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"Oh, you want to change back now?" Asai VERY SHARPLY taunts the monster that stands almost twice his size. "You want to change back?"
Uh oh, He's about to say something rude again.

Asai smiles with that big toothy grin,
"Make me."

There goes that table I was planning to have dinner with the family.

The beast stomps right through it, trampling it to splinters.
But.. he finds himself stopped. His hands centimeters away from Asai.

I am Itsukuma Masami.
Everyone is difficult to work with but me!

Why can't everyone be as agreeable, easy going, and smart like I am?

I've captured Asai, who is apparently a half of a person. I've also captured the other half of that person, who looks like a giant building. Those two people form the entity known as "Tower". They were split when the original 'Tower' made a rude remark to the chairman, who was his master at the time.
Then, in another twist, it turns out that wasn't the reason at all? That some part of Tower wanted to ditch the 'baggage' that the other half held, and that part went on to become the Asai I know?

That's.. how it was explained, but it raises a lot of questions.

One of which, how do we put Tower back together again if this is the case?

I don't know, but if I can't figure it out soon; that monster may crush Asai!

That's... a bad thing. I guess? Maybe?

Uh oh, the metal beast is yelling again.

"Pfft, you were always such a drag." Asai teases, being very careful not to touch the monster despite being so close. "You NEVER wanted to help my brothers or sisters. You just wanted to keep your head low, live your dumb; uneventful life, and be known as a loyal servant."

The monster is trying to grip at him, but is still fighting some invisible layer surrounding Asai.


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"You are complete scum." Asai runs his fingers along the beast's exterior, "And a Coward. And an Idiot. You wanted to damn BOTH of us to live under someone's thumb for our entire lives just because you're too much of a-" I didn't catch that word, I think it's English? sss- pu- sss. Something.

"So." Asai walks past him and leans against the wall. "Since you still can't get over the notion of hurting a part of yourself, I guess you're going to remain there, and I'll remain here. Just be sure to keep using magic for me, okay?"


>Stop! You're hurting my ears!
>Okay you two, that's enough!
>try to think of a way to get the monster to hurt Asai.
>Try to think of a way to make the two unite
>Big monster! Stop this! Stop falling for his mind games!
>Use a card.

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/QM_CardHeart
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/E9ZihSBV

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>Try to think of a way to make the two unite

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>Just be sure to keep using magic for me, okay?
Explain further.

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>Try to think of a way to make the two unite
>Big monster! Stop this! Stop falling for his mind games!

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>Big monster! Stop this! Stop falling for his mind games!
mind games are asai's strong point
>Try to think of a way to make the two unite
like... a new card? with that machine from "the fly" inside?

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>Big Monster! Stop this! Stop falling for his mind games!
>Try to think of a way to make the two unite


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Everyone, I'm still here, I lost power.
I am so sorry.

Next post almost done. Thank you autosave

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"Big monster! Stop!"

"Stop! Stop playing his mind games! He makes you mad so you start making mistakes! You should know that better than anyone!"

The monster's head stays locked onto me. Slowly, he retracts himself from Asai.

"You're not wrong."
"It's a shame my daughter is far smarter than you are. You jealous? You jealous that I got a sweet daughter that's the best at Magic and you're a-"

"Enough!" I stamp my foot.
Then something else hits me.


"Sticks and stones." He stretches his arms with an audible pop.

"Listen. We just gotta think of a way to get you two back together, right?"

"Like I'd ever accept that."

Asai, oh no, he's rubbing his chin. Is he getting some dumb idea?
"I have a proposal." Asai smiles in that evil grin.

"No." Mom jumps to her feet.
"No." I cross my arms.
"W-what is it?" The monster looks back at him.


"We can recombine, BUT! The structure of how we recombine is entirely up to me. Lay down your mental defenses, and I'll handle the rest."

>If you do that, I'm keeping you here forever
>No, I'm recombining you
>Fine, at least it's a plan, I guess?
>No, you do it to my specifications, not yours.

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yeah, sounds a lot like "let me absorb all your powers"

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>>If you do that, I'm keeping you here forever

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More surges, but I'm still here



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"NO!" I grab the monster's hand. "That's a terrible idea, don't do it!"


"Listen!" I desperately try to reason with the behemoth. "You can't trust any deal with Asai! He doesn't make deals with your best interests in mind!"

"No buts! If you accept this deal, I'm leaving you in here forever." I cross my arms and pout. "There is no way I would be able to tell if it's really you or if it's just Asai pretending to be you so he can go cause trouble again. You're putting a very evil part back inside of yourself."

"Don't you get it?!" The monster snaps at me. "It's still a part of me! I made it, it's my job to atone for it!"
"There's atoning for it, and then there's being taken over by it!"

"Fine, fine." Asai sighs, rolling his eyes. "It's clear that a certain someone isn't on my side, and she's doing the majority of the thinking for you. So-"

He slides to the ground, and sighs.
"I still have the blueprint of when we were split. We can return to the same lines we were parted from."
"Hold it!" I shout, "I don't believe you."

"It's true." Asai reaches into his lab coat, Mom gets ready with a card by instinct.
Instead he pulls out a small card, himself.

"This is the card that sealed both of us-"

Immediately, the monster makes a grab for it. Asai yanks it away.

"-This card can be used to re-seal the both of us."

"What's the catch?"

"Oh the catch is simple." Asai smiles, "I don't know how to use it."

"Give it here." The monster extends his hand.
"No." Asai huffs at him, "Because you probably know how to use it. And I don't want to risk you altering it somehow to give you more of an advantage."

>Give it here, then.
>This seems a little too easy somehow.
>Give it to Mom.
>I don't trust you or that card.
>Hold it, why can't you use it? What did you mean by 'cast magic for you' earlier?

>Thread Pause

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Okay, thread paused on a decision this time because I want everyone who wants to vote on it to get a chance and it's currently 1 AM here.

I'm off to bed.

Thread resume in the morning when I wake up. Please try to keep the thread bumped if you want to have the continuation.

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Also I'm REALLY GLAD I got this far because my power is surging like crazy.

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>Give it here, then.
>This seems a little too easy somehow.

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>>This seems a little too easy somehow.
>>I don't trust you or that card.

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>Hold it, why can't you use it? What did you mean by 'cast magic for you' earlier?

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>This seems a little too easy somehow.
>Give it here, then.

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I'm about to head out for about an hour or two, but I will write one last post before I do


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This seems.
Too easy.

I'm not sure how else to describe it.

Asai, after much insistence that he doesn't have or want to rejoin with his former self; suddenly has a card which would make it all better?

I'm suspicious of that card.
"Okay." I cross my arms. "Give it here, then."


"You don't trust your other half to handle it, right? I'll handle it for you, then."

"Hmm." Asai strokes his chin, "I'm not sure I trust you with this, either."
"Then who would you trust? You already said yourself that you couldn't do it. Want to be stuck in this box forever?"

Asai gives me that look, that maniac smile.
"Oh I am so proud of you. Already intimidating people into getting your way. My little girl has grown up so-"
"Stop, please. The card. Before I change my mind." I pout.

He reluctantly hands the card over, and I examine the outside of it closely.

It appears to be a reconstruction of something. On the outside there are gold emblems which are mirrored on both sides. In the middle is a figure, clad in blue.
Lots of little sparkles and gems are drawn along the inset.

Huh, this card is mended back together with something. Did someone try to rip it up at some point?

"Okay, now what?"
"Let me get ready, and we can give this a try." Asai drop his smile.
But.. it's almost like he's trying to strain his smile back. His grin would be shining through if it weren't for his lip muscles right now.

Strange, why do I get the feeling that this was a little too easy, too?

>I still don't trust him, have Mom invesigate the card
>Investigate the card yourself
>Oh whatever, if it's evil then he'll just be locked in here a while longer
>Give it to the monster
>Let the clown see it, maybe she's seen this card before?
>Use a card

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>>I still don't trust him, have Mom invesigate the card
>>Let the clown see it, maybe she's seen this card before?

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>Let the clown see it, maybe she's seen this card before?
>I still don't trust him, have Mom invesigate the card

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>I still don't trust him, have Mom invesigate the card

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>I still don't trust him, have Mom invesigate the card
>Investigate the card yourself
>Let the clown see it, maybe she's seen this card before?

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I'm back!

>I still don't trust him, have Mom investigate the card
>Let the clown see it, maybe she's seen this card before?


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I still don't trust him.
I trust him so little that it's hard to even put into words.

I need some help with this. If there's something nasty with the card; I would have no way of knowing what to look for.

"Mom." I cautiously back away from Asai and approach my mother. "You have a look at this, you know his tricks better than I do."

She gently takes the card from me and starts examining it.

Her hand reaches into her pocket, and she holsters the card she had previously been holding. Another one emerges from her blouse.
This one, she runs over the exterior of the card. It glows warmly before she pushes it back into her pocket.

"I have no idea." She sighs, clearly disappointed.

"Okay, well, let's try something else!"

I then take the card, and hand it to the clown.
"..What do you want me to do with this?"

"Look over it, make sure Asai didn't plant something nasty in it."
"You want me to-" She picks the card up.

Her eyes focus into the distance, and the card starts to glow with a more solemn hue than when Mom uses a card.

"To tell you truth I don't even know what I'm looking for." The clown sighs, "But I guess it's okay. I didn't explode or anything."

"Well?" Asai hums, "Anyone else you want to vet it with? I can assure you that there is nothing altered with that card since the day he made it."

>"I'm still not convinced."
>"Okay, let's give it a try then."
>"What are you getting out of this?"
>Have Mom do it instead
>Have the Clown do it instead
>Find someone else to vet the card.

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>"What are you getting out of this?"
>"Okay, let's give it a try then."

>> No.46117817

>"Okay, let's give it a try then."

>> No.46117867

>>"What are you getting out of this?"
>>Find someone else to vet the card.

>> No.46118027

>"What are you getting out of this?"

>> No.46118397

Rolled 31 (1d100)

>What are you getting out of this?
>Okay, let's try it then!


>> No.46118420

uh oh..
whose roll was that?

>> No.46118536

Well that's not good. For someone.

>> No.46119793

Was that the QM's save from death?

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"What are you getting out of this?" I take the card back from the clown.

"It's simple, I get out of the box and get another chance at-"
He eyes Mom closely.

"I mean, I get another chance at life. Is what I mean."

Yeah, I totally believe that.
Well, at least the monster seems like a decent enough guy. Maybe he can keep him in shape.

I take the card and hold it between them.

Why isn't Asai doing anything?

"I don't know how to use it." Asai shrugs.

I look over toward the monster.
"I'm afraid I am no help here."


I look back toward Mom, but she's examining her shoes. The clown has turned her face away so I can't make eye contact with her.

So, I guess no one knows what they are doing in this highly experimental procedure.

Well, let me just-

"Before you begin." Asai stands up, "I would like to congratulate my counterpart."
"Congratulate?" The monster seems worried.

"Of course, I had a good run. And I got many things accomplished. Couldn't have done any of it without you."
"Don't act this way." The monster groans, "You're not dying, you're giving back what is ours. Cut the dramatics."

"Still, gotta hand it to you. You managed to hold out this long." He smiles. "C'mon, that's at least worth a handshake."
"A what."

Asai puts his hand out.
"Masami, tell us what you're going to do."

The monster's hand extends for Asai's and grabs it, he keeps focusing on me.
"Well, you see. I have a card that creates a shadow double of myself. I'm thinking I can use that to take two versions of this card and combine them into a whole. I mean, it's just as easy as using the card, right? I could just-"

Asai and the monster start to glow.

There's a loud pop. Akin to lightning striking the house. I'm thrown off my feet, and tumble to the floor.

A ball of flame seems to engulf the living room.

>Everyone out of the house!
>Use the card in your hand!
>Try to get to the monster and Asai!
>Use another card!

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>Use the card in your hand!

>> No.46119984

>Try to get to the monster and Asai!

>> No.46120015

>Use the card in your hand!
i think this is a trap but there's no brakes on this train

>> No.46120022

>Everyone out of the house!

>> No.46120146

One more post and then I'm calling a very short break.

>Use the card in your hand!


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"EEK!" I squeal, jumping to my feet. "PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!"

The fireball dissipates, leaving a sea of orange in its midst.
That's when I remember, Asai! The Monster! They're in there!

Is this one of Asai's tricks?! Light a big fire and then steal the parts of the monster he wants while I'm distracted?!

Quickly, I think about the card in my hand.

It's warm, very warm. Almost burning hot. My eyes quickly flick open just to make sure my hand isn't on fire.

It's not? Whew.
The card continues to glow an elaborate gold color.
Slowly, I concentrate on it. Concentrate on that feeling.

More, and more.
Nothing's happening.

My eyes flick open once more, and that's when I notice that all the sparkly glitter and gold is flaking off the card!
Oh no! did it catch on fire?!

Mom yells something as a splash of blue rolls over me and douses the flames.
I'm dripping wet, now. So in the card in my hand.
The water only seems to make more of the gold trim melt off the card's face even faster!

What is going on?!

"Mom?! What is happening?!"

The card is almost completely blank now! I focus more energy into it. It's the same warm feeling as before, but nothing's happening!

"Priestess! Look up!"

My eyes snap to where Asai and the monster once stood.
Only to notice, that one person is standing there now.

He stands several feet taller than the monster itself, with lots of pieces and parts of metal bolted to him.

He's busy examining his hands, squeezing them, and pulling at his own metallic sleeves.
"Back, where I belong." It says, after a few moments of silence.

>Uh, hi? You must be Tower.
>Get out of the card, quick!
>Use a card.
>Mom! Do something!
>Yell at him for lighting your house on fire.
>Try to engage in helpful conversation.

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Quick pause for about an hour. See you soon.

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>Uh, hi? You must be Tower.
>Yell at him for lighting your house on fire.

>> No.46120550


>Uh, hi? You must be Tower.

>> No.46120605

>Yell at him for lighting your house on fire.
>Try to engage in helpful conversation.

>> No.46120691

>Uh, hi? You must be Tower.
>Try to engage in helpful conversation.

>> No.46123170


>> No.46123719

>Uh hi? You must be tower.
>Try to engage in helpful conversation


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"Uh, hi?" I say awkwardly to the new hulking beast. "You must be tower."
"Eh, sort of." He dusts ash off his shoulders.


"So, uh, how do you feel?"

"Good." He replies. Flexing his arms and hands. "Better than I ever have before."

"G-great. Uh, do you remember what just happened? With Asai? And the monster."

"Vividly." He dusts off his own armor, as if he's searching for a spot.

"Hey." Mom seems to cautiously inspect him. "You're not tower. What changed? Why do you look different?"

The monster crosses his arms. "It's quite easy, Izumi." He raises them with one swift movement. "I'm not Tower."

"You're not?"

"You can call me by the name you know me as, 'Asai'."

I let this thought process for just a moment.
"You're Asai?! But, the monster. What happened to him?"

"He's in here, with me." He taps his chest. "Finally we're whole again, in a way I can appreciate.

"But-" I stammer, waving the little card in my hand, "The card! This card! You said it was a blueprint!"

"Masami, I have a secret." He does a little spin, "The card doesn't do anything. I was waiting for him to have a lapse in concentration so I could choose how I wanted the merger to go."

>Come on Mom, we're out of here.
>Use a card!
>Bully him!

>> No.46124503

>That's mean!

>> No.46124553

>>Bully him!

>> No.46124608

Asai pls

>> No.46124671


>> No.46124771

>Bully him!

>> No.46124959

>That's mean!
>Let him go right now!
>Bully him!
>That's it, you're staying here and never leaving!


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"But-" Gears are spinning in my head, I'm still not entirely sure what just happened or how that works. "-That's awful! You waited until he wasn't paying attention and did that thing you said you were going to do?"

"Yes." He says, not even bothering to rationalize it.

"Then-" My mind is still spinning, how could this happen? "LET HIM GO RIGHT NOW!"

"Mm. Let me ask him." He taps his chin, "No."

"I can't believe this! I give you one chance to leave this place alive and this is what you do?!"
"You should have known from the second I got in here that I was planning something like this. Don't act like I haven't done this before." It shrugs.


I turn around, and notice that Mom has moved.
She's in the doorway to the other room. She has only a single card out, and is peeking from around the corner.
The clown is on the other side of the doorframe.

"Masami, I think you should step away from him, very, slowly."
"Mom! What's the meaning of this?!"
"I don't know how much of the Building's power he just got, but if it's any significant amount, then we have a serious problem."

"Excellent observation, Izumi." 'Asai' points to her. "As you know, the Chairman wasn't going to let me keep my old powers, so he gave it to the building."

"Well he obviously didn't allow you to keep your FACE!" Yeah, good one! "If you call this an upgrade, you have bad news coming to you!"

"Ah that's the little girl I know." He RUBS MY HEAD, YUCK.

"That does it! If you won't give that monster back, you'll just have to stay here forever. You're too awful to let in the real world!"

>Mom, we're leaving!
>Mom, Use a card on him!
>Use one of your own cards on him!
>Just grab everyone and go.
>Stay and taunt
>Try teleporting somewhere or to someone.

>> No.46125476

Another brief pause. I'll be back!

>> No.46125501

>>Just grab everyone and go.

>> No.46125554

>Just grab everyone and go.

>> No.46125573

>Just grab everyone and go.

>> No.46125607

>Just grab everyone and go.
Tactical withdrawal!

>> No.46127589

>Just grab everyone and go


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"Just, JUST-"

I am so mad right now I don't even know how to respond.


I turn and storm toward the doorway, and then grab Mom and the clown.

"We're leaving."
"Sweetie, don't get mad-"

"Fine, you're leaving." Asai responds, his hands on his hips. "See you later."



We flip back into reality in the parking lot of Fortune HQ.

Mom sighs, and falls to her knees. The clown collapses onto her butt and huffs.
I'm just, exasperated. I don't even know what to say now.

Oh, except one thing.
"Mom, cheer up, please?"
"I can't believe it." Mom cups her hands into her face, "I worked so hard to try to save him. To try to save everyone."

"You wanted to SAVE Asai? Seriously?" The clown hugs her knees tightly.

"Shh." I hush her, and return to hugging Mom.

We sit in the empty space for several minutes. Mom continues to sob, and I continue to wish I just threw Asai off the building a long time ago when I had the chance.

I can't believe he did this.
Well, I CAN believe he did this, I just don't understand what the point of it would be. Other than make Mom mad.

"Well.." Mom says, teary-eyed. "We might as well get this over with."
"Get.. What. over with?"

"Destroying the card." Mom sighs, "And Asai."

>Wait, we can try another way!
>We could still try and turn him human!
>You're right. Let's just put this behind us.
>Give her the card, don't say anything.
>No, I want to do it, I think I've earned it.

>> No.46128430


>Give her the card, don't say anything.

I am so tired of this guy. I can't imagine Masami doing him in personally, though. Let Mom do it.

>> No.46128447

>Wait, we can try another way!
>We could still try and turn him human!

>> No.46128510

>>We could still try and turn him human!
Leave him in solitary for now.

>> No.46128908

>Wait, we can try another way!
>We could still try and turn him human!

Optimistic as ever!


>> No.46130265 [SPOILER] 
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"Wait." I take the card, and hold it close.


"We can't just give up yet." I say, keeping the card pressed against my chest. "We can try another way!"

"No! Hear me out! He's inside the card, right? We just got to figure out how to turn monsters human, and we can do it to him! It'll be great."

"Masami, that-"
Mom stands up, and wraps her arms around me.

"You have the biggest heart, and are the sweetest daughter anyone could ever ask for."
"Aw, Mom." I take the compliment with warmth, but something doesn't seem right. "What about Kaori?"

"Well, she's a sweet daughter too."

"And what about me?!" Julie suddenly leaps into the hug, wrapping her tiny arms around both of us.

"Julie?! Where did you come from-"
"Answer the question, please." She frowns.

"Yes, you're the sweetest too." Mom kisses her head.
"You can't have two 'The Sweetest' though!" Julie correctly points out.

Oh no! This is a worst fight than what I was expecting inside of that card!

"Julie! You're sweet!"
"Yeah! You really are!"

"But am I 'The Sweetest'?"

Uh oh, Haruko is watching this whole thing unfold from just a few meters away.
She looks none too happy.

>Okay! Stop!
>Continue this conversation because at least we're not talking about Asai!
>Ask the clown to distract everyone!
>Run away from this fight, too!

>> No.46130322

>Ask the clown to distract everyone!

>> No.46130648


>> No.46131007

>Ask the clown to distract everyone!

It seems like we're wearing down for the evening. This might be the last one of the night.

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"Everyone is sweet!" I push Julie off of us. "You, Mom, Me, Kaori, Haruko, even the kids from Fortune. Everyone! Just accept it."

"But there can only be one sweetEST!" Julie persists.

Haruko is glaring at me.
Why are you acting like this is my fault?! Because it isn't!

I look over toward the clown, she's laughing at me.

Oh, no no no. You do NOT get to laugh at my expense here!

"(Psst, Clown! Show us a magic trick!)"
"(Do something!)"


She stands up, seeming somewhat awkward.
With one of her hands, she places it against the palm of her other with her thumb extended.
Then, she pulls the other hand away! It's like she just pulled her thumb off.

"Oh I've seen that trick before." Julie sighs.
"Same here." Haruko crosses her arms.

"Oh, well I guess you can have this then, I don't really need it."

Naturally, she shrieks and falls backwards. Haruko falls to her knees and clamps her head between her hands.

"Hahahahah!" The clown laughs with glee. The 'severed' finger hits the ground and puffs into smoke.
What an awful person.

"Okay, that's enough." Mom picks the clown up. "We're going home, and you're getting another bath. How do you smell so bad again?"
"I smell fine!"

"Hey, is that another one of your tricks?" Haruko seems confused.

"Which one?"

"That glowing door."

We turn around, and are confronted with a glowing blue door suspended in mid-air.

Maybe if I don't look at it, I can just go home and worry about it later.

>Thread Pause

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Thread is paused for the night, we will pick up in the morning. If the thread doesn't last that long, there will be an archive link on twitter.

Thanks, let me know what you think so far.

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Thanks for running.

>> No.46132536

Thanks for running.

>> No.46133741

We are so fucked, aren't we?

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