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Alright anons, let's roll up a regiment!

My only rule is that any result of a destroyed homeworld will be rerolled. Because dead homeworlds aren't terribly fun.

Roll me 1d10!

>> No.46129425

Rolled 9 (1d10)


>> No.46129501

A bunch of poor sods, armed with nought but cheap auto-arms and lasguns, while their armor might as well be paper, and in some cases really is just painted on paper.

Regardless, they'll do their duty to world, Throne and Emperor.

ROLL ME 1D100!

>> No.46129608

Rolled 3 (1d100)

>> No.46129696

Rolled 22 (1d100)

>All male demographic
Seems most this militia is men! Ratio of male-to-female can be adjusted later, though I'm assuming this means the militia leaves most of their women at home while all the men go off to war.


>> No.46129701

Rolled 33 (1d100)


>> No.46129764

>Noble militia
Should we switch to this?

Also, ignore this roll entirely.

>> No.46129875

Rolled 9 (1d10)


I say yes.

>> No.46129973

>Standard conscription

Considering they're a bunch of nobles, I fully expect them to be made up of rich people wanting to get some prestige, or officers whose fathers bought them commissions as presents.


>> No.46130049

Rolled 76 (1d100)


>> No.46130057

Rolled 40 (1d100)

I'd say >>46129608 is canon by four minutes, but since it was 3 and >>46129701 was 33, let all the officers/sergeants be nobles. They can treat the troops as valets or coolies.

>> No.46130071


>> No.46130122 [DELETED] 

Civilized World, Death World.

>> No.46130144

>Civilized world

We're not some bunch of rabble from one of those filthy backwater worlds, we are CIVILIZED militia! We read our books, and have tea, and get actual air support.


>> No.46130161

Rolled 25 (1d100)


>> No.46130171

Rolled 30 (1d100)


>> No.46130218



Which will it be lads, sepoys or Arabs?

>> No.46130234

Sepoys I say. Time for our Nam.

>> No.46130244

>Civilized World
>Death World

>> No.46130262

Those pyramids won't raid themselves, by Jove!
Or maybe a world with desert and jungle?

>> No.46130279

An arid jungle of cacti.

>> No.46130288


>> No.46130306

On the other hand, going desert could mean were Space Napoleonic Guard .

>> No.46130370

Well, moving on a bit.

Also, put in your vote for the terrain. So far it's one desert, one jungle, one 'why not both'

>> No.46130391

Rolled 70 (1d100)

Yes, my liege.

>> No.46130406

I want Volpone Blueboods, or atleast Scion stand ins.


>> No.46130411

I say both.

Fuck mono terrain planets.

>> No.46130443

Rolled 24 (1d100)

If not both, I vote Jungle. You can still have pyramids in a jungle.

>> No.46130450

Rolled 50 (1d100)


It's late.

>> No.46130492

Damn, I wanted drop.

>> No.46130505

>Mechanized Infantry

Tally ho! We charge across the plains and fields in our horses of steel, while our footsloggers step out of the back to bring the Emperor's lasfire on the enemy.


>Heavy Infantry

>Infantry Regiment

Any objections?

>> No.46130523

Me too. Drop is badass

>> No.46130538

Rolled 8 (1d100)

Fuck it, go for all of them

>> No.46130551

Rolled 22 (1d100)

Unless they are wearing Sister-style human power armor, with heavier armor for the Noble sergeants, no, no objections to Mechanized.

>> No.46130559


>> No.46130567

A Mechanized Heavy Infantry Regiment?

>> No.46130569

Rolled 6 (1d10)

No objections

>> No.46130578

Then ignore >>46130551 and keep >>46130538
since it's under 10.

>> No.46130596

>Shock and Awe

>Close Combat

Well gentlemen, which one?

>> No.46130610

I mean, the way this has been going... Why not both?

>> No.46130633

Why no both?

>> No.46130653

This is gonna be a running theme, isn't it?


>> No.46130664

Rolled 4 (1d10)


>> No.46130676

Rolled 7 (1d10)

No, sometimes however, the nobles hunt the most dangerous game... By throwing wave after wave of coolies at them in the Cactus Jungles.

>> No.46130677

Rolled 2 (1d10)


>> No.46130718


Ok, we gotta pick one. Maybe two, one for the officers and one for the serfs.

>> No.46130734


Regular spongecake worshippers.


Seems our wealth and power went a little bit to our heads.



Let me guess, all of them?

>> No.46130749

Fanatical, mother fucker

>> No.46130755

Is this a question?

>> No.46130757

I say Adherent for the nobles and fanatical for the coolies.

>> No.46130792

Agreed. Sometimes this backfires on the nobles. But they tend to keep them in check with "Mutany is Heresy" speeches.

>> No.46130799

It appears there is agreement, though I myself agree with the last anon on differing loyalty levels.


>> No.46130808

Rolled 35 (1d100)


>> No.46130823

Rolled 4 (1d100)

The die is cast.

>> No.46130826

Rolled 39 (1d100)

By Joveius!

>> No.46130861

Exotic Mounts for the nobles, traditional otherwise?

>> No.46130869

>Exotic Mount

>Traditional Weapon

Since there are two of the same result, we'll go with exotic mounts. Perhaps they imported those Krieg horses, or some fine specimens from Attila.


>> No.46130886

Rolled 37 (1d100)

The cast has died.

>> No.46130895

Rolled 2 (1d100)


>> No.46130899

Rolled 14 (1d100)


>> No.46130928

The dice have caught onto our game, guys.

>> No.46130963

>For the Homeworld

The rest of the galaxy, and filthy xenos and heretics, shall know of our swordsmanship, of our steel, of the strengths of our mounts, and of our devotion to the Emperor!


>> No.46130968

Rolled 3 (1d10)


>> No.46130985

Rolled 14 (1d100)

Show us some Love!

>> No.46130989

Rolled 3 (1d100)


>> No.46130994

Last second mix up!

Use this for >>46130963

>> No.46131000

Rolled 54 (1d100)


>> No.46131028


It is always useful to have good relations with constabulary.


As expected of those with wealth.

>Adeptus Titanicus

Say, Princeps, fancy a spot of tea and crumpets?

So what will it be guys?

>> No.46131050

Arbites, because they're cool

>> No.46131070

All three draw recruits from the ranks of the Nobles.

>> No.46131105

But the Titanicus are strictly Mechanicus. I don't think they draw outside recruits for the Titans, save for those in the Knight Houses.

>> No.46131125

Titanicus doesn't really fit, I don't think

>> No.46131142

As the guy who rolled Titanicus, I'm cool with it being dropped.

>> No.46131154

Rolled 5 (1d10)


>> No.46131156


Then our regiment has allies within the Adeptus Arbites. Terribly useful when the rank-and-file get a little rowdy.


>> No.46131166

Rolled 65 (1d100)


>> No.46131173

Rolled 84 (1d100)

Maybe we're allies because our boys are fanatic, so they destroy heresy and enforce the law on their own

>> No.46131178

Rolled 99 (1d100)


>> No.46131182

Rolled 89 (1d100)


>> No.46131196

Rolled 15 (1d100)

Followup roll

>> No.46131219

>Chaos Space Marines

Pray harder, lad!

Yet another Chaos group, to be decided.

>Dark Eldar

Stop jumping around and stand still, you damn dark-clothed knife ears!


Such filthy greenskins must be wiped out!

Roll me another 1d100

>> No.46131246

Rolled 89 (1d100)

Cynthor fiends here we come!

>> No.46131249

Rolled 15 (1d100)

C-crying ;_;

>> No.46131250

Oh Throne, misinterpreted that one.

Begone foul aging xenos!

I got no idea what Hrud are somebody help me here

>> No.46131252

Rolled 87 (1d100)

This >>46131196 was the followup to >>46131178
Result was Hrud, but here's another.

>> No.46131282




Space sharks!


Well then, a tie. Votes anons?

>> No.46131304

I got Hrud the first time, and Space Sharks the second. And I vote Space Sharks.

>> No.46131314

And I realize I haven't been namefagging this for a while. Damn it.

>> No.46131322


>> No.46131411

Only the finest caviar, Saharduin Caviar, for M'Lord.

>> No.46131420

We got a summary? Want to roll for colors?

>> No.46131451

Is it just me, or do those guys look more Navy than Infantry?

>> No.46131492

>Noble militia
>From a civilized planet
>Planet is a mix of desert and jungle
>Mechanized infantry regiment
>That runs on shock and awe, and I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD
>And the officers ride on exotic mounts
>The regiment is also 200% LOYAL
>They're friends with Arbites
>And they hate the Saharduin

>> No.46131505

They're meant to look like colonial Americans, though they're basically 'the nobles'

>> No.46131543


>> No.46131546

Wouldn't the recoil from the gun be hitting the guy in the turret if he's standing like that.

>> No.46131547

Sounds like Colonial South America desu baka senpai

>> No.46131602

It's a lasgun turret. Recoil's probably negligible and there's no overpressure to pulp him.

>> No.46131632

Can you expand on that? We've insofar focused on a somewhat British redcoat feel for the regiment, though not to the lazy levels of the Praetorian Guard.

>> No.46131717

>civilized desert jungle homeworld
>fanatic like those damn Spanish Catholics
>shock and awe close combat mixed with heavy armor
>conflict with specific xenos, fucking redskins
>Exotic mounts, Spain brought the first horses to America
Maybe I'm just retarded, but that's the vibe I got

>> No.46131739

Well, shit... You're right!

>> No.46131754


Let's just make sure to not repeat the Castauellians again.

>> No.46131809

A mostly male nobility leads a milita of chattel and peasants. While large portions of the planet are Civilized, outside of those areas is a Catcus Jungle Deathworld (With hidden ancient pyramids, by jove). The nobility lead constant expeditions to raid these ruins.

The miltias tend to be MECHANIZED/HEAVY/INFANTRY that specializes in Close Combat/Shock and Awe tactics. (Bayoneted Rocket Launchers?)

While the coolies are FANATICAL, the nobility themselves are merely Adherents, but tend to disseminate that Mutiny is Heresy in the eyes of The Emperor.

The nobilty also ride Exotic Mounts as status symbols, and often compare their mounts with one another. Typically a form of Krieg horse is common among the nobility, and breeding papers can extend several generations but every once in a while, a particular noble will try to get attention with a mount of another type.

They all fight For the Homeworld. The Nobles in particular compete for Homeworld Status...

Some Nobles get noticed by the Arbites or thee Administratum, and "Old friends" often pull strings for one another.

They are particular enemies of Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Organization Y, while their raiding of old Elder tombs hasn't made them friends of the Dark Elder. Their Sadles also tend to be made of the Finest Sarharduin skins, and imported Sarharduin cavier is a delicacy.

>> No.46131812

who are those niggs?

>> No.46131874

One way I think we can integrate the horses and Chimeras together is that, while the Chimeras form the body of the attack and take the hits, the horses go around the enemy and harass them with lasgun and grenade launcher fire.

>> No.46131944

Previous regiment created, didn't really get past thread one. Was heavily Spanish and conquistador themed.

>> No.46131967

Personally, I like the idea of an all noble militia, and the peasant fodder noble officer combo feels a little stale to me

But that's just me

>> No.46131985

Was that the one where they had the really long name and people kept arguing between conquistadors and monks?

>> No.46131994

The very same.

>> No.46132032

They were fucked because no one could agree on anything

>> No.46132058

Could be that it's differing levels of noble. Upper middle-class and lower nobility get to be the grunts and footsloggers, while the higher and richer nobles get to be the officers.

The regiment's social dynamics would wind up all Game of Thrones, but at the same time they see the grunts as also nobility, so NCOs can actually get a commission and join the officer's club.

To outsiders though, the entire regiment would be a several thousand-strong officer's club, while the actual warrior nobles like Vostroya would probably look down on them for being militia.

>> No.46132099

Problem with backstabbing and political maneuvers is that they're fanatical, so they probably wouldn't want to directly dishonor the creed. However, the religious fanaticism could be the main factor in holding these guys together past all their political intrigue and rivalries

>> No.46132194

Let's start with a name. Any suggestions?

I was thinking the Paraveran Cavaliers.

>> No.46132265

They conquistadores now.

>> No.46132298

Let's not actually. We already tried that before.

>> No.46132340

Have we? Think I missed that then.

>> No.46132395

Hey, everything can be done right as long as there's no spergs

>> No.46132404

Would this mean that the regiment has a lower or higher amount of priests than usual?

>> No.46132471

Priests could work instead of komissars

>> No.46132506

Probably more.

>> No.46132542

The specific job of the priest is completely different from that of the commissars though.

The commissars themselves would, ideally, have to be both incorruptible, have a high amount of faith to be appreciated by the regiment, and have enough force of will to lead when needed without getting bogged down in nobility titles

>> No.46132744

I just meant as like moral guides and enforces, dog

>> No.46132772

Would the regiment use flamers? Or would the officer's just use hand-flamers as personal weapons?

>> No.46132876

Flamer Calvary sounds horribly ineffective and terribly badass

>> No.46132927

...Close Combat Shock and Awe...

>> No.46132991

Rolled 44, 79 = 123 (2d100)

Just gonna roll for renown and demeanor on the Stormtrooper Company creator, to help add detail to the regiment.


>> No.46133005

>Well Known
>Psyker Intolerant

>> No.46133148

Actually. Pistoleer cavalry was tried but had the wee problem of not being able to outgun infantry. Flamethrower cavalry could destroy every fucking thing. See opening. Ride up. Fwhoosh. Wheel about, ride away, get more fuel. Repeat as necessary.

>> No.46133165

Problem is riding into the flames. You can't really maintain a formation and not run into this problem

>> No.46133180

I still support grenade launcher cavalry, with rounds stretching from frag to smoke to incendiary

>> No.46133200

Second this

>> No.46133214



>> No.46133240

>Noble militia
>From a civilized planet
>Planet is a mix of desert and jungle
>Mechanized infantry regiment
>That runs on shock and awe, and I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD
>And the officers ride on exotic mounts
>The regiment is also 200% LOYAL
>They're friends with Arbites
>And they hate the Saharduin

>Maybe Spanish
>Possibly grenade launcher cavalry
>Regiment internal social dynamics are like Game of Thrones
>Regiment united by their religious fanaticism

>> No.46133246


These guys need some love

>> No.46133259

Arbites you sack of shit, how was the party

>> No.46133278

They can be the Other Chaos Organization that these guys are enemies of...

>> No.46133404

ULTRALOYAL dudes that ride in on tanks and fucking sweet animals and shit and work with judge dread and fucking hate sharks?

I'm down, but am iffy about the Spanish thing but will gladly help fluff as long as it doesn't devolve into memery like the last Spanish regiment.

Ayyyy ten beers in, six shots of sake, and a minibar bottle of wine later I had a great time.

Now I'm on fucking /tg/ writing fluff for three separate homebrews.


>> No.46133459

Riding into the flames would be stupid, yes.

>> No.46133474

Just an idea...seeing as these guys are fiercely fanatical in their faith...should they take no prisoners policy? Seeing as all enemies are essentially heretics..

>> No.46133493

How about common prisoners are worthless, officers are to be held in comfort for a ransom? If they ain't too heretical of course.

>> No.46133505

Prisoners? My friend, surely you mean fat with which we grease our treads.

Also how's about Hussars?

>> No.46133518

I believe that could work. But there are always instances of mass executions due to one of our many heavily devout Officers?

>> No.46133522

Have they decided on the Xenos yet? Convincing them to go Sahaugin would certainly help tie up loose ends, here.

>> No.46133555

I like the idea of heavy lance cavalry seeing as close combat is a huge part of our regiment. And maybe they also carry grenade launchers for the shock and awe?

>> No.46133567

Well...these guys are lead by an enigmatic Xeno >>46096916 and don't discriminate in their ranks so they include any mercenaries they can muster

>> No.46133575

Gonna just start like this. Feel free to call me out for stupid ideas, I'm hella baked.

>> No.46133586

I was thinking more dragoons. Remember, the rough rider part is only an attachment to their main focus as mechanized infantry. The mounted cavalry has to work in tandem with the armored cavalry.

>> No.46133615

Chain Swords' and Grenade Launchers...that's one badass Dragoon Regiment

>> No.46133637

Grenade launchers and Hunting Lances a la Sanguine Shields/Tarellian Rough Riders.

Kurwa Guardsmen are more visually interesting and recognizable and the difference is negligent to normie and those who aren't arm chair historians.

>> No.46133658

Fanatically devoted
Lances/Grenade Launchers

>> No.46133665

Hmm, that certainly makes the recipe of a fast paced and chaotic battle. Our commanders would control the perfect storm...the enemy wouldn't know what hit them.

I do believe tales of their exploits will reach the ear of the Emperor himself

>> No.46133669


>> No.46133692

Any objections to having the Bolts of Hammerwatch be their enemies?

>> No.46133694

And what's more. Being as its a militia, it is essentially an expendable force. Which would constantly see our troops in battles against superior equipped foes. We'd be some battle hardened motherfuckers.

>> No.46133705

No I was actually thinking similar hahaha

>> No.46133708

No particular objection. Are the guys in that thread cool with it?

>> No.46133718


>> No.46133852

So hows it looking so far? What's the summary now?

>> No.46133886

For the Bolts or the 417th Kurwa Cavaliers?

>> No.46133896

Both would be nice desu

>> No.46134072

So? Summary's?

>> No.46134125

I'm not the OP bub, and it's typically the OP's job to do the write up.

The Bolts of Hammerwatch are here >>46045658

>> No.46135746

In the old codex, there was a guard who sacrificed all their prisoners to the Emperor, as a way to ask for his forgiveness

>> No.46135813

Poles would be a little close to the Vostroyans, wouldn't they? outside of the of hussars, but the style of uniforms aren't all that different from contemporary Cossacks, which the Vostroyans were based off

>> No.46137278

Vostroyans are Russians and have big hats and steam punky uniforms.

Hussars have wings and look borderline mediaeval, there's a marked visual difference.

>> No.46138999

Don't tell me these niggas don't look like Vostroyans

>> No.46141146

Does this?

>> No.46141688

how about something like this

>> No.46141752

Did you just fucking draw that?!

It's cool as hell the only thing I would say is give him an animal pelt or an alien steed.

Shits fucking dope tho

>> No.46142134

reverse images turns up this polish nigga: https://www.artstation.com/artist/jakubrozalski

Most of his stuff would actually be good inspiration, now that I'm looking at it

>> No.46142328

I am a fool.

Yeah. Honestly this is what I pictured.

Now what should we name them? # Something Cavaliers?

>> No.46142365

Weilkopolski Cavaliers? My only issue with being primarily cavalry is that there's already two regiments that fit that roll

>> No.46142424

They're primarily Mechanized Infantry. Just the cavalry has a special amount of swag

>> No.46142500

Planets can have more than one biome.

Part of the planet is hot but dry, the other part is hot and wet.

>> No.46142503

What I'm getting at is what do these guys do differently from other regiments? What combat role do they fit?

>> No.46143473

Armored calvary? I don't think there are any heavy Calvary regimentd besides that one from the earlier codex

>> No.46144605

Mounted cav blow shit up with grenade launchers.

Armored cav do armored cav things.

>> No.46144626

>Mounted cav blow shit up with grenade launchers.
Attilans kinda already do that sorta

>> No.46144668

They charge people with explosive lances. And they primarily focus on their horses, rough rider regiment and all.

Ours works in tandem with the Chimeras to destroy the enemy. The cavalry pop smoke, burn things, blow up enemy positions, etc.

>> No.46146082

Why is it always Chimeras?

>> No.46146398

I was actually hyped for space conquisadors.

There are already enough NOT-russian regiments in the IG

>> No.46146444

I know, me too, but I was going for more like 16/17/18th century spainard colonists

>> No.46146477

nice trips. Also i just got that picture searching "Space Conquisadore" in google

>> No.46146589

Do you remember the last fucking time we did this?

It was a shitshow.

Besides these are Hussars you pleb

>> No.46146609

no i do not remember it. got any archive link?

>> No.46146610

Dropped for sexism

>> No.46146629

Problem was there was one guy who kept pushing space monks and ruined the whole idea. It wasn't the idea itself, just rampant autism

>> No.46146694

I'm assuming were just going to ignore the Futbol vox officers and the name that was literally three names long.

>> No.46147274

The idea of space conquistadors is way better than space hussars.

>> No.46147327

Chimeras are just the usual APC the Guard uses. And since this regiment's mechanized infantry, they'll probably be using it.

>> No.46147556

Why not both?

>> No.46147601

You missed the bus hommie.

Because that's nigh impossible to make work.

What do you people have against Winged tankers?

>> No.46147886

Poles distinctive to be a cool IG regiment

>> No.46147941

*just aren't that distinctive enough

>> No.46147987

Winged hussars are though.

I mean, look at them, wings!

>> No.46148235

Indeed. I was the OP for that thread, kind of sad that all the autism ruined it, I had some fun with it.

>> No.46148471

Read here

Catachans aren't US Soldiers they're all Rambo. Kriegers aren't WWII soldiers they're all sinister trench fighters.

These Cavaliers aren't poles, they're Winged Hussars. Winged banners, sabers and lances, animal pelts and all

>> No.46149330

It's just my opinion, I'll go with what everyone wants

>> No.46149500

Awfully kind anon.

The past couple of homebrews have fallen through the cracks, like the Dune Talons and Sunken Angels, and the Bolts of Hammerwatch are in their way out. I'd really like to see these guys make it since it's a fairly fun concept.

>> No.46149762

Some made it though, like the Golden Spectres or the Sanguine Shields

>> No.46149787

Sanguine Shields died too.

>> No.46149818

I remember the Dune Talons, and Sunken Angles (I loved them), but I don't remember the Bolts of Hammerwatch.

Would love to see the Shields come back one day, when all the autists die out.

>> No.46149844

Here's the Bolts

>> No.46149914

They can easily be brought back. I want them too

>> No.46150641

What are you doing outside of Tumblr?

>> No.46150901

Here's the Spectres if anyone's interested. They're stealth-defense imperial fists successors

>> No.46152474


>> No.46152748

How is it that some regiments/chapters get thread after thread of fleshing out while others die by the second thread? What keeps the fluffing out going?

>> No.46153190

Is there a way to do the hussar wings as Aquilla wings? I know that Dark Angels kinda already do the hussar wings, which is why I'm not particularly fond of the idea.

>> No.46153265

Yeah, but the Hussar wings are over shadowed with monk robes and terrible models.

Hussars have armour and animal pelts and sabers and lances to help them stand out.

>> No.46154628


>> No.46156664

I'm beginning to rethink the whole Hussars bit. Doesn't make much sense with their homeworld.

Conquistadors, Hussars or something else?

>> No.46157142

I like conquistadors, but it can be Rommel in space

>> No.46157896

Rommel would be tanks, and Armageddon Steel Legion have already taken the whole panzer division schtick

>> No.46157929

I'm just trying hard to find them interesting.

>> No.46159505

I know people have been talking combined arms, but why not mechanised cavalry? Rock up in a fleet of Gorgons, which open the doors and then cavalry charge?

To pick up a dead post, being cavaliers, I do thing they should be undisciplined, rather pushing forwards and keep going, damn the battle plan. Very Prince Rupert.

Then with the grenade launcher/flamer debate, why not both? Pop smokes and frags from a few hundred away to survive the charge, and then bear down upon these godless heathens with sheets of flame?

And if we're being Polish, Kawaliers, please.
Just my thoughts.

>> No.46161125

You mean Crassus? Because Gorgons are pretty damn slow, they're basically land-based Higgins boats for the siege regiments to deploy the troops.

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