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Why haven't you forsaken human women for a non human wife yet Anon?

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Why? You seen any lying around?

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Because I slaughter them all, OP. Only humans should reign supreme!

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You need to relax. Have a qt.

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I'm a nonhuman monsterboy looking to snag a human fling actually.

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>le ebin knight maymay so edgey :-DDD

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I've forsaken human women for human men.

Goodbye, fair femininity. Now my cock only penetrates assholes.

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Because it's Warhammer Fantasy and your options are elves (not big on miscegenation and creepy af) and vampires (won't suck your cock, just your blood).

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Daily reminder that the crusaders lost 800 years ago already.

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That's not a crusader, it's a malfunctioning violent android from the future.

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>Only humans should reign supreme!
Why, specifically?

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Because if we don't someone else will, and that's terrifying.

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Me too.
But I don't penetrate anymore either.

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Because monsters deserve nothing short of a sword between the shoulders

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Pretty sure that's the armour from Oblivion's Knights of the Nine DLC.

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Because they're not real.

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CHA: 6

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Because we don't yet have waifuroids or genetically engineered catgirls.

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Because monster girls do not exist in the three dimensions.

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I understand nonhumans even less than I understand humans, so anything but a shallow relationship is doomed to failure.

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Level adjustment.

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Because that would either be bestiality or just a sex toy. You also can't marry either, so not like it would matter even if it weren't disgusting.

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But dindu females are ugly as fuck.
I much prefer human women to them.

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1. Nothing to forsake for me
2. Not into bestiality
3. Sapient nonhumans are not available

I wonder if shameful knightposting is done by one autist, a few (2-3) autists or whether it's a legit meme with a bandwagon following. In either case it's hilarious to see people butthurt about alien girls when there's so much regular malice, greed, avarice and other sorts of wickedness in the land to feel righteous fury against.

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Because I don't care if it's a man or a woman, a human or a lamia or even a succubus. I will tease them forever and ever, without giving them the chance to ever put out with me.

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A malfunctioning violent android from the future, yeah. Thats what anon said too

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But I did. That's why I married a trap halfling

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>see people butthurt about alien girls when there's so much regular malice, greed, avarice and other sorts of wickedness in the land to feel righteous fury against
Welcome to grimdark. In the grim darkness of far future, there is only nazis (and what makes this darkness even grimmer - they are right)

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AGIs don't exist yet, and even if they did I wouldn't trust one unless I programmed it myself.

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Oh good. I needed more brown elves for my collection.

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Either he's getting it, or he has embraced lovelessness, like I have.

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Because marriage is for chumps.

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The skank embarrasses her Master by scratching at her crotchrot while serving?

Fukken sold.

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You must be new here

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im not into monster babies

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Dude goes on a violent rampage and murders the ever-loving fuck out of anything elf related; slaughters elven prisoners of war, once went on a rampage so brutal an entire region of land just stopped existing, angst's about knowing about the true nature of reality, and calls all his allies pussies when they tell him that fighting this new elf wizard king alone is a bad idea. He's pretty edgy if you look at a lot of what he does individually, but gets a pass for most of it by having much of it being written in books that may or may not be entirely true.

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Because I have found no one who I love and who loves me.

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Because I want a husubando

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Because animal women are still part-animal, and beastiality is disgusting.

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Kids are enough of a handful when they're only human. Raising a half-monster is asking to get mauled.

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because i'm waiting for you to die so my waifu can get out.

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Never understood how a man can want to shove his cock into another man's ass when there's all that sweet, tender pussy around. Not that it's a choice, it's just a foreign concept to me.

But I don't have to understand it. Carry on, my homosexual friend!

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Who says im going to have a wife?

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>why man have anal with woman
>why man have anal with man
>why man stick penis into bowl of jello
cuz it feels good
why stick penis into man instead of penis? because having a super tight thing around ur dick can feel better than having a tender thing

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>that's a boy
I still don't understand anime.

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cross dressing
>white hair
cross dressing albino

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cause I don't find black people atractive

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It's a reference to Pelinal Whitestrake a racist cyborg sent back in time a couple thousand years in the Elder Scrolls universe to help free men(who at the time were enslaved) and kill Elves.

No one who posts him actually hates or has salt towards monster-women(Probably), he's just a hilarious character to reference because he's so out there.

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Anime is what happens when you combine:
>A 12 year old boy's sense of style
>A 20 year old boy's sense of fanservice
>A 60 year old man's bank account

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>blue eyes

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Actually, yes.

Human albinos do not have red eyes; their eyes are blue or gray.

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It's between gray and red, depending on the angle you look at them.

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I've got a thing for human/non-human romance.

Two NPCs in my current campaign are a male human/female kitsune in a relationship. Human's a paladin, kitsune's a ninja.

They ended up getting killed after being falsely accused of being devil worshipers.

Human gets sent to the realm of Lawful Good, kitsune is assigned to the realm of Neutral Good, but gets upset about being separated from her lover. She ends up making a deal with the goddess of the dead to investigate plot bullshit, in exchange for being resurrected to do her task and sent to the realm of Lawful Good when it's complete.

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That a cute brown boner she's trying to hide there

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And Walt Disney. Don't ever forget the Disney and American comic book influences.

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She wants to hide it in your butt

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because if I have learned one fact about the world it is this: anything with a vagina is evil, no matter what form it comes in

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>A 12 year old boy's sense of style

Compare just about any shoujo anime with real life fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld

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what about a cloaca?

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That pic made me sad.

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its the reality of the world we live in, its shit, deal with it.

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Imaginary snek is better than 3dpd in every way desu

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If I could give my past self one piece of advice it would be

"all that you love does not love you"

The sooner humility builds its first TARDIS the better. We will have a surplus of Jack Daniels for one thing.

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You never see any monstergirl/human husbands with human children do you? it's only ever monstergirl daughters who alwayus look suspiciously like their mothers.

they'll outbreed us, mark my words. They're genetic parasites. They need men to breed for whatever reason, but they're essentially cloning themselves.

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But I have anon

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DESU for all of my HFY posting, I don't legit have a beef with non-humans, it's just funny shitposting. Expect Asari. I legitimately hate Asari.

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>They're genetic parasites. They need men to breed for whatever reason, but they're essentially cloning themselves.
That's pretty much how monstergirls canonically work in most settings that really have "monstergirls" (all-female races of sexy monster chicks). They're all female so they have to breed with other races (usually humans) to increase their numbers. Sometimes they can also turn human women into more monstergirls.

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You can lose a percentage of the male population without impacting birth rates, and in return you gain a powerful monster population with a strong evolutionary motivation to protect humanity. It's symbiotic rather than parasitic.

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>forsaken human women

I would

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If you like snake pussy, that's your perogative

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Why the Asari hate?

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They're parasites, leaching off the galactic community for personal gain. Also it's a lazy, tropey design and obvious kirkbait.

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Silly anon, I already have.

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Fugg forgot pic and to take off name.

Anyways tailpussy a best.

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>cunt in a box

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Tail-orifice can be nice. Not sure why people seem to love it on a Manticore but hate it on a Succubus.

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I think I remember that game. It got too weird for me when the vore got serious. Does it have to do with that?

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I tried but she just stared at me for a moment before saying we should just be friends.

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Vore only really happened when you failed. Are you a failure anon?

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I should play that game sometimes. I hear it actually has a pretty ok gameplay and plot for a porn game.

But yes, I think the reason people dislike the tail-orifice on succubi is because they assume it's a vore-tail. But that's not necessarily true. The tail can be gentle, too.

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That was where all the pornography was in the porn video game, so yeah, I would fail to see it before moving on. That seemed to be the point of the endeavor.

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Never found them particularly appealing desu. Something about them rubbed me wrong way. Maybe the idea of a genuine "all-female" species? Or maybe their culture and attitude during maidenhood? Or perhaps because how they all looked more or less the same...

Syreen in star control were mostly female too but I didn't have this issue with them. And femquars and femturs looked pretty cute.

>> No.46122471

>The tail can be gentle, too.
But there's still the chance, probably a pretty high one, that it turns out to be a vore-tail (or maybe they're all vore-tails and it's just a matter of whether she's hungry or not). With Manticore you don't have to play Russian Roulette every time you get a tailjob.

Also, holy shit those hips! That's what I call a Succubutt!

>> No.46122553

>he's just a hilarious character to reference
If you has autism maybe

>> No.46122660

nah, that would be getting assblasted over a simple joke you didn't get.

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>Something about them rubbed me wrong way.
desu senpai my fan theory is that the whole race is a Prothean experiment. Heavily genetically modified Humans, to the point they'ed almost become a separate species. Millenia of evolution after the Protheans left did the rest.

Objectively the best Space-Waifus. Those hips don't lie.

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Reapers are a strong contender for that title.

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Can't Stump the Quarian Rump.

>> No.46122965

>it's just funny
To autists maybe

>> No.46122977

>or maybe they're all vore-tails and it's just a matter of whether she's hungry or not
In that case the solution is very simple: just keep your succuwaifu properly fed so she doesn't get hungry in the middle of a tailjob.

>Also, holy shit those hips! That's what I call a Succubutt!
>Objectively the best Space-Waifus. Those hips don't lie.

Damn straight. Dem hips, man, dem hips. Sexiest part of a woman for sure.

>> No.46122986

>emotional connection

>> No.46123012

>Also it's a lazy, tropey design and obvious kirkbait.
You mean like literally the entirety of Mass Effect?

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Because monstergirls are literally shit and you deserve to die for continuing this shitty anime meme, anon.
Good day.

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>anyone who has different taste is autistic ebin xDDD
Pic related. You need to go back.

>Damn straight. Dem hips, man, dem hips. Sexiest part of a woman for sure.
Especially when paired with medium-sized, perky, well-shaped breasts.

>not recognizing one of the best character archs in the game

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File: 1.75 MB, 736x1915, 1457565251504.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But i did.

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>joke you didn't get.
Nobody doesn't "get" your shitty joke, autismo.

>> No.46123254

>childish, thieving cunt with the emotional maturity of a preteen
Kek a long mode

>> No.46123313

Well, consider this: it is a joke for people familiar with fairly obscure part of Elder Scrolls lore.
For people who are not familiar with it it looks like a honest to God shitposting and attempt to derail a thread.

>> No.46123368

>I don't know what an arch is
>I don't know what character development is

It's a story about growing up and maturing, while dealing with the sins of the father, tard. That's the whole point of the Quarian race's arch in general.

>> No.46123371

You didn't, or you wouldn't be that mad.

>> No.46123439

Woah, is 9geg still a thing? Why?

>> No.46123451

>>I don't know what an arch is
Neither do you, because you mean 'arc'.

>> No.46123503

>the only people who think I'm retarded just don't GET me!

>> No.46123594

13-yearolds who discover Know Your Meme 7 years too late and want to sperg about old, unfunny memes need somewhere to go. /b/ can only hold so many.

Oh lordy, I made a spelling mistake on an anonymous cambodian papercraft board. Guess it's time to commit Sudoku or whatever.

>> No.46123628

>I made a spelling mistake

>> No.46123631

>>I don't know what an arch is
A bridge support.
>>I don't know what character development is
You mean what Tali failed to do?
>It's a story about growing up and maturing
Then why did Tali regress in maturity with each new installment of the series?

>> No.46123669

You mean the character so forgettable that their face is literally a stock photo?

>> No.46123694

>13-yearolds who discover Know Your Meme 7 years too late and want to sperg about old, unfunny memes need somewhere to go
Is that where all the DEUS VULT fags on /tg/ come from?

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That's was just bioware being lazy.

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No, we come from /k/

>> No.46123729

Everything about Tali was lazy, your waifu a shit

>> No.46123760

>A bridge support.
Someone get this man an Oscar /sarcasm
>You mean what Tali failed to do?
Care to detail how?
>Then why did Tali regress in maturity with each new installment of the series?
>I didn't play any side missions, the post

>> No.46123775

You mean like all of Mass Effect?

>> No.46123857

You are aware that any attempts at rational discussion is vain in matters of feelings?
You two will just end up locked in exchange of memes. Debate requires other party to be at least willing to consider others' viewpoint.

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I respect your right to have an opinion, but i must inform you that from my perspective your taste appears to be lacking.

Well yes, but the stock photo was lazy even for them.

>> No.46123893

Tali worst waifu 0/10

>> No.46123952

All of Mass Effect's characters post ME1 are overrated and lazy.

>> No.46123973

I personally prefer Ashley but I think Tali is getting considerably more hatred than she deserves from some people. Perhaps its over the gypsy meme or some personal PTSD from waifu wars.

>> No.46124003

You are of course correct. However, sometimes a man must shitpost in defense of his waifu.

>> No.46124056

You are aware that a lot of people post from phones right? And that phones usually auto-correct to more common words from more obscure ones, right?

>> No.46124082

>Care to detail how?
She became more immature with each game. By the last game she was a squeeing fangirl caricature of her original incarnation

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Anyway let's move on with more xenos.

>> No.46124098

>phones usually auto-correct
Only incompetents leave AC on.

>> No.46124146

I feel like this is gonna come around to Scotsmen eventually.

>> No.46124168

Only a filthy fucking Scot would buy iShit to post about arches with AutoCorrect.

>> No.46124189

Not really. The sub-plot with Legion, her father, the conflict throughout 3? All demonstrate growth and maturity into a more confident and balanced individual.

>> No.46124206

>became more immature with each game
That's not just Tali, That's Bioware as a whole.

>> No.46124230

I hope you're trolling.

Because if not, educate yourself on arguments and what Scotsmen has to do with them.

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Not him, but that's not accurate.
1. Shepard in first game is freshly minted spectre, impressive from point of view of a human, but not necessarily to a third party alien. In contrast in ME3 he is a living legend plus a friend / love interest so the interest is more understandable. And it's still toned down from ME2
2. Towards other people she acts with greater assertiveness as well as level head. Showcase of that is her encounter with the turian official somewhere late game.

>> No.46124278

Holy fuck, are you seriously taking that post seriously? Get yourself checked, I think you might have mislaid your brain.

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>> No.46124295

Dunno pal, i felt like she matured alright.

>> No.46124332

Not really, no.

I'm semi-arguing on 4chan. I'm not taking any of this seriously. It's really just for my own amusement.

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File: 89 KB, 351x558, syreen_commando2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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>you were a naughty, naughty boy...

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So much for double events.

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>> No.46124518

best elffu

>> No.46124558
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>> No.46124720

You do our long dead shitposters an honor.

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Oh Hunipop...why'd you have to have such a silly match-3 game built around such characters.

>> No.46124822

>implying the deathwatch doesn't hang out with qt harlequins all day

>> No.46124857

Because animu grills are a dime a dozen.

>> No.46124883

Pretty sure my wife is some sort of undead.
Doctors keep telling her she's too cold to actually be alive. Just a few degrees below where hypothermia kills.
She bites. Says my knuckles and skull feel good against her teeth and jaw.

>> No.46124928

>heavy combat armor
>literally nothing below the tits
>fucking stockings and a loincloth is all that covers her lower regions
I want the skimpy armor meme to please leave.

>> No.46124985

>wife is some sort of undead
>She bites
Um, you sure you're okay? No sudden hunger for grey matter?

>> No.46124997

You mean he does the right thing all the time? I'm not sure you know what 'edgy' means.

>> No.46125005

Maybe they call it heavy armor because the light variant is just an armored bra.

>> No.46125049
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Canonically speaking, the Callidus temple's weapons are thanks to Deathwatch.

>spending time with harleplebs when you have this on call

>> No.46125151

>implying the callidus doesn't hang out with qt warlocks all day.

>> No.46125215

>implying they don't spend all possible downtime on Macragge

>> No.46125253

Maybe it's "heavy" because it contains some very dense force screen emitters?

>> No.46125425

No, at least nothing new. Always been a little too interested in gory stuff, but had that since before meeting the missus.

>> No.46129407

I would never imply such a blatant falsehood. Best for everyone this way.

>> No.46133453
File: 306 KB, 1280x1253, 1426074378128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[tips hat]

>> No.46133475
File: 89 KB, 673x900, 1428797491367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46133495

Her spine looks like it's made of jelly
Shame, too, because the rest of the drawing is excellent

>> No.46133536

>deal with it
"Deal with it" means "solve the problem."

>> No.46133557
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>> No.46133590
File: 528 KB, 1417x616, Arachne.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We had monstergirls before anime, anon.

>> No.46133630
File: 88 KB, 600x843, 1449513179901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46133661
File: 105 KB, 730x1095, 1404091405871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46133678
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>> No.46133690
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>> No.46134034

>warhammer vamps not sucking cock

There's an entire bloodline of vamps dedicated to infiltrating human societies by sucking cock.

>> No.46134063
File: 536 KB, 600x800, Soren.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not only anime

>> No.46134327
File: 1.18 MB, 1100x1500, bookwyrm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No disagreement

>> No.46134580

It's Star Controll. While SC2 is an awesome game, they never gave a damn for realism and lot of the alien races are very comedic. Syreen are the obligatory sexy chromatic space-babes, so they always wear space-bikini. That's heavy armour by their standards due to not having a bikini top.

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