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Sup /teeg/, I've got a question.

I've seen threads with picture related a lot and never paid them much mind in the past, but I've grown curious about whether there's actually some system or ruleset behind them, or if it's more or less freeform?

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It's basicly up to the questmaster (OP) that detrimens the rolls and scenarios, etc

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So all the numbers and shit like populations, military, wealth etc are basically just the OP winging it as he sees fit?

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more or less. I see them more as guidelines than set rules

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This is the most recent version of that pic.

Oddly enough, I haven't seen Civ General for a few weeks now.

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Think myrm got them banned with his shitposting or something.

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I could start one, I guess. I happen to have a map that I was going to use for something else, but which would be pretty nice for a civ thread as well.

Never ran one before though, so I dunno if I'd be the best choice for it.

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I hate that myrm guy. He ruined it for everyone man.

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Fuck it throw it up! Civ General now!

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Hey bud, mind adding CYOA to the subject line next time so I can autohide your threads? Thanks, have a good one.

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>This faggot again
Does people having fun trigger you?

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Sure, gimme a few moments to prepare some shit.

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We used to have a general for these things, but, discussions eventually boiled down to "fuck you myrm!!" thanks to that faggot.

We DID have some interesting ideas though. But alas, I lost all of it when my laptop died and had to get a new one.

Was planning on running something similar to DeadQm/Jioty and the homunculi but considering how my last breakdown simply destroyed my will to host anything it'll take a while

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Good luck, Anon

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Yea thanks!

I remember someone coming up with some sorts of a progression/tech tree kinda thing which was nifty to have.

Anyways I have a question.. How do you come up with cultures and or technology for non-standard races as crystalids and other alien things out there? Ignore the insects and the slimes cause their just consume-evolve-conquer

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Aight I made a thread.

Let's see how badly I can fuck this up.

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Here's the link

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Oh. Right. Forgot to link the actual thread.

Looks like the fucking-up starts early.

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