠a̻͓̝̲͔͘ͅc̨͕͉̻̠̼̠ḩ̠̻͙ ͇̠̦̰̺̳r̛̺̻͙͔̟͍ea҉̱c̨̤̫̗h͉͎͉̞̟̼̣͟

>> No.46189306


>> No.46189312

shit somebody roll for sanity

>> No.46189317


>> No.46189322

It's too late, we're already talking to ourselves.

>> No.46189323

Oh shit.

>> No.46189325

You seem to be feeling better, Ophelia.
And thanks for filling the reward card. SCORE

>> No.46189329

>> No.46189338

H-hello? Anyone in here?

>> No.46189356

oh my...

>> No.46189365


>> No.46189370

"... Ophelia?"
>Try to see if it's the mysterious girl from the hospital

>> No.46189373

Hey, O-ophelia? You seeing this? What exactly am I looking at?

>> No.46189375


>> No.46189381


>> No.46189383

>> No.46189389

asshole has reached maximum pucker, cap'n.

>> No.46189391



>> No.46189406

I don't like this...

>> No.46189407

>loud sweating...

>> No.46189410

>> No.46189421


>> No.46189428


>> No.46189429


>> No.46189433


>> No.46189434



>> No.46189435


>> No.46189458


>> No.46189459

>Plot Twist
>She is our daughter all along.

>> No.46189465

>> No.46189469

...''Car il n'avait d'abord rien vu, mais s'était simplement senti gêné, semblable à quelqun qui se croyait seul, qui n'est plus seul, que l'on regarde. Il s'était senti, trop tard et sans bien comprendre pourquoi, entouré par de la colère.''

>> No.46189474

Please no

>> No.46189490


>> No.46189493


>> No.46189496


Who here knows french!? Someone translate please!

>> No.46189511

>For he first had seen nothing, but had simply felt embarrassed, like quelqun who thought alone, which is not only that you look. He felt , too late and without understanding why , surrounded by anger
Too lazy for a shitty google translate? You dissapoint me, anon.

>> No.46189512

Any french bro here? Google isn't helping

>For he first had seen nothing, but it was just felt embarrassed, like quelqun who thought alone, which is not only that you look. He felt, too late and without understanding why, surrounded by anger

>> No.46189519

For he first had seen nothing, but it was just felt embarrassed, like quelqun who thought alone, which is not only that you look. He felt, too late and without understanding why, surrounded by anger

google translate

>> No.46189532

''Voilà. D'où venait cette colère? À quoi devinait-il qu'elle suintait des pierres, qu'elle suintait de la neig-- ''


>> No.46189559


>> No.46189564

it's a poem i think it won't help much.

>> No.46189566

I think that means somebody. Its missing an accent/apostrophe.

>> No.46189571

Oh god, she is just reading from a book.

Thank god

>> No.46189576

Wait, it's an exempt out of the book "Vol de nuit"!

>> No.46189584

"O-ophelia? Sorry if i interrupted something.

>> No.46189587


>> No.46189590


>> No.46189607

>Because he had first seen nothing, but just felt a little embarrassed, like someone who thought he was alone, which wasn't anymore, which is watched/observed. He felt, too late and without understanding why, surrounded by anger

That's all. From where this anger was coming? From what was he guessing that she was (sweating?) rocks, that she was (sweating?) neig-(snow?)

>> No.46189634

You're finally awake eh?

It's been a while Major. I'm kinda mad that you didn't come to see me sooner but--

Whoa calm yourself Major, You're alright! We're in the hospital down in the Geofront.

>> No.46189643

>Night Flight (novel)
>Second novel by French writer and aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
>A major theme of the novel is whether doing what is necessary to meet a long-term goal is more important than an individual's life.

>> No.46189649

"Oh! Sorry, I woke with a start. How did I get here? How long was I out?

>> No.46189663

huh? How... did I end up here?

>> No.46189672

E-Eileen...? What...what happened?

>> No.46189677

What happened?

>> No.46189681

that's Anna anon.

>> No.46189686

Holy Shit...QM what are you doing?! How are you actually writing material better that fucking Anno is currently doing right now?!

>> No.46189696

Goddamit we're in a simulation.

>> No.46189700

i had a weird as hell nightmare
(we are not telling a soul of what we seen)
i belive whoever made magi grabrd some copatible girl out her home and stuffed her in

>> No.46189707

wait, what? How did i get here?

>> No.46189725

OOC: If this isn't a flashback/dream, we're less than 5 days out from the next Angel barrage. Perhaps we should be getting back to MAGI soon?

>> No.46189733

A-Anna? I thought the Psychiatric's head would call me once you were ready to talk. Honestly, I am sorry I didn't get here sooner.

>> No.46189734

Maybe because the quality of his product isn't determined by how depressed he is?

>> No.46189753

5 more minutes.

>> No.46189781

Guys! D-did Anne masturbate over us too??

>> No.46189789

eileen = freckles
anna= no freckles
she's eileen guys!

>> No.46189804

ooc: I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the prospect of that.

>> No.46189805

That's definitely Eileen (the second one).

Sorry, I had a lot of stuff to do ... wanna go to Tim Hortons?

>> No.46189807

Did we fail the mission?

>> No.46189811

Eileen. You look all... Differenty.

>> No.46189818

Fission Mailed.

>> No.46189822

I WAS RIGHT THEN! >>46189681
Fuck you anon! I knew what I was talking about!

>> No.46189837

My best guess?

We are having mind meld experience

>> No.46189852

shit my apologies.

>> No.46189864

"I swear if you did anything to me when I was asleep, you're dead

>> No.46189876

or rather we just "had" one and this is the aftermath.

God its gonna get weird.

Not that WEIRD come on don't be a dick.

and its Eileen not Anna.

>> No.46189889

OOC: Dont you fucking dare. We are not about to alienate our daughteru.

>> No.46189891

Oh you know this book? This is something I have to read for my French class. For some reason I find it really easy to speak french recently! I kinda like it now.


They found you naked on the beach here in the Geofront. You must have had a really wild party huh? [She laugh]

I'm glad to see you again after all this time I was in that LC--


[She looks mad]
Seriously Major? I can't believe you can't recognize my face after all we lived through! And to mistake me for HER? That's even WORSE!

[She begins to breath really fast]

>> No.46189892

Go for the headpat.

>> No.46189905

I don't think we need to start threatening our charges, thanks.

>> No.46189929

Sorry! my eyes were blurry from the sleep. I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. (Most definitely no headpat, just a small smile)

>> No.46189966

sorry the party was a BIT to wild
(wasnt she buddies with anna?)

>> No.46189974

> For some reason I find it really easy to speak french recently!

There was already something in this EVA.

>> No.46189977

Nah that's 1st Child.

>> No.46189986

I'm sorry Eileen. I...my head still feel awful...you know I got that issue with the multiple voices, and this whole dilemma with the beach isn't really helping...

Listen, how's about this. You want me to get you some Tim Horton's? It'll be least I can do for being away for so long.

>> No.46189996

Your hair looks nice down.

Sorry sorry sorry.

>> No.46190003

Something vile and French?

>> No.46190007

You know that thing about a wild party? Yeah, this has to be the worst hangover ever conceived.
Sorry, I think I need a glass water or something to clear up before say anymore dumb shit.

>> No.46190011

i agree with this voice.

>> No.46190017

The card! Do we still have the card?

>> No.46190025

The second Eileen now about Anna shooting her EVA in the head. She's quite mad about it, the psy warned us about that.

Tim Horton's is the key.

>> No.46190027

Wait...she remembers being in the LCL, she hates Anna's guts, and she's suddendly learning at an accelerated rate?!

Holy fuck, it's the OTHER Eileen!

>> No.46190037

>Tim Horton's
Donuts and Poutine?

>> No.46190061

So I'm guessing the innocent eileen is with Florence right now then. Goodness this is getting confusing. Who came from where again?

>> No.46190075

I vote against.

>> No.46190077

OOC: Well at least there is still one that we haven't annoyed by not recognizing.

>> No.46190099

Didn't she look uncomfortable last time we did that? Might want to tone it down a bit.

>> No.46190107

Wait, who? David? He's kind of dead now.

>> No.46190111

there's no poutine at tim horton.

>> No.46190113

OOC: Just as a recap -

Anna - Went full Shinji mode after David died, and diddled herself in public on top of the currently vegitized CAG

Eileen - Spent 2 weeks as a fucking pool of tang in an EVA plug, to emerge as two people with what I am assuming are differing personalities. Also, the real one doesn't remember getting tanged, and the other one does and kind of hates the shit out of Anna for it.

>> No.46190127

This is moderately rational.

No the other Eileen.

>> No.46190130

My knowledge of canada pretty much starts and ends around Hockey and Poutine.

This quest is slowly changing that though.

>> No.46190131

innocent Eileen popped up in Florence's plug during the fight and other Eileen de-gooed herself back in her plug in the hanger.

>> No.46190136

There literally wasn't a single person that would actually enjoy getting headpatted.

>> No.46190145

fuck meant to quote >>46190107

>> No.46190154

it's okay anon, it was a nice try.

>> No.46190157

They're both "real". As far as we know, we've only met one Eileen, so we don't know if the other one is any different.

>> No.46190160

[The Head of the Finance Division enters the room]

Hey Eileen, is the Major awa-

You! [she looks furious]

I can't BELIEVE what you did! It's the second time now! When we say that we need the funding allocation ''later today'', it means later TODAY, NOT LATER TOMORROW AFTER WE FIND YOU NAKED ON A BEACH WITH ALCOHOL INTOXICATION! For fuck's sake Major!

>> No.46190161

Correction. David would love to be headpatted. He's got that kind of really well meaning personality, like a puppy that you know is trying too hard for its own good and enjoys the praise it gets.

You know...if he was still here...

>> No.46190171

Shows what you know

>> No.46190177

I'm beginning to like this girl.

>> No.46190181

when did we get drunk? last thing i remember was going down to the science division to examine the ambush sites.

>> No.46190202

Errm...I remember something about a Battlegroup Doctrine...I know I left it here somewhere...

>> No.46190203

i didnt see a no fun zone sign in the city sooo...

>> No.46190215

OOC: So I guess financing didn't get sorted out in the meta thread.

>> No.46190223

Whoa, uh, I can explain..? I think? I went for a walk and one thing lead to another I guess..?

I told you she was the best girl.

>> No.46190224

...I don't even remember drinking any alcohol. The hell happened?

>> No.46190229

Funding allocation, not tactical doctrine
cegremo ur 1 cheeky bugga m8

I don't think we remember what happened after we saw the thing.

>> No.46190233

>Searches for Documents

Is this the one you're looking for?

>> No.46190245

Where did we pull that out of?

>> No.46190259

...Should I leave you two to your couple fight?

[She have trouble keeping a straight face]

>> No.46190270

our pants.
ooc: now excuse i'm going to watch this crazy ass tree gnome motherfucker throw shit at police

>> No.46190275

Here we go.

The poll is here :


Errata :
Scenario A : Battlegroup principle : City : it's Ind03(1)
Scenario B : Elite Army Principle : Eva Units : Positron Rifle is the same as Solomon Canon

Research Suggestion :
Scenario A: Evangelion unit development, Positron Technology
Scenario B : Angel Tech Reverse-Engineering / Unmanned nuclear unit

Anna & Florence - Terrain Training
Eileens - Harmonics Training

If you have any suggestions.

>> No.46190300

Quick! Eileen!

>> No.46190301

Hah, we actually sprung for the AT Flares and upgraded troops? Fuck yeah.

Yes Eileen, I have to get chewed out for being an irresponsible adult now. You should probably go do...something.

>> No.46190305

Nah, it's fine Eileen, this won't take too long anyways.

>> No.46190313

what, no!
i mean yes, i mean! gah!

>> No.46190322

This is not a... but yeah, please do, just couple minutes.

>> No.46190355

Can we go for threesome end with CAG and Finance? I think CAG would be down to be honest.

>> No.46190373

Well, it seems someone in this room can take some joy from the situation at hand. By all means stay if you have nothing better to do, and enjoy the show.

>ooc: now excuse i'm going to watch this crazy ass tree gnome motherfucker throw shit at police
ooc: I desire to know more of this angry gnome.

>> No.46190375

Battlegroup all the way baby.

And Research for Scenario A.

>> No.46190384

>Banging a dead person

>> No.46190385

Oh boy, I can clearly see now.
This NERVs Asuka isn't one of the pilots...

>> No.46190387

>literally one vote

Scenario A seems to focus on utility upgrades, while B gives straight +hp/dmg across the board. I'm thinking Scenario A - we're still alright on raw stats, but the utility abilities will pay off in spades down the line.

>> No.46190402

No I refuse to believe!

>> No.46190415

Herm ... without the /r to vote

>> No.46190418

she's not dead, she's in coma. i think we should go see her and read her a book or i dont know.

>> No.46190433

Battlegroup Doctrine and Research Scenario B.

>> No.46190519

>research A

If we trust the finance head, we should whisper her about the conspiracies that may or may not have go on in MAGI.

>> No.46190526

Yeah, we have 6 votes for Battlegroup and 0 for the other one.

Just go for it OP, we're pretty unanimous on this one.

>> No.46190547

Probably better to go with A, as the dice tends to screw us no matter what the stats are

>> No.46190553

We can hold her hand - there's a theory that comatose person still receives some vocal and haptic stimuli and that it can help them recover.

>> No.46190556

I would rather save that line of info for a later date, like after we figure out how we ended up drunk and a far away spot from where we were.

>> No.46190568

I just looked this up. Holy fuck, let's actually do this.

>> No.46190573


[She reads through your document]

So you'll go with this Battlegroup Doctrine? It makes sense, even if I like the other one better.

What about the our Research Facilities?

And really Major, I can't emphasize enough how important all of this is. I know it's hard and stressful, but drinking is not a solution Major.

>> No.46190584


>> No.46190605

Research facilities? we should see about setting up some research into a new Eva Model, that is assuming A Nerv Facility elsewhere hasn't finished one up.

>> No.46190620

Slip her a paper telling her to meet up with us later. I think we can trust her, so that's when we bring her into our shadowruns.

>> No.46190626

Research A!

Also AA is for quitters. And I am not a quitter!

>> No.46190627

[You hear a soft knock on the door]

>> No.46190630

The problem with Battlegroup (esp. with specialized subunits) is that it requires all out forces to stay fairly close together in some kind of giant doomstack. For one, we can't commit singletons, and for two, units caught alone are going to be that much more vulnerable. Essentially, it magnifies the flaws we already have.

Contrasting to Elite Army's straight +dmg +hp upgrades across the board, which works to mitigate the flaws we already have, at the cost of not providing any obvious strongpoints or utility abilities. A maxed out ground unit or two could probably stand toe-to-toe with an Angel for a few turns while the rest of the force made it.

So long as we keep our units together and don't string them out or go running off, we ought to do fairly well. Doubly so if we can remember to keep the assault units assaulting and the support units supporting.

>> No.46190635


Eva tech. giant robots would be fun, but ultimately i think that they would be to expensive, especially with our record of damage control.

>> No.46190642

Let's read her Night Flight.

Research poll :

>> No.46190643

OOC: So, were we tang'd? It seems like thats the only possible solution as to what happened. Also RIP Tim Hortons card, you shall be missed.

>> No.46190659

inb4 other(!)eileen
In the immortal words of Finance Director, "Stop bombing our own units, Major."

>> No.46190663

>And really Major, I can't emphasize enough how important all of this is. I know it's hard and stressful, but drinking is not a solution Major.

You're right. How about a date instead?

>> No.46190673

No, I think we learned something, and then did our best to forget what it was via drinking.

>> No.46190679

If you take a look under at the back of the report, I detailed a group for the research facilities.

>Scenario A: Evangelion unit development, Positron Technology

Also, we all have our ways of dealing with issues. And you're acting as if this is a recurring issue with me.

>> No.46190684

Nah, voted against. Not yet.

>> No.46190692

Not yet, nigger.

>> No.46190702

Could be that we just blacked out.

>> No.46190719


>> No.46190755

Reminder David best boy.

>> No.46190783

>all these mad CAGfags.

>> No.46190785

Reminder David's dead, he was just a kid, and you couldn't save him.

>> No.46190827

What about the sabotage? Did Ophelia help us get to her for no reason? Are there still agents running around? What about the big X on the map, or the second O?

>> No.46190837

>implying David won't come back as Tabris

>> No.46190846


I'm ok with Finance waifu.

Do we even know her name yet though.

>> No.46190851

Reminder that there are people in this thread RIGHT NOW that encouraged his suicide attack against the Angel.

>> No.46190895

It still pisses me off. Every quest, no matter if it's as good as this, is ultimately beholden to the stupidest poster on the board.

>> No.46190901

>Do we even know her name yet though.
Now's a good a time as any to ask.

>> No.46190923

I think we should note that NERV-HQ is moving our combat towards the traditional AT field in impenetrable until neuted or massive force is applied.

Battlegroup utility is going to go down.

>> No.46190945



[Rachel enters the room slowly, dragging her IV pole]

Hey, can I come in?

>> No.46190948


QM can we have some sort of system where we can cancel an action if it's super stupid

>> No.46190970


>> No.46190980


>> No.46190982

Hey man, don't you dare blame this on us.

There was no way we knew he was gonna do something that insane. Considering that we were gonna lose two pilots with Florence's EVA essentially being disabled, I think we had did the right call. Just...not the right rolls...

>> No.46190988

Not so - Precedent is that the AT Fields have a lot of health, but conventional units can still put a pretty sizable dent in them. Tanks and gunships do a respectable amount of damage, backed up by the fact that we have a lot of them.

>> No.46190996

I'm so bad at remembering characters
Sure come on in.

>> No.46191004


>> No.46191013

Rachel! God its good to see you!

>> No.46191019


>> No.46191020


>Start tearing up

>> No.46191021

it's CAG
smug pilot aka bestgirl
she's awake

>> No.46191024

"And I thought my hangover was bad."

>> No.46191029

I like your music choices.

>> No.46191042

can we blame this on the medication

>> No.46191043

Fuckin' whoops forgot her real name.

>> No.46191044

impeccably timed waifu wars, NERV-HQ.

My complements.

Thats on previous battles.

May no longer apply. See >>46178619

>> No.46191050

What do you mean what? Didn't you said you wanted to know when she would wake up? Well, she's awake now Major.

>> No.46191069

Just... didn't expect her to up be up and about so fast.

Thank you doctor.

>> No.46191074


>> No.46191084


Rachel ... We are installing the F200-PW-830 on ACE, the raw power is ... as you said : fantastic ... I still owe you this medal though.

>> No.46191085

I would say i need another drink but that's probably not the best idea right now.

>> No.46191087

Rachel. Its Rachel.
like Jacob's favorite wifes name. Old testament.

>> No.46191108


I dont think shes in any condition to fly anymore...

>> No.46191109

INB4 dream sequence

>> No.46191114

Oh. Well, drat.
I guess it's a good thing we're tethering our tanks to the Evas then!
also explains why we have the blasted apocalypse-enablers in the first place

>> No.46191124



>> No.46191140

That one of the last thing she asked us. It is the intent that matter.

>> No.46191152



>> No.46191163


>> No.46191166

no, she said to look after anna for her. Which we have to do, by the way. Her being not dead doesn't invalidate that.

>> No.46191167

That was cute, anon.

>> No.46191172

What if she doesn't remember anything at all.

>> No.46191177

Haha, it seems there's more surprises today that I thought.

I have to say though Rachel, your are more impressive than mine.

>> No.46191184

Yeah, we'll just have to look after the both of them.

>> No.46191190

doc I owe you a beer. or cigar

well... anna should be happy with this at least.

sorry in advance to Eileen.

>> No.46191212

should we, uhh, tell her what Anna was getting up too?

>> No.46191221

keep that to ourselves for now.

>> No.46191226

God no

>> No.46191234

Not now! Now is the time for happy reunions!

>> No.46191239

Yeah, let's keep that to ourselves.

>> No.46191246

Let's not mention Anna while Eileen is in the room.

>> No.46191250




Hey. What was the last major thing we noted before Rachel recovered?

The squirting is some alium/EVA-tech healjuice.

>> No.46191255

nah. Like, really nah. When would there ever be a good time for that conversation?

>> No.46191270

Nope, we're all far too sober for that.

>> No.46191277


>> No.46191293

Fuck you, we're not talking about this.

>> No.46191295

i agree. let's go get drunk again.

>> No.46191307

Somewhere between third and fourth bottle of Stolichnaya?

>> No.46191312


[She laughs] I see you're still yourself! Well, you and everyone else in you head.

You sure as hell owe me a medal Major!

A dream? Oh, come on. You know I hate this kind of sweet talk.

Next time you throw a party this wild Major, you've got to invite me! Right in the Geofront too! That's bold as hell.

>> No.46191315


Hes saying the masturbation healed rachel.

And with what we deal with on a daily basis, I can't just discard this out of hand. Fuck. I need a drink.

>> No.46191342

>A dream? Oh, come on. You know I hate this kind of sweet talk.

>> No.46191343


check if we still have the bullet hole in our arm

>> No.46191347

>A dream? Oh, come on. You know I hate this kind of sweet talk.

You're killing me QM.

>> No.46191349

yes we are all still here. Good to see you again. Boss man was sad and depressed.

>> No.46191359


>> No.46191366

this too.

>> No.46191385

Alright Major, I got what I need.

I'll leave you two alone.

[She leaves the room and takes Eileen with her.]

>> No.46191391

but I dont want the QM to kill us

>> No.46191393

I'm just...so glad you're awake again.

After what happened in the last operation, I was beginning to lose hope...I am sure you've been informed what happened to David.

And yeah, you can count on that medal within the week CAG.

>> No.46191412

Shit, I feel abit bad.

Why does she always look like shes blushing

>> No.46191415

I think she likes us. she's soooo jealous.

>> No.46191444

To Eileen: We're still getting Tim Horton's after this Ok?

>> No.46191461

>Well, you and everyone else in you head.

>> No.46191477

You've been out quite a while scarface. It's good to see you. A lot of things have changed since you went into a coma, how much have you been told?

>> No.46191479

this too, after we make sure we still have the card. And do we still have the bullet wound?

>> No.46191484

I still got a bunch of patient I need to see.

Don't keep her standing up too long Major, she needs to recover.

[It's still there]

[Eileen] Sure! Just the two of us right?

>> No.46191487


This. Even if it's bandaged, it's still proof.

>> No.46191500

Dude, everyone that's spent at least one collective hour near us have realized at this point

>> No.46191509

Of Course Eileen.

>> No.46191528

Hmm maybe we died and this is what 3rd impact is like.We should hit on all of them Johnny Bravo style to see if they are real or not.

Hey there military momma you seen guns as big as these before? And flex your muscles.

How about you and me playing doctor? Wanna take my pulse?


>> No.46191535

>Next time you throw a party this wild Major, you've got to invite me! Right in the Geofront too! That's bold as hell.

With all the labatt 50 we stockpiled, it will be a hell of a party, trust me. Even Anna will need to drink if we want end them all.

>> No.46191536

Oh god she's looking away. That hurts, like right in the feelings.

I will admit we kind of had more interaction with her than Rachel at this point...

Rachel I like, but its a very bro-y relationship.

>[Eileen] Sure! Just the two of us right?
Hopefully yes.

>> No.46191539


Of course. Headpat Eileen.

I want to see if headpats will differentiate the two.

>> No.46191549


>> No.46191571

No relationship yet. We might still catch a date or a drink with finance.


Also thank Finance for chasing us down all the time. Keeps us on track. AND ASK HER NAME.

>> No.46191579

Guys, guys, pls, at least pretend to keep it together.

>> No.46191586

HQ, please ignore this poster>>46191528

>> No.46191592

>still there
spooky. I have a bad feelig abouty this

{to Rachel} So, I'm assuming you've been all caught up on what you missed?

>> No.46191605

Rachel, I know that I say a lot of stupid bullshit, and the other me's say a lot of other stupid bullshit. But...let me tell you right now that I am more happy now than I have ever been.

You don't need me to tell you that you're a strong and powerful woman, the fact that you're still here proves that.

But, I just want you to know that...I really do care about you. And I would really hope that, you share that sentiment.

>inb4 rejection

>> No.46191617

dude there is no way to pretend that we are sane anymore, we've basically broke under the pressure and this is the result.

>> No.46191619


>> No.46191621

You're too late, Finance already left with that other Eileen. Also FWIW I feel no interest in chasing a dead bro's girl for a long while.

>> No.46191623

Could be interesting.

Original Eileen was just a plain ol germaphobe from what I understood.

First Eileen was antsy about being touched but was ultimately fine with it.

If ZwEileen Doesn't mind at all there might be something off.

>> No.46191639


>> No.46191646





>> No.46191647

Yeah I know about David. Poor kid. I feel so bad hitting him back then.

Scarface? Never liked this movie. How about just Scar? Like that cylon pilot in Battlestar Galactica?

Soooo... since were alone now, do you want me to take it off?

>> No.46191651

Yes. Finance is gone, and so is Elizabeth.

QM gave us a fucking light from the heavens by bringing CAG back, and you're gonna tell me no? Yeah, no thanks bro.

>> No.46191652

[to Rachel]
So you're up. that's good.
I think I got shot last night...

>> No.46191656

too early, Abort the run
Finances's sister is the dead bro's girl. Finance herself is open.

>> No.46191663


>> No.46191671

Voted against. Is it so hard to wait until we're not all under the threat of horrible death to start hooking up with people?

>please select all images with stop signs.

>> No.46191672


Elizabeth was Phillips waifu.

Finance was Elizabeth's sister.

Get your characters right. Pastebin's there for a reason.

>> No.46191680

>do you want me to take it off?
I'm confused... is this code?
Are you gonna pull off the bandaid if I say yes?

>> No.46191686


>> No.46191688

Halt action, do not do this.

>> No.46191689

I'm not sure now would be the right time for... oh, you mean the bandage, sure, go ahead.

>> No.46191692

You mean like literally every part of the quest? Yeah, I'm sorry my friend but if this is too soon after 4 sessions we've spent with her, and the fact that we're taking care of her foster child, I think this is the most opportune time.

>> No.46191694

Yes, please.

>> No.46191695

Has it healed enough for that?

>> No.46191709

Oh yeah totally. I got a sick wound from last night. I can't wait to show it off.

>> No.46191728

This, we show her our scar and she show us hers.

>> No.46191735

Put your panties back on. She ain't strong enough to pull your dick off and fuck you with it yet.

Please do not say this Nerv.

>> No.46191739

... You mean the bandages, right?

>> No.46191754

>her face when

>> No.46191769

What is this? Katawa Shoujo?

>> No.46191779


I love this woman.

>> No.46191788

...You might catch a cold, Scar. We wouldn't want that now that you've begun to recover now, do we?

If this puts her down, take off our own. J-just to show *our* sick scar, it isn't like- oh who am I kidding.

>> No.46191800

Of course I meant the bandages, ...what did you think I was talking about, Major?

So how is it? Badass? Gross? Tell me what you think!

>> No.46191819

This is a good idea
>I had a fun party the other night, the one you heard about and helped with. I don't think the others who came are going to be much help at work. We didn't finish the party though.

>> No.46191820

Makes you look like you fought a hundred foot giant alien and won.

>> No.46191824


Could be worse. Now if you wanted badass, it'll have to be a scar down over the eye.

>> No.46191832


>> No.46191841

>Katawa NERV

Well, it's left it's mark certainly. Shame it ruined your perfect skin, but it has it's own charm.

>> No.46191846

Looks like we've got Punished CAG on our hands after all.

>> No.46191847

Meant to link

>> No.46191849

You'd look pretty cute with an eyepatch, y'know that? On second thought, nevermind, who'd wanna look like CBG, eh?

>> No.46191858

know those action movies where the hero gets bitchin' scars? that kind

>> No.46191867

"How 'bout we just cut to the chase and call you Venom CAG?"

>> No.46191881

It's pretty baddass. It'll definetly scare all the kids in your division.

>> No.46191886

It's already quite badass and it didn't even totally healed up.

Do you know in how many time you can fly? The sky feel a little empty without you. Especially when an Angel go on a rampage.


>> No.46191904

Well, I've definitely seen worse.

What did the doctor say about it? Is it expected to heal any more?

>> No.46191934

I'd tell you it's bullshit, but truth to be told similar thing worked for me at one point...

>> No.46191954

About how long until you are expected to be out of the hospital?
If possible, It would be an honor for you to lead the helm once again...

>> No.46192102

A bit of both?

I'm pretty sure I got scars too.

Seriously though we need to show her our gun wound. Maybe we can get all conspiratorial.

>> No.46192123

I know right? You sure have a lot of opinions on my scars. The Doc said they're here to stay.

I don't know how long I'll be stuck in here. I'm hitching to fly again but the doctor said that I'm not ready yet. I heard Steve is the new CAG? The wimpy guy from Vancouver? How is he holding up?

You even got shot? You know what, I like my parties wild but your might be a bit too savage for me.

>> No.46192138

Rachel, I didn't get shot at a party.

>> No.46192172

Perhaps we should discuss this at a different location?
[tilt head towards side, give look of concern]

>> No.46192188


O you know.

Just a minor spot of trouble at the 'O'.

>> No.46192213

>You even got shot? You know what, I like my parties wild but your might be a bit too savage for me.
I'd explain but the walls have ears.

so yeah... wouldn't want my 'embarrassing' secrets to get out.

>> No.46192215

The new air guy is too green to tell at this point. I'm sure he'll be all right.

>> No.46192220 [DELETED] 

I wasn't shot a party. **REALLY QUIET WISPER** I didn't go to any party. I'll tell you more later.

>> No.46192225

Steve's doing all right, but it doesn't feel right without your voice buzzing in my ear.

>> No.46192231

A bit too much methinks.

>> No.46192248

If there here to stay, then at least they're really cool to look at.

Also, don't worry about the fly group too much. Just keep your mind on recovering. You can count myself and Anna to bring you some of your favorites of Labbatt 50 and roses for your hospital bed.

>> No.46192250

Well, good to see you're still your usual confident self. You'll do fine.

I've been taking care of Anna while you were out. She's a handfull, but things have been generally okay.

>> No.46192262

Nah, I'd rather not come off as that much of an idiot when we are already on the edge.

>> No.46192271

page 10

Last battle he ordered all our VTOL to land ... I know a N2 mine was dropped danger close and all ... Yeah, it's a new habit of our strategic bombers crew ... dropping N2 mines without direct order.

Anyway if those VTOL were here when we needed them, maybe ... There is no point dwelling on the past.

To sum it up : he's from Vancouver.

>> No.46192290

Deleted post because I realized how dumb it was.

>> No.46192323

>he's from Vancouver.
Wow man. That hurts.

>> No.46192393

You shouldn't go to any parties any time soon.

>> No.46192412

Anna and I helped load your place up with Beer. maybe after Angel 6 is settled we can throw a party.

Have you checked with her at all by the way?

She was like super distraught after your coma.

>> No.46192438


Oh? Secrets and Intimate locations, is this a date Major? [She laughs]

Yeah, He takes weird decisions sometimes. You better keep him on a close leash.

>he's from Vancouver.

Hey give him a bit of credit, at least he's not from Boston.

[She close her eyes for a bit]

I'm feeling light headed. Maybe I should head back to my room.

It was good seeing you. Keep me updated on our ''secret meeting'', Major!

>> No.46192462

oh by the way go see anna if you can she was beyond worried for you

>> No.46192476


Oh yea, have you seen anna yet. Shes been really worried about you. Shes been staying with me since you got into the hospital.

>> No.46192482

let's go see if we can go find Anna after this.

>> No.46192487

It's a date then.

Anyways, I don't want to keep you any further. Bye for now Rachel, and make sure to not scratch your scars too much.

>> No.46192506

I think this is a good place to end this thread. As always, thank you for playing!

What did you think of my 3D assets? I can see us doing more personal scale combat like this in the future if you liked it.

>> No.46192537

How much advance prep pre-thread for the corridor assets and different views each time?

>> No.46192540

It was pretty awesome QM
Thanks for the thread.

>> No.46192543


I was cool.

Boss, whats finance's name? And does she like the major?

>> No.46192573

Bruh chill. CAG is our waifu.

>> No.46192574

Yeah, I'm legit surprised how amazingly well you pulled off P-Scale encounters.

>> No.46192577

I am frankly astonished and amazed in the speed in which you're able to illustrate this quest. It's a major contributor to how much I enjoy your quest IMO. What software do you use?

>> No.46192578

Good job on this one QM.
3D assets look really nice.

Also, question about the next session: are we starting off on the operation or are we gonna have one last on foot session so we can deal with Anna and Elizabeth?

>> No.46192610

I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable about any situation where we need to roll dice but I guess that's just me....

Also thanks for running.

>> No.46192621

It was really good. I personally don't care for personal scale stuff that much and really like the angel fights a lot more, but it was still fun. Just personal preferences.

I also only get good rolls during angel fights so I'm kind of biased ;~;

>> No.46192632

3d assets were nice and I really think they made the whole "personnal scale" combat way more understandable.

Personnal scale combat are cool but should stay rare. They feel way more dangerous (we are playing with our life) and give a good adrenaline kick.

>> No.46192663


Matter of time

Before cag rolls 1 again.

>> No.46192714



and then double 1s for -1.

>> No.46192760

Catastrophic failure.

CAG crashes into the HQ and sets us on fire.

>> No.46192801

It took 1 1/2 hour to do the assets, after this it was easy to just make the rooms along the map as you explored everything.

I only used Photoshop and Maya for the 3D.

Sophie. I think the new Head of R&D mentioned it last thread?

Yeah I prefer Angel fights too, but I'm beginning to like this interim stuff.

I agree, they should be rare. But maybe I can find a way to do them in a friendly environment. Maybe finish the interrupted beach episode and have the kids play with water guns?

Seriously man your funding documents are awesome. Keep doing them and I'll be a happy QM.

I feel we should start with the battle. But the beginning of the thread can be about Elizabeth if that's what you want.

>> No.46192839

>But the beginning of the thread can be about Elizabeth if that's what you want.

For what again?

Also with regards to the battle mechanics, how are they changing? How will they affect us next round?

>> No.46192891

They're not changing. It's just that you'll have assign a Eva Unit to A.T. Neutralizing duty, and it will still be able to fight.

>> No.46192896

So, anyone busy on archiving this shit?

>> No.46192931

It's already been done on suptg. Hurry up and upvote it.

>> No.46192968

>long(ish) hair Eileen
>short hair Eileen

Did one of them get haircut or do we blame this on LCL shenanigans?

>> No.46193006

It's to make sure she doesn't kill herself? Remember, this is the woman who lost her husband and foster son. I think we owe her at least a bit of compassion considering we essentially ordered both of them to their deaths.

>> No.46193020


blame it on the LCL.

And a method to differentiate them.

>> No.46193077

Looks like a good chunk is still missing.

>> No.46193084

They have the same hair length, it's just that Eileen I keep hers in a hair do while Eileen II has them loose.

>> No.46193090

So ideas on what to do with two Eileens?

>> No.46193103

Just wait for it finish loading the remaining posts. It usually takes a good few hours but it'll get done.

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