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Previous Thread: >>45996341
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu
Dropbox: It's in the fucking pastebin.

Incoming Updates and New Releases:
Soon™ (Water Tree Confirmed) >>45985652 & >>45986282
This Summer™ >>45990938
Items finished: >>45996483 & http://travellercyoa.livejournal.com/
>>45997036 & http://pastebin.com/RfDsDFtH
>Witches n' Inquisitions
In the works >>46001104
Hot new Intellectual Property everybody is talking about >>46003216 & >>46004133
New WIP >>46004213 & >>46004822

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This autism pleases me.

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starting strong

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gf jutsu

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Your Works in the OP
Anyways, if you look at the bottom of the paste I've basically got later perk Ideas down. Leave suggestions and opinions as responses.

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this thread is going place's.

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That pastebin still sucks and is already outdated and missing a few links, which you added one of to the OP. Other then that looks good.

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There's an actual limited Path of Victory. Yes.

The Trump powers are all supremely broken.

I'm personally proud of some of the Stranger powers I thought up.

- You are the center of attention. People can’t help but focus on you, especially if they get closer to you. They might be looking for someone a bit to the side of you, but as they approach, they’ll find themselves drawn to you more and more, until they can’t help but be focused on you.

Now, imagine comboing that with Breaker T4: 4D. You'd be the ultimate tank.

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>I don't want to be the little girl forever, but I would like to come at life with first hand knowledge of both sides of the coin, especially if I have the option to pick my side afterwards.
But if you didn't get to pick sides afterwards, you would still opt to swap?

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nothing tried, nothing gained.

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>Deathly Statue
>Immaculate Wings
>Dramatic Scene
I'm now the main character in a comic book universe, complete with plot armour and resurrection.

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On Grey Boy

Do you plan on adding more to the look of the cyoa or are you currently going to leave it just black with a few images?

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I kind of want to take Super Size and combo it with Breast Magic from one of the other galleries. You'd become crazy important for your ability to empower or depower women as you please.

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I never really got into Worm but from what I've seen the Trump and Stranger powers interest me the most, I look forward to seeing what they all are.

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This djinn CYOA is pretty sweet. I probably would need to go with Tahira, simply because my wishes are rather big-scale and vague, potentially with some point of note/sub-components and I don't know which - if any - would be considered separated wishes and to what extend my wishes could be taken.

For example, if I'd ask to have understanding and control over all aspects of reality by which I mean intuitive understanding of the universe around and ability - mundane and supernatural - to change it, including myself would that count as several wishes for different things? To what degree my power would have to limited to avoid omnipotence? Would it have to be avoided at all? Maybe to balance it I'd get it gradually, through learning and meditation and it'd be merely potential for omnipotence - and so on and so on. Maybe it'd be just a set of traits - like control over my body and mind coupled with some generalized magical and psychic skills? Maybe it'd have to come with a set of rules of what can and cannot be done beside those golden rules?

Basically, I'd need a powerful but benevolent djinn to discuss possibilities and fine-tune my wishes into something that'd be doable, satisfactionary but not completely overpowered, so Tahira it'd have to be.

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Loving Djinn.

>> I wish, that within the next decade, humanity will discover the means to travel to and colonize other planets.

>> I wish that, again within the next decade, biotechnology will be discovered that can keep a human physically youthful indefinitely.

>> Lastly, I wish biotechnology will advance to the point where humanity will be able to safely alter its phenotypical and inner physical properties.

And then humanity's Golden Age will begin.

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yeah but you did it all without changing humanities nature. their just going to cause war and the rich to become immortal. you're literal only saving goal is that the loving djinn is loving.

Loving djinn

1. I want to be immortal and forever youthful.

2. I want all humans to be cured of disease and never get it again.

3. I want minor omnipotence, specifically, the ability to do whatever I want, when i want too.

Rule as the second coming, taking credit for eliminating all disease, preaching a combined religion and showing off my immense powers. Then leave/change how i look and live a normal immortal life.

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Dragon Girl, CoD: Maid Warfare, and Super Size

Outfit Dragon Girl with Super Meido Armor, have her drink the potion from Super Size, and lead the free world with the PMC that the Dragon and I "invest" in, handpicking the best-of-the-best Meidos from around the World to join us.

Maids WIthout Masters

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>Immaculate Wings
>Warrior Princess
>Dramatic Scene
This could be fun

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>Pauper's Amulet
>Dragon Girl
>Literally just give everything you own to the Dragon Girl

Honestly this is just a broken combo by itself.

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Hate to overload you guys with OC, but my latest work is finished. I'm sort of disappointed with it honestly, it was a lot better on paper, but I made a lot of bad visual design decisions and it was too late to change them by the time I wanted to. It's also very complex, especially since it started out as sort of a skeleton-gangrape-y thing, but I hope you all enjoy it anyway. Stay tuned for my next one, a waifu CYOA, hopefully coming within the next week or so.

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>> No.46022117


>> No.46022156

Pauper's amulet leaves me so many questions

How broke is broke? Do you need to be naked, homeless, and without food? Do somewhat reliable arrangements for room and board (that you don't own at any point) still count as broke? Say you give all of your money or labor to a friend under the condition that he lets you live with him and feeds you, letting you use his stuff as you need (but its still his).

>> No.46022170

For now, just a black background. This is my first cyoa. I'm more interested in getting a functional version out first.

Due to the immense amount of words (really, I coulda just wrote fanfiction if I knew I was gonna write this much), I'm focused on having things be readable.

I'm opened to having a more interesting background, but that'll have to wait till I'm done with the basics at least. Powers alone will probably be 5 pages, then there's Purchase Powers with Powers Purchased (PPwPP), Biodatam Perks, Drawbacks, Extras... and hopefully Power Packages, I'm looking at at least 8 pages for this thing.

Dimensions are 1280 x 6000 but it should still be legible scaled down to 60% or even 50%.

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Cancer visual design, can't read it

>> No.46022283

1280 by 6k is a good size and shouldn't need to be scaled down. Are you doing this in photoshop?

>> No.46022382

It doesn't look great but it's not hard to read.

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You should get your eyes checked because isn't that bad.

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I only make builds for lewd and become girl CYOAs, but I never finish counting the points, so it's more like I just pick favorite choices than actually play them. I'm always left unsatisfied too and I never do anything like write stories with the partial builds I make.

I also want to make a CYOA like that but never get started.

What's wrong with me?

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unmotivated? lazy? bored?

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Do you have to pick all your stuff from one gallery or can it be spread out?

>> No.46022638

one gallery.

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How many times am I going to find your lamp, man?

This is like 4 or five times now.

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Good first page of CYOA, kekked at at the explanation of Brodir just busting into random houses these days. Decent and relatively balanced options for each category. Needs more lewd and more potential wives, possibly some more customization (few more viking types?).

Mission page is unfortunately much worse. Haphazard themes, lack of consistency (rape requirement/demand for equestria mission but unable to choose it as a resting place if one's a sick pokephile), requirements all across the board. Needs more mission types and overall variety but at the same time less reliance on some other fictional worlds from shows and whatnot. Different levels of technology and fantasy worlds are fine, dropping people into some particular place from a game or a movie is less so.

>> No.46022772

I think it looks pretty okay. Didn't have problems with it at all. Nothing very fancy but solid piece of work. The second page is also readable though much more crude.

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if you're going to put this much thought into it, there are probably more important areas of your life where you could improve.

>> No.46022845

Any of those could cause my lack of creativity, but whichever one I don't know how to fix it.

Yes but my creativity problems are there too.

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>only interested in lewd and gender swap CYOA
Some would already consider that a problem with identity and your own sexuality, but when you then add that even in regards to those, you do for fun, you cannot get through with counting points - it seems like some bigger issues.

Never getting to actually makign your own can be explained simply as being unproductive, lazy, unambitious, unskilled - and unwilling to work on it.

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>> No.46022932

>Needs more lewd and more potential wives
Isn't it a standing issue of all CYOA? There's never enough lewd and waifus.

>> No.46023170

It's not actually the counting I get stuck at, it's making the final decisions. I just pick a few choices that I like, a few drawbacks I consider worthwhile, and leave it at that.

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That means you're an indecisive loser.

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Redhead Halfblood Viking

>Might: 6+4
Thrown Axes
Full Body Beard

>Beard: 1
Beard of Glory
Static Charge

>Rape: 7

Lightning Attack
Lightning Resist
Heat Resist
Cold Resist

Giant Mountains
Convention Center

>Reward: 340
Vahalla [The Real One]

Fun CYOA, laughed multiple times.

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You forgot one gallery.

>> No.46023447

Choose as many as you can fit!

>> No.46023461

You inspired me to make an elven CYOA on a semi-similar fashion.

>> No.46023473

Anime Jutsu so I can cherry pick the good anime and leave the shit out.

>> No.46023478

And even newer ones! Galleries for everyone!

>> No.46023524

Anime Jutsu = Hentai Fun Time

>> No.46023592

Beri forgot one gallery as he made this heh.

>> No.46023622

>tfw have to update the pastebin now too
Why did I even take this job?

>> No.46023791

You're not me.

>> No.46023863

>Redhead Halfblood Viking
Looks like a kinda balanced spread, let's see where it gets me.

>Muscle 9
>Might 4, Full Body Beard 2, Flame and Thunder 2
Muscle wizard is a go!

>Beard 0
>Beard of Glory 2, Flagellation 2
My beard is already pretty much a Brillo Pad, why not take it further.

>Rape 7
>Fuckboys 0, Freya 2, Gryten 2, Hellga 2
If it's cute or sexy and has a hole, it's getting pounded. Like the girls too, they might graduate to partners if we get along.

>Fire Attack, Lightning Attack, Lightning Resist, Swimming, Bonus Reward points, Latent Homosexuality, Double Team, Heat Resistance, Cold Resistance.
Resistant against most things, shitting fire and lightning (though it oddly doesn't make me ranged, go figure) and with a friend to help the rape.

I wonder if we're why it fell earlier.
Classics man, gotta respect the classics.
>The Warp
I am totally going to be looking for a way to pick up some chaos sorcery while I'm here.
>Total Reward 440
That was surprisingly easy to get past the max cost on.

>Valhalla (The Real One)
Again, classics. Plus I can really lay back and enjoy the world, my wives and conquests, and go out on the trail again when I feel the urge.
My only real regret is not getting to go wreck a craftworld and become a space-muscle-chaos-wizard.

I eagerly await the results.

>> No.46023871

If you did the pastebin here is a more up to date set of links. Maybe an Index would be good for what's in the pastebin at a glance

1. Links
2. IRC Chat
3. FAQ (What is a cyoa)
4. Design Tips / Musings

IRC Chat Channel

Here's a dropbox with a LOT of CYOA's:
Here's stuff from last month of 2016 (Jan to Feb)
Yet another CYOA archive:
Here's Beri's OC (genie cyoa+)
Slut Life Anon's Folder
Here's Liminal Phrenic's blog with most of his cyoa stuff theouterworlds.blogspot.com
Here's Spadesy's wordpress with most of his cyoa stuff feathersnake.wordpress.com
Here's Highlander's Traveller blog http://travellercyoa.livejournal.com/

List of Some Image Resources:

SDA's Design Musings http://pastebin.com/qaL8nDD8

--- No idea if this guy is still active...

From Dropbox Anon:
Hello friends, I am the guy who owns the Dropbox linked up top. I added a notepad to the dropbox. If you are a CYOA author and wish to see your CYOA in the dropbox, the most expedient way would be emailing my new Yahoo! account "[email protected]' with the CYOA. Adding a name either in the subject or body attached to the email would be helpful.

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>> No.46024312

Did you remove any links?

>> No.46024349

Nearly half the RT's for missions are impossible to meet with any combo of full nordic viking.

>> No.46024366

Maybe it's anti-viking propaganda.

>> No.46024472

Just one dupe of artstation. That should be all the links that have been posted before.

>> No.46024615

>Milk-Drinking Little Anime Fuckboy

>The Warcamp

Earth (In 55 years)

Only 200,000 more dicks to go....

>> No.46024715

I did a few test builds, trying to make them pretty inefficient, and I didn't see any problems. Everyone always says all my CYOAs are too hard anyway so I really tried to dial the challenge down but you can't please everyone, I guess.

It was meant to be an all-over-the-place, parody sort of deal, the joke being how petty the viking god is. I knew that it wasn't for everyone, but that's what I was going for.

>> No.46025176

Swarthy Blackbeard Viking

Might: 13
2-Handed [6]
Flame And Thunder [4]
Full Body Beard [2]
Bellow Lungs [1]
Shield (Yes I took 2-Handed and Shield, I wield the shield with my beard) [0]

Beard: 3
Asbeardstos [7]
Lubed Beard (+1 Rape) [6]
Flagellation (+3 Might) [4]
Static Charge (+1 Might) [3]
Bushiness - 3 [0]

Rape: 6
Gryten (+1 Rape) [1]
Fuckboys [1]
Burn a point on Rape [0]

>Fire Attack
>Lightning Attack
>Lightning Resist
>Breathe Anywhere
>Heat Resist
>Double Team

>Craft World
>The Warp
>Monstergirl Village

Reward Points: 390
I sure hope I added and subtracted properly, so let's see. If I go to Monstergirl World then I lose all my powers but stay immortal. But if I lose my powers then I will lose my rape points, and consensual sex won't be the same after these years of chaos. If I go to Gensokyo then I keep my powers, but I'm pretty sure I can't rape Yukari without dying horribly so it's no good. Going home is lame, and the Valhallas are just okay I guess.

Fuck it. After all these years of RAPE AND TEAR, I'm not going out like a wuss. I won't settle for second best. I'm going to Gensokyo, and I'll either be God-Emperor-Beardsmith or I'll die clutching my claymore. It'll be worth it either way I'm sure.

Solid 9/10 CYOA, honestly. Excellent.

>> No.46025914

Wait, where's the next page? I want to spend my points. Anon pls.

>> No.46025963

That's the entire cyoa

>> No.46026003

Can I just take Palm Treant three times?
Comfy ass island and tree bros.

>> No.46026007

Prove it.

>> No.46026041


>> No.46026102

I don't believe your fake posts. Show me your photoshop folder.

>> No.46026117

I'm sorry, you're just stuck with those 911 autism points, you'll never get rid of them

>> No.46026145

Fuck, I already had enough before. I better make a CYOA that lets you spend autism points gathered in other places.

>> No.46026177


you have 911 autism points you'll need every one of them to make a list of ways to distribute them

>> No.46026223

Nah, it could just be a few expensive things and a few inexpensive ones. As long as they can all be bough more than once.

>> No.46026244


>> No.46026282

>Steps into the CYOA General world in a mech full of waifus and laser canons and booze

at first i questioned your methods, but then i considered the possibilities

>> No.46026291

No anon, the inside of the folder where you got everything for that CYOA together. Also what version is that? Doesn't it say something like CS6 right in the folder name? I smell duplicity.

>> No.46026320

Whoa, you'll burn through all those autism points at this rate!!

>> No.46026340

Joke's on you, I have way more left over from the past few years.

>> No.46026542

I promised i'd pose v1.1.0 this thread, and i like to keep my promises.

>> No.46026571 [SPOILER] 

And the second part.
>I promised i'd pose
I meant post, but...

JUST finish my shit up

>> No.46026632


>> No.46026667

But what if it's a rape hentai and you're the main character aka the one getting it.

>> No.46026713

Fixed spelling of statue on Lewd Djinn's Vessel
Reduced Loving, Lawful and Lawyer Djinn's wishes from 3,5,10 to 1,3,5
Added in line in header description stating Major Djinns aren't omnipotent
Fixed line in Mystery Box, where it had "their" instead of "though" for some raisin
Finished last option of Mystery Box, that was unfinished, also for some raisin

>> No.46026729

I honestly think this makes Lawyer useless.

>> No.46026784

So what do you think the solution is?
1, 3, 10? 1, 3, 6?

>> No.46026803

2 4 8

>> No.46026807

Here you go anons, I hope it's everything you hoped for

>> No.46026924

I guess I spend my 1 point on a waifu. Not like I dream much anyway.

>> No.46026932

Ha! Joke's on you fucker, I already got A buffed version of innoculation built in!

>> No.46026976

So why did you not include the 3 wishes that genies typically give?
2, 4, 8 seems reasonable.

>> No.46026989

I think you may have accidentally referred to the devoted djinn as the loving djinn in her description.

>> No.46026996

Page 4 of the new Worm CYOA, WIP.

Page 1 has been redone a bit more, it now explains how taking the same power multiple times work.

Anyway, a few things. a) Yes, Archer is totally a Thinker. He's got amazing situational awareness. He's the definition of a field Thinker.

b) Yes, I'm going with the Doctor for Thinker T4. This ain't a super serious Worm RPG system and he's pretty much Tattletale++++ anyway.

c) Sidewalk to Victory and Doctor can literally "win" the game in under 10 minutes. I won't spoil the ending of Worm for y'all though, but for those who know, it should be obvious.

>> No.46027010

Satan's balls in a typewriter, yes i did.

>> No.46027020

>visits this place of all places already on 4chan
>not autistic

>> No.46027021

Dunno, we seem to be all over the place. There's not really a 'traditionalist genie' who is a stickler for tradition.

>> No.46027024

Hey was this ever finished?

>> No.46027053

You have a point.

>> No.46027099

What doctor are we talking about. Doctor who?

>> No.46027117

Not really a fan of the reduction in number of wishes, especially with the loving djinn only getting a single wish. It makes her seem weak compared to the devoted and teacher djinn who have an infinite number of more limited wishes but also a similarly good (or at least decent) temperament.

>> No.46027158 [DELETED] 

Careful with the Striker T4: Temporal Shunt. You don't wanna pay attention to the cape with this power. Don't blink, don't even blink.

>> No.46027174

Depends on how you read the intro. It says that the major djinn can grant any wish imaginable, and that the minor ones are limited in power.

So basically if you want a new universe and nothing to go wrong, you better take the loving djinn.

>> No.46027178

Two questions:

1. The trader djinn's wish number is listed like the deathly djinn. Does this mean that the trader also gives a wish for free like with the deathly djinn's first two wishes? I ask because the trader's write-up doesn't seem to say anything about that.

2. How does the deathly djinn taking time off your life work? Does he age you that many years, or do you just drop dead that much sooner than you normally would? I guess what I'm trying to ask is if the years come off the end or are they paid up front?

>> No.46027181

Careful with the Striker T4: Temporal Shunt. You don't wanna lose sight of a cape with this power. Don't blink, don't even blink.

>> No.46027186

It's very much a balance in the major djinns, but if you really want to compare her to the devoted djinn, have fun.

>> No.46027273

I'm uploading v1.2.0 with additional fixes, then i will delete the upload of v1.1.0 in order to free up space in the thread.
To do otherwise would be in considerate.

>> No.46027286

The gallery catalog thing doesn't list any of the special galleries.

>> No.46027293 [SPOILER] 

The mystery box.

You open it, you buy it.

>> No.46027297

Yeah, because we fill the thread up to the image limit all the time.

>> No.46027311

Not necessarily the devoted djinn, but there are several of the minor djinn that are relatively generous or even friendly about interpreting your wishes, which is the loving djinn's main selling point. The teacher, nature (as long as you're not endangering the world), friend, a white djinn that you've treated with kindness and generosity, and even the twin djinn if you are clever about baiting the bad one out with a test wish (and since you have infinite wishes, why not?) can potentially all be benevolent in the way they grant wishes

>> No.46027321

I think he gave one more wish >>46027273

>> No.46027343

This all assumes that they have the same power, which the intro says they don't. There must be wishes that only a major djinn can grant.

>> No.46027344

I'd rather not be a cunt if i can help it.
Being considerate doesn't take that much effort.
However i can no longer delete those posts, so we will have to live with both copies.

Yes, but (the now) two wishes of a major djinn is quite powerful in comparison to what a minor djinn can do.

A minor djinn can make the sky cloudy for a while, a major djinn can literally turn off the sun.

>> No.46027367

Trying to not be bothersome can inadvertently cause more inconvenience. There's nothing wrong with the posts being there, but deleting them will put a bunch of broken links in the thread and possibly confuse someone.

Of course either way this is an incredibly minor issue, so whatever really.

>> No.46027390

> chose mystery box for the first time, normally I shun it
> everything_went_better_than_expected.jpg

>> No.46027426

Thank you for your scientistific exploration.

That's fair enough.
Which ever leads to the least trouble is best.

>> No.46027536

Your Works not in the OP

>> No.46027626

If a good djinn is stronger than a minor djinn, and being good lets a good djinn grant more powerful wishes, can it get powerful enough to grant immortality?

And more importantly, can you waifu an angel?

>> No.46027733

That's about their limit, i think. It's pretty good, but not quite as good as Wolverine's ability.
Angels were not for lewd. But now, it's up to you. Take it slow, they're vanilla virginians.

>> No.46027813

I was more asking about not aging than healing factor shenanigans, though that probably answers that question too.

It would certainly help with taking it slow. Once you have all the time in the world, you have plenty of time to bring her around to the joys of lewdness.

>> No.46027853

Phew, primary powers done.

>> No.46027882

I thought I caught everything new and updated, I'm sorry anon.

>> No.46027897

Add page and version numbers to your releases please fampai

>> No.46027908

I might be overthinking it but how much do we actually get from the Doctor option?
There's the mental side such as his genius intellect, eidetic memory, tinkering skills and sherlock style mind palace.
There's also his alien physical stats like being able to survive a several hundred foot fall, survive the vacuum of space and enhanced senses.
Then there's the weirder stuff like his psychic abilities, being able to headbutt a bunch of knowledge into people, having an extra time sense and the regenerations.

>> No.46027942

Sorry about the misunderstanding, yes, they can eventually grant life immortality.

>> No.46028002

It mostly refers to his mental abilities. You're not LITERALLY the Doctor. So no regeneration. The other stuff can be faked through sufficient Thinkery though. Like, falling from a great height, it could be because he manages to slow his descent of to move his body to divert the impact, much like a cat. I always thought the vacuum in space thing was a TARDIS thing, and it probably wouldn't play a factor in the Worm-verse. Enhanced senses and such are covered in Thinker, so sure, you get those too.

Headbutting knowledge is probably the one thing that's stretching it, but given that Contessa can perform brain surgery with bullets...

But really, if you're the Doctor (not literally), you can pretty much just out talk everyone in Worm. Even Jack won't be able to hold a candle to you.

>> No.46028014


I'd probably go 2, 4, 8 for the wishes.

>> No.46028033

I mean, people are scared shitless of Tattletale for god's sake. The Doctor's way worse than her in how devastating he can be. And if YOU'RE the Doctor (again, not literally, I'm sorry, none of us are gonna be Tennant or Baker...), you wouldn't necessarily have his moral code. So... technically, you'd be the Master.

>> No.46028170

The Doctor is super smart but a massive amount of that is probably his learned knowledge and wealth of experience that he's accrued over 1,000+ years. Tattletales power supplies her with knowledge so she could do stuff like guess passwords and figure out how to kill The Endbringers and Zion
To be honest, I'd probably rather Tattletales power than a vague 'Doctor' power.

>> No.46028205

Ah that's still great then, having the mental abilities of someone who believably claims to know millions of languages is no small thing. (also the mind palace that Capaldi used was so broken)

After seeing this then I think I'd go for Doctor and Power Editor since both are broken in their own way.
I'm usually a really big fan of superspeed but those two just about beat it for me.

Focal Point and No Stranger would fit really well too but I almost always prefer the big point buys.

>> No.46028239

Redhead Halfblood

+6 might
Full Body Beard

+1 bushiness
Static Charge
Lubed Beard

+2 rape level

3 bushiness
10 might
8 rape level

double team
lightning attack
lightning resist

Craftworld 140
The Warp 140
Great City of Yith 140

I think that maxes out my point gain. I can't see any way to take Beard of Glory or exceed 14 might AND hit the 140 missions.

>> No.46028242

It's okay, bunny. I seldom post about what I'm working on. It feels wrong.
I guess I should actually post some info, then.
>when is done?
Ideally, next week.
Gotta write four more options, like twelve companions, quests and side quests, then spell checking and some layout stuff.
And find images......

>> No.46028245

Well, I suppose it depends on which "version" of the Doctor we're talking about. I don't see the Doctor as being particularly "powerful" either, but consider this as being the 'Madara" version of the Doctor. He's as ridiculous as he needs to be. This is the version that's basically Tattletale+++. The version who can probably talk Zion to death if he wanted to. But then again, this could just be a silly fellow who talks funny. It's up to the player to interpret the power level I suppose. Most of the other powers are not that high tier anyway (well, except maybe the Trump powers).

>> No.46028274

Ignore double team, I forgot to remove that when I dropped Gryten in favor of more rape levels.

>> No.46028429

Not a dr who fan, whom i'm assuming you're talking about with the top tier thinkers so the descriptions mean absolutely zilch to me, so I can't make an informed choice on what they do to buy them.

>> No.46028439

Some powers are designed for supporting roles.

Stranger: Focal Point + Breaker: 4Deity = Tank.

Striker: Good Touch, now go find Dinah or Tattletale. They can use their powers to their full extent now.

All the healing powers, since the Worm-verse is short on healers.

Thinker and Trump are exceptionally overpowered. I mean, not just Power Editor, but let's look at Buff de Buffer. If you Buff Skitter's range by 3 times, the number of bugs she'd have access to would increase exponentially. Similarly, if you Debuff her to having say, only 16 feet, and she's only able to control bugs, that's pretty crippling.

But hey, even in universe, Thinkers/Masters/Trumps are higher tiered threats.

Changer is intentionally combo-able with stuff like Breaker or Striker.

Aaaanywho, I'm rambling. Yeah, this ain't some masterfully crafted and balanced system for Worm. It's just a hopefully fun CYOA that's a bit more comprehensive than other versions.

Oh, and don't count Mover out just yet. You haven't seen the upgrades you can buy.

>> No.46028444

No. There are like 2 pages? of an addon done by another anon though.

>> No.46028568

There are definitely some interesting power combinations already, there are probably a whole bunch I haven't even thought of yet so I'm sure my choices will change when it's all finished so I look forward to that.

A really obvious one is Overdriving with the power armour tinker option, add some hotrod red and gold to it. I just really want to be ironman...

>> No.46028655

I think I've decided on a way to get everything I really want out of one wish. It's simple really, I don't care so much about this reality anyway, why not just wish for a reality of my own?

There are two routes to go, which one is used depends on the limits of the Djinn's power and exactly where the free-will clause starts and ends. I could either go for a pocket dimension, or I could set up a perfect matrix-style simulation. In either case, I create the world from nothing with godlike powers. In the Simulation I create programs that are indistinguishable from people, while in the pocket dimension I create actual people. The free will clause definitely wouldn't affect programs, but after creating something resembling a human from nothing I'm not sure if I would be able to further alter them.

In either case, time stands still. An eternity experiencing the simulation is over in an instant in real life, so the needs and lifespan of my real body are irrelevant. In the pocket dimension I exit to find that no time at all has passed either, but it is my godlike powers that allow me to transcend death inside.

Because time is meaningless, it does require that any additional participants need to access and leave the realm at exactly the same moment. Leaving is easy, regardless of how long you spend you still leave at the same instant anyway. Entering means there needs to be some kind of staging area before "turning it on".

The extra powers necessary for creation can be turned off at will. Think of it as accessing "Admin" mode. Once I'm done setting things up I could live countless "normal" lives in my world and may not even remember between them if I don't want to. Omniscience is very limited however, while I could easily see anywhere but I can have plenty of unpredictable random factors as well, and of course any part of that can be turned off.

The only REAL difference between the two is it's possible to bring things out of the pocket dimension.

>> No.46028756

The problem with the free will rules is they are vague and they don't make much sense in many non-earth settings. If I wish to be sent to a fictional dimension where mind control is possible to be attained, like almost 100% of all fantasy universes, then what happens?

>> No.46028853

That would be impossible, as it would allow you to directly affect free will
>I wish ... mind control is possible ...
To put it simply.

The ability to create entire worlds is reserved exclusively for gods.
To make that possible would require a level of djinn above major.

This is because they are not as powerful as gods, and it's generally accepted around the world that [god] or [god-like being] created the world.

I'm terribly sorry to spoil your fun mate.

>> No.46028892

No, in the sense of "I wish I was in a D&D setting." or "I wish I was in the Star Wars setting."

Pretty much all settings that have any sort of fantasy in them are settings where mind control is possible, and often isn't even that hard.

>> No.46028913

It would definitely depend on how you frame the wish, unless you've chosen the Loving Djinn.

Even then, creating a world/universe in which that setting is real seems a bit beyond their powers.

>> No.46028952

Who says they are creating them and that the Star Wars universe doesn't already exist out there for example?

And if the Star Wars universe exists, then obviously you should be able to wish to go there.

And if you can wish to go there, then obviously you should be able to wish to become a Jedi or Sith.

And if you're a Jedi you get Mind Trick. Or perhaps it fails at that point and you're just a special Jedi who can't into mind trick. I guess that's what seems the most reasonable to me while still staying in the letter of the rules.

Really though, why those rules in the first place?

>> No.46028959

Absolutely no reason why they couldn't create the Matrix though. With some extra specifications.

>> No.46029004

Anon asked for Andromeda, and even said "please".
I'm sorry I couldn't post it sooner.
I fixed some spelling mistakes.

>> No.46029024

Significant changes?

>> No.46029057

So the djinns can't be abused. If the rules weren't in place, you could just wish for infinite wishes, and that negates all options but one.
If the second rule wasn't in place you could have everyone vote you king or president, etc, or just make them your mindbroken slaves.
The third rule is just so littlegirlfags have to take a specific option to fulfil their fetish.

That is very true.
Your own personal Matrix server would be an easy wish to fulfil.
Though would you know you're in the Matrix, and would that spoil having it in the first place?

>> No.46029084

In that case you should make mental influence possible, but only if you use them in another world where they are more widely available. In fact you could reword the rule to say that you can't get any kind of unique power.

>> No.46029126

If there's no practical difference between the reality and the fiction, why bother distinguishing between the two? I do believe that was the frenchman's argument.

I'd ask for quite a few differences between the canon version of course. I'd be the god of my own virtual world, and I still want the time fuckery as well (although I'll probably wish for immortality, or something that grants it, with the second wish anyway).

>> No.46029189

>I fixed some spelling mistakes.
and that duplication of one of the option in the middle section.

>> No.46029241

>The third rule is just so littlegirlfags have to take a specific option to fulfil their fetish.
Not really. Pre-pubescent = before puberty, right?
So you can wish to be a 12-year old girl, or a 15-year old. I'm not sure if you could wish to be younger than a pre-pubescent, since baby =/= pre-pubescent (unless by "pre-pubescent" you mean "before puberty", meaning any age below ~10 for girls).

>> No.46029249

I think in the original version the paragraph defining Speed Learner was attached to Language by mistake. He separated them out but still failed to realize that it was a duplicate and should have been deleted instead.

At least that's what I think happened. I forgot to save the old version, but I specifically remember it had a duplicate paragraph pasted onto one of the other powers.

>> No.46029303

>If there's no practical difference between the reality and the fiction, why bother distinguishing between the two? I do believe that was the frenchman's argument.
No, you're thinking of
>Ego dabo D, ergo sum

The importance of separating reality and non-reality is that real people are really important, and virtual people are virtually important.
Also, real people get priority.

Still, that affects real people, as though they re in another reality they are still real in that reality.
I put forth the argument that real people deserve to not be mindraped.
If you really want that kind of power, ask for powers of persuasion.

Pubescent and post-pubescent tend not to be quite enough for those kinds of people, and yes, i mean any age prior to puberty.

>> No.46029329

>(unless by "pre-pubescent" you mean "before puberty", meaning any age below ~10 for girls)
That's generally what it means.

>I put forth the argument that real people deserve to not be mindraped.
They are already being commonly mindraped by everyone else in their setting. Why is the effectuator different? At least make it come with an immunity to being mentally affected as well then. Oh wait, isn't that already the way it is? If you go to d&d-land you're actually immune to mental wizards and psions because of the rules?

>> No.46029359 [SPOILER] 

I'm happy you've ruled against little-girl posters. Well, unless they take the option that only gives them those things, so they can't also get their immortality.
Go to bed.
>Not posting a WiP of page 2
What a fucking homosexual nerd.
Look at your own peril.

>> No.46029389


I often take the Little Girl option if there is one, sure, but I'd far rather be a little bit older than that. I'm to assume then that the various djinn have no problem with making me into a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl?

>> No.46029408

When I take little girl options I always assume it would be post pubescent anyway, so it didn't affect me, except for that one idea I had about going into my past back to 1998 that I had last thread.

>> No.46029413

If the virtual people are indistinguishable from the real thing then there's no reason to discriminate. That doesn't mean they just look the same, it means they think, act, and at least believe that they feel the same way that real people do (different to whichever extent I chose to modify them of course).

If they think like real people, they are real people for all I care to differentiate the two. And of course you can't say I can't do that since all of it was pretty apparent from the movies. Also creating (true) AI shouldn't be beyond a greater djinnm, or even some lesser djinn, since it likely isn't beyond real life humans either.

The Frenchman I was referring to is the character from the movies. He specifically chooses to live in the matrix, even knowing what it is, because really why shouldn't he? The world outside is pretty fucking shit (and at this point I could be talking about real life). Maybe there's some pre-existing philosophy behind it, but I'm not aware of it.

>> No.46029436

I don't see why any but the Lawyer would object to that.

If you're creative, i'm sure you can find a way for whatever wish you want.
Wish to be the little girl every few years, for example. That should work, shouldn't it?

If you can argue the law supports that position, then i can allow it.

It's definitely a tough case, but GR2 was put in place for a very good reason, and i can't undo it without allowing for major catastrophes/abuses of power.
I figure any djinn-maker would put in some kind of global safeguard like that.

>> No.46029444

I honestly though you meant Descartes when you said frenchman. You know, the philosopher? Of the "give her the dick" meme fame? Silly me.

Yes there is some preexisting philosophy on it. Ever heard of "I think, therefore I am."? Because if every thought process happens to your simulated humans, then they really are indistinguishable from regular humans excepting where their bodies are. And for all you know, your physical body isn't real either.

>> No.46029445

>WiP of page 2
The first three options on the first row, plus the first options on the other two rows, seem to have something of a mismatch between the titles and the descriptions.

>> No.46029461

I think rule two is you just over reacting. Many CYOAs have mind rape powers but they never dominate the builds.

>> No.46029487

that's cogito ergo sum, which I am familiar with.

It also only applies to you yourself, and forms the core of solipsism. I think, therefor I am. *I* do not "you think", so I don't know if you are or not.

>> No.46029509

Yes, but the entire matrix movie was very close to those concepts, I remember because my high school philosophy teacher talked on and on about it.

He was such a funny old dude. Grey einstein hair, confused out-there demeanor, once came to class with a piss stain on his pants.

>> No.46029536

Imagine with the first two of the major djinns, if you wished that the whole world would wish for what you tell them to wish.
You can give anyone the vessel and you essentially have an infinite supply of free Major wishes.

It's not even a complex situation, but a big one.

>> No.46029541

I want to know how the Trainer Djinn would react to
>Make me a girl
She's gonna give you a shitload of hormones and beauty products, isn't she?

>> No.46029559

So take affecting other people's wishes out of the equation.

I don't see much of a problem with mind control in general. You're already dealing with absolutely massive effects. In your own words and example was to turn off the sun. I really don't feel that there's any balance issues as long as you take care of CYOA actualization loop holes like that.

>> No.46029567

You don't think "(Beast) Mastery" is a good title for the power to control/befriend animals? What do you suggest?
>Gotta write four more options,

>> No.46029577

Bust mastery.

>> No.46029578


Going by the example beauty wish I think she'd probably make the physical alterations miraculously, but then impose a training regime to get you to behave appropriately to your new persona.

>> No.46029586

>You don't think "(Beast) Mastery" is a good title for the power to control/befriend animals?
Beast Mastery? Sure. Just "Mastery"? That sounds more like being able to learn (i.e. "mastering") stuff super quick.

>> No.46029617

Every other option has one word IIRC. I'm not breaking that pattern.
I think "bust mastery" is closer to "charm".
This turned fetishy real fast.

>> No.46029625

Then hyphenate it so it's technically one word.

>> No.46029640


>> No.46029641


... and if that's how it works, by the way, I'll take her. A teenage girl with a wise tutelary familiar who sorts shit out for her with magic but makes sure it's all a learning experience in the end - sounds like fun. I can get into all manner of educational scrapes. Some of them very educational. Broadening, you might say. Character-forming.

OK fine I'm going to get into incredibly bad and embarrassing relationship situations which the genie will bail me out of only once she thinks I've learned why that was a bad idea. She wants me to be a productive and accomplished young woman, I get it, but I wish she hadn't been QUITE so thorough about teaching the lesson about teen pregnancy...

>> No.46029673

You make a valid point there.

How about a Djinn's range is only able to affect a short-ish distance, of 0.5AU or less?

I really do feel strongly about the mind being inviolate though.

>> No.46029719

I don't mind the wishes being grand. I think they should be grand. When I think wish, I get this idea of *anything* being possible. That's what a true wish is, it's an exercise in cleverness and visionary thought. It also hearkens back to the principles of CYOAs and the thought experiments that they used to be supposedly.

That's what I liked about the CYOA, and you did neatly split it into major and minor djinn for people who might have a different taste to mine.

As to mind control. The problem with making the mind inviolate is that you are excluding almost all cross-setting type wishes, which a lot of people would want to make. Because of the previously discussed paradoxes and strange situations that it results in.

>> No.46029737

I like it.

>> No.46029754

>but I wish she hadn't been QUITE so thorough about teaching the lesson about teen pregnancy
Oh Lordy. Has she taught you not to do LSD?
If not, I can help you out…

>> No.46029769

Reading the greentext here without knowing the context made me think someone was whining about their terrible mother.

>> No.46029772

>Every other option has one word IIRC. I'm not breaking that pattern.
Beastmaster, beastmastery, wrangling, handling...

>> No.46029789

Breastmaster, breastmastery, breastwrangling, breasthandling...

>> No.46029793

>Instantly kill your dad

>> No.46029806

If only. I'd love to bang a MILF Djinn whose daughter is a teen mom.
Sounds perfect for a comedy/drama show
>MILF Djinn has to bail Anon out… again!
>what has she gotten herself into this time? Will Anon2 ever get to spend a night with the Djinn?
>Find out next time!

>> No.46029824

For something like that, why not a more general "Fondling"?

>> No.46029830

>beast fondling
Ew, go away degenerate.

>> No.46029927


Are you hitting on my djinn?... When there's a hot girl right here who makes bad relationship choices because she knows the djinn will sort out her messes eventually?

Well, if that's what you're into. She's very sensible. Have fun.

>> No.46029960

Hey, I offered to teach you valuable life lessons, but you never responded. So I had to move on.
>tfw anon breaks your heart
God, I hope you do this for my CYOAs, too. It's always a pleasure to read.

>> No.46030123

Breast Husbandry

>> No.46030167

But that's two words.

>> No.46030176

You need to cross your eyes a bit so they overlap.

>> No.46030241

I'd take the twin-djinn. Infinite wishes, no risk of real dickery, and a way to keep from being bored with access to anything I want.

>> No.46030333

I pick powerful jutsu. My father is long dead. What happens?

>> No.46030359

I hope you don't keep the disparate formatting that currently exists between the different images. Also having some cut off and continue in the next image is kinda annoying.

>> No.46030363


>> No.46030380


>> No.46030388

CYOAs with rolling are the worst ever regardless of other content, period.

>> No.46030393

Killing your dad only made him stronger

>> No.46030396

You should just ask for someone to post them. If you try to do it reverse-psych like that you're likely to get a lot of shitty RYOAs instead of decent ones.

>> No.46030448

So it's now a strong corpse? I guess that works.
I'd rather people posted some good point-buy CYOAs.

>> No.46030475

Thanks for commenting. Yeah, I didn't want to have a cut off, but it was either that or an extra page. I might have to go the extra page route if that's a big enough issue. Anyways, the alpha is done. Formatting is no longer disparate. Power names are red. All in all, we have 7 pages, beginning... NOW.


>> No.46030486


>> No.46030496


>> No.46030503

What's up with there being a Charismagnetism IV and a Charismagnetism 4?

>> No.46030511


>> No.46030522

Obviously you take one of them intravenously.

>> No.46030528

It's because they both involve controlling people and I'm lazy, LAZY in coming up with another punny power name.


>> No.46030537

Yes. Precisely.


>> No.46030543

Shapeshifter II says trice instead of thrice.

Charimagnetism IV is already called Music Man both by other powers and in its own description rather than actually calling it Charimagnetism IV. Is there some reason you didn't want to set the name as Music Man or did it just not occur to you?

>> No.46030562


Phew, aaaand we're done. Thanks to all the anons who commented. As you've seen, I DO take your comments into consideration. Which is kinda surprising that 4chan is where I got constructive criticism. The forums that inspired me to make this CYOA were just obsessed with unimportant minor flavor/details like the Power Rating.

While this isn't the best CYOA ever, as far as Worm CYOAs go, I'd like to think it's fairly comprehensive.

Again, thanks. This thing wouldn't have entered alpha without y'all.

>> No.46030563

>Pick Gamer Djinn
>First wish is "I wish to be better than you at all games past, present, & future."
>Game-related, so it counts.

gg no re

>> No.46030596

It's the difference between people into CYOAs and people into the context you are making your CYOA from. We can give you formatting and design tips that apply to any CYOA, all they can do is nitpick the setting.

It also sort of helps when you have someone reading who doesn't know the first thing about the setting, because they find where your options and wordings are confusing while people with more experience just fill in the blanks with what they already know.

>> No.46030602

Oh, here's a link to the previous Worm CYOA.


Thanks, typo corrected. Also, Music Meister is a character from Batman: Brave and the Bold. In fact, that's his LEGOfied picture in the power image. I've changed the reference in Charismagnetic 4 from Music Meister to Charismatic IV though. So that should help a bit.

>> No.46030612


>> No.46030618

Intimidating has (Villain only) but in the description it lists what it will do if you're a hero.

>> No.46030626

Yeah, the nitpicking was getting me nowhere. I'm okay with a little confusion though. I enjoyed the original Worm CYOA without knowing ANYTHING about the setting either and I was confused and underestimated the importance of some powers/perks. But I don't think that's a bad thing.

I enjoyed myself enough with this that I'm thinking of making a more generic cape CYOA later.

>> No.46030647


Picking Villain in Biodata lets you buy Villain Only Perks/Drawbacks. But just because you're a villainous sort, doesn't mean you have to BE a villain.

As Zangief said, you can be a bad guy, but that doesn't mean you have to be a BAD guy.

The Worm story's main character is a girl named Taylor who wants to be a hero, but her power is controlling insects, which is a decidedly villain-esque power.

>> No.46030693

>Reduced Loving, Lawful and Lawyer Djinn's wishes from 3,5,10 to 1,3,5
Bad CYOA author, bad!

>> No.46030825

Why is Altin best girl?

>> No.46030858

What are dead shards?
From the amount of points given I assume it's a real bad thing to have but I already don't like how living shards promote conflict so how much worse is it?

>> No.46030862

Your point being?

>> No.46030925

Dead Shards are powers from a dead cosmic entity. They have their own rules/conditions. For instance, people who gain powers from them have a chance of becoming mutants, known as Case 53s. There's nothing "wrong" with being a Dead Shard. But it's one of the mysteries in the Worm web series.

>living shards promote conflict
Oh wow, you hit the nail on the head there.

>> No.46031087

I have a question about the minor genies, and their limitations. I'm going to use the lewd genie as my case study.
With the lewd genie, can I make a non lewd wish for a lewd purpose? Or can I have non lewd addendum on a lewd wish? Can the lewd genie grant wishes to protect her identity? Can I make wishes that affect the genie directly?
Examples: I wish my roommate will sleep the night so I can make other sexy wishes uninterrupted. I wish for a sexy body and everyone thinks I always looked like that. I wish you were invisible to everyone but me. I wish you turned into a book anytime we're not alone, and that your cover is an erogenous zone.

>> No.46031102

Is this meant to be readable?

>> No.46031143

See >>46027273, he changed it to 2,4,8.

>> No.46031235

Tide Amulet, Bling, and Deathly Statue.
Immortality is a nice bonus and allows me too enjoy the other gifts longer. Bling's charisma can be a powerful tool for me to use.The tide amulet's power just seems nice to me (also the amulet looks cool).

>> No.46031325

No, it's a "preview", aka circlejerking spam.

>> No.46031423

No anon, hurr hurr hurr, it's not spam, durr durr, it's valuable contribution even though it does nothing but add a bit of attention whoring to our thread. But, hurr durrrr, don't worry, because it's on-topic attention whoring!

>> No.46031425

>I'm happy you've ruled against little-girl posters. Well, unless they take the option that only gives them those things, so they can't also get their immortality.
Big deal, I'll just wish to be an immortal teenage girl.

>> No.46031542

>Dock Worker
>Canon (4)
>Pre-Worm (6)
>Living shard
>Untrustworthy (7)
>Stigma (8)
>Doctor (5) [Drawback applied]
>Power Editor (2) [Drawback applied]
>Insane Determination

Never read worm so tell me CYOA how dead am I?

>> No.46031597

Don't reply to yourself, my poor butthurt anon.

>> No.46031618

Congratulations! You win the game via Doctor. In fact, now that I see your build, I think the Doctor is one the best power to take for Canon: Pre-Worm because you have more time to gather knowledge and info on what's REALLY going on in the world.

Having said that, your Drawbacks result in you never finding financial success. You're a hobo. But you save the world despite being a villain.

>> No.46031645

So I had an idea.
>Loving Djinn
>Wish 1: "I wish that I knew how to use my second wish to get everything I could ever want, taking into account any and all desires that will arise in the future, in a manner that is to my liking and within the limits of what the djinn is capable of granting."
>draft the second wish with the knowledge gained from the first

Considering the djinn in question, the actual first wish could probably be less wordy than that, but wrote it as such to make my intent more apparent or something.

>> No.46031651

Are there any differences between the Doctor perks and any reason to take more than 1, or is it just a joke?

>> No.46031672

That doesn't sound too bad but maybe I'm just underestimating it.
I've always liked mutant characters in things like the X-men and it sucks that it's all the pretty mutations get the spotlight.

I have only the faintest idea of how things work in Worm such as the shards or any of the higher tier things but I've heard a thing or two online like the conflict thing.


Time for a build.

I'm going to go Skitter mode since she's the main character afaik so it seems fair that I don't freely go above her. (8)

Speedster 4 - I'm a fan of the power and the picture being Zoom pushed me over the edge. (4)

Biological self manipulation - I can become the ultimate lifeform! Lets just hope a volcano doesn't blast me into space forever. I'm mostly interested in gaining flight from this but it'll be really interesting testing out different biological combinations. Lamia flash? (0)

PPwPP: Relative Sense, Bullet Time and Fast Force - I deem all three of these to be necessary for any speedster otherwise it would be useless or it's own form of torture. (-4)

Dead Shard - Like I said, I'm probably underestimating the side effects of this but I'm liking all of those points. (0)

Insane Determination - I'm pretty weak in the willpower department right now so this is a huge boost to my crimefighting plans. (-2)

Case 53 + endbringer wings - I'm probably bringing something bad upon myself here but I have to stand up for mutie rights! I like the suggestion of feather for hair as it reminds me of cockatoos. (0)

The world options are all whatever is free.

I have no real plan since I don't know what to plan for. The most I know is that London gets massively fucked up at one point so I'll be leaving the country before then.
I just want to be this version of the Flash with some extra shapeshifting abilities. Growing wings and flying superspeed with them sounds like a bunch of family friendly fun.

Pic related but sliiiightly less family friendly.

>> No.46031734

>As if being a hobo villain isn't success in itself

>> No.46031776

It's a joke.

There's really only 1 Thinker T4 power, which is to be a being comparable to the Doctor.

Personally, I feel Worm is fairly low in terms of "power level", so even the "sillier/weaker" versions of the Doctor should be fairly competent.

>> No.46031852

Like X-Men, Case 53s suffer discrimination. They're like that hairy mutant guy who complains that the X-Men got the "handsome" gene.

I mentioned that Biological Self Manipulation can let you have the ability to grow mantis shrimp arms... now imagine those mantis shrimp arms on your Speedster IV.

>As if being a hobo in and of itself isn't success.

Seriously, they get to ride trains... apparently for free. Travel the country, that sort of thing.

>> No.46031883

Or an immortal 10 year-old who hit puberty early.

>> No.46031936

Thinking outside the box, I like that.

Doesn't get you out of having tits, though.

>> No.46031943

Here are some true facts about the Mantis Shrimp:


Or you know, what if you bee stings on your fingers? Your hands would be like a swarm of bees. No, wait, not bees. Mosquito hands, which you use to suck your victim dry of their blood.

Less violent uses could include spider hands to create spider silk, which you can wrap around someone.

>> No.46031951


>> No.46031972

Sure it does, actually. Most girls don't immediately grow titties after their first period, anon, especially if they hit it early. You could be as flat as a board if you want.

>> No.46031995

Good to know, but I'll take the boob option.

>> No.46032035

I don't think there's really anything I would wish for that truly requires the powers of a major djinn. I'm not that ambitious. Imortality is kind of tempting, but I don't really want a true immortality anyways, so if the lesser Djinn can grant certain forms of pseudo immortality or anti-aging (Like say... A ghost in the shell style prosthetic android body) that'd cover that. Plus the minor ones are more interesting anyways.

Teacher Djinn sounds potentially amazing for learning science so good I can grant my own damn wishes beyond a lesser djinn's power. (For example, going back to immortality, learning biology so well I could design a cure for aging)

Plus any twisted wishes are ultimately for my long-term benefit.

>> No.46032059

That's on you, anon. I'm just pointing out that people who REALLY want to be a little girl can manage it.

Dealing with periods sucks ass though. You should make your next wish be to not have to.

>> No.46032066

>Skitter Mode +8
>Animal Control IV -4 = 4
>Grant Invulnerability -3 = 2
>Queen B- -4 = -2
>Precognition II -3 = -5
>Queen Administrating -2 = -7

>Canon +4 = -3
>Pre-Worm (a couple months out) +2 = -1
>Shardless -4 = -5
>Do Null Trump [free] = -5
>Case 53 (vaguely endbringer) +2 = -3
>Untrustworthy +1 = -2
>Stigma +1 = -1

>Tinker Taylor 0 = -1

I can't figure out what to cut from this to make me not be one point over. I don't want to just take the higher point option and I don't want to remove shardless either. I'm not blindly missing a bunch of drawbacks somewhere, am I?

>> No.46032090

I forgot to ask but is there any chance my shapeshifting could hide being a freak? Similar to mystique being blue in base form but can still change away from it.
Even if I can't then I'm still happy with what I got, I'll take discrimination for super powers any day.

That video just reminded me of all the different ways animals can see the world. I could give myself the ability to see in infrared or ultraviolet and even gain electro-reception like a shark.

>> No.46032101

I imagine having periods would drive home the femininity of becoming a girl.

No pretending nothing's changed, no matter how tomboyish, with that to deal with.

>> No.46032155

So the plan is to create an army of invulnerable super bugs?

Eh, let's give you that extra point as a freebie. I need to add more generic drawbacks in the next version.

Shardless is intentionally gimped in terms of drawbacks because... well, it has unique and super useful perks.

>> No.46032222

You can be a literal Batman. No, wait... have you ever watched How to train your dragon? You can be Toothless. Give yourself an electric eel tongue to shoot lightning.

I figure Bio Self-Manipulation wouldn't hide the whole body, since it's a partial body thing. At least, not without some concentration. But other Changer powers probably have no problem with it.

>> No.46032290

Oooh, oooh, if you give yourself the voice of an animal with echolocation and then continuously "scream" at something in bullet time... I wonder if that'd create a sonic shot?

>> No.46032309

Oh you're one of those guys who fetishize the forced aspect of it.

>> No.46032315

Thanks breh. And yeah, that's more or less the plan but I wasn't really thinking "insects" when I envisioned muh babbies.

>> No.46032359

If it's forced I don't have to imagine the responsibility of the decision. I can just think about the change without questioning if it's right to choose it.

>> No.46032385

What do you have in mind? Birds? Snakes? Actual attack babies?

You know, with Grant Invulnerability, you could cover yourself with bugs like Skitter and control them to rotate the amount of time they spend touching you. Thereby effectively having an invulnerable suit of armor.

>> No.46032403


>Actual attack babies?

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

Enemy shoots, put it up on the news, PR nightmare.

Enemy doesn't shoot, they're killed by attack babies and the survivors go comatose due to total ego annihilation.

>> No.46032471

Well, it says Animal Control... well, even if we stick with non-sapient, imagine having attack puppies or attack kittens. Who are INVULNERABLE.

>> No.46032509

My problem with that is even an invulnerable attack kitten is- just a kitten. You'd have to augment that shit to high hell.

>> No.46032517

There are a lot of far more serious moral quandaries that can come up with a genie than whether or not wishing to change your gender is morally wrong.

>> No.46032529

Well, it said it makes humanoids on the Queen B- description so I was imagining some almost normal looking people imitations except for some "off" features like skin/hair/eyes that looks desaturated, too many joints in the limbs and fingers, muscles don't really connect in the right spots, limbs a tad too long, organ configuration all different if you cut one open, etc. All that good stuff.

>> No.46032587

The issue is more whether getting out of being the proactive gender is worth giving up wishes that could be used for world peace or curing cancer.

>> No.46032626

One of the canon characters is name Bitch, her power is to turn her dogs into huge hellhounds.

Whoops, my mind just combined Queen B and Queen Admin for some reason. Yeah, that sounds good. Attack babies. I mean, sure, they look like babies, but they're mean little buggers.

And remember, they can merge to form a giant tower of deformed babies. Like that zombie wave thing from that manga with the delinquents.

>> No.46032662

Well that works.

>> No.46032692

Now to be a massive tool and convince TinkerTaylor to outfit my child soldiers with some cool shit.

>> No.46032715

What would the case 53 enbringer lookalike and stigma do together? Extra super duper hated?

>> No.46032804

Boobology, Boobistry, Breastology, Boob-savant, Titilation Trainer, Mammary Mastery, Lactocognetics....

>> No.46032822

Skitter Mode (+8)

Codename: Stranger Danger
Designation: Villain/Assassin

Living Shard (0)

Silence (-2)
Off the Record (-2)
Mr. Celophane (-2)

Striker Tier 2
Jokester (-2)

Reputable (-1)

Stigma (+1)

An unseen assassin. Can't be seen unless he brings attention to himself. Forgotten once he's out of view and doesn't even show up on cameras.

I'd work as a hitman. I would just go up to the target, give them a tap and wait for them to laugh themselves to death.

>> No.46032839

Probably. My thinking for the drawback combo was that stigma stacked on the case 53 endbringer lookalike hate and then the untrustworthy was a result of the Simurgh features making people unconsciously think any dealing with me is designed to set up horrible chain reactions

>> No.46032855

About as hated as a black jew in skinhead/Empire 88 territory I would imagine.

>> No.46032875

You're probably in Echidna/Nilbog territory anyway.

>> No.46032912

Do you mean in terms of how much everyone hates me or in terms of appearance?

>> No.46032962

A bit of column A and a bit of column B.

I assume animal control is to have full control of your abominations? If you create them regularly, it's easy to imagine having an army of over a thousand in just around a week. That's pretty much enough to take over any town or city unless they send the big guns after you.

>> No.46032965

Nah, the minions don't have memories from other people and they can't reproduce on their own so it's not insta-kill-order for him, but they probably wouldn't be inclined to go easy ever.

>> No.46032999

What's this doctor you're talking about and how do their powers function? There are 3 listed and I don't see a description to let me know the difference between them....am I missing something in the cyoa? The only doctor I remember from worm is Doctor Mother and she was just some chick. Contessa had the power behind doctor mother.

>> No.46033002

>unless they send the big guns after you.
I assume that's where the precog comes in. To prevent your capture as you build an army. Once you have several hundred thousand minions, they're going to have to just give you a town, like Nilbog.

>> No.46033093

It's something of a joke entry. The Doctor is from a show called Doctor Who. He's basically like Tattletale. He can figure out someone's true intentions by guessing at the motives behind their actions and then he talks them down.

It's a sci-fi show, so there's a lot of technobabble, but when you get down to it, the Doctor's like Tattletale without her limitation on power use and a bit of Jack Slash.

>> No.46033176

Yeah, the animal control is for the abominations. Not sure if I'd want to even bother with taking over a city/town though.

>> No.46033236

Never seen it. May have to check it out, though sci-fi isn't my favorite genre. I think the joke ones for extra points are confusing and you may want to read them and actually put into the cyoa that the doctor isn't doctor mother and is in fact a souped up version of tattletale.

Looks good so far. I really liked worm as a story.

>> No.46033295

Recommended episodes are "The Empty Child" & "The Doctor Dances" and "Blink".

I'll edit the master file to note some of his abilities.

>> No.46033328


Hey would you mind posting your write up of Taylor? I'm curious how you statted her out.

>> No.46033368

Some of the other powers are blatantly taken from the show. Like the Temporal Shunt - it's the thing that the weeping angels from Doctor Who do instead of eating

>> No.46033459

Dealthy Djinn
First wish is that everyone would believe that I made a massive sacrifice for all of humanity and that my name would live on until humanity and their descendants die out. After that start asking for wishes to benefit the whole of humanity. Avoid taking sides such as rocket engineers throughout the planet simultaneously discover a cheap and effective means of interstellar travel and mastery of genetic manipulation. I figure that I can fit in at least three wishes, two of them not being my egotistical "remember me" before I die, but if I can get more keep making wishes until I die.

>> No.46033532

Most of her cost comes from the Perks. I know we usually think that being Taylor is suffering and that she gets by on being badass, but really, she gets by on plot armor, being crazy determined to the point even Batman would tell her to relax a little and the Undersiders listening to her crazy plans despite being really naive plans.

I really like Worm, but that doesn't mean I can't recognize the flaws in it.

Skitter Mode +8

Living Shard
Canon +4

Animal Control III -3
Charismagnetism I -1

Mind Meld -1
Queen Admin -2

Insane Determination -2
Plot Armor -2
Intimidating -1
Reputable -1
Recruiter -1

Untrustworthy +1
Stigma +1

>> No.46033577

Siiiiilence (will fall)... stranger.

Admittedly, those references were less blatant and more informative. The CYOA is stuffed with references of all sorts. Take the picture for Trump...

>> No.46033583

somebody needs to do another genie style cyoa. that was the last fun and interesting thing that happened in these threads, besides the small waifu cyoa incidents that have happened in the space between now and then. those were hilarious.

>> No.46033600

>Oh you're one of those guys who fetishize the forced aspect of it.
Aren't they all?

>> No.46033614


>> No.46033725

There's probably like twenty different approaches to it as a fetish, and several times more non-fetishy ones.

So, basically, it's a pretty narrow fetish all in all.

>> No.46033829

Death stands behind whoever you are supposed to kill but since he's not there, you kill death. Good job, Anon. You done stopped the inevitable.

>> No.46033841 [DELETED] 

Go to the eye-doctor.
here's your response.

>> No.46033884

But there's so much overlap. I don't imagine there's a single trans person whose motives couldn't be seen as both.

>> No.46033900

See, you had to bring in trannies, one of the groups that approach it from a non-fetishistic point of view. Way to make it even more confused.

>> No.46033943

You're not telling me there's no sexual involvement in wanting to change your sex.

>> No.46033948

>one of the groups that approach it from a non-fetishistic point of view
I take it you've never been to /lgbt/?
There most definitely are trannies who jerk/schlick it to the idea of doing "stereotypically male/female" things. It's horrifying to go through all that shit just for a fetish.

>> No.46033983

It personally really bothers me that trannies are so stuck on generic stereotypical ideas of what men and women do.

>> No.46034021

Do you really need me to explain how overlap between two sets doesn't mean they're the same set?

>> No.46034057

It's always gotta be somebody else who does the work, right?
Why do I respond when he's so obvious.

>> No.46034067

Well that's one of the plays into the issue of being 'fundamentally out.' People, especially people here on this set of boards display some of the most bizarre stereotypical nature I've ever seen, but on the plus side it's let me identify some principal issues, both behind them and myself. Ironically I've learned more about psychology and repairing myself as a human being here then at any other point in my life.

>> No.46034101

>suggesting an idea

>> No.46034103

Palm Treant
Tide Amulet
Turtle Palace

I like the cruising tourist trap. I will bring the Treant with me on the cruise, with the promise that we will visit the island between every trip. Tide Amulet is just cool.

>> No.46034114

Just put me on front street like that.

>> No.46034122

That's how it goes, pretty much. It's your idea, why aren't you putting effort into it? We're all equal here, nobody is more of a developer than anyone else.

>> No.46034125

Preach it, anon. I fundamentally don't understand trannies because I don't place the same absurd value on gender as they do.
It's like they're trying to put everything into neat, autistic boxes, and if you don't belong in your gender's box, then you must get hormones and attempt to physically be the other gender.
It boggles my mind - why must they be able to wear a skirt or whatever to act in a certain way?

>> No.46034127


>> No.46034152

I've been crawling inside of a lot of skulls anon.
It's kind of difficult to get across as a point.

>> No.46034164

Considering that it's very common for them to list early childhood memories as when their nature developed it's very unlikely any sort of conscious or rational thought is involved like you're suggesting.

>> No.46034192

What idea did you suggest?
>hey maek CYOA that get good discussion!
is not an idea. You offered nothing but demand others create the content you personally want.

>> No.46034209

I'm really loving this concept. It's novel. I don't think that I've seen a cyoa with a similar one. I'm looking forward to the full release.

>> No.46034226

i didn't demand it. i didn't say the word "need" as in THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY AND IF THIS IS NOT MADE I'LL DIE. it was just a poor word choice. also, suggesting a type of cyoa that has only been made once before (in my knowledge) is definitely an idea. i didn't just say "make an interesting cyoa", i suggested a specific type of cyoa.

>> No.46034228

But how does getting rid of your dick/breasts change anything?
You're still you. You can still act as you wish.

>> No.46034263

m8, I just told you that it's not rational, and you come back with more rational arguments?

Here's an analogy. A house spider can't hurt you. How does not having it near you change anything? Ask an arachnophobe.

>> No.46034269

I really like how this is turning out, but you might want to proof read your text a little more. Specifically charm has a screw up.

>> No.46034355

Why can't you?

>> No.46034386

Beauty too. A ., right next to each other. Lack of caps implies it should be just a comma.

>> No.46034422

Swarthy Blackbeard Viking

Might Rating: 6
Well-oiled Body, Bellow Lungs, Shield, Thrown Axes, Full-body Beard, +1 might.
Bushiness: 6
Flagellation, Beard of Glory, Lubed Beard.
Rape: 4
Gryten, Sigrid.

50, no rape reward
50, no rape reward
>Ancient African Empires
30, 40 from rape reward
Valhalla, Hamlet in New York.
I don't think that went too bad.

>> No.46034439

Sut Life updablahblah blahblblablala

This is a good djinn CYOA. Where's the other one that you couldn't win?

>> No.46034459

>Sut Life updablahblah blahblblablala
When I get more ideas or something.

>> No.46034481

because i'm quadriplegic. also i'm terrible at making things and would not be able to do it as well as another person. mostly on account that i am missing 4 limbs

>> No.46034485

Hey Scientist, I've got a question about the lewd djinn, due to the contraint's on her wishes are you able to wish for immortality with her so long as you make the wish lewd in nature? I mean like with as limiting as her focus is I'd imagine that means she borders on major djinn levels just so long as the wishes are or can be lewd, otherwise I don't see a reason to pick her over some of the other minor djinn.

>> No.46034495

I gave you 3 different things to add, 2 mistakes to correct, one picture to correct, and 4 categories to be restructured to offer more variety/less duplicates.

>> No.46034531

No way of getting extra arms, vaginas, or heads in vanilla Slut Life. Oh or ditzy/bimbo speach. (arms, vagina and the speech can be done in the exalted DLC though) These are things I'd be interested in seeing added to Slut Life

>> No.46034562

>i'm terrible at making things
What a pathetic excuse.

>> No.46034567

Why do you get off on talking like a brain damaged california retard?

>> No.46034617

>what a pathetic excuse, i am above you mortal. look, look upon me and weep.
because you're so much better than i am right? that's why you're proving me wrong with your enlightened and transcended musings? you must be a real cool guy, calling other people on the internet pathetic. two thumbs up, kiddo.

>> No.46034663

>2 mistakes to correct, one picture to correct,

>> No.46034685

Revise the "add penis" option into "add genitals" and just point to the table for example size/details instead of having a "default" one (since the whole default body thing no longer applies).

>> No.46034823

But that doesn't make sense if you want to add a vagina.

>> No.46034926

hey, you're the one begging other people to create content for you.

>> No.46034940

>stated 3 times i was suggesting

>> No.46034991

i second this.
also the category corrections were not implemented
none of the additional things i suggested were implemented
and the logical mistakes were not corrected

>> No.46035166

What do you mean? There are two possible options for vagina (fertile and infertile) in the bodymod table, how would choosing between them not make sense?

>> No.46035219

You may think so, but there is no difference.
You want a CYOA? Make it.

>> No.46035231

This Viking god is a fucking nerd for complaining about fantasy trivia like I know what he's talking about.

>> No.46035250


>Continuing this to the end of the thread.
Fucking let it go both of you. One of you is either going to make something out of spite at this point or not, so stop bitching about it.

>> No.46035343

No vaginal size.

>> No.46035386

Because we've got to have the freak who wants to store RPGs in their taint.

Might as well throw rectal capacity in at this point as well.

>> No.46035460

No, It's more that referring vagina wielders to the penis size chart makes no sense.

>> No.46035516

There are options for tight/loose vagina, although not in the table.

It's also kind of odd that non-fertile vagina is an option, but impotent penis isn't.

>> No.46035524

You could use the options for dicksize as an indicator of how large a dick the vaginal canal could comfortably take if you really want to.

Of course the options for orifice flexibility could effectively override the girthwise indication, but whatever.

I was referring to the whole genitalia section, not _just_ the penis/testicle size indicators.

>> No.46035623

>It's horrifying to go through all that shit just for a fetish.
It's more than a fetish. It's an all-consuming way of life that invades every aspect of existence.

Among fetishes there is nothing like it except total submission and ABDL.

>> No.46035663

It can be quite useful as long as you can see the lewd angle of things. Some good wishes would be.

*I wish for an attractive body that never deteriorates.
*I wish to live like a rock star minus the whole drugs part.
*I wish that people could fuck without risk of transmitting disease or unwanted pregnancies.
*I wish that language never stood in the way of bringing people closer.

>> No.46035701

>*I wish that people could fuck without risk of transmitting disease or unwanted pregnancies.

Oh god the chaos that lies waiting. Not to mention you just basically bankrupted every Condom producer.

>> No.46035707

Don't forget furries.

Don't know what ABDL is though.

>> No.46035729

Adult Baby Diaper folks.
Really, this is a majestic age.

>> No.46035751

Oh yeah, the baby play fuckers. Yeah, those, furries, and hardcore subs.

>> No.46035907

I gotta say though, there's something almost enviable about the mega subs. Just- willingness to put that much control in the hands of another human being willingly. I've got so many trust issues I'm barley functional.

>> No.46035911

Does anyone here have a favorite prehistoric bird?

>> No.46035937

Phorusrhacidae, Terror birds are the shit.

>> No.46035997

Very good suggestion, but I think I already have that. In fact, it'd probably help everyone if I listed what I have.

Dodo (not exactly pre-history, but this is a good spot for them)
Terror birds
Haast's Eagle
Archeopteryx (only arguably a bird, but the dinosaur section has Yi gi and raptors so this is a good place to put them to ease the feather level some).

I just need one more and I'm not exactly sure. I'm looking at Sandersi and Magnificens, but they don't really have anything unique to them except being huge.

>> No.46036024

I don't like the way you asked that, but if you must know it's probably because I was quite fond of Mihoshi from Tenchi Muyo when I was younger.

>> No.46036057


>> No.46036068

I think he means add additional vaginas.

>> No.46036134

Cheeky anon, cheeky.

There's already a dinosaur section for all dinosaurs that are sufficiently unlike birds, so t-rex would go there and not amongst the little flying theropods.

>> No.46036154

>Haast's eagle
My countryman of African Descent

If I may make a number of other suggestions I would also recommend checking out the list of prehistoric penguins and seabirds, they're well out of the mountains of madness.

>> No.46036218

Research suggestions are very welcome. I've already committed to that sort of thing, to sort through all animals within a clade before choosing their representatives. It's taken quite a while, what with there being about 400 choices already.

>> No.46036298

An interesting piece! I await it however long it may take with bated breath. I recommend then the Kairuku grebneffi and the 'Syling' monster that stood at around 6 feet tall.

>> No.46036316

...which is what changing the "add penis" into "add genitals" (see >>46034685) would explicitly enable. Besides, before the point system was revised so the bodymod has a flat +40 instead of the bonus being tied to what options you pick from the table, I'd argue that you could've used the "add penis" to do just that (take the default "penis" for -10, adjust the extra penis' genital row selection into either of the vagina options for a +4 or a +6, depending on which you chose).

>> No.46036380

Thanks anon. This is something of a return to CYOA making for me after a long hiatus, so I decided to go crazy and make something in a style I always wanted. Me being me, that means an excessive amount of customization. Seriously, it's going to be around 15-17 pages long and I just consider this the first section, the rest being saved for expansions/DLC when I find the time.

>> No.46036425


Dock Worker : 0 pt
Situational Awareness: -1
Student of Life: -2
Dead Shard: +2
Insane Determination: 0
Resources (1): -1
Stigma: 0

I'm the poor man's Batman.

>> No.46036447

so, will we be using the other thread currently alive once this one dies?

>> No.46036500

Lin kit

>> No.46036540

>but on the plus side it's let me identify some principal issues, both behind them and myself.

>> No.46036551

Some (possibly autistic) idiot made it five hours after this one and bumped it every few hours to keep it up.
Lord only knows why.

>> No.46036554

>excessive amount of customization
The future is looking bright. Blessings upon your house.

>> No.46036607

Judging by recent arguments he probably did it because of an autistic hatred of the OP.

>> No.46036612

>You're still you. You can still act as you wish.
But people treat you differently. If you have a dick and muscles, people tell you to man up and call you a faggot if you like guys. If you have breasts and hips, then they buy you drinks and don't avoid you for wearing a dress.

>> No.46036643

These days people are scared to do the first publicly.

>> No.46036667

Irationalism, Hubristic intellectualism, poor argument planning, understanding behind conflict, personal motivation, suicide and a number of things behind that. Perception, Closed Perception and Empathic Perception. That's just off the top of my head.

>> No.46036796

Haast's eagle, look it up. Although I don't know if it meets the cutoff for "prehistoric".

>> No.46036834

New thread time folks. Who shall claim victory?
The traditionalist CYOA posters or the flame war children? Or perhaps the chosen sons of mankind.

>> No.46036835

I've got you anon, see >>46035997 , Haast's Eagle was one of the first things I thought of.

>> No.46036853

I like Mihoshi too, but she didn't talk like a retard like like all the like time, like this. Like, you know what I'm saying? She was just ditzy and a bit stupid without any sort of forced bimbo speak.

>> No.46036876

There's that one linked above, might as well use it.

>> No.46036920

Or whatever your post is.
Is it poor bait, or an introspective comment on the state of the threads? Who knows.

>> No.46037113

>Hate to overload you guys with OC

>> No.46037425

>I've got so many trust issues I'm barley functional.
Mega subs are exactly the same except it's self-trust.

>> No.46037463

Specific examples for personal motivation, suicide and empathic perception?

>> No.46038414

>I need to add more generic drawbacks in the next version.
One thing you could do for a drawback is for your trigger event to be something particularly bad, like getting dumped in wormverse in the middle of an endbringer attack or one of the S9 edgeathons. Something that'd be really hard to get out of, and it'd require canon Worm.

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