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>Describe your DM in one picture

>Our post-apo campaign is going nicely

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>Our Dark Heresy campaign
>Our faces not pictured

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I got a player to stab another player in the face in my dark heresy campaign. It is gonna be FUN.

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Needless to say, the game didn't last very long.

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>to stab a player
>not characters

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>stab another player
Assault isn't cool, bro.

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It is if you're doing it outdoors in cold climate

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Looks like Kill Six Billion Demons.

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Sure is!

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He basically just describes the setting and there aren't very many NPCs, but at least he's good about plot hooks.

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He has mastered the "Where do you think we are?" mindfuck.

I have no idea how he manages it, but every adventure he runs always has some sort of well-executed plot twist.

>For captcha purposes does a burger count as a sandwich?

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I can't post an image of a guy fucking my wife on a blue board. I'm pretty sure they're fucking. They talk way the fuck too much to not be fucking. I swear when I prove it...

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Everything is Horatio. Every Horatio is so Horatio that even Horatio finds the Horatiocity of the Horatio jarring. The man NPCs like it's a fucking WoW city.

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Guys I created this world for you. There are nine gods and they all play nice. This one created the humans so the humans worship that one. And then this other god saw that god create the humans so they created elves. And then the "evil" god saw both of those and created the evil races and that's why they worship him.

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You know what needs to be done for justice fuck the guy's wife. If he doesn't have one, hook him up with someone, wait for them to get married and then fuck his wife. Sometimes, justice needs time.

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I would post a picture representing my (former) DM but assholes aren't worksafe I imagine

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Our group has two DMs, the one related to the pic makes VERY harsh settings and shows no mercy to players. Whenever he holds the session, the players are on their guard for anything.

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>They talk way the fuck too much to not be fucking.
Wow, slow down there, buddy.

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I got three different DM/GMs at the moment, I'll start with most recent session.
Loud, Neckbeardy Memespouting menace. can skimp on some important details, can accidentally set us up against things a little more powerful than we can safely handle, but overall pretty solid.

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Solid GM, tends to show up late on occasion, or will sometimes postpone/ignore sessions to play M:tG EDH. Gets a little frustrated when we accidentally ignore/sell important plot devices. He and 1/3 are best buds, and both will distract the party/each other during games talking about whatever crosses their minds, reducing the actual GAME time of a 7-8 hour session to about 2 hrs.

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A brony. Meh at explaining things, tends to chump out of running sessions for fairly dumb reasons(not feeling like taking the drive, it's raining), but willing to go along with the actions of me and the other player in the game to a point. Solid on the player side of the screen, too, although his insistence on ALWAYS playing a character of the opposite sex, including a terrible attempt at a female voice, is kind of annoying.

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Myself. I run Anima for >>46103370 and the other member of that particular group, and am considering running Only War for >>46103121.
I try hard to get details right, come up with challenging battles, and keep the players on their toes and interested in the game. Sometimes I know I miss small details. I also occasionally disregard/fudge the rolls against the players, usually to rescue them from my own mistakenly OP encounter that shouldn't have been.
And after every session, I make absolutely SURE to ask how I did, because I always feel I could've done it just a bit better, somehow.

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>meat and condiments between grain product
>veg optional

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You put so much effort into these worthless posts and I'm not even giving you the satisfaction of a proper response by taking away the "(you)"s.

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Why you gotta be like that, anon?

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Ironic, considering how much effort into your worthless taunt

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The 2nd sounds kinda like me and another guy in our group who is currently GMing. But 2 hours of game out of 8 hours of session is a bit much. Have you tried talking to them about it?

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Usually, the entire group derails into whatever discussion. Though I do try to get us back on track after 10, 15 minutes. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.
I'm not THAT annoyed by it, really, because they're pretty great guys to hang out with.
I just wish I didn't have to travel nearly an hour to hang with them, but when the nearest GOOD LGS is that far away...

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No, as in "guys, can you please save your banter for smoke/food breaks? we don't have much time". Before or after the game. If they are as great as you say, they will understand.

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But we DO have that much time, usually. And like I said, the entire group is at fault at one point or another, myself included. So it'd be kind of a case of Stones and Glass houses. But I'll run it by them anyway, as I suppose it couldn't hurt.

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Story Time anon-kun?

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>Everything is Horatio.

Kill it with... I don't care what, as long as not a single one remains in the end.

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You know what you have to do.

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>pepperoni every week

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He always tells a few idiots in my group that they should dial it back a bit.

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>that art style
is this from "the littlest cheesemaker"?

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Nah, look up prequel elder scrolls

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It's from Prequel. Pretty okay webcomic

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That bitch is magical realming so hard, I'm not sure its creepy or glorious

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are you in my group?

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Fluff it out a little and it's honestly not that bad of a creation myth. A little generic, maybe.

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[play by post]

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>DM trying to deal with our party

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I'm very sorry for your loss.

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He's dealing with a part of 9 people. One of the characters is named Marijuano Blaze the Dank Elf of Prophecy and half the party spends the time trying to fuck each other over.

But I think it's going pretty great.

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Fuck you man, they are definitely fucking. Or gonna fuck. He's a two faced cunt.

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Maybe you're just projecting. Maybe YOU'RE the one fucking your wife.

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Can't blame both.
His wife sure is hot and can even do a joint lock.

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Our GM is pretty great.

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That doesn't change that he is trying to fuck my wife and she's gonna let him.

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Our old Rogue Trader GM.
Benevolent tyranny

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Basically good luck finding anything ever if you don't have Knowledge Arcana, History, AND Local and a dozen or so obscure info gathering spells

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Funny enough, this is her twitter avatar too.

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Fucking this
>make a spot check
>you see a lone, odd painting on the wall of a man who looks like Bazara holding what appears o be the Amulet
Was the painting in low light or covered in cob webs?
>No, it's perfectly visible
Why the fuck did I have to make a spot check? What if I'd rolled a 1? Would I have completely been oblivious to lone painting on the wall of this room you have described to me as small and well lit? If you want to tell me about a fucking paint just fucking tell me about it when I enter the goddamn room
>Now there's no need to-
YES. There really is! You do this with every fucking tidbit of info that you want to tell us, that you're going to tell us, and should be bloody apparent if we aren't blind or deaf!

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I am the GM

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Your players have already dobbed you in over in >>46109105

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Does he beg you to clap when he finishes his sessions?

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Thats why you dont name the keep and just mention the forked road. Move the keep and they'll inevitably run into the castle

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The solution, obviously, is to recycle the work done on hellgate keep as something they find in the mountains.

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story time?

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The one on the left is the GM.

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This is literally one of his catchphrases.

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The amount of times the freeloading ork shaman has boned chinese women in my apartment is reaching the double digits. Is it poor sporting in shadowrun to sell him out to Ares for that reason? Even after he violated my characters code of honor to avoid civilian casualties by blowing up one of their buildings?

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He just bailed on us. Again.

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Can we fucking not do this? This maymay was never funny

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Good taste, Anon.

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>Every part of the plot and setting are based on Ace Combat
>Even the BBEG is based on AWWNB

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Why is Ace combat Zero so good?

Is one of your fellow players Solo wing Pixy?

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>that pic
I know that feel too well. I also ask for feedback in the end. I try my best to make my players enjoy the adventure but I always think how I fucked up or could have done better. It's always in the back of my mind, nagging me, especially after a session,

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