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And crawling on the planet's face, some insects called the human race, lost in time, and lost in space, playing shitty anonymous forum.

I don't expect much so
>First Race to 2 votes
>First Setting to 2 votes

If you can think of a gimmick, any kind of gimmick and get at least 2 other people to agree, I'm a slave to your will.

>> No.46083396


Imagine the glorious boulder throwing games anon!

>> No.46083454

Tengu, Desert

All hail the bird-pharaoh.

>> No.46083455

Merchants to rule the land.

>> No.46083542

>Giants: 1
>Tengu: 1
>Aquatics: 1

>Mountains: 1
>Desert: 1
>Swamp 1
Bumping with scores so far.

>> No.46083637

We need a tie breaker. If no one else votes in five minutes then I change my vote to this.>>46083396

>> No.46083649

Desert Tengu

>> No.46083675

Calling it for the Bird-People

Thanks for the conscientiousness, all is well though.

I'll start writing us up a starting post and we'll see how this goes.

>> No.46083676

Desert Tengu it is then.

>> No.46083944

I wanted glorious Mountain giant Kings, but Bird Pharaohs are a nice substitute.

Until next time anon...

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weres in the ruins

>> No.46084257

Another thread going on here, since this one seems dead


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